Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019) Movie Script

If I could save
time in a bottle
The first thing
that I'd like to do
Is to save every day
Till eternity passes away
Just to spend them with you
All right, touch down in two.
Rules of engagement:
Electric rounds only.
MI6 wants him alive
for questioning.
The target's in a metal copper.
Every agency and terror
cell is looking for it.
But there never seems
to be enough time
To do the things
you wanna do
Once you find them
Once you find them
I've looked around
enough to know
That you're the one I wanna
go through time with
Through time with
Asset secured.
Whoa, whoa! I'm a fan.
Fantastic job.
And I think you look amazing
in your matching outfits.
Who the hell are you?
Bad guy.
Get on the ground, now!
Buggered up, too.
The team is down.
We've been betrayed.
She took the virus.
One of the soldiers
got away with the virus.
I want her on the run
with no place to turn.
She is a... a wily one.
Monitor all channels and make
sure the takes the fall for it.
- Understand?
- Yes, sir.
What d'you want us to
do with these arseholes?
Clean it up. I don't care.
No witnesses.
I'm gonna get it back.
Who's gonna stop me?
I know we're better as one
I know that we can do better
Without evil on our tongue
I know that we can do better
I know we're better as one
I know that we can do better
Without evil on our tongue
Who the hell are you?
I'm what you call a nice,
cold can of whoop-ass.
Who the hell are you?
I'm what you might call
a champagne problem.
What you got, big man?
Well, you thought
that would've broke.
I'm gonna kill you!
You gonna die!
All right, all right.
No, no, no, no.
That's my favorite jacket,
don't do that.
Hi, sweetheart, could you
pass me that gun, please?
Thank you very much.
Nice tats.
All right, assclown,
we're gonna play a little game.
It's called hangman.
I'm gonna ask you
some questions.
When you give me an
answer I don't like...
Okay. You get the idea.
I've been tracking
some dark web chatter
about a super virus that's
comin' up on the auction block.
Why don't you tell me about it?
I swear,
I don't-I don't know!
I don't like that answer.
A little bird told me
about a shadow outfit
Black tech. Blood ops.
Real arseholes.
Like you.
They're called Eteon.
And you're gonna tell
me where to find them.
You're not gonna tell me
because I'm hanging
you out the window.
You gonna tell me...
because I'm the guy
willing to drop you.
All right, bonus round.
Where's the virus?
No! No, wait!
Don't leave me out here!
Don't leave me!
Don't leave me!
Alright, here we go
Yeah, yeah
What did he write?
Money on my mind,
so I'm too paid
Real all the time,
never Kool Aid
Sippin' on Duse, sike
Came a long way from G'burg
Puttin' in work like Ferg
What that even mean?
I don't know what you talkin' 'bout
Why nowadays everybody
got a palm out?
Plp, yeah that be me
and that be what I rhyme 'bout
I have arrived,
all you rappers are in timeout
A... A... A...
Excellent. Oh, and by the way,
your Old Man and the Sea report?
- Mm-hmm?
- From last week?
You did so good.
It was awesome.
- Thanks, Dad.
- Yes.
What's that?
Um, it's a social studies assignment.
It's a family tree.
It's just a sketch.
Oh, yeah!
That's our family tree
right there, it's, uh...
It's... super easy to
read and very clear.
Uh... I was going to use this.
I found it in the garage drawer.
That's you, isnt' it?
Who's Jonah?
I-Is that your brother?
Yup, that's my brother.
Why don't you ever
talk about Samoa?
Did something happen?
In life, things happen.
You may not want them to, but...
they do.
You just gotta do your best...
and move on.
The fact of the matter is,
I'm your family...
I'm your people...
- And you're a whole lot.
- Oh, I am a whole lot.
Look at this, perfect timing.
Oh, no, this is for the mini.
Thank you so much.
Cheat day?
Cheat day, yeah!
Thank you so much.
Is that really necessary?
Come on, she's 71 years old.
What's the matter with you lot?
Sir, the prisoner will only
be allowed more leniency
when she proves to be
less of a security risk.
If someone leaves
the back door open,
it's a bit daft
not to try and use it.
What's daft is paying one of
the screws to leave it open...
but not paying them enough
to keep their mouth shut.
Yeah, well,
my point still stands.
If you can't break out
of a shitty prison like this,
then you're seriously
slippin', Mum.
You cheeky bugger.
Speaking of breaking out,
where's my birthday cake?
What, the one with the file in it?
I ain't bakin' it.
Who wants a bloody file?
What I want
is a nice little bit of C-4.
Listen, if you want out of here,
just say the word.
I'll handle it.
Decks, I'm just having
a bit of fun, really.
Being banged up doesn't bother me.
I quite enjoy the
peace and quiet.
You know, nice walk,
a bit of reading.
Loads of sudoku.
Like being retired.
Love it!
Now, listen...
Have you spoken
with your sister?
You know I haven't, Mum.
- Give me your hand.
- Here she goes.
I mean, you and your sister,
you used to be inseparable.
What happened, Decks?
What happened between you?
I remember you, Owen and Hattie
playing out in the backyard.
Your little games,
your little grifts, ooh.
Robbing banks.
You used to give your
little scams code names,
do you remember?
Oh, what was that one? Um...
The Keith Moon.
Yeah, that's right.
It was called the
Keith Moon because it...
Involved lots of
explosive percussion
and permanent ear damage.
That's my boy.
No wonder we left
the family business.
She loves you, you know.
All you gotta do
is pick up the phone, Decks...
Look at me.
You're her big brother.
She looks up to you.
Used to.
One day, I just hope
that I walk through that door
and I see the two of you
sitting there.
How many years you got left?
Two, with good behavior.
How many really?
Well, you know what I say.
Never say never.
Time's up.
You behave yourself.
Will do. Love you, darling.
Love you, too.
Lucas Rebecca Hobbs.
I haven't seen you in forever.
- Rebecca?
- Do you even age?
How long has it been?
Six months.
- Time flies.
- When we're apart.
What is your skincare regimen?
Because you look like
a young Shirley Temple.
Go, go, go, go, go.
Daddy, who is this guy?
Well, this guy is, uh, is Locke.
And he works for the CIA.
- Your dad and I are old friends.
- We're not old friends.
Actually, we're, um...
We're best friends.
Here's the half heart.
I don't know what that is.
We got some ink together.
- We did not get ink together.
- Oh, we didn't?
- No, we did not.
- Oh, interesting.
Well, I seem to remember
getting a little something like...
this... at one point on my body.
Christ, I miss our playful banter.
You have one minute
to tell me what you want
before I knock one
of your lungs loose.
You and I
are after the same thing.
Say hello to the CT17 virus.
It's a programmable bio-weapon
of biblical proportions
codenamed the Snowflake.
What does a Snowflake do?
Oh, nothing much, just, uh...
liquifies your internal organs.
Basically, it turns
your body into a
giant bag of hot soup.
She is nine!
- I've seen worse.
- Where?
Game of Thrones, Janet's house.
- I've never...
- A Lannister always pays his debts.
You're never going
over there again.
But there's a new wrinkle
in the case, Rebecca.
The specifics...
are all in the brief.
There you go.
She's ready, Becca.
She's nine.
This is the only unit
of CT17 in existence.
And this Snowflake...
is now in the hands of a
rogue MI6 operative in London.
Dad, are all spies that pretty?
No, she is unusually
And deadly.
