Farming (2018) Movie Script

You fucking coon!
Here, boy!
Nigger mind.
Go black home.
Be all white in the morning.
Be all white
in the morning.
Please, brother!
Please, brother.
Brother, please.
He said please.
The government and
the British people are concerned
at the level of immigrants
arriving in the country.
Enoch Powell has claimed
there will be "rivers of blood"
if immigrants continue to flow
into the country unchecked.
Hundreds of black immigrants poured
into Tilbury Port onboard the Windrush.
There is a genuine concern
by locals that jobs...
Many British people have
publicly voiced their resentment
at the recent immigrant influx,
claiming that Enoch Powell
is right.
Disturbances have broken out
within the inner cities,
as right-wing groups clash with
local immigrant populations.
Police struggle to gain control
as the violence escalated.
Nigerian immigrants have struggled to
assimilate in their foreign culture.
Reports have indicated
that many are now taking
to fostering their babies out to
white working-class families.
Many have thought enticement to free education
and good jobs are outweighing parental care.
Reports indicate that this practice
has spread across the entire country,
numbering as high
as tens of thousands.
Over there.
What's his name?
- Sorry?
- His name is Enitan.
- Eni... Eni... Enitan.
- Enitan.
- That's nice.
- That's... that's a lovely name, yeah.
Mm-hmm. And you said
he's just six weeks?
- Oh, yeah.
- The money, then?
- Yeah. Okay.
- We are both working and study.
It's just until
we finish our studies
and return to Nigeria.
Oh... let me...
He's lovely.
Please take care of our son.
Eni, get from behind there.
That's why they'd
all better behave themselves
and do what Mummy tells them,
else they'll all be back
on the next banana boat
to bloody Wooga Wooga land.
I made the tea last time.
Do it yourself.
Mingle, shut that baby up.
Keep your mouth shut.
Read this for me, babes.
Me eyes hurt.
Don't know why you're lying.
Y'know you can't bleeding read.
"We are sorry...
we could not come down again.
We are working hard,
and we'll try to see you soon."
Who's it from?
Which one is it?
- Eni's mum.
- Eni's mum.
Blimey. Eni's parents
not coming down again.
They only live a couple
of hours away in London.
Too bleeding busy trying to become
lawyers instead of visiting their boy.
Eni really gets on my nerves, Lynn.
Thought you liked
having the kids.
I don't mind Dopey and Mingle,
his sisters and the rest of them,
but... he just rubs me
the wrong way.
Y'know, scrounging for attention all the
time like he's special. He's annoying.
- Aw, you don't mean that, Ing.
- She's only jealous 'cause he's happy.
No, I ain't.
He thinks he's better
than the rest of 'em.
Look at him. Sits behind there,
talking to hisself,
saying he's got
an imaginary friend.
So? What's wrong with that?
I got me an imaginary friend
and I call him Tom. Tom Jones.
I remember your mother telling me
you was like that as a toddler.
Always in your own world.
Don't want none of my kids
growing up soft, that's all.
- No chance of that.
- How much d'you say his parents give you for Eni Ing?
13 a week for him
and his sisters.
- Mind yourselves.
- Plus their family-allowance books.
- What?
- Yeah, government gives them 5 vouchers per week, per kid.
I could do with a bit of that.
My Tony's been made
redundant again, ain't he?
Lynn, you can't pick 'em up
and drop 'em as you please.
Nah, especially when you got
social workers up your arse.
They ain't bleedin' toys,
Divvy cods!
Get from behind there.
Just needs to be put to work,
instead of sitting behind that sofa
daydreaming, playing silly buggers all day.
Yeah. No more silly buggers.
D'you wanna be
Mummy's favourite?
Do ya? Go on.
- Oi!
- Little bleeder!
I told you not to touch
anything, didn't I?!
Git, wait till I get you home,
embarrass me like that.
I'm sorry. I keep telling him not to touch.
I'm really sorry.
Come here.
We had to do it so we didn't
get caught, alright?
Nearly got Mummy in trouble,
didn't you? Eh? Silly?
Got to do better if you want
to be Mummy's favourite.
Right, you lot,
I want this place spick'n'span.
I don't want no stuck-up social
workers saying my house ain't clean.
I have to see if I can get
some money out of 'em.
Jack, you use that
for the bloody dog.
I'll use 'em on bloody you
in a minute. Get here.
It's alright all the bloody same, innit?
You don't mind, do ya, kids?
No, Dad!
Oi, Herberts.
When you're done,
I want you to get round
to Aunty Lynn's.
Don't want them knowing
how many of youse I got.
Mum, how comes Madam doesn't
have to get her hair cut?
Don't you worry about Madam.
Any dirt, any misbehaving,
I'll have 'em takes youse all back
to Wooga Wooga land. No!
- What's that? Ah!
