Fatal Trust (2006) Movie Script

Oh, hold on, dear!
I'm coming.
Hold on, I'm coming!
Hold on!
Hold on.
I'm right here!
Just another moment.
And we can be together again!
I'm so glad that
you're not a teenager.
You would hate me for this.
sound the same
Like a broken melody
Everything sounds insane
I'm on a quest
for silence
I want to keep
my distance
killed the beat
And life goes by
on me
I want to keep
my distance
I want that rig out
of here immediately.
All right, boys?
No blocking the road now, OK?
Well, she's dead.
It looks like
she suffered a heart attack.
It's a miracle she didn't hit
another car or go off the road.
Can we move her now?
I'm, uh...
I'm done here.
I'm sorry, Doc.
This must be a tough one for you.
Hey, Tom!
Move your rig, will you?
You don't need to block
the whole freakin' road!
All right, fellas,
just clear the road!
Just be a second, Miss.
That's OK. I'm not in a rush.
You look familiar.
Mr. Cooper, it's Kate Ryder.
Well, I'll be darned!
I haven't seen you
since you left for college!
I've been back a couple of times.
I would have seen you at your mom's
funeral, but I was out of town.
I missed it too.
My son was hospitalized
for an asthma attack.
I couldn't leave the city.
- Sorry to hear that.
- He's fine now.
But the doctor thought it'd be
a good idea if he came up here,
and breathed some fresh air
for a while.
Well, judging from
that trailer you're hauling,
looks like a permanent move.
Yeah, I'm moving
back in with my sister.
You know, I've seen about
a dozen people leave town this year.
You're the first
I've seen moving back.
Good for you, kid!
Back her up!
All the way back!
Well, looks like you
can get through now.
Welcome home, Kate.
Thanks, Sheriff.
There you go.
Was that Kate Ryder?
Sure was.
She's moving back home.
I still can't believe it.
The big city girl comes
back to the country!
Oh, K! How are you?
Mmm. Hi.
Oh, there he is,
the little monster!
Come here!
You're getting huge!
Hey, you know
what I like after a long trip?
A nice piece of chocolate cake.
I saved you one.
You're gonna spoil him.
Hey, Kate,
relax. I know kids!
That's 'cause you are a kid!
There's a little
bit of a difference.
Hey, guys!
Hey, could you stop
shovelling food for a sec?
My sister Kate, my nephew Sam.
Hey, Kate!
Long time no see!
Bob, did you take my sports page
into the can again?
You go and pick me up
a new paper now, you hear me?
And you say I don't know kids?
Come here.
I've got a huge surprise for you!
Around the corner!
So Sam, while your mom's at work,
you can hang out here with me.
No way.
Yes way! Oh, I thought
I'd get an Xbox, too.
Always wanted one of those.
Will you teach me how to play Halo?
As soon as I figure out what
that is, absolutely!
This is great.
Thank you, Jess.
Oh, it's not just for Sam!
It's for you, too!
I figure if I can keep
a eye on him here,
you can work someplace else.
What? I thought
you needed me in the kitchen.
You know you don't
wanna work there.
I remember how much
you used to hate it.
Besides, I thought if you got a job
that you really liked, you'd be happier.
This is my father's legacy.
I was the one who was destined
to work here, not you.
You were meant for
bigger and better things!
OK, this is Ridgewood.
How many jobs could
there possibly be?
You'd be surprised.
So many people are moving away.
You sure about this?
I even saved the classifieds
so we could go through them later.
We're gonna find you
the best job in town.
Ski resort needs staff.
Ah, the pay will suck, though.
I know.
All those zit-faced snowboarders
working for peanuts?
You know you don't have
to pay rent here,
so why don't you just hang out,
and wait for a job you really like?
I suppose you're right.
I just hate being unemployed.
It makes me feel very strange.
To feeling strange.
Welcome home!
I should have come home sooner.
We all understood.
Especially Mom.
If anybody should feel guilty,
it's me.
I mean, I was here, and I failed her.
Don't say that.
You did absolutely
everything you could.
Yeah, but I should have done more.
Once your dad died,
she was just never the same.
Exactly. That's why
it wasn't your fault.
And you were here!
Look at me.
I should have come home more often.
I feel like I was a lousy daughter.
You were not!
I'm gonna go see her tomorrow.
Sam and I need to say goodbye.
Mm, I haven't been
there in a few weeks.
I should bring some flowers.
Anyway, this is supposed
to be a happy homecoming!
So cheers.
Quick, fix your hair.
Why? Who is it?
It's an old friend of yours.
Oh... my God.
Tom Sullivan!
- Kate! Hi.
- Hi!
Nice to see you.
I saw you on Route 9.
I couldn't believe my eyes.
I thought I was hallucinating.
Here I am!
Here you are.
Here I am.
Hey Tom, why don't you guys come up
and sit here? You could catch up.
Yeah, come on.
I'm gonna go do the dishes.
