Fat Kid Rules the World (2012) Movie Script

God! How much do you weigh,
some 180 pounds?!
As I was stuck in
snow plow.
I think I broke my collarbone
Give me a break.
No, not old.
I just saved your life.
-That's not what happened.
Give me $ 20 for a taxi
to go to the hospital.
Go! Give me $ 20 and I'll go.
-I do not have $ 20.
Do you think that now you want to kill?
You just mad me, give me $ 20.
Give me $ 20.
Thirteen. It's perfect!
Still owe seven.
Roast chicken, roast chicken...
OK Kingballs,
send his energy and skill in shooting.
Great, I'll keep
Critical hit! Good job guys,
really great, thank you.
Cool. Now as we all heal
approached another character from the left flank.
We leave in four minutes.
I have to go guys.
Dayle, why did you shoot the basket?
-Well, I hit.
Stop and brace your feet.
I do not care if the ball has entered
make it right.
You see, bravo. Troy.
Come on, Troy.
, Give him the ball, Dayle.
Dayle. Dayle!
's Never going to hit the wall.
Ouch, my face.
Come on, get up.
Can I sit,
I hurt my knee?
Do you want to sit on the bench
because you scraped your knee?
No, I do not want to sit down.
I want to play more.
Get up and shoot the basket or
can run circles around the playground.
First to twelve.
It is not running!
Why not?
-I told you a hundred times already.
I'm your friend, right?
Say? Help you every time.
Just help me out, okay?
I can not you,
come on, seriously.
Hey you, wait.
How do you know?
How do I know you? Hey.
Sorry, I have to catch this fool.
Hey, stop running away from me.
Hey! Hold it!
I'll get you!
I'm kidding, I'm kidding.
Wait, that's okay, it's okay
All is fine.
Are you okay?
A deep breath.
Mate. Buco you, but you're quick.
All is fine.
Do you want some water? No?
Are you sure?
I will drink a little.
This is crazy, right?
Look, I have no money.
-Am and asked for money?
Do you like it? What?
No. Why?
Hey, do you have five minutes to spare
after school? -No.
I need a little help to some five or ten minutes. -No.
Come on, man, I saved your life.
-You saved my life.
Threw the front of the bus.
Yes, OK!
I'm sorry, I...
I did not know it was a secret.
I will punch you.
My name is Marcus McRae
and I come in peace.
Who are you?
My name is Troy.
-Troy, great. Nice to meet you.
Can you help me after school?
Help me get a few things
out of my house, and... I can not.
Why dude?
What are you going to do, watch the telly?
Hey, still playing at the club Azenga?
Yes, I play.
Well, can you put my name on the list?
Do not know. Troy...
Really help me.
Why do we have to break into your house
if you live here?
Because this is my mom's house
i lost my keys.
I had them, but suddenly
something happened and I lost them.
Old there I
I am inside.
get my stuff and come to the front door.
Come on, come on, nobody's home.
Come on, get in there.
Close the door.
They want to live here,
but you just can not.
I love my mom, but not the
hypocritical asshole who is married.
Because she hypocritical asshole!
This is the level of intellect of which we speak.
He reads the tv guide cover to cover.
Do not need this crap
in your life.
I tell you buddy, they will be sorry when I'm
on a tour of his jet
when I'm swimming in money.
Literally going to make it.
Old, more bands should do this,
wear the same clothes.
Because you are not just a band, you're a bunch of
, is not it?
I need this, I need
, and...
This we have to obey.
This intro is the best album ever.
-This is the best intro album ever!
Do not you?
-Of course it's good!
What interests you?
Asheron's Call.
Asheron's Call.
This is a massively multiplayer online role-playing.
You can play online with a bunch of people.
I play with a guy named Kingballs.
No dude, I think,
what music you listen to.
All kinds of music.
Like rock, punk?
Do? Uh-huh.
I knew you were cool Tony,
I knew.
Have you heard of my band P.O.I.?
Thanks, Mom.
I love you.
Hence, play an instrument, do not you?
Do you play anything.
Bass drum.
Drums my man, that's smart.
These days all the damn guitar players.
I need a bag.
Oh, shit.
What? Oh, shit, shit,
must go. -What is it?
Sanctimonious asshole came home.
Let old proguraj it.
Okay, just tuck in the stomach.
-I pulled her belly!
I can not wait, I gotta go, I will kick your ass
. -Where are you going? Marcus!
Stealing my food?
Now you're going to die, fat man.
Hey, what do you want?
