Father of the Bride (2022) Movie Script

When I came to this country, I came with nothing.
I parked cars
while I went to school.
And I learned English.
I later worked as a carpenter
until I got myself into college.
That's where Ingrid and I met.
She was studying interior design
and I was studying architecture.
And one year later,
we were engaged.
We had very little money,
so we got married
at a community center.
Well, actually a bingo hall.
We were so in love.
Everyone pitched in
with something in the wedding.
The local pastelera
baked the cake.
My cousin, Junior,
bought me a tux.
My To Walter
played with his band, Los Inmortales...
until they had to kick us out
the next morning.
When her father asked me
how I planned to support his daughter...
I said, "I'm gonna
be an architect."
And he said, "An architect?
You should have picked a rich wife."
When Sofi was born,
I didn't know how I was gonna look after her...
but I promised myself
she would never struggle the way we did.
Are you gonna work all night?
No. I'll be right there.
Oh, I love what
you're doing with it.
So, I built our house on my own,
and ten years later,
we were the most
sought-after firm in Coral Gables.
So, tell me,
if I did everything right...
how the hell did I end up here?
...committed to this marriage.
- That's not fair. It's just unfair that...
- Billy. I understand.
- ...she would start with that accusation.
- I understand.
- Oh. Sorry for the offense, Your Honor.
- I'm talking about our marriage
and she thinks
it's some personal attack.
How dare I question His Majesty?
- Guys, please.
- We're all just supporting characters...
- in the Billy Herrera show.
- Billy and Ingrid...
Let's stop accusing each other,
shall we?
Let's try this exercise instead.
When you do this, I imagine Y.
It's very effective,
and I don't think we've done it in a while.
- I can check in my calendar.
- All right. All right.
When you don't answer
after I speak...
I imagine that
you find me boring.
And I don't wanna be
with someone that finds me boring.
I wanna be with someone
that finds me interesting.
Not some stubborn old man
who's stuck in a rut and takes me for granted.
- You feel you're being taken for granted?
- Oh, yes.
I feel taken for granted.
When you call me a workaholic
and a stubborn old man,
I imagine
that you take for granted
everything that I've sacrificed
to get our family to this point in our life.
Look, I never asked for much.
We've been marching
to your beat for years, Guillermo Herrera.
It's the same routine.
Sitting, watching sports.
Watching the Fishing Channel.
The Fishing Channel?
He likes to guess the weight
and the price of the fish.
I'm a fly fisherman.
It's an art form, okay?
You watch it, you unwind,
you relax. I work very hard...
For what?
...and I felt like
you were judging me on the Fishing Channel thing!
I didn't know
there was a whole channel.
For what?
We have everything we need.
Our daughters are grown
and we should
be free to travel, to go to Greece.
Again with Greece.
It's a metaphor!
You won't venture outside your own bubble.
Okay, look. I came
to this country with nothing.
I slept
on my To Walter's floor. I parked cars.
I became an architect,
I built my firm out of nothing.
I sent my daughter, Sofi,
to the top law school in New York.
She had absolutely nothing
to do with that.
I supported my daughter, Cora
after she dropped out
of college, so please explain to me
why is it every time
I come here, I am the bad guy?
All right, look.
You both have been coming here for over a year, right?
- Oh, yes.
- Oh, yeah.
So, I'm gonna ask you
Do you still want this marriage
to work or not?
- I'm here.
- No.
You're not gonna change, Billy.
And I'm tired of trying.
I'm tired too.
Well, just because
your marriage has devolved into rancor and reprisal
does not mean that
this divorce has to as well.
Since these issues
are very fresh in your mind,
you both need to gather
your entire family together
and you tell them
without blaming one another.
So, when do we wanna do this?
We'll do it tonight.
Absolutely not tonight.
My daughter is coming home from law school tonight.
We can't lie to them.
They're gonna read us like a book.
It's gonna be a little bit
of a harsh welcome-home party, don't you think?
Either way,
you're not gonna protect them from the shock of this divorce.
Thanks for the help.
We'll do it tonight.
A bigger smile.
So, you wouldn't consider
yourself a postmodern kinda guy?
No. Postmodernism
has no regard for tradition.
Neoclassic architecture,
on the other hand
demands you that you respect
the lineage of what you're trying to recreate.
So, I'm more neoclassical,
more traditional.
Which is why you have
so many clients in Miami.
Maybe so.
I mean, Herrera Architects
alone brought Cuba to Coconut Grove.
I think architecture
is a great way for us to connect to our culture,
to our home.
Will you excuse me?
I just realized I need to get home.
- Sofi?
- Yes.
Coral Gables?
Yes. Home sweet home.
She's not here yet.
Oh, good.
I was thinking, tonight? It's way too rushed.
Perhaps we should take
a little bit more time with Doctor Saeger
you know, so we can plan
how to break the news to the girls.
Billy, it's time.
It's too soon.
Why can't we just, you know,
give her a warm welcome
and then we'll break the news
in a few days.
Because I need to get this
off my chest. And I'm not gonna lie to them.
Where is my Sofi?
Not here yet, Ma.
She must have run out
when she smelled how many onions you're using.
- Really?
- Let me get some oranges.
I'm warning you,
do not take over my kitchen today, please.
Oh, and one Vicks isn't enough?
It kept your father alive
for decades.
Yeah. Ma, it's my house.
But Sofi deserves
a good welcome party.
Sofi deserves
a small family dinner with Billy, Cora, and me.
How can you say
that your mother is not a member of the family, huh?
Chi Chi,
why don't you stay for dinner? You know you're my favorite.
I'm not lending you any money.
Has he been gambling?
Where's the graduate?
Hola, Ingrid, Chi Chi.
What's cooking?
I'm just trying
to fix the ropa vieja. She added too much onion.
Oh, hey. It smell delicious.
To Walter is here.
To, why don't you
stay for dinner?
I'd love that.
One happy family.
Please, just a moment.
I don't care if you invite
the entire freaking neighborhood.
We had an agreement.
We had a plan.
So we're doing it tonight.
Valentina loved
working with Cora and her designs.
Gracias, Cora.
Thank you.
How much longer?
Huan is almost done.
She's been going on
about this dress for weeks now.
We're dying to see it.
She hasn't shown you the design?
No. She wanted to surprise us.
You didn't show your parents
the sketches?
God, no.
They would have freaked.
Yeah, well, now
they're gonna freak on me.
Just don't look my mom
in the eyes when she's yelling
and it'll be over
before you know it.
Okay. Well, how do you feel?
Like a woman.
Guess we're just gonna have
to let them freak.
It's not even a dress.
This was an unforgiveable
But I promise you,
this is not what Ophelia stands for.
What part of "quinceaera gown"
did you not understand?
Not every girl wants to grow up
to be a Disney princess.
You have worked at this store
for one month
and you already think
you're Stella McCartney.
This is a quinceaera store.
Yeah. Well, maybe it's time
you stop being so old-fashioned.
Maybe it's time you found
another place to work.
Already on it.
I thought you'd be more
like your sister.
That's my ringtone.
Come on, Huan.
Wrong daughter.
- Hey, Dad.
- Hey, baby.
What's up? Did Ophelia
like your designs?
Not really. She decided
she wanted to go in a different direction.
What kinda direction?
One where I don't work there
- I quit.
- What?
Wait, what?
Mamita, you just started
a month ago.
Okay, great. That's great.
So what's next?
What's the plan?
Well, I've made it pretty clear
that I don't wanna go to college.
So, why can't
I use my college fund to start my own business?
Here we go again.
The college fund is for college hence the word "college fund."
I know, papi...
No, you don't know, Cora.
I mean, I've said this before.
My college fund was me
parking cars at 16.
I'm not gonna pay for you
to cut in the front of the line.
If you want something in life,
you have to earn it.
That's the way it is,
that's the way life is.
Still beating those drums,
eh, Billy?
She needs to learn
how to follow through.
And you know I'm right.
