Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018) Movie Script

[Ministry of Magic]
[New York - 1927]
You must be glad to be rid of him.
It would be more pleased if he stays on hold here.
6 months is enough.
It was time to return the focus to violations of law in Europe.
Nona Picquery. Tuan Spielman ...
Prisoners are already secured and ready to be moved.
I hope you've deployed the best.
It should. He is very strong.
We had to replace 3 times guards, it is very troublesome person.
Just like this time.
Grindelwald! Grindelwald!
Grindelwald! Grindelwald!
Grindelwald! Grindelwald!
Residents witches around the world is in your hands, Mrs. President.
Do not underestimate him.
Mr. Spielman, we find this hiding place.
Some more?
And we found this.
Could not move, hm?
Welcome aboard, my friend.
OK. I know, Antonio.
You're no longer needed.
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald
[Ministry of Magic English]
[Three months]
They are waiting for you, Newt.
In ...
What are you doing here? Theseus says there's nothing wrong if I join the family of the Ministry of Magic.
He really said "family ministry magic"?
That's my brother.
Hope you're not disappointed with the dinner.
Everything is invited tonight.
I'm pretty busy.
He's your brother, Newt.
He deserves your spare time.
Me too.
Hey, you tickle me, Pick?
Why the strange creatures that are so dear to you?
- He's not a freak ... - What we need only concern people.
How long did you train?
I think a month.
And I blow up animal waste under the table. And you are in the law, do you remember?
No, I do not remember.
Theseus. We are discussing and invites Newton for dinner.
Very? Wow.
Before we go, there you'd tell you ...
I think it's time for ...
It's not like before. It's time.
Think carefully, okay?
- Think a little. - Not with me.
Come on.
Let's go.
Based on the investigation ...
... you want to request removal laranganmu to go abroad. Why?
Because I want to travel abroad. Subjects cooperative and referring to his last trip abroad.
It was for the field research.
I gathered the material for my book, I gather the magic ingredient list.
You destroyed half the city of New York.
No, that's not true. It was not without reason.
Mr. Scamander ...
... everything is clear and you're a little frustrated, so are we.
We've agreed and will give you advice.
What suggestions?
We will agree to the removal of the ban to take land on one condition.
Working in the ministry.
More precisely, in the office of your sister.
Related ...
Theseus know ...
I think my ability to something else.
Mr. Scamander, the world of magic and non-magic is quite peaceful during the centuries.
Grindelwald want to destroy this peace.
And for some communities, the message was very tempting.
Many believe him.
Not just in our world but in the world NoMaj too.
According to them Grindelwald is a hero,
and Grindelwald believe this kid ... ... can make the desire is achieved.
Sorry, do you mean Credence still alive?
He survived, Newt.
He is still alive.
He left New York last month.
Then go to Europe. We do not know exactly where, but ...
You want me looking Credence ...
... and kill him?
The same command, Scamander.
What is she doing here?
To accept that fear task for you to do.
The cancellation of foreign travel ban was rejected.
You think I like this idea and Grimmson involved?
I do not want to hear about it. I only care about my goals, Theseus.
I'm not trying to involve you with this.
Well, I know how selfish and irresponsible ...
You must know, it's time.
Time for everyone count. Because of you.
I'm not a man.
Come here.
They are watching you.
All right, gentlemen, seems to me accept the job.
[Paris, France]
Who is that?
They have to do security here.
I wanted to go to the circus now.
Convey my message at Credence. Begin the journey. When we win, the millions of the town will be free.
They're waiting time.
We will not do it.
We only need freedom.
Freedom to be yourself.
To destroy the creatures.
Not all.
We are not cruel.
The animals are also needed.
[London, UK]
What other place is full?
I enjoy the enjoy the scenery here.
How are you?
You're sure to send me to New York?
You did not tell me who sent you?
But you did.
You told me where to take him, Dumbledore.
You told me I had to drive him home. And I have to walk in the port muggle.
There is always a special treatment for the magical bird.
