Far Haven (2023) Movie Script

Ready your rifle!
"Though I walk through
the valley
of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil
for thou art with me.
Thy rod and thy staff
they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table
before me
in the presence of
mine enemies.
Thou anointest my head
with oil,
my cup
runneth over.
Surely goodness and mercy
shall follow me,
all the days of my life
and I will dwell in
the house of the Lord
This place gives me
a bad feeling.
Nothin' here.
No! No, no, no!
Good work, boys.
Mount up!
Move out!
Good work, darlin.
It's beautiful.
Where in the Sam Hill are they?
Your spectacles aren't
in your pocket.
They're on the kitchen table.
Same as yesterday morning.
And the day before.
And the day before...
I honestly don't know
what I'd do without you.
You'd be just fine, I'm sure.
Not hardly.
Why would someone
be walkin' here?
I'll let you know.
Who is it, Grandma?
What's going on?
You got a lot of nerve
showin' up here
How are Luke and Adele?
They're doing well,
Who's Grandpa
talking to?
They're my children
I have a right.
Rights are earned
not given.
They're our blood too.
No need to concern
yourself, Luke.
Come on.
You got chores to do.
Come on, Adele.
Let's go inside.
Judge a man
by his character.
His word!
And right now, yours
is in considerable doubt.
I paid my debt.
Well, not to me.
And not to those
I just want to
be a part of their lives.
We both know Elizabeth would
have wanted that too.
All right.
You'll find a place
in town.
Meet me tomorrow
at the Mercantile.
Noon. Sharp.
And don't come back
until I can tell
those kids you got
some kind of a roof
over your head,
because you ain't
stayin' here.
I understand.
I'll talk to Alma
about this.
And we'll take it
from there.
Far Haven's grown,
You'll be best to
keep to yourself,
mind your own business.
Find a place.
Stay out of trouble.
Watch the rock,
Mind your
Ps and Qs, Deputy.
These are Mr. Masse's men,
all right.
This here is Slim Ellis.
These men were butchered.
Whoever done this is
gonna pay for it.
Find any boots or
jacket around here?
Saddle bags
are gone too.
This is the fourth
raid this month.
Stagecoach robberies
I can understand but
killing innocent men over
clothes and what doesn't
amount to more
than a few more dollars,
doesn't make sense.
Message being sent.
These savages don't care
who Ambrose Masse is.
They kill 'cause
it's their nature.
That's it.
You get these bodies slung up.
A reckoning's coming.
I will
do a new thing.
Now, it shall spring forth
shall we not know it?
I will even make a way
in the wilderness,
like rivers
in the desert."
Good morning.
Saw your advertisement
out front about a room?
Oh yes we-
Hello, Chester.
It's been a while.
It has.
I wanted to
inquire about the room.
No longer available.
The note out front
Doesn't matter.
We aren't renting
the room
at this very moment.
Try the Saguaro
across the way.
They cater to all types.
Have a nice day.
Tell me when the sheriff
arrives back in town.
Kids are gonna
find out soon enough.
Tomorrow morning
I want to go
with you when you
meet him.
Sometimes us womenfolk
have a better way
of getting the finer
points across.
Fair enough.
you have everything
you need?
Everything I need to
mend fences
and brand the cattle.
I'm talking about
you, Ben.
Not the cows.
I'm fine, sweetheart.
I love you.
Riders, Ben.
Now what?
Luke? Adele?
Stay on the porch.
Mr. Masse.
What can I do for ya?
Well, I just come by
to see if you've given
any more thought
to that offer I made you.
For protection.
Heard some of your men
were hit last night.
Yeah well, bad news
travels fast.
Whoever did this has
no idea
who they're dealing with,
I assure you.
But they're about
to find out.
Well, we've seen hardship
come and go
in these parts for
twenty-some years now.
Always been able to
fend for ourselves.
Yeah, I understand.
But uh...
you bein' out here,
outside of town,
on your own ranch here,
well um...
makes you quite vulnerable.
Like Mr. Watkins said,
we can fend for ourselves.
These robberies
are becoming commonplace.
We all got to stick
Well, stickin' together
is one thing.
But askin' me to pay
for protection?
That's another.
You have it
your way, then.
But I just hope that
this trouble
doesn't make its way
out here.
Well you uh- you backed
Sheriff King
in the election.
Surely he and his men
will do their jobs.
What I'd like to know,
is what are you doin'
to stop it?
Besides standin' by while
Mr. Masse fattens his wallet.
Think how you like,
But it's hard to
protect everyone all at once.
Ben, you can't do
that either.
