Fatal Defense (2017) Movie Script

[continues coughing]
How are you feeling?
No, I'm not feeling so good.
Oh, you're hot too.
Do you want some water?
Yes, please.
Okay, baby.
[ominous music]
[suspenseful music]
[chair clatters]
[both grunting and gasping]
Mom, are you okay?
Please. Please.
No, no, no, no.
That's my baby girl.
Please don't hurt her.
She's expecting me
to bring her some...
some water.
Please, let me...
let me go to her.
Be smart.
It's okay, babe.
I just hit my leg
on a table, honey.
I'll be right up, okay?
That's a good girl.
Okay, now,
if you try anything stupid...
Here, drink this.
Are you okay, Mom?
It's nothing, baby.
Just, um,
I hit my leg pretty hard
on the table.
They need to make softer wood.
Like pillows?
It could come from pillow trees.
You know all about trees, Mom.
You should invent pillow trees.
I should.
What was that?
Nothing, baby,
I think the heater.
Babe, drink... drink
some more water, okay?
Okay, let me put this back.
Are you okay?
I want you to get
some sleep, okay?
It's the only way
you're gonna get well, yeah.
Stay in bed.
Love you.
I love you too, Mommy.
If you wanted
to do that earlier,
you should have tried it.
I like a fight.
You don't have to do this.
You could... you can take
anything you want.
Please, please don't...
don't hurt her.
- It's time to be quiet.
- I don't...
See, now you're helpless,
and I can do anything I want,
anything at all.
Okay, something
to remember you by.
Oh, my gosh!
Honey, baby, you okay?
Oh, my...
[whimpers indistinctly]
Oh, come here.
Come here.
[indistinct police radio
Burglars usually avoid
breaking into houses
where the owners are still home,
but this individual seems
to be making a habit of it.
He's hit about half a dozen
other houses in the area.
Why? Why... why does he want
to do it like that?
I think he's getting
a kick out of it.
It's a control, power trip.
He definitely...
he definitely liked the...
he liked the control, I think.
It was awful.
It was awf... did you...
did anyone speak to my sister?
How are you doing?
I just need to ask you a couple
of questions about last night.
I haven't even offered you
anything to drink.
I'm so sorry.
Do you want some coffee?
No, no, thanks.
Somebody should be
taking care of you.
Your sister'll be here soon,
and, um, look,
you should just relax.
No, if... if I relax,
if I slow down,
I'm gonna go crazy.
I'm gonna lose my mind.
I... did you want coffee?
I'm sorry.
Yeah, maybe tea.
I'm sorry.
I just imagined that cops
like dark, cheap coffee.
Maybe it's some
sort of stereotype,
or maybe it's...
I like tea.
When we really love someone,
we learn how to fight.
What do you mean?
My father started drinking hard
when I was about
eight years old.
He was a mean drunk.
He started beating up my mother.
I felt helpless.
What could I do?
I was eight years old,
but I started telling myself,
"Soon as I get big enough,
I will make sure
that he stops doing that."
So every year got worse.
I wondered if I would
ever get big enough
or if we were even
gonna survive,
but eventually I got big enough,
and I made sure
that he never did it again.
[teapot whistling]
Did you know that hot tea
can reach over 200 degrees?
Hey, Robert.
You know where
my sister's working today?
Uh, yeah, she's back
by the walking path.
[cell phone ringing]
Okay, all right, thank you.
[delicate music]
[birds singing]
Yeah, I am.
I'm with her.
I'm with her right now.
Okay, I got to go.
Keep me posted.
Arden, I'm so sorry.
I'm so, so sorry I couldn't do
the crime scene photographs.
The detectives were worried
about the chain of evidence
and me being your sister, and...
No, no, it's okay.
It was fine.
They were really good
and really sweet
with Emma and me, so.
How's Emma?
She's terrified.
She didn't see him, thank God,
but she saw me tied up.
It was...
it was awful.
Well, she's a tough girl.
She's gonna be okay.
Speaking of, how are you?
I don't know.
I don't know how I am.
It's okay to let it out.
I mean, I keep reliving it
over and over again.
It's natural.
Gwen, I was so helpless.
I mean, I'd...
I'd fight him,
and he... he always
stayed in control,
and I'm realizing
that it's been like that
my whole life.
You've always
been the strong one.
I... I'm tired of being weak,
the weak one.
Okay, but you can
learn how to defend yourself.
You have it in you.
I know you do.
Don't be afraid.
You just have to take action.
You got to get a gun.
