Fatal Fixer Upper (2024) Movie Script

[helicopter blades whirring]
[crickets chirping]
[suspenseful music]
[door creaks]
[nail gun thumping]
[saw buzzing]
[drill whirring]
[electronic beeping]
[dramatic music]
[roger] so, this is it.
[vivian] this is it.
Do you like it?
What's not to like?
It's wonderful.
It's beautiful.
So...When does ryan see it?
But we've been looking
At photos online for days.
Why do I hear
a little apprehension?
It's just...
It's so expensive, dad.
I thought you two were saving.
[vivian] we have.
We are.
It's...It's a big decision.
[roger] all right. Well...
Maybe I can help and contribute
To the williams family
homestead fund...
[laughs] thanks, dad.
I couldn't ask that of you.
One, you didn't ask.
Two, I'm your father.
What are fathers for?
You've helped enough
over the years.
If we want this house,
we have to work on it.
[chuckles] your mother
would be so proud of you.
I know.
I wish she was here to see it.
I know. Me too, sweetheart.
[sandy] excuse. Oh.
Vivian, your showing
isn't until tomorrow.
I was just driving by
with my dad
And I wanted to show him
the house.
-Sandy casper.
-Hi. Uh, roger fields.
Uh, well, normally, I'd be happy
to let you look early,
But there's another couple
in there.
I was just heading to my car
to give them some privacy.
[vivian] it's okay.
I wasn't expecting
to see the house anyway.
Well, in that case, look away.
I will just leave you to it.
Do you own a home, mr. Fields?
[chuckles] it's roger.
And yes, I do.
If you ever think about selling,
You get my number
from vivian here.
Will do.
Bye, guys.
You ready to go, dad?
-if you are.
I just...I really
don't wanna get my hopes up.
I'm starting to fall in love
with this place.
-[suspenseful music]
-[camera whirring]
It's yours. Relax. You got it.
[vivian] okay.
[camera whirrs]
I hope we're not late.
Relax. I'm sure sandy's
just taken the cookies
Out of the oven.
It's an old realtor trick.
You have fresh cookies baking
-So it smells like home.
-How would you know that?
You've never bought
a house before.
All right. Stop worrying.
I have a good feeling
about this one.
Well, that's what you said
about the last one.
And then we found out
it had a septic tank
And no central air.
Just have some faith.
All right?
You know the best part
about a new house?
All the new rooms to christen.
Hi, guys.
Wait until you see the inside.
Come on.
What I love about this room
is how light it is.
Because of the placement
of the windows,
No matter where the sun is,
it's light and bright.
I can't over this crown molding.
It's extraordinary.
Well, I told you
about the owner, didn't I?
Well, he inherited it
from his parents.
It's been in his family
for years.
And he's very particular.
-About the house.
And who buys it.
Let's head upstairs.
As you can see,
The bedroom
has lots of light also.
And, um, plenty of room
for his and hers.
-Mostly hers.
As in every marriage.
You'll find out.
I really love this color.
Well, the owner
has excellent taste.
Wait until you see the bathroom.
Come on, guys.
The owner has recently
made some upgrades.
I assure you, nothing major
that requires a disclosure.
This house was built to last.
[suspenseful music]
what's the catch, sandy?
No catch.
The owner is moving
to the desert, I believe.
And he's not looking
to make a huge profit.
He just wants to wrap
the deal up quickly.
You're ready for a cash offer?
Yeah. We've been saving
for a while now.
That's good. That will help.
I just still
can't get over the price.
[sandy] I know.
He could get a little more
out of it...
But he's really not interested
In wringing every dollar
he can out of it.
He just wants to make the deal.
And then
there are the minor repairs.
Well, I don't love
how you keep mentioning that.
I swear on my realtor's oath,
it's nothing big at all.
Small things like that faucet
in the main bathroom.
And I'm confident
that the owner will come
And do those fixes himself
before you guys even move in.
So what do you think?
Make the deal.
[suspenseful music]
[josh] how did it go?
Oh. Josh, you scared me.
I saw we had
some prospective buyers.
Yeah. Josh, you really
shouldn't come here unannounced.
It's not appropriate.
They didn't see me.
So what'd they say?
-They want it.
-[josh] good.
So make the deal.
I said make the deal.
Josh, we still have
a handful of showings
And if we get enough interest,
it could spark a bidding war.
You said they want it, right?
Well, I want her to have it.
You know, we can go back to them
and probably bump up the price.
The first offer's
always the best.
Make the deal.
Josh, as your realtor,
It's incumbent upon me
To give you
my professional opinion.
I really think
we could get more.
-I know--
-whose house is this, sandy?
It your house obviously.
[josh] and who do you work for?
I work for you, josh.
Then do what I ask!
She should have this house.
[dramatic music]
[birds chirping]
I saw the
"for sale" on the lawn.
Look, josh,
we wanted to give you some time
After michelle left,
but we were worried.
You're worried?
About both of you.
We're fine, jill.
What happened?
If you don't mind me asking.
-I do.
I do mind you asking.
I don't wanna pry,
but I've always liked michelle--
Don't talk to me
about my personal life, jill.
No, uh, I didn't meant
to get into your personal--
Things would be
a lot better around here
If people just minded
their own business.
[baby cooing]
[suspenseful music]
[slow music]
-[man] there you go.
-Thank you.
There you are.
I was calling you.
What's wrong?
[ryan] still can't believe
this is really ours.
Yup. All we have to do now
Is clean it, decorate it,
Upgrade some of the appliances.
-Oh, stop!
-Come on, help me unpack.
[suspenseful music]
Can unpacking wait?
What did you have in mind?
[suspenseful music]
[crickets chirping]
How much time
did you take off work?
I told 'em
I'd be out the whole week.
And they were okay with that?
Nobody wants to say no
to the youngest vp of sales
In the company's history.
No, they were fine
and, believe me,
I have plenty
of vacation time banked.
Can we go to the hardware store
first thing in the morning?
I have a million things
I wanna do.
Okay. Just remember,
As good of a deal
as we got on this place,
We poured most of our savings
into it, all right?
Meaning what?
Meaning we can't do
everything right away.
