Farewell to the Star Trek Experience (2009) Movie Script

That it is.
Oh, yes.
- Thank you, baby.
- A little happy face.
- Tom, did you sign this?
- No.
Come on over here.
- Just let me know.
- Just your first name.
- We're on a first-name basis.
- Oh, yes, we are.
- We should be, after all this time.
- That's right.
- We share KY.
- That's true.
Is he on the phone?
Of course.
You know, when he wears that Bluetooth,
I can't tell if he's talking to me sometimes.
Yeah, I can't... I don't know.
I mean, I can if I'm not there to...
- Wait. I brought some tissues.
- You brought tissues.
This is from a redheaded Klingon, I guess.
- Okay.
- Okay, I'm in.
I've got... Okay, I'm going.
I just want to take this and leave that shirt.
This is going to be an interesting day
because we've got so many fans
that know us now, both ways.
And it's kind of like we've
grown up with a lot of people,
and it's really amazing.
I think that I'm going to be
so busy during the day
that I'm not going to have
a conscious awareness
that this is the end, at least I hope,
because I don't want anything to affect
what I'm doing out there.
This is the last show for a lot of these people.
So nothing... I can't let
anything get in the way.
The jury's still out
on if it's canon or not,
but the gold chain and the bar
has been with my character
for seven years.
Used to be signed by Jeffrey Combs,
but it's long since faded.
I start with the back
and work my way to the front
'cause it takes the back... Then it's dry
and I don't have to worry about it.
But over the course of the day,
I have to keep checking it
because people like to touch me.
I'll come back and there's
like a big pink spot back there.
- Get out.
- Oh, shut up. Yes, they do.
Hey, you dropped some there.
It's the last day.
What are you gonna do, fire me?
Go for it.
There goes my severance.
Shoulder injury, so she's gotta
put this over my shoulder for me.
These are the worst boots in the world.
They're very painful,
and they're like 4-inch platforms.
I know they're platforms.
Everybody comes up and says,
"Yeah, he's wearing platforms,"
but it's still very intimidating to
hover over somebody in a pair of these,
and so... It's theatrical.
I mean, come on, it's all fake.
Ten years, you guys have been
coming up to me saying,
"He's wearing platforms."
Dude, I'm wearing a mask,
I'm wearing a costume,
I'm wearing makeup. You know?
And these are very painful, though,
and I do this for you. Pain in my craft.
And I have to wrap my ankles so
these things don't kill me every day.
- It's fake? Are you kidding me?
- It's fake.
- It's fake? Oh, my God.
- It's totally fake.
I'm so depressed now.
I'm getting naked, so go away.
Go away.
The box. They call me Princess around here.
- I honestly haven't seen a...
- And you just got an earful why.
- Thank you, Crystal.
- You're welcome.
Have a good day, hon.
Since I'm halfway between Rog'l and Richard,
I guess now I'm Rig'l.
I'm just gonna go out and enjoy myself.
Once I'm in this gear,
I am no longer Tom
and everybody here knows it,
because even when I'm backstage,
if I'm still wearing the head, beware,
"cause the General has a temper.
It's you again,
with a two-dimensional moving replicator.
And he's moving. Excellent.
I shall return momentarily.
Well, once Commander Tahryn comes out,
she's not sentimental about this place,
so she's gonna help me a lot.
And I don't know if you know this,
but later on in the day
I'm going to morph into my Vulcan character.
I'm so grateful for those characters
'cause, like I said, Tahryn...
Everybody's crying out there, she's like,
"You humans are so sentimental. Get over it."
And T'pril will use that suppressed emotion,
so I'll be suppressing a lot of emotion today.
I had to change my mindset,
I have to say, about a few months ago
when we heard the rumours
that it might possibly end.
So I had to just sit down
and turn my head back around to,
"Okay, what's next?"
I was used to "What was next?
for twenty years,
and when I didn't have a dancing gig,
I went and did something normal
like every other actor does,
you know, go get a regular job,
go back to the gig,
go get a regular, go back to the gig.
So I had to get my head
wrapped back around that.
This one came as unemployment was
about to run out 10 years ago, so...
And here I've been for ten years.
They're gonna be real emotional today.
They've been laying it on pretty thick.
It's been building. It totally has.
And every time April cries back here,
it just chokes us all up,
and she's always the first. Stop it.
Klingons are not supposed to have tear ducts.
- I can't do this today, so...
- Yeah. No, no, no.
All right.
Okay, this is good.
- There's no schedule any more.
- There's no sign in/sign out sheet today.
I love that. We used to
have to sign in and sign out.
Like when you were out
on the floor, blah blah blah,
you put your time in, time out.
There isn't one today. Yay.
Welcome to the final performance
of Star Trek The Experience.