I'm not gonna get a gun.
You know how I feel about guns.
I'm not gonna have a gun
in my house with Emma, no way.
Okay, well, then you got
to learn how to fight back
with your hands.
Look, there's nothing that is
gonna empower you more than
if you kick the crap
out of somebody.
Okay, well,
how about this place? Look.
No, no,
this is tournaments and belts.
You just need somebody
that's gonna teach you
how to fight dirty
and mess somebody up
if they're coming after you.
- Me fight dirty, really?
- Yeah.
- Dirty?
- Let me see.
[laughs mockingly] No.
I mean, what's wrong
with a little eye candy
to help motivate you?
No, actually, and look, see,
this is one of these, like,
take-no-prisoner, get-it-done
self-defense kind of guys.
It's actually exactly
what you need.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
Okay, guys,
so your attacker
has you by the arms like this.
The way you're gonna get out is,
you're gonna roll out towards
the thumb with your forearm.
That's your weak link, right?
Let's show them, Rory.
Come on.
Come on, make it tighter.
Squeeze it.
Squeeze it, Rory.
Come on.
Show them how you're
gonna stop me, squeeze.
Is that the best you've got?
Come on, Marine!
Come on!
Get it!
Get it!
- [grunts]
- Nothing.
That was sad.
Drop and give me 50.
All right, guys,
now, you remember,
your attacker's not gonna be
a pushover like Rory here,
but I promise you
if you drill the technique,
I don't care how big, I don't
care how strong they are,
it will work, all right?
Look, let me show you.
What you need to do,
you need to rotate
this real hard towards that
because the move here
is breaking...
- I think you take out the...
- He isn't so big, right?
When he grabs down on you
like that, his itty-bitty thumb
can't hold back the power
of your whole arm, right?
Let's see it.
There you go.
All right?
Work it, guys.
Work it.
I'm Logan.
Um, I'm Arden.
I... I haven't signed up yet
or anything.
Oh, that's okay.
I... I'd like to just
put my purse down.
- You feel threatened?
- Yes.
- You feel scared?
- Just please let me go, okay?
Come on. You're gonna have
to try a lot harder than that.
- No, I...
- Arden, get out of this.
What's the matter with you?
- Let me go.
- Can't you get away?
What's the matter with you?
Are you panicking? Huh?
- Please just let go of me.
- Huh?
See, that's what
he's gonna tell you.
He's gonna tell you to stop.
He's gonna tell you
to calm down.
That's okay. Calm down,
'cause while he thinks
he has you where he wants you,
you can be
collecting your thoughts.
You get calm.
You start thinking.
You start remembering
your training.
Breathe. Breathe.
- I... but I...
- Breathe.
- I don't have any training.
- What's your training?
- Please.
- What's your training?
- I don't have any training.
- Just do it.
There you go. There.
That's perfect.
That was really great.
That was really great.
You did great.
Guys, you see that?
Come on, let me see.
See these marks on her wrists?
I didn't go soft on her.
I went full force.
Still able to hold me off.
That was good.
Everybody give her
a round of applause.
Come on.
All right, all right,
not too much, right?
It's her first day.
But she did good.
But this isn't a circus.
What you learn in here
is the difference
between life and death.
It is the difference
between you being a victim
or you sending your attacker
to the hospital.
Why don't we bow in here?
We don't bow in here
because we do not
show respect to our opponents
out there.
They are a predator.
It is your job
to show them that,
without a shadow of a doubt,
you aren't prey.
Get going.
So how'd it go?
It was good, I guess.
I mean, Logan seems to know
what he's doing.
Logan, huh?
Logan, he asked us
to call him Logan.
No, I'm... I'm not giving you
a hard time.
I mean, he's definitely good.
He's just very, very intense.
Intense? Like, what
do you mean, intense?
He... he sort of yells at you,
and all the fighting,
it's just a little bit too
much combat for me right now.
I just feel... I felt
a little overwhelmed.
I don't know if I'm ready.
[shrieking] Mommy!
I had a nightmare.
Oh, sweetheart, I'm sorry.
I was at home by myself,
and there was this wolf
chasing me,
and I kept calling your name,
but you wouldn't come,
so I ran in the living room,
and I saw you tied up
like before.
You couldn't help me, so I hid,
and I could hear the wolf.
Sweetheart, I'm so sorry.
It was just a bad dream,
though, okay?
I'm safe. You're safe.
You're okay.
Is the bad man gonna
come back, Mommy?
No, he's not,
I promise you, okay?
How do you know?
