Farewell To The Ark (1984) Movie Script

We can do it here
Come on, let's start digging
This way, there will be only
one clock left in the village
And you'll be the only guy
who owns a clock
after One Hundred Years of Solitude
by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Daisaku TOKITO
Mayumi OGAWA
Yoko RAN
Cinematography by
Directed by
And what would you say
if dog-headed kids are born?
- What do you mean?
- He's just kidding...
- Not at all...
- Yeah, it's dangerous for cousins
Then, what about Su-e and Sutekichi?
It's an old story
Yeah, right
If they get intimate,
they're in for a big trouble
When close relatives breed
their children will be like dogs
Body covered with dog's hair,
and a human head on top of that.
All their children will
look like dogs
And they'll move like this
Our Daisaku knows it all too well
I think he may be interested in Su-e
Are you saying...
would let them go on with
what they are after?
Stupid! The way they're living
with each other...
it's something that shouldn't have
happened in the first place
What is it?
I am sorry
Who did it?
My dad
Can you take it off?
No, it only leaves enough room
for me to relieve myself
Sutekichi, stop.
I don't want to have a baby
Don't worry about that
I don't want a baby
Please forgive me.
Please forgive me
He is no use
You mean Sutekichi?
Already 35 and still doesn't know
what a woman tastes like
Right. Got some problem
- Impotence...
- Impotence...
It must be it
Wait for me
Shameless woman...
No shame...
What are you doing?
Looks like it's about the time
What time is it?
What time is it, you know?
Do you want me to go have a look?
No, it doesn't matter that much
It's really inconvenient!
The guy who stole all the clocks
in the village
It's because of him we don't
know what time it is
Can I help you?
It isn't anything important
I've come...
Can you crack something open?
This is for you
Take it
It's too hard
How is it?
Not yet
Goddamn it!
Can you open it for me?
I am not impotent
I hate you!
Scrap collection
Got any iron stuff?
Scrap collection
Got any iron stuff?
Good morning
Is she that woman?
Yes, it's her.
The one who lives with her cousin
All the filth has to get out of her
It may feel really hard for her now
- Is it really all that terrible?
- Of course, it is
All the filth is quickly gettin' out
You shouldn't annoy the others
any more
All the filth should get out
Get out of this body
Where did she go?
It's me, Su-e
We're almost done!
I know very well why you've come here
I wouldn't do anything stupid
Can you take this off for me?
It was your dad who locked you up
With this, I can't get close with guys
You should practice abstinence
Come on, it's time for you to cleanse
Tell me, please,
can you help me open it?
Take it with you
There's enough food for two people
All right, come here
All right
Come on, eat this
Eat more
Oh, come on!
It's so late
Where did she go?
You're such a slut!
Can you quench my hunger?
You want it!
Do it nicely
Put all your soul in it
Open up here
You also like doing it,
don't you?
If you become desperate about
that chastity belt,
you should scatter yellow petals
next to your pillow
Then, you may see naked Chigusa
in your dream
That girlchild has been blessed by gods
and she's got divine powers
If you see her naked in your dream,
your luck will change
What is it?
I am making electricity
Look... Look here
Oh, looks like
it really keeps you amused
It's very convinient.
That's what it's made for
Is it that convenient?
But... when are you gonna
get down to it?
Is Su-e doing all right?
You still haven't managed to do it?
Second round
Come on
You too
Hey, you there, you sing, too!
What's there?
It's a song, a fast song
Is it?
It's getting on my nerves
It's a special event today
Come here,
these people are my dear guest
Come here and have fun with us
It's nothing,
don't take it seriously
So, this is your hospitality!
That's how you respect people!
Don't get worked up,
cool down a bit
This guy is not interested
in girls
He is no use at all
Wanna have a fight?
Hey, you fucking wimp,
got no balls?
What a disgrace to this village!
Shut up
Stop it... Stop it
Gang of idiots
Is it all right now?
It's said that,
if you see this girl naked,
you'll definitely die
a wicked death
You want to die?