Accidentally sent it to my address.
I have digital cable so I really do not need these things.
Ripped my pants from here to here,
my dick hanging out.
Jeez, mate.
Hey, guys.
-God, what are you doing here?
Do you live here now?
No, I'm...
I came to get my stuff
and pass out on the couch.
Yes, with the lights off. -Yes.
This is bullshit, man. You left the band.
You're done, get out of here.
Chill, OK. I pay half the rent,
can not stay here half the time.
No, never paid rent,
never paid anything.
I paid to sleep with your mom
. Oh, yeah? -Yes.
Trash one, let's go!
Come on, let's go!
-Old must go.
Stink! Your mother sucks!
Its pizza stinks!
You can not stay here.
-He's an animal! Go away now!
Give me until tomorrow morning.
No, you have to go now.
Ollie. -Because of you we will be
out on the street.
Old, I have nowhere to go. Can I,
please sleep on your couch?
No. -
Because of what happened to Darentom?
Do the Darenta, do you remember that?
And Allison?
Are you crazy?
OK kids, let's talk about
who is the hero of this book.
Is there a hero?
Is Piggy hero?
Do not forget to write the test tomorrow.
Move, I'm serious!
Away, OK?
Go? No, I will not go.
This is a free country.
You have the right to...
Go away or I'll kick your ass!
You're a little bully, right?
This is my friend.
If this is your friend,
tell me his name.
You tell me.
This is my brother.
should really know his name.
Do you want to fight? I swear to you...
-Get away from me you little shit.
Okay, enough. Enough!
What is going on here?
L... We...
We're in a band.
Well, we are in the process of drawing up the band.
We are called Tectonic.
We The Tectonics.
Whatever is more punk rock, I guess.
I come to you to discuss.
We're like FM Knives,
but we have fun with them.
Sound more like The Knockout Pills,
Have you ever heard of them?
The Thermals? We're like The Thermals,
a not so political.
We are angry, we are very angry.
-Troy, who is this?
Well Dad, this is Marcus McRae.
He plays guitar.
Plays in a band called
People Of Interest.
I left P.O.I. so...
My friend and I... -Troy.
-Troy and I could be together in a band.
I want to develop a strategy
here about this project?
Yes, sir.
You can not let him enter the house.
-Dayle, enough. -Terrible smell.
You are unacceptably dirty.
Dayle, burn it.
Dad, I think I will not allow
to burn.
I thought...
I do not want them in the house.
Well, where did you meet Marcus?
In school.
Lives nearby?
Yes, living in Central District-in.
And what exactly do you want to do in the band?
Hey, what happened to my clothes
Here's some clothes.
Well, why did you say my dad
we'd be in a band?
Because we want.
Do you want to be in a band, right?
Everyone wants to be in a band.
Do you mind?
-I'm sorry.
I'll play guitar,
and you'll play the drums.
'll Be perfect.
-What about P.O.I.?
Forget P.O.I. old
This will be better than P.O.I.
What happened to the bag
sausage and beer I gave you?
Threw my beer,
and I ate most of salami.
I ate the whole salami.
I plan to eat for dinner, man.
Well, maybe you can dine here?
Yes, that would be great, thanks.
Is it time for prayer?
No, I do not pray.
So, you attend a Lindbergh?
Well, I attended,
but no longer.
You graduated?
Yes. Well, I would not use that word
Do you have a job?
-Sometimes we pay to play the guitar.
Did I mention that
shatters on the guitar?
I ask whether you have steady employment?
Well, I've done a lot of work, but I keep getting
for stealing things and sleep where I should not.
And why are you doing these things?
-Because I'm tired and hungry.
Dayle, eat your dinner.
Yes, sir.
Well, I do not really have a drum.
Do not have drums.
Yes, I do not have them.
No connection.
I think it will not be a problem.
Drums can be found everywhere.
Give me one plastic bag.
You should immediately start playing,
because they do not know how long we will need
to become good.
We should begin as soon as
traveling a thousand steps...
I once heard
in kung fu movie.
's Funny.
Which are the worst?
-Body, the third hour.
What do you have before and after physical?
Mathematics and hour class community.
So, you're good at math?
Yes, I'm doing fine in all cases.
Besides physical and technical education.
Okay, so we have a physical,
SRH and mathematics.
Three free lessons.
Give me the bag.
I'm done,
it's time to go.
Hey, do you have the seven
dollars you owe me?
I only have five.
-I want my two dollars.
The third lesson,
do not let me down Troy, seriously.