Well, 'cause it
would be dangerous
for him if he came back.
I mean, the police
would catch him.
What if the police aren't here?
I wish Daddy came back.
I know you do.
I know.
Will he ever come back?
I don't think so, baby.
Why not?
Did I do something?
No, no, no, no, no.
You never did anything wrong.
Look, Daddy and I
just love differently.
I mean, he thought love was
arguing and fighting,
and I think love should be
more harmonious, you know?
Like what we have.
Do you understand?
Sort of.
I guess what I'm trying to say
is that...
Daddy and I were the problem.
You have never,
ever been the problem.
So if Daddy's not coming back,
who's gonna protect us then?
We can protect ourselves.
Get out of that bed.
Let me show you something.
Come on.
Say somebody grabbed you
like that.
Now, would you pull?
See? I have control,
so pull your hand.
- Yes.
- [laughs]
Now, kick me in the stomach
and say, "Stop!"
[indistinct speech, grunts]
[upbeat music]
[smacking and grunting]
[smacking and grunting]
- Punch.
- Punch?
[smacking and grunting]
[upbeat music continues]
- Go. Good.
- Okay.
- Good.
- Okay.
Look at you.
You managed to impress me
a little bit.
That's high praises
coming from you.
I'm not that mean.
Oh, no, you're mean,
terribly mean.
[both laugh]
I'm horrible.
Okay, so why'd you come back?
What do you mean?
I mean I could tell
when you first came in you
weren't very sure about me.
You weren't sure
about my methods.
I think I just wanted to be
pushed out of my comfort zone,
- that's all.
- Oh, wow.
I'm glad you came back.
Yeah, me too.
You know you have
a fighter's spirit?
You do.
I mean, I can see it.
I can see you try and hide it,
but it's there.
That's so funny.
I mean, I actually broke up
with my ex-husband
because, I don't know,
he thought we needed
to fight more.
I mean, not fight
like this, but...
Well, you know, around here
we're not really looking
for the fight,
but sometimes
the fight comes to you,
and you need to be ready for it.
Guess you're right.
Wow, I'm sorry to pry,
but is this your wife?
She's... she's beautiful.
Yeah, yeah, she was.
What do you mean, "was?"
She died...
a few years ago.
Oh, my gosh.
I, um...
I'm... I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to...
Don't be. It's okay.
How about we call it a night?
Yeah, no, of c...
of course.
All right, see you later.
I'll see you later.
I didn't know what to say.
I mean...
So are you deciding, then,
to stick with the class?
Yeah, I think I am.
I mean, it's hard.
I'm super sore, and he's tough,
but, um, I'm learning so much,
you know? I feel...
Yeah, no, no,
I heard all about it.
Emma told me all about
your training sessions.
Well, at least she'll never
have a problem with bullies.
So you're sticking with it
because he's tough?
- Or...
- Yes.
I can't think
of any other reason
that I would be taking classes
from Sergeant Sexy.
- Sergeant Sexy?
- [laughs]
What is it?
Gwen, look...
look outside.
What is it, Ar?
Just, um...
somebody's out there, Gwen.
- Where?
- Right there, Gwen!
Just look.
I don't see anything.
There's a breeze...
And it's moving the trees.
It could be that.
Just right there by the...
by the tree line, look.
It's okay to call
and play it safe.
Am I making things up now?
No, no, the cops won't care
if you call
and it turns out to be nothing.
It's only natural.
No, I don't want
to be that person.
No, I'll stay
the night with you.
You're all right.
It's gonna be okay.
- Gwen, am I losing my mind?
- No, no.
We're gonna get through this.
It just takes time.
Okay. Okay.
[sinister music]
- Can you see the difference?
- Yeah.
That one's a little
bit smaller, right?
It's about 10 feet in diameter.
So we have three
different varieties
of oak trees
growing here in this park.
Right there we have
the Adelman Oak,
which is kind of
what you think of most
when you think of an oak tree,
It's big and sturdy.
And over there we have
the California Scrub Oak.
And down here
is the English Oak.
Here, I'll show you.
Watch your step.
Careful, oh... oh, careful!
Are you okay?
Yeah. I don't know
what happened.
I'm not usually that clumsy.
That's all right.
That's okay.
Well, actually, this is
a really good learning lesson.
Let me show you.
So see here on top the leaves
are really dry,
so it looks like
they're safe to walk on,
but if you
dig a little deeper...
[leaves rustling]
You can see that
what was in the shade
is still holding on
to that morning dew,
that moisture,
which makes it rot,
which makes it slippery.
