Fast & Feel Love (2022) Movie Script

Your grades are troublesome.
Yes, ma'am.
What do you want to do in the future?
Tell me.
Well, I want to be
an ice-sculpting champion.
Oh, my dear. Wake up.
Thailand doesn't have any snow.
I don't know.
But I saw it once and liked it.
It's beautiful, ma'am.
I think that it's possible. It's just
I have to find a way.
I guess.
Try to think about
something possible, okay?
I want to travel the world.
Traveling the world is not a career, hon.
Does traveling the world give you money?
Well, I'd record a video
of myself traveling.
And then upload it on the internet.
If a lot of people watch it,
I will get sponsors and earn money.
Well, I would go by myself.
I'd record it myself.
A girl traveling the world alone
is impossible.
It's dangerous. Don't you know?
-I see.
I want to be an artist.
I want to write rap songs and
release singles, make albums,
and sign on
with a big international label.
hold my own concert.
Earn a lot of money.
Make a career out of it.
However, I think
a career can't be made
from singing this kind of song.
It's possible, ma'am.
It really can be a career.
It's like
Snoop Dogg.
Or Eminem.
They release rap songs, and whoa!
So mind-blowing, ma'am.
-I understand what you're saying
but I don't think it's a career.
I'll be a doctor then.
I'm going to print my picture on t-shirts
and sell them at a high price.
I'll hold a concert
and give money away to the audience.
And I'll spray water
from my mouth on them too.
Please, sympathize with me.
I'm really tired today.
I want to raise an ant colony--
Stop, please.
I want to grow and sell marijuana.
Let me ask one thing of you.
Please do not do anything drug-related.
Marijuana is an herb.
-It treats diseases.
Drug users die, sellers go to jail.
Come on. Take off your cap
when talking with me.
This term, you still have only 2.1.
I think it's too late.
Let me ask you.
What are you good at?
You have to be good at something.
play sport stacking.
Sport stacking,
the popular sport
of stacking cups in the US
that tests your brain?
Stop playing.
Do you want to end up
working on an assembly line?
even if you were
to work on an assembly line,
you wouldn't be able to do things
as fast as them.
Aren't people good at different things?
Don't talk back.
The entrance exam is coming.
Universities don't have
a cup-playing faculty, you know.
Of all that I've heard so far,
yours seems to be the most futureless.
Okay. You may go now.
Jerita, 2.8.
I know you are good at English.
But for Thai, Science, and Social Studies,
your grades are very bad.
Is this the sport
the teacher's talking about?
Hey, I'm fine.
You don't have to talk to me.
If you want to practice your Thai,
better find someone else.
I wasn't here to talk to you.
I'm here to move the plants.
Hey, I understand, you know, Farang.
What's the deal with you?
Have you been teased all your life?
You're so tense.
What's with you? Lonely?
A Farang who loves plants
talking to a guy
who likes stacking is unusual.
You're weird, you know?
We're both weird.
That's why we're here
talking to each other now.
If I played football or basketball
like the others,
I wouldn't be here
playing alone like some weirdo.
I have myself to blame.
You wouldn't be weird
if you're in the right place.
Like this plant,
if it's placed in the shade, it'll die.
Exposing it to sunlight,
it'll grow in three days.
I hope there will be a place
like that for stacking.
If you love something,
it will take you somewhere.
You know.
My uncle has a flower pot factory.
He's now filthy rich,
who would've thought?
Your speech is way cooler
than the teacher's.
Why don't you become a guidance counselor?
If you need help with anything,
just let me know.
what about you?
What do you want to do?
Maybe I can help in exchange.
I don't have a special dream.
I'm average.
A normal person.
Normal? Like
graduating, get a job, get married,
have kids, own a house?
Well, I guess so.
I think you just haven't found
your dream yet.
Actually, you aren't average.
Your special ability is that
you're kind.
Kindness is a special ability?
Can I use it to get into uni?
Well, it's not like everyone
talks with me like this.
It isn't easy to find a kind person.
Sure. Thanks, then.
It's not like everyone
talks with me like this either.
if I come up with something
I need help with,
I'll let you know.
Sure. What do you want me to call you?
I'm Kao.
Damn, you've distracted me,
but somehow I can play faster.
Want me to explain how to play it?
It's about stacking the cups up
and collecting them as fast as possible.
But what I've been aiming to do
is to compete.
In competition,
there are a set of three, and of six
When a plant is in the right place
at the right time,
it will grow quickly.
You can't see it.
You will never see it.
It's because the speed of 0.001 second
is the speed at which the eye can't see.
It's a speed when spoken of,
no one understands.
When you come to your senses,
you've already lost or won.
Sport stacking
is genderless
doesn't care about age
overlooks nationalities.
We're enemies for 0.001 seconds.
It is a sport that depends
on you and your hands.
No one can help you.
Speed without any pattern.
It's like when you untie the rubber band,
the brain will find the pattern
to untie it.
Keep doing it
and you'll be able to do it faster
because the brain remembers the pattern.
But this kind of speed
doesn't have a pattern.
It's absorbed.
It's above any thoughts.
And what can I do to help you?
Oh, well
stay and keep me company.
What about as my girlfriend?
Staying with him might be the only way
that an average person like me
can help out.
In my country,
when you don't study
at a university like the others,
it's like throwing out your rice cooker.
Whenever you become
a part of something special,
you will feel like you're also special.
For me,
his world is something beautiful.
I want to see it growing.
Thank you for staying with me, Jay.
