Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019) Movie Script

Okay, landed in 2 minutes
rules of engagement
Any electric bullet
MI6 wanted him alive for questioning
Target in metal suitcase
All agencies and search for terrorist cells
Do not move! Get down on the ground!
Hold your fire!
Who are you... ?
Bad person
Get down on the ground! Now!
it was 2
The team lost
he betrayed
He took his virus
He will sell his virus
He's on the run, no place to go
She's crafty
Monitor all the channels and make sure he eats the bait
Understand? / Yes sir
What do you want us to do on this bastard fucker?
Whatever, I do not care
No witnesses
I'll get it back
Who's going to stop me?
Who are you?
I'm what you call a cold-blooded buttocks penghajar
Who are you?
I who might you call a problem Champagne
What have you got great people?
I did it once in Prague
I will kill you!
You will die!
Oh yes, no, no, it was my favorite jacket, do not do it
Hi dear, could give the gun, please
Thank you very much
nice touch
Both the clown, we'll play a little game, called Hangman
I would ask the question, when you gave me an answer that I do not like
Okay, you already understand
I track web chat in the dark about the super virus that will be on auction
What can you tell me
I swear, I do not know
I do not like that answer
You're going to tell me about black clothes
What else do you tahu./Siapa you bastard?
Like you, they call it
You want to tell me where to find them?
You're going to tell me, because I mengantungmu outside the window
You're going to tell me, because otherwise I'm going to knock you
Good, bonus rounds
Where is the virus?
Do not! Do not! Wait!
Do not leave me out here! Please!
Do not leave me!
Do not leave me!
What did he write?
A, A, A
Good, oh say the way, your father wants to see his report
From last week, nice appearance, outstanding
Terimakasih./Ya, what is it?
Um, social itu..pelajaran
Family tree
only sketch
Oh, yes
It was our family tree there, it ..
It was super easy to read and
Very clear
I was going to use this
I found it on the floor of the garage
That's you, right?
Who is Jonah?
What's your brother?
Yes, that's my brother
Why do not you ever talk about Samoa?
Did something happen?
In life, things happen
You may not want, but
they occur
You just have to do your best
and continue
I am family, I'm your man
You're a lot ... / Oh, I'm a lot
Look at this, a perfect time
Oh no, this Minie
Thank you very much
Today cheating? / Day cheating, yes
Thank you very much
What it really should?
Come on, he's in, why do this?
Pak, prisoners will only be allowed waivers
When he proved not jeopardize security
If someone leaves a back door open
foolish to not try to use it
For the staff, it should be left open
I will pay them to get your photo
Our deal is still valid
You can not escape from a prison like this, you sleep Mom?
Darn you
Talk blurred, where a cake for my birthday? / Do you want them to find?
I do not membuatnya./Siapa wants it
I want only a little c4
If you want to get out of here, let's say, I'll take care of
You suck, I'm just making a joke, really
Jailed do not bother me
I find peace and quiet, you know a great wall
Reading, a lot of things to do
Retirement, menyanngkan
now listen
Have you talked with your sister?
You know I have not
You? /Dia./Kau and your sister can not be separated
What happened, what happened between you guys?
I remember you Hattie played in the backyard
Small game you
rob bank
Always give your game code name
Oh what a itu./Keith Moon
Yes, really
It was called Keith Moon because it ..
Involves a lot of explosions to get money
And permanent destruction
Son pintar./Aku owe you for family business
He love you know, what should you do pick up the phone, Dicks
Look at me, you are my brother
day mengharapkanmu./Dulunya
One day, I hope I walk through that door
And you two sit there
How many years will you live?
2, could be faster
how sebenarnya./4
Well, do as I say
Never say Emma
Time has run out
Take care of yourself
I would, love you.
I love you, too
Rebbeca Hobbs
I have long not seen
in forever
Rebbeca? / Were you get older?
How long?
6 bulan./Waktu terbang./Saat us away
What is your skin care?
Because you look like a young Sally Temple
Daddy, who is this guy?
This guy is Loeb
And he was working for the CIA
Your father and I are not friends lama./Sebenarnya lama./Kita friend um ..
We do not know what terbaik./Aku friend itu./Kami common task
We do not task bersama./Kita not?
No, we tidak./Uh, draw
We never bersama./Aku seem to remember something like ...
This, at one time in my body
Gosh. You're there one minute
to tell me what you want, before I pushed lungs parumu
You and I are after the same thing
Say hello Virus CT17
Chemical weapons can be in the program, in giant size
The code name Snow Flake
What do Snow Flake?
Not much, just ..
Melumerkan means dalammu
Essentially turning your body into a giant hot soup
She was nine years old ../ Never seen worse
Where? / Game of Thrones, home janet
He always pays his debts
You'll never get there lagi./Tapi nothing new to the case of the man
The specific
There is the explanation
He siap./Dia nine years
This is the only existing CT17, and Snow Flake this
Now in the hands of a runaway agency MI6 in London
Dad, what he was as beautiful as it is?
