Farrey (2023) Movie Script

Here's your extra sheet.
Are you done already?
So fast?
- Yep, sir.
- Go over your answers.
People tend to make dumb mistakes
when they rush.
Like, there's a mistake in question 17.
None of the options are right,
so I checked all of them.
- There's an error in it?
- Hmm.
If Fx equals...
You sure I will get in?
If you get less than 80%,
I'll give back the money.
By the way, how much is the fee?
Three lakh.
And you're only giving me ten thousand?
I could tell just by looking at the scores
that my daughter didn't take this test.
Don't look away.
Ma'am, I apologize for her.
No sir, you don't understand.
There is no harm in helping others.
In fact, my sister took my twelfth-grade
geography exam for me.
I see.
You should've told me about this earlier.
Anyway, my sister-in-law's little girl
is in tenth grade.
She needs coaching too,
- so for her test...
- Don't worry,
we'll coach her.
Priyanka is currently
in her final year of college.
She's also preparing for UPSC exams.
She'll coach her well.
Both her
and your sister-in-law's daughter.
She studies hard,
but she doesn't get good grades.
So if you could...
- Got the hint?
- Yes, of course.
I understood everything right
from the start.
Niyati, show them out.
Dad, I went there to teach her
but she insisted.
So if she tells you to jump into a well,
will you do it?
No, right?
- Where's the money?
- We used it to throw a party.
You threw a party with it?
- With all the money?
- Yep, we went out yesterday.
Momos, pizza, burgers...
We ate it all.
But the real fun is
in our home-cooked food...
Lentils, bread, and rice...
- They're the best!
- They're the best!
Yes, of course.
You guys fight over biscuits
and you expect me to believe that
you treated everyone to a Rs. 7000 meal?
- We all ate from it.
- We also got some to take away.
- It was delicious.
- Enough.
Just wait, now Zoya will talk to you.
[indistinct chatter]
Who will talk to Priyanka?
I'll talk to her as soon as
I get the chance.
You've been avoiding talking to her
for a whole year.
I'll talk to her.
We already have two girls
on the waiting list.
Priyanka is 19 now.
we can't keep her here anymore.
She can still prepare for the UPSC
at the Aftercare Centre.
Aftercare is more like
a matchmaking service.
You know what happens there.
- How can we just let Priyanka go...
- We raised her,
educated her, we did our part.
And I believe
we've made her capable enough
to fight her own battles.
Did you not hear what I said?
you always make me the villain.
That's not true, Zoya.
- "That's not true, Zoya."
- Zoya...
What, Zoya?
Why won't it load?
Did you run out of data?
Yeah, play fewer online games.
If you wanted a phone,
you should've tutored
for another six months or a year.
Or you could've gotten a part-time job.
Or you could make those... Reels.
I heard people are making tons
of money from that these days.
You also need a phone for that.
What you did wasn't right.
Don't do it again.
- Are you even listening to me?
- Yeah, yeah.
- "Yeah, yeah?"
- Are the results out?
They should be, but the site won't load.
Where did they get this phone from?
She got 48%!
Good job. That's impressive.
That's great.
Very good. 51%!
And what about you?
What is it?
Show me.
Congratulations, sir.
For what?
Don't you know
your daughter ranked first
in the whole country in the 10th exams?
- Sir, tell us more about Niyati.
- Yes, sir.
Yes, of course.
Please come inside.
- Come in.
- Okay, sir.
Now what can I say about Niyati?
We got her
when she was around 9 months old.
She would only fall asleep
when I held her against
my chest until she was 30 months old.
What else should we say?
There was no turning back after that.
Why don't you talk to Niyati?
What was your routine?
How many hours did you study for?
I just read once and I'm all done.
So, who do you consider
to be your ideal, Niyati?
Dad, mom, Priyanka...
Aren't you forgetting someone?
And of course, Monica.
"Don't be mean, it wasn't a fluke,"
"I just achieved what I should."
"With a snap, it all clicked,"
"And the world shook with the good."
"It caused quite a stir, for sure."
"It caused quite a stir, for sure."
"Fate smiled, face shined,"
"Let go, join in and let's..."
"Let's go wild, my friend!"
"Let's go wild, my friend!"
"Let's go wild, my friend!"
- "T-O-T-T-E..."
"Let's go wild, my friend!"
"Even small fireworks can light the sky."
"Even small fireworks can light the sky."
"Even small steps can reach the high."
"Even small steps can reach the high."
"Even small fireworks can light the sky."
"Even small steps can reach the high."
"Twirl and spin, let's find our groove."
"Make some noise, let's rejoice."
"Twirl and spin, let's find our groove."
"Make some noise, let's rejoice."
"It caused quite a stir, for sure."
"It caused quite a stir, for sure."
"Fate smiled, face shined,"
"Let go, join in and let's..."
"Let's go wild, my friend!"
"Let's go wild, my friend!"
That's it, girls.
It's 10 o'clock.
- Just one more song.
- Nah, that's enough.
- Come on!
- Go downstairs.
Everyone, let's go downstairs.
You go first.
"Havoc! Havoc!
We're here to create havoc!"
"Havoc! Havoc!
We're here to create havoc!"
"Havoc! Havoc!
We're here to create havoc!"
"Havoc! Havoc!
We're here to create havoc!"
Are you sure this is the school?
Yes, it is.
They sent me the location pin.
I talked to them already.
It's going to take like two
and a half hours to get there.
- Let's just say no to them.
- Shut up.
"Let's just say no to them."
Let's go, our bus is here.
Stop...stop the bus.
Open the door.
Go, go, go.
School syllabus is a breeze.
What matters is that
I pass the entrance exam, right?
I have books for that.
Why do I have to go so far?
Let's get off at the next stop then.
This is just the beginning, kiddo.
You have a long way ahead of you.
We have an appointment with Ms. Vedita.
Okay, she's Niyati?
- Yes.
- Hi.
Please sign here, sir.
She's been a genius
since childhood, ma'am.
She used to do math for 7th graders
when she was in 4th grade.
Look, she even got a certificate
for excellence.
Here you go.
She also won the Olympiad.
I brought all her trophies and medals too.
- Dad, don't...
- No, no, it's fine.
- See.
- Please don't bother.
You're sitting here
while those with connections
to ministers are waiting outside.
It's simple math.
We've accepted her.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to study at IIand make a ton of money.
For myself and for the orphanage.
Why IIT?
I mean, with a mind like yours,
you can get a full scholarship at Oxford,
Stanford, Princeton...
Wherever you want to go.
I mean, why fall for the rat race?
Even if you win,
you'll still remain a rat.
Think about it.
- Hmm.
- Yeah, true.
First term exams are in a month,
but I'm sure she'll be able to handle it.
Yes, she'll manage.
Curriculum isn't an issue,
- but...
- Speak your mind.
I'm listening.
Today, we spent Rs. 700 just
to get here via bus, auto, and metro.
To spend Rs. 1400 every day
for two years...
It's okay.
We'll take care of it.
You don't have to worry.
They're giving her everything,
full scholarship,
travel allowance, and study material.
So what's the problem?
