Fatafati (2023) Movie Script

Look at her.
Do you know her?
An amateur tailor
from a small town.
You need to iron this, right? Huh?
Your Bachaspati Bhaduris
fat wife.
Not a model.
So, she is not Miss Fatafati?
Yes, she is Miss Fatafati.
Oh, is it?
But she won't walk as a model
at tonight's show.
Thank God!
But why?
Whats the problem?
But why?
Phullora Bhaduri.
28 years.
How long
have you been married?
Five years.
How many kids?
Answer him.
Count and answer!
How many?
I see. What's the problem?
Doctor, I suffer from immense pain
during those days of the month.
I see.
Babu, what are you doing here?
You should go out.
I should be the one sitting here.
Why do you tag along?
Listen, do a whole abdomen USG test.
You may have
an endometrial cyst.
It can be cured.
The problem is your weight.
Youve come here before,
Yes. She's gone from
85 to 95 kilos meanwhile.
Ma, stop it!
But I've come for my pain.
Yes, the pain is natural.
Ill prescribe a medicine.
Buy it.
Your main problem
is your weight.
If you dont lose weight,
conceiving will be a problem.
Such massive weight at her age...
Isnt it problematic?
Come, let's go.
Balaram will whine again.
It took us very long, right?
Ill manage.
Get into the auto fast.
Ill take the next one.
No, that can't happen.
Ill take the next one.
Brother, start driving!
Make it fast.
I'll visit Rinku di on the way.
Are you coming?
Yes. Ill drop Ma and go.
Damn fatso...
What did you say?
Lets go.
You have money?
Okay, give me a call... bye.
Saw the electricity bill?
Hmm? How much?
Is your dad paying for it?
Remember last months bill?
The owner will shut the shop.
Then what?
Will see your faces?
You guys are the sweetest
while selling!
But show your real face
when youve to exchange it.
You take two hours to pack up
after closing down. Why?
From now, you have 30 minutes.
But, if its not in stock,
how can we provide it?
Why dont you have it?
What's going on?
I have no idea.
Handle it.
Return my money.
Thats not possible, sir.
Come after two days,
I'll give you the XXL size.
Believe me.
Really? What about
the time I wasted here?
Will you be compensating
for that?
Hello, I am Bachaspati Bhaduri.
The problem is, this is...
We dont have it in our stock.
Pen, please.
No problem. Ill write it down
on your bill.
Don't worry,
come back in 10 days.
Well exchange it for you.
Though the rule is two days,
but we'll make an exception.
The stock will be there
in two days.
Great! Let the stock arrive!
You can wear it all you want!
Damn it!
I care a damn to come
and exchange it again!
Put them back.
The clothes have dried up.
She shouldve folded them.
But Ive to do it on my own.
When will they realize?
Oh God... Even the bed
is still undone!
What is this!
I look after the house,
I cook.
She just makes blouses
and roams around.
Ive to do it all on my own...
Decorating an elephant
with a string!
This is so pretty!
A gift for topping the math test?
Look at mine...
Show me!
Wow, these are so pretty.
But whats the point?
Youll never bring them
out of the closet.
Thats true, Rinku di.
You get them tailored, but
I dont see you wear them.
Please do wear.
Do wear them. Take this.
The coffee was lovely.
Muniya, see her out.
See you.
Listen. Have I put on
more weight? Be honest.
Who told you so?
My aunt was saying that
Ive become healthier.
That I look sweet.
Is it true?
Is it possible? Do you
look sweeter when you put on?
Then I am far sweeter!
Silly girl. Dont pay heed to them.
Come home for sweets one day.
Tell Ma, I am going. Bye...
Come again!
I will...
Hi, everyone! This is Biki!
Biki Sen!
And I know how eagerly
youve been waiting for me!
Today, well talk about
the Atkins diet.
Which is mainly
about less carbs.
I mean rice, rotis, potatoes.
Youve to avoid those.
And increase
the protein intake.
Now Ill tell you what kind
of protein you can go for.
For protein,
you can have chicken.
You can have lamb.
Among fishes, go for
salmon, trout.
Among dairy products,
say... Greek yogurt.
Avoid buying it
from local confectioners.
You can eat cheese and butter.
In fact, even seafood!
You think Im kidding, right?
Please get the door!
You think I'm kidding, right? Hey!
Did you get the door?
All that food
for such a strict diet?
Guys, I am Biki!
Biki Sen!
And if Im telling you
to follow the Atkins diet...
Why dont you just
get the door?
When I tell you that youll get
results from this diet
in 2 weeks, you sure will!
And like I say, tell yourself...
Remember last night what you ate,
because you cant
put on weight!
Get the door!
Ma, must you yell
in the middle of a recording?
Someones at the door!
Check who it is.
Who else?
The culottes already arrived.
Must be
the spaghetti and shift dress.
Why dont you go, check?
Shift dress? I know
about shifting duties.
Whats a shifting dress?
Does it keep shifting?
You really know nothing!
Good that
you ordered spaghetti.
Ive run out of
noodles and pasta.
Phullora Bhaduri?
Dude, she's so hot!
Walk straight ahead. Youll see
a worn down yellow house.
That one.
But it says 59...
Bro, fix it! Go, go!
Did the spaghetti arrive?
Want the one I'm wearing?
So, take it!
Spaghetti, my foot!
Hi, this is Biki Sen...
Phullora Bhaduri?
My sister-in-law.
Ah, I went into
a different house by mistake.
Biki Didis house, right?
I dont know her name.
A slim-trim, pretty girl.
Hmm, that's Biki Didi.
Ah. What are you studying now?
Im in 7th standard.
No way! You look old enough
to be in 10th standard.
You're mistaken.
Im in 7th standard.
Youre lying.
Youre in 10th standard.
This parcel is for my sister-in-law,
not Biki didi.
I too study in 7th standard,
not 10th standard.
Boumoni... Oh, Boumoni...
Look, what has come!
A huge parcel for you!
Look what I have here!
What will come out of it?
Wheres the cutter?
Its time for magic!
Hocus pocus-gili gili...
And here we have...
Brothers home!
Stand straight.
Cant you stand still?
Good, a perfect fit.
Ma, isnt the colour nice?
Is it a bigger size? Then,
he can wear it till next year.
Yes, I know my brother.
Gogol dear, do you like it?
Yes, Ill wear it on
Bengali New Year day!
Bhaiya, what about the rest?
Yes... First...
This one is for Ma!
Ma, look, a sari for you.
You didnt have this colour.
Wow, it's nice.
Come out, will you?
What about Boumoni?
Oh no! I forgot!
You have an efficient assistant.
Hes asking me,
What about Boumoni?