No, he really menarik./Dan deadly
Overnight he was part of the team that secured MI6 virus
He then went on to kill the entire operating team darkness
He stabbed one man's chest
using bricks
You know how hard is it?
To stab someone
Using bricks?
Immediately, the intinya./lntinya no pointed tip
How did he enter the entire brick
kedada someone
He should be very strong
Or people just born without
Directly to the core of a more besar./Dia stole Snow Flake
He was outside the radar
Who is this? / It's our scientists believe created the virusnya./Bagus
Where I find him? / He was outside the radar too
Impossible to be found
Maybe mati./Kau really helped
You are the world's best tracker
I'm sure you'll find sesuatu./Oh no no
I SAS, you're CIA, I do not work for you
your boss you out
You now yes, keparat./Hei, hey, let ..
Calm down, okay, I've been there a dark site run
She agents, top of the game
He will be penghubungmu./Aku not need anyone
I work sendiri./Kita no problem bigger than that fragile ego
In fact a moment ago I would chapter in my pants
The whole world at stake here
If this came out, we will see many organs are melted
And I mean everywhere, not just yours and I
Uh, he knows I can see him, right?
He did not know what to do
So what happens Becky? You'll be a partner?
I ikut./Tentu kamu./lngat only what I tell you in Rwanda?
Still terbakar./Bukan, one sees lagi./Berhenti tidur./Aku says
We're not a good friend at all
And for your back menjaga./Mengosok
Yes, I understand belakangmu./Aku ingat./Menjaga
Hobbs had the same first sama./Loeb
Well, who in this case
Mr. Shaw
Whatever it is I do not beli./Kau do not know who is selling, or who aku./CIA
How do you ../ Sunglasses, cloudy day. shoe shine
Okay, I'm not much choice
By the way, I'm agency Lowe, and I need to talk to you about ..
How did you find me?
I have tips from acquaintances, Mr Nobody./Mr Nobody
I have a joke for you,
What faced CIA agent
People cheer when you memukulnya./Ya
There are two things, you're throwing them
It can also
The gun he stole nothing like we've ever seen
It was a disease that could be in the program, which can target any DNA sequence
with a death rate of 100% in 72 hours
If MI6 find him, they would treat him as a traitor
We know you have the virus
Where is your location?
You think I who killed him?
But if we find him, and give us
virus, we will give him immunity
We are setting a dark site here in London, you were everything you'll need
And we've brought Assets of America did not want anyone to membantumu./Aku
Shaw may not host, but he yes
My man also masuk./Orangku
Hey, your man will be angry at him my men?
Are they not just do work together in New York?
Ya, mereka menghancurkan markas DSS
di LA dengan saling melempar api
Aku tidak tahu orangmu, tapi orangku
Dia akan melakukan ini, dia akan
menyelesaikannya, kau tahu kenapa?
Karena kami teman baik seumur hidup kami.
Nah, orangku Menghajarku
di bar di krakow, 17
tahun lalu dan dia bahkan
tak ingat aku, jadi
Kita semua sejarah, omong
omong takdir dunia ini
Takdir dunia./Populasi planet
ditangan mereka./Hal serius
Maksudku kau pikir mereka
bisa mengesampingkan
masalah pribadi untuk
selamatkan dunia
Tidak akan!/Tidak akan!
Tidak, aku tak akan kerja dengan orang
ini, aku sudah pernah lakukan itu
Jika dia terlibat, kau bisa ucapkan selamat
tinggal, karena dia hanya tahu menghancurkan
Ya, tuan pembakar, dia hanya
tahu cara meledakan sesuatu.
Jangan tersinggung./Oh tidak tersinggung
Orang ini keparat asli!/Orang
ini keparat asli!
Itu pelacur di bahasa daerahmu./ltu
banci di bahasa daerahmu
Kau sudah selesai, terdengar
seperti raksasa bertato.
Tidak, aku tak mau dengar kotoran kuda
ini, aku ada pekerjaan untuk di lakukan
Bilang pada mamamu aku
katakan hai, sebenarnya
Aku akan beritahu padanya sendiri.
Jika kau bicara tentang ibuku, aku
akan buat kepalamu melewati tembok itu
Kedua, aku akan menyelesaikan pekerjaan
ini saat kau baru memakai minyak bayimu,
Cukup! Kau baru saja ingatkan aku
Itu sebabnya kenapa aku benci
kerja denganmu, itu suaramu
Itu suara menyebalkan logat harry pottermu
Setiap kali kau bicara,
bayangkan saja ini sekejab
Itu seperti menyeret bijiku
melewati pecahan kaca
Dan itu sakit./Atau
untukku, itu bukan suaramu
Mukamu, wajah besar
bodohmu, melihatnya saja
God put me right in the eyes of acidic substances
It was really bad, are you going to do now?
I threw furniture.
For your information, I'll take this chair and play
Put it into tengorokanmu.
Yes, of course, you always do everything
Destroy all your problems
It would not guess it would berhasil./Kawan-kawan berhasil./Aku
Why do not you two sit down, and we talked about peace
Me and you, we are, I've never
This waste waktu./Untuk once I agree with you.