In all these years, not once.
Hello! Mami!
Oh, my God.
We missed you so much.
I missed you, mami.
I'm so happy. Welcome.
Thank you, Mom.
Oh, my beautiful princess.
Hey, cuz.
Tell 'em.
Right here,
right on top of my head.
You lost me.
I hate to interrupt you,
but I've got something
I'd like to say.
Yes. There's something
that we wanna say, Ingrid and I.
That we wanna propose a toast
to Sofia.
Since the first moment
you started to speak,
we knew that
you were an old soul.
And that you were kind
and you were very self-aware and very disciplined.
And that discipline helped you
not only in college,
but also on the tennis court.
And also at law school at NYU.
That discipline also helped you
pass the bar in New York and pass the bar in Florida.
And now you have
two competing job offers.
We're gonna throw
the New York one away,
and you're gonna come down
to Florida, and...
Oh, Corita.
My other darling.
Since you were a little girl,
you always wanted to play dress-up and design dresses.
not quinceaera dresses...
I guess, but dresses
that fit your style
and your mood
on a particular day.
That's very nice, okay.
To Sofi and Cori.
All right, great toast.
Okay, so I...
I also have something to say.
Of course.
You all know me.
I have no life.
All I do is work.
I mean, 100-hour weeks,
weekends by my computer...
but then there was this guy...
and we spent long hours
We worked
on the same case and...
Oh, hell with it.
- I'm engaged.
- What?
Oh, my...
Thank you.
Look, mami.
It's beautiful, mi amor.
So fast.
Look at it.
Isn't it beautiful?
- What's happening?
- Guys, thank you!
Oh, if only
my Luisito would be alive to see it. He was a saint.
Yes, I know.
Oh, my God.
This is gonna be so much fun.
Okay, okay, okay.
One second. One second. One second.
Just one second.
Just one second.
Who is he?
Like, who is he?
What does he do?
When did you decide this?
Who is he?
His name is Adn.
He's from Mexico.
And he's smart and he's sweet
and he listens
and he's constantly trying
to surprise me, but he does this thing where he...
he bites his lip every time
he's trying to hide something.
And it's so cute.
And he's opened my eyes
to so much.
He's taken me camping
and surfing.
I meditate.
He's even got me doing yoga.
Yoga, camping, and surfing.
So when I found out
that I was going to Mexico...
I couldn't leave him behind.
So... I proposed.
You proposed?
- Hold on.
- Exactly.
- You proposed?
- Yes.
You proposed to him?
He didn't propose to you?
Can you do that?
- Of course.
- Yes.
I mean, you can do that,
but does anyone do that?
- She did.
- I did.
- That's my girl.
- Wait... Okay.
What about waiting
until you have achieved some of your career goals?
Papi, I've already achieved
career goals.
I'll always keep growing,
and he's who I wanna grow with.
And I felt it the second
I met him.
We shared an Uber one day
and we had the most incredible conversation
but for some reason
we didn't exchange numbers.
I don't know why,
and I almost always regretted it.
But then a whole year later,
I run into him at work.
It turns out that we worked
in the same building the entire time.
- It's a sign.
- Yes.
Yeah, it's a sign.
Two weeks later our firms
partner up on the same class-action case...
and we end up on the same team.
I just looked at him
and I said to myself,
"Oh, my God.
I'm gonna marry this man."
And I am.
- Kismet.
- It's kismet.
- Well...
- How romantic.
Very romantic.
- He's from Mexico?
- Yes.
And you're going to Mexico?
Are you moving to Mexico?
Papi. Yes.
I need to get some air.
- Papi, papi, come on.
- Billy.
Now you know how Luisito felt
when you asked for Ingrid's hand.
Oh, my God, mami.
What a moment, mi amor.
I have one more thing to say.
What is it?
Would you be my maid of honor?
Yes. Of course. Yeah. I mean...
- Yes?
- Of course.
You two are so cute.
- That's cute.
- Wait, what was that?
Is that your dad's car?
No, it's el Porschecito.
That's him.
Another tantrum.
Well, nobody's perfect, okay?
I got this.
He's gone insane.
No, no, no. It's okay.
Let him go.
I give you the biggest news
of my life, and you just pick up and leave?
I went outside,
I got some air...
and then the guys called.
I forgot I had a game...
Okay, can we...
...so I came to play this game.
Look at this hand,
a beautiful hand. I'll go...
Can we talk?
Long live the bride!
And you told them?
I told them
you were going to Mexico and that I was gonna miss you.
What do you mean, Mexico?
- All right, Dad. Come on.
- Mxico.
Let's go home.
Adn's on his way.
No, no.
We just started a game here. Have a seat.
Oh, for the love of God.
How much for your seat?
50 dollars.
Pay up.
This will be interesting.
Okay. Vaya.
You wanted to play?
Yeah. Why Mexico?
Julio Cesar Chavez was Mexican.
And Maromero Paez is too.
No Maromero Paez
is Chicano, not Mexican.
Because there is a job
that matters to me there.
And that's where Adn is from.
That's why I'm going to Mexico.
But you were gonna be
Florida's governor one day.
What are you talking about?
Talking about that you need
to grow up a little bit more before you get married.
I'm concerned
you're gonna pass on all these opportunities
because you got married
too early.
Tell me about it!
Marriage is already hard.
Why make it harder?
In my house we only allow
Cubans, Christians or Cohorts.
Your daughters sound like
very lucky ladies.
Dad, look at you and Mom.
You got married young...
and you started from nothing,
and now you get to enjoy it together.
Pass! Now I'm playing against
two enemies and a traitor.
And you've spent
the whole game passing.
You passed on four,
you passed on two.
Here's the four/two!
Now, can we go?
Pleasure doing business.
Let's go.
Billy! One last game!
She's the boss!
He still has to ask me
for your hand in marriage.
Ay, Dad.
Hi, quelite.
Way to dodge a bullet, big guy.
Did I have a choice?
Oh, we're supposed
to play the perfect family until Sofi gets married?
Or we could say...
"Sorry to spoil your happiness,
but we're getting a divorce. Mazel tov."
Mami, papi...
this is Adn Castillo.
This is my mom, Ingrid Herrera.
Mrs. Herrera, such a pleasure
to finally meet you.
Please call me Ingrid
and give me a hug, mijo.
And this is my dad,
Guillermo Herrera.
Mr. Herrera,
such a pleasure, sir.
Sofi told me
you have a beautiful garden
so this is my contribution
to the family tree.
How thoughtful.
You know what,
let's find a place where it's gonna be happy.
- Okay.
- Follow me.
So sweet.
You are so sweet.
I'm glad you liked it.
I love it. Thank you.
That was very thoughtful.
Thank you, Guillermo.
Wow, this house
has so much hearth, you know?
Yeah. It feels like a home.
Good word.
I built this house
when nobody would hire me
so I hired myself
and I slowly built it into this.
You're talking about the house,
he's talking about the home.
He'll soften up.
He's just a little nervous.
Yeah, so am I.
Oh, look at the girls
when they were little. They were so perfect.
Oh, my God.
- Quelite, look at your hair.
- My babies.
Oh. Stop, Mom.
You love me way too much. God.
What is that, "quelite"?
- Yeah, I was wondering too. What is it?
- Oh, oh.
So when all the summer
associates would have lunch,
Adn kept whipping out
this Tupperware full of these, like, weird vegetable stews.
And, by the way,
he's an amazing cook.
And all of us were like,
"Ew, what are you eating?"
- You remember that?
- Yeah, yeah.
And I said, "quelites."
So they started calling me
But then Sofi tried them,
loved them
- and I started calling her quelite.
- Me quelites.
- Oh, that's so sweet.
- Get it?
I love it. I love it.
Well, I guess the stories
behind the nicknames
are never as good
as the nicknames themselves.
Would you like a drink?
- No, thank you.
- I'm good.
I'm okay.
Come to my office.
- Come on.
- Yeah.
