Far from Home (1989) Movie Script

September third...
I can't believe
it's finally over,
the summer vacation
every girl dreams of...
sure... 17 national parks
in 28 days...
and all in the company
of her dad.
It's like being trapped
in a "father knows best" rerun,
except for this father
doesn't know anything.
I wish he'd get it
through his head
that tomorrow I turn 14, not 12.
Madeline's parents
took her to europe
and let her go to discos
every night.
My dad's idea of independence
is letting me
roast my own marshmallows,
which is a good idea
since he always burns his.
it'll all be over tonight...
tomorrow I'll be back with mom,
celebrating my birthday
and staying in my own room...
no more sleeping in bags,
thank God.
What's the problem?
there's gotta be
another gas station
around here somewhere.
Let's see, it's 36 Miles
to the next exit,
that's not gonna be any good.
What's this?
10 or 12 Miles down there.
Open the door!
Anybody here?
Put your hands
where I can see 'em.
Who are you with, man?!
Nobody, I just want some gas!
This is a gas station, isn't it?
Yeah, but I ain't got no gas.
I've got cash.
Hah! I don't care if you
got gold hub caps...
I said I ain't got
no gas, you dig?
The delivery's overdue...
Maybe tomorrow.
Where you headed, man?
Home, to Los Angeles.
Oh yeah?
Far out.
I did some time there.
That is, before
I got some intelligence.
Is she with you?
Look, can I use the phone?
I ain't got one,
try the mini-mart.
Will my car be all right?
Yeah, if I keep an
eye on it for you.
How much?
You see, that's it, man,
that's wrong with this world,
everything's about money.
I'll watch your car
for you for nothing.
All right, thank you.
Get ahold of yourself.
You say they took no money
out of the register?
You sure?
Are you all right, ma'am?
Now don't touch nothin',
there may be prints.
You lookin' for somethin'?
Yeah, I wanted to use the phone.
Is there some problem?
You got some I.D.?
My name is Charlie Cox, sheriff,
highways magazine, Los Angeles.
You're off your beat
a little, aren't you?
Please, we've just
run out of gas.
Try the trailer park
down the road...
Agnes Reed might sell you some.
She sells everything else.
She's got a phone there, anyway.
What happened?
Somebody came in here
and blew his brains out,
that's what happened...
most likely a drifter.
It happens out here, Charlie.
Who's there?
Hi, we'd like to
buy some gas, please.
I ain't got any.
Well, how about using a phone?
You got any money?
Yes, I've got money.
Can't be too careful.
Two dollar phone charge.
It's okay, I'm calling collect.
Two dollar phone charge.
Can I have a soda?
How much for two sodas?
A buck each.
Surprise, surprise.
Got any ice?
Another buck.
Is that per cube?
Ice is out there.
Hi, bill, how are you?
Good, good.
Listen, I'm not going to
get your article in tonight.
Hot out here...
is it always this hot?
Somewhere in Nevada.
No, it's really too much
to read over the phone.
Give me a break,
the troll that runs this place
is charging me by the second.
What's goin' on?
Then get out of here!
Charming kid.
One of the neighbors?
Nah, he's mine.
Always threatening
to run away... never does.
Look, I have to get back to L.A.
by tonight.
Ain't gonna happen unless
your car runs on dirt.
I got a couple others
stranded here too.
I fixed 'em up real nice.
Camper, full view
of the pool, kitchen.
I got one more left.
How much?
For you? Fifty bucks.
Fifty bucks?
Out of the question.
Fifty bucks for this?
Come on, it's not that bad.
Just for a night.
This is how real writers live.
In overpriced campers?
God, it's hot in here.
Could I go swimming?
Okay, but go straight there...
and then I come straight back.
And stay away from that boy.
You mean all boys, don't you?
You know which one
I'm talking about.
Dad, I'm not
12 years old anymore.
I know you're not...
That's the problem.
Now, keep your shirt on
till you get to the pool.
Have fun.
Who are you?
What's your name?