There is a story in my family ...
Phoenix will always help each Dumbledore when in need.
He said great-grandmother had one. But when he died, Phoenixnya fly and go.
And never looked back.
Sorry professor, I can not believe it. So you tell me.
Credence in Paris, Newt.
She tried to find her birth family.
You must have heard the rumors about his real identity.
Not. Pure breeds thought he was the last descendant of an important family in France.
A baby.
What you do not know about you Leta?
There are rumors circulating.
Brother man. I know...
... lack warasan arise because of love.
Like twin shadows, lonely.
If Credence has a brother or a woman, of course it could fill The void.
She could you save.
Wherever Credence, whether she is in danger or harm others ...
... we do not know for sure. But you have to find it.
And I hope you are the one who found it.
What is that?
Address, one of my old acquaintances.
There is a safe house in Paris that is protected by a spell.
Home safe? Why do I need a safe house in Paris?
I hope you do not die there later.
This is very dangerous. You have to have a good destination.
You know, for a cup of tea.
No, no. Of course not...
I can not abroad, Dumbledore.
If I leave here, they would take me to Azkaban and will be locked.
You know why I like you, Newt?
What? I'm more like you than all I knew. You do not seek power or fame.
You have to ask yourself what this task properly.
If it is, do it by bearing all the burden.
It is true, Dumbledore. But may I ask ...
... why can not you do it yourself?
I can not face directly Grindelwald.
Should you.
Well, I'm upset you.
If I were you, I would have refused.
- What...? - Too late.
- Good night, Newt. - Wait. No.
Oh, come on.
Bunty, baby Niflersnya blurred.
Good job.
Sorry, Newt.
I would have let pitunya open.
Do not worry.
I almost took care of everything. I gave Pinky droplets in the nose.
And Elsie?
Elsie almost recovered.
You can be off now.
- I told you I can take care of myself. - The wound took a lot of ointment ...
I do not want your fingers hurt again added.
I'm serious. You can come home, Bunty.
You must be very tired.
If there are two people work much more easily solved.
You have to open your shirt. Do not worry, it will dry quickly. He has a pretty decent deal
Treat him, Bunty.
If he mengigitmu then it will be a problem.
What is that?
I have no idea.
But I want you to go home now, Bunty.
- Do I have to contact the ministry? - No, I want you to go home. Please.
It was not worth it for me.
Give it to me, baby. Give it to me.
- You do not understand. - It's going to hurt you, baby.
Newt! Come maniac!
I hope you do not mind us a visit.
Outside the heavy rain once.
The air in the cold London.
But the memory has been erased.
I know!
It does not work, man.
You said potion it will simply remove bad memories.
I have no bad memories.
I mean there are a lot of strange and scary memories ...
... but this angel ...
... angel made me forget all my bad memories.
And now we are here, yes?
It's incredible.
That .... Tina?
Just us.
Me and Jacob.
Why do not we have dinner?
This is what I meant.
Why? Well, you know, if he sees me with Jacob, he will not like.
For breaking the law. Not allowed.
We must ignore the No-Maj.
We can not marry them.
He's been doing a lot of things because of you.
Yes, you, Newt.
Everything was published in the magazine Spellbound.
I brought you.
Newton Scamander, the man who arrested Grindelwald
Newt Scamander with her fiance, Lestrange Leta ...
... Together with her sister Theseus and woman.
Not. Theseus will be married to Leta, not me.
Oh, Tina read. And she was dating someone.
He'd like to investigate, his name Talavan.
Anyway, we are very happy to be here.
This is a special trip for us.
Jacob and I ...
... we'll get married.
Married with Jacob.
You're fascinated, right?
I did not do anything.
What you do not mind me ...
... tell the important things, married with No-Maj is a violation.
Oh, that's the rule unfounded.
Look at him, he was so happy.
So no matter if I ...
Do not do it. Queenie, if you do not want your wedding to make you always fear, we must ... ... let him forget so as not to divulge our identity.
What is in your hand?