My goodness, it is
so good to see you!
Good to see you! Sit!
So is it true?
You're back for good?
Yeah! Yeah, I've had
enough of the city.
And I decided I'm
gonna raise Sam here.
Yeah, Jess has got some pictures
of him
at the diner. He looks
like the coolest kid.
He is.
Sheriff told me
you examined her at the scene.
I wanted to see her again.
Ticker went out, huh?
Man, that makes 3 times this year!
I should have you
write me a prescription
for nitro-glycerine,
just in case!
Perhaps I could have a moment alone.
Oh! Shoot, I'm sorry, Doc.
I completely forgot
the old bird worked for you.
You know what? I'll go for a smoke,
and start on her casket.
You take your time, and come find me
in the workshop when you're done.
Well, Mom,
sorry it took Sam and I so long,
but we miss you, and
we love you very much.
Hey there!
How are you?
I'm good.
What's your name?
Hey, Sam!
Dr. Lucas. Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Forgive me if I startled you.
I was just introducing myself
to young Sam here.
It's OK, Mom.
He's a doctor.
Oh! Well, then.
Dr. Mark Lucas.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Kate.
You knew Grace?
She was my mother.
Then we're kindred souls,
you and I, bound by a similar loss.
My father.
Your father was Dr. Lucas?
How come I never met you before?
Oh, because I, uh, I lived with
my mom in Montana when I was a kid.
I only visited my dad a few times.
When he died two years ago, I moved here
from Chicago to take up his practice.
Oh. Sorry.
So you must be Jess's sister?
Same mom, different dad.
Grace was a patient of mine.
She was a...
a remarkable woman.
I was deeply saddened by her passing.
I just wish that she had...
well, taken those anti-depressants
I prescribed for her.
It wasn't mere depression.
As far as I'm concerned,
she died of a broken heart.
I missed the funeral.
That's OK.
Funerals aren't for the dead.
They're for the living.
You're here now, and she knows that.
Mm-hmm, yeah.
You should bring him
by my office sometime.
I can keep an eye on that asthma.
How do you know that?
Well, I can...
I can hear it in his breathing.
Wow! You must be
one hell of a doctor!
I don't know.
Some of my patients think so.
All right, well,
um... it was good to meet you.
And I will definitely bring Sam by.
I look forward to it.
Hey, Jess.
You're looking for Kate.
She has a job interview today.
Actually, I just came
in for some breakfast.
Sure you did.
Still got the hots
for the little sister?
Mind your own business
and eat your food, will you?
She enjoyed your visit the other night.
Yeah, it was nice.
I'm thinking about inviting her out
for a drink tomorrow.
I think you should.
I think she'd like that.
So what do you want?
Oh, gosh! I don't know.
I mean, it's been so long
since I saw her last...
I mean food.
I'm sorry.
I'll have a Denver omelette, please.
Oh, hey. Um...
About Sam's dad.
I heard some rumours,
and I was wondering,
is there anything I should know?
I don't wanna say something
that might, you know, upset her.
Subways and trains.
What about them?
Don't mention them.
I don't suppose there's a job for
a girl at the firehouse, is there?
I can wash the truck, I can ring
a bell, anything you need.
The interview didn't go well?
No. The job I wanted was filled, so
they offered me a different position.
I don't wanna drive 30 miles to package
frozen chicken for minimum wage,
- ..so I politely declined.
- Well, I'll ask around some more.
I mean, there's gotta be
something out there.
You going back to work?
Yeah. I have a 24-hour shift.
I'm off tomorrow night, though,
and I was wondering
if you wanted to go grab a beer
at the Poacher's Pocket?
I don't know.
You know, as friends.
Um... just maybe when things settle
down a little bit.
Yeah, that's cool.
You don't have to explain.
Pick you up at 7:00.
I can't believe you're actually
leaving tomorrow.
Don't start crying, because
you'll make me start crying.
Are you gonna forget about me?
Do you really think
that could ever happen?
I don't know. I mean...
People change when they go
to college.
Four years is a long time.
I'm gonna love you...
forever, Tom Sullivan.
The world
is burning
Why not stay
'Cause time
is ticking
away, my love
I miss
your soul
I miss
your skin
I miss
your soul
Your skin
and your kisses
Oh, I love that scarf!
It just went to the top
of my must-borrow list!
Don't start stealing
my clothes again.
What do you mean? I have to.
My wardrobe blows!
I am the poster child
for what not to wear.
Oh, come on.
Don't you maybe think
you should wear something
a little frumpier to the doctor's?
Why would you say that?
Well, there are only two bachelors in
town who don't look like Elmer Fudd,
and you're well on your way
to monopolizing both of them!
I didn't know you liked the doctor.
Well, you know, what's not to like?
He's hot, he drives a Porsche,
and, oh yeah, he's a doctor.
Well, you can have him.
I'm not looking for romance.
Yeah, but what if it
comes looking for you?