We don't want her to see us
We should approach quietly
Is it a celebration?
Hmm... slut!
It's stolen
Yonetaro has stolen the money
and run away
So much damn noise!
Get out of the way!
He won
He won seven times.
Seven times!
A real warrior!
He won again!
Anyone else is ready
to fight our magnificent winner?
No one?
I will
Come on, make bets.
Who are you betting on?
Who do you think is the greatest?
Look right now.
Which one?
OK, let's start.
Come on!..
Come on there!..
Like this!..
Right, very good,
very good...
He won
Really good cockfighting
Look! Mine is so tired!
Not bad, Sutekichi!
Excellent fighting skills
But it looks like your wife
went somewhere else...
Isn't it OK to do it, just sometimes?
No interest for women?
Can't get up to it?
Why the hell does she wear
that useless thing?
If it's OK, I can come and help you...
If it's OK by you...
you can do it with me.
No problem about it
Oh, you're really insisting...
But I think he must be impotent
He can't do it
What happened?
We must leave this village
I've killed Daisaku
I simply couldn't stand
how they laughed at me
Hurry up
Don't leave anything important here
Hurry up
Don't forget to take
anything we may need
Did you hear me?
Say something!
This dress is a bit dirty
It's still OK to wear
No point leaving it here
We have to put out the fire
You want to put it out?
Use water!
Leave it alone
We should leave
as soon as possible.
Where would we go?
Let's go
A village?
Seems like it's a village
There is nothing there.
Only forest
Let's go faster
Are we very far off already?
We've been walking
for three days
Have we?
Let's have some rest in that village
If we're in another village,
people won't know
we're married relatives
Then we won't have to be
ashamed of it, darling
It may be dangerous
There is still some fire
in the fireplace
I feel some danger here.
I don't know what will happen
I'll look around
Do we want to rest here today?
We've been walking
for so long anyway
It doesn't make a difference
where we rest
It made you tired...
At least we've left that village
Grandma was saying like this:
When close relatives marry,
their babies will always
look like freaks
Su-e! Su-e!
Get up!
Get up, please
We've come back!
Let's try to figure out later
how it happened
I think I know quite a bit
about this sort of thing
Su-e! Su-e!
What's going on?
But it's really Daisaku
I am sorry
Never mind
You can't stop bleeding, Daisaku?
If I can go out at night,
it's enough to keep me amused
Why are you talking to yourself?
There's Daisaku there
You still can't see him?
Don't mind me
His whole life is like
a single blissful day
Who wrote it?
A guest of the Tokitos
Did he really come from that far?
Those are letters from the world
- From the world?
- Yes
To give to the dead who like letters
If the guy who delivers mail
takes these letters away now
How long will it take to deliver them?
In the world...
What... what?
If there is a day without rain
in this world
it will make me die
Can you please return these pants
to Daisaku?
These pants
No, it's impossible.
It's only allowed to send letters
Then just this,
is it OK?
Please give them back to Daisaku
It's his pants
...covered with blood.
What should I do?
I beg you
Wait, please
It's said she is really beautiful
Is it OK to come here?
Nobody knows.
I think it's here
It must be really wrong
we're coming like this
What are you talking about?
What is it?
This time we'll snatch her
for sure
So beautiful!
She's here!
Come on, keep playing!
She's already here. Come on!
Don't be afraid,
don't be afraid...
You cute little girl
We've gotta finish
what we started yesterday
Cute little girl
Don't be afraid
Cute little girl
It didn't work yesterday...
So cute!
Sleep... sleep...
Now you should sleep...
Relax your whole body
Sleep... like this...
Wow, she is asleep!
A really cute little girl!
Leave me alone...
It will be really awkward
if you bump into her
I like Su-e very much
- Here is what's told
- What?
If you see this girl naked
you'll die a wicked death
What is it?
What do you mean?
Wait, I'll wash you
Come here, come here,
I'll wash you
Right here, come
A pot
A wall
A pot
What is it?
Is it not just chopsticks?
Get up! Get up!