- Oh, my God, it's a mouse! Kill it! Kill it!
- I can't.
- Jack! Kill it.
Make it go outside.
It ain't gonna bloody
hurt you.
It's just come for a haircut.
We love you, Mum.
And what is your name?
- Oi.
- Madam.
Well, you're a good,
clean girl, Madam.
Leave me alone.
No lice or ringworm,
and their general health
seems fine.
- I keep my kids bloody clean.
- Mrs. Carpenter,
when did you last speak
to the families of the children?
I ain't heard from his at all.
The others, I ain't heard or
received nothing from 'em in ages.
- The farming phenomenon.
- The what?
Nigerian families fostering
their children out
to white families across the country -
it's what we term it.
They ain't bleedin' potatoes. Why don't
you call 'em something friggin' sensible?
The practice has been tripling
in the last six months.
And regrettably,
the welfare resources
aren't designed
to extend to private fostering.
- What d'you expect me to do? I got nothing to feed them on.
- You can't cope?
No, I'm saying I could use
a bit of help.
If we can't track down
the natural parents,
the new directives tell us
to place the children
in care institutions
until they're deported
to the closet known relative...
- Wait. Hang on.
They were born here, they're British.
You can't deport them.
Well, we hope
it won't come to that.
We all want the best for
the children, Mrs. Carpenter.
But it's a question of budget.
You say your husband is a long-distance
lorry driver, away for days at a time.
Will he be coming today?
We did ask to see
the both of you.
He's at work.
Someone's gotta feed 'em.
Your love
is everything to me
With you
is where I long to be
You're always on my mind
So don't waste
precious time
- What you doing home?
- You should be at school.
Go on. You can have
one of your funny half-hours.
I gave my mom a gift
and she gave me a smile
Now I got this feeling
that I ain't had in a while
Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Feelin' alright oh yeah
Oh yeah
That's a good girl.
Hmm. -
Eating Daddy's dinner.
Lucky Daddy didn't eat his food
last night, eh?
Mummy's baby, eh? Mm.
I woke up in the morning
And I saw in the end
She took the thing I gave her
Oi! Don't forget your sisters.
I'm feelin' ashamed
Oh no
Sho enough
she gave my heart away
No longer Mommy's good books
I told you not to walk
down here, coon! Didn't I?
That ain't right
Go get him, Sheila!!
- It's okay, Eni. It's okay.
- It's been a bloody hour already.
Look at his leg.
I'll sort it me friggin' self.
- We'll wait for Jack.
- Jack ain't here!
We've been waiting for Jack half an hour.
It's an hour, it's an hour.
He said half an hour
he'd be here.
What the fuck's going on here, then?
Them bastard Smiths
set a dog on him.
I've had him down the hospital.
He's had 15 stitches.
What you gonna do?
- They should've stopped it.
- Right. Nothing, then, is it?
- That bleeding dog needs putting down.
They set a dog on your son, and your gypsy
cousins just stood there and watched.
Now you fucking go out there
and kill it.
I mean it, Jack.
Slit its fucking throat. I want it dead!
Shut it.
Right, you, come on, get up.
Now, I've told you, boy, ain't I?
You gotta stop your whining.
- Jack!
- I'm not having him come home balling like a friggin' baby.
Now, you got a choice.
You either go out there and get beat,
or come in here and get beat.
Now get out there...
- Don't have him fighting.
- Send him out there by himself?
He's got to learn
to fight for himself.
Now, you pick up a brick
and you hit 'em.
And don't come back
till you've done it. Alright?
Now go on.
- Eni, don't go out there.
- Jack.
- Look, make me a sandwich.
- He's only a kid!
Rain's gone away
We're going out to play
The rain's gone away
We're going out...
Eni, where are we going?
I'm looking for the end
of the rainbow.
We're going out to play
Eni, I'm hungry.
- Is that it?
- It's just a puddle.
I want to go home.
Look, there's a rainbow.
Wow, there's a rainbow.
- What's he doing?
- He's making a wish.
Let's join him.
- It's gone.
- What?!
- Let's go.
- Eni, what did you wish for?
- I wished for a dog.
- I wished for a... - Last one home's a fathead.
You guys wish too much.
You should've wished
that we'd all be happy.
Well done, baba.
Well done,
Eni, come.
Daddy's home.
these are your sisters.
Now, make yourself at home.
Come, come, come.
Eni, come and greet
your grandfather.
Here, come, come.
Enitan, go and say hello
to your grandfather.
Look at his face.
They fear their own kind.
You must do the prayer ritual
to bring his ancestral spirit
back home.
Leave me alone.
Like this, like this.
Allahu Akbar!
Allahu Akbar!
- Name?
- Akim, sir.
- Name?
- Remi Olasa.
Answer me. What is your name?
So you don't want to talk?
Go stand on one leg
in that corner.