We would if we could
but men in our position
shouldn't be too proud to
accept help
when help is needed.
Now, Mr. Masse here,
his offer is a fine one.
One you might well consider.
That's right.
Ambrose has gone
from land baron to thug.
Thank you.
Okay gentlemen,
place your bets.
Place your bets.
Watch yourself.
Pardon me, gentlemen.
What can I do you for?
I'll be needing a room.
We have several.
How many nights?
A week, give or take.
- All right.
- Excuse me.
Ten dollars?
Pay up front.
That might be a problem.
Well, I'm sorry.
Hunter Braddock.
- Butch Broussard.
No offense.
Just policy.
The rest of our
establishment is open to you.
You're welcome to drink
and dine here,
as you like, Mr. Braddock.
This is my wife,
Pleasure to meet
you, ma'am.
Much obliged.
You got anything for me,
Let me go, Deputy.
You all right, miss?
I don't see how
this is any
of your business,
Why don't you let
her go, Deputy?
I know you from
somewhere, partner?
I don't know,
do ya?
I'm good with faces.
I'll remember
soon enough.
Well, well, well.
Hunter Braddock.
As I live and breathe.
They didn't tell me
you were gettin' out early.
I served my time.
Two years doesn't seem
long enough for treason.
You head over to
These raiders may have
hit their herd too.
It's on the house,
Today I
got bigger
things to deal with.
I'd step carefully
if I was you,
Stay safe, Sheriff.
Ben! Let's check
the wagon over there.
Hope we get some rain soon.
That'd be good.
You know, those fences
sure held up nicely.
Yeah well, that's
what happens
when you do it right
the first time.
They got us pinned.
What should we do?
I'll try to distract 'em.
You get to your horse.
- I'm not gonna
leave you here, Ben.
There isn't time.
Do what I say now.
They're gonna go after
the ranch next.
You have to warn them.
All right?
Come on!
Come on out, you cowards!
Come and get me!
Ready your rifle!
- No!
- Fire!
"'For I know the thoughts
that I think towards you,'
sayeth the Lord.
'Thoughts of peace
and not of evil,
to give you an
expected end.'"
You looking for a
And some work.
If you have it.
Where you been
Just got out of
Yuma prison
lost couple years.
I know that prison...
from a long time ago.
Abraham Chavez.
Hunter Braddock.
- Good to meet you.
- Slow down.
Easy. Got to lead him.
I'm a pretty good hand
at breaking horses.
That horse, you know,
he wasn't meant
to be broke.
Been trying for three weeks.
Mind if I give it a shot?
He almost killed
my best man.
I'll take my chances.
That you will, Mr. Braddock.
Whoa boy.
Oh... boy.
I trust her.
Hey now.
Let's try again.
Good boy.
Let's go.
Good boy.
Good boy.
I can earn my keep.
Got a place to stay?
- Not yet.
- I got
a couple
extra blankets.
You can clean the stalls,
help out breaking.
You can stay right here.
That'd be fine.
So now we gotta
think about that stallion.
You want to buy him?
It'll be a while.
Well, for now,
I will loan him to you.
He won't let nobody else
ride him anyways.
Least not 'til he's
full broke.
Then that horse will
fetch a fine price.
We got us a deal?
Well, as I live
and breathe.
How you doin' Clay?
Come here.
It is so good
to see you.
Heard you- weren't due out
for a couple of
Talked to Ben yesterday.
He told me to come
in town.
Talk things through.
He didn't show up.
Is he around?
You better come with me.
Miss Watkins?
Clay, would you look after Ben
for a few minutes?
Yes, ma'am.
What happened to Ben?
Not yet.
First you need to
convince me
why you deserve
to even be here.
Ben told me to
find a place
in town and I did.
That's not what I'm
talking about.
I'm not the man
that you think I am.
What happened
in my past...
the choices I made...
Elizabeth asked me
not to tell you
for fear that
you and Ben
wouldn't understand
who he is and
how he thinks.
Ben served in
the 2nd Cavalry.
Ash Hollow, under
Brigadier General Harney in '55.
Devil's River under
Lieutenant Hood in '57.
War is merciless.
Ben did his duty.
He never regarded
a man otherwise.
I know.
Country above all.
God above all else.
And family.
If you had trusted
us more, maybe
you would have
learned that.
Ben loved you
like a son.
Alma, I can't
change the past.
You are a stubborn
man, Hunter Braddock.
Well, you're no
stranger to stubborn men.
What happened Alma?
Dire times.
Clay says that they
were finishing up
on the new fencing
when all of a sudden,
they were fighting
for their lives.
Bullets and arrows
coming every which way.