There's no particular problem.
Zoya, that's a whole different world
from ours.
It's the most expensive school
in the country.
They don't even have school buses.
A regular school would
have been better for her.
It must be so costly, right?
Forget about that and look at this!
It's so short!
meet your new classmates.
Niyati and Aakash.
- Hey, bro. What's up?
- Hi.
- Hi!
- What's up?
Do you know how much percentile
they have secured?
How much, sir?
Aakash - 101.
Niyati - 102.79.
- Huh?
- What?
- What?
- Impossible.
101 and 102?
Dude, that's more than enough
for all three of us to pass the exams.
All four of us.
Chhavs, dude,
you score less than half of that.
You are no topper, dude.
You won't score that much even if you
add up your marks from both semesters.
- Four- four groups...
- That's me.
Okay, enough.
Go, take your seats.
- Hey, man.
- What's up, bro?
He's so...
Fourteen plus twenty-eight iota.
What would be the answer to this?
Yes, Aakash?
- He started showing off right away!
- It's...
Sir, fourteen plus twenty-eight iota.
Good, very good.
"Fourteen plus twenty-eight iota."
Hey you, Prateek and group!
- Sorry.
- And you, Chavvi.
You think this is funny?
You think this is a joke?
Get up.
Solve the equation.
Come here and solve it.
Come on, come on.
Chavvi, first term exams
are just around the corner.
There's only a month left.
You think this is a joke?
Come here and solve it.
Sir, but I didn't do anything.
Chavvi, I don't have all day to waste.
Quickly! Do it.
How's that possible?
- Thank you.
- Let's go.
Welcome to Winston.
- Prateek.
- This is Prateek.
- You're 101, right?
- 102.
- 102.
- Jerin.
- Sahil.
- Hi, Sahil, nice to meet you.
- And Rishab.
- Rishab.
- She's our topper.
- Yeah.
Oh, shit!
Damn it!
It's good.
Dude, may I get your digits?
- Huh?
- Your phone number.
Coming! Coming! Coming!
Wait for me.
I'll give you a call, okay?
Just save my number.
I forgot my phone at home.
Oh, it's fine.
Just save it, yeah?
Bye, see you.
I'm here if you need anything.
Hey, you both are still here?
Go upstairs through there.
And you know you'll have
to share a bed, right?
Yes, we know.
Keep coming to visit.
Why are you waiting for me?
You should have left already.
Don't say that.
Dad, there's only a month left.
You should have let her clear
the IAS exams.
Aftercare is just a stone's throw away.
I'll keep coming to visit.
Just like Sheetal does, right?
Let me clear the IAS exams,
and then I'll visit everyone
in my official government vehicle.
What we're doing is not enough, Zoya.
We need to build a new home
where the girls can stay with us
even after they turn 18.
A place where they can do whatever
they want and stand on their own feet.
It's a tricky question.
Earth's mass is much greater
than that of the comet,
so whenever the comet passes by Earth,
Earth's gravitational force
will pull it towards itself,
and it will keep orbiting
around Earth forever.
So, no formula is required.
- The answer is C.
- Time: Infinity.
Hmm, like Prateek.
Oh shit, I'm sorry.
You're better at teaching
than Mr. Mukherjee.
You should be teaching me instead.
Why don't you teach me
this comet-vomit stuff?
I don't understand it at all.
- Please, please...
- I don't have time.
You just said "time: infinity."
Please, please, please!
- Please!
- Shh!
- Come on, please! Please.
- Alright, fine.
- But only physics.
- Oh yes, promise, done, physics...
And math...
And chemistry.
Yeah, I think I deserve more.
Get in.
- Sandra!
- Yes, baby?
I'm really hungry.
Do we have anything to eat?
What would you like to eat?
Pasta and... two glasses of juice.
- Sure.
- Sandra,
when is dad expected to be back?
He's expected to be back late at night.
Niyati, come, I'll show you my room.
God, I am so exhausted!
Here's some main questions you'll have
to help me with Niyati.
Everyone says I look like my dad.
Um... where's the washroom?
Shit! Shit!
Chavvi, what's wrong?
I can't do this.
I hate exams.
I hate physics.
Don't worry, you can do it.
This time,
I have to get 80% no matter what.
You already have everything.
Why do you need to study?
Dad wants me to go to Stanford.
Because my brother is studying there.
I prefer interior designing.
Dad said that
even if I become an interior designer,
I'll just be able to decorate
a house like this,
not buy it, right?
I get it. It's okay.
Stanford and then dad's business.
Just practice the rest
of the questions, okay?
This is what is expected
to be asked in the exams.
Don't worry, you've got this.
Thank you.
Pick one.
- No.
- Pick one, come on.
No, I already have a mobile phone.
Hey, hello, I don't use these phones.
They'll just collect dust and rot.
So please, take one.
I'll get in trouble
if my parents find out.
Come on, pick one. Nothing's gonna happen.
You gotta chill.
This one?
Or... this one?
Or this one?
This one.
Thank you.
Aren't you getting late?
Come on.
Sin theta is equal to cos theta
over tan theta.
And sec theta is equal to...
We have 50 girls here,
but you only see one of them.
Her exams are approaching, Zoya.
She will need a watch.
Let's go.
Listen, where's your watch?
My watch is in the drawer.
Come on, let's go.
Okay, everyone.
Did everyone receive the question papers
and answer sheets?
Yes, sir.
You may start now.
Sir, many of these questions seem
to be outside the syllabus.
I had warned you
that physics is tough.
This question paper is the same
as the one we practiced at your place.
- You'll be able to do it, right?
- I can't make head or tail of it.
I can't understand...
Please help me out.
Niyati, please. Please,
I don't know the answer to a single...
What's going on?
Stop talking.
I can see everyone.
Come on, everyone.
Not much time left, guys.
Help me out, dude.
Just this one question.
Aakash... Aakash...
Just this one question, dude.
Aakash, I just need...
Okay everyone, ten minutes to go.
- Hurry up, guys.
- Quick.
Come on, come on, come on, hurry up.
Come on, come on, hurry up, please.
Come on, finish it quickly.
Finish it quickly.
Quick, quick.
Hey, not much time left.
Are you done?
Wind up fast.
Okay, time's almost up now. Stop writing.
I need your sheets.
Chavvi... Chavvi...
Come on, come on.
Come on, come on.
Let's go, let's go.
Congratulations for acing the first team.
Please have a seat.
Sit down.
I have some other good news as well.
Oxford university has reached out
to the best schools of the nation.
They are offering a scholarship
to a chosen few.
Which means tuition to accommodation...
Everything's going to be taken care of.
You just need to take
a small scholarship test.
Of course, both of you.
Who else can represent our school?
And the...
- syllabus?
- Don't worry, we'll... yes,
we'll have
a faculty member assigned for that.
Now smile.
And you, a bigger smile.
Let's go.
Hey, where are you going?
The campus is so big that
you need a bike to get around.
And do you know
the starting salary it offers?
Ten times more than
what IIT graduates get.
- Really?
- And do you remember the movie
Harry Potter that you showed us?
- Yes. Really?