Look, Mom, the train's coming!
Mommy! Mom!
Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm OK.
Mommy's fine.
I'm OK, I promise.
Just some bad memories.
Sammy, my boy!
Good to see you.
It's good to see you, too.
Good to see you!
Come on back!
OK, let's go!
And one more big exhale for me.
Well, I can definitely hear that
his breathing's a little laboured,
but I don't think it's anything
to be too concerned about.
With the air quality up here,
we should see a remarkable
improvement in a matter of days.
All right. Should I bring him back
next week?
Or the week after.
And make sure you
have my pager number.
You can reach me day or night,
and I make house calls.
Sounds good.
OK? We're all done here.
Do you have any lollipops?
There's a jar on
my assistant's desk.
Go and pick your favourite flavour.
He seems like a fantastic kid.
You must be a great mother.
Oh, thank you. I try.
Listen, I know
this is rather forward of me,
but I was wondering
if I could take you out for dinner.
Ah, Sam's father.
How stupid of me.
I assumed you were divorced.
Sam's father died a year ago.
Forgive me.
I feel like an idiot.
No, you're fine, really.
It's just, um, I don't know.
I need to settle in and get a job.
Could I take a rain check?
Sure. I can do a rain check.
So you're looking for a job?
Yes. And it is proving to be
a nightmare.
This might be a little awkward,
considering I just asked you out,
but I'm looking for a new assistant.
You're kidding!
No. I lost my last assistant
a few days ago.
That's why it's so quiet around here.
I postponed most of my appointments.
Would you be interested?
Mom? Do you want me to get you one?
No, that's OK. Go sit out
on the couch where the comics are,
and I'll be there in a second.
I would be extremely interested.
I assume you're
skilled with computers,
but how comfortable
are you with a typewriter?
Typewriter? I thought I saw
a computer in the other room.
Oh, you did, but that's just used
for scheduling and bookkeeping.
My father kept his patients' main files
the old-fashioned way. I do the same.
Oh. Well, you know what?
I'm a very quick learner, so you give
me a couple days, I'll be up to speed.
I should tell you that I placed
an ad in tomorrow's newspaper,
so if anyone calls,
just tell them the job's filled.
Are you serious?
You can start tomorrow.
Come at 9:00, we'll do the paperwork.
Thank you!
Thank you so much, Dr. Lucas.
I really appreciate this.
Thank you.
That's awesome!
I know.
I can't believe it.
I haven't had a break like this
in such a long time.
So when do you start?
Tomorrow, which is great,
because I can drop Sam off
at school on my way to work.
Then I can pick him up,
and bring him here!
And when I start earning enough,
I can pay for an after-school program.
Why waste your money?
Besides, Jess's after-school program
is the best in town.
Yeah. I'm sure that consists
of a lot of cake and ice cream.
Ice cream?
Only on Fridays.
I swear, that kid's got bad hearing!
Are you sure you're OK with this?
I'm positive!
I'm so happy for you, Kate!
Come here!
I told you this would work out.
So what is the doc like?
He's cool.
He's a little quiet at times,
but I think that's just 'cause
he's serious about his work.
Huh. Well, I hope he's a good boss.
Oh, he will be.
Yeah? He seemed kind of sweet.
You know, today, when
I took Sam to see him.
You better keep Jess on a leash.
She's had her eye on
him since he moved here!
I know. When I told her I got the job,
she told me to invite him for dinner!
Are you going to?
I'm gonna see how the first week goes.
Thank you.
Why, why, why?
Why today?
Stupid, stupid car!
What do I know?
Engine trouble?
No, there's a TV under the hood.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
It's just, today is my first day
at a new job,
and I'm...
I'm gonna be late.
Well, seeing as how
you said you're sorry and all,
I'll give you a ride. Taxi's mine.
You know what?
I don't have any cash.
Oh, forget about it.
My meter's busted anyway.
Thank you.
Thank you. I'm Kate.
I'm Harry.
Sorry about that.
I get a little snippy when I'm angry.
I understand. Come on.
Let me get my purse. Hang on.
Oh! Coming.
Thank you so much.
You saved the day.
Well, I'm glad to be of use.
Hey, listen, you
should call Max's Garage.
He'll give you a great deal,
and he's the best mechanic in town.
Oh, great.
He'll have it fixed in no time.
So you can just
drop me off right up here.
Thank you so much.
So what's this new job of yours, Kate?
I'm gonna be
Dr. Lucas's new assistant.
Kate, take the advice of an old man.
Find yourself some other job.
- Why would you say that?
- Because Dr. Lucas is a bad man.
He's got everybody else fooled,
but not me.
The doc is evil. Trust me.
Is everything OK?
Ah, yeah. I just had a little
car trouble this morning, but...
Do you know the guy who drives
the old cab around town?
That would be Harry Goodman.
Was he telling stories about me?
Sort of.
Hell of a way
to start your first day.