You're coming too?
Are you implying we shouldn't?
No, no.
I feel like I'm in trouble.
- Yeah.
- So,
you said you found
a law firm in Mexico?
International one?
Yes. Well,
actually it's a non-profit.
- A non-profit?
- Yeah.
It gives aid to refugees
coming into the U.S. from Mexico.
How is the money in that?
Well, the money is decent.
So, how do you propose
to support my daughter?
He's not here to support me,
Dad. We're supporting each other.
And we're not making decisions
based on money.
I wish I didn't have
to make decisions based on money.
Anyway, Mr. Herrera,
I know I was supposed to ask for your blessing...
before marrying your daughter...
Blessing. Permission.
One of those.
But she beat you to the punch.
- Yeah. She gave me a pretty good punch too.
- Yep.
That I did.
We start in September,
so things have been pretty crazy, as you can imagine.
That's why
I didn't have a chance to come to Miami until now
to tell you both personally
that you have truly raised
the best daughter in the world.
She inspires me every day
to be a better man.
I wanna learn from her,
I wanna be like her...
So nothing would make me happier
than to have your blessing
to marry your daughter, sir.
But a non-profit...
- Billy!
- Papi!
Of course you have my blessing.
- Did you say you start working in September?
- Yeah.
- That's in two months.
- Yep.
When did you plan
on getting married?
We wanna squeeze
in the honeymoon before going to Mexico.
Of course.
But don't you think that's a little crazy?
How are we gonna
pull together a wedding in one month?
Yes, that's too rushed.
Why don't you wait a year?
Or two.
You know, get to know
each other a little bit.
No. We want to start
our lives together.
I understand,
but that's a bit tight.
It's gonna drive up the cost.
That's the least of our worries.
Well, papi, we don't want
some big, fancy wedding.
We want something simple and...
And intimate.
And we wanna pay for it.
Two lawyers
who are out of college
working for a non-profit
are gonna pay for the wedding.
I'm the father of the bride,
the father of the bride
will be paying for the wedding.
If I could just
explain the situation...
There's nothing to explain.
I am the father of the bride,
and I will be paying for the wedding.
And I'm gonna
be walking my daughter down the aisle.
Sir, thank you so much
for a great night. You have an amazing daughter.
- I'm a very lucky man.
- Yes, you are.
Nine a.m.?
- Bright and early.
- Perfect.
I can't wait.
- Let's go.
- Where do you think you're going?
With Adn.
No, no, no. I don't know.
Hey, hey, hey, hold on.
I don't know what you guys do
in New York.
Whatever you do in New York
stays in New York. In Miami...
In Miami, in this century,
you can sleep with your fianc, Billy.
Good night.
Have a wonderful night.
Thank you, Mom.
Be well.
- Adn, quickly flee while you still can.
- I love you, Dad.
Go, go, go.
- Come on.
- Are you sure your dad's fine with this?
No, trust me.
Trust me.
I know my dad.
I don't see
what she sees in him...
with his fake bohemian,
vegetarian soft voice.
"I wanna learn from her.
I want to be like her."
Seriously? Grow a pair.
And, "We're not gonna
make our choices based on money"?
You know what that means?
We're gonna be supporting them.
Well, fortunately
you love to work hard.
So money won't be an issue.
She is gonna eat him alive.
He's nothing like us.
Maybe that's the point.
Mm mm.
I need my space.
You expect me
to sleep on the couch.
Only until the wedding's over.
Then you can get your own place.
Sweet dreams.
What a day.
Dad, where are you?
Dad, where are you?
He's probably hiding.
Hey! Hey. Look at this.
I had a rush of inspiration
and I wanted to capture it
before it escaped me.
How are you? Hi.
- You good?
- Good.
You're gonna wanna get changed.
The wedding planner's here
in 20 minutes.
Wedding planner?
What wedding planner?
We didn't have
a wedding planner.
Why do we need
a wedding planner?
Because we have one month
to plan a wedding, and who's gonna do it? You?
- You.
- Don't look at me.
So, who is this person?
Her name's Natalie Vance.
She has a beautiful Instagram.
Very professional.
And she is highly recommended.
Natalie Vance
with a beautiful Instagram. Great credentials.
She ever done a wedding?
Well, she used to work
with Becky Weisz, so she's done many.
Oh. Very impressed.
I'm so sorry. Do you have tea
by any chance?
I'll get that.
She's here.
Hi. Is this
the Herrera residence?
Herrera residence?
La familia.
And the bride.
Oh, my God,
you're literally gorgeous.
And a lawyer? It's not fair.
Thank you so much
for doing this. You are saving our lives.
All right.
So, we have a month to secure a venue...
catering, dresses,
send out invitations,
make a registry,
and design a website.
Ooh, refill.
So, what are we thinking
about theme?
- A theme?
- What do you mean, theme?
- Theme?
- I didn't think about a theme.
What do we want?
Big wedding? Small? Day? Night?
- Night.
- Big.
- Day.
- Small.
We were thinking maybe
just like a small ceremony, very intimate.
Maybe like a sunset ceremony
by the beach would be nice.
Or at a barn.
- Rustic.
- Like mason jars and burlap.
A barn? A beach?
Whatever happened to a priest
and a church?
Yes. You know,
the wedding party.
Your train down the aisle.
- Tuxes. Ice sculptures.
- Gala.
Just give me one second.
We don't want
a Catholic wedding.
What are you talking about,
you don't want to have a Catholic wedding?
Who's gonna officiate then?
My guide Monica
from the Zen Center, New York.
So, a yoga class
instead of a wedding?
Okay, all this is lovely,
but we need to think of a theme.
We were thinking, "Old Miami."
You know, tradish but fresh.
- Kind of old school.
- New school.
- Cigars.
- Old cars, like, Cuba, who is she?
- Salsa. Salsa music.
- Salsa dancing.
- Salsa verde.
- Salsa roja.
Don't you have some, like,
presentation or something to show us?
Yes, papi.
Kyler, Wi-Fi.
TV. Thanks, girl.
Yes, girl.
Can't wait.
Okay. First pitch.
Flamencos and flamingos.
How are these two ideas
even related?
- Well, it's a Latinks wedding.
- Latinx.
A Latinx wedding in Miami.
First of all,
I don't know what Latinx means.
Second of all,
flamenco is from Spain,
and they're from Mexico,
we're from Cuba
so how do these ideas connect?
Teachable moment.
Thank you for holding me
This is the work.
This is why we march.
Kyler, skip the slide
about the queso fountains.
The point is
that this is not cultural appropriation...
rather cultural...
- celebration. Right?
- Celebration.
A celebration is fine,
but not a Broadway production.
Do you have a business card?
Where are your offices?
I thought
you said she had experience.
She came highly recommended.
Okay, boomer.
Sorry that I don't have
little businessman cards
that pillage and plunder
our mother earth.
You're from a different
generation, right?
When you were born,
babies smoked cigarettes,
and the milkman delivered milk
and, like, World War II
had just happened.
But times have changed,
and there is nothing
that I can't do with this phone.
The point is,
I'm not a wedding planner.
I'm more than a wedding planner.
I get that you guys wanna
be a little different, right?
Bohemian and kinda have,
like, Tulum vibes.
While you wanna be
like a Tommy Bahama guy, right?
You're like, smoking a Cuban
with your buddies and your clientele
and just have this, like,
earthy billionaire-style wedding.
I got you. Okay?
My job is to be
your financial advisor,
family therapist, and stylist.
Your job is to enjoy the event.
So give me a guest list
and a deposit.
Do you have a layaway plan?
"Layaway plan."
I love dad jokes. So random.
Okay. Let's forget the theme...
and in the meantime,
let's go find us a venue.
You want a venue?
I got a phone too.
Thank you.
Really? The Biltmore?
Creature of habit, your father.
I was
on the remodeling committee.
We know, Dad.
You tell us every time we come.
All right. Let's go.
Good to see you.