We will teach you to talk today,
Mr. English.
You will talk.
You will talk.
Shut up.
Now come here. Get up. Come.
Come here.
You will talk today.
You hear me?
You will talk. Ah!
- Femi, Femi...
- It took us everything to get him in there.
Let's think about this
for a second.
What is there to think about?
We gave him everything.
We'll find him another school.
There's so many schools out there.
Where, Tolu? That was the third one.
I don't know what else to do.
- Uh, okay, we'll educate him ourselves...
- When, Tolu?
We are both working
night and day.
the boy is beating teachers,
and he still won't speak.
Can't you see there's something
wrong with him?
Femi, Femi, wait. Please.
I'm afraid. I don't want
to lose my son again.
Calm down.
I don't want to lose him,
either, eh?
But I don't want my son
to end up a dullard.
If he stays here, we know that
he's going to become a ruffian.
- Remember what Elijah said.
He needs to be here.
He has to be here.
He told us.
But at least if he goes there,
he will go to school.
And maybe begin to speak again
and behave normal.
Look at that.
There, that one. What's that?
It's their religion, ain't it?
- "Vooju."
- That's wicked.
- Ought to report 'em to the authorities.
- No, Ing.
Lynn. Don't want the school
coming over here blaming me.
That's another thing.
He's already behind in school.
Reckon they couldn't find him
a school.
Kept the girls, set him back.
Bloody ridiculous.
He's got bruises, keeps carving stuff
over me furniture and he won't talk.
What ya mean, he don't talk?
They said he hasn't said
a word in six months.
He ain't spoke a word
in six months?
Like one of them deaf and dumbs?
- That's what they said.
He ain't half-dark now, Ing.
Well, I expect it's the sun,
ain't it?
Six months of that
turn anyone blue.
You'll be alright, though,
Run out of electric,
all you gotta do is ask him to smile.
He'd light up the whole bleeding street.
Here, watch this. Eni?
What'd you think
of Wooga Wooga land?
Wooga Wooga man
cut his tongue out, see?
That's what happens
if you don't behave.
Ain't right,
splitting 'em up like that.
It's kidnap, ain't it?
They're allowed to just take 'em like that?
They're fostered, not adopted.
They can take 'em whenever they want.
Still ain't right.
He'll be alright now he's back,
won't you, son? We won't let 'em get ya.
Don't like it, don't like it!
I'm the Wooga Wooga man
and I'm coming to get you!
Wooga, Wooga, Wooga,
Wooga, Wooga.
Did you see his face?
Eni, come back here and do the
Wooga Wooga dance for Mummy.
Eni, get your bleeding arse
in here.
I've had just about enough of you.
You look stupid.
- Look at his hair!
- He looks like an African.
- I ain't African, you wogs!
- Yes, you are.
Black boy
Brought up in Tilbury
I used to go and think
no one was harder than me...
I'll take youse.
Black boy
I ain't going out
without a fight
Two more minutes.
What you looking at,
you black bastard?
- What did you just call me?
- You're the black bastard, coon.
- Yeah, you stupid wog.
- Eh?
Come on!
Hey! Stop that!
- Break it up!
- Hey!
Fucking prick.
You've had your last warning.
I'm suspending you
from this school!
Now get out!!
Get back to your work!
You okay?
Black boy
Brought up in Tilbury
Black boy
I ain't going out
without a fight
Without a fight
Without a fight
Fuck off!
- Ah, don't cry.
- Fuck off.
Here, Lev, look.
Look who we got here.
Oi, Levi, look.
It's the wank brigade.
- Oi, off you go.
- Go on!
- Go on!
- Fuck off.
Get out, you cunt!
- Fucking bastard.
- Wanker!
- Come here again, you pay rent, mate.
They took me Madam back to Africa.
She was me angel.
- Don't cry.
- I'm sorry, Mummy.
- Don't cry.
- Oh, stop it! Go away.
- Shhh-shhh.
Alright, go and sit down kids.
Sit down.
They said she was only going
to London for a visit.
You know how they are, Ing.
This was always on the cards.
They're not our kids.
You're the nanny,
not their mother.
Parents was always gonna try
and get them back.
But Madam was me baby.
What am I gonna do now?
This lot are friggin' useless.
I wish they'd taken him. Pig.
He's the one always fighting,
not her.
It's his bloody fault.
It's your fault,
you useless git.
Another report of you fighting at that
friggin' school and you're going with her.
Back, bloody back,
you horrible bastard!
She was worth ten of you.
All of ya, you're all next,
the whole bleeding fucking lot
of ya!
Come sit down.
I've gone all hot now.
You really shouldn't be here.
I can talk to the headmaster and see
if he can reduce the suspension.
You're an intelligent pupil,
you should be in school.
Don't give a toss
about school.
Then what do you care about?
Would you like to talk inside the
car for a minute out of the rain?