Yes, do it my way
We have a problem with it, go out and stop me.
I will not kesana./Aku will not be there
Okay, we're clean up happy happy, we work
I want you to pull out all CCTV cameras there.
We've been there 2 dozen agents
oversee ../ Do not talk to me behind the OB, uh-uh
I do not care, I'm once again, now do
Please in the area robberies
now turn it over
Turn on the area that the camera does not reach
He's smart
He just killed the entire team to steal a deadly virus
He did not wait for the photo
There are many bad people looking for you
Are you evil?
Depending on what happens at 30 seconds berikutnya./Janji is a promise
This is what I'll do
Do this the hard way or the easy
It punyamu./Ya./Sungguh?/Ya
This decision sulit./Oh not.
You want me not to move
Let me see tanganmu./Baik
You know I would
Think I'm going to objection
You look like a woman who pintar./Aku indeed
The hard way
Hey! Not
You think it aku./Untuk moment
Bet you did not expect this
I wish a lot of things right now
You seatbelt
It's like a dream jelek./Ya, it's more like a nightmare
All of this is a nightmare
Okay, let's chat
Director of the call, he set up a channel for you
He had already prepared everything for you
Perfection is a painful process
Prepare yourself for protocol
Humanity must evolve before it destroys itself
It's easier to clean up all the human
And replace it with mechanical perfection
And you're going to lead the way
Can I ask, not what you think
Do you like to dance? / Not
Makarena, no, I tidak./Tidak, no, I thought about
Tango, where it takes two orang./Ya, do not know who it
Definitely a different generation
Yes, well
However, the music has started, so we'll see what you've got rhythm
Where virusnya./Aku already told you, I do not know what you're talking about.
Okay, it's a pain
You stepped on my big toe, try again, you're better than that
where virus
I did not ask to dance, why should I talk to you? You're not the CIA.
Not? How do you know that? / Where do I begin?
There are two things about the CIA agent
Intelligence and espionage, they are reliable
As it was a secret agent, you're such a construction worker
Espionage on mingling and invisible
There is nothing that tentangmu./Ya
I terkesan./Aku not know you did not kill siapapun./Aku
How do you know it
Because it can learn a lot about a person when you're against them, when we fight
You do not fight to kill me, you fight to escape
But anyway, the world thinks you're a killer and a thief
So you're not going nowhere or getting a phone,
before you give me jawaban./Kau do not know what happened
Then tell aku./Aku can not, you're wasting waktuku./Kau waste of time!
Viruses that go to the wrong, all run out, game over
That is the time to phone
Just as the CIA relaxes your muscles
Your muscles as strong mind, but maybe you have to exercise a little
There is more wisdom in your body than your innermost philosophy.
Let me guess
Bruce Lee./Bukan, Nicha
because I did that, and it all
If he moves, I want you to shoot dia./Dia can not shoot
Not diijinkan./Di face
You can not, can enter penjara./Kau could shoot him in muka./Tidak, you takbisa
You'll catch penjara./Aku want you to shoot him twice right in front
Hi dad
Did you catch that beautiful girl spy?
Come on, it's me, I'm catching everything kuburu
How long have you done this?
But you look new
It was quite disturbing
Not the father, sometimes people interrupt each other when they are in fact
being bercumbu./Darimana you hear that?
Okay look, I and this woman are not spies were making out okay
Nol chemistry
I do not know, when you say that your eyebrows signaled
Alis what? / You know dad, that you lakukan./Hal what?
I did not do itu./Ya, you ada./Tidak, I do not
I did not do it, I do not know what you're doing,
it was the stupidest thing I've ever seen
Let me go on, I had no business to be resolved, I will when I go home okay meemuimu
I love kamu./Sayang kamu./Hei, one more thing
It was not a dance that you want lakukan./Oh really?
I ate all day penuh./Oh bullet, but never from this close
I'm going to count backwards for you, tiga./Dua
Hobbs./Jangan move! / Damn!
Release your finger from dia./Apa sosismu are you doing here?
Menyelamatkanmu./Aku not need to be saved
No, no, no. This is my home, and your girlfriend will not be nowhere.
It menjijikan./Pacar?
That's my brother!
Nonsense. She was too pretty to be adikmu./Lucu once
There are people mengejarmu./Percaya me, I know itu./Dia will remain so unless
you tell me where I virusnya./Dengarkan
He will die if you do not let him die apparent sekarang./Kita
If he did not tell where the weapons.
Actually, everyone is going to die, because I virusnya
Better than being caught, I need a way to remove them
Where are they?
Now or never pernah./Lakukan my third sekarang./Pada
Tentu./Satu, two, three
No one told me to do what
Now we settle our affairs
Deckard Shaw, a long time ago
Nice to meet you Brixton.
I think you run out of bullets yes.
Fortunately for you, indeed
Bagus./Anti clothes bullets, most sophisticated
Remember the last time I enter a bullet for you.
Actually it was three bullets
Once in the chest and in the head, remember?
Unfortunately you do not join Etion
You can have it too my friend.
