Fate/stay night Movie: Heaven's Feel - I. Presage Flower (2017) Movie Script

Summer, a year and a half ago
Shirou Emiya is quite impressive.
I know, right?
With the help of Ayako Mitsuzuri and Shinji Matou,
we're looking good to take home the Minor Cup.
But you know, Ms. Fujimura...
Among the first-years, Shirou is how do I put it...
a little bit off I guess?
Well, I can't quite put it into words, but...
You got hurt at work before the tourney?
The hell?
This has thrown everyone off their game.
What were you thinking?
My bad.
But if you and Ayako are there, we should still be fine.
I'm home.
Don't worry.
Rest easy and get your butt
right back to practice when
you feel better.
P.S. I'll come
check up on
you later.
Commencing synchronization.
Elucidating the essential basis.
Elucidating the structural properties.
Modifying the essential basis.
Reinforcing the structual properties.
It's raining?
You're Shinji's little sister...
I'm Sakura...
Shirou! I came to check up on you!
How's your shoulder?
This isn't what you think!
Seriously, it's not!
I've been able to more or less
get by on my own all this time.
Besides, there's no way I can make
my friend's sister help out.
Well, I can't really agree
to this as Shirou's guardian.
I'll help out with all the chores,
so there's no reason to sweat it!
Oh man, what a coinkydink.
We just happened to run into each other...
Miyama Fireworks Festival
Yesterday, 8:00 PM
Today's Topic
Fireworks Spectacle Over The Sea
Now for today's topic
The utensils are in the cupboard up top.
The lower one has the rice bin, kitchen kinves, and...
H-Hey, hold up!
First, fold back from the rear side
at around the middle of the shoulder.
Fold the sleeves such that
they're parallel to the creases.
Do the same for the other side.
Be sure that it doesn't unfold on you.
Hey, that's good enough.
I'll try it again.
All right then. From the top.
Thanks for having me.
See ya tomorrow, Sakura!
Ah right, I remember.
On that day a year n' a half ago,
I was bested by an unexpectedly
stubborn girl a year younger than me.
Autumn, a year and three months ago
Autumn, a year and three months ago
Since then, while the seasons changed
and my shoulder healed,
my lifestyle stayed constant.
Was that Sakura's doing,
or perhaps my own wish?
Whatever the cause, it was probably trivial.
I suppose if I were to state something that changed,
it would be that I stopped going to the archery club.
Well, I wanted to work
more hours at my part-time job,
and I had only joined
because I wanted to get in shape.
I guess you could say
everything worked out perfectly.
There's one other
small detail...
I'm home.
Welcome back.
I stopped using my own key.
Winter, a year and two months ago
Winter, a year and two months ago
Merry Christmas!
As I was saying...
Shirou, you've always acted like Kiritsugu,
saying stuff like "I'm gonna be a hero!"
What are you talkin' about?
Sheesh, you ol' drunk.
Kiritsugu being
Shirou's father, correct?
You see, Kiritsugu was like a hero to him.
Is it any wonder Shirou tries to imitate him?
Wait, don't you have someone
you view that way too?
My hero...
Spring, ten months ago
Hello, Emiya.
Oh, hey, Issei.
Well if it ain't Shirou.
Help me lure peeps to join the club.
Wait, who's that girl?
Oh yeah. She's Shinji's lil' sis and...
Huh, for real?
Why hey there. Ya interested in archery?
Your bro's doin' it so ya gotta be
a little bit interested, right?
Oh right, what's your name?
It's Sakura.
Got it, Sakura.
So how about it, ya gonna join the archery club?
Or ya already got a club you plan on joining?
Perfect! Then let's get ya right in!
My, what belligerence.
Well then, it's decided!
What's the matter?
Hey, Shirou!
Thank you very much, teach!
You're a teacher too, you know.
Well then. Everyone smile!
Autumn, three months ago
Trace on.
I gotta take it apart again.
Oh, Sakura.
What are you making for dinner tonight?
Since we have some excellent eggplants,
I was planning on arrabbiata.
Woo! Looking forward to it!
Oh, it's happening again.
The color of the flames
licks away at a distant memory.
It tells me, "You are not to immerse
yourself in your memories."