Why did you call me
a black bastard?
It's what you are.
Did you...
ever have any dreams of...
what you wanted to be,
growing up as a boy, Eni?
When I was a girl, I always
dreamed of being a scientist.
You mean like... an artist?
I like paper when it's...
clean and white.
Put stuff on it
and watch it come awake.
Do you...
have anyone you can talk to,
- Yeah, loads.
Well, that's good.
I make 'em up.
Talk to 'em behind the sofa.
You mean... your imagination.
That's... who your friend is.
My imagination's my friend.
This generation
Rules the nation
Here, boy!
- Where d'ya think you're going, coon?
- Argh!
Come on!!
Get outta the way.
Just gonna take him
for a little ride.
Come on!
Going for a little ride!
Get over there! Get!
Stay down.
Strip him.
Let me get his trousers off
so he can't run.
You're vermin, you are.
A filthy... fucking... disease.
And that is how you spread it.
And infect our little
white girls with it, ain't ya?
Let me cut if off, Lev,
so he can't 'taminate nothing.
Don't want more wogs.
Ah, looks like someone
gave it a snip already.
We've seen you and that wog teacher
cozy like little lovebirds, eh?
Get him up.
Ah! No!
I ain't scared of you.
- Over there.
- No!
Fuck off me, you fucking...
- Oh...
- I'll smack him. That's right.
Go on, Lev, mark him.
What you gonna do, Lev?
- Burn him, Lev! Go on!
- Black pudding.
Fuck him up! Slice it.
I'm gonna stamp you
and your vermin out.
Well, slice it off. Slice off
his dirty black sausage.
Chop it off.
Come on.
Get your knife out, Lev.
- Go on, Lev.
- Go on, Lev.
- Chop it off!
- Yeah, chop it off!
Chop it off!
Slice it.
And so me say we a go hear it
on the stereo
Pass the dutchie
on the left-hand side
Pass the dutchie
'pon the left-hand side Me say
Pass the dutchie
'pon the left-hand side
It a gonna burn Give me
the music make me jump and prance
It a go done Give me the
music make me rock in the dance
On the left-hand side
Me say me say
On the left-hand side
Me say
On the left-hand side
Me say
On the left-hand side
On the left-hand side
On the left-hand side
- Look! It's a white coon!
Me say the left-hand side
Go black home!
Be all white in the morning!
On the left-hand side
Yemi's Mummy's little girl,
ain't ya?
So the girls couldn't fit in,
- Nah, they hated it. Didn't ya, babes?
- It's horrible.
Couldn't wait to get home
to Mummy.
- Look at them looking.
- Who?
What you looking at, four-eyes?
Cor blimey, anyone'd think
you're Queen of England, Ing.
No, when Dopey and Mingle come back,
Eni's mum wrote me,
asking if she could bring
some other African kids over.
- Really?
- Yeah, Jack put a stop to it.
Says we can't have no more,
says we're overcrowded, says it's cruel.
Dunno what'd make a mother give up
her own child in the first place.
Oh, rainbows. Whole lot of 'em.
Chasing bleeding rainbows.
Well, I know I couldn't never
give mine up for no rainbows.
What made you have 'em, Ing?
- I love 'em.
- There's so many.
Don't matter.
But why them ones and not,
you know?
After me second miscarriage,
Jack wouldn't risk it.
So we answered an ad
in the paper.
Didn't think about it.
Just seemed right at the time.
Don't you ever wish
they was yours, though?
They are mine.
Ain't ya, babes? My little doll.
Yemi, you Mummy's little girl?
Yeah, Mummy's favourite.
Fuckin' spank about the head.
Fucking bastards,
fucking bastards,
fucking bastards,
fucking bastards...
Oi, you lanky git!!
Ain't that that coon
you painted white, Levi?
Alright there, snowdrop?!
Go on, get him, Lev.
- Go on, Lev.
- Go on, Lev.
- Go on, Lev, get your glass out. Go on.
- Yes, Lev!
Go on.
Go on, have him, Levi!
Yes, Lev!
Do you think this...
is a fucking game?
- No.
- Eh?
Fuck off, coon.
What you looking at?
What are ya?
Say it. What are ya?
Say it.
What are you?
"I'm a coon." Say it.
Go on.
Go on! Fucking say it.
Fucking say it! What are ya?!
Go on! What are ya?
Say it.
Fucking say it.
Look at me and say it.
- Go on, what are ya?
- I'm a coon.
- I'm a coon.
- A what?
- I'm a coon.
- You're a fucking coon.
- I'm a coon.
- Again. - I'm a coon.
- Louder.
- I'm a coon. - Louder.
- I'm a coon.
- Louder! - I'm a coon!
- Louder!!!
- I'm a coon...!! Stop that!
Yeah, a fucking coon.
Oh, my God,
why are you doing this?!