Yes friend
You're not the person who kukenal./Tidak, I'm much better
I'm the future of mankind
In kemobil./kemana we go?
Not you
Only ceweknya./Aku says
We all go
Disable the car. I need that girl alive
I hope you suka./Bisa silent, huh?
I inject myself, I had no choice, he would take it
You may want to ..
Very good
Want to tell me what we are facing here? / Long Story
He's a ghost, should be dead
Many years ago I shot kepalanya./benar
So we're in the chase by terminator
I do not think he'll berhasil./Kurasa he could not
Wear seatbelts fat, I will save you again
You want a war yes
Okay, a lift is done, we will not waste this car
I hack the mainframe of all agansi news
How we kendalikan./Ratusan with brodcast, 2000 article
Duplicate. I want 100% control of this story.
Bisa./Tidak I'm afraid not, we'll do something special for them
Listen, narrative
Hobbs, Shaw, SiBesar, are already familiar sikecil
And they blamed for the recent attacks on the CIA
While in prison they make plans
For a start time of terror they
Just so real
Who are they? / Eteon, secret sect
And a lot of money
Delusions save the world by changing the human race
It dia./Sekarang they control world news
There was gossip about these people, everyone thought they were a myth
Did you experience yourself how real they are, we fit in their plans
You've done your part, let's go to ../ No, no, you do not understand ya
He assassin class 1, best I've seen, I know him
He will not stop before he gets the virus, it anyways my sister
Family matters
Shaw your name is not it? He will not go anywhere with you
It becomes my business, I do not care that your sister,
she was not going anywhere ..
You're going where? / I do not have time to trouble you now
You're both idiots, you obviously can not work together, completely useless
So I'll find someone who can help
I remove this virus from my system.
Until ketemu./Maksudmu this person?
I tracked him before the attack
Hard to find, but I think I got the hint, russian newspaper.
Not a regular newspaper
There is only one place in london that sell it
Thank you .. See you tomorrow.
It was too optimistic
Calling director
Nah, nah, Deckard Shaw
Too complicated for you? / Not
He also worked with SAS Luke Hobbs
Hobbs, misteri
they hebat./
I'll get rid of them both, and bring back the assets soon
You can be his girlfriend, extract the virus
And program lists for one level
We use the weapon to eliminate the weak and all those who hinder
We build a perfect system
Hobbs and Shaw could be considered an asset that consider
Tell them mereka./Beritahu
Sorry, I do not understand
I want them to change, I want them to work for us, understand?
They can not in ubah./Apa makes you so sure?
The last time we asked, I was shot in the face, it makes me very confident
So I suggest we take another approach
That is why ... / I do not memintau Brixton
You've seen the consequences or possible
I padamu./Apa show that a threat?
I remember you rely on anyone for your salvation
All for the purpose of
I have to talk to you about something very important now
Remember how we talked what happens if things go wrong,
we call a code red
Now this is happening.
Is there anything I can do? / You have to stay at home
You'll be safe there, even we were a CIA listening to this phone now
Look at this, O Lock
Everything is safe, the channel
This restaurant is super weird without you
It tertutup./Terimakasih bro
Unfortunately, I had talked to Aunt Lisa, she knew what to do,
I will soon return
Kamu./Aku dear love you back
Tell me everything you know about this
Oh, God
When are you exposed to? / About 30 hours ago.
Then the virus has to be attacked
We must menetralisirnya./Tidak, not so easy
It was not on the program for DNA sequence fatal for everyone
In 42 of the capsule will melt and you will be infected
And the virus will air
We're talking global contamination, in a week
Why did you create something like that?
Because I think I'm one of them
Eteon, they say they want to save the world with science
I believe in their goals, I develop
Snow Flake to be a carrier of the vaccine, panacea for all the world
They turn it into a program that can doom
To attack the weakest and ineligible for future Eteon,
For a scientist, you really bodoh./Aku Nobel prize winner two times, but
Who's counting.
So you say the virus could be in the program, so
You ulang./Aku program can not run programs on the host.
Just tell me how to remove this thing from me
Well, there are two options
The first is ../ Ayo./Akhirnya./Kau kill him
Maaf./Tidak, burn her course
Of course saja./Tentu.
No, I mean really burn.
Really membakarnya./Menjadi ash
Being abu./Sampai not known.
Let's assume it's not an option we
Yes, it does not work for us, option number two
There are machines that can sustain the lives of her and extract the virus
It should be option number one.
Therefore it is impossible to enter.
We who decide what is impossible
Where? / In Lab Etion where Snow Flake was first created
Secret military complex that is amplified by the armed forces
But if you get there, all three of you will die
Basically you're saying is, he's dead anyway
Well, I need a drink
I know where
Wow, look at all
Someone given excessive compensation
I did not taste them in compensation
Is small, your size
This is what the job rally
And we do not need a bus driver muscular
I'll call you
Yes, I take a small
I know someone in Moscow, an old friend, we are a long history
She's crew russian criminal group
The face that we will need
Consider you a friend, how many bullets you fired into his head
If they can, I have no other idea
You know as well as out of this country will be very difficult
We're there all the major intelligence agencies to hunt us
And miss the fact we embarrass MI6, when you betray your team
Do not believe everything they tell you
It's normal not going to work this time, we should do our best to blend.