Marcus. What?
I think this band is
is not a good idea.
I hope it's a good idea, Troy.
Booked a gig at a club Neumos.
We're on in five weeks.
See you tomorrow.
Let me do it, you're doing it wrong.
-I think that's the right amount.
No, it's too...
Now you can add
hydrochloric acid...
Damn, I splashed in the eyes!
-Oh, it burns me!
Study in the American Journal of Health
reveals that the typical American teenager
ten pounds heavier than they were 15 years ago.
Doctors say that the main reason that contributes to the
Your brother and I are going to the store.
Do you want to go with us?
I think I'll stay here.
-What will you do?
Watch porn and jerk off.
-Tell your brother.
Sorry, Troy.
I read the book for school.
It's an autistic kid who becomes a detective
... They say it's good.
We'll be back in a few hours.
Use this time wisely.
God... Shit.
Is your brother here? -No.
-Okay, okay.
Is it cool if I leave a couple of things here?
-Of course, hey listen...
I'm really sorry that I could mark them.
-What? What are you talking about?
I could not get out of school.
I'm just going to push this crap
under your bed.
Fly's old slouch,
I do not want to see it.
Look at this.
Nothing happens in it.
Look at all this space.
Fill it with something, you have
Old, I have my own room...
Oh, my God.
Things would have been different.
I'm telling you...
O my goddess...
Look at this!
This is incredible.
I am impressed.
These are my pants.
Hey, I just...
I've been thinking about the band...
And the two of us together...
-Old will be great!
Predgrupa We are the Raveonettes Neumos
at the club.
There is impossible to get a gig,
so I had to send demo
good one sick band from Detroit, you know?
They think it's us, and we'll start
But we need to practice.
We have become good
so I thought it would be a good idea if
spent some time here, you know?
In order to achieve the fusion of minds.
Or not.
You know, we can go slowly. -Yes.
I thought, The Jesus and Mary Chain
like the sound of drums
just a solid backbeat.
As The Sonics or fifties.
I have not heard of the fifties.
It's a decade.
between the forties and sixties. Vietnam, man.
Old does not matter at all.
This is all you need.
These are two new songs that I recorded
Play with music.
-I do not stick.
Use your imagination, mate.
Secret to drumming
is pounding.
How it sounds?
Hey, Banthare, can you conjure up some food
so I can restore my health.
I have to go guys, talk to you later.
-Old boy.
At the moment
I did not know where I am.
How long have I been asleep?
-Almost two hours.
O God,
I thought I was dead.
Hey, I found a couple of cool things
that can be put on the walls.
I have Desolation void
Japussa and goblins.
What? What's this?
-Asheron's Call.
Oh, my God. No, bad, bad.
This is the opposite of good.
This is bad.
These are ads.
I'm trying to get in your head and control you
. It does not want to.
You want to do it, I do not want
to make them for you.
I'm dead.
Wait a second look.
Well, I gotta go.
I have things to do.
Your drumming my guitar...
Ideal buddy, ideally.
Hey, you want to highlight on Thursday?
We can go to a pizzeria.
'll Order a jumbo pizza.
Mr. Billings,
look great.
Hi, Dad.
Son, maybe you should think about how
Are you aware of the fact that Marcus
Not. -Must be resolved addiction
to put his life in order.
I do not mind give him a shower,
clean clothes and a hot meal.
People deserve help. But I do not want to
in the apartment when I'm not here...
Do you understand what
are talking?
Yes, sir.
I'm glad you found a friend,
but the story of the band...
He was not real.
-Yes, exercise.
Only, be smart and open your eyes.
Believe you will make the right decision.
Yes, sir.
May cry, but
not cry alone...
'Cause you see, what hurts, it hurts me
Honey, you're not the only
with a broken heart.
You see, I'm not made of stone
I'm made of stone.
may cry, but
not cry alone...
Hey, man, where have you been?
I want you to meet my mom.
Hey, Mom!
Hi, you must be Troy.
Most Marcus's friends are skinny, but you...
You look like a man.
I just want to eat your...
Who are you again now?
I ask for Marcus.
Is anyone still out
talks with Marcus?
His mother would be so proud.
It's not here, is he? It's not.
But if you accidentally meet in, say
sells native Oxycontin,
or sell your ass
Volunteer Park...
Tell him that I would, if
again take my salami
kill and rape his corpse.
Troy! Great T!
It's so nice to see you.
Are you ready?
Where have you been?
I waited at the pizza place.
