Fare (2016) Movie Script

Hey, airport?
Yeah. All right.
Sorry, I'm in a...
In a hurry
cool, no problem.
What air- ... airline?
China air.
I'm visiting here, my
first time in the city.
Oh, yeah?
This is...
What do you think?
It's a nice city, nice town.
I'll probably be
back in a month...
Because I have, uh,
another meeting next month.
I'm in real estate.
You're in real estate?
But, you know,
residential market's pretty dry.
How about you?
Are you, uh, you
married, your family live here?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
My wife and I.
She's in real estate, too.
She does commercial real estate,
so a lot of this stuff that she
sells is those
buildings and lots for.
It keeps her busy.
She's killing it.
She doesn't need to
drive cars, you know?
Yeah, it's gonna be great.
Yeah, Christine's
gonna meet us there.
Oh, my god.
I know.
Sounds like you got
a fun night ahead.
Nothing too crazy.
Just a night out with the girls?
A couple of friends, yeah.
Just keep the guys
away, looking like that.
My boyfriend won't be there.
I'm not too worried.
I'm sure he's a lucky man.
If you guys, you know, get
too crazy and need a drive or
anything, you just
let me know, okay?
You can reserve a chauffeur
service on the app if you just,
uh, open the home screen...
Um, we'll be all set.
All right.
I'm just gonna get a, uh...
A number 8 combo.
Crunchy or soft?
So, how much longer you got?
Uh, not too long.
Looks like eight minutes.
No, I mean you, your shift.
Oh, geez.
Long time.
All night.
I don't know, 5 A.M.
Oh, your night's
just beginning, then.
Tell me about it.
Enjoy it?
Yeah, it's fine.
Extra cash, flexible.
So, what's your day job, then?
Real estate.
Residential, mostly.
But market's dry, right now, so
this keeps me out of the house.
You need to get out
of the house, do you?
Sure, sometimes.
Like tonight?
Most nights, lately.
Oh, there it is.
The missus kicking you out, eh?
Yeah, it's a little more
complicated than that.
So, is she a mother?
No, we don't have kids.
She's in real estate, too.
So, you met her
on the job, then?
No, we met in school.
She pursued commercial real
estate, which is a pretty hot
market right now.
So, keeps her busy.
So, you don't need the cash?
Well, that's her
market, that ain't mine.
But she is your wife.
Don't you share your income?
The bills get paid.
Yet you're out here driving
strangers around all night?
Yeah, like I said,
out of the house.
Away from her is more like it.
Sorry, just making conversation.
She's not missing me.
And how do you know?
Sorry, man.
I, ah...
I don't want to get into it.
Love, love, love.
Don't that just fuck all, yeah?
Doesn't make any sense.
Who could possibly love?
You got me.
So, what comes first?
Uh, I don't know.
It seems like the right order.
But that's the parody, ain't it?
The only righteous grounds for
marriage is first to be in love.
Do you believe that?
Uh, am I not supposed to?
Well, if so, then a marriage
which no longer renders such
excitement is no longer binding.
You're a romantic.
You're convinced that love is
irresistible and yet, somehow
inherently praiseworthy.
A steady diet of shite
poets will see to that.
And it's not just you,
it's the whole lot of you.
Now, wormwood once said it
was an incomparable recipe for
prolonged tragic adulteries
ending, if all went well, in
murders and suicides.
Failing that, it's
a useful marriage.
Useful for whom?
Well, certainly not
for you, my friend.
I can guarantee you that.
I don't know wormwood.
I don't suppose you would.
I don't think I'd
like to, either.
No, you wouldn't, i
can guarantee it.
He was quoting his uncle,
and they're a couple of tricky
I guess everyone's got to get in
their commentary on love, how?
Just pick the one
that suits you, eh?
The thing is, they all suck.
Some are better than others.
Yeah, like what?
Love is love, feelings aside.
Love is love, feelings aside?
Are you a teacher or something?
Never even
finished secondary school.
Well, you're a smart guy.
Fellas like me, we say smart
things, it doesn't make a smart.
Or honest, for that matter.
You're full of shit, then.
Now, that's the
god's honest truth.