I won't tear down the walls.
Besides, sandy said
the old owner of the house
Has to come by
to fix a few things.
Oh, well,
I'll believe that when I see it.
It seems to me that...
[distant rumbling]
Did you hear that?
Hear what?
-That sound.
-What sound?
-I don't hear any--
[distant rattling]
You sure you didn't hear that?
It's just the house settling.
Okay, we may have moved in
but this is not a new house.
Okay. I just meant that
We're not used
to its sounds yet.
It took us a while to get used
to our last apartment too.
Our apartment
didn't have any noises.
Oh, really?
You're telling me
that the landeckers
Who lived above us
didn't make any noise?
Okay, well, those were
more predictable noises
That happened at the same time.
-Every night.
All right. All I'm saying is,
in a few days,
You wouldn't even notice it,
all right?
[crickets chirping]
[suspenseful music]
[camera whirring]
[distant rattling]
[vivian sighs]
[floor creaks]
[suspenseful music]
All right.
[ryan sighs]
[brad] hey!
-Brad parsons.
-[ryan] oh.
My family and I
live right over there.
Ryan williams.
My wife and I just moved in.
[brad] yeah, I know.
We saw you unloading
But we didn't wanna interrupt.
To be honest, we didn't wanna be
recruited to help.
No. But seriously,
if you need anything,
Don't hesitate to ask.
No, I appreciate that.
Is it just you and your wife?
Oh, no. We got one in diapers.
I know, I know.
Well got a late start.
No, not yet.
I didn't think so.
You look too well-rested.
You know, it's nice to get some
new blood in the neighborhood.
With prices so high now,
It's hard to attract
young families.
-Sorry, I don't wanna keep you,
But once you guys
get settled in,
Please come on by.
I know jill
would love to meet you.
Will do. Thanks, brad.
Oh, I didn't hear you come in.
Let me tell you,
those wall anchors...Ah!
[suspenseful music]
[ryan] are you all right?
Well, who the hell are you?
I'm josh thomas.
Sandy, your realtor,
didn't tell you I was coming by?
I used to live in this house.
Oh, she did,
but you don't knock?
No, I did. I swear.
I thought that because you knew
I was coming by that...
I'm sorry.
It was stupid.
Can we--can we just start over?
-[breathes deeply]
Guess there's no harm done.
Ryan williams.
This is my wife, vivian.
Anyway, uh,
like I was trying to say,
I'm afraid I left
a few things undone here.
I recently fixed the faucets,
not just here, but upstairs too.
And I used
the wrong kind of sealant.
I really just wanted
to leave the place
In perfect condition
for you guys.
Do you want a drink?
The realtor mentioned
That you were moving
to the desert.
Well, I don't know
if I'd say desert
But, ah, I'm moving to utah.
My brother has
a construction company there.
It's a growing area
and he can use some help.
So you're
in the construction business?
Assistant project manager.
Mostly commercial sites.
If you don't mind me asking,
why are you leaving?
Sandy said
this was your family home.
[josh] yeah, I grew up here,
Then I lived here
with my fiance.
Recently, I lost her.
She was my first love.
I'm so sorry. I...
-I had no idea.
-[josh] thank you.
It hasn't been easy.
I feel like I could use
a fresh start.
[ryan] I don't blame you.
Uh, by the way, the realtor said
That there were still
a few things that needed fixing?
It's not much. I promise.
You'll see once you get into it.
[chuckles] ryan?
Ryan couldn't change
a light bulb
-If his life depended on it.
You're not very handy
around the house?
Well, apparently,
someone doesn't think so.
But to be fair, I've never
really had the opportunity.
We've only lived in apartments.
Look, I don't wanna
put you guys on the spot,
But I'm not leaving for utah
for a few weeks yet.
I'd be happy to spend some time
fixing up the house for you.
Why would you do that?
I mean, most people
when they sell their house,
They can't wait to get out.
[josh] you're probably right.
But, that's not how I do things.
When I leave something,
I wanna leave it
in better condition
Than when I found it.
I don't know...
I just charge for you
the cost of materials.
I know this house
better than anyone.
The bones are good.
It doesn't even need much.
And I promise you won't find
better craftsmanship.
After all, I had
a lot of good memories here.
I'm sorry.
This must be so hard for you.
This house,
it wasn't just a project for me.
It was my home.
[dramatic music]
-I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to scare you.
I just wanted
to introduce myself.
I'm jill parsons.
My husband met yours
earlier today.
Oh, right, right.
He told me.
How are you?
Just fine.
Oh, baby monitor.
The little one's taking a nap.
-You have kids?
-Yeah, just one.
Eighteen months.
I know. We got busy.
-The clock was ticking.
I don't know
how you get any sleep.
-I don't.
-I would invite you inside but--
-yeah, sorry.
Brad and I will have you guys
come over so soon. It just...
It's been so hectic over here
with this little one.
I can imagine.
I was actually
gonna stop by earlier.
I was walking
the baby in the stroller
And I thought
I saw you in the house.
Oh, I wasn't home today.
Oh, I saw someone in the window.
Probably your husband then.
He wasn't home either.
Then probably a shadow.
Just a trick of the light.
Listen, it's not like
I'm all too sharp these days,
Mommy brain and all.
Oh, I will let you
put those away,
But it was really nice
to meet you.
I think you're really
gonna like this neighborhood.
Thank you, jill.
-We'll see each other soon.
Great. Bye.
[suspenseful music]
[crow cawing]
[ryan] you get any work
done on the house today?
Not nearly
as much as I wanted to,
But I did make a list.
Josh called though.
He said he's coming tomorrow
To fix a few things.
You ever wonder...
If he's so keen
on fixing everything,
Why did he sell so quickly?
He said it.
He wanted a change,
And he did get a good offer.
But it wasn't a good offer.
At least not as good of a one
as he could have gotten?
Maybe he didn't want the hassle.
I mean,
he is moving out of state.
-We're lucky he did it.
Let's not look
a gift horse in the mouth.
Ryan, did you come home today?
No. Why?
I don't know.
Jill, the neighbor,
Said she saw someone inside.
Well, obviously she didn't.
Yeah, obviously.