It being the same ole terminus
I reach whenever I dream.
In other words, I'll awaken shortly.
Good morning.
Yo. Morning, Sakura.
One day ago
Sakura, there's seriously no need
to come over every day.
You have your own life after all.
It's fine.
I mean, my only hobbies are cooking and archery.
Speaking of which,
my current goal is to surpass your cooking.
It won't be too long until I reach your level.
Really now?
You've been learning the secrets
to my art these days?
Get readyI'm coming to take you down!
And besides...
I can't enjoy meals any longer
unless I'm in your home.
Let's get going.
If you don't hurry up, you'll miss morning practice.
Why, Emiya, would you happen to be courting Shinji's sister?
Well it's just that...
I happened upon the two of you
intimately walking to school together.
She's my friend's sister.
Like hell we're going out.
In fact, if you saw us you
should have said something.
I am but a mere monk in training,
and thus I do not yet bear such audacity.
All right, finished this one.
Morning, Shinji.
Hey, Shirou.
Stupidly meddling in others'
affairs this fine morning?
You really are strange.
It's cause I've got nothing else to do.
Well, if you need anything, feel free to ask.
Re-stringing and repairing bows
was never your strong suit.
You know...
You're not supposed to have anything
to do with the archery club anymore.
It's in your best interest to not stick
your nose into other people's business.
Umm... First off, let's talk about pronunciation.
Even though the spelling may be the same,
that doesn't guarantee the pronunciation will be too.
This is easy to mess up, so be careful.
Emiya, how about lunch?
Sorry, I'm heading to the cafeteria today.
Hey, Sakura.
Hi, Shirou.
What was up with that just now?
Oh, that.
That's Rin, a second year.
That was Rin right?
Rin Tohsaka.
Ah, so you know her?
Well, ya know,
she's pretty famous and really stands out...
Yes, she really does.
She's so pretty and cool...
Are you not going to return
to the archery club anymore?
I'm not sure...
Wouldn't Shinji be mad?
Shinji is unable to mesh well with you.
However, he still likes you more
than he does anyone else.
Since he's not honest about how he feels.
he's contemptful towards
the people he likes the most.
I see...
That's one hell of a personality.
I'll see you later, Shirou.
Rasping bugs?
Isn't it winter?
You there.
I hear you've been taking care of my granddaughter.
Oh, pardon me.
I'm Shirou Emiya,
Shinji's classmate.
Is the Einzbern girl healthy and well?
This dream again...
I was
saved by Kiritsugu in the aftermath.
You'll die if you don't
summon it soon.
Mr. Redhead.
Today's Weather
Suspect Fled from Car Wreck
Our next story:
Suspect Fled from Car Wreck
Gas Leak in Downtown Shinto
Gas Leak in Downtown Shinto
Late last night, a large-scale gas leak occurred
in a skyscraper within Fuyuki City's Shinto district.
Present day
Sakura, can you grab me a plate?
Ah, sure.
Hmm? What going on back there?
Are you okay, Sakura?
You didn't have any of your breakfast, either.
It's cool if you want to sit out morning practice.
Your club advisor is worried about you too.
Don't worry, I'm fine.
I have a favor I'd like to ask of you.
Would you mind coming home
after school today as fast as possible?
This just in: breaking news.
This morning at dawn, four residents' corpses
were discovered in Fuyuki City's Miyama area.
Today's Weather
Miyama Murders
According to Fuyuki City's police station,
the victims all suffered a fatal stab wound.
The police are...
Shirou... Shirou...
Morning to you too.
Student Council Room
Are you aware of the murders
that took place in Miyama last night?
Did they catch the culprit?
No, not yet.
I suppose all after-school club
activities must come to a halt.
Excuse me.
Mr. Ryuudou, may I have a quick word with you?
Yes, no problem.
My apologies, Emiya.
Allow me to continue this conversation
the next time we meet.
Well if it isn't Shirou.
This is a first-year's classroom...
What are you doing over here?
Hey, Shinji. Aren't you free from practice today?
While I don't have practice, I still have
lots of stuff to do. I'm a busy man, you see.
Ah, by the way, if you're down, you
Don't piss off Ayako.
The hell?