- Well, this is where it was filmed.
I'm going to London.
I also want to travel by plane.
Let me go first.
"I also want to travel by plane."
And by the way,
what will you do by traveling on a plane?
I'll watch the clouds
and get toys from London.
I see.
Come on, bro!
Mom, at least take a look at it.
So you want to study
for another four years.
Then when will you
start making money, huh?
It must be expensive, right?
No, I mean,
we'll have to arrange for it, right Zoya?
Yes, Dad. But we can
get up to 100% scholarship.
- I see.
- Not everyone gets this opportunity.
Only Aakash and I were selected for it.
Ms. Vedika has asked us to apply
for a passport right away.
- Okay.
- You just focus on your studies,
and everything else will fall into place.
Mom, I can make ten times
more money after studying here.
Then you won't have
to go through all this.
We will set up a nice laundry shop.
It will even have air conditioning.
It's a very big college.
There's nothing like it in Delhi.
- Are you even listening to me?
- Okay, fine,
just don't run away like your father did.
I scored 91.
Are you sending that to Mom?
Distribute sweets in the office.
Did you inform your brother Adi?
I promise I will, once I get home.
You know that he topped again, right?
Wow, he's...
He's so looking forward
to having you in Stanford.
You must call him.
I'm so proud of you.
Thank you, Dad.
Thank you so much.
I have a meeting...
- with the delegates, yeah?
- Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
- I'll come home and then we'll celebrate.
- Okay, yeah.
- Thank you.
- See you.
Thank you.
How do you do it so fast?
I also finished it.
Do you have a girlfriend?
Do you?
You got so caught up with the scholarship
that you forgot about me?
- No, that's not true.
- I feel so left out.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
We really have a lot of studying to do.
Dude, I'm kidding. Look at your face.
Okay, listen.
I'm throwing a party at my place
and you have to come, okay?
What's the occasion?
Let's just say it's my birthday.
- Aakash?
- Hmm?
Yeah, hi, hi. Right.
You too, okay?
Party at my place.
You'll come?
"Aakash, you too."
There's no way I'm
going to that fool's party.
Why are you getting so upset?
Don't go if you don't want to.
I'm warning you,
they're not good for you.
- Okay, bye.
- Just hear me out.
Hey, just hear me out.
"There is nowhere else you'd rather be,
it's my house party."
"This is an opportunity not to be missed,
it's my house party."
"Don't forget to dress to impress,
it's my house party."
"Everyone, make some noise..."
"It's my house party."
"There is nowhere else you'd rather be,
it's my house party."
"This is an opportunity not to be missed,
it's my house party."
"Don't forget to dress to impress,
it's my house party."
"Everyone, make some noise..."
"It's a house party, yeah."
"Yeah yeah, "
"Badge number 420,
troublemakers unite at the scene."
"The vibe is sexy,
there's no entry fee routine."
"My dad's bar is a treasure profound."
"Sip with moderation,
no empty bottles should be found."
"We have the whole night
to go off the course,"
"No sneaking to bedrooms,
let's keep it above board."
"No, no, no, no..."
"I got a renowned DJ to spin,
it's my house party."
"We'll dance till dawn,
it's my house party."
"No one's sleeping early tonight,
it's my house party."
"Kids, after this party..."
"Come the after party!"
"Late in the night, it's half past three,"
"Most are finding their way to sleep,
you see."
"Every corner of the house..."
"Occupied and still,"
"Those who are blitzed
can crash here tonight,"
"But my friends,
you got to leave at first light."
"Update your stories,
share the fun, it's my house party."
"But don't overexpose me,
it's my house party."
"Hashtag it now, it's my house party."
"Now this is what you call nirvana..."
"It's my house party."
Niyati... Niyati...
Seriously, what a star!
- Oh yeah.
- Right?
- You killed it.
- She killed it.
Oh, my God,
that step was so funny!
- Prateek!
- Yeah?
You should sit next to Niyati
during the exam, just like Chavvi.
- Why?
- You need her the most, my friend.
- I thought you had told her.
- Hey, you bloody 62%!
If you don't like it then
we'll never talk about it.
Pretend like we never talked about it.
What is it?
Since you helped me...
I mean,
I showed my dad my grades...
And he was so proud of me.
He was so happy,
like he couldn't stop smiling.
You know, he was so happy,
he was telling Mom, Adi, and everyone...
And this was only possible because of you.
So, thank you.
For the first time,
I felt like I mattered.
I don't wanna stop this.
And so...
keep helping me like this, please.
What are you saying, dude?
You are my friend.
I helped because you asked for it.
You know how important this scholarship
is for me, right?
Of course.
Of course, I know.
I can't take this risk.
- What?
- How long does it take, dude?
Prateek I am in the middle
of something.
- You haven't convinced her?
- Prateek please.
- Prateek, get...
- Okay, okay, listen!
- Prateek!
- I have an idea.
Just let me talk to her.
- Let me handle it.
- Prateek, please.
- Trust me.
- Prateek, get the hell out of here!
Chavvi, listen...
Please, don't feel bad.
Last time,
we didn't have enough time to prepare.
You'll do better this time.
I can't do this!
I'm not like you.
I can't focus and I don't understand it.
What do you think, I haven't tried?
I had the best classes,
best tutors, and what did I get?
Dad got disappointed.
And at the same time,
my brother got into Stanford.
He threw a huge party
and the banner read,
"Congratulations Adi and Chavvi."
As if I don't understand anything, right,
for whom that party actually was!
I can help you with anything you want.
If you want, I can pay you Niyati.
Let's talk tomorrow.
- I need to go home, I'm running late.
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- Chavvi...
- I get it, I get it, I get it.
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- Chavvi...
No, I get it. No, I get it.
No, I get it.
No means no, right?
I got it all wrong and...
I shouldn't have brought up money
between our friendship. So I'm...
really sorry.
I got you something.
It's a return gift.
I gave one to everyone.
Go on.
I'll see you tomorrow?
I won't sign it.
This is the only money
we got left in the bank.
Just this one time.
Trust me, I'll find a way.
Okay, if we use this money,
how long will it really last?
Maybe three, four months at best.
We're already taking care
of 50 girls instead of 25.
If this keeps going,
we'll have to move half of them
to another orphanage.
Or worse, we'll have
to shut down the orphanage.
Zoya, but...
'If we use this money,
how long will it really last?'
'Where else am I supposed
to get the money from?'
'We're already taking care
of 50 girls instead of 25.'
'If this keeps going,
we'll have to move half of them
to another orphanage.'
'Or worse, we'll have
to shut down the orphanage.'
- Passing Farrey, texting on the phone--
- Farrey?
What's Farrey?
I mean chits.
Passing chits, okay?
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Passing Farrey, texting on the phone,
hiding answers in the restroom,
writing on the eraser and passing it...
There's a high chance
of getting caught doing these things.
We didn't get caught this time,
but that won't always be the case.
So, we got to figure out a way
to cheat in front of everyone.
Option A.
Option B.
If I put my hand around my neck?
- Option C!
- Option C!
- And if I put them on the table?
- Option D!
- Whoa!
- She's so cool!