And Ben got hit.
He's alive...
but he hasn't opened
his eyes yet.
- Clay see who did it?
- No.
Some of Ambrose Masse's
men got hit a few days ago.
Maybe it has
something to do with that.
I don't know.
Ben and I know that
you're gonna want
to be coming out
here to see the children.
But there are conditions.
These kids have
gone through a lot.
And I will not have
you coming back
into their lives just
to be taken away again.
You have to stay
out of trouble.
I'm going to the schoolhouse
to pick up Luke and Adele.
Clay can stay here
with Ben.
Might be best that
you go with me.
We can ease into
this together.
Thank you.
If there's time...
there's something
I'd like to do first.
Miss Watkins!
Mr. Broussard.
Mr. Braddock!
Good to see you again.
Nice work today,
Have a good day.
You're in an awful
big hurry, Dakota.
Pa's been teaching me
to drive our wagon after school.
How fun.
Good day, Mrs. Watkins.
Always right on time,
just like a Swiss watch.
Hey, girl.
I missed you so much.
I missed you too, Daddy.
Why is he here?
Hey, Luke.
Missed you buddy.
Grandma and Grandpa didn't
say anything
about you coming home.
I'm here now.
Missed you, buddy.
Miss Rayne!
This is Hunter Braddock,
Luke and Adele's father.
Hunter, this is Lilly Rayne,
our new school teacher.
Mr. Braddock.
Nice to officially
meet you.
good to see you,
Miss Rayne.
Nice to meet you.
it's a pleasure.
Enjoy those books.
You take good care of them.
Thank you, ma'am.
Good day, Mrs. Watkins.
Mr. Braddock.
Your daddy's gonna be
helping out some at the ranch.
Is that true?
I expect it is.
Wait up!
Don Jackson found him
hiding out near a
watering hole on his ranch.
Caught him stealing
a couple chickens.
What happened
to his face?
Jackson's men mighta
roughed him up a little
before I got there.
Well, you tell Jackson
that's not how
we do things around here.
You got a name?
You got some explaining
to do.
Like where you
got them boots.
That jacket.
Do you know who bushwhacked
Slim Ellis?
And the others?
Was you there?
You was, wasn't you?
What's he saying?
How should I know?
Lock him up until
we get to the bottom of this.
Let's go.
Can you take me to
where you and Ben
were attacked?
Yes, sir.
We were riding the range
and we dropped our wagon.
We came back and settled in.
Did you get a good
look at them?
I wish.
We were over here
by the fire pit.
Got the drop on us.
Came at us from
right there and-
over there.
Are you sure they
were Natives?
Near as I could tell.
They were hootin'
and hollerin'.
Ben and I just got
glimpses really.
I have some information
that may
benefit your investigation.
My investigation.
Clay Cassidy and I
rode out to the site
where he and Ben
were attacked.
- Is that so?
- Believe there's more
going on here than we're
being led to believe.
Well, I'm led
to believe that
Slim Ellis and his men
were killed with arrows.
That's Apache.
You still have the arrows?
Oh, that's right.
You worked with Indian Affairs
when you was with
the cavalry.
Playing both ends
against the middle.
Well, the fact is...
me and my men have everything
under control.
Just this morning, we
apprehended a suspect.
A straggler from the raids.
And all signs point
to Apache.
Do you speak Apache?
if you want to keep
actin' like
you're wearing a uniform,
you shouldn't have
took off the one you had on.
Am I clear?
One more thing.
When you see Ben and Alma,
you tell them that
the next time
Mr. Masse offers protection,
they might want to
take him up on it.
They got protection now,
From who?
You're looking at it.
He hasn't moved at all.
Is Grandpa gonna be okay?
We're praying so.
Is he gonna die?
Not if I have anything
to say about it.
But the good Lord doesn't
always give us a say.
He has His plan.
Even if we don't like
what the plan is?
You know all those
books you like to read?
Yes, ma'am.
Well... when you
start to read a book,
you don't know how
it's gonna
turn out do you?
No, ma'am.
But the author of the book
knew how the story
was gonna end
before he wrote
the story.
That's kind of how
the Almighty works.
He's written a story
for us all.
And only He knows
the ending.
So, let's just do our part,
and just see what happens, huh?
Oh, dear Lord.
We thank You for Your
and your mercies to our family
through the years.
You can do all things,
Touch Ben with your
healing hand.
We need him.
In Jesus' name.
ready your rifle!
- No!
Don't look
at that.
I can leave.
Go someplace-
ABRAHAM: No, no, no.
The man who put that
is describing himself.
