Farewell Amor (2020) Movie Script

Jeff Kennedy
International Airport.
You should not accept
any transportation
from anyone without
prior arrangement.
- Amorr, here you are.
- My wife.
Look at this, look at this.
Turn around, let me see you.
Wow, Silvia.
What do you think of New York?
It's amazing.
We would love to practice
speak English more.
Are you okay?
Sylvia, aren't you excited?
This is home, welcome.
I need to use the bathroom.
Oh yes.
Let me show you.
Esther, you and I will
be sleeping down there.
She does over there.
And Sylvia, I have converted
the living room for now.
So you could have
your own space.
I'm looking for a bigger place
that would be more suitable.
Maybe it would be like all
the American kids and
get your own place.
And not yet.
First relieve us, the
family as God intended it.
Yes, of course.
The bathroom is down there.
The lights is on the
walls to your left.
I wish your mother
could see this.
Her boy learned how to cook.
I hope you like it.
Who taught you?
I picked up some
things here and there.
Please eat before it gets cold.
Let's pray first.
We have a lot to
be thankful for.
Yes. Sorry.
Jehovah Jirey, we praise
your name the most high.
Lord, thank you for
bringing us together,
after 17 years apart.
We thank you for your
endless blessings and love.
We thank you for our
home and our family.
We thank you because the
devil is shamed and defeated.
We pray all these things
in the Holy name of Jesus.
- Amen.
- Amen.
It's very soft.
Americans don't like
stew with their food.
The doctor had
recommended no fat meals.
For years the only food I could
eat was my mother's cookie.
So when we got married,
I forced your poor mama
to learn how to cook
all of my mama's dishes.
Poor mama.
She should have
never put up with me.
My pastor said we must focus
on familiarizing ourselves
in spirit and flesh in
order to rebuild our family.
What now, unattractive?
No, you're not.
Lying is a sin you know.
That's not what I meant.
I haven't been with
any man since you left.
Thank you, I mean, I'm
sorry I wasn't there.
I hope everything
will be perfect.
Perhaps we should just
get some rest, thanks.
Ready for American school?
Of course she is.
She's going to study hard
so she could get
into medical school.
With scholarship, the
first doctor in the family,
God willingly.
What kind of medicine
are you interested in?
She wants the three children.
I like mathematics.
Really, like father this one.
I keep telling you
your father was always
studying so many things.
I need to see your back.
Sorry sir, excuse me.
Please step back sir I just
need to check her back.
I have this
letter from school.
Did you
find any change in the city?
I see you changed that picture.
They said a thing?
I know that sex must
be good.
Whenever I go back home
my wife is like she
has something to prove.
I can only imagine
after what is it?
Nine years?
Oh, she's supposed to be lucky
that he was with the nurse as
you'd be in jail for homicide.
What, you know it's
the truth, man.
I don't wanna talk about it.
My brother, all I'm
saying to you man.
You're not the only
person who have ever been
in this situation.
Things happen, don't feel bad.
I don't, everything is fine.
Well, I guess I
better start my shift.
Have a good one.
You too.
Why are you here?
What happened?
I can't be seeing you more time.
I need love too.
Yes, and thanks.
Hey, what's
up, DJ pull up.
I can't.
Are you sure you can't?
You're early today.
I am.
I swapped my shift
so I could be home for
dinner with the family
at least once this week.
So Vinner, clear your
books, go set the table.
So, how was school today?
Is that how you respond?
It was fine, thank you.
She's so excited to
finally be here with you.
I'm not so sure about that.
Nonsense, cautious.
I was thinking maybe we
should plan some things
as a family so we could
get to know each other.
I've just been
praying about this.
- Yes.
- Yes.
Or perhaps this Sunday,
we could go for a drive
outside the city,
maybe the jazzy show...
Aren't we all going to church?
I thought it would
be good to leave
the city early to
avoid the traffic.
Oh, that's fine.
That's fine, perhaps
there's a sunrise service
we can attend.
Of course I'll check.
I brought home some
wine, so we can toast.
It's wine.
But you know we're
shouldn't drink.
But is just a simple wine
for a special occasion.
Thank you Jesus.
As soon as my immigration
paperwork is finalized,
I'll get a job, so I
can help with the bills.
I can handle things for now.
You got a lot on your
plate to worry about.
Thank you a lot.
For what?
Not giving up on us.
Don't steal a plate.
And, did you see the mail
that your neighbor brought
the other day?
I don't know why it's
hard for the mail man
to put the mail in
the correct box.
Sylvia, are you okay?
I'm fine.