I'll start with the first question
and answer three in a row
and leave the fourth one for you to solve.
Why though?
So nobody gets suspicious.
Yeah, yeah,
that makes sense, makes sense.
That means 75% guaranteed!
Dude, I only need 50%, or my
family will start getting suspicious.
So silly.
- Chill.
- Come on, Prateek!
I mean just look at him.
Donate half the amount to this account,
and pay the rest after the exams.
"If I die tomorrow, it's alright,"
"No worries for me, no fright."
"If there's a risk, I don't care, "
"I don't give a damn, I swear!"
"I don't give a damn, I swear!"
"Death is near,"
"Death is far,"
"Even if my heart gets torn apart,"
"I don't give a damn, I swear!"
"Don't stress,"
"Don't fret, my friend,"
All good?
"There's nothing to fear in the end."
"There's nothing to fear in the end."
"We're young and wild, without shame,"
"Innocent and delusional,
we've got no blame."
"Fragile as bubbles, we may be,"
get up.
- Huh?
- Get up.
- Quick.
- Why, sir?
Change place with Rishab.
Sahil, come here.
Come on. Concentrate
Fast, fast.
Chavvi... Chavvi,
go and sit at Atul's place.
- Sir?
- Go on.
Sir, I'm good here.
It's not a choice. Just do as I say.
Go on.
Okay, so are we all settled now?
Yes sir.
Good, you may start.
- Tell me something...
- Hmm?
Why are you taking so long
to submit your tests these days?
It's okay.
You can take the first rank this time.
"Rules are meant to
be broken to set us free."
- Come on, let me give you a ride home.
- Hey, Niyati!
You go ahead.
I'll catch up with you later.
"Don't stress,"
"Don't fret, my friend,"
"There's nothing to fear in the end."
"There's nothing to fear in the end."
- You took it.
- Nah, I didn't.
- You took it.
- Nah, I didn't.
Hey, statue!
No way!
This color looks good on you.
It does, right?
It's a nice color.
You swear you bought it with
the money you won from that quiz?
Yes, Dad.
Don't waste time on quizzes.
Focus on studying
for the scholarship test.
- You only have a month left.
- I'm on it.
Then you'll head straight to Oxford.
I won't be going alone.
We'll go together.
Yes, sure,
I'll drop you off at the airport.
Listen, about this...
You're looking pretty handsome.
I'm not just looking handsome,
I am handsome.
Did you spend all the money
buying gifts for us,
or did you save some for yourself?
Did you like it or not?
- I love it.
- I'll wear it on Eid.
Look, we got another donation
of Rs. 500,000.
This is weird.
It's the third donation
we've received this week.
And they're all from new donors.
Expensive shirt, chocolates,
and a sari...
What the hell is going on, huh?
Happy birthday to you.
Forget the birthday.
So you don't want it?
Should I give it to Chikki or Titli?
You don't want it, right?
People usually celebrate
when they turn 18.
And here, your countdown begins.
Zoya told me
that I only have three months
left before I have to leave.
That's a good thing.
Then you can go to the Aftercare center
and marry some rich oldie.
You'll live a life of luxury.
I'd rather run away than get married.
What will you gain by running away?
Don't you want to open your
"Monica Beauty Parlor"?
My love, Niyati,
I promise you'll be the first to get
a haircut when I open my beauty parlor.
I'm on my way.
New flavor of the week, huh?
I don't wear miniskirts
and hang out in Windston like you.
I have to go to a beauty parlor every day,
to wax the legs of ladies
with hair like bears.
Focus on your studies,
because once you turn 18,
you'll lose those fancy skirts.
You don't have much time left either.
Aren't you getting late?
Come on, get out of here.
You forgot this.
Remember, this time there
are two sets of question papers.
Some of you may have got set one
and some of you may have got set two.
So don't forget to name your
set number on your answer sheet.
- Please carry on.
- Two sets?
I didn't allow anyone to talk.
- Sahil, Jerin, stop talking.
- Sorry, sir.
There will be no extra time
for anyone today.
Just focus on your exam.
He is peeping into your answer sheet.
- Sir.
- Are you done?
Sir, Prateek is...
copying from Niyati's answer sheet.
How's it going?
Okay, boys and girls, 30 minutes to go.
- Done?
- Yes, sir.
- Set one.
- Yes, sir.
Very good. How did it go?
Went well.
Do it, do it.
Prateek, just do it.
Prateek, give it to her.
Just do it.
20 minutes to go, students.
Niyati, hurry up.
Niyati, listen, your...
Prateek, not now.
Okay students, finish up, finish up.
Give it to me, Niyati.
Just give me a minute,
I'm just double-checking.
Sir, just marking the answers.
Alright, you can go.
Sir, almost done. Please, please.
Time's up, time's up.
- Sir!
- Time's up!
[indistinct chatter]
Niyati Singh and Prateek Mathur!
Eleventh grade, Section A.
Please come to the principal's office.
- Huh?
- Niyati Singh and Prateek Mathur!
Eleventh grade, Section A.
There are two different sets
of questions papers, ma'am.
Here's set one
and this is set two.
Their answer sheets
are right in front of you.
They were solving different sets.
How can they possibly cheat?
Not possible.
I've been working so hard. Ma'am,
I've studied very hard for this exam.
- I don't know why he's lying, ma'am.
- I'm lying?
Ma'am, do you think I'm lying?
Make him take a retest.
Give a retest.
Sir, who is he to say retest?
Why should I take a retest?
Why should I give a retest?
I am not lying, ma'am.
I saw him cheating...
- Niyati, he was copying from you.
- Ma'am, I don't know who he thinks he is.
How long have I been in this school?
I don't know who he thinks he is.
- Do you know who my father is?
- Prateek!
One last chance.
Tell me the truth.
Ma'am, it's not possible to cheat.
- Ma'am, I have not cheated.
- Ma'am, I saw him cheat.
Why aren't you saying anything?
Sir, I told you he was cheating.
But how could he cheat?
- They had different sets
- Exactly.
- of question papers.
- Wait a minute.
Yes, ma'am?
You had set one, right?
Then why does your rough sheet
have solutions for set two on it?
What a waste.
She was helping her friends cheat,
in exchange for money.
Do you understand?
Yes, ma'am.
This is a gross violation
of our school policy.
She can be rusticated for it.
And you, just because you
are a school topper
does not mean that you
can get away with anything.
You will not appear
for the scholarship test.
That's your punishment.
Ma'am, please.
Ma'am, please.
Ma'am, this scholarship is...
- Ma'am...
- Look, I agree she has made a mistake.
Yes, she has made a mistake.
She should be ashamed of herself!
Ma'am, please.
Please don't do this
for just one mistake of mine.
I got that scholarship based
on my own merit.
I never cheated.
- I've always topped...
- Is that how
you're going to act out there too?
You will give your school,
your country, everybody a bad name.
Then what?
Look, just consider yourself to be lucky
that we're not throwing you out
of the school.
And now leave.
Ma'am, please,
give me some other punishment.
- Please, ma'am.
- This won't happen again.
- I promise.
- Please reconsider your decision.