I freaking love you.
Not from winning.
But if I break a world record,
I'll get money from the sponsors.
I hear they pay out in dollars.
The reward can last for two years.
So, if I can practice
and keep breaking the world record,
then stacking can become my career.
Jeremy from Austria, 4.753.
If I want him to be faster than 4.753,
I think just being his girlfriend
isn't enough.
Just you wait, Jeremy.
Kao! Come down and move the car.
There's no parking space for customers.
It's okay. Keep playing.
I'll take care of it.
He once said that my special ability is
Mom, I'll move it for you.
Jay, the keys.
The sun's out, hang the laundry for me.
4.861, Jay!
4.861, Jay.
It's 4.861. I really am faster.
If an accountant like me
is able to help him
be a millisecond faster,
I'm happy.
I'm happy for you.
move the car.
Jay did it already, Mom.
Sorry. I forgot.
With the conditions and the situation
that we are dealing with,
I think there is something very important
that we both need now.
The next level.
Don't tell me
Six million.
Split the mortgage.
I have some money,
but do you?
Kao! Buy some crispy pork belly for me.
Here is my source of capital.
When I win,
I'll return twice as much to my mom.
I'll go home and think about it.
Aside from his improved stacking speed,
our relationship has sped up
like skipping up steps.
Take a look around first.
If you're not satisfied,
you can let me know.
Our living room
uses the Empathy Design system.
We did research
with actual families before designing it.
The rooms upstairs
interlock with the ones downstairs.
You can see into them.
Would you like to take a look?
This is the kid's room,
suitable for both a boy or a girl.
It's the best corner of the house.
And most importantly,
it's exceptionally quiet.
Mr. Win, please take a look first.
But you'll need to hurry
because this is the last house
we have now.
I'll give you the answer tomorrow.
I think we'll take it.
I'll take it.
You might think I'm crazy.
But have you ever fought
over pre-ordering stuff
or buying stocks?
I must have seen some kind of future here.
This is the kid's room, right?
Okay. Great,
it's like getting a free room.
We're not having kids anyway.
What should we use it for?
this room is
for you to play cup stack.
This is the quietest room.
Ever since that day
I found that
the essential thing to stacking
isn't just hands or cups.
But it is a good environment.
This is the future.
I knew I could count on Jay.
This is clearly heaven.
It's like an arsenal of power,
complete with everything to enhance speed.
Clean air without any dust.
And most importantly above all else,
here, we can control
any sound and any drama.
Jay, don't take a bath!
Jay, don't flush!
Hey, today
I broke it.
I broke it.
Jay, this house is our new weapon.
May I inform you with respect, ma'am.
This is my future,
the one you told me I didn't have.
This is the world sport stacking
This is my home.
I wish for you to continue working hard.
The next level.
If we love something,
it will take us somewhere.
Are you free tomorrow?
I have to attend my kid's school event.
Oh, you aren't free?
I want to watch a movie.
This means our house
is a competition court.
This means our house
is a competition court.
Do you remember, you once told me
if we love something,
it will take us somewhere?
If I can really win this round,
let's find a way to move there
and never return.
Is that good?
Damn, he scared me.
Why was he hyped up like that?
When you're really into something,
you'd be hyped up about everything.
Don't you remember when you were about to
slap that girl over sale items?
Damn. Just like Iron Man
fighting Captain America.
This is the most important match for him.
To move up to another level,
we need a good plan.
Can you take this too?
I want to make it as smooth as possible.
Kao, our favorite ice cream shop
That's right.
Our favorite ice cream shop
opened a new shop around here.
I'm so happy.
Because he trusts me,
I want to do the best I can.
His smile
still always gives me happiness.
Damn it.
I know how he gets that 0.001 sec faster.
So, I have to be as silent as possible.
Oh, she stopped.
Probably nothing.
I once wanted to go to America.
It should be good.
Actually, I don't like cold weather.
But I heard it isn't that cold over there.
as long as we're together.
If we love something,
it should take us somewhere nice.
Hello. Do you ever buy stuff
you didn't need,
but still buy it anyway?
What is it?
You found a shirt at 70% off, huh?
Don't stress yourself out.
I'd buy it too.
You're quiet.
I don't think it's a shirt anymore.
What did you buy?
I found it so cute.
I couldn't help it, so I bought them all.
I have no idea why.
Now, kids' stuff
on Facebook Ads keep popping up.
Who the hell knows where they come from?
You can trick anyone,
but you can't trick Mark.
Actually, I'm not surprised at all.
You love taking care of your plants,
your boyfriend.
You love anything and everything.
You're such a mother.
You were born to be one.
Don't you know yourself?
You're already 30.
What you want or don't want,
you need to talk about it.
Isn't it being dramatic?
It is.
But shouldn't he hear your side?
But if I tell him, he'll lose his focus.
He'll play slower.
Then how would I be happy?
You're kind to everyone.
Don't forget to be kind to yourself too.
Stop doing a voice-over to soothe yourself
when you're unhappy.
From my experience,
hurry up and do whatever it is you want.
Our ovaries aren't very kind to us.
Every hour,
an egg disappears.
There's still time, right?
You won't be born, kiddos.
See? Tearing down the wall
of 4.7 seconds isn't easy.
But it's not that you, you,
or you can't do it.
I know that teaching you guys
is like producing weapons
to backfire on me, right?
But I'm more than happy to teach you.
So, the first rule
I'm going to teach everyone is,
listen really carefully,
sport stacking is a sport using
the measurement of seconds
according to your speed.