And why can't you move it?
I can, I promise.
I can't let you go
to school like this.
Broken up bone.
I'm serious Sylvia.
You're going to tell mama?
Come on worry
about mama later.
She's still
down in dialysis.
So you're practicing
for the dance there.
Young man told us
about your school.
When you stopped waiting
for my weekend phone calls,
mama said because
sneaking out to dance,
that scared her.
Do you think it scares her?
She prays so much.
You know I used to be
quite a dancer as well
when I was younger.
It's true.
It may be not that style dance.
Your mother would make matching
outfits with both of us
and we'd go to the secret
parties and dance all night long.
No, we used to dance a
lot before you were born.
And even after,
but you were too
young to remember.
And then what happened?
The end of the war.
doctor pace bill to 3B.
Doctor pace bill to 3B.
Sylvia Disantos.
Wake up, let's go.
Sylvia, let's go.
What brings you in today?
She injured her hand.
How did this
injury take place?
I fell.
And when did
the injury happen?
Where does it hurt?
Can you show me exactly?
Anywhere else?
It's only a little bruise,
but nothing too unusual.
The doctor is going
to be right with you.
Do you need anything?
- Hi doc.
- What do you want from me?
You promised you would
never rubbed me my face.
She needed a hand Linda.
I trust you.
What do you think?
What do you think this is?
I know this is far from ideal,
but why can't we remain
friends like in the beginning?
This is not the beginning.
We're far from the
beginning Walter.
This is the end.
I'm serious.
Go get the doctor.
do you love us?
Do you love to make
a life for us, right?
Of course.
Sylvia, I was just
taking out the trash.
Do you need anything?
There's not.
Oh. Sylvia.
Wow. Look a this!
Big girl.
Let me see, let me see.
She's grown.
I need
to use the bathroom.
Hey girl, you would
probably be seducing
some hot New York dude
by the time you get this,
I told Rajab to just
forget about you.
I mean please.
She's off to greener pastures.
New York.
He's so depressed, imagine
that I've missed you.
I'm going to keep making
those remixes for my girl.
So when you become the most
famous dancer in America,
the rest of us can at
least in your enterlarge.
Good morning mum.
I thought we
talked about those.
I don't know why you insist
on wearing those ugly
boots all the time.
You're so pretty.
All the children at your school
will think Africans are turkey.
These are my
comfortable shoes ma'am.
You want me to be uncomfortable?
As soon as I get a job
we'll go to the shopping
to get some proper clothes.
We won't bother your father
about that right now.
Good morning.
Here, were having a dance.
I don't know if you
want to participate
if you dance or anything.
You guys can go in.
Thank you.
I'm here to enroll my daughter.
Yes, do you speak English?
Yes, but she's just adjusting
into the American accent.
And I see we're still missing
an official birth certificate.
We have this.
This is a letter.
Yes, I explained
when I telephoned
that Sylvia was born during
the civil war in our country.
And both the hospital
and department of records
were destroyed,
so we don't have any
original birth papers.
I'll have Ms. Tami enroll
you and take you to class.
So she just start right now?
Yes, you can pick her
up at 3:30 after school.
Hi, it's me.
Hey, wait, where
are you going?
Where'd you just
waiting for your bus?
Yo, chill out, calm down.
Yo, yo yo.
Chill out, will you?
Will you start over?
Hi, I'm Devin.
But most people call me DJ.
Hi, I'm Silvia,
most people call me Silvia.
Hi Silvia,
from Angola?
Someone meeting
in the States or?
No, my father was here
before, he is a diplomat.
Wow, okay. Cool.
You dance?
Why do you accuse me of these?
Just most of the girls on
the step team wear those.
Well I do know for a
fact that step team
needs another
separate for the dance
if you're interested.
What is this price?
It's $2000 for best
soul and best team.
Why not?
I don't know the steps.
That's easy, you just
look up videos on YouTube,
use the videos to practice.
You just have to
know how to dance.
Then, if I agree
to look at the steps,
you'll let me pass?
I'll see you later Sylvia.
We should go to the
market this weekend
and get some bananas.
And something without
cholesterol for your father.
Have you seen the
way he eats fish?
Is that Neema?
Did she married?
Not yet.
One day you meet a nice boy.
Hey, maybe in university,
that's how I met your father.
He was studying journalism.
You were studying
social sciences
and you both suspect that
each other being communists.
He got on my nerves so much.
Always talking about
politics the whole nights.
I told you this
story too many times.
He's good a man Vinnia, loyal.
Yes Ma'am.
