Fast Charlie (2023) Movie Script

-[gunshots popping]
-[man] Stop right there.
Put your hands
where I can see them.
Shirt off!
Come on!
Pants off!
Come on, motherfucker.
[Charlie] I always thought
my life would end like this,
in some godforsaken place,
from a bullet
I didn't see coming.
I just never thought I'd care.
[engine revving]
[coffee machine beeping,
[engine rumbling]
[Charlie] One thing
you don't want to see,
me in a suit this early
in the morning.
Means I'm working,
which means someone is about
to depart
this life unexpectedly.
[dog barking in distance]
-[Charlie sighs]
-[man whistling]
[phone buzzing]
-[Stan] Yeah?
-He's late.
-[Stan] It's all right.
He'll be there, okay?
Hey, listen,
I can do the guy myself.
-He's there right now.
-[Stan] No, no, no, no.
Besides, I promised Bobby we'd give this kid a shot.
Supposed to be pretty good
with a knife.
Yeah, well that's what
you keep saying, but--
[Stan] Well, uh, call me
when it's done, okay?
-He's here.
-Hey, I got these for Rollo.
'Cause I-- I heard
he's a donut junkie.
So, I told him that he won
a dozen donuts
at our weekly raffle.
He loves Boston creams.
W-- what's with the suit?
-What's with the shirt?
-Oh, it's part of the plan.
I made it myself.
-That's pretty smart, right?
-[chuckles] Yeah.
Except Krispy Kremes are spelled
with two K's.
Who the fuck knows that?
Not you.
[engine revving]
Okay, make it quick.
You get one chance.
You fuck it up,
he's in the wind again.
Don't worry, old timer.
I got this shit.
[car door slams shut]
-[knocking on door]
[muffled music playing]
[Rollo] Yeah?
What is this?
All right, man.
All right. Thanks.
See ya!
[Blade panting]
-That was Rollo.
Why didn't you stab him?
That's what I always do.
-Hence why they call you Blade.
-I thought I'd do
something different.
-[Charlie] Mm-hmm?
I wanna show Stan some range
and imagination.
What'd you do, poison him?
-What the fuck?
Boston cream, baby!
Woo! [laughs]
Come on.
[Blade coughs]
What did you put in the donut?
Uh, just, like,
a little blasting cap. [laughs]
[Charlie] I mean, how's Beggar
gonna know it's Rollo
without his head?
-Well, there's like a--
-Shut the fuck up.
-Sweet Jesus.
-[Blade coughs]
-[Benny] How'd it go?
Kid fed Rollo a donut
with a bomb in it.
-That sounds kinda cool.
-[Charlie] Uh-huh.
-Blew his head off.
-[Benny sighs]
I mean-- uh,
Stan gonna shit himself.
[Charlie] Hey, listen,
there's no need to bother Stan.
I'll take care of it.
You know a guy
that knew Rollo, right?
Find out if he had any family
around here, will ya?
-[Benny scoff] All right.
-[phone beeps]
[car door shuts closed]
[waves crashing]
[knocking on door]
[door creaks open]
[Charlie] Miss Kramer?
-I'm sorry to disturb you.
-Rollo's dead.
As it were, yes.
As it were.
Well, thanks for the heads up.
I'll make sure to look up
that life insurance policy
he never got around to getting.
-[Charlie grunts]
-[door creaks open]
I came here to discuss
a problem that's arisen.
And if I'm not interested
in your problem?
Oh, well...
I see.
You'll slap duct tape
over my mouth
and shove me in the trunk.
Only if you're into
that kind of thing.
Just wanna talk.
Wait in the car, Donut.
[door shuts closed]
[Charlie groans]
I'd offer you one,
but you just killed my ex.
You don't seem too upset.
I expected him to be deceased
long before today,
given the business he was in.
You have a thing
for dead animals, Miss Kramer?
Marcie. I'm a taxidermist.
Mm. Don't find many of those.
It's a niche thing.
He looks angry.
Like someone stole his acorns
and he's gonna make 'em pay.
I'm not up
on my beaver expressions.
-I could be wrong.
-I was going for indignant.
Oh, yeah. I see it.
Don't ever mess
with my acorns. [chuckles]
[sighs, chuckles]
I have a small problem,
Miss, uh--
I have to convince
a certain person
that the body in that trunk
out there is indeed Rollo.
Something happen to his face?
Yeah. It's missing.
Along with the rest of his head.
There's five grand in it for you
if you come with me and vouch
that Rollo is indeed Rollo.
I could use the money.
But I swore I'd never get back
into that world.
So, I'll save you the dough
and myself some time.
Brother's a tattoo artist.
Gave Rollo and I matching
tattoos as a wedding gift.
-Our ass cheeks.
I had Rollo removed last year.
Why'd you?
Have him removed?
[scoffs] I don't know.
It's usually
along the lines of someone
trying to fuck someone
else over, that type of thing.
