Farewell My Darling (1996) Movie Script

What a strange dream
to have in broad daylight.
Father is so quiet.
When he doesn't have any money,
he can't think of anything to do.
If I die, I'll never hear about it,
damn it.
Why don't you go into town today?
- Is anything wrong?
- No.
If there's anything in particular
you want to eat, please let me know.
Don't bother.
You don't have to do that.
I've got money.
Take it.
What would you like to eat?
I'll pick it up for you.
I don't want anything.
See you later, Father.
Father, Don't hang around the coffee
shop for so long.
You've got to fix the pedal.
- Do we need the slate over here?
- Well...
Do we need the slate?
- No, let's just do a run-through.
- OK.
Stand-by, ready, Action!
You can feel the rhythm.
You can touch it.
Call from home.
Hello? When?
What time?
What's going on?
Am I dying?
If I die here, it'll be really
bad for my kid.
You bastards!
I must go home. Take me home!
Look over there. A man's soul is
getting out of his house.
It looks like Mr. Park's soul!
- Does it?
- Let's go there.
How much?
Are you out of your mind?
Good morning.
You're not the only son.
They know you don't make
enough money as a director.
Coffee, please.
Mr. Kim, one coffee.
Why would I take a plane that's
going to crash?
Just worry about yourself,
not me. Bye.
- What's the matter?
- Dad died.
Why do you keep calling?
It'll just take a week.
I don't want you to have to make
this long trip just to go to a funeral.
Don't say anything at the studio,
just rearrange the schedule.
I'm OK. I'll relax and
listen to some music.
Day One Yim-Jong, Su-Si, Ko-Bok
Brother! Oh, no.
I won't believe it until
I see it myself.
Alas, Alas, My brother!
Brace yourself.
I'll have the board for
the dead ready.
Call her in Pusan.
Even if she's no good,
she's still his daughter.
If there is anyone who has to
know his death,
let him know it
as soon as possible.
And you should take charge of
the funeral arrangements.
OK. We have to accept his death.
Let's do welcome the people
from the other world.
Stop crying and put some water
on for the rice.
Hurry up.
- How could this happen?
- Hurry up.
I don't believe it.
How could you die so soon?
My brother. I won't believe it until
I see him myself.
Wait, wait!
You can't go like this.
Please open your eyes.
I'm your sister.
No, no.
No, no.
Who the hell is this?
I'm the man she lives with.
What? Chan-suk's brother?
What's up?
Did Dad change his mind?
What did you say?
He died?
I can't go. I can't go.
You silly girl. Why can't you go?
Why won't you go?
Who knows, maybe your father
left you some money.
I am the chief mourner.
Father's soul has left his body,
but I'm still alive.
Now I just have to make it
through the funeral.
ln my mind the camera rolls.
I shoot the living and the dead.
And... once more. Ready.
Take one, cut four,
scene seventeen.
Park Man-dol is returning to
the other world,
Dukchon-lee, Kawhae-myon, Hapchon-gun,
South Kyongsan Province, Korea.
Bring a folding screen.
Testing... testing. Ah! Is it on?
I have an announcement to make.
One of the respected citizen of
our village
Has just passed away...
One of the respected citizen of
our village
Has just passed away...
This is a great loss,
We mourn his death
With our beautiful customs
we'll grieve for his death.
Be careful and don't mess up.
Hey, look here.
There's no straw sandals or steamed rice.
Get them over here.
What's wrong?
You know there are three people
from the other world here.
Yeah, sure.
Then why isn't there
any rice and sandals?
- I'm sure I put them out.
- You mean they're gone?
Did the people from the other
world take them?
Get them out here now, you idiot!
What a shame to family.
Day two Bal-Sang, Jeon, Bu-Go
Since I'm in charge of the funeral,
I'd like you to cooperate.
Modern ideas are all well and good,
but you'll make fools of yourselves
if you don't respect tradition.
You're right.
From now on, you have to obey.
First of all. You're supposed to be
the chief mourner.
But since you've lived in
the city for so long,
you might not know how things go here.