Here. Gogols Boumoni,
tell me if you like the sari.
Oh my!
And for you?
I didnt find anything nice
for myself. So, I didnt buy.
A new parcel came in today, is it?
How did you know?
He is bursting the bubble wrap.
are you Feluda or Byomkesh?
Neither of them.
You could call me
Sherlock Holmes.
Sitting at home,
playing the sleuth.
Holmes at home!
What a clever pun!
I'll keep a note of it!
Yes, but dont forget
that theres an L in Holmes.
No, Ill remember.
A silent 'L'!
You have good taste.
I bought quite a bit of fabric.
Ive many orders coming up.
Fabric colours?
No, textile material.
Why do a business
where you've to spend so much?
Look at my son. He works
at a reputed clothing shop.
Ma, please!
Why do you do that business?
If you rather have kids,
we'll be a happy family. Isnt it?
What kind of tailoring work
are you getting these days?
No matter how you stitch
those blouses,
its no magic.
A fat woman always looks fat.
Fashion wont help.
Decorating an elephant
with a string!
People go into diets
to lose weight.
But Ma, people dont wear
fancy clothes to lose weight.
Aren't fat girls supposed to
wear blouses, you mean?
And if she does like to...
They hardly wear anything.
Only strings!
Upset because of
what Ma said, right?
Oh, come on,
I hardly even listen.
Im thinking of my family.
I think of new designs.
You know what I think?
Had I not brought you here,
to Dhulishohor,
you couldve remained in Kolkata.
Couldve finished
your designing course.
And by now, youd have
become a great designer!
Then Id have missed out
on this designer life, mister!
Can I ask you something?
You really dont regret it?
Not at all.
You know what,
stitching gives you a lot
of strength.
It teaches you to believe,
that you can.
I can measure it, cut it,
alter, fix and stitch my life...
to fit my own liking.
Stitching doesnt teach you
to have regrets.
You still feel shy?
Even if its me?
I know its pointless
But I still need you
I know its pointless
But my heart is clumsy
Flowers shed off last night
I know its pointless
But youre in the air
I know its pointless
But I like it this way
I tie our moments of love
To colourful ribbons
I know its pointless...
My heart fills with
Tiny bubbles of joy, around you
Stay close, stay beside me
Stay, as the roads turn
My heart fills with
Tiny bubbles of joy, around you
Stay close, stay beside me
Stay, as the roads turn
Oh my heart... Oh my heart
You colour me in her hue
Oh my heart... Oh my heart
Why do you make me dream?
I know its pointless
But I still need you
I know its pointless
But my heart is clumsy
Flowers shed off last night
I know its pointless
But youre in the air
I know its pointless
But I like it this way
I tie our moments of love
To colourful ribbons
I know its pointless...
I stick to you, without a care
Because I know
Happiness lies here, with you
Wonder if this is a fairy tale
Having you in my life
Is a dream come true
Youve woven a mirage
In my eyes
How are you tying me
To yourself?
I know its pointless
But youre in the air
I know its pointless
But I like it this way
I tie our moments of love
To colourful ribbons
I know its pointless...
My heart fills with
Tiny bubbles of joy, around you
Stay close, stay beside me
Stay, as the roads turn
My heart fills with
Tiny bubbles of joy, around you
Stay close, stay beside me
Stay, as the roads turn
Oh my heart... Oh my heart
You colour me in her hues
Oh my heart... Oh my heart
Why do you make me dream?
Whats cooking?
Had some lying in the fridge.
Its your favourite dish.
Just the way you like it.
Fine, Ill go bathe quickly.
What were you saying?
The towel's in the balcony, right?
Slide your hand in.
New clothes
every three months.
How will my son manage?
Ma, ever thought how I will grow
if he doesn't manage?
Good morning, Gogol.
Oh! Good morning!
Sorry to disturb you.
Behula aunty,
do you have some eggs?
Sure. How many?
As you know, Im on
a strict diet.
Four egg whites every morning.
I mean... the white part
of the egg.
I have two eggs at home.
I need two more.
But Didi, what do you do
with the yolk?
Hey, shut up!
Jabbering away!
Thank God, your house is nearby.
I've to direct people
to your place for free, often.
The game of 6 and 9
is taking a toll on me!
And... Ma keeps telling me,
Im sure to find eggs here.
You haven't served the food yet?
Apart from Bechu da...
Everyone else in your family
is a bit...
We may be fat.
But were not losers.
We have an amazing life.
Thank you.
Behula aunty, bye.
She gave her so many eggs!
Still struggling at the shop?
Of course, the entire world
is in recession.
People are losing their jobs.
What are you saying...
Never know,
they may fire me too.
If not that,
theyll surely decrease my pay.
How much will it decrease?
I don't know yet, Ma.
In fact,
good that you're both here.
I wanted to ask you...
Ma, I give you 7,000 rupees
monthly... Right?
Try to manage the groceries
and your prayer accessories from it.
Dont give me more.
And you too try...
to manage Gogol's school fee,
allowance, your allowance, etc.
from your 7,000.
Just for a month.
You see, Ive to look into
the maintenance too.
The house is not
in a good condition as it is.
I too am trying.
I'll try to save up on tiffin
and travel.
No way. You dont have to
save up on travel.
Well manage in 7,000.
Oh but...
What happened?
Gogol, where are you...
The food...
Ma. Why are you
reacting like this?
Ma, I have some money
in my piggy bank.
I can buy you Gods offerings
from this.
Sit and eat.
Dont act smart.
Don't get up while eating. Sit.
Phullora, where did you buy this
from? Its lovely!
An anniversary gift from him.
Really pretty, right?
You know how much
I love my coffee.
I know. Lots of milk.
2 spoons of sugar.
I know exactly!
Will the neckline be this deep?
No, go deeper...
No, thats it.
This much?
What about hand measurements?
Are you in a hurry
to go somewhere?
But Ive to make a video for
the cookery show, on YouTube.
You never showed it to us!
We didn't know she has a channel!
Why, show us!
Right now!
You want to see?
Now, add a bit of olive oil.
Let me see.
Then add the whipped eggs.
Where are you?
Wheres your face?
Its only hands.
Come on!
Who would subscribe
if they saw my figure?
Only if I was slimmer...
People assume fat people
have heart ailments,
and many more diseases.
You think the petite ones
have it easier? I agree,
that we should exercise
and maintain our weight.
Check what we eat...
But Ive been making clothes
for years... So many clients...
They are naturally chubby.
They put on a little
and they look fat.
Doesnt mean they are sick.
Depression puts on weight too.
My husband doesnt yet know
about the channel.
Let it work,
then Ill break it.