Last night, she was
part of an MI6 team
tasked with securing the virus.
She then proceeded to kill
her entire black ops squad.
She stabbed
one guy in the chest...
using a brick.
Do you know how hard that is?
To stab someone...
- using a brick?
- Get to the point.
The point is
there's no sharp edge.
How did she get an entire brick
into another person's chest?
She either had to be
really strong,
or the other person had to
have been, like, born without...
like, bones.
Get to the larger point.
She stole the Snowflake.
She went totally off-grid.
Who's this?
That's the scientist who we
believe created the virus.
Great. Where
do I find him?
He's off-grid, too.
Impossible to find.
- Maybe dead.
- You're very helpful, Locke.
And you're the
world's best tracker.
I'm sure you'll figure something out.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
I'm DSS, you're CIA.
I don't work for you.
Your boss loaned you out.
You do now, dickface.
- What did you call me?
- Hey, hey, hey!
Let's just settle down.
All right?
I've already got a
black site running in London.
There's an operative there.
Top of his game.
He'll be your contact.
I don't need anybody else.
I work alone.
We got bigger problems
than your fragile ego.
Or the fact that a moment ago,
I most definitely shit my pants.
The entire world
is at stake here, all right?
This thing gets out,
we're looking at a lot
of liquified organs.
And I mean, like, everywhere.
And not just yours and mine.
Uh, he knows
I can see him, right?
He knows nothing, Jon Snow.
So, what's it gonna be, Becky?
You gonna partner up?
- I'm in.
- 'Course you are.
Do you remember what
I told you in Rwanda?
"Still burns?"
No. The other thing.
"Stop watching me sleep."
I said...
- "We are not friends at all."
- Best friends.
- And to watch your...
- Wash your back. Yeah.
- I remember.
- Watch your back.
A lot of back.
I gotcha. Hey...
Same old Hobbs. Huh?
Same old Locke.
All right,
who's on the case?
Mr. Shaw.
Whatever it is,
I ain't buyin' it.
You don't know what I'm selling
or who I am.
- How can you...?
- Sunglasses, cloudy day.
Sensible shoes.
Okay, well, these are-I have
fallen arches and I don't
have a lot of choice to what...
Anyway, uh, I'm Agent Loeb.
- and I need to talk to you about...
- Hey, how'd you find me?
I got a tip from an
acquaintance or yours.
Mr. Nobody.
A little joke for you, Loeb.
What do CIA operatives and
baseballs have in common?
People cheer when you
hit them with a bat.
They are two things
I don't give a toss about.
That works too.
The weapon she's stolen is not
like anything we've ever seen.
It's a programmable disease that
can target any DNA sequence
with a 100% mortality rate
inside 72 hours.
If MI6 finds her,
they're gonna treat
her like a traitor.
We need you to
surrender the virus.
What is your location?
What, you think I killed them?
But if you can help us find her...
if you bring us the virus...
we'll grant her immunity.
We've set up a black site
here in London.
You've got everything you
could need at your disposal.
And we're bringing in an asset
from the States to assist you.
I don't need anybody.
Maybe not, Mr. Shaw...
but she does.
My guy's in.
My guy's in, too.
Hey, is your guy
gonna freak out
when he finds out
who my guy is?
I mean, didn't they just do
a job together in New York?
And didn't they just destroy
the DSS field office in L.A.
by throwing each
other through it?
Look, I don't know about
your guy, but my guy...
he's gonna get this.
He's gonna pull this off.
You know why?
We've been best friends
our whole goddamn lives.
Well, my guy beat
the shit out of me
at a bar in Krakw
17 years ago
and he doesn't
even remember me.
We all have our histories.
Anyway, it's the
fate of the world here.
It's the fate of the world!
The planet's population
is in their hands.
Serious stuff.
I mean, you'd think they'd
be able to put aside
any petty rivalries
to save the world.
Mmm. Mmm.
- No fuckin' way!
- No fuckin' way!
I'm not working with this guy.
I've been there, done that.
The minute he gets involved,
you can kiss goodbye
to any finesse
because She-Hulk here
only knows how to smash.
Yeah, Mr. Arson here only
knows how to blow shit up.
- And the fact is...
- And the fact is...
- No offense...
- Oh, no offense...
- This guy's a real asshole.
- This guy's a real arsehole.
That's, uh, "sumbitch"
in your native tongue.
That'd be "wanker"
in your native tongue.
You finished blabbering?
You sound like a giant
tattooed baby.
Yeah, well, I'm not
listening to this horseshit.
I got a job to do.
Tell your mom I said hi.
I'll tell her myself.
Don't you ever
talk about my mother
or I'll put your head
through that wall.
Secondly, I'll have
this job done
while you're still
putting on your baby oil.
Good luck, slick.
That's it.
You just reminded me.
That exactly why I hate
working with you.
It's your voice.
It's your nasally, prepubescent,
Harry Potter voice.
Every time you speak,
just imagine this for a second...
It's like dragging my balls
across shattered glass.
And it hurts.
Well, for me,
it's not your voice.
It's your face.
Your big, stupid face.
Lookin' at it makes
me feel like God
is projectile vomiting
right in my eyes.
And it burns.
It really burns.
What you gonna do now?
Throw a bit of furniture?
For your information,
I was gonna take this chair
and turn it sideways and
shove it right
down your throat.
Of course you are, 'cause
that's your answer to everything.
Smash a hole
through every problem
in a massive truck.
Well, that's not gonna work here.
Ah, I think it'll work fine.
Guys! Why don't you
two take a seat,
and we'll talk through this?
Me and you, us.
I've been down this road.
It's a total waste of time.
For once, I couldn't
agree with you more.
Yeah? Well, I'm
doin' this my way.
If anyone's got a
problem with that,
I suggest you come
right here and stop me.
I'm not going in there.
I'm not going in there.
Smart lads.
All right!
Ha! We got rid of
that fun sponge.
We can get to work.
I want you to pull up every CCTV
camera around central London.
Uh, we already have two
dozen agents scouring...
Don't you talk back
to me, Opie, uh-uh.
I just care about the coverage.
I ain't gonna ask you again.
Now, pull it up.
Now, zoom in on
the area of the heist.
Now, invert it.
Highlight the areas
that the cameras don't cover.
She's smart.
She just killed her entire team
and stole a deadly virus.
She ain't waitin' around
for no picture.
I'm on the next level, yeah
I know you heard about it
You know about it, 'bout it
And don't you ever doubt it
I'm incomparable
That's why they stare and look
Turn on the stereo
Check it out, check it out,
check it out
Ooh wee ooh hey
I'm hot just like a sauna
New York to California
Hot hot
Ooh wee ooh hey
You ain't seen nothin' like this
Nobody do it like this-s-s
I'm on the next level
Next, next, next level
On the next level
They are tryna catch up to my
Next level
Check it out, check it out,
check it out
La-la-la, la-la-la
La-la-la, la-la-la
La-la-la, la-la-la
La-la-la, la-la
You like that old school
Back in the museez
That that is old news
Pop it through the ceiling
That's my motto, that's my motto
I lead, they follow
Ooh wee ooh hey
You ain't see nothing like this
Nobody do it like this
I'm on the next level
They are tryna catch up to my
Next level
Next, next, next level
Check it out, check it out,
check it out
There're a lot of nasty
people looking for you.
Are you nasty?
Well, that all depends on what
happens in the next 30 seconds.