Sorry about that.
Just take what he said
with a grain of salt,
because he's not my biggest fan.
Oh. Why?
Well, a friend of Harry's
passed away several months ago,
and he just didn't handle it
very well.
She had a weak heart,
and there's nothing any doctor
could have done,
but Harry blames me.
I hate to be so blunt, but Harry's
just a crazy old alcoholic.
Hmm. Well, I guess I should
be careful who I trust around here.
Yeah. If he bothers you again,
let me know,
and I'll give Sheriff Cooper a call.
these are for you.
Let me show you around.
I usually arrive at around 8:00,
but sometimes I'll be out on a call,
so if the alarm's on
when you get here, the code is 1973.
It's the same at night
if you ever need to lock up,
but I'm almost always
the last to leave.
This is my office.
And, as you know,
this is the examination room.
What's in there?
Oh, that's just a closet.
I use it for storage...
books, mostly.
I have the only key, but
you'll never need to go in there.
I have a few things I need to do
before my first appointment of
the day, so why don't you get settled.
Feel free to arrange your
desk however you like it.
Cool! OK.
I left the appointment software open.
Never schedule more than
20 patients in a day,
unless you consult me first.
Now that the weather's getting colder,
we'll see more walk-ins.
Right. Sounds good.
All right? You good?
I am. I really appreciate
this opportunity. Thank you.
Welcome aboard, Kate.
I was wondering about this.
Sure. It's just...
Mrs. White?
Hi! You ready?
Oh! You dropped your handkerchief.
Oh! Thank you, dear.
Oh! Why, you're the younger
Ryder sister.
The one who moved away.
Well, I moved back home!
Do you still live
down the street?
Going on for 47 years now, dear.
Wow, I can't imagine
living in one place that long!
It's home, sweet home, dear.
They say that because it's true.
There she is. The most beautiful woman
in the whole darn county.
Oh, my favourite,
Dr. Lucas!
How are you, Mrs. White?
Tell me, how's that
grandson of yours doing?
Oh, he's going to be
22 on December the 13th!
Yeah, that's right, ma'am.
3:00 Monday afternoon is
the earliest the doctor can see you.
Well, that's only
if it's an emergency.
Oh. OK!
Very well, then.
We'll see you at 3:00.
Let me guess. Mrs. Zuck?
How did you know?
Well, all the hypochondriacs
call on Friday,
after getting ideas in their head
after watching ER on Thursdays.
So who's my last appointment?
Mrs. Clark.
Oh, excellent.
I just need to give her a quick
physical, and we'll be out of here.
Great. Oh, Doctor!
I was wondering if you wanted
to come for dinner tonight?
I just thought it would be a good
opportunity to get to know
- ..each other out of the office.
- It'd be my absolute pleasure.
- Great. Uh, 8:00?
- Perfect.
- You can go on home now.
- OK! Great. I'll see you.
Hi, Mrs. Carver?
This is Dr. Lucas.
I'm doing OK, thank you.
Listen, sorry to bother you
so late on a Friday afternoon,
but I just received that
new medication we talked about,
and I know you've been experiencing
a good deal of pain,
so I was willing
to make a house call...
Well, uh, say around 7:00?
Great! I'll see you then.
Bye, now.
You know how lucky you are?
I feed the village idiots
all day long,
and you work with a sexy doctor
and save people's lives.
Oh, come on.
You make it sound so glamorous.
It is!
Speaking of which...
You gotta go get it!
I have to do my hair
and get dressed still!
- OK, OK.
- Thanks.
Relax, it's just Tom.
The doc is coming at 8:00.
These are for Sam.
Oh! Well, that's too bad.
Roses happen to be my favourite,
so I'm gonna have to keep them.
What, you're gonna
steal the kid's flowers?
Well, if he can't stay up late
enough to accept them, maybe.
Kate! The hair dryer woke Sam.
He wants another story.
OK! I'll be right there.
Will you take these?
Um, just make yourself at home.
So did you get him back to sleep?
Two pages of Harry Potter,
and he's out like a light!
So, tell me about your job.
Your first week go smooth?
Yes, it went very smooth.
I don't know. He could
be the perfect boss.
Oh! Speak of the devil.
- Hi!
- Hey.
Come in. I got worried.
I couldn't remember
if I gave you the address.
But I've been here before.
Oh, right, right.
My mom. I forgot.
Whose truck is that out there?
Oh, that's Tom Sullivan's.
He's here.
He's a good friend of mine.
Hey, Doc!
Oh! Hey, Tom.
How are you?
There he is!
The guest of honour.
You look lovely.
Ooh, roses!
Oh, how beautiful.
Thank you.
Come on in!
Oh, absolutely.
I know.
Oh, that was amazing.
Thank you.
I hate to admit it,
but I'm used to food
from a box with
microwave instructions.
Except for my daily breakfast
at Jess's, of course.
That just goes to show you
that you need to find yourself
a good woman!
