Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore (2022) Movie Script

-Thank you.
-Would you like something else?
No. No, no, not just yet. I'm waiting.
I'm expecting someone.
Let me see it.
Sometimes I imagine
I still feel it around my neck.
I carried it for so many years.
How does it feel around yours?
We can free each other of it.
Love to chatter, don't they,
our Muggle friends.
Though one must admit,
they make a good cup of tea.
What you're doing is madness.
It's what we said we'd do.
-I was young. I was...
To me.
To us.
No, I went along because...
Because I was in love with you.
But that's not why you went along.
It was you who said
we could reshape the world.
That it was our birthright.
Can you smell it? The stench.
Do you really intend
to turn your back on your own kind?
For these animals?
With or without you,
I'll burn down their world, Albus.
There's nothing you can do to stop me.
Enjoy your cup of tea.
She's ready.
All right, you two.
Now, the tricky bit.
I'm so sorry.
You had twins.
Leave us.
Show me.
The others, they said it was special.
It's beyond special.
See its eyes?
Those eyes see everything.
When a Qilin is born, a righteous leader
will rise to change our world forever.
Her birth brings change,
Credence, to everything.
You did well.
I don't suppose you'd like to tell me
what this is about, would you?
He just asked that we meet,
and that I be sure to bring you.
Here to meet my brother, I expect.
No, sir.
We're here to see Albus Dumbledore.
That would be my brother.
Sorry. Brilliant.
I'm Newt Scamander,
and this is Theseus...
Up the stairs. First on the left.
Has Newt told you why you're here?
Was he meant to?
No. As a matter of fact.
There's something that we...
That Dumbledore wishes to speak to you about.
It's a proposal.
All right.
You know what this is, of course.
Newt had it in Paris.
I can't say I have much
experience with such things...
but it looks to me to be a blood troth.
That would be correct.
And whose blood is contained within?
And Grindelwald's.
I'm assuming that's why
you can't move against him?
Nor he against me.
Can I ask, what would possess you
to make such a thing?
Arrogance. Naivete. Pick your poison.
We were young,
we were going to transform the world.
This ensured that we would,
even if one of us had a change of heart.
And what would happen
if you were to fight him?
It's really quite beautiful,
you have to admit.
Were I to even think about defying it...
It knows, you see.
It senses the betrayal in my heart.
That would be the least of it.
Young man's magic,
but as you can see...
powerful magic.
It can't be undone.
So this proposal, I take it
the Qilin has something to do with it?
He promises he won't tell a soul.
If we're to defeat him...
the Qilin's only part of it.
The world as we know it is coming undone.
Gellert's pulling it apart
with hate, bigotry.
Things that seem unimaginable today
will seem inevitable tomorrow...
if we don't stop him.
Should you agree to do what I ask...
you'll have to trust me.
Even when every instinct tells you not to.
Let's hear it.
Does he send you to spy on me?
But he asks.
What ya thinkin', what ya feeling.
And the others?
Does he ask what
they're thinking and feeling?
Yes, but it's mostly you.
And do you tell him?
You do.
Who's reading whose mind now?
Tell me what you see.
You're a Dumbledore.
It's an important family.
You know this because he's told you.
He's also told you they abandoned you.
That you were a dirty secret.
He says Dumbledore abandoned him too,
and he knows how you feel.
And for that reason...
he's asked you to kill him.
I want you to go now, Queenie.
I don't tell him.
Not always.
Not everything.
Hey, we're...
Hi, sweetie.
look at your bakery.
It's like a ghost town.
Yeah, well, I missed you.
Oh, baby.
Why don't you come here?
Come here.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Everything's gonna be just fine.
Hey, sweetheart, what brings you downtown?
I really hope you didn't spend all day
coming up with that.
You want scary, is that what you want?
You know what it is,
you just aren't menacing enough.
I think I'm plenty menacing.
Am I not menacing?
Maybe if you waved your arms around,
you know, like a crazy man...
then you'd appear more menacing.
That's good. A little more.
A little more.