Promises, promises.
So, here's how
it's gonna go down.
Do this the hard way
or the easy way.
- Are you serious?
- I am.
- Really?
- Yes.
- Well, it's a tough decision.
- No, it's really not.
You want me to freeze?
Let me see your hands.
Then you're not gonna
like what's in em.
I think I made up my mind.
You seem like a smart woman.
I am.
The hard way.
Hey. No.
Are you taking it easy on me?
For the moment.
Bet you wish you didn't
take it easy on me now.
I wish a lot of things right now.
You oughta go to sleep now.
It's all gonna seem
like a bad dream.
It's more like a nightmare.
The whole thing is a nightmare.
All right, let's me and you
have a little chat.
The Director called.
He ordered a new
baseline for you.
He has everything ready
for you in medical.
Perfection is a painful process.
We see in ourselves in a
foreseeable perfect world.
Humanity must evolve
before it destroys itself.
Eteon will carve out
all human weakness
and replace it with
mechanical perfection.
And you will lead the way.
I'm gonna ask you a question.
It's not what you think it is.
Do you like to dance?
What, the Electric Slide?
The Macarena?
No, I don't.
No, no, no.
I was thinkin' about...
the Tango where it takes two.
Yeah, don't know that one.
Must be different generations.
Well, either way,
the music's started
so let's see what kind of
rhythm you have.
Where's the virus?
Look, I told you, I have no idea
what you're talking about.
Okay, that hurt.
You just stepped on my toes,
it didn't feel good.
Let's try it again.
I think you're better than that.
Where's the virus?
I didn't ask to dance.
Why should I talk to you?
You're not CIA.
No? How do you know that?
Where's the staff?
There's two types of CIA agents.
Intelligence and espionage.
Those guys in there could
barely lift a pencil.
That's what intelligence
agents look like.
And you look like you
could pick up a building.
But espionage is about
blending in, about being subtle.
And there is nothing
subtle about you.
That's good.
- I'm impressed.
- I didn't kill anybody.
I know you didn't.
And how do you
know that, then?
Because you could learn
a lot about somebody
when you fight them.
And when we fought,
you weren't fighting to kill me.
You were fighting to run away.
But either way,
the world thinks
that you're a
murderer and a thief.
So you're not going anywhere
or getting any goddamn phone call
until you give me
some real answers.
You have no idea
what is happening here.
- Then tell me, help me understand.
- I can't.
- You're wasting my time.
- You're wasting time!
The virus gets in the
wrong hands, that's it.
It's game over.
Does that mean
it's time for curls?
Just like the CIA, always
flexing the wrong muscle.
You know, the mind is the
strongest muscle in the body.
Maybe you should try
exercising that a little bit more.
"There is more
wisdom in your body
than in your deepest
Ooh, let me guess.
That Bruce Lee?
'Cause I'm flexing this...
And all of that.
Come here.
If she moves,
I want you to shoot her.
Yeah, he can't shoot me.
Yeah, not allowed.
In the face.
You can't, not in the face.
You'd go to prison.
You could shoot her
right in the face.
No, you can't. You'd
go to prison. Sorry.
I want you to shoot her
two times right in that face.
- Okay?
- Uh...
Hi, Dad.
Did you catch the hot spy lady?
Come on, it's me.
I catch everybody I hunt.
How long have you
been doing this?
Because you seem... new.
She's actually quite annoying.
You know, Dad,
sometimes people
annoy each other
when they're actually, like,
Where'd you hear that from?
Okay, look, uh...
Me and the spy lady,
we're not flirting, all right?
Zero chemistry.
I don't know.
When you saw her photo,
you definitely gave the eyebrow.
What eyebrow?
You know, Dad,
that thing that you do.
What thing?
- I don't do that.
- Yes, you do.
No, I don't...
I definitely don't do that.
I don't even know
what you're doing.
That's the silliest
thing I've ever seen.
Let me get going.
I got business to take care of.
I'll see you when
I get home, okay?
- I love you.
- I love you.
Hey, one more thing.
It's not the dance
you wanna do with me.
Oh, really?
I eat bullets all day long.
Oh, for breakfast or lunch?
'Cause it's dinner time.
I'll count down for you, three...
Put that down.
Get your greasy sausage
fingers off of her.
What are you doing here?
Saving you.
Who said I need to be saved?
No, no, no, no.
This is my house...
and your goddamn girlfriend
ain't going anywhere.
That's disgusting.
That is my sister.
Bullshit. She's too good looking
to be your sister.
Very funny. Hattie.
There are people after you.
Believe me, I know that.
Yeah, it's gonna stay that way
unless you tell me
where that virus is.
Listen to me, pinhead.
She's gonna die if I don't get
her out of here right now!
We're all gonna die if she doesn't
tell us where that weapon is.
Actually, everyone's gonna die
because I am the virus!
It's embedded in capsules.
I need to find a way
to get them out.
Bag the asset.
Now or never.
I'm more of a
now type of guy.
On my three.
One, two, three!
No one tells me what to do.
Now, I take you to school, son.
Deckard Shaw.
It's been a long time.
Good to see you, Brixton.
I think you're out of
bullets there, son.
Lucky for you, I am.
- Nice suit.
- Bulletproof.
State of the art.
Shoulda put that on the last
time I put a bullet in you.
Actually, it was three bullets.
Two to the chest, one to the
head, just like they taught us.
It's a shame you
didn't join Eteon.
You could've had
all this, my friend.
- Friend?
- Yeah.
You're not the man I know.
I am way better.
I'm the future of mankind.
Get in the car.
We're all going.
Not you.
Just the girl.
I said...
We're all going.
Stay with the car.
I need the girl alive.
Goin' for mine
runnin' out of time
If you're comin' for me
you better get in line
Hit you with the Force
like Skywalker
Dupe a dog like a nightstalker
Put you in the hurt
say a prayer soon
And you wake up with
the boom of a shotgun
What the hell
did you do, Hattie?
Oh, big brother lecture
now, really, huh?
I injected myself. I didn't have
a choice. He was gonna take it.
I got a good side
I got a bad side
I got a monkey on my
back and I call it pride
I got a mean streak
that I cannot hide
And I will fight for
my boys even if I die, yeah
Programming set in vector.
Time for selection
I am the evolution of man
And I will win
any way that I can
I go to war
any way that I am
You might wanna...
Might be time for some curls.
Very good.
You mind telling me just
what the fresh turkey hell
we're dealing with here?
Long story.
He's a ghost.
Supposed to be dead.
Eight years ago, I put a bullet
through his brain.
So, we're being chased
by the Terminator.
I don't think
he's gonna make it.
Well, I don't think he can see
over the steering wheel.
Buckle up, fat boy, I'm
gonna save your life again.
You want a war then.
Okay, ride's over.
Gotta lose this car.
I've hacked the mainframe of
every news agency and outlet.
How many do we control?
174 broadcasts, 2,000 ought...
Double it. I want
100% control of this story.
Standard frame job?
No. Standard will not do.
I need something
special for these guys.
Listen up. Narrative:
Hobbs, Shaw. Big guy,
little guy have been ID'd.
They've been blamed for the
recent attacks on the CIA.
They shared a prison cell
where they hatched a plan
to start their reign of terror.
It just got real.
Who the hell are these guys?
A most secret tech cult.
With a mercenary army
and plenty of dark money.
And delusions of
saving the world
by augmenting the human race.