You guys, thank you so much.
It was so nice to spend the day
with you today.
How did you find me?
Well, you know,
I take a great interest
in all of my students.
[laughs] Oh, really?
I Google stalked you.
- Really?
- Just a little bit.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
Yeah, well, you know what?
I just... I saw you worked
at this beautiful spot,
and I have never been here,
and I thought, "Well,
you know, maybe...
maybe she wants
to get some lunch."
Well, then it was perfect
timing 'cause I'm starving.
You must love working here.
Oh, I do.
Isn't it beautiful?
I mean, this is my office.
How'd you get into this?
Well, I grew up in New York City
- on the Lower East Side.
- Mm.
There's not a lot
of nature there,
so I'd go up to Central Park
every chance I had.
There's this, like, series of
trails there called the Ramble.
I'd spend hours and hours there.
I guess it just helped me forget
that I lived in the city,
you know?
It helped me forget
all my problems.
That sounds great.
Yeah, it was awesome.
It still astounds me
that a park like that
can exist in a city
like New York City, you know?
I don't know;
I used to go there so much,
I got to know the head arborist,
and he showed me
everything he knew.
I mean, he taught me
all about the different birds
and the different trees
that live there.
My father had just passed away,
so Mr. Crohn was like
a second father to me.
Well, I... I totally
understand that, you know?
I mean, I grew up
in the foster system,
so I spent my whole life
looking for a family.
Come in.
How'd he get past
your security system?
Oh, it's new, you know?
I know, nothing like
shutting the barn door
after the horse got out, right?
As long as it
makes you feel safe.
I actually thought
I saw somebody
out there the other night.
It just pushed me
to get it installed.
Out there?
I'm sure it was just, you know.
It's not like the thief
would come back
to the scene
of the crime, right?
Well, you never know
what they're thinking,
but you have
good instincts, Arden.
I trust them.
Do you want some wine or...
Yeah, yeah, wine is good.
This your daughter?
It is.
Oh, I wish you could meet her.
She's having a play date
with a girlfriend.
- She's adorable.
- She is.
So where's Dad?
He sort of, um,
disappeared out of our lives.
We haven't seen him
in about a year and a half.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
He got remarried to a lawyer,
so I'm sure they get
to argue a lot together.
She got pregnant really fast,
and they started a new family.
It was almost like
he just wanted to forget
that we ever existed.
Yeah, see, I don't get that.
I don't know how you could
just forget about your family.
Must be really hard
trying to live without her.
That's where the bullet
left my body.
What bullet?
Well, the truth is,
my wife didn't just die, Arden.
She was murdered.
I'm... Logan, I'm sorry.
- I didn't know.
- No.
We don't have to talk about it.
Arden, it's okay.
I can talk about it...
with you.
We used to go camping
in the mountains a lot.
Every weekend was like
an anniversary.
There was no TV, no phones,
no Internet.
We were very happy.
Then one weekend there was this
car on the side of the road.
So I slowed down to see
if he needed anything,
had some engine trouble,
needed help.
But he didn't.
- I'm gonna check this out.
- Okay.
You need some help?
Yes, I do.
Start walking down the hill.
You don't have to do this.
- Down the hill.
- Come on.
I'm gonna be taking your car...
And what's in it.
No. No, Logan.
Logan, no.
Run, get out!
No, Logan!
I was lucky.
There was campers
that heard the gunshots,
so the paramedics came,
and they got to me
before I bled out.
They found Marie
facedown in the dirt.
Logan, that's, um...
That's awful.
I'm so sorry.
They caught the guy.
After that, I swore to myself
that I would never be
a victim ever again.
And as I've gotten better
at what I do,
it's become my mission
to make sure that nobody else
is ever one either.
You look fantastic.
Thank you.
You really are special, Arden.
What are you doing?
[door shuts, engine turns over]
[engine revs]
[loud thudding]
Let me out!
Please let me out.
Is that the best
you can do, is beg?
You beg, Arden?
They could kill you
at any minute, Arden!
They could kill you!
They could take
whatever they wanted!
[engine revs]
Logan, let me out.
Do you know that an American
traveling abroad
is more likely to be kidnapped
than a soldier in a combat zone?
What are you gonna do, Arden?
I'm not a soldier
in a combat zone, Logan.
Let me out.
This is crazy.
Do you think a kidnapper
would let you go
just because you asked?
Come on, Arden,
remember what I taught you, huh?
Remember your training, babe.
Logan, let me out!
