Fatal (2010) Movie Script

Orchestral Music
Beep closing
Reactor Lighting
-I'm on top, I
You, you gonna do?
I'm on top, I
are you gonna do?
Shut your mouth
Numero uno Number one
I collect money, women
And organ donations
I rode as a ass
Every day I spend the GDP of Yemen
Can I buy Ray-Ban
My face is so well known that adorns the Savane
It is so good, the Savannah, the Savannah
Papy Brossard
I'm on top, I
You, you gonna do?
I'm on top, me
Go ahead, shut your mouth
-'' Are you gonna do?''
The last clip Fatal Bazooka
already number one in sales
as he only comes out tomorrow.
-Shut your mouth
-Z7, chain jet set!
-Hi everyone.
It's Tuesday,
it's almost the weekend.
Decidedly everything has succeeded
Fatal Bazooka.
Eighth album and eighth number one spot.
It must be said that the last emperor
nicknamed Fat Baz, F. Bazook,
F.B., F. or fff,
started well his career.
2 July the 1st 1996, he is arrested for drug trafficking
the Tour of Flanders.
-Dropped by the pack...
What's going on?
This type of incident
does not belong here.
Delgado hand on a breakaway...
Fatal -two days is incarcerated.
On leaving, he is transformed.
He met God.
-I want the uc me...
A fart neck
From the uc uc, uc of
-Fatal head tumbles into sales.
It becomes No. 1, number one, numero uno
-5 Million copies sold
and the beginning of his collaboration with the famous
producer Tony Tarba.
-This is the beginning.
-I represent hip-hop.
Yo, yo!
-Ll string of hits, the crowd unleashed
-Is there in the world,
Screaming fans
-ll sweep all the awards
Music Awards music.
Well, did you see?!
Well, did you see?
Well, have you seen...
How are you?
Laughing Beast
-Today, Fatal Bazooka is the third
Google search
after B. Britney Spears nude
and has hair.
Adored by the press,
critically acclaimed,
squats all cover upon.
-After'' Fatality'', a perfume
based on its own smell, will try
a new craze:
its own amusement park.
A park-inspired ghetto.
Already weighs-Fatal
50 million, and possesses
35 cars and 3,000 pairs of sneakers.
Not bad, coming from the ghetto.
-I dedicate to neighborhoods:
Saint-Denis, Saint-Tropez.
-Sure, Fatal,
you're right to say it.
-Misses, Stop dreaming.
found that it lacked.
Screaming fans
-Athena Novotel
heiress hotels, jet-setter
and star of the show
reality TV
'' Inside Athena''.
Or so
will stop the golden boy of music?
And that would organize a feast tonight
to celebrate his umpteenth place of No. 1?
That's all for today.
Uno Numero uno, uno, numero uno
-Make some noise!
Well, did you see?
You ended me?
-A photo?
-Yes! Great!
I am your biggest fan,
I know everything about you,
I even purchased your urine.
I put it under my pillow when I sleep
You have to go see my blog
-Young man, the artist is allowed
quiet. He is tired.
-Habib, tomato salad
onion without onion,
ketchup, mayo, harissa,
tarama, Nutella.
-Ready, Mr. Fatal.
-Tony, you came, my mouth?
-No matter what, your party!
-Or do you find these ideas to the con?
-In coke.
I love Coke.
Here, everybody walks a coke.
My new drink.
New recipe. No taurine,
but real pieces of bull.
Do not you want a taste?
You're right.
-Where are your guys?
-They prepare the session
studio tomorrow.
That's it, yes.
-If they bossent.
Work is that we.
Work, work, work.
Summer. I make sounds.
You do not hear what you say!
-Hears nothing.
-Oh, sorry.
I already said what?
Pedro I, I sounds
This-I, Bruce.
Bruce Keita
the manager of the diva.
I do everything, actually. Fatal
by Adidas, it's me.
The car rims Fatalkrome,
Fatality, the Fatalstore, it's me.
And you will cop tonight?
It's me.
-If I like working for Fatal?
That's my pay.
Herv Willard.
With a '' W'' I care.
I do not need.
My job is top:
I take care of Fatal.
But beware
I'm not that muscle.
No, no. I am primarily
On psychology.
When he is tired,
I put a bomb in the shower, and I
It's my job!
more than fart clavicles!
No picture! !
Not... of... pho... to!
No picture!
Okay, I have nothing.
-Your favorite color?
-Chou... I missed you, you know.
Chou, I have a surprise for you.
I'm naked under my bikini.
-Fucking Athena Hotel for real!
-It does what, in life?
-It's a bitch.
No, as a profession?
-It's a bitch.
Oh, lucky!
-Chou, regardless
surprises in life that will happen,
I will always have your side.