That's it.
Apparently, they control
he media as well.
I've heard rumors
about these people.
Everybody thinks they're a myth.
Assuming first hand
how real they are.
If we don't fit to their plans...
we already dug our own grave.
All right, let's get to the
nearest lockdown facility.
No, no, no.
You don't get it, do you?
Brixton's a tier one assassin.
Best I've ever seen.
I know him. He ain't
never gonna stop.
Till he gets that virus.
And besides, that's my sister.
Family business.
Is your name Shaw? No.
Then she's going
nowhere with you.
When it comes to
the fate of the world,
it becomes my business.
I don't care if she's your sister.
That woman ain't
going anywhere...
- Where are you going?
- Where are you going?
Where? I don't have time for
alpha male shit right now.
You're both idiots.
You clearly can't work together.
And so you're absolutely
useless to me.
So, I'm gonna go find the man
who can help me get this
thing out of my system.
See you.
You mean this man?
I was tracking him
before the attack.
He's hard to find but I think
I got a hell of a lead.
Russian newspaper.
Not just any old paper.
There's only one place in
London that sells that.
Here you go. See you tomorrow.
That's optimistic.
Morning, Director.
Well, well.
Deckard Shaw.
How complicated for you.
Not really.
He's also working with
DSS, Luke Hobbs.
We have a history.
They're formidable.
Small fry.
I'll eliminate the two of them.
Get the asset back ASAP.
You get the girl,
extract the virus
and reprogram it for Phase One.
We use that weapon
to eliminate the weak
and anyone who'll
get in our way.
We're building a perfect
system, Brixton.
Hobbs and Shaw would be
considerable assets for Eteon.
Turn them.
Turn 'em?
Sorry, I don't follow.
I want them turned.
I want them working
for the cause.
They can't be turned.
What makes you so certain?
The last time we asked,
I got shot in the face.
That makes me very certain.
So, I suggest that we take
another approach.
- Which is why...
- I did not ask you, Brixton.
You show them the
consequences of refusal.
Or perhaps...
I'll show them to you.
Is that a threat?
I'd remember who you're
relying on for your survival.
All for the cause.
Look, honey, I have to
talk to you about something.
It's very important right now.
Remember how we spoke about
what would happen if
things went sideways?
We called it a code red?
Well, it's happening.
I-Is there anything I can do?
You need to stay home.
You're gonna be safe there.
As a matter of fact,
we've got
the CIA listening in
on this call right now.
Watch this. Hi, Locke.
Everybody's safe,
everybody's great.
I'm actually at our old, uh,
our old diner here.
It's super weird being
here without you guys.
I think it's closed.
Thank you, brother.
Honey, I've already
talked to Aunt Lisa.
She knows exactly what to do.
I'm gonna be home
as soon as I can.
Love you.
I love you back.
Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw.
While Hobbs is an agent
of the American...
Tell us everything you know...
about this.
My God. When...
When were you exposed?
About 30 hours ago.
Then the capsules containing
the virus are still intact.
So we need to neutralize it.
No, it is not that easy.
It's not programmed
to any DNA sequence.
It's fatal to everyone.
In 42 hours, the capsules will
dissolve and she'll be infected.
Then the virus will go airborne.
We are talking global
contamination within a week.
Why in the hell would you
create something like that?
Because I thought
I was one of them.
They told me they wanted to
save the world through science.
I believed in their cause.
I developed the Snowflake
to be a carrier for vaccines...
a panacea for the whole world...
but they redeveloped it into a
programmable apocalypse
to attack the weakest of us.
Those not worthy of Eteon's
vision of the future.
For a scientist,
you seem incredibly stupid.
Well, I'm a two-times
Nobel Prize winner
but who's counting?
Right, you said the
virus was programmable.
So, reprogram it.
I can't reprogram it in a host.
Just tell us how to get
this thing out from me.
Well, there are two options.
And the first is easy.
You kill her.
Excuse me?
Oh, and burn the
body, of course.
Of course.
Of course.
No, I mean, really burn it.
Really burn it?
To ash.
To ash?
Beyond all recognition.
Let's assume that's not an
option, shall we, genius?
Yeah, doesn't work for us.
Option number two?
There is a machine that can preserve
her life and extract the virus.
Well, that should've been
option number one.
Because it's
impossible to get to.
We'll decide what's impossible.
Where is it?
It's in the Eteon laboratory
where the Snowflake was developed.
A secret dark tech complex
fortified by an army
in the most God-forsaken
part of the planet.
But if you go there,
all three of you will die.
So, basically what
you're saying is
she dies no matter what.
Well, who needs a drink?
I know just the place.
I'll keep you alive
Keep you alive
They'll be talkin' 'bout you
long after you die
Wow, look at all these.
Long after you die
Somebody's overcompensating.
If anything,
I'm undercompensating.
And a teeny tiny one.
Just your size.
Used it for a job over in Italy.
Shame we didn't need a
weightlifting bus driver.
Woulda given you a call.
I'll keep you alive
Keep you alive
They'll be talkin' 'bout you
long after you die
Yeah, I'll take a little one.
Keep you alive
They'll be talkin' 'bout you
long after you die
Long after you die
All right, there's someone in
Moscow, an old friend.
We have a long history.
She and her crew are paying
a visit to some locals.
Particular Russian criminal element.
They got things
that we're gonna need.
Considering your
history of friends,
how many bullets you
put in this one's head?
Hey, they can
set us up with gear
and I don't hear
any other ideas.
You know as well as I do
getting out of this country's
gonna be extremely difficult.
We have every major
intelligence agency
already hunting us down.
And there's the fact
that you disgraced MI6
when you betrayed your team.
Don't believe
everything they tell ya.
You know, regular back channels
aren't gonna work this time.
We're gonna have to
do our best to blend in.
Hide in plain sight.
That's why we'll be
flying commercial.
Commercial, we're gonna
get spotted too easy at...
Don't wear out that pea-sized
brain, I handled it.
Cloned our cellphone
signals around the world.
Should buy us at least 48 hours.
We'll pick up new gear
when we get to Moscow.
Should get us past the
wandering eyes at the airport.
This is probably the only
thing that's gonna fit.
Fit what, a Smurf?
I think that's one of my old ones.
I apologize in advance
if it's a little loose
around the balls.
What do we got, tough guy?
Come on.
I created new identities
and altered your
biometric profiles
so the airport scanners
don't recognize
you faces or your fingerprints.
You're Sarah Atkins.
You work in insurance.
Thank you.
I'm Franz Gruber.
A freelance architect.
Avid mountain climber.
And a part-time ski instructor.
Thank you.
And you.
You're Michael Oxmaul.
Mike Oxmaul?
I go by Michael.
- Freeze!
- Stop, sir!
Stand down!
It's Mike! It's Mike Oxmaul!
It's not... small...
and my name's Michael.
They stopped him
for what, exactly?
Whatever it is,
it's gonna involve rubber gloves
and a body cavity search.
Let's go.
Hands on your head, Oxmaul.
Can't believe you did that.
He was gonna slow us down.
We can't pull this off.
We both know it.
Bad enough I've got
this thing in my blood
that's gonna kill me
and everyone else.
But were you seriously
gonna break this
mysterious machine
out of some
death virus complex
and magically get it to work?
Frankly, that sounds
You still wear
that silly thing?
Don't know
you still had that.
Put the pin back in.
You haven't changed.
Wish I could say
the same about you.