Hey! What do you think?
Look at this place. Amazing.
Amazing. Look.
- Hey, Colin.
- Mr. Herrera.
Hi. Good to see you.
Will you let Michelle know that
her favorite architect is here to see her?
How are you? Good?
So do you prefer
the green lentil
or the butternut squash soup?
Butternut squash.
Delicious, huh?
Butternut squash, right?
Here's the idea.
We got an orchestra right here.
Bang! Orchestra.
Dance floor.
And then we're over here,
family table.
Family table. Long family.
One set of tables here.
Herreras. Castillos. Wedding.
Biltmore. Splendor.
Are you gonna have
Los Inmortales?
Course we're gonna
have Inmortales.
To Walter and the Inmortales
breaking out the classics. Everybody's happy.
Wait, Dad.
You know I love To Walter,
and no offense
to Los Inmortales...
but there's not only Cubans
at this wedding, there's also Adn's family,
our friends,
and we don't want an orchestra.
We want a DJ.
Yeah, a DJ.
And this room is too big
for 50 guests.
Fifty guests? Try 50 cousins.
Plus, we have friends,
my clients.
Dad, I don't wanna get married
with 200 strangers I haven't seen in, what,
ten years?
Plus, I barely know
half your cousins.
I barely know half my cousins.
What better situation than to
reconnect with them at a family wedding?
Let me just get one thing
This is our wedding, Dad.
Well, yes and no.
Yes and no?
Yes and no.
Your name is on the invitation,
but my name is on the checks.
Okay. So, because
your name's on the check,
you get to call all the shots?
Yes. Traditionally
that's the way it works.
The one with the gold makes the rules.
Sofi, please.
I just want to give you away
in front of my community,
my friends. This is important to me.
Did you just say,
"Give me away"?
Dad, I'm not something
you could just sell off.
Let's stop this, okay?
I didn't come across
the Atlantic Ocean
to sleep on To Walter's floor
to put myself through school, to build the firm
so I can afford something
like this...
for you to stand there
and tell me I can't celebrate
this extraordinary moment
with our family, our friends.
Dad, Dad, Dad.
This is about us.
Okay. I'm gonna interject.
The other day, I was listening
to this incredible podcast
with Drake talking
about the immigrant experience.
- Did you guys hear this?
- No.
Anyway, I know
that he is Canadian and you guys are Latinx...
but it got me thinking
about immigrants.
Exiles. I'm so sorry.
The point is,
it's always the same, right?
The parents wanna preserve
their traditions and their kids don't.
Tale as old as time.
And I relate, you know.
I wanted a Sex and the City
theme for my bat mitzvah
and my parents wouldn't let me.
I'm a Charlotte.
I'm a Samantha.
And you, missy, need to be
a little Carrie in this narrative
while Mr. Big over here needs
to stop mansplaining how to throw a wedding.
Okay, papi. Check it.
It's a collab, right?
You gotta be happy,
you gotta be happy. And we're gonna make it work.
Deal? Let's go find
a wedding dress.
Okay, guys,
the appointment is in 15 minutes.
Am I paying for the dress
or the rent?
too bridal.
Excuse me?
Hi. What other designers
do you carry?
I'm afraid we don't
have anything for you here.
I think you might be
in the wrong store.
I'm gonna have to ask you
to leave.
I'm just messing with ya.
I don't work here.
My God,
I can't take you anywhere.
Cora, this is Vanessa,
Adn's cousin.
Also a very good friend of mine
from New York.
All right, fam,
here is the scoop.
We won't have time
to customize a dress,
so we're gonna have to
alter one that's off the rack.
Daddy, what is the budget
that we're working with?
Whatever she wants.
I love that, that's beautiful
but keep in mind that
you never wanna
put a bride in a dress
she can't afford.
So, prices usually range
from about here...
to here.
So, where do we land?
Well, how about there?
Get me Es Aznabor,
Vera Wang, and Zuhair Marad.
I mean, this just...
This whole thing is just not...
It's just not me.
It's not me.
It's just so heavy.
Try the Vera Wang.
Plus, Dad would kill me.
You could ask for a fitting
with the Vera Wang herself
and he would still cave.
That's not true.
What happened with Ophelia's?
You know, I just don't think
I'm built to have a boss.
So, I'm gonna start
my own thing.
Don't you think you need
a little experience for that, Cora?
Like what? College?
Like college. Yes.
You know, not everyone
has to follow the rules, Sof.
Ta Pili could have made
her dress, you know.
She made your dress.
Yes, she did.
And I looked like an extra
in a Pat Benatar video.
And I looked
like a matre d' from Versailles.
Yes, you did.
- Here she comes.
- Oh.
I can't wait!
I know, I know.
Okay, what happened?
I don't know, I just wasn't...
I wasn't feeling it.
Now what?
Y ahora, I was thinking that...
why don't you make
my wedding dress?
- You're a designer?
- She's a very good designer.
No. Not yet.
You said you wanted a break.
This is your break.
Yeah, but I don't
have the money,
I don't have the materials,
and we're running out of time.
Yeah, see...
You know.
Isn't it
a little bit of pressure with the time we have
for her to do all these dresses?
I'll tell you what...
instead of being, like,
here, you know...
we can be, like, here.
Well, let's give all that
to Cora.
- Yes!
- Yes. Cora!
Do my bridesmaids' dresses
as well.
Oh, no.
That's five plus one. That's...
Six dresses.
Piece of cake.
There goes your commission.
What have I done?
I come bearing wine
and bridesmaids.
Hey, Justin, please take this
to the patio. Please. Thank you.
Come in. It's open.
Mr. Herrera.
Welcome. Come in.
We're watching the fight.
How are you?
Good, good, good.
Did your parents come here too?
No, no, no, they landed.
I just wanted to come
real quick to talk to you about something
- before they got here.
- Great, perfect. I wanna talk to you too.
Let's have a drink.
At 11:00 a.m.?
It's never too early to toast
Adn and Sofi.
To Adn and Sofi.
Sir, I just wanted
to get something off my chest.
You know, I came
to this country with nothing.
I worked hard,
I put myself through school,
I built my own company,
and with that effort,
I was able to build this house.
And you, if you work very hard,
one day, you will also be able
to build a house like this.
And about that,
you know, I'm kind of in a...
The thing is this,
that my daughter, Sofi...
she's used
to a certain lifestyle.
And, you know, and I know
you wanna make her happy.
- Right? That's all you want.
- Yes, and I'm so happy
- that you and I are talking about it.
- You have so much potential
to do that.
But that non-profit situation is just not gonna cut it...
because, at the end of the day,
we as men...
we get judged by our ability
to provide.
- And, you know, I...
- Because it's all about...
Yeah, and I feel uncomfortable
having this conversation.
- I don't really know how to say it, but...
- Hey, hey. Hey.
Look at me.
There's no shame in it.
If you ever need anything,
- you come to me.
- Yeah.
And you see, my father...
Dude! Dude! What a cross!
Get up you bum!
You see that?
He ain't gettin' up.
Poor guy.
Poor guy?
- Okay.
- I just feel sorry for someone...
who has no choice
but to fight for money, you know?
Would you like me
to change the channel?
- No, no, no, sir, this is your house. Please.
- No, no, no.
What sport would you prefer
to watch?
I don't really watch sports.
- You don't watch sports?
- No.
You play sports?
I like hiking.
Hiking's not a sport.
Your father never taught you
any sports?
He never took you to any games?
No, he did.
He has a soccer team
and we had to go watch 'em
play every week until I got tired of it.
Hello, men.
- Adn, your parents will be here soon, right?
- "Has a soccer team"?
- Yeah.
- I need to warm up the fricassee.
Let me help you.
What's up with that glass jaw?
I know.
He's out.
He got him right in the bun.
- Yep, that's them. Let me go get 'em.
- They're here?
They're here.
- Adn, wait. I gotta ask you a question.
- Are you coming?
- Let's go.