I don't want to hear that from an outsider.
Ah, right, I just remembered!
I've got a little something
I need you to do for me, okay?
Wh-What is it?
Pointless cleanup for that
pointless-ass archery club.
Hey, isn't that your job?
Didn't I tell you? I have other stuff to do.
Not like you have any plans, right?
Then help me out.
Got it. I don't mind.
Go ahead and put on your
Mr. Good Guy cap for all I care.
As of today, all after-school
clubs have been suspended.
Students and staff,
please return home before 6 o'clock.
Come on now, it's time to go home.
Well, see you later!
I wanna check that shop out.
Sounds good. I've been wanting
to go for a while now.
Let's go, let's go!
Oops, I guess I got too in the zone.
I should head home.
What the...
Who's there?
What's going on?
What the hell was that?
I gotta bolt.
If I don't
I'll die!
How wretched.
A summoning oh so premature,
oh so inadequate.
Despite all of the actors finally taking the stage,
their quality and the stage's precision are lacking.
This Holy Grail War is a far cry
from the grand ritual we sought.
That which has begun can no longer be aborted.
Should the goblet fill with water,
one shall drink every last drop.
Fortunately, the supervisor
is that man from the church.
He will certainly be able to mediate
this warped Holy Grail War.
The Holy Grail calls forth Heroic Spirits,
and those spirits require a Master
with whom they can form a pact.
Should someone wind up in the ritual's clutches,
their destiny becomes one of murder,
regardless of their prior self.
The gist is that in the end, only one shall remain.
The seventh servant summoned is...
that very Saber.
And Emiya's foolish son is her Master, huh?
Truly, fate manifests in the most amusing ways.
The church is an impenetrable zone
where no one can lay a finger on them.
Well then, is that man truly a saint
worthy of speaking the gospel or not?
Shirou, you coming?
I have no idea why a disgrace of a magus
was chosen to be a Master.
However, you should listen to the guy we're
about to see's explanation of the Holy Grail War.
Though he's kind of a creep...
And here I thought you would never
respond to my repeated summons.
Yet here you come,
bringing along a rather strange guest.
I suppose that he's the seventh?
I am Kirei Kotomine,
the man entrusted with this church.
Shirou Emiya, was it?
There is no doubt you are Saber's Master, correct?
It's true, Saber definitely saved me.
However, if this so-called Master thing
is something for proper magi,
then you really should pick someone else.
"Pick someone else," you say?
I see.
So I take it you possess no interest
in the event that transpired ten years ago?
The Holy Grail is an omnipotent power
within the world of magecraft.
A vessel of desires that can grant any and all wishes.
In order to make it their own,
the chosen Masters vie for it through bloodshed.
Last time, this resulted in
a rather unfortunate incident.
It was one of such a large scale
that it could be called a catastrophe.
No way!
You mean...
All residents of this city
know full well of what I speak.
There were five hundred casualties,
along with one hundred thirty-four
buildings burned to the ground.
The very fire whose cause
remains unknown to this day
was caused by the ravages of the Holy Grail War.
Kirei, I just told you to explain the rules,
not to open up old wounds!
Is this Holy Grail the real deal?
Last time,
there was a man who acquired it momentarily.
What happened to him?
Absolutely nothing.
The Holy Grail failed to reach completion.
A man who avoids battle
can not possibly obtain the Grail.
You sound like you've seen it yourself.
Oh, but I have.
I fought for the Holy Grail
as a Master the last time around.
Hold up! Really?!
I fought until the halfway point.
However, I made the incorrect decision.
As a result,
I was merely able to obtain an empty Grail.
What the hell is the
Though we are midconversation,
a rather impatient guest is on the way.
Do you know the name "Einzbern"?
And thus, boy,
the time is nigh.
What shall your decision be?
If the origin of the catastrophe ten years ago
is the Holy Grail War like you say,
then I'll...
I'll fight.
I'll fight as a Master!
Rejoice, boy.
Your wish will be granted at last.
A hero requires an evil to eradicate.
There really is no way a servant would remember.
You guys done chatting?
Good evening, Mr. Redhead.
I'm Illya.
Illyasviel von Einsbern.
I appreciate the manners.
Okay, I'm gonna kill you now.