Keep going. Perfect.
Three, two, one.
That's enough. Get outta here.
What's on your mind, baker boy?
You should be ashamed of yourselves.
Well, we're not.
It's a lady.
I tell you what...
I'll give you the first shot.
Go ahead.
You sure?
Oh, boy.
Last time I ever help that woman out again.
Whoopsie, Frank.
Sometimes I forget my own strength.
I'll take it from here.
Thank you!
-Catch you later, Lally.
-Bye, Stanley.
I'll be over for a game
of Befudler Dudley soon.
All right.
That's my cousin Stanley. He's a wizard.
Please! It's early,
don't make me work for it.
I said I wanted out, and I want out.
Come now, Mr. Kowalski.
Can't believe my therapist said
you wizards don't exist.
What a waste of money!
You do know I'm a witch, right?
Look, you seem
like a really nice witch.
You don't know what
I've been through with you people.
So, could you please get out of my life?
-A little over a year ago...
-Oh, my... the hopes of securing
a small business loan...
you walked through the doors
of the Steen National Bank...
located about six blocks from here.
You then made the acquaintance
of Newt Scamander...
the world's foremost and,
albeit only, magizoologist.
You then learned of a world
you had previously been wholly unaware of.
You met and fell in love
with a witch named Queenie Goldstein...
had your brain wiped by means of Obliviation,
only it didn't take.
And as a result, you reunited
with Ms. Goldstein who...
after your refusal to marry her...
decided to join Gellert Grindelwald
and his dark army of followers...
who pose the single greatest threat to
both your world and ours in four centuries.
How did I do?
That was good.
Except for the part about Queenie
going over to the dark side.
I mean, yeah, she's cuckoo.
But she's got a heart
bigger than this whole crazy island...
and she's so smart, you know?
She can legitimately
read your brain, you know...
she's a whatchamacallit...
-A Legilimens.
You see this?
You see the pan?
That's me, I'm the pan.
I'm all dented, dime-a-dozen.
I'm just a schmo.
I don't know what kind of crazy ideas
you have in your head there, lady...
but I'm sure as hell
you could do a lot better than me.
I don't think we can, Mr. Kowalski.
You could have ducked under the counter,
but you didn't.
You could have looked the other way,
but you didn't.
In fact, you were willing to put yourself
in danger to save a perfect stranger.
Seems to me you're just the kind
of average Joe the world needs right now.
You just don't know it yet.
That's why I had to show you.
We need you, Mr. Kowalski.
All right.
Call me Jacob.
-Call me Lally.
I gotta lock up.
Much better, Jacob.
I believe you know how this works, Jacob.
What did they say at the Ministry?
Liu or Santos?
Officially, the Ministry takes no position.
Unofficially, smart money's on Santos.
Although anyone would be better than Vogel.
I don't believe he's on the ballot, Kama.
He also happens to be a fugitive.
Is there a difference?
Spinning! Always with the spinning.
Welcome. You brilliant man.
I was absolutely sure
that Professor Hicks would convince you.
You know me, pal.
I can't pass up a good Portkey.
Mr. Scamander.
Professor Hicks.
-At long last.
-At long last.
So, Professor Hicks and I,
we've corresponded for many years...
but we've never actually met.
So, her book on advanced charm casting
is a must-read.
Newt is far too kind.
Fantastic Beasts is required reading
for all my fifth years.
Now, let me make some introductions.
So, this is Bunty Broadacre...
my indispensable assistant
for the past seven years.
Eight. Years.
And 164 days.
As you can see, indispensable.
And this is...
Yusuf Kama.
And you, obviously,
already made Jacob's acquaintance.
So, this is my brother, Theseus...
and he works for the Ministry.
Actually, head of the British Auror Office.
Well, I'll have to ensure
my wand registration's up-to-date.
Although, strictly speaking,
that doesn't fall within my purview.
All right then.
Well, I imagine that you're all
wondering why you find yourselves here.
And in anticipation of that,
Dumbledore asked that I convey a message.