Wont he be happy to know?
Not a fat wifes flop show.
Let it become a hit.
Seema boudis life
is all about her husband.
Come on.
And what about you?
She gets clothes tailored
but never really wears them!
As you know,
I do photoshoots
for make-up companies.
Its mostly, eyes, hair,
eyelashes, nails...
What if my clothes are visible?
So, I make those clothes.
And they taunt me a lot at home
for my weight.
Need two chairs?
You eat so much!
What about this...
What about that...
Hey! Youre making
good money selling make-up.
Yet, they still taunt you?
I am jobless.
What do you mean?
Aruna di, housework is a big deal.
Look, I too feel like doing
something to earn like you all.
To live on my own terms.
Skipping, cycling like before.
I used to cycle really well,
you know!
So, what if I am fat now,
Im still quite fit!
Youve no idea!
Shell bring on the munchies now.
Big deal! Its just munchies!
Have some!
Ah, Phullora...
I got this magazine from Kolkata.
For new designs.
Show me?
Check out the designs.
Thank you...
So pretty!
Make me this one someday?
How intricate,
how did they make it?
You can do it.
The next kirtan we're doing...
will happen
at Jagmohan Babus house.
He is so well off!
And handsome too.
Tall and well built...
Weve decided
to gift him something.
But how will I afford?
Babu is asking us
to cut expenses.
What are you looking at?
wheres your mind all the time?
In a different world!
Ma, should I make you
a collared blouse?
Youll look very pretty.
Thats what I was thinking.
Youve nice,
broad shoulders.
Good lord, well gift
Jagmohan Babu a blouse I guess!
Does seem so.
Hmm? Tell me.
What is the English translation
for this line?
'There was a dog.
Should I say it
like a story?
Go on.
Once upon a time,
there was a dog.
(speaks Bengali)
The dog was very naughty!
(speaks Bengali)
One day, the dog wished...
Wow, good. wished...
(speaks Bengali)
...wished to open
a Facebook account.
(speaks Bengali)
By mistake...
What? Louder. Cant hear.
By mistake,
he sent a friend request
to his elder brother.
Elder brother...
(speaks Bengali)
Hey! Where are you?
And then the brother understood...
that this was
his younger sibling.
'Naughty' younger sibling...
who was not yet 18 years old.
Get up.
Your English is fine.
Your intelligence, even finer.
But slow down, buddy.
What does Boumoni call you?
Does Google ever lie?
It says the truth?
Hmm. Show me.
The translation is nice.
Practise this:
Whatever you find...
A newspaper, a book,
a pamphlet or magazine.
Translate it.
Whatever I find
Ill translate?
Yes, our teachers used to say so.
Youll learn a language better
by translating.
I saw your writing.
There is a P in receipt.
Ah, right!
Its not pronounced.
But its there, its silent.
Quickly pack 1 kg Gobindobhog
rice grains. 200 gms 'batashas'.
I kg sugar. 100 gms of 'nokuldana',
cashews and raisins for 10 bucks.
Cashews and raisins aren't worth
so less.
Give me a discount then.
Put it on the due list.
Two chocolates for me.
No, take lozenges. Add it.
Give me quinoa.
I dont have it.
Why! Even roadside shops
keep it these days.
But its very costly.
What do you eat to maintain
such a lovely figure?
Oh, please, aunt.
Not everyone can achieve
my kind of a figure. Besides,
I am THE Biki Sen!
Forget about me.
But you can also try
hyper-liquid diet.
Um... fruit juice.
Only fruit juice
throughout the day.
Everyone is doing it these days.
Vegetarians are doing it.
Oldies are doing it.
Even widows like you can do it.
Hyper-liquid diet.
Bring some quinoa.
Hyper-liquid diet...
Ma, the power's gone...
Not again!
Switch on the mobile torch.
I'll light a lamp.
Coming, wait.
Hey, when did you come home?
A while ago.
Why didt you call me?
You know,
when I see you dreaming...
I just love it!
I don't feel like interrupting.
You love me so much?
You doubt it?
Not just you.
I love your dreams too.
What is this...
Fashion influencers?
Is it an influential thing?
Extremely. You know who they are?
What to wear, whats in vogue
at present...
Theyve a huge influence on it.
Know how much they charge
to wear an attire?
They charge to wear clothes eh?
Of course! Why can't they?
Sport stars and movie stars
charge to appear in ads.
Its the same.
Hmm. Obviously.
But, Madam...
Over me...
you have an immense influence.
Youre no less
than an influencer then!
You know, Rinku di came today.
I think her husband doesnt like
the clothes she gets made.
Her photoshoots too.
And the make-up business...
Not everyone is like you. Right?
Aruna di, Rinku di, Seema boudi...
The things they have to live with...
youre so good at stitching...
Why cant you stitch together
their tattered lives?
Fashion is not about
being slim or fat.
It means, to decorate yourself
as you wish.
Like we decorate our houses.
Not all houses are the same.
But we still decorate them.
Fashion is the same thing.
Just find out which colours
and cuts suit your figure.
Its time to weave dreams
With red and blue strings
Of desire
Its time to weave dreams
With red and blue strings
Of desire
Put a string of imagination
To your needle
And a mix bag of colours
Begin to play!
I drown in the story all day
Painting intricate tales
Of various kinds!
Wayward strings
I end up poking my finger
Wayward strings
I end up poking my finger
Yet, I find reasons to play along
Its time to weave dreams
With red and blue strings
Of desire
In colourful hues of clothes
I cover my melancholic heart
Unmindful, yet intricately drawn
Are my dreams
Of various designs and fits
What if a few dreams come true?
I want to indulge
In that thought
Enthralled by its magic
Wayward strings
I end up poking my finger sometimes
Wayward strings
I end up poking my finger sometimes
Yet, I find reasons to play along
Its time to weave dreams
With red and blue strings
Of desire
Its time to weave dreams
With red and blue strings
Of desire
Boumoni! Oh Boumoni!
Mr Google, what new info
do you bring today?
You were writing about fat
peoples fashion in this notebook.
Why did you take my notebook?
Its very bad. I dont like this!
Boumoni, wait, Ill help you.
Just hear me out first.
Bhaiya told me, whatever I find,
a paper, magazine, whatever...
I must translate. Because thats how
you ace a language.
He told me that too.
Thats what I did.
I translated your writing...
What did you do?
Uh... Boumoni,
fat means, fat. Chubby.
And like Kumar Sanu sings
Its pronounced Phataphati.
How's this related to translation?
Whatever. I spelt it with an F.
I made an Instagram account
called From Fat to Fatafati!
I translated your write up
and posted it over there.
