Fate (2017) Movie Script

[Crickets chirping]
[Music playing]
- Connor?
- Go back to sleep.
- Where you going?
- I have some work to do at the
- This late?
Are you going to come back to bed
- Not tonight.
Sweet dreams, okay?
I'll call you tomorrow.
[Music playing]
[Cell phone rings]
- Hey.
- Where are you?
- I'm on my way to class.
What's up?
- Well, I thought of all mornings
you would've at least stuck
around for today's.
- Yeah, I know I wanted to,
but I had a ton of work to do,
and we're really close on a
breakthrough on the project.
So I have to review some data.
- Well just don't forget about
I made reservations for seven at your
favorite place.
- Alright. Look, I promise I'll be there
I gotta let you go.
Class is starting.
- Don't forget that you're
supposed to check out my car.
I think the battery...
- Now if we could just measure
wave of the particle in direct
relation to the
atmospheric conditions
set aside by the particles
we could, in theory, figure out
the exact precise position of an
electron nucleus in space.
You in the back row reading the book.
Would you mind sharing with us what
it is that you are reading?
Don't worry, you're not in trouble.
I just was curious as to what has
your full attention.
- I'm sorry I have a Lit test next
I had no time to study.
- You mind if I take a look?
Shakespeare's Romeo and
Now this book is the greatest
writing of human nature to date.
Would you agree? Yes.
Now human nature is an anomaly.
There is no exact science as to how
would react to his environment, or
In Romeo and Julia they both
commit suicide
on the belief that they lost the one
they loved.
Sorry if I ruined it for any of
What I'm trying to say is human
nature is all a random
with no proven method.
That's why science so important,
because it is precise,
it is exact.
It's reality.
Science is the only thing
that you can trust.
It's the only thing I trust.
How many of you think you can trust
in love?
Our hopeless romantics in class.
Mathematics is the only
international language.
Science is the only proven
[Bell rings]
All right, we will continue next
week with dissecting
the flaws of Einstein's Theory of
So, everyone please study up.
And I don't mean Shakespeare.
- Hey.
- Hey Julia.
- That was great.
Comparing human nature to science.
- Figured you would've stuck with
the rest of the girls siding
with love.
- I'm a science girl at heart.
- Well, sometimes I feel like
you're the only one who gets me
in here.
Look, I gotta run real quick.
I will see you in the lab later?
- Of course.
- Great.
[Dramatic music plays]
[Loud machine buzzing]
[Sound of machine violently
- Give me something new Jonas.
- Oh, I'm afraid I can't. Sixty
minutes just like every other
- How's Walter?
- Never better.
- Walter. Last time you get to
name the mouse.
- Why is his time constant still
holding us up?
[Sound of wheel spinning]
- You know, maybe we need to be more
- What if we increase the
electromagnetic energy
to 30,000 volts?
- Yeah, maybe that's double the
input of every other time.
That could be disastrous.
- Then what can we try?
I mean, I refuse to believe that
these results
are the extent of our research.
- Connor, we're on the cutting
edge of something,
and no one has ever even come close topp
It takes time.
- Time we don't have...
We're two deadlines behind.
- Time wisely used is time best
If we rush we're bound to make
All right. Let's wrap it up for
and start fresh in the morning.
It's been a long day.
- What time is it?
- Almost seven.
- Damnit. I got to go.
Can you guys finish up everything
- Catching you on the way out I
- Actually you were.
- Why don't you stick around
You can show me how all of this
- Look, I'm really late for
Jonas. He can show you anything
you need to know.
- It wasn't a suggestion son.
Besides, what could
possibly be
more important than all of this?
- How's it going?
- Good thank you.
- Can I get you anything?
- No, I'm still waiting on
- Special occasion?
- It's our anniversary.
- Congratulations.
How long have you been married?
- We're not yet.
We're still engaged.
- Oh. Well, when's the big day?
- Haven't set one yet.
- Well, I'm sure it will be
wonderful when you do.
If you need anything let me
know, okay?
[Piano playing in the
- What would happen if you shut this
down while it's operating?
- Everything inside of it would
be destroyed.
We have unfortunately learned that
lesson the hard way.
The machine is designed to offset
minor power centers,
but you can never remove the power
source entirely.
- What is the relevance of 60
Why can't you surpass that
- We don't know.
What we're working on could be
the foundation for all time travel.
- But technically you two haven't
travelled anywhere.
All you've done is skip a
laboratory rat forward 60
But that time never existed.
Is that correct?
- Essentially yes, but it's
We're working on an equation that
could measure time.