Why? That's why you told me
to wait there,
but when you come and I went to look for
to your mother.
It was silly of you Troy.
Do you have any money on you? -Yes.
I have to go.
I can not leave, my dad will kill me.
-That you McRae? McRae! I'm sorry...
God, this school water hypocrites!
You know that
biology teacher with big eyebrows?
Caught him with students in the classroom,
but they covered it. -Marcus...
I do in trouble, and they kick me out.
This is bullshit. -Marcus!
What is it? What?
What is it?
I do not listen to punk rock.
I know who you are,
because everyone knows who you are.
I do not listen to bands you're talking about,
not know who they are...
This is a lie!
I do not know to play the drums.
-I can not compete with you for five weeks.
Relax and take a deep breath.
Why freaking out?
Freaking out because I do not know
play the drums!
I can fix it.
Now calm down, okay?
Ollie Ollie oxen loves you!
Hates it when I say that.
Would not you hate to call Ollie?
Ollie Ollie oxen loves you!
Give me some free Oxya, please.
-Well, well what the hell...
Oh, shit.
Who is this guy?
This is Troy. You have to learn how to play
Why? Because everyone should know
play the drums Ollie on.
This is some kind of scam?
How much do you charge?
No, he's... He knows to play.
He only has a Innovative Ideas
and need help in their implementation.
Here you go inside the image.
Old, no. And if I play a gig in
Azengi with P.O.I.?
Why do you think it would be like?
-Because you're terrible without me.
Just kidding, but the type of Kay'sa
will be there for my songs, right?
What happens when
realize that you're not a band?
I can not solve all your problems,
but if I'm there to watch the concert
, is not it?
Azenga sounds cool.
Out! -Sorry.
stop and talk with me for a minute.
Here I can have a kid.
He is a child, this is a bar.
Three lessons. -No.
Two lessons Mate will return
his Danelectro.
One lesson and you will appear on
gig on time.
In nine. Not at nine-fifteen,
not about nine. In nine!
I was
goodwill for five years
exactly much time has gone by
I met you.
OK, great. Cool. Do not steal anything,
and I'll be back later.
Wait, now? Yeah, now.
Can I have some money for food?
Law, man.
Talk to this guy, it's great.
Talk to him about the way Algeronovom and Japussu.
Hi, guys.
Do not need to use double kick pedal,
a lot of batter so.
've Never played the drums, right?
No, not really, sorry.
So why do you have to learn today? Marcus
-we got a gig
at a club called Neumos.
-Neumos, seriously?
it's Marcus said?
Priceless .
Well, go ahead.
Wait, let's try this.
Drums, sticks, hit.
This will be ugly.
How's it going?
Show him what you know.
It taught him
in just one lesson?
Have you learned
rhythm of the song Be My Baby?
It took me an hour to learn how to
're not digging around the bat.
Not matter.
It's just a drummer, right?
Troy! You feel better, do not you?
-I feel worse.
everything is fine.
Troy, come here.
Have you skipped school today?
Do you think asking this because
I do not know the answer?
They called,
where have you been?
With Marcus.
Did you use drugs?
No, sir.
Is Marcus used drugs?
No, sir.
Where have you been?
I will repeat the question once and only once.
Where did you go today, son?
Marcus wanted to meet in a pizzeria
so I went there,
but he never showed up.
I went to his house,
his stepfather was there
and threatened to kill me
and then I immediately went back to school.
For Dad. Marcus was at school.
He said we have to go to a bar
would teach me how to play the drums.
I went to him and really,
we drank in the bar.
Indeed. And what I did was stupid
. That's enough.
Marcus stepfather's threats?
Are you okay?
There was nothing bad, Dad.
Trust me, I'll call Marcus
and tell him to forget the whole thing
, OK?
I do not even play the drums,
should have seen me, I ended up looking a fool.
Why did you fool?
Because I am a fool.
I know it's difficult
when you lost your mom.
Look at me, son.
Look at me.
But you can not use that as an excuse
... Thought it would be a good idea to talk to some
so I have to set up a meeting tomorrow
Daddy please
do not make me go.
I will not mark them.
No, it certainly will not do more.
I spoke with Mrs. Helm...
She does not mind if you play here,
already half-deaf.
You can not play before school, or after
I wish them well sustainer,
were expensive.
Nothing on the drum kit.
These cymbals were not included.
This stand was...
Neither this stand was not included.
I want to polishing,
I want to keep Spun...
I want to keep them in good condition
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit!