Hide in plain sight
That's why we'll fly commercial.
Commercial will be found, too easy
How pea size brain that handle
Selpon signal scrambles around the world, last 48 hours
Take the new equipment when we arrived in Moscow, he will pass at the airport
Perhaps the only thing that will fit
So what? Smurf? / It's the old mine
I apologize first, if a little slack in the groin
What we got whiz, let
Creating a new identity and change profiles biometrikmu
So scanning the airport does not recognize your face or fingerprint you
you saw it
I Frans SCRUBER, architect ffrelance
Part-time climbers and attackers
You're Michael Baltimore
Small cock?
Try Michael
Stop! Do not move! / This is Mike, Mike
Not small, in fact Michael./Apa my name?
Whatever it will involve body pengeledahan, let
Hands on head Oxmaul
Can not believe you do itu./Dia will slow us
You can not do it alone
I do not know about my brother would kill me and everyone
But we will destroy serious engine and
complex high-level security and miraculously do
Frankly ../ Where am I sleeping?
Tonight we get there
It could have come back, chased
I wish I could say the same about you
Baik./Kau will be fine
I'm going to make this work. That's what we do
You know what we do
It's the only opsi./Tidak what
Well, I'm here, I'm Michael
Oh, yes
Where is my seat? F1
You are a bastard
Faster than I thought.
Yes, because I have a secret weapon, people tend to like me
You would not understand, because you do not have any friends
I like Babuskahmu
Could order the emergency line, for more leg room, not everyone has
short legs like you, hear
You should be aware, I do not care about your comfortability
So why do not you be a good bishop, suck again kilo of beans
Back in your seat and relax
I do not need to do anything, every time you say something
Makes me want to give up my shoes and put it in the ass,
and spin laces Week
You know what the problem is? I tell you the problem, work
Because work need confidentiality, and you
See you, I mean, not yours
You are too obvious, you're striking
Like seed in bulldog
Gelantungan in the wrong place
Looks harmless
The next thing you know, he's trying to impregnate adikmu./Apa?
Hamill brother? / Do you hear
Now I mengerti./Bagus
I am thankful
You think I'm past all this effort
In this mission to try to save the world, by the way
that to 4 times, because I'm great
You think I'm doing this just so I can ngesek brother?
No, worse
Let me explain to you, this is not 1955 again
Despite the fact that the girl sleeping next to nothing to do with
He's still one of the strongest
The most adept woman I've ever met in my life
And if he chose to look away
from the big man brown
this tattooed
And guess what? I'm going to climb this mountain
Again and again
And more. more
Stay away from him, I see what you're doing
You think I'm stupid? / Of course I think you're stupid
But you know what, I'm not that stupid, say the sentence Jack.
You know I'd do anything?
I'm going to punch you in the face with the butt, at an altitude of 30 thousand feet
Oh, 30 thousand feet, you want to try it now? / Yes
What kept you is an opportunity
Ayo./Lakukan Donhoe./Donhoe?/Hei, stop
You two, stop
See, you wake udara./Bagaimana Marshall Air Marshall you know me?
Not in temani./Dipesawat./Duduk in lorong./Baju collared
Consider it a smart guesses
Air Marshall Dinkly ready melayanimu./Maaf, what you say Dingquit
One, Dingkly
Understand this great person, because my job is to oversee
You suspicious behavior since the ride in this plane
All passengers have been checked, you're the law
And you master the hero, you are spies
Bagus./Tidak buruk./Aku think you guys are already huge
We three Alpha, top predators, stuck in the air
Things became hot, which will fall first
Less lebih./Ya, I do the same thing
Clean and punches, you're going where?
I practice yoga, karate, do Miscellaneous
You want to know what I do? I sat all day
That's what I'm working on, sometimes the terrorists and many rogues
I'd give anything to be in the front row again
What? / I'm in tempur./Kau element in Delta
Team Echo247 nest
Echo, they are witches, because they can do magic
Benar./Kalau so I would say abracadabra, bitch
You see the magic, you know what your problem is? your balance is less
You need itu./Tidak, tidak./Aku know his game
Do you hear me, I know permainannya./Apa are you doing?
What do you mean what am I doing?
Do not talk like itu./Kau sounds beda./Apa yes?
It was not a voice biasamu./lni suaramu./Suara biasaku
I'm talking like a witch, I just show to you, listen
I mean is I could rival
miliki./Tiga affair with you too much
My resume, my card, if you need me, I'm the man you call
You want to G5 you like Boing 747 You want helicopters
You want something secret, I air marshall, I'm your man
Please, please let me go
What do you want?
I want our property out of the girl's blood.
