Fat Chance (2016) Movie Script

(dog barking, birds chirping)
(upbeat music)
If this is all there is
Don't wake me for the fight
I'd rather be alone
Asleep, not worry
for a break tonight
- Watch where
you're going, geek.
I thought that I
made it very clear
that you're not cool enough
to walk on my street.
- It's my only way to my house.
- That's not my problem, geek.
You've got me to look forward
to everyday, come on girls.
(light music)
- Allison, the patient in
exam three is waiting on you.
- Hey Landon, buddy, I
know you're scared, okay?
You know what, it's
okay to be afraid.
Sometimes even I get scared,
but you wanna know what
I do when I get scared?
I take a big deep
breath (inhaling)
and I put my cool shades on.
Do you wanna put
some cool shades on?
Now what you're afraid of,
can't see that you're afraid.
All right, it's your
turn to be brave now.
Dr Reese is gonna
come in really soon
and he's gonna look
at your teeth, okay?
All right, high five.
(hands slapping)
All right, I'm gonna be
just around the corner
if you need me, okay?
- Hey Landon, are you ready?
- Excuse me, Dr Ackers, sorry.
(metal crashing)
I am so sorry.
- Allison, just bring
me another tray.
- I just finished
sterilizing the instruments
you threw on the floor,
what is your problem?
- Brian's birthday's today.
- He is so cute,
we should take him
to that new restaurant
around the corner.
- Allison, you should come too.
- Yeah, okay, thanks.
- Really, why did
you invite her?
She is such a fat slob.
- I didn't wanna be rude.
- Erin.
- Brian doesn't even like her.
I can't wait until
her internship is up.
(dishes clinking)
(background chattering)
- Hey guys.
- Hey, Allison.
- Hey Allison, why
don't you sit with me?
- No, actually, I can't stay,
I just wanted to bring this
by and say happy birthday.
- Thanks, Ali.
- Well that's too bad.
- See you tomorrow.
- Yeah, see you guys.
(melancholy music)
- Okay, how to stay married
and not kill anybody.
Step number one,
you've got to avoid
bitterness and resentment.
Now, bitterness and
resentment can build
when one person feels
they are unfairly
bearing the burden
of the relationship.
(footsteps walking)
Then they will start to feel--
- [Kate] Hey lady, why
are sittin' in the dark?
- You didn't come
home last night.
- I spent the night at Donnie's.
I thought you were
going out tonight.
- [Allison] Just
didn't feel like it.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
- Didn't they invite you?
- Just didn't fit in, I guess.
- [Kate] That is
not true, you know--
- I see all these
beautiful, skinny people
and they're happy,
they're living their lives
and I'm eating, watching
a marriage seminar.
Like that'll ever happen.
- Allison, this is not healthy.
You've gotta get up
and live your life.
- What life?
It's pointless, look at me
Kate, who is going to want me?
- Ali, you are beautiful.
My grandmother always says
it's not what others see in us,
but what we see in ourselves
that makes us beautiful.
- What, was your grandmother
a greeting card writer?
- No, but she had a life
outside of takeout and TV.
- Well, I see a very
lonely life ahead of me,
full of takeout and TV.
But, I wouldn't feel so lonely
if you came with me tomorrow
night to young adults.
- [Kate] I can't.
- You always say that.
- Yeah, but this time I
mean it, I have a date.
(light music)
(background chattering)
- Justin, shes' here.
- She who?
- The new hottie, the one
I was telling you about.
- So what, you go talk to her.
- Steph would kill me.
By the books, behind the fatty.
- She is hot.
- Chad.
- What, I was just saying
hi, she's for Justin.
- Are we still going to
Bedford's, I'm hungry.
- Sure, I'll be right there.
I'll invite Erin, see you there.
- Stop.
- Hey, a bunch of us are going
to Bedford's, you all coming?
- Yeah, sure.
- All right, cool.
- I saw that.
- Dude, is she even coming?
- I haven't seen her yet.
- [Erin] Hey, you.
- Here she comes.
Hey Erin, have you met Justin?
- It's nice to meet you.
- You too.
- Oh, better run, the old ball
and chain is lonely, see ya.
- So, Erin, right?
- [Erin] Uh huh.
- How long have you been
coming to young adults?
- I've only been a few times,
but I'm really
starting to like it.
- Yeah, it's, it's pretty cool.
- So you in school?
- Yeah, I'm at state right
now studying business.
- Planning to run
some big corporation?
- [Justin] No, actually--
- I am so sorry.
- What is wrong with you?
- Erin, I'm really sorry.
- If you would just
lose some weight,
maybe you wouldn't have such
a hard time being normal.
- Sorry.
- You were a little hard
on her, don't you think?
- She has no idea how
expensive this is.
- Look, it was nice to meet
you, I'll see you around.