You just keep your
head about you.
And remember...
things always get a little
more bad
before they get better.
I don't know why.
But that's the truth.
Can you do me a favor?
Of course.
I need four bags of grain
from the Mercantile.
And while you're in town,
would you
pick up the
children from school?
You two have been quiet
the whole ride home.
One of you want to
tell me what happened?
It wasn't Luke's fault.
The older boys were
picking on him.
They said you were-
a coward and a traitor.
Doesn't matter.
Fighting never solves
Neither does running away.
That's what a coward does.
If standing up
for what I believe in
makes me a coward,
then so be it.
I hate you!
I hate you!
I wish- I wish it was you that
died instead of mama.
He doesn't mean it,
what he said. He was defending
you at school.
Would you do it again?
Stand up for what
you believe in?
I expect I would.
Then you made the right
You don't only
look like your mama.
You have her spirit as well.
Come on, we'll take care
of the horses.
Miss Rayne.
Mr. Braddock.
I found these outside
the schoolhouse.
Luke may have
dropped them,
after the fight today.
These yours?
They are.
Sounds like Luke needs
to take better care
of other people's property.
- Oh, it's all right.
I didn't come out here
to scold him.
Why did you come
out here?
When my students
show an interest
in any subject,
I like to encourage that.
Your children are
avid learners, Mr. Braddock.
A special gift.
I wanted to make sure
they were okay.
They're okay.
Life has a way of
destroying things
that are sweet
and kind.
It would be a shame
for that to happen to Luke.
We need more kindness
in this world.
That we do.
would you like to stay
for dinner tonight?
I'm sure the kids
would love it.
I'd love to.
But I'm heading
out of town tomorrow
and I have yet to pack.
It's a pleasure to
see you today, Miss Rayne.
It's a pleasure to
see you too, Mr. Braddock.
Appreciate you lettin'
us ride along with you Reid.
Dakota here wanted to
watch the best.
Hey, we'll just tag along
for a bit.
Hi, Miss Rayne.
- You gettin' some practice in.
Yes, ma'am. We're gonna
the stage partway to Tombstone.
Where you headin' Miss Rayne?
A long overdue trip
to see my mother and father.
Might be a long trip.
Okay, now don't forget-
Hey, you!
Yeah, you.
I remember you now.
You got arrested for
turning your back on the Army.
Ran off... instead of
his fellow soldiers
fight savages.
A toast!
To not bein' yellow.
Ah... what you got here,
Stop it!
Let me go.
That's enough.
We don't want any
trouble, Deputy Fisher.
You're drunk.
Please, just leave.
I decide what I do
and when I do it.
It's okay, darlin'.
Thank you, Mr. Braddock.
I said that's enough.
Let's see what you got,
you old fossil.
just assaulted
my deputy, mister.
It wasn't his fault.
Deputy Fisher started things.
Braddock here was just
trying to help.
You shut your mouth.
Quiet, Fisher.
Is that true?
He put his hands
on the lady.
Get out of my sight.
I'll deal with you
Well, in that case,
I'd like to apologize
Deputy Fisher's behavior.
But that doesn't give you
the right
to strike one of my
Deputy Longley...
we're sending this man
back to prison.
You can't do this,
That man is innocent.
Handle it.
All right, honey.
That's enough for today.
We're gonna head back!
Just a little while
longer, pa?
Oh... well...
your ma will be
waiting on us.
We should head back.
Gonna have supper ready.
All right, tell
you what, take the reins,
5 more minutes
on your own and that's it.
Remember what we
talked about, right?
The wagon is steered
by the front wheels,
which are connected
to each other
by a single axle.
The front and rear axles
are connected
on a platform of
one or more boards.
The front axle is
connected on
a pivoting joint
at its midpoint.
That's my girl.
You think someday I
could be a stagecoach driver?
I think someday,
you can be
whatever you put
your mind to.
- Hey, look out! Ambush!
- Ambush!
I don't want to leave you!
Dakota, go!
They're coming back.
I said Go!
Dakota, go!
Look to your right!
Another one!
Butch said they'd
be back in two hours.
It's been four.
You know how he is.
Maybe they- figured it'd be
better for Miss Rayne
if they followed
the stage all the way
to Tombstone.
Still doesn't feel right.
Take this money.
At first light,
go see Mr. Masse.
Tell him what happened
with Mr. Braddock.
Yes, ma'am.
Come on, Butch.
Ready your rifle!
This is not a war party!
There are women
and children!
You can't do this!
This is evil.
I won't be a part
of this.
You walk away,
the consequences
will be severe.
Look out.
Someone's coming.