So is this: The state of love as
you define it has fuck-all to do
with your marriage
or your happiness.
As I define it?
How do I define it?
Like a romantic.
Well, I think...
I think I'm
actually done with it.
As a romantic would
be, no fight left.
There's nothing left
to fight, anymore.
Oh, you just don't
know what to fight.
So to fight for is
to fight against.
The other or the
self is the question.
Is our nature
competition or cooperation?
Are you ask- ...?
I don't think I understand.
Is that worm- ...?
Is this wormwood again?
I know what he would say,
"one thing is not another thing.
Your good is your good and my
good is mine and what one gains,
another loses.
Even an inanimate object is
what it is by denying all other
objects into the
space which it occupies.
And if it chooses to expand, it
does so either thrusting other
objects out of the way
or by absorbing them.
The same is true of the self."
So to wormwood, "to be"
means to be in competition.
Now, his opponents on the
other hand, they strive for a
contradiction: That a thing is
one, but yet also many, that the
good of oneself can be
the good of another.
And this
impossibility, they call love.
Love is impossible.
Like I said, it
doesn't make sense.
Why are you wasting your
time then, reading wormwood?
Never said I read him.
Are you married?
Certainly not.
What the fuck am i
listening to you for?
Because I'm paying
you to drive me around.
I gotta tell you, man, i
don't even know what marriage is
supposed to mean, anymore.
I mean, what if it's
literally just a sheet of paper?
Well, you still have
plenty of paper in this world.
There's always a fresh
sheet when you need it.
Well, anyway, we're here.
That's you.
Hey, I really
appreciate the conversation.
Me too, Eric.
How did you know my name?
It's on the app.
Take it easy.
To fight for is
to fight against.
The other or the self?
There's still a long night
ahead for you, I'm afraid.
Dude, that girl was
begging for it, man.
Like, the least you
can do is, you gotta...
You gotta humor her
a girl like that.
I'm not...
I'll have a conversation, you
know, maybe a couple of drinks.
But I'm not doing
anything crazy tonight.
It's way too soon.
Fuck Madison, okay?
Fuck her.
I told you she was gonna go
running back to Jordan as soon
as Miranda canned his ass.
The least you could do is hook
up with a beauty like that, man.
She was begging for it, man.
She didn't leave me for Jordan.
And even if she did, hooking up
with a random stranger is not
gonna help salvage my dignity.
You're so much better
off without her, man.
Look, I didn't want to say
this, but, uh, she's a fucking
buzzkill, okay?
I mean, anytime you bring
her over to the house, I...
Shut the fuck up, okay?
Kate upton could show up
completely topless and if she
took two seconds to engage your
intellect, you'd fucking call
her a buzzkill.
No shit.
Just fuck a hooker, okay?
Fuck a hooker if
that's all you care about.
It's gotta be better than
this club charade we keep doing.
You know, man.
Madison really did a
mind job on you, man.
It definitely wasn't
another kind of job.
Ha, ha.
All right, guys.
This is you.
Hey, you see me?
Hey there.
Across the street.
I'm in the silver...
Silver SUV.
Got it?
All right.
You got to be
fucking kidding me.
Hey, come on in.
Is that where we're going?
Yeah, 4311 wood green.
You can just drop me off
at the corner of abbeydale.
All right.
Looks like about,
uh, 30 minutes.
Sounds about right.
All right.
Yeah, you too.
Uh, yeah, me too.
I would...
I would if I could.
Uh, what about Thursday?
Mmm, no.
No, I got to head home.
Early flight in the
morning, you know?
Send me a picture?
Yeah, okay.
Lucky man.
You still got the
honeymoon bliss, huh?
Uh, yeah, that's not my...
I'm not married, man.
Just your girl, then?
Just your girl, then?
I said, was that your girl?
On the phone?
It's a lady I've
been seeing, yeah.
But not your girlfriend?
Too early.
Yeah, it takes time.
Time to what?
You know.
Are you married?
Yes, I am.
So, you know.
What do I know?
It takes time to find out,
you know, if she's the one.
The one?
One to what?
One to date?
One to marry?
One to just fuck?
Damn, man.
Sorry, man.