So, Grindelwald has the ability
to see snatches of the future.
So, we have to assume that he'll be able
to anticipate what we do before we do it.
So, if we hope to defeat him
and to save our world...
to save your world, Jacob...
then our best hope
is to confuse him.
'Scuse me.
I'm sorry. How do you confuse
a guy that can see the future?
The best plan being no plan.
Or, many overlapping plans.
Thus, confusion.
It's working on me right now.
In fact, Dumbledore asked that
I give you something, Jacob.
It's snakewood.
It's somewhat rare.
Are you kiddin' me right now?
Is this thing real?
Well, it doesn't have a core,
so sort of, but yes.
It's sorta real?
More importantly,
where we're going, you'll need it.
Now, there's something for you too,
I think, Theseus.
Teddy, please let go now.
Teddy, please let go.
No. Teddy, will you behave?
This is Theseus's...
Well, of course.
Now everything makes sense.
Lally, I believe you were given
some reading material?
You know what they say.
A book can take you around
the world and back...
all you have to do is open it.
She ain't kiddin'.
Yes, Bunty...
that's for you.
I was told it was for your eyes only.
And, Kama.
I have what I need.
What about Tina? Is Tina coming?
Tina's not available.
Tina's been promoted,
she's very, very busy from...
well, from what I understand.
Tina's been made head
of the American Auror Office.
We know each other well.
She's quite a remarkable woman.
She is.
So, this is the team
that's gonna take down...
the most dangerous wizard
we've faced in over a century.
A magizoologist, his indispensable assistant,
a schoolteacher...
a wizard descended from
a very old French family, and...
a Muggle baker with his fake wand.
Hey, we got you too, pal...
and his wand works.
Who wouldn't like our chances?
You're all right, little one.
stay safe.
I must be going too now, Newt.
No one can know everything...
not even you.
Well, here it is.
German Ministry of Magic?
I take it we're here for a reason.
Yes, we have a tea ceremony to attend...
and if we don't hurry up, we'll be late.
Jacob, stay with the group.
Santos! Santos! Santos!
Santos! Santos! Santos!
Hey, hey.
They're with me.
Santos! Santos! Santos!
I take it we're not here
for the finger sandwiches.
No, I have a message to deliver.
A message?
To who?
Mr. Vogel, it's a pleasure to be here.
It's an honor to meet you.
You are joking.
What am I even doing here?
Let's go outside.
I'm not very good in these situations.
These situations?
With all the people, the fancy people.
I saw you enter the room...
and I thought to myself...
Edith, that's an interesting-looking man.
Jacob Kowalski.
How are you?
Very nice to meet you.
And where is it you hail from, Mr. Kowalski?
Sorry, Herr Vogel.
Sorry, I wonder if I could have a word?
Merlin's beard, it's Mr. Scamander, isn't it?
Herr Vogel...
I have a message from a friend,
and it cannot wait.
Do what is right...
not what is easy.
He said it was important
that I reach you tonight...
that you hear them tonight, the words.
It's time, sir.
Is he here?
In Berlin?
No, of course not.
Why leave Hogwarts
when the world outside is burning?
I thank you, Mr. Scamander.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I see many familiar faces here tonight.
Colleagues, friends...
Within the next 48 hours...
you, along with the rest of
the Wizarding World...
will choose our next great leader.
A choice that will shape our lives
for generations to come.
I have little doubt that,
no matter who should triumph...
the Confederation will be in able hands.
Liu Tao.
Vicencia Santos.
Thank you, thank you.
It's in moments such as these
we are reminded...
that it is this peaceful transfer of power
which marks our humanity...
and demonstrates to the world
that, despite our differences...
all voices deserve to be heard...
even voices which many may find disagreeable.
Any of those lot look familiar to you?
Paris. The night that Leta...
They were with Grindelwald.
And so, after an extensive investigation...
the Confederation has concluded
that insufficient evidence exists...
to prosecute Gellert Grindelwald...
for the crimes against the Muggle community
of which he was accused.