Hey, you're gonna be okay.
We're gonna make this work.
It's what we do.
And what if we don't?
What if the only option
left is for you to...
That's not happening.
Hi! I'm here.
I'm Michael.
Hi. Yeah.
All right.
Oh! Yeah.
Let's see, where's my seat?
You are an asshole.
You're quicker than I thought.
Yup, because I have
a secret weapon.
People actually like me.
You wouldn't understand that
because you don't
have any friends.
I love your babushka.
Couldn't have booked
an emergency row
for a little bit more
legroom, huh?
Not everybody has
hobbit legs like you.
Hey, look.
In case you didn't realize,
I could give a damn
about your comfort.
So, why don't you
be a good elephant?
Suck up another
kilo of peanuts.
Put your chair back
and relax.
All right, listen, don't ever
tell me to relax, all right?
Don't tell me to do anything.
Any time you
ever say anything,
it makes me
wanna take my boot
and shove it
so far up your ass,
you're gonna be spitting
out shoelaces all week.
Hey, you know
what the problem is?
I'll tell you the problem.
This job...
This job requires stealth.
And you...
Look at you.
I mean, granted,
it's not your fault.
But you're too obvious.
You stick out.
Like balls on a bulldog.
Dangling down in all
the wrong places.
Seemingly harmless.
And the next thing you know,
they're trying to
impregnate your sister.
Ho! What?
Impregnate your sister?
You heard.
Now, I get it.
You do? Good.
I'm glad.
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah, I'm glad.
I'm very glad.
So, you actually think that
I'm going through all this effort,
on this mission,
trying to save the world,
by the way, for a fourth time,
because I'm really good at it.
You think I'm
going through all of this
just so I can do
the horizontal hula,
sexy-sexy time
with your sister?
Not all.
Let me break it down
for you, Frodo:
This ain't 1955 anymore.
All right, despite the fact that
that girl sleeping right
there is related to you,
she's still one of the toughest,
baddest, most capable women
I've ever encountered
in my entire life.
And if she chooses
to look the way
of this big, brown,
well-endowed, tattooed,
mountain of a man,
then guess what...
I'm gonna let her
climb this mountain
over and over and over
Stay away from her.
I see what you're doin'.
- What, do you think I'm stupid?
- Of course, I think you're stupid.
But you know what,
I'll do you a favor.
I'll knock that dumb
right out of your skull.
You just say the word, Jack.
You know what I wanna do?
I wanna do an Irish jig
on your arse ugly face
at 30,000 feet.
- Oh, 30,000 feet.
- Yeah.
- So you wanna dance right now.
- Yeah.
The only thing holding you
back is air and opportunity.
There goes the air.
Bring it on, bunghole.
That's enough, hey.
Cut it out.
Both y'all, cut it out.
Oh, see. You woke up
the air marshal.
You woke the air marshal.
How did you know
I was a air marshal?
Late boarded the
plane Aisle seat.
Golf shirt.
Well, let's just call that
a educated guess.
Air Marshal Dinkley
at your service.
I'm sorry, did you say,
Dink lick?
What's the problem?
Understand this, big fella.
Because it's my job to observe.
Thick neck, your head's
been on a swivel
since you've been on
this damn plane.
Every passenger
that's got on here
you've been checkin' out.
You a lawman.
And you, Mister-Almighty-Pants.
You a spy.
- That's pretty good.
- Eh, not bad.
I get it, we're all big guys.
The three of us. Alphas.
Three apex predators
cooped up in the sky.
Tensions get high.
What you throwin' up on the
bench, big fella, 300, 400 pounds?
A little less.
Yeah, light work.
I'm doin' the same thing.
Slaggin' weight.
Clangin' and bangin'.
What you into?
Hot yoga?
Probably messin' 'round
in a hot takai.
Hey, you wanna
know what I do?
I sit in a can or farts
all day long.
That's what I'm dealin' with.
It's an occasional terrorist
and a lotta recycled ass.
I would give anything
to be on the front line again.
I was a compartment
element for JSOC.
You're a Delta?
Sabre Squad Echo,
24-7, baby.
Echo, those guys
were the warlocks
because of the
magic they could do.
That's right.
Well, if that's the case,
I'ma say abracadabra, bitches.
You're lookin' at the magic.
You know what your problem is?
Your balance is off.
You need a third squaddie.
- No, no, no.
- No.
Guys, I know the game.
Ya hear me?
I know the game.
What are you doin'?
What do you mean
what am I doin'?
Don't talk like that.
You sound different.
Do what?
That's not your voice.
Use your regular voice.
This is my regular voice.
I'm talkin' like
the warlocks talk, baby.
They don't talk like that.
I'm just showin' you,
that's all, guys. Look.
All I'm sayin' is
I can complete
this holy trinity
that you guys have.
Three would be too much.
That's my resume,
this is my card.
If you need stuff,
I'm the guy that you call
to get what you need.
You want a Citation X?
You want a G5?
You want a Boeing 747?
You want a helicopter?
You want somethin' stealth?
I'm a air marshal.
I'm your guy.
Please, let me go.
What do you want?!
I want our property
out of that girl's blood.
No! The virus is...
It's too dangerous.
I-I can't!
Humans must evolve, Professor.
Without each of those upgrades,
the human body's really not...
worth that much.
Maybe 11 pence worth
of magnesium.
A coupla pence worth of calcium.
And a bit of iron.
Not worth much.
I'd say, all in all,
probably about...
Three pound...
Three pound fifty... Max.
The entirety of a man's worth.
Small change.
You're gonna reprogram
that virus for me.
I wo-I won't.
Shut your mouth for a minute
Eyes red, tight chest
Lips that won't quit it
I'm sick to death
of this business
Who are you to tell
me I'm finished?
I know you know I'm
gonna give it right back
There ain't no way
that I'm gonna give you
The satisfaction
I left my conscience
burning in the tarmac
Ah, your friend's
a Russian mobster.
This girl steals from
Russian mobsters.
she steals from everyone.
It's kind of her thing.
Deckard Shaw.
Oh, I did not see that comin'.
I wish I didn't see that at all.
Me, too.
I got your list.
It's... long.
I asked for a house
with a runway.
Not sure a dozen Russians
in duct tape were on the list.
Well, give me more than
three-hour notice...
and I wouldn't have to
resort to such extremes.
I'm sure three hours
has anything to do with your
extremes, Margarita.
Keep me out of it, Deckard.
Could you pick a harder
place to break into?
We need to find the CT17
viral extraction machine.
Could be anywhere.
That facility's three square
miles of research labs.
And it's a powder keg
packed with munitions.
We've got to pull
a Mick Jagger.
This sounds like a fun game.
We're not gettin' you
on the inside, no.
So, when Deck and I were kids,
we used to spend our time
comin' up with these grifts.
A Mick Jagger...
was a job that required
one person to showboat...
throw the all arms...
while the others made the music.
A typical inside job.
Guys, you heard Andreiko.
They have to use
the extraction machine.
So they'll take me right to it.
Now, I can do it.
We can do it.
So now, the only question is
how to ring Eteon's dinner bell.
Oh, I can handle that part.
But first,
let's get you geared up.
These are your HALO parachutes.
Earbuds for encrypted
Scorpion EVO 3
with optical sights.
bullet-resistant Kevlar.
Infrared cameras for
seeing through walls.
And last but not least...
Compact hydrogen detonator.