Go on, piss off!
Little wankers.
Go on, monkey, off to class.
It's a fucking wog dog!
Keep him as a pet, Lev.
Give me the money!
Give me the fucking money!
Get back over there!
...Kicking down the doors
We're taking all the money
Leaving blood
all over the floor
...kiss her!
- Let go!
- I think she fuckin' likes it!
Oi! Oi!
Let's go!
- Shut up!
- Where's the fucking money?!
- It's over there! It's...
Go on. Now read it! Go on!
We just don't care
We just don't care
Go on, Bomber!
Fucking hit him!
We just don't care
We just don't care
I told you to stay out there,
But we don't care
But we don't care
Yeah, yeah...!
Yeah, yeah!
- Gray Skins!
- What d'you want to do, Lev?
Fuck it.
Come get your money,
you dicks!
Come here, you wanker!
We just don't care
- You're a pet, not a skin.
- What you doing with it, Jonesy, buying another dildo?
I'll have this and that,
and that.
- What you doing, Lev?
- Yeah. - Ah, Lev, come on.
- Come on, mate.
- Coon. Here.
Come on, Lev!
Come on, Lev.
- Throw the fuckin' money!
- Right here!
- Yeah, yeah!!
- Yeah!! Yeah, yeah!
- Oi, oi!
- Get up! Mine!
What are you doing?
Get off!!
Oi, oi!!
- Oi, oi.
- Oh, there he is.
- Come.
- Nice one, Jonesy.
D'see what I done at that robbery?
I was the dog's bollocks.
Not you, coon. Lev.
Oi, Levi. Gray Skins
are gonna be well pissed
we robbed a post office
on their turf.
- Fuck them wannabes!
- Fuck them wannabes!
- Oi, Brenda.
- Hmm? - C'mere.
- Breath stinks!
- Come on. C'mere.
- C'mere.
- No, you come down here.
- Oh, for fucksake.
- Come on.
Come on, love,
I haven't got all bloody day.
I heard they got biggun.
You suck it, then. I ain't.
Go on, make 'im get it out.
Oi, what you two giggling at?
Oi, watch this.
Oi... nignog.
Get it out.
Let's have a look at it.
I wanna see what it looks like.
Is it the same colour as the rest of ya?
- Oi.
- What?
Only wanted to have a look.
- Yeah, yeah!
- Oi, oi!
Oh, my God.
Oi, let's have a look at that.
Oh, friggin' hell.
Fathead's found
a new girlfriend!
- Oh, look at the balls on it. Look.
- What's that you've got, mate?
Show us your new friend,
Where'd you get that from?
St-st-stole... stole it
from the gypsies for you, Lev.
Gray Skins looking for ya.
- Fuck Gray Skins.
- Fuck off.
- You're a wanker.
- Come on, let's leave 'em.
- Oh, come on, Paul. - No, he's a tosser.
Come here, coon.
Fuck the pig.
Fuck it.
Fuck your cousin, monkey.
- Go on, monkey.
- Go on.
- Go on, fuck it.
- Fuck the pig!
Go on, go on.
Go fuck it.
Fuck it, coon!
- Fuck the pig!!!
- Go on, fuck it!!
Fuck your cousin, coon!
Go on, fuck it!
Sieg... Heil.
Sieg Heil. Sieg Heil.
- "Sieg Heil"!
- Sieg Heil. Sieg Heil. Sieg Heil!!!
- Sieg Heil!
- Sieg Heil!!! - Sieg Heil!
We hate... Nazis!
We're British... coon.
Tilbury Skins.
Tilbury Skins.
Tilbury Skins.
- Tilbury Skins.
Tilbury Skins.
Tilbury Skins.
Tilbury Skins.
Tilbury Skins.
- Tilbury Skins.
- Tilbury Skins.
- Tilbury Skins.
- Tilbury Skins. - Tilbury Skins.
- Tilbury Skins. Tilbury Skins.
- Tilbury Skins.
Tilbury Skins.
- Tilbury Skins.
Tilbury Skins.
- Tilbury Skins.
Tilbury Skins.
- Tilbury Skins. Tilbury Skins.
- Tilbury Skins.
- Tilbury Skins.
- Tilbury Skins!
- Tilbury Skins.
- Tilbury Skins!
- Tilbury Skins.
- Tilbury Skins! Tilbury Skins!
- Tilbury Skins!
He's a bloody horrible kid, Deb.
All he does is piss hisself.
That's why he's gotta sit on that friggin'
potty all day.
Paddy, get down, get down,
get down.
What d'you want?
Are you Mrs. Carpenter?
I came here to speak to you
about Eni.
My name is Constance Dapo.
I'm his teacher. I work at St. Georges.
What about him?
May I come in and talk?
I said what about him?
You are Mrs. Carpenter, yes?