This is normal baby.
It is so romantic,
our history.
-Hi, you.
back the fuck up!
Oh, emotion, shit.
You've always been a
my side for over 2 months.
Yeah, already. This file.
You've encouraged.
To honor your beauty and your perfect taste,
I made you do... that!
Emoi then applause
Oh, how beautiful!
Oh, it's beautiful. You're crazy...
It's like...
A replica but I
-It is a statue.
-No, I think not.
But I love it!
-You have not seen everything.
This is champagne.
A woman fountain
I now raise my toast...
Electro Music
What is this shit?
Cry enjoyment
-I love that sound!
The music stops.
Singing a cappella
Oh, oh! Oh!
It will not, man?
You're too drunk?
Go and freshen up, it
you relax.
-The cops called.
null too, so I just help.
You're who you?
-I'll ringardiser soon.
-Has been.
-TH -'' So Yesterday''.
-Shhh... Let
, guys.
Is not type of guys dressed in
And his name?
Chris Prolls.
for a small Swedish bread.
John-David, Damon, Gaspard
fly off
this hillbilly parade.
-'' John-David, Damon, Gaspard,
fly off
this hillbilly parade.''
-I did that 8 years.
It repeats.
-Want to play?
Cooked prune, prune believed.
Pruneau-cooked, Pineau...
-Pinoku Laughs!
-Cooked prune, prune thought...
Cheers, T.H.
-No. You, you're a shit.
I'm number one, OK?
Numero... ?
It is the voice.
-Today, 1 8 years, 1 2 years, you do not
the difference.
And she was wearing makeup.
-You can edit sound
the helmet?
Pedro, rises Me
Forget it.
-You're a lawyer,
dmerdes you.
Offer her some flowers...
or a toy like.
I leave you.
-How I get nothing this morning.
-I have a headache
as if I had rolled over.
-This is the case.
Sorry, you were sleeping
in the garage.
Me, I pissed against your wall.
-This is not the 1st time.
-Inside, though.
Me, yesterday my friend Joao
jujitsu teacher,
slept with me.
At night, I wake up.
It was just me...
-I swear!
'' What are you doing, the?'' I said.
And he starts to cry.
'' Excuse me. It's alcohol.
I do not know what got into me.''
-You've slain?
-I told him:'' My little Joao,
me that ends
and releases from my house!''
A fly flies.
I am thirsty.
I am gonna get one...
something you drink.
-Thank you. Thank you.
Atmosphere western
Electro Music
Super album.
Listen to 4.
What's going on?
-What is he doing here?
You've asked yesterday?
or it'll suck!
-Calm down. Tarba
Music is No. 1 and should remain so. And for that,
must be prepared
And this is the future.
-You're still the pot of gel?
Oh no, it's a fake.
Pub-This is her?
I signed Chris Prolls.
Beasts Laughs
Serious. I signed
Chris Prolls. In true.
FOR or it comes out, this buffoon?
1, 79 m of pure talent.
500 000 Friends
on Facebook
and 1 00 million views on Youtube
'' Fuck you''.
It is he,
the new star of the electro-pop.
Fuck you-
The Planet is in safe
This is because of you
The planet is dying
I tell you so you have
Save the Planet!
I'm worried
for the future of the planet.
They discovered
snow at the South Pole. Did you know?
What is your age? And you?
5, 1 7, 1 30.
What bullshit.
I think this stuff is not of years,
of numbers, letters,
and all these people who talk about it.
I am a vegetarian since
1 0 years.
Neither meat, fish or egg,
any fruits and vegetables, or tofu.
Or product from the farm.
It screams.
I do not take bath.
As warthogs,
I cleaned with sand.
And I poo
in my garden.
Ldeally when it rains.
It's me.
I am proud.
It feels organic.
It smells bug, it smells yoyo.
It smells like bug-yoyo.
Damon notes.
Yoyo It smells, it smells like bug, poo
No, erase.
It is the nature that inspired me my 1st card.
This is the feast in my slim
You are all invited
This is the feast in my slim
Girl or guy, it's OK
This is not electro pop,
but if you want
a label,
Without additives.
All sounds were made from
of natural sounds
I saved myself.
The ambient sounds, the deaf...
Bad example.
This is the feast
In my slim
his evenings between'' me'' Sodomize
and its magazine, most likely because
it comes out every 3 hours,
we have the catcher
for the launch of his latest album.
-Thank you. Good morning.
Just one thing...
50 / benefits
The album will be donated
'' operation has a CD purchased, a rescued koala.''
Australia, every day, a koala
on two dies of AIDS virus.
their claws piercing the condom.
So make a move.
Buy my album'' Chris'' Jesus.