It has nothing to do with your age.
There is no concept of child or adult,
senior or junior.
That's great.
Kao, bruh.
Pai-Liu, right?
Great. That's great.
Everyone listen up.
This is an example
of burning determination.
I'm ready to spend all the time in my life
to take you down.
Of course, great. Kao, bruh.
is this your child?
Media really influences the youth.
I won't allow her
to watch John Wick anymore.
Don't blame the media, ma'am.
I've transferred you
the money for the class.
Tell Jay to check it.
We'll have to say goodbye soon, huh?
Be patient, Por.
We have another two months.
The tables of the game can turn anytime.
I'll still have to practice more
when I get home.
You've been playing for so long
and still can't break 4.7.
There are only two months left.
I bet that you will win.
I'm opening a betting pool.
Dude, you never know.
This time I'm playing
against kids around the world.
Who knows how many kids
are practicing while I'm sleeping.
Result speculation
is my special ability, you know.
You'll shudder if the tables turn.
All right. The tables have turned.
You're not the world's fastest anymore.
You've got two more months left.
Edward D. Deluza.
A 10-year-old Colombian.
His dad works in logistics.
His mom is Nigerian.
She owns a big orchard.
He has never competed officially
because he started playing sport stacking
just last year.
But as of late,
his speed has been picking up
because it's summer break there
and he's at home all day.
So, with every second that passes,
Edward is able
to develop himself all the time.
What's his house like? Lots of plants?
A cottage in a forest in Colombia.
It must be a community,
very festive and loud music.
Silence starts at 2:00 p.m.
Hits the sack at 9:00 p.m.
Damn, and what about nutrition?
Mineral water from the mountains.
Fresh plums from his garden.
What about sleep?
Nine to eleven hours per day,
all supervised by his mom.
But what worries me the most is
he'll never have back pain.
Damn terrifying.
The power of teenagers.
And, I want to tell you
that his idol
is you.
Even if he's my fan or a groupie,
I can't let him win.
Could you spare some time?
I want to ask you something.
-Is it important?
-It is.
Is it important enough to wait a minute?
I'm not ready to listen now.
-What if it's not important?
If it's not, then let's talk later, okay?
Well, right now,
my record of 4.7 seconds has been broken.
And the one who broke it wasn't me.
The five seconds we're spending now
is terribly long already.
If there's anything that needs to be done,
you can go ahead and do it.
I trust you.
Just choose what you think is best.
Thank you.
The next level.
I'll take care of it for you.
In the best way.
Just 0.002 apart.
Upgrading his level this time
will be the most critical for him.
But he will have to overcome it.
This is the best way for the both of us.
The two of us
will upgrade our levels together.
Jay, don't shower now.
Jay, the pump is noisy.
They're empty.
No one has filled them up.
I can't.
I can't let drama into my life now.
You can stay at my place
for as long as you want.
No worries.
You're acting like you've left
your eight-year-old at home alone.
Come on, Jay.
Concentrate, will you?
Focus on your goal.
If not, you won't be able to continue.
You did the right thing.
Letting go of your hand
is the quickest way he'll learn.
He's about to bow down to the pump.
Por, I'm doomed.
What happened?
The pump is running nonstop.
It's also heating up.
-Jesus, where is Jay?
-She's gone.
Gone? Gone where?
I don't know. I can't know right now.
If I do, my speed will surely drop.
What should I do? The pump's been like
Hey! Calm down.
-Did she take your favorite stack cups?
Did she take your hands?
-And did she take your house?
Well, see?
Okay? You can keep playing, right?
Calm down.
Every problem can be solved.
It must start with yourself.
What are you talking about?
It sounds familiar.
Okay. Let's do this.
Try turning off the main water valve.
Shit. This is The Da Vinci Code.
Okay, whatever. No need to fix it.
Go buy a new one.
I want to buy a water pump.
What kind, sir?
Inverter or non-inverter?
What do you mean?
An inverter pump is different from
the normal ones mainly in two ways.
It saves electricity.
It uses up 35% to 55% less electricity.
The inverter system
is able to control and adjust
the motor speed
to be compatible with output needs,
so it uses less electricity.
What do you mean?
Then you need Summai, sir.
I'll take you to the cashier.
Do you need a company invoice?
You're closing the sale too fast,
I don't trust you.
Come over here.
Come and explain to him.
Kind sir.
Let's talk, one friend to another, okay?
Don't think of me as a sales rep.
Actually, the motors inside
are all the same.
Other brands
only have a one-year warranty.
But Summai gives you five years.
If you buy it right now,
I will give you a great deal.
I'll give you an employee discount.
If you leave the pump
to heat over a long time,
it might start a fire, sir.
Well, it's up to you, kind sir.
In the water pump universe,
I'm just a virgin newbie.
This is my speed when my head's
flooded with pump reviews
and the slyness of the sales reps
who only think of gaining profit
without thinking of the consumer.
Summai is good.
Summai is bad.
Summai is good.
Summai is bad.
Summai is good. Summai is bad.
Summai is good. Summai is bad.
Summai is good. Summai is bad.
Summai is so-so. Oh?
Summai is good. Summai is bad.
Summai is good. Summai is bad.
At a certain point, you will realize
that you're just a worthless Gen Y.
The speed you got is just virtual speed
like a dream
at a retirement home at 4:00 p.m.
Summai is good. Summai is bad. Summai
So, does it need to be
inverter or non-inverter?