In theory be able to pinpoint an
exact moment in time
and then travel to it.
- When the government first
asked me
they had a special agency on the
forefront of time travel.
Frankly, I thought it was
But I have to say you two have
what I thought was possible.
But just because I'm impressed,
does not mean that the folks
upstairs are convinced.
There are a lot of people, including
that think all of this is a waste of
So, if you two would like to keep yourpp
I suggest you, Connor, figure
that equation and fast.
Good evening gentlemen, and
[Eerie music playing]
- Well, that was pleasant.
- Developing an equation to
measure and travel through time.
If there's something you're not
telling me Connor,
now would be a good time.
- What did you expect me to say?
The guy was breathing down my
- Don't beat yourself up about
We'll figure it out.
- Hey, come on. I'll buy you a
You look like you could use one.
- Thanks, but I can't.
I gotta go home, and find a way
to get
April to forgive me for ditching her.
[Lighter clicks]
[Eerie music playing]
- That ought to light a fire under
their asses.
I want you two to stay here. Watch
this place close.
Anything goes on here,
I want to know about it.
This has already gone too far.
Somehow they've managed to
Our orders have been shutting this
thing down
before this thing gets out of
If this information ever gets
we could be in a world of
- Don't worry sir.
We'll keep an eye on everything.
- You two take no action without
consulting me first.
- Yes sir.
- Yes sir.
[Knocks on the door]
- I'm so sorry.
- Don't waste your breath.
I don't want to hear it.
- Something came up all right.
Just as I was heading out the
- Something always comes up.
You forgot my birthday,
but our anniversary for Christ's
You couldn't even call.
- The government agency overseeing
our grant
showed up at the last minute
- Sometimes I feel like you love
your experiments
more than you love me.
- You know that's not true.
Things have just been crazy at
The minute the project's over I can
more time to us.
- I can't promise I'm just going to
stick around that long.
We were supposed to set a date
- I know, and I'll make it up to
you, I promise.
Friday. Friday. We'll pick
another day.
Any day you want.
- It is not just about the date.
I need to know that you care enough
about me.
That you want to marry me.
Blowing me off on our
doesn't say that you do.
- You know you mean the world
to me.
- Then show me.
- As soon as this project is
we can do everything that you want to
We can spend all of our time on the
I just need a couple weeks.
Just a couple weeks.
That's all I'm asking for.
- Do you promise on Friday we'll
pick a date?
- Yeah, yeah. I promise.
And I promise I won't be late.
Oh, I got you something.
- What is it?
- Just because I was late doesn't meanpp
- Perfect.
I got you something too,
but I want to wait 'til Friday.
There's something I want
to add to it.
- You're beautiful for getting me
[Ducks quacking in the
[Breathes deeply]
- Hey, hold on.
I still can't believe he blew off
your anniversary.
- Something important came up at
- So important that he couldn't even
call you?
I don't know why you keep putting
up with him.
- Because I love him.
- Well, you are my sister, and I
love you.
But you are naive.
Is this really how you want to
spend the rest of your life?
Always coming in second?
- I think I'm going to go surprise
him tonight at the lab,
and tell him I don't care about a
I just want to be with him.
- I hope you're right.
- Hey, two cups of coffee sir.
What are you working on?
- I was playing around with some
equations last night,
and I think I got it.
- Got what?
- A formula to map and travel
through time.
- So if this is correct,
then it's not the increased
that projects a matter through time
and space,
but it's combination of
electromagnetic energy
with atomic polarity?
This is amazing!
- The way I see it,
if we can rapidly spin two magnets
facing the same pole
we can generate a changing magnetic
creating an electromagnetic
- Ah, and all we need are electronic
to get the photons moving at the speedpp
Thus, creating a wormhole in time and
This is right along the lines of
Einstein's theory
on general relativity.
- It's raw. It's really raw, but I
I think this could work.
- I think you've done it.
- I still can't believe it.
I underestimated you kid.
- Well, it's the last time you
- What's going on?
- Well, it appears that he's done
Connor has discovered how to travel
back in time.
- That's amazing.
- Well, it's just an equation
until we actually test the
theory out.
- Either way, we should
- I'd love to, but I can't.
I got to meet April in an hour.
I told her we'd pick a wedding date
- Oh, that's great.
You're a brilliant man, and she's
lucky to have you.
- This is the breakthrough we
See if you could contact
Maybe we can get some more
to start building a new machine to
test the theory out.
- I'm on it.
[Suspenseful music playing]
- Connor!