Hey, are you okay?
I haven't talk to you in awhile.
- Have we talked?
- Look, I'm sorry about
Erin, she's just--
- Beautiful.
Look, can we just change
the subject please?
- Okay, I saw your
internship is almost over.
- How did you know that?
- Found out on Instagram.
- So you're stalking me?
- What else is social
media for though, right?
- It's amazing how much we
can know about each other
without actually
knowing each other.
- I know, it's too bad you
can't post real stuff though.
You wanna kill your best friend,
you worry about
choosing the wrong path
or are afraid to be alone.
Or at least you shouldn't.
- It's scary though, letting
people see the real you.
- Yeah, can I ask you an
embarrassing question?
- I think it is your
turn to be embarrassed.
- What do you think about
those online dating sites?
- Don't tell me that
you can't find a date.
- I'm just specific.
- Are you on one of
those dating sites?
- Kind of, I've
made the profile,
but I haven't
really looked at it.
- Well, maybe
you'll find someone.
- Maybe, king me.
- So, what are you
doing this summer?
- I usually volunteer at
a kids camp, how bout you?
- [Friend] Dude, we're late.
- For?
- Steph wanted us to go
see this new place downtown
and we're gonna be late.
- But, um.
- Come on.
- Okay, apparently I made plans,
but we'll talk again,
I'm so sorry about this.
(light suspenseful music)
- What are you so
busy working on?
- Nothing.
- Was that UNight, fat chance.
- [Allison] I was
just messing around.
- Maybe you'll find someone.
- Yeah, but he'll totally
have a neck beard.
- What's a neck beard?
- It's where their beard
tries to cover their fat neck.
Seriously, who is
going to want you.
- [Woman] Erin!
- No offense, I was
just saying, then again,
you may find a chubby chaser.
(keyboard clicking)
(door opening)
- What up?
Steph's goin' to some
girls night thing,
so we are free to prowl.
- No, you need help
and I have exams.
- Only looking, no touchy,
that would be wrong.
- I don't even understand
why she puts up with you.
- We're not even that serious.
- Dude, you've been
dating for over a year.
Your longest relationship before
that was with Emily Walker.
That was in the third
grade for two weeks.
- No, don't forget about Sarah,
Sarah Wedley, four months.
- Seventh grade,
that doesn't count,
she was overseas the whole time.
- What's your point?
- Don't you want a
real relationship?
- Like a wife?
Your standards are too high.
Yeah, I've seen
your UNight profile.
- What?
- Oh yeah, Steph's friend,
Megan, she found it.
- I was just foolin' around.
- Yeah, whatever,
here, let me show you
how to make a profile.
Bam, there, that is a profile.
- [Justin] Really?
- Yeah, you gotta put
your best foot forward.
- It's not even your foot.
- How do you know?
- Likes long walks on the beach
and watching romantic comedies.
- Lest you be judged, my friend.
Okay Fabio, let's
take a look at yours.
Looking for a
serious relationship.
Must be athletic, confident,
intelligent, unmaterialistic,
spontaneous, laid back, honest,
independent, supportive.
- Yeah, so?
- Looking for hot and
cool, it doesn't exist.
- I didn't say
anything about hot.
- I saw it in your eyes.
- Do you think about what
you say before you say it?
- Do you even think about
what you're gonna say
before you say it sometimes?
- Attractive is important,
but that's not the only
thing I'm looking for.
- Yeah, well, you can't have
both, it's just not possible.
Here's one, she's hot.
- Passion for pediatric
services, likes
movies and music,
fun and laid back, I
really like this one.
- And she's hot.
- Yes, she is.
- Send her a message.
- I don't know.
- Just say, Hi, you're
hot, let's hangout, done.
- It could be a 60 year old
man in Iowa for all I know.
- It could be, after all, you
put that you like reading.
- Shut up, I like reading,
I just don't have time.
You know that.
- Just send her a message.
- Fine, I'll think about it.
Besides, I have to go.
- Hello beautiful, come to Chad.
- Oh, you've gotta
be kidding me.
All right, let's
see who's out there.
Hey there lovely lady,
I like music too.
We should go to a show
sometime, hit me up, Kyle.
All right, Kyle,
let's see how you are.
- What you doin'?
- Just lookin' for
the perfect someone.
- What?
Hey, good for you,
let's see what you got.
- Oh, no, no, huh uh.
- No, okay, next.
Oh, he's so old, how old is he?
- Prehistoric.
- Yeah, no,
definitely not, okay.
- Oh, he's cute.
- Yeah, but we have
nothing in common.
No, next.
No, no, no.
There is no way, no.
Oh, this is so stupid,
it's never gonna work.
- No, there is
somebody out there.
- Yeah, I don't know.
Hey, didn't you
have a date tonight?