What you want to do? What would you do, Mr. Scamader?
Congratulations on your engagement, Jacob.
Wait, what?
Oh no, do not succeed.
Queen. Wait.
Good to see you.
Where am I now?
Oh! I always wanted to come here.
Queenie, alas.
I wonder what you've sobered? We already have five children?
Why marry is wrong?
All right.
What I can have a family?
I just want something that belongs to someone else, that's all.
Wait. Wait.
We have often discussed this.
If we get married, and they know, they'll lock you up, dear.
I can not let that happen.
They will not let a man like me marry your people.
I'm not a witch. I like this.
The country is very tolerant. Let's get married here.
Honey, do not make me feel guilty.
I've been pretty crazy.
I love you so much.
- Very? - Yes. But I can not harm you. You know that.
This is the right choice. Dear. You leave me no choice.
One of us must have the courage and you coward!
I was a coward?
I was a coward because of you.
I did not say that.
You do not need to say it.
No, it was not from my heart, dear.
Yes indeed.
I want to see my sister.
Well. Meet your sister.
- Well. - Not! Wait!
Queenie. Not! Queenie!
I did not mean it.
I'm not saying anything.
My dear, Queenie. It's a beautiful city.
I think about you. Tina.
Hey, Newt?
I'm going down, Jacob.
I'll be down shortly.
I've got my own problems.
Bunty, do not forget to feed Patrick.
Queenie leave postcards.
Tina went to Paris, looking for Credence.
Queenie went after Tina.
All right, let's go to France, my friend.
Wait, I'll get my coat.
Leave it to me.
I went to Paris I brought Niflers. Newt.
[Sirke mysterious]
I think I know where he is.
We'll go tonight.
To. I told you stay away from him, son.
Can you let me rest?
Clean kappanya. You're prepared.
Furthermore, in our little show, exotic creatures ...
... we show ...
... railing.
Trapped in Indonesian forests.
He had a bloody spell.
He was condemned for the rest of his life ...
... into a savage monster.
But look at him, so beautiful, is not it?
So cunning.
But soon, he will change shape again.
Every night while sleeping ...
... he will turn out to be ...
He will turn into ...
He will turn into ...
Over time, he was no longer the previous form and can return to the original form.
He will forever trapped together form the snake.
Our work in Paris was finished.
The boy who was with Maledictus, you know him?
He is looking for his mother.
All makhlukku will take home.
OK. Come on.
I can explain why I could be in this circus, Mr ...?
Wedge. Joseph Kaman.
And you're right.
- What do you want? - Just like you. - Which one? - To prove the child is his.
If the rumors about him really, to be honest ... ... we're late.
I was the last descendant in the family.
And if I'm right, he is also the same.
You've read the book Predictions of Tycho Dodonus?
But it was not proved.
If I could show you something better ...
... something tangible that can prove it.
What is the Ministry in Europe and the United States will let me?
Then follow.
All right.
Credence was naughty.
He was crushed by the woman who raised him.
But now he's looking for his biological mother.
Separated from his family.
Apart from affection.
He is the key to our future.
Well, we know where the boy was, right?
Why we do not catch it then go?
He must come to me.
And he will come.
The path will lead him. He will follow.
The road that leads to me.
With the strength in him.
Why is he so important?
Who is our greatest threat?
Albus Dumbledore.
If I ask you now to look for it in school ... ... in place to hide. And kill him, you want to do, Krall?
Credence the only one who can do that. Only he can kill him.
You really think he could kill a great wizard ...
... kill Albus Dumbledore?
I'm sure he could.
But would want on our part when it happens, Krall?
You want?
Jacob, the man who was with Tina ...
Do not worry, he'll see you.
The four of us will get together again. As in New York.
Do not worry.
- He is investigating, said Queenie. - Yes, he was a detective. Then?
Do not worry about him.
What if I told I was looking for him.
Oh it's a good plan.
Just tell him on this occasion.
His eyes were like a salamander.
Do not say like that.
Well, say you forget it.