- Hey Julia.
- I just wanted to tell you that
your were amazing today.
I'm so honored I get to work
with you.
You're incredible.
- Thank you. It means a lot.
[Car pulls up]
- Wait, Connor.
That's not what I came here to tell
There's no easy way to say this,
but from the moment I have laid
eyes on you
I've been attracted to you,
and the way you look at me
I can't help but think you feel
the same way.
- Julia, I think that we...
[Car screeches off]
- What's wrong?
- I'm engaged to April.
Look, I knew it was going to be hard
working with you,
because you're obviously
intelligent and a beautiful
But I think it's best if we just keep
things strictly professional
between us.
- I'm so embarrassed.
- Don't be. It was honest.
- I don't want this to change
anything between us.
- It won't.
- Thank you.
- All right?
- Yeah.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
[Cell phone rings]
- It's Spencer.
- Get everything ready. It's going
down tonight.
- Yes sir. We'll be ready.
- Yeah, they figured it out
faster than we thought.
But we have to shut them down before
things get out of control.
I'm on my way now.
- They figured it out.
We're taking them down tonight.
[Cell phone rings]
[Exhales deeply]
- Hello?
- Hi, it's Kristine. Everything all
- No.
- Why? What's wrong?
- When I went to surprise
he was kissing his assistant.
I think they're having an
- I'm so sorry.
Is there something that I can
- Okay.
[Car sputters when starting]
[Train track bells ringing]
- What are you doing?
What's the meaning of this?
What's going on here?
- You are being shut down.
This project has been
- On what grounds?
- You Jonas,
you were never meant to get this
You were were employed on this
to prove time travel was not
But you two,
you end up proving it was.
Now if this information were to ever
get out,
it'd prove to be highly
You are being shut down to make
that this technology never falls
into the wrong hands.
- I wouldn't touch that if I were
- Then you do it.
I have no time for games.
Make sure you take everything
Oh, and Jonas,
don't even think about continuing
your research either.
Or you will force me to take more
drastic measures.
Ones I guarantee you will not
[Music playing]
[Phone dialing]
[Recording: You have
reached Connor Hughes.
Please leave a message.]
[Cell phone rings]
- Hello?
- April. Hey, where are you?
- I saw you with her.
- Hello?
- I said it's over Connor.
- I can't... Hello?
- I saw you...
[Car screeches]
[Sound of glass shattering]
- April?
It was all for nothing.
I lost everything.
All because
I was blinded by what I thought was
- You couldn't have known.
Life is unpredictable like that
It just takes something away from
faster than you can imagine.
- How did you do it?
How did you keep going after the
After Carol died?
- One day at a time.
It's all you can do.
- Get any easier?
- Eventually it will.
Wounds heal, and you get on with your
Look what they left behind.
Why don't you take Walter?
I think the company would do you
It wasn't all for nothing.
Never is.
[Knock on the door]
[Piano music plays]
- Hard to believe a whole year has
gone by.
I miss her so much.
As much as she loved you
it was just never enough was it?
You always had to have more.
- What are you talking about?
- The night she was killed
she saw you kissing your
She was so upset when I called.
She could barely talk let alone
So, she walked to my place.
All she wanted to do was tell you
picking a wedding date
wasn't important.
As long as you two were
That's how much she loved you.
She was willing to put your
priorities ahead of her own.
- I had no idea.
- Oh, of course you wouldn't.
All you ever thought about was
Never once would you even
putting her needs ahead of
your own.
Now she's gone forever.
I hope you're happy.
[Dramatic music playing]
- Jonas, it's Connor.
We need to talk.
[Gate slams shut]
What is this place?
- Come on in you'll see.
A friend let me use this place.
What I want you to see is right aroundpp
Couldn't let them just
destroy everything weve been
working on.
So, I made copies of all the
and I continued our research
where they can't find me.
- I can't believe it.
You actually built it.
- It's not exactly a finished
quite yet.
Still have lot to do on it.
A few kinks to work out.
- Why didn't you tell me about this
- I knew what you were going
and I didn't want to bring it up
until you were ready.
- This is amazing.
This is exactly like my
- I had to improvise a few
but I think it's pretty close.
- If my calculations are
and 60 minutes is the constant
in which all living matter can
travel through time,
that gives me enough time to travel
and save April from getting hit by
that car.
- There's just one problem with
I haven't yet figured out how to
map and measure time in order
to get you back to a specific
- The earth's rotation is what causes
time to pass right?
- Right.