And this brand, Summai, can I trust it?
I give in.
I give in to everything, Jay.
Whatever you want to rant about,
just do it.
You're going to listen, right?
I don't want to go to America.
I want to have--
The caption is savage.
Let's not click "see more."
Are you being sarcastic?
I'm not being sarcastic.
She closes all doors like this.
This is clearly a war with God.
I'm furious.
My ears are red.
My foot keeps shaking.
Farang, why are you so cheeky?
Farang knows what I'm like
and still does this to me?
Farang knows my weaknesses.
Farang knows even if I don't listen,
when I go home, I still can't play.
Farang, Farang, Farang
-I don't want to go to America.
-I don't wanna
Don't you see?
Go away.
Damn it.
Couldn't jot down any shit.
What? You've never seen people fight?
In the world of sport stacking,
we still need many players.
I can't allow Jay to monopolize me.
You know how to do housework?
Want some extra money?
This question is against child labor laws.
-What's your name?
Wha Stop!
-What's your name?
-What can you do?
See, it's making noise.
And not only that--
Stop making a fuss.
Keep still
and listen.
It's not the pump that's broken.
It's the sprinkler.
Who are you?
I might be just an ordinary housekeeper.
But in my village,
everyone always calls me
the "Ancient One of Utilities."
I'm going to survive.
Metal, I choose you.
I'll leave it to you.
I guarantee I'll make Liam proud.
The left ovary has
eight eggs.
The right side has seven.
A total of 15.
Thank you so much, Doctor.
You're welcome.
You still have some eggs left.
Your visit has come at a good time.
The older you get,
the less they are
both in quantity and quality of the eggs.
Here's a brochure.
The expenses in harvesting the eggs
are 180,000 to 200,000 baht.
And another 40,000 annually.
One more advanced step is
some people want to have kids,
but don't want a husband.
They fly to Europe
to buy sperm from a sperm bank there.
You can do that too.
The next level.
Breakfast is served.
It tastes better than Jay's.
Metal, remember this.
Presidents come and go,
but the Supreme Court goes on forever.
Mr. Kao.
I think
to be even more complete,
you should have a driver.
It will be easier for you
when you go teaching.
And an English tutor.
So you have a better accent
when you go there.
Great strategy.
Well thought out.
You're much more than a maid.
Go get them.
I'm Kang.
I'm good at driving.
I know all the directions.
I'm Woo. I graduated from UCLA.
Please let me help.
I don't need Jay anymore.
Is Jay the old maid?
I'm allergic to cow's milk.
Why didn't you tell me?
Can you not leave me?
Even if I don't leave you,
if you win and go to America,
you'd still have to leave me anyway.
I'll help you for the last time.
I'll waste a bit of your time,
but I'll tell you
everything you need to know.
After this,
no matter where you are, you will survive.
When it's done,
we'll go our separate ways.
Which one isn't cow's milk?
Ask someone else.
Pretend I'm not here.
Uh, excuse me.
Well, I
I can't drink cow's milk.
I'm not sure which one I have to buy.
If you can't drink cow's milk,
why not try drinking buffalo milk?
Are you making fun of me?
What are you filming?
An elementary school kid
learning how to buy milk.
Did you put the hair here on purpose?
Huh? There's
Normally, there isn't any hair
clogging the drain.
You're exaggerating.
Have you ever noticed anything?
Get to it.
Feels like a coming of age.
You used your hand.
I just use my foot.
tell me?
Is it normal to get a sore neck
while washing the dishes?
But if you get yourself a step stool
and rest one foot on it, it helps.
Is it normal to get back pain
while doing laundry?
But if you don't let it pile up
and do the laundry often, it won't ache.
Is it normal to get shoulder pain
while hanging clothes?
But you have to endure it.
Tell me when you're done,
and I'll come up for a nap.
Are you the old housekeeper?
But you know, right?
I'm the current one.
I'm his ex-girlfriend.
Hello, Miss.
Metal, help me!
Just shut up and do it.
Isn't the weather lovely today?
Who are you?
What's with all these people?
This is the driver.
This is the English tutor.
You brought your relatives here to work?
Do I look Korean?
Let's just say,
no need.
The two of you
don't have to come back anymore.
Mr. Kang!
Mr. Kang, Mr. Woo, don't leave me!
I love you!
You've got to do it now.
-Hey, are you crazy?
-Don't you see?
-I'm scared. What if I pee myself tonight?
-Stop fighting!
Let me help.
This isn't the kind of help I needed!
Have you switched sides?
Jay, I can't fry it. It's hot.
-You can't do that?
It's about to burn.
If it's overcooked, it won't taste good.
I can eat overcooked eggs.
And I don't have to eat any now!
This is the hardest.
Normally, there isn't any dust, right?
There's me, so there's no dust.
Why is this world full of dust
like being in a time loop?
Why is it never-ending?
Dusting out the niche
builds up your tolerance tenfold.
Keep doing it.
I'll have to tell you about bed bugs.
America also has them.
What's wrong?
I told you to water the plants every day.
Why couldn't you do it?
Hey, just
calm down.
You scared me.
I thought something happened.
We can buy new ones.
It's just dead plants.
When I love something,
I don't let it die.
Didn't you know?
Every plant that I've taken care of,
none of them have ever died.
I'm telling you,
if I could've taken them all,
I would've done so.
I wouldn't leave them like this.
I won't let the plants die anymore.
I promise.
This one uses two parts soil,
one part sand.
I don't like sand.