Yeah, I don't know.
Surgery I can figure out,
but the opposite sex...
Oh, come on. I've seen
you charming the ladies.
Yeah, the 70 and 80-year-olds,
but they're a different animal.
Well, maybe Jess
and I could help you out.
Oh, yeah.
I'd like that.
Well, I had a wonderful time
this evening.
Um, thank you again
for inviting me into your home.
I'll walk you out.
All right.
Kate, I'll see you Monday?
Tom, always a pleasure.
Night, Doc.
Have a good weekend.
Well, he seems like a nice guy.
I wonder why his
last assistant quit.
Whoa, wait.
He told you that Helen quit?
Well, he said he lost her.
I just assumed that she quit.
She's dead.
She was behind the wheel
of that car on Route 9.
Really? She...
That's weird.
He didn't even mention that.
That's it.
Your new boss is my top pick.
So you would really date the doc?
Of course!
I mean, chicks dig
firefighters and doctors.
Is that true?
What Jess said about
firefighters and doctors?
Yeah. We're suckers
for guys who save lives.
I'm a little bit drunk.
Oh, that hurts me.
No. What's the saying?
A drunk girl's lips is, uh...
A drunk girl's lips
are a sober girl's desire.
I wanna see you tomorrow.
We're gonna talk about this.
Oh yeah.
You're trying to catch me, huh?
Get me off guard?
So? You were having fun.
Yes, I had fun.
Yeah, it was great!
It was so great.
And Craig, oh my God!
I can't believe you
bought all that champagne.
Well, I think you're gonna regret
all that champagne in the morning
when you have to get up with Sam.
It's your turn.
Why do you have to
bring that up right now?
I don't know.
Huh? All that reality!
OK, speaking of reality,
why don't we take a cab home?
I don't think
the train's ever coming.
Oh, come on.
Now, come here.
Remember when we used to
make out waiting for the train?
Huh? Remember?
Yeah. I remember.
I love you.
I love you too.
I think the train's coming.
Feed the beast.
Oh yeah?
Oh my God!
We don't want any trouble.
We're just trying to get home.
Feed the beast!
Great. A psycho.- Feed the beast!
Oh my God. Stop it!
God! He's too strong! Help!
No! No!
Feed the beast!
- Feed the beast!
- Kate!
Craig, no!
Hi, Kate. Come in.
You know, I have performed
some delicate surgeries in my career,
but I cannot
get the length of a tie right
without doing it a dozen times.
Do you want me to try?
I beg you.
Can I ask you
a really personal question?
After the grilling we gave you
the other night, be my guest.
What happened to Sam's father?
A, uh...
An escaped psych patient
pushed him in front of a train.
Oh. I...
I'm so sorry.
I had no idea.
I've tried all kinds of therapy,
but I keep having these nightmares.
Replaying the situation
over and over again in my head.
You know, trying to save him.
Maybe I could
prescribe you something.
It'll help.
Yeah, maybe.
There you go.
When I marry, I don't need a wife who's
a good cook or keeps a clean house.
I need a wife that can knot a tie.
Well, I'm sure
there are plenty out there.
I'll keep my eye open.
Please do. Oh, actually,
I have another favour to ask.
I don't iron.
Duly noted. No, I have
to make a house call.
One of my older patients passed away,
and she lives in a farmhouse.
Would you mind if we took your Jeep?
My car hates the mud.
Yeah, of course.
Great. Let's go!
- This is my new assistant, Ms. Ryder.
- Hello.
My condolences.
She's in the master bedroom.
Is it OK?
Now, you can wait downstairs, or
you can observe. It's up to you.
I'd like to see, if that's OK.
That's fine.
Death fascinates a lot of people.
It's... it's natural.
I found her just like that,
8:00 this morning.
Thank you, Violet.
We'll be as quick
and painless as we can.
I'll be in the kitchen.
Can you tell what she died from?
Well, she had a history
of heart disease,
so in all likelihood, it just...
Well, stopped beating.
She seems so peaceful.
It's very stuffy in here.
Would you ask Violet
for a glass of water, please?
Oh, yeah. I'll be right back.
So peaceful.
I'm heading out.
What, you're stealing
office equipment already?
No. Um, there's a smudge
on the lowercase "h."
It started a week ago.
It looks like an uppercase "H."
So one of Jess's customers
is going to fix it for you.
No, I'll take care of it.
Are you sure?
Yeah. Just leave it there.
Oh, I meant to tell you,
if you enjoyed today,
I can take you on more home visits
if you like.
I'd like that.
It was interesting.
You know, I noticed something
I wanted to ask you about.
What's that?
Mrs. Carver needed
a wheelchair, right?
And she had that chair lift?
So how'd she get upstairs,
when the chair lift
was at the bottom
of the staircase?
Violet could have moved it.
Maybe she took it for a joyride
before we got there.
You know what?
This is so strange.
I could have sworn
I wore my scarf today.