- By using an atomic clock
we can calculate the exact time
and use it to identify specific
into the past precise to the
Once we measure the waves,
it's just a matter of finding the
correct combination
of electromagnetic energy and
- Let's hope you're right.
Let's hope this theory works.
- It has to work.
[Dramatic music plays]
- Are you ready?
- Yeah.
[Loud buzzing from machine]
[Exhales deeply]
- I think we're going to need some
kind of surge protection
to keep this thing from shutting
down during your trip.
- More power wouldn't do
It's ready.
Send me back to 7:14pm
on October 15th of last year.
- Don't you think we should at
least test it first?
We don't know what'll happen.
We don't know if it'll work.
All right. We'll send Walter.
- We're not doing anything with
that thing.
- Jonas, I'm ready.
- You're the smart one.
If something gets messed up, or
you don't get back,
I don't know if I can figure out
how to fix it.
That way, if something happens you
can fix it.
- You sure about this?
- Well, we don't have much choice
do we?
You send me back to the night she
That way we'll know if we calculated
the time right or not.
- If my calculations are
this is going to send you back to
that exact position.
How do you know any of this is going
to be the same?
- We don't.
- Good luck.
[Machine charging up]
You all right?
- I am.
[Struggles to get in
- Does it work?
- It does.
[Both laugh]
- What was it like?
- Well, it wasn't the smoothest
- Where'd you get that?
- I could do more than an hour
- Now that I know that it works,
I'm going back.
- Connor, take the night.
Think about what you're going to do
when you go back.
Besides, we don't want to
overloading the machine on
it's first day.
- Jonas, I've waited long
- Another day isn't going to kill
you Connor.
You've only got an hour.
You need to be prepared.
- Yeah. Yeah, you're right.
I can't believe it works.
[Music playing]
[Electricity buzzing in the
- Another, Connor.
I think going back in time would
change the outcome.
And it doesn't get reset until you go
back again.
So, you have to be extremely
careful with what you
interact and what you do.
Your actions could cause a chain
that could completely alter reality
as we know it.
- That's what I'm planning on.
- Be careful.
Avoid your previous self at all
[Machine charges up]
- Ah, God.
The roof?
Ah, you can't worry about this
[Car sputters]
- Oh no.
Come on!
[Suspenseful music and
buzzing from the machine]
[Intercom repeating:
System alert]
- Ahh!
- April!
[Car screeches]
[Connor coughs]
- Are you crazy to jump out in
traffic like that?
You all right?
I can get you an ambulance.
- No, I don't have time for an
- What about my car?
[Cell phone rings]
- April.
- Hello?
- April!
- I saw you...
[Car screeches]
- It was too late. I couldn't save
- What's with the leg?
- Got hit by a car trying to get to
Shouldn't I have returned
to normal when I got back?
Why am I still feeling the
- Look. Time passes here exactly
the same as it passes in the
So, when something happens to you
in the past,
and you come back here,
it will continue until you go back
and change it.
So, when you avoid that car on your
next trip
it'll be just like it never happened
to you before.
And when you come back here,
that will no longer be your
- I need a better plan the next
time I go back.
You think you can hack into the
phone company records?
- Sure. Why?
- If I get April's phone records
I can find out where she was that
- Do what I can.
- How much time passed while I was
- Uh, 60 minutes.
- My watch says 58.
What happened to the two
- Well, when did you set your
- Right when I got there.
- And when did you notice 58
- Right before I got sent back.
- We forgot to calculate travel
It'll take you a minute to get there
and to get back.
- Great. I already lost two
It was my call that distracted
right before she stepped into the
- Blame her death on a phone
There are plenty of other things that
could've distracted her.
- But there weren't.
If I can stop myself from making
that call
then maybe she won't get hit.
- What about the car?
How're you going to stop the
- I'll think of something.
Prep the machine. I'm going
[Dramatic music]
- Excuse me. Are you Connor?
- Yeah.
- You have a phone call in the
- From who?
- From April.
- Okay, thanks.
[Suspenseful music]
- Hey,
hey, hey! Hey!
[Car screeches]
[Kristine] The night she
was killed,
she saw you kissing your
Now she's gone forever.
[Car passes by]
[Car honks]
- Yikes.
- If I prevent the kiss from
April won't be upset.
She'll continue to surprise me as
and everything will work out.
- Right. If we want to prevent
this from happening,
you'll have to go back earlier.
Which means you won't be able to see
how it turns out.
- What if it won't matter?
If this does work, none of this
would've happened.
- That's right.
- In that case,
I want to thank you for
You're a good friend.