It's coarse,
rough, irritating,
and it gets everywhere.
Do you think I like it?
Fair enough.
Pao's Gas Shop, 088-979-7851.
The Rescue Foundation
What the hell?
If I die, am I supposed
to call the rescue team myself?
It's not like that.
Just in case,
like if a snake comes into the house,
they can take care of it.
If you finish this course, you won't die.
Living in either America or Venezuela,
you'll survive.
As for the other stuff,
I'll jot it down for you.
A whole week has gone by.
Are you the only one who lost a week?
Your back aches, right?
Want me to stick a pain relief patch on?
That'd be nice.
Well, when you do these chores,
do you ache a lot?
what did you do?
Nothing. It's normal to ache.
Sticking the pain relief patch on the back
can't be done alone, right?
Some things in life can't be done alone.
Now I know.
She's mad because
she has to do the chores all by herself.
That "Break 4.7 without me
is cooler" thing is just an excuse.
"I don't want to go to America." Nonsense.
Anyway, I'll use this chance
to save everything.
Jay, I'm sorry.
I'm the one who told you
to let me know
if you need help with anything.
in the end, I'm the one who forgot.
If there's anything
you want me to help with,
feel free to tell me.
Here, sign this.
It needs two signatures.
Then I can take care of the rest.
Sign? Sign where?
Aren't you going to read it first?
It's okay. I'll sign it now.
So you don't tire yourself
trying to get me.
It will make your life more convenient.
I want to help you out.
Read it.
These documents,
no matter how close we are,
you need to read them.
Which house are we selling?
This house.
Are you selling it because you're mad?
I'm not mad.
I'm not a smart man,
but I know what mad is.
I thought you were going to help.
Hold on
This isn't just about you
not wanting to go to America, right?
Just the tip of it,
and you've already struggled like this.
You don't want to know the rest of it.
It's good that you stopped me there.
-It's nothing you can do.
-How do you know I can't do anything?
Okay, I give in.
I will give up sport stacking then.
I won't go to America either.
I choose you.
You can't just quit like this.
I've been with you for ten years.
I won't let it end like this. Understand?
If you quit now,
all of this would be a waste
of both of our time.
Oh, I get it.
The reason you're closing all doors is
because you want to break up.
Actually, you can just tell me
you don't love me.
I'm going to finish what I said that day.
I dont want to go to America.
I want to stay here.
I want to have a home.
I want to have a child.
Can you do that?
I I don't get it.
If you have a kid, you'll have back pain.
When sport stacking,
you also have back pain.
I've never asked you to explain
why you like sport stacking.
I see that you're happy and I get it.
So, is this really your dream?
Is that really it?
people can have plain,
ordinary dreams, can't they?
let's do it
If you want to have kids
we can't do it the normal way.
There are special positions.
The timing must be right.
Babies aren't conceived in two seconds.
Don't say stupid things.
If you ask me
what I want you to help me with
I want you to compete and win.
And let me go.
It's not easy, I understand.
I also think it's not easy.
Look at this.
You don't need to sign it.
Why bother burning it?
At first, I thought I'd do it
the right way.
You forgot, didn't you?
You left everything up to me.
Jay! Come back!
What should I do?
Actually, this situation is good.
It ended well.
What do you mean?
It's a damn mess.
If you think about it,
the situation is good.
It ended well.
What do you mean? It's a damn mess.
If he won't let you sell it,
then it means he loves you.
why would he stretch things out?
If she wants to sell it,
then it means she loves you.
I think this is such a beautiful breakup.
Very mature. I like it.
Stretching it out is a waste of time.
I think you should get back to practicing.
I think you should
get back together with him.
When did you announce the sale?
When you were convincing me.
That's quick.
This way.
The atmosphere here is nice too.
There are a lot of trees.
Lots of big trees.
Will the neighbors complain
if we play music?
Right now, it's on the market.
-I wasn't sure at first
and a lot of people kept calling, so
-Come in.
I really like the common facilities here.
The gym is big and not many people use it.
You really are slow.
I believe the missing 0.2 seconds,
are gone because you're missing her.
Can't you multitask?
I'm probably not good enough.
I'm just saying.
If you're any slower than this,
you'll run out of time.
Never mind.
I'm going to lose anyway.
-I'm past my prime.
Why do you believe in me so much?
Do you know how painful it is
when I tell people what I do for a living
and they laugh?
Every time I ask
for airfare sponsors for you,
they never help out
because they don't believe
it's an actual sport.
I know you're working here
because it's an easy job.
I see that you just trade stocks
and resell stuff online.
Tell me the real reason.
I made a bet with Oom-Im's mom for 50,000.
When you said you bet that I would win,
it was a real bet, wasn't it?
I thought you would win.
So, I put in everything on you.
I knew it.
That's why you're really pushing me.
But in the deepest corner of my heart,
I really want you to win!
All right.
I'll practice more at home then.
Miss Jay said,
"You want to mess with me?
We split the mortgage, remember?"
Is this really a sport stacking movie?
I haven't gotten to practice yet.
This must be half of the movie already.
Stacking is only 20% of it.
The trailer shows furious plays.
There isn't any in the movie.
I saw on Twitter
that people have anticipated it.
And then there's the studio too.
I promised them
there'd be action throughout the movie.
Got kicked out of your house or what?
No, I
I just want to come back and be with you.
In case you need something, I can help.
Take me to make
my annual merit-making tomorrow.
Why are our daily lives
filled with all these routi
Where are you making merit?