No, the virus was too dangerous, I can not
Man must evolve professor, without renewal of Etion
The human body is not worth much
Probably worth 11 pennies magnesium, calcium costing a few pennies
little iron, not valuable enough
I told you all probably about three pounds
3.5 pounds, the maximum
Overall human price, coins
You will be re-virus program for me
Ah, your friend steal from mafia mafia rusia./Dia russian
In fact he stole from everyone, it was his work
Ms. M
I do not see it datang./Aku hope I do not see it at all
Deckard Shaw./Sayangku
I get the list, it is long
That's for the runway
Of course, some Russian on the list
If you give me 3 hours, do not need to do extreme things that
3 hours has nothing to do with your extreme mammary
Really Deckard, Etion
Unable to choose a place that is more difficult to collapse.
We have to look for virus extraction machine C17
Where it can saja./Fasilitas research lab 3 mi persegi./Ya
And it was filled with ammunition
We will dismantle
This sounds like a game that menyenangkan./Kita anyone inside?
I know children who spend time with them
Mic Jagger, the job requires a person to patrol
While others infiltrated
Employment in typical
They had to use extraction machines, what exactly do they do?
I can do it. We can do it
The only question is how we turn the bell eat Etion
Oh, I can handle it, but first, let's set up your equipment
this chute
It's a secret communication
Scorpion with cool size
Ultra-thin resist bullets kevlar
Infrared cameras see through walls
Last but not least, the compact hydrogen detonator
Put it in the right place, it will blow up the place
How it looks to me? / A little tight
How did you survive?
The situation will be chaotic there, they caught lying
We'll get you out of there
Let me tell you another thing
Lock on immortality is running a decent life for recalls
That's when I met denganmu./Tidak, it's a lie
Where did you find them? / I'm good at my job
He himself? / Yes
If you lie to me, I'll cut your heart out, you understand?
I would be afraid if you have one
That's just a ride, there kita./Aku ride shotgun
I was senapan./Tidak, no, do not start
I have a gun
We will lakukan./Kau ready?
Yes, I siap./Pada count 3 ku./Satu!
Oh god, did you see
No one let me do what
So I want to know you want that blood on your hands
before you count the money or afterwards?
No matter, though weak mismanagement of money, we take care of the evolution and change
Any changes require violence
As kills an berdosa./ltu not demand
We are dealing with the future, that money can not buy
Oh, yes, you're evil sekali./Apa
You took my soul
So she went out make me a new one, which is much more advanced
Welcome to the extraction
Are you ready?
It will not be long
I tell you, we do not want to be here when this thing explodes
we pass
This is not keajaiban./Waktunya 45 minutes, we got us out
We will be blown to pieces
Remember aisle, no pistol./Benar, they will surely live
Because at the end of the hall, we need to open the door maxs
Open pintunya./Oke./Tidak, it pintuku./Hanya kidding with you
I make regular kesalahan./Seperti
Oh no, no rear seats, why, you're afraid of the criminals behind the door?
What is this? / Come, learn something
Enter the appropriate code
Access denied! Access denied!
Access denied!
Access denied!
Access denied!
Access denied! Access denied! Access denied!
Access denied!
Access granted!
always obedient
Nice, nice children
I'm impressed you got here
(Talk russian language)
(Talk russian language)
(Talk russian language)
It is impossible
- What are you doing? - There is an interest
- Yes - Room service
- Tos French style - I believe they kill you before I wake up.
Very disappointed now.
I have to admit.
Interrogation ancient style, will kill people.
- You remember that - Yes
Neither did you ...
- I think we have five - Lima
- There are great - Yes
I guess the good thing.
Remember when we were brothers
Remember that day.
We end up looking worse.
Our country's leaders of our enemies.
- Our friend - You do not know me - Yes do not worry.
- Shoot it in the head, it's a good idea - Still talking
I said it was a good idea ...
Funny how people hate each other.
More powerful, and it's why we're here.
Remember eight years ago.
- Join the mission was - Oh meant it.
- That crazy - assassin.
The future is bigger, brighter, do you remember the day I gave bung.
Damage to the environment, capitalism, terorisime.
Humanity was wiped 296 was scary for me.
But if we can fulfill the mission of Etion
- Save the world - You do not save the world with genocide
You know what this virus
Virus ini perlu di tembak pada sistem.
Itu tiga
- Aku suka hal ini
- Aku sudah bilang
Aku bilang padamu sekarang, kau matrix.
Satu alasan yang baik, kau
lebih buruk dari orang.
Orang tak bisa di percaya, untuk lakukan
hla yang benar. lihat kalian berdua.
Takdir dunia di tanganmu,
tapi kau tak bisa tangani.
Tapi kau tahu lakukan hal yang benar, kan?
Kau datang untuk bunuh aku.
Kau harapkan?
Aku bicara padamu?
Aku mengerti, kau masih marah, karena.
Kau tak kembali, dia suruh aku
bunuhmu, tentu karena kau tahu banyak
Tapi pikirkan itu.
Karena aku sadari sekarang
saat kau tembak aku.
Kau berikan aku ini, lihat aku.
Aku supermen hitam
Tahan peluru
Dan jadi mesin aku, menjadi manusia aku
Ini yang kau ingin tarungkan, aku
berikan kau kesempatan lain.