I'll go check it out.
Luke, stay here.
By decree of the
War Department...
Adjutant General R.C. Drum,
you are hereby under arrest for
the willful abandonment
of military service
by a soldier
duly enlisted
in the 5th
U.S. Calvary Regiment.
Arrest this man!
Brand him!
My name is Chaska.
You speak English.
You're not Apache.
Your words tell me
you're a Choctaw.
How did you get so
far from your tribe?
When they pushed
my people to Oklahoma
I continued west.
They accuse you of killing
three men.
I killed no one.
Of the horses?
Yeah, they were shoed.
My people do not
do this.
Did you get a good
look at the men?
One man had long hair.
He had conchos on his boots.
From where I was,
it was all I could see.
Black Jack.
Fifth regiment.
Salt River Canyon.
You deserted during a battle
of a group of natives.
Why would you do that?
They murdered women
and children.
They were innocent...
like this man here.
He's not even Apache.
He's Choctaw.
He was there when
those men were killed.
No Doubt.
Wearing the dead
man's clothes.
That's because
he was cold.
You're a lying, thieving,
Prove it.
Convict and a savage.
Acting like a Pinkerton.
Isn't that rich?
Ah, Longley,
get back here.
That's enough.
Black Jack.
Right here, ma'am.
Mr. Masse...
Go ahead, Miss Emma.
All right, ma'am.
- What's that?
- Payment.
For Mr. Braddock's release.
You got a problem
with that, sir?
He assaulted
one of my men.
And he disrespects the law.
Doesn't the law say that
he can pay a fine?
He disrespected me.
I'll tell you what's
disrespectful, sir...
It's your men running roughshod
around this town.
Time for you to
tighten your leash.
I also expect you to do what's
right by Mr. Braddock here.
Now there's more than
enough, you'll see,
in that little pile of money
just for you.
Unless you have
a problem with that.
In addition I expect you
to drop all charges
against Mr. Braddock.
Says who?
Says me.
Will you folks all
excuse us, please?
Go on, Longley.
- After you.
- Thank you.
Thank you, Mr. Longley.
I talked to the people
at the hotel.
Fisher was out of line.
Putting his hands
on Miss Emma again.
Braddock's a convict.
He has paid his dues.
He has served his time.
Now I am getting tired
of all this
bad behavior by your men.
Fire Fisher.
- What?
- Fisher is a liability.
C'mon, Masse.
Now, I helped and backed you
to get this position as Sheriff.
I can just as easily
get you replaced.
You're busted.
Maybe it's time for you
to play a new game...
You're late.
- I'm sorry.
- Were you in trouble?
It won't happen again.
I expect not.
Adele stayed in town
last night to help
out Mrs. Granger
with her youngins
while Doc Granger
was out on a call.
I need you to head into town
and pick her up at the Saguaro.
I also have a few things
I need at the mercantile.
You can take Luke.
It'll do him good.
I'm gonna do right by you
and your sister, Luke.
You have my word.
Grandpa says a man's
word is only
as good as
the man giving it.
I expect he's
right about that.
Don't tell him
I said that, though.
Anything else?
No, that's it.
You about ready, son?
What are you
lookin' at?
Which one?
Mark Twain, that's
a fine book you got
there, Luke.
They say Twain wrote it
with a typewriter.
Yes, indeed.
You want it?
You mean it?
Yeah, son.
Thank you.
And one book,
please, Chester.
Keep reading, Luke.
It'll keep you out of trouble.
Oh no, the stagecoach.
Let's find
your sister
and see what's going on.
You need to listen
to me, Sheriff.
Butch and Dakota have been
gone since yesterday afternoon.
They were riding with the stage-
CHESTER: Sheriff!
The stagecoach that
left yesterday...
never made it
to Tombstone.
Let me see that.
I don't understand.
Dad, what's going on?
You two stay here.
Ben Watkins
is lying in a coma because
of these savages.
And now the stage is missing.
I'm aware of what
happened to Ben Watkins
and I hate to see it.
But I warned him.
Mr. Masse offered protection,
- but Ben was too proud.
- Not everyone
can afford protection!
And the raids keep
getting closer
and closer.
What are we gonna do when
they come riding
through town?
You think you can fire me
and get away with it?
You don't want
to do this, Fisher.
Don't I though?
I ain't done nothin'
accept follow your lead.
Now you ain't got no loyalty
to those who had your back.
Put the gun down.
Someone might
get hurt.
You just walk away and we'll
forget the whole thing.
I don't work for you
anymore, remember?
Like you always say...
Getting even's just
a part of justice.
Not today, Fisher.