Go get 'em, Berserker.
I'm begging you, please run!
Why does this have to happen
when Archer's not here?!
Keep it up, Berserker!
She regenerates,
so cut her head off and then violate her!
a dumbass.
No way.
This is so stupid...
Jeez. What the hell was that!
When I was a little kid,
I aspired to be a hero.
However, one can only be a hero for so long.
After becoming an adult,
that title becomes far more difficult to claim.
And besides,
helping someone, by definition,
means another is left by the wayside.
I need to know...
How the hell should I become a hero?
It healed.
Are you all right?
You up?
Did you do this?
You healed the wound with your own ability.
You're kiddin' me.
I can't do a stunt like that.
Perhaps your pact with Saber
is affecting you in some way.
First off,
let's hear what you have to say
about that incident earlier!
I mean, I didn't really do anything wrong...
Admittedly, I was planning on it going better
Us servants exist due to our Master
supplying us with magic.
If that supply were to cease,
we would no longer be able to remain!
You had better believe it.
All right, I'm off.
I have to go heal my Servant and whatnot.
By the way, the next time we meet,
we're enemies. Got it?
Quickly hydrates and
restores lost minerals.
Feel rejuvenated!
She has a good heart.
Are your wounds okay?
Though I can't quite say I've fully healed...
Do you want the Holy Grail too?
That's precisely why I'm here.
Berserker's Master said her name is Einzbern, right?
Is that girl participating in this too?
Someone is performing magecraft.
I can't sense the presence of Berserker either.
This is someone completely different.
Master, your orders?
Let's go.
Keep your guard up.
A barrier has been erected.
I've felt this somewhere before...
Look what the cat dragged in.
I was wondering who showed up,
but I guess it's only you.
Ah, that's right.
I had the captain of our humble archery club
help me out a tad.
Wait, is that your Servant?
Let me introduce you.
This here is indeed my Servant.
Let's have them fight, Shirou.
I've always wanted to see Servants go at it.
Why did you become a Master?
We Matous are an old venerable family of magi.
We're even known as one of the
Three Noble Families of the Holy Grail War.
I didn't want an amateur piece
of shit like you to know, though.
Don't you think it's obvious that I, the eldest son,
would participate in the Holy Grail War?
God, you're always such a mood killer.
You already know that this game
can get pretty serious!
Rider, go for it!
Who the fuck said you could lose?
I said, stand!
If things keep going like this
won't I look like the weak one here?!
Shit! Go out! Go out!
Go o
This task was too great for you, Shinji.
And thus the Matous have been defeated.
What indescribable chagrin.
Please wait!
I'm the Magus of the Matou family!
I'm the one!
An incompetent fool is incompetent to the bone.
The Matou bloodline has fallen from grace.
I had no expectations for you in particular.
"In particular?"
Hold up. Wait a second, please.
You're not telling me you're
going to get Sakura involved, right?!
Why the hell did you bring her name
up when I'm already here?
You think that slow bitch knows Magecraft?
The Matou teachings are mine and mine alone!
Due to her being a victim of the War,
the proper course of action
is to rely on the Supervisor.
My my,
to think you'd return so soon.
You are entranced by that which is not good.
I will take care of her for a while.
I see you're still here.
How's Ayako doing?
I have finished her treatment.
There is no need to worry.
More importantly,
your condition appears to be even worse.
I-I'm healed.
In the battle ten years past,
I faced a man who stood before me
despite bearing fatal wounds much like your own.
He was my final foe,
and ultimately the victor of the last Holy Grail War.
His name was Kiritsugu Emiya.
Ayako's been saved.
That's excellent.
It took a considerable amount of time.
I asked him about Kiritsugu,
my old man.
I have something that I must speak with you about.
If I were to summarize the man
Kiritsugu Emiya in one word,
it would be "hitman."
He specialized in and made his livelihood
through the assassination of magi.
All Magi stray from the path of morality,
however he was anomalous even amongst them.
I was beckoned to this age in the previous War,
and fought as the Einzberns' servant.
The name of my master was Kiritsugu Emiya.
He was truly a heartless wretch.
He would use any means
necessary to achieve victory,
and if his foe was a Master, he would obliterate
them even if they begged for their lives.