The day that, I think, a lot of us
didn't want to come, but it's here.
It's here, and I want you to take great
pride in everything that you do today
and know that your fans are lined up to see you.
- They are.
- They're expecting
exactly what you've given them
for the last ten years.
Have a fun day. It's been a hell of a ride,
and we do not want this to end,
but all good things...
All good things... Have a great day.
I'm looking forward
to the ceremony tonight, guys,
and seeing you coming down the aisle,
decommissioning in its proper way.
Have a wonderful day. Lots of energy. I love you.
- Love you.
- Thank you very much.
We love you, too.
Let's bring it in.
Let's bring it in. Let's bring it in.
Yeah. Have a great day, guys.
Let's do it. Let's do it.
Rock and roll.
All right, guys, places.
Final day of The Experience has begun today
with a very sad pre-shift.
We've stood in our circle
that we have for the last ten years
in preparation for the day,
and the day has begun, obviously,
with our regular operating hours.
We are going to end the shows
to the public at 8:00 tonight.
We will have our VIP final crew
board for the final time at 8:30
on Borg Invasion and Klingon Encounter at 9:00.
- Have a good show, you guys.
- Thank you. You, too.
Well, to give you an idea,
the longest-running show in Vegas
is the Folies Bergere.
They have done since, I believe,
1957, about 65,000 shows.
Lot of shows, lot of years.
We've been here 10 years.
We've done over 175,000 shows.
We are the longest-running show
in Star Trek franchise history.
The employees have really, really borne up
under a good deal of stress
over the last couple of months,
with humour, with generosity,
and I guess just the spirit of this place
has kept the employees going,
and, in turn, the spirit of the people
who've come to say goodbye
during this last couple of months
has helped the employees' attitudes
and their emotions considerably.
Many humans.
Well, today is unlike anything I've ever
gone through or witnessed here.
There's just such an outpouring
of love and affection
from the group that's gathered here,
from the visitors, from the guests
and from our regulars.
These are people who have come here
specifically to say goodbye
to this facility, people who love this facility,
who've come here and supported us over the years,
and it's just overwhelming,
the affection that we're feeling
from everybody that's here today.
So, what do you need to know, female?
You have question of some sort?
I'm sorry to see you guys leave.
There're a lot of that going around.
Welcome. Enjoy yourself while you are here.
Proper handshake is like this.
Good. Excellent.
This is Quan.
This is Quan, our favourite Ferengi.
- What?
- And Quan is responsible
for all of the revenue here.
He's in control of the funds
and makes sure that it's kept safe.
- Right, Quan?
- Well, I watch the money.
I stand near the money. I look at the money.
I don't often count the money,
but I smell the money,
which is good, and it's a good smell.
I think that Star Trek has
some of the best-smelling money.
I mean, I'm just... I mean,
maybe I sound a little prejudiced...
- It's good-smelling money.
- ...but I'm just saying it is...
It's a really good, good smell.
I mean, there are some other money out there
that does not smell as good as Star Trek money.
And the Star Trek money has been
smelling very good for this long.
There are fans who have been coming here forever
and, literally, there are fans who believe
that Star Trek The Experience
has cured them of diseases,
has changed their lives significantly.
This is a place where people come
to live out their fantasies.
- Trekkies.
- Trekkies.
- Trekkies.
- Trekkies.
That's one thing about this place.
It's always been a place
where you have a good time.
It's one thing that's always
been good about Star Trek,
we enjoy ourselves.
This is like life.
This is like...
Eugene Roddenberry said,
"This is a lot of hope."
A lot of hope.
- Thank all of you.
- Yes!
Thank all of you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
It was crazy yesterday.
We had over 2,500 scans yesterday.
A lot of people in costume. A lot of sad people.
A lot of people telling their stories about
how many times they've seen the shows.
It was really crazy yesterday.
I expect tonight,
it should get really crazy
during the decommissioning ceremony.
- How was it?
- Excellent.
This will be my 1,015th time.
I've been coming out here for nine years.
January of '99 was my first week
out here and that was...
I didn't think even they
could top that experience
till the New Year's Eve party.
We brought New Year's Eve in on
the Bridge of the Starship Enterprise-D.
They've treated me like family.
They know me by name.
I told them if I ever hit the lottery,
they'd never have to worry
about the old folks' home.
I would take care of them
for the rest of their lives.
Kind of a sad, happy affair
at the same time.
If you caught me later tonight,
it'd be a tear-fest.
I want to say, humans, that in 10 years
it has been good getting to know
all of you.
I want to say that on this planet,
everyone here today
is the best thing about this planet.
Everyone who believes
in what you believe in
and what you stand for
and what you're doing here today,
may you die with your eyes wide open
and your underwear dry.
It's unfortunate
that we are having our last day today,
but it's gratifying to know
how many people really are
just anxious and eager
to show us how much they love.