-This is a lemur.
-It's the same idea.
-In time for me.
-He suffers, he will die
-'' It's going to die.''
I'll zap.
Ah, a film of balls!
Oh, cool!
Laughing Beast
Ah la la...
I fell.
Yes, I thought
it was a boar.
This con was dressed in brown.
I barely hit.
Come check My Car...
Soundtrack of porno
So find another culprit.
I have no time.
Fuck you, finally.
You can put stronger, too.
Ll off.
-What is this?
Its high protein diet.
Double cheese, fries and sausage.
Nice day.
-Did you see the 1 st digit
the album of the cookie?
Chris Prolls. He sold as much as we
this week.
It is going to pass,
must react.
-Ll bump him
while you wank.
It is the charitable...
-I move not.
-Polar Bears, undocumented,
fair trade, it is everywhere.
Aside from the tour of motherfuckers
what do you do?
Since when you have not embraced the Kosovar
From true, that stinks disease,
not those red lights.
You might feel moving,
to carry your kids What hunger
Darfur! Ego ste ..!
Rich New!
Shows that you got a heart
or finished, our dough!
I've completed a visit to the hospital
with the press.
-All right, relax.
I will exit your charity.
It's simple.
Quake: Te-
not go there like that?
It's great, my chinchilla.
-If you do go that way,
me, I go out like that!
With my fur!
-Yeah? Honey?
I'm not your car...
-I can help you to identify?
Get dressed.
-All right, we saw nothing.
-It is sin that.
You coming?
-Chou, listening...
I would have loved, but I
during my booty-shaking.
... Otherwise, I would have come. Juror.
They are so cute, these old.
-A bunch of slackers!
today's youth!
At least
with the Germans, it went straight
Not like all those circumcised
the second boy in the family!
Sodomites! Wogs!
-Thank you very much.
-Hop hop hop! Gentlemen!
It is a room to see.
Ah, bravo!
Go... and voila!
Attention smash!
-What the hell are you doing?
-And you?
-This is my visit charity.
You're cute, you move.
-I think not.
It is mine.
I paid her colonoscopy.
-I do not care.
I offered him one day,
if he wants. Want
from colonoscopy in
with all your friends?
-You will do what?
I will do that.
-But you did what?
You're sick!
Want to play?
You'll shut your mouth!
It burns!
Not sick child to pee!
It is the picture?
It is or?
RSS electric
It was-or, Yves?
Match point for me.
Are you ready? Attention Service.
21! It's me who wins! Yeah!
The air escapes.
Yes, a smile!
-For here, Fatal!
You wanted change -image?
Ta Cracotte began.
Fortunately, he had his bike!
With patches,
he saved the bubble!
Stop, Fatal.
Your park will cost a max,
your sales soften,
but my Cracotte'''' - is
history - on the cover
Marie Claire Lesbia and Mag.
Good news, you'll be able
you again.
SuperClash you know?
electro-ladies and gentlemen,
Chris Prolls.
-It's too hard.
This is the show of the moment: 2 stars
clash and the public vote.
-The winner is...
Prolls Chris!
-Great. 55 / market share.
Instead of you Castagner
a hospital, do it on TV
-I do nothing.
I have nothing
a person has to prove.
Huh? Right.
You, your crackers and your SuperClash
Take nails and harissa,
you put them in the Beep...
and you'll do...
and well.
Beep ..
deep in your ass.
As it was put over the mouth,
I give him an appointment to
Music Awards music.
We call for a food, has the
Good evening to all!
Welcome to Z7. This is madness,
the night, tonight, the lmperial,
for the 25th edition of
Music Awards music, MAM
that reward
the whole family of music,
despite the crappy weather
brothers to the enemies of
Tarba Music.
-Fatal is your model?
-Not really.
Or the model
primitive and vulgar.
-The tarlouze said that?
A little, I fuck.
-And two small?
-There's no two small.
And Fatal Bazooka?
-Fatal Bazoo... what? Not know.
-The music is serious business.
I write with my blood, not
with mascara.
How-cohabiting you?
Laughing Beast
You see the level?
-That's the family!
My God!
is just happening!
Cris strident
is absolutely divine in a dress Vresace
spring-summer collection
201 2 accompanied by a pair of Mouloutin.
Fatal, meanwhile, has the same pair
than last year. Superstition
or lack of hygiene?
Fatal tonight
is war and love.
2 For / Recipe of MAM
serve a cause.
It is important to you?
-I have always been sensitive
-This year's event, it is
-I have always been sensitive to the ravages of
cause of children.
And this year, everyone says
that AIDS is over.
for abused children?
-They have no shame to have.
This is a very beautiful color,
Horn Protection
-Chris, a question...