Among all of them,
he treated the priest to be his greatest enemy.
He and I...
The only option available
to us was to kill each other.
He and I contended in the Holy Grail War,
and were triumphant to the end.
Kiritsugu Emiya betrayed the Holy Grail.
And at the end of it all...
destroyed the Holy Grail.
He killed one man to allow ten to live.
He was truly an unsalvagable saint.
Even so...
There's no way the Kiritsugu I know
would abandon anyone that's fallen
victim to the Holy Grail War.
I aspired to become a hero like him.
That's why I'll fight.
Sorry it's a bit late but...
I want you to fight with me.
Regardless of what's happened in the past,
the command spell engraved in me
binds you as my current Master.
If you're cool with it, please call me "Shirou."
Shirou it is.
I much prefer calling you that.
Shall we head home?
You knew Kiritsugu!
But damn, it sucks that your
luggage hasn't gotten here.
Sorry that you have to put up
with Shirou's hand-me-downs.
It's fine. Don't worry about it...
Kiritsugu was such a ladykiller.
I knew that he traveled abroad a lot. So this is why...
Great idea! I wanna hear about
some memories you had with him!
Well... That's a little...
Yo, my bad, Sakura.
This was on pretty short notice...
It's fine.
So... Umm...
Did you see Shinji this morning?
Yes. What of it?
Oh, uh...
If there's nothing to worry about, that's fine.
Is this...
Was it Shinji?
Hey, Shirou.
What's the deal? Coming to school
without bringing your Servant along...
You've got some nerve.
You know what? If you're going to underrate me...
Please give me some advice! I'll do anything!
So, Shinji's a master, Ayako got roped in,
and Rider's now gone.
Wait, don't tell me that's all you've got.
Shinji's got a younger sister
named Sakura.
Why are you bringing her up?
He might get her involved.
Shinji seems like he hasn't called it quits just yet.
If things keep going like this...
All right.
I think you should safegaurd her at your place then.
That is
if that girl is someone important to you.
Breakfast this morning was exquisite.
On top of that, you went as far as to prepare lunch.
I am truly gracious.
Well, uhh...
Thus I would like you to allow
me to assist you in return.
You got this!
O-Okay. How about...
I'm home.
I thought there was a lot of stuff we needed.
Oh, Saber, here you go.
Uhh... Your luggage finally got here.
Wow, looks cute.
Seriously, my debt to Rin is going through the roof.
I understand you needing some household goods,
but isn't all this a bit much?
Ah, right.
I was thinking about having Sakura
stay here for the time being.
What brought this on all of a sudden?
It's been pretty dangerous lately, right?
Plus, Shinji's been busy
and isn't at home very much.
O-Oh, right!
I'm going to go prepare Saber's room.
I'll go as well.
You didn't want Sakura to get the
wrong idea about Saber staying over.
Is that it?
What makes you think that?
Ya know...
Sakura's apparently an E-cup!
What are you talking about...
Shirou! Sakura ended up...
Shi... rou?
I'm sorry.
I'm surprised these came in handy already.
Sure, I'll stick around a little longer.
I'll keep an eye on you for another thirty minutes,
so just try to rest.
All right. I appreciate it.
What's up?
About what you said earlier,
how it's okay for me to stay here...
Why did you offer?
Is it because you're worried about me?
Yeah, I'm worried about you.
It'd really help me out if you stayed over.
Thank you. I'll take you up on your offer.
To think...
it would be of such an abhorrent variety.
Souichirou, is something the matter?
Stay here with everyone else.
Come out, Assassin.
Master... Souichirou...
What is this man?
First, I cut off his head.
His arms... his legs...
Cut them right off.
Sliced his gut open too.
But then
he moved.
Are you the true Assassin?
Unleash me, witch.
Are you happy now?
Guess what?
You can
do whatever you want to me.
Ri... n...
Umm, Shirou...
I can't be thinkin' that!
Today's Weather
Another Gas Leak in Downtown Shinto
A followup on the gas leak of unknown
origin that happened the other day.
Another gas leak has occurred in a building
located in Fuyuki City's Shinto district.
The location of the latest leak
is an office building on the
east side of Shinto Station.