- Hey.
What did you do to your hair?
In case you hadn't realized,
our daughter's getting married in two weeks.
You look very nice.
Nice of you to notice,
Guillermo. Come on.
Mr. Herrera, this is my father,
Hernn Castillo.
Give me a hug, in-law!
A moment ago we were nothing.
...and now we're family.
That's true.
- Ingrid, right?
- Yes!
You're just as beautiful
as your daughter.
Hi, I'm Julieta,
nice to meet you.
Hi, Julieta, hi.
You must be Adn's sister.
Guillermo Herrera.
I'm actually Hernn's wife.
Nice to meet you.
And actually...
this is my mother, Marcela.
The former Mrs. Castillo.
I'm gonna show you something.
This is little Hernncito.
- Look at how cute he...
- Adorable.
This is Adn's baby brother.
How cute is he.
I wanna show you something.
You're not gonna believe it.
You're not.
I'm gonna show you.
- Just wait, wait, wait.
- You better take the baby.
- You take the baby. Yeah.
- I'm gonna show you.
I got his birthday tattooed.
- Beautiful.
- Lovely.
And I'm gonna put yours
and your brother's, okay?
- Show me your beautiful home, please.
- Absolutely.
- Come on.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Thank you, sweetie.
How was your trip? Was it good?
Good drinks.
You know, champagne...
Whoa, whoa, whoa...
Does he own a soccer team?
Don't you have to be
a multi-millionaire to own a soccer team?
You know how in Mexico,
there's two beer companies?
I'm aware.
He owns one of them.
When were you gonna tell me
Oh, I tried.
But you didn't let us speak.
- Working pro bono, huh?
- Oh, boy.
If I had a private plane,
I'd be making houses for the homeless.
You know what's gonna happen?
Our grandson's gonna grow up to be a brat.
Because of course,
she's gonna have a boy.
You know what I mean.
I just hope that Sofi
finally wakes up after this
before Adn trades her
in for a new model
you know, like father,
like son, the Castillo tradition.
Look at the age
on this poor girl.
That's not gonna happen.
You know, I heard from Sofi
that Hernn took his grandfather's brewery
and made it into
the biggest one in Mexico.
So it's not like
he didn't do something to get here.
Sofi told you this?
You know, she's not just
daddy's little girl, right?
Showtime, baby. Come on.
Thank you.
Oh, uh.
Sir, I'm allergic to shrimp.
- Then let's get that away from her. Billy.
- Please, sir.
Excuse me?
How did you two meet?
I was his healer. Yeah.
So that's what they call them...
Ladies, please.
How are the wedding arrangements going?
Have you found a church?
Yeah, well, about that...
No, no, they don't want
a Catholic wedding.
- No?
- No.
I'm sorry, I'm just curious,
but do you speak Spanish?
Of course we do.
So why are we speaking English?
Well, because we're
in the United States.
We got here very young
and we had to learn English.
We spoke Spanish at home.
But everyone spoke English at school and the streets,
so it was hard to preserve it.
Of course.
Oh, my God!
I need to burp the baby.
She has been like that since she become a mom.
- The death of the maiden.
- Exactly.
Time to get a new toy.
Where do you want
to hold the reception?
Well, actually, we haven't
found a place yet.
We're looking
for something special.
Well, actually,
we have found something special.
It's called
the Biltmore Hotel...
and it's the place that
I was on the remodeling committee.
But apparently my daughter
doesn't find it unique enough.
No, I mean, we were married
in a bingo hall.
But my daughter, I guess,
has now become bored with the Biltmore.
Dad, I'm not...
I'm not bored by the Biltmore.
It's just that
it's a little too fancy for us...
and like we've said before,
we want something smaller and,
- And intimate.
- and intimate.
Maybe, like, by the ocean,
or here.
- Yes.
- Sofi, no.
That would never work.
This house is way too small.
- Small?
- Pa.
Well, I wouldn't really
consider this house small.
I don't mean small
like "small."
I mean small like,
my guest list alone is five hundred people.
- Five hundred?
- And we haven't...
even counted your mother's
and stepmother's guests, you know.
Pa, this is our wedding
and you have to be respectful
of our choices. Right?
These kids.
They spend four years in America
and suddenly they are gringos.
What do you expect, mijo?
That I'm gonna be a guest
at my own son's wedding?
I think five hundred guests
is a bit much.
- Don't you think?
- Yeah, it's big.
You should see
the weddings in Mxico.
Yeah, well,
we're not in Mxico. We're here in Miami...
and the costs here
are much different.
Don't worry about the money,
How many guests
were you thinking?
I'll cover the rest.
- You'll cover the rest?
- Yes.
I don't want to burden you
with my needs.
Well, no, okay, and I'm sorry,
I appreciate the gesture
but I am the father of the bride
and the father of the bride
pays for the wedding.
I don't care
about those old traditions.
Yes, but I do care
about those old traditions
and that's the way
it's going to be done, thank you.
But then, let me throw
a little engagement party
for the families to meet.
I have a boat here,
in the marina.
- We can do it here.
- Sounds fantastic.
- Perfect.
- Thank you, Hernn.
- Thank you.
- For the wedding.
- Yes.
- To the wedding.
To the wedding.
Consuegro, I don't care
about the old traditions.
I pay for the rest.
Come to my boat.
We could all get tattoos.
You know, at least
he's trying to be gracious and kind.
And I'm not?
I invited 'em to the house, didn't I?
What am I supposed to do?
Take 'em skydiving?
- Oh, boy.
- Anyway...
we should go
over the ground rules,
so nobody suspects
we're getting divorced.
Good call.
Can we hold hands?
We can.
Can we dance?
If necessary.
- How about a kiss?
- Absolutely not.
So, what can we do?
How about the usual?
We get to the party
as a couple, we say hello to everybody,
then you ignore me
for the rest of the party.
No one will suspect a thing.
To, this is an intimate party,
not a fishing trip.
I want to make them ceviche.
Oh, my God.
How rich is this guy?
That's his boat?
Good thing it was intimate.
Hey, consuegros!
Grab some champagne
and come aboard!
What is he, a Bond villain?
Whoever he is,
he's my new best friend.
Look! Ozuna!
Thank you, my friend.
Michael Mann and Don Johnson
came every Saturday
to eat at my restaurant
when they were shooting Miami Vice.
My husband ran the place,
and I was the cook.
Amazing. And then
what happened?
Luisito died,
and we had to close the place.
He was a saint.
I'm so sorry.
No, no, it's fine.
- As I was saying...
- Ma, Ma...
prima Yolanda's looking for you.
Something about the flan
being better than yours.
She doesn't even know
how to beat eggs.
That flan is from a bakery.
I thought you needed a break.
- No, she's lovely.
- She is.
I can see where you guys
get your spark from.
Oh, thank you.
Adn said that you were
an interior decorator?
- He did?
- Yes.
Well, it was a while ago,
but I did some things.
Well, I just bought
a hotel chain.
Maybe you can help me
to remodel it.
I have to warn you.
I don't come cheap.
Nor should you.
Come on, let's go dance.
Let's do it.
Cora tells me that...
Los Inmortales
won't be playing at Sofi's wedding.
Times change, I guess.
No priest, no church.
To, I can't keep fighting Sofi
on everything.
I get it.
But if we don't preserve
our tradition, who will, son?
Who will?
Hold this.
There is Ozuna.
Ever hear of the Immortales?
Come with me.
Excuse me, sir,
does it have shrimp?
So, how's the father
of the bride?
A son is a son
until he takes a wife,
but a daughter's a daughter
all her life.
A little old-fashioned.
Classic never dies.
Anyway, I'm going to need you
to docu-sign this here and here.
A hundred pounds of carne asada
made with wagyu beef?
Floridian wagyu
can be a bit chewy, so we're importing it.
Of course. Imported.
Who authorized this?
Um, Hernn.
Oh, Hernn.
You have ten thousand dollars
in fireworks. Who is he?