You're good.
Busting my balls.
I'm Eric.
Patrick. Hey.
Uh, man, sorry for
giving you shit.
But you look like
you can take it.
Nah, I get enough of
that all day at work.
I hear you.
What do you do?
I do, uh, land development,
commercial construction, you
know, that sort of thing.
Good market now?
I mean, it takes, you know,
traveling to the right place,
but yeah, this market
here's pretty good.
So, uh...
So, you live here?
Yeah, for the most part.
Uh, the market's good here,
now. So...
Go where it's hot.
That's right.
Yeah, yeah.
I do real estate.
Oh, yeah?
Residential, mostly.
But you know, that's dry.
So, you know, this pays the
bills, brings in some extra
income, while the, uh,
houses aren't selling.
Market's heating up
though, isn't it?
But you know, you...
You could shoot a bullet in
the air, in this town and you're
gonna hit a real estate agent,
so it's just hard to compete.
Hang in there.
Market heats up,
there'll be room for everybody.
I should've pursued
commercial, you know?
Work with guys like you.
Yeah, man.
It's still feast or famine, but
you know, if you're willing to
travel, you can make
a pretty good living.
So, where are you
traveling tomorrow?
On the phone, you said, uh,
you had an early morning flight.
Well, it's not till, uh...
It's Houston.
Ah, I hear you.
You just need, uh, some
time away from her, huh?
She's not your
girlfriend, so time away's good.
Well, even if she was my
girlfriend, you know, time away
is always cool, right?
I mean, some me
time is always good.
Why do you think i
drive a car all night?
But, uh, you're
sleeping with her, right?
Excuse me.
The woman you're seeing.
This isn't an
undercover cab, is it?
No, man.
It's just guys talking.
Look, I'm sorry, man.
I just don't know what
it's like anymore, you know?
Out in the field.
I got married young.
I gotcha.
I mean, not crazy young, but...
You know.
It's been a while, if
you know what I mean.
Well, man, take a
trip to Vegas, you know.
Get back out there.
Shit, Patrick.
I'm a married man.
Come on.
It all stays in Vegas, right?
It stays somewhere.
Well, we could, uh...
We could stop off at church
street, you know, hit up the
That'd be a story.
What, you've never
had a lap dance, Eric?
I wish.
I wouldn't know what to do.
Yeah, that's the beauty of it.
You don't do nothing.
That ain't nothing.
To each his own, I guess.
See, the thing is, my wife and
i, we were each other's firsts.
Damn, man.
That's something
to congratulate?
Sure, I think.
I mean, it...
It's rare, at least.
Yeah, it's true.
I guess we
congratulate what's rare, huh?
I don't know, man, all
those years, one woman.
What happened, the fire gone?
Yeah, gone somewhere.
Out of my bed, that's for sure.
Damn, man.
Let's get to that lap dance.
I'd be like a teenager in there.
So, uh, how long
have you been married?
Almost 10 years.
Well, I guess it takes, uh, take
some work, you know, keeping the
fire going for 10 years.
You speaking from experience?
No, I'm just guessing.
Yeah, you would.
But you're really, uh, making
marriage look very tempting,
Got me there.
You got kids?
Never managed to have a kid.
I guess 10 years is
still something, right?
Is it?
If you don't mind me asking, i
mean, how's the, uh...
the sex life?
We haven't had sex
since Christmas.
Damn, that's...
That's no good, Eric.
Yeah, what's the point?
If she doesn't
love you anymore...?
I wish I knew, brother.
I'm the one who's trying
to avoid marriage, right?
Smart man.
Just try to find some
beautiful women to hook up with.
Hey, man.
I'm... I'm... I'm not
that guy.
So, then, you really
like this girl, huh?
Yeah, actually.
I do.
She's, uh, pretty amazing.
So, you are
sleeping with her, then?
Like I said,
she's pretty amazing.
I bet she is.
Guy like you, you get your pick.
Yeah, I've done all right.
Don't settle, man.
You're young, you know?
Take your time, play the field.
Don't do what I did.
I got no plans, man.
Don't even tie yourself
down to one, you know.
Just, uh, keep it
loose, play the field.