And now, when I checked
my phone...
You have so many followers now!
Can you imagine, Boumoni?
Theyre asking for a pic
of yours. Let me click one.
Why are you hiding away?
Theyll call me fat.
Show it to me first.
Only a few will say that.
Do think about them!
Look, theyre already saying
they want more such articles.
They want to see your pic!
How can you not put it up?
Boumoni, youre famous!
As famous as Kumar Sanu!
Boumoni, youre famous!
Ive told you everything.
You do photo-shoots, right?
Your pics are so good!
Please, Rinku di, help me
with a pic for Instagram.
Want me to make a joke
of my fat-self?
Come on!
Do one thing,
ask Aruna di or Seema boudi.
They may do it...
I asked everyone.
No one is agreeing to do it.
Dont have to show face.
Just wear the clothes.
But to exhibit the clothes,
the body will be visible too.
How can I hide that?
Anyway, lots of milk
and 2 spoons of sugar, right?
Ma cannot, aunty.
Ma cannot do it.
Muniya, go, study.
Here, Ill show you why
she cannot!
No, let her see!
Can you see it, why?
Want to see more?
Come on!
Come, see.
Now, do you see?
Take care of your mother.
It doesnt matter to me
anymore, Phullora.
But I saved up to buy
those make-up sets...
Rinku di...
What matters
and what doesnt...
What should matter...
and what should not...
Do give it a thought.
You heard the news?
They fired Mr Ghosh yesterday.
They have more names on the list.
Mr Ghosh?
Now, that's scary!
Ive to take to the streets!
Hey, am I to eat without chillies?
Getting it...
Had I been a camel,
I could store food.
Only cockroaches can survive this.
We'll starve to death!
He may not be a camel.
But Bachaspati has
a savings account.
He doesnt have to
feed himself.
Savings account?
Hmm! His mom, his wife
and his brother.
They have it all stored!
Give me a bigger piece of fish...
Isn't that better?
In such tough times...
If my loved ones...
like my mom, wife and brother
stand beside me with their savings,
I am sorted.
Salutations to
To the name of Krishna
Are you done, Boumoni?
I am waiting, open up!
Can I come in, Boumoni? Hey...
How long will you take?
Its been a while, Boumoni!
Hail, Krishna! Hail!
Hail, Ram! Hail!
You said it'll take 10 minutes!
What's taking so long?
Hail, Krishna! Hail!
Boumoni, they are done.
Please open up now!
Hail, take the name of Hari
Hail, take the name of Hari
Boumoni, open, fast!
Hail, take the name of Hari!
Fit me, please!
Oh Lord!
Serving snacks? Ah!
Boumoni, open quickly!
Im missing out on the food!
Boumoni, make it quick!
No, wait.
Lovely snacks!
Very tasty, isn't it?
Didi, wont you eat? Youve
arranged for some great food.
My stomachs unwell.
Oops, Ma cant eat. Shes on
Biki Didis hyper-liquid thing.
Hey! Shut up!
Always interfering
when elders talk! Off you go!
Acting smart!
What was he saying?
What did he say?
He was saying that I have
But you have a good son,
a talented daughter-in-law.
Shes so pretty.
Youll become a granny soon.
Dont take tension.
Listen up, everyone!
Jagmohan Babu will be gifted
a silk kurta.
We all just need to pool in
500 rupees each.
Are you all okay with it?
What about you?
Yes, sure.
Are you done yet?
Im coming in now.
Im opening the door.
Let me click a pic!
Show me...
See, youre looking so pretty!
See? Ill post it now!
No way, don't post it!
Why not?
Your Bhaiya doesn't know yet!
He doesn't know about it!
Give it to me!
I posted it! Yay!
youre Agatha Mystery!
Hey, Gogol... Gogol, come here!
What mystery?
Mystery? Well, that it is!
The mystery thickens!
Dance, song and recitation
like every year.
Anything else?
Yes, if anyone wants to do
something new, speak up.
Um, I have something to say.
If possible, can we organize
a fashion show this year?
Great idea!
We can do that! Yes!
Yes. But where will we get
the models from?
Biki is the only one
in our neighbourhood.
But you see, it's just us here...
Zip it.
Let me talk.
You see, its all meant
for the neighbourhood.
Same goes
for the fashion show.
Lets just ask which of us
want to participate.
Me! I want to participate!
Sit down, dear girl.
You cant do it.
Your figure is... I mean...
Its difficult.
Um, fine, no problem.
Biki can train everyone.
And our Rinku is great
with make-up.
She'll do everyone's make-up!
There you go!
And... the fashion show clothes...
That responsibility is Phulloras.
Thats great.
Great suggestion, Bechu da.
Im sure,
Phullora di can make
great tents, isnt it?
By the way, what will you
name your brand?
Let me suggest one.
Uh... Motamuti?
If I train you all,
Ill source in a big brand.
After all, I am THE Biki Sen.
Neither me, nor my team
will wear a local tailors work.
Right, Bechu da?
Bechu da! Why don't you walk
with me in the show?
Exactly! You, Prabal da
and Rajat da...
Walk the ramp with me!
And we will have
an all mens fashion show!
And I will be
THE showstopper! Huh?
Woah! Wont that be great?
Wait. It's just a friendly show.
All in the neighbourhood.
It's a homely fashion show.
Fat or slim, does it matter?
It doesnt matter if youre
fat or slim in a fashion show?
I see...
If it doesnt, why don't we...
prove it through Phullora di?
Right, Phullora di?
Let's show her.
Go on, Phullora.
Do it.
Just go ahead. Do it.
No big deal, come on!
Did you hear that?
You're a dream husband!
Please scoot.
From that line there...
walk up to this line, here.
Like this.
Please come, Phullora di.
Go ahead.
Come up.
You can do it. Get up.
Phullora! Phullora!
Hey, wait a second!
I'm... I'm extremely sorry!
Very sorry, my bad.
What happened?
She's taking off her shoes...
Yes. Essentials of a fashion show.
You can do it.
You see, shes not used to
wearing heels. Careful.
Dont trip and fall.
Be careful.
Do it.
She is ready!
Come on!
Walk straight! Yes!
Great, applaud please!
Bechu da, clap for her!
Look straight!
Straight! That's it...
Take it slow.
No, not from here.
From the top.
From the line I drew. Okay?
Everyone, clap for her? Come on!
Slowly. Yes.
Look straight. Yes, look up!
Very good!
Phullora, hey!
Oops! That must have hurt?
You poor thing.
Start again please.
Hey, Biki.
Hey! Youre crossing
the limit now.
But you asked me to teach her.
Start afresh every time
you trip, okay? Start afresh.