Joleen? That sounds
kind of funny.
Look who's talkin', pinky.
You hear that?
I hear your mother calling.
I'm Jimmy.
Hi, I'm...
I know.
I saw you watching them.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Do you know
what they were doing?
I have to go.
Jeez, it's beautiful.
You'd think people would be
out here enjoying it..
During prime time?
Are you joking?
Start dinner, okay?
I'll be right back.
Charlie Cox here,
temporary neighbor.
What is it?
Me and my daughter are stranded
here in your lovely town,
and we're wondering
if you had any gas to sell?
No. Beat it.
Thanks. Enjoy.
Don't give me that crap again!
But it's true!
What do you mean
you got no money?
Where's your mom?
At her sister's.
Listen, you're
late with the rent
a week and two days!
You got that?
What are you lookin' at?
You better cough up that cash...
I'm gonna kick your butts
outta here!
I ain't shit'n ya.
Fuck off!
Hello? Charlie Cox here, temporary
neighbor and concerned parent.
Single parent...
former angry young man...
and poet laureate of the
interstate highway system.
And you're looking for
a little woman
to start a new life with?
Actually, I was looking for
a little cup of gasoline
to start an old car with.
You're not from
around here, are you?
Amy! A real human!
Please, God,
let it be a human
with some cigarettes.
He's not from around here,
he smokes,
Let's go for the big win...
does he want a beer?
What do I win?
You win a beer.
The price is kinda crazy,
if you got a little boy in your
home, regardless of the age,
stay with me on the next
item and take a look,
because there is
a remote controlled pickup...
this one is gorgeous!
Hey, Jo, sorry I'm late.
Oh, it looks like
we're going to have to
miss the first day of school.
Met a couple of people, though,
Louise and Amy.
Louise and Amy, huh?
Yeah, Louise and Amy, "huh".
They're stranded here,
just like us.
Take five dollars
off that price,
and we'll let it go
at a price of $12.50!
Just watch it!
Where have you been?
Out where?
Thank God, some quiet.
They finally
turned that thing off.
You know, if you
worked on a computer
like everyone else,
you'd be done by now.
Hey, dad,
do you mind if I go out
with a few bikers tonight?
You know, have some laughs?
I thought you told him
you were finished.
I lied.
I guess your mom's right...
I am a bad influence on you.
You should see the guy
she's dating now.
Look, I'm really not ready to hear
about the men you're mom's dating.
I'm sorry.
You promised
aqua boy fish sticks!
They're too expensive.
These are just as good...
Eat 'em.
I wanted aqua boy.
They're the same.
They are not.
I'm warning you...
where's the coupon?
There's no coupon.
Just shut up and eat it!
If you loved us...
yum! Disodiumi-n-n-
nosinate pyrodoxide
These are poison.
they're good...
they're good,
they're perfectly fine.
Eat 'em!
Is that what your mom
and I sounded like?
No, you never sounded like
you hated each other.
That's because we didn't.
We loved each other.
A lot.
It's just that we
couldn't seem to...
do you still love her?
Do you think...
never mind.
It's an unfair question.
Poison! Poison!
Poison! Poison!
You promised us aqua boy!
You little bitch!
Ooh, mommy said a bad word.
Get out of here!
Get the fuck in here
you little witch! Get
over there and sit down!
You're just like your father,
you little shit!
At least my father had the
good sense to leave you!
My first and, I guess,
last night in banco, Nevada.
It's probably one of the shittiest
places in the whole world.
I can't get the picture
of that poor man's body
in the mini-mart
out of my mind,
and the woman next door
won't shut up.
It's drmng me crazy.
On the other hand,
there's this boy, Jimmy.
Tall, intense eyes,
so incredibly gorgeous
I just want to die...
and he likes me!
Too bad we're leaving tomorrow.
Wait a minute...
this is going to
take some careful planning.
oh, God.
Morning, Jo, birthday kiss!
Not first thing in the morning!
Come on, Jo, I owe you one.
When we get back to L.A.,
I'm going to take out
for a totally awesome
birthday dinner, dude.