And you come to Paris only to find him.
I like it.
And say you're difficult to sleep every night just thinking about it.
Do not talk about salamanders, huh?
- All right. - All right.
Everything will be alright.
We're together now.
I help you. I'll help you find Tina.
Find Queenie. And we'll all be happy again, as before.
Who is that man? She's the only way I could leave the country without permission.
You do not easily nauseated when traveling, right?
I do not like riding a boat, Newt.
You'll be fine.
Should have been set off in 1 minute.
50 Galleon.
No, he says 30.
30 to go to France.
20 to close the mouth to the other.
I saw Newt Scamander leave the country without permission.
That price, a friend.
10 sec.
Two. One.
I do not like it, Newt.
Yes, you keep shaking.
Follow me.
Come on. We're going to waste time.
Well Nifferr ...
Go. Hey. Go.
It is Kappa.
Originating from Japan.
What did you find?
And now we lick the ground.
Newt, what's that?
It Zouwu.
Chinese people know him very fast and powerful.
He can traverse 1,500 kilometers in a day.
He can take you to the edge of Paris with a leap.
Oh clever boy.
Jacob him here. Tina is here.
He passed this way, in a hurry. Not that I care.
Someone chased.
Follow fur. - What? - Follow it, Jacob.
Follow it.
Where is he going?
Put the bucket!
Welcome to the Ministry of Magic.
Sorry, I do not understand what you're saying.
Welcome to the French Ministry of Magic.
What you need?
I want to talk to Tina Goldstein.
He's American detective who was in charge of the case here.
Nobody named Tina Goldstein.
No, there must be a mistake.
I'm sure he's Paris, he sent me a postcard.
I took it, I can show it. Maybe you can help.
Was here.
Can wait a minute.
I'm sure Adadi here. Where the card?
Wait a minute!
- Can we eat something, maybe chocolate? - Not now, Jacob.
I know. Hey here.
A piece of chocolate? Kroisan bread or banana bread?
This way.
Not at?
Everything is okay, lady?
He was there.
Who is that?
All right, ma'am.
Who are you?
Are you Irma?
Are you Irma Dugard?
We're sorry, your name is on the document pengadopsianku.
Could it be you? You turn me over in New York.
I'm not your mother. I'm just a waitress.
You're very handsome.
And you're a good man.
I do not want to disturb you.
Why do not they want me?
What's your name on the document adopsiku?
I'm waiting for her.
He was supposed to take care of you.
He is died.
How's the kid?
He's a little sensitive.
The Ministry will not be happy if I tell them.
- I know my ability. - Tell me...
... coward had to be brave.
Your name will be remembered as the world won by a witch.
And that day was approaching us.
Be aware of Credence.
Keep her safe.
For the benefit of our great.
For the benefit of our great.
You know what I missed from Quennie?
I even missed it though it was too late.
Such as the ability to read his mind.
I'm lucky to have someone like him.
All I think about.
You know what I mean?
I mean, are you sure we're looking for here?
Sure. He's here.
- He's the guy we're looking for? - Yes.
Good afternoon, Sir. Oh no. Wait.
We just want to know if you've met our friend? Tina Goldstein.
Paris is a great city.
He is investigating.
And if the detective is missing, usually the Ministry of looking for them, because it ...
No, I'd better report it.
He is tall?
His hair was dark and she ...
- Beautiful. - Beautiful.
Yes, I mean ...
...she's beautiful. Very beautiful.
I think I saw someone like that.
I wish I could tell where.
If you do not mind.
We will be pleased.
I'm sorry, Mr. Scamander.
I'll release you when Credence is dead.
Kama, wait!
Look, he is going to die or I.
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
I think it is best to set you free.
Oh, freeing it that way?
I was nearly mad.
How interrogation before we came?
Come on, Pick.
You need it, right?
I guess I think of Credence, Mr. Scamander.
It was definitely Zouwu.
Let Newt, go from there.
What is your biggest mistake last three times?
I was too happy, sir.