That type of thing would be
on the top of Rollo's resume.
Well, there you go now.
Anyway, he-- he made it
back here to Biloxi
and it just happens
to be my boss's territory.
So, we're being courteous to
our colleagues in New Orleans.
I love how you guys
are so courteous.
Pop the trunk, Donut.
[grunts] Horrible drapes.
Yeah, they went nice
with the kitchen.
-That's Rollo's ass.
-See? Come on, man.
We didn't need his head,
after all.
You got all pissy for nothing.
-Why don't you...
Bet you didn't know
Beggars and Rollo
were cellmates at Angola.
Pretty sure he's seen
that tattoo up-close. [laughs]
Stan's not gonna
like this, Donut.
-Stop calling me Donut!
Get your gun out! Gun!
Put it in the car.
Fuck Stan.
Beggar said I could come
work for him anytime.
He's moving up.
And this'll prove
I'm ready for his crew.
If I ever hear anybody call me
Donut again,
I'm gonna come back
and I'm gonna gut you.
[engine starting]
-[car revving]
-Old timer.
[brakes screeching]
Don't call me Donut,
[Blade laughs]
I don't believe I got your name.
I'm moving up, baby!
I'm moving up!
Woo! [laugh]
Ooh, sh--
[electric buzzing]
Oh, shit.
Have you worked with him before?
[Charlie] No, first time.
-[fire crackling]
-[Marcie sighs]
-What a mess.
-It's okay. The car is stolen.
I was referring to the kid.
Looks like he shot himself.
Well, he was
more of a knife guy.
you know, they're kinda--
kinda the same size.
Maybe go visit your brother,
the tattoo artist,
maybe he could, you know,
kinda-- no?
[Marcie sighs]
Fine, but I'm not cutting
his head off.
[classical music playing]
[shower running]
[birds chirping]
[sports announcer]
Yeah, Scotty Porter
looking a lot more
active out there.
He's really coming along,
that guy.
-You put cilantro in here?
Well, I distinctly taste lemon.
-Yeah. It's called lemon.
-I detest cilantro.
That's why I used lemon.
Did you-- did you get
this chicken at that Domenic's?
Domenic's is in the North End.
We're in Biloxi.
That's right, I don't know
what the heck's gotten into me.
Anyway, the point is, it's
very good, don't get me wrong.
It's very good,
even with the cilantro.
I think personally that
you should open a restaurant.
Well, the only way to make money
in that business is to skim.
And you can't skim off yourself.
No, well, I mean,
who in their right mind
goes into
the restaurant business?
There's no money in--
in the restaurant business.
None whatsoever.
You know, you have to
divest yourself
of that notion, Charlie.
Watch the game, Stan.
Stan Mullin, my boss.
He's run Biloxi for 47 years.
Been a while since he started
forgetting things.
[sighs] Okay.
So, I took it upon myself
to look out for him.
I owed him that.
I got you some fish oils!
Omega threes.
Good for your heart.
Leftovers are in the fridge
in case you're hungry later.
-Too bad about the kid.
-Yeah, it's a shame.
What were you thinking,
letting a young kid like that
do a job like that?
I'm sorry, Stan.
Won't let it happen again.
-We gonna have any trouble?
I took care of it.
-Sleep well.
-Thanks, partner.
[brakes squealing]
Beggar Mercado,
street thug
turned Ninth Ward crew chief.
One of the new breed of bosses
cutting a swathe
through New Orleans.
Let's see.
[flies buzzing]
The guy who did him
got a little carried away.
Kid named Blade.
Maybe you know him.
Don't ring a bell, baby.
And that's Rollo?
It's him.
-Where'd you find him?
-[guard] There you go, man.
[Charlie] Rental,
near the airport.
[guard] Got him? [grunts]
With his ex's name on the lease.
Dumb fuck.
-How's Stan?
-Still Stan.
I reached out to him
for a sit-down.
He didn't reach back, though.
I got a lot of ideas
I know he'd like.
New construction,
new casinos, hotels.
Juicy territory.
You're his guy.
Make it happen.
We good?
First time Rollo's ever
contributed anything
to this relationship.
-By the way, why didn't you?
Slap duct tape over my mouth,
put me next to Rollo?
Not my style.
Besides, you dealt
with the situation straight up.
-Don' t see that often.
-From a woman?
From anybody.
You wanna get something to eat?
-Wow, where'd that come from?
-My mouth.
Which appears to have
circumvented my brain,
but there you have it.
-[Charlie laughs]
-What, the dead guys?
Problem solved.
Situation avoided.
Found money.
You pick one.
-Mm. Phenomenal.
Who'd have thunk you'd find
something this divine
at a place called Tuscan Tomato.
Well, the owner's from Treviso.
A guy named Claudio.
Not so good at English,
but fantastic chef.
What's-- what-- what's in this?
ricotta, flour
and, uh, blanched spinach.
