Fatal Honeymoon (2012) Movie Script

We came to Australia
for our honeymoon.
Tina wanted to swim
with the sea turtles.
We didn't know
how strong the current was.
So you think the current
made Tina panic?
I saw it in her eyes.
I tried to...
I tried to swim down to her.
She was sinking too fast.
I couldn't reach her.
Couldn't reach her.
Something's not right about
this American guy's story.
- What?
- I dunno. I'm not buying it.
He comes to this country
on his honeymoon.
His wife dies, and
he doesn't shed a tear?
Maybe he's in shock?
No, he's changed his story
three times in the last two days.
- Hey!
- Hi.
I seem to keep running into you.
Yeah, well, we do have
four classes together.
That's a bit of a coincidence.
Yeah, maybe. Or it's fate.
No, I don't believe in fate.
No, you don't believe in fate?
You sure? Positive?
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
No, don't go, hold on.
Yes, you do.
You definitely believe in fate.
How would you know?
Because you believe
in God, don't you?
And all that stuff they
teach you in church?
God has a plan, and all that.
Okay, well, if you put it that way.
You are easy.
Bet I can talk you into anything.
You think so, do you?
Got my powers of persuasion.
Okay. Let's try this one.
Have dinner with me.
That's very sweet, but I can't.
Did you hear that sound?
That's sound of my heart breaking
into a million little pieces.
Please, you don't
even know my name.
Yes, I do.
It's Tina Thomas.
Communications Major.
I'm Gabe Watson.
Public Relations Major.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
Well, I guess I'll
be seeing you in class.
All four of them.
I'll be the guy in the corner
pining away for you.
...you're pretty funny,
Gabe Watson.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Fat lot of good that just did me.
You know, the first time we
met, he said it was fate.
And you believed him?
I'm gonna call him.
What, I invite him to this party...
...and then he's ignoring me?
Yeah, I dunno.
These are some very nice girls.
This party is...
Talk to you all in a bit.
Hey, wait, wait, wait.
Oh, no, what's with the look?
I just thought you came
here to be with me...
...not little Miss Fake Tan
out there.
Oh, sorry.
No, look, look, stop.
Hey, wait.
Stop, stop, stop, stop.
Stop, stop.
Let's go.
Bubble wrap?
We sell all sorts of
packaging material...
...but bubble wrap is
our number one product.
we make bank selling air.
Sounds like a good business.
But Gabe isn't gonna work in
his dad's company for ever.
He's been interviewing
with other positions.
But nothing's grabbing me yet.
Well, there's something to be said
for the safety of family business.
I am it's top salesman...
...and dad wants me to
stay around so badly...
...he's offered to give me money
for a down payment on a house.
How's a big old colonial sound?
Maybe with a pretty woman
in the kitchen...
...barefoot and pregnant?
In your dreams.
I don't think so.
So Gabe, tell us a little
more about yourself.
Well, ma'am, not much
to tell, really.
I go to work every day.
Dinner with my folks on Saturday.
Church on Sunday.
What church would that be?
According to the First Amendment,
that shouldn't matter, should it?
No, I mean, if I were a Muslim,
would he kick me out of the house?
- I might kick you out anyway.
- Okay, daddy.
He's just trying to be funny.
Gabe is Baptist like us.
What about hobbies?
What do you like to do?
The normal things.
I like watching football,
playing pool.
Like to go down the ocean,
go scuba diving when I can
I didn't know you were into that.
It is a rush when you go down
into this other world.
Isn't it scary to go down
where there's no air?
No, it's not scary.
I've gone on, like, 50 dives.
I've got my...
...rescue diving qualifications
done last year.
I'm just gonna have to take you
with me. We'll go down to the Gulf.
Tina doesn't dive.
You don't dive? Well, you're gonna
have to learn then, won't you?
I want to learn.
If you promise to keep me safe.
I'll keep you safe.
She doesn't even like to swim.
Told me a year ago you were gonna
stop looking at the photo, darling.
That phone call you got from that
fellow on the boat with Tina.
Ken Schneider.
He stirred you up again.
- Thank you, sir.
- Hello.
I'm looking for Ken Schneider.
Someone here to see you.
I'm sorry I didn't
contact you earlier.
I'm frustrated as hell.
The Queensland cops haven't made
any official determination...
...on how your daughter died.
They're saying it isn't
exactly a clear cut case.
To hell it isn't.
Gabe wasn't exactly clear cut about
what happened down there.
You know his story, right?
He told me
after he let go of Tina...
...he saw her sinking
feet first to the bottom.
He tell you that too?
Well, he's full of c.ap.
And I pretty much called him on
that right there on the boat.
I told him he should come up
with a better story.
I've been on 800 dives...
...and I've seen
a lot of panicked divers...
...and they never
go down feet first.
They thrash...
...and fight and claw their way...
...toward the surface.
If Tina was sinking like
he had described...
She was already dead
when he let go of her.
When I was able to look for her...
...she was ten feet below me.
Her arms were up.
She was reaching for me.
I tried to swim.
I tried to swim to her.
She was sinking too fast and...
...I couldn't reach her.
I'm going to Australia.
What happened?
You'll love it, mate.
Beautiful beaches...
...beautiful women.
You've got to see
Ayers Rock in the outback.
Actually, it's called Uluru now.
That's what the Aborigines call it.
But it'll always be
Ayers Rock to me.
You see that movie?
Mr. Thomas, we're
so glad you're here.
Sergeant Campbell?
Good to meet you.
I know you have questions for me...
...but I'd like it if you would...
...fill me in on
what you know so far.
I'd be glad to, sir.
Yeah, what's going on?
Tommy Thomas is down in Australia.
What? Why?
- The man's obsessed.
- Great.
He wouldn't leave Tina when she is
alive, he's gonna start in on me.