What else? I ignore the power system, sir.
Nice. The latter?
Most important? You do not learn from the mistakes of the first and second.
This school, you do not dijiinkan.
I was the head of the Law Enforcement Division of the Ministry of Magic. And I was right to do so.
Please contact Professor McGonagall.
He was the best teacher in the school.
- Thank you, McClaggan. - Out.
Ayo, McClaggan.
Newt Scamander go to Paris.
Is it true?
I know you were told there.
Not intended to patronize, but Newt was not a tractable.
- You know about Predictions of Tycho Dodonus? - Been a long time.
The son of a cruel waste ...
- ... back with her daughter. - I know.
Rumors of this prediction says he's so cruel.
- He says Grindelwald will follow ... - Do not like what I heard.
But, wherever he is. Scamander will emerge to protect it.
Meanwhile, you build your network itself in an international context.
I know, you're watching me and my friend ... ... for fear that we will fight you, Travers. Because our goal is actually the same, namely against Grindelwald.
But I warn you, your steps are too repressive and violent.
It would be too impress.
I'm not interested in warning you.
Well, it was a bit worrying because ...
... I do not like you.
... you are the only wizard that is comparable with it.
I want you to fight with him.
I can not.
Is it because of this?
You and Grindelwald are like brothers.
We are much more close like brothers.
Do you want to fight?
I can not.
Choice is up to you.
From now on, I'm going to pull out all the dimensions you.
You're being watched.
And you're not allowed to use magic again.
Where Leta? We had to go to Paris.
Theseus, if Grindelwald get supporters ...
... do not let him.
Do not let Travers take you too far.
You have to trust me.
Even Lestranges also is in trouble.
You know, even though the holidays she always here. His family did not want to go home.
Right. It's annoying. Professor McGonagall! Lestrange do it again!
Lestrange! Please.
He wants kids to stop talking! Stop!
Membaut shame Slytherin.
100 points! 200 points!
Get back here now!
Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Come back here!
That act Lestrange, she was terrible.
Scamander, why do not you pack?
I do not want to go home.
He needs me.
I saw lonely.
What is that?
She was quite greedy.
He can be a part of your family if you like.
Yes of course.
Well, Newton.
This is an unusual case.
So, Mr. Scamander, what can you do in this world?
I had to work in the office, sir.
Please, Newton.
This is ridiculous.
Very good. Leta?
Now it's your turn.
Be yourself.
Everything is waiting for you.
I'm so looking forward to this moment.
I do not want to discuss it.
They do not know you, so they're hidden.
They live in holes in trees that they own.
Do you know?
They have a very complex social life. If you pay attention to them a little longer, you will notice. In Halo.
Is this a surprise?
Bagaimanan class?
A student is naughty?
You are one of the most intelligent of my students.
Naughty, not stupid.
Do not answer it yourself.
- You never know what I like. - You are mistaken.
I never thought of you naughty pupil.
You're all so. Others think so.
And you're right.
I'm bad.
Leta, I know the story about your brother, Corvus were so hurt.
No, you do not know.
Not if your brother is not dead yet.
You mean maybe my sister.
Did you love him?
I love her more than anything.
Not too late to free yourself.
Admit it will make you relieved.
Your burden will be gone.
My life my rules.
So also with you.
No, Thank you.
You're so good, but ...
... my sister, Tina, maybe I was worried about me.
I'm here to catch up, so ...
... I guess I'd better go.
But you have not met my husband.
Oh, you're married?
I mean I'm committed.
You know, I'm not easy joke ... ... in French.
Get away.
Stay there.
I know who you are.
Quennie. We have not come to hurt you.
I just want to help.
You've been so far from home.
So far from what you love. Far from that makes you comfortable.
I will not let you get hurt, it will not.
This is not your fault. Kakakmulah are acting.
I hope you will cooperate with me now.
To realize a world without limits for the witch.
For free love.
You're not guilty.
Now go away.
Leave this place.
Hey, Newt.
Tina felt lonely here.