It's not his fault that we
had to wait so many years.
You know, we tried everything.
Why didn't he
come back home then?
Because we wanted
you to have the life
that we couldn't have.
I don't want to
suffer anymore.
Oh God, those days
are behind us now.
Everything is going
to be fine I promise.
God is good.
Today's topic,
immigration and emigration.
You have two different lists.
I want you all to
turn to page 25.
I'm gonna go down look at
the two different lists.
Oh, Mr. Jamison, you're late.
Sorry for being
late Mr. Tunaw.
Immigration, life
equality, religious freedom.
Take out a piece of paper
and I want you to
start writing down.
Hi DJ, what's
your African grow from?
right, settle down.
Everybody's settled out.
Everybody turn to page 25.
Okay. Yes.
Mr. Jamison, please
turn the pages.
Okay, here we go.
Immigration first list.
I tried calling but
you didn't hear me.
- What were...
- It's nothing.
It's nothing.
You could have
injured yourself.
I was exercising.
Your mother suggested
that maybe we should,
I mean, I should
try and talk to you,
just to see if
everything was all right.
How long has she
been so religious?
When we moved to Tanzania,
first she just wants
us to have a community
but then she got really
serious about it.
Then you?
Then as long as
I'm reading the Bible
she doesn't get on
my case too much.
Do you miss home?
Don't you?
Well after the war, the
home that I knew was gone.
Do you mind if I share why,
or wait her to finish.
My mom will be
upset if she knows
I didn't give you my bed.
No, no no. She
doesn't have to know.
I can turn off the light.
No no no, keep exercising.
It was finished.
Yes dad.
This country is very
hard for black people
especially foreigners.
You always have to carry
yourself in a certain way
so that white people
don't feel threatened.
So when we get to dance,
that's the one place
that I can actually be
myself, show myself.
So be yourself, you're the only
one who knows what you know,
and who can do what you do.
Yes Bai.
It's the one that
you sent to mama
when we first moved to Tanzania.
I liked it so she
let me wear it.
Anywhere else?
There is a little bruise,
but nothing too unusual.
Where did you learn this song?
Different parties
in Dar es Salaam.
Everybody would dance
to it and cry, cry, cry.
Till Mama stopped
going to the parties.
She didn't want me
to dance anymore.
Can I get the
apartments for $1,000?
Depends wherever
you are currently.
Are you planning on
running away or something?
I'm just planning
for the future.
You can do this.
six, seven, here we go.
What are you doing?
What was that?
Oh nothing, it
was just something...
Did you see me do that?
- No, I...
- Don't do that.
We have a routine.
All we needed someone
to learn a routine
and execute it the way
it needs to be done.
Now can you do that or not?
Get away from me?
What happened?
I told you I can't
stop it you insisted.
And now you've embarrassed me.
Calm down, I saw you up
there learning the moves.
You're doing great.
Well, your friend
has a problem with me
because she could
poke poke me like I'm.
Like I'm a Shish kebab.
Oh boy, okay.
Come on.
Let me just take you
Shish kabash asshole.
- The bathroom is down there.
- Cool.
Sorry, it's a mess.
I don't usually have guests.
No, it's cool. It's cool.
Who's that?
That's Neema.
My best friend from back home.
She's a DJ.
Oh word.
You miss it there?
My friends think my
life is perfect now.
They think having a
celebrity, crazy partying.
All my family's down South,
so I get the same thing.
I remember the year really
knows what it's like there.
So, you just feel alone.
What about your parents?
They are complicated.
My dad, isn't really a diplomat.
I figured, you don't
really hear about
too many diplomats
living in the hood.
I know how it feels
without my paps.
I know how it feels.
So what you going to
do after graduation?
I don't know.
Maybe start working, go to
State college or something.
You're not going to
continue with the stage
lights and promotion?
Well, not unless you become
a famous dancer Miss Sylvia.
Sorry mama, I
didn't know you were-
- Hi Ma'am. I'm a Devin Jamison.
How are you, Devin Jamison?
I'm good.
You have a lovely home Ma'am.
You've seen my home?
Just the bathroom.
Sorry mama, I didn't
know you were home.
So you brought a man home
when you thought I wasn't home.
I just wanted to make sure
that Sylvia got home safe
after dance tryouts.
I probably should be heading
home to do some homework.
Yes. Oh, say hello
to your parents.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Excuse me ma'am.
You can do anything Mama.
You just say squats to me home.
Linda, If you and I
going to dinner tonight.
I don't know what's gotten into
you, but I expected better.
You know, I only do
this for your own good
because I can see
things you can't.