Up there.
Can I wait here?
It's up to you.
In such critical times like this,
if I'm going to get through this,
time management
is the best path to winning.
Time management is over.
Are you okay?
Why didn't you tell me about your leg?
It's nothing much,
so why bother other people?
If it hurts,
you don't have to go and make merit.
What's the reason for it anyway?
It's a total waste of time.
The next life isn't real.
You've been tricked.
I'm not making merit for my next life.
I'm making it for you.
So you can play with your cups faster.
This is the only way I can help you.
I've devoted so much to raising you,
letting you play cups all day.
If you're not the fastest,
I won't let it go.
Usually, I don't want
to take up your time,
but this year,
I really can't do it on my own.
Every year, Jay's the one who takes me.
But this year, I couldn't reach her.
She must be busy, I guess.
From now on,
if you need anything, just tell me.
I'm free.
After this, let's go straight home.
After we're done, we'll go home, right?
What? This is the first temple,
there's another eight left.
-Huh, what?
I thought you said you were free.
Antoine, what are you doing, son?
I'm doing my homework and waiting for Mom.
Can you do it?
You've been sitting here
for some time now.
I can't do it.
All right.
I'll teach you.
It's not hard.
Try again, five times one?
-Five times two?
-Five times three?
-Five times four?
What's five times five, son?
How many times do I need to ask?
If I knew, I'd tell you already!
What the hell? It's so damn easy!
I'll do it, punk.
I mean son.
That's all. Like I said, it's easy.
I might be stupid
I might be slow,
thank you
for trying to teach me.
It reminds me of the time
when my dad used to be around.
He helped me with my homework every day.
But now
there isn't anything like that anymore.
Thank you so much.
Let's have a look.
-Wow, this room is really nice.
-Look, that's awesome.
-That's right.
-It's really beautiful.
-So beautiful.
What do you think?
The dressing room is to your liking.
It's humongous!
It should be big enough for your closet.
-Let's check out the sports club next.
-All right.
I'll help sell the house too.
I already tried. I
I'm sorry.
I really just can't do it.
When you say "chill,"
you can't really chill, believe me.
Just a sec, Mom
Mom wants me to move the car again.
All right. Let's talk later.
And this here
is the living room.
There's a swimming pool outside.
nice and cool.
There are lots of lights.
They make everything bright.
Sir! If that's all you're going to say,
how will you sell it?
Tell them the details.
The house has an app.
-You have to do the hard sell.
-What app?
A good house is one thing,
but what's better is that here,
they have the Smart World app.
If you want to pay the water bill,
the electric bill, find a repairman,
fix the pump, clean the air conditioner,
do some gardening, receive your packages,
e-stamp your parking cards,
talk with the guards at the gate,
look at the communal CCTV cameras,
press the do not disturb button,
or ask the neighbor to move their car
All this can be done through this app.
You have to try it.
Try using it first.
This room is the children's room.
In case you have any in the future.
Actually, this house is pretty big.
Do you live here alone?
Well, at first
I didn't plan to live alone.
But in the end, I had to anyway.
So, it really is too big.
How could you ask such a thing?
Well, please have a look around first.
This house is really great.
But I don't like the garden.
Then we can take it out.
As for the swimming pool,
we can fill it in.
You're afraid of water, aren't you?
Oh, you remember?
You're so sweet.
As for the kid's room,
we can tear it down.
Aren't you going to sell things online?
We can turn it into a storage room
or something.
It's big.
Can we change it into a toilet?
I want a large one.
It's called a bathroom or a shower room,
not a toilet.
How do ordinary people get rich quickly?
-For what?
-To buy a house.
-A new house?
-The same one.
Are you high on something?
You're not making any sense.
I'll tell you later.
Stocks or crypto?
Wait, what?
If you choose crypto,
you have to download a wallet first.
After you download the wallet,
you have to fill up a form.
It takes about three days.
They might or might not accept it.
You also have to choose how to pay,
either by credit or bank account.
You have to pay VAT and tax.
Choose your currency.
Baht, pounds, US dollars, Aus--
I think
I better go back
to practice to beat Edward.
This is my speed
when my head's filled
with all sorts of drama.
Hey Edward,
don't you have anything else to do?
The competition is all you think about.
I'm not free right now!
This is how lonely this sport gets.
If you're slow,
no one can help you.
Can you please wait for me?
This room is 25.5 square meters, right?
Yes, but we have lots of large windows.
So it feels like 35.
It's good for living alone.
But you said that you might have a family.
We have other choices for you.
Let's take a look.
That's all for today.
Go home and practice a lot.
The more you practice,
the faster you'll get.
But if you don't get any faster,
it's fine.
You're agitated, right?
You're talking nonsense.
How do you know?
How do ordinary people get rich quickly?
-For what?
-To buy a house.
-A new house?
-The same one.
Are you high on something?
I'll tell you later.
Stocks or crypto?
Wait, what?
-You're nosy.
-I'm not.
How do ordinary people get rich quickly?
-For what?
-To buy a house.
-A new house?
-The same one.
You guys like to think that
those younger than you
aren't interested in these things.
Even if you're interested,
it doesn't mean you understand.
Damn. The cold silent merciless stare,
how focused must Pai-Liu be?
She must have a warm family.
A dustless home.
A soundproof practice room.
Enough sleep. A green yard.
No drama.
No love. And no boyfriend.
I was seeing a few people.
Is my voice-over too loud?
You're so fast, why not compete?