He is hereby absolved
of all his alleged crimes.
Are you kidding me?
They're letting the guy off?
I was there, he was killing people.
You're under arrest.
All of you.
Wands down!
Newt, Newt. Not here.
Newt, we don't stand a chance.
Let's go. Newt...
they have the German Ministry.
We've got to go.
It ain't right. That's not justice.
"Extended investigation." I was there.
Were you there? Were you there?
I was there.
-You just let a killer off!
We have to go. We have to go.
Jacob, let's go.
That's very good.
Her favorite.
Remember how she begged Mother to make it?
Mother claimed it calmed her,
but I think that was wishful thinking.
I was there.
I grew up in the same house.
Everything you saw, I saw.
Read the sign, you stupid sod.
I'm sorry to disturb you, Albus.
Tell me, what is it?
It's Berlin.
What happened?
Vogel has absolved Gellert of all his crimes.
He's free. He says there's no proof.
He tried to arrest aurors who were there
the night Leta Lestrange was murdered.
Rather disappointing.
I'm going to need someone
to cover my morning classes.
Can I impose on you?
Of course.
And, Albus, please be...
I'll do my best.
Evening, Aberforth.
Evening, Minerva.
Apologies for calling you a stupid sod.
Apology accepted.
I'm afraid I'll have to
cut our evening short.
Off to save the world, are we?
That will take a better man than me.
Don't ask.
There are thousands in the streets
chanting your name.
You're a free man.
Tell the others to prepare to leave.
We'll have a visitor in the morning.
Why does it stay with him?
It must sense what he's about to do.
And you're sure...
that he can kill Dumbledore?
His pain is his power.
The man that I am inquiring about
is the head of the British Auror Office.
How can you have misplaced
the head of the British Auror Office?
As our contention said,
since he was never in our custody...
we never misplaced him.
Sir, there were dozens of people there,
any one of them could corroborate...
-And your name is?
-Let's get out of here.
Wait a minute, that's the guy.
Come here. Come here.
Excuse me!
That's the guy.
He knows where Theseus is.
Where's Theseus?
That's him.
He knows about Theseus.
Theseus has been taken to the Erkstag.
Wait, no,
but the Erkstag shut down years ago.
Yes, well, it's the Ministry's
secret little bed and breakfast now.
You'll need this to see him.
And one of these.
And this.
Wait, wait, wait.
I trust you're enjoying
your wand, Mr. Kowalski?
Me? Yeah, thank you, Mr. Dumbledore.
It's a real pip.
I advise you to keep it close.
-Professor Hicks.
Assuming you're not otherwise engaged,
and frankly even if you are...
I encourage you to attend
tonight's candidates' dinner.
Take Mr. Kowalski.
I'm quite certain
there'll be an assassination attempt.
Anything you can do to scotch that
will be greatly appreciated.
It's my pleasure.
I shall welcome the challenge.
Besides, I'll have Jacob with me.
Not to worry.
Professor Hicks's defensive magic is superb.
Until next time.
Such a flatterer.
Well, not really. It is superb.
I was just wondering...
-The case.
Rest assured, it's in safe hands.
Can I help you?
I'd like to have this case
replicated, please.
No, you mustn't open it.
I mean, it's not necessary.
The interior isn't important.
I see no reason I can't make you one.
If you leave it here.
I couldn't leave it.
And I'll be needing more than one.
You see...
my husband, he's a bit absentminded.
He's always forgetting things.
Just the other day,
he forgot he was married to me.
Can you imagine?
But I love him.
Exactly how many were you thinking?
Half a dozen...
and I'll need them in two days' time.
Show your hands.
Who are you?
My name is Yusuf Kama.
Who's our visitor?
I'm an admirer.
You murdered his sister.
Her name was Leta.
Leta Lestrange.
You and your sister
share an ancient bloodline.
That's the only thing we shared.
Dumbledore sent you, am I right?
He fears you're in possession of a creature.
He fears the use you may put it to.
He sent me here to spy on you.
What would you like me to tell him?
Is he telling the truth?