Just make sure josh really knows
what he's doing, all right?
What do you mean?
I mean, he said he's plenty
But I can see him
starting a project
And then we have
to call a professional
Just for them to finish it.
He does this for a living.
I'm sure
he knows his limitations.
[dramatic music]
[birds chirping]
How's everything going?
It's just fine.
I'm almost finished.
You didn't update this kitchen
all by yourself, did you?
Yeah. I'm not that talented.
I'm more of what you'd call
an amateur handyman.
Well, that's a good skill
to have.
Like I told you last time,
ryan doesn't even know
How to use a hammer.
Well, I never had
much of a choice.
You know, my dad
taught me most of this stuff
When I was just a kid.
Oh, was he in construction too?
-Among other odd jobs.
Men of his generation,
They were just good
with their hands.
My mother used to say
It's what attracted her to him.
Oh, I meant to ask you.
What's the deal with the attic?
Is it just for storage
Or can I do something with it?
Not much to see up there.
It's mostly dust and insulation,
I imagine.
I wouldn't even know
how to get up there now.
Well, there's a door
in the ceiling
In the back
of the walk-in closet.
We never used it.
It's probably rusted through
Or painted over at this point.
Okay. Well,
shout if you need anything.
I'm gonna do some errands.
Will you be here
when I get back?
Yeah, depends how long.
I have a few other things
I gotta get done.
Okay. Bye.
Hi, josh. It's dr. Shaw.
You missed
your appointment this week.
I just wanna make sure
you're okay.
Please call me back as soon
as you can, on my cell.
I'm a little worried about you.
[phone beeps]
-[keys jangling]
[birds chirping]
[water pouring]
[suspenseful music]
Oh, you're back.
I grabbed the shower.
I hope you don't mind.
No, no, it's fine.
You sure you're okay?
All right. Goodbye.
-[door closes]
[vivian] in here.
You okay?
Why does everyone
keep asking me that?
Who is everyone?
-[sighs] huh.
What'd you think?
Josh fixed it.
Looks good, I guess.
So, dinner or...
I haven't even thought about it.
Are you sure you're okay?
[dramatic music]
[suspenseful music]
That was exhausting.
Good thing
I am a strapping young lad.
Oh, I couldn't agree more.
I am feeling it a bit
more than I used to though.
Josh, I don't know
how to thank you.
You don't have to thank me.
You're paying me.
Oh, yeah.
Well, we're not paying you
Nearly as much as you deserve.
We both know that.
I'm not leaving
for utah just yet.
If I wasn't working,
I'd be going crazy
Trying to find something to do.
It's a win-win.
Well, I just want you to know
how much we appreciate it.
Uh, let's just say
you owe me one.
You know,
I've meaning to ask you,
Where are you staying
now that you've sold this house?
Oh, um, sandy found me a place.
An apartment downtown
I rent by the week.
Reminds me
of where I met my fiance.
[dramatic music]
Josh, what happened
to your fiance?
If you don't wanna talk
about it,
I completely understand.
No, that's fine.
It's probably good
for me to talk about it.
It's just hard.
I'm so sorry.
Ryan! I didn't hear you come in.
Hello, josh.
Hey, ryan. It's good to see you.
Should I join you?
No, no. I have to get goin'.
Ryan, you should see
what josh did.
I assume
the invoice will be itemized?
Nah, it was nothing.
It makes me feel good,
just knowing the house
Is in better condition
than when I owned it.
Don't worry, there's not much
upkeep to anything.
Vivian will show you
everything you need to do.
And, thanks to the beer.
[suspenseful music]
-[scoffs] what? Really?
Oh, come on.
You can't be serious.
I mean, I don't know.
I come home from work
And my wife's having beers
with the handyman.
Oh, he's not just a handyman.
He was doing us a favor.
And you know how much
this place means to him.
I'm just teasing.
So he really did do a good job?
Oh, he did a great job.
Let me show you.
[siren wailing]
[crickets chirping]
[josh] I grabbed the shower.
[suspenseful music]
[wood creaking]
[sandy] is there a problem
with the house?
Oh, no, no.
The house is great, sandy.
Oh, good.
You had me worried for a minute.
I actually wanted
to talk about josh.
-[vivian] yeah.
How well do you know him?
he's a client, that's all.
Did something happen?
No, no, no. He's just been doing
Some minor work at the house,
Like you said.
I was just...
Honestly, I don't know
what I was thinking.
I, uh, heard you found him
a place before he moves?
-What do you mean?
-Before he moves to utah.
He said he has a place downtown.
He may,
but I didn't find it for him.
Do you know where he's staying?
I have no idea.
I have his number.
Oh, no, no. I have it.
He's still doing
some work for us.
-Thank you.
Of course.
[car alarm beeps]
[suspenseful music]
-Uh, shower's not working.
[screwdriver creaking]
Thank you.
Let's get you a new shirt.
Sorry everything's
still unorganized,
But let me get one
of ryan's t-shirts.
I don't know
if your husband's shirts
Are gonna fit me.
[dramatic music]
Ryan and I,
his cousin and his wife.
Ryan's parents died
when he was a teenager,
So casey's been like an older
brother to him ever since.
They're actually coming over
for the barbecue tomorrow.
It's time we show off the place.
It's too bad
you're going to utah.
You would've really liked them.
They're good people.
Yeah. Well, they say there's
plenty of good work out there.
I thought you were working
with your brother?
Yeah. I mean, after that.
Well, I'm sure
you will land on your feet.
I should go.
Wait, josh, we still
haven't paid you for everything.
I'll send you the invoice.
[suspenseful music]
[baby cooing]
[baby crying]
[josh] sandy.
[sandy] what are you doing here?
I saw vivian williams
went into your office today.
I hope there was nothing wrong
with the house.
Aren't you still doing some work
for them?
-What did she want?
-I'm sorry.
My conversations
with my clients are--
-I'm your client!
-That is true.
But my conversation
with ms. Williams
Is confidential.
That being said,
I'm sure if there was an issue
she would bring it up to you.
I just wanna know
why she stopped by.
[sandy] did you tell
ms. Williams
That I found an apartment
for you?
-Did she say that?
