Far from the Madding Crowd (1998) Movie Script

47 ... 47 ... 47 ...
Who gives 47?
Who gives 48? "48?
Who gives 49? "49? 49 ...
Who relishing in 50?
- 50.
- 50! Who gives 51? "51? 50.
Landowner sold to Oak for 50 shillings.
That's all, gentlemen.
Gabriel Oak, right?
I thought you were working outside
in Norcombe.
Now I turn my finances.
Small, but it's a start.
Are you in debt?
Good luck, Oak.
George! George!
He says he has given sufficient
and will not pay anything more.
It's a damn insolent.
Who does he think he is?
Is the niece of the pattern.
Is an outsider.
Then tell the niece of
pattern that would be better
to lift up his rear
my car
and give me two pennies more
or will not happen.
Tell him not to pay him more.
Vigilante ...
Let it happen.
Ei, agora deixa-as, rapacious.
Leave it, boy!
George, come here!
Come when you call!
That's right. Come here.
You have much to learn, right?
Much to learn.
I wish we were rich enough to
pay a man to do it.
Well, we are not, and you'll
if you want to help
stay here.
Eh! Upload! Vamos!
I found this hat.
It's mine.
- I was blown away.
- Claro.
I am the landowner Oak. Could ...
I've looked everywhere.
I saw her.
In the forest, under the hill.
- "I was watching?
- Yes, well ... no.
I mean ... yes.
But not deliberately.
Squire Oak! Squire Oak!
Squire Oak, wake up.
It left the windows closed.
Could have died.
I think that saved my life
I do not know his name.
Prefer not to say.
I never liked how it sounds.
Could ... find another.
Oh, sorry.
Excuse me.
You can take it, if you want.
I guess I was thinking
you would like to kiss her.
No, but I will.
No, I will!
Find out my name, if you can!
My name is Gabriel!
I brought a lamb
for Ms. Everdene.
I thought you might like
raise one.
Can be
but one is visiting here.
Coming soon.
The lamb ... is not the only
why I came.
QUESTIONS wanted Miss Ev ...
Bathsheba ...
if you would like to marry.
Because if he would, would
happy to marry her.
Is there any other young
the aims?
Squire Oak, has so many!
It is very nice!
And smart.
Not many young people come here
but there must be a dozen.
Too bad.
Well, that's why I came.
Thanks. Good morning, Mrs. Hurst.
Eh, eh, squire Oak!
My aunt was lying.
I have no suitor.
I've never had.
Glad to hear that.
I have my own farm.
With 200 sheep.
Will be 400 when bred.
Yet all is not paid,
but ...
I will work twice as
we are married.
But I never said that I
marry you.
"He ran up here to tell me
not going to marry me?
If you would like to marry you,
would not have come to fetch him.
No, just wanted you to know
I'm not anyone's girlfriend.
I hate feeling property
a man that way.
There's nothing wrong with going
behind someone
to correct an error.
No. There is nothing wrong.
Well, I'm not sure.
I have not had time
think about whether I want to marry
with you or not
you already went down the hill.
Think, Bathsheba.
Will you marry me?
I love her more than I can express.
Try to think about it ...
If I can think of outdoors.
Will have a piano in
one or two years
when finished
to pay the sheep.
And I will practice with the flute,
to play with you at night.
That I like!
And we could announce
Wedding in the newspaper.
Boy, I wish!
And the births,
Each of them!
Do not talk like that!
And at home, by the fire,
Wherever you look,
I'll be there.
And everywhere I look ...
You will be there
Is useless.
I will not marry you.
I can not.
Why not?
Why not love him.
But I to you.
Not work, Mr. Oak.
I'm too independent.
I need someone to tame me.
You could not.
Who says no?
Do not answer me now.
Let come to visit.
Not love him, it would be ridiculous.
Then do not ask more.
Mr Everdene! Mr Everdene!
Fanny, call your doctor!
Go get a doctor!
Help him! Take him inside!
Take care of him.
Who will take over the farm?
No heir, right?
Has a niece.
The daughter of his brother.
How will you be a girl
take a farm?
Bathsheba, got a letter.
Read it yourself, aunt.
My God!
You have become the patron saint
Weatherbury's ranch.
We have arrived!
Liddy! Liddy!
Thank God I'm not married.
It's all there. I sold my shack.
I sold everything.
I thought you were insured.
I spent all
I had in the sheep.
What's left?
Nine shillings and sixpence.
- Foreman?
- Yes
What was the hacienda
last one received?
- Mine.
- Does yours?
If you do not get their own manter
estate is not going to manage the mine.
I'm looking for a man
work hard, and do not complain.
I'm your man, sir.
Nobody has hired pastor?
- No.
- Not to me.
Should try in the morning fair,
in Shottsford.
It is bigger than this.
On the other side of Weatherbury.
Thank you, sir.
Fire! Fire!
Run! Were set on fire!
Fire! Fire!
The stacks are
Where is the foreman?
Where is Pennyways?
Foreman! Pennyways!
That haystack no!
Save the barn!
If you turn
will miss the hay!
Do you have a tarp?
Bring the canvas!
- We need a ladder!
- Bring the stairs!
We need water!
Do you have water?
Bring water and useful
to beat!
The branches also serve.
Put it straight!
Come on, guys!
Make a chain!
Make a chain!
That's it! Canvas Place
between fire and the haystacks!
Dip it in water!
The more the better!
Up here! Arriba!
Do not worry about me!
On this side! On this side!
And on that side!
Fire! Fire! Jan Coggan!
Smallbury Billy!
Fire! Fire! Fire!
Comes a little late, right?
More water!
More water!
More water! More water!
- Maryann, bring the stranger.
- Yes
The barn is safe, miss.
Need a pastor, Miss?
Need a pastor?
I want a pastor, but ...
It is the right man, mistress!
If the haystacks had been lit,
the barn would be lost.
The pastor was very helpful.
All credit is yours,
Tell him to talk to the foreman.
"You will come home to drink
eating and drinking?
Appreciate it more,
if you ordered it from the brewery
Good night all.
- Good night, boss.
- Thanks.
- Everything went well, pastor.
- Good job tonight!
- We put out the fire, eh?
- All right, pastor.
Yes, now I come.
Who's there?
I'm on the way
Warren to the brewery.
At the foot of the hill.
You know that time is up
Open the Buck's Head Inn?
I do not know where it is.
Why? Are you going there tonight?
Is not Weatherbury?
No. They just hire
as pastor.
Just as a pastor?
Looks more like a farmer.
No. Only pastor.
Please do not tell the people
I have seen.
I do not want people ...
Do not say anything, unless you want.
- Okay?
- I have to go.
Do you need it?
It's just a shilling
is all I have.
Do not tell anyone I have seen.
Did you see how that bastard
of Pennyways,
came at the end
and claimed all the credit?
It is useless!
I do not know because the pattern
appointed him foreman
when other men
more prepared.
You can do whatever he wants.
That girl does not recognize or her own
rear. And that pretty ass!
It is the pastor!
Good job tonight, pastor!
Among! Welcome.
We do not know his name.
- Gabriel Oak, sir.
- A cup for the shepherd!
No, not necessary
serve carafe.
Never protest by
dirt in its pure state.
Take a bite of bread
and bacon, the landlady has told him.
Thanks. So, have you
a patron and not a pattern?
Yes, it is.
How is work for her?
You do not happen are the grandson
Gabriel Oak, the Norcombe?
Yes, I am.
He knew his grandfather!
I well remember Norcombe.
I worked there a few years
with my son Jacob. Right, Jake?
But that was before my grandson
William, won a salary.
Must be a very anxious man
to be about as grown grandchildren.
The grandfather is so old
you can not remember how old he is.
No! Esescocs
is older than him!
The brewer
is a very old person.
Ignore it
this old geezer.
Do parents of Miss Everdene
are you here?
Yes, but they were city folk.
He was not handsome,
but she was a lovely woman.
And she ...
Levi called Everdene. He was a tailor
knights, made a lot of money.
And famous for being in bankruptcy.
He was very normal.
No, no, no! A man
I lost the gold and silver!
Will not last long
cervejeiro teacher.
How is work for her?
We know little about it.