This is the 1st time
we see you get together.
This is your girlfriend?
-Tawana? Not at all,
is my mother.
She was alone tonight, I would not
Last question.
Atmosphere stifled
-Fatal, you went to see my blog?
Skyblog / generationfatal /...
-Unplug me, you!
-You forgot that it is thanks to us
you're it!
is jealous of.
I-stops posting on the blog
and I blocked you on Twitter!
I hate you, Fatal!
Generic disco
Good evening to all.
Welcome to the 25th Music Awards
You start right away
1, with the award.
Betrayed by my father-
Which is actually my brother
Gin-Eva, Princess of vibes,'' Betrayed'' with
Betrayed by my dog ??who was really a bitch
-Down, I'm bad
I busted
The syringe in the arm
Fond in WC
-Gatan, the poet cursed
French song,
'' Come down with, I'm bad.''
Motherfuckers, Soil'' file''.
-The planet is in safe
It is because
of you
new star of the electro-pop
'' with'' Fuck you.
The planet is dying-
-I'm on top, I
You, you gonna do?
-Fatal Bazooka, Last Emperor
'' You're going to do what?''
-The winner is...
My man! Chris Prolls!
Extract of his song
-And the Music Award for album of the year...
best concert of the year...
The artist-the most stylish...
East has awarded...
-Thank you.
This is the consecration, the.
I do not know what to say.
-Shut up!
Laugh Soulard
-Do not worry,
it's the bad boy,
but it's a charming fellow.
'Come out, you'll see if I'm
char... Get out!
You know it makes us believe it is wicked
it comes from the ghetto.
But I learn just
he was born in Savoy.
It can not be wicked,
it grew up among the sheep.
Audience laughter
You know his name?
This is less than gangsta Fatal.
This is Robert Lafondue.
-I do not give a fuck.
-That is not to invent a Savoyard.
And Robert... Authentic!
Who is now the number...
-I can know where you come from,
dressed like that?
Ah... Baby...
Do not ask me...
No memory.
Do you remember not
of event?
-... distressing.
- In primetime.
-These images are going
-Here thy throne.
Your crown
and your knight's armor.
It's okay.
This is...
This is not me.
-Numero Uno!
-No kidding.
-It's not...
And you also want my people?
I give them all!
Go ahead, take them!
They all disgust me.
Leave me, I'm hot.
Hands, I'm invisible.
-1 5 million viewers
including 4 million children were
admire his anatomy.
His race
continued all night.
Passersby were able to unsheathe
their laptops and bring us
violent dispute between the rapper and his team.
-You are all collect!
Band Judas!
-Our reporters
lost track of him in the zoo, while Fatal would
It off.
Let direct.
I have to fire you
and cancel your contract
for serious misconduct.
I'll pay what I owe you.
Do not harass me.
Turn the page
and forget my number.
Yeah, right...
it is I who turns.
Are you gonna do? Eh?
You shut up...
Fuck up...
You shut up...
Sob big baby
worry. I am.
Everything will work out.
-No, no, no!
No, no.
-If it will get better.
-With bills to pay
of Fataland,
we do nothing, baby.
It is ruined.
-But baby... But why?
No, no, no, no.
Sorry, , cabbage. This is not
because of you, but money.
Racing unbridled
-The money?
Money, but...
I love you!
-You got it in his mouth!
Just think your wife has.
I have a lifestyle.
-In fact,
my lawyer has blocked your accounts
for divorce.
Brouhaha issues
Robert, Z7 question!
Your career ruined,
a divorce... it's hard?
You think about suicide?
And, you prostitute?
You lose your hair.
You have not a little weight?
But answer!
Robert, answer!
-Leave me alone!
Hot on the door
-People have a right to know!
-Here we go.
Well, yippee.
October 2003,
is perfect for me.
Snails, eating the dog,
candy to kiss
and sleeping...
Oh no, no baby.
Good morning, Mr. Lafondue.
We are bailiffs.
Following the non-payment of bills
Fataland of, we have
seize your property.
-Here come the Men in Black
The Galaxy Defender
It hums.
I can see your pen
Let The Beat...
'Certainly, sir.
Gentlemen, please,
Welcome to the MLB-!
You're more than in the film.
-Let's start with that.
-What are you doing?
What are you doing?!
Not! No!
I was loaned!
This is not to you nor to me!
It's not even me on!
Or are you going with this?
This is mine, mine!
I know my rights!
You can not take
what is on me.
-Empty the garage, was present.
-Cutting the lawn pump and the pool.
No, not the TV!
No-TV. While not, we do not live.
Even in prison,
they have on TV.
Thank you, Will Smith.
I've always preferred a
Tommy Lee, anyway.
How well I have had...