Good company,
now all touch portal
and will be transported to
Got a phone call.
's Funny, Dayle.
I'm serious.
For real?
Hello ?
Troy, what are you doing man?
Nothing special.
Is not...
Do tonight?
I think I got $ 40.
This is a super cool...
Are you still there?
It was Marcus, I think...
Will come after me.
'll Come for me.
Why would you pick?
Azengu go to the gig.
It's like a concert.
And you agreed to go half-past nine in the evening,
without asking me,
though I stand here before you?
No, this is not acceptable.
Call him and tell him he can not go.
're Right. I can not go, no way...
I do not know who you be,
I do not know where you'll be,
Not for you to come home...
-You're right, I can not go.
No way. Because there is no way to
hang out with normal people.
This is so sad.
What if I'm too
to stop the car? -Troy!
Or if there is enough space in the car
everyone will ask:
"Hey, who invited the fat kid?"
You know what? They'll think I'll take up too much space
and everyone will be mad at me.
Hey guys, I'm back.
-Troy, you can go to the concert.
You're a smart boy
and if something happens, you call me.
No, Dad, I do not get it, OK?
What if I go and...
Get up, get dressed,
I will tell you when your friends arrive.
My shoes!
Guys, calm down.
You, there.
You wait here.
Do you have a nice house, sir.
O God.
're Going dressed like that?
This is bad. I mean, it's OK.
It's good, you look OK.
But not tonight.
We can fix it.
Do you have a driver's license
to be able to drive the...
It's a beast.
-This is my first car, so...
I have no problem with it.
For some time I drive.
Now I know where they both live.
Oh, my God, yes!
Where is this place?
The Eastlake neighborhood.
I do not know exactly the name of the street.
But I knew I would tell you,
Here, g. Billings,
I hold the door for you to... OK.
Are you stoned, Marcus?
-What? Not at all.
Do you understand the concept of responsibility Marcus,
're here because you're in charge.
I put my trust in your hands.
Was it a mistake? -No.
Fully accept responsibility.
If there is drinking,
if drug use...
Do not.
-If anything, anything...
I'll hold you responsible,
understand me?
understand and accept responsibility.
Right then.
Rock Club...
Enjoy the concert.
I thought you said something else.
It's nice of you, thank you.
We have to go guys.
Call me if you need me.
Drink this.
No, wait. I promised your dad
I'll look after you.
I have not promised anything
his dad.
And you are totally reliable,
except using.
I do not want to have anything to do with it!
I remember my first date.
Large T, what are you doing?
Hey, Morgan.
-Megan, You coward!
Megan, sorry.
This is my friend Troy.
We're in a band,
he's my drummer.
Is it good?
No, but it hits harder than my stepfather.
Look how big it is.
The most important thing about drumming
to know the pounding.
Do you pounding?
Old, I
that your band next.
OK, I gotta go.
Troy on.
O my God, are terrible.
I would think they're better than this.
Troy ! -What?
-I have an important job for you.
Are you ready?
Ready for what?
-Ready. Okay, let's go.
Hey, guys.
Thank you for coming to see my band.
Everyone came just to see if
Marcus again implode on stage.
What do you think?
I'm not sure.
-Did not his friend?
I, we met at...
Yes, he's my best friend.
Marcus! What?
-You do something for me.
Do what you play
at the end of each song?
Do it!
Do not do it. -OK.
's Horrible, man. Okay,
I know he's so annoying,
I will not do it anymore.
-Hey, that's it.
This is our last gig.
Let's finish with style.
Hey guys, we P.O.I.
Listen to this.
I love these guys!
This is good.
I do not understand how,
when Marcus was so self-destructive.
Sometimes I feel
I'm the same.
I like your shirt.
I drew.
-This is the law, buddy!
Hey, Dino!
Dino, do you like this?
We have a lot of goods for sale in the back,
ask the waitress.
Are you looking for someone?
Marcus or...
In fact, any of the guys.
Do... Ollie and Dino
Max was taken to the hospital for a broken nose
Marcus went to a whore,
and your two friends wanted a hot dog.
I went to the toilet.
You know, I was a school psychologist at
Snarled myself
wrists with a pocket knife. Really?
Do you want to see?
Yes, it can.
I'm just messing with you, man.
My friend Camille's done.
It's crazy, like...
Isabelle Come, let's go!
I have to go to their friends.
I'll see you at school.
Ladies, what happens?
Daddy, make him stop!
Shut up, Troy!
Here, I made pasta with cheese.
I put more butter on it.