I'm done.
- Ma'am...
- Just leave.
Ma'am, please, ma'am.
This won't happen again.
If there's anything else you're hiding,
then just tell us.
We talked about money,
but I didn't take any.
And so what if I did?
Why didn't she call the ones
who were willing to pay?
And what about Mr. Mukherjee?
He acted all holy
at the principal's office.
He leaks the questions under the guise
of extra coaching.
For money.
Did he face any consequences?
Are you even listening
to what you're saying?
I can hear everything.
It's you who can't see anything.
Why did Sheela run away, huh?
Ten girls crammed into a tiny room,
living like animals.
Wearing hand-me-downs
that are falling apart.
Studying from old books.
Because we don't have money.
Money! Money! Money!
Even your dreams are limited
by how much money you have!
That's why my mother left me, isn't it?
You've found a convenient
way to escape all this.
Zoya and I...
We grew up in an even smaller
orphanage than this one.
We didn't have much money either.
Still don't.
But we never turned to stealing,
my child.
But whatever.
You need to decide what to do
and where to stay.
Time is running out, right?
I'm done.
I'm not supporting you anymore.
No, no, no!
Work a little harder and you can join Adi.
And if that doesn't work out,
we have our contacts.
No, Dad, what are you saying?
I'll do it on my own.
I'll manage.
I didn't expect this from you.
Get up and apologise to the warden.
Why did you have to get involved
in this nonsense?
Forget apologising,
did anyone even come to see you once?
They got what they wanted.
They managed to escape.
there's a way.
We'll go meet Ms. Vedika tomorrow.
I'll tell her how Chavvi, Prateek,
and Sahil got you into this by deceit.
Listen to me.
Just hear me out first.
Please, just hear me out, Niyati!
Opportunities like this come once
in a blue moon,
and she blew it.
She didn't even go to school today.
Give her some time.
She'll get back on track.
Right, there's no other option.
Look, darling,
you made a mistake
and got punished for it.
Just forget about it and move on.
You can study engineering here too, right?
Just focus on your studies.
If you do well,
you'll get another chance to go abroad.
Don't cry, my child.
You're such a good girl.
Come outside.
Come on.
Niyati, I'm so sorry.
I know this was wrong.
And you don't have to worry.
Everything will be fine,
I assure you that, okay?
You know after whatever happened,
I cannot in sight, right?
STIC can help you get into
any college in the world.
This is a foolproof plan.
You want to get into that college, right?
Just talk to your father.
You can even get in through a donation.
Dad would be happy if
I get into Stanford on merit.
I don't want to disappoint him,
that's why.
Look, Niyati,
I'm sorry, but you were just
a poster child for the school.
Did they take any action against us?
Because our donations help
keep their school running.
It's all about money.
You were going to get money
through the scholarship, right?
You can still earn it.
There are 15-20 of us,
each willing to pay 5 lakhs.
That's a lot of money.
I know how important
this scholarship was to you.
And I know how much you wanted
to go to Oxford, Niyati.
You think I don't understand?
That's why I'm asking you,
please help us out.
Last time, Niyati.
Then you can go too.
You'll benefit from this too.
One last time.
At least, you won't have
to beg anyone for money, right?
Here's the rest of the money.
Take it, it's yours.
Did you get your center?
- Guys, admit cards are here.
- Yeah, I got mine too.
- Yeah, I got it too.
- Noida Public School, Sector 4.
Gurgaon, Sector 7.
Mine's in Sector 8.
I got Sector 7.
St. Joseph, Sector 62.
Same, same, same.
What's yours?
What's yours, Niyati?
- Sector 15.
- Oh shit.
We all got different centers.
- Oh shit.
- It's going be impossible to cheat.
Oh no.
Guys, chill.
Guys, guys, guys.
- Chill, chill, chill.
- Just sit.
- There is a way.
- What?
- Please do tell.
- Niyati, you become Spiderman.
Come on, dude!
Jump from one center
to another with the papers.
- Like this.
- Even if I become Spiderman...
Even if I become Spiderman,
we still wouldn't have enough time.
- shut up.
- It was a joke.
Shut the hell up.
Niyati, we have less than 20 days left.
We need to come up with a solution.
Look in the front, idiot.
Did you figure out a solution?
Sorry, guys.
Had a weekly family call.
With my brother.
It ended early.
Hmm, he had to go to class.
Who has class at night?
He's in California.
It's daytime there.
Niyati, have you found a solution yet?
No, STIC happens all around the world
on the same day and time.
How does that help?
I don't know.
Hold on a second.
Let's say the exam is happening
in California today, right?
Talk to Adi.
What bullshit!
Come on, he can go through the paper
and send us the answers!
Why don't I do this instead, huh?
I'll ask my dad to go there
and just get the question paper!
- Why can't just tell him?
- That's all freaking bullshit!
- Why would I tell him?
- How is it bullshit? You can tell him!
- You can't talk to Adi?
- You know Adi would tell Dad!
Hang on a second, guys.
He is right, he is right.
She's telling you to do it
- She saying it's right.
- What is right?
- Do you even know Adi?
- Hold up, Chavvi.
India is 12 hours ahead of the US,
so that means people taking the exam
in India will get the paper earlier.
Time zone.
Time zone?
STIC happens all around the world
on the same day and time, right?
We have to take advantage of that.
We have to find a country
that's a few hours ahead of India.
I don't know all this, man.
I don't get it. What are you saying?
Singapore,Thailand, Indonesia,
Australia, Japan...
All these countries are
a couple of hours ahead of India.
So let's say if I go there
and take the exam,
then I can solve the paper
and send the answers.
So any student can take the exam
from anywhere?
Any student can take the exam
from any city,
and that's the loophole
of this examination.
- Shit.
- Perfect.
You should go to Thailand.
- They have visa on arrival.
- Remember last year?
- Yes!
- We had a blast, remember!
- Oh, my God!
- Oh, my God!
- Thailand won't work.
- Why?
We need to find a country that's
at least around four hours ahead of us.
So we have more time
to send the answers.
Australia is better.
- Uh-uh.
- Why not?
It's really tough to get
a visa for Australia. Guys, no.
Chhavs, dude, money talks.
I'll take care of the visa.
- I don't trust him.
- Trust me, dude. I got it.
- We don't have any other option.
- Right.
That's it. Australia.
Who's the genius?
- Prateek!
- Who's the genius?
- Oh, my God!
- She's going to Australia! Yes!
Oh, my God!
I can't believe it's happening!
Oh, my God!
- What happened?
- What happened?
- Done.
- Done?
- Done?
- Okay, okay, okay.
- One, two, three, go!
- Come on.
Come on, Niyati.
Good speed, come on, come on.
Good, good, good.
- Nice, nice, nice.
- Niyati, Niyati, good.
What is this?
Chhavs, it's 22 out of 50!
3 set are there. 150 questions!
No matter how hard I try,
I won't be able to memorise
all 50 of them.
Anybody here?
Can anyone hear me?
He isn't going to agree.
- I know what he will say.
- We have no other choice.
What happened, Aakash?
Did you fall off your bike?
Did you get into a fight?