When Lord picked these two aming
people here to be our parents...
...I think even
my baby self knew...
...just how lucky we were.
It's not just 'cause my daddy used
to hoist me up on his shoulders...
...like I was a little princess.
It was also 'cause Alanda and
I had two amazing parents...
...to show us what
real love is all about.
We love you to pieces.
Mom and Dad...
Happy Anniversary!
You can dance, huh?
Sweet talker.
I think I'll keep you.
I think you're drunk.
Mind if I cut in?
I'm sorry, Thomas, my dance.
Next one, daddy, okay?
And this is the dive site, a wreck
called the Yongala sank in 1911.
Companies haul divers out here
and they put them in the water...
...near this buoy here
which is attached to a line...
...that leads down to the wreck.
Divers descend about 15, 20 meters.
That's 50 or 60 feet, Tommy.
They let go of line and the current
pulls them along over the wreck...
...to a second line that takes them
back to the surface.
Then they go back to the start,
do it all over again.
Now, what we can't
understand is how or why...
...did Gabe and Tina
swim against the current...
...away from the Yongala to here.
And then Tina was found on the
bottom of the ocean here.
Gabe was the more
experienced diver...
...he was Tina's buddy, and so
he's responsible for her.
So when I first
started investigating this...
...it seemed like an
ordinary diving accident.
I did lots of interviews,
mostly routine.
There was something about
Gabe's story that bothered me.
For me, it was the battery
in the dive computer.
First time we tried to
make it down to the wreck...
...we only made it
in about 5, 10 feet...
...then my dive computer
started beeping at me.
I thought it was malfunctioning so
we went back up to the boat.
Even went to all trouble of taking
off our tanks before I realized...
...I'd put the battery in backward.
This is his dive computer.
He wasn't too happy when we
told him we had to keep it.
You downloaded all information from
it. You don't need to keep it.
Until our investigation
is complete.
No, you have Tina's computer.
This is mine.
I'm taking it home with me.
Sorry, Gabe.
I can't release it yet.
Can't release it yet. You know I've
had about enough of these guys.
Fine. Keep it.
But I want a damn receipt...
...and I want you to write down in
your little book here...
...it's worth fifteen
hundred dollars.
Forensics tested the computer in
the lab with battery in backwards.
They tested it in the water,
out of the water.
It doesn't make a bloody sound.
The man was lying
through his teeth, Tommy.
So once we discovered one lie...
...we went looking for others.
And we compared Gabe's story to the
printout from his dive computer.
And we found one
inconsistency after another.
Tommy, what do you
think of Gabe Watson?
Did you ever find his
behavior disturbing?
Well, I think if...
...we just wait
little while longer...
...we can all have breakfast.
Does he have a problem
being on time?
He should be here soon.
If I get much older,
I won't be here then.
I need it done but...
What's that?
Yeah, yeah.
I went in that pool.
Get it done by ten.
Yeah, roll tight, and get those
orders out. All right, I got to go.
- Sorry.
- It's good to see you, Gabe.
Yeah, happy birthday.
Another year older, huh?
I like to think of it
as another year wiser.
Thank you.
What are you drinking?
Whatever you all are drinking.
- How about some white wine?
- Sure. Thank you.
Well, maybe we could
have a look at the menu.
Yeah, you know,
anything but onions is fine.
I can't really do onions.
Thank you.
Yeah. That's okay.
Hey, Johnnie.
Yeah, no, I told you
we can do it...
...but 422, that's
as low as we can go.
- I told you we'll take care...
- Excuse me...
...I'm going to the men's room.
Now, that's just it.
For God sakes,
it's Daddy's birthday.
Now, can we please just order?
Alanda, leave it, okay?
Johnnie, I've got to go.
I'm being kind of pressured
into a dinner here.
Thanks, bye.
You are so rude.
Honey, I'm just trying to
take care of a little business.
We've been waiting here for
you for over half an hour.
- We're all hungry.
- Are you guys hungry? You hungry?
Okay, I'm hungry too.
I've been working all day.
I haven't eaten.
I didn't want to come here but...
Here's a nice piece of pizza.
But it's got onions on it. I can't
eat it, why don't you eat it?
Oh, my God!
I'm sorry.
- What is wrong with you?
- I'm sorry. I should go.
I'm sorry.
That's quite a story.
Tommy, I want to
show you something.
They say when I put my mask
back on she was already...
...ten feet below me.
...realized she was sinking faster
than I could reach her.
So I turned around to get help.
So you let her sink to the bottom?
There was nothing I could do.
Any diver will tell you, Tommy,
ten feet in the water is nothing.
If she was down ten feet...
...two kicks with your fins
and you're there.
I mean,
Gabe Watson is no idiot...
...he's got degree from
Birmingham University.
There's just too many
things that don't add up.
So the question we keep
asking ourselves is...
...why did Gabe lie to us
so many times?
You're saying he lied?
Because he killed Christina?
Tommy, this is Dr. Metz.
Doctor. I've been looking
forward to meeting you.
Mr. Thomas.
We've just got to wait a few
minutes for an interview room.
Sorry about this.
Mind if the doctor and
I have a chat?
Go ahead.
I wasn't on the Spoilsport,
I was on another boat...
...the Jazz 2, but we were diving
at the same time.
And you saw Gabe and
Christina go in the water?
Our group was right
behind them and...
...I was the first one
in the water.
...ten meters down, I looked over.
I saw another diver,
small, a woman.
She was rapidly moving her arms.
It seemed like she was
in some kind of distress.
Her eyes were wide, very panicked.
And a second larger diver...
...dropped down on top of her...
...and put his arms around her...
...and I thought okay, good,
he's helping her.
But then he didn't start
taking her to the surface...
...like I expected.