Hey, where do you
think I'm heading, now?
Shit, Patrick.
Man, I bet you got a
girl in every city.
It's nothing serious.
Houston can't get
here soon enough, right?
Houston is nice.
But none of them tied
you down, though, right?
No, I told you,
man, nothing serious.
And it's all mutual and
i can assure you that.
Good man.
Keep it loose.
I'm trying.
You know, one of them starts
falling in love with you, forget
about it.
They're just gonna start talking
about marriage, there's gonna be
nothing you can do to escape.
Hey, man.
Nobody's talking marriage.
You know what i
heard earlier tonight?
What's that?
Another guy I was driving.?
He said, like, a marriage which
no longer has the excitement of,
like, being in love,
is no longer binding.
Is that what he said?
Maybe he said the opposite,
like that was the joke.
That's what he
called it, parody.
I couldn't really tell
what the hell he was saying.
I don't know, some
writer I'd never heard of.
And that guy was full
of shit, too, so...
What Sage wisdom.
No, I didn't really know what he
meant at the time, but I haven't
been able to get
it out of my head.
"Love has nothing to do with
marriage or its happiness."
So, uh, love doesn't matter?
Does it to animals?
Animals aren't monogamous.
Are humans?
You are.
That's true.
Believe me, if only.
Hey, how far is the
nightlight anyway, huh?
No, man.
Stay out of the strip clubs.
You got yourself a
good thing going, Eric.
Should have done what you did,
taken my time, played the field.
But then you might
have missed your lady.
Shit, I'm sorry.
Um, would you mind, Eric,
not texting and driving?
Yeah, man.
Sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm just trying to get there
in one piece, you know, bro?
Bad habit, sorry.
One second.
That's not it's all good.
Just don't settle
too early, my man.
Don't settle too early.
You know what you should do?
Like, maybe just try to find,
like, a married woman, you know,
who's looking for excitement.
They won't tie you down,
you know, married women.
I hear married women
are where it's at.
And who told you that?
I don't know.
Read it online, somewhere.
Well, don't believe
everything you read, bro.
Yeah, I think my wife
could use some excitement.
So, give it to her, man.
Don't make her wait
till next Christmas, Eric.
Hey, be the man, you know?
Women want a guy who
can take the lead.
She's over me.
See, now, you're
sounding like a pussy.
A guy can only take so much
rejection before he stops
And I've tried.
So, just leave her.
You know, find somebody else.
Maybe I will.
I think she has.
What's that?
I said I think she
has found someone else.
Well, there you go, man.
Problem solved.
Yeah, I've seen him.
I've seen him coming and going.
I don't know him, never
seen him before that.
I figured she met him
on the job or something.
I mean, did you...
Did you ever confront her?
What, if she's cheating on me?
Maybe I should have.
Honestly, my first thought
was killing the bastard.
And who wouldn't, you know,
fucking another man's wife?
Right, right, right.
You understand.
I mean, if there's anything
worth killing a man over, right?
That's as old as infidelity.
Yeah, except one will
get you put in prison.
Isn't that funny?
We can fuck who we want, but
we can't kill who we want.
Well, you can't really
fuck who you want, either.
I mean, that will get you
put in prison too, in certain
Yeah, I guess you got me there.
The law makes sense, huh?
You can't take another man's
wife, Patrick,
even if she's, uh...
Even if he's a
pathetic piece of shit.
They're married, you know?
They've given
themselves to each other.
Should I give her to him,
if that's what she wants?
Or should I fight?
That's what he meant.
He said, "humans think
affection is what makes a
It's not.
It's not that
love doesn't matter.
It's that love isn't
what we thought it was.
It's not.
Love isn't...
You okay, man?
You, uh...
You want to let me out so that
you can, you know, work on your
No, Patrick.
No, our night's just beginning.
What does that mean?
Hey, you know what, man?
You can let me out
right here and...
And I'll pay for the full ride.
I mean, I...
I can walk it from here.
We're almost there.
You sure?
Because you're kind of acting
like you need to go to sleep or
something, man.
How... how...
How long have you
been driving, bro?
I'm not tired.
What did you mean when you said,
"our night's just beginning"?