The first minute
is vital, Arden.
It's your best chance to escape.
You're close to people.
You're close to the road.
Maybe if you get the trunk open,
somebody on the road
will see you.
Every minute that goes past,
your chances get smaller.
This is crazy, Logan.
Let me out.
[loud thud]
[tires screech]
[ignition clicking]
[keys jingle]
[lock clicks]
[suspenseful music]
Okay, look, all right,
you're zip-tied.
Now, what are you gonna do?
What are you gonna do?
What, you're upset?
Why, 'cause I tied it
behind your back?
Arden, you have narrow hands,
so what does that mean?
Okay, and that's
all you've got to do,
is you just have
to twist them and...
This is insane.
This is insane, Logan.
Let me go right now.
Tuck your hands together,
and you twist,
and you slide, and that's it.
You need to untie me
right now, Logan.
Wait, it is a dangerous world
out there, Arden,
and you should know
that better than anyone.
Please let me go.
Please, just...
[sighs] Turn around.
Turn around.
Look, you're special, Arden.
You have the potential
to be the best,
and then you're never
gonna be afraid,
not ever, not ever again.
You are psychotic!
You can't do this to people!
I know.
I know it was a little intense,
but you're okay now,
and I'm gonna work with you.
I'm gonna show you.
God, oh, no.
You're psychotic.
I don't ever
want to see you again.
Arden, come on.
I have to drive you home.
Arden, come on.
Get back in the car.
I'm calling the police.
You're calling the police?
I'm just trying
to help you, Arden!
Can't you see that?
Don't you get it?
I promise, I'm gonna
keep trying to help you...
No matter what!
[distant traffic din]
No, it wasn't kidnapping.
It was training.
I just thought
Arden understood that.
Well, that's not
the way she saw it.
It's not the way the law
sees it either.
Oh, no, no,
this is a huge misunderstanding.
Actually, I have documentation
right here.
Yeah, she signed this.
A release form?
I have all my students
who work with me sign it.
Um, it says
that I have extreme methods,
and that might include
mock kidnapping.
Well, just because
you have it written
in the small print
doesn't make it okay
for you to lock people
in your trunk.
I was just trying to teach her
how to protect herself.
Ah, it's a big,
dangerous world, huh?
Yes, it is.
I'm gonna need you
to stay in town
for the next 48 hours.
Somebody from my office
is gonna contact you
to get a proper statement.
I totally understand.
I'm gonna keep this.
Please, go on.
I just hope that Arden
understands someday
that I was trying to help her.
You're a helpful guy.
[sinister music]
[sinister music continues]
I've already
failed twice, Arden.
Please don't be my third.
Ms. Walsh, I talked
to Logan Chase, and, um,
I'll try to get
that restraining order for you,
but I got to tell you,
the waiver that you signed,
it's pretty bulletproof,
so I'll do what I can,
but no promises.
- Thank you.
- You got it.
[mechanical clatter]
- What are you doing here?
- [gasps]
I'm just here to read the meter!
I'm sorry.
You need help.
I don't get paid
enough for this.
No! Stop!
No! Stop!
[both grunting and gasping]
No, no, no!
No, no, no!
No. No, no.
[phone clicks, beeps]
[line trilling]
[phone buzzing and ringing]
It's me, Aunt Gwen.
Emma, wh... are you okay?
Did something happen?
No, not really.
It's... it's just, um...
Mommy's been having nightmares.
She's, like,
crying in her sleep.
Oh, sweetheart.
Are you okay?
I guess.
It's got to be
really scary, huh?
Do you want me to come over?
No, I... I don't want Mommy
to know I'm worried because
then she'll be worried
that she's making me worried,
and then...
Right, I understand.
How about this?
I'll come over tomorrow
after school,
and we'll talk about it, okay?
You're a brave girl, Emma.
It's gonna be okay,
okay, sweetheart?
Go back to sleep.
I love you.
Love you too.
[phone beeps]
[birds singing]
[woman shrieks]
No, no, no.
No, Logan, please don't!
Logan, no!
Let me out!
No! No! Log... help!
Oh, my God.
Oh, no, I need to make more.
Pause it.
Um, any word
from Detective Banks?
[microwave buttons beeping]
Um, yeah, we got
the restraining order,
but the DA says
it's gonna be tricky
because I signed
that release form,
and there's all this fine print.
[engine turns over]
[camera shutter clicking]
[metallic clanking, creaking]
[drill whirring]
[drill whirring]
[lock clicking]
[latch clicks]
[drill whirs]
[grunts and thuds]
You picked the wrong house
to break into, buddy.