I couldn't have done it without
- See you in the past.
- Jonas, I'm going to make sure
that this time I appreciate her.
- Whatever will be wil be
- Fire it up.
[Machine starts to charge]
- Mr. Hughes, what're you doing out
this way?
- Uh, I just went outside for a
I didn't want anyone to know.
- Have a good night Mr. Hughes.
- (Julia) Let's celebrate.
- I'd love to, but I can't. I've got
to meet April in an hour.
I told her we'd pick a wedding
[Turn signal clicking]
[Indisctinct conversation]
- Hello?
[Knocks on door]
[Indistinct conversation]
- What? Jonas, what is it?
[Groans in discomfort]
- Get on the ground!
[April] No! Wait!
- Back up!
[Gunshot fired]
- Somebody help!
- Try it again?
- No matter what I do she still
- Maybe it was just her time
- April wasn't supposed to die
that night.
I know it.
- We all have our fate Con.
Maybe this was hers.
- No, I can't accept that.
Fire up the machine.
- Eventually you're going to have
to accept it Connor.
- Fire up the machine Jonas!
- Maybe there's nothing you can
do to save her?
Why don't you go home,
get a good night's rest,
regroup, and
you may want to keep trying.
We can. As many times as you
Come on. I'll walk you home.
- First time in my life I don't
know what to do.
- It'll come to you.
We'll figure something out.
We got to get back the machine.
- What?
- Spencer and his men are here.
Something must've happened
the last time you went back.
- What do I do when I get back
- Don't do anything.
If there's nothing, things will
back to the original outcome.
- Wait, what are you going to
- Hold them off as long as
[Machine charges up]
- Search this entire place.
I want whatever it is they're
[Metal drops]
- Nothing.
- Well, they're definitely here.
- They've got the power near.
There it is.
- You guys lost?
- Where's Hughes?
- Oh, he stepped out to pick up some
You want me have him get you a
- Cut the shit.
Where's the time machine?
- Time machine?
- Don't you toy with me old man.
We know you built the time
We just want to know where it
- Sir, I think I found it over
- Get the power back on.
So how does it work?
- Doesn't. Not finished with it
- We already know Hughes has
traveling back in time old
We saw him that night
just before we shut you down.
You see, we figured you'd continue
your research.
So, we backed off, but you two think
that we haven't
been watching you for the last year
and a half.
So, I'm going to ask you again.
How does this thing work?
- Okay. [Clears throat]
We combine quantum mechanics with
the Relativity Theory
to create a wormhole.
Then we spin two magnets in reverse
to create an electromagnetic
Then we add heavy bursts of
to create the wormhole into which
we are able to catapult matter
to create electromagnetic
to get you to a specific point
in time.
- Cut with the scientific crap,
and just get to how I use it.
- Can't. It's too late.
- Boss, it's doing something.
- Shut it down.
- No!
[Machine charges up]
[Connor coughs]
- Jonas!
You all right?
- Of course I'm alright.
- I just saw you.
- Whatever Connor.
Whatever you just saw
has all changed when you came
If something happened, it's all
fixed now.
- Not everything.
I still can't save her.
- Connor, maybe you're going
about this all wrong.
Maybe this machine wasn't built to
save her.
Maybe this machine was built to give
you more time.
- What do you mean?
- I mean we're all given a certain
amount of time on this earth.
Maybe you can't extend her time,
but you have the ability to do
that most people would give anything
Look at me.
- What's that?
- You have the ability to go
and spend 58 minutes at a time
with a woman that you loved and
You can create memories you never
You can experience things you never
got to.
At the very least you get to hold her
one more time.
If I were you, stop wasting time
trying to change
the inevitable, and take
of what I do have, 58 minutes at a
[Knock at the door]
- Hey.
- Hi.
- What are you doing here?
- I wanted to see you.
Here, I got you something.
- What's this?
Wow. What's this for?
- Well, this is old, and you need
a new one Connor.
- Thanks.
- What's the matter?
You don't seem very excited to see
- No, no. I just didn't expect
- I spoke to my uncle today,
and he said that whenever you're readypp
We'd be working together again.
- Yeah, yeah. That's great.
- Come here.
- Wait a second. Wait a second.
- What's the matter?
- I can't... I can't do this.
This isn't working.
- You're still not over her are
Connor, you need to move
on and let her go.
It's been over a year already.
No matter what you do, you can't
bring her back.
- Maybe that's true.
This. Us.
It's just...
It's not working out.
- So what are you trying to say?
- I don't love you.
- You know what Connor?