Tell me what happened.
Weren't you supposed
to take the scholarship test?
Damn it.
Are you blind?
Is this your first time riding a bike?
You came out of nowhere.
So what were you doing there?
No, but you...
Who's going to pay for this, huh?
Your daddy?
Why the hell are you cursing?
Why are you dragging my father into this?
How dare you ask me why I'm cursing?
I'll tell you why I'm cursing.
Don't worry, okay.
You're a class topper.
- Everything's going to be fine.
- You can take the exam next year.
Yeah, next year. You're a class topper.
Everything's going to be fine, hmm?
Don't cry.
- Don't worry.
- Don't cry.
You gave stale food.
He was hurling abuses.
Come here quickly and assist the customer.
Why don't you listen, girl?
I specifically told you not to come here.
Did you see the kind of area this is?
I need your help.
We need to take an exam.
Take an exam or cheat?
Cheating is only wrong
if it causes harm to anyone.
We are getting money
and they are getting the answers.
- No harm, no foul.
- Don't give me this nonsense.
Let me get back to work.
- Forget it.
- Try to understand.
We are the only ones losing here, Aakash.
I should have gotten that scholarship.
Did I get it?
And look at yourself...
Look at what happened to you.
Niyati, you cheated.
And I was just unlucky.
- Just leave.
- Just listen to the plan at least.
We will get paid.
- It will change our lives.
- I don't want to change my life!
Do you want to keep making deliveries
for the rest of your life?
So, the plan is both of us are going
to go to Australia,
solve the questions there,
and then send them over.
- Yeah.
- And then, the same questions--
Hold on a sec.
So, how much am I going
to be getting paid for all this?
50 lakhs.
Sit down, please.
Take a seat.
- Get it checked out.
- Hey Aakash,
this is your registration form,
- just give it a look.
- Passport, tickets...
- we got everything ready.
- Okay, great.
Wait, wait, wait...
You guys will memorise the answers
and send them.
- Yep.
- But how are we going to sneak them in?
Oh shit, man.
- Damn!
- Oh!
This is damn cool, Chhavs.
- We can totally pull this off.
- Problem solved.
Good idea, but pens aren't allowed.
Okay guys...
bottle printing.
We'll print the answers
on the inside of the bottle cover
and bring them with us for the exam.
- I saw on internet.. It is a Damn cool...
- Great idea! Brilliant idea.
Don't you have any brains, man?
You can't keep messing with the bottle
all the time in there.
- Say something.
- What's she going to say, huh?
If you're so damn smart,
then why don't you figure out a solution!
- Stop it, guys! Guys!
- Give us some ideas!
These are the only five things allowed
in the exam hall.
So we got to work with what we've got,
using only those.
This is not working, guys.
We don't have any other choice.
We will have to drop the whole plan.
- No bro, don't say that!
- This is not working.
Boarding pass.
There's no point in us going unless
we figure out a way for you
to sneak the answers in.
So how do we do it?
We've got less than two days left, guys.
- What?
- What barcode?
What barcode?
What is this?
- So?
- What barcode?
- What barcode? What?
- Aakash!
- Barcode!
- Listen, what...
What barcode?
Why are you laughing?
- Guys!
- What barcode?
- What barcode?
- Barcode!
Are you insane?
So, each of you will get
a pencil just like these ones
with a barcode on them.
The width of the barcode lines
is our code.
The thinnest line represents Option A.
Two thin lines means Option B.
A thick line stands for Option C.
And the thickest line...?
- Option D.
- Option D.
Starting from left to right,
those lines will be the answers
to your questions.
Let's do this!
Okay, okay, one question.
Where are we going to print
so many barcodes?
Watch out.
What man?
From over there.
We got to take a left. Keep up.
What are you going to do with 70 prints?
Why does that even matter?
Tell me, how much is it going to cost us?
In my shop you are asking me only?
Why does that even matter?
Just tell me how much it'll cost.
- Tell me, what do you need it for?
- Bro... can you handle it?
Tell me, can you handle it?
Or are there plenty of other people here
who can do it.
We don't want to waste time.
Can you handle it?
Vikas Dubey - Rs. 825.
This is straight-up robbery,
total daylight robbery.
What other choice do I have?
Yes, dear?
School trip.
Awesome! Dalhousie?
I've never been there but
I heard it's a gorgeous place.
By the way,
Zoya and I have come up with something.
Once you're back from the trip,
we'll talk about it.
Enjoy your trip.
You could've just taken this exam
in India.
Why did you have to come all the way here?
I knew I'd be in Australia
during this time,
so I took the exam from there.
It's allowed, right? I made sure of it.
No sir,
I wasn't cheating.
No sir, I wasn't using my phone.
I forgot it in my bag.
You can ask anybody.
You can check.
If you don't believe me, then just Google
"Niyati tenth topper",
you'll find interviews, articles,
and all that stuff.
I don't know anything about this.
I mean yeah,
Niyati is my classmate, but...
I want my lawyers.
I'm just a little kid.
Look at me, I'm a little kid.
I'm fragile.
I'm so f...
I'm so fragile.
Hey, can you be serious
for just five minutes?
Can you chill?
You guys are acting like
we're actually going to get caught.
- Nothing's going to happen, relax.
- Come on, Prateek,
we got to be prepared.
Yeah, thank you.
Okay, last question.
Aakash, what if you're the only one
who gets caught?
- Who, him?
- Yeah.
Yeah, he's on a scholarship,
but Aakash is a total loser.
- Hey!
- He's just kidding.
He got into a fight a few days ago.
He was beaten to pulp
and got dumped under the iron bridge.
So I don't think he's capable
of cheating.
- Let him go!
- Aakash!
Aakash! Let him go!
I can't let him go.
Come here freaking...
- Have you lost your mind?
- Prateek, let him go.
Let him go, Prateek.
Have you lost your freaking mind?
Are you crazy?
I never told anyone
where they dumped me.
You two are behind this, aren't you?
You did this so
I'd miss the scholarship test.
- Did you know about this?
- No.
- Did you know?
- No.
Aakash! Aakash, stop.
- Aakash, please.
- Niyati, please.
Niyati, please don't go.
Please, I need you... I need this.
You know... I need this.
Please, Niyati.
We'll give everyone their money back.
Just you and me... I promise.
- I need this, Niyati. You knew.
- You knew about this, didn't you?
You knew.
I had no idea.
- I had no idea.
- Why he do that?
I had no idea.
Why are you lying!
Prateek, you screwed up!
Anybody here?
Niyati, come on, one last time.
I had no idea, I swear to God.
Please, please,
it will change our lives for good, Niyati.
Give me just one hour
and I'll bring it to your place.
One hour?
I don't have that kind of time.
You're always coming up with excuses.
- Learn to respect time.
- What's up?
What happened, man?
Get my clothes, pronto.
You pay them and you got
to deal with their bullshit too.
He always comes and shouts at you.
Why don't you say anything to him?
Next time I'll just throw his clothes
in his face, I'm telling you.
We can't afford to get angry, son.
They help us keep our household running.
We will get paid.
- It will change our lives.