I think your brother should be
the chief mourner.
Right. Absolutely right.
And there are a lot of things
to take care of.
We really have a lot to do.
What's this all about?
Man-dol, Man-dol!
How could a young man like yourself
die before I do?
- You're a bastard, Man-dol.
- Calm down.
Bring water, Quickly!
Here it is.
Take your time.
Here's the portrait.
- Here is the portrait of the deceased.
- You're early.
Thank you for taking so much trouble.
Please help yourself.
- Has the sister-in-law arrived?
- Not yet.
- What about the rice cakes?
- Nine liters of rice will be enough.
- We need to make kimchi.
- Do it however you want.
Oh, you little trouble-maker!
He had such a great time
when he was alive.
What else could he want?
I heard he went to the karaoke bar with
a girl who works at the coffee shop.
Stop that kind of talk.
Oh. How could this happen?
Hey. We haven't gone into mourning yet.
It's not time to bow.
We have certain procedures to follow.
Here comes the aunt from Taejon.
My poor brother! No-o-o-o.
Say something. Please.
Calm down.
Life must have been hard on you
because you were widowed at an early age.
My poor brother!
Pull yourself together.
Save your tears for later.
Alas, My brother! Alas...
With her here from Taejon, this really
sounds like a house of mourning.
Now this looks like a house
in mourning.
You should never stop crying in
a house where someone has just died.
There are plenty of people
here to cry.
Where's my bag?
- Here.
- Good.
Has everyone gotten here now?
No, Chan-sae is coming in from
America tomorrow.
And my daughter from Pusan
isn't here yet.
Let's wait a little longer.
OK, since this is the eleventh lunar
month, there won't be a problem.
Where is everybody?
- You are coming home.
- Have you been busy?
- Come on in.
- OK.
When did you get here?
Hey! Haven't seen you for a while.
You too, buddy.
Here, help yourself.
Oh, my poor brother.
He has no shame.
He's living openly with this girl
who's young enough to be his daughter.
But... he does know how to
make money.
- What does he do?
- He runs a fabric shop.
I should have married a man
who runs a fabric shop, too.
How did it happen?
Look, it's me, your brother Pal-bong.
Everybody hates me since
I'm just a half-brother.
But you took care of me
like a real brother.
Let me bow to you.
Hey, we haven't even washed
the body yet.
- You don't know how it goes, do you?
- It's not time to bow yet.
- Why not?
- Who's this?
I don't care about the proper
Are you out of your mind?
Who cares about etiquette?
I just want to bow to my brother.
Let me do it own my way.
OK, do whatever you want.
When did you get here?
Hey, stop crying.
Oh, hi. Have a seat.
You too.
You must have had a long trip.
What was the title of your last movie?
Love... something.
"The Love of the Decade?''
Right. "The Love of the Decade.''
I saw the movie.
The theater was packed.
It was a lot of fun.
- Wasn't it a big hit?
- Yeah.
Hey uncle! This insurance is
fit for your age.
This is for preparing after
your retirement. It is really cool.
Let me know if you need any money.
- How about us?
- OK, come here.
Look at the camera.
Smile. one, two, three.
On three... one, two, three.
How does your mom?
- Like a model.
- Do I?
Let's go!
Let's bow.
You don't have to.
A silent tribute is fine.
What that picture?
It looks awful.
There must have been other pictures
taken the last time he went to Seoul.
Who's she?
The oldest daughter-in-law.
She can't mourn him or
she won't?
Sincerity is more important
than formality.
What's she saying?
- Sincerity.
- Sincerity?
Alcohol always tastes best
at a funeral.
Alcohol always tastes best
at a funeral.
Could I have a cup of soju?
Could I have a cup of soju?
Since you seem to be having
a hard time,
I'll buy an insurance policy from you.
What kinds do you have?
Your daughter must be
the apple of your eye.
She's so cute.
There's education insurance for
your daughter,
life insurance for yourself or love
insurance for a married couple.
What about love insurance?
I can underwrite a large
policy for you.
Anything will be all right with me.
Thanks, brother.
Have another drink.