A few days ago it appeared.
Hopefully your temper
as sweet as her face.
Know their whims
and extravagance on the day of payment.
Some will stay
and others will go.
Maybe Fanny is blown
in the fire, miss.
I think it has a
Casterbridge boyfriend!
- Do you know his name, Maryann?
- No, miss.
- Patron.
- What are you doing?
Nothing, ma'am.
Moving sacks.
- It's stealing the barley!
- No, employer ...
How dare you?
Out! Out!
You must return to the hacienda
The landlady is mad!
Fanny Robin has gone!
And the foreman has taken
for stealing the barley!
I knew it!
I knew I was a thief.
The question is:
Who will be the foreman now?
Not you, that's for sure.
Fanny Robin is gone.
Do you know where can she be?
Excuse me, miss.
"There was a young soldier
that was courting?
You're right.
It's what we hear.
Jan Coggan, go to
investigate the villages.
Billy Smallbury, go to Casterbridge.
Try to find out who this man
and if Fanny went to look.
Yes, ma'am.
Come on. All.
Why has it become a pastor?
What happened to your finances?
I lost it.
I was unlucky.
Sorry to hear it.
You better keep
between us we know.
I had no intention of telling
anyone, Bathsheba.
Miss Everdene, from now on.
Good night.
Maryann, for a moment.
That atrevimento call
to the front door!
My God, lady! He is a gentleman.
I can see his hat!
Why Mrs. Coggan
not going to open?
- Maryann, you go.
- Patron, I'm a mess!
Liddy, then sees you.
Oh, for God's sake!
Ah, Mrs. Coggan will open.
Ms. Coggan, I heard the
fire last night. Are you all right?
Yes, sir.
And the haystacks?
We lost the majority,
but could have been worse.
Is the new boss?
I'll tell you here. sir.
Was busy
but someone has knocked on the door.
Mr. Boldwood wants to see
I can not receive in this state.
Tell which is full of
dust and can not lose.
Tell him I can not see him.
That will do, Mrs. Coggan.
Ms. Everdene can not receive,
Is full of dust
and is not presentable,
that's what it says.
Just wanted to ask
if you knew anything about Fanny Robin.
Not yet. But Billy Smallbury
Casterbridge was to get her.
So do not bother more.
Who is Mr. Boldwood?
Um Mr Laird, the
Little Weatherbury ranch.
Why asked Fanny?
- Well, boss, when Fanny ...
- Sorry, Maryann!
I think the landlady me
was asking me!
Fanny lost her family
as a child.
Then Mr. Boldwood the
put in school and to work with his uncle.
- That's very nice.
- Seen this way, yes, Miss
But God help us! A man
a desperate woman!
- Are not you married?
- All young people here have courted.
Mary Stockton was behind
for one year.
The daughter of the planter Ives
spent more than 20 pounds in clothes.
It would have been better
had thrown the money into the river,
because Mr. Boldwood
never noticed.
- I have a penny!
- Where did you get it, Teddy Coggan?
Mr. Boldwood gave it to me.
I opened the door and said:
"The new boss is
an older woman, is not it? "
And I said yes.
Teddy, strip inside!
Excuse me, miss.
Sam ...
Still no news
on Fanny Robin.
We'd better prepararmos
to drain the swamp of Newmill.
Yes, sir.
Adam! George! Come on!
Boys! Vamos!
You never have asked to marry
Miss? Many, I imagine.
A man once asked me.
But it was not appropriate
for me.
What a pleasure to be able to refuse!
Kiss my feet, sir,
My face is important for men.
Do you love her, miss?
No. But I liked it.
And yet you like?
Of course not.
The boys are coming.
May reduce the wages to 8 shillings.
The landowner pays us only 8 Ives.
It could drive us all!
And where would you go?
I've lived my whole life in this town!
Who will be appointed overseer?
That is the question!
It's my turn.
If you say so, Henry.
Is it Fanny?
I think it's the sheep
We Lost Christmas, sir.
Leave it, Sam.
Then start
on that side.
I dare not look at her face
of so shy I am.
Cheer up, Joseph.
Everything will be fine.
- Any news of Fanny?
- No, miss. No one has seen.
Well, let's begin.
Joseph Poorgrass, are you here?
I am Poorgrass, "sir."
Speak up, can not hear you.
What is your work on the farm,
I transport with
the car all year
and at the time of planting,
Rooks Bucket
and sparrows
and helped in the killing of the pig.
And how much do you earn?
Nine nine shillings
pence, sir. I mean, Miss!
Y. ..
takes 10 shillings.
A small gift
since it just arrived.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- It's more than a week's wages!
The new pastor will need
someone to help you.
Who could it be?
Young Cain Ball is a good boy
if the pastor does not Oak
regardless of their youth.
I do not care.
Okay, Cain Ball
orders will be pastor.
Do you know what your
tasks, pastor Oak?
I think so, Miss Everdene.
Temperance and Soberness Miller.
"Both are women?
- Yes, we are here.
- We believe.
What have they been doing?
Plow, sow,
break the hard ground.
Caring for Cows
and pigs
scare the chickens when
go for the new seeds,
shelled wheat
in winter.
Are they satisfactory women?
Miss very deliverables.
You will not find a better pair!
- Sit!
- Me, Miss?
Return to your place!
Well done!
You lost your chance,
To be brief, Miss,
Fanny Robin has run away with the soldiers.
- It's a sensible girl, right?
- Yes, ma'am. A wise girl.
The boy is
11 th Regiment of Dragoons.
Melchester have gone to.
I told her to follow them.
- How do you call that man?
- I have not discovered, miss.
But I think it has more category
a soldier.
Cain Ball, you'd better
not tell the landowner Boldwood.
Yes, mistress.
Now that most of you are present ...
Last night, I surprised the foreman
Pennyways stealing barley from the barn.
I thought about reporting it,
but changed my mind.
And I will not appoint another foreman.
I'm going to manage all by myself.
Still do not know my talent for
agriculture, but I'll do my best.
And if you serve me well,
I will repay in kind.
And lest anyone think that
being a woman,
I do not know the difference between
a good or bad business.
I will arise before
that you wake up.
I'll be on the field before
you will rise.
And I will have breakfast before
that arrive to the field.
I will surprise everyone.
What does she know about agriculture?
We will finish them at the hospice.
The following.
Jan Coggan.
- Good evening, ladies.
- Good evening, sir.
- What girl are you?
- Frank, do not you recognize me?
Fanny! What are you doing here?
You said you had to come.
I said you could.
I'm surprised you found me!
There have been walking
from Weatherbury, right?
Can you get out?
Has already played the trumpet, Fan.
I'm like a prison
until morning.
When will it be, Frank?
Please Frank, do not make me
say what you might say.
No matter. Say it.
"When we get married?
Really, Fanny?
Coming so, so suddenly.
You think I'm an insolent?
Do not think so, Frank!
I love you, and told me
so many times that we would get married y. ..
Do not cry!
If I told you to get married,
we will.
"I will visit tomorrow?
I'm at home of Mrs. Twill,
in North Street.
I like to come to headquarters,
women are indecent.
I'll go tomorrow.
Good night, Fan.
Good night, Frank.
Good night.
Damn! What do you want?
Who the hell is it?
Must be a landowner!
Bring a sack of grain sample.
But where have we come?
Allow women to come here!
What audacity to come here!
An indiscretion, that's what it is!
I'm afraid, miss,
all you can do with it
is give to the pigs.
The most I can offer is ...
30 shillings a quarter pound.
I'm doing you a favor
taking it out of hand.
Then the pigs will
to find another food, right?
This grain is worth 62 shillings
and will not sell for less.
- Who is this woman?
- The niece of Mr. Everdene.
Unable to display tenderness
before men, Fan.
I would throw the barracks.
Come here.
You know that only
I have eyes for you.
- Really?
- There is no other.
When you said that we would get married,
Are you serious?
I know I'm not ...
I just want you
sure what to do.
- If you have a better idea ...
- Do not be silly, Frank.
You know I love you,
with all my heart.
Oh, Fanny, I want to marry you.
What we choose?
Does the church or chapel?
Oh, Frank!
I'm so happy!