You can even bring that
boy I never liked.
I'm not friends
with him anymore.
Happy Birthday.
We can go to
that place you love,
it'll be great...
Deal? Deal?
Up and at 'em!
Ow! Ow!
Alright, maybe 14 is too old
for a babysitter,
but you're not safe hanging
around here by yourself.
Anyway, Louise and Amy
are a lot of fun.
On my way!
I thought I'd help...
It's only fair.
Um, hi, I'm Louise.
Happy Birthday, joleen.
Get up!
Entertain joleen!
What is this, the loud patrol?
He's so perky in the morning.
Your father's a good sport.
No, he's not...
he's single.
Well, come on in,
we'll have some fun.
Yeah, see if that fits.
Hi. You're joleen's dad,
aren't you?
I'm pinky sears.
Nice to meet ya.
What's this?
It's a secret.
Say hi to your mom.
Nice kid.
Can we fill 'er up?
The gas truck didn't come?
Someone in Nevada's got to be
able to sell us some gas.
Well, I got a friend,
she lives out by two rock,
about 30 Miles out of here.
She might have some.
Lotta good that does us, there's
no way of getting up there.
I didn't say that.
You've got gas?
Yeah... personal stash
for emergencies.
Can you sell us some?
No, might give you
a ride out there, though.
How much?
Whatever you want.
You know, man,
you're really starting
to piss me off.
I told you already,
I no longer worship
at the alter of mammon.
The word "money"
means nothin' to me.
Mr. duckett?
Does the word "thai stick"
mean anything to you?
Yeah... jail.
How about "please"?
That's the word.
Mr. duckett,
this fence here...
it's federal land.
It's 27 Miles on the road
over to two rock,
and only ten in this direction.
Naturally, the dickheads
put up a fence.
Of course, we gotta boogie
through here pretty quick.
What kind of federal land?
Nuclear dump.
God, I love the desert!
I still love him...
so, um...
do you wanna play some cards?
Are you sure?
You want some potato chips?
No, thank you.
Oh! My soap's
about to start,
want to watch some TV?
Um, I think I'm going to
go for a swim.
Hey, viney.
Howdy-do, ducky?
That's my girl!
It's a pleasure
to meet you, too.
Look, have you
got any gas to sell?
Now, hold on,
there's gotta be some gas
in the tank's of these cars.
Nope, they drain 'em
when they bring 'em in.
'course I might not have gotten
to that one there.
And there might be
a gallon in this 'un.
Yeah, now that I think of it,
there might just be
quite a few gallons around here.
You brung me a live one, ducky!
I thought you didn't
worship at the alter of money.
I don't, but old viney here
is a true believer.
Ha ha ha!
September fourth...
Happy Birthday to me.
So here I am
at the pool again...
Madeline's always telling me
to go for it...
easy for her to say, I always
end up feeling like a geek.
Dad was right...
I'm keeping my shirt on today.
God, that was embarrassing
for him to see me like that.
I want him to kiss me,
but I'm really scared.
What if he's not around today?
What if he's gone somewhere?
What if...
Did I scare you?
No, I just wasn't
expecting that.
I know who you're waiting for.
I'm not...
I know you like him,
but there's a lot about him
you don't know.
Like what?
You got a problem, pink-ass?
Then what are you staring at?
You saying I'm nothing?
N- no, I was just...
just leaving.
I'll see you later, joleen.
Bye, pinky.
Come on.
Why are you so mean to him?
Because he's just too weird.
Come on.
Come on.
I can't.
My dad wants me to stay here.
Do you always do everything
your daddy says?
Come on.
Jimmy... Jim... James...
I wonder if he's got
another girlfriend...
I could ask, but it seems like
a pretty dumb question,
and he's definitely not the kind
of guy who likes dumb questions.
So serious...
something about him, though,
is a little scary,
sort of dangerous...
but not really, not underneath.
I know that's just me
being afraid.
Well, here goes.
Where to?
Um, I dunno, someplace cold.