- What was he doing, holding her?
His back was to me.
I couldn't tell.
Is it possible he was interfering
with her air supply?
Well, I always assumed
he was comforting her.
But, doctor,
what would you have done?
I would have inflated her...
...buoyancy vest and I would have
taken her to the surface.
So there was a chance to.
Maybe he could have saved her.
I think there was a chance there.
So you're sure you don't mind
me spending the night?
It's fine.
Trust me.
Oh, it's just my dad
is driving me crazy.
Your dad?
Right now, your dad.
It's that half time he complains
that you call me too much...
...and the other half time he's
complaining that you're using me.
I mean, you're not
just using me for sex?
I mean, you...
...see us making a real
commitment sometime soon, right?
You know, if you'd
opened your eyes...
...you'd be able to answer
your own question.
- What are you talking about?
- What am I talking about?
It's only been ten feet away
from you for the past week.
- What has?
- What has?
- Is that a ring?
- Oh my! Maybe.
No, no. No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
You can't look.
You look, I got to take it back.
Well, isn't it for me?
But the time has got to be right.
Well, I do want the
timing to be right.
I can't wait to tell my dad.
Found a way to ruin the moment.
And the ring's still sitting there?
Yes, it's still
sitting there but...
I never should have told you
about it in the first place, Dad.
Then talk to your mom.
Talk to Joanna.
There's no reason you have to
put up with this kind of garbage.
What's wrong with
waiting for the right time...
...to get down on one knee?
He's taunting you, darling.
And you know it.
Or at least, I hope you know it.
You deserve better than that.
I know, but you make it sound like
he's being mean to me, he's not.
He loves me.
I know that.
He just what?
You're trying to come up with a
defense for him but you can't.
I got to be honest about
what I see, darling.
And what I see is this
beautiful ray of sunshine...
...being shut out...
...by a dark cloud.
He's got his own way of
doing things and...
...I bet he's planning this big
romantic proposal for me right now.
You watch.
Well, if that's what
you want, darling...
...then that's what
your daddy wants.
I know you don't mean that.
And that's okay.
Morning, Greg.
What are you doing here, Tommy?
Same thing you are.
Looking for answers.
Mr. Thomas, Wade Singleton.
I'm very pleased to
meet you at last.
I've been up north. I'm sorry.
I've been a bit out of range.
Are you coming out today?
If it's not a problem?
Actually, it is a problem.
It's for the coronial inquest and
Wade will be called as a witness.
Surely one more person
can fit on that boat?
This is a police matter.
You're a civilian.
We can stick some equipment in his
hand, call him part of the crew.
But, if the proverbial
hits the fan...
Mr. Thomas?
- Yeah?
- Deep breaths. Stay on deck.
Well, appreciate it.
You saw Christina?
Was she aware of anything?
No, no.
She never responded.
We tried for 45 minutes.
We were getting advice from
the Head Surgeon in Townsville.
I had two doctors
with me on the Jazz 2.
- And Gabe was there?
- No, he wasn't.
- He was on the other boat.
- What?
He didn't come over to us at all.
He wasn't...
It must have been
so dreadful for you.
I need to know that you did...
...everything you could for Tina.
That she wasn't alone in the end.
She wasn't alone.
I was with her the entire time
they were giving her CPR...
...holding her hand...
...telling her I loved her.
Did she know that you were there?
Look, I can't really
talk right now.
So I will call you back.
...that's the buoy over
the wreck where Tina dived.
We've got Constable Harrison here.
He'll depict Gabe Watson
in today's exercise...
...and Constable Suzie Larson,
she'll be Tina Watson.
The current's identical.
The visibility's similar.
Now, Tommy, Gabe's account doesn't
match where we found Tina's body.
This recreation will tell us
if Metz's story is correct.
Gabe's version doesn't line up with
what our eye witness actually saw.
According to Metz,
he saw her by herself.
She was lying there horizontally.
He saw another larger diver
drop down on top of her.
He held her in a bear hug
for about 30 seconds.
Suddenly, they parted, abruptly.
She started to sink down and he
just swam up towards the surface.
She drifted down...
...no struggling, nothing.
Gabe said he swam after her
but couldn't reach her.
That read-out is straight
from Gabe's dive computer.
Metz's account is spot on.
It all leads towards the one thing.
He must have turned her air off.
No, no, no, no, don't.
Don't, no, no, don't, don't.
Don't drop out of the pocket, and
don't throw off your back foot.
Come on.
We are never gonna
get a ball game like this.
Why d'you just do that?
Do you know how long that ring's
been sitting there for?
- A while. Let me have the remote.
- Yes. Six months now.
Give me the remote, Tina.
Do you have any idea
how twisted that is?
Any idea?
I told you.
I was waiting for the right time.
Thank you, you've lost your mind.
Well, you know what,
I'm done waiting.
That ring can sit there for the
next 100 years, for all I care.
I told you that female manipulative
BS don't work on me, honey.
Manipulation is your game,
not mine.
You know, my daddy's been
right about you all along.
- Your daddy. Your daddy?
- And I'm done defending you.
- So talk to your daddy.
- I am done with the whole thing.
Okay? Done.
Go talk to your daddy.
All right.
Who are you throwing the ball to?
You know, I feel like
I broke up with him...
...and he doesn't even know it.
- He'll figure it out eventually.
- No, he won't.
I feel like I could
walk up to him and say, Gabe...
...I never want to see you again...
...and he would just ask me
what I'm making for dinner.
I felt for a long time he's
been messing with your head.
I know.
I'm so stupid to let him do that.
No, you are not stupid.
You were in love.
Your cousin Ellis had a
crush on me, right?
You know, I really
enjoyed that exhibition.
CTP is a wonderful artist,
and he's only 20.
You know, we definitely share more
in common than two people should.