What else?
Even though he believes in you...
he holds you responsible
for his sister's death.
He carries her absence with him every day.
Every breath he takes
is a reminder that she breathes no more.
Then I presume you won't mind
if I relieve you of your sister's memory.
I thought so.
When we allow ourselves to be consumed
by anger, the only victim is ourself.
Now, we were just about to depart.
Perhaps you'd like to join us?
Come, we can talk some more
about our mutual friend, Dumbledore.
After you.
Hello, Credence.
Do you know what it's like to have no one?
To always be alone?
It's you.
You're the one sending messages
in the mirror.
I'm a Dumbledore.
You abandoned me.
The same blood that runs my veins runs yours.
He's not here for you.
He's here for me.
Things are not quite
what they appear, Credence...
no matter what you've been told.
My name is Aurelius.
He's lied to you.
Kindled your hate.
What he's told you isn't true...
but we do share the same blood.
You are a Dumbledore.
I'm sorry for your pain.
We didn't know, I promise.
I've come to see my brother.
His name is Theseus Scamander.
Sorry, that's...
I'm a magizoologist.
He's perfectly harmless.
He's just a pet, really.
That's Teddy.
He's a total nightmare, truth be told.
They stay here.
So, how will I know where to find him?
He's your brother?
He will be the one
who looks like your brother.
I will be back, Pick.
On my word.
"I'll be back, Pick.
"On my word."
And I'll be Minister of Magic one day.
Take us 'round the back.
It's not safe here.
Roll it down.
The window.
Roll it down.
Grindelwald! Grindelwald!
No. No!
Those people...
aren't suggesting we listen to them.
They aren't asking us to listen.
They're demanding it.
You're actually proposing that
that man be allowed to stand?
Yes, let him stand.
Gellert Grindelwald
wants a Muggle-wizard war...
and if he gets his wish,
he won't just destroy their world...
he'll destroy ours as well.
Which is why he cannot win.
Let him stand as a candidate.
Let the people vote.
When he loses, the people will have spoken.
But deny them their voices...
and those streets will run with blood.
the guy with the hair...
sitting next to Edith.
He looks like he can kill somebody.
He also looks like my Uncle Dominic.
Is your Uncle Dominic
the Norwegian Minister of Magic?
Didn't think so.
Madam Santos, a pleasure.
Your supporters are in fine voice.
As are yours, Mr. Grindelwald.
Rescuing me, are you?
That's the general idea.
And I presume this...
whatever it is that you are doing,
is strategic.
Yes, a technique called limbic mimicry.
It discourages violent engagement,
I've only actually ever
attempted it once before.
And the results?
Course that was a laboratory setting...
and the conditions were strictly controlled,
and the...
Well, the current conditions
are more volatile...
so making it less predictive
of the ultimate outcome.
The ultimate outcome presumably...
being our survival.
Well done, come on.
And the plan is?
Hold this.
What the bloody hell was that for?
We're gonna need some help.
Follow me.
Come on.
You're no swiveling properly.
swivel, but delicately.
I'm swiveling like you're swiveling, Newt.
I don't believe you are.
Go to him.
Tell him it's all right.
I can see he's failed.
He'll have another chance.
It's his loyalty I most value.
Stay here.
Oh, boy.
Let her go.
Excuse me?
No, wait.
Grab the tie.
That was a Portkey.
Well done, you two.
Not that either of you asked,
but I would highly recommend learning Charms.
What kept you two.
We encountered some complications. You?
We encountered some complications.
Jacob tried to murder Grindelwald?
It's a long story.
Is it really snakewood?
Yes, it's really snakewood.
Can I...
Very dangerous.
It's very powerful.
It's rare. If it got in the wrong
hands, you know...
mess you up.
Where did you get it?
I got it for Christmas.
look who I found.
It's my wizard friends, Newt and Theseus.
We're like this, okay,
and that's me right there.
I gotta go.
All right, have fun.
Don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Can you believe this place?
They got pint-sized little witches
and wizards running around here.
You don't say.