Alaska, maybe.
From your dad?
You wanna go with me?
Wouldn't it be great?
Hawaii first, then Switzerland.
We could leave tonight...
I know where to get the money.
Are you hot?
That's a dumb question.
Ha ha!
Stop! Aah!
Jimmy! Stop it!
Jimmy! Aah!
Stop it!
Aah! No!
Stop it!
Jimmy, stop!
Get off of me!
I'm gonna kill you!
Come on!
Get off me!
Come on!
Let go!
Drink it!
Drink it!
Where are we going, the moon?
Do you think
he's still out there?
Don't worry, joleen,
I'll protect you.
Your turn, you suck.
This is the last of them.
How much gas have we got?
Eleven gallons!
That's five and a half apiece.
Amy's rabbit gets
36 to the gallon...
that's 200 Miles,
that'll at least get us
back to California.
How far can you get
on five and a half gallons?
I only get about eight or
ten Miles to the gallon.
Oh, well..
We can carpool,
we'll take the rabbit,
it'll be fun.
What, and leave my rambler here?
Yeah, the black market's
just bustin' for a gem
that gets a whole
nine to the gallon.
Okay, okay, are we done here?
I have to see if Jo's all right.
You know, when we were little,
me and Jimmy used to
hang together all the time.
You know, watch TV,
shoot bottles...
he used to be really nice.
My God, he's such a bastard.
I think he has problems at home.
Doesn't everybody?
I don't.
What's that?
A microwave relay...
Neat, huh?
Brings us TV.
Oh, my God.
Pinky! Pinky!
I gotta fuckin' talk to her,
open this...
Mrs. Reed!
Mrs. Reed,
I need some ice,
the fridge shorted out again.
Mrs. Reed?
What's the matter, 'fraidy cat?
This is only a tiny little bird.
Anybody home?
My God, you scared me!
Is your mother home?
She's in the bathroom.
Can I sit down and wait for her?
Come on, get up that ladder!
No, I'm scared to go up high...
I get height-rophobia!
No, I don't wanna!
Come on...
you can't make me do it,
you can't make me!
Whoo! He do'd it!
Stay down.
I don't see him, where is he?
It's okay now.
Oh, that was close.
Not that close.
Were you scared?
You were too.
I was not scared.
Pinky, be careful.
Are you scared now?
No, get away from there.
Pinky, don't!
Scared now?
Are you scared now?
Yes, pinky, please!
That was the meanest,
dumbest, stupidest thing ever!
Hey, where you going?
wait, joleen!
I was only kidding!
hey, I thought
you'd think it was cool.
Well, I didn't.
What's the matter?
You shouldn't have done that.
It was dangerous
and it was mean.
I'm sorry.
I guess Imng here
would drive anyone nuts.
I have a present for you.
Hold out your hand.
That was my dad's.
Pinky, you shouldn't...
you're worth it.
I know it isn't a girl thing,
but it's pretty...
Look at it.
It's very cool.
Is your dad in the army?
No, he's dead.
I'm sorry.
I gotta go.
If my dad gets back
before I do, he'll kill me.
I'm off to see the king!
Can I go, too?
Will it be fun there?
Oh yeah, you're going to
have a good time.
Do they have a TV?
Yeah, a big color set.
Can I get ice cream?
Sure, anything you want.
You just wait in here
for me, okay?
I'll be right back.
Will you keep an eye on her?
You were supposed to be
looking after her, Amy.
I was looking after her.
Then where is she?
I don't know.
Where the fuck were you?
I was at the pool.
Don't you lie to me.
You were with that boy,
Jimmy Reed?!
Agnes Reed is dead,
now she can wait!
For once in your life you're gonna
do exactly what I tell you.
You're going to
sit in this chair...
look at me.
You're not gonna wander away,
you're not gonna see anyone,
you're not even gonna
look out the window.
Is that clear?
Is that clear?!
I hate him, I hate him...
Everything is so fucked!
I almost get raped
by a guy I trusted,
and the guy turns out to be a
killer... he killed his mother!