Yes, Joanna always did say that
we would make the perfect couple.
Joanna is my smartest cousin.
Thank you for these flowers.
They're beautiful.
Something tells me that there's
not gonna be a second date.
I'm sorry.
You're a really great guy.
You're still gonna
let me walk away?
You know, you've got a long drive
ahead. Come in for a cup of coffee?
I told you I was waiting
'til the time was right.
Well, it's right.
You belong with me, Tina.
And only me.
I even know where I want to
take us for our honeymoon.
What's the most beautiful
place in the world?
And Tina said, yes,
she wants to marry you?
Well, yes.
Have you ever met a girl who wanted
a ring on finger more than Tina?
'Course, I wanted
to get your blessing.
...do you love my daughter?
That question's just too corny.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I still want an answer.
Okay, Tommy.
Then my answer is this.
That's personal
between me and Tina.
Now the important thing is that
we're comfortable together.
That's the important thing?
Well, sir, we seem to think so.
You have my blessing.
Thank you, sir.
It means a lot.
- I'll just show myself out.
- I bet you will.
We got the dive computer.
The batteries that are
in the wrong way.
We got the orientation dive.
Gabe said it was not offered.
Wade said it was offered.
We got the current.
The timing.
The timing doesn't add up.
And we got the eye witness.
Dr. Metz is the key.
We need a motive.
I'll give you a motive.
What do you think?
- That wasn't so bad.
- I'm trying.
- I still don't like it.
- Okay...
...honey, sugar, baby.
- You can't back out.
- I know. I'm not backing out.
Good. Good.
Because I want a wife...
...who doesn't just shop all day.
I want wife who likes to do things
with me the things that I like...
...to do like fishing and diving.
Isn't there anything you like to do
that doesn't involve going on sea?
Water freaks me out.
I like air.
The water is your friend.
And you've got plenty of air.
You just need to breathe it.
Like that.
Great. Well,
if I forget to breathe...
...remember I'm an organ donor.
That is good to know.
Honey, actually that reminds me...
...I need you to make me the
beneficiary of your insurance.
Way to boost my confidence, thanks.
I know.
No, no, no.
It's serious, c'mon.
We've got a mortgage now. We've
got to take care of each other.
We've got to max out our insurance,
make sure the other one's covered.
Does that mean I don't have to dive
until I'm loaded with insurance?
It's not a joke, honey.
I'm serious, okay?
Just put me on the insurance.
Bet you can get it done by Monday.
Okay. Fine.
All right, Gabe.
Face me.
There you go.
Face me, turn a little bit.
There you go.
- Better not get cold feet, dude.
- Don't forget the ring, dude.
Before I forget...
...Gabe asked me again
about the life insurance.
I'll take care of it
when you come back.
- Okay.
- Okay?
I don't want him to get mad so...
...if he says anything, just
pretend that we already did it.
...if you're afraid of Gabe...
...you shouldn't be walking
down the aisle with him tomorrow.
Daddy, I'm not afraid of Gabe.
I want the wedding to
go nice and smooth.
I don't think you're
being honest here.
I don't think you feel
sure about this guy.
Please, don't do this today.
This is the only day left.
Okay, now the bride and her father.
Daddy, I know you love me.
More than anything in this world.
Then listen to me.
This is what I want.
I want to marry Gabe.
He makes me happy.
Is that true?
You know this in your heart?
If you don't bring her down,
I'll take her myself. C'mon.
I feel like a princess.
That's exactly what you are.
David Gabriel Watson...
...what token do you give as
a symbol of your faithfulness?
A ring.
Repeat after me as you place
the ring on Christina's finger...
- This ring I give thee...
- This ring I give thee...
...in token of the covenant...
- In token of the covenant...
...made this day between us.
- Made this day between us.
- In the name of the Father...
- In the name of the Father...
...and of the Son...
- And of the Son...
...and of the Holy Spirit.
- And of the Holy Spirit.
- Amen.
- Amen.
You may kiss the bride.
Now you're all mine.
Our investigation...
...into suspicious death of Tina
Watson on honeymoon four years...
...ago, has remained
open and active.
But today...
...that investigation
kicks into a higher gear.
New evidence that we
took to the Coroner yesterday...
...has convinced him to
change his opinion on...
...Tina's cause of death...
...from drowning to asphyxiation.
This is no longer
a suspicious death.
We believe Tina
Watson was murdered.
What's wrong?
I just need a drink of water.
What's going on?
What are you all doing?
What are you doing here? No, no.
Get out of here.
- All you all, get out of here.
- David Gabriel Watson?
Agent Doug McEvoy, FBI.
We have a warrant
to search the premises.
You gotta be kidding me?
Card with number your attorney call
if you've got any questions, Gabe.
In the meantime, you've got to wait
here while we conduct our search.
No, Australia has
no jurisdiction here.
What you're doing is harassment.
Don't turn from me.
I'm talking to you, Campbell.
What are you doing in Alabama?
Tommy Thomas put you up to this?
Did he?
Like it or not,
you're waiting outside.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Tonight, 360 follows a story we
told you about earlier this week.
A criminal case some had dubbed
the Honeymoon Murder Trial.
They have no right.
They're Australian, and they're
being revved up by Tommy Thomas.
This is a disgrace.
You take an American
citizen from his home...
...handcuff him in his front yard.
Who are these people?
...persons under suspicion have
right in these kinds of situations.
No, no, no.
I don't want to hear that.
I wanna sue them
for everything I can.
This is humiliating...
...in front of my fianc, in front
of my neighbors, and for what?
Nothing. Nothing.
I'm innocent. I'm victimized,
firstly by Tommy Thomas...
...and now he's got the
FBI doing his dirty work.
Almost five years after...
...Alabama native, Tina Watson
was found dead...