- Good morning, Miss Everdene.
- Good morning, Miss Everdene.
Liddy, what can be done
to hang on Sunday?
Have you tried to find out whom he married
using a key and a Bible?
Do not be foolish, Liddy.
Some believe in it!
Take the key
the front door!
It's moving!
- Who were you thinking?
- I will not tell.
Did you notice in Mr. Boldwood,
This morning in church?
His bank is in
opposite of yours, miss.
He was not looking.
Well, what did?
Not even once turned to look at
throughout the mass.
Why should I?
Did not ask.
All others are set on you
They say a woman
rejected as a young man
and why it's so quiet.
People always say that.
Guess is
be reserved
and indifferent to everything.
Yes, ma'am.
Rich and gentlemanly,
"He who cares?
Who is that?
Mr. Boldwood Why?
No. It's for little Teddy Coggan.
I want to give a pleasant surprise.
What type?
"Roses are red, violets blue,
Honey is as sweet as you are. "
That would be fun
send it to the old Boldwood!
How many rounds would give!
- No, do not understand grace.
- I can imagine your face!
He would die of worry!
Let's do lots.
Or Boldwood Teddy!
Ah, no! On Sunday not
can play with money.
We will use the book!
There can be no sin on him.
It is more likely to fall open.
So open is Teddy;
Boldwood is closed.
Done! Alter
the solemnity of a priest.
Letter to Mr. Boldwood.
- Thanks, Joe.
- Sure.
Marry me
Adam, George, go on
preparing the ground of 3 acres.
Sam, finished clearing the fields
for spring grain
and leads a group Durnsey
Hill to start plowing.
Yes, sir.
I think it is for your pastor.
My mistake. It is for the pastor
of Miss Everdene. No.
- No, do not worry. I will take them.
- Come on.
"Mrs. Coggan
has already lit the fire in the kitchen?
Yes, ma'am.
Tell him to burn it,
Will you, Liddy?
Unless you want any girls.
Cree that they can be
manage without a foreman!
I've never seen
anything like it. Never.
Food. We are working
from 4 in the morning.
- I'm starving, maestro.
- Take what you want.
Not hear a single tip!
Good morning everyone. How are their
aching bones, this chilly morning?
No good. I've been up all night
mare with the landlady.
Lose 35 pounds
If the mare dies, Joseph.
They say things
his uncle and dislikes.
We are buying everything new.
Resistant chairs for fat people
for thin and delicate.
- A piano again.
- How?
What will make a planter
with a piano?
If all the money wasted
his uncle, we will affect us.
It is the turn of the head,
the movement of the shoulders,
Is the challenge of
women in general!
Hello, neighbors.
Is there room for two more?
Hey, shepherd!
Sit by the fire.
What happened?
We were talking about
strange behavior of the patron.
And what have you been
saying about her?
These old men were
putting green.
I say, bless her we face.
Would not you like to touch?
Or his lips are red?
Who has been criticizing?
I do not. I only said that it is
a fate worse than.
Not altered, pastor.
We are concerned as workers.
If you lose the farm,
What will become of us?
Has no knowledge
agriculture and has no foreman.
I do not know that defends pastor.
I should have named his foreman.
Is right for the job.
Ms. Everdene entitled
to be his own overseer
and to stay as pastor,
if desired.
- Boldwood.
- Good morning, Mr. Boldwood.
Oak, I'm afraid I opened
unread by the recipient.
I apologize for my error.
Apology accepted, Mr. Boldwood.
- It's Fanny Robin.
- Fanny?
Thank God! Do not know
I knew her.
Actually, no.
I found the night
I arrived and gave him a shilling.
He says he will marry
with a certain Sergeant Troy
the 11 th Regiment of Dragoons.
Oh, Fanny
Foolish girl!
- Why? Do you know that Troy?
- It is in this region.
He says he is a nobleman.
Yes, it is said to be the son
illegitimate one Lord.
It's pretty smart, but
when it comes to women ...
I hope, for the sake of Fanny,
that does what it says.
Mr Oak!
Cain said that two sheep
have produced more twins!
Ah, well. Good boy, Teddy.
Sign. Warm up with
fire and then follow me.
- Have a good day, Mr. Boldwood.
- Oak. Oak.
I wanted to ask ... if by chance
know who wrote this.
Well, I ...
would say of Miss Everdene.
Yes, it's normal to want
know who sent it.
Therein lies the fun, right?
Good afternoon, Mr. Boldwood.
What happens?
The other day I was wandering
by the Miss Field # Everdene.
- "The landlady was there?
- Yes
Are you interested in?
Never has been set at a woman
since I know him.
Well now.
And I know why.
But I can not say.
You better say it, or will put
your head in cow dung.
He sent a card
Valentine's Day!
- What Boldwood?
- No way!
It was just a joke.
Not interested in it.
It's incredible.
Have you been losing the head
Boldwood a Valentine's card?
Continues, Liddy. What else do you know?
Is it going to marry him?
Not want to marry anyone. Is very
busy being his own boss.
It should not with everything he has.
Then it comes up.
All women do.
Except you, Maryann.
Well, not that I did not try.
Can we consider
Miss Everdene ... beautiful?
Very beautiful, indeed, sir.
Attracted much attention when
came here, if you remember.
- This will make you stand out enough.
- It's so nice!
You do not want to take a
cold in the church.
Oh, sorry.
Come here.
I'm so nervous.
Come on, you will be proud of yourself.
You will be a lovely bride.
The Mass was over, Sgt.
- Sergeant Troy?
- Yes
- Are there any witnesses?
- No.
Want to witness a wedding?
And you?
- Was not there a wedding today?
- No.
Go to hell!
Frank! He believed that the Church of All
Santos was the bell.
I arrived there at half past eleven
as you said,
and the priest told me
I was wrong.
I did not worry too much,
I thought why
we could get married tomorrow.
But it was a mistake!
Are we going tomorrow, Frank?
Damn you!
I will not do so fast.
- But, Frank ... When?
- God knows when!
Marry me.
Marry me.
Marry me.
Marry me .... Miss Everdene.
This is not eating, Mr Oak.
What happens?
Seems to want
Will die if you do not eat.
Well have to learn.
Go to the stable and brings
the bottle with a nipple.
Yes, Mr. Oak.
Have to eat.
Let me take a little milk,
to see if you like the taste.
Come on.
He does not like the taste
your finger, Gabriel.
Leave it to try.
Go ahead, Simeon.
Yes, I like the taste of their own.
Come on, mama!
Liddy, "Ms. Everdene at home?
No, sir, no.
No, of course not.
Mr. Boldwood.
Today is in the pasture below.
It would be a right girl
for you, Mark!
And I'm the man
to master.
I am sorry, mistress.
Good morning, Mr. Boldwood.
- Have you been looking?
- Good morning, Mr. Boldwood.
Good morning, Miss Everdene.
Mr. Boldwood.
Miss Everdene!
Good morning.
I feel I have much
on its mind.
My life is not the same
since I looked good on you.
I never saw her husband.
Even when I was young.
But now, seeing her,
I feel that my lifestyle
is bad, in all respects.
I came to make a proposal
marriage, Miss Everdene.
Mr. Boldwood, I ...
I respect him a lot,
but I can not marry you.
But ... Valentine's letter!
It was a joke
should not have sent it.
Do not say it was a joke.
I can not accept.
Mr. Boldwood, I ... I'm sorry.
But you awakened something in me.
I love her.
I want ... let me tell you
I love her, again and again.
Mr Boldwood, no, please!
I can not stand
feel so much ...
when I feel nothing.
I'm too old Cree
and sad
but will change, Ms. Everdene.
You will notice
that we have gone.
Not imagine
I would say those things.
I am a miserable
for making him suffer like that.
So do not tell me
definitely is rejecting me.
Do not love you, Mr. Boldwood.
I tell you that.
But I can go back
talk about this issue?
Can I think of you?
I guess so.
- And hope to conquer?
- No.
No, do not.
Let's go back.
- I'll visit tomorrow.
- No!
- Give me time, Mr. Boldwood.
- Yes
I'll give anyone who wants.
- Now I'm happier.
- No.
Not satisfied.
I need to think.
He's gone.