-All right, Jacky, you may cut off!
Oh, it sucks.
I'm outta here.
Cry Soulard
This is Biaaatch Magazine?
It disguises his voice:
Are you interested
a pipe on a star?
Fatal Bazooka
Because right now dines at Harry's
with a famous supermodel
Normal voice:
Yes, he still has the means!
Okay? Well?
Hey! But what are you doing?
-You have booked?
-It's me.
This is Fatal.
This is
-Fatal... The restaurant is closed.
Good evening.
I'm with them!
It's good, so good. I understood.
Superb voice and Piano:
-I can not remember your face
I forget thee
I do not remember
Your glance
I'll forget
Voice a cappella banal:
I can not remember your name
I forget thee
I even forgot that you were
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Voice superb
For I have Alzheimer's, I forget my life
Voice banal
No, no, no, Alzheimer
Voice superb:
If I forget thee, do not forget me
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Voice banal and rhythm:
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
-OK. Great, my darling.
what you done to us.
I had not bandaged like that long
Laughing Beast
Southern Accent:
-My pleasure.
Thank you, Bruce.
Pedro, what do you think?
-I listen to something else.
If I listen,
I'll be sick .
-This is crap!
This sucks!
Why do you remember?
I-stops not for 3 months!
Crying Babies
It is even a bum in his home.
-You lie! There is not no bum!
-I suffer too!
And I have to listen to this!
Great, my darling.
It's like attending a
-I hear you.
-And, you hear us?
Whore! Bitch! Bitch!
She screams.
Lnsultes and shouts
-Treat yourself to the realm of
A business without blushing
the wallet
In leather, buffalo, suede
Prices too much
Or this?
At Canapi
What this?
left, sofas
Right, sofas
Front, the entrance
Behind, sanitary
If you find cheaper,
Canapi offers
this pedestal mahogany
Word or I m ' ; not call Fatal Bazooka
ll just call to...
It's free!
-No! No and no!
It is understandable-not even the issue!
52 22!
It's not complicated to say!
22 -52.
And look at you.
You're not in it. Emerges
I want to see you here.
And no check!
-You would calm down.
I came, even when.
I worked.
While half.
A ticket-restaurant-then?
-Turn me this waste.
Turn it!
Not! You will not me!
You will not me!
My coffee table-...
-I got you, slice of bread.
It's Christmas.
Laugh Soulard
Bon appetit.
Slow funky sweet
Squealing tires
Ll cry.
Stifled cry
Scream and tears
'' Turn around'' Bonnie Tyler
Cry in the bubbles...
'' Turn around'' Bonnie Tyler
Oh, my rock...
-Go back then.
-It has not changed.
I still-ll
any of tartiflette hot.
-It's not much, but
this is for you.
-Oh! Of mahogany!
-Oh! But tell
see... it's perfect for the fireplace!
-It feels good to be the.
-You said it's not
when you're gone
a city,
leaving us no news.
This is not forgetting or that comes to
we become who we are, Robert
-Yeah, well...
Eminem, it is not Auvergne,
therefore could not be Fatal Savoyard.
-What is it,'''' Fatal?
-Fatal Bazooka, Mom.
My artist name...
Fatal Bazooka.
'' You saw?''
-Milka, you're the?
-Who is it?
-But you, you're who?
you, you're who?
-My companion since the death of your father
, Kim Pyongyang.
We met on
-Ll has the same pif Christelle.
Who ?
-Your father had left me a surprise
6 years she has 1.
transhumance in Scotland.
Already-small, it looked like you.
-Vite is.
It's best not to look, what.
Or when you do it...
Yeah, a little.
And Dad?
He told me a lot to be desired
-It Now
it bothers you?
Go, go dcrotter.
Sorry, but you stink.
-You stink, you pastes,
you take your ass for a trumpet!
-It's true that it whips.
-It stings the eyes.
'' In the morning, Allegro Pastorale -
'' Peer Gynt by Edvard Grieg
Okay, the sheep?
It's good, eh?
You like good?
What are you doing?
Hey, but it is not!
-You know me?
-What you doing here?
-I was a little
want a change of scenery.
-You wanted it!
Here, naked, you
effraieras not the goats
with your little humbug!
And you stay long?
-I think so.
I returned to the shepherd.
As my father.
You will not have fun.
I sang in Medellin before
80,000 drug traffickers,
3 sheep will not piss me off.
The Rest, you!
Or you go, you?
Now you come back,
-You come back!
He snores.
-Go, get up!
ll cry.
are ready to soar.
as a shepherd, I've ever seen.
A real nozzle.
Lmbattable Chris Prolls,
champion SuperClash
for a 0th consecutive time!
How far will the...
Lt-what, my kid?