Stop. You've had enough.
What's wrong?
You have to drink on a day like this.
That's right.
Have it your way.
Go ahead and drink.
- Where are you going?
- Hey... hey!
Since I'm the first daughter-in-law,
I always feel bad when I can't help.
I'm still living with your son,
but you understand.
Otherwise, I might have left him.
You know what's going on more than
anyone else.
You remember how it was
when he went to Seoul the first time.
- He had nothing.
- I know.
- Oh, my god! Mom!
- Why?
I hate the toilet in the country.
You really don't have a choice.
What goes around comes around.
You take something under the table... well
there's one guy who can't get out of
the mess he's in.
What else could I want?
If I can rake in a billion won,
what could I want?
Just a billion?
You can go higher than that.
Don't say that.
You'll end up in jail.
A billion... a billion...
a billion.
Didn't his mother take him?
How can that bitch show up here when
she ran off and abandoned her own son.
My sister-in-law was a very good woman
to look after that fatherless boy.
A billion, a billion, a billion.
You're expecting a baby.
You must be tired.
Why don't you just take a rest?
I'm fine. I have to get supper for
my father. You rest.
Why are you so late with his supper?
You know he got angry when hungry.
It'll be ready in a minute.
And make sure the guests have
enough to eat.
Put all of it out for them.
Don't worry.
Everything is under control.
Be careful with the food.
It would be a shame if anyone
were to get sick.
Don't worry.
Everything'll be taken care of.
Let's go inside.
I really appreciate this.
Don't worry.
They don't have inside
plumbing yet.
But it wouldn't be hard to put it in.
We don't have to shower every day
like you do in the city.
We have clean air out here.
I know you have a hard time here.
You don't have to be so defensive.
Who is Mrs. Song from Seoul?
- Who?
- Mrs. Song.
Isn't that Mr. Park?
Mrs. Song. Isn't she here?
Hello, there's no one with
that name, here.
Hello. Hi, Mr. Kim.
It's me.
Anyone else?
Later it could be too late, and you'll
regret not taking out a policy now.
- Poor thing. Buy one from her.
- We already did.
Hey, my favorite soap opera's
coming on now.
Don't you have a policy that finds
a wife for an old bachelor?
What kind of woman would marry
a man like you?
That looks delicious.
What are you just looking at it for?
- Don't you want to try it?
- Where's my wife?
You mean you're looking for a wife?
No kidding!
Is she on the swing?
ln a house of where someone has just died,
he's looking for a wife. Son of a bitch!
The soap opera is on, now.
Let's go.
There must be something wrong
with that girl.
Who the hell wants to live with
her mother today?
Please be quite.
Please be quite. Can't you see
that we are watching TV?
Let's watch the news.
Switch the channel.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
Former Pres. Chun Doo-hwan was indicted
for the crackdown
It's my fault.
Hey, stop it. Someone bring another
TV set out here.
Here, this is 700,000 won in bank
certificates. Count it.
This'll take more than a few days.
Let the people at the publishing
house do that.
No one writes obituaries
at home anymore.
I don't care.
This is the way it has to be done.
- Do the best you can.
- Yeah.
This is 1,280,000 won.
I already gave you 700,000 won.
- So that makes...
- 1,980,000 won.
- That must be all, right?
- Yeah.
Nobody's going to come this late.
Have a drink and then
get some sleep.
I'm all right.
We'll be busy tomorrow.
As soon as Chan-sae gets here
in the morning,
we'll wash and dress the body and
put it in the coffin.
I imagine a lot of people
will come by.
I am good at staying up at all night.
Your wife already put in some money.
Get some sleep.
- A shroud should be cut big.
- Yes.
When my father-in-law died,
I had so much trouble
because the shroud was too small.
That will do.
- Wasn't there a call for me?
- I don't know.
When are we going home?
We just got here.
Well, what about the car?
Hey, I'll take care of the car.
Where have you been?
I went for a walk.
The incense gave me a headache.
I was looking for you.
Don't drink too much coffee.