Why do you watch them?
You take photos?
Are you a cop?
No, I'm not a cop,
just an interested party.
Well, take your party
somewhere else.
[smacking and grunting]
[bones crack]
[knife clatters]
[smacking and grunting]
What do you want?
You want the jewelry?
Go ahead, take it!
Just get the hell out of here!
No, first I want you
to answer my questions.
After you hit a place,
you come back and watch.
Can I?
Be my guest.
I like to see
how they've changed.
Changed how?
I don't know.
They've been going through life
thinking that the worst thing
that'd ever happen to them
was that
some stockbroker dumped them
for his 20-year-old secretary,
and then I come along,
and I teach them
how bad life really can get.
It's addictive.
So after I rob them, I go back,
and I watch,
but even if they do think
they see something,
they think it's just
their nerves,
or they call the cops,
and the cops think
they're imagining things
because why would I come back
just to watch?
And that is an amazing
power trip, man.
You ever get caught?
Not usually.
What does this got to do
with you anyway, man?
The woman whose house
you were in
last night, Arden Walsh?
I need to undermine
her credibility.
So I've arranged
to float some rumors
about Arden maybe
using illegal drugs.
[plastic bag rustles]
So there's gonna be
a knock on her door
in the morning
by the authorities.
I want you to plant these
in her bedroom closet.
Top shelf,
way in the back,
and you're gonna have
to do it tonight
while she's asleep so that
there's no chance she discovers
them before the police
come a-knocking
in the morning.
So I got to go into her
bedroom while she's asleep
and not wake her
while I'm knocking
around her junk?
Is that a problem?
Oh, not really,
but she has... she's got
a security system now.
This is the code.
Memorize it and burn it.
Okay, compensation.
There's a mirror image of these
on the other side
when you finish.
I guess it'll do.
Hey, hey, one more thing.
And this is not negotiable.
Breaking into her house,
going into her bedroom
while she's asleep is high risk.
I'm not going back to prison.
So if she wakes up,
I got to do what I got to do.
Fair enough.
[lock clicking]
[security console beeping]
[keypad beeps]
[beeping stops]
[Emma coughs]
[Emma coughs]
[door creaks quietly]
[plastic bag rustles]
[phone rings]
[phone rings]
[phone continues ringing]
[both grunting]
[phone continues ringing]
[both grunting]
[bones crunch, man screams]
[both grunting]
Leave her alone!
Go in your room
and lock the door!
[both grunting]
[smacking and grunting]
[bones crunch, man screams]
No, no, no.
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Mom, you kicked his butt.
[door clicks shut]
Because she needed to be tested.
What is wrong with you?
You son of a bitch, she...
she broke my arm!
I taught her that move.
Oh, you taught...
Get out of my house!
Get out.
Get out.
So the security company says
someone entered your residence,
and they put the code
into the keypad.
Okay, that's impossible.
The security system's new.
Nobody has the code.
Okay, you're sure that nobody
saw you punch in the code?
Logan saw it.
He saw it the other day
when we came to the house.
Oh, my God.
It's Logan.
Somebody called me right when
the thief was in my bedroom.
But what would his motive be?
He's testing me.
He's always testing me.
This is the kind of man this is.
He's dangerous.
Look, we're taking this very,
very seriously,
but I have got to do it
by the book.
While you do it by the book,
my daughter
and I are just
supposed to sit here
and wait for him to come back?
No, you reprogram the code,
and you keep your eyes open
for anything suspicious.
You hear anything,
you see anything, you call us,
and for God's sake,
don't give your code to anybody.
Thank you.
Change the code.
This is enough, Logan.
The police and I both know
that you sent that thief back
into my house
for the second time.
That's right.
I told you
your instincts are sharp.
He attacked me.
And you sent him home
with a broken arm.
That's very impressive.
Are you insane?
He could have killed me.
He could have hurt Emma.
No, no, no, no.
Don't forget this, Arden.
I taught you
everything you know.
I did not teach you
everything that I know.
You're insane.
You know
I'm gonna call the police.
Police aren't gonna
do anything for you,
and that's what
I'm trying to teach you.
You need to learn
that you need to fight
the big battles by yourself.
Please leave me alone.
Please leave me alone.
Arden, trust me.
Trust me.
You don't want to wake up in the
middle of the night sweating
because you couldn't
save your little girl.
You don't want that.
You don't want to have to know
that you're gonna watch
the person you love
the most on this earth die
right in front of you.