Do you want hot sauce? -No.
Listen, I have to tell you about a gig...
It was incredible!
It was like...
So you start to play
and suddenly,
like a jet taking off.
Then occurred scrimmage...
Smacked you in the face of the type
and fell right in front of me.
And then the guy ran,
and you're bent over...
I thought you'd get on the nose,
but you just slipped away.
And I thought that
I can not do in their games.
I felt like...
Jesus Christ!
There are many things about which I have no idea
and you've shown them.
I am committed to this, man.
Before I let you down,
but I did because I was stupid and did not know
a punk.
Well, now you know.
I totally strgan
and I think I'm going to get some sleep.
Is that cool?
Just a little nap.
Are you sure you do not want to practice, we have
gig in three weeks.
You dance, and I'll criticize.
Listen, I'm going to sleep,
and you just think about drumming.
I was very sweaty and frustrated.
Wait, what was that?
Revenge thick kid.
's Called revenge fat kid.
-It's the law.
This was so angry.
Anger, revenge.
Revenge, is not it?
Revenge thick kid.
Thin people are afraid of him,
when they see it, flee for cover.
rotten people pee in their pants when they see
zeros in your bank account.
= = Defense!
This is revenge fat kid.
We must go, if Jesus was a skinny,
this type of fat.
This is revenge fat kid.
Dinner !
Can I have a cheeseburger with bacon
fried chicken and...
What goes well with roast chicken?
More fried chicken?
-That's funny.
Can I have a barbecue sauce,
Coke and French fries for my friends.
Thanks guys.
Old man, I totally slept with
if you knew you were in the band.
I would.
Yes, I want to sleep with you
if you knew you were in the band. -I would not.
Excuse me, miss...
-What are you doing? Marcus!
Hi! -Hi.
We play together in a band.
They came to our gig, right?
Are you trying to get a free piece of pie?
Yes, I would like a free piece of pie.
-What kind of music do you play?
Well, what kind of music do you listen?
I do not know...
Norah Jones.
Norah Jones? We are just like
Norah Jones. I love it.
Right. I'll give you a dollar if you tell me the title
any of her songs.
Come Away with Me. Yeah!
Perfect, we just got a free piece of pie
You guys are sweet guys.
See? Women love the musicians, especially drummers
I do not know, I guess it is
the primeval instinct or something.
Just like you.
Hey, Isabelle...
Will you be my girlfriend and
sleep with me as soon as possible?
Who would not?
Jeez, you scared me.
-I'm sorry.
Did you go for a hot dog?
-Dude, what?
Other night,
we talked about them.
I thought you were going to eat.
Do not contaminate my pants, Isabelle.
Hey, Troy.
-Hey, Manoj.
When we were little,
we were good friends.
I can not see you to socialize.
Stopped talking to me
years ago.
He's a fool, does not matter.
You know, I had fun
at the gig the other night.
This is cool. -Yes.
I play guitar,
not in public or something, but...
-It's cool.
I have to go to class, sorry.
This is cool.
And this guy is a "hard" Tony DeTraglia.
He is the strongest guy I know.
Was a Mormon.
I did not know that there are
and these Marines. It's cool.
I think
owns Ford dealerships in West Virginia.
This is so cool, man.
Do you really like to be a Marine?
Yes, I really did.
I loved it,
I was good at it.
Maybe I should stay in the military, I do not know.
My wife...
At that time it was not my wife...
Not to condone it.
T, look at this!
Were as thin as a whip.
Look how cute you were!
Thank you.
Just a second!
I just wanted
aspirin for a headache, my head is killing me.
I need to meet...
I need to find a friend...
Sounds good, does not it?
Our band.
See you later.
I do not want to hang out with more
Dad, but...
-So do not go Troy
Later we'll figure out what to do with his stuff.
Do you understand?
Yes, sir.
You should not be here.
What to do, put me out of school?
It's already done.
Will you vote for Heather Hawks?
I think I have a
stole a bike with her brother.
Name was Travis Hicks, Hawks?
Maybe not.
Your daddy is
say something, right?
He said more
we can hang out.
I'll talk to him.
No one stays mad at me for a long time.
I am a charming guy.
I talked to my friend for Neumos.
He said that we can push
gig for a few weeks to more practiced.
Come on man, just stop
To Stop what?
Troy There pants and we must be ready.
Neumos is a great club, man.
Behold, I checked on the net
and there is no mention The Tectonics.
OK, so you went to their site.
Did you see the announcement of a special guest?