I... honestly only came here
out of concern for Enitan.
Did you know he was suspended?
Well, his suspension ended
a month ago,
but he hasn't returned to class.
He's also being harassed by
local hooligans and skinheads.
- He can handle himself.
- I saw them violate him, Mrs. Carpenter.
They took everything
that boy had.
Now, Eni is a promising student,
he's done well in his tests.
- He can handle himself.
- I know what it feels like... hate what you are.
I know that feeling,
Mrs. Carpenter.
If we don't help him,
it will be a tragic waste...
Listen, you, I can take care
of me own kids.
So piss off and find
some other charity case.
Who was that?
Some nosey cow trying to teach me
how to look after me own kids.
where's that bloody bastard?
You want to be a skin,
you gotta get rid of this coon bush.
- Take it like a man, coon.
- Get that wog slap off his head.
- Ah!
- Do his eyebrows and all. Go on.
Shave him! Shave him!
- Yeah, you want a picture?
- Get a load of this.
Yeah! Bloody Jonesy!
Why we always wear
tennis shirts?
- Tennis?
- Fred Perry's a national hero, coon.
He's won three Wimbeldons.
- Cloth of our country.
- That why we roll up our jeans three times.
It's a tribute to what's great
about this country.
Churchills. Winstons.
Dumb coon.
You should be ashamed.
Get a bloody job.
Let's go catch a monkey.
Eni, why aren't you back
in school?
Your suspension ended
a month ago.
Eni, why are you doing this?
You don't need to do this.
You should be in school.
Please, let's talk.
You can still call me anytime.
Get off me! Get off me!
Get off me!
Eni, stop this!
Hello, mongrel.
You want some white?
Come here, you friggin' whore!
Look at those little titties.
Come here, wog.
Let me give you a mongrel baby.
Oh! You fucking cunt!
- Help!!
- Come here!
We know where you live, coon.
Come round here again
and we'll finish the job,
you friggin' whore.
I wouldn't rape a monkey.
Go on, run, you black cunt!
Run, run!!
- Alright, you fuckin' bitch!
- You run on home!
I know where you live!
- Run, you black bitch!
- D'you want a fuckin' push?!
That's the last fuckin' time
I go bingo on a Thursday.
I reckon Dobsy's shagging the bingo caller.
Cow always wins the lucky draw.
- That dirty slag.
- She is, though, don't you reckon?
- Oh, I need you to look after the kids next week.
- Again?
- Why? Where you going?
- Never you mind. - Dave!
- She got herself a little fancy man, ain't ya?
- Nah, she ain't.
Why she got all that new stuff,
done herself right up.
Bloody nosey, you are. What's the matter with you?
No. I ain't going up there.
Not near those pigs. They scare me.
It ain't safe round here
no more.
Them and them other lot of skinheads,
them Grays, run the bleeding streets now.
Always picking on coloureds,
ain't they?
Why don't they leave them
bloody alone?
String 'em up and shoot them.
- Come on, Debs.
Come on. Let's go this way.
See what I mean? Don't know how
you keep your lot out of trouble.
You deserve a medal, I tell ya.
We're not frightened!
White bastards!
Please, brother. Please.
Please... Please, brother.
- You sure it was him?
- 'Course I bloody am.
I know he's been bunking school,
but now he's running with them lot.
Come on, then! Come on.
Stop doing that.
Gimme that! Give it here!
And you. Gimme this now. Now!
Fuck me.
Must be payday.
Give the money, coon.
Them sailors are loaded.
...bringing trouble to my door,
having authorities knocking.
Come on, darling,
let's go have a word with him.
What's all this
about you being suspended?
You've been lying to me.
I've had the school round.
Go downstairs, babe.
Go on. Go on.
What's all this shit
you got on my walls?
You've been running
with those yobo skins, ain't ya?
Fighting with them sailors.
I saw you down the docks.
You better not bring the bloody
law down on me, boy. I swear.
I am the law.
Ya know I always tried for ya,
didn't I, eh, boy?
Look, instead of running
with them yobo skins,
why don't you come out
with Mummy like you used to?
Who's that?
Is that your girlfriend?
She's nice.
You could, um, you could...
give me that necklace I liked.
Go nice with them other pieces
you got me a while back.
My name's Eni.
Not "boy."
You ungrateful git.
I knew I should never have
had you back.
I should let you stay in Nigeria to rot,
let 'em cut you to ribbons.
I put a roof over your head
and this is how you repay me?
You don't appreciate
nothing I do.
Well, you're 16 now.
You get caught again, you're on your own.
I can kick your arse out
on the streets to go hungry.
Bloody parents of yours
don't give me nothing.
Don't know why I put up with you,
you selfish little bastard.
Running with them yobo skins,
thinking you're something,
beating up your own kind,
thinking they want you!
They don't want you,
nobody wants you!