I guess she never
showed you a picture of me.
Maybe she told
you she was, uh...
Wasn't married.
That it?
You thought you'd been
with an available woman?
Or did you know that it was me
you've been fucking when you've
been fucking her?
Hey, Eric, I think you've got
me confused with somebody else,
Audrey Hollister.
Audrey Angela Hollister.
431 broad street, apartment 16b.
My wife.
Fuck. Look...
Ten years in January.
Look, man, just let
me out of the car.
Oh, no.
You and me are gonna talk.
Of all the fucking
cars in the city.
Of all the fucking
fares in this city.
Hey, Eric, I never knew
she was your wife, okay?
Lies are only
gonna bury you deeper.
Hey, you keep threatening me,
I'm gonna knock your ass out.
Oh, that's
sounding like a threat.
Now, who's threatening who?
I don't know you, man.
I do- ... I...
I don't know what you have in
this car, talking about killing
the man who's fucking your wife.
I mean, that's a threat.
I would not take that
angle, if I were you.
You're driving me and I don't
feel very safe with you behind
the wheel, so you know what?
You want to talk man-to-man,
pull over and we can talk.
What, you think I'm
gonna hurt you, Patrick?
You know why?
'Cause I'm not the guy who preys
on every beautiful woman that he
Neither am I.
You know something?
You need to talk
with your wife, man.
She pursued me.
She's the one who's unhappy.
I have boundaries.
I... I...
I never wanted to come
between a man and his wife.
So, you did know
she was married?
Hey, you said it
yourself, the love is gone.
You haven't had
sex since Christmas.
What did you expect?
Audrey, Audrey, Audrey.
Look, you need to
talk this out with her.
Don't shift your shit on me.
End this charade before your
meaningless 10-year milestone
And just let her
live her life, man.
Let her be happy.
What, with you?
You, who's going to another
random girl here on fucking wood
green street?
Hey... hey...
Hey, I never said
that, all right?
And you may not want to hear
this or anything, but Audrey's
not just some
fling for me, okay?
We actually took it slow.
Oh, fuck you.
Hey, you want to
hear this, don't you?
You wanted to talk.
So, man up, Eric.
Let's talk or let me
out of the goddamn car.
We're almost there.
Yeah, we took it slow.
We actually had a
few dates, you know.
Coffee, movies.
It was like being
back in college.
And then, the coffee and
movies moved into her apartment.
You're just gonna make
this worse, Patrick.
And then, things
started to get physical.
Oh, man, that first kiss...
Audrey said that she hadn't
felt that kind of connection in
She's a married woman, Patrick.
Fuck you, connections
don't mean shit, okay?
We have something that you
and her will never have.
Yeah, and you let it die.
No, you killed it.
You know, people exaggerate
about their exes, but now, I
kind of see exactly
what fucking happened.
She's not my ex, asshole.
We're still
fucking married, okay?
And you seduced her.
She was faithful to me
until you fucking seduced her.
Wake the fuck up,
Eric, all right?
She begged me to do it.
What... what...
What do you think, I go around
this city looking for married
women to hook up with?
What... what...
What do you think, that I didn't
say, "hey, no, you're married.
We shouldn't...
We shouldn't do this"?
But you did.
It's Audrey, okay?
You should know, man.
She's beautiful.
She's amazing.
You don't say her fucking name.
If she's looking elsewhere, it's
because you let her look, okay?
You never fought
for your marriage.
How could you neglect
somebody like Audrey?
Is that what she told you?
She's been trying, Eric.
She said she'd been
trying for years, but...
But you, you keep
pushing her away.
Thank you.
Thank you for being the
impartial therapist in this
relationship, okay?
I'm the one who's trying.
I'm the one who's
being pushed away.
Look, man, this has nothing
to do with me, all right?
You need to handle
this and talk...
Talk this out with your wife.
Yes, we will.
Right now.
Hi. Yes, I did.
Can you please, come out?
I'm pulling up, can you just
please come out right now?
What... what...
What are you doing, Eric?
Just get in the car, okay?
Thank you.
What are you doing?
Hey, look.
I will... I will...
I will leave Audrey alone, okay?