He said he would not marry
and left.
Did he say where would you go?
I had no money.
So I do not know what he meant.
Cain, go to the meadow below
and bring the horse chestnut.
I turned the crank.
I need to talk to you, Gabriel.
Do workers
have said something
about me being in the forest
with Mr. Boldwood, yesterday?
Ah, yes.
Turn you, Gabriel.
My head is spinning.
No. It holds well.
I'll show.
Tilt the blade so.
Let go of my hand ...
What did they say?
To be married
before the end of the year.
Well, that's nonsense
and I want to contradict them.
- Okay. So Bathsheba ...
- Miss Everdene.
If Mr. Boldwood
has proposed marriage,
I will not lie only
because I tell you.
I just want to say is not true.
I will not marry him.
Well, if it is true,
I think I can say.
May also give my
opinion on their behavior.
I have not asked your opinion.
Only do
what I said.
And what's wrong
in my behavior?
It is unworthy of an honest woman.
Did not like my bluntness, eh?
I have you in such low regard,
will not even consider.
And exactly what I was unworthy?
Maybe not to marry you?
Long ago
I stopped thinking about it.
And to desire it, I guess.
And also if desired.
You have been a senseless.
Bringing hope Mr. Boldwood,
if you're interested, is not well.
He himself who cares,
You should have made known
in a more dignified
to send a stupid letter
Valentine's Day.
How dare you talk like that?
You pay your damn salary.
You'll go.
Abandon the hacienda
When the week is over.
I'm going now, if you prefer.
Go now, then.
I never want to see
Patron, Mrs. Coggan
says that there is no beef
and asked if I could be
Do not bother me
with the damn meat!
- Sheep, patron! Sheep!
- Sheep!
- 60! 70!
- 59!
They have broken the fence!
Entered in a field
of youth clubs, young lady.
It started to swell!
And die nit if not cure.
Idiots! Come to find me
and not go directly to them!
When eating clubs ...
his stomach was swollen.
It is a horrible and painful death.
Cast out from here that
still are well, fast.
Come on, guys.
What I can do?
What I can do?
The sheep are so unfortunate!
Whenever something bad happens.
- There is only one way to save them, miss.
- What?
We have to make a hole in one side
with a special instrument.
Can you do it? "I can do?
If you are wrong by an inch,
puncturing the stomach
and the sheep will die.
Only one man
you know it.
Who? Do it coming!
The pastor Oak.
The Oak pastor no longer works for me.
The landowner Boldwood
know what to do.
No, mistress. He commands
call the pastor Oak.
You need a vacuum tube,
with a sharp punch inside.
- Yeah, right.
- Yes, that is the instrument.
Do not stand idly by
while the sheep are dying!
Go and find someone who can save them!
Vamos! Quick!
Who wants to go
to find, unless you want to Oak?
Do not know. Just do see
you'll find someone.
Do not send for him. No.
Mark Clark!
Bring Oak.
Take the horse. Tell him to come
then, I ask him.
Hunger said that good
no bread, lady.
He says he will not
unless requested to do
correctly, as any
woman who asks a favor.
Where does he get those
damn air?!
Lose the whole flock.
I'll be ruined.
Why does not ask him
more delicately, Miss?
Sure and come.
Gabriel is a gentleman in that regard.
Mark ... come home.
"Do not desert me, Gabriel"
Will you stay here with me, Gabriel?
Where do you go for your license, Troy?
Do women in the city?
Again I Weatherbury,
to help harvest the hay.
"Harvest of hay? It's a job
a little humble, to a nobleman.
What do you know of nobility?
I do it every year.
Then you go for women
in the field.
Give it up, Dobbs,
is a good boy.
"That girl did not leave you
at the altar?
Do not continue to think on it?
- Yes?
- Seeking job, sir.
Are the field, right?
Your turn will be 6 am
to 10 pm.
The salary is
5 shillings a week.
It's not like farm work.
Are you sure that you?
- Yes, sir.
- Okay.
You have to mark it. Can
end up in another farm or not.
Yes, ma'am. Cain!
Blush insult.
Good job, Gabriel.
Well done and quickly.
- Cain Ball?
- Yes, Mr. Oak, I'm here.
Soft like the wings of an angel.
Good morning, Miss Everdene.
Mr. Boldwood.
I do not think you can.
I'm busy here.
You can leave them alone,
do this for years.
I'll see the new flock
Mr. Boldwood Leicester.
My place, Gabriel.
Keep all working.
If that does not mean marriage ...
She will have less to say,
when she marries.
A man put in place.
Do not understand why a young lady
must have a husband,
when you're brave enough
to fight their battles,
and does not need a house.
It eliminates the opportunity for another woman.
Yes, a woman like me.
I do not think you have many
Boldwood possibilities, Maryann.
I thought that no woman would have them.
But I think the kiss
in the woods the other day.
It's a lie!
Not marry him.
Ah, Oak neighbor!
How do you know?
Why do not you turn
to work?
I have reason to believe
I already knew our
patron before, pastor.
I do not think anyone else knows.
Not that I'm sure.
I knew her before,
when I was somebody.
I have not always been who I am today.
Did she do you care?
More than my life, Jan.
She does not like Boldwood.
I know not.
But she has it all, and I ...
I'm just a pastor.
That's the way, Gabriel.
I promised that I would not tell anyone.
I will be a tomb.
Depart from my feet!
Do you think there will be enough meat
for all, Mrs. Coggan?
There will be enough to feed
a regiment, miss.
I do not want to disappoint anyone.
I know how my uncle did these things well.
Do I sit here?
Gabriel, you want to sit
to the other side
and assume the task of that part?
Then, brewmaster,
How old are you?
The pastor would like to know
the story of his life.
May the Lord help us!
We're here to harvest!
Well, not exactly remember
the year I was born,
but I remember all sites
in which I lived.
I was born in Longpuddle
to 11 years
Malta produced for 22 years,
and after 22 years
at harvest.
Then, 3 years Cresscombe,
and here I will make 31 years here
by fista de la Candelaria.
- How old are they?
- 117.
That is the age that I have!
Good afternoon, Miss Everdene.
I apologize for the delay.
Good afternoon, Mr. Boldwood.
Gabriel, do you mind to change you
site and leave it to Mr. Boldwood?
Thanks, Gabriel.
# I lost my love
I did not care
# Soon I'll have another
# To be better than the other.
I wonder who will be doing Fanny.
I was sitting here
Last year at this time.
I wonder if there will be found
his beloved.
And if you have not found,
find one you like.
No, you should be married
If not checked would have gone home, right?
No one knows a man
more, a hunchback,
or some kind of second-hand
I help you?
I hope I do not expect a perfect one
at my age.
If I had my beautiful Jane,
Maryann, I would choose.
What about the old
His Rebecca has been dead many years.
Do not be silly,
need a young man
not an old man.
Is not it true, Maryann?
Come on, Joseph, you
If you are a young respectable
Maryann is looking for a man.
# I have sown,
# I have sown,
# The seed of love.
# And I've planted ...
Cros rude!
Go on, Joseph.
It was very nice.
No, no more song
- And make Everdene Miss!
- Yes, boss!
"You will touch me, if I sing, Gabriel?
# On the banks of Allan Water
# When the Spring came
# The beautiful miller's daughter
# It was the most beautiful of all
# The summer brought the pain
# And a dishonest soldier
# On the banks of Allan Water
# No one was more unhappy than she.
- Very nice.
- Good night all.
I'll stretch my legs.
Come on, guys.
I know I'm too old for you,
but take care better than any
half man younger than me.
The will protect and will love
with all my strength.
Only God knows
what it means to me.
Try to love him, Mr. Boldwood,
but I will not make a promise
I'd rather wait a few weeks.
- But he believes that then ...
- He was saying he was leaving.
I have hopes that
when you return to harvest
I can promise
I'll be your wife.
But remember it
I have not promised.
Enough for me.
I ask nothing more.
Ah, Mark!
Good night.
Excuse me.
We have been engaged.
Let loose.
Sorry, let it go at a time.
No, I can do it alone.
Is trapped.
Allow me.
Thanks for letting me watch
such a beautiful face.
It was against my will.
I like
for resistance.