Untuk gabung kita
Honest I wanted to do.
You know Etion you know what they are capable, they woke me back
Unloading Dian-like he killed his own team, even his own sister.
Do not have.
Just tell me the sentence. And it's all gone.
Your brother is alive, his daughter alive.
We are used to upgrade, and save the world.
What will happen to join human evolution
Complete only.
I told the boss you do not change your mind.
- See you later - Wait
- I think we should join - What?
You said a good thing and
- That I like the black superman - You're crazy
- No - You only think of yourself
What about my feelings? once.
I said, we are a band you're a mac jegger.
- Mac Jegger - so what happens?
I will not join - Interestingly, this is what I will do.
I'll destroy this chair arm.
And execute on her face, and see it.
And this in suicide
She and her
That my men, you have to choose another.
- That my men - None.
I'll find one.
- A great, great, let's face it - it's not too big
- That's right? - Release him
Stay calm, we need him alive.
Let them go or what
Or are you going to hit this
You're not going to shoot me, because you need the activation
To shoot the weapon was sorry
Try this
And it's bad luck
- Let's go. - You think? - Think.
There he is.
- Hey where? - In the second truck
It still is not, Hank.
Can the engine.
Let's go to the station.
It was still black superman.
It Drose.
We're ready.
There he is.
It will not be successful.
- Take it with you - do you think would help?
- Let's get the pain - Yes
- Hey - What? - Do you believe me?
- Need driving - Yes, I know.
Keep trying, will succeed.
Take control.
Oh it's him.
- I catch him - No, I caught him.
Sorry mate, it was badly damaged.
Well, it's to the second option.
- I need the first
- Stop - I'm tired.
- It's still running
- We still have time. - Time.
- Time for what, broken machines
- There will be improved - How?
- We need to find a place to pull over - Where?
In want the whole country.
Can not a lot of lives will be at risk, I told you on the plane.
- We have to choice of one, was completed
- Unfinished - Finished.
Stop time.
Look at me.
You used to tell me, when we were children.
Look at me, and told me never stop until finished
- Remember that? - I can not win.
Never finished until I say finish.
So say it now, says.
Remember who we are, we are family.
We never give up.
We have a day.
More than a day.
Even we do not know where we're going.
I know a place.
- Where? - Nice place, I want to go.
- Abracadabra, bitch, I told you could get anything. Listen to me.
From Moscow to Samoa, it is not easy flight
But I finish.
It would we want to say thank you, to bring us to Samoa.
You need to know, you were the squad to three here.
Ready to go, when you need me.
I just sit in my cage.
You have a bathroom?
Where I was, where the magic happens, to
pacific, just make sure we have all contacts.
You're there, you're there
- Email me - Yes - Number two
I'm sure you get it.
He could not, I was still active.
That profile.
That's my cell phone.
Just as good mechanic you said.
Jonas best mechanic I know, he'll help us.
If he does not kill me first.
Yes chill, and told my brother, just believe.
- This is it - I'm going to beat him in the face.
- Jonah - You know what comes next.
Tell me.
- Just me - Hey.
It was all over the news, you are not welcomed here.
Here, after twenty-five years?
- Bring your problem here, to this house - You've betrayed our family.
- Create embarrassed at home - You betrayed his own blood
Jona I hear you.
We're not kids anymore, careful voice.
- Bring the dog - photo, always take the dog
Hey, no party under this roof.
What was Luke.
- My son - Mama
Oh I miss my son
See you, skinny and bald.
- Come and eat - No, there's no time.
- Sorry, I do not want to take issue - You should stay away.
What did you bring it here, what happened? - I've got the truth
- What? - The truth we are caught
- We are in a trap by those who make the deadly virus
- Come on - It was so global
If you do not stop, we could all die, entirely.
Everything here on the island, in the world.
Jona I need you to fix the machine.
I need you to help my friend.
- And I need help defense here now.
- You think you can just come back here alone
- And we'll bantumu, after what you've done - Yes
- No - I do not care.
- We could die - Good,
because I would rather die than help you.
Look, I know your brother, believe me.
- But I believe him - Because of this extraordinary place.
You do not know me, I did not tahumu.
Okay time for you to go, bring with you your machine.
Now let's go.
Show me the honor, if you need anything, we will give.
Reduce the tempo.
Even people on the island, and you.
All of you.
Show me our guest here, and help me.
Take this.
And I will hajarmu, hear me?
I'm sorry I brought it here mama
This is our family home.
We can handle the problem.
You are right.
Transfermu completed.
Do what I tell you.
You're incredible war machine.
Bring back virusku,
You can no revenge
We find him, in the cargo hold
- Samoa - These gentlemen you upgrade
Bring back virusku.
Place? / Yes
- Your father Ethan - No, my father.
Actually make things, drugs, guns.
Like family.
Mother exaggerated to our youth, and my father came again.
Interested in children, in fact he was looking for a new crew.
And I'm only interested in the lies.
So I set the work father and brother.
Larger, and more dangerous.