...on the bottom of the ocean
off the coast of Australia...
...husband, David Gabriel Watson,
has been charged with murder.
Well, it's an absolutely
astounding case.
Witnesses say they saw him
give her a giant bear hug...
...and then swim
in the opposite direction.
Prosecutors had believed that he
actually turns off her oxygen tank.
Do not tell me to calm down.
No, Samuels...
...stop talking.
I need you to get these
charges dropped now.
Today. Not tomorrow,
but right now.
Mr Watson.
Do you have anything to say about
being charged with wife's murder?
The Australians have issued
an indictment against you.
Yeah, well, they're morons.
I never hurt Tina.
They say they're going to
start extradition proceedings.
They're gonna have to drag me
back there kicking and screaming.
Welcome back. We understand you've
just come back from Australia.
Now this is the photo that made
headlines weeks after Tina died.
And it caused
a lot of speculation...
...about whether her new husband
Gabe Watson, had something to do.
The press called him
the Honeymoon Killer.
He has now been
indicted for murder?
And we want to make sure
he stands trial.
How insane is that, going on
TV with this cr. p, attacking me?
I mean, Tina's rolling around
in her grave right now...
...a grave that's
in his plot, by the way...
...which I can't tell you
how I agreed to that.
Well, what's wrong with you?
You knew about this Honeymoon
Killer BS long before we hooked up.
Well, rumors are one thing,
but you're being charged, Gabe
Do the police
know something I don't?
There's nothing to know.
I have no idea why Tina went down.
She just went down.
Then why are
the police saying that?
Because he is psycho.
He always has been when
it came to her. And she knew it.
And every time he would try
to dish out some BS about me...
...she'd stand by me.
Why can't you stand by me, huh?
Is it because she loved me
more than you?
Shouldn't say that, please.
Then do not make me defend
myself in my own house.
Okay, I'm sorry.
Watch what you want.
What happened?
What's going on?
I'm sorry, Tom.
Morning, Tommy.
Stop that.
Stop that.
You're digging her up?
Taking her to my family plot.
She's gonna be buried next to me...
...where she belongs.
Gabe, this is not right.
Don't do this, Gabe.
- Don't.
- Don't do what?
- I'm begging you.
- Don't do what she wants?
Have you ever let her
do what she wanted?
She wanted to marry me. You respect
that? Not once. Respect this.
She's my wife.
- And she's coming with me.
- Gabe.
It's sacrilege.
It's not sacrilege. Tommy,
I'm her husband.
- Leave Tina here with her family.
- I'm her family.
She chose me.
Now I'm taking her home
and that's that.
- Give her some peace.
- I'm giving her peace.
- Let her rest in peace.
- You and all your smothering...
...and all your dictating to her...
...you can't even stop now
that she's dead.
And another thing...
...I can read the papers, you know.
Something sinister happened
'neath the water.
You get one thing straight.
I did not kill your daughter.
The ocean did.
She wants me.
And she's coming home with me.
And that's just something you're
gonna have to learn to live with.
Start this up.
We're done here.
Shame on you.
Shame on you, Tommy.
Tina Watson drowned during...
...a honeymoon scuba
diving trip to Australia...
They're on this supposedly
romantic honeymoon in Australia...
...evidence which involves
the scuba equipment...
...he should have come to her aid,
and he should have helped her...
...which he did not.
- This is a joke.
Tommy Thomas wants to come after
me and the entire country of...
...Australia says
"Sure, why not?
We'll help you come up
with a bogus murder charge."
Do you know why?
'Cause I dared to
love his daughter.
How anyone could think that Gabe
would hurt a fly...
...let alone his wife.
Well, they're saying the motive was
the life insurance money.
I never got any
life insurance money.
Her father got that money.
All I got were her debts.
But you did go
into Tina's office...
...two weeks after she died, and...
...asked about her life insurance.
I asked about a lot of things.
I wanted to clean out her desk.
I wanted to get her iPod.
Does that make me a murderer too?
My wife drowns...
...after I did everything
I possibly could to save her...
...and does anyone say,
"Hey, Gabe...
...I'm sorry.
You must have gone through hell."
Not one person.
Hello, darling.
Tommy, the flowers are gone again.
- Just like last week.
- Yeah.
What's going on?
There you go, Tina, darling.
I like being married.
You certainly liked it last night.
Yes. I'm a very lucky girl.
I should have put that in the vows.
I promise to keep you satisfied.
- Someone will hear.
- So what? Let 'em hear.
Let 'em hear.
No, don't do it.
Don't answer it.
- Don't answer it. Don't answer it.
- No, I have to.
I know it, I guarantee it,
don't answer the phone.
Don't do it.
Don't answer it.
Thank you.
- Isn't he gorgeous?
- He is cute.
He's so soft and cuddly.
I don't want to leave here.
I love Sydney.
I want to stay another few days.
What, and miss out on the
wonders of the Great Barrier Reef?
No way, Jos.
I'm nervous about diving.
You're nervous about diving. Honey,
I'm glad we've got this on tape...
...before you get eaten by a shark.
- That's not funny, Gabe.
- It's a little funny.
- No, it's not.
- It's a little funny.
Say goodbye to the camera.
Bye, camera.
Bye, mom, bye, dad.
Give camera a kissy.
Son of a b..ch.
What does that tell
you about that guy?
Not right now.
An explosive video hit the
Internet two days ago...
...and immediately went viral.
It shows Gabe Watson,
the so-called Honeymoon Killer...
...literally ripping the flowers
from the grave of his wife, Tina.
Watson has been charged by
authorities for murder...
...in Tina's drowning death.
Watson's shocking action has
further unsettled her family.
I have with me today,
Tina's father, Tommy Thomas.
- Mr. Thomas...
- What the hell were you thinking?