The Great Gatsby?
I don't know who that is, but...
A thousand guests?
A thousand guests!
Well, that went well.
Excuse me,
I need to talk to you.
Billy, meet my mom.
You raised an angel, such a beautiful thing.
Thank you, love.
Okay. We are here, join me.
I have a surprise.
- Another one?
- Yes.
- Great.
- Natalie!
Where is... Natalie, join us.
Come on.
I just bought a pied--terre.
Come on.
- You bought this?
- What?
It's more like I traded it in.
A friend of mine
who could not repay a loan
from our bank said to me...
"Take my house in Miami."
And I said to him, "No..."
But you always need a house
whenever you want to come and visit.
So I said, "Why not?"
It is beautiful.
But I want to change the color.
I also like Spanish architecture
so I thought you'd like it.
No, Billy?
It's Italian.
Be good.
That is not working,
the fountain.
Please call Pancho to fix it,
Thank you, love.
Hernn, this is such
a beautiful home.
I agree.
It would make a great spot for a wedding, don't you think?
Yeah. I mean,
we just want to get married.
You wanted an outdoor wedding.
What better way to break
in the new place than doing it here, right?
What do you say, Natalie?
But we can't even find
enough salad forks.
Suck it, Kyler.
Yes, we can!
No, we can't.
- I'm sorry?
- I said...
No, we can't.
You don't get to waltz in here
and impose your will
on the wedding
that I'm throwing
for my daughter.
What I am imposing?
Ten thousand dollars
in fireworks,
ten crates of tequila
from Guadalajara, mariachis,
a hundred platters
of carne asada.
I offered to pay for them.
Am I not supposed
to have my traditions
at my own son's wedding
just because you don't approve?
What part of Mxico
does wagyu beef come from?
It's a modern spin.
Yeah? At 150 bucks a pop.
And then you hit on my wife.
- Dad!
- What?
Billy, not now. No.
I think you should
take a step back, pal.
No, you take a step back,
my friend.
I didn't come across the ocean
with two cents in my pocket...
You came by plane.
Yeah. But a lot of us didn't.
And we didn't come
to this country
so some aging hipster
in a yacht...
could come in and impose
a thousand-person wedding on us.
Speak to me in Spanish, you Napoleonic Cuban!
I'll talk to you in Spanish, you clown!
What about you, whitexican?
Who are you calling "Cubano,"
You tacky whitexican.
So are you, bro!
So are you!
What the hell is wrong
with you crazies?
Shut up!
What is all this Sharks
versus Jets shit?
We're all Sharks here.
You should be ashamed
of yourselves.
You're taking a day
that's supposed to be all about our kids
and making it all about you.
How could you embarrass
our family like this?
This house is beautiful.
And it's what
our daughter wants.
No. That's not what I want.
So the one with the gold makes the rules?
Yes, the one with the gold makes the rules.
He offered to pay, Billy.
Yeah? Well, I'm the father
of the bride, not him.
And I call the shots, not you.
And I don't approve of weddings
with no shoes.
And I don't approve of weddings
with Zen priests.
And I don't approve
of a wedding with a thousand guests.
And I don't approve my girl
marrying that boy.
You're just the father
of the bride.
You don't get to approve
who I marry.
So in two weeks,
I'm gonna walk down that aisle
and I'm gonna marry that man...
whether you're next to me
or not.
And if you don't wanna
be there, Dad...
that's on you.
I'm so sorry.
You went too far.
Okay, come on.
You don't need
to keep pretending. Just answer him.
Answer who?
David. The guy
who keeps texting you.
Oh, please. You're pathetic.
- I'm pathetic?
- Yes.
Who is it?
And why do you keep hiding?
- I'm not hiding.
- Go on, just answer him.
- Oh. You want me to answer him?
- Yes.
Okay. Fine.
"Hi, David.
"Can't talk right now.
"But when can we finally meet
to discuss divorce proceedings
"because I can't take this
one more second.
"Thank you."
- Send.
- Who's David?
My lawyer.
You know, today was supposed
to be fun.
But you ruined it for everyone.
And why?
Maybe because things
weren't being done to your standards.
Who made you
the standard bearer of everything?
I thought you would have
gotten the message by now
but it's clear that that's not
gonna happen.
I'm done.
I'm not a bridesmaid,
that's for sure.
I thought maybe
you're her friend from college or something.
- I don't know. I mean, you look good.
- Okay.
Do we love it?
- You look amazing.
- Oh, my God!
That is gorgeous.
- Cora, it's beautiful.
- Cora, seriously.
- You did an amazing job.
- Oh, my God.
It's okay.
Don't worry. It'll be done
by the wedding.
Some people actually like
for their sleeves to fall off.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Trendy.
Can I try mine on?
I need two more days.
Two more days?
The wedding's in four.
- No. We're running a little behind.
- A little?
Don't start with me, Sofi, okay?
You're gonna make me nervous.
I'm gonna make you nervous?
- Is that my wedding dress?
- Yeah.
I based my design off of it.
With the shoulder pads.
Try it on.
Yes, Mom. Yes, please.
It's Sofi's moment, not mine.
No, Mom, no. Don't be silly.
- We'll get violent.
- You have to.
- Really?
- Yes, you can.
- Come on.
- I'll help you put it on.
I don't think
I'm gonna fit into this.
Try it on! Try it on! Try it on!
Okay, okay, okay.
Well, you can always
not close the zipper.
Wait, wait, wait.
- Okay. Okay.
- After all these years.
I've never been so scared
putting on a dress.
- Okay. Here we go.
- Oh, my Lord.
- I really should have gotten the Vaseline.
- Yeah.
You gotta grease me up.
Mom, be careful you almost fell!
You're gonna knock me over.
- Okay, hold it.
- Okay. Okay.
- Whoa! Oh, my...
- There we go. There we go.
I feel really bad for her.
Am I interrupting?
I got snacks.
From Vicky's.
Put it over here
and I'm on my way.
I'm sorry.
Still mad at you.
You know.
Cora made this?
She's good.
She's a mess, but she's good.
Ta da!
Oh, my God!
- Gorgeous.
- Beautiful.
- We need to take some pictures.
- Oh, my God.
Today is your day.
No, Mom. No.
We can share it.
What is up, my Mexican brother?
Are you ready to see
the real Miami?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah.
Can I get a hell yeah?
Hell yeah.
Hey, it's not your funeral.
Tonight is your night.
Hell yeah.
Where's your dad?
He's not coming?
He wasn't feeling well.
Hey, what is this, a funeral?
Come on, move over, move over.
Let's go.
You beautiful thing!
I love you, my darling!
Oh, my God.
I'm gonna get a heart attack.
Oye, hey, where's the bachelor?
No, no, no.
Somebody call 911.
The party police is here.
Acting like a dead fly, huh?
- It's not so easy, bro.
- No, no, no. Hey, hey, hey.
- Hey.
- Good girl.
- Hey. Hey. No, no, no. Hey.
- Watch the loafers!
Hey, hey, hey.
Billy's around. Billy's around.
Come on. Billy's around.
It's your turn to get down.
No. You're gonna have
to go through him.
Amor, how are you?
How's the bachelor party?
- I can't hear you. How's dinner?
- It was good.
We tried this new restaurant
by Coconut Grove
but I think we're gonna call it
a night.
Yeah. Same here.
We're just gonna grab
a couple beers and head home.
You don't have to pretend.
I don't like
the whole exploiting women for money thing.
You know that. The...
Then why did you have Junior
plan your bachelor party?
Amor, gotta go. Love you.
Let's get you laid, abuela.
Thank you.
Let's dance.
I don't think I should.
It's our children's wedding!
That's true.
Your daughter, my son,
our children!
The things I said...
to you and about you
the other day at the island
was inexcusable.
My dad gets under my skin
all the time.
- That's very kind of you.
- I understand.
That's very kind of you,
but you deserve an explanation.