He sobs.
-Moral in socks.
Ll happen.
My son is not a shepherd,
is a rapper.
Rhythm Rock
Special dedication to my mother!
For the feast
of mothers.
Fuck her mother and village
NSM, cottage cheese and
NSM and hoods
The shepherd was a bummer
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck
His mother
Come here I'm talking.
-Gone, the song!
-From the song?
It's rap!
-You'll never have anything
in life!
-You will see!
-File at home.
I return again
at home!
Lafondue-Robert, things are bad
-Ll no longer
Robert or fondue!
It's over, all that!
Big baby crying
Now I'm... I will be...
Fatal Furilax I will!
I will be
Fatal Bazooka!
'' Live'' in Greenland
Front 1 5 000 lnuits.
From the ball.
From the bomb.
My rock...
And Dad?
He died how?
It is gnashing his chair.
Do you remember the
edelweiss black?
The legend of the flower
for whoever finds?
The elders say
he pushes one every 30 years
peak of Columbine,
before the massive fuffered.
Your father,
after you been gone,
to console me,
he went too
in search of that cursed edelweiss.
And the above,
it would be attacked by...
A wild sheep.
-Ll would have devoured.
Terrible story, but life,
Good evening.
-Between. I'll show you my
It's a bit wet, but
it feels good.
The lounge.
-I play with my pussy.
-And this is my room.
Keep it for yourself,
but here I am'' remove''.
That's good.
-The Montals! The butter cookies
Ah, the Montals...
-Do not tell me you forgot.
I was always filled
As soon as your mother's back was turned I was
pipes was your father.
Yes, I remember, you picked up
tobacco everywhere.
-From Tobacco?
Ll not smoke, your father.
A table!
In one week,
you lost your flock.
I know myself,
you're not a shepherd.
-I have not lost.
This is a new management:
more freedom
responsible for...
You're not done
for dung, but
for the light.
-Oh no!
I will not return in the light. She burned down.
Broken crockery
-You annoy me to do thy weeping!
'' The light burned me...''
You've been beaten,
but it was deserved.
You were an asshole
become desireless.
Shut up!
-Retrieves your rage!
No matter that you are Savoyard.
You got it in my blood, Fatal.
Do what you can do.
Shine !
Shine to prove to you
that you did not
For your music,
Because you're a fucking guy,
name of God...
-It will not, right?
-Undress me!
-This is what I do.
Cries of pain and enjoyment
The beast is a little pig!
I'm not your mother!
-What are you doing with that?
Ll cry.
-It was too cute.
-But I have done what?
Stop, it's annoying.
Get out, go.
He cracks his bones.
His mother a whore...
It was not that difficult.
Baa roaring
echoing Shout
The clock strikes.
reclaim what's mine.
I'm going to fuck her race,
was the toast!
-I like to hear you speak thus.
You're a good Lafondue,
portrait of your father.
I have something for you.
-When you do not know where you go,
or you come to look.
The accordion-Dad!
-Ll would have liked
worry that cheeks.
-Why he forbade me
-It is something you do not know,
on your father,
a secret that he was ashamed.
-Ll was gay?
Your father had
a great passion for music.
But it was shit
-Ll is not alone.
-For real.
-When he sang,
notes he made,
will know why,
they were so low
they entered into vibration
and did relax
The scholars have called it
frequency dark.
'''' The brown note,
according to Wikipedia.
He was afraid that the same evil you hast
and you banned music.
Back-yes, but without
your team
it will be hard.
-My team?
A band of Judas who betrayed me!
Strip motherfuckers.
He coughs.
-Hi, Fatal.
-It was not us but the guy
Skyblog of!
It comes from Savoie.
-It's not fair!
It's not fair!
-Are you happy?
Come, let's go.
-Wait, let me!
Hi, guy!
-Wait for me!
At idle, very low:
Cris laughter and reunion
My friends, you've missed too.
-You too!
I nightmared.
I dreamed I killed the cats.
At the vegetable peeler!
-We missed you, bitch!
We do that again!
Big sobs
-It was horrible,
like I missed you.
Your presence, your smile
your voice, your muscular silhouette,
the smell of your skin.
Small moans
The... ?
-The... ?
Chris-I Prolls
attack on his land.
0 weeks
I mug for the jugular,
and after, I do not let go.
-Yeah, that's my Fatal, that!
-All right, that.
It's good.
And Cheap.
It's you.
The region-inspires me.
I'll make a sound,
the big potato!
Hardcore From the mountains!
Z7-But will not.
To convince the chain, must convince
Chris Prolls.
-And that will do that?
Someone seems to urinate
and moaned
-Hey, a ghost!
-I bothering you?
-Not at all.