Put it in the right spot...
it'll blow the place sky high.
How do I look?
It's a little tight.
How you holdin' up?
You know,
if things go south in there,
you can't leave me alive.
We're gonna get you outta there.
And let me tell
you somethin' else.
The key to immortality
is first living a life
worth remembering.
Is that one Nietzsche?
That's Bruce Lee.
Come on.
How'd you find her?
You've heard about me.
I'm good at my job.
Was she alone?
If you're lying to me,
I will cut your heart out.
Do you understand?
I'd be afraid if I had one.
Now, that's a ride.
What a ride.
I got shotgun.
There ain't no shotgun.
No, no, no. Don't start.
I got shotgun.
We're entering the drop zone.
You ready?
- Yeah, I'm ready.
- On my three.
- Okay.
- One!
Die! You arsehole!
Nobody tells me what to do.
So, I'm intrigued.
Do you wash the
blood off your hands
before you count your money
or is it afterwards?
You don't get it, do you?
You know,
the weak deal with money.
We deal with
evolutionary change.
Change that sometimes
require acts of violence.
Like killing innocent
people with viruses?
Only the weak ones.
We're dealing with the
future of the planet.
Things that money cannot buy.
Oh, like your soul back.
My soul?
Your brother took my soul.
The boys in the lab
made me a new one.
And that's progress.
Welcome to the
extraction room, Ms. Shaw.
Get her ready.
It won't be long.
I tell you, we ain't
gonna wanna be here
when this thing goes off.
Looks like she's
400 yards through there.
They're holding her in
some sort of medical pod.
Timer's set for 45 minutes.
We get in and get out.
Blow this death factory to pieces.
Remember, the hallway, no guns.
Right. Those guys
have to be alive.
Because at the
end of the hallway,
the retinal scanner needs
a match to open the door.
Pick a door.
I'm right there.
Nope, that's my door.
What's the matter with you?
I made a mistake.
This is your door.
Oh, no. No backsies.
What's the matter? You got a lot
of bad guys behind that door?
Watch this.
You might learn something.
Thank you.
Corresponding match.
Access denied.
Access denied.
Access denied.
Access denied.
Access denied.
Access denied.
Access denied.
Access denied.
Access denied.
Access granted.
Doors opening.
Very good. Well done, boys.
I'm impressed that
you even got in here.
That's not possible.
What are you doing?
I'm going to extract it myself.
There he is.
So rested?
You follow here, Hobbs?
Was gonna order us
some room service.
You fancy french toast?
I'll get the order in.
I just dreamt they killed you
before I woke up.
Pretty disappointed right now.
That's real elaborate,
I must admit.
Old school
interrogation technique
we picked up in black ops.
Shock will kill a man in three.
D'you remember that, Deck?
Yeah, I remember a lot
of things from back then.
I reckon you only got
four shocks in you, boys.
Yeah? I think we can take five.
Well, all right!
You had to open your big mouth.
I thought it was a cool thing
to say at the moment.
D'you remember when
we were real brothers?
Task Force Black.
Remember that, Deck?
There we ended up seeing
the worst in people.
Worst in our countries,
our leaders,
our enemies, our... our friends.
You don't know the meaning
of that word anymore.
Yeah, but don't
worry about it, see...
He shoots 'em right in the head.
But in your case, I thought
it was a hell of a good idea.
Big man, you still talkin'?
I said I thought it was
a hell of a good...
You know, it's funny how
humanity's hate for each other
is stronger that its
own self preservation.
Which is why we're here.
Remember eight years ago, Deck,
when Eteon asked us
to join their mission?
Oh, you mean their death cult?
They're lunatics.
Visionaries of a future.
A bigger future,
a brighter future.
You remember the dates
that they gave us, man?
What, with environmental damage,
capitalism, terrorism...
Humanity wipes
itself out by 2096.
Now, that is scary to me.
But if we fulfill Eteon's vision,
we save their world.
You don't save
the world with genocide.
Genocide schmenocide.
You know what this virus is?
This virus is a necessary
shock to the system!
That's three.
I love this thing.
I told you then...
I'm telling you now.
Your metrics are off.
One good reason.
You assume the worst in people.
People cannot be trusted
to do the right thing.
Look at the two of you.
The fate of the world
is in your hands
and you can't even get along.
But you know all about doing
the right thing, don't you, Shaw?
A little souvenir here, bro.
You'd come to kill me.
I'll do the same every time.
What'd you expect, just yes?
And who's talking to you?
Your mom.
I get it, you're still mad.
You're upset because, hey...
When you wouldn't turn,
they asked me
to come and kill you
and of course, I had to
because you knew too much.
I think about it a lot.
I think about it.
Because what I realize now
that I did not realize then
is that when you shot me,
you gave me a gift.
Look at me.
I'm Black Superman.
New spine.
And the more machine I become,
the more humane I am.
This is what you wanna fight for.
I'm giving you another chance
to join us, Deckard.
And the boss wants
the big mouth as well.
If not, I kill you both.
Which honestly, I'd love to do.
You know Eteon, you know
what they're capable of.
They rebuilt me.
Dismantled him.
Made it look like
he killed his own team.
Even your own sister...
disowned you.
Just say the word, bro.
Say the word and
all of this goes away.
Your sister lives,
his daughter lives.
We get you some upgrades.
And we go on to
saving the world.
What's it to be?
Join the evolution of man
or die with the weak.
Just get it done.
I told the boss you
wouldn't change your mind.
See ya later.
Wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait!
I think we should join.
You said some really
compelling things and...
I mean that
Black Superman thing,
that really got me.
I love that.
What are you,
deaf, stupid or both?
We ain't joining.
There you go again, you're
just thinking about yourself.
You're such a diva.
What about my feelings
for once?
Let me tell you something,
if we were a band...
You know who you'd be?
You'd be Mick Jagger.
Mick Jagger.
Mick Jagger?
Oi! What's it to be?
In or out?
- We're not gonna join.
- We're not gonna join.
And since you're standin'
there, here's what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna rip the arm
off this chair.
I'm gonna smash him
right in the face.
Stab him right in the neck
for lookin' that way.
Kill all 13 guys in seven seconds.
And here's what I'm gonna do.
Slip out of these chains
and drop kick him...
him and him right in the throat.
No. Not him.
That's my guy.
You gotta pick another guy.
What do you mean that's
your guy? That's my guy.
No, no, no. That's face smash guy.
You gotta find
another drop kick guy.
You want a face smash guy?
I'm gonna find you one.
See that guy over there?
The big one.
The big one.
That's face smash guy.
Nah. He's way too big.
Ain't that right, Hattie?
Let them go.
All right, boys.
Stay calm.
We need her alive.
Let them go or what?
Or you're gonna
get a nice new bruise
right in the center
of your forehead.
You're not gonna shoot me.
Because you need an activation
chip to fire that gun.
Try this out!
I'm not small change.
Let's roll!
You think?
There she is.
Hattie, where's the machine?
In the second truck.
On it!
Mick Jagger.
Never fails.
We're not out of this yet, Hattie.
Got the machine.
Get a move on!
Train's leaving the station.
That son of a bitch
really is Black Superman.
Engage drones.
We're running out of road!
Hold on!
Route to intercept.
On your left!
Brace yourself.
She's not gonna make it!
Bringin' her to ya!
You thinkin' what
I'm thinkin', Shaw?
Let's trade some pain.