- He canceled, he
got called into work,
but he's gonna text me
if he gets off early.
- That's a bummer.
- Yeah, oh, maybe it's still on.
It's grandma.
- The greeting card writer.
- She says she's praying
for me, I love her.
- This is such a bad idea.
Dear Allison, Hi,
my name is Justin.
I hope this isn't
forward, but it seems like
we have a lot in common.
I'm not sure how this
whole thing works,
but maybe we could get
to know each other.
I saw that you like movies,
so let's start there.
What's your favorite
movie and why?
I hope to hear from you
soon, take care, Justin.
- Did you say something?
- Nope, nothing.
(inspirational music)
- Hey Allison, so
did you sign up
to help out at kids
camp over the summer?
- Camp?
Me, yeah, I don't think so.
- I signed up.
- Girls need good mentors and
I think you would be great.
- Yeah, I really don't
(upbeat music)
You know, actually
I've been looking
for something to do this summer.
(background chattering)
Mind if I sit here?
- Hey, you made it!
- Hey Allison, what
are you doing here?
- My internship's up, so
I thought I'd give back.
- That's awesome, you're
really gonna enjoy it.
- Hey, I'm Nikki.
- I'm Allison.
- Is this your first
time at Timberlake?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, this place
is pretty amazing.
- [Nancy] Hello everybody!
- [Crowd] Hi.
- Thank you so much for coming.
I'm Nancy and I'm the
director of Camp Timberlake!
We're gonna have
an exciting summer
and I am so thankful
that we can come together
and share God's love
with these children.
And why don't we start with
a get to know you game.
Does anybody know any
get to know you games?
- How about the name game?
- Okay, great idea,
why don't you start it?
- All right, all right, hi
everybody, I'm Electric Ethan.
- [Crowd] Hi, Electric Ethan.
- What's up guys,
I'm Jumping Justin.
- [Crowd] Hi, Jumping Justin.
- Hi, I'm Alligator Allison.
- [Crowd] Hi, Alligator Allison.
- What's up, Alligator Allison?
- That's gonna stick
with me, isn't it?
- [Justin] Absolutely.
- Okay, well Jumping Justin,
don't expect me to jump
every time I see you.
- It's kind of a requirement.
Listening to any good music?
- The best, country.
- Yeah, I'm pretty
sure I said good music.
I might have to educate
you on what that means.
(light upbeat music)
- [Nancy] Come in.
- I have the emergency
contact cards all filled out.
- Thank you, just put em down.
Thank you so much
for helping us.
- Oh, you're welcome, I'm
really happy to be here.
- [Nancy] How do
you know Justin?
- Oh, Justin, from church.
- Oh.
- We're just friends,
I'm not exactly his type.
- What's his type?
- Someone who
doesn't look like me.
- Well, I think he's
twitterpated and
I know him well.
He's been here three
summers, he's a great guy.
Hey, lollipop?
- Uh, no, thanks.
- It's my diet program.
- The lollipop diet?
- Well, I realized that I was
eating out of nervousness,
so I switched to sunflower
seeds and lollipops.
Because whenever I crave
sugar, I just lick a lollipop
and it's only 40 calories
and it lasts a long time.
And then I realized that
people, when they look at me,
they don't see my
body, they see me.
- I'm sorry, I don't follow.
- Well, like, maybe not
strangers, you know,
they might look at your outside,
but like people who know
me, they look at my soul.
And, like my husband, he
has like kind of big ears
and he's not six feet tall,
but when I see
him, I see Superman
because he's brave and
protective and kind and smart
and he reads the Bible
when no one's looking.
And you know, so I like
his ears and his, you know,
height because that's him.
- Most people don't
feel that way though.
- When you realize how
beautiful you are to the Lord,
then you'll see
what Justin sees.
Oh, the kids are here.
Hey, do you know
the welcome song?
We welcome you to Timberlake
We welcome you to Timberlake
We're mighty
glad you're here
(upbeat music)
- Hey.
- Hey, where are your girls?
- Nikki took em
on a nature walk.
I doubt that'll last very long.
- Awesome, yeah, we're
headed to archery,
so we'll see you later,
Alligator Allison.
- See ya.
- More like Elephant Allison.
- Hey, don't do that again, K?
(light music)
(phone ringing)
- Who's that, Allison?
- He's a friend.
- A boyfriend?
- No, just a boy.
I can't find any green ones.
- Do you want him to
be your boyfriend?
- Well, I don't think that
he wants to be my boyfriend.
He's never seen me before.
How did you find that
green one so fast?
- It was right there.
Why hasn't he seen you?
- Um, it's kind of
complicated, we just text.
- Does he not want to see you?
- Um, yeah, he does,
well, he thinks he does.
- Grownups, they make a
mess out of everything.
- Sometimes we do.
- Do you like him.
- Yeah.