-We are the special guest, Troy.
So why announce
for each day of the week?
Look, I get it.
I am fat, I'm not stupid.
OK, do you play those two songs?
Working out every day? -Sam.
If we play a gig tonight,
if you
prove that this band is for real?
Do you have a phone?
Can I borrow you for a second?
Thank you.
My friend Chad
organizing things like this every Friday night.
'll Be perfect for a small space
and will be a lot of people.
Hey, can I get your attention?
global survey of my new band, The Tectonics
with Troy Billings,
so if you think this is a great
after this will be huge, right?
We play with Chad at ten o'clock.
Be there for tomorrow
remain in ruins and the smell of burnt hair.
I vote for the Hawks!
What about the evidence?
-Band does not exist.
There if you want it.
Do not disappoint me, Troy.
-Hey, I see you!
Please do not disappoint me, thanks.
Vote for the Hawks!
Eat this. No, I'm trying to reach an ideal weight
Not taking enough calories.
Dad, everything is under control, right?
Just leave me alone.
-I do not like your attitude, Dayle.
Well, maybe me, if you pick up the homeless,
buy the drums.
're Done, leave.
I do not know what is going on in this family,
but from now on things will change.
For too long I have been indulgent.
Daddy? What?
New store at Eliot
a new expansion Seas Of Deception
for Asheron's Call.
I think I went last year
and it was really fun, remember?
This is really important,
can easily go by bus.
Yeah, right.
I think this will not be able to.
Oh, everything will be fine, you'll see
As soon as you get there.
Told me that no one would come.
Usually they come, but maybe
came to see us.
Push it, push it...
Yes, we have The Tectonics.
You have to be patient a minute.
Good. We'll open with a Sock Hop
and we will immediately move to Disconnect.
What is wrong with you?
Troy, it's just two songs.
You'll make it, right?
This song is called Sock Hop.
Troy, Troy...
This we call punk rock.
You have no respect for me, or
to what I say.
Do you think you can do whatever you want
and there will be consequences?
You will go to school, you come home, you write
You do not play games on the computer!
You'll sit and think about it
I can not believe you lied to me in the face, bitch.
I have never been so disappointed in you
, Troy. Never.
I hate you!
Fuck you!
Who do you think you are?
Why did I ever trust you?
I hate you, I hate you!
Hey. Hey.
-Is this a bad time?
I just wanted to stop by and say hi, see how you
Especially after what happened with Chad...
Old man, you have become a legend.
Yeah, but someone has to put
on YouTube...
I know, the video was seen by
23 000 people.
It does not sound good.
-Well, that...
I just came to see you.
You're okay, right?
After the death of your mother, bring
I feel like an ass.
Okay. -If you want,
we can hang out.
Manoj Hey, long time no see.
-Hey, when do you do?
It's nothing special.
-Well, old.
While I was running I saw your gay friends
to sell your ass
for drugs in Volunteer Park.
Looks horrible.
T. You are alive.
-I thought you killed.
I'm alive.
Good to see you.
So old, a lot of work ahead of us.
I have new songs
very complex and structural materials.
As long as it can be dammed,
dismantled and the two of us working on it...
I think in the end
it may work out fine.
What are you doing?
Marcus ?
Marcus, are you okay?
Marcus! Hey, what did you take?
Do you hear me? Marcus?
can I have your phone?
I need your help.
I need your help, please!
Please help me!
Please call 911!
They told me to wait here,
was not long.
Stay here.
Mrs., Ms.,
I find patient...
Sir, step away.
If someone needs to step back,
it'll be you.
Okay, okay,
as the patient's name?
Marcus McRae.
-And you what a member of the family?
I'm the boy's father.
Do not stay long.
I just flew in the air on a magic carpet
And you were there.
It was fun.
I have a fever.
What did you get for it?
Powdered detergent,
with him can go where I want.
Mr. Billings.
It sounds like you're the butler.
Good joke.
Some rest, son.
This means much.
I'll stay with Marcus.
Go. Okay,
to go home now.
I hate hospitals.
I do not know what is going on.
Nobody ever says nothing.
No one has told me anything
when my mom was sick.
Everyone said, "Dayle,
everything will be fine, do not worry."
So I thought it would be good
and I do not need to worry, you know?
I felt like an idiot.
No one talked to me.
I tried to talk to you.
I tried.
Are you worried about Marcus?
-He's your friend.
He said it would be cool if
went with us
next time
The Tectonics be played.
You will be responsible for the sale of goods.