I only took you so I could have
the bleedin' girls.
I've got other kids
in this bedroom! Oh!
Ah, fuckin' hell.
- You what?
- Lemme hold it.
Fuck off, coon.
You know you used to eat them in the jungle.
Ah, piss off,
you fucking slag.
Here ya are, coon.
Ain't that your monkey sister?
Nah, coon ain't got nothing
to do with me.
You better be ready
for a friggin' fight
'Cause I am the law
Black bitch!
I hate you!!
I'm a skinhead for life
Till death do us part
If you don't wanna snuff it
you better not start
You were born in the slums
but you still got heart
We are the law
Saturday night's alright
for a fight
We are the law
Saturday night's alright
for a fight
We are the law
Saturday night's alright
for a fight
We are the law
Are you ready?!
Tool up.
Button your shirt
tie up your laces
That's right
Pick up your coats
we'll smash their faces
We are the law
Saturday night's alright for a
fight We are the law
Time to teach
them Tilbury fuckers a lesson.
Come on, let's have it!!
Happy birthday, girl.
- Thanks, lover.
- Ah!
- How old are you again? 40?
- Fuck off.
Fuck me.
- Where'd he get it, anyway?
- Broke into Basildon Zoo.
Looks like he's in love with it.
Popping the question next,
That'd be the fucking day.
- Oi, oi!
- Oi, oi.
Where d'ya think you're going,
Chop you up like dogmeat, Sambo.
Off you fuck, then.
What the fuck are you doing,
running with that?
- Entertainment.
- Starting a zoo, ain't we?
Monkeys and snakes.
More like a friggin' circus.
What's this I hear?
You're messing with Stan's
boy Spika over in Grays.
Robbing a post office.
Now the Gray Skins reckon they're
gonna come up here and have a ruck.
They're all mouth.
They won't do nothing.
What you doing?
What you doing,
fighting each other?
You and Spika went
to fucking school together.
You should be clubbing together.
What's that?
like that.
They have their way,
there won't be
a fucking England.
Tilbury Skins keep wogs out!
Keep wogs out!
Keep Britain white!
Tilbury Skins keep wogs out!
Keep wogs out!
Keep Britain white!
Keep wogs out!
Keep Britain white!
Tilbury Skins keep wogs out!
Keep wogs out!
Keep Britain white!
that's what I'm talking about.
Go on, you black bastard.
Fuckin' wanker.
- Who are we?
- Gray Skins!
- Who are we?
- Gray Skins!
- What are they?
- Tilbury scum!
Makes you wanna escape,
don't it?
Why'd you hang round with them
when they hate you?
You ain't like them.
You're better.
I can see it... in your eyes.
You scared about Levi?
He don't care about me.
He don't care about nothing.
I seen you looking at me.
I know you like me.
Oil and water don't mix.
You're pure...
like water.
Like me.
You're a virgin.
- Don't let the bastards in!
- Get the door!
Throw it, coon!
Bloody animals.
Not you, you black bastard.
- Fuck.
- Resisting arrest.
Bastards. He's only a boy.
- Get that filth out of here.
- Fuck off. Come on.
You should be ashamed,
bringing shit like that over here.
- Come on.
- Scum.
Come to Nana.
Come here to Nana.
Alright, darling,
come to Nanny.
No, Ing. Don't go out there!
You can't go out there!
- I ain't scared of them pigs.
- Ing, stop!
You big boys got nothing better
to do than hang around with kids?
He ain't coming out,
so you can fuck off.
Mum, come inside!
Fucking wog lover!
Pay for that, you spineless git.
Wait till my Jack gets home.
- Come here. Come here.
- I want my mum! - No, no, come on.
Out here now!
Fuck off before I call the law!
Wait, wait.
Back inside.
Back inside!
Fuck off.
Don't you come back!
Don't you fucking come back!!
Tilbury! Tilbury! Tilbury!
Tilbury: kill them all!
Tilbury: kill them all!
Tilbury: kill them all!
That's why no one messes
with his girl.
Told him it's too early for a rematch.
We're still fucking hurt.
They've probably pulled out
everything they've got.
- Who are we?!
- Gray Skins!
Tilbury! Tilbury! Tilbury!
Tilbury Skins! Tilbury Skins!
He's gotta go. If he gets
done in or banged up one more time,
they'll come for me.
They'll take me kids and everything.
I'll have him arrested,
that's what I'll do.
You what?
I'm gonna set the law on him,
have him arrested,
and I'll call his Nigerian parents
to come and take him back.
You sure?
We're gypsies.
We don't deal with the law.
Come on.
You think Levi'll have him?
That Masher's a fucking psycho.
I thought
he was still locked up.
Come on!!
We want the wog!
We want the wog!
They want to fight the coon
'cause he burnt Spika!
Got a bottle, coon?
Just get him down.
- Levi?