Trade some pain.
- Hattie!
- Huh?
You trust me?
Gonna need a ride!
Ah, I know what you're thinkin'.
Just keep drivin', I'll make it!
Take the wheel.
Ah, there he is.
- I got him.
- No, I got him.
- I got him.
- I got him.
I thought you were strong.
Sorry, brother.
This thing's really damaged.
Well, there goes option two.
Now, we use the first one.
Come on, stop it, Hattie.
I'm tired, Deck.
I am done running.
We still got time.
Time for what?
The machine's destroyed.
Yeah, well, we'll fix it.
We need to find a place
to get off the grid.
Where? We're wanted
all over the world
and Brixton won't stop.
We can't risk millions of people.
I told you on the plane,
we should've gone
with option one.
It is done now, Deck.
- It's not done.
- It's done.
It's not done!
It's not done.
Look at me.
Remember that thing
you used to say to me
when we were kids? Huh?
You used to
look at me and say,
"Deck, it's never over
till it's over."
We used to laugh.
Remember that?
No, Deck, it went...
"It's never over till I say
it's over."
That was it.
So say it now.
Say it.
Remember who we are.
The Shaw family.
We never...
never, never give up.
We got a day.
More than a day.
We don't even know
where we'd go.
I know a place.
It's the last place on
earth I ever wanna go.
Thank you for your love
For the best time
We had one hell of a time
Kicking up a storm
Like we owned the world
Abracacabra, bitches!
I told you I could
get you anything.
And listen to me.
From Moscow to Samoa,
that is not an easy flight to charter.
But I got it done!
Well, that's why
we're calling you, Dinkley.
We just wanna say thank you for
gettin' us that bird to Samoa.
Warriors help out warriors.
All you need to know...
is that you got a third squaddie
over here that is ready to go...
whenever you need me to.
I'm just sittin' in my lair.
You in a bathroom?
Potato, potahto.
Wherever I am
is where the magic happens.
We ain't gotta get into specifics.
Just to make sure you
got all the contacts.
You got the-
You got the cell.
You got my-my email.
- Got 'em all.
- You know, I'ma shoot you
my mom number, too.
I'ma make sure you got that,
'cause if you can't get me...
- she can.
- Yeah.
I got a hotmail address that's
still active, hit me on that.
Linkedin. That's my profile.
We're losin' ya.
That was my phone.
I hope this brother of yours
is as good a mechanic
as you say he is.
Jonah's the best
mechanic I know.
And he's gonna help us.
That is if he doesn't
kill me first.
Yeah, take your time!
Hey, it's only my sister's life
and the fate of the
world we're waitin' on!
Ooh, here we go.
Bet you 50 quid he
punches him in the face.
You know what comes next.
See? Not just me.
Your face is all over
the bloody news, boy.
You know what, come here police.
You got a bloody cheek.
Come here after 25 years.
Bringing your problems here
to this house.
You betrayed our family.
Bring shame on our house.
You betrayed your own blood!
Jonah, I hear you.
But we ain't kids anymore,
you better watch how you talk to me.
It's not the size of
a dog in a fight, boy.
Size of the fight in a dog.
No, it's always
the size of the dog.
No fighting under this roof, eh!
Is that my Luke?
My baby's home.
Hey, Mama.
Oka, I miss my baby boy.
Well, look at you,
all skin and bones.
- Come over here and eat.
- No, no, no, Mama, I just...
There's no time.
Look, I'm sorry, I didn't
wanna bring trouble here.
You shoulda stayed away.
What did you bring here?
What's going on?
- I brought the truth here.
- What truth?
The truth is we were set up.
We were framed by the people
who created the deadly virus.
Oh, come on.
It could go global
if it's not stopped.
We could all die, all of us.
Everybody here on this fale,
everybody on the island.
Everybody around the world.
Jonah, I need you to
help fix this machine.
I need you to help my friends.
And I need us to build
defenses around here now.
You think you can just
come back in here,
and we're gonna help you
after everything you did?!
- Yes!
- Not gonna happen.
- It's bigger than you and I!
- I don't care!
It's bigger than you and I!
We could die!
Good! Because I would
rather die than help you.
Buddha head.
Listen, I know your brother's
hard to be around.
Believe me.
But I trust him.
He belongs here because
this place has something
that nowhere else
on the planet does.
You don't know me,
I don't know you. Okay?
Time for you all to go.
Take your machine with you.
Go! Now!
Jonah Hobbs!
Have some respect for your uso.
If he needs anything,
we're gonna give it to him.
The food off our tables,
the clothes off our backs.
Even the mana of the islands.
And you boys... All you boys...
You show our guests here...
Or so help me God...
I'm gonna take this
here slipper...
and I'm gonna sasa
your big fat heads.
You boys hear me?
I'm sorry to bring
this here, Mama.
Luke, this is your home.
We Samoans.
We can handle troubles.
You were right.
You don't turn soldiers like them.
Do what I built you to do.
You're a one of a kind
war machine.
Bring us back my virus.
No handcuffs this time.
You can have your revenge.
I will.
We found them.
They hopped in an
emergency cargo plane.
To where?
This is where you
earn your upgrades.
Bring me back my virus.
I done burned all the bridges
On this lonely road
Too late for forgiveness
Pearly Gates done closed
Quiet little place.
A chop shop.
Your dad was a car thief, then?
Ah, no. My dad
actually stole everything.
Drugs, guns.
Sounds just like my family.
Mama raised us till
we were teenagers,
then my old man started
comin' around again.
Taking a real interest in his sons.
Truth is, he was just
looking for a new crew.
And I was the only one to
see through those lies.
So the jobs my dad pulled
me and brothers into
just got bigger
and more dangerous.
Then eventually, he knew and...
he was okay with getting
me and my brothers killed.
So I turned him in.
Or you protected your family.
So after I put him away...
I left Samoa
and I never came back.
Well, at least one
good thing came out of
me jamming that
thing into my hand.
Yeah, what's that?
Got to bring you home, didn't I?
Lucky me.
You went legit.
100% clean now. Custom shop,
international clients.
See those bikes going Tokyo,
Macau, New York.
That one over there's
going London.
Turns out people like our stuff.
I needed to do something to
hold our family together.
After you abandoned us.
Hey, good news,
change of clothes.
Hey, your mum said
you might like to wear this.
Must be your favorite size.
Spray on.
Won't you throw another jacket
on, it's 110 degrees out there.
Hey, look, down to business.
Got any weapons?
Oh, we got weapons.
Mama, where's all our guns?
I get rid of 'em.
Very noble, Mrs. Hobbs.
We're in serious trouble.
That is an understatement.
These guns.
They kill all my family.
So we're gonna fight.
We're gonna fight with this.
We're gonna fight with this.
'Cause no take a real man
for pull one trigga.
All right, we're going to war
with the family heirlooms.
Got it.
We're gonna need a lot more.
We're never gonna
survive their firepower.
Doesn't take a man
to pull a trigger.
For Eteon, it does take
an activation chip.
You still got that glove?
Are you thinking
closed system hack?
Level the playing field
if you can.
Surely buy us some time.
Shut their guns down.
I'm on it.
War is what I do.
Let's go old school.
Take a look around.
This is where we draw the line.
Who woulda thought this is where
we're gonna save the world?
We need to make 'em
play by our rules.
Tomorrow morning, there'll be a
storm raging on the north cliffs.
We'll build a
no man's land there.