-Did you?
I'm sorry.
My conversations
with vivian williams
Are confidential.
Okay. Well, if you don't want
anything else--
Oh, but I do.
[screaming] help! Somebody help!
[dr. Shaw] so is your mind
still spinning at night
Or are you able to sleep?
I haven't been getting
that much sleep lately.
And have you been doing
your mindfulness exercises?
I've been trying
to live in the moment.
That's good. And?
And it's not working.
Sorry to hear that.
Why do you think that is?
The white bear problem.
I'm sorry, what?
You're telling me
you're a psychiatrist,
And you're not familiar
with the white bear problem?
Dostoevsky came up with it.
Basically, the more you try
not to think of something,
Say, a white bear,
The more you're compelled
to think about it.
I don't really
see how that applies
-To what we're doing.
-The more I try
Not to think about her,
to forget her,
The more I just can't get her
out of my head.
That doesn't matter anymore.
Oh? Why is that?
I found someone.
You seem surprised.
This face hasn't broken
that many mirrors, dr. Shaw.
Okay. That's not what
I meant, josh, and you know it.
It's just that
you've been so consumed
With your ex-fiance,
I didn't expect you to be--
That I'd ever find someone else?
I didn't say that.
So, tell me about her.
She's a special woman, dr. Shaw.
A very special woman.
[siren wailing]
I actually thought he still
had a few more things to do
But, he said he was finished.
I'm glad he's done.
Never trusted that guy.
Why? Because he gave us
A deal of a lifetime
or because he went above
And beyond
with what he promised?
You're pretty defensive.
I'm not defensive.
I'm just trying to point out
That there's no reason
to dislike him.
Vivian, what?
I said nothing.
So you paid him and everything?
He emailed me the invoice.
And he'll pick up
the check this weekend.
[knocks on door]
Uh, ryan.
-I was expecting vivian.
I just came
to pick up the check.
I sent vivian the invoice.
Well, I control our checkbook.
You know,
I looked at the bill
as well and it was fair.
A little too fair actually.
Almost like
you had an ulterior motive.
You happy with the work?
Oh, yeah. No. The work is fine.
You know,
you did a commendable job.
And you would know, right?
You know, josh,
I'm gonna say this
As politely as I can.
I don't ever
wanna see you again.
Why would you? My work is done.
I'm gonna miss working
with vivian, ryan.
She has excellent taste.
Better than I think
she realizes.
You know, I've known my wife
for a long time, josh.
You're not her type.
Enjoy your new home, ryan.
I'm sure you'll have
just as many
Happy memories here as we did.
Are you sure hotdogs
and hamburgers
Are gonna be enough?
What do you mean?
Well, should we not throw in
Some fish or chicken
on the grill?
Hotdogs and burgers are fine.
It's just casey and eliza.
You're right. I don't know.
We just...
We've never entertained
like this before.
-It just feels so adult.
-What are you talking about?
We had parties
at our apartment all the time.
Yeah, but that wasn't our home.
I mean,
it was our home at the time.
Plus, you're overthinking this,
It's not like we're entertaining
the king of England.
[chuckles] I know. I just...
I want everyone
to have a good time.
They will.
I promise, all right?
[birds chirping]
[ryan] well,
I have to admit, casey,
-I thought you made a mistake.
-[eliza] all is good.
I mean, I told vivian
you'd miss it after a month.
[scoffs] miss what?
Catching the same handful
of perps
And then seeing them
on the street the next day?
Or, uh, ia constantly on my ass?
No, no, no.
It's gotta be
the 36-hour shifts, right?
Those I miss. Oh.
I'm just saying,
you know, being a cop,
It's in our family's blood.
Well, you didn't join
law enforcement.
[ryan] well, I know,
But I mean, your father,
his brothers.
What about your pension?
If you make him change his mind,
ryan, I'll kill you.
No, babe,
don't worry about that.
The pension was tough
and the health insurance.
-But, uh, you know,
Working for a private
security company
-You get some perks too.
-Like what?
Spying on cheating spouses
for hours?
That's only a fraction
of what I do.
Majority of the time,
it's, uh, insurance fraud.
-And that, it's pretty exciting.
And a lot less dangerous, right,
than being on the streets?
I didn't know
private investigators did that.
Yeah, well,
the insurance companies
Had their own internal division.
But, you know,
with the way things are
With cost cutting, they started
farming out some of the work.
-[casey] I got into this
At the perfect time.
-[vivian] uh-hmm.
And now that he's not
on the streets,
-I can sleep at night.
-Yeah. [chuckles]
[josh] hello, hello.
I brought red
and I brought bubbly
Because I didn't know
what you were serving.
Uh, josh,
what are you doing here?
Well, when you mentioned
barbecue earlier,
I made a note to try
and make it,
But I'm a little late,
I'm afraid.
Uh, I'm sorry. I'm josh thomas.
Casey hansen.
This is my wife, eliza.
So, what do you two think
of the new house?
We love it.
We've been trying
to get these two
Moved to the suburbs for years.
Uh, we actually
bought the house from josh.
I'm surprised
you wanted to give it up.
It's absolutely lovely.
Well, I'm just glad
it's in good hands now.
I don't know
if vivian told you guys
But, I worked
on some of the upgrades.
Yeah. Josh has been
very generous with his talents.
Nah. I enjoy it.
So, casey,
are you in sales like ryan?
-Uh, private security.
-Wow. That sounds dangerous.
Well, it's more like
private investigation.
And what do you do now?
Private investigation.
Well, nowadays,
everyone has their secrets.
Josh, can I talk to you
in private for a moment?
Of course.
When I get back,
I'll uncork those for you.
[suspenseful music]
You moved the corkscrew.
I used to keep it over here.
What the hell
do you think you're doing?
-What do you mean?
-[ryan] all right.
-Don't play games with me, josh.
-[josh] ryan,
I have no earthly idea
what you're talking about.
-Just showing up here uninvited?
I already said,
vivian mentioned it earlier.
I can't imagine
why she'd bring it up
If she didn't want me to come.
Well, I'm sure
she mentioned it in passing.
Well, I bet we can clear this
all up and we just ask her.