Day three Seup, Ban-Ham, Youm,
Ip-Gwan, Seung-Bock-Je
This was sent by the president
of the Actor's Guild.
Was it?
We have a long way to go.
Let's get started.
No. Let's wait.
I got a call from my youngest son.
He just arrived from America.
He's in town.
Yeah. Let's wait a while.
Here, have a cigarette.
He'll be here soon.
That might be bad luck for the funeral.
The water to clean the body is cold.
Heat it up.
I'll bring out the water.
He's coming.
Hey, hey. Give the water again.
The sooner is the better.
May I wash the body?
- Is everyone here?
- Yes, let's get started.
Why didn't your sister
come from Pusan?
Never mind.
But she's still your sister.
- Mother.
- Chan-sae.
Look who's here. Hi.
Where's your wife?
Over there must be a nice place
to live. You look good.
Hello, nephew.
You must have had a long trip.
Hey, stop all that crying.
Welcome home, Chan-sae.
You know who I am, right?
Why's there so much noise out here?
You can talk later. First we have to
take care of the deceased.
Go inside and look at your father.
Let's go inside.
Stop crying.
I was so surprised at all
that shouting.
He wasn't shouting at you.
- Stop crying.
- Oh... my brother.
Stop. You're bothering them.
Please wash him thoroughly.
He has a long way to go to get
to the other world.
Don't you know that these days
there's a bathroom in the other world?
That's right.
Don't talk nonsense.
He trimmed his nails too short.
- Too short.
- That's it.
Put the trimmings over there.
Be careful.
Don't talk that way.
Be careful.
Will I lift it higher?
You need help?
Yes, please.
If you accept Jesus,
your soul will...
What are you doing?
I'll never understand how you
could become a Christian.
- What are you talking about?
- Nothing.
Let's put the socks.
What's taking so long?
We're through with the clothes.
Bring us a comb.
They bathed you and combed your hair.
You looks so handsome.
He really is a handsome man.
His good looks must have caused
you a lot of trouble.
Hey, stop that.
One hundred rice bag,
One thousand rice bag,
- Ten thousand rice bag.
- Now he's rich.
Now for the glass bead.
What should I do with the money?
The glass bead's enough.
He can't take the money with him.
It's too heavy.
OK, come in and say your final
Your beloved second daughter-in-law
made a cloth for you, brother.
You'll have to get rich in that world
and then buy back the land you sold here.
Hey, what are you doing?
He has a long way to go.
Give him some money.
Bye. Take care.
On the way to the other world,
there is not the place cash a check.
Give him cash.
Take care.
Here's the cash.
What did I do wrong?
How did I hurt you?
You should have told me.
How can you leave us like this?
You haven't even seen your grandchild yet.
You can't leave us.
How can you leave your loved
ones like this?
Stop crying.
Did everyone have a chance to see him.
I said stop crying.
Stop. Stop.
Let's put him in the coffin.
Stop crying.
You rest in peace.
You rest in peace.
Be careful.
Otherwise, he might not make it all
the way to the other world.
Get it good and tight.
Hey, be careful.
Don't hurt him.
Shut up,
if you don't know anything.
Easy, easy.
Be careful.
Now you can do your lamentations.
- The coffin's too narrow.
- That's better than too wide.
- What's that?
- It's better this way.
Oh... I smell something burning.
Over here. One, two, three.
Hey, write something at the bottom of
the picture
so everyone will know where
it was taken.
Right, right.
- Now everybody goes into mourning.
- What did you say?
I said, "Now we go into mourning.''
- Is the table ready?
- Yes, it's all taken care of.
- Why aren't you wearing mourning?
- I am. This is mourning.
She said she is wearing
mourning clothes.
Never mind, she's not the only one.
Look at the third son.
More and more people want their own way.
Let's get started.
- What is this?
- Anything wrong?
Look, you shouldn't put imported
fruit on the table for the dead.
Bananas are good for you.
He'll like them.
We have our own fruit.
No imported fruit. Never.
Well, they've already bought them,
so let's put them on the table.
You know about the fuss caused by
the Uruguay Round of the GATT talks.
