Faro (2013) Movie Script

You need to wake up, someone is here
Someone is here.
Where's your daddy?
- He hasn't done anything.
- No, but where is he?
I know this seems strange,
but I think it will all end up alright.
I just want you to be happy.
Do you understand?
Whatever the outcome of the trial,
it's for the best.
- You will have a real family.
We are a real family.
Hella, come with us now.
You cannot be alone here.
He'll be home tomorrow.
Are you going to jail?
I won't stay with someone else.
I hate them. I hate that they look at me funny.
But that's how it is.
- Then I'd rather die.
- Stop it.
- What do you want me to do?
- I don't know.
It's your fault. It isn't me
who made things this way.
She was too old.
She can't come.
Let's go.
- Should I put it here?
- Yes, that's fine.
They are coming!
- Where are we going?
- You'll see. It'll be okay.
Thinking about Steja?
You can get a new dog later.
Pass them.
Get past them!
Do you think anyone has been here before us?
Maybe in the Middle Ages?
This will be fine. Here is good.
- What are you making?
- A toilet.
It sounds like they are hurt.
They're just animals.
Maybe they will come after us.
Do you understand?
- Are you afraid?
- No.
- Are you cold?
- No.
Promise you won't fall asleep before me.
Remember that girl who starved
to death at tennis camp?
She was just skin and bones.
They tested her. They put
two chairs a little bit apart,
and told her to go between them.
"I can't, it is too much," she said.
They forced her to try.
She said they cheated and moved the
chairs when she wasn't looking.
I will live forever.
So will I.
But I'm not sure. Perhaps you'd get
tired of it after a thousand years.
Maybe so.
Be quiet.
Stay there.
There was no-one.
Just a moose.
- Can we swim afterward?
- Maybe. If I have time.
What do you mean?
We've got all the time.
We'll see.
He seems so...
I don't know.
He doesn't look like a person who
would kill somebody. Not that kind.
I have met many murderers,
and none were like him.
"I have not written in a long time."
"But Christmas is fast approaching."
"The Christmas programs on TV
will be very good."
"Today I bought Christmas presents."
"But I'm not going to say what,
just in case he finds the diary. "
"Today was the first snow, but it
melted away. Hope there's more to come."
Dad? Did you really kill that man?
- Do you think I did?
- I know you did.
It was an accident. Self-defense.
- Otherwise he would have killed me.
- So you had no choice?
Yes, something like that.
How does it feel to shoot someone?
It's like... It doesn't feel real.
How old was he?
Did he have children?
No, he had no children.
I'm freezing.
- Take this.
- It's wet!
Take mine then.
What the hell are you doing?
We might need that.
You said it was outdated
Go and wash yourself,
you look like an idiot.
I'm sorry I was so stupid.
- Friends?
- Ok.
Wipe it off - there, on your face.
Sometimes you are so fucking stupid.
- Why are you never wrong?
- I don't remember anything.
I think that's not true.
I think you remember everything.
Tell me all the places you have been.
Marseilles, Rotterdam, Kavalla.
Faroe Islands, Kiwayu, San Francisco.
Las Palmas and Gothenburg.
What was the most fun trip?
Portugal, maybe.
There was a little boy there who hung
aeound me. He was always happy.
He said nothing, he just followed
me. Like a puppy.
Before we left, I asked if there was anything
he wanted. "Shoes," he said.
We went down to the city
to buy a pair for him.
The damn clerk wouldn't let him try
them on, because he was so dirty.
So I got a bag, which he
could put on his foot.
It was wonderful.
I've never seen anyone so happy.
He ran away, like an arrow with sneakers on.
When I got home, Mom said
she was knocked up.
Do you wish I was a boy?
I don't want anyone but you,
you must know that.
I wanted to buy land in Faro,
build a house.
A balcony over the sea.
Fall asleep listening to Blgesus.
Do you like that?
- The capital of Hungary?
- Bucharest.
- No, that's in Romania. Almost.
- You can't... I cannot think.
Jo. Bucharest, Romania.
Budapest is in Hungary.
Imagine that Hungary has a bud.
Hungary has a bud.
I can just as easily imagine
that Romania has a bud.
No, Hungary has a bud.
Remember that, and you'll never forget.
Have you written it down?
That way, you'll remember it.
- School will be back in session.
- When?
What did you do?
What did you eat?
You do not eat mushrooms without
asking me first. Spit it out!
- Stop it now!
- Spit it out! Spit it up!
Out with it! All of it!
You can die!
Do you understand that?!
- We're fools if we eat mushrooms.
- You're an idiot!
- Maybe, but we have to survive.
- For how long?
Calm down.