Bechu da, cheer her up, will you!
There you go.
Are you hurt?
Oh no!
Oops, poor you!
Did you twist an ankle?
You must be hurt!
Are you?
I hope now you see why,
a fashion show
isnt for the fat lot.
Right, Phullora di?
Those fishes are worth at least
600, Bechu da.
You bargain a lot these days.
Dont whine me, Tapan.
Do one thing.
Take the Rohu.
Ill give it to you for 200.
Its a Sunday.
Mutton is too costly.
The amount youre asking for...
We will have to give up
eating fish altogether.
Bachaspati, I wanted to ask you.
I hear your wife tripped over
trying to walk the ramp?
Feed her some protein.
It will give her strength.
Give him Singi fish.
No, give me this Bhetki.
You want Bhetki?
Peel the scales...
Well then...
Special attraction of our
Bengali New Year programme!
First-ever fashion show
in Dhulishohor!
Boumoni! Oh Boumoni!
Stop pestering me all the time!
Wait, just see this first!
Fashion designer Mallika Gupta
Tweeted your Insta link!
Youre right!
And look what she writes:
Miss Fatafati can change
tomorrows fashion.' There's more.
'Never seen anyone celebrate
plus-size bodies like this.
We have to rethink
about body types.
Look, other portals
have shared your pic.
And theyve written:
Who is this mysterious
Miss Fatafati?
Now we must tell your Bhaiya!
Yes, we must!
Please drive faster!
Watch your step.
Your brother is home.
How do you know?
Living room's light is turned on.
I'll give him the news.
Wheres everyone?
You mustn't tell him, I will!
Bhaiya, you know...
What happened?
Notice: Maa Tara Clothing house
closing down.
They shut down?
Why do you still look sad?
Please smile, dear.
Dont worry so much, Phullora.
Youll find a way.
Yes. You too earn, right?
Don't worry!
I don't earn enough to...
Saw what
Biki has done on Facebook?
She posted a pic with Muniya.
Beside the ramp.
With a caption: Fatsoing away!
Show me.
Shes got some guts!
And an obnoxious ego!
So what if my girl
is a bit chubby?
Don't get me started on her.
Biki is always offering lifts
to everyone. Even my husband!
Does she really own a car?
Oh chuck it!
She rents them. I know who rents
them for her outside Dhulishohor.
Shes quite shady. Really.
Forget it.
Lots of milk, 2 spoons of sugar.
Coffee for you, Laura darling.
Who is Laura?
Why, havent you heard Biki
call her? 'Phul-Laura'!
So, I called her Laura!
You're impossible!
Cheer up now, dear.
Now that our fatso gang
has come together,
how can we not raise a toast?
Cheer, we must!
Do it! Pick up the coffee cup!
Yes, pick it up!
Come on, cheers!
How much for the prawns?
And the Pabda?
And Bata?
Take the Chapra, it's nice.
Shopping on a Monday morning!
Oh yes... Every day is Sunday
for you now.
For both of us.
Nope. Im off to Kolkata.
Ive sorted it out...
And you?
Joining your wifes business?
She handles it well on her own.
Do keep a check
on the electricity bill.
Which fish do you want?
Mr Google!
The translations are going great.
Two percent students
in your school have red hair.
If there are 700 students
in the school,
how many have red hair?
how many have red hair?
Come on...
Oh my God, look!
I got a mail
from Fashionista brand.
If I put up a pic
in their XXL clothes,
Ill make 45,000
minus 10% TDS.
45,000 minus 10% TDS.
How much is that?
Its a lot.
One tight slap! Come
and check out the good news!
Show me!
This is great!
Time I told your brother now!
Once Bhaiya knows,
will Boumonis face be visible?
Here's my share.
Okay, 500 each, right?
Ill get the snacks.
Here, take my share.
Give this.
What is wrong with you?
Babu lost his job...
Has there been any trouble?
Dont worry at all.
Well pool in for your 500.
Pay it back later.
No, that's not done.
Look, its Phullora
who tailored this blouse for me.
We will buy the silk fabric.
And she'll stitch the kurta.
Wont add the making charge
to the collection.
Thats your share.
Then, you wont be sad, right?
I... You know, I...
You see, I am a fashion influ...
I... You know, I am Miss...
Mrs Phullora Bhaduri.
Nice to meet you.
God knows what she mumbles.
I'm Miss Fatafati!
Listen, I am...
I am... I am Miss Fatafati.
What is this?
You think I don't notice?
Whenever I spend money
you tuck 500 rupees in my wallet.
I counted it yesterday.
And now...
Why are you doing this?
Pitying me?
Husband lost his job, yet
youre earning. So, pitying me?
Just standing beside you.
In order to stand by me,
you must realize...
if at all it's a help
or mere insult!
Why are you doing it?
Ill serve it, sit.
Wheres everyone else?
No one is home.
Where are they?
Muniya Didi is ill.
Ma and Boumoni went there.
Asked you not to wait for dinner.
You start.
Bhaiya, wont you eat?
Eat, Ill join in.
Eat slowly.
Thank God, you came.
Neither Aruna di nor Seema boudi
were available on call.
Please dont be formal.
Just pray she recovers.
When will her dad be back?
He is out on office work.
Ive to handle this alone!
Rinku di!
Doctor said it's stomach infection
and low pressure. She'll be fine.
Get up, dear. Drink this,
youll feel okay. Come on.
She heard from Biki, you see...
that models starve themselves!
Zero figure, my foot!
She has stopped eating, aunt!
If I force her, she says
she ate out with friends.
She lies!
What if something happens to her?
We better go now. Let's go.
Ma, I think
I will stay back here, tonight.
Let me be with her?
Bye, dear.
Hey, you.
Miss Zero figure. Get up
and drink this.
Lets normalize the pressure.
Drink it.
Damn you, sick woman!
Turned my life into hell!
I work hard throughout
the month. Do you care?
I bring you the money on time.
And here you are, enjoying life!
Its all my headache, right?
My life is ruined!
All you do it eat! And
bloat up like an elephant!
You dont even care
if the girls eaten properly!
And your make-up business
is another burden!
Leave that.
Why, you doll up and click pics!
She's learning from you!
Leave that.
Irresponsible woman!
Its all my responsibility,
not yours, right?
My responsibility? Well,
that's what you're partying on!
I saved up for it.
I stay out working.
So, think you can have your way?
Even I know what work you do, dad!
I see!
Going that far!
The guts you have!
What the hell are you doing!
Don't hit Ma!
Youre to blame!
Muniya, go away!
Years ago, I shouldve
nipped it in the bud!
What a crappy marriage
this is! Ugly, talent-less wife!