And you know this how?
Well, I just like
to cook, you know?
That's kind of like
a hobby for me.
-But mostly Italian.
-Why Italian?
Well, when I was stationed
in Italy for a while there,
you know, I don't know.
I just fell in love
with the culture.
Love everything Italian.
Why taxidermy?
All right. [clears throat]
I like giving everlasting life
to something that didn't have
a fair chance at one.
-I restore their dignity.
When I give
a hunter back his trophy,
I want that animal
to haunt his dreams.
That's an intriguing profession.
No more than being
an enforcer for some mob.
-I'm not an enforcer.
-Muscle, then.
Lot of guys
with more muscle than me.
All right. [laugh]
A trigger man, button guy.
I'm more like a, um, concierge.
-A fixer.
-Problem solver.
Mm. Like...
I got a body with no head
that needs identifying.
And if I needed tickets
on the 50-yard line
for a Saints game?
Yeah, I could get those for you.
Who would you have
to kill to get 'em?
Mm, depends on
who they're playing.
[Charlie] Huh.
Well, four stars
for the Tuscan Tomato.
What do you think about...
you know.
Don't think so much, Charlie.
Stay in the moment. Enjoy it.
The rest?
-[light tapping]
-Who knows?
[Charlie] Yeah.
What were you thinking,
[engine revving]
Happy birthday to you
[Charlie] Don't let the folds of
fat hanging over their belts
or their receding hairlines
fool you.
There's over 300 years
of state time standing there.
Stan's crew.
Extortion, loan sharking.
You name it, they did it.
[all cheering]
Happy birthday, Stan.
Happy birthday.
[man] Blow 'em out, buddy!
Go baby, go!
[Charlie] My family.
Love 'em all.
[all cheering]
Here we go now.
All right, Benny, there's yours.
-I'm on a fuckin' diet, Charlie.
-I don't know about that, Benny.
That's not what Celine tells me.
-All right.
-[Celine] Thank you, Charlie.
Thank you.
Benny Morin.
Runs all of Stan's
gentlemen's clubs.
Stuck to his one rule,
never sample the wares.
That's his wife, Celine.
Those two more in love,
28 years later.
Pauly. [laughs]
Stan hired him thinking
he was Pauly Ice Pick
out of Boston.
When he found out he wasn't,
he couldn't bring himself
to send the kid packing.
So, he made him his chauffeur.
Tony D.
No one knows
what the D stands for.
Everyone's afraid to ask.
Runs Stan's gambling
New Girl, only don't
call her that to her face.
Been one of us
for 12 years now.
Saw her shoot
a guy's big toe off
when he forgot
and called her that.
-Winn Dixie.
So, this is what I merit now,
a store-bought birthday cake?
Yeah, those fancy bakery cakes.
They look great.
Taste like shit.
[Stan laughs]
[Charlie] You go on home, Paul.
-I'll finish up here.
-Thanks, Charlie.
If you're gonna stay
for the game,
don't forget
to give Stan his night pills.
Otherwise, he sleep walks.
Last week,
he almost walked into the pool.
Later, Benny.
You got it.
[muffled commentating over TV]
You know, I was thinking,
uh, did you ever-- uh,
did get one of those little,
uh, pretty fixer uppers?
You know, where you used
to go all the time over there?
All the time,
you'd go over there.
-Italy. Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, no,
I'm-- I'm still searching.
-What are you doing?
-I'm searching.
-I'm still looking.
-Oh, still search--
fuck a bunch of searching.
Just do it.
I'm gonna
tell you something right now.
In 20 years from now,
you'll be much more disappointed
at the things you didn't do then
than the ones you did.
Now, that's the only law
of the universe
that's worth a shit.
Well, there's a truth in that.
Look at me. I'm set.
I got a place
in Gulf Park
I'm gonna spend my sunset days
watching them ponies.
Playing 'em during the day
and some rum punches at night.
You know, now,
that sounds like a plan.
Plan, you want-- you want God
to laugh, you make a plan.
[both laughing]
Beggar wants
a sit-down with you.
What does he want
a sit-down with me for?
He wants to run
some ideas by you.
What kind of ideas
might he have?
I don't know. I don't know.
He said he reached out to you.
Well, what,
does he got something?
All right.
I'll tell you what.
Go ahead and set it up.
I'm gonna sit him
right in front of me,
this close, and I'll tell him
to go fuck himself.
See, here's the thing
that I did learn, though,
that you don't wrestle
with a pig.
It'll get you dirty,
and he'll like it.
All right.
Stay away from that bum.
[seagull squawking]
[engine rumbling]
-[brakes squealing]
[opera music
playing over speakers]
[tense instrumental playing]
[opera music continues]
-[silenced gunshot]
Easy, now.
You dumb fucks
ever heard of Ring doorbell?
Put the gun down.
[gun clatters]
Get him.
-Go on. Get him. Pick him up.