And if all else fails,
that'll be our last stand.
Hey, how many more
of these we gonna do?
Just keep digging, brother.
When we were in
Kandahar running raids,
we would always strike
just before dawn.
That's when the
enemy's most tired.
Still under the cover of night.
When the battle
shifts into high gear,
you got the sun in your back.
We let 'em all in.
And we make sure
they never leave.
Kill box. I like it.
Not like we got
a ton of resources.
But the island
will provide, brother.
I done been around the world
Ain't nobody else
That can do it like us
With nobody help
When the chips about to fall
And our back against the wall
Know it's only one place I go
All roads lead home
All roads lead home
All roads lead home
Back home and I'm tryna stay
Same crew,
I don't like to change
Anything that
we've been through
We got through it all
like no time to waste
We go right back
to the finer things
New goals that
we had to chase
Come together,
this lasts forever
I wouldn't be here
without the game
Uh, been around the world
Everybody lookin' at me
like I know the path to take
I don't know it all
But I know the homies lookin'
at me like I have the ways
So I tell 'em all
what I've seen
Then I tell 'em all
what I hope to see
Tell 'em all when I'm home
I'll be bringin' all
o' that home with me
I done been around the world
Ain't nobody else
That can do it like us
With nobody help
When the chips about to fall
And our back
against the wall
Know it's only
one place I call
All roads lead home
All roads lead home
All roads lead home
- Give me the good news, Hatt.
- I'm in.
Only thing is, not gonna be
broadcasting a signal off
to some satellite
for six minutes.
Six minutes might be
all the time we need.
Better than a sharp
stick in the eye.
Which is basically all we've
got to fight them with anyway.
Got more reflex, haven't we?
- Drink?
- Sure.
Thank you.
Just taking it all in.
In case it's the
last sunset we see.
I shouldn't have believed
that Deckard went dark.
What he said...
So much time...
I spent my whole life...
running away.
Me, too.
I haven't been back
here in 25 years.
I mean, my own daughter
doesn't even know our family.
You can change that.
So can you.
Got an idea.
Why don't you and I make a
promise right here, right now?
That when we see
tomorrow's sunset...
we begin to fix the
mistakes we made.
That just sealed it,
so you can't back out. That's all.
I don't think there's any chance
in hell I'm gonna back out.
You wanna seal it again, or?
- Definitely not.
- Okay.
Maybe tomorrow if I survive.
Don't rush me.
It's almost dawn.
He'll be here soon.
Make it happen now.
- Now!
- Hey, hey, hey.
Don't rush me. That's
how mistakes are made.
And how long does
this process take?
It's 30 minutes,
and 33 till I go viral.
Look, Deck, I think we need to
seriously consider option one.
Don't strike a match
just yet, Hatts.
We are seriously gonna
miss this window.
Let's do this, come on!
Jonah, now!
Fine! Fine! Okay.
Here goes... nothing.
Brace yourself, Hatts.
It ain't gonna be pleasant.
No, it's gonna be fine.
It's working!
It's working!
Hey, triggered the alarm.
That's him.
As we planned?
As we planned.
It's time.
Just wanna say that, uh...
If this thing goes sideways and...
And this is it...
I'm sorry.
I've had my reasons
but the fact is...
I left you. And I left our tina.
I should have come home.
And if we make it through this...
you have my word,
I'll never let that happen again.
I love you, uso.
I love you, too, uso.
You're mobile.
Do you think we need to be
so close to the front line?
Yeah, keep you close,
keep an eye on you,
in case we need to
make a quick getaway.
Hey, this is what we do, right?
It is what we do.
Deck, um...
I overheard what Brixton said.
That you stayed
away to protect us.
I never should've
believed that stuff.
Why did I...? Sorry... Don't be.
Don't be.
Look, I've done things...
I've done things
I'm not proud of.
Things I...
have to make amends for.
Things that bastard
put me through.
But right now,
the most important
thing to me...
is to get my little
sister home safely.
Eteon hold!
I call to my ancestors.
This land was nourished
With blood.
Now it will be
nourished with yours.
Let's go!
Do it.
Light 'em up!
How long before the
guns get back online?
I have no idea.
Let's fight!
Air command.
Bring me the chopper.
Do it quick, Hatts.
It's in, it's in, it's in.
- Is it working?
- Machine's on.
- We're good.
- Let's go.
Go! Go!
Let's go fishin', Shaw!
You catch him, I'll gut him!
Hold on!
Welcome to my island, you...
Take it up!
You get us close
and I'll get him!
I'll keep his nose down,
you reel him in!
Take it up! Take it up!
Get out!
And they're off.
What are you doing?
I'm going for a ride!
We're coming, uso!
Let's go, Jonah!
I'm coming, brother.
The axle, the axle!
Timo, you got this!
We're gonna need more weight!
We need nice and easy, clean!
Hell yeah, usos!
There's too much weight!
All right, drop 'em!
Hit 'em with the moonshine!
Hang me off a cliff, huh?
My turn.
Sir, the weapons
are back online.
Let's go! Let's go!
We got a little trouble
back here, Shaw!
Approaching no man's land!
Let's get this done!
All right, now hit that stake!
We're losing the rotors!
Gotcha Hobbs.
The road's out!
Losing power!
Hattie! Jump!
Come on!
Hey, get up!
Get up!
Hey, get up!
You don't die until
I tell you to die!
You see the extraction timer,
when it hits zero...
empty this clip into her heart.
Do you understand?
This doesn't end
your way, boys!
Yeah, you keep
telling yourself that.
Nah, the numbers
don't add up for you.
The evolution of man
is coming whether
you like it or not.
You know, I almost
feel bad for you.
It's not the smell that
fills your head with.
It's bullshit.
I was beginning to like
you two, you know that?
Oh, well.
What's the problem boys?
Does it hurt?
Must be hard being so...
You seen that?
We work together,
we can hurt him.
You're right.
Time to work as a team.
There's two of us
and one of him.
I'll take a punch
and let you land one.
I'll do the same.
Got your back, brother.
And I got yours.
Let's go unplug this sumbitch.
Here comes the Kryptonite.
I got it.
You did it, Hatt.
Never had a doubt.
Let's get it into safe hands.
You set me up as a traitor.
Turned my own sister
against me.
Forced me to kill
my own brother!
And here we are again.
Come on!
Shaw, come back to the cause.
One life doesn't mean anything.
I don't know what happened
to you, Brixton.
But you made me kill you once.
I ain't doin' it again.
you may believe in machines...
but we believe in people.
You may have all the
technology in the world.
We have heart.
No machine will ever beat that.
You boys...
You're gonna get one
Samoan ass-whooping.
Shut Brixton down.
That's how it is.
It's a hell of a business, boys.
Brixton never really lived up
to our expectations.
But you three...
You outperformed your analytics.
You don't remember me,
do you, Hobbs? Hmm?
You will.
It's gonna be
a hell of a reunion.
You're on our radar now.
And you're on ours.
Hey, thanks for being my sidekick
through this whole thing, brother.
You were great.
How 'bout I sidekick that
stupid look on your face?
Yeah? How 'bout you
show me right now?
Okay, guys... Let's go home.
Look, Batman had Robin,
Dr. Evil had Mini-Me.
- You're my Mini-Me.
- Han Solo had Chewbacca.
Kermit had Miss Piggy.
That's a low blow.
Don't say that.
Don't argue with me
on my island.