- I think you should meet.
- [Girl] Me too.
- [All Girls] Yeah.
- All right, we'll see,
you little matchmakers.
(ball bouncing)
(background chattering)
(phone vibrating)
- Hey, Kate.
- Hey, how's it goin?
- Kate, what's wrong?
- It's my grandma, they had
to take her to the hospital.
- What happened?
- I'm not sure yet, but I'm
getting ready to head there.
- I'm so sorry, what can I do?
- Please um, please pray.
- Of course.
- My mom's callin'
me so I gotta go,
but thanks for always
bein' there, love you.
- Yeah, I love you too.
- [Justin] Hey, how's your day?
- [Allison] Pretty good, yours?
- [Justin] Good, just shootin'
some hoops with some friends.
- [Allison] Too funny, I'm
watching a basketball game too.
- [Justin] Great minds.
I've got a question.
- [Allison] Shoot.
- [Justin] Can we video chat?
I'd love to see a face
with all this text.
- [Allison] Now's
not a good time.
- [Justin] Oh, okay,
maybe soon then?
- [Allison] I don't know, maybe.
And Lord, thank you so much
for keeping us safe this week
and for the new
friends we've made.
And Lord, thank you so much
that we've been able
to grow closer to you.
In Jesus name I pray, Amen.
- [Girls] Amen.
- All right girls, 10
minutes til bedtime.
- Ali?
- [Allison] Mmhmm?
- Can I ask you a question?
- [Allison] Sure.
- What do you want to
be when you grow up?
- Well, I'm studying to
be a dental assistant.
So I guess that's what I'll be.
- Is that what you've
always wanted to do?
- No, not really,
why do you ask?
- I want to be an astronaut.
- Well that's cool.
- The other girls laughed at me.
- Why did they laugh at you?
- They said I'm not strong
enough to be an astronaut.
- And do you think
that they're right?
- I don't know.
- You know, in Proverbs it says,
As a man thinks in
his heart, so is he.
- What does that mean?
- It means that if you
think you're a scaredy cat,
then you're gonna
be a scaredy cat.
But if you think that
you're a strong girl,
then you could very well grow up
to be a strong and
brave astronaut.
Do you know what it
means to be brave?
- To not be scared.
- Nope, being brave is when
you have to do something
even though you're scared.
- [Girl] Really?
- Mmhmm.
- [Girl] Ali?
- [Allison] Yep?
- I wish I was brave like you.
(campfire crackling)
- So that's the
story of how I tried
to high five a blind guy.
- I don't get it.
- Um, does anybody
else wanna go next?
- Ali can sing.
- Amaris, no, no
guys, I can't sing.
- Come on, you gotta do it, Ali.
- [Crowd] Come on.
- Come on Ali,
you're good at it.
- Okay, okay.
I need thee every hour
Most Gracious Lord
No tender voice like thine
Can peace afford
I need thee every hour
Stay thy nearby
Temptations lose their power
When thou art nigh
I need thee, oh, I need thee
Every hour I need thee
Oh bless me now my Savior
I come to thee
(uplifting music)
The people are clamoring
close, close to the ground
My head and my
heart are way up
Up in the cloud
My love is alive, my
love is alive for you
This is the perfect day
This is the perfect day
I forget how to breathe
When your mouth
whispers my name
Tell me I'm yours, tell me
your mine, never the same
I'll light up the sky
Light up the sky for you
This is the perfect day
This is the perfect day
I wanna make it last forever
I wanna make it last forever
This is the perfect,
this is the perfect day
This is the perfect day
- [Allison] Yeah?
- Hey, can I come in?
- No boys allowed
in the girls cabins.
We could get sent home for that.
What are you doing around here?
- Well, I just want
to bring this by.
- What's this?
- I mean, I went through and
I found a few country songs
that weren't horrible,
but it was painful.
- Wow, thanks.
- Hey, you remember the
other night when you sang?
- I started out as a band geek
and then got promoted to
chorus dork, actually.
- I mean, dork or not, that
was still really amazing.
- Thanks, so tell me something
I don't know about you.
- I can't whistle.
- Really?
Weird, but and not good enough.
- Jeez, okay, I
stuttered until I was 12.
- Really?
- Yeah, it took years
of speech therapy.
- That must have been
really difficult.
- Yeah, kids can be cruel.
- Tell me about it.
- Yeah, I think that's why
I love working here so much.
'Cause for some of
them, it's the only time
someone believes
in them, you know?
- Yeah, it's a
pretty amazing place.
Can I get your
advice on something?
- Sure.
- Okay, what would you
do if you lied to someone
that you really cared about,
but to tell them the truth
might mean losing
their friendship?
- Wow, that's deep.
Well without knowing specifics,
I'd say honesty is best.
- Even if it would
mean losing them?