[tense instrumental playing]
[line ringing]
You've reached Benny,
leave a message.
[Charlie] Hey, Benny,
we're under attack.
Warn everyone at the casino.
[alarmed shouting]
-[engine roaring]
-[tires screeching]
[muffled commentating over TV]
Come on.
[line ringing]
[voicemail] Hi,
this is Stan Mullens.
Please leave a message.
[intense instrumental
[Charlie panting]
For he's a jolly good fellow
For he's a jolly good fellow
Which nobody can deny
Which nobody can deny
Which nobody can deny
Which nobody can deny
For he's
A jolly good fellow
For he's
A jolly good fellow
Which nobody can deny
[ominous instrumental playing]
[seagulls squawking]
[car approaching]
[Sal] You like gulls, don't you?
[woman] Sure do.
Let's go check it out.
Why don't you
go feed the seagulls, huh?
[Sal] Not too generous.
[woman] Let's go.
I see you got
the granddaughter visiting.
[Sal] I assume
you want to kill Beggar.
You know I can't sanction that.
You sanctioned a hit on Stan.
No, I did not.
That was a rogue move.
Nobody knew.
Then, what's the issue?
Beggar's an earner.
Funnels a lot of money
into the coffers.
And to stay vital,
you gotta change your way
of thinking.
Make room for the new guys.
Stan was always fair with you.
Stan's gone.
And you should be, too,
if you're smart.
I'm offering you that.
I've always had one rule, Sal.
Be good to the people
who were good to you.
Then be good
to yourself, Charlie,
and get as far away from here
as you can.
if you kill Beggar--
Hey. I came here out of respect.
You do what you have to do.
-What did Rollo have on Beggar?
-I don't know.
But whatever it was
got him deceased.
Where is he, Beggar?
Why don't you ask
one of your crew?
I would.
But they're all dead.
You sure about that?
[ominous instrumental playing]
[Charlie] All right, Benny,
there's yours,
here you go, Celine.
-Thanks, Charlie.
-You seen Blade?
You seen Blade?
Do I look
like his parole officer?
[tense instrumental playing]
Charlie Swift.
Uh, Celine.
[breathes heavily]
-Is Benny around?
-You just missed him.
He went to go meet
some guys over at the club.
[muffled commentating over TV]
I was just gonna call him.
I'll tell him you stopped by.
I always say goodbye
to him before work.
It's just our thing.
Didn't say it today
for some reason.
You tell him I meant to.
Betrayal's a funny thing.
Its very nature
is to catch you unaware.
This one was a gut punch
I never saw coming.
-Hey, Charlie.
-Hey, Giselle.
You comin' over
after my shift tomorrow?
I might have to
take a rain check.
I'll let you know.
[club music playing]
I thought
you were doing collections.
-Not bouncer work.
-[man] Right, sit on it.
-Place is under new management.
-[man] Come on, one more.
-Beggar's guys already move in?
-[man] Nice.
Soon as the lights came on.
-[man] Ooh! Give me some shake!
-Like roaches.
You moved in
with Esther, I hear.
I bet you she'd be glad
to see you come home
early for supper.
I'll bring her some wings.
Maybe I'll get lucky.
Don't forget to get a receipt.
[rap music playing]
[man] Yeah, that's it!
That's it! Whoo!
[Benny grunting]
Charlie. No. No.
[pants, grunts]
Charlie, Beggar said
Stan was finished here.
He wasn't the same, Charlie.
[groans] He wasn't
always right in the head.
You turned on your own.
I had to
make a choice for myself.
Where's Beggar?
He's been on the move
since this thing went down.
Out of his fuckin' mind,
looking for whatever
that Rollo guy had on him.
He's got the whole gang
looking for it. [gasps]
You ought
to get out of Biloxi, Charlie.
That's what everyone
keeps telling me.
[chilling instrumental playing]
[trance music playing]
[man] Ooh, baby! [laughs]
[girls screaming]
[muffled club music playing]
[man whistles]
[body thumps on floor]
Esther likes to eat late.
[sighs in relief]
[calm guitar instrumental
[phone buzzing]
Miss Kramer.
[on phone] Hello, Mr. Swift.
Just calling to say thanks
for your lovely gift.
I was hoping
to get him home for the weekend.
I have a ferret
and a white tailed eagle
ahead of yours,
so your little friend's
gonna have to wait.
By the way,
where'd you find him?
Southeast corner
of Euclid and Grand.
-He got a name?
-Uh-huh. Rocky.
it's the Smith of raccoons.
I'm gonna need
a little more time with him,
due to the tire marks.
[Charlie] Take your time.
-I just want the best for Rocky.
-You got it.
[singing over speakers]
Husband and wife
Your whole fucking life
We won't be together
'Cause you deserve--
[tense instrumental playing]
[phone buzzing]
[ominous instrumental playing]
Pissed about the old man?
Guy was past his "sell by" date.