I'll leave her alone.
I... I... I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for sleeping
with your wife, okay?
But just...
Just let me out, all right?
I'm leaving.
Open the fucking door, Eric.
Can you please get in the car?
What is it?
Can you please get in the car?
What is this?
Just get in the car.
Please get in the car.
Where are we going?
We're just gonna go talk.
Can we talk at home, please?
It's not far.
What are you doing here?
I just called a car
and he's who I got.
Are you serious?
Did you stalk him?
And you don't have any room for
anger in this situation, okay?
He's not gonna do
anything stupid, is he?
Of course not.
This isn't what that is.
Then what is it, Eric?
Because you don't seem
very stable, right now.
Do you...
Do you have a gun in the car?
Does he have a gun in the car?
In the glove box.
It's locked.
But he's not gonna do anything.
Well, h-how do you know?
Because I know my husband.
And he's got no room to
talk to me about cheating.
You think this is like that?
I never slept with her.
You would have if
you had the chance.
That's not true.
If I hadn't gotten sick and
kept you from going on that
trip, that's exactly
where it would've gone.
That is...
You don't know that.
That's unfair.
Just because you didn't fuck
her doesn't mean that you didn't
cheat on me.
I felt sick for
crossing those lines, okay?
I loved you, I chose you, us.
I chose us.
How do you think I felt
being with you after that?
That was five years ago.
And you forgave me.
Well, it's
clearly still an issue.
I loved you and i
still love you.
It's too late, Eric.
No, it's not.
Fuck this guy,
he's a piece of shit.
Oh, thanks, Eric.
You are just one of a whole list
of women that he sleeps with,
whenever he wants.
No... no, she's
not. Don't do this.
You want to know where i
was taking him tonight?
It wasn't home to rest
before his flight to Houston.
It was to another woman's house.
Is that true?
And fuck you, Eric, lecturing
me about another man's wife when
y-you had an affair
what, five years ago?
Maybe it was your wife
i was taking you to.
You know, that would
make a lot of sense.
Are you married?
No, I'm not seeing
any other women.
You've married every
woman you've ever fucked.
You just never knew it.
Audrey, I...
I really...
Really care about you.
Hey, what the fuck, man?
Whatever you two do
have is ending tonight.
Don't you fucking
touch me, Eric!
Audrey's my wife and
you're fucking done with her.
It's not up to you, Eric.
This is my choice.
You can't just decide that the
last five years didn't happen.
God, where was this man
when Jesse whitehall
wouldn't leave me alone?
Where was this man when i
was pleading with you to go to
It's too late.
I'm sorry that this happened,
Eric, but I don't love you
Why did you just
cancel my route?
I'm not paying for shit.
This ride's free.
You need to turn this car around
and take us back to the city,
right now, or I'm...
I'm gonna report
you, you'll nev- ...
Youll never work
in this town again.
And then, I'm gonna call
the police and report you for
fucking kidnapping.
Go ahead.
You got in the car voluntarily,
you can get out voluntarily.
Stop the fucking car, Eric.
Oh, what are you gonna do?
Jesus Christ.
You gonna shoot somebody?
No, I'm trying to make
sure that you won't.
Maybe we should
talk about separating.
Audrey, we can go to counseling.
We're past that.
You're not happy and i
can't make you happy.
I think you should just
take that job in Atlanta.
Let's just take a break...
Hello? Yes... don't
do th- ...
I'm in a cab.
Uh, the driver's
name is Eric Hollister.
You see this?...
And he's not...
He's refusing to let me...
Is that you want to be with?...
Out and...
Or take me to my destination.
Gotta call the cops to handle
his shit, when he can't even
deal with me like a real man.
I... I... I...
Hey, tell them you're...
You're with the woman you're
sleeping with and her husband,
see what they say about that.
I believe he has a
gun in the car...
Get off the phone...
And my life may be in danger.
Yeah, tell them which one of
us is actually threatening the
other physical harm.
No, I...
I don't have...
Give them to me...
That information...
I'll talk to 'em.
Get off the phone!
No, listen...
I'll talk to them.
What, you can't do anything?
Nope, they're not.
Oh, that...