I haven't been myself lately
Ingrid and I are getting
a divorce.
I'm so sorry. I...
We were gonna break the news
to Sofi the other night...
but then she announced
her engagement to you
so you can understand how I felt
when I learned
that her new boyfriend was gonna take...
Take my girl away
from me to Mexico.
My whole family's falling apart.
So I'm sorry for taking it out
on you. I know it's not your fault.
Although at the end
of the day...
of course it is.
Just to set the record
it wasn't my idea
to go back to Mexico.
What do you mean?
Well, I love New York.
No one knew who I was.
I could be myself.
And when I met Sofi,
I knew she liked me for who I was.
So why are you going
back to Mexico?
She found a job that mattered
to her there.
So you're following her back
to your country?
What about you?
New York, your career?
Your own plans?
My plans are to figure
out a life next to your daughter.
And when she saw
all the immigrants
stuck at the Mexican border,
you know...
she told me
how much you guys struggled to get here.
And she felt like she had to do
something about it.
So I just chose to join her.
I'm gonna tell Sofi
about the divorce
after you come back
from the honeymoon.
So I'm gonna need you
to keep this quiet.
- Billy...
- Listen, I know it's a tall order.
I just want you to understand
Well, I didn't want you
to get married without knowing that I approve.
So you approve
of this marriage, then?
Of course I do.
I'm sorry.
Did you need some privacy?
- No, we're all done here.
- Yeah.
Come on, papi.
What's the matter with you?
You have a heart condition.
I can die doing what I love.
Okay, great. One last kiss.
Let's go.
Come on. I'm taking you home.
- Wait, no...
- Yeah. All right. Here we go.
See you later, alligator.
I feel like I've gotten
a lot of pressure from you.
- Shots. Let's go!
- Okay.
It's the first time
that I go out since Hernncito was born.
I don't wanna go.
I'll look after Hernncito
if you wanna sleep in.
- Yeah.
- Did you pump milk?
It's in the fridge.
Would you do that?
- Yes. I will.
- Yes.
You know, I thought
you hated each other.
No. We just like to make
Hernn think
that we're fighting over him.
This is truly an evolved state
that you two are in.
- Come on, let's go dance. Come on.
- No. That's my drink.
Whoa, whoa. No.
- It's your bachelorette party.
- I know.
I'm just worried
that you're gonna wake up hungover tomorrow
and you have all those dresses
to finish.
- Hey. Hey, hey.
- Just saying.
Relax. I got this.
Cora, the wedding's in two days.
All I'm asking is for you
to take it just a little bit more seriously.
Right. Yes. You're...
Sofi, you're such a wise soul,
and I'm such a mess.
- You're not a mess.
- Why don't I follow your example.
I'm gonna go back to work
- while everyone else is out here celebrating.
- That's not what I meant.
- Have fun! Bye!
- Wait. Really?
She'll forget everything
Good God.
- Two more, please.
- Yes, please.
And one for her.
Papi, there's a storm coming.
I don't think so, sweetheart.
It's veering off
into the warm water.
Yeah. But what if it doesn't?
I mean, your whole family
has flown here.
Cora's been working
on the dresses forever.
We've been planning this wedding
for an entire month.
I mean...
Do you wanna cancel it?
No, no. I don't wanna...
Whatever you wanna do,
I'll support you either way.
I don't wanna cancel it.
I'm just having, like,
a bad feeling about this.
I don't know,
it feels like this is a sign.
I mean, maybe we're rushing it.
Maybe we're rushing all of this.
Quelite, hey.
It's not a sign,
and we are rushing things
precisely 'cause we wanna
start our lives together as soon as possible.
- No?
- Yeah.
So we decided to get married
during storm season in Miami.
- It's my bad.
- Kind of.
Hey, we're a team.
We can get through this.
Now, let's go
to this rehearsal dinner.
One, two, three.
Don't roll your eyes at me,
Petals to the left
and petals to the right.
My head is about to burst.
It's miraculous!
At what time
did you leave the club?
Two in the morning.
I left the club at six.
Is it too tight?
Hey, no.
Tyler. Tyler. Not that dress.
That's not your dress.
This is your dress.
Go in there, put it on. And...
Cora, honey. Cora, rehearsal.
Come on, let's go.
Huan, please take care of her
and finish pinning her.
And I gotta go.
You don't pay me enough
for this madness.
What are you doing?
Rehearsal has started!
Are you kidding me?
I want to finish
burrying the knives to prevent the storm!
Mom, don't be ridiculous.
Give me those knives.
You see?
I really like him.
You two make a beautiful couple.
I learned from the best.
Where is Cora?
- Let's go. Come on. Okay.
- Here we go.
Bridesmaids. And it's one,
two. One, two.
Cora, let's go. Come on.
One, two. Elegant.
And now, who's gonna
give this girl away?
I'd like to.
The groom's mother
just called me an everything bagel.
She says I'm everything
she ever wanted to taste in one bite.
The little puppy has a bite.
Out with it.
I've known you for a long time.
What's wrong?
Come with me.
What's going on?
You know how Ingrid and I
have been going to therapy?
Well, it hasn't panned out,
and she wants a divorce.
You're getting divorced?
Cora. Cora, Cora. Don't you...
Are you getting divorced?
What did she say?
- Can someone say something?
- Girls.
We never intended for you
to find out like this.
What do you mean, divorced?
You can't get divorced.
Was there someone else?
- No!
- Mami, butt out, please.
We don't get divorced.
Not even when I found out
that Luisito had a second family,
- did I get divorced?
- What?
I need to get out of here.
Quelite, Quelite. Wait, wait,
wait. Calm down, okay?
We're gonna figure this out,
I promise.
How? How?
- They've been lying to us the whole time.
- No.
They didn't have a choice.
What else were they supposed to do?
Did you know?
What? No. No.
- Oh, my God.
- No. Quelite, wait. Please.
- Sofi, Sofi!
- Get off of me.
It wasn't his fault.
I told him not to say anything.
You told Adn, Billy?
What the hell were you thinking?
Look at us.
You fighting.
You lying.
I can't get married like this.
- No. Amor.
- Oh, Billy.
Was there shrimp in this?
- Oh, God.
- Come on.
You made this mess. Go fix it.
Hey, have you seen Sofi?
May I sit down?
This is where your mom
and I got married.
Don't worry about us.
Live your life.
Because people like Adn,
they don't come along
that often.
How, Dad?
Everyone says
that marriage is a dying thing,
but you guys were
one of my few pillars of hope.
Why are you getting a divorce?
That would be unfair
for me to answer with your mom not here
but I will tell you
that it's not her fault.
- So you wanted it?
- No.
Then what happened?
I think your mom
wanted a partner.
A partner that she can enjoy
her life with.
And I stopped being fun.
I stopped being her accomplice.
Her friend.
Why don't you just start
doing it?
I'm afraid that ship has sailed.
Not if you don't let it.
All I can tell you is that...
if I would have been
more like Adn...
this probably
wouldn't have happened.
Dad, you are like Adn.
- No.
- Yes.
You're sensitive.
You're vulnerable.
You're supportive.
You just don't dare to show it.
That's the difference.
You need to get back,
because Adn is probably
losing his mind right now.
Oh, God.
- She'll come around.
- You think so?
- Hi.
- I'm so sorry.
- I swear...
- It's okay. It's okay.
It's the last secret
I'll ever keep from you.
Please, please, please marry me.
Everything will be okay.
I really hope so,
because you suck at lying.
Is that a yes?
It's a yes.
The wind has risen
and we've lost power.
Sergeant Cora, lock the hatch.
Aye, aye, Captain.
Corporal Sofi,
I need a head count.
One, two, three, four.
Lieutenant Herrera,
engage the cryosleep chamber.
Engaging, sir.
Hurry up!
Billy, please.
Get in here quick.
Hurry up!
- Hurry up! It's stuck.
- I got it. Get out of the way.
- It's stuck.
- Get out of the way.