What did you get up?
I do not know what I'm looking for, I did not find anything.
So, I looked it over.
You are okay.
You are free.
All right.
He is trapped but is improving.
He was born to be on your side.
I think that confidence.
Tn. Scamander, what you could do something to help me take care of him?
I have to ask him.
I think he knows about who actually Credence. And a scar on his hand ...
- ... can not be solved. - It can not be solved. Yes I know.
What is that? Make sure there is no blue dragon poison in his blood. The poison will be a parasite in the body.
- Jacob? - Already?
In my case, there is a pair of tweezers, please get me.
- And something sharp ... - Which can be pierced.
Yes, I know what kind of tweezers.
Maybe you should not have to see this.
I can handle it.
Come on.
Come on.
Come out.
Jacob, take this.
Do not worry.
I had to kill him.
It took time for him to recover. Parasite poison was too strong.
I have to give the information that I got at the Ministry.
Nice to see you again, Mr. Scamander
Hey, wait.
Wait. Wait.
Wait! Tina!
What do you say about a salamander?
No, he went away. I do not know.
Then go after him!
Tina, please listen to me for a minute.
Tn. Scamander, I have to go talk to the ministry.
You know how hard it is being a detective.
Perhaps in writing that I was too excited to express.
What actually did you write? About women workers? I'm sorry, but I can not deny it. It's for the sake of responding to all the things they are afraid or they do not understand.
I'm a detective, I'm not really.
Yes, because you were in the middle of it all.
Everything has a reason for it you have to understand.
All detectives in Europe want Credence, including you, too.
Who are you dare talk like that, Mr. Scamander?
I'm just myself.
Grindelwald began to call his followers.
Too late
Grindelwald has followed Credence.
He would have found it by now.
Not too late.
We can find Credence faster.
Where are you going?
Magic Kingdom of France.
It was the last place that may Credence go.
There is a hidden box in the ministry, Tina.
The box can reveal who the real Credence.
Box? What do you mean?
Trust me.
You want out? You can be free.
What do you want?
Do not have.
For you?
All the things I never had.
But what do you want, my son?
I want to know who I am.
This will prove true identity. Go to Funeral Paris this evening, and you will find it.
Dad, why are you ...?
I think there is no food in the house.
Are you a ghost?
No, no, I'm still alive.
But it is necessary to keabadianku.
Maybe you're 375 years old.
Sorry, we do not knock.
No, no problem.
Albus said his friend was so expressive.
I Flamel.
Jacob Smith.
- Sorry. - It is okay.
I did not mean.
We were making a breakthrough.
Yes, I've seen one like this before.
At the fair.
She is quite old with his cape. I gave him a coin.
And he told me about my future.
And, given the certainty of many things, of course.
I know the boy. It Credence.
It Quennie! There he is.
Hi. Dear.
Where is it? He's here?
Yes. It looks like at a funeral.
A kind of cemetery.
I'm coming, baby! Stay there.
Thank you, thank you, Mr. Flamel.
Oh, sorry! Sorry.
Oh, please keep the lord there ....?
- Oh no. Excuse me, I must go. - You do not need to be there.
What happened? Which occurred exactly what is expected.
Grindelwald will go to the cemetery with his followers and he will die.
- Then you're there. - What?
I have not fought for two hundred years.
Flamel, you can do it. Therefore, we believe in you.
The box in the document space, Tina.
Three floors below.
Is it complicated?
Just help me so that I could enter.
- Who...? - It's my brother's face, Theseus.
He's a detective.
And let's go.
What is wrong?
Grindelwald has been gathering followers. This is bad.
- Beware - Of course.
- Promise to always be careful. - I'm always careful.
Listen, I want you to hear it directly.
I think maybe Credence is missing brother.
- My brother is dead. - I know. I know.
- How many times have I told Theseus? - And the document will prove it.
- Document taka will be wrong. - Theseus.
I want each of his followers refused ...
- ... if we try hard ... - I'm sorry, sir.