The security guards as well as
a few employees lost consciousness...
Oh, it's you, Taiga.
You can't come over today?
Issei Ryuudou
Tarou Suzuki
Naoki Takada
I visited Ryuudou Temple last night.
The comatose cases suggest that
the flow of magical energy is directed there.
Archer's recovered, so I thought I'd just check it out.
My conclusion is that Caster turned
the temple into her headquarters.
However, by the time I went there...
Someone had already dealt with her.
The residents at the temple were robbed
of their magical energy and all found comatose.
Mr. Kuzuki, the only one who was killed,
was most likely Caster's Master.
Now onto the main topic.
A similar case occurred in Shinto this morning.
Even though Caster's gone?
Sakura ended up staying over, right?
Yeah, she's been over here since last night.
Hey, Shirou, wanna fight together?
It seems that this time around, things are going
quite differently from Father's description.
That's why I want to clear up what's going on first.
So we'd be temporarily teamed up?
Yup, that's the idea.
Allying with a powerless Master is
quite meaningless.
What'd ya say?!
Did I say something incorrect?
Archer, you're going to obey your Master's plan.
Let's get right to it.
Can you come out tonight?
You're allying with Archer's Master?
My bad on the short notice.
It's fine.
And besides, if I can get the Grail War over quickly,
Sakura can go back to her normal life.
Is it possible that she isn't feeling well?
It's nothing.
I hope I'm just overthinking things.
Sakura, did someone come over?
What? I'm Sakura's brother.
What's wrong with bringing
my cute little sister back home?
What kind of brother fucking beats their sister?!
There's no way I'm handing Sakura over
to the guy who roped Ayako into all this.
Oh, I gotcha.
You made a move on her
after what happened last night
and now you don't want to let her go
cause you haven't had enough of that ass.
You asshole!
Oh man, I love the look on your face.
Let's go! We haven't settled this yet.
Shinji, please stop this!
I'll do whatever you say.
Just please don't do this in front of Shirou!
Sakura, don't ever forget what you just said.
I'm sorry.
You shouldn't be apologizing.
I'm not getting anywhere. I can't concentrate.
Shirou, are you there?
Is that you, Sakura?
Can we
talk for a bit?
I'm sorry for what Shinji did earlier.
I told ya, there's nothing to worry about.
Man it's cold, don't you think?
Hold on a sec.
It's so warm!
You fixed this one up, right?
Though it took me a while to do it.
Do you remember?
This is a story from a long time ago.
A story when I still...
didn't know who you were.
There was a bright red sunset.
The courtyard, the hallways:
everything was painted red.
It was beautiful, yet lonely.
In the midst of all this was a single person,
high-jumping in the courtyard.
At that time,
I wasn't a good girl.
While I was watching that person,
I kept thinking "Just screw off already!"
And yet...
No matter how many times they tried,
they couldn't make it.
In the end, they acknowledged
that they couldn't make the jump,
tidied up, and went home.
are you talking about...
I'm referring to the upperclassman
sitting right next to me.
I'd been aware of you ever since then.
I-Is that so?
This is my first time hearing this.
would you mind if I asked you a difficult question?
I heard this from Miss Fujimura...
She said you were an orphan that was
adopted into this house. Is that true?
Yup, that's right.
And it doesn't bother you?
It took a while until I was comfortable,
but it's not really something
worth getting worked up over.
Surely you must've been
surrounded with nice people.
In my case,
I couldn't rely on anyone older.
Kiritsugu didn't do chores for jack,
and you know how Taiga is.
I did all the chores and before I realized it,
I turned out the way I am now.
Really though, I just wanted
to become someone like Kiritsugu.
Like a hero?
Huh? How weird.
I'm going to ask one more question.
Would you be able to forgive me if I turned evil?
I'd get mad if you did something bad.
I'd scold you more than anyone.
Thank goodness.
I'm okay with that, so long as it's you.
I'm going to head to sleep.
Good night, Shirou.
Miyama HQ to all paramedics.
Miyama HQ to all paramedics.
We've received a call from Central.
Many are in need of rescue in
the building in front of Shinto Station.
All available vehicles are to head on-site, ASAP.