-Get your hand off me!
I'd like for you to leave.
-Ryan, come on.
-Now, josh!
Okay. I'll just say my goodbyes.
No, I'll say goodbyes for you.
Go out the front.
What was that all about?
Don't even ask.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Vivian gave it to me.
What happened to your friend?
Did you invite him?
No. Of course not.
Well, he said you did.
I might have mentioned it,
But I didn't expect him
to show up.
So you did?
no, I just said I didn't.
I actually think we gotta
get going.
Um, it...This was lovely.
[ryan] yeah.
It's wonderful, viv.
It really is.
You should come back soon.
I will. I promise.
Thanks for having us.
-Hey, you okay?
-Yeah, I'm fine.
All right. Well, you call me
if you need anything.
Appreciate that.
He's got oodles and oodles
of time.
[chuckles] he's starting
to drive me crazy.
-Oh yeah?
-[eliza chuckles]
He was wearing my shirt.
-I gave it to him.
-You don't find that odd?
Like I explained this to you
a million times,
The faucet broke
and he got soaked.
So why is he wearing it
to the barbecue?
-He was returning it.
-Who wears a shirt
They're returning, vivian?
All right.
Let's just calm down
and think this through.
[vivian] there's nothing
to think through.
He's gone and he's leaving town.
We'll probably
never see him again.
Did you lead him on,
You know, to get back at me?
-Lead him on?
Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
Just tell me now, please.
I'm not as petty as you, ryan.
Okay. But you never really
forgave me either.
No, you don't get
to do to do this.
You don't get to turn
this around
And make me feel guilty
for your infidelity.
Infidelity? What are you talking
about? I never touched her.
You know, I'm not gonna litigate
this with you again.
I've moved past it.
Oh, evidently not.
You brought it up!
I'm gonna say this
one last time,
So listen closely, vivian, okay?
Nothing happened.
She was your assistant.
And I never touched her.
No. What you did was worse.
It was an emotional affair.
You know, I knew you could never
really forgive me,
And you just can't help
but bring it up
When it's convenient for you.
[crickets chirping]
[suspenseful music]
[birds chirping]
[dramatic music]
-Hey, viv.
-[knock on door]
I'm coming in.
[dramatic music]
[phone ringing]
[vivian] [on voicemail]
hi, it's vivian williams.
Sorry, I can't take your call.
Please leave a name and number.
Hey, it's me.
I know you're probably
still mad but, uh,
Just call me back, please,
all right?
And don't worry,
you got your revenge.
My back tightened up
and I could barely move.
I love you.
[dramatic music]
[birds chirping]
It's always great
to see you, sweetheart.
But I was expecting
an invitation to the house
When we party rather
than a coffee date.
We're still getting
the house in order, dad.
Yeah. There's always more
than you anticipate.
No, I-I remember
when your mother and I
Bought our first house.
Actually, we have someone else
Helping us with that,
the previous owner.
Yeah. He knows
the house the best
And he's good with his hands.
Hmm. Well, uh,
How does ryan feel about that?
You were never one for subtlety,
were you?
[roger] [laughs] you know what?
I know how much you love
your home brew.
So I knew there was
an ulterior motive
For inviting me here.
Do you remember when I told
you about our issues?
Remind me.
You said it was always easier
to forgive than to forget.
Sounds like one of your
pop's pearls of wisdom.
Well, what if you made
an effort to forgive,
But you thought
you had but you really hadn't?
I don't understand.
I don't know. Do you think
I'm just subconsciously
Punishing ryan
for what happened?
I think that you're looking
for an easy answer
For something
that does not have one.
Do you really want my advice?
Yeah, I do.
Talk to him.
I was afraid you were gonna
say that.
-[roger] I know.
-It was just so much easier
For you to just tell me
what to do.
Well, welcome to adulthood.
[dogs barking]
Hey, are you crazy?
I just got the baby down
for a nap.
Do you know how rare that is?
Come on.
Follow me.
Don't make a sound.
I'll make us coffee.
All right.
Again, I'm sorry.
Oh, don't mention it.
Once you have kids, you'll see.
Babies they nap this early?
Oh, when they wake up
at 5:00 you bet.
So what'd you say?
You're looking for your wife?
Yeah. I can't reach her.
I'm sure it's no big deal, like
her phone's dead or something.
But I was wondering if you'd
seen her this morning.
Well, this is the first
time I'm outside today.
All right. Yeah.
Uh, can I ask you a question?
You knew josh, right?
Who we bought the house from?
Yeah, I sure did.
Lived next door for years.
So you knew his fiance, too?
Yeah, of course. Nice woman.
I assumed it was tragic
what had happened to her?
-So what did happen to her?
No one really knows.
No, I mean, how'd she die?
Die? She didn't die.
But josh told me
that he lost her.
Well, in a matter of speaking,
I guess you could say.
She left him a few months ago.
-[brad] yup.
Last I talked to josh,
she hadn't seen her since.
So where is she now?
-Who knows?
-Well, someone must.
Oh, someone
in the neighborhood does,
They're not talking.
Jill thinks she doesn't wanna
be found.
Women's intuition,
I guess you could say.
She never liked josh.
He always gave her the creeps
and she figured, michelle,
That was her name,
must have felt the same way.
Oh, what do you think?
Me? I got no proof of anything.
Oh, I didn't ask
if you have proof.
I asked what you think.
Well, if my wife left me,
I'd be devastated.
And as far as I can tell,
he's as happy as ever.
-Just be glad he's moving, ryan.
A guy like that...
He's not good
for the neighborhood.
[sirens wailing]
-[vivian] hello?
-Where have you been?
I've been out all day
running errands.
What do you mean?
I just got back.
I called and texted.
Well, I was angry.
Oh, my god, viv, I thought
something happened to you.
Where are you?
I'm gonna go see casey.
-Casey, why?
-[ryan] yeah, just...
Look, viv,
I don't wanna fight with you.
I don't wanna fight either,
But it's hard when you accuse me
of something I didn't do.
Look, I know and I'm sorry,
But look, I won't be home
too late. Do me a favor.
Hey, can we talk about
this later? I gotta go.
Hey, viv, viv!