- What?
- The Uruguay Round.
- Is that good?
- Bad.
Get rid of them.
- Open it, so that his soul get in.
- Yes.
I may get in the habit of crying.
It's normal at a house
in mourning.
You're right.
Help yourself, brother.
We are all guilty.
We wouldn't have to weep if we had
been good enough to him when he was alive.
Stop crying.
Get ready to meet the visitors.
We don't have time for this.
You boys, bow.
Why aren't you bowing?
He's a Christian.
- What?
- Christian.
Chris tea?
Here comes a National Assemblyman.
A National Assemblyman is coming.
- Who? A National Assemblyman?
- Yes, a National Assemblyman.
- How are you?
- Please come in.
You've gone through a lot of
He's campaigning.
He used to just send his secretary
with flowers,
but these days he's busy
visiting people.
Democratic Party National
I know he's very busy during
the campaign,
but he'll have time to consider
an insurance policy, won't he?
- I'll talk to him.
- Thank you.
And as you know,
there are many voters here.
Thank you.
New Korean Party National
What do you think you're doing?
What a coincidence.
Which of his campaign pledges
did he keep?
- None.
- Who the hell do you think you are?
What the hell is going on?
You two leave now.
You hear me, get out.
This is not a boxing ring.
People in this village don't give
a damn about politicians.
Get out.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we want change. Now.
Ladies and gentlemen.
Don't support the opposition party.
Both parties are exactly alike.
They change from friends to enemies
over night.
- What is it?
- I'm sorry.
- This is all shit!
- I'm sorry.
- What the hell is going on?
- I'm sorry.
Get out of here.
Here comes Mr. Lee from Taegu.
Who is he?
Dad helped him out when he was in trouble.
He has a business in Taegu.
Is he rich?
That's what I heard.
Alas, alas.
Hello, hello.
I know you have suffered
a great loss.
Thank you.
What's up? What?
Sons of the deceased,
come over here, please.
You don't have any idea
how to behave.
What? Thank you?
This is my first funeral, sir.
You only have one father,
and this is your only chance
to pay your last respects to him.
So learn.
Here, repeat this.
"With my faults I have brought this
on my father.''
"With my faults I have brought this
on my father.''
"You came a long way to offer your
condolences and to console us.''
"You came a long way to offer your
condolences and to console us.''
"Even in our deep sorrow,
we appreciate the effort you've made.''
"Even in our deep sorrow,
we appreciate the effort you've made.''
- It is a bit long, isn't it?
- Yes, it is.
Well, just say, "I'm sorry to cause
you so much trouble.''
- That's much better.
- Now, let's do it again.
I know you have suffered
a great loss.
Sorry to cause you so much trouble.
Good. When you are doing the lamentations,
don't forget to pull in your stomachs.
And say, "Alas, alas.'' Do that.
Alas, alas.
- What's going on?
- They've started the lamentations.
Here comes the president of
the farmers cooperative.
This way, please.
Good to see you, Mayor.
Good to see you, sir.
Good morning, Police Captain.
There certainly was a good
turn-out for the funeral.
Alas, alas...
What the hell do you think
you're doing?
You bastard. Let him go.
You bastard.
- Hae-ri, phone call from Seoul.
- OK.
I've lost count of the number of
pots of soup I've cooked.
What appetites!
Now let's see you do whatever
you want.
I can't just let a little boy like
you disturb a house in mourning.
Delicious. Why don't you pour a drink
for yourself?
Hey, we need more soup over here.
Thank you, Mr. Kim.
How do I look?
Cut, cut, cut.
Remember you're going to a funeral.
Don't you think it's time to start crying?
Damn. Let's do it again.
Oh, I see.
Let's get it right this time.
Where's the car?
I sent it back.
The picture would have been better
with the car. Well, it's too late now.
- Start over there around the corner.
- From over there?
Don't forget to cry as
you walk along.
All right.
We'll start over there.
Start crying at the corner.
Don't mess it up.
And you make us look good.
Oh, my God.
How could this have happened?
Alas, alas.