Nonsense, why would you do that?
Because the ladies selling t-shirts.
Do Dayle,
do not need to keep winning.
Tatu not care.
I do not care at all.
Do what you want, be happy.
I thought you did the two of you
all around, you know?
And I always want you around.
You're my little brother, I love you.
Dr. Fisher.
DR. Fisher, report to orthopedics.
OD'd and had pneumonia.
This was a long night, but
will be fine.
Outside, I saw his stepfather.
Will you come back?
Will not.
I think, will come back later?
I know what you mean, they will not.
And that they have to do with drugs...
Immediately pulled him out of the room.
She did not even see?
What if he died?
People are just tired, Troy.
I will not give up on him.
You do not give up on us.
Did not give up the lure,
not given up on me.
Did not give up any of Marcus
and does not your son.
Daddy's not your fault that I became fat.
I want you to know.
will be back in a few hours.
Marcus will be up soon,
will be happy to have you here.
Eat breakfast and
call me if anything changes.
I am proud.
Most recent CD
Whiskey Tango is good.
Have you heard of The Marked Men?
They sound like us,
just as their drummer worse.
Slow, slow progress g. McRae.
So bitter.
-What are you doing?
It's too many of them, you know?
So I'm a couple of pills
save for later.
I'll need a little...
I need those books.
Where can I get that book
stating the fact that these pills.
Old, these are all colors of the rainbow.
I got fifteen tablets Oxya
from a guy who lost his arm.
But how do you recover from that?
Do not worry about it,
just sit there and look pretty.
Like my frog.
Do not move, asshole!
Brought me skip it.
I think Marcus should come and live with us.
Marcus is eighteen years old,
is not a child anymore.
Stealing drugs?
Troy, I know that Marcus
your friend and you want him to be loyal,
but these are stolen drugs.
This is a criminal offense.
Then call the hospital.
They will call the police
and he will go to jail.
he is responsible for his actions.
Will it help constipation?
-He was so decided.
That these decisions were wrong,
but we can help my friend.
I think we should.
Hey, are you awake?
I like your pants.
T! My friend,
we have to go.
I need pants, no pants.
Stole my frog
and it had been
pills that I took from a locked cabinet.
We have to go now!
-Well, I am...
I took your frog.
This is great!
Great, where is it?
-I gave it to my dad
and said he could come and live with us if
get some help.
That's the deal.
Stupid asshole.
Where were you when I found you?
I want to kill yourself, man.
Wanted to throw under the bus,
and I'm the one who needs help?
Do not you want to live somewhere where you have
food and TV, you're not on the street?
Here I was so good, and you
we now take away?
I had a lot of tablets
to be my beautiful,
I had a lot of later,
but now I have to start over.
Do not.
Just come and play the gig with me.
What a gig, man?
Never been gig, right?
Wake up!
Exploited you, man!
This is the only reason why
I hang out with you.
This band does not exist!
This friendship does not exist!
There if you want it.
Do not fuck with a fat kid!
Oh shit man.
How long have you been here?
Buco Come on.
Hey Troy, what's up?
I have to talk to Isabelle.
Do you have her number?
Well, actually, it's...
-Hey, what's up?
Hey, what do you think about
to do something totally irresponsible.
I would not have minded.
What's on your mind?
Troy, I have a lot of work.
What do you need?
You call all the people you know.
Is there a specific reason?
-What about the amusement park or hall?
No? Thanks anyway.
All are booked, none of that.
Might still be something.
I can send you the link if you want.
Winter clothes / b
This is crazy.
-Just put his head down and enjoy.
Hey, guys.
Are you jelly?
This is only for one night.
You'll be back and you'll go to rehab.
, no one will allow you to take the patient
no questions asked.
Good night, Sam.
-Good night.
Trick is to look
like you got a job
and you're in a hurry to get on with it.
It helps you cropped short.
If we do not come, we will have to cancel the
Do not worry, they will come.
-Are you sure?
There's a lot of people.
-You do not know my dad will come.
If you vomit, use this.
Has already been cracked.
Do not know
looks kinda green.
No, it looks like a god.
Daddy, will arrest us for this.
-Very likely.
We will pass directly from the Sock Hop in the Deception, OK?
They do not know that we have
only two songs.
Here . Look.
Now we're a gang.
Yes. Are you ready?
We'll see.
This is really cool.
Back from the dead,
directly from the insane asylum.
Under the supervision of the military police.
We The Tectonics!
Translated and adapted CroSubsWriter