-Hello, vivian.
May I come in?
Um, what are you doing here?
I came to apologize
about the barbecue.
Look, I think it'd be better
if I came in.
Won't be long. I promise.
[casey] so what are
you asking me to do?
[ryan] I'm asking you to do
what you do
-And investigate him.
-Investigate what?
-Anything you can.
-[casey] look, man.
There's nothing wrong
with the house, right?
And the deal is closed,
So what?
So let sleeping dogs lie.
I mean, this guy has nothing
to do with you anymore.
I admit it was weird.
He showed up to the barbecue,
But he left as soon
as you asked him to leave.
Okay. Well, he told me
that his fiance died.
And now,
I found out that she left him.
You don't find that a little
Strange, but not your problem.
Okay. Our neighbors,
the ones next door, good people.
-He freaked them out, too.
-Again, not your problem.
Are you going to help me or not?
If I say no, are you're
gonna hire someone else?
Your biggest competitor.
Usually, I give you the family
rate, you know that.
-[casey] but I'm not.
I want you to realize
how ridiculous this actually is.
I really just think the barbecue
was a miscommunication.
And I apologize for my husband.
Sometimes he can get...
Well, he can get worked up
over nothing.
Well, I can't say I blame him.
If you were my wife,
I'm sure I'd feel the same
Knowing that other men
are always looking at you.
Josh, please.
Can I ask you something,
Are you happy?
-Yeah. Are you happy
With ryan, with your life?
Of course.
I don't know you that well,
But I've been around
the past few weeks
And I notice things.
Well, every couple
has their ups and downs,
But overall, yeah, I'm happy.
Because you shouldn't
settle for anything less.
You know that, right?
I love my husband.
I'm sure you do.
And where is the man
of the house now?
Um, he's meeting
his cousin casey.
You met him at the barbecue.
The private investigator?
Yeah, that's right.
Yeah. Well, I should be going,
Oh, uh, when are you leaving
for utah?
Um, we'll see.
I still have a few things
to finish up here,
But don't worry.
I'll be sure to say goodbye.
[dr. Shaw]
and since the last time we met,
Your feelings for this woman
haven't changed?
Well, she isn't an easy woman
to shake.
But she still hasn't
responded to your overtures?
Josh, does this woman...
I'm sorry,
what's her name again?
-[dr. Shaw] yes, vivian.
Does vivian even know
how you feel about her?
-We have a connection--
-[dr. Shaw] because sometimes,
When your emotions are very
strong like yours are,
We fantasize what the other
person is feeling.
It's very common.
What are you even trying
to say, dr. Shaw?
[dr. Shaw] I'm only saying
that it's important
For you to know how
vivian really feels.
You can't
just assume that she feels
The same way you do.
I appreciate your concern,
But I assure you...
Well, there is one small issue.
She happens to be married.
-She's married?
Like, right now.
But things change quickly.
I mean, I know that better
than anyone.
Has she given you any reason
to believe
She's planning
on leaving her husband?
She can't be married
to both of us.
Josh, have you been taking
your medication?
Of course.
Well, I think it's time
we up the dosage.
[eliza] what are we doing here,
I told you not to come.
This is the address all right.
So whose house or non-house
is this supposed to be?
the guy at the barbecue?
-Ryan doesn't trust him.
Yeah. I got that.
But why are we here?
Because this is where
he's supposed to live.
You think...
Ah, forget it.
No, what?
Do you think
she's cheating on him?
-Who, vivian?
Why would you ask me that?
I just don't see why ryan
Would be so interested
in this guy josh.
And you didn't answer
my question.
I didn't think I had to.
No, I don't think
vivian's cheating.
She probably won't tell
you anyways.
We're not as close as we are.
Ryan's your cousin.
Look, can we get out
of here, please?
This place gives me the creeps.
Sure. Let's go.
[dramatic music]
[car engine starts]
[tires screech]
[ambulance siren blares]
[dr. Conrad] mr. Williams,
you're very lucky to be alive.
Your head didn't hit
that pavement
As hard as it could have.
How'd I get here?
A neighbor found you out cold
and called an ambulance.
-Ow, ow!
-I'm so sorry!
-It's all right.
Doc said I'll be fine.
[dr. Conrad] no, I said
you're very lucky to be alive.
We still don't know the extent
of your internal injuries.
Are you his wife?
All right.
If you wanna wait here,
We're gonna take him down
to get x-rayed right now.
How long will it take?
[dr. Conrad]
a couple hours tops.
We're real busy right now.
All right.
And, viv, I want you to go home.
I'm not going home,
I'm staying right here with you.
Please, I'm just gonna be
getting x-rayed
And all I wanna do
is sleep, all right?
My body feels like...
It feels like
as if I got hit by a van.
He's on some very heavy
painkillers, ma'am.
He's gonna sleep whether
he wants to or not.
Okay. Okay.
-Is there anything I can do?
-Call casey.
Tell him
to get down here right away.
Better or worse than
evel knievel?
Would you believe it?
There's no breaks.
-[ryan] it seems like the bumper
Of the van caught my hip.
I have a sprained ankle
and then some nasty bruises,
But that's the worst of it.
You're a very lucky man,
mr. Williams.
I don't feel very lucky.
And you'll feel worse tomorrow
And the day after that.
But eventually, you'll heal.
Thank you.
[catherine] let me know
if you need anything.
Okay, what'd you find?
Well, that vehicle that hit you,
You said
it was a white van, right?
Yeah, the kind that workmen,
Like painters and plumbers use.
Well, josh thomas has that
Exact vehicle registered
in his name.
Okay. Well, that's perfect.
I'll just go to the cops,
and let them know,
And then they can pick him up.
The van's bound to have
damage on it
And probably my dna.
I don't think the police
are gonna find him.
Why not?
Because the address
you gave me for him,
The one from the villa sale?
Doesn't exist.
What do you mean
it doesn't exist?
I mean, it doesn't exist.
It's a real street
in a real town,
But there's
no house for that number.
Well, how is that even possible?
It would have been flagged
during the sale.
I mean, why? All the
documentation was in order.
The financial transactions,
it was a money wire, right?
So why would they need to check
his current address?