What do you think about Gabe
ripping flowers from Tina's grave?
I was thinking how much Tina would
hate what he's doing to me.
I think it goes to show
Gabe's hostility towards Tina.
Not towards Tina.
Towards you.
What kind of a person
would do something like that?
How do you feel about Gabe Watson?
I believe
he is a danger to society...
...and he needs to stand trial.
I don't know, man. He's got cops
following you around with a camera?
It's messed up.
You know you're not normal, right?
You know that?
What do you think about the story
in a Sydney newspaper today?
Australia's foremost dive expert...
...is saying that the police
came to the wrong conclusion...
...and that Tina's death
was a typical diving accident.
No, you see there?
There's somebody in that country
who's actually sane.
With all due respect, Doctor...
...we spoke to numerous divers...
...and they all said that
taking two minutes to...
...ascend 30 feet is
slower than slow.
Gabe Watson did not
rocket to the top like he said.
Wade Singleton brought
Tina up 100 feet in 90 seconds.
That's over three times the
distance in a much shorter time.
That's rocketing.
But Watson didn't rise vertically.
He also swam horizontally
away from the wreck.
Against a strong current.
So he couldn't rocket to the top?
Bigger problem was, his wife put
20 pounds of weight in her suit.
Way too much for a woman her size.
She should have been carrying
six pounds. Nine at the most.
That means that
the deeper she went...
...the more negative her buoyancy.
By the time she
reached 15, 20 meters...
...she would have felt
extremely heavy.
Of course,
she would have panicked...
...and panic is a catchy thing.
Maybe we should take
a step back and review?
Why would we step back from
what we know is true?
After years of
thorough investigation.
Maybe we don't know everything...
...we think we know.
- Well, we know he's a liar.
He said he tried to
swim down after her.
The dive computer
proved that a lie.
Then he said, he ran into two
Asians on the descent line...
...and tried to get their help.
Well, we proved that a lie
He said he wasn't trained in how
to help a struggling diver.
We can prove he lied.
But after what we just heard
I'm not sure we can prove murder.
Gabe thought he was beneficiary
of his wife's life insurance...
...which he also thought had been
increased to the maximum.
It's pretty clear
what's going on here.
Oh, my God.
It's so big.
Welcome aboard, guys.
Wade Singleton, your dive master,
and you are?
Gabe Watson, practically
a dive master.
- This is Tina Thomas.
- Tina Watson, thank you.
Honeymooners. Well, you're starting
off right with this expedition.
Now, you can stow your
dive gear over there.
Now you are in Cabin Eight,
one deck up.
There's a wine and cheese reception
saloon top deck, 8 o'clock sharp.
- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you.
All right, all right, all right.
- Honeymooners? So are we.
- Yes.
- Congratulations.
- You too.
Is it possible to
get seasick already?
- Sweetie, you'll be fine.
- Are you serious?
Don't mind me.
So here it is,
my first test dive...
...and I can't even get down
more than three feet.
Yup, that's why God
invented weights.
And that's what I was telling her
from the shore...
... "Honey, you need some weights."
Well, okay, so I start
having a panic attack...
...and think, oh God,
I'm gonna fail.
And I'm gonna have to sit the whole
honeymoon on the boat.
So you've never been
diving in open ocean before?
- It's my first time.
- Good to hear that.
That's the sound of her
knees knocking together.
I've never been nervous on a dive.
Even 100 feet, steady as a rock.
Well, you'll love the Yongala.
It's gorgeous down there.
- Really?
- I think it's spooky.
Oh, yeah. I read somewhere that
120 souls died on board.
And all their bodies
are still down there...
...trapped in their cabins.
- Gives you a chill, doesn't it?
- You okay, honey?
- Just seasick.
I'm gonna get some air.
Don't. That's not funny, God.
- Come on, that was a little funny.
- No.
If you're gonna be a j.rk,
I'm going to bed.
Keep acting like that, you're gonna
ruin it for me, and for yourself.
I just feel really sick.
I'm sorry.
Come here.
Let's go through what happened
the day of the accident.
See if we can refute what they
call evidence and I call...
...circumstantial conjecture.
Work for you?
Don't know why people dragging me
back to the worst day of my life.
I don't know why I have to
relive that...
...hell over and over again.
You still seasick?
- Kinda.
- You wanna take another Dramamine?
- I will.
- Okay.
If I didn't want to dive today,
would you be mad?
- So you would.
- No.
No, it's just...
...my parents spent $10,000
to send us on this trip.
I didn't say I wouldn't try.
Try harder.
I have you honeymooners scheduled
for an orientation dive, 10am.
I told the guy when we signed up
that that wouldn't be necessary.
I've got over
50 dives under my belt.
I've got to recommend it, mate.
We've got a strong current today.
Tina, would you be up
for an orientation dive?
It's okay.
It's okay.
Gabe's a rescue diver
so we should be fine.
I don't know.
Do you think we should, maybe?
So, rescue diver?
...we are in salt water, not
fresh water. You're gonna need...
...some more weights.
Give me two more.
- Two more.
- Two more.
Have some fun down there today.
Yeah, you too.
I don't remember what
that red flag means?
It means a fast current.
But don't worry, we float with the
current over top of the wreck...
...anyway so it's not a big deal.
Honey, you can do this.
What happened?
That damn dive
computer's beeping at me.
- Piece of junk.
- So what do we do?
We get back on the tender...
...head to the boat.
I'll check it out there.
- Thanks.
- Is everything okay?
Dive computer's not working.
I'm gonna check it out.
- You alright, honey?
- Yeah. Thanks.
I'll get used to it, I guess.
Well, you don't have to go again,
if you don't want to.
I feel like I have to now, so.
You don't have to
if you don't want to.
Fins, belts, masks.