And dad...
I could have died
and he wouldn't have noticed.
He just doesn't
understand me at all.
Life is just totally unfair...
if it hadn't been for pinky...
he's really sweet, and he
lives out here in siberia
where I'll probably
never got to see him again...
dad won't even
let me go outside,
so I might possibly get to say
at least goodbye to him.
So, you think it was
like an accident?
Well, not unless a fan can fly.
A- ha.
I'll be damned.
Duckett, I'm gonna have to
secure this place
until our boys from the lab
can dust it.
I'm shy a few people... how'd
you like to be a deputy?
Does that mean
I'm not a suspect?
Oh, shoot.
Okay, bill.
No one gets in here without
your say-so... I'm ready.
Ha ha!
I don't know why you didn't
just bring the gas to the car.
Because I'm a fuckup, all right?
Get off my back.
It's like a furnace in here!
Lighten up, Charlie,
we're all on the same team here.
I just don't think this trip
with Jo was a good idea.
So are you gonna
divorce her too?
I don't think that's legal.
I'm a writer.
I'm supposed to be
so good with words...
I don't know what to
say to her anymore.
We're leaving now.
I wanted to talk to you
in person,
but my father is
holding me prisoner in here,
so I guess this note will
have to convey my appreciation
for what you did for me today.
Thank you for helping me today,
I know it took courage.
I like you a lot, and I know we
will see each other again one day.
Corn, ooh ooh, corn pah!
Oom, ooh ooh, ooh pah!
We're her friends
so we should know
today's her birthday
Happy Birthday, Jo!
We've got some gas
and it's time to go
let's leave this dump
before we start to glow!
It's time to go...
eew, it smells like gasoline
all over this place!
Smells like perfume to me.
Must be flooded, give it a rest.
Hey, pinky!
Come here!
What's up with you?
I thought you liked me.
I do like you.
So why are you leaving?
It's not my fault.
I mean, my dad,
he wouldn't even
let me say goodbye to you.
I won't say goodbye.
Oh, come on...
Wait, wait!
Aw, shit.
Jo, gimme a hand in here.
Thank you, Jesus.
Let's go,
L.A. or bust.
I can't find my journal.
It's probably in the car.
I'll take the back seat.
It's too cramped,
you'll be a mutant
by the time we
get to California.
If you guys are going to
bullshit all night, I'm leaving.
Nice language.
Jo, come on.
I'm not leaving without it.
It's okay, I'm here.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm here.
Having a party, pink face?
You're in a lot of trouble,
they're looking for you.
Shh! Well, they're
not gonna find me.
I'm gone, man, I'm outta here.
They can take this town
and shove it up their asses.
I need your help.
Reach out and touch
someone else.
Listen to me...
you are sick, and you
always have been,
so don't fuck with me!
Just do what I say.
Hey, buddy,
what you got for me this time?
Fan motor to mom's
air conditioner.
She didn't get the lifetime
guarantee... can you fix it?
I don't know, I'll take a look.
Looks like there's
a screw missing.
Blades are all bent up.
Don't screw around
with that thing, pink.
Hi, can I use the
phone in the office?
You can't go in there.
It's a secured area.
Pink, turn that damn thing
back where I told ya.
Come on, it's really important.
Okay, but be quick,
and don't touch any evidence.
Thanks, I owe you one.
Keep an eye on things for a
minute, I'll be right back.
All right.
Let's go take a look
at the unit.
Where you going?
Why don't you just let me fix
the whole thing at once?
Why are you bringin' it
to me piece by bit?
This is the only part
that's broken.
You're sure?
Can't you just
fix it on your bench?
No, man,
I gotta hook it up and see
what's wrong with it.
you have the right to remain...
you have the right to remain
there until the sheriff comes.
You okay?
Come on.
Watch your head!
Get in there!
The kid killed his own mother!
I'm the only thing
resembling a reporter
within Miles of this place!
That's really
uncalled for, Phil.
Hunh... okay,
that's fine with me.