That's great, detectives.
God dammit.
So, what are we
gonna do, huh, Eric?
We're gonna drive around all
night and talk, talk about your
feelings and then may be what,
sing saying "kumbayah" at the
end or some- ...?
Look, I will leave
Audrey alone, all right?
All right? I... I...
I'm sorry I met you, okay?
I said I was sorry.
I'm sorry that I like
your wife, all right?
I never meant to hurt anybody.
Are there other women?
Audrey, forget
about him, please.
I think you should
go to Atlanta, Eric.
You're my wife.
Let me try again.
I want to be with Patrick.
He's not good enough for you.
I can start over.
I don't love you anymore.
You don't know what love is.
It's not the affection
that you used to feel for me.
That's a parody, okay?
What are you talking about?
My good is my good,
your good is yours.
You're not making any sense...
One gains, another loses.
Audrey, maybe we shouldn't
see each other anymore.
There it is.
There's the
coward I met earlier.
You know?
Just at least till you
guys work this shit out.
We're done working this out.
We're separating.
You know he tried to take
me to a strip club earlier?
What-what do you
want from me, Eric?
You won, okay?
I'll leave your wife alone.
Fuck you, I'm a coward.
You just can't bring yourself
to tell her the truth, Patrick,
that you are done with her.
You don't love her.
You never have
and you never will.
'Cause guys like you, you get
married when it's hot, but then
you leave your
wives when it's cold.
Guys like you don't
fight, you fucking roll over.
Look, I'm done discussing this.
I got to thank you, Patrick.
It took me meeting you to remind
myself that I'm a good man and
I'm worthy of Audrey.
Go fuck yourself.
That's fitting.
Your only retort
is a sexual one.
Maybe this whole night was just
a set-up from the beginning.
Maybe this whole night was just
a set-up from the beginning.
So, is that it?
Are we done?
I hate you.
Where the hell are we?
Where are you going, Eric?
My good is my good
and your good is yours.
Where are you taking us?
What one gains, another loses.
Where are you taking us?
Stop the fucking car before
i break your goddamn neck.
Go ahead, tough guy.
We can crash the car
and all go together.
You're... you're
Wormwood's a fucking liar.
Eric, let's just go home.
Come on, stop the car, Eric.
Let's just...
Let's just go home.
We can go to counseling.
I won't see Patrick anymore.
Look, I...
I won't see her anymore, Eric.
You're going a little fast, man.
Eric, you're scaring me.
Stop the car!
Hey, slow down, man.
You're going too fast.
Honey. Sweetie.
Slow down!
You're scaring me!
Watch out!
What the fuck?
What is it?
What is that?
Should we m- ...
Shouldn't we make
sure he's okay?
Eric, make sure he's okay.
I don't think he's okay.
Do something.
I'll go.
Open up the fucking door, Eric.
Why is there a body in the road?
Maybe he just, like, passed out.
I don't know, maybe
he got hit by a car.
I'm sure it's fine.
Where are we?
What were you thinking?
We're not far, okay?
We're just outside of Chester.
I don't know, I just...
You just what?
You're acting like a maniac.
Oh, my god.
Calm down.
Wait, he probably
knows this person.
Turn around, Patrick.
Calm down.
It's fine.
Holy fuck!
Oh, my god!
What happened?
Stay here.
What- ...?
Should I call the police?
Why not?
Oh, Jesus. Oh,
Oh, god.
Oh, my god.
Yeah, I'm, uh...
I'm in my...
I'm in my car
somewhere outside of Chester.
I don't...
I don't know where.
I heard gunshots.
I'm afraid
somebody has been shot.
I don't know.
I'm looking for my husband.
I don't...
I don't know where he is.
No, no, no.
I ca- ...
I can't stay here.
I g- ...
I need to leave.
There he is.
Eric, get in the car.
Eric, get in.
I saw their faces.
Please, get in the car.
I saw his face.
I've got the
police on the phone.
Just get in and
we'll go to them.
Here, take it.
Tell them what happened.
They hung up.
Call them back.
Where's Patrick?
They're not answering.
They're not answering.
Um, go.
Just go.
Just... we'll...
We'll keep...