Get up, piece of trash,
get movin'.
Braddock, why do
you keep meddling?
They got pa!
- They got pa, they got him.
- Dakota!
They shot Pa;
he's out there all alone, Ma.
You gotta find him,
you got to.
Calm down,
Dakota, calm down.
It's all right,
it's all right.
Take a deep breath.
Talk slowly.
I can't say for sure...
Pa and I were just riding.
I didn't get a good look,
but it was natives.
How many did you see?
I -- I don't know.
Pa got shot in the leg.
He tried to steer the wagon
but he got thrown out.
He was bleeding bad.
What about Miss Rayne
and the stagecoach?
The stage took off in
a different direction.
Pa was yelling for me
to get back to town.
How far out were you?
I got real lost
and turned around
so I'm not sure.
Past Vista Ridge,
I think.
It's all my fault.
I'll tell you whose
fault it is!
And that murderer Sheriff King
has behind bars!
He's part of it!
- I say we all string him up!
- Yeah!
Hang him, hang
him, hang him, hang him!
Everyone stop!
I said stop!
- This doesn't concern you!
- This man is a traitor.
A coward!
Call me what you want.
But that man deserves
a fair trial.
What more do you
need to know?
- He's guilty!
- And we...
want justice!
- Hang him!
You're either with us
or against us!
Hang him, hang him...
Braddock's right.
Y'all go home.
What are you
gonna do, Sheriff?
These attacks keep getting
closer to town.
We're all in danger!
savage is to blame!
If you turn this
crowd into a mob...
I'll shoot you on sight.
Judge is on his way.
He'll sort this out.
I expect you'll organize a
and see to it that Butch and
Miss Rayne will be brought home
I expect so.
You better.
Come on.
Now get on out of
Go on.
Get moving!
I'll meet you back
at the wagon.
When are you leaving?
For what?
Search party.
You just gave
your word.
The judge will be here
before long and
your Native friend will be
in a noose before sunrise.
That man is innocent.
We'll see.
What about Miss Rayne
and the stagecoach?
I don't know how many times
I have to tell you this.
If they had paid for
Mr. Masse's protection
they wouldn't have to rely
on me and my deputies.
Which thanks to you
I'm down to one.
Chester's right.
This town's in danger.
I don't see how I could
jeopardize leaving
the town unprotected
to go out and find
two people who are
most likely
dead already.
You're afraid
to go out there.
You watch yourself, Braddock.
I suggest...
you take your kids,
go back home...
look after Ben.
Outside of town...
that's probably
the safest place for you.
All right.
I'll go find them myself.
It takes a brave, young
man to stand up there
with me the way you did.
I'm real proud
of you today.
Doc says Ben's
holding steady.
I don't know that there's much
more we can do at the moment.
What's wrong?
Stage never made
it to Tombstone.
Butch Broussard and Miss Rayne
are missing.
I have to go find them.
I'm coming, too.
You sure?
I've already been
through one ambush.
What's another?
Did you keep
my things?
Out back.
I wish you'd reconsider.
What are you gonna prove
by going out there
and getting yourself killed?
I've never been one
to stand around
and watch innocent
people die.
I'm not about to start now.
Well you better come
back to these kids, Hunter.
What are you doing with
grandpa's rifle?
- I'm going, too.
- No, no.
You get that notion
out of your head right now
young man.
I nearly lost your grandpa.
There's not a chance in
the world I'm losing you.
But I'm a man now.
Dad said so.
He's right.
That's why I need you
to stay here.
With Clay and me gone there's
nobody to look after
your grandparents
and your sister.
I need someone here
I can trust.
I know you'll do whatever it
takes to keep everybody safe.
Yes sir.
Are you gonna go get
Miss Rayne?
You have feelings
for her, daddy?
Alma Watkins.
Heard you were
going out.
Figured you could
use some help.
There's no telling what
might happen out there.
I can't speak to your safety.
Sounds about right.
I served in the 1st California
Calvary Battalion, Mr. Baddock,
under Major Salvador Vallejo.
For you sir, I am ready
to serve again.
Let's ride.
Do you think we're
being watched?
Keep your eyes open.
Safe's been
blown open.
Money's gone.
There was
a serious tussle.
Maybe five
One woman.
Miss Lilly.
They took off
in that direction.
There were more on horseback.
Judging by the tracks I'd say
maybe 10-15 of them.
Shoed horses.
Just like the attack
on you and Ben.
Natives don't fletch
the feathers
on their arrows this way.
They didn't make these.
Someone's going through
a lot of trouble
to make us think otherwise.
Please... help...
Help, please.