I was the assassin.
Newt and Theseus both went to Hogwarts.
I knew that.
Well, they're being very nice to me.
The Slytherin boys over there,
they gave me these.
They're delicious. Who wants one?
I never cared for cockroach clusters
much myself...
although Honeydukes
are supposed to be the best.
Off you go.
Well done.
All of you, well done.
Professor Hicks managed
to foil an assassination.
And you are alive and you are well.
The fact that everything didn't go precisely
to plan was precisely the plan.
Countersight 101.
Albus, forgive me,
but aren't we back where we started?
Actually, I would argue
that things are...
a great deal worse.
You haven't told them, have you?
Grindelwald's been allowed
to stand in the election.
-But how?
Because Vogel chose easy over right.
It's all right.
Correct. Three points to Hufflepuff.
The kingdom of Bhutan
sits high in the Eastern Himalayas.
It's a place of indescribable beauty.
Some of our most important magic
has its origins there.
They say if you listen carefully enough,
the past whispers to you.
It also happens to be
where the election will be held.
He can't win, can he?
Only a few days ago
he was a fugitive from justice.
Now he is an official candidate in the
International Confederation of Wizards.
Dangerous times favor dangerous men.
By the way, we'll be dining
with my brother in the village.
Should you need anything before then,
Minerva is here.
Dumbledore has a brother?
Here we are.
Bunty, you're here.
How is she?
She's fine.
What's Alfie done now?
Wait, you've not been biting
Timothy's bottom again, have you?
Miss Broadacre,
I trust my brother has been a gracious host?
Yes, ever so gracious.
I'm delighted to hear.
So, rooms have been arranged for you
in the village...
and Aberforth here
will prepare you a delicious dinner...
his own recipe.
There's more of that if you want it.
Thank you.
Never has something that looks so repellent
tasted so delicious.
Who is this little one?
Do you mind?
She's a Qilin, Jacob.
She's incredibly rare.
One of the most beloved creatures
in the Wizarding World.
'Cause she can see into your soul.
You're kidding me.
No. So, if you are good and worthy,
then she'll see that.
But if, on the other hand,
you're cruel and deceitful...
then she'll know that too.
Oh, yeah?
Does she just tell you that or...
Not exactly tells.
Well, she bows, but only in the presence
of someone truly pure of heart.
I mean, almost none of us are, of course...
no matter how good of a person
one tries to be.
There was actually a time,
many, many years ago...
when the Qilin chose who'd lead us.
Okay. All right, already.
Here you go.
He's just hungry. Look at him.
-She really likes you, Jacob.
-Oh, all right.
It's okay.
Come with me.
I'll help you.
He's your son, Aberforth.
He needs you.
Come in.
Albus, the mirror downstairs,
there's a message.
Close the door.
It's from Credence, Newt.
The summer Gellert and I fell in love...
my brother fell in love as well...
with a girl from the Hollow.
She was sent away.
There were rumors about a child.
He's a Dumbledore.
If I'd been a better friend...
to Aberforth,
if I'd been a better brother...
he might have confided in me.
Perhaps things would have been different,
and this boy...
could have been part of our lives,
part of our family.
Credence can't be saved,
I know you know that.
But he may yet be able to save us.
Phoenix ash.
The bird comes to him
because he's dying, Newt.
I know the signs.
You see...
my sister was an Obscurial.
And like Credence,
she never learned to express her magic.
Over time it grew darker
and began to poison her.
Worst of all, none of us
were capable of easing her pain.
Can you tell me how it is that...
or how it came to an end for her?
Gellert and I had made plans
to go away together.
My brother didn't approve.
One night, he confronted us.
Voices were raised, threats made.
Aberforth drew his wand, which was foolish.
I drew my wand, which was even more foolish.
Gellert just laughed.
No one heard Ariana coming down the stairs.
Can't say for certain it was my...
Doesn't really matter.
One minute she was there,
and the next she was gone.
I'm so sorry, Albus.
But if it's of any comfort,
perhaps she was saved some pain...