I didn't see you wearing it.
You'll have to write me up a scrip,
Doc, 'cause I'm losing my mind.
Don't work too late.
All right. Good night.
Has he shown his true form yet?
You're in danger, Kate.
You're in real danger.
Did you harass my predecessor
with these crazy ideas, too?
Helen found out for herself.
That's why he killed her.
You need help.
Dr. Lucas?
- Kate, are you OK?
- Yeah.
- What's going on?
- I just...
I saw it again.
- The subway?
- Yeah.
It was really weird, though.
This time...
This time, Dr. Lucas was pushing me.
That's just Harry putting stupid ideas
into your head!
I know.
I know. I'm OK.
- You OK?
- Yeah.
Do you think you can sleep?
Yeah. Thank you.
Good night.
Good night.
He's over there.
Got a man down.
Looks like Harry's car!
Hurry up, guys!
Are you all right?
I'm OK.
Where's Sam?
I dropped him off at school already.
You said he's alive?
Yeah, but it doesn't look very good.
Is Dr. Lucas on his way?
Yeah, there he
is now. Wait here!
Let's go!
Get a stretcher!
I'm not smelling any fumes.
We should spray with foam anyway.
It's OK, Harry.
Just hang in there, buddy.
It's gonna be OK.
The doc will take care of you.
Everything will be all right now.
Just hang in.
I'm giving you something for
the pain, Mr. Goodman.
You'll be just fine.
Come on, get with it, guys!
Let go of the pain.
That's it.
There's nothing we can do.
He's drowning in his own blood.
Look, uh...
Two heart attacks
at the wheel of a car, 14 days apart.
Think I ought to take them to County,
just to make sure?
That won't be necessary.
It's a coincidence.
My father used to treat Harry.
He had a stroke in '02.
So if he hasn't seen a doctor
since then, no wonder this happened.
I'm starting to wonder if there's
something wrong with the water!
People are dropping like flies!
First Grace's suicide, then Helen,
now Mrs. Carver, and poor old Harry!
Winter's coming, Sheriff.
Don't be surprised
if we see a few more by spring.
Ah, hell, Doc!
It's only October!
You trying to tell me
we'll see a lot more old folk
dying in their sleep or running
their damn cars off the road?
There's a lot of elderly people
in Ridgewood, Sheriff.
Well, it's inevitable.
Thanks, Sheriff.
What if the doc
were killing people?
No one would ever know.
Why would you say that?
Because everywhere
he goes, people die.
You know?
And if the doc were inclined
to kill, he could do it very easily.
Except doctors don't kill people.
It's rare, but it happens.
You're serious
about this, aren't you?
You know what?
Forget I said anything.
I knew you'd think I was crazy.
Oh, but it is crazy, Kate.
Listen to what you're saying!
What is crazy is that we put our trust
in God first, and doctors second.
They stick us with needles
and give us pills, and what do we do?
We reach out our arms
and we open wide.
And most of the time, these doctors
are perfect strangers!
You know? But if they wear
a white coat,
then we trust them with our lives.
I'd say it's priests second,
doctors third.
Ha ha.
Well, would the average person
let a priest cut them open?
Or would they let a priest
hold a brain in their hand?
That's a valid argument.
I mean, think about it.
What if the doc really
wanted to kill people?
What if he became a doctor to kill?
He could do it very easily.
It scares the hell out of me.
Will you stop thinking about it?
Harry's almost 60 years old!
Maybe he just had a stroke.
Yeah, you're probably right.
Can you pass me a towel?
Oh yeah, sure.
Tom probably thinks
I'm a complete lunatic.
Maybe Harry was drunk.
I'd be really surprised.
Harry's wife died of liver
cancer several years ago.
And he hasn't touched
a drop since then!
In fact, at the Poacher's Pocket,
you always see him drinking milk.
The doctor said he was an alcoholic.
You did say there was bad blood
between them.
Yeah, and now Harry's dead.
Will you stop saying that?
Where's Tom taking you tonight?
He's, um, gonna cook at his house.
He wants to talk about what happened.
Maybe he wants to talk about the kiss!
You're in trouble, K!
This man really loves you.
And he always has.
OK, Oprah.
Are you sure you're OK watching Sam?
Are you kidding me?
We have so many TV shows
to catch up on,
there's smoke pouring out of my Tivo.
All right.
Well, I won't stay out too late.
Stay out as late as you want!
I mean, you've had a hell of a day.
A little eccentric, perhaps,
but not a complete lunatic.
Oh, really?
A little eccentric?
I can live with that.
Seriously, though.
I've been thinking about what you said
earlier today,
and I know it may look odd,
but the doc's not a killer, Kate.
He's saved people right in front
of me.
He's a good man.
OK, no more talk about
killer doctors.
Is there any dessert?
What did you have in mind?
Hmm, what do I have in mind?
You sure about this?
Yeah, I'm sure.