[chilling instrumental playing]
[phone ringing]
[on phone] Tony,
did you find the package?
Stopped lookin'.
Fast Charlie.
I am impressed.
He was my second-best guy.
Well, looking forward
to meeting number one.
What do you want?
You, not breathing.
[laughs] And how
are you gonna do that?
I'm doing it.
Oh, you got
a long way to go, my friend.
I got more men
than you got bullets.
Odds ain't in your favor.
Bullets are easy to get.
Men, I'm not so sure.
Or I could find out
what Rollo had on you
before you do.
How's that sound?
-That's what I thought.
-[call disconnects]
[phone beeps]
Get me the freak.
[pop music
playing over speakers]
I keep on
Turning these pages I write
Feels like
I've waited for you...
And these days
Become nights
And I'm trying
To find a way
-[man] Easy, now. Just be easy.
[objects clattering]
Just tell us where it's at,
keep your place
from getting more fucked up.
I'd be repeating myself.
I could say it slower,
or I could draw you a picture.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
The fuck kinda bird is this?
-Long billed woodcock.
Girl, I got
a big ole woodcock on me.
That's real clever,
for a 12-year-old.
[man laughs]
Can you put that down,
I've been working on it
for 30 hours already.
What happened to him?
He got hit by a truck?
Some shithead
loaded it with birdshot.
I don't see no birdshot.
No? Look here.
Turn it over.
Right there.
[man grunting]
[Marcie groans]
[man grunting]
[man groaning]
[man panting]
[Marcie panting]
This a bad time?
[dramatic instrumental playing]
[thug] Fucking Catholic.
[sighs] Now I see
why you like that old man car.
Rollo was here.
He showed up
about four days before you did.
Told me he'd give me 50 grand
if I would help him rent
a place to lay low
while he was working
some shakedown scheme.
I told him the whole thing
was gonna blow up in his face,
and it did.
What now?
Well, I'm gonna dump these guys,
then head to New Orleans,
Rollo's home turf.
Pretty sure whatever
they're looking for is there.
right next to my 50 grand.
-I don't think
that's a good idea.
-Do you have a better idea?
-What would you have me do?
Sit in some hotel room?
-I don't--
Wait for you to tell me
the coast is clear?
-What if you get killed first?
And then, I wake up one day,
and there's another
Mutt and Jeff
at the foot of my bed
holding duct tape and 45s?
Besides, do you have
any idea where Rollo lived,
where he hung out,
the morons he rolled with?
I do. That 50 grand could really
change things for me.
I'm gonna find it,
with or without you.
Pack light.
[energetic instrumental playing]
[music fades]
So, this 50 grand,
what are you gonna do with it
if you find it, anyway?
LSU campus in Baton Rouge,
they have
a Natural History Museum.
Uh, they said
that they would like to hire me
to be the director
of avian exhibits.
-Hmm. Professor.
-No, not quite.
But they like my work.
Said if I got certified,
the job was mine.
Twenty thousand
pays for the course,
five thousand
in moving expenses,
and the rest
for a starter place.
Plus, a change of scenery
would be good for me.
New start.
What about you?
You have any plans
when this is over?
My line of work, it's best
not to have any long-term plans.
You must think about something.
instrumental playing]
Hey, hey, hey!
[vibrant pop music playing]
[indistinct chattering]
[muffled music and chatter]
-What is this?
-A place nobody knows.
it does have a kitchen.
-So good.
Hmm. Yeah.
So, Beggar,
he decides to make his move,
and he wipes everyone out.
You end up
being the last man standing?
Well, it would appear that way.
Well, why didn't you run?
Stan Mullen, my boss,
my friend of 33 years.
A man who played by the rules,
kept his word,
did well by people.
He deserved
to go out on his terms,
only he didn't get to.
Stan's dead, Charlie.
Why does this mean
so much to you?
When I was five,
I'd wait at the door
for my pops to come home.
My cowboy hat on,
my boots on, my gun on.
He'd come in, I'd give him
a gun, and he'd say "draw."
Now, obviously,
a 25, 26-year-old man's
gonna beat a five-year-old kid
to the draw.
But what bothered me was...
that every day...
every single day,
he'd beat me to the draw.
He'd make me
put my hands up in the air,
turn round and face the wall.
Then he'd shoot me in the back.
Every day, he did that.
Then, one day,
I reared up and I said,
you know, "What's
the sense of facing the wall
if you're gonna
shoot me in the back?"
And he said,
"Well, maybe today, I won't."
So, I turn around,
face the wall, and...
[imitates popping]
...shot me in the back.
Hated him.
Now, one night... [laughs] night, I tell this
to Stan, and he says,
"When he came home,
you should be waiting for him.
Soon as he came in,
you should've been hiding
behind the door,
and shot him in the back.
I mean, fuck giving him a gun,
and fuck giving him a chance."
He says, "In life, you can play
by someone else's rules
or you can play by your own.