- Don't underestimate people.
I mean, if they're
really your friend,
then they'll see your
heart and understand.
And if not, then
it's their loss.
(light upbeat music)
Um, I better go before
Nancy catches me in here.
- See you at lunch.
(dishes clinking)
(suspenseful music)
- Ali!
- Kate!
- What is wrong with you?
- Nothing, I just--
- Enjoy cramming
me into closets?
- No, I can't explain, but
you cannot be here right now.
- Wow, thanks for that.
- No, I just, hold on.
Look, just go to your car,
I will explain everything
in a minute, I promise.
You just have to leave.
- What the heck, Allison?
- I know, I'm sorry,
I can explain.
But first, how's
your grandmother?
- She's still in the ICU.
I spent the night last night
and I'm planning on
going back again tonight.
Thanks for asking,
but what is going on?
- Okay, so you know
how I signed up
for that online dating site?
- Yeah.
- Well I kind of used your
picture for my profile.
- You did what?
- I know, it was stupid
and I'm so sorry.
Erin, she said I
didn't have a chance
and so I just thought
that maybe if somebody
could get to know me
before they saw me,
then maybe I could find someone.
It was stupid, I'm sorry.
- So why does that mean I
get shoved into a closet?
- It worked.
- Huh?
- I met someone, it's Justin.
- Justin, that guy from
your church, Justin?
The one you've been
crushing on for months?
The one who's
working at this camp?
- Exactly.
- And thus my banishment
to the closet.
- I'm sorry, I panicked,
I didn't know what to do.
- So I take it he doesn't
know it's you yet.
- Oh gosh, no.
- When are you gonna tell him?
- Never.
- How's that gonna work?
- I don't know, I hadn't
thought that far through yet.
- Yep, perfectly executed plan.
- He wants to video chat and
obviously I can't do that.
- You know what you should do?
- If you say tell him
the truth, I'm leaving.
- Tell him the truth.
- I can't, not yet, I'm
not ready to lose him.
When he finds out that his
Allison is really this Allison,
what do you think he'll do?
- So what are you gonna do?
- I'll tell him, just
after camp's over.
I'll see you at home.
- There you are, I just wanted
to bring you something sweet.
I figured camp food was awful.
- Thanks.
- Hey Allison, why don't
you go get us some drinks?
Homemade brownies,
cookies, and some candy.
Chad told me your favorites.
- Cool, thanks.
- Personally, I don't
eat a lot of sugar.
I love sweets, but
carbs are not my friend.
So how's it going
up here anyhow?
There are thousands of kids.
I don't think I could
put up with them all.
- Actually, we're having a
really nice time, it's been fun.
- Well, I can't really stay.
I just wanted to bring you a
little care package from home.
- Thanks.
- [Erin] Anytime.
- You want a cookie?
- No thanks.
(light suspenseful music)
- I'm gonna go.
- Uh, oh yeah, I just
remembered, I had to go to--
- So are you and Erin dating?
- Erin?
- She seems to think so.
She certainly is pretty.
- I guess.
- So did you meet
anyone from online?
- Yeah.
- Who's she?
- Funny enough, her
name is Allison.
- Really?
- Yeah, but we haven't met.
- Is she pretty?
- Yeah, she is, she's funny too.
- But why haven't you met yet?
- She said she's not ready.
- [Allison] Why?
- I don't know.
- [Allison] Does she like you?
- I think so.
- So then what's the
rush to meet her?
- Just to put a
face with her name.
- A pretty face?
- It's not just that.
- Isn't it though?
- What?
- I mean, if she were hideous,
would you even be interested?
- Yes, but attraction
is important too.
- I have to go.
(background chattering)
- Okay everybody, let
me have your attention.
We finished the first week
and you did a great job.
Let's hear it for yourselves.
I just wanna thank
you for giving
your hearts to these children.
And I want you to
rest up this next week
because we have a whole new
set of kids coming on Monday.
So remember to
get all your stuff
because we are having
a cleaning crew
come in and do deep cleaning,
especially and ironically
in the diligence cabin.
- Yeah, diligence.
- And so rest up and
I will see you all
bright and early
next Monday in AM.
Thank you so much, muah.
(birds chirping)
- Hey, Justin?
- [Justin] Yeah?
- I don't want things
to be weird between us.
I know I freaked out the
other day and I'm sorry.
- That's all right.
Erin, she comes and
goes as she pleases.
I didn't even know
she was coming.
- So we're okay?
- No worries.
- So I'll see you
Sunday at Church?
- Maybe, if you're lucky.
- [Allison] Bye, guys.
- [Girls] Bye.
- [Girl] I'll miss you.
- I'll miss you too, I'll
miss all of you guys.
Have a good summer, bye.
See ya later.
Maddie, what's wrong?
- Do you really think I'm brave?