- What you doing?
You can't let the coon go.
Lev! He's a coon!
Lev, what are you doing?
Tilbury Skins!
Tilbury Skins!
- Yeah, yeah!
- Yeah, yeah!
I want 'em arrested.
They put a brick through me window.
They've got hammers and knives.
I'm scared they're gonna do me and
me kids an injury. Lock 'em up.
- Yeah!!
- Yeah, yeah!! - Yeah, yeah!!!
Tilbury Skins!
Tilbury Skins!
I'll be in the fucking gazette tomorrow!
You let 'em beat me up.
You left me.
Why'd you leave me?
You think I'd let...
a fucking monkey lead Tilbury?
You black cunt.
Black cunt.
Black cunt!
Black fucking cunt!
- Oh...
- Let's kill the fucker.
Kill the black bastard.
Come on! Fuck!
Come on!
Tilbury Skins.
Tilbury Skins.
Tilbury Skins.
Tilbury Skins.
Tilbury Skins.
Tilbury Skins.
Tilbury Skins...
Tilbury Skins.
Tilbury Skins.
Tilbury Skins!
Tilbury Skins!
Tilbury Skins!
You haven't seen him!
You don't know what you're talking about!
I do know.
Alright, then.
Here, I've called the police.
Don't you come in here.
I warned you don't come back.
Don't you dare come in here.
Don't you dare come in here!
Stop it! Stop it!
- Leave him!
- Oh, my God, look at him! I've called the police.
- Ing, stop it!
- They're coming!
Didn't think I'd do it,
but I have!
I've called them and they're coming!
Stop it!! Stop it!
- They're here.
He's over there.
- Where is he?
- He's there. He's hid behind there.
- Come here.
- Fuck off, you fucking pigs!
Fuck off!!
I told you not to call the law!
I told you!
- Tilbury Skins!
- Shut it!
Tilbury Skins!
Fuck you! You never loved me,
you fucking bitch!
Give me my fucking snake!
No witnesses.
You're a lucky boy.
Do you want
to file a complaint?
You got one chance.
I'd grab it with both hands
if I was you.
I hate these friggin' places.
What's taking so bloody long?
Defendant to be released into
the custody of natural parents.
Jesus Christ, baby,
look at this.
See, I told ya. Look at him.
- What have you done to my son?
- Don't you go whining.
You could've done a better job
on the pittance you sent me,
you should have brought him up
No, no, no,
we had an agreement.
- You got what you paid for.
- I trusted you!
Are you okay?
Fuck off, coon.
Tilbury Skins. Tilbury Skins!
- Calm down.
- Keep wogs out! Tilbury Skins!
- Calm down.
- Keep wogs out! - Hey!
For fucks...
- Get off of me!
- Jack, leave him.
Jack, don't get him.
Come on, then.
Wo... wo... woggy, woggies.
- Come on!
- Out, out.
Dumpty, Dumpty, Dumpty,
come on.
- Social. Social. Woggy, coon.
- He said the wog's out.
Broke out the pig station,
the old bills looking for him.
Social, social.
I saw him by the social.
- Come on!
- He won't go home.
The wog lover shopped him
to the old bill.
Fuck black cunt.
Levi's in hospital.
You're the new leader now,
Yeah. I'll make it official.
I know where the coon'll be.
Sign this, please.
You need to listen to me.
He's assaulted two officers,
now they're on his toes.
I need to know where he's gone.
Come on!
Th-this way.
Co-come on.
- Gonna skin him?
- Skin him.
Get that shiv and stick it up him, yeah?
- Skin him.
- Stop talking, mate.
When I see him,
I'm gonna... rip him apart.
- Coon noosed himself.
- Swinging like a monkey.
Police. Police.
Come on.
Hello, Eni.
I received a call
from your foster mother, Ingrid.
I'd like to welcome you
to Brighty Institute, Eni.
I'm a teacher here now.
The mandate here at Brighty
is better suited to pupils
who need extra support.
Like you.
Your Nigerian parents have provided
a stipendiary for your education.
This stipendiary enabled your
release from juvenile detention.
A condition of this stipendiary
is that you study law,
the same
as your Nigerian father.
Books have been provided
for your studies.
It's okay.
I know it's a lot.
I cannot know
all that you have been through,
but I do know that every day
we get to make a new choice.
If you trust me...
...I will help you
make that choice.
I believe in you.
I believe
that you can make this turn...
...if you try.
I want us to try.
I can't.
I can't.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
This is your weapon now.
No!! Oh, God!
It's okay.
I'm nothing.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- I-I can't. I'm a coon.
- It's okay.
I'm a coon.
I'm a coon.
There's nothing you cannot
achieve now, Enitan.
Thank you.
You know that your heart
Belongs to me
And that's a fact
That a blind man can see
You know I won't go astray
I'm here to stay