- Do not make any more mistakes. - Do what I say. Maybe at the French Ministry you would not be recognized.
That's good.
- Newt. - Yes, I know, I know.
Emergency situations! A man, Newton Scamander had entered the Ministry of Magic without permission.
That's your brother?
Yes. I think I've told you the relationship between us is quite complicated.
Newt! Stop!
- He never tried to kill you? - Never.
Theseus he could not control it.
This seems like the best moment of my life.
Quinnie, dear?
Do not.
Do not move.
Can I help you?
He is contemptible Lestrange.
And I....
Tina, the problem of "fiance" was I guess ...
Sorry, should I congratulate you.
- No, I mean ... - Lumos.
Tina, about Leta ...
I told you I took happy.
Please do not feel happy.
Sorry, I do not ... I mean ...
... I'm happy to know you.
So this is now.
You're incredible.
I want you to always be safe.
I want you to be happy.
And I'm not a detective. - What? - There is an error in the magazine.
My sister is going to marry Leta, June 6. I'll be a male companion
It was a bit strange.
So you're doing this to get Leta again?
- You're here for the sake of Leta? - No, I'm here ...
...Because of you.
Is it true?
I should not have said it.
- Newt, I read the book ... - I still have this ... You want ...?
I brought this ...
... I gather from the newspapers.
Your eyes are printed here ...
... looks real, Tina.
As the water in the dark water.
I've never seen anything like it.
I've never seen anything like this except you.
Like a salamander?
Come on.
Wooden box belonging to the family record document is Lestrange.
Halo Newt.
In Halo.
Oh no.
Cat what is it?
That's not a cat.
It Matagot from the French ministry of magic.
They keep the Ministry of Magic.
They will not hurt you unless ...
... unless you attack them.
Okay. Wait.
Move aside.
All right. All right.
Move aside. Get away.
If you are looking for Credence, me too.
Is that you?
My sister?
So, he's your brother?
Then who am I?
I do not know.
I'm tired of living without a clear name, without family.
Please tell me who I am, then I'm going to end this.
That story is our story too.
Our story.
No, Joseph.
My father is Mustafa Kama.
Pure-blooded wizards of Senegalese descent.
And my mother Laurena,
He is also known for its thoroughbred beauty.
They love each other.
Then there was a pure-blooded man a descendant of the family in France.
He influenced my mother.
Use it shall use spells and kidnapped him.
I tried to stop him but he attacked me.
That was the last time I saw my mother.
She died while giving birth to a little girl.
Sat know he died, my father angry.
With his last breath, my father told me to revenge.
To kill people in care Lestrange.
I thought it would be easy.
I have only one immediate family.
Tell me.
He never loved you. Lestrange remarried three months after my mother's death.
He loved her more than my mother.
... after that his son, Corvus was born.
And men who do not know what love is ...
... finally got a taste of love.
Which in pedulikannya just Corvus.
Is that true?
I was Corvus Lestrange?
- Not. - Yes.
- Yes. - Not.
I had promised my father, Mustafa Kamma for revenge.
Your father tried to hide so that I could not find you.
So he hand you the servants and boarded a ship to America.
- He was sent Corvus to America but ... - maid, Irma Dugard ...
... bloody half-elf.
His ground.
Until no trace that could be me follow.
I know this hidden thing.
I saw you were confused. That's not what I was expecting.
The ship was sunk.
But you're still alive, right?
There is the pull of the water.
He abandoned his son, he upset his daughter.
Then on the back of the water. And make bigger waves.
There, she let her daughter.
You're trying to get out of the water, when I ... ... when I will avenge my family suffered.
I'm looking for you, Corvus.
But you have to die.
Corvus Lestrange is dead! I killed him!
My father had a very strange family tree.
Were added in the branches simply the name of the man.
Name of women in my family add to the interest.
I was sent to America with Corvus.
Irma pretend brought two grandchildren.
Corvus not stop crying.
We have to go.
I do not want to hurt him.
... I just wanted him to feel comfortable.