One kick and...
A kick or a stick,
let the police decide.
A lawsuit will land you
in jail.
Hope you know?
I have the video.
Ill show it to the police
if Rinku di wants. Bye.
When will you come?
You have mails pouring in.
Come fast!
Until you come back
I can't reply to them.
Oh wow!
Didi, your daughter-in-law...
To be honest...
500 is too less, the making charge
of this is at least 1,000!
You ended up paying more!
Go, gift it to him.
Hail, Lord Krishna.
It's all his mercy.
Have you all taken the offerings?
Please go, eat. Eat well, please.
Brother, this is for you.
Thank you so much!
This is Jagmohan Dastidar.
Yes, tell me?
I must tell you something
if you dont mind.
Of course, please feel free.
Its such a nice gift you all
gave me, the kurta!
Money cant buy it all,
you see.
I hardly buy anything
for myself these days.
I hear the kurta is handmade
by your daughter-in-law?
Id be honoured if I could
do something for your family.
What are you saying, Sir!
An acquaintance told me,
a clothing showroom in Kolkata
has a job opening.
Your son has
years of experience.
So, I was thinking if...
he can apply... ask him to call me...
I'll let you know
where to mail his CV.
Hail, Lord Krishna.
I'd like to think I got the job
from my own caliber.
Because of my CV
or my experience.
Not someone's pity...
Arombor is a big showroom.
I saw the pics
on the internet.
Its at Garia, Mahamayatala...
If the world had so much pity,
things would be different.
I dont want to be a burden
on you, Phullora.
I couldnt survive
on peoples pity anymore.
Never imagined Ill leave
Dhulishohor one day.
I guess its better
to go to Kolkata.
Not all expressions of respect
are the same.
But classifying it as an insult...
or pity isn't justified.
Its done.
The checkered shirt is nice.
Buy branded shirts
when you reach Kolkata.
They wouldn't pay up!
Bus stand?
Put this inside please.
Hey, wait.
Bechu da, where are you off to?
Im going that way too.
Where in Kolkata?
Towards Garia.
Ah, Garia.
Im going to Esplanade.
Voila magazine?
You must have heard of them?
Im going to their office.
Ive to reach there soon.
Or else Id have dropped you.
It's okay.
Yes. Drive please.
See you.
Dont worry at all.
take care of your health.
Eat on time.
Go safely.
Take care of Ma.
work on your spellings, I...
Bhaiya, Ill practise
my spelling.
You take care.
See you.
Bless him, Goddess.
As far as you go
I will come along
But how?
But how?
Answer me, beloved
Youre moving away
Like a winter leaf
Silence falls
I stare into the distance
For an answer
Please come
Please come to me
We will flow like a river
Surging in the monsoon
Please come
Please come to me
Let me hug you
Through shade and sunshine
As far as you go
I will come along
But how?
But how?
Answer me, beloved
Youre moving away
I utter your name
By mistake
Ive lost control
On my heart
I wont let you go
So, I think
Yet, why?
Whyd I let you go?
A moist breeze from the past
That I have left behind
Why did it gush past me
When you are not beside?
Please come
Please come to me
We will flow like a river
Surging in monsoon
Please come
Please come to me
Let me hug you
Through shade and sunshine
As far as you go
I will come along
But how?
But how?
Answer me, beloved
Youre moving away
Hey! What happened?
What's wrong?
Watch out!
Pull over! Steer to the left!
Whats going on?
Careful... A flat tyre?
Let's see.
Why is he driving like this?
Do you want to kill us?
Good Lord, can't you drive slow?
Open it up.
What is it, bro?
Has it broken down?
Let us check first.
Is it the tank?
Seems so.
I told you, let's take the train!
No! You had to take the bus!
We need to fix the engine.
It will take time.
Damn it!
We don't know how long it'll take.
You can take another bus.
Let's get off.
What nonsense...
Same story every day!
Get a dry piece of cloth.
How long will you take?
It'll take time, brother.
What the hell! How can I take
another bus now?
Be responsible and put us
on another bus then?
What the hell! Huh? Give me
the bus owner's number!
How strange is this!
What do I do now? Damn!
Your engine breaks down often!
Let me help you.
Yes, please.
Thank you so much.
People are supposed to
help each other out, right?
Bechu da?
You took this bus, but how...
I reached the bus stand early, so
I took an early bus. Come on.
Ah... You see, I... Ouch!
Careful, did you hurt yourself?
Is it paining?
Im okay.
Not your fault. The path of life
isnt as smooth as the ramp, right?
You see, my car broke down
all of a sudden today, so I...
I understand.
Give me your bag.
Come on.
No, it's okay.
Come on, give it. The weight
of life shifts unpredictably.
You never know the brunt
you may have to bear.
Right, Bikiranbala?
Listen, look...
I know Esplanade is far away
from Garia, but not that far away.
Theyll take time.
I guess we should wait.
When the next bus comes,
we can go together.
Ill load your luggage onto
the next bus. It'll help you.
My car is on the way...
I'll get my luggage.
We're stranded now...
Batasha and incense.
What else?
1 kilo pack of flour
and vegetable oil.
Flour and vegetable oil.
Here. Anything else?
Do you have Koena?
Koena Mitra?
That thing Biki was looking for.
Ma, its quinoa. Not Koena.
She means quinoa.
No, aunt. I dont sell that.
Its very costly. No point.
And listen. Your due list
is getting longer.
If you dont pay now
Ill be in trouble.
Ask your son to pay on phone?
Let's go.
Ma, they said we've to pay
the session fee by the 13th.
30,000 rupees.
And theres a new rule.
Not only cheque or cash,
we can pay online too now.
No problem...
So, they kept saying that
no matter what,
no payments will be accepted after
the 13th.
So, we have to pay up by the 13th
Is it serious, doctor?
Since when is it happening?
Today is the first time
she fainted.
What kind of food
does she eat?
Of late, shes not eating well.
Soups and sherbets...
Why would she eat? She was
on a hyper-liquid diet.
Biki Didi told Ma that she can
lose weight with that diet.
She was doing that.
I understand.
Get this test done.
I think its
a sodium-potassium imbalance.
And shes talking incoherently.
Give her salt-sugar water or ORS.
Shell be fine.
Should I give her now?
Yes, you can.
You dont want to put her
in a hospital.
So, hire a nurse at home
for 20 days at least.
Because she needs
proper care now.
Besides, her age is a factor.
She was on a liquid diet.
If her pressure falls suddenly,
she could collapse any moment.
So, be careful. Hmm?
Why didnt you tell me?
Sorry, Boumoni.
Miss Fatafati is a secret
I keep for you.