This is Paramedic 2 to Miyama HQ.
Didja do that?
No way a disgusting lil' sandflea
could pull that shit off, right?
I ain't lettin' ya get away.
Get over here!
It's pointless.
I was born with this gift.
Projectiles just don't work on me.
"Protection From Arrows", right?
Concealing blackened weapons in the darkness...
Fuckin' lame.
You saw my face, didn't you Lancer?!
Don't worry, we'll get there.
This the last stop?
The hell's a sand flea gonna
do to me in a watering hole?
You'll be swalloweed if you don't move.
Damn you!
Dya know what the hell this thing is?
Noble Phantasm!
Noble Phantasm!
I'm a bit far, but I'm ending this shit right now!
Yeah... this right here
is the worst case scenario.
Oh no, Shirou!
Keep moving as you talk.
Keep in mind that we're being watched.
Can I go ahead and assume this is your fault,
Elder of Matou?
I expected no less from the Tohsaka girl.
How outstanding.
Didn't the Matou family lose?
I had never uttered a word
suggesting that I myself had lost.
You swine!
Toying with the corpse of a Heroic Spirit...
How disgusting!
Saber! No!
Don't touch...
Don't touch that sword.
That sword dispells magecraft.
It likely severs the pact
between Master and Servant.
Damn him...
I had hoped to settle this quickly.
'Tis true that this magic is futile against Saber.
However, how about with her Master in tow?
There's no way...
What? What is that?
Rin, what...
What is that thing?
Complex... space?
'Tis preposterous!
It's not like he touched the actual body.
He most likely only contracted ague.
Do you know what that thing
was that appeared earlier?
Nope, can't say.
it's evident that shadow is siphoning
magical energy from this city's residents.
Are you okay?
It appears
the situation means I can no longer
prioritize settling my personal grudges.
I'm sorry, Sakura.
This happened even though...
Give him to me, please.
He'll just be in pain otherwise.
You've come, I see.
Sorry for calling you out here.
I arrived early, so I went ahead and started eating.
No problem.
Want to eat?
Eat these!
What did you wanna talk about?
Shirou Emiya,
what did you see last night?
You see,
I have been observing this
Holy Grail War in my own special way.
Rin also sent me a report regarding
the incident at Ryuudou Temple.
We ended up in a battle against Zouken Matou.
He brought Caster along with him.
It was like he was puppeteering a corpse.
So the elder finally has begun making moves?
Shirou Emiya.
This is something not even Rin knows.
On the night Caster was killed at Ryuudou Temple,
a servant managed to leave the temple barrier.
Do you understand?
Not really...
It was Assassin.
Why do you know?
Because my Servant, Lancer, saw everything.
I told you, "I was a Master."
Dammit! I don't know what's what anymore!
I ordered Lancer to monitor Assassin.
Lancer chased him over to Ryuudou Temple,
but my servant never returned.
Was he was done in by Assassin?
Assassin primarily relies on the skill
"Absolute Camouflage",
and as such his aptitude for combat is not very high.
It is hardly possible for Lancer
to lose in normal combat.
Shirou Emiya,
Zouken Matou and Caster weren't
the only ones you saw last night, correct?
In all likelihood, Assassin knew of
Lancer's presence and lured him elsewhere.
What lurks there affects not only Servants,
but has now extended its reach
to this city's inhabitants.
If you consider Caster's stripping
magical energy to be like drawing blood,
then this thing's actions
are akin to feasting.
Should this continue,
this city will become uninhabited.
The number of people in a coma
has gone all the way up to thirty?
The latest location is South Miyama, Fourth District.
What lies there?
Ryuudou Temple.
What's the matter?
You're not going to eat anything?
I wouldn't eat with you even if it killed me.
It's begun to snow.
Sakura is over at your place, right?
Okay. That's a relief.
I'm glad I probably won't run into her,
given that she doesn't know about all this.
I'm chasing after Zouken.
I'll be heading to the Matou mansion.
That's a bit...
I have a personal connection to the Matou.
Leave the fight between ancient magi to me.
Hey, Shirou...
What are you going to do?
I'm not sure what you
and Shirou are doing together,
and I doubt I'd get an answer even if I asked.
The fact of the matter is, he came back hurt.