I have to cut the dress
if you hurry.
Then do it and move on.
- Look at this mess.
- What is worse on purpose!
Not true.
I say yes.
And I will.
I've seen so many women
beautiful in my life
I have not seen
none as beautiful as you.
You can take offense if you like.
I do not care.
Sergeant Troy.
I wish it had been
impossible to undo a knot.
Good night ...
Good night ...
I cut my arm!
You are a stupid guy, Cain Ball!
Go find your mother, Cain.
Is in the field next door.
Mother! Mother!
- Good morning, Sergeant.
- Good morning everyone.
Good morning, Sgt.
- Welcome back, Sgt.
- Beautiful morning! I'm happy to be alive.
We thought we would not
this year.
I heard that his wife was expecting another baby
since the last time I saw you.
My wife's affairs
not your concern, Sgt.
Indeed, Coggan, it's time
that teach you how to tie a knot!
Good morning, Sergeant Troy.
Fanny Robin is not working
in the field this year?
Fled, left behind a soldier.
They say their loved one is in the
Regiment of Dragoons. Did you know?
I know the man as myself.
No other man in the regiment
I like more.
Is it in the same regiment that you?
Who is this woman?
It's the new boss, Ms. Everdene.
Five minutes after arriving here,
dismissed the foreman.
Think you can do it alone.
What is your name
Fanny's lover?
I can not say.
There is a code of honor
among the soldiers, you know?
Miss Everdene!
Good morning!
I did not know it was you
the other night.
I think I was impertinent.
I think so.
What are you doing on my land?
He helped his uncle with
hay preparation since childhood.
I hope you do not mind
to do the same for you.
Not sure.
I see you still mad at me,
because I took the liberty
to call beautiful.
Do not let strangers
they are bold and arrogant.
What retirement.
Is an ordinary woman and mediocre.
What do you think?
Could happen
to me without saying anything.
The pleasure of feeling something is
in being able to express at that time.
Have done the same if it was ugly.
And since when undergoing this afliciccin?
Since I was old enough
to differentiate the deformity of beauty.
- Miss Everdene, do you forgive?
- Do not think so.
I said I was beautiful
and I say again.
The most beautiful woman I've ever seen.
I can not stay here
talking all day.
A trader
horses arrive at ten.
What time is it?
- Do not wear a watch?
- No.
Take mine, is a gift.
I can not accept it!
Do not be silly!
It was my father.
Face it, Miss Everdene.
I want it to stay.
Please come back and get it.
Just know you!
Why would I
the watch of his father?
I have my workers
been followed throughout the field.
Temperance, the young Sergeant
not married, right?
I do not think it is,
Mr. Oak.
At least not behave
as a married man.
Girls ruin decent
that's for sure.
Trying to give his watch.
Yes, and it is not only
trying to give.
Miss Everdene, good morning.
Are you trying to deal
bee you alone?
Do not have one to help?
No, they're all finishing
to collect the hay.
I'll do it for you.
You'd better put the veil and
gloves, but could bite.
Yes, the veil and gloves.
And it will be better than the hat too.
The hat also missing more.
Still warm from your head.
Better than what I put you.
I am not good at these things.
Show some gratitude,
please Miss Everdene.
It is ridiculous!
Hold this swarm with
more than a week ago
exercise with the sword.
You've never seen?
Help me get it off,
I'm suffocating.
Should display.
I do very well.
I have no sword now
but could get one this afternoon.
"Stay with me ...
in Blackridge Hollow?
Well ... Liddy would have to carry me.
I do not see why.
I can not find
to you alone.
Good grief! If just to teach
exercised with a sword.
One would think that I'm
inviting some sort of depravity.
Take care of Miss Everdene.
Okay, Simeon?
If you need help,
tell Sam not to hesitate.
- Yes, sir.
- Return in time for the harvest.
Stand back 60 feet from me ...
and stay quiet.
If you are afraid,
I can not.
I have no fear.
- "The sword is sharp?
- Not at all.
So, are you ready?
Still as a statue.
- It has been ... Amazing!
- Wait!
You have cut your hair.
"As he has done ...
with a sword blade?
Is sharp as a knife,
could cut a man in two.
My life has hung by a thread!
To be exact, his life
hanging by a thread 195 times.
Never fails.
"I can keep it?
We will meet at the foot of
Hill, on Sunday afternoon.
I can not.
This is a horrible job.
Oh, what would a
girl in a white horse!
My life is stagnant
the lack of opportunities.
I guess you have
a myriad suitors.
I was getting married,
with a soldier.
- Are shirking, right?
- No, it was my fault.
It's better this way.
He was a gentleman.
I had always thought
that would hinder him.
You'll find someone else!
There are dozens in every corner
with his tongue out.
- Is this?
- Too big.
What about that?
- Good morning.
- Good morning, sir.
Could you show
some of their rings?
- For you, sir?
- No, no.
For one ... Miss, perhaps?
For his wife.
It will be.
It was the landlady. I was in the
forest with a soldier.
- I was going to kill her with a sword, and then ...
- Teddy! Do not be silly.
Gabriel, are you also walk?
I thought I should go get it,
as the man who should
it is far from home.
Mr. Boldwood.
I do not understand what you mean.
Why should I go to fetch
Mr. Boldwood?
For the wedding, say
to be among you.
What they say is not true.
I did not give any response
Mr. Boldwood final.
But upon his return, I will.
I can not marry him.
I wish I had known
never Sergeant Troy.
It is not good enough
for you.
I came to beg
no more relationship.
Sergeant Troy does not concern us.
What do you know him?
Do you see a honest?
Because I do not think
has too many scruples.
I do not mean it
all bad,
but it is not fully trusted.
I want you out.
Do not want you to stay
on my ranch, I do not want.
Go, eh?
What nonsense!
How to work the farm?
This is the second time
intended to say goodbye.
What's in that?
I am your patron. You'll go.
Bathsheba ...
You know I love you.
And I will love you forever.
I mention it only so you know
you do not wish any harm.
That said, I keep aside.
But I beg you to consider.
If you care about your reputation
as much as me.
Be more discreet with that soldier.
Gabriel, will you let me now?
Not to be ordered as a patron,
I ask a woman.
You have come.
I had no intention of doing so
but ...
Mr. Oak was looking for him.
I found the road.
What Oak is about me?
I do not fear him or anyone else.
- We walk a little.
- Just a moment.
God, you're beautiful!
Bathsheba, I absent
It is only to Bath.
Do not worry.
No, not ...
I have other things
to think about.
- I can not explain.
- Ven.
Show me a smile
before I go.
No, no!
I have not been contained.
And I think you either.
Dear Mr. Boldwood,
now I've had
time to reflect,
y. .. although I am very
flattered his intentions with me,
I feel it
dishonest and unfair ...
He is pointing well above
its possibilities, if you expect to get it.
Simply pretty face
to please.
It is a libertine
or so they say.
Takes advantage Boldwood
is absent.
It would be better to stay with him.
I would like to see Troy
in charge of a farm!
He has two things
and one is under her skirt.
I swear by God that you can put
under my skirt all you want.
Who are you talking about?
We were talking about what
passes between you and Sergeant Troy.
I forbid you to say those things.
You know I do not care.
We know not, lady.
I hate you, is a libertine.
It is not a rake!
What do I care what it is?
Take this to the mail!
This is a change.
Excuse me for having
misunderstood, miss.
I thought he liked Sergeant Troy,
but now I do not.
The people are always
saying such nonsense!
But if someone says
word about it, I will say:
"Of course
a young woman like Ms. Everdene
can not love him.
It is unworthy of it. "
But, Liddy, do not you understand?
I love him dearly.
And Mr. Boldwood?
I have gotten into trouble, Liddy.
I have written to Mr. Boldwood y. ..
I have rejected.
Do not worry, miss.
Will be out until harvest.
Miss Everdene, am I afraid?
Mr. Boldwood, good afternoon.
I remove the middle.
I do not take the middle.
I've never done.
Do not let me believe,
was only hope.
That night, at home ...
Where did all
those kind words?
Is your hope of being
able to love?
Do you really forgotten?
You should not have a heart.
Bathsheba ...
tell me who wrote this
negative only as a joke.