Your father and I doing
best to protect you.
From now on, you go to school,
you come straight back.
No friends, no activities
and no dancing.
Are you listening?
This hurts me more
than it hurts you,
but you will repent and seek
forgiveness for what you did.
Our Father who is at heaven,
hallowed be Thy name,
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done on
earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day
our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses.
What is she doing?
I will not lose my
daughter to this country.
Family is here now.
This is for you.
Thank you.
This one is for you.
For the gift of food,
for the gift of shelter that
you have provided for me
and my family.
Praise Jesus for this day,
and my boss be
free from trouble.
And the destructive
hand of Satan.
May I return safely from school,
and may dad return
safely from America,
I mean, work, amen.
a passage of scripture
that always fascinated me.
You always do this.
And I should have
listened to my soul.
I should've listened
to my spirit
because this is airy bullshit.
So narcissist,
this it's so good.
And You know what?
I don't have time for this.
I don't have the
psychic bandwidth.
You know what don't act up
is that we have to
act and work together.
All right, you know
what we're done,
come and get your shit.
Who is it?
Henzinga, from next door.
Just a moment.
Is Walter still live here?
I'm afraid he's at
work at the moment.
I'm his wife, Esther.
Oh, pleased to meet you queen.
Pleased to meet you too.
Excuse me, I was just
cleaning the house
but you're welcome
to come inside.
Oh no sorry, I just
wanted to drop off some mail
that was put in my box.
I will make sure I
give them to my husband
when he comes home.
Okay. Peace.
He who is build
together with the Lord,
let no man tear at sudden.
You know my heart, Lord.
You know my struggles.
It's the word of God,
that need to follow.
Some of us are trying
to lead our families.
With the temptations.
How are you queen?
Fine. Thank you.
You've been shopping?
Did you go to the Korean
market on the corner?
Sometimes their food
isn't always so fresh.
I was looking for some
millet flour for Walter.
He has the cholesterol, so.
You know, I can take you
to the Egyptian market
where I get my food.
I'm heading there now.
No, I don't want
to disturb you.
It's really no problem.
Your neighborhood
is dramatically.
We used to have a lot of people.
It's very busy.
Yeah. It's very busy.
Alaikum salaam,
good to see you.
You eat very healthy.
You know I try.
I'm doing much better that
I'm not in a relationship.
I am just grateful the time
finally reunited with Walter
after so many years apart and
I must've struggled a lot.
I was wondering
how he learned how
to cook all these low fat foods.
Maybe you helped him.
You know how men are.
They know how to
find their resources.
Was that a woman
named Linda who lived
in the apartment
before Walter moved in?
Did you get more
ashwagandha powder this week?
- No, ma'am.
- No.
You know what, sometimes
it takes them so long
to restock their items
but I really want to support
the local businesses.
And this brokers are Africans.
You know we should head back.
Did you get your flour?
Yes. Thank you.
Thank you Lord.
You have 30 minutes
for this call.
May your name be blessed.
Sister Redemter?
Ah, my Esther.
How are you settling in?
Oh, it is a
challenge, my sister.
I'm home mostly by myself
so usually I just
thinking, thinking,
missing my community there.
How is our
Sylvia doing over there?
She's trying her best.
In Jesus name,
save Sylvia please.
Guide her.
And how's Walter?
working very hard.
His life here is so difficult.
I don't believe
you're married.
I usually go to them on week
days because am usually back
home on Sundays.
Oh, welcome to our flock.
But I'm trying my best to
help him and to pray for him.
Protect Walter and
guide him please.
He's the head Father God.
I am
proud of you my sister.
You endured many many
years of hardships,
and stayed faithful
to God's command.
Don't forget to
send your offerings.
We must always give thanks.
Especially when God
answers our prayers.
I'm not hungry.
I thought you might say that.
So I made you a flask of
tea with some olds today.
And a little sugar.
You work so hard
to look after us,
allow me to now look after you.
Thank you, it's very nice.
No, thank you.
And how was your day?
You know, the usual things.
I had a question.
I had some money that I
kept in case of an emergency
and I thought maybe you
could help me send it
to our church in Dar El Salaam?
They have been praying
for us for so many years.
It should be offering of thanks.
I can send it through on
my lunch break tomorrow.
There's transfer
place near work.
That's wonderful.
How much money is this?
You're sending
the church, 1000?
Yes, this is for several years
I kept it in case
of an emergency.
But now that God
has delivered us...
He hasn't, He
hasn't delivered us.
We are here.
Yes, yes. Do you
know what that means?