Time to start work
What time is it?
When I sit here
I can see the clock
- It's 2?
- What did you say?
It's 2
It's the same as yesterday
Nothing changed
Not worried any more?
What's your business here?
Hey, Sutekichi
Do you know what this is?
A shoe. Give it to me.
It's a shoe. Certainly
You've written a label for the shoes,
but you forgot what they are for
You should wear shoes on your feet
Not use them for cooking, you know
That's right, I should write down
how to use them
These shoes are...
These shoes...
They are used for...
wearing them on your feet...
Not for cooking food
Not used... for cooking food
This is shoes
That's what you wear on your feet
They are not for cooking
Yeah, that's right
That's right, Daisaku
I've even forgotten how to use shoes
You shouldn't forget
that you've died already
What would you say to this?
Did you forget who I am?
Don't say nonsense.
Of course, I didn't forget
Well, because you forget everything...
How about writing it down?
Is this all?
Is this all I am?
It's grown so big
Hey, Sutekichi
Sooner or later, you'll forget
how to read and write
Forget how to read and write?
- Su-e?
- Shut up!
Su-e is my wife!
Go to Temari, if you want
Oh, come on, cool down.
I wouldn't steal her from you
There is nobody here
Ever since you died,
Temari has been mourning for you
What name would you choose
for the baby?
All right
One... two...
three... four...
six... seven...
Nine... ten...
eleven... twelve...
Forty one... forty two...
forty three...
forty four...
If we add one more today,
it will be 45, Daisaku
I'll never forget you
Even if you forget all this,
it's just too much
Do you want me to join you?
All those who approach me die
Why are you laughing?
I am already dead
He died already
You've been hiding!
I let them run away again
That won't do
It's not chicken meat
You're crazy!
Where are you?
Anyone home?
What is it?
Where do you come from?
Let's greet this gentleman
She is saying she's come to bury
her father's ashes
I've never heard about such a person
How can he be buried in our family
ancestral grave?
That's what I told them, too
But look at this...
What is it?
It's his last will
Last will?
Yes, you're holding it.
And here are his ashes
Ashes or not,
I've never heard about him
How can he be buried in our house?
We must be clear about it
Who would tell us what we should do?
It's a difficult situation,
we can't just allow it
Anyway, you can stay here
for now
Forget about the ashes
for a moment
You must eat something first
That day, right after midnight,
the landlord gave permission
to chant some blessings
After that Tokitos' clock
seemed to strike 4
You still want to go
look at that hole?
It's said that, in the evening,
he can come up
Come up?
I've forgotten about something
Give it to me
Hurry up
What do you want?
Hurry up, under the straw mat
My straw shoes!
Hurry up!
The ones I wear often
Straw shoes
Here... here...
Straw shoes...
Sutekichi... Sutekichi...
Look here... Look!
Not like this!
It's here... here...
Sutekichi, don't do this!
No... here
What's wrong?
Su-e, what's wrong?
Don't cry!
What is it?
I've come to sell a clock
A clock? We had one at home,
a long time ago
It's really inconvenient to have
just one clock for the whole village
If there is a clock,
everybody can make the sun
go up and down
The sun is setting
behind the mountains
It's really going down!
What are you doing, Tsubana?
It's so late!
I am burying my father's ashes
I am doing as he asked me
"Take out my ashes...
"and mix them with the ground.
"There can be a garden there."
This is Tokitos' family grave
Besides Daisaku's ashes
nothing else should be put in there
Father, I'll bury you here
You can rest in peace
Dai... Dai...
Are you alright?
Are you alright?
It's alright
The little boy has grown up, mommy!
No, not like this
I am sorry
- It's really hot
- Nothing special
It can warm your whole body
Like the feeling of sunrise
Tell me
Like sunrise?
All right, I can show you
what hot means
Tonight, open the door and
go to sleep
My son has done something
You're here!
How miserable!
It must be really hard
to live without a man's tenderness?
Well then, I'll do something
to please you
What is it?
