Fate/stay night Movie: Heaven's Feel - III. Spring Song (2020) Movie Script

I'm sure you're aware...
of who killed Shinji.
You're no longer turning a blind eye, are you?
It's quite the trouble to break her
after she endured to grow as such.
To be honest, I wish you
would've betrayed Sakura instead.
But I'm glad that I had a backup plan.
What did you say?
Though it was an incomplete awakening
while keeping the human form,
I guess I can give her credit for a change.
Zouken, where is Sakura?
Hey, how does it feel to be a big sister?
I do appreciate you too, you see.
All she knew was enduring,
but you taught her the desire for someone else.
Now that she has killed her big brother,
she can no longer stop.
She will seize Archer's soul
that the Einzberns' Holy Grail took in,
and the key leading to the gate
Now, you shall accept that shadow...
Yes, Grandfather.
I see.
So, you were here, Big Sister.
Well, yeah. Unlike Shirou, I have no reason to save you.
It's obvious that you'd come after Illya
when the time comes.
You're so mean, Big Sister.
Am I that bad of a girl now?
Oh, isn't it obvious?
Because you didn't believe in the guy who wanted to protect Sakura Matou until the very end.
You're right.
That's how it's been until now.
But I'm not weak anymore.
I will protect Senpai from now on.
I mean...
I am stronger than you.
Oh no, you shouldn't.
If you use such Magecraft,
you'll damage the house.
So, this is your Magical Energy, Big Sister.
this is not enough.
She's sure to stand up again.
she's a hero.
What the hell happened?
Why are you trying to protect her?
Why won't you say anything?
Why won't you scold me?
You saw what happened to her.
You're wrong! This is what Zouken did
I'm not wrong.
Look at me, Senpai.
I've been messed up from the very beginning.
Surely, It's painful for you to be with me, right?
I should have disappeared from your sight.
But I can't do that.
Because the only thing that makes me happy is you.
You can't separate yourself from me, either.
Because you can't betray yourself any further.
That's why I will kill you.
So that you won't suffer.
So that you'll be at my side forever.
You ordered me, remember, Sakura?
To protect Shirou Emiya at any cost.
You're a bad girl, Rider.
Sakura, you shouldn't go to the other side.
There is nothing over there.
It's simply dark, and you'll be alone.
I'm here to stop you.
Your duty ends here.
Rider, I'll now incorporate you within me.
I don't need any more,
but I'll make you be like Saber as an exception.
That's enough, Sakura.
I'll go with you.
Are you serious?
You don't care if you get killed?
It's useless to resist, isn't it?
I mean, you're the most powerful one here.
I'm the most...
The final key is not here.
If you want to open the gate as the successor,
you have to come get it at my castle.
All right.
I'll allow myself to be cajoled by you.
Please don't show yourself to me again.
Next time, I won't have any choice but to kill you.
It's been fun being with you, Big Brother.
Please stand aside, Saber!
What can you do in your current state?
No matter what the form is,
Sakura will obtain the Holy Grail.
Even if it results in her death,
it will provide salvation for Sakura Matou.
This is your final warning.
But if you still go after her,
I will lop your head off.
The outcome has already been decided.
No. Such a thing had already been decided long ago.
This Holy Grail War is distorted.
As a rule, there is only one Holy Grail.
But this time, a second Holy Grail exists.
And its container happened
to be a fit for the Holy Grail.
To be more precise, its contents were.
If the container had not been fitting,
it surely would've been nothing more than
a mound of flesh that kept propagating.
The stage is now set.
The one who can give me an answer...
His birth is approaching.
If there's something that can't be seen from the seat,
I shall go up the stage, as well.
Please, help Tohsaka!
So, you're awake.
Can you move your body?
How's Tohsaka?
She was quite a bit more weakened than you were.
So, I buried her in the Tohsaka estate yard.
She'll likely regain her wisecracking
mouth by tomorrow morning.
Then, it's fine.
Thanks a lot.
I gotta go now.
Where do you think you're going?
Illya went with Sakura to save us all.
Sakura Matou has switched
to the enemy camp, correct?
Come with me.
Zouken Matou's objective is to take
over Sakura Matou once she becomes a hollow shell.
Therefore, we must take Illyasviel back,
and we must defeat Zouken Matou,
before Sakura Matou becomes hollow.
Your objective and mine are the same up to that point.
What do you mean?
What I'm saying is, I'll work together with you.
Oh, what about Rider?
Better not.
Her path to her Master is still connected, isn't it?
We don't want her to notice us
before we get to the castle.
As for the missing persons case
that occurred in Fuyuki City two nights ago,
the number of victims and the cause
are still under investigation.
Also, around the same time,
there was a power outage for hours
around the train station in New City
If it were him, he would've killed Sakura Matou
before all of this had happened.
Your father severed human emotions
for the sake of so-called justice.
Kiritsugu Emiya's way of life was unpleasant for me.
He severed things he had from the beginning,
while I had nothing to begin with.
The results were the same,
but the processes to get
there were completely different.
That difference was indeed crucial.
If he was going to cut it off anyway,
he simply shouldn't have held it.
But he kept holding onto it.
Event after cutting it off, he picked it back up.
What a happy man he was.
Kiritsugu was happy, you say?
Love oneself, love neighbors, forgive sins,
accept punishment, nurture life soundly.
The things that your kind calls
happiness did not give me any joy.
That's all there is to it.
Why did you save Sakura?
All humans are fated to die.
If she was the only one who was dying,
I wouldn't have done as an extensive a job as I did.
I bless the birth of darkness inside Sakura Matou.
You mean that shadow?
But that thing kills humans!
But it's not born yet.
If it kills after birth, it should
be given sins and punishment.
But you can't tell it to not be born.
Or are you saying that the son of a criminal
is a criminal even before he's born?
And therefore, he must be killed?
Let me ask you one thing, as well.
No matter how you put it,
Sakura Matou is a man-eater.
Even then, are you still going to save her?
She's killed many people.
I don't think she can accept that about herself.
Then, wouldn't she be happier
if she were to be killed off?
It would also be atonement for all those taken by her.
that won't fix anything.
I see.
So, you're saying you won't follow
in the footsteps of Kiritsugu Emiya.
I'll check where they are.
Beginning synchronization.
Tracing basic structure.
Tracing component materials.
Third floor...
in the leftmost room!
Where's Sakura?
That's enough.
Don't lose sight of your priorities.
I know that.
Well then, Shirou Emiya...
Do you have any experience in mountain climbing?
Are we really going to prepare
formal attire for those folks?
Have you forgotten?
Our objective is to complete the Holy Grail.
If the container is fitting,
it doesn't necessarily have to be me.
Why the hell did you have to throw me at the window?
It was too pathetic watching you plastering yourself
to the wall with only one arm.
Who exactly are you?
Oh no, we're not! We are...
Why did you come here?
Go home.
There's nothing left for you to do now.
Just leave everything about Sakura to me.
This is...
my duty after all.
Stupid Illya...
I don't care.
I don't care about your duty!
No matter how tough you try to act,
no matter how much you pretend you're all right,
You can't fool me, okay?
What do you mean, "trying to act tough"?
I am the Holy Grail
That's exactly what I mean by acting tough, idiot!
You're just Illya!
Don't go sacrificing yourself for others!
Look who's talking.
Something like this...
will never go well.
Just how leisurely are you going about this?
Hold on! Wait, put me down!
Oh, but...
This is our castle.
Please rest assured.
We trust you with Illya.
Jumping from that height
with no Magecraft? Quite a surprise.
Are you desperate?
What's wrong with that?
I thought I could pull it off.
Archer is drawing you over.
So, you came here for me...
Let's go.
He's fast!
I can keep up with him.
So, you're not just a doll, I guess.
Take her with you.
If you manage to save that woman, don't kill her.
Having her die right in front
of your eyes would be quite painful.
Let's go, Illya!
I won't let the White Holy Grail get away...
as I also have a wish that I want granted.
Is he looking for me?
Leave me here and run.
There's no way I can
You are quite the sight, Kirei.
Matou Zouken...
I see.
You came all the way to see me, huh?
The show is over.
Show him some mercy, Assassin.
This isn't something I should
remember at this moment,
but I was born with a flaw.
For me, happiness was agony,
and despair was pleasure itself.
I had understood...
the such a way of life was evil as a living thing.
Quite a terrible flaw.
Even as a fiend, I had common sense.
I wished to correct it and gave it much effort.
As a final endeavor, I had loved one woman.
To be precise,
I'd hoped it would be nice if I could,
and tried to love her. Even had a child together.
As a result...
I wasn't able to love you.
That's not true.
You, in fact, do love me.
Noble Phantasm...
It's over.
Bastard! It can't be!
Let me inform you.
I kill. I let live. I harm, and I heal.
None shall escape my grasp.
None shall escape my sight.
Curse you, bastard!
Be crushed. Those defeated,
those grown old, I welcome you.
Devote yourself to me,
learn from me, obey me and rest.
Do not forget song, do not forget prayer
and do not forget me.
I am light and shall relieve all your burdens.
Oh? You think you can kill me?
Solace is in my hands.
I shall pour oil unto your sin and mark you.
Only in death, will eternal life be given.
Ask for forgiveness here.
I, the reincarnation, shall swear.
What will that change? There's no salvation in you!
Kyrie eleison.
An attack to the astral body itself
using holy words from the Scripture...
So, you were a natural enemy for Lord Magus.
And you...
You were already corrupted, weren't you?
This was my blunder.
See, you are in tears.
That's a misunderstanding.
I did indeed felt sad.
It wasn't because of the woman's death...
but because I thought,
"If she was going to die any way,
I wish I could've killed her with my own hands."
Are you all right, Illya?
Shirou, run!
Berserker is looking for me!
A big brother has to protect his little sister.
It's all right.
You called me "brother," so that is what I'll be to you.
Even if...
we're not related by blood.
If you use Archer's arm,
you won't be able to come back!
You're going to die!
I'm going to use it so I don't die.
Why do you have to do this much?
You haven't done anything bad at all!
I've done many bad things.
thank you.
I don't know what will happen if I use this arm.
The fact that I swore I'd protect Sakura,
deciding to take Illya back, and everything else...
I might not be able to remember anything.
But he entrusted this arm to me
because it was necessary.
Is it okay for me to defeat him, Illya?
My body and my consciousness crumble stolidly.
For what purpose am I here?
For what purpose did all this happen?
For what purpose do I fight?
Can you keep up?
"Can you keep up," my ass!
Right back at you!
You're the one who's gotta keep up!
Trace on!
Trigger off.
Nine Lives Blade Works!
Protect her in my stead.
How is it?
Did you like your heart being clutched like this?
Father, you died ten years ago.
But you were still able to live on because of...
Let's see... According to the one I ate the other day,
that man in gold was showered
with the contents of the Holy Grail,
but he can't be corrupted,
so all of it flowed over to you, the Master.
You've changed, Matou Sakura.
Indeed, I have.
I'm not the Sakura Matou I used to be.
Such a weak girl no longer exists.
There's no need to hide it.
What do you mean?
You're not an alternate personality.
Your current self intoxicated
with violence is also Matou Sakura.
You were the one who made me like this!
I will not deny.
I let you live.
You've lived up to my expectations,
and you're about to gloriously
give birth to the Avenger.
Ever so easily.
It's not ever so easily!
You don't even know
how much pain I've gone through!
I don't know, and I don't need to know.
Don't come inside!
You're lucky.
Sakura is calling for me.
No, it's not luck.
It's the result you earned for yourself...
so to say.
It's all right.
It's all right...
so let's go home.
Must be because I used the arm.
Are you finally awake, Shirou?
Are you all right?
Of course I am, relatively speaking.
Well, I'm glad you're all right.
Is that...
Ah, this is...
something precious.
I need to hold onto it until the very end.
What did I just say?
That still has a bit of Magical Energy left.
Hold onto it.
It may come to be of some use.
Well then, get ready.
We're heading out.
I'll tell only the facts to the final
Masters involved in the Holy Grail War.
What I'm about to speak of is
about the very core. However...
it's not something that you
two should bear the burden of.
The Holy Grail War is where
the participants summon seven Heroic Spirits
and kill each other to determine
the rights to own the Holy Grail.
But that's only the official rules.
That's right.
Masters are only the catalysts
to summon Servants into this world.
Only Heroic Spirits are required
for the completion of the Holy Grail.
These souls are harvested into
the Holy Grail prepared by the Einzberns,
and become the reactor core necessary
to start up The Greater Grail.
The Greater Grail?
It's the magic circle
on the land managed by the Tohsaka family.
It's overseeing the system of the Holy Grail War.
It all started 300 years ago.
The Three Great Families...
Einzbern, Makiri and Tohsaka...
tried to go out of the world using
the power of the Holy Grail.
That's the true objective.
The mystics are said to have been lost
from the Einzberns.
So is the great ritual
to make true immortality possible...
The Grail of Heaven...
Heaven's Feel.
The magic for materializing the soul.
From here on out, the story
does concern you two, as well.
It's about Sakura, isn't it?
Tell me. What's happening to Sakura?
The thing that Zouken is seeking
to obtain by altering Sakura...
It's the Avenger.
The eighth class within the Holy Grail War.
The main body of the shadow that fused with Sakura...
Angra Mainyu.
This is a story in a certain village
that believes in Zoroastrianism.
The people there were thinking
of whether or not it was possible
for humans to be freed of their evils
and live a pure and just life.
So, they selected just one young man,
and had him shoulder all the sins of this world,
then tried to prove the goodness
of all humans except him.
Thus, a hero was born.
Resented by the people as evil,
and at the same time, worshiped as a god.
Someone who is no one...
The anti-hero, Angra Mainyu.
In the Third War, the Einzberns
summoned Angra Mainyu as a Servant.
However, he was weak.
He was defeated early. Angra Mainyu
was then incorporated into the Holy Grail.
That was when the Holy Grail accepted a certain wish.
An existence created by people
who wished it to just be evil.
That finally became reality within the Holy Grail.
An existence that embodies all evil in this world,
and can curse all 6 billion humans...
That is the true guise of that shadow.
In the last War, Kiritsugu destroyed the Holy Grail.
Because of Kiritsugu's action,
Angra Mainyu was not born
and was left behind within The Greater Grail.
Kotomine has been affected by a part of it,
and Sakura became an artificial Holy Grail
due to Zouken implanting a shard
of the contents of the Holy Grail inside her.
No matter what Angra Mainyu really is,
the fact that it's a Servant does not change.
Therefore, Zouken made Sakura
a Master to have it serve him.
Master and Servant...
We only have half a day at most.
Once it is born, Sakura will completely transform,
and no one will be able to save her,
and nobody will be saved.
There is something I'd like you to do
before we head into the enemy base, Shirou.
To be honest, you were a lifesaver
for bringing Illya back.
I want you to join forces with Illya.
By using the memories of the Einzberns
and of the land where the Leyline flows,
I want you to project the Jeweled Sword.
The Jeweled Sword?
It's the most treasured of treasures
handed down the Tohsaka lineage.
it's a weapon to fight against Sakura.
I get it.
This is the Azoth Blade
that resembles the Jeweled Sword.
I've infused it with ten years'
worth of my Magical Energy.
Use this as support for your projection.
Be honest.
How long will you last?
I don't know.
But I'll try my best as long as I'm alive!
I'll be fine.
Don't look at anything you don't need to.
This isn't the place.
Let's jump further ahead.
Ryudo Temple
Just a bit further.
Let's go.
...to eliminate them, you sought for a miracle.
We're finally here.
Shirou, don't take your eyes off of him.
I shall believe in your principle.
In order to reach the Root,
The three members, Tohsaka, Einzbern and Makiri
will cooperate with each other to open the path.
Declare what each will contribute.
The Tohsakas will offer the spiritual grounds
to construct the Holy Grail.
The Makiris will offer the Command Spell
to tie down the Servants to be sacrificed.
The Einzberns will offer the magic circle
to reach the Third Magic.
And, I, Kishur Zelretch Schweinorg,
will be acting as witness for the ceremony.
You may now begin.
O gate connecting us to the Root...
be released.
Be released.
Be released.
You're in terrible condition, Emiya Shirou.
I've been watching over you this whole time.
My duty is to protect you,
but you've created a weapon to fight against Sakura.
As long as you plan on harming Sakura,
I cannot protect you.
Are you here to kill me?
Sakura summoned me without a catalyst of any sort.
When something like that happens,
a Servant whose ideal state
is similar to the Master is chosen.
I didn't want to turn Sakura into a monster.
But she's already...
if you're going to make Sakura suffer...
I'm not going to kill her.
I'm going to save her.
I'll protect Sakura until the very end.
No matter what happens, I will choose Sakura.
That's your answer to the question I asked before...
is it?
And to do that, I must defeat someone first.
I want you to lend me your powers.
Is there a fair chance of success?
I accept.
Servant, Rider.
Though only momentarily,
I shall become your wings
and promise to race to the ends of the world.
I thought you've decided to come back,
but you just sent your shadow, huh?
You've gotten so high and mighty, Sakura.
Big Sister...
Please take Senpai and run away!
If you could do that, I'll give my life to kill it.
I'll ask just in case, but do you intend
to cut ties with Angra Mainyu?
I do not.
I managed to obtain this power after all.
I have no intent on parting, and I simply can't.
So, if I took Shirou and made a run for it,
you'd be able to destroy yourself,
Angra Mainyu and all?
That's right. So, please...
You've got it wrong.
You actually mean, "I don't know
when I'll become unable to hold myself back."
Have you noticed?
Your words and actions have been all over the place.
Right after you said you'd give your life to kill it,
you said you had no intent on cutting ties with it.
Don't be hasty. I'll be coming to you soon.
And when I do,
I'll make sure to kill you.
I'll be waiting for you, Big Sister.
Big Sister...
Nice to see your return, Assassin.
Lord Magus, so you are well.
Why, yes, but in my current state,
I can't create Magical Energy to provide you with.
Sakura, this will put a burden on you,
but forge a pact with Assassin.
Lord Magus,
this girl is no longer...
The curtain falls in quite a disappointing manner.
Then, you're going to do as planned?
How scandalous. I will do it as a last resort.
Farewell, Sakura.
You've done a great job enduring
and amusing me as a mere guinea pig.
There is no need for that.
How disappointing.
You never had a face to begin with.
Damn you!
You're nobody.
You can't ever become the one and only genuine thing.
Wh-What do you think you're doing, Sakura?
I mean, Grandfather...
You no longer need to be protected by him, do you?
The reason why you've been overpowering me...
and why you've been able to control me so easily...
I've been thinking about it for a while.
You've taken the place
of some of my nerves, haven't you?
I had thought you'd be much larger, Grandfather.
Wait! Wait, Sakura!
Goodbye, Grandfather.
Big Brother, and now Grandfather, are gone!
should I do?
We are not done.
They're still around.
They are coming.
Go now. But let my sister come here alone.
What of Shirou Emiya?
Damn. I haven't realized until now how much...
how much Sakura meant to me.
So, you're heading out.
When this battle is over,
if you have nowhere to return to...
Why don't you just keep living at my place?
Are you Kiritsugu's replacement?
No, I'm not Kiritsugu.
But I
Shirou, crouch down.
Oh, sure.
See you later, Shirou.
Please come home with Sakura before dawn.
I sense some kind of field being created
at the lake up above.
The field up there is the dummy gate.
If you want to reach The Greater Grail...
It's not up.
You have to go down.
Go down...
Oh, nothing.
Don't lose your focus.
From now on, prioritize your own life.
Oh, I see.
Sakura is serious for sure, isn't she?
Sorry, but I'm going to go on ahead.
If you want to save Sakura,
don't take too much time, okay?
Saber, you're not going to
pull out no matter what, are you?
You're insistent.
This is the role I was given.
If I go in at full power, I should be
able to rival her for about two minutes.
I'll create a chance for you.
You should stay still for now
and not miss the opportunity.
We will annihilate you right here.
I'm going to save Sakura.
And you're in my way!
This is The Greater Grail.
I'm glad you didn't run away.
I've been thinking.
I hate this world.
The house, you, Grandfather, my pathetic Big Brother,
the city that lives a peaceful life.
I can't forgive the things
that haven't saved me up until now.
I know I'm taking my anger out on things,
and that's not a good thing.
But I've gotten stronger.
I've become able to do anything.
I see.
Have you gotten used to killing people?
Yes. Both Assassin
and Grandfather are no longer here.
And now...
But what about Shirou?
He still believes that he can save you.
He is the only one I really want to kill.
I see.
You've given up on being human long ago.
Acting tough, I see.
You're jealous of my power, aren't you?
And then again, you want to take it
from me so that you, alone, can be happy.
I won't give it to you.
The only things I'll give you are regret and despair.
You shall drown in the Grail of Heaven...
like a bug dropped into a lake.
This is...
the curse of Mystic Eyes!
Rider, there's something I want to ask you.
Can only Servants harm Saber?
No. Servants captive to Sakura are all incarnations.
If you have a powerful Mystic Code,
you may be able to.
I have one more tactic for when we fight.
Indeed, we can win with that tactic.
Right? But the question is...
Can we trust each other?
Are you able to stand still
even when your ally is in danger?
I'll ask you to do the most difficult thing for you.
I'll believe in you!
Are you worried about Shirou?
He won't be moving.
I have his trust.
Oh, that's right, you were...
Such a cheap trick won't confine me!
Noble Phantasm...
Come at me!
Projection start.
Search, select.
I am the bone of my sword.
Thank you.
You saved me countless times.
I'll go on ahead.
Catch up to me when you can run again.
You're a worse slave-driver than I thought.
Why you!
How, you ask?
I'm just fighting with my own power, you see.
That blade... It must be that blade!
Don't you get it, Sakura?
This is the Jeweled Sword Zelretch that's
been treasured in the Tohsaka family.
It connects paths to the supposed
infinitely spanning parallel universes,
and flows Magical Energy from them.
Seriously? You don't even know the name "Zelretch"?
Quit mocking me!
No matter how much you've banked up,
the amount of Magical Energy you emit
at once isn't that different from me.
So, I only need to use just
that amount of Magical Energy for each blow.
That ludicrous amount of Magical Energy pooled up...
is a complete waste for someone like you to have!
Not fair...
Not fair...
It's not fair at all!
Has that cocky head of yours cooled down a bit?
This is just unfair.
Why is it?
We're sisters!
But for the longest time,
I haven't been treated like a human!
The Magecraft of the Makiris
was engraved into my body!
My meals were all poisoned!
Eating was nothing but fearful and painful!
I needed permission to even breathe in the worm pit!
Every time I was in tears,
they would rejoice as they kept violating my body!
Meanwhile, you were always shining so bright.
You grew up knowing nothing of hardships.
I hated you.
I wanted to win!
I wanted you to praise me
at least once, saying I was amazing!
Because I was actually a child of the Tohsaka family,
I'd believed that you'd come and rescue me!
But you never came for me!
Eleven years, you know...
It's crazy, isn't it?
But is it all my fault?
Going through all that pain, every single day.
I never asked for this!
I had no other choice!
So, what about it?
I mean, you're not in pain anymore, right?
It's because you're like that!
I don't understand other people's pain all to much.
So, no matter what horrible
days you had gone through,
I don't even think about trying to understand them.
But, Sakura...
Even if I'm insensitive,
I never was able to think even once...
that I was fortunate.
How dare you...
How dare you say such a thing!
Welt, Ende.
Oh, I guess I lost.
Big Sister?
I'm an idiot.
But because I can't stand it when
people who work hard don't get rewarded,
and because I love you...
I always wanted you to smile.
I wanted to believe that the more hardships I endured, the easier your life would be.
I can't blame Shirou for being a softie, can I?
I realized that there was no way
I could kill you once I saw you up close.
I'm sorry...
for being such a selfish sister.
And I was really happy to see...
that you've been wearing this ribbon the whole time.
I did...
I did have it too, but...
I broke it...
with my own hands.
...ed her...
I killed her.
I killed my sister!
For all this time,
she kept telling me not to lose!
I hate this!
I have to stop all this!
So, Tohsaka won, then.
Tohsaka isn't dead!
She can still be saved!
You and I together can save her!
No! You have to get away, Senpai!
No, this was not me...
I know!
It's the brat who doesn't know when to give up!
Senpai! Take her and get away!
No, I can't hold it!
You have to get away, Senpai!
Please stop!
I will die!
Just let me die all on my own!
Why are you doing this?
I'm beyond saving.
No, I'm not worth saving!
I will save you!
You saw that, didn't you?
I'm such a horrible person. So...
I have killed many people.
Big Brother, Grandfather...
and even Big Sister!
Even then,
are you telling me to keep living?
That's right!
Isn't that obvious?
Since you took from them,
you need to be responsible!
Where the sin lies
nor how heavy the punishment is...
I have no idea.
But I will protect you!
I will protect you from
everything you will be inquired of!
Even if that's hypocritical,
I will protect the one I love to the end!
Trace on.
This is my punishment.
A heavy one's incoming!
So, clench your teeth!
let's go home, Sakura.
Cut your ties with a jerk like that.
It won't stop, huh?
Oh, it's you.
Perfect timing.
Can you take Sakura and Tohsaka down there outside?
Thank you.
Oh, and...
G-Give this...
to Sakura.
Please do that yourself...
Never mind.
I wish you luck.
Kotomine Kirei....
It seems both of us are barely hanging onto life...
Emiya Shirou.
Even if you unleash this to the outside world,
your wish won't be granted.
It will be granted.
I only have one objective...
which is to give birth to this curse we have here.
Why do you protect this to that extent?
This is evil itself!
It's not evil yet.
It's not good, either.
Humans learn of what is right starting from zero.
It all begins from zero.
At zero, the only fact is that it exists.
If one is responsible for something,
it's due to the environment where one is nurtured,
and the self within him.
If there's a life that want's to hatch,
letting it emerge is what love really is.
That's not love!
That's what it means to me, Emiya Shirou.
Just like how you feel blissful seeing others' fortune,
I simply feel bliss in others' misfortune.
That's a troublesome body.
The one unleashing the attack is risking his life.
Why do you say the killing of humans
is evil in the first place?
Coming from you, the one who's trying
to protect Sakura Matou?
That's just how humans are.
Evil men flirtatiously show goodwill.
Saints commit acts of evil on a whim.
This contradiction is what makes us human.
To live means to harbor both good and evil.
However, this thing exists only to kill
from the beginning!
That's right!
But how the being in question thinks about that...
is still an unknown!
Will it lament that it's evil? Or say it's all good?
If people wish that being to do so,
and it doesn't doubt its own functions,
it's not evil!
If it comes into life,
it will kill everything just like what was desired of it.
And after it stands all alone as the sole survivor,
will it be able to forgive itself?
That is exactly what I want to know.
Just for something like that...
you bastard!
That's right.
That's my objective, Emiya Shirou!
I'm the polar opposite of you,
as you have no desire that reverts back to you.
However, this is a wish of similar nature!
Oh, I get it.
We both think of ourselves as sinners.
And we stood firm on one way
of life in order to shake that off.
Of course, you're not going to stand down.
I'll admit that I'm taking things out on you.
I'm jealous of you all.
I see.
I guess I've made you waste your time, huh?
It's fine.
Both of us are short on time.
I don't want to die!
I don't want to die!
I don't want to die!
I don't...
Allow me to ask you, my mortal enemy.
What made you think you didn't want to die?
In order to eliminate them, you sought for a miracle.
There's no salvation in the human world,
and if we can't cut evil out as long as we are human...
If utopia is in a location
where humans cannot ever reach...
We seek something that surpasses humans...
A new shape of humanity.
Correct. In order to exclude all evil of this world...
we shall risk our lives for this wish.
Over 500 years... Come to think of it,
it was an aspiration
that lasted only the blink of an eye.
My, my...
I was one step short.
To think it would simply be a matter of time, huh?
You are the final Master.
You shall fulfill your obligations as such.
This is it.
This will be the end.
My projection...
Is that...
what I want to do?
You won't die, Shirou.
I'm the one who will close this gate.
Shirou, do you want to live regardless
of what kind of life form you'll become?
Do you want to live...
regardless of what shape you'll hold?
Don't do it.
I'll take it...
with me.
Do you want to live?
I want...
I want to live!
Glad to hear that.
Come back!
I will show you a miracle.
This one will be amazing.
After all, what you'll witness is true magic.
I don't care!
Just come back!
Your name...
You said a big brother protects his little sister, right?
I am your big sister, Shirou.
That means I have to protect my little brother.
Illya! Illya!
Illya! Illya! Illya!
Nothing less from our next team captain.
Looks like I can rest easy once I retire.
When in the world is he coming back?
The Holy Grail War that
happened on this land has ended.
The Greater Grail has collapsed,
and the curtain has fallen on everything.
As I ran about dealing with
the Mage's Association for its aftermath,
I waited for Sakura to recover.
And now, I'm walking together with her.
As if we were trying to regain the eleven years we lost.
I walk together with her
in the time that has started moving.
That's right.
A time without him around.
Because Emiya Shirou's body
has completely disappeared.
Rin has returned.
Okay. Thank you, Rider.
Sakura, how are you lately?
Oh, yes.
It's very gradual,
but I'm becoming able to honestly
accept things for what they are.
Being crushed by a sense of guilt is dodging the issue.
Things that have changed.
Things that need to change.
With what can I say that something has changed?
I still don't know that...
as I look for a path.
But still...
In a world that is ever changing,
there was one thing that never changed.
What's wrong, Sakura?
C'mon, let's go!
Jeez, are you a little kid or what?
Are you happy now, Sakura?
Even now, you still hold my hands and stand beside me
It makes me recall the silhouette of our first embrace
The sorrow we have now is all because of my selfishness
I could never hold on to the happiness I once had
The wind blew off all the petals
Opening the door, I discovered that the season had already changed
Deep within the layers of the forever flowing time
Deep within the layer of the non-stop falling time
There's no difference between happiness and despair
Our hands melting into each other
Hope the smile and redemption are both by your side
I want to disappear
I just can't do it by myself
Because I'm weak and selfish
Bearing with irreparable shadow
The promised place must blossom full of flowers
Spring goes without regarding her sins and love
The sky is dazzlingly bright and shine
Please do not forgive me
I want to be broken
I want to be reborn
I'll smile with you
At least let me tell the one who grants me joy and happiness
I always feel happy with you
Thank you for giving me such a gentle, sweet dream
I'll be right beside you
I love you
I'm here with you
Just right beside...
Like a dream, those days left behind...