I don't want him getting in danger!
I'm gonna chase that shadow.
I can't let it be.
Victims are popping up in the city left and right.
I see.
I guess we'll continue this non-aggresion pact.
I can't let that shadow off the hook either.
Just try to play it safe
at least until you understand what that thing is.
Sakura presented me with a difficult pill to swallow
regarding last night.
My lack of skill was the reason
I wasn't able to defend you.
It's my fault that this all happened.
If I had to isolate the problem,
it'd be that I can't stop you
from heading into battle.
But I will fight alongside you, hand-in hand,
and protect you.
That is my mission.
For Sakura's sake as well.
The hell!
Shirou, it's Assassin!
Stay where you are.
You are much like a creature
running straight to your own demise.
That wind...
Were I to be hit with the brunt of it,
it would certainly prove perilous.
O wind!
Stampede at will!
That was my
"Protection of the Divine Windbreaker."
It's a necessity for those who stalk the desert.
I don't mind if you won't come.
However, my Master is entertaining your own.
You fiend!
The only task I was given
was to divert your attention.
Curse you...
No servant can resist the shadow...
One as pure as you, however,
will lose your sanity merely by touching it.
However, before that will come to pass,
your heart will be mine.
What can you possibly achieve
with a stick like that?
I'd expect as much from such an excellent Servant.
She chose to confront her own darkness
rather than have her heart ripped out.
It appears my business here is done.
If you were truly her Master, you would understand
that your servant has vanished from this world.
I'll leave the rest to you.
I see you're okay.
That's splendid.
What the fuck
are you exactly?!
I see.
I'm no longer a true master?
What the hell is this place?!
You call this a "training room"?
So this place...
This disgusting hellhole is...
Do you disdain me,
he who binds his rotting flesh
with the lives of others?
The very obsession you hold towards life
is what makes you worthy of being my Master.
I see a black kite.
A black kite, was it?
Get the car ready, Sella.
I'll be heading into the city tomorrow.
I don't know what that is,
but it rightfully belongs to the Einzberns.
Have I...
No, it cannot be!
It's futile.
That's the Holy Grail!
In order to sieze it as my own, I have been...
I'm telling you,
it's futile.
Who is it
that dares impede me?!
Who is it, you ask?
It should be obvious
at merely a glance.
Shi... rou...
Where in the heavens did you go?
You were horribly hurt again!
Please take better care of yourself!
I'm sorry.
I truly am.
I'm home, Sakura.
welcome home
Hey Kiritsugu,
I really don't get it.
How the hell
should I become a hero?
Those days,
With a timid beam and
Kind claws like a dream
I forget the pain which I rack
And gently sob
And laugh on your back
Like a petal in tedium
Inside the minuature garden
Filled with queer loveliness
I bate my breath
As I think of the days of transience
I forgot the passage of the season
Trapped in time
As if stuck in the bottom of the ocean
A cold petal falls and blooms in the night
Much like white snow it piles over you
It renders my heart
I just wish to brush away all of your dismay
Everything that comes to hurt you
Is not able to be forgiven
I wish to return
To those kinder days; oh so I urge
So much so tears surge
The petal which we gazed at
Just you and me
Came to no longer be
The moon hides behind a cloud
You lost the path you should have trod
And looked as though
Your tears were going to blow
Even if you match
Two jagged hearts
Surely something tender
Will be birthed into splendor
All I insist
Is for you to resist
Those that bring me pain
I clung to your hand
That you extended out in jest
A considerate torch was at last lit
In this world which I wished to quit
A cold petal rips through the night
I just wish to spread it all
All the light I plucked and gathered
All over you
If I did a bad deed
You promised to get angry at me
So once again
You will discover me, right?
There's no need
To be all alone
The flower petal I was gazing at alone
Has fallen
Next Time...
Next Time...
I can't let this end here.
The one I should be fighting is...
Shirou... I'm...
I kinda thought
I'd be able to meet with Mr. Redhead if I were here.
There were two children in the Tohsaka family
who had the groundings in magecraft.
This is the second time
I've received something important
from someone I care about.
Die at once, girl.
I promise you.
Airing in 2018
Airing in 2018
Airing in 2018