Competing isn't important to me.
If you're good, there's no need to boast.
I just show my friends.
This answer is like
coming from a Jedi master,
Li Mu Bai, Ip Man, Donnie Yen.
You don't have to believe me.
I just want to tell you
there's still hope.
Will you teach me
how to be as fast as you?
When you speak with grown-ups,
look them in the eye.
Will Will you please teach me
how to play as fast as you?
Pai-Liu. Did you stop watching John Wick
and start watching Star Wars?
Shut up.
Listen up.
You have only 15 days left.
All right, the first thing
I'm going to teach
Damn it!
Get out! I'm warning you!
How can you lift the washing machine?
I was doing the laundry and saw a snake.
I was scared, so I ran out.
Damn. I've only heard of people
escaping a fire with a fridge.
The wonders of adrenaline.
Mr. Kao, just go back in.
I'll find a way myself.
It's my duty.
-Let me take care of it.
-Sir, don't.
It's dangerous.
Don't waste your life on me.
Call 1418, The Rescue Foundation.
They have snake-catching services.
A snake is in my house.
I think it slithered in.
-I can't believe this.
This is what's called growth.
See, Pai-Liu.
When you grow up,
there will be lots of things
you have to think about.
Whether we have a competition or not,
no one is interested.
Drama pouring in all the time.
Just look at today,
a snake came into the house.
It didn't bother to ask
what we were doing.
But I couldn't ignore it either.
Right now, I don't want to win alone.
I want everyone around me
to win with me too.
But do you know?
Ever since
I've been thinking about such things,
I haven't become any faster.
Do you know?
What I'm going to teach you is
even if it's only your hands
holding the cups,
in this sport,
we can play as a team.
If you see others,
then others will see you.
starting from yourself
might not be the answer.
It must first start from a structure.
Mr. Kao.
Since you saved my life,
I want to tell you
to go out there and fight for it.
I'll be your defense,
and I won't ask for overtime.
I did some research
on getting a quick home loan.
Here, I'll explain it to you.
What's with all the people?
The monk said you're down on your luck,
so I got this as a lucky charm.
Right now,
you have eight hands and four brains.
Is that enough?
I never knew before that my housekeeper
the school's manager
and a noodle shop owner
are really important players in my life
as a sport stacker all this time.
Everyone, thank you. Really.
Metal, I don't have much time left.
There are two weeks left
before the long weekend.
And I don't believe it will be calm.
So, while I'm in this room
and if something happens,
I'm asking you to be the last defense.
Please block them for me.
Yes, sir.
Right now, I need a lot of blessings.
-You have to go make merit for me.
I'll go free some cows right now.
As for Por
Please take my mom to free some cows.
If I win this competition,
I won't need to take out a home loan.
When did you believe in this stuff?
Whatever, I'll take anything right now.
Now, can we start?
Damn, it's started.
Keep on playing.
I'll take care of it.
To the owner of 99/1, please attend
the homeowners' meeting.
Keep on playing.
I'll go.
Damn, Metal hasn't returned.
Sir. Hey.
The lights went out.
But the other houses are fine.
Did you pay the electric bill, sir?
It's been three months!
Damn it.
I'd like to pay the electricity bill.
If your electricity has been cut off,
you have to pay it
at the Electricity Authority.
I see.
-I'd like to pay my electricity bill.
The staff will turn on the electricity
before 6:00 p.m.
-You have to wait briefly.
-Can it be at 5?
I'm not sure. It's all up to the staff.
Can it be at 5:15 p.m.?
It really is up to the staff.
-How about 5:17 p.m.?
-5:18 p.m. then.
Wait a bit.
Man, a whole day's gone.
Hello, Jay.
Today's the 28th already.
Thanks for still worrying about me.
But it's okay. I'm going to crush it.
Even if I only have three days left,
I will win it.
No. What I meant was
you have to buy mutual funds
for a tax rebate.
Today's the last day. Have you bought any?
But today's only the 28th.
The last day has to be the 31st.
They close for New Year's
on the 29th this year.
The tax revenue department
is faster than you think.
Why does life hate me so much?
The bank is still open.
You still have some time.
It's over.
How can I make it?
There are only two hours left.
I won't let it end so easily.
Let me help you.
I buy LTF funds every year.
I'll help out with it.
Thank you.
I want to buy mutual funds.
There aren't any LTFs anymore
for this year.
There's only SSF.
It's a new fund that supports citizens
to make more long-term savings.
-They can
Why does he look familiar?
This is different from LTF,
which focuses only on Thai stocks.
Oh, my god, there isn't any LTF?
Damn it.
Give me some recommendations.
I've come far. This is wasting my time.
My recommendation is
to buy the funds on the app.
There's still a lot to learn
about living, right?
When your electricity gets cut off,
you can pay the bill via the app too.
I think life is getting back at me.
The more I try, the more it kicks back.
Exceptional speed can't occur
in a normal environment, Kao.
Creativity without boundaries
comes from restrictions.
Animals evolve by finding ways to survive.
You don't need to comfort me.
I'm really going to lose.
Did you know,
how I got
that 3.876 seconds?
In that clip,
I was stacking
while my parents were fighting
in the living room.
They were going to get a divorce.
That day,
it was so freaking loud and chaotic.
I was stressed out, but I kept playing.
But that was
the only time I was that fast.
Must you have so much grief
to gain that speed?
Should I change sports?
And now what?
Do I need to find drama in my life?
Where am I going to find any at this time?