Well, I've been here
for 565 straight days.
Well, we decided,
once we heard it was closing,
that what was something silly to do?
So, I decided,
"Well, why not come here every day?
We got married on the Bridge,
and this has, like,
So many special memories for us,
but we've made so many friends.
"Cause we didn't know Dave
before we came here.
I had my 40th birthday
on the Captain's Lounge back in May,
- and these two were here.
- Yeah.
So, you know,
we've made so many friends.
We're just... We're just really sad
to see this place go,
but all the people that have worked here
have done such a tremendous job,
and it's been just a joy
to be able to come here
and escape the everyday world
and just go to the 24th century
for a few hours every day.
The fans' reaction to our closing
was tremendous.
And throughout all of the emails
and letters that I received,
it was only appropriate to display
all of these very, very detailed letters
and intimate letters,
describing everyone's experiences.
We've got photographs,
we've got emails,
we've got handwritten notes
that were done here at The Experience.
There's walls and walls of messages,
and still stacks of messages
that we haven't gotten to, to display.
Again, it's a testimony, it's an example
of the fan base that we do have,
the dedication that we do have,
and the sadness and anger
that our fans are experiencing
that their home is being taken away.
It sucks. It's as simple as that.
It's kind of like...
I don't know if you've heard
about interactive Stitch at Disneyland,
but when they turned that off,
I went to city hall and said, "Bad idea."
This is possibly
the finest salute to Roddenberry
and the Roddenberry idea
of Star Trek, Starfleet,
and it's going away and that's not good.
I feel like I've had a home
and I'm being foreclosed on.
However, the happy part
is that I've had a home
and I've had a memory
that's gonna last me a lifetime,
and it's incredible. It's incredible.
- Quan! Quan! Quan!
- Quan! Quan! Quan!
- Quan! Quan! Quan!
- Quan! Quan! Quan!
- Hell, no, we won't go.
- Hell, no, we won't go.
- Hell, no, we won't go.
- Hell, no, we won't go.
It's very strange.
They seem to be drinking a great deal,
and pounding on the bar
and threatening to stay there forever.
You've seen the wall of all the letters,
and just the heart that's here.
You know, I think
that the world needs Star Trek
as much as it ever has,
or maybe even more these days,
and I think that the fans being able
to come and celebrate that
and be together,
it's been just really lovely,
and it's sad to see it go.
Everything about this place
IS SO unique and special,
the rides, the people, the food,
and it's just wonderful to bump into
people from all over the world
who are here experiencing it
right along with us.
This franchise is too powerful to die.
- Absolutely.
- Yes.
Like Jean-Luc said, there's plenty
more letters in the alphabet,
so this was just part of the chapter
that's gonna continue,
I'm sure, later on.
- ...2, 3. Live long and prosper!
- ...2, 3. Live long and prosper!
Thank you.
This is it. The last ride.
...take you down to airlock number one.
- This is it.
- Yeah.
- Wow.
- Wow.
Hey, say what you want about it, Jim.
Thank you so much.
I love you.
- Have a good trek.
- They're like water.
We assimilate, we love.
That was the last time.
On January 4th, 1998,
Star Trek was charged
with a 10-year mission.
This dream has bound us together
for a decade
and brings us together
one last time here tonight.
This is Star Trek The Experience.
Ten years is over 3 million visitors
and over 150,000 missions flown.
But this evening is not about
what's possible,
this evening is about
who made all this possible,
and here they are,
the crew that bravely
and with great dedication
saw this mission to its end.
Lynn Sterling.
Richard Oden.
Kerstan Szczepanski.
Tom Deishley.
Mark Weitz.
Jerad Formby.
Russell Giles.
Chad Boutte.
In accordance with tradition,
the first crew member assigned
to The Experience
is now the last to disembark.
Ms. April Hebert.
For 10 years,
this banner, bearing the seal
of the United Federation of Planets,
has stood watch over this facility.
In observance of maritime tradition,
as our longest-serving crew member,
you are entrusted with its safekeeping.
Ms. April Hebert.
Ladies and gentlemen,
stay on your feet.
Please give your unbridled thanks
to the heroic crew
of Star Trek The Experience.
I am Captain Chad Boultte.
We stand here after 10 years
because of the love of our fans.
On behalf of everyone stationed here
in Las Vegas,
I thank each of you
who made this place possible
and hope that we always provided you
with the fun you desired,
the possibilities you needed
and returned the love to you
that you all demonstrated.
It is time now
for all of us to look to the future.
As the lights are doused
and the gates are sealed,
it's time for all of us to explore
the strange new possibilities before us.
Live long and prosper.
The future of The Experience is
unknown at this time,
but isn't that what life's all about,
conquering the unknown?