Tell me.
I have no loving nature
you think I have.
You have enough affection,
but is directed to another
and I know who.
Why not let Troy
my treasure alone?
Before his arrival,
you have accepted me.
- Can you deny it?
- No.
No! I had it!
But I stole it during
my absence ... and I took it.
Come, marry him!
Do not talk like that!
I'm just a girl!
Fascinated by the uniform
scarlet and gold braid!
It is unworthy of you to attack
a woman in this way!
I have no one to defend me.
But what has ...
Has the red dandy.
Do you?
Has he kissed?
The kissed!
Holy God has kissed.
I would have given all
by the touch of your hand.
- Then, I will kiss.
- No, no, Mr. Boldwood. Do not do it!
It is a respectable man,
behave as such!
- Damn. Damn!
- Do not curse him. No!
I love him, I can not help it.
Bathsheba, forgive me.
Excuse me.
I have accused you,
when he is a sinner.
He has stolen my heart
with lies y. .. flattery.
It is fortunate that there
returned to his regiment.
do not let it put me in front ...
why could not respond.
Oak Lord! Oak Lord!
He is responsible for the finances!
The boss is gone!
It Cain Ball. Goes with
their best clothes.
He won a day off
for having cut his arm.
It's true. For a broken leg
I read "The Pilgrim's Progress."
My father was dislocated arm
and had time to go to court.
How many times do I have to say
do not run while you eat?
You choke.
I was in Bath ...
and vi ... our patron.
- Yes, so what?
- I was walking.
Drink some cider
will come in handy.
He has risen through the nose!
Leave the guy alone.
It has a horrible cough.
- Somebody give pats on the back.
- Yes
Now tell us what happened.
Come on.
I saw our landlady and a soldier ...
enter into a kind of park.
He put his arm around his waist,
and came increasingly
as a couple.
I think the soldier
Troy was Sgt.
Now, she will lose
his reputation forever.
- It is better than a ...
- Brother, bite your tongue.
They sat down and began
to speak
looked like a serious issue.
The landlady was crying.
Are you sure it was her?
- And then?
- I saw nothing of the patron.
Why cry
if you had no privacy
with that man.
It does not.
I'm sure not.
Wait, before you speak.
It is not ignorant.
It was well-bred,
know how to use sweet words.
It was his impetuosity
that led him to be a soldier.
The ladies prefer a sinner.
Do not beat yourself up for it, Gabriel.
What does it matter who is her lover,
it can not be yours?
Not for me that I fear,
is for her.
He's back!
We were concerned,
did not know what had happened.
Sorry, Liddy.
I had no time to explain.
But I'm back.
Ms. Everdene, Liddy.
You might say ...
My employer can not
welcome, sir.
- Good night.
- Good evening, Sergeant.
"Sergeant Troy?
I am William Boldwood.
I like to talk to you.
About what?
About a woman
which deceived.
I'm surprised his impertinence.
Surprised or not
we need to talk.
Be the fondness
Fanny Robin for you.
Is an orphan. Has no one
to protect it, except me.
- I should marry her.
- I suppose so.
- I would, but I can not.
- Why not?
I'm too poor.
Troy, I propose
a business transaction.
Was engaged to Miss Everdene,
before the occurrence.
- No, they were promised.
- Almost.
- Maybe you had promised to
- To hell with that "maybe"!
If it had not appeared,
sure he would have accepted.
Look, Troy,
should know this ... flirt with her,
Marriage does not make it.
Marry Fanny Robin.
It is most appropriate for you.
I will make him worthwhile.
Oh yeah?
I'll give you 50 pounds tonight.
Fanny receive 50 pounds
to organize the wedding
and 500 pounds the day of the wedding.
Therefore, Sergeant,
collect your luggage
turn around and go to
Weatherbury tonight.
How do you know that I will accept 50 pounds
and then not go to the wedding?
I know I can not
appeal to your honor,
but his cunning.
500 pounds is much
money to waste.
- Frank? Is that you?
- I have to go to meet him.
- No! Go!
- I can not leave without telling!
- Become desperate because of me.
- Well, be brief.
- Frank, you're late.
- Oh, God.
Knew was coming.
How could you doubt it?
Liddy went to his grandfather's house
and also bestowed upon the others.
We have the house to us.
Go upstairs.
I'll be in bed in five minutes.
Do you see my dilemma?
I can not marry the two.
Prefer to marry Fanny,
because I like more.
And of course,
you would make it worthwhile.
- I kill you!
- She did not appreciate it!
Bathsheba Marry ...
waive it.
You must love him a lot.
I thought he was worried
by Fanny.
Marry Bathsheba, Troy!
Do not give up! Le note
500 pounds the day of the wedding.
What will I get something now?
Please ...
I have 20 pounds here.
But I must be sure
he will marry her. Writing.
I'll go look for it and signed it.
She must not know anything!
Come to my house!
I'm waiting!
Wait here.
I'll get a paper.
Did he think the break?
It is a ridiculous, Boldwood.
I'm no angel,
but do not buy or sell to women.
Fanny left me long ago.
I do not know where it is.
Say you love Bathsheba,
but at a shred of evidence
and considered a whore.
Now that I have given a lesson
can keep your money.
I do not want.
I do not want!
I will pay, Troy.
I will pay dearly!
It is the first time I have
a real house.
Belong here.
It's mine.
I've never belongs
I just find refuge
in the army, but ...
And your family?
My mother was French.
Was governess to the children
the Earl of Severn y. ..
Conde noble lover.
They married soon,
when they knew I
was underway.
- What about the clock?
- It was him.
Gave it to me when
came of age.
It was my only legacy.
"CEdit love rebus"
The family motto Severn.
"Love yields to circumstance."
- Did you know the count?
- I never said.
I saw him only once.
Paid for my education.
That is what I am, Bathsheba.
A bastard. For
not belong anywhere.
If you have a child
the clock will be for him.
Know who he is.
- Good morning, comrades.
- Good morning, Sergeant.
He married her, then.
Say good morning.
No need to be honest.
This house is old and dark.
I have intention to reform,
make it more modern.
We have to be happy,
while we can.
Do you know if there is a madman
in the family of Mr. Boldwood?
Once I heard that
His uncle was not
right in the head,
I do not know if it was true.
Well, never mind.
Com I'll be on the field you soon.
Maintain the same familiarity.
Here's half a crown,
to drink to my health.
Not accept any gift from Him.
Cain, tell the Sergeant that
comes a storm.
If you are not covered haystacks,
lose them. Tell him it's important.
Sergeant Troy says it will not rain
and not bothered by this nonsense.
Will you marry me?
Friends, tonight we celebrate
just a good harvest.
It is also the conclusion
a wedding.
I recently had the
take pleasure
this lady, her mistress,
the altar.
We have not had the opportunity
to celebrate our wedding ...
So to celebrate it as it deserves,
and that you can go to sleep happy
I sent for brandy
and pitchers of rum.
Three pitchers for each guest!
No, no, Frank.
Have had enough.
We want no more.
Thank you, Sgt.
Friends, friends! We send
women and creatures to bed
and we celebrate ourselves
as it deserves.
And showing cowardice
and can fetch
work elsewhere.
Is that you, Frank?
It's in the barn!
"I can help?
If you do not mind climbing the stairs
dark, could approach these bundles.
Will we cover everything
before it starts to rain?
Yes, if we hurry.
He promised he would.
You better get off.
I guess I thought when I left
run to Bath that night,
I went to get married
with Sergeant Troy.
At first, yes.
And You should also think
other things.
But it was not so.
I went there to finish it.
But when I went to go ...
I said this morning he had seen
a woman more beautiful than me.
That promise could not be faithful to me,
unless I marry him.
And jealousy and attraction
I married him.
No blame.
There may have been
found another.
Come home.
I will finish it alone.
Thanks, Gabriel.
Thanks a thousand times, for everything.
I forgot
haystacks of this year.
Is a big part of their harvest, sir.
Things I have not done very well
lately, Oak.
Hoped to organize a little
my life, but ...
my plans have gone down.
I'm sure
laughingstock of the district.
Absolutely, sir.
Not for me.
Oak ...