You don't want that, do you?
I passed your test.
I did.
Please, you don't...
you don't need to
train me anymore, okay?
- [clicks tongue]
- [gasps]
Yes, I do, Arden.
I could have killed you
right here...
But we're just getting started.
[engine revving]
[whistle blows]
Great backhand, guys.
Emma, run and grab that ball.
Good job.
- You got it?
- Whoo!
- I got it.
- Cindy, good job.
Detective Banks,
it's... it's Arden Walsh again.
I just wanted to call
and see if you found Logan.
Oh, Ms. Walsh,
we sent a car to his home.
We sent a car to his work,
and he's not at either place.
So we're trying,
but we're not sure
where he is right now.
Um, I'm concerned
that you might be in danger,
and you shouldn't be
staying at your home.
Do you have somewhere that
you and your daughter can go?
Yeah, I can stay
with my sister. I'm...
Well, stay with her, and as soon
as we bring this freak in,
we'll let you know.
Thank you.
[phone rings]
Are you okay?
No, I'm not okay, Gwen.
This whole thing
is making me super paranoid.
I'm working a homicide case
up on Summit Avenue.
[sighs] Look, Arden,
I think I got your robber.
Why do you think that?
Bald guy, about 5'10",
broken arm.
Yeah, I mean, it could be.
Looks like he's got
a makeshift sling on his finger.
But wait.
Did you say homicide?
Is he dead?
His throat is crushed, Arden.
You didn't...
No, no, no, no, no, no, I did...
I didn't do anyth...
I beat him up pretty bad,
but he ran out of here.
I mean, he was very much alive.
I bet you it was Logan.
Oh, my God.
He had somebody
come in my house.
Why would he do that?
I bet you he killed him too.
I bet you he killed him
just to shut him up.
Oh, my God.
Okay, you know what?
That's gonna be tough to prove.
He's a murderer, Gwen.
I knew he was dangerous.
I didn't know
he was capable of this.
He was...
he was in my back seat today.
Are you kidding me?
Are you okay?
I'm gonna be just fine.
I just, uh...
I think he actually believes
that he's still training me.
Banks says she doesn't
even know where he is.
I mean, he's so good,
the police can't even find him.
You know what?
This is bad.
You and Emma have to come
to my house tonight.
Gwen, I need you
to go pick up Emma
from school, okay?
I'm gonna stay here.
I'm gonna pack a few things,
but I... I need you to pick her up
and take her straight
to your house, okay?
He's not gonna let up.
He's not.
You know, I'm gonna...
I'm gonna have to...
I'm gonna have
to find him myself.
I c... I can't
let him test me again.
I'm not gonna be
scared of him anymore.
I am not gonna be scared, Gwen.
No, Arden.
You have to stay away from him.
You have to promise me, Arden.
Promise me you will
let the police do their job.
Do you promise?
I love you.
Arden, please.
Let the p...
[phone beeps]
Good job, Cindy.
[whistle blows]
Oh, my God.
[engine revs]
[tires squealing]
[whistle blows]
Bring it in, everyone.
Come on.
Hustle up. Hustle up.
Great job out there.
All right, good job.
Guess what's next.
all: What?
Time for some cross-country.
One lap.
[kids groaning]
Come on.
Get your racquet.
[engine revving]
Put the racquets away.
Let's go!
High knees, high knees, go.
- Here we go.
- Come on.
[kids shouting indistinctly]
[tires screech]
[kids shouting indistinctly]
Come on, Cindy.
Come on.
You can do it.
Come on, Cindy.
You're doing great.
[tires screech]
[whistle blows]
Are you Emma's mom?
Where is she?
The man, he took her
and then gave me this.
Then they ran.
Okay, okay, look at me.
- You're safe now.
- Emma!
Go to the coach.
Wait, wait.
Cindy, listen to me.
Tell them that Emma's mom
came and picked her up, okay?
- Are you sure?
- Emma!
Where are you guys?
I need you to trust me, okay?
It's the only way
we're gonna keep her safe.
Come on back.
Over here!
[dramatic music]
Okay, okay.
[engine revs]
[tires squeal]
[engine revs]
[school bell rings]
[kids shouting indistinctly]
Hey, Coach,
I'm here to pick up Emma.
That's what
we were just talking about.
Is there something wrong?
Cindy told me Arden
already came by
and picked Emma up.
Thing is, no one saw
her leaving with Emma.
Who did Emma go with, Cindy?
She went with her mom.