Really... that's
fine with me,
I'm gonna write
the piece anyway.
All right, Cox, let's go.
When I get back,
we're outta here.
Jo, do me a favor and stay
up here with Louise.
Okay, daddy.
All right, girl,
let's go inside.
How can you hate your
mother so much?
You hear me?
It was easy.
She was an asshole, like you.
What about Amy?
What about Farrell hovis,
were they assholes, too?
I didn't kill nobody, okay?
Oh, yeah.
God, she must be
baking in there.
Mrs. sears?
Mrs. sears?
It's me, duckett.
Mrs. sears?
Man, it smells rank in here.
Um, I'm gonna go for a swim.
Mrs. sears?
Ma'am, are you okay?
You got a fever
or something, ma'am?
Holy shit!
I'm really sorry,
Mr. duckett,
but you absolutely should
not have come in here.
You'll wake up mom.
Did I scare you?
If you ever do that again,
I will kill you.
Do you want to
go up to the hill?
I shouldn't.
Come on!
The adventure continues.
He really hurt you.
So what do you want to do?
I don't know.
Let's just talk.
You can kiss me back
if you want.
Haven't you ever
kissed anyone before?
Of course.
Have you ever... done it?
Done what?
You know...
oh... that?
I seen it in the trailer park.
Yeah, me too.
First they kiss a lot.
French kiss.
And then they...
The truck...
I'm just gmng you a chance to
tell your side of the story.
I'm just trying to
understand you, Jimmy.
There is one thing.
Come here.
Come here.
Watch it!
Hello, can anybody hear me?
Sheriff, pinky's got joleen!
Turn this car around,
come on! Come on!
He's at that condo
under construction
on Morgan path road.
I've gotta go.
That hurts!
I'm sorry.
You're really mean sometimes.
I won't be anymore.
I've just had a lot
on my mind lately.
I've got a super surprise
for you, joleen.
Isn't this cool?
Where did you get that?
It was my dad's.
You know what I'm talking about.
Let's play keep-away.
Give it back to me!
Keep away from joleen...
give it back to me!
"Madeline's always telling me
that I should just go for it.
"easy for her to say... i always
end up feeling like a geek.
You are so fucked!
I know you didn't mean that.
I trusted you!
Look, pinky...
I think you're in
a lot of trouble,
and they know how to
handle boys like you.
We can just go to your mom...
my mom!
My mom will always
be there for me.
Oh, pinky.
Where are you going?
We were playing keep-away!
hide 'n seek is fun, too.
One, one thousand,
two, one thousand,
three, one thousand,
four, one thousand,
five, one thousand,
six, one thousand,
seven, one thousand,
eight, one thousand,
nine, one thousand,
ten, one thousand.
Ready or not, here I come!
"I want something
really special for my birthday.
"I want Jimmy."
I hate that part!
Where are you?
Come out, come out,
wherever you are!
Jo, where are you?
Jo! Jo!
Jo, where are you!
That hurt, joleen.
Take that.
I'm goin' up here!
Jo! Jo!
Jo! Jo! Jo!
Joleen! Joleen!
Jo! Where are you!
Jo! Joleen!
What do you want from me?
Drop the knife, pinky!
Pinky, stop!
I- I'm sorry,
this just isn't working out.
I thought you loved me!
Take my hand!
Long before he ever met joleen
pinky started
slipping over the edge.
I think when his mom died
he just couldn't
believe she was gone,
so he just iced her down
and kept that old TV goin'
and did what he had to do.
He had to eat, so when he
went to the mini-mart
and Farrell tried to
stop him, he popped him,
and then Agnes came in
and wanted the rent...
it's just a shame.
A shame.
She'll be okay.
Thanks, man.
How much do you
want for the gas?
You're starting
to piss me off again.
Stay out of trouble.
You too.
All summer long
I thought my dad was such a
geek and so full of shit,
which he was at times,
if you want to get technical.
But other times,
it's weird how right he was.
How is it that someone can be
so right and still be so wrong?