You're a thief and a murderer. I won't
be like you, and have to hide.
What time is it?
What time is it?
- What is it?
- I don't know.
I must have salt.
- When are you coming back?
- Tonight.
Fucking fucking fucking bullshit.
Fuck, fuck, fuck!
It is so nice to have a visitor.
I can go months without
bumping into another human.
Wasn't I beautiful?
She is married to the camera, somebody said.
But it's a marriage that doesn't last.
Want to see some of what I'm doing
now? Here, I sit and work.
I need an outlet for my creativity.
I must use my hands.
Sometimes I have a great need
to unleash my madness.
To cope with all that life carries with it.
You are born in a certain historical era.
Do you understand? Time constricts: you
are born into a specific period
Therefore I sometimes use my insanity
to overcome that limitation.
Here you are.
Do you have children?
No, I'm so stupid. You're too young?
You cannot be more than 15 years old.
- Your mom must be beautiful.
- She's dead.
That's it.
When you become one of those
who lived before.
The earth shall remember you as
it recalls the grass and forests.
As the earth recalls the decaying leaves
and the mountains recall the winds.
Your peace will be
as infinite as the sea.
Do you understand?
If it wasn't for fucking, you'd have to
die in order to get some peace.
No pores.
Smooth as velvet.
Let's see.
You seem like a nice lady.
Good night, my child.
- What are you doing up?
- I have to pee.
Stay where you are.
You, brat! Come back!
We 're not finished!
You bastard!
- There you go.
- Ooh, good!
- This as well.
- Thank you.
The worst thing is that when we look out,
we see only a gray wall.
Maybe the sun is shining,
perhaps it's raining. We don't know.
You want to be in the open air as much as possible,
with the sky above you.
Like you had turned the world upside-down
Then evening comes, and they lock you up again.
Remember when you and mom visited?
You bit the guard in his hand.
You and your mom would be alone
in the visiting room.
- I didn't understand why.
- You wanted to eat with the staff.
Did I?
- How did you and Mom meet?
- I've told you before.
Do it again. Please.
It was at Lars and Kiki Backs' wedding.
We saw each other, and we
danced together all evening.
We went out and kissed behind the house.
It was in the winter around Christmas,
so the stars were out.
How do you want to die?
I don't understand.
Why did she do it?
She didn't know what she was doing.
Did she say anything about me
or write a letter?
- Or leave a keepsake?
- No.
She neither said or wrote anything.
She took the tablets, then it was over.
And she was gone.
- I hate her.
- She was ill.
- I hate her anyway.
- You do not.
- You would not know.
- Yes.
You have been on the same page
for half an hour.
Come on now!
Now I've got you!
- What tickles the most?
- The eyes.
That means a place by the sea.
We must go to the same place.
See how many children I will have.
- Now?
- The upper lip.
Three. Three children.
- Maybe they have gone abroad?
- I don't think so.
Two months have passed.
I retire in October.
I will solve this case before then.
That girl will be returned to his family,
is doing well and is safe.
- We'll find him.
- And her.
We'll find them.
What do you think?
Needs potatoes.
We can not stay here.
We must leave.
- Where do we go?
- We must go to Faro.
We can build the house.
After we do that, we can handle
everything else, no?
There's something down there.
You must come down and see it.
There's a whole forest underwater
- I forgot my mom's picture.
- Never mind. We can't go back.
Wait here. I'll get it.
No, Hella.
Hello, Hella. So this is where you are?
So glad we found it.
We'll help you.
Are you hungry?
You are probably starving.
Let go of me!
Help me, for Christ's sake!
- Let go of her!
- Dad!
Put the gun down!
- Run!
- Wait!
- Stop him!
- Stop, I said!
Shoot, damn it! Shoot !
Stop, I said!
Come back!
Come back!
No! You might hit the girl!
I'm not that hungry.
You should eat.
You have to go on alone now.
You're much better off without me.
- Can't you explain to them?
- How is that possible?
I don't know what you mean.
That you give up.
You don't mean any harm.
I will come along later.
It was just a nightmare.
I'm just so scared all the time.
I've been afraid all my life.
I don't think so.
I think you are brave.
I shot him in the back.
He tried to run away,
so I shot him in the back.
He had a young son.
Here we are!
Here we are!
Wait! We are here !
You fought well?
For a berry.
You picked berries.
I'm sorry
When you get older,
can you take someone with you here.
Show them the forest under water.
It was you who found it.
You can be anything.
Whatever you want.
Don't be nervous.
Don't be nervous.
- Dad?
- We will say no more now.
I'll see you tomorrow. Just like
so often before.
Goodbye, darling.
Have a good life.
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