You play
by someone else's rules,
you're gonna
get fucked every time
'cause it's their design,
not yours."
My old man was just trying
to teach me a lesson.
Stan got me to see that.
Hmm. Lifted the weight
I carried in my heart
for 30 years.
instrumental playing]
[church bell chiming]
[horn honks]
[knocking on door]
I'm gonna order some lunch.
[singing over radio]
True love to true love
Rust to rust
Eight years,
I asked him to fix the boards
on that walkway.
Always was a lazy fuck.
Trying to be a good boy
Something changes
In the wind
How did you two get together?
[Marcie] Oh, yeah.
Moment of weakness.
-I was 32 and, you know.
[Charlie] How long?
'Til I realized that
he was always one scheme away
from ending up
in your trash swamp.
[food courier]
Mr. Kramer! Food delivery!
Hello? Anyone home?
Lunch is served.
[tense instrumental playing]
After Beggar's guys
turned the place
upside down and inside out,
I didn't expect
to find Rollo's ace card.
I just hoped to find a clue
as to where he stashed it.
[door creaks closed]
What exactly
are you looking for?
Red lockbox, yea big.
Picture of a mustang on it.
That's where
he kept his valuables.
[Marcie sighs]
[Charlie] I knew that look.
I've seen it in the mirror
a few cold mornings
back when I started this life.
It's not really
letting go of the past
that sticks with you.
It's coming to terms
with letting go of the future
that will never be.
-It stays with you.
No matter how far
you run from it.
[door creaks open]
You sure you wanna stay?
I wanna finish
going through everything.
Just the stuff he wouldn't
let me have when I took off.
I'll take an Uber
back to your place.
-[cell ringing]
-[man on phone] AirLine Inn.
-Yes, good afternoon there.
-Oh, good afternoon, sir.
My name is Mr. Kramer.
Yes, good afternoon to you.
Listen, I'd like to check
on my room charges, please.
But I seem
to have misplaced my bill.
If you'd like, I can send
a current bill up to your room.
Oh, that would be
so much appreciated.
Could you send
maintenance up there,
please, check on my toilet?
You know, just keeps
running and running.
Of course. Room 704. Coming up.
[tense instrumental playing]
[man] Hey!
Couldn't find anything.
I tightened your valve.
Seems to be working, so...
Thanks, man. Here you go.
Damn thing kept me up all night.
-Have a good day.
-[maintenance man] You got it.
[ominous music plays]
[light elevator music plays]
[ominous music plays]
[elevator dings]
-[Lloyd exclaims]
-[gunshots banging]
-[breathing heavily]
-[tense music plays]
[gasping breath]
[Charlie] Shit.
[faint clanking]
[grunts and gasps]
[siren beeping]
[man over PA]
Attention, all hotel guests!
There is an active shooter
in the hotel.
Please seek shelter.
Keep your room door locked
until further notice.
[panicked chattering]
[man over PA]
There's an active shooter
in the hotel.
Keep your room door locked
until further notice.
[music intensifies]
[Charlie groans]
[breathing shakily]
[steel knocks]
-[heartbeat thumps]
-[music intensifies]
[gun clicks]
[faintly groans]
[quiet, tense music plays]
[police siren blares]
[steel squeaks]
[tense music plays]
[country music plays faintly]
-[Charlie grunts]
-[Marcie] Jesus, Charlie.
-What the hell happened?
-I got shot.
-By who?
-Oh, some guy.
A guy?
A guy like you, you mean.
Mm. This one was different.
Deluxe model.
Beggar's number one.
Could be you're in over
your head, Charlie.
[Charlie] Been doing all right
up until today.
Rollo was doing all right
'til he wasn't.
Don't get any ideas
about stuffing me
before I bleed to death.
I wouldn't.
Why not?
I couldn't capture your essence.
You capture
a raccoon's essence.
You're an entirely
different creature.
Hm. Well, that's for sure.
Oh, for God sake's, Charlie.
You know,
you really oughta start thinking
about an exit plan.
A place to retire,
assuming you'll have a say
in the matter.
I was thinking about
buying one of these.
They go for a dollar.
Of course, you only have to
promise that you'll fix them up.
But, you know, it's beautiful.
This one's in Umbria.
I mean, you can find these
all over Italy.
-How long you been looking?
-Couple of years.
Well, what are you waiting for?
For them to go down to 50 cents?
It's a beautiful dream, Charlie.
You oughta go for it.
[Charlie] Hmm.
I heard that
somewhere before once.
[light music plays]
-[Charlie] What's funny?
Rollo's got a price on his head
and is running for his life.
Still, he calls his mama
three times from the hotel.
if it isn't "Ms. Whores R Us."
-Who the fuck are you?
-He's a friend of Rollo's.
Doesn't look like
any of his friends.
Any come by recently?
You claimin' I entertain
my son's friends here
for a small fee?
-There's a shed out back
he uses as his man cave.