Means I have to work
harder than before
and we have less than before.
All this time I've been working
double and triple shifts.
Do you know what we could
have done with this money?
This money is
for God
so that he will favor us.
As we rebuild our
family, our marriage.
I can't do this right now.
Yes, I'd like
to send this money
to Dar El Salaam, Tanzania.
Your ID?
Sister Redemta?
are you my child?
I sent the money, but...
What is the problem?
Tell me what is in your heart.
It's just,
I think.
I think we might
be unequally yoked.
Unequally yoked? Dah!
Yes sister.
What can I do?
He's the man that
God has given me.
And why would he do that if
there wasn't a reason for it.
God would not
lead you to the desert
and abandon you.
That dutiful wife who prays
for husband and family,
would be head fast.
Continue to pray,
increase your offering.
You cannot give up.
Now bow your head.
Let's pray together.
Heavenly father, we come
before you with sister Esther,
Lord we ask you
to give her peace.
We are going to with the
stage lights and promotion.
Unless you become a
famous dancer Miss Sylvia.
She is a teenager,
it's not to annoy us,
just calm down.
Let's just take a moment.
Let's go ahead and talk.
I don't think you
understand Walter.
This is not the time
for going out to dinner.
Clearly we need to be at
home watching our daughter.
Esther. Walter's wife.
How are you?
I'm fine, thank you.
I wanted to ask you a
favor please my sister.
I'm going to dinner
with Walter tonight
and I need to borrow just a
pest to go with this outfit.
Girl, you're gonna be
way more than just a purse.
Come on.
Come on.
So where are you
going for dinner?
I'm not sure,
he didn't tell me.
Oh, so it's a surprise.
All right. That's nice of him.
Well, actually we
have been talking
about this for a while, but
today's not really a good day.
That's nonsense,
life is short.
You can't put stuff on hold.
Okay. I agree, you're right.
Good, so we need
to looking Royal.
Actually I am a Christian.
So nothing too...
Honey, you're out here worried
about another woman's male.
When you're hiding the
essence of your womanhood
from your own husband?
Is that really what
white Jesus wants?
Sometimes a King names his queen
to remind him who she is.
Now, come on.
You look very beautiful.
I'm glad you like it.
Can I get
you anything else?
Coffee please.
No, thank you.
Thank you for bringing me here.
It's very nice.
Remember when life was simple,
when a fancy night was
sitting on the beach
having fish over fire.
What was she blind?
Red snapper with
Jedungo hoka.
And plantains.
From Donna Megalish
place on the corner.
Did she survive?
I'm not even sure.
After we left for Tanzania I
lost touch with so many people.
Let's dance.
Here, on this side.
We can't do that.
Why not?
The band is warming up.
Shouldn't we wait for them
to start the party properly?
I'm not stopping.
Come join me.
You are embarrassing yourself.
Then come rescue me.
We'll be embarrassed together.
See, it's working.
It has been so long I
don't even remember how.
You're always
the most beautiful,
when you dance.
From the donation box.
- Wait.
- Get rid of this.
It's a rule.
I have heard you
Walter, loud and clear.
You don't want me,
you want something else.
This was too big for us
to not lose ourselves.
I want to go back home.
I need to know who she is.
You're ready to kill
it at the cyber today?
Yeah, Neema made
me a special dance.
You get out of here
forget about dancing.
Forget about everything.
Thanks DJ.
For what?
You know I catch you.
I was, you know.
I'm looking for my daughter.
She is a dancer.
We have Judy Joseph.
Our reigning champion.
Let's take a five minute break
before we get to this next round.
Where are you going?
I have to go.
I made a mistake,
I have to go.
Sylvia, hold on.
We have to go find her.
She's all I have.
This is my
responsibility Vinnia, go.
Fight for your dance.
I'll find her.
Up next
ladies and gentlemen,
our defeating Sylvia Lako
as a free to a battle
with the new kid on
the block, Your Africa.
I have been lost.
And Linda found you.
She gives me hope as dad.
She insists that I don't give
up and I keep petitioning
immigration, for
us to be together.
You think it was easy for me?
Of course not.
I lost so many years.
We don't even know
each other anymore.
Or our child.
When we met,
I didn't know if I
could see the next day.
I didn't know who was a comrade,
who was an informant,
who was there for the light.
When I move, you follow.
When you hesitate, I slow down.
'Cause we could feel each other.
what do we do now?
I said you went dancing.
What happened?
The crowd.
They really liked me mama.
They saw me.
Of course they did.
We will see you, we do.
Make us pray first.