When we're done,
I can put it back for you
So much trouble with this
It is from Daisaku
Don't do it!
No point resisting
My love is Daisaku's!
My body is Daisaku's!
It's a clock over there!
How could it be?
If it's really a clock,
it can be one of those
which disappeared earlier
If it is, we must tell
everyone right now
Can it really be a clock?
It really is
No mistake about it
It can be used to tell time
Oh... Reverend
Can I ask you?
How many clocks do you think
there must be in a village?
I am not sure
I am not an astronomer, you know
But if there are two evenings
in one day,
it may become very annoying
It's not necessarily bad
For me... for me,
it's very annoying
Let's all go to the place
where you saw the clock
- Everybody come with me
- I'll go too
Reverend, I haven't finished
your haircut yet
Hurry up, Sutekichi!
It's hard to make a move
Even if it is dead,
I'll still have the rest
If it is to disappear,
I won't be able to help it
Like this?
Right here?
We've come for your clock?
It's really confusing
to have two clocks in the village
That's just how it is
This clock breaks the rules
We can't tell the real time
because of it
- Let go... Let go...
- No!
We need this clock for
our household planning
- Let go
- Don't snatch me
Come on over here
Let go
Run away now
Hurry up
Oh my God
Did you hear me, darling?
Did you hear me, Daisaku?
What about the kid?
What about marriage?
Oh, there is also this one...
Take it
Say it... your last will
Last will
When you're dying,
write down what's on your mind
After you die,
new family members are born
life will always bloom
in the village
Say it!
Last will
Say your last will
No way
It is...
It is...
I've taken it off
Is it all right?
You've brought so many clocks?
What's the problem with it?
Yes, put this one here on the wall
This way, I can know the time
all day long
Thank you, gods!
It must have been gods' will
Since you've been through all this,
gods should be taking care of you
I need to make up my hair nicely
So that I can be with Sutekichi
Make a nice knot
What are you doing?
I've gathered the hair
that was cut off
It's all done now
What should I do?
Ah? Daisaku?
What are you doing here
in the middle of the night?
Don't do this
I am Sutekichi's wife
He's dead already
You can't do it
I don't want...
So damn noisy!
You must be starved for a man
What is it?
Look at it
Seems like there is a voice
Wow, how strange
We can tell the others
It's a phone
A phone?
Where did you get it from?
From the town
From the town?
Is no one coming at all?
Looks like everybody has been hiding
One photo is shot,
one soul is lost
Well, please do not move
in that chair
We're almost done
Please stand nicely for a moment
We'll be looking at it later
Don't slouch like this
Get ready
1... 2... 3
In our village
only one photograph has been taken
Time has passed.
Now there are portable cameras
those with automatic shutters
I am not lying to you!
Hey, listen
In the town
Let's go together and look
It's said they've got
just everything...
Who told you this?
If we leave this house
the kid inside me
will really love you
He's gotta be a smart kid!
What a shame.
Talking like this...
It's just a lie
What's there to see
in the town?!
What a beautiful music!
Who is there?
Do you really want to leave?
Everyone has been in trouble
for so long
It's time to change
our way of living
Sorry for the trouble
and thank you
Have you forgotten what
has been between us?
Are you done?
Yes, it's ready
Zone 1 speaking.
Zone 1 speaking
We're ready, please start
Something's wrong.
The clock stopped
Which one?
All of them stopped
Don't make so much fuss about it
If it moves, it can also stop
Really? Mrs. Tsubana!
Mrs. Tsubana!
Here they have also all...
Oh, stopped... stopped...
stopped... all stopped.
- I am so happy!
- What?
Go back quickly
You just wanted to have a look
at the town
- Why?
- Why should I go back?
Aren't we husband and wife?
It's all so strange
This thing...
Do you want me to put it on again?
Stop the car
This one runs really fast
Yonetaro is back
Yonetaro of the Tokito clan
died two years ago
Good day everybody
Did Tokito family leave this village?
What are you saying?
Did Tokito family leave this village?