- Mr. Broussard?
Where is Dakota?
She's all right,
she's all right.
She made it back
to town.
Thank God.
Miss Rayne and Reid...
Reid and the coachman are dead.
Seems whoever did this
made off with Miss Rayne.
Are you
gonna go after her?
There's no time, we gotta-
CLAY: No, Mr. Broussard,
you are in no condition right
you're in no condition.
Whoever did this,
you make 'em pay.
You have my word.
It's gonna
be dark soon.
We got about an hour
till night fall.
What's our next move?
We keep going.
Get him up
on the horse?
Send him into town.
We don't stop till
we find Miss Rayne.
Clay: What is it?
We got company.
Let's ride out ahead of him.
Are you sure about this?
We're in the middle of nowhere;
he's headin' somewhere
for a reason.
Let's find out
what it is.
Whoa, whoa.
Sheriff King...
Fancy meetin' you out here.
Put the guns
What do you think you're doing?
I could ask you
the same question.
I was--
The town needs protecting.
Figured I shouldn't let someone
else do my job for me.
Sudden change
of heart, King?
Are you questioning me?
I am.
Me too.
Well, I knew the stage was
headed into Tombstone.
Well, just followin' logic.
We found the stage.
Ambushed and robbed,
two men dead.
Sheriff, I don't think
the Natives did this.
Arrows don't look right.
Arrows not lookin' right
isn't gonna convince
a judge to let him go.
Tracks lead to
that bluff over there.
Well, let's go.
We're gonna wait till
dark, go in on foot.
We're not coming
out, Sheriff,
unless we got Miss Rayne.
You in or out?
But I got a bad
feeling about this, Braddock.
Deputy Longley.
Well, welcome
back Judge.
I aim to hang
a heathen.
Come on in.
Hi, honey.
I never thought I'd see
your beautiful face again.
Hey there, sweet thing.
Goo-chi, goo-chi, goo...
Disappear before I kill you.
Yes sir, sorry Deacon.
He's just having
a little fun.
We ain't here
to have fun.
How many you figure?
Twelve maybe.
We need more men.
This is
our best chance.
It'll never work.
If one of us keeps
this high ground...
it provides cover.
You volunteering?
I am.
If the rest of us
split up...
we can come at 'em
from different angels
catch 'em in a crossfire.
They won't know how
many we are.
Maybe there doesn't need
to be a crossfire.
What do you mean?
It's dark.
We'll blend in, move slow.
They'll never know
we're here.
I will take
the high ground and cover you.
You failed me
on the Ben Watkins job.
I told you to scare him,
not try to kill him.
Now tomorrow morning
we pack up this camp!
I want every bit of
this gone, all of it!
They'll be lookin' for us
if they're not already.
Let them come.
They don't have the
manpower in this part
of the territory like we do.
You allowed two
people to escape.
You should've chased
down that wagon!
The stage had
the money.
And the wagon had
the witnesses.
I don't understand why he's
made us stay hidden this long.
You are not paid...
Oh, you're not paid
to understand.
You are paid to do,
unless you want out.
We break camp tomorrow.
As you say.
I thought so.
Miss Rayne?
It's all right.
It's me.
We're gonna get
you out of here.
Don't make any sudden moves
and we'll sneak out.
You recognize
those two?
What are you
doing here, King?
Cleanin' up
your mess.
Don't move,
coward, deserter.
Let's go!
Get the girl!
He's getting away!
I'm empty.
You get
Miss Rayne to safety.
Wait, what are you doing?
Now's our chance.
Drop it.
That's enough!
You move a muscle, she dies!
- Do what you must, Braddock!
- I mean it!
Drop the gun.
The town trusted you.
Idealists die poor and alone
just like you're-
Are you okay?
Yes, I'm fine.
Clay, let's get out of here.
We did it, buddy!
Let's get out of here.
I don't know how to ever thank
you for what you've done for me.
No need, Miss Rayne.
Oh, for heaven sakes,
call me Lilly.
Well, there is
one thing.
When we get
back to town...
a man's life might depend
on what you saw.
They'll hear
the truth from me.
They're back!
They're back and they've
got Miss Rayne!
That judge ever
make it to town?
He sure did;
came and went.
He'll be hanging
by noon tomorrow.
You're sayin' that Sheriff King
was behind the attacks
the whole time?
- Sure looks that way, yeah.
And the people
who shot me were bandits
- in Natives' clothing?
- Yeah.
That's speculation.
He knew the bandits
and tried to kill us.
That's not speculation.
Sheriff King was corrupt.
He tricked everybody, Longley.
How many
you figure got away?