Those are the waitresses from
the coffee shop.
I can't believe it, sir.
They say that life passes quickly, but
how could you just leave us like this?
Who's going to drink my coffee?
How can we run the shop
without you?
What's this? What the hell are those
waitresses doing here?
No wonder he died... with all the black
coffee he drank at the coffee shop.
Did you know that he and
the waitresses...
Don't be silly.
Uncle would never do such a thing.
Please stop that.
What's wrong with letting them
offer their condolences?
Here's a cup of black coffee
for you.
Have a cup of tea too.
- This is your favorite herbal tea.
- OK, girls. Let's bow.
He looks much handsomer
in the picture.
How could you just leave us
like this?
Cut, cut. OK, girls.
Let's do it again.
That was terrible.
Raise your back a bit.
That's better. Que.
What the hell is going on now?
I appreciate your coming,
but you've gone too far.
But we're going to all this trouble
so we can remember him better.
That's right. The video will help people
remember him for a long time.
What did he say?
He said it was a good way to
remember the deceased.
I see.
There it is. Hey, you!
Little boy,
please bring me my shoe.
Hey, boy. Stop right there.
How can he run so fast?
Stop, stop.
Hey, Payoo. Catch.
Oh, no. My car!
Go out and stop them.
Are they crazy?
They can't sing when a house
is in mourning?
What do they think this is...
some cheap club?
A house in mourning should be busy.
This is good.
Just calm down and leave them alone.
- What did he say?
- He said, "Leave them alone.''
A house of mourning should be busy.
Ms. Lee, sing another one like that.
Sing another one with a good beat.
Why don't you sing Mr. Park's
favorite song?
A slow south-bound train makes
it's way through the rain...
The rain is falling,
and so are my tears.
- Well...
- I don't know where she is.
He seems to be having a good time.
I've never seen a house in mourning
like this one.
Please, mix in some cold water.
You could hurt someone with that.
Encore! Encore!
- One, two, three, four!
- Damn that song.
You'll make a wonderful picture with
this background.
You know, you really look
beautiful through the lens.
You really think so?
You stand out among all
those people.
Have you ever thought about
becoming a model?
Of course I have.
I love posing for the camera.
Oh, really?
It's my fault. I killed you.
- What's the matter with you?
- I killed you.
What do you mean... you killed him?
Are you crazy?
You must be drunk.
What's wrong with you?
You know, a while ago...
What did he say to you?
If only I'd done what he wanted.
Which is?
If I'd just slept with him once,
he would've lived another ten years.
She's out of it.
Mr. Yoon, control yourself.
I killed him. I'm a murderer.
- It was important after all.
- What was?
He would be alive and well
if I'd repaired the pedal.
What pedal?
Hey, Mr. Han, these pedals don't stop.
They need to be repaired.
You hear me? Or you can't hear
what I'm talking about.
Can't you see I'm busy?
Stop bugging me about those
stupid pedals.
I'll get to them when I have time.
It's not your fault.
Don't blame yourself.
It was important, wasn't it?
Yes it was. The pedals of a bike
are very important.
Let's go.
Let's go while there's still
some food and drink left.
What are you doing there?
Look as much as you want.
Don't cry.
When can I cry, if not at
my father's funeral?
You think I haven't been a good
enough son, don't you?
Not at all.
I know how you feel.
Once when we were having a fight,
you said you gave in to me
because you didn't want
my parents to worry.
You looked like an angel.
If being an angel were that easy,
everyone would be one.
When you were a college student and
I was hanging around with no job...
after only graduating from
high school...
I don't want to hear any more.
It wasn't your fault.
Look, your brother is the oldest.
As the future head of the family
he has to have a college degree.
I'm sorry, but we can't afford to
send you both. Chan-gil,
you'll just have to wait until
Dad, does that mean I don't have
to go to school?
I'm much happier as your wife
than I would have been as a nurse.
I should've asked Dad to sell off
the last rice paddy
and send me to college.
If you'd done that,
we might not have gotten married.
Yes... maybe.
What the hell is that?
Dad wasn't a Buddhist.