-Don't you touch his shit!
All right. Where is it?
-The lockbox.
Probably up your gaping asshole,
son stealer.
That ain't your property,
you testicle sucker.
What's in it,
he promised to me.
If he wanted you to have it,
he'd have shoved it
up your cooch.
Lord knows it's big enough.
Remember my wedding day, Mavis?
You were running around
with a Budweiser in one hand
and your Uncle Fred's dick
in the other.
July 29, seven, two, nine.
What'd you expect
to find in there?
50 grand?
In unmarked 20s and 50s?
-Where is it?
-You're looking at it.
25K each.
-Double Ds.
-[whispers] Oh, God.
Nipples the size
of silver dollars now.
I'm sorry about your 50K.
Yeah, well, it was a long shot
from the get-go.
At least your disc
is still out there somewhere.
-Mine turned
into a pair of double Ds.
[laughs] Sure did.
Augh, I should've slammed
the door in his face
the moment I saw him.
You gotta wonder
what's wrong with me
that I didn't.
It's hard to let go of hope.
I gotta learn to let go
of a lot of things.
Looks like the bus station's
just a few blocks.
You can, uh, drop me there.
What you gonna do?
We can either
make ourselves miserable
or make ourselves stronger.
The amount of work is the same.
Oh, I suppose I'll keep looking.
-I don't like loose ends.
Ah. I hope they don't kill you
before you find it, then.
Thank you.
I appreciate the sentiment.
Oh, no.
I got it from here, Charlie.
-It's a loan, okay?
-No, please don't.
-Marcie, just--
-No. Look, a loan means
you're gonna be coming back
for me.
And then I gotta wonder
if you made it or not.
And then I gotta hope
you didn't change your mind.
-I can tell you
right now that I'll--
-Charlie, don't.
Here, it's just, uh,
just a couple blocks that way.
[soft music plays]
Look, you got something
you gotta do...
and a lot can happen
between then and now.
Let's just leave it here, okay?
Don't you be in love with me,
Charlie Swift.
Too late.
I know where your thing is.
Beggar's bar.
Rollo used to manage it.
Last thing he said to me was
it's right under their noses.
All right. Got it?
Where is he, Ronnie?
Where's that weasel?
-I know he's hiding here
-[Marcie] Where is he hiding?
-Um, Rollo?
-Marcie, Rollo's dea--
-You're a shitty liar.
You always were.
You back there, Rollo?
You pull a gun on me again,
and I'll shove it up your ass!
Where are you hiding,
you piece of shit?
You were sleeping up there? Huh?
Come on, I got bills to pay!
[ominous music plays]
Come on!
Face me, you coward!
If you see that cum stain,
you tell him
he better give me my 50 grand,
or I'll cut his dick off.
-Wait, what's the rush, Marcie?
-I think Beggar's looking
for you.
-Fuck off me!
-Won't you hang tight
while I give him a call?
Let me go, you dick!
Step away from the lady.
-I don't see no lady here.
-[thug exclaims in pain]
-[Charlie] Look again.
-[thug groans]
-Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hands, now, hands, hands.
Nice and easy. There you go.
You go back to the safe house.
I'll disable this crew.
Yeah. Hold onto this for me.
[tense music plays]
Nice and easy. Up.
[louder] Get your ass up!
Back up into the bar.
Down. Get on your knees.
Get on your knees!
Now, can any of you dumb fucks
count to ten?
'Cause that's how many rounds
I have.
Which means one of you
might just get out of here
Only one that's gonna
get deceased is you.
I'd do you right here,
let these fucking clowns
clean up the mess,
but Beggar wants to feed you
to the gators himself.
Just you and him.
He'll have a lot to chew on.
[dramatic music plays]
You exclusive to Beggar?
Next exit.
[car horns honking]
[Charlie groans]
[blood dripping]
[intriguing music plays]
[Charlie grunts]
[woman] Is he dead?
[man] I'm calling the cops...
[music intensifies]
[engine starts]
[line ringing]
Come on, Marcie. Come on.
This is Marcie Kramer,
-Please leave your message.
[phone buzzes]
Yes, Marcie? Are you okay?
[Beggar on phone]
You just won't die, will you?
Your old dumping grounds.
You got one hour
before I shoot her in the head.
You piece of fucking shit.
[tires screech]
[brakes crank]
[quiet tense music plays]
[Beggar] Stop right there!
-Put your hands
where I can see them.
[Charlie] Always thought
my life would end like this.
From a bullet
I didn't see coming.
[Beggar] Shirt off!
I just never thought I'd care.
Only, I did care.
I'm okay, Charlie. Don't worry.
[Beggar] Pants off!
Come on, motherfucker.
[Charlie] So, I was gonna
have to pull off a magic trick
with nothing up my sleeve
or down my pants.
[Beggar] Keep your hands up!
Turn around! Slow!
[Charlie] Impossible, right?