I miss your soul
Your skin
Your kisses
In my care
In my grasp
Be my man
Let's forget
the rest
Let's forget the rest
I miss your soul
Your skin
Your kisses
I miss your soul
I miss your skin
I miss your kisses
I had my own plan of seduction
all worked out, you know.
Oh, you did, did you?
That's not to say I was gonna put it
into effect tonight.
Oh yeah? Why not? Huh?
Well, you know how I feel about you.
You know I can't hide
my feelings from you.
I didn't know how you felt about me.
You know,
I wanna do right by you, Kate.
I don't wanna make
any mistakes this time.
You didn't make any
mistakes the first time.
I let you leave, didn't I?
You know when I told you,
when I first came home,
about taking some time?
Forget it.
'Cause it feels right to be with you.
And I wanna be with you.
Doctor! Is there something wrong?
I realize it's a little unusual
to call at this hour, Mrs. White,
but I received the results
of your blood sample tonight.
Couldn't it wait until tomorrow?
I really believe it would be better
if we talked tonight.
May I come in?
Thank you.
Now, I need to take
another blood sample,
but first, I have some
new medication for you.
It'll alleviate the pain
in your legs.
Oh, good, because the pills you
prescribed before kept making me sick!
Yeah, unfortunately,
that's a common side effect.
But I think this new drug will work
very nicely.
Oh. You're the doctor.
Jab away!
You OK?
Yeah, I'm OK.
You're not regretting
last night, are you?
No. Not for a second.
I gotta go.
I wanna make sure that I get home
before Sam wakes up.
Are you on duty today?
Yeah, I have to go in at 9:00.
Am I gonna see you tonight?
If you want.
I want.
I'm so glad you came home, Kate.
Me too.
Hey, Doc.
I think I should have Kate make
an appointment for a physical for me.
Are you feeling ill?
No, I just get these hot flashes.
And what brings those on?
I'm not sure.
Either it's sexy, handsome men,
or that grill back there.
Well, come in next week, and I'll
check you out from head to toe.
Mmm! It's a date.
Auntie Jess?
Can I have another juice, please?
Sure, sweetheart.
Hi, Dr. Lucas.
Morning, Sam!
I thought your mother dropped you
at school on her way to work.
I think she left early
so that she can give Tom
a big kiss before work.
He's her new boyfriend.
I heard that, you
little gossip-monger.
Here's your juice.
Actually, she went into the office
a little early.
She said something about filing.
I think she's trying to impress you.
Oh, that's right.
I asked her to do a stock check.
I should go and give her a hand.
What do I owe you?
This one here.
Dr. Lucas?
OK, I got 20 minutes to prove that
I am insane and this is a crazy idea.
All right.
- Oh!
- Thanks.
Do you think you could give this
to Kate for me?
She left it on the kitchen table.
No problem!
Morning, Doc.
Oh, hey, Tom, are you on duty today?
I will be soon. Why?
After breakfast, can you stop by the
office so I can give you your flu shot?
Yeah, sure.
Captain's been riding me about that.
Great. Bye.
Well, well, well.
Look what the cat dragged in.
Mrs. Carver, Mrs. Keller...
Mr. Goodman.
Mr. Goodman.
OK. Gall bladder, '93, flu, '96.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
You've been changing the files, giving
them a different medical history.
Medical histories.
Mrs. Carver, Mrs. Carver.
Mrs. Carver!
Mrs. White.
Mrs. White, Mrs. White.
Where's Mrs. White?
Mr. Worrell, Mrs. Weiss.
OK, where's Mrs. White?
Good morning!
Look at us, both getting an early
start on the day!
Yeah. Well, with all
of the appointments
we postponed yesterday
with Harry's accident,
I figured we had
a long day ahead of us.
Would you like some coffee?
I could brew some.
Sure. Thanks.
I forgot that we ran out of coffee.
I was supposed to pick some up
this morning.
I'll run to the store real quick
and get some, OK?
Yeah. Fine, fine.
Go ahead.
Oh, hey. Your sister...
I hope she's OK.
Mrs. White!
Mrs. White!
Mrs. White?
I'm sorry, Kate,
but you're gonna need more evidence
if you want me to believe the doc
is a killer.
Then check the files at the office.
I'm telling you, he altered them.
And you know all that because
of a broken typewriter?
Yes! It started with a smudge on
the lowercase "h" a few days ago.
And the mention of heart disease
on both
Mrs. Carver and Harry's files
have the same smudge.
It's... it's still not enough.
I'm not willing to bring in the doc
based on a broken typewriter
and one dead 75-year-old.
Then order an autopsy!
Send Mrs. White to County.
Listen, Kate, I can't...
I heard you the day Harry died.
You thought it was strange that
two people died of heart attacks
in front of a wheel in two weeks,
and now you have another corpse,
and it looks like another
heart attack.
I'll call an ambulance, and
we'll have an autopsy done tonight.
Thank you.