I hope you're going to be happy on
your own.
- Made a list of everything I would dopp
Even if it's for only 58
- Glad you finally came around.
- Before I do any of that,
I have to go back one more time
to right before she dies.
- Why? There's nothing more you could
do back there.
- I can't let her die in vain.
I have to let her know how much she
means to me.
If anything, at least I can leave
her with that.
- You know, it's only going to
- I have to do this for me.
And for her.
[Train passing over tracks]
[Music playing]
- April!
Just wait a second.
April look, just give me a minute
Let me apologize.
- How did you even know where I
- It doesn't matter.
Listen, I know why you're
and you have every right to be
She just kissed me,
and I didn't know what to do.
So, I froze.
- You froze?
- Look, if you had just
- Waited? For what?
The rest of the show
of my fiancee kissing someone
No wonder you're avoiding getting
- Avoiding... I'm not avoiding
getting married.
Look, I was going to pick a date that
Tonight. Look, either way
I love you, okay?
You're the only one I want to
be with,
and you're the only person I care
And I just... I need you to
know that.
- You should've thought of that
How you missed our anniversary.
Were you with her?
- No, no. Okay, she was there,
but that has nothing to do
We were working April.
April, just hear me out. Come
- I don't even know if you're
telling me the truth.
- You know me April.
- Do I?
I don't think I can trust you
after this.
I would've done anything for
and I am not about to let you
take advantage of me,
and make a fool out of me.
- I'm sorry. You're you're
You're right. Listen, I shouldn't havepp
escalate that far,
but I'm here now because of you.
- You had your chance.
You two can have a each other.
I'm done.
[Cell phone rings]
- April! April!
- What? Who is this?
- April!
[Car screeches]
[Electricity buzzes in time
Something's wrong with the
It sent me back two minutes
- I don't know.
I did everything exactly the
- Okay, then what happened?
It sent me back before the 58
minutes was up.
- Maybe you're losing time.
- Losing time?
No, no. That's impossible.
- Nothing's impossible Connor.
We've proved that.
Nothing lasts forever.
- Then how much longer do I
have left?
How much longer until I run out of
- I don't know Connor.
I'm the learning all this stuff
the same time you are.
The only rational explanation...
Maybe you continue to lose time
until your window runs out.
- What do I do?
I just can't win.
- If I were you Connor,
I'd make the best of whatever
little time
I had left with her.
- Easy for you to say Jonas.
This is my life.
I can't just sit back and make
the best of it
knowing I might never get her
- You are never going to get her back
That's not the way it supposed
to be.
Fifty eight minutes at a time.
That's all you get.
Now you knew this moment would
You can either accept it and take
what you have,
or you can wallow in what might have
That's your decision Connor.
[Music playing in the
- He didn't show did he?
- Nope.
- I'm very sorry.
- You're leaving without me?
- You're late.
- I made it over here.
- You want to get a glass of
- You know what?
Let's just do a bottle.
- Connor? What are you doing
I thought you had to work?
- Some things are more
[Music playing]
- What are you doing?
- Setting the coordinates for my
next trip.
- Connor, I thought that we
that the last time you did it.
We need to shut this thing down.
You are rapidly running out of
and we don't know what happens
if time runs out.
- This is my last trip.
I need to go back one more time.
Say goodbye to April.
- You know you're risking your own
life by going back again?
If time runs out so could you.
- I know.
[Time machine buzzes]
[Indistinct chatter in the
- Hey!
What are you doing here?
- Do you have a minute?
- Yeah, my kids shouldn't be back
for a few minutes.
What's going on?
You never come here and
surprise me.
- I wanted to see you.
- Well, I'm glad you did.
Is everything alright?
It seems like something's wrong.
- No, everything's fine.
Look, I just...
I just missed you that's all.
- God, I wish I could just skip class
and leave here with you.
What? What did I say?
- You trust me?
- What?
- Do you trust me?
- Well, of course.
Where's all this coming from?
- Alright listen April,
no matter what happens I need you
to trust me.
Okay? No matter how crazy it
I need you to believe me.
- What are you talking...
[Bell rings in background]
It's my class. They'll be back
[Time machine buzzes]
- How'd it go?
- That was the last time. It's
[Gate closes]
- Figured I'd find you here.
- I came to stop any wasting of
- Did I ever tell you how I met my
I was a graduate student,
and I was working on my thesis
in chemical engineering.
Working with a highly
combustible substance.
I was stressed, because it was the
night before
it was due, and I was worried I
wouldn't finish in time.
I was working too fast, and I
made a careless mistake.