Why are you playing a sutra?
My prayers will make him happy.
You'll see.
Payoo, what were you doing in there?
Come here.
Did you have supper?
Let's go and fix you something to eat.
Chan-gil, I'd like a word with you.
- Does my husband own land here?
- What?
We've been getting billed
for taxes for years.
I forgot to ask Father when
he was alive.
Oh, this. Yes, it's ours.
If it's a problem, I'll pay it.
As you know, your brother has no interest
in this kind of thing.
But I'd like to know what's going on.
Actually, it's not much.
Since the family owns it and he's
the oldest, it's sent to him.
- Then why...
- Stop it, Hae-ri.
That's enough.
- You are so indecisive.
- I said stop it.
You shouldn't have come here.
That's it. If that's what you think,
I'll pack up and leave right now.
All right.
Either take the kids and go back
to Seoul in the morning
or be quiet as if you weren't here.
Why should I act as if
I weren't here?
Now I don't want to listen.
I'm sorry, I should have told
you about this before.
Chan-gil, if you have any land left here,
let's sell it.
The price of land isn't going
to go up.
What? Did you come all this way
to say that?
I'm such a lucky woman.
Sure I am.
I've lived long enough.
What else could I possibly want?
Mother, let's go inside.
It's cold out here.
You shouldn't have come out.
She'll come.
She'll be here tomorrow.
Dad! Dad!
You won't humiliate me like
this anymore.
You are no longer my daughter.
Dad, don't do this to me.
You know who that son-of-a-bitch is?
His father was a servant in this house.
He betrayed us and destroyed the family.
The times haven't changed that much.
A servant is a servant and nothing else.
I never want to see you again.
Get out of my house.
Da... dad.
Are you out of your mind?
How dare you! If you were just going to
drive me crazy,
you shouldn't have tagged along.
If you don't take the car back,
I'll kill myself right here.
Don't be ridiculous!
Why can't I be a son-in-law
in this family.
Who else would overlook your past and
accept you the way you are?
- Bullshit.
- Chan-sook!
- If Dad's here, you're dead.
- Chan-sook!
Your father is dead, and
that's why we're here.
Chan-sook, my dear.
It's all right.
I know, I know.
I know...
How was Dad?
You'll never know how much he missed
you and cried for you.
Day four San-Yuek, Bin-Sang-Yu Nori
It's chilly out here.
Did you stay up all night?
Go and get some sleep.
Your wife just left.
Hey, hey, this must just be
a misunderstanding.
What a jerk it is!
This son-of-a-bitch ruined
Chan-sook's life.
- Is that the asshole?
- Right.
Stop it. You've got the wrong man.
Stop it.
Stupid, you should have listened
to me when I told you not to come.
...Come on. Come on. Hurry up
Stupid. Come on... Hurry up...
You just show up out of the blue and
stir up the whole family...
Let's get you out of here.
Sir, I'd like to pour your
a glass of Soju.
I heard there will be built a expressway
in front of your house.
Aunt, please set another table here.
Their praise of land will be increase
if expressway is built.
Even though expressway is built,
that is good for the rich, not the poor.
We have a lot of things to
take care of
before the coffin can be carried
to the burial site.
The grave hasn't been dug yet.
We'll have a lot more people coming.
We also need pallbearers.
How dare you!
Where did you get that stupid suit?
You look so sexy in that mourning
dress. Sex-y!
We need more hands here.
Where are the pallbearers?
Did you hear that?
They need my hands.
Is everything going all right?
Who's up there digging the grave?
Don't worry.
I'll take some men up there soon.
Good, good.
Let's just forgive him.
Here they come.
What's going on?
- The air raid siren.
- Air raid? We need to take cover.
I noticed the deceased isn't leaving.
Does he want to put the others
through their paces?
- We ought to hide somewhere.
- Me, too?
What are we supposed to do?
Should we take cover or not.
If you're in the Civil Defense Corps
you take part no matter what.
Damn. Well, the head of the CDC is here.
As long as he's here, we're safe.
Nobody's going to write us up for
not participating.