- I don't want to change my life!
We can't afford to get angry, son.
They help us keep our household running.
I don't want to change my life!
Do you want to keep making deliveries
for the rest of your life?
So, how much am I going
to be getting paid for all this?
50 lakhs.
You were right.
How long am I going keep doing
these damn food deliveries?
Might as well
get paid for getting beaten up.
What if I say I don't want
to do it anymore?
- Aakash...
- Shut up!
Cut the damn drama!
50% advance before we get
on that flight.
Come on, Aakash, 50% is too damn much.
- How are we going arrange that...
- Aakash! Aakash!
- Aakash! Please! Please!
- Aakash, I got it, I got it!
Prateek and I will transfer all our share
of the money, please.
- Let's go.
- Aakash, please.
I said let's go.
- We'll transfer it.
- They'll transfer as soon as the exam is over.
- Aakash, please.
- Please, Aakash.
- Please, I beg you.
- Please.
Don't do this, Aakash.
What are you doing, man?
- Aakash, let him go.
- Aakash!
- Aakash, don't do this.
- Shut up.
Aakash, why are you doing this?
- Aakash, that's not mine, that's...
- Shut it. Not a damn word!
- Text me the pin.
- It's my dad's card.
Let's go.
- Aakash, please.
- Aakash, that's my dad's card.
Give it back.
Let's go.
- Aakash!
Let's go, Niyati.
Niyati, you know how important
this is for us, right?
No matter what happens,
you've to call me.
I'm there for you, okay?
- Go.
- Let's go, let's go, let's go.
You think they can actually pull this off?
May I know the purpose of your visit?
I have an exam.
I have an exam.
Look into the camera.
Oh no, oh no...
Oh no, oh no...
Oh no, what the...
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen!
This is your captain speaking.
In a few moments,
we'll be beginning our descent
for Sydney Kingsford Smith
International Airport.
We are expected to be at gate
at 2:00 PM, local time.
Thank you for flying with us
and welcome to Sidney.
Remember to destroy this phone
and throw away the SIM.
And don't tell anyone, man.
You cannot carry them back...
carry them back to India.
where are you going?
Two mintues, Niyati two minute.
I swear!
I can't freaking believe
we've actually made it this far...
All the way to Australia.
There's a phone call for you.
Hi, did you check in?
Nah, we...
we're at the Opera House.
Dude, you got an exam tomorrow,
and you guys are out sightseeing
at the Opera House?
I didn't want to be here,
- but Aakash insisted.
- No, no, this is very risky, okay?
Both of you better head back
to the hotel right now.
I'll give you a call once we're there.
Yeah, thank you.
Let's go.
We still got to have some fun.
They throw boat parties around here,
you know?
You forget why we came here?
I remember.
Just wait and watch.
- Hey bro!
- Give him a call! Give him a call!
- I'm on it, man.
- Why isn't he picking up?
- Where the hell is this guy?
- Hey bro!
Open the damn door, we're running late!
- Hey bro!
- Open up!
We've been trying to call you for ages!
We've been trying to call you!
What is this nonsense?
Where are you guys going?
Listen up...
You memorise the first 25
and I'll memorise the rest 25, alright?
Admit card?
All students, please gather around.
You must leave all your
personal belongings,
especially mobile phones
and smart watches
in the locker room
before entering the examination hall.
The locker room is this way.
Security check and examination hall,
that way.
Please proceed and good luck.
- Excuse me, excuse me.
- Sorry, sorry.
Everyone, listen.
We are going to print the answers
for Set One on these blue pencils.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Grey is Set Two.
- Okay, Set Two.
Pink is Set Three.
Okay? Got it?
- Yeah, yeah.
- You need to print.
Make sure you don't mess
up while printing, got it?
- Got it.
- Got to be extra careful.
Morning, I'm Mark.
There are three sections consisting
of 50 questions.
You have 45 minutes to complete them.
You may start.
Please, please, can I go?
Emergency, emergency.
- Please, please, please.
- What...?
- Got to poop! Got to poop!
- What the...!
What the hell is wrong with you?
Excuse me, who is in there?
I got it! I got it! I got it!
I got the answers!
The exam will begin in two minutes.
Please return to the classroom.
Hurry up, mate.
What's up with you?
Upset stomach.
Everything okay?
Are you okay?
Yes, the tissue was stuck, so...
You're going to be late.
The exam begins in one minute.
- Hurry up.
- Yeah.
- Oh, my God!
- A no B-B-B...
- It's B, it's B...
Come, take a seat.
We're all going to Stanford, right?
Backbencher group!
Gonna get our answers!
- Shit.
- Gonna get...
- Has he lost his freaking mind?
- Are you freaking kidding me?
What happened?
- I can't believe this guy.
- Chavvi.
- Shit!
- What happened, Chavvi?
- Shit! Shit! Shit!
- Say something.
- What happened?
- Say something.
Say what? Say what?
have you lost your freaking mind?
Can you be honest? - Prateek!
- Wait!
- One second, guys.
we've settled on the amount.
50 lakhs isn't enough for you?
- Shit!
- He's asking for 50 lakhs?
- Listen, we've paid our--
- Guys, can you shut up?
Relax, one second.
Transfer the money in five minutes
if you want to get the answers.
We've paid our share.
We can't pay more.
- One second.
- Wait!
He's sent a message. One second.
50 lakhs for the answers
and another 50 lakhs
for getting beat me up.
For getting him beat up?
- Oh shit.
- Who got him beat up?
Sahil, bro, please.
- I told you we can't trust him.
- Poor guy, idiot.
Give him whatever he want
I want the damn answers!
What my father will freaking kill me!
Where fifty lakhs chavs?
- Yeah, that was the deal.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
We've sent the money.
That's all we got at the moment.
- Trust me, once you come back...
- Shut up.
Open the door.
Are you listening to me?
Come out immediately!
I know what you're doing
in there young man!
I'm only gonna ask you one more time.
Come out now or we'll drag you out!
Come on.
Get the mobile phone.
Are you okay?
What took you so long?
I'm... I'm not feeling well.
You shouldn't be in here.
The exam is about to start.
Please go.
Who were you sending the answers to?
What messages did you delete?
Sir... you can't touch, sir.
I can't touch you, huh?
You won't be going back to India
unless you tell us the truth.
Hey you!
Hey stop!
Stop right there!
Do you know that boy?
I saw you sneaking in.
No ma'am, I was just looking.
I know you're up to something,
so you'll have to be searched.
- I have no not...
- If you resist,
you won't be allowed to the exam hall.
The undergarments too.
Hurry up.
I said remove the undergarments.
We don't have much time, quickly.
Can I give my exam now?
Chavvi, I'm scared shitless.
Aakash got busted.
Please, I want to go home.
I can't do this.
Listen, just go back
and finish the exam, okay?
I promise you,
nothing bad will happen to you.
- No, Chavvi. I can't do this.
- Niyati...
- No, I...
- Niyati, just go back.
I'll give all the money back.
Niyati, listen, listen...
You have no idea what I just went through.
I swear, nothing bad will happen to you.
Chavvi, please...
- I can't do this.