All right, whoever's ready
for the next trip out, let's go.
I'm ready.
- What happened?
- You're not gonna believe this.
I put the battery in backwards.
- You ready?
- Yeah.
Let's go.
Wait. Now they think
I faked a broken computer?
Well, they tested the computer...
...they said that it just wouldn't
beep if battery was in backwards.
The battery wasn't in backwards
in the computer.
It was backwards
in the wire transmitter.
Okay. Gabe, you never said anything
about your wire transmitter...
...in your original statement.
Nobody ever asked me about
the damn wire transmitter.
- Okay.
- Okay?
Hey, look.
I don't need my own lawyer doubting
me. Either you believe me...
...or I'll find myself new lawyer.
I'll let you decide today. Okay?
No, hold on, wait a minute.
That bit...
...they think me trying to separate
Tina from the rest of the divers...
...well, that's just plain dumb.
There's no way you can do that.
There's no way you can make that
dive without people around.
There are divers everywhere.
- What's wrong?
- I don't know.
I don't really
feel very comfortable.
Oh it's gonna be fun, c'mon.
- Do you want to go first?
- Have I got enough air?
What's that?
I just don't know if
I have enough air.
You've got enough air, baby.
We checked it before we went.
- Okay.
- How about you go down first?
- Oh, really?
- Oh, yes. C'mon. Ready?
All right. Put your reg in.
I'm so sorry.
Where is it? Okay.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
One, two, three.
All right, Dr Metz, off you go.
Tina's gone down.
Tina's gone down. Help.
What happened?
I lost my wife.
One, two, three, four, five.
One, two, three, four, five.
One, two, three, four, five.
What happened?
I don't know.
I was pulling her.
She started flailing around,
knocked off my mask.
Then she was sinking.
You went after her?
One, two, three, four, five.
I tried.
But she was going down too fast.
Gabe, that doesn't make sense.
You couldn't get to her.
Aren't you a rescue diver?
I was swimming down but
she was sinking too fast.
That's not possible.
You need to come up with different
story because that couldn't happen.
Don't you want to go over to
the other boat with Tina?
I'll go with you.
I'd just be in the way.
I could use a hug though.
Is there any response?
Gabe, we worked on Tina 40 minutes
trying to revive her.
We did everything humanly possible.
We're really sorry to
have to tell you this...
...but she didn't make it.
I'm very sorry.
He bragged about
being a rescue diver...
...yet he couldn't bring
her up from 40 feet.
You never leave your dive buddy.
And he didn't go over to the other
boat when she was dying.
Who lets his wife die alone?
His story is cr.p.
Pure cr.p.
Gabe, is there anything I can do?
Maybe call someone for you?
I got to call people.
- Hello?
- Hi, Tommy.
It's Dave Watson.
...there's been an accident.
Gabe and Tina were
scuba diving and...
...Tina drowned.
- No.
Tina died yesterday.
I'm so sorry.
Here's my pastor.
Family says they are convinced that
this man killed their daughter.
What makes them so certain?
Miss Lewis, why haven't you
set a wedding date yet?
Worried your fianc
could be a killer?
No, I'm not.
I'm not worried.
I'm not, I'm not lying.
Sorry, can you just leave us?
This is my private life.
These reporters have been hounding
us since that damn flower video.
That video made our job fighting
the extradition more challenging.
I need your signature
on a few things.
Do you know how many
people die every year...
...in scuba diving accidents?
I looked it up.
Ninety drown while diving every
single year, just like Tina.
- The public need to know the truth.
- Do you love him?
Yes, I do love him.
Thank you very much for asking.
- Is Gabe a killer?
- No, he is not. He's innocent.
...and you all need to back off.
We are private people...
...and you need to
respect our privacy.
Are you looking forward to
your honeymoon?
Will you be going diving with Gabe?
They're so rude.
Can't we get rid of 'em?
Not legally, no.
I'll get rid of 'em.
I'm gonna take
control of this situation.
I'm gonna get rid of 'em
and make 'em all go away.
No, I'm serious, just...
I need to know
you're gonna stick by me.
Baby, I'm here.
No matter what.
...marry me.
This weekend.
- Hello?
- Tommy? Greg Campbell.
You might want to get down
here as soon as you can.
What's going on?
Gabe Watson just showed up
to have himself arrested.
Queensland authorities have
charged him with murder.
I'm finally gonna be able to lock
his a.se in the cell. Hang on.
Mr. Watson has turned
himself in voluntarily.
He is here to answer to
the charge of murder...
...and to prove he is not
guilty of those charges.
I don't trust this son of a b..ch.
He's up to something.
How quickly can you get here?
I'm there.
I'm on my way.
Okay. I'll see you soon.
Gee, I like my suite.
Welcome back to Australia.
- Campbell.
- Did you turn yourself in?
- Why the change of heart?
- What change of heart?
This guy's got a suspicious
mind, doesn't he?
Well, wait.
Didn't you just get remarried?
I mean, why would you leave your
new wife to sit in a jail cell?
Well, you should be thanking me.
You worked awful hard to
fabricate a case against me...
...and then organize a witch hunt.
We call it an inquest.
And the coroner agreed
there's sufficient evidence...
...that you took your wife into
the water and you held her...
...still and helpless
until she drowned.
Well, that never happened.
We'll see what
a jury says about that.
Maybe we will. Maybe we won't.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Sit tight. I've an appointment.
Be careful, Simmons, your new
client lies as easy as he breathes.
Before I take this offer to
the Crown Prosecutor...
...I just want to make sure
you understand the statute.
I understand it fine.
Take a seat.
Won't be an easy thing,
standing in the courtroom...
...pleading guilty to
that kind of negligence.
It'll make a murder
charge disappear, right?
I'm sure the Crown Prosecutor
will jump at the chance.