We were doing our final lap
around the courts.
Emma and Cindy
got a little behind.
When I came back, Emma was gone.
- [sighs]
- Cindy told me
Emma's mom picked her up
right there on the trail.
Doesn't sound like Arden.
I checked in with
the front office.
There's no record of her
signing Emma out,
but some teachers
said they saw Arden run back
to her car and take off.
Cindy, when was the last time
that you saw Emma?
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
What is this?
[phone ringing]
Logan, I'm here.
Where's Emma?
You haven't found me yet.
You're just getting close.
What do you want from me?
I... I don't know what else
you want from me.
You... you're not training me.
You killed the man
that attacked me.
I... I don't know
what else to do here, okay?
Just tell me what to do.
Look where? I...
Look where, Logan?
You don't understand.
There's one final test.
But if you fail now, Emma dies.
Don't you put a freaking
hand on her.
If you touch her, I swear
to God, Logan, I'll kill you.
Do you understand me?
You don't understand me.
I will kill her, Arden.
Find me.
Sweetheart, this is
really important.
Were you with Emma?
Cindy, what's going on?
I promised not to tell.
You promised not to tell what?
Cindy, listen.
You're not in any trouble, okay?
We all just want Emma
to be safe.
So right now it's important
that you tell us the truth.
This man came out of the woods
and took her.
I was gonna tell you,
but Emma's mom said not to
or she might get hurt.
- It's all right.
- Is she gonna get Emmy hurt?
Hi, Gw... Gwen Walsh
from forensics,
I need, uh, Detective Banks
as soon as you can, please.
- Are you sure?
- Take her back to the office
and tell the school
to go on lockdown.
Come on.
It's all right.
Detective Banks,
my niece has been kidnapped.
I think Arden's
been dragged into it.
Let's get an APB out
on Logan Chase right away,
and we need to find Ms. Walsh.
Her sister hasn't seen her.
And Ms. Walsh is not
answering her cell phone.
All right,
we'll send a patrol car
to Ms. Walsh's house.
Where are you gonna be?
I think I'm gonna check out
Logan Chase's warehouse.
Ten-four. We'll let you know
if anyone spots him.
Mr. Chase,
it's Detective Banks!
[paper rustles]
[tires squeal]
[Emma shrieks]
Get me out of here.
He... he took me from school.
He... he... he took me and...
- Okay, where is he?
- I don't know.
[gunshot, Emma screams]
Stay down.
Stay down.
When I was lying on the ground
bleeding that day...
[gun clicks]
All I wanted to do was die.
But then I realized
I had to stop
what happened to Marie
from happening to other people.
I had to make sure
that people were prepared!
I had to help.
I had a purpose again.
- Don't leave me alone.
- Shh.
You hate me now.
Okay, I need you
to do me a favor.
I need you to stay right here,
okay? I want you to hide,
and don't come out of here
no matter what you hear.
No, I'm coming with you.
Look, I'm gonna
take care of this,
but the only way I can do that
is if I know that you're safe.
Stay right here.
Okay, Mommy.
Look at me.
Look at me.
I've got this.
This isn't what I want, Arden.
This is your final test, Arden.
You're gonna have to earn
your way out of this forest.
[gunshot, Arden yelps]
But I won't hold back
or make it easy for you
because the world
won't make it easy for you.
You disappointed me, Arden,
but I'll give you
one last chance.
Why don't you show me
what you got?
[thuds, yelps]
[both grunt]
[smacking and grunting]
[bones crunch, Logan screams]
[smacking and grunting]
Mom, you did it!
Mommy, look out!
[indistinct police radio
I taught you, Arden.
I taught you well.
[gurney clatters, Logan grunts]
Ms. Walsh,
how are you two doing?
Is it over now, Mommy?
Yeah, baby, it's over.
[people chattering indistinctly]
Whoo, yeah.
Great, that's what I...
that's exactly
what I was talking
about last week. Good job.
- Thank you.
- Good.
Guys, this looks great.
You guys have been practicing
since last week.
I'm impressed.
It looks really good.
Um, look, I just wanted
to share with you, um,
well, when I first started
taking self-defense classes,
I came into the room
feeling frightened and helpless.
But I promise you
if you keep coming here,
you will feel empowered.
You will feel stronger.
I also want to remind you
that the strength
doesn't come from here.
It comes from here, right?
It's about rediscovering
the confidence and the courage
that you've had inside
all along.
Okay, so let's do it again.
Come on.
[people chattering indistinctly]
Yes, great.
[uplifting music]