Similarly, the diet was
a secret I kept for Ma.
Good Lord!
Hi, this is Biki. Biki Sen!
And here I come
with my new video for you all!
Today, we will talk about
intermittent fasting.
Complete fasting post dinner,
for 16 hours.
You have eight hours
a day, to eat. As I say,
remember, last night
what you ate.
Because you
just can't put on weight!
Reply to this mail
from Fashionista.
Write that I have one condition.
Keep my identity hidden.
dont tell your brother
about Mas condition.
He will worry there.
Okay, Miss Phulu, no tension.
This is our ground floor.
This one's for women. The floors
above are for men and kids.
All the best!
Work hard and well, okay?
And you are to report
to our manager.
Okay? Come.
Ill introduce you
to the manager. Come.
Good morning, sir.
Manager Babu.
Yes, sir?
New member of your team.
Bachaspati Bhaduri.
Listen. Explain his job to him.
Ill talk to you later.
Bachaspati, put in your best.
We need to talk later, okay?
Go on.
Gave up Dhulishohor
for Kolkata? Huh?
Look, youre an experienced
store manager.
The stock details are here...
And the electric...
I remember.
Better do.
This is where I work.
Show me.
Let me turn the camera.
Here, see!
Wow! Its a huge shop!
Isnt it? There are many more
floors above this one.
Where is Ma?
Yes, where is she?
She is praying.
Lets show Ma.
Shell be happy.
How can we show her?
She is in the loo. Bathing.
Bathing? But you just...
Okay, bye!
Huh? Hey... Hello?
They credited the money!
Yes, really!
I sent money. Got it?
I got 25,000
after all deductions.
Couldt send
more than 15,000.
Ma had some dues
at the shop.
Please take care of it.
Its going fine here.
I got the house rent to
settle for 3,000 rupees.
I need...
24 rupees for travel
every day. Not a big deal really.
24 every day, adds up to
720 each month, right?
How will you eat in Kolkata
for 6,000 rupees a month?
Its good enough for me.
You know, the showroom
is huge.
I saw it.
Arombor. I Googled it.
Yes, there are different floors
for everything.
I mean, one for the kids.
One for men.
And they have the biggest one
for women.
Lots of things!
What about fat women?
Are fat women
any less beautiful?
I dont get to talk to Ma.
How is she?
Shes good.
Wont you tell me?
Still nursing the wound?
I've stitched my wound.
Oh, welcome, superstar!
The shows a hit!
Rather, superhit!
Isnt it?
It was a good idea
to invite guests.
A nutritionist, a model.
The audience didnt reject me
because Im fat. What say?
Hence, you deserve it first.
Her husband is proud of her too!
If we pool in one more guest,
were sorted.
Who do you mean?
You tell her.
Miss Fatafati!
Not now.
Chuck that for now.
In spite of last year's recession,
our organization, Mohini & Co.
has profited quite a bit.
So, the administration wants
to put up a much grander
annual fashion show.
To increase our
brand visibility.
We must hire
a bigger venue this time.
Are we launching
a new collection?
Fall-Winter and Abhishek Duttas
clothing line is there.
What else can we...
How about an XL collection?
An XL collection? Good idea.
Won't it be nice?
Great idea!
Putting the savings account
to good use eh?
Rubbish... Let me know if you can
think of more.
Okay, sir.
Sure, sir.
Miss Fatafati, Sir.
XL model.
Shes quite famous these days.
Should we contact her?
Very good idea.
Contact her right away.
Thank you, Sir.
Ive already spoken to Sonam Ray.
The showstopper.
Coordinate with her.
Sonam Ray is a busy model.
Shes signed some films
as well.
If she comes late,
well land in trouble.
Pay her in advance.
Send in the money already.
And listen...
If this show
turns out to be a hit...
Ill look into your promotion.
Thank you, Sir!
Boumoni, 13th is the last date
to pay the school fees.
Session fees, right?
30,000 rupees?
Its sorted. Mohini & Co.
sent this mail.
Boumoni, you really are amazing!
They say, if you walk the ramp...
youll get 50,000 rupees
and youll get to go to Kolkata!
Tell them about
the precondition.
What do I write?
Theyve to send the address,
and you cant talk on phone.
They should mail you.
Ill do that.
what will you tell Bhaiya?
It'll be a surprise...
Wants to surprise her husband,
is it now!
Thank God, we didnt do
such vain things.
Our life was
much more peaceful.
why go all alone?
Tell Babu.
He'll arrange something for you.
No way, Ma.
Please dont tell him
even if he calls you.
I have something to give you.
Come here.
Ive to give you something.
A surprise!
Maam, the feature were doing
on the upcoming models...
Can we include Miss Fatafati
in it? XL models arent common.
XL model?
Yes, Maam.
As in, you want to lose weight.
But you cant, so you say,
Love my curves! Right?
Miss Fatafati has soothed
fat womens inferiority complexes.
Fashion is not
an antiseptic cream.
No honey, leave it.
cold towel?
Ah! Towel soaked in ice?
Itll be done, madam, dont worry.
chicken salad?
Madam, please speak
to my subordinate.
Bachaspati Bhaduri.
Hes in charge of it.
Okay, Madam.
It will be done...
Yes, sir.
Yes. Sonam Ray confirmed.
Hello, yes, tell me.
How are you, Bechu da?
Who is this?
Oh, come on, Bechu da.
Biki here!
Biki Sen.
Its you. I didn't realize.
I got a bit confused.
No one calls me Bechu here.
How are you doing?
Bechu da...
Its Biki. Only Biki.
You mustve heard, the show
your company is organizing...
I'll be walking the ramp there.
I got the list of the others
who are walking...
But that fat girl...
Whats her name again?
Can't you guys...
chuck her from it?
As you know, on principle,
I dont walk the ramp
with fat people.
Who will walk, who wont,
who will be hired or chucked,
its not in my hands.
Besides, the XL collection
is very important for us.
We do need a model for it.
A face.
Gaining all that weight within
such little time...
Will you be able to do it? No,
won't be possible for you, right?
She's your face?
My foot!
Shes so ashamed of her body,
she cant even show her face!
What face?
So, you came along!
Not just for the trip...
I've come for good.
Come on up!
Didnt you say...
I should think about
what is right and what isnt?
So, I gave it a thought.
Enough now.
Time to find a new way.
Hey, help me.
You're here too!
Come on!
I thought Ill come along.
My husband insisted.
I keep cooking all the time.
Let me put it here.
It's got food.
He said, Go for a trip.
So I came.
Got it? Come, sit.
Let's get going then!
Lets go!
So nice, you all came!
What about Aruna di?