Even if only briefly.
Just a minute.
Give it to me.
Prepare a float.
Corvus Lestrange.
You did not mean to do it, Leta.
It was not your fault.
You never know how the taste.
Leta, you know who the real Credence?
You know who he is, when you trade it?
They are pure-blooded wizards.
They killed my brother.
- Quennie.
- Jacob.
Honey, you're here! Hi!
Hi, dear, do not.
Oh, dear, I'm so sorry.
I should not do it, I love you
And you know I love you, right?
Ya. - Let's go from here. - No, wait.
Wait a minute.
I just want you to listen to this.
Listen, that's all.
What do you mean?
It's a trap.
Quennie, all families there, all into a trap.
We must find a way out now.
Find the other.
What would you do?
I would think.
My brother, my sister, my friends ...
... an honor to bring victory for you, not for me.
Because this is for you.
We are gathered here not to mourn.
And science long no longer apply to us.
We're here today to look forward to something new.
Something different.
Say I hate the No-Maj,
... do not give up
Make no mistake.
I do not hate them.
Not at all.
I do not oppose hatred.
The only less soft Muggles think.
... does not mean they do not deserve.
They mean.
They are amazing.
They only differ slightly.
Magic growing.
Just like a rare flower.
Given to those who have great expectations.
Oh, for what this world is created for us ...
... all who want freedom.
For the truth. And to love.
I do not agree with his words.
He used the power of its influence in front of many people.
We should not deny it.
It was time to share the future I see.
That will happen if we do not ignore it.
And indeed take our place in this world.
War began.
That's what we fight.
That is our enemy.
They were arrogant.
the thirst for power.
As well as their wild monsters.
How long are they going to use it as a weapon against us?
Do not do anything when I say this.
You have to remain calm.
Emotions control you.
There is a detective among us.
Come closer, my witch brothers, join us.
Do not do anything.
Although forced.
They killed many followers.
That's the reality.
They tortured me in New York.
It was alarming witch treated so ...
... just to fight for the truth.
For want of freedom.
The purpose of anger is to take revenge.
Bring this young man back to his family.
Here we will eliminate ...
... injustice of the world. Get out of this place and menyebarlah to the world.
Not just us again. But for all.
Detective, join me in this lingkaraan.
Promise me you for the sake of eternal devotion.
Or dead.
Only freedom will be here.
Only here you will know who you are.
Play by the rules.
Do not cheat, kid.
He knows who I am.
He knows you at birth. Not who you are.
Quennie you should be aware.
Jacob, is the answer.
- He has what we want. - No, no, no.
All of this for you, Credence.
Come with me.
No, dear, no.
Come with me!
You're crazy.
Quennie, do not do it.
Mr. Scamander.
Do you think Dumbledore will care for you?
Grindelwald! Stop!
In ...
I think I know this one.
In Lestrange.
Most of the hate between the magicians.
The utilized by love, are ignored.
But the brave.
Very brave.
It was time to go home.
I love you.
I hate Paris.
Come gather in a circle. Combine your wands.
Or the whole of Paris will be destroyed. Finite! Finite!
I trust you so I ...
Come here. There I was. There I was.
I think he's the bravest man that ever lived.
He still blames me.
You have to be careful.
He did not pick up.
Be gentle with him.
I've got a present for you, son.
What is true about Leta?
Please accept my condolences.
This sort of agreement blood, right?
You promised never to fight each other.
Merlin's sake, how did you get it?
Looks like Grindelwald did not understand the nature of these creatures.
Can you memunsnahkannya?
May be.
Would you like a cup of tea?
With a little milk.
Save your tea spoon.
You must suffer. If I would have given up.
It may very you forward. Has spread in blood.
In his own blood.
It's time to let go of your suffering.
Your brother tried to destroy you.
There is a family legend, a Phoenix will come to help family members of his master.
He will be required.
That inheritance, child.
Your name will come back to you now. Aurelius. Aurelius Dumbledore. We bring this world back into our eternal history. Transled: