Fate/stay night Movie: Heaven's Feel - II. Lost Butterfly (2019) Movie Script

I'm so glad.
I made it in ti-
This place again...
What exactly...
are you?
On-site investigations are ongoing,
but as the police entered the destruction site this morning...
Um, Senpai...
they found some of the temple buildings have collapsed.
We'll take you to the scene.
Y-Yeah. What is it?
I'm here in front of Ryuudou Temple,
located at Mt. Enzo in the Miyama area...
Saber-san left for her home very suddenly, didn't she?
The site is cordoned...
and we are unable to see inside.
The collapse occurred in the building and the area around the pond.
Now you won't have to go out at night anymore, right?
You won't be in danger anymore, right?
You've got it wrong, Sakura.
I wasn't helping Saber. Saber was the one helping me.
I might be going out more often than before.
But please don't wait for me outside like you did today.
That's right. It's not over yet.
What I need to fight...
is still here in this town.
Central Park.
Ryuudou Temple.
That shadow-like thing... What is its goal?
And its relationship with Zouken...
Is it under his control?
No, he's just taking advantage of it.
I may have to ask Tohsaka about this.
What the...
You're still alive, Onii-chan.
Tell me your name.
Your name, Onii-chan.
I'm Shirou. Emiya Shirou.
Shirou... Shirou! Right?
Hold on a second!
We're enemies, aren't we, Illyasviel!?
Just call me Illya.
Masters only fight at night, you know.
I came here to chat with you, Shirou.
Look, you suddenly hacked away at me,
and now you're saying you want to chat...
What? That's wrong.
You're the one who suddenly popped
out even though you're so weak.
I could kill you right now too.
Without Saber, it would only take a split second.
And also...
I've been waiting all this time.
So this much is okay, right?
Then... Do you live in that castle in the forest, Illya?
By yourself?
Sella and Liz are there too.
Even today, I snuck past Sella just to see you!
You better feel honored!
I see...
Then, can I ask you one more thing?
Does the name Emiya Kiritsugu ring any bells?
I don't know.
I don't know a name like that.
I'm going home.
Ah... Tohsaka!
Good timing!
I wanted to talk to you about something, too.
If you just wanted to talk, the school would have been fine...
Archer, can you make us some tea?
You don't want to?
What's with that face?
Jeez, fine!
This is...
What are you doing?
Now, let's discuss our game plan.
I need to... start making dinner...
Why didn't you tell me earlier that Sakura had a fever?
'Cause you didn't give me a single chance to talk!
It's open...
Sakura! Are you awake?
Ah, jeez!
Shinji! Let go of Sakura!
Don't worry, Sakura.
I won't kill Emiya or anything.
I just want him to feel a little pain, that's all.
Fight with Rider.
If you survive, I don't mind letting her go.
Do it, Rider.
If you had the will to fight,
you should not have come here alone.
What's wrong, Emiya?
It'd be boring if you died that easily!
Your endurance has secured your victory.
Good! Now, don't hold back anymore.
Just kill him off right now, Rider!
Nii-san, sto--
Kill him!
Emiya-kun and I have formed an alliance.
It just so happens that we were together today as well.
By using Sakura as bait,
you've completely made an enemy out of me.
Sakura, Sakura, Sakura,
Sakura, Sakura, Sakura!
Who cares what happens to someone like her!?
I'm the one who became a Master!
Stand up, Rider!
You can't...
Rider... You can't!
Don't do this anymore!
- Emiya-kun, get down!
No way...
This is...
That's good, Rider!
Keep it up and slaughter everyone!
Hey... Rider!
I suppose that's right.
The bloodline of the Matou is already obsolete.
A magus can no longer be born among them.
I thought Zouken was the one who
summoned Rider and that he'd lent her to Shinji.
But it was actually much more simple.
Currently in the Matou household,
the person most fit to become a Master...
The rightful heir of the Matou name.
The true magus of this generation. It's you, isn't it? Sakura.
Sakura is...
a Master!?
The transfer of Command Spells.
A Command Spell ordering Rider to obey Shinji Matou.
With that, Shinji became Rider's Master.
- Hey.
Meanwhile, you lost your authority as her Master,
and you became an ordinary magus.
Where are you people looking?
The Matou originally created the Command Spells.
That's why a trick like this was possible. Right, Sakura?
Look over here!
It's not over yet!
One more time, Sakura!
Give me control over her one more time!
Why are you pretending to be a good girl now!?
There's one more Command Spell left!
Use it, and...
Shinji. Without any more Command Spells, Rider will be free.
At that point, even if you reconstruct False Attendant's
Writings, it'll burn up in no time and that'll be the end.
Someone like you, using these borrowed Command Spells...
was never a Master to begin with.
That's right.
I knew that.
I knew that. I knew that!
I knew that!!
I knew from the beginning that I'd never fit this role!
That's why...
You do it.
Kill them in my place, Sakura.
No, Nii-san.
Let's stop this.
You broke your promise.
Even though you said you wouldn't kill Senpai...!
So, please...
All right then.
You can die now.
Don't look at me!
Doesn't look like she's the one in charge.
Get away from this place!
If we carelessly feed her magical energy, there will be no going back.
Please don't get in the way.
Pull back, Rider!
Your master is going berserk.
At this rate, she'll use up all her
magical energy and self-destruct!
Then she simply has to take in more
magical energy than she is expending.
Your master has changed, but I see
your rotten nature is still the same!
Bounded Field...!
Stop it...
Stop this already, Rider!
I didn't summon you for something like this!
I cannot obey that command.
I will prioritize your life over all else.
No way... Mystic Eyes of Petrification?
Saku... ra...
Are you all right?
Have you finally awoken?
Just now, I finished treating Matou Sakura.
Is Sakura okay!?
We brought her here with Rider's help.
Kirei, how's Sakura's condition?
It is not stable, but she has escaped death.
Hold on a second!
What happened to your Magic Crest?
I could not finish the operation on
Matou Sakura without using all of it.
All of it...
Anyway, as for the results of the treatment...
Crest Worms?
What are those? Those, um...
You can think of them as living Magic Circuits.
Once a Crest Worm becomes affixed to someone,
it infiltrates every last inch of their body
and devours their life essence.
It pierces through and lubricates the skin with its mucus,
and feeds itself by stimulating then decomposing
the part of the brain that controls pleasure.
As a result,
a woman swarmed by these insects would find herself
completely violated in both mind and body,
and thus destroyed.
Matou Sakura, too...
I thought that an explanation was necessary.
As long as that is inside her body,
her magical energy, which is her life
energy, will be drained limitlessly.
If she is left alone...
Surely, her life will be forfeit.
You said the operation was a success!
That was not all of it.
They have been accumulating for 11 years.
If we forcefully pry them out of her, her body would not endure.
To be rid of them completely,
you would have to rely on the Holy Grail.
As Fuyuki's supervisor, I will handle the disposal.
Are you referring to Matou Sakura?
Yes. A magus who has lost control cannot be allowed to live.
She is already a crazed Master.
Even if...
she is your little sister?
Little sister?
The Tohsaka originally had two children.
But magecraft is taught only to one child,
and I was chosen as the successor of Tohsaka.
The Matou... Rather, the Makiri bloodline had already run thin,
and they adopted Sakura to make into their heir.
Sakura and I are sisters by blood.
Though, we've never called each other as such.
Hold on, Tohsaka!
Then that's all the more reason to...
If we leave her as she is...
the same thing will happen again.
This time, to strangers.
That's why I...
will kill her.
You win, Sakura.
So I'll give this to you.
This is the second time...
that I've received something important...
from someone dear to me.
I've gotta find her before Tohsaka does.
When I find Sakura, I...
Good evening, Shirou.
Don't Masters fight at night?
You're not a Master anymore.
I know everything that happens!
Rider's Master collapsed, so now there are only two left.
You want to save Rider's Master,
but you can't find her, right?
Shut up!
Shirou, you look like you're about to cry.
Illya, aren't you mad at me?
I'm not mad.
I'm on your side, Shirou.
On my side?
What I said this morning...
about Kiritsugu... Actually, I knew.
The reason I was born is to win the Holy Grail War,
but my personal goal was to kill Kiritsugu and you.
But you know,
if you say that you want to protect someone dear to you,
then I'm on your side.
It's only natural to want to protect someone you love, right?
Because I know how that feels, too.
I don't have a single place I can return to anymore.
Let's go home. You still have a cold, right?
I can't go home.
That stuff from earlier... It wasn't poison or anything.
It's just an elixir that makes you more sensitive.
Something like that was all it took
for me to lose myself and hurt you.
I'm not hurt at all.
Something like that, I'm totally fine.
I'm a magus of the Matou family,
and I kept that fact hidden from you all this time!
I didn't tell you I became a Master, either.
I went to your house because I was
afraid of disobeying Grandfather!
I said I was helping you out, but I was
just deceiving you the whole time!
I always thought...
I'm not the kind of person who belongs with you.
So I always told myself that I'd end all of this today,
and starting from tomorrow, I'd pretend I didn't know you.
I wouldn't notice when we pass by each other in the hallway...
even after school, I'd treat you like a stranger...
I'd go home by myself like I should...
and I'd forget everything that's happened up until now!
But I couldn't do it!
It was more terrifying than the time I put a knife to my wrists.
I was afraid of deceiving you, but
I was also afraid of being honest!
Everyone around me was so scary!
I couldn't take a single step forward...
I didn't know what to do at all!
I wanted to protect my time together
with you going forward as well.
For me, that was the only thing...
that had any meaning, but...
What I want to protect...
What's precious to me...
So that she doesn't have to cry anymore...
If everyone else condemns her,
and even Sakura condemns herself...
I'll lead her by the hand,
and take her to a sunny place.
Even if others don't forgive her...
In your place, I will keep on forgiving you.
Don't cry anymore.
I fully understand that you're a bad person now.
I don't know when I'll lose control again.
I'm sure I'll do something I can't take back.
Where are you saying someone like me can go?
This is your home.
I'm not a virgin.
My first time was long ago.
Not just that.
Ever since then, my body has been
continuously violated by unfamiliar things.
I don't deserve to be protected by you!
I will protect you.
No matter what happens,
even if you try to kill yourself,
I will protect you, Sakura.
I will become a hero of justice, for Sakura alone.
You can't, Senpai.
You'll definitely end up getting hurt.
Even though you're gonna get hurt...
Let's go home.
Emiya Shirou.
If you will protect the convictions
you've carried until now, that is fine.
The results should be obvious.
However, if Emiya Shirou is to choose a different path,
there will be no future for that man.
Without a doubt, you are certain to lose everything.
You must be tired. Take your time and rest up.
What's wrong, Sakura?
Do you have a fever?
It's because you were in the rain for so long.
I-It's not a cold.
My magical energy is just a bit...
I wonder if I could help you somehow...?
With me...
N-Never mind!
If you could give me a little bit of blood, I'll be much better.
Is this okay?
Are you okay?
I-I see.
Well then, g-good night.
I can't!
Any more than this is...
I'll be sullying Senpai!
Sakura, can you make the soup stock?
What are you going to do with the spinach?
How about dressing it with sesame?
Sakura, eggs.
- Thank you for the meal!
- Thank you for the meal!
It feels like it's been a while since we've done this.
Won't you have some?
It's okay. You can relax here.
We Servants don't require sustenance such as this.
Is that so?
Saber ate quite a lot.
Your... manners do not suit me.
Oh, I get it.
In that case...
Regarding my plans from now...
I'll make Sakura win,
and have her use the Holy Grail.
But I think it's better if Sakura doesn't leave the house.
It'd be dangerous if she encountered Zouken.
Your thoughts are correct.
However, how will you defeat that magus?
I was thinking of cooperating with the other Masters.
Who else is left?
Tohsaka's Archer, Sakura's Rider...
Zouken has his Assassin...
Then there's Illya...
And her Berserker.
Is it going to be all right?
Yeah, probably.
Don't go outside, okay?
Are you regretting this?
It's too late to have regrets, right?
Rider... If things become dangerous, bring Senpai back home.
But Sakura...
I think rather than that senior, you
should be more cautious of that priest.
You're right.
I really think so as well.
But don't worry, Rider.
Because that man will never be able to defeat me.
I shall be off.
Sen... pai...
That's right. It's good if he can't go outside anymore.
Then he won't be in danger anymore, right?
What am I thinking...?
Talk about rough trekking.
Is it telling me to follow it?
It disappeared.
Why in a place like this...?
Just like his Master, the Servant is a coward as well.
I can't sense a will to fight from you.
Is your life that important?
Indeed, it is.
My wish is immortality.
Look at this body.
It decays further with each second, emitting a foul odor,
and my mind deteriorates and loses its knowledge.
Can you comprehend the pain of rotting alive, I wonder?
There is no person who does not fear death.
If it meant that my wish would come true,
then I would gladly kill every human in this world one by one.
I'm astonished.
You've lost your way to this extent... Makiri?
Recall our deepest desires,
and where our longing for a miracle was born.
For what purpose do we strive to stay
human while reaching for an inhuman place?
Quite the words from a mere puppet.
I see you've been trained to parrot your ancestors.
That is enough play.
I, Matou Zouken, shall seize the Einzbern's Holy Grail.
You can't, Berserker!
To think we had the same idea, Emiya-kun.
You're joking, right?
Get away from there!
If that thing gets you, you won't be able to come back!
It seems the match is decided.
I'm leaving the rest to you.
Don't let the Einzbern girl escape.
Archer, you...
I will be your opponent.
I'm counting on you.
It's over.
A pure Heroic Spirit...
cannot escape from that cursed boundary layer.
Right now, you are no different from
the trivial apparitions that fill this forest.
This is bad.
Berserker is...
My duty is complete.
I will leave the rest to you.
I appreciate it. I will repay this debt.
That is far enough.
You are... unneeded.
You can't even kill a kid without a surprise attack?
You... How are you still here?
Who knows?
If that thing catches up, it's all over!
We'll talk later. Run, kid!
You took Illya's hand, so protect her until the very end!
Let's go!
Why do you still move!?
That's simple.
I'm not a prim and proper hero like the others.
Because I am not as pure, the effects of the corruption are weaker.
In other words... I am also a distorted Heroic Spirit!
Good work, Archer!
You can return to spirit form now.
Let's hurry and...
No way...
Hurry up and run, fool!
It's building up magical energy!
At this rate...
Run, Tohsaka!
I am the bone of my sword.
Steel is my body.
I have created over a thousand blades.
Rho Aias!
Looks like this is it.
Take care... Tohsaka.
Have you gone mad?
If you do such a thing, you will...
I don't even need to think about it.
If nothing is done, two will disappear.
But this way, one will survive.
I'm home, Sakura.
Oh, right...
You must be surprised about my appearance.
Yeah, I got slightly injured.
It looks worse than it actually is because it's bandaged so heavily.
Ah, I ran into Tohsaka while I was out.
She helped me out, and we've agreed to a cease-fire.
And, this is Illya.
Sorry it's so sudden, but...
Can you move your arm?
That's to be expected.
There's no way a human could take on part of a Servant's body.
If you use that arm even once,
Archer's Magical Circuits will activate.
Your body won't be able to bear Archer's
magecraft, and it'll be destroyed from the inside out.
Then, this cloth is...
It's a seal.
Tohsaka, thank you.
W-What's with that all of a sudden?
We're just working together until we defeat Zouken.
And besides, it's convenient for me if I keep her close.
So you're also thinking about Sakura.
I'm telling you, that's...
And if I hadn't become a Master,
we'd never have gotten to know each other like this.
That's a little off.
You might not have known about me,
but I've known about you for a long time.
Around four years ago, I think...
You were attempting a high jump all day, right?
I happened to be there.
Although he could never succeed,
that idiot kept jumping for all of eternity...
and like an idiot as well, I kept watching him.
Personally, once I find that I can't do
something, I immediately give up on it.
It's a fundamentally cold approach.
But I'm a magus, right?
Right when I was starting to think,
"I guess a life like mine is fine too",
I was shown a person who was my polar opposite.
I was pretty shocked, you know?
Don't take it away.
Even that memory... Don't take it away!
If I just pull off this cloth,
things might go back to normal again.
It's impossible.
It's definitely impossible.
There is something I wish to ask you.
Sakura's happiness is having you by her side.
She wishes for nothing else.
I wish for her to live.
That is because I like Sakura.
Shirou, are you on Sakura's side?
Regardless of what might happen in the future?
Oh, you're low on magical energy, huh?
You can come in and wait.
Now where did I put my utility knife...
Senpai, why are you protecting me?
That's because I want to be with you, Sakura.
I need you.
I couldn't even think about leaving your side.
Do you mean that about me... as family?
as a girl?
Yeah. I love you, Sakura.
Please embrace me.
Senpai, am I unclean?
It's strange, right?
I've become like this just from entering your room.
I try to quench it by myself, but it won't subside.
I already can't think about anything but you.
Someone filthy like me...
That's wrong.
You're not unclean.
You're beautiful, Sakura.
I'm no good.
When Nee-san took you outside earlier...
Just from that, I was so terrified...
I'm sorry I didn't notice.
I love you very much, Senpai.
Let us bless it.
Bless what, exactly?
The birth of a new Holy Grail.
That which is called "all the evils of the world",
something that was created by humans but undesired by them.
The whereabouts of good and evil.
Instead of searching for an answer, what will happen if I
search for that which can provide me with an answer?
The answer is near.
And if this question is considered blasphemy toward God...
Then I shall go to the altar, stake my entire soul,
and question my Lord unto death.
If I'm gonna be staying here, I'll at least make us some food.
I'll go help Tohsaka-senpai!
Ah, Sakura!
So with Tohsaka...
Now then, what to do...
Nee-san! I'll wash these vegetables, okay?
Yes, please do...
Is it strange after all,
I-I-I-It's not strange, but...
Illya, about what we've been discussing... Is my room okay?
What you've been discussing?
I thought a secret weapon or two would be necessary.
Archer's arm contains knowledge from the Einzberns.
I told Tohsaka that it might be something worth checking out.
I have no interest in Kischur Zelretch's parting gift, but...
the jewel box left behind by a true
Magician might be a beautiful thing.
Kischur... Zel...?
Thank you very much.
I always watched her from so far away,
so I didn't think I'd ever be able to call her "Nee-san".
You stopped seeing her after you went to the Matou?
Although we both knew that we were sisters,
we tried not to interact with each other.
And... If she found out about my
magecraft, she would certainly hate it.
Hate? Why?
The technique of the Matou is magic that steals from others.
It only steals, and has nothing to give in return.
Sakura, do you hate the Matou's magic?
It's true, the teachings were harsh...
but it's nothing compared to what you've been through.
I've seen what kind of training you do at night.
I thought I should stop you many times...
Your training was very dangerous.
It almost looked as if you were piercing your own throat.
Without being forced by anyone, all this time,
you stubbornly persisted by yourself.
I'm sure that out of all of us, you're the strongest.
It's not about magic or anything like that.
It's because you have a pure heart.
It's something I've known ever since we met.
That this person will never betray anyone.
You took her from me, Emiya!
Why... Not a single thing...
Why doesn't anything happen!?
Onto the next report.
In Shinto's Central Park, victims thought
to have been killed were discovered.
Look, here!
There were four victims, and their causes of death are currently being investigated...
The weeds have turned black!
Did Zouken have the shadow do this?
I wonder...
I don't think he'd leave behind evidence like this.
Next up is tomorrow's weather.
Sato-san from the weather forecasting center?
Yes. Here is the weather for tomorrow.
It doesn't taste like anything.
So warm...
It's okay. I can still feel this.
It'd be great if this moment could continue forever...
I'm walking at a steady pace.
My head is empty and swaying from side
to side, and I feel totally absent-minded.
With a shiver and a tremble, go-go!
With a giggle and a song, go-go!
Like paper balloons, my dried out limbs tumble and roll around.
I'll fly into the air, all fluffy and light, because that's how you become a proper adult.
With a squeak-squeak, people gather around,
and I hear laughing voices, cackle-cackle-cackle.
I don't remember trying to mesmerize you!
Because they resonate so loudly, scritch-scratch,
my tummy started to rumble-grumble!
Looks like you're working hard.
This is why I told you to die quickly.
The grace period has ended.
Know this as my mercy.
You still draw breath?
It seems it is not just your shadow,
but your body that has changed as well.
You dare attempt to make me bow!?
You filth!!
I didn't expect...
To this extent...
Hey, did you see that?
Come with me right now!
Tonight, around 22:00, there was a massive blackout near Shinto station.
The police have also received multiple incomprehensible reports
about people disappearing, missing, vanishing and the like.
Hold on, I'll bring some first aid!
Don't notice.
Don't think about how similar they look!
Over 60 victims have already been confirmed.
The residents of roughly 40 buildings are yet unaccounted for.
How is Sakura?
She's alive.
Is something wrong?
Sakura's body looks fine on the outside...
but her muscles have been completely shredded apart.
Without a doubt, she died at one point.
I don't know who did it, but...
the pain might damage not just her body, but her brain as well.
We need to defeat Zouken and that
shadow as fast as we possibly can.
Let's do everything we can in our power.
But Shirou...
If Zouken and that shadow turn out to be unrelated...
what are you going to do?
Good morning.
Are you still yourself? Sakura.
Where did you ingest such a soul?
Even though Assassin and Rider are still left...
the fact that you're almost full is surprising.
Sakura. Do you understand what's
going to happen to you from now?
... No.
What will happen to me?
You'll die.
You cannot be saved.
I'm home!
It might not be for long but I'm here!
Huh? Shirou, are you here?
Who's that?
Where did Shirou go?
When Sakura-chan's in big trouble...
Oh, you shouldn't! Don't force yourself.
Senpai said...
that he was going to protect me.
I'm sorry...
Because of me, his dreams were shattered!
How come?
Because I'm a bad person.
Shirou is the kind of boy who will
scold you if you do something bad.
You want to fix your bad sides, too, don't you?
Then it's all right.
Besides, Shirou's dream is to be a hero of justice, right?
Isn't it natural for him to have someone he wants to protect?
But then... He should protect people equally...
If Shirou's aiming to be like Kiritsugu-san,
then it's good for him to have that special someone.
Kiritsugu played favorites, too, you know!
Even after settling down here,
Kiritsugu-san went out overseas over and over again...
to the point where he was so tired he couldn't move anymore.
I'm sure it was because he had
someone he absolutely needed to see.
It's really painful to be unable to see a person dear to you.
Even for a hero of justice.
Make sure to stay by Shirou's side, okay?
Will you betray it?
Will you betray your past self?
Stop it...
If you would walk the path of betrayal...
Stop it!!
Something like that... can't be...
Emiya Shirou... I suppose?
My lord magus wishes to speak with you.
You got here faster than I expected, Emiya's successor.
There's only one thing I have to say to you.
Release Sakura at once.
Release, eh?
I guess you could put it that way.
Emiya Shirou.
The reason I called you out tonight was to make a request.
I want you to kill that shadow.
That thing is on your side, isn't it!?
On my side?
I can't even communicate with that thing.
And since last night, I can no longer pacify it.
Before that, I suppose I should tell you what that shadow is.
Basically, it is the contents of the Holy Grail.
A will that has spilled out from the gate called the Holy Grail.
That is the identity of the shadow.
I told you to kill that shadow, but that is a difficult matter.
you can kill the gate.
It would know if it were to be me or Tohsaka's girl.
Servants would be nothing more than its feed.
Stop it!
I implanted a fragment of the Holy
Grail and fostered it for 10 years.
To kill the Matou's Holy Grail is...
You've noticed, haven't you?
Its resemblance to Sakura.
For a doll that simply exists
to find its end at the hands of the man it loves...
Surely, it will be satisfied by that conclusion.
There is no more time.
Once Sakura's consciousness collapses, the
Holy Grail will surface from her subconscious.
The calamity from 10 years ago will be reproduced.
If you want to save Sakura,
you must endure until the end of the Holy Grail War.
Observing the past wars, there should
be about 4 days left of this one.
What do you think?
Will Sakura last that long?
She will. Of course she will!
However, what about the other people in this town?
Its gluttonous rampage last night might have sated it temporarily,
but come tomorrow, it will move again.
I wonder how many days it will take
for this entire town to be consumed?
Surely, you understand.
Vanquishing evil to save many more lives.
If you would carry Emiya Kiritsugu's will,
then without a doubt,
Matou Sakura is your enemy.
Sakura! Are you awake?
Good morning, Senpai.
When this war is over, Sakura,
is there anything you want to do?
I can't really think of anything.
If I could just be together with you, I don't think I need much else.
Then, let's both go somewhere and have fun together.
Where do you want to go?
Then... I'd like... to go to a flower viewing.
All right!
It's a promise.
With a frozen heart, I watch a warm dream.
Someday, when winter is over,
and a new spring arrives...
Let's the two of us...
go watch cherry blossoms together.
when spring arrives.
I'm Matou Sakura.
This is the second time...
I've received something important from someone...
I wanted to protect my time together with you going forward, as well.
Will you betray it?
I will betray it.
Thank you very much, Senpai.
I received so many things from you.
Thank you, Nee-san.
Calling you Nee-san made me very happy.
Fujimura-sensei, thank you very much.
I'm sorry I couldn't keep our promise.
Thank you for not killing Senpai.
This is my final Command Spell.
Please, Rider.
I will be the one to stop Grandfather.
It may be late,
but I can't cause any more trouble than I already have.
Sakura, good morning.
Yo, traitor.
You sure took your time coming home, didn't you?
Nii-san, I...
Hold this for a sec.
It's nothing dangerous.
So pretty...
You sure are amazing, Sakura.
You might even surpass Tohsaka someday.
How dare you get ahead of yourself...
when you're just my little puppet.
I made another mistake.
That's why he's going to do cruel things to me.
It's fine.
It's like usual. I just need to endure it for a bit.
Endure it. Endure it. Endure it. Endure it...
I belong to Senpai now.
What the hell is that...
You've been tamed pretty well, haven't you?
Hey! Why don't you scream like usual, huh?
Why is it always like this?
I've thought that for a long time.
I've harbored hatred for a long time.
Why does the world around me...
despise me so much?
I should tell Emiya about this.
About how much you begged for it.
About how much we've fucked right here!
A person like this should just disappear.
Nii... san?
awaremi wo kudasai
Please give me mercy.
ochita kotori ni sotto fureru you na
As if gently stroking a tiny, fallen bird...
kanashimi wo kudasai
Please give me your sorrow.
namida kunde, mioroshite
Be moved to tears,
kawaisou da to kuchi ni dashite
look down on me, and tell me Im pathetic.
kutsu no saki de korogashitemo kamawanai wa
Kick me around with the toe of your boot, if you please.
yogoretetemo ii kara to
It's fine even if they're dirtied.
dorodarake no te wo totte
Take my unclean hand, as if to say...
nee wa ni natte odorimashou
That its okay for me to be filthy.
mezawari na uzou muzou wa subete
Let us form a circle and dance.
tabete shimaimashou
Let us devour all the unsightly masses.
supaisu wa taegatai kurai ga ii wa
I prefer an unbearable amount of spice.
lie, lie, lie, la la la, lie lie lie lie
Lie, lie, lie, la la la, lie lie lie lie...
lie, lie, lie, la la la, la la la la
Lie, lie, lie, la la la, la la la la...
obieta kotori wa
The frightened bird
sayonara nante ienakute
couldnt manage to say goodbye.
ai wo kou shigusa de damarikonde
As if begging for love, it sunk into silence...
tsutsumashii tsumori de ita
Thinking that it was a display of modesty.
lie, lie, it's a lie, not a lie, mou tsurai
Lie, lie, it's a lie, not a lie, its already painful
sanzan kizutsuite
being hurt like this.
yasashii sekai ni dare datte ikitai wa
Everyone wishes they could go to a gentler world.
hitotsu ni tokete shimaimashou
Let us melt into one.
nikushimi mo aijou mo mushamusha to
Let us fill our mouths
hoobatte shimaimashou
with hate and love all mushed together
konton no amai amai tsubo no naka de
while inside this chaotic, oh-so-sweet pot.
lie, lie, lie, la la la, lie lie lie lie
Lie, lie, lie, la la la, lie lie lie lie...
lie, lie, lie, la la la, la la la la
Lie, lie, lie, la la la, la la la la...
aimai ni warau kara
Its because you smile so vaguely
aitai to omou no yo
that I feel I want to see you again.
I know you're here to stay with me
I know youre here to stay with me.
aisareteitai dake
I just want to be loved.
lie, lie, lie, you're to be with me
Lie, lie lie, you're to be with me
raimei no saku tokoro
in a place where thunder blooms.
santantaru heavenly feeling
This is a miserable "heavenly feeling".
ai dake nokoreba ii
Only love need remain.
shinshin to kanashimi dake ga furitsumoru
Sorrow alone falls heavily, piling up
ganbou mo kaikon mo tada umetsukusu
until even desires and regrets are simply covered.
kizuna musunda tooi haru no hi wo
Will the scars of that far-off spring day when we formed our bonds
kizuato sae mo kieteshimau no
fade away as well?
yagate kirakira yume no naka
Someday, in a glistening dream,
kuchiteyuku hikari wa anata ni
I believe the dying light
todoku hazudakara
will be able to reach you.
Its so bright
namida ga tomaranai
that my tears wont stop.
nee douka soba ni ite
Hey, please stay by my side.
dorodarake no te wo totte
Take my unclean hand.
Dont let go.
douka zutto soba ni ite
Please stay by my side, forever.
Dont let go.
kuraku naru no, soba ni ite
It will get dark soon, so stay by my side.
hanasanaide, mienai wa
Dont let go. I cant see.
tada zutto soba ni ite
Just stay by my side, forever.
Dont let go.
tada zutto
Just continuing...
to love.
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