- Well of course I do, kiddo.
- It's just, when I
go home, I don't know
if I'm gonna be as
brave without you.
- Maddie, why do you think
you need to be brave at home?
- It's just the kids at school,
they can be kinda
mean sometimes.
- Yeah, the kids at my school
can be kinda mean sometimes too.
- Really?
- Yep, hey, why don't you
say you and I make a deal?
- What kind of deal?
- Well, when you're
having a really bad day
and you don't think you
can be brave anymore,
you pray for me and when
I'm having a really bad day
and I don't think I can be pray
anymore, I'll pray for you.
That way we know God is
helping both of us, deal?
- Deal.
- Kate, she's gonna be fine.
Your grandma is one of the
strongest people I know.
- They're running tests,
but they don't know why
she went into a coma.
- Kate, I am so sorry.
- Yeah, um, so how
was camp with Romeo?
- That's not why I'm there.
- Whatever you say,
I'm just glad to have
you back for a few days.
- Me too, I love
working with those kids,
but it's nice to be with
adults for a week, you know.
- So did you tell him?
- Yeah.
- [Kate] You said
after camp was over.
- But camp isn't over, I still
have a whole nother week.
- Well anyways, I was thinking,
maybe I could come to
church with you sometime.
- Yeah, Kate that
would be awesome.
- Is this morning okay?
- Kate, Justin's gonna be there.
- Oh yeah, Justin.
- But as soon as I
tell him, of course--
- You are unbelievable,
you're always telling me
about how much God loves me
and now when I need him most,
your lie is in the way?
- Kate, that's not--
- You know, no, I'll
just see you at home.
- Kate!
(chair scraping floor)
(people chattering)
- Thanks, it was really good.
Um hey, I gotta go, can I
talk to ya'll another time?
- Yeah sure.
- Yeah, no problem.
- All right, all right,
thanks, sorry about that.
- All right, see ya later.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- How's your weekend?
- Not great, actually.
- Oh, I'm sorry,
um, I was thinking,
do you maybe want
to go out to lunch?
- No, I need to say something
and if I don't say it now,
I'm never gonna say it, so--
- Justin, I have something
I need to tell you.
- We're kind of in the
middle of something.
- Nope, uh uh, not anymore,
need to tell you right now.
- Give me a sec.
What is going on?
- Dude.
- [Justin] What?
- Allison isn't
Allison, she's Allison.
- What?
- Online Allison isn't
who you think she is.
- What are you talking about?
- Allison, the one
standing right out there,
is online Allison.
- No, you're crazy.
- No, I'm serious, I
overheard that Allison
talking to the online
Allison and she was saying--
- You're not making any sense.
- Okay, real Allison has a
friend, who is hot by the way,
and she's the one who's
picture's on UNight.
That Allison put up a fake
picture of hot Allison,
so she's been lying
to you all this time.
- No, no, that can't be right.
- I'm tell you, man, yes.
- Why would she do
something like that?
- How should I know?
But you've been getting
played, my friend.
- Yes?
- Allison?
- Who is it?
- It's Justin.
- What do you mean Justin?
- Justin, Justin, Justin.
- He's outside?
- Yes, he's outside.
- Don't let him in.
- You have to talk to him.
- I don't want to talk to him.
- But you have to
talk to him now.
- Kate, please, I don't wanna.
Kate, don't open that
door, don't open that door.
(door slamming)
What are you doing?
- You have to talk to him.
- I don't wanna talk to him.
- That's the second time
the door's been slammed
in his face, he's gonna leave.
- Good, great, I
hope he does leave.
I don't wanna talk to him.
I promise you, if
you open this door,
I will never be
your friend again.
Please, please, don't
open up this door.
- Allison, Allison,
you're gonna have to
talk to him sooner or later.
You've got to talk to him.
- Okay.
- Hi, I'm not Allison.
- That's Kate, my roommate,
I'm Allison, both Allisons.
- I don't understand.
- I used her picture
instead of my own.
- Why?
- Do you really
think you would have
given me a second look
if I'd used my picture?
- Of course.
- Don't kid yourself, Justin.
People like you don't go
out with people like me.
- Why couldn't you
just tell me the truth?
- I wanted to.
I'm sorry, I never thought
I would meet someone
and I never dreamed
it would be you.
I'm so sorry.
- I have to go.
- Justin!
- Hey.
- I'm so sorry about
your grandmother.
- Thanks, the
funeral's Thursday.
I'm gonna miss her a lot,
she was an amazing woman.
But if she were
here, she would say,
Pick up your head Katie,
today's a new day.
- She's right.
- You wanna face it?
- Nope.
- [Katie] How long
are you going to mope?
- Until it stops hurting.
- But camps starts today.
- Good for it.
- [Katie] Are you not going?
- Right.