Time to wake up, sir.
Has the drill started yet?
Ladies and gentlemen,
please sit down and listen.
This house of mourning is now proclaimed
to be extra territoriality.
Please continue with whatever
you were doing.
If you were eating, go ahead and eat.
Those of you in the kitchen, you can
keep on cooking and serving the food.
- He said this was territoriality.
- Let's go.
Those of you who were mourning,
please continue.
You who were making the bier,
please continue.
Go back to your places.
This is extraterritoriality. Go on.
- What did he say?
- Extraterritoriality.
Come on, hurry up.
You can trust me completely.
The chief says you can trust him.
Have some drinks. I, Captain Huh,
take all the responsibility.
Come over here!
Father's obituary is in the newspaper.
We may need to get some
more meat.
Uncle, we may need another pig.
That's right. We'll need it to put on
the bier tomorrow and for lunch.
How there he shoot the gun
in the funeral!
Nice shot.
the gall bladder is mine.
What did you say?
He said, "The gall bladder is mine.''
Why is it yours?
He turns the funeral into
a hunting ground.
This way, please, sir.
This way...
- Do you know the gentleman?
- No, I've never seen him before.
- You stay here.
- Yes, sir.
Sir, do you remember me?
I'm the driver Yoon who ran off
with your car.
Mother, do you know a driver
named Yoon?
- What, a driver named Yoon?
- Yes.
Dad, Dad.
Something's happened.
- What's all this about?
- Dad, the car's gone.
What are you talking about?
- Where's Yoon?
- He's gone too.
Are you sure?
Chan-woo, go home.
He'll be back.
He's got no place else to go.
You son-of-a-bitch.
You destroyed this family.
How dare you come here!
Why haven't you been struck
by lightning?
Yoon, the driver?
That son-of-a-bitch.
- What did you say?
- That's Yoon. The driver.
Bastard. Yoon...
How could you do that to
my brother?
Please calm down.
So you are Yoon, our old driver.
You finally came back.
I'm so sorry.
I would have come back earlier,
but I couldn't face him.
I want to make amends for
what I did to you.
Let's just forget it.
Forgive him and rest in peace.
We can't undo the past.
Let's just forget about it.
- Mr. Kim!
- Yes, sir.
Please bring that here.
I know I have no right to ask
you to forgive me.
- But please take this.
- It's full of money!
Haven't you ever seen
money before?
How much is it?
It seems to be more than
a hundred million won.
Excuse me,
I'd like to watch it, too.
As far as the amount of money
is concerned...
...it's far less valuable than
the land this family once owned.
You need to do something with it.
Let's put it in the farmer's cooperative.
Everybody back in your places.
Do you think we have all day?
They're looking for you,
Chan-woo. Hurry.
Uncle, is this really necessary?
Don't be silly. The funeral rites console
the family of the deceased.
They allowed your father to take a last
look at the house,
and they gave the neighbors a taste
of the food.
All that ensures your father his place
in heaven.
You know, our ancestors always had
a reason for each of these procedures.
You take this, take!
You fool.
I'm very proud of you.
You behaved just as you should have as
Chan-sook's older brother.
That's the way it should be.
You must be very tired.
Are you OK?
The baby has been very quiet.
He seems to understand what's going on.
But you can't stay out here like this.
Let's go inside.
Fire! Fire!
Oh, my God. It's a fire!
Maybe it's the ghost of the deceased.
No, it isn't.
Is a ghost that big?
No way. The Uncle Pal-bong's car
just seems to have caught on fire.
Stop it. Don't do that.
Stop it. Stop it.
He's also your father's son.
He... he's your half brother.
Your father... don't hate him.
Now you can stand up.
With this all the bad luck in
this house will go away.
The female members of the household
should now stop following the coffin.
Mother, gives those to me.
I'll do it.
- Is the baby asleep?
- Yes.
That's OK.
I'll finish up.
Very good.
Hello, yes, it's me.
The job's done.
I'm on my way home.
You know Ms. Oh, the writer?
Yes, that's the one. Please call her
and arrange a meeting.