Okay, okay, okay. Take it easy.
-[gun clicks]
-Fifteen seconds to give me
that disc.
[Charlie] Think again.
-Her first.
-[Marcie gasps]
-The next one's in her neck.
-I need to know she's okay.
[Marcie gasps]
-What happened?
-Bitch didn't come quietly
when I asked her to.
-You okay?
-Just give him the disc.
I was thinking about the houses,
the fixer-uppers in Italy.
Why I didn't pull the trigger
on one.
I was waiting for someone
to come with me.
You know,
didn't see the point in...
living that kind of dream
all alone.
You got five seconds, Romeo!
You can have the disc.
Only, there's a small problem.
I ain't the one
with the problem.
Yeah, you are.
One of Sal's dudes
in Baton Rouge,
bringing in some shit
on Tuesday night.
Here's the name of the boat
it's coming in on.
Been ratting you out
to the Feds for years.
[Beggar] I'm his money maker.
I'm gonna take this shit down
piece by piece,
'til I'm the man.
I had to run it by Sal,
make sure he was okay
with me killing you.
What's that on your shoe?
[tense music plays]
-[Beggar grunts]
Oh! [gasps]
Much appreciated, Milt.
Semper fi, brother. [laughs]
[Charlie] Sorry about the drama.
Here you go, get you untied.
-All good.
-[Marcie breathes shakily]
-Who's that?
-Oh, nobody.
Oh. Wait, what's this?
[slow percussive music plays]
Well, it's a start.
It's Italian.
True love to true love
And rust to rust
I let the others cast stones
While I drew in the dust
I tried to be a good man
Something changes
In the wind
I got that old black magic
Right over here.
Rolling in
[woman] Mr. Greene,
someone's here to see you, sir.
That's a smart bet right there.
-That's fucking Charlie.
-[Charlie] Hey there.
Where you been?
I've been calling you.
I know, I know, I know,
I, uh...
I been taking care
of that business
-we talked about, Stan.
I thought you said
you were the last one.
Well, I said
it would appear that way.
[ominous music plays]
Paulie, the chauffeur,
got off his shot.
An old pal
at the coroner's office
took care of the rest.
Stan Mullen was officially
Now, who is she?
This is Marcie.
-[Stan] Marcie?
-I'm a friend of Charlie's.
[Stan] You wanna hear something?
You know, I-- I-- I--
I don't know--
I don't know how I got here.
-[Charlie] Really?
-[Stan] Yeah.
We were watching the game.
[Stan] Now, you don't wrestle
with a pig.
He'll get you dirty,
and he'll like it.
-All right.
-Stay away from that bum.
No good.
Why don't we take
a little road trip?
-[Stan] Wow.
-[Charlie] Yeah. Look at this.
It's pretty nice.
[Charlie] It oughta be.
You bought and paid for it.
Put his meds
on the kitchen table.
-Give him three in the morning.
-I got it from here, Charlie.
He's in good hands.
[calm, emotional music plays]
-So, I'm retired?
-Just like you said you would.
-I'm retired now.
To retirement.
Let's drink to that.
To retirement...
and, uh, the crew?
-Yeah, they're good.
They're good.
-[glasses clink]
-Hey, Giselle.
Sorry to interrupt, Mr. Greene.
The shuttle for the track
will be here in ten minutes.
For whatever reason,
they call me Mr. Greene
down here. [chuckles]
Hey, you two,
when you're in the neighborhood,
stop over, please.
We'll watch the game
or something.
You can count on it.
I love you, big guy.
-I like your new wheels.
-[Charlie chuckles]
-What's this?
Courtesy of Sal,
for taking care
of the Beggar situation.
Figured you deserved it.
You can get certified and all.
Certified. Right.
[soft music plays]
Or we could buy appliances.
I bet those houses in Italy
don't come furnished.
[upbeat music plays]
You think so?
Pull the trigger, Charlie.
["The Victory March"
by Citizen Cope playing]
Oh, I forgot to tell you.
The museum in Tuscany?
Has an open spot
for a taxidermist.
[Charlie laughs] Small world.
They say love
Conquers all
Take me
To the victory march
I'll show you
Where our love was caught
'Cause I can't prove you
They say love conquers all
Take me
Where the lovers are
I'll show you
To the victory march
'Cause I can't prove you
I was there
When the sirens called
Helped tie Odysseus
To the hull
And the fire
Could have killed us all
Just to prove you wrong
Get my hands fashioned
To the plow
And my patience
Is not wearing out
And in time
We will be coming round
Just to prove you wrong
They say love conquers all
Take me
To the victory march
I'll show you
Where our love was caught
'Cause I can't prove you
They say love conquers all
Take me
Where the lovers are
I'll show you
To the victory march
'Cause I can't prove you
They say love conquers all
Take me
Where the lovers are
I'll show you
To the victory march
'Cause I can't prove you
[upbeat music playing]