- Listen to me, you idiot!
We have paid you.
It's your job.
So, if you wanna come back home, Niyati...
Then you go back
and finish the bloody test!
We already know the girl's involved.
Listen to me.
Your friend,
she has already confessed.
Just tell us the truth
and we'll spare you.
Time's up.
Yes! Yes! Yes!
Relax, relax,
everyone's going to get them.
Give me.
I also give them.
I made a mistake.
Ma'am, are you alright?
Can I help you?
- Yes!
- Topper!
There she is!
- You've gone a great job.
- Niyati! Niyati! Niyati!
- Great job!
- What happened?
Why are you crying, you silly?
We did it!
Hey, I'm really sorry, okay?
I'm sorry for what is said.
You were panicking.
I had to calm you down.
- I had to calm you down.
- What about Aakash, guys?
- He'll be fine.
- What can they do now?
They can't cancel the score.
- Chavvi, talk to your dad.
- Niyati...
I think they'll arrest him.
I'm sure they must have released
him by now.
He can reappear for the STIC next year.
No big deal!
I'm so happy!
- We did it!
- We did it!
- He'll be fine.
- We did it, Niyati.
- We did it! Be happy!
- Dude, thank you so much!
It make no difference to you, right?
- Huh?
- All you care about are your scores.
Don't get hyper.
- It's fine. We did it.
- No, um...
this is what we had decided, right?
That if you guys get busted,
then you are on your own.
That's why we paid you guys
that kind of money.
The money?
You can keep that money.
When you fall short of good grades
at Stanford and need to impress your dad,
then you can use that money
to buy yourself another Niyati.
Dude, what's wrong?
What's wrong with her?
Hey, what happened?
Chhavs, come on. We did it.
We've been trying to call you like crazy.
You should've made a call.
Wait up, she just got back home.
Listen, I spoke to your principal.
She's willing to give you another chance
at that scholarship.
But she's got one condition.
You got to ace both the scholarship exam
and the school exam.
Which we know you won't have
any problem with, right?
What's the matter?
You should be jumping for joy about this.
Why the sad face?
What's going on?
Dad, I...
- What is it, honey?
- You not feeling well?
Nah, the school trip...
Forget about the school trip.
It's in the past.
Think about your future.
Think about Oxford.
Are you exhausted?
Go to your room and get some rest.
Congratulations on making it to Oxford.
I'm so proud of you, Niyati.
I got another shot at the scholarship exam
all thanks to you, ma'am.
No, it's... it's really all you.
When do you start?
In two days.
That's fast.
Just remember one thing, sweetheart,
what you can earn...
you never have to steal it.
Three, two, one!
Go, go, go!
God bless you. God bless you.
Uncle, it's me, Aakash.
Didn't she tell you about me?
Oh, I see, Aakash!
- How you doing, Aakash?
- I'm good, Uncle.
How'd you do in your studies?
- I couldn't hack it.
- Why not?
Because of Niyati.
Because of Niyati?
- What do you mean?
- I mean there can be only one topper.
She got the scholarship, so...
Don't be disheartened, okay?
There are other scholarship
exams out there.
- Just keep trying.
- Thank you, Uncle.
- I'll just...
- Yeah, sure.
You guys keep chatting.
Where the hell were you, man?
You didn't even call or text!
I even went to your damn house, Aakash!
I'm sorry about what went down.
It shouldn't have happened, but...
You should've at least taken
the 12th-grade exams.
What did that have to do with all this?
Nothing happened.
They didn't say anything.
They let me go the next day.
You know what?
I just found out about another test.
More students take it than the STIC.
More students, more money.
- But I can't do it alone.
- Are you out of your mind?
Even after all we went through,
you want do it again?
You are scared?
We went to Australia, for crying out loud!
I even got caught.
Did anything happen?
- Nothing happened.
- This is wrong, Aakash.
Now it's wrong?
That's great.
You got into Oxford,
You took money from Chavvi.
You think you're so righteous,
teach me what's right and wrong.
I never took any money from Chavvi.
And if you need the money,
you can go take my share from her.
But don't do this.
There are plenty of people like Chavvi
and Prateek out there.
We got to hustle them
for the cash, Niyati?
Don't you get what I'm saying?
There's a legit way to make it too.
I got the admission, didn't I?
I got the scholarship, didn't I?
You can do it too, man.
You want to become an engineer
and make bank, right?
How much do Oxford graduates rake in, huh?
If we both put our heads together,
we can make ten times that.
- Can't you see it?
- I said no.
No means no.
Don't do it.
Aakash, please.
Aakash, please, stop this.
What excuse did you make?
A trip to Dalhousie, right?
Wait... Uncle!
- Aakash, please.
- Let me tell him
- who's behind the STIC mess.
- Don't tell him anything.
Wait. Uncle!
He didn't have anything to do with it.
Aakash, please.
First, I'll go to the warden
and then gather
all the news channel reporters.
I'll spill everything.
Think about it.
They won't get a bigger scoop than this.
"Delhi's state topper goes abroad
and helps kids cheat for money."
Just think about it.
Aakash! Aakash! Try to understand.
Please, stop all this.
You should take the exam again.
You'll get the scholarship, man.
I'll talk to Dad.
What will you tell him, huh?
That old man will teach me, huh?
He spent his life begging others
to feed you guys.
And you'll keep begging too...
Don't you get it?
They stripped me naked over there, man.
How much humiliation do
I have to endure for money, huh?
Go tell all the news channels.
Before that, go to Oxford and tell them.
I'll give you their number!
What's the worst they can do?
Expel me, right?
It makes no damn difference to me.
I'll study here.
I'll do anything else,
but I won't do this again!
You want me to grow a mustache?
Alright, I'll grow a mustache.
Check out my mustache now.
Here you go.
Good morning, kiddo.
Today is a very big day for all of us.
Are you ready?
What is it?
You couldn't shut up about Oxford,
and now when it's time
to leave for Oxford,
you're standing here with a sad face.
What's the deal?
Dad, I...
Go on tell me.
Dad, I didn't actually go on
any school trip.
Chavvi, Prateek,
and a few of their buddies
offered me money to take an exam.
Aakash and I went ahead with it.
When they started getting suspicious,
They stripped me down
and locked Aakash in a room.
Nothing actually happened,
but I got very scared.
That's why I couldn't talk to you.
I tried to tell you the truth,
but I could never gather the courage.
You've forgiven all my mistakes,
but maybe you won't be able
to forgive me this time. But...
I can't...
I can't leave with the weight of this lie.
I'm sorry, Dad.
Please, forgive me.
Leave behind your sorrows,
Embrace the new tomorrows,
Wear a smile upon your face.
Don't turn away,
Stand tall,
The world awaits your call,
A new world full of boundless grace.
Mistakes were made, it's true,
But now you have breakthrough,
No one can hold you back.
Your heart is pure and strong,
You know that,
So do not punish yourself for long,
Let bygones be bygone
My dear...
My dear...
Let bygones be bygone, my dear.
You gain some, you lose some,
that's how life is, my dear
You gain some, you lose some,
that's how life is,...
My dear...