I drink an infusion
Bulgur wild.
-I have to ask you something.
-Ll will ask you
-Athena, I see you.
-Hi, honey!
-Hi, Athena!
Okay? Well?
She laughs.
- See, I had not seen the decor!
Do you live in Little Pigs?
No, in the little slut.
-You disgust me, you got no shame
With your pudding.
-Bon. You must not think
be explained?
-Go. I'm listening.
-You first.
You got started.
-You wanna be explained.
-Honour at the new No. 1.
-You're a legend. I began.
-You're super cool.
-But that's getting teens
with clips full of sexual energy?
Who gets shirtless
under a jacket?
-You too could put in!
It is you who tear!
-It's you!
Let's SuperClash
decide for us.
-Never! Rather die!
Motherfucker, go!
Who's the boss, the?
I... Yes.
I remember?
I remember.
-Good evening and welcome to all
for SuperClash exceptional.
It's going to eat mouth
between superstar
electro-pop and rap deposed emperor.
I give you the title holder: Chris
Electronic music
style New Wave
music I
I am music
I am music
music I
I-Suls MUSlC
-Who's the boss?
It is I, the boss.
-Who's the boss?
-It's me, boss!
Stop your bullshit-.
You say anything.
We're not going to jail for
2 kg of powder!
It is no longer in the Middle Ages.
-Stop, this is mine!
-I do not
music I am music
I'm not I'm
drug drug
I do not
money I money
I believe not God I am God
I am music
-Look, my bibou.
I touched your costume.
-You will flash.
I'm in the room.
-See? You do,
this SuperClash.
It's better than the sofas...
-Tony, a few weeks ago, I would have reacted violently
But tonight I'm with my friends, I am
serene, and...
-Quick! Filming it!
Tony... Releases, you.
Rather warm, this reunion?
I'm music-
I am music
music I
I am music
I am music
music I
Coup cymbal
Or do you get all that?
-Vlib '.
-Vlib '! Great!
Jingle issue
Ladies and gentlemen,
after having
any missed and lost his clothes,
the new Robert Lafondue:
Fatal Bazooka!
Lntro has accordion
-Yeah, big
It's Fatal Bazooka
I came back, everything freshly ground
I Lafondue
With good sound from my
At home, the ; winter
It's cold
one thing to do, check it out
Hip-hop: This is the hardcore
mountains of Savoy
Dude, this is the pole North
It's colder than your fridge
Direct pharyngitis
The microbes that move
Listen, before you were hard as a frozen
I did not come to play the doting father
But a council
Fous ta hood
Or you'll have the balls
Fous ta hood
Goosebumps , runny nose
Fous ta hood
Fous ta hood
From north to south, has even Vesoul
Fous ta hood
Except Kabul
Music Bridge has accordion
How-this is crap!
You understand nothing. Genres This mixture of...
This is a visionary.
Fous ta-hood
Or you'll have cold, you'll have the balls
Fous ta hood
The goosebumps, runny nose
Fous ta hood
From north to south, even has Vesoul
Fous ta hood
Except Kabul
A faith!
-Fatal Bazooka!
It's back!
What a pleasure! It's beautiful,
this show that I produce!
Choose the winner by sending SMS to 7 7 7 7!
1 5 euros off
SMS cost charged by the operator.
See you after the pub,
weather, pub, smart house,
re-advertising, self promotion,
race results, pub!
All right, Robert?
Not too tired?
9 am, has your age, you should be lying
When you spent a TV,
it was in black and white
belong to you in the twentieth century
You did your time
You're phony, corny
You're yesterday
Y You're
You're so yesterday
Even your wife, Athena
Now, she sleeps with me
It explodes in my bed
= = More than you
Because you're far from the bazooka
We saw you without your baggy
Mic, mic, mic, micro-penis
.. .
-Species fieet!
-Balance the sound, Dad.
Hip-hop slow
I just plant my stick
Put the powder in my gun
In the dance, we know
bend your legs
ll not understand
The Chris Prolls
In dance, we know
bend your legs
Hip-hop : Put yourself
a knee when you speak to a legend
If you had the uc
You know it is not small
The string that Athena has forgotten
the bank where she learned a lot
Distribution of galleys
You occupy yourself Athena
And I, your mother
= = Your mother, I'm going
invite him to dinner
Your mother, I'm gonna let it pay
Your mother, I will invite him to dinner
Your mother, I'm gonna let it pay
And you know what?
After, I never recall
-Were told not moms.
You shall remember it.
Cris and cheers from the crowd
-It's great! Go!
The atmosphere is electric here.
But who will win this SuperClash?
You decide
by sending SMS to a maximum of 7 7 7 7!
The room is quiet.