And looked him out and ...
It's okay, and my brother was killed.
- So I bet - You protect your family.
I try to keep him.
I left Samoa and never returned.
One thought that was nice, not jammed in hand.
- Yes what it is. - Bring you in mind
I could.
- You were jet - Yes
100 percent clean, store all kinds, international clientele.
See it to Tokyo, Bangkok, newyork, london.
Looks likes our stuff.
You need to do something to keep the family together.
After you leave us.
Hey good news, cap.
You said you would wait for us.
Definitely a well-known measure, sprey right to him.
- He did not try, it's 10 degrees out there - It's business.
- You got a gun? - Or we no weapons.
- Mama where my gun? - I give rita.
Know what we are.
- We are in serious trouble
- Nothing wrong - This weapon
They kill the whole family.
So we will fight, fight with this, or this.
Because it did not take real people.
- We will fight with the family - Yes
- We need more - not be saved
Need people pull the trigger.
It took the chip activation, are you still there glove?
You think
- On the field if it can - Yes
- You take their weapons - Yes
Let's go. Look around.
That's where we are drawing the line, save the world.
We need them to play by our rules.
Tomorrow morning there will be a storm in the northern hills.
We woke up the land without the people, and if all else fails
- That would be the last place we - What else
Continue to dig pal.
We finish up before dawn.
Still in a blanket at night.
And you were keeping your son.
We let everyone in, and be sure never to leave.
Okay, I like it.
Let the island remains
- Yes - I got
What can I do?
6 minutes may be a time that we need.
It is basic that we must tarungkan.
Indeed so.
- Drink? - Certain. thanks.
Let's take all, in case it was the last sunrise we saw.
I have to believe.
I say
That's plenty of time.
Spend my whole life blurred.
Me too.
Back in the 25 year-old daughter did not know our families.
You can change it.
You too.
You and I make a promise here and now.
When we see the sun sets tomorrow.
We will perbaik you and me.
That is all.
If there is a chance.
- Meet you again? - Certainly not
Perhaps a more interesting life
- Time - Do not rush me
- It was almost dawn.
Will be here soon.
- Make it happen, now - do not rush
- Need process - There are still three minutes
- Choice of one - was that I could
- We will seriously uput, let's do - Jona, now
Well okay. This is it.
Of course.
- It will be a blast - No, this will be fun.
it works
Hey turn on the alarm
- As we plan - Yes
Who is there?
It's time.
As I told you.
It is to the side
and here it is.
I am sorry.
I was the reason, but the fact remains.
I'm leaving you.
I should go home.
And if we've been through this, you're there I said, will never happen again
I love you.
I sayangmu too.
You think I should be in the forefront.
It stays close to you.
Hey this is what we do, right.
Yes this is what we do.
There never was.
You're away to protect us.
should believe
Do not...
Hey listen.
Must make seriousness.
One thing that is throwing me off.
- What now? - The most important thing for me.
Bring my brother safely.
(Talk samoa language)
(Talk samoa language)
(Talk samoa language)
(Talk samoa language)
(Talk samoa language)
(Talk samoa language)
(Talk samoa language)
How long was the weapon back online.
I do not know.
- (Talk samoa language)
- (Talk samoa language)
Hey come on.
Bring a problem.
- What is the way - Change
Come on.
Come on ...
Come fishing
Let go.
You brought us
I believe I will be scaled back.
Let go...
Day off.
- What are you doing? - Streets
Come on buddy.
This one
you can
Take it slow and quiet, clean.
Oh, yes.
Kick him in the side now.
Do not close to the hill well, my time.
- Mr weapons back online - Come
Hey shit.
There's a little problem here
We lost.
I take care of you.
Who is there?
- What? - Unfortunately jump
You're not dead until I tell you.
Should hajarmu.
You understand?
There ends the way you want.
- Yes you say so - Number does not exist for you.
Human Revolution coming, like it or not.
You know I feel bad for you.
- It is now the subject head - It ledakkanmu.
I'm beginning to like you, you know?
Where is the problem, son, what is it sick?
Must be hard to be human.
- What is that? - Get him.
Time to work as a team
I take, and let you
- I take care of my friend - I
Let's kill this bastard.
- I get - You made
Never hesitate.
Let's take it to the inside.
You trap me.
Create my brother against me.
Forced I killed my own brother.
You, and here we are again, come on.
Very competition.
- One life means nothing - What happened to you
Might kill you all.
I would lakukna again.
You trust the machine.
But we believe in people.
You got all the technology in the world.
We're no friends.
No machine is so.
Son, you get sabetan Samoa
Turn off brixton.
Yes it is so.
Say hello to the business.
Brixton never meet our expectations
But you three.
you do
You're going to remember me in your heart
you will.
It would be a reunion.
You remember me now.
And you're in ours.
Thank you to be my companion through this bro, you're great.
I'm sure there is a companion who take care of you - yes, you show me now.
Come on.
Look no robin batman, there is a mini me evil doctor.
- You're my mini me - Han Solo No Chubaka
- Come - Do not say it.