Youre right... Aruna di...
Hey, why didnt Aruna di come?
Oh no...
We'll miss her a lot.
Wouldve been so much
better with all four of us.
We write our new story
Just how we like it
Reaching for the sky
From a crowded bus
Like the deity, riding the lion
With a trident in her hand!
We fight alone
We search for our life
Come on, girl!
Find your own life!
Let the world talk
Wipe your tears, come on!
Come on, girl!
Find your own life!
Let the world talk
Wipe your tears, come on!
Care a damn for the world
Spit over it and walk!
Its rules are all outdated
Spit over it and walk!
A new wind
Rowing through the sky
It's time for victory!
Hey, isn't that Aruna di?
Oh, yes!
Yes! There, look!
Where is she?
Stop the bus, please!
We don't know where it takes us
Aha, come on, let's go
Queen Phullora!
We pay no heed
To the world anymore
We surge forward
With dreams in our eyes
We shall win over your sky
We shall!
We spread our hands
Like wild wings unfolding
Look ahead
Good times are calling out to us
Oh, Phullora, dear Phullora!
We don't know
Where this road ends
Come on, surge ahead
Queen Phullora!
We don't care what the world says
Oh, Phullora, dear Phullora!
We don't know
Where this road ends
Come on, surge ahead
Queen Phullora!
We don't care what the world says
We don't see, nor indulge
In any negative feelings
We find our own way
To a 'Fatafati' life!
We don't see, nor indulge
In any negative feelings
We find our own way
To a 'Fatafati' life!
Hello, Vaishali, how are you?
Are you done? Yes... Like this.
Please hold this for a bit.
Listen, babe,
for the last show we did...
Just put this up... Huh?
Like this.
I'll quickly get back to you.
Please get me the outfit.
Anupam, we're going for top-buns?
Which base should I use?
Use this one.
Hello, looking for someone?
We're team Fatafati.
I see, please come with me.
Please come.
They've done it up so well!
This way.
Ma, look...
This way.
Let's go.
Oh wow!
Phullora, it's all for you!
You get it?
Icy cold towels. Here you go.
Bechu da.
Anything else?
Put it over here.
Come on, put it.
Come inside.
Move and hold...
And turn!
Give me the mood!
Phullora, let's go.
Come on.
Yes, let's go.
It's this way.
You've to do your make-up. Come.
Turn again, hold,
move forward...
And hold it, and turn again.
2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
Hey, Andy.
Hey, Im coming.
Hello. Wait a sec.
How are you, dear?
Im good.
Did you get the gossip?
Rita slept with my ex-boyfriend.
Listen, theres a quick change.
Im doing three for you.
And two for you.
And then youre going
to another position.
This is done.
Stop fidgeting.
Whats with you?
Are you tense?
You look so sweet!
Still worried?
Well, the enigma that your flab is!
1, 2, 3, 4. Get me
the other four girls, please.
All okay?
Any problem?
Do you want something?
Tea, coffee or cold drinks?
Madam, what about you?
Some coffee would be fine.
My coffee is like...
Lots of milk.
2 spoons of sugar, right?
So? I surprised you?
Why are you weeping?
Youll spoil your make-up...
A fat wife. Just a local tailor
from a small town.
Is this pity?
Look up.
The tear will spill over.
Here, take.
How sweet!
Had people been so pitiful,
the world would be different.
Far prettier.
Come on, fast!
Why did you assume
that I wont understand?
I know you better than you,
Take this.
Please edit your write-ups
on Miss Fatafati's account.
Those typical spelling mistakes
of Gogol!
I know them the best!
You're impossible!
There you go.
Now that youre smiling!
Wait, have your coffee. It's ready.
Buck up! You've to walk the ramp!
Anything for you all?
What a splendid collection!
Lets give a big round
of applause
for designer Abhishek Dutta!
Wow, Bechu da.
Werent you saying,
its a very big show!
Its not in your hands
to hire or chuck anyone?
Here you are,
exhibiting your fat wife!
Should I call the manager? Well,
he must know what's going on here!
Ill handle this!
Someone call the manager!
Bikiranbala, listen!
What happened?
I will tell you what happened!
Bachaspati Bhaduri brought
his fat wife to do the ramp walk.
Biki, listen...
Stop. I am talking!
A fatso will walk along
with me, and Ill allow it?
No way! Don't you know?
Dont you know
how heavy your wife is?
Shell break the stage!
None of us will be able to
walk after that.
What happened, madam?
Any problem?
Here you are. Look,
do you know her?
An amateur tailor
from a small town.
The fat wife
of Bachaspati Bhaduri.
She is not a model.
Is she not Miss Fatafati?
Yes, she is Miss Fatafati!
Is it!
But she cant walk the ramp
as a model in todays show.
Thank God!
Sonam Ray cant come.
Shes flying to Mumbai
to meet a producer.
The administration took
a last-minute decision.
The showstopper for the show
will be...
One minute!
You see if the XL collection
is a hit, more people will buy.
Hence the decision.
Please get ready.
The 2nd round will begin soon.
Best of luck, Miss Fatafati.
Thank you.
Anupam da...
Send her dress to the room.
Sure, I'm sending it.
You should get ready too,
Biki madam.
Cool down, madam.
This is your finale outfit.
Balaram da.
Thank you.
May I say something?
Youve always taunted women
of Phulloras body type.
But, is fashion
just about the body?
Its the camaraderie of fashion
and body type.
Whats success got to do
with body size, Bikiranbala?
Oil bottles, mannequins, awards,
whatever be the product,
can't we think beyond
36-24-36 women?
Sure, you can.
Mannequin, oil bottles, awards,
none have a proper face, Bechu da.
Just like her.
Will they accept your face
if you unmask yourself?
Give me my 2nd change!
Fatsoing away!
Get started, you all.
Girls up next, start walking!
They will follow you.
You know, the girls are walking
in really high heels!
They look lovely!
Dont worry.
Youll do great.
Ill go watch the show!
Ma'am, we have to go.
Oh Goddess!
Essentials of a fashion show.
Start packing the costumes
of the previous round.
It'll get messy after the show.
Damn fatso.
You cant do it... You see...
Your body type...
Its difficult.
Decorating an elephant
with a string!
I just hope now you know why
fashion shows arent for fatsos.
An amateur tailor
from a small town.
She is no model.
What happened to her?
You know how heavy your wife is!
She will break the stage!
Shouldve kicked you out
years ago!
This marriage is good for nothing!
No beauty, nor talent!
What's wrong?
No idea! May be nervous.
Will they accept your face
if you unmask yourself?
You can very well see
the size of my body.
And the size of my dreams?
Well, that is