Don't disappoint me, Newt.
You of all people.
Your honesty is a gift...
even if at times a painful one.
Our friends downstairs will be tired
and wanting to go home.
You should go.
Albus, Lally said something earlier...
about most of us being ultimately imperfect.
But even if we make mistakes,
terrible things...
we can try to make things right.
And that's what matters...
We're with you.
Thank you.
Our time is close, my brothers and sisters.
Days of hiding are over.
The world will hear our voice.
And it will be deafening.
You didn't come here to betray Dumbledore...
You know in your pure-blood heart...
your place is here.
To believe in me is to believe in yourself.
Prove your loyalty, Mr. Kama.
...Vulnera Sanentur.
Rennervate Vulnera Sanentur.
There, there.
Come, look.
This is why we are special.
To conceal our powers
is not merely an affront to ourselves...
it's sinful.
Was there another?
That night, was there another Qilin?
I don't think so...
That's twice you failed me.
Do you not understand
the danger you put me in?
One last chance.
Find it.
Well, good luck, everybody.
Good luck.
And you too, Bunty girl.
See you, Bunty.
It is not lost on those of us in leadership
that we are currently a world divided.
Each day brings talk of another conspiracy.
Each hour another dark whisper.
These whispers have
only increased in recent days...
with the-addition of a third candidate.
There is only one way
to leave absolutely no doubt...
that a worthy candidate exists amongst
the three you have been presented.
As every schoolboy and girl knows...
the Qilin is the purest of creatures
in our wonderful magical world.
It cannot be deceived.
Let the Qilin unite us.
Santos! Santos! Santos!
Where to, next?
This is where I leave you.
I'm sorry, you're what?
Leaving me?
I have to meet someone else, Mr. Kowalski.
Not to worry...
you'll be perfectly safe.
You don't have the Qilin.
Feel free to drop the case
at the first hint of trouble.
One other thing, if you don't mind me saying.
You should stop doubting yourself.
You have something most men
go their entire lives without.
Do you know what that is?
A heart that is full.
Only a truly brave man...
could open himself up
so honestly and completely, as you do.
Santos! Santos! Santos!
Cases, please.
Hey, fellas.
He's angry.
Open them, make sure it's in there.
How long does he have?
Here. Hey. Hi.
You're in danger, all right?
-You need to leave.
I can't go, okay?
I can't come home.
It's too late for me, all right?
Some mistakes, they're just too big.
Can you listen to me?
There's no time. I was followed.
I gave 'em the slip, but it won't
be long before they find me.
-They're gonna find us.
-I don't care.
All I got is us.
I make no sense without us.
Jacob, what? Come on...
I don't love you anymore.
Just get outta here.
You're the worst liar in the world,
Queenie Goldstein.
You hear that?
What? No.
That's a sign.
Oh, man.
-Come on.
-Come here, come here.
Close your eyes.
Please close your eyes.
You know what Dumbledore said to me?
He said that I got a full heart.
He's wrong.
I'm always gonna have room in there for you.
You know it.
Look at me.
Queenie Goldstein.
Mr. Scamander.
We've never been properly introduced.
Henrietta Fischer...
Herr Vogel's attache.
I can take you up.
There's a private entrance
for members of the High Council.
If you just follow me.
I'm sorry, why would you do that?
Take me up?
Isn't it obvious?
No, frankly, it's not.
Dumbledore sent me.
I know what you have
in that case, Mr. Scamander.
He should be here any minute.
What kept you?
I thank the candidates for their words.
Each represents a distinct vision
of how we will not shape only our world...
but the non-magical world as well.
Which brings us to the most important
part of our ceremony...
the walk of the Qilin.
The Qilin has seen.
Seen goodness...
qualities essential to lead and to guide us.
Who do you see?
Gellert Grindelwald is the new leader
of the magical world...
by acclamation.
This is the man who tried to take my life.
This man, who has no magic...
who would marry a witch
and pollute our blood...
create a forbidden union
that would make us less...
make us weak, like his kind.