We just gotta make sure
the doc doesn't find out.
If he knows I went behind his back,
and he's completely innocent,
I'll have a lot to answer for.
Yeah, Sheriff Cooper here.
I need an ambulance.
You know what you have to do now?
What's that?
You have to go back to the office,
and pretend like nothing's happened.
I don't know if I can do that.
You got no choice, Kate.
If you're right, and
I pray to God you're wrong,
then he can't suspect
we're on to him.
How did you get out of the office?
I said we ran out of coffee,
and I went to go get more.
Then you've been gone way too long.
I know.
Look, you think he'll buy an excuse?
He knows that I had
car trouble this week.
Caller ID is blocked.
He won't know you're calling
from my phone.
Dr. Lucas, it's Kate.
Hi, Kate.
Um, I had car trouble again.
Where are you?
I can come get you.
No, it's OK.
Um... I got it running.
I'm on my way back right now,
so I'll see you in a few minutes.
See you soon.
Any more car trouble
on the way back?
No, it's running now.
I'll bring it back
to the garage tomorrow.
What about the coffee?
You know what I hate, Kate?
More than anything else in the world?
A liar.
Oh! Oh!
You make one sound,
and I'm gonna kill your boyfriend.
Perfect timing. Come in.
Where's Kate?
She went to the store for coffee.
But her Jeep's outside.
She walked.
Where is she?
OK. All right.
Where is she?
I was so scared!
I was so scared, Tom.
I thought I was gonna lose you too.
We gotta go call the sheriff.
We gotta call him
right away. Come on!
There's the phone, right here.
Sheriff! Yeah, it's Tom.
I need you to come
to Dr. Lucas's right away.
Sheriff's on his way.
What are you doing?
I need to see what's inside.
No! Let's wait for the police.
I have to open this, Tom. OK?
What is all this stuff?
That's my scarf.
It's OK.
It can't get out.
Oh my God!
He uses the venom.
Oh my God.
Oh, Jesus.
What is this?
Oh, it's his pictures of them!
What a sicko!
Oh my God!
Can you tell what she died from?
That's my mom!
My mom!
My mom!
My mom!
The FBI will have
a task force here in the morning.
Till then, I've only got local boys,
and we've got 4 main roads to block,
so we're stretched pretty thin.
He warned me,
and I didn't even listen.
Who warned you?
We'll find him, Kate.
Don't you worry about that.
Until then, I'll make sure you've got
protection around the clock.
Besides, I'll bet
the doc's long gone by now.
Sheriff, call in, please!
Excuse me.
Cooper here.
Go ahead, dispatch.
Yeah, just found the doc's Porsche
at the train station.
An Amtrak employee identified him
from a photo. Said he bought
a ticket south an hour ago.
Well, thank God.
You sure he got on the train?
I'll head down there right now, and
we'll check out the security tapes.
Now, you folks just stay calm.
I'll let you out.
Thank you.
You still have your dad's gun?
Go get it.
I don't feel safe until
that monster's behind bars.
Ah, dammit!
What the...
It's probably just Bailey,
looking for coffee to stay awake.
I'll get it, I'll get it.
Use the chain!
Careful with that thing!
Don't open the door!
Did I hit him?
Mommy! Mom!
Baby, come here!
I can't see him!
Come here, come here!
Oh my God!
No, come on!
We gotta get out of here!
He's having an asthma attack.
I just wanna talk to you!
Come on, come on!
I'm gonna go back in for Tom.
He might still be alive.
Take Sam to the old farm.
You grab him, and you get out
of there!
OK, go! Go!
I don't wanna hurt you!
Tom! Tom!
TOM! Tom!
He came out of nowhere.
He took Sam.
Which way did they go?
That way.
I would have loved you more than Tom!
I could have given you everything!
P-please don't hurt my son.
Go, Sammy! Run!
Run! Don't look back!
Did you kill my mother?
Life is an incurable disease.
I treated her!
Man, you are a sight for sore eyes!
Why didn't you call me?
I would have picked
you up at the hospital.
I wanted it to be a surprise.
This is a very good surprise.
So, um...
After everything that's happened,
you're not thinking of leaving,
are you?
We're not going anywhere.
You know,
I talked with Sheriff Cooper.
He told me the FBI think that Dr. Lucas
has killed people all over the country.
They gave me a list.
And these are just his local victims.
All of them?
But he was only here for two years,
and he was a doctor for a decade.
Come on. Let's go home.
In 1997, an American doctor
was arrested and charged with
administering lethal injections
to at least 35 patients.
In 2000, an English physician
was convicted of killing 15 patients.
However, it is estimated that he actually
murdered over 200 people in his care.
sync 05.07.2019
I'm on a quest
for silence
sound the same
Like a broken melody
Everything sounds insane
I'm on a quest
for silence
I want to keep
my distance
killed the beat
The life goes
by on me
I'm on a quest
for silence
I want to keep my distance