Weren't you the one who told me
adults always have drama in their lives?
Honey, do you want that house?
What do you think?
Damn, I feel the drama.
I like it.
Let's buy it.
Sure. It's nice enough.
It's darker than the DC Universe.
That's the power source.
It's too dark, Pai-Liu.
I can't overcome it.
They're going to buy it.
I can't feel my legs anymore.
Don't be afraid.
Get up.
Your mom went to make merit for you.
Did you forget?
It doesn't seem too superstitious, right?
You're quite straightforward, eh?
I don't know.
I just know I'm doing what I can do.
Perhaps it will help.
We'd like to buy the life of a cow.
Maybe we shouldn't buy it now.
The economy is bad.
Even a better reason to buy.
The price is really low.
It's like their house is burning.
Let's buy it.
You're right.
Should we buy one more?
In case it's not enough.
I think he'll need a lot.
Excuse me, one more, please.
Wait! But Mom once told me
if it's not necessary, then don't buy it.
Let's not.
What are you worried about?
I'm the one paying for it.
I'll buy it for you.
-Another one?
Hello, Kao.
Shall we go half each? I'm out of money.
I'll take the house.
I'll pay for it on the 4th
before my wife changes her mind.
I don't know what's up with her.
She has mood swings lately,
like she's been possessed.
Oh, sure.
Thank you.
I'm really glad.
Okay. See you then.
I just want to tell you
that I sold the house already.
They're going to pay upfront,
probably next week.
I'm happy for you.
So, we can really break up now.
At first, I thought
it'd be longer than this.
This is much sooner than I thought.
I want to tell you
you can give them my number.
I'll take care of it.
And the day
we have to go to the Land Office,
if you want to, come.
But if you're not free, then it's fine.
It's coming
I can feel it.
Let the fire burn.
If you don't go any faster
your house will be sold for sure.
I'm happy for you.
You can do it without me.
Believe me.
I couldn't do it without you.
I'm sorry for
always stealing your time.
I don't know how to give it back.
It's fine.
No matter what,
it was a good time in my life.
I don't regret it.
I'm sorry.
Before I got here
another person who came
to look at the house
had just paid for it.
Which means
I'm not selling it to you, sir.
Who bought it?
What's wrong with you? Is that possible?
Oh I'm sorry.
Can I have a word with you for a second?
I'm really sorry.
I sold the house with my ex
and there must have been
a miscommunication.
I'm sorry.
-This is a freaking waste of my time!
-I understand.
You have to teach me negotiation skills.
It looks useful.
Let's go inside.
I'm ready to buy.
It's too big for you to be living alone.
Trust me.
Save your money and buy some other place.
Then you find one for me.
What are you looking for?
I want a house where
the front door doesn't match the house.
The bedroom floor has a burn mark.
The bedroom smells like
pain relief patches.
I want a house with plants
that are in front of me
when I do sport stacking.
I want a house that when I'm in there,
it reminds me of when we were together.
If you find one, I'll sell this one, okay?
After today, we probably
won't see each other that much.
But if one day, you're tired,
or bored,
you can always come to visit.
Don't think of it as my house.
Just think of it
as our home.
Your house? Our home?
I'm confused.
Whatever. Just drop by sometime
when you're free, Farang.
Before I leave,
I've been wanting to tell you this one
thing for a long time,
but I've never told you.
I think it's time.
-I also love you.
-You snore.
Sometimes it's so loud, I couldn't sleep.
At first, I was afraid to tell you,
but just in case you live with
someone else and you aren't aware of it.
Go see a doctor when you have time, okay?
Can't we have a sentimental ending?
-I think this is very sentimental.
Let's go.
This is the level
I didn't want to complete.
This is also the level
I didn't want to complete.
I have to thank you, Jay.
I also have to thank you, Kao.
In the end, our homes
are in different places.
But I feel like Jay is still nearby.
Even if we're a quarter-mile away
or halfway across the world,
Jay has never left.
She will always be with me.
Because we're family.
We'll have to say goodbye soon, huh?
I guess so.
I wanted to come and say thanks.
It's fine.
You already paid me back.
One sec.
Hi, Oom-Im's mom.
I got the money transferred already.
I've got a headache
having to find a new teacher,
and I'm not sure who to ask.
Is there an age limit?
This sport is about numbers.
No gender. No age.
I know someone. I'll ask her.
She's good at teaching.
Do you want to teach sport stacking?
Is today's temple far?
But we're going to several places today.
Hey, everything is in order, right?
Thanks a lot.
Metal really is good.
Whichever temple we go to,
she has everything prepared.
you'll have to take care
of snakes for her.
I'm just kidding.
Thank you so much, Mom.
Let's go.
-Thank you.
-No prob.
This is
Mr. Kang.
Hello, ma'am.
Let's go.
Thank you.
-You go sit in the front seat.
Thank you.
Ever since that day
I never went back to that house again.
On some days, I wonder
what he's doing.
Can he change the bedsheets?
Can he do the laundry?
I hope his back doesn't hurt
while washing the dishes.
I hope he can do everything
that I once taught him.
And I hope that the plants
are still alive.
But if I think about it again,
I believe he can do it.
And no matter
how many other levels there are,
he'll be able to complete them all.
I'm ready for the sequel.
I promise.
I'll sport stack for the entire movie.
I know how to do everything.
Do the dishes,
do the laundry, mop the floor.
From now on,
it's going to be
furiously fast!
Hi, neighbor.
Haven't seen you in such a long time.