He's not alone, my friends.
There are thousands who seek to do the same.
There can only be one response
to such vermin.
Make him stop!
Our war with the Muggles begins today.
He's lying to you.
That creature is dead.
Not now. Wait.
He did it to trick you.
He killed it and bewitched it...
so that you might think him worthy to lead.
But he doesn't want to lead you.
He just wants you to follow.
Words designed to deceive.
To make you doubt what you've seen
with your own two eyes.
There were two Qilins born that night.
A twin.
And I know that...
I know that...
Because you have no proof.
Because there was no second Qilin.
Am I not right?
Its mother had been killed, it...
Then where is it now, Mr. Scamander?
No one can know everything, Newt.
I don't get it.
She can't hear you, little one.
Not here...
but perhaps somewhere she's listening.
This is the true Qilin.
Look at it...
you can see it with your own eyes.
This is the true...
This can't be allowed to stand.
The vote must be taken again.
Come on, Anton. Do something.
No, no, no, please.
I'm honored.
But just as two of you
were born that night...
there's another here, equally worthy.
I'm certain of it.
Thank you.
Who will love you now, Dumbledore?
You're all alone.
I was never your enemy.
Then, or now.
Did you ever think of me?
Come home.
Here she is.
Well done, Bunty.
Come on, little one.
I'm sorry.
I must have given you an awful fright.
No, I think...
sometimes it takes losing something
to realize quite how much it means.
And sometimes you just...
Sometimes you just know.
Right, in you pop.
Mr. Kowalski.
I owe you an apology.
It was never my intent
for you to suffer the Cruciatus curse.
well, you know, we got Queenie back,
so we're square.
Hey, can I ask you a question?
Can I keep this?
For, like, old times' sake?
I can't think of anyone more deserving.
Thanks, Professor.
But how?
I thought you couldn't
move against one another.
We didn't.
He sought to kill, I sought to protect.
Our spells met.
Let's call it fate.
After all, how else
will we fulfill our destinies?
Promise me.
You'll find him and you'll stop him.
Albert, don't forget the pierogis.
Yes, Mr. K.
No more than eight minutes on the kolaczkis.
Yes, Mr. K.
He's a sweet kid.
He doesn't know the difference
between paszteciki and golabki.
-Hey, sweetheart.
Newt doesn't know what you're talking about.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Are you all right, honey?
You're nervous about the speech.
Don't be nervous.
Tell him, honey.
Don't be nervous about the speech.
I'm not nervous.
What is the smell?
Why is there burning? Albert?
Maybe we're nervous
about something else, huh?
I can't imagine what you're talking about.
So, the day that I first met Jacob...
The day that I first met Jacob, we were both
sitting in the Steen National Bank.
Never would I...
The maid of honor, I presume?
The best man, I gather?
-You've done something to your hair.
Well, yes, actually, just...
Just for tonight.
-Well, it suits you.
-Thank you, Newt.
Look who's...
So good to see you.
-How are you?
You look wonderful, Lally.
Well, thank you, Newt. I appreciate it.
Good luck.
Tina, come on.
-You must tell me how MACUSA's been.
-See you inside.
What about me? How do I look?
-You all right?
-You look fine.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm all right.
You're not nervous, are you?
Can't be nervous about
a speech after saving the world.
It's a historic day.
Where once was before,
there will now be after.
Funny how historic days seem so ordinary
when you're living them.
Well, perhaps that's what happens
when the world gets things right.
It's jolly nice to know
it happens occasionally.
I didn't know if I'd see you here.
I wasn't sure you would, either.
Hey, Newt.
Jacob seems to think he's lost the ring.
Please tell me you've got it.
No, it's all good. Yep.
That scared me. Jacob!
Good man, Pick.
I should probably...
Thank you, Newt.
What for?
Pick your poison.
I really couldn't have done it without you.
I'd do it again, by the way.
Should you ask.
Wow, you're so beautiful.
I can't believe it.
This is Albert.
I don't know if you've met Albert, yet?
Have you met Lally?