Their case is flimsy. You'd have a
chance of acquittal at trial.
Like I'd get a fair shot at
a trial in this country.
Well, you do this,
you'll serve time.
Not much, though, right?
Fine. They want their pound of
flesh, they'll get it.
But they're gonna get it
on my terms, not theirs.
You're ready to tell that you're
responsible for your wife's death.
Ready to admit you
could have saved her.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I never should have
kept taking you down.
You should have stopped.
I'm so sorry.
I'll admit...
...that I could have saved her.
I'll admit that I panicked.
And I'll admit that
I left her alone to die.
I'll admit that.
You can't allow Watson to plea his
way out of standing for murder.
- We have a good case.
- Circumstantial at best.
- We've got a witness.
- Who saw something...
...that was open to interpretation.
Plus, there's no motive.
Watson didn't get a dime
of insurance money.
Yeah, but he thought
he was going to.
We can't prove that.
We can't prove
anything in this case...
...beyond reasonable doubt.
- Yeah, but we've gotta try.
Once a jury hears the evidence of
him lying over and over...
Maybe he told so many lies...
...because he was trying to confuse
and cover up the truth.
And he's smart enough to know that
if he plays the coward card...
...he'll get away with murder.
What's the
alternative here, Detective?
We go for murder...
...he gets off, he goes home.
Would that make you happy?
Mr. Watson...
...you know the charges
against you.
In the charge of murder,
how do you plead?
Not guilty.
And in the charge of
negligent manslaughter...
...how do you plead?
After reviewing the case...
...I find your decision to
abandon your wife...
...when she was
fighting for her life...
You were her sole means of survival
and you turned away.
And this displays an
appalling lack of character.
And causing unnecessary death...
...deserves criminal punishment.
But by your plea...
...you do not seek to pretend that
your actions were anything other...
...than what they were...
...and you have spared the...
...deceased's family
the agony of a trial.
You have saved the community the
expense of conducting a trial...
...and I regard your plea...
...as a recognition of
your wrongdoing...
...and an expression
of your remorse.
And I hereby sentence you to
12 months at hard labor...
...to be served in the
general prison population.
All rise.
I'm so sorry, Tom.
Did this prosecutor...
...make a deal with Gabe
before he left America?
How do you feel about
the Judge's decision?
I don't quite know how to put...
...except to say that...
...this judge and the prosecutor...
...seem to care more
about Mr. Watson...
...and the burden he carried...
...from embarrassment about being
brought up for murder charges...
...and they allowed him to plead
guilty to manslaughter.
One year in jail.
That's a joke.
The judge charged...
...that he left my daughter to
sink to the bottom of the ocean...
...while he turned and swam
to the surface to get help.
I'd say he swam
in the wrong direction.
He could have given her oxygen.
The judge has said that.
Do I think he murdered my daughter?
Hell, yes.
- Thank you.
- Is this an example of justice?
There's no justice here.
I'd say Australia
must be embarrassed...
...by this judge and
this prosecutor.
Where's the justice
for my daughter?
One year.
Lookee here, Honeymoon Killer
in the house.
In an Australian court earlier
this week, Gabe Watson...
...was convicted of
negligent manslaughter.
His sentence of 12 months in prison
was increased to 18 months...
....after Tina Watson's family and
the prosecutors protested...
...his light jail sentence.
Gabe Watson says his wife
drowned due to inexperience...
...he pleaded guilty to criminal,
criminally negligent...
...manslaughter in Australia.
He served time in prison there.
Oh, c'mon.
Land this bad boy.
I'm sorry, man, I just want to get
on the ground, you know.
I been out of the country for about
a year and a half.
You know the first thing I'm gonna
do? I'm gonna find a nice piece...
...of American soil and
I'm gonna kiss it.
Then I'm gonna find a cheeseburger,
and I'm gonna kiss that.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
Then I'm gonna find my wife...
...and I'm gonna kiss her
for about two days.
Yeah. C'mon.
This is your captain speaking.
Flight attendants...
...prepare for landing.
- Okay. Here we go. All righty.
About to get my life back.
- There he is. Gabe!
- Gabe!
Over here.
- Hey.
- Over here.
- Gabe!
- David Gabriel Watson?
Special Agent Fowler of the FBI.
You're under arrest for planning
and premeditated murder of...
...Christina Watson in the
State of Alabama.
- You've right to remain silent.
- You know, this is illegal.
Have you not heard of
double jeopardy?
Pleading guilty to manslaughter in
Australia does not get you out...
...of murder charges in Alabama.
Let's start again.
You have the
right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be
held against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney...
...one will be appointed for you.
Do you understand these rights as
I've explained them to you?
Yeah. I got it.
Why don't you get my bag?
Gabe Watson, a.k.a.
the Honeymoon Killer...
...is back on US soil and
in the custody of...
...police seven years after
allegedly murdering his wife...
...of just 11 days.
Watson's attorney says
that he paid his dues by...
...serving time for involuntary
manslaughter in Australia.
I didn't kill your daughter.
It's a complicated case we wanna
talk about with legal analyst...
...Sunny Hostin,
a former prosecutor.
It seems prosecution was stunned
that the judge threw this out.
Yeah, I think it's just
extraordinary that this case...
...never went to the jury.
And today, Gabe Watson is a free
man after an extraordinary week...
...in an Alabama court.
The case was thrown out by the
Jefferson County Circuit Judge...
...citing lack of evidence.
All right, we got food here.
All right, guys.
Matty, do me a favour, brother.
- These aren't ready yet.
- Okay.
Kimmy, honey.
Will you take these,
put 'em on the table for me?
- Thank you, thank you.
- Thank you, baby.
- Oh, baby, I'm so sorry.
- That's okay. It's okay.
Who wants to go for a swim?