Blood, cheap shots,
that's what you want?
If you zap?
Piano accompaniment
You as you are responsible
of lowering the level below.
Finally, him or me,
same thing.
It is part of your purchases.
The Kleenex throw
-Not even in the correct bin
and more!
The paper is in yellow.
-You're also responsible.
You lick, then you lynched.
'' It's people
who want to see that!''
-You're right, Fatal.
I'm a shit.
-You too!
Ll cares, your mouth
and ours.
'True, I'm an asshole.
-We are all responsible.
Me too. I ran
glory after forgetting my dignity.
I forgot that important
in music
is the music.
I know I deserve better than that.
He too.
You are worth all better than that!
Can we still hope in humanity
-Wow! It was great moving...
But we go back to business.
Because it is unprecedented in
equality perfect!
9453660 SMS
I leave you
into euro.
And gentlemen, please.
Shut up, please.
To separate them,
have recourse to the ultimate test.
For you tonight, a torture
extreme vocalization.
The fight naked voice!
Vibrato on the'' ic''
You say in what?
-Go, my rock.
Go, my rock.
You're a good Lafondue goes.
The spitting image of your poor father
Your father was a secret.
-When you do not know where you go,
or you come to look.
-Fini music, Robert.
-Your father was afraid
that you hast the same evil.
His throat
coming down gradually in the lower
Ll catch your breath.
-That's all you got?
Crowd laughs
Oh, how often dark...
-What do you say that?
Ll cry.
-Ladies and gentlemen, Chris
threw in the towel.
So Fatal Bazooka
SuperClash who wins!
What a comeback
for MC Mountain
which returns the number Uno!
This is exceptional,
what is happening here tonight.
You were there.
-Ll won!
This is my rock!
This is my son who won!
Lucien! Lucien, he won!
And it pisses everyone!
Like you!
-Not in my bag, even when!
-Oh, the cow!
-General orgy!
Whoa! Go!
I'm happy for you.
You're a good guy.
But even when I hate you.
-No. I hate you.
Why ask me?
-To splash
you with my happiness.
Why did you get?
-To make you shit.
I got you, huh?
Lntro jazzy
-When you met me as I attended
The bitches, but more than hustlers
You have opened my heart without anesthesia
And since , wow, I saw
I want
we left on vacation in Lisbon
We adopt a Viet
and good
We will walk naked in the rain
No longer will
For I am a
Everything inside you
I entered
I found my way
Deep inside you
Now there is a piece of me
Deep inside of you
This is hot And sweet
I feel at home
I want to stay ever
-Or this?
-Deep inside you
Deep inside of you
I entered I found my way
Deep inside of you
Now there's a piece of me
Deep inside you
It is warm and soft
And I feel at home
I want to stay ever
-Deep inside of you
It is I who had it,
it's me!
-Fatal! Fatal!
-I want the uc
A fart in my neck
Still of
Give me uc
Always the uc
With or without juice
= = That's my thing
I want the uc
-Fatal, what do you want?
What do you want?
-If you love water aerobics
Join my dream team
Even if you're androgynous
This is not a crime
We will not airconditioned
Forget your diet
Your slip or your Sun
It will turn even a flim
In my slim
This is the feast in my slim
There's no set entry
= = This is the feast in my slim
This is what you will kiffer
This is the feast in my slim
-You smoke Gitanes
I, of Habanos
I wash with champagne
You drink herbal tea
I am not a megalomaniac
I am a megalomaniac, man
I'm on top, I
You, you gonna do?
Go ahead, shut your mouth
I'm on top, I
You, you gonna do?
I'm on top, me
Shut your mouth
McDonald's plastic-
toxic Mosquito
Worry politic
billion and money
Disappearance of the pandas
The Planet is in safe
This is because of you
The planet is dying
I tell you so you have
lntro Voice
.. .
Betrayed by my father-
Which is actually my brother
My boyfriend slept with my mother
Betrayed by my dog ??who was actually a bitch
betrays me I hate
-Down, I'm bad
I busted
The syringe in the arm in the toilet
Descend, I'm bad
My arm is gangrenous
I think it will fall
Down, I'm bad
-Treat yourself to the realm of
= Cases without =
blush the wallet
leather, buffalo, suede
Prices are too good
-Or this?
On the left, sofas
Right, sofas
front, the entrance
Behind, sanitary
-Finally, special dedication
a closet in those
or are in the Hereafter.
-Sure, Fatal.
-It must be said.
-We salute those watching from a closet
or beyond
always so faithful.
It's from the ghetto?
No, sunflower.
We feel well-
the ghetto.
-Ll should spit the skin.
What are you waiting for, the?
The movie is over.
Go ahead, your mother comes home.
Good. Have you seen?