Three or four maybe.
One of them was the man
Chaska described to me.
Wore boots with conchos
around the ankle.
The Native they're
fixin' to hang?
Man's innocent.
I won't let
that happen.
You ain't
the law, Braddock.
As far as I can see
I'm the closest thing
we got to a Sheriff
around here.
Not if we pick
a new Sheriff.
Right now!
Someone we can trust.
That's why I nominate...
Hunter Braddock.
Everything you've done
for me and my family...
You've earned our
trust and respect.
Mine too.
I wouldn't be here...
might not even be alive if
it weren't for Hunter Braddock.
The man's
a convicted felon.
And a deserter!
There ain't no way.
For refusing to take part...
in the slaughter of innocent
Natives at Salt River Canyon.
When I woke up...
these three told me the truth
about my son-in-law.
Alma and I
have known Hunter
going on 20 years now.
And I speak with insight
and understanding.
He made a certain decision,
we are all aware.
But he honored his faith,
his conviction.
Some here...
deemed it a crime.
And judgment carries a
heavy, heavy burden.
Hunter is a man of his word.
Right and true.
To the very end.
I think he would make
the doggone best sheriff
we ever had.
Well, I recommend a vote.
Until a more formal election
can be organized.
All in favor of Hunter Braddock
to be our interim sheriff of
Far Haven, say "aye!"
Well, I think
the ayes have it.
I appreciate
your confidence in me.
But a sheriff's only as good
as the people
he surrounds
himself with.
So I'll accept the job
that you offer.
But only...
if I can bring on Clay Cassidy
to take the place
of Deputy Fisher.
It would be
a great honor.
Looks like we got new
law around this town.
Excuse me.
You know...
a man of the law needs
a good horse under him.
That stallion is best
when he is with you.
And he is yours to keep if...
you want him, yes?
Thank you, sir.
Yes, sir.
With respect.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I believe everyone deserves
a second chance.
That includes you.
If you can lay your
prejudice aside...
I could use a man
with experience.
I uh...
I guess I can try.
We got one more thing to do,
let's go.
You're free to go.
Thank you
for believing me.
I believe in
the truth.
Here's your
Well, things seem
back to normal.
Good afternoon, gentlemen.
You think I might have a word
with Mr. Braddock here?
Of course.
Let's take a walk.
I was really surprised
about Sheriff King's
involvement in those raids.
I mean it goes to show
you that you can never tell
what people are really like.
Some people, maybe.
Well, take you
for instance.
Man of a flavored past.
That was very impressive
you risking your life
for complete strangers.
And then the town goes
and makes you sheriff.
Yeah, it's a start.
Well, for this town
I'd say that's progress.
I mean, progress can
come in funny forms.
You take it may be something
like an untamed animal.
And the more you control
that animal
the better off you are.
I suppose.
You know, kind of like
the Southern Pacific Railroad.
Seven short years ago
the railroad came into Arizona.
Los Angeles to Yuma...
Then two years later
it's in Maricopaville,
Benson and then Tucson, and
then Flagstaff, then Kingman.
I mean, where the tracks go,
progress will follow.
What's your point?
A man of ambition could take
good care of his family
with the proper alliances.
Alliances that could help bring
the railroad to these parts.
Heard you been buying up all
the ranches outside of town.
Suppose I was to look at
those land purchases on a map.
Would they line up with
the locations of the raids?
Well, if it did,
it would be sheer coincidence.
You've forgotten that
I lost men in
those raids too.
That's what I heard.
Yeah, well, Mr. Braddock,
you can't stop progress.
In this whole
big scheme of life
you probably can
only stifle it.
I'll be seein'
you soon.
Mr. Braddock is a very
interesting man.
I'm not sure if he'll
be useful or not.
Useful or not, that
part of the original deal.
Excuse me?
I mean...
you know, if you need
it done, we can renegotiate.
We'll see.
We'll see.
Oh, uh...
never communicate with
me in public again.
Fair enough.
It's so beautiful here.
What darlin'?
Do you think
mama can see us?
From heaven?
I do.
I love you both so much.
I love
you too, dad.
Love you,
We didn't get a chance
to talk much yesterday.
Well, there was
a lot going on.
Glad you're
feelin' better.
Gave us all a scare.
It was just
a long nap!
We've got some catchin'
up to do, you and I.
At the right time.
We sure do.
- Miss Rayne?
- Yes?
Gosh I've missed this country
the last couple of years.
I'm sorry.
We all make choices.
I believe everything happens
for a reason, Hunter.
That God brought us all
to Far Haven for a purpose.
I believe you're right.