- But no one at camp
knows about what happened.
- Except him.
- So you're telling me that
you're just going to skip out
on those kids
because of some guy?
- He's not just some guy.
- Ali, you've been going on
and on about how amazing it is
to work with those girls,
about how blessed you felt
to be able to share
Jesus with them.
And now you're just going
to throw that all away?
When I finally decided I
needed to go to church,
you wouldn't let me
because of Justin.
And now you're going to
give up on those girls
because of Justin,
you know I'm right.
It's time to be brave.
(solemn music)
- Father, I pray
for Maddie, Lord.
Please give her
strength and courage.
And Lord, please
help her to be brave.
In Jesus name, Amen.
- Tonight is hot
fudge sundae night.
After dinner, which is at six.
And that's all I've got,
so go to your cabins
and your children will
be there any minute now.
Hey Allison, what's wrong?
- Nothing, I'm fine.
- Have you heard from Justin?
- No, why?
- Well, I thought you
might know why he quit.
- He quit?
It's my fault.
- Okay.
- I used my roommate's picture
for my online dating profile.
He responded and I've been
pretending to be her online
while being me here at
camp and he found out.
- I see.
- I thought he'd be here, I
almost didn't come myself.
I'm so ashamed.
- Why did you lie
about your profile?
- Isn't it obvious?
- I don't think so, I think
you're a beautiful young woman
and you love God and you
love people and I'm shocked.
- Too bad the rest of the
world doesn't see it that way.
- Well, who cares what the
world sees or doesn't see.
I mean, at the end of the day,
you decide what you wanna see.
And who cares if the
whole worlds likes you
or thinks you're
beautiful if you don't.
- But I hate what I
see in the mirror.
- Then we have to
change mirrors.
You look in the mirror
and you see what you think
other people see,
your shortcomings,
and your inadequacies,
and your mistakes,
but if you look in God's
mirror, you see a masterpiece.
- When I look at the mirror,
I'll I see is that I'm fat.
Is that how God
intended for me to be?
- No, he wants us to be
healthy, but when you know
what he says about you, you
treat yourself differently.
It changes everything,
you're a princess,
you're a daughter of the king.
- So Jesus loves me
and everything's okay?
- Yes, he said that you
were made in his image,
that you are highly
favored and blessed,
that you have hope and a future,
that you are fearfully
and wonderfully made.
That is the truth.
- Thank you.
(light music)
(keys jingling)
(phone vibrating)
Hey, it's me, Allison.
Justin, please call
me back, please.
- Hey, I just wanted
to stick my head in
and see how you're doing?
- He won't return my
calls or my texts.
- Hmm, his loss.
- I've been thinking about what
you said, about the mirrors.
- Good, well I have a board
meeting, but can we talk later?
- Sure.
- Okay, great.
- Hey, it's me again, I promise,
this is the last
time I'm gonna call.
I know that what happened
wasn't fair to either of us
and I know that I hurt us both.
But I just wanted
to say thank you
for being so amazing and for
helping me believe in myself.
I'm gonna be just fine.
I just wanted to say
goodbye, goodbye Justin.
- I don't think I could do
that whole summer camp thing.
I need my summers off, you know?
I mean, I deserve to
have two full months
to relax and have fun.
So, remember the last
time we were here?
- Yep.
- It was the first time we
met, isn't that so sweet.
And here we are
on our first date.
You totally have to
remember this place,
so if you ever propose,
you can totally do it here.
Yep, we were right here.
You were sitting down, talking
to Chad, isn't he the best?
- The best.
- I mean, he was so sweet
to leave us alone to talk.
Well, until that cow,
Allison, ran into me
and almost poured coffee
all over my designer shirt.
She is so horrible.
- You don't even know her.
- Oh, I know her, I
used to work with her.
She's so big, she calls
herself a Christian.
Love others as
you love yourself.
So anyone who would
let themselves
get that fat must
hate themselves.
And if you hate yourself,
you must be horrible.
- Wow.
- What?
- That is the most
ignorant, condescending,
stuck up thing I
have ever heard.
- Did you just call me ignorant?
- Yes and stuck up, I've had
two conversations with you
and all you've done
is criticize people.
You are the most shallow
person I have ever met.
(knocking on door)
- Hi.
- What do you want?
- Can I come in and talk
to you for a minute?
- Fine.
- Allison told me
you weren't at camp.
- Nope.
- Okay, well, I guess
I'll get right to it then.
- Please do.
- Allison's always
seen the best in me,
even when there wasn't
much good to see.
She's seen me make some
really stupid decisions,
do some really bad things,
but she's always pushed me
to be better without judging me.
- Okay.
- But the one thing she can't
see if how wonderful she is.
She has such a kind heart,
she wants the best for people,
but I think she's afraid to
hope for the best for herself.