I can not get rid
my miserable his sufferings.
Whatever they say,
the truth is that I left.
I never promised anything.
Indeed, it was nothing.
Everything was more created by
other than by us.
It was nothing.
Have a nice day.
If it had not fallen in the last
obstacle, would have gained 200 pounds.
It is a stupid throw
that way my money, Frank.
Promise me you will not come back tomorrow.
If you make a good day
bring me thinking.
I would rather run 160 Km
in the opposite direction.
You have lost the courage and
cunning you used to have.
Had sabiod as you were,
behind that anger, I never would ...
Please, you know what time
Casterbridge closes hospice?
I do not know.
- Poor!
- Stay where you are.
Go to the top of the hill.
I deal with it.
- You?
- Vamos!
- Frank, are you?
- We looked everywhere.
I thought you were away
here or you were dead.
- Why did not you come to the barracks?
- I could not.
- You were so distant with me in the church.
- Fanny, was angry.
I went to your accommodation, but ...
Not good.
- You have money?
- No.
You can not go to the hospice.
This is all I have.
Damn! They are just pennies.
I left the army, Fan.
Now I have only
what gives me my wife.
I can not give you anything more.
Go there only tonight.
Can you walk?
We'll meet tomorrow
ten in Grey's Bridge.
No, Fanny, do not misunderstand.
At ten o'clock.
- I'll take all the money you can.
- Frank ...
What happens?
Fanny, I'm so sorry!
Now I can not do anything else,
but I will. I promise.
- Do you know?
- No.
- I think so.
- Think what you want.
Can you give me 20 pounds, Bathsheba?
Why racing again?
Do not go, Frank.
- Stay home with me today.
- It's not for racing.
Then what?
I worry with those
mysterious commitments.
And you worry me with
those suspicions.
Do not get too far,
or you'll end up regretting.
I already do.
- What do you regret?
- My love affair comes to an end.
All love stories
end with marriage.
Do I need to laugh
my costs?
And you are silly to my costs.
I think I hate.
Do not hate.
Hate your faults.
Let us end this discussion.
Give me 20 pounds
and be at peace.
If needed, take it.
I guess I will have already gone
when you return from the ranch.
I promised to meet someone.
Not long ago,
would have required many
promises to get away from me.
When I was more valuable
than any other pleasure.
Who are these hairs?
- Yours, of course.
- Liar!
No, I forgot I had them.
- They are blonde!
- Not true!
Do not insult me, the hair
are blond. Who are they?
You're my husband! You should not
save another woman's hair!
- Tell the truth, Frank!
- Do not make a drama!
God help me.
What message do you bring?
One sad, patron.
Most will not see Fanny Robin.
He died at the hospice
of Casterbridge.
Fanny is dead?
Mr. Boldwood sent
car to bring her home.
And the pastor's buried today
at four in the afternoon.
No, no, Fanny
is my responsibility.
You go to the search, Joseph. Use
the new car with red wheels.
Clean it. Put the garden foliage.
Put it nice for her.
I will do my best, Mrs.
How went to the hospice, Joseph?
Was there a long time?
It seems that only since last night, Ms.
They say they came on foot from Melchester,
and that it killed her.
Should have been here.
Why not come home?
What time could have happened
the road to Casterbridge, Joseph?
Yesterday afternoon, I think.
- Yesterday afternoon ...
- Yes, more or less.
You'd better go, Joseph.
See you soon, Joseph.
Come on.
- Liddy?
- Yes, ma'am.
What color was the hair
Golden, Mrs.
He had a blond hair.
People always commented.
It's horrible death in a hospice.
I hope I never
such misfortune occurs.
They said that her lover was
a soldier
The same regiment Mr. Troy.
Soon dark.
- Where is Poorgrass?
- Last hour left.
- What could have happened?
- Maybe you've stopped at Buck's Head.
- Oh, no!
- Not by Fanny died in the car!
Take another, Joseph.
After a drink, a
man has twice the force.
Work smoothly.
Well, thank Providence
I do not stay away from drinking.
Joseph Poorgrass,
If you are a disgrace!
Leave a dead woman
outside in the dark!
- You are a Cuba!
- No, pastor, not true.
The only thing they suffer is ...
Multiple viewing.
That's why you see double.
"Fanny Robin and son"
It is too late and dark to
make a funeral with dignity.
Could lead the body
home, Ms. Troy,
or it could stay in the church
until tomorrow morning.
Is better than
relocate to the church.
No, the church is cold and lonely.
Take her home.
Would be better off in church
would soon be there with flowers and others.
No, it is not polite nor Christian.
Take her home.
What is it, Liddy?
It's a wicked story, Ms.
I know that can not be true.
They say that Fanny died in childbirth.
I can not believe it.
Only written
name of Fanny.
We would have said,
if true, right?
Go to bed.
Oh, Fanny. Wanted as
'd tell me your secret.
What happened?
Who's dead?
- Let!
- No! You stay!
Is your son?
I had a child.
Fanny Robin was my maid!
Do not kiss, Frank. Kiss me!
She means more to me
of what you've been ever!
Or you, or you will be!
And if Satan had not tempted me
your pretty face
would have found
and I would have married her!
Oh, Fanny, forgive me.
Before God, you're my wife.
If she is that ...
"What am I?
Do you?
You're nothing to me.
Madam, I have been looking for
Have you been here
all night?
Is he at home?
It was when they came
to find the coffin.
"They've taken?
Oh, Liddy.
Poor thing! Come.
Getting sick.
Mr. Oak has
come early, Ms.
He came to ask how it was.
"Mr. Troy has returned home?
The children say they have
a nice tombstone of Fanny.
I do not know who paid for it.
Damn you, God!
O Lucifer.
Or whoever you are.
- Seeking to Ms. Troy. Is he here?
- I am Ms. Troy.
Sorry to be bearer
bad news, Madame.
Her husband drowned in Lulwind Cove.
Good to see you out
home, Liddy.
Your boss seems to have improved
after a visit from his aunt.
Yes, sir.
- I guess more lively.
- Yes, animated.
- Terrified, you say?
- No, I said it is more lively.
- Do you consider all your problems?
- Yes, sir.
I've been with him
when you had problems.
With the lack of
Mr. Troy and all that.
And if you remarry ...
I hope to continue at his side.
Do you have promised?
No, I have promised.
It's just a feeling.
Yes, I understand.
When referring to the possibility
to marry again, deduce ...
He did not say never, sir.
Past should not do
so long with the rake, Liddy.
It is better to be short and quick.
Maybe now that returns to its owner
not want to give up their freedom.
He once said that could
remarry within 7 years
if he did not believe that Mr. Troy
return to claim it.
Could marry now
any sensible person,
is what the lawyers say.
- Why? Do consulted?
- By God, no!
Good afternoon.
Thanks for appreciating the
brave challenge!
Thanks! Gentlemen,
Jack continues to be the champion!
I will try.
Well, here we go.
Leave it to me, man.
The Royal London Hippodrome
is pleased to present
Dick Turpin's horse rides to York!
And death
or better ... the tragic death
Black Bess!
- Ms. Troy.
- Mr. Boldwood.
I hope that today has
luck with his sheep.
Yes, a lot.
Gabriel has to do
to an ultimate purchaser.
- What is that?
- The show is about to begin.
They say it's very funny.
I was not allowed to go to these
sites when I was young.
You have to see. I buy
some tickets right away.
No, I can not enter.
I have yet to see a buyer.
But he likened a
you input.
Vamos! Vamos!
For the first time, we have a
crowd out there. Come!
Are you all right, gentlemen?
It is a comfortable place, right?
Are you all right there, ladies?
Is everything all right. Do not worry.
That is our patron.
Stop! Friend or foe?
Stop! Friend or foe?
Stop! Friend or foe?
Open the door, stupid!
Dick Turpin is on the run.
Come on, open!
In God's name,
What do you think you're doing?
I have a creditor out there.
If I speak, I recognize.
- You need to talk. They paid for it.
- I say no.
We still have to do
the rest of the show!
I will not speak.
Not notice the difference.
Joseph Poorgrass, what are you doing there?
You have to take Ms. Troy home.
Flashing women
come get me.