So there's no way
for us to find him?
Well, I didn't say that.
What's this?
Uh, it's an address
for a storage locker he rents.
How'd you get that?
[casey] credit card statements.
I was a cop for a long time.
You don't think I have friends
in low places?
Is that legal?
Blood is thicker than water.
I'll check it out tomorrow.
Uh, I gotta get going now.
Cheating husband calls.
No, don't worry about it.
I'll take care of it.
You? What are you gonna do?
Oh, I don't know,
but you've done enough, casey.
Thank you.
I owe you one.
Don't mention it.
-Just heal up, cuz.
-All right.
[tense music]
My god.
[tense music]
[knocking on door]
I just heard what happened.
Is he okay?
I...How did you hear about that?
Casey, his friend. He told me.
Um, why were you talking
to casey?
Ryan left me a message
about the invoice,
So I gave him a call back
And casey answered the phone.
He told me everything
that happened.
So, how are you?
Here. Drink this.
Thank you.
Does the police know
what happened?
They said it was a hit-and-run.
Well, don't worry.
They'll catch him or her.
They have cameras
everywhere these days.
Well, it was
in the neighborhood, I...
I don't know.
can I be honest with you?
Yeah, of course.
I didn't come over here
just to see how ryan was.
Before I knew that ryan
was gonna be okay,
I couldn't bear the thought
of you being by yourself.
Well, I'm okay now, josh.
Well, I won't be.
I can't ignore it anymore,
My feelings for you.
Josh, please.
I think you should leave.
Don't tell me
you didn't feel it, too.
The time we spent together?
Fixing up this house,
making it ours?
Josh, that was never--
[josh] tell me you didn't go
to bed every night
Wishing it was me there
lying next to you.
Tell me you didn't
and I'll leave.
I didn't.
Then you're a liar.
You need to leave.
All right.
Okay. Don't get excited.
I can tell you're not ready
to admit it to yourself yet.
But remember, vivian,
All you need to do is call
And I'll come running.
[tense music]
[dr. Shaw] so tell me, josh.
How've you been feeling?
Oh, I've been great.
[dr. Shaw] really?
Even with the increased dosage?
No side effects.
Well, I gotta tell you, doc.
I didn't increase the dosage.
In fact, I've stopped
taking my meds altogether.
Joshua, I have to tell you,
I don't think
that was a good idea at all.
Forget about
increasing the dosage,
Which I believe
you needed to do.
Stopping your medication
Without weaning yourself off
can have serious side effects.
In fact, I don't think
I need therapy anymore.
It's nothing against you,
dr. Shaw.
You've been a good therapist.
It's just...
Everything seems
crystal clear to me now.
No, that's simply a result
of you stopping your medication.
No, I don't think that's it.
You see, I think the problem
Was that nobody understood
our relationship.
Which relationship?
My relationship with vivian.
[dr. Shaw] your relationship
with that woman
Is highly problematic.
Uh, according to you, vivian
doesn't wanna see you again.
[tense music]
You know what, dr. Shaw?
I think I'm cured.
[ominous music]
will you let me help you?
I told you I'm fine.
You can be as stubborn
as a mule, you know?
[doorbell rings]
Who could that be?
[vivian] I'll get it.
[knocking on door]
-Mrs. Williams?
I'm detective carla jones.
Mr. Williams?
Did you find it?
I'm sorry.
The van that hit me.
[det. Jones] no, I, uh...
I'm sorry
to have to tell you this,
But casey hansen
was killed yesterday.
I just saw him.
His car was found
outside the hospital.
His body, about a mile away,
in an abandoned lot.
His wife, eliza?
She's with her parents.
She asked me to notify you.
I'm really very sorry.
I'll see myself out.
It was him.
-What was who?
He killed casey.
Ryan, what are you
talking about?
-I had casey investigate him.
Because I didn't trust him,
you know that.
And you didn't
talk to me about it?
You didn't ask?
Because you were
getting too close.
All right? Every time
I brought him up,
You just defend him.
I think josh ran me over
and then he killed casey.
Okay. Ryan,
I get you dislike him
-But this is crazy.
-[ryan] this is not crazy.
There are things about him
that you don't know.
Like what?
I talked to our neighbor,
brad, about him.
And what did he say?
Did you know his fiance
didn't die?
-What do you mean?
-I mean that she left him
And no one has seen her since.
And did you know the place
Where he claims to live,
he doesn't live?
In fact, the place
doesn't even exist?
Look at me, viv.
This isn't about me
being jealous.
It's about the fact that we let
A seriously deranged man
into our lives,
Into our home.
We need to go to the police.
Tell them everything we know.
If we accuse him
without hard evidence,
They'll never listen
to anything we say again.
We have to be sure.
And do what,
short of being killed?
Casey discovered that josh
was renting a storage locker.
He bribed the manager
that's working there.
Are you sure you're up for it?
we'll check out the locker,
But I need to see eliza first.
[dramatic music]
I just can't believe
that he's gone.
Eliza, I don't know what to say.
You just being here,
I really appreciate it.
I just can't help thinking
that this is my fault.
Come on, viv. Come on.
You had nothing to do with this.
Casey knew
the dangers of the job.
It's what he loved
the most about it.
Yeah, but if ryan didn't ask
casey to investigate, then...
It could have been
somebody else.
As a wife of a cop,
He learned that
it doesn't do any good
To play what-ifs.
You should stay with us
for a while.
Thank you, but I'm already
going to my mom's.
I already promised her.
And I think
she's looking forward
To taking care of me.
-What's this?
A file that casey
started on josh.
I thought there might be
Something in there
that you could use
And the cops will probably want
To take a look at it, too.
Thank you.
Promise me one thing, viv.
Promise me you'll get him.
[dramatic music]
[ryan] this is the address
casey gave me.
Here it is.
Do you have the code?
Memorized it.
Where did casey even get it?
I don't think we wanna ask
too many questions.
What are we looking for?
I don't know, something that
tells us where josh is,
Where he's going,
or something about his past.
[sighs] well,
he really is a handyman.
Look at all these old tools.
Just look for a document
that has an address
Or a phone number on it.
We should have gone
to the police.