The solution exploded in my
And I was rushed to the
[Clears throat]
I met her in the ER,
and I'm in a great deal of pain,
and I'm terrified.
I might be permanent like this
for years.
And this soft, nurturing voice
"Everything will be fine."
So, I opened my eyes, and
I saw this most angelic face gazing
back at me.
And her smile alone was enough
to convince me everything would be
So, I vowed at that moment that I
would do everything I could,
anything necessary to keep
her in my life.
Because I knew that to be
without her
would be more painful than anything
in the world.
A woman like that
only comes around once in a
What you do is you do everything in
your power to keep her.
So move your ass before I change
my mind.
When am I sending you back?
- July 20th, 1:20am.
Three months before she died.
[Music playing]
- Connor?
- Go back to sleep.
- Where are you going?
- I have some work to do at the
- This late?
Are you going to come back to bed
- Not tonight.
Get some rest okay?
I'll call you tomorrow.
[Eerie music playing]
- Who the hell are you?
- Keep your voice down.
You don't want to wake April.
Put the pan down.
- Who are you?
- I'm you two years in the
- But how?
- I need to tell you something
but we don't have much time.
The project you're working on
regarding time travel will
eventually work.
In a few months you'll figure out
how to skip forward in time.
Don't get too close.
I'm risking both our lives just by
being here.
- How'd you get here?
- Just listen to me.
What I'm about to tell you
will change the rest of your
The project will be a success,
but the government will come in
to shut it down anyway.
That night, April is killed.
- What? How?
- She's hit by a car crossing an
None of that matters.
What matters is that you build that
and you send her past the exact
moment of her death.
It is imperative that you follow
those directions precisely.
If you don't,
she'll continue in her fate,
and you will lose her forever.
- Reverse polar magnetism.
- Everything you need to know is
in that book.
The rest is on the disc.
If she means as much as I know she
does to you...
- Wait a second.
- You'll do anything to save
- Wait a second. Wait.
- Save her.
- Wait!
- Morning.
I see you canceled your class for the
Something the matter?
- If you had to tell me
something so far-fetched
that you knew I wouldn't
How would you do it?
- Well, I'd say we've been
friends a long time,
and if I was coming to you with
I thought was important,
no matter how outrageous,
I would hope
you would at least hear me out.
This is amazing. When did you write
- Technically, I haven't yet.
- What?
- Last night I was visited
by... Me.
Not me, but me two years in the
I gave myself that book and a
and was told I have to build
this time machine in order to save
If I don't send her forward on this
at that exact time,
she's going to die.
- April will die? What are you
talking about?
- It's all in there.
- It's all in here right?
This is everything we've been
working on.
My God, it says it actually
- So you believe me?
- A lot of this stuff in here
there's no way
you could've known this.
There's stuff in here I
haven't told anybody.
I've known you a lot of years.
You've never lied to me before.
Why would you start now?
- Good, because I'm going to need
your help.
- Of course. There's a lot to do.
Let's get started.
[Clock ticking]
[School bell rings]
- Connor?
- Hey Julia, what can I do for
I was just wondering why you
not to use me as your lab assistant
Did I do something wrong?
- No, it's nothing you did.
It's just we're not pursuing that
project anymore.
But don't worry.
You'll get full credit for everything
you've done so far.
- Connor, it wasn't about the
Look, I really believe in what you're
Whatever you're working on now
I'd love to be a part of it.
- I appreciate that Julia,
I really do,
but this is just something we have
to pursue on our own.
See you next week in class.
[Dramatic music]
- Spencer and his men are on
their way.
Just don't let them see the time
Spencer, we weren't
expecting you.
- Well, I just wanted to stop by
and check on you guys.
See if any advancements have
been made.
- Unfortunately there haven't
To be honest, I'm beginning to
that my calculations are
- Well, that is unfortunate
You know, we really did had high
hopes for you on this project.
- Uh, actually, we've made some
As a matter of fact, we're working
on a machine
right now that we think might be our
- Really? I'd like to see it.
- Of course.
- (Connor) Yeah, sure.
Right now it's just a prototype.
The theory is that between the two
we will be able to quantify
Anything that goes into
the machine
will be able to skip over a set
amount of time.
- Actually, gentlemen I don't
need to see it.
I think that you're making great
Keep doing what you do,
and everything will be just
I don't think we need to bother
these gentlemen anymore.
Let's go.
- Gentlemen. Good day.
- That was odd.
- Yeah, a little too close for
Ran a few tests last night.
Everything appeared to be
- Good.