Joseph! I have to do
to a buyer.
Want to lose that attraction?
Multiple vision Viva!
Hope you're not thinking
to tell what you saw, Fray.
Or else you strangle.
Everyone thinks he's dead.
As you can see, I'm not.
How are things at the ranch?
How is my wife?
Gabriel named as foreman.
And Mr. Boldwood
as supervisor.
And it is introducing all
these modern machines.
He says he can do
the work of 20 men.
So doing well.
- Think again?
- Maybe.
If returned,
the first thing I do is remove
Oak and you nombrarte foreman.
A condition that ...
She knows nothing about my current job.
I'm the right man
for you, Sgt.
Ms. Troy, did a day
marry again?
Do not think about those things.
No, of course not.
There never was shown
the death of my husband.
It may not be a widow.
Sometimes I think the first
Once it became Weatherbury.
When I was something for you
before him, but ...
That does not mean anything.
Never liked me.
I liked and respected.
- And still does?
- Yes
You know you can get married
within 6 years
without any proof of his death?
Yes, I know.
If I wait until then
Do you marry me?
But Mr. Boldwood ... Six!
Who knows where we are!
Do you want to marry someone else?
No, of course.
I do not like talking about it.
Of course not.
Just promise me that if he
to get married someday, be with me.
- I ...
- No.
I do not expect love.
I think an agreement between two people
mature. That's what I want.
- I think.
- When?
Christmas. I'll tell you at Christmas.
Bring clothing
black silk Liddy.
He's not going to put that!
Should be a bit more cheerful
for a night.
No, I will dress in black.
People just make assumptions,
if it did.
Prefer not to go.
Mr. Boldwood be angry
if not.
Has not been deprived. Hired
violinists. All the people go!
Knew it would not
so much trouble.
Save the dress
Liddy. No go.
What should I do, Gabriel? Wait
you make a promise tonight.
I think the sin is to marry
with a man who does not love.
Love for me is a disgrace
either by him or by anyone else.
I fear that
if not give you my word
go crazy.
I believe it.
I think the future of that
man is in my hands.
What should I do, Gabriel?
Why not give
its promise, then?
I would.
Is that you, Gabriel?
Do you know the latest fashion?
- No, sir.
- What the hell!
My hands are shaking.
Can you do for me?
Are you coming tonight?
I'll come when you have finished
with barns, sir.
Any woman can
to keep a promise, Gabriel?
It depends.
Or rather, an implied promise.
I can not answer
so it is implied.
That word has more holes
as a sieve.
You've become very cynical.
A woman is able to maintain
a promise of marriage?
You know who I mean.
I pressed the issue and end
I think he has decided to be kind to me.
Do not trust a lot of promise.
Still young.
Gabriel, I have called
other matter.
You did a good job on the farm
and I make my partner.
The other day I spoke with the lawyer,
but we can talk anytime.
- Do not know what to say, sir.
- Do not say anything, yet.
My intention is to retire
and leave you the business
if you feel well.
So when I get married,
be free
- To devote my time ...
- Do not know what will happen.
There can be many unforeseen.
If Bathsheba promises
marry me, he will.
You do not know, Gabriel.
That first time I promised.
- Good night. Please enter.
- Good evening to you too.
Simeon, "that is the chariot
Ms Troy?
No, sir.
Good night all.
Merry Christmas to all.
Good night, Mrs. Troy.
Can I give it?
The promise to marry me
within six years.
I just want his word.
I do not press too hard.
No. .. I will not marry
with anyone else.
But that's a promise!
Excuse me, but sometimes my
love for you is so ...
Bathsheba ... give me something.
All right.
If he does not return,
I will marry you
within six years.
Accept this as
symbol of commitment.
I can not wear a ring.
I do not want anyone to know.
Just for this evening.
Take just tonight.
Mr. Boldwood, no.
I will not ring.
This is not a common commitment.
Bathsheba ...
I expected ... and expected.
Do not reject me now.
Do not.
Liddy! Mark Clark!
Unite to dance!
Tonight is for celebrating!
Ask Ms. Troy.
Who is it?
Is a stranger, ma'am.
Let it go.
To join the party.
Between, among.
Give her something to drink to the stranger.
Bathsheba ...
I came to find you.
Come with me.
Did you hear what I said?
Go with your husband.
Gabriel ... Mr. Boldwood
has shot my husband.
He is accused of the murder
Mr. Francis Troy.
How do you plead?
I shot him.
He deserved it.
Came the news.
Be hanged.
Oh, Gabriel!
What should I do?
How will I live?
Mr. Boldwood, I can not
be silent.
He led!
Everyone knows!
Should let me appeal
for extenuating circumstances.
It was his wife.
So, I hang.
Do so.
Do what you want.
Not go to Court and
I suggest you do the same.
I would disturb that we were
watching, like a spectacle.
Exactly, Jan. Insurance
Is it that I fear.
"Today will go down?
Not yesterday or before yesterday.
It'll go crazy if you do not release.
I thought we should teach
this, Mr. Oak.
Has kept
always locked.
There must be fifty ...
All labeled
for in six years.
"" Bathsheba Boldwood?
I think, My Lord,
your mind is unstable.
Let their crops were lost.
Haystacks left unfilled.
- All his property was unattended.
- Thanks, Mr. Oak.
And then there is the matter
dresses, My Honor ...
purchased in secret
in different cities,
chosen carefully
and labeled for
a date here six years,
and the name of a woman.
A woman who, at that time
was married to another man.
In my opinion, has not
of sound mind.
I guess they told the verdict.
Miss Everdene!
Is in prison.
By the will of 'His Majesty'.
Do not hang.
Oh, Gabriel. Thank God!
Thank God!
We should not accept it,
any of us.
Expected to happen,
sooner or later.
Soon no
need anyone.
Wait control
Boldwood hacienda.
How? It is not relative.
Boldwood has been named partner.
That's not fair!
That's not legal!
- What do you know about law?
- More than you.
Your head is damaged
by age and senility,
just say nonsense.
I think he's waiting
to get it.
No, she did not return
Not after everything that happened.
We'll see.
That man is so constant and faithful.
Nothing has taken his devotion.
Show him more respect.
She gives you the bread you eat.
- Thanks.
- Thanks.
How long have you been there?
Few minutes.
Have you finished as wanted?
October 1859
- Yes
- It's only been eight months?
It seems to me a lifetime.
Will you go?
Should. I am part
the choir, do not you know?
- No, I did not.
- For some time now.
Ms. Troy, I ... wanted to talk to you.
I'll have to leave
managing your finances.
I'm thinking
to leave England.
I think it would be best.
America is what I have in mind.
What will I do without you?
If that's what you decided.
Goodbye, Gabriel.
Good luck.
We try in London, Miss
Do we leave the land where you
worked all your life?
Things are changing
We would be
a bit more free.
With all due respect,
want to be able
make us a place in the world
without serving anyone.
Well, good luck to them.
Sorry to lose you, Mark.
Everybody leaves, Liddy.
Mark and Soberness,
Mr. Oak ...
It is typical of Mr. Oak ...
He does not want to think badly of him.
What do you mean?
Well, Miss ... people talk.
- Do you bring a chair or something?
- No. I ...
Gabriel, why did you go?
I'm going to America
as I said.
Do not go.
I can not stay here.
People think I'm
here waiting for
Boldwood's estate
hoping ...
I married you.
It's absurd. It's too soon!
Well, not ...
not what I want.
You're the last person
I would think to marry.
It is absurd, as you say.
"Too soon."
These are the words I used.
Sorry, but said "absurd"
and me too.
I can not do without you.
So, do you want me
as is his manager?
No, that's not what I meant.
If you only knew one thing ...
If you only knew ...
allow me someday ...
and marry you.
If you only knew that ...
But you'll never know.
Why have you never asked me.
Well, Gabriel ...
Seem to have come to cotejarte.
What horror!
And that just, well ...
I've danced to your song
for too long.
Miss Everdene ...
Will you marry me?
Come to eat and to drink
with my wife and me!
If you send something
the brewery Warren
be better for us.
This man has learned to say
"My wife" in a very natural,
considering the short time
who have been married.
Thanks! Thank you!
God bless you, mistress!