Well, let's just hurry up
So we can get out of here.
[suspenseful music]
I don't understand
why you didn't tell me
Any of this earlier,
Could have saved you
quite a fright, mrs. Williams.
I already told you.
We had no proof.
What about the body?
From what we know thus far,
It's definitely sandy casper.
He told me he had
a brother in, um, utah.
Maybe he's headed that way.
According to what we know,
Both of his parents
are deceased.
No next of kin.
So he lied about that too.
So how are you going to
protect us until you find him?
I'll keep a car
outside your house,
But do you have
any reason to believe
He might come back?
He'll come back for me.
Excuse me?
I said he'll come back for me.
He told me
he was in love with me.
-He came to the house.
He was raving
and then I threw him out.
And you didn't tell me that?
-You were in the hospital!
-[det. Jones] okay.
Mrs. Williams, right now
Mr. Thomas' one goal
Is to avoid being captured.
He must know we've been
to his storage locker.
My guess is he wants to be
As far away from you
as possible.
But like I said, I'll keep a man
on your house at all times.
Why don't you two go home
and get some rest?
I'll call you
when we have an update.
Thank you, detective.
Is there anything else
you wanna tell me?
-I don't know.
I mean, that was a pretty big
admission back there.
-He said that he loved you.
-He was crazy, ryan.
Well, I just feel like a fool
With the extent
of what was going on.
There was nothing
going on, okay?
The day of the accident,
he came over.
He said he heard about it,
and then the moment
He made his feelings known,
I threw him out.
Well, then why not
just tell me that?
I don't know.
I guess there was a part of me
that was afraid
That I might have led him on,
Allowing him to do all
those things around the house.
All right. Just listen
to me carefully, viv.
It's not your fault.
It's his and his alone.
All right?
Can you drop me off
at the office?
You sure that's a good idea?
I haven't been there
since the accident.
I have a couple of things
I need to take care of.
You nervous to be home alone?
No. No. Detective jones says
There'll be an officer
at the house.
I was thinking about you.
Are you sure you're up for it?
I'll only be a couple hours,
And I'll call you
when I need to be picked up.
Maybe I'll go see eliza.
I'm sure she'd like that.
I knew this house
is too good to be true.
The house is perfect.
We're just taking out the trash.
-[clears throat]
-I don't need 'em.
-Needed help?
No. Once I get to my office,
I'll just be in my chair anyway.
Okay. Well, call me
when you're ready
And I'll come pick you up.
I love you.
I love you too.
[suspenseful music]
-[vivian] michelle charles?
Uh, I need to talk to you
about your ex-fiance.
Is he here?
What? No, no, of course not.
Does he know where I am?
No. Not that I know of.
How did you find me?
With the help
of a private investigator.
Not here.
Follow me.
I haven't seen him
since the day I left
And I wanted it that way.
we're not even divorced.
But...When I left,
I wanted no ties to him,
not even his name.
I was the one
that went to therapy
When things
started to fall apart.
And josh wouldn't come with me.
Then the therapist
diagnosed him.
He has old.
[chuckles] old?
I laughed the first time
I heard it too.
But it's real enough.
You can google it.
It stands for
obsessive love disorder.
It's when somebody fixates
on someone else
Well beyond what is normal
in a healthy relationship.
Can you treat it?
Well, let's just say I left
Far before I could find out.
What took me
a long time to realize
Is that...It was never about me.
It was always
about what he wanted.
Is he dangerous?
No. I mean, not like in the way
that you would imagine.
He never laid a hand on me
And he was never
verbally abusive.
I mean, in fact,
The longer
the relationship went on,
The more he doted on me.
I mean,
that doesn't sound too bad.
[chuckles] it wasn't.
Until he told me that...
He couldn't live
a single moment without me,
And that if I ever left him,
He would kill himself...
After he killed me.
You serious?
More importantly, he was too.
You can't let him in, vivian,
Because if you do,
you'll never get him out.
[birds chirping]
-[line trilling]
-[phone ringing]
Hi, detective jones.
This is vivian williams.
Um, everything okay,
mrs. Williams?
Yeah. Everything is fine,
Except I don't see
any of your men outside.
Oh, we're still
setting their schedules.
Someone will be there
before dark, though.
You have my word.
Thank you.
-[line beeps]
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
[line trilling]
[vivian] this is viv.
Leave a message.
[line beeps]
[josh] how are you feeling?
Untie me.
I'm afraid I can't do that, viv.
You were watching me.
I was.
I've been watching you
for a long time, viv.
After all, how do you think
You got such a good deal
on the house?
After my fiance left,
I needed to find someone else.
And I gotta to tell you, viv,
you seemed perfect.
You killed casey.
You tried to kill ryan.
Casey, he was...
Getting too close.
And as for ryan, well,
without ryan, I'd have you.
Josh, if I ever gave you
a reason to think--
Oh, you gave me more
than a reason, viv,
Much more than a reason.
You couldn't fake what we had,
Working together,
Updating this house,
Our house.
What are you gonna do?
Don't worry about that.
The water's warm.
You'll panic.
It won't take long.
It will be over
before you know it.
It will be just like...
Falling to sleep.
[ryan] vivian!
Don't move.
[suspenseful music]
The crippled hero,
Back to save
his damsel in distress.
You should have
stayed away, ryan.
Left well enough alone.
What'd you think
was gonna happen?
You were just gonna limp in here
and I was gonna roll over?
Someone who doesn't even know
how to use a socket wrench?
She was never
good enough for you.
[ryan] oh, my...Oh.
[vivian] eliza!
Come on.
[sirens wailing]
Are you guys okay?
[reporter] ...Coverage
with this hour's top story.
A string of grizzly
metro area murders
Culminated earlier today
With the death
of the alleged perpetrator
32-year-old contractor
josh thomas.
How did you know to come?
I didn't.
After you left,
I found more material
that casey dug up on josh.
I was just bringing it
over to you guys.
And the gun?
For protection, in case...
In case that son of a bitch
ever came after you.
You okay?
But I will be.
Well, you know
you're always welcome here.
You guys are going to stay here?
It's our home.
[birds chirping]
[suspenseful music]