- You haven't told her yet have
- Not yet.
- You know what you're going to say
to her?
- What? Other than
"April, you're going to
and the only way to save you is
jump past your death in a time
- I'm sure you'll figure something
- Yeah.
Listen, I got to head to class.
- I'm going to run a few final tests
Make sure the machine is prepped and
ready for tomorrow.
- Thanks.
Keep that in mind when using the
second derivative of...
You know what? That's it for
We'll take it from here next
There's no test all right
Alright, thank you.
- Do you have a moment?
I really need to talk to you.
- I don't right now Julia.
I'm actually in kind of a hurry.
- Look, it's important.
It'll only take a minute.
- Yeah, I wish I could.
I just really have to get going.
Can it wait?
- Sure.
- Thanks.
- Hey.
- I need to talk to you about
- Okay, what is it?
- I need you to come tomorrow with
me somewhere.
- Where?
- I'll explain tomorrow.
- What's going on?
- You're just going to have to
trust me.
- I can't tomorrow.
I have a PTA meeting.
- Well, then you're going to have
to cancel it.
This is important.
- I can't just cancel my
It's been scheduled for days.
- April. Please.
- Well, if it's that important
why can't you just tell me right
[Exhales deeply]
- Tomorrow night, you're...
[Phone rings]
Jonas, yes.
No, I didn't take it.
I'm coming right now.
- Connor what's going on?
Tomorrow night I work.
- Look, I got to go do
I'll explain everything
Just promise me that you will
be there tomorrow at 6:30.
- Okay, I promise.
Promise me everything's okay.
- It will be.
- Connor, I have looked
It's not... It's not around
He must've taken it.
- Wait a minute Jonas.
We were here the entire time.
- He must've slipped it out when we
weren't looking.
He was standing by the computer
when you went to show him
He must've taken it then.
- We gotta get that disc.
If he finds out what's on it,
he could ruin everything.
[Computer beeps]
- Milo.
- Agent Spencer.
- I got a security disc on my
I need you to crack it and open up thepp
- Yes sir.
[Suspenseful music]
- Did you get it?
- Yeah. I replaced it with a
blank one.
[Tires screech]
[Dramatic music]
- What are you doing still here?
We gotta get moving.
- Just double-checking to make
sure everything's working
- No, I'll take care of things
You go get April.
- Okay, just keep an eye on these
readings alright?
I'll be back soon.
- They're definitely hiding
something in their plan.
Whatever was on that disc,
they definitely did not want me to
see it.
I suggest that we shut them down
before they can use it.
I'm on it.
- Are you dressed?
We gotta go now.
- (Julia) Dear Connor,
I'm writing you this letter
because of the difficulty
to express
my feelings for you in person.
I'm sorry for whatever I did
that caused you to end things.
But I ask you to please take me
as I will not disappoint you.
Yours truly.
[Train goes over tracks]
- Hey guys.
We're all set.
What's going on? Where's April?
- I don't know.
She's not picking up her phone.
- What?
How did you even get this?
- Julia must've slipped it into
my bag last night.
It's all for nothing.
I have no idea where she is
and there's no time to get her into
the machine.
- Connor. This is not over yet.
We now where she's going.
The intersection.
You have 20 minutes.
If we hurry, you can still get
you can get there and
stop it before it happens.
- How?
After everything we've done
it's like it's meant to happen.
Jonas, there's nothing we can
- Connor, it hasn't actualy
happened yet.
If you hurry you can change it,
but you gotta go now.
Go, go, go, go, go!
- You are not going anywhere.
- You gotta let me go.
I don't have time for this!
- I know you're hiding something
here Connor,
and I want it now.
- Spencer you don't know what
you're doing.
Just let me go.
- I know that you stole the
and that tells me that there is
very important on that disc that you
do not want me to see.
I want the disc back,
and I want whatever it is you've been
working on.
- Spencer, you have no right to
barge in here with your thugs.
[Punching sound]
- Perhaps I wasn't clear enough.
I don't think you two actually
know who you're dealing with.
I want the disc, and I want it
Alright. Tear this place
We are going to find that disc
if it takes us all day.
- Wait, wait. We built the time
I'll show it to you if just let
Connor leave.
- He stays. You two aren't going
Let's go. Show me the machine.
How does it work?
- Why don't I fire it up,
and you can see for yourself.
[Time machine buzzes]
Run Connor!
Run, run, run!
[Dramatic music]
[Dramatic music continues]
[Tires screech to stop]
You sure you're ready for this?
I'm ready.