If I endured as much
hate as she has,
I'd wonder if there
was someone out there
who could love me too.
But I do know one thing, she's
always the first to forgive.
She's faithful, loyal, honest,
she's such a great friend.
- Honest, really?
- You know, she was making the
profile on her lunch break.
Erin came in and told her
that no one would want her
if they saw the real her.
Look, I know she
should have told you,
but she was afraid
of losing you.
When you were reading
all those messages,
did you feel the connection?
- Yeah.
- And at camp?
- Yeah.
- The only thing she ever
lied about was one picture.
Every word she sent was her.
So it seems to me that
the only question is
which do you want more,
the picture or the girl?
- Well excuse me.
(door shutting)
All right son, now that's
what I'm talkin' about.
- It's not what you think.
- Whatever you say, man.
I knew once you left that little
camp bubble, you'd wake up.
- What?
- And I knew that chubby
chaser thing was just a phase.
- You're an idiot.
(door slamming)
- Okay guys, so today I'm
wanna talk to you about faith.
Now the Bible says that faith
is proof of what we can't see.
Now who here thinks they
know what that means?
- It means that with faith,
you can see things
that others can't.
- Justin, what are
you doing here?
- I've been an idiot, this
whole time I've been looking
for something, someone, and
you were right in front of me.
(light music)
I'm sorry I didn't see you.
- I'm scarred for life.
(upbeat music)
- I'm really,
really proud of you
and I know your grandma is too.
- I'm not gonna lie though,
I thought the water
was gonna be warmer.
- Let's go inside.
- Um, Ali?
- Yeah?
- I just wanted to apologize
for not having the courage
to be your real friend.
- Well you're here now and
that's all that matters to me.
Come on.
- [Waitress] Good evening, four?
- Um, five, actually.
- Is a booth okay?
- You know, there's actually
no way I'll fit into a booth,
so a table would be great.
- Oh, of course.
- Have you guys ever
been here before?
Thank you.
- [Woman] Hey, guys.
- [All] Hey.
- How are ya?
- Good, how are you guys?
- Good.
- For God sees not as man sees,
for man looks at the
outward appearance.
The Lord looks at the heart.
Sight is sometimes deceptive
and how we view ourselves
is usually tricky.
So I have to ask you, what
mirror are you looking in?
- [Justin] Let me knock first.
- I am psychic.
- Sorry.
Look, (laughing) I'm sorry.
- I got stuck in the chair.
- Hey Allison, so
did you sign up
to help out over at Camp, uh.
- [Allison] Over at Camp Kids?
- Let me get that.
- Okay.
- So sorry.
- [Man] Hang on, hold
up, hold up, hold up.
- How embarrassed you are, I
was doin' the exact same thing.
- [Woman] Scene 11B,
shot F, take one.
Happy Birthday to you
- Don't make me do this.
Oh, okay, sorry, that was
different than last time.
Don't knock on the door.
- He's not suppose to
knock on the door yet.
- He's not suppose to knock.
Don't knock on the
door, let's go back.
Keep rolling, this is it.
Oh, I'm supposed to say not
you, sorry, do it again.
Go, go, what are you doing?
Stop, get it together, let's go.
I'm gonna get up first.
- That was, I was
gonna say my line.
- [Woman] Scene 22,
shot D, phase three.
Take one.
- Sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- We were rollin'
that whole time.
- [Woman] Why don't
you come sit with me?
- That's not why--
- [Katie] No, you know
what, I'll just see you.
- Have you guys
been here before?
- [Man] Can we do that again?
We're gonna keep rolling.
You need to be a little
bit happy that you're here.
- Be happy, be happy.
- Do I seem sad?
- [Man] Just be a little
bit happier you're here.
- [Woman] Am I good, is mine?
- [Man] The shirt, yeah, the
whole thing doesn't fit on her.
All right, come
on, we gotta hurry.
- [Crowd] Hi, Alligator Allison.
- What are your names?
- [Man] What up?
- What? What?
Do you think about what you
say before you, blah, blah.
I gotta do it really faint.
- Stage two.
I know we're gonna
make it somehow
If it takes forever,
we'll get there together
I'm riding along
this long night
Knowing where you will go
No matter what life brings
If it's you and me
We're ready for anything
The clouds go by and I
turn and learn to fly
No matter what life brings
If it's you and me
We're ready for anything
We're ready for anything
We're ready for anything
We're ready for anything
Come on, come on, we can be
Come on, come on, anything
Come on, come
on, I don't care
I'd go with you anywhere
Come on, come on, we're
ready for anything
Come on, come on, anything
Come on, come
on, I don't care
I'd go with you anywhere
Come on, come on, we can be
Come on, come on, anything
Come on, come
on, I don't care
I'd go with you anywhere
We're ready for anything
We're ready for anything
We're ready for anything