We can drive there.
Just stay straight.
Where do I go?
This will, uh...
Just turn on 183.
What about Patrick?
We need to go back and
make sure he's okay.
I saw...
I their faces.
Who were they?
I saw his face.
What about Patrick?
We need to...
I saw his face.
We need to make sure he's okay.
I saw his face.
We need to go back for Patrick.
I saw his face.
I saw his face.
Eric, where's Patrick?
Patrick's dead.
Are you sure?
Did you see him?
He's dead.
Did you see him?
Patrick's dead.
Patrick's fucking dead. Your
fucking boyfriend is dead.
Did you want it to be me?
Do you wish it was me?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry he's dead.
I'm sorry he's dead.
He's dead and it's my fault.
I'm sorry... I'm
sorry he's dead.
It's my fault.
Just go straight
until we hit 183.
We'll go to the police station.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I said that.
I'm sorry I said that.
I'm sorry he's dead.
I'm sorry he's...
When did...
How long is...
How long have you been together?
We met in march.
That's not what I asked you.
How long have you been together?
Can you just please tell me?
Since may.
What, did you meet
him at a showing?
Do you love him?
Not like you,
when we got married.
We were young.
I'm sorry.
Eric, it's o- ...
It's okay to say that we tried.
I didn't try.
I didn't...
I didn't even know.
Did you mean
what you said to me?
Do you remember
what you said to me?
Do you not love me?
Do you know what it was like
to hear you say that to me?
Do you hate me?
I don't hate you.
That wasn't to you.
Do you...
Do you love me?
Do you want a divorce?
Tell me if you want a divorce.
Tell me if that's what you want.
I will take the job in Atlanta
if that is what you want,
if you want a divorce.
But you have to tell me
that's what you want.
I loved you.
We just...
We're not who we were.
Are you ready to quit?
You're done?
Do you remember the beach
trip we took with mark and Kim?
That was when I knew.
And I thought I would do
anything to make you happy,
to love her well.
To love you well.
And this is part of that fight.
Don't give up.
Don't give up.
Love doesn't die.
It just waits.
It's not dead.
It's not dead.
Don't let it die.
I'm ready to love you better.
I'm ready to love you better.
Can we try again?
Audrey, can we try again?
Eric, that car is close.
Oh, Jesus.
Are they following us?
I didn't see a car.
I don't know.
Eric, is that them?
Where are we?
Did you turn?
You said to stay straight.
If you don't turn
you'll hit 183.
You said stay straight.
Just keep going straight.
Call the police again.
Um, yes.
Uh, we called you
once before, okay?
We're off 183...
Um, yes.
Okay, I'm holding on.
Please, we're being attacked.
We're being attacked, yes.
Just go, okay.
Look out!
Look out!
Oh, god.
We're stuck.
I'm trying.
We're stuck.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Oh, god.
Don't open the door.
What the fuck?
It's okay.
It's okay.
Oh, no.
It's okay.
Oh, my god.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, shit.
Oh, god.
You take one fucking step
toward me and I'm gonna blow
that hood the hell right
out off your fucking face.
Wha- ... what?
Don't look at him.
Don't look at him.
Don't look at him.
What is happening?
Don't look.
Don't look.
Don't look.
No! No! Eric! No!
Fuck you cowards!
Fight me!
Fight me!
Get off of me!
Eric, help!
Get off!
Fuck you cowards!
Audrey, fight them!
Fight them, Audrey!
Get your fucking
hands off of me.
Shoot him!
I can't!
You're in the way!
Get out of the way!
Eric! Do it!
They're not moving.
They're not moving.
They're not moving.
Oh, my god.
Oh, my...
They're not...
Oh, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
Oh, god.
Oh, my god.
I'm okay. Oh,
my god.
Eric. Just... just
go straight.
Just go straight,
just till we hit 183.
Take a right.
Just keep going.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Hey, I'm not dying.
Don't leave me.
Audrey, I'm not gonna die.
Just let me rest.
Please stay with me.
I'm not gonna die, Audrey.
Please stay with me.
Don't leave me.
I love you.
I love you.
I just need a moment.
Stay with me.
I love you.
I love you.