Yes, probably
Hmm, thank you
There is still enough time
He can tell time
from that little thing
Now our time will start running again
Sound the horn
Who on earth is that,
I can't see
It's Tsubana
Is she new here?
Perhaps she is dead
Time doesn't flow here
Really? Is it true?
Did it stop half-way through?
Do you really want to take it out?
The circumstances are favorable
These days, there're fewer and fewer
people in the village
Everybody has moved to the town
Who is it?
I am very sorry
to disturb your sleep
Why on earth are you here
all of a sudden
Are you a man or a ghost?
If you're a man, speak!
Is there a clock here?
It's told that all the clocks
that had been buried...
have now been dug out
by the people again
Do you want to bury them?
Why did they have to be dug out?
You want to know?
Hmm... you know it?
I want to know
I want to know it all
Don't push me away
Oh, you're Tokito?
I am really not in the mood
Doesn't matter
- Not in the mood
- Doesn't matter
The clock,
the clock is moving
I've gotta go do some work
It doesn't matter,
you don't have to
It's there!
It's getting out...
getting out...
Something happened...
Something incredible happened...
It's my father's bones,
my bones
Something happened...
Something happened...
Yonetaro found it!
Something happened...
Totally... totally incredible
Did they all leave for the town?
I want to go, too...
I'll go, too
Am I beautiful?
I think this dress
is really beautiful
Can't you see me?
They all want to leave
It's really miserable
to stay here
Tell me how to do best
People are born half-dead
It takes them a whole life
to die completely
Oh, yellow petals...
Can you hear me?
Where are they coming from?
Can you write every name
once again?
Can you?
The hands of the clock
keep turning
These days, it's really different
from how it used to be in the past
Seems like I am going
to be with you again
Come and hug me
Leaving for the town!..
It doesn't exist, this town!
It's all a lie! You close your eyes
and don't see anything!
There is nothing there!
You will only understand it
in a hundred years
Come back in a hundred years
In a hundred years
So this is the only photograph
that turned out well...
Have you seen this kind
of photographs before?
Yes... two people
photographed together
This person isn't my dad, is he?
No, he can't be
The place where this photo was taken
doesn't exist anymore
But how can it be?
They were mailed out so long ago,
but the replies didn't get here until now
Also, all tied up in one pack
Written by a person called...
All right, let's have a look!
Wow, terrible handwriting
What is it?
Did I write it?
Dear Temari, how have you been?
I've been doing great after my death.
No need to worry
There are many great women here
There isn't anything
that would bother me
How boring!
Have you forgotten Daisaku Tokito?
I am still wearing the pants
you've thrown down for me
To Tsubana from her deceased father:
Family records are
of very little use here
So things have been very easy for me
after I died
You shouldn't be worried
about death either
Boyservant Ada to forest fairy Chigusa:
After coming over here, I've been often
playing the pipe tune you like
I hope you'll hear it, and will be
kind enough to die a little sooner
Also there is this one...
To Su-e from Sutekichi:
I didn't say good bye.
I'm sorry.
I've been looking for your father
since I came here
I wanted to ask him
how to open your chastity belt
But I haven't found him yet
Yesterday, we pounded
a lot of rice
So I am a bit tired
I will write you again later
Come, let's take a picture
Come all together,
let's take a picture
Hey, it looks like
they're taking pictures
Everybody please go
to the rear hill to take pictures
The photographer is over there
It can be left as a memory
Come to make pictures
Come to make pictures
Come to make pictures
Come to make pictures
Don't run,
don't let him run!
Where are you going?
Where did they go?
That thief ran away!
So old!
Can it make pictures?
The image is upside-down
Has everybody come yet?
What we're gonna show you...
Come to make pictures
Go to the rear hill
to make pictures
Everybody come together
to make pictures
The photographer is here
Come here, turn around, move...
Come to make pictures...
The photographer is
at the rear hill
Good you've come!
Long time no see
How cute!
Oh, how cute!
Come... come here
Attention everyone
Mommy, please come here
Please come to the front
Get ready, everyone!