What happened?
Just a shutter got stuck.
We're gonna need a mop.
Guess the storm sped up.
We've seen worse.
Get some rest.
We got a big day tomorrow.
Can you stay with us a while?
Sing it, Sam.
Can't wait.
Oh, my gosh!
Cora, it's beautiful.
- You like it?
- I love it.
- Come here.
- I love it.
- It's amazing.
- Oh, my God.
I'm so glad you like it.
I love it. Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
- Which one's mine?
- Chelsea, this is you.
- Wow, you really are a designer.
And, Vanessa,
I made this one for you 'cause I know you hate dresses.
Okay, watch your step.
I made this for you.
It's a pearl
from Mom's wedding dress.
Watch your step.
Take your time.
Okay. Thank you, mam.
- Dad, you want me...
- Let's go.
Gotta move.
Okay. I'll be right back.
I forgot to pee.
My God, it never fails.
We're making good time.
You okay, baby?
A little nervous, but I'm good.
What the hell's going on?
What are you looking at?
The bridge collapsed.
Get me as close to it
as possible, please.
- Okay. That's...
- Oh, my God.
No, no, no.
I have a wedding inside.
Okay, I don't think
you understand.
Listen to me for a second.
Call the chief of police,
tell him that Junior Herrera...
- I just want you to understand something.
- Junior, take it easy.
- This is his wedding. That's his house. Okay?
- Okay. Hold on.
Settle down, now.
Settle down.
Officer, I understand
that the bridge might be compromised
but we need to get across.
It's not safe to cross.
A portion of the bridge
- in last night's storm.
- We have a wedding on the other side.
I understand,
but it is not safe to cross.
My life's work is in there.
Please, you need to let me go through.
- Bridge collapsed in last night's storm.
- Kyler.
- No one can cross. It's very dangerous.
- What happened?
Give us your worst.
Hey, Natalie.
There are a couple
more palm fronds than we were bargaining for
- What?
- ...and their flowers...
are not really looking
very good.
No, no. But can we have
the wedding there?
The wedding's not happening
We can't use
the venue. It's done.
What are you talking about?
It's over. It's done.
The tent collapsed.
The wedding's over. I'm so sorry.
She's right.
It's over.
We can get married some
other time. Some other place.
Wait a second. Sofi.
We just had a bridge collapse.
We had a storm.
I mean, how many more signs
do we want?
Okay. Don't panic, okay?
I got this.
Let me call the Biltmore,
see if we can get in there.
I'm done. I'm done.
Give me a second.
We'll get married another time.
- When?
- I don't know.
Biltmore Hotel.
How can I help you?
Wait, hold on. Hold on.
You never wanted a wedding
in a hotel.
You wanted something unique,
something special.
You wanted a beach or a barn.
What about...
What about our home?
You never wanted a wedding
with 800 strangers.
So, this is your day.
Take it as an opportunity
to have the wedding
you always wanted.
Let's have it at our home.
Our home.
- Let's do it! Let's do it!
- Yes!
- Yes!
- Let's do it!
Junior! Get Junior Jr.
and a text chain.
Get everybody to bring
something by 5:00.
- I can't go back to dog walking.
- Hey.
Oh. Pull yourself together.
What's the matter with you?
You've done this
a million times.
I'm not a wedding planner.
What do you mean,
you're not a wedding planner?
- I'm a fraud.
- What?
You're more
than a wedding planner.
I only interned for Becky Weisz
for three months.
And by "interned,"
I mean, I picked her kid up from school.
I picked up the wrong kid.
They sent out an Amber Alert,
I'm a joke.
All right. All right,
all right. Enough of that, enough of that.
You said yourself,
there's nothing you can't do with a phone.
- Okay?
- Okay.
You're a she-boss.
We're gonna do this.
Just, what do we need?
I could redirect
some flower trucks to the house.
That's something.
It'll be shabby more than chic.
But I guess we can make it work.
Mami, call las tias...
- and tell them to start cooking now.
- Go! Go!
Where's To Walter?
To Walter!
Yeah. Say no more.
Inmortales are back.
Kyler, it's back on!
- Let's go.
- Let's move.
- Sofi, here.
- Thank you.
- Wine, wine, wine.
- Cheese, cheese.
Thank you.
- Thank you, Javie.
- Go, go, go.
Cora, are you getting the cakes?
Uh. Yeah? Great.
We're gonna need chips.
I almost crashed into you.
It's fine!
Just basketball it.
Hey, everybody.
Thanks for coming. Thanks for the support.
We're gonna turn this house
into a wedding venue.
Okay. So we're gonna need
to pool from the neighbors
as many tables, chairs, plates,
and silverware as we can.
Yeah, and, Antonio,
if you have any complaints,
- just share that.
- Wait, no, no, no.
I have an Uber code.
No one's bringing their car.
What is that?
The pig.
Okay. Well, bring el cochino
to the back.
Excuse us. Excuse us.
- Come on, move it or lose it.
- Watch it. Coming through.
- I'm sorry. Is that the cake?
- Careful.
- Yep.
- Unfortunately.
Could it match any less?
JoJo Siwa called.
She wants her wedding cake back.
I got you. Here we go.
Nice and easy. Come through.
Hi, kids.
Okay. We're gonna take
all the petals and put them in the bowl.
Good. Just like that.
In the bowl.
Great. In the bowl. Good.
Okay. Ingrid,
I'm gonna set up the backyard,
you look after the food.
Okay. You know
they're gonna destroy the whole house, right?
We'll remodel it later.
200 people in four hours? Impossible!
Ladies! How can we help?
What can you make in four hours?
Yeah. Get in here. Sold.
Mole and ropa vieja?
Who the hell cares?
- Marcela, do you cook?
- Sure, I do.
Where's an apron?
- In the drawer.
- Line the table up on the back patio.
Has anyone heard
from the Zen guide?
- Help us out here, guys. We have this...
- Here. Hold the end.
- Right here. Thank you.
- Thank you.
Send every case of champagne
you've got.
And ten boxes of the best
Mexican cigars. Okay?
Mexican cigars?
I can't wait.
Oye, where's Julieta?
She's sick from the shrimp.
Time's running out. Let's go.
Oh, my God. What happened?
The bridge collapsed,
so I swam here.
Well, don't make this about you.
- I'm sorry.
- Kyler!
- I'm sorry. Yes, you're right.
- Hurry!
I need your help.
We got this.
Here you go.
Junior? How's that pig?
- He's seen better days.
- Good.
To, where are the rest
of Inmortales?
They passed away.
Play louder. Over here.
Oye. Junior Jr.
Put that down.
And help me with the lechn.
It's hot. Be careful. Ready?
Watch my loafers.
- Is this all you got? Such a small pig?
- Yes, Chi Chi.
I hope you threw
some sour orange juice on it.
- Yes, Chi Chi. Yes.
- I could have cooked it.
Is the Herrera wedding here?
Yes, the wedding is here.
- Billy.
- S.
Where do we put them?
Hey, I got an idea.
This way, gentlemen.
Okay. Come on. Come on.
All the way up!
- Papi.
- Ready?
Yes. And you?
Watch your dress.
Let's go!
What is she doing here?
Adn's Zen teacher
couldn't make it because of the storm,
so Natalie's officiating.
I guess she is more than
just a wedding planner.
God, I hope so.
- Cora? Cora. Cora!
- Cora. Cora.
Come here.
Look at her sleeve.
- Look at her sleeve.
- Oh, my God.
Holy shit.
Take this.
- Do you trust me?
- Yeah.
There. Beautiful. Yes.
Great. Gorgeous.
Good, thank you.
- Looks good, looks good.
- You sure?
Don't worry, mi amor.
You look even more beautiful.
- Help me with the veil.
- Yeah.
- I'll be up front. Good luck.
- Thank you, Mom.
Oye, Ingrid.
No one could ever
give this girl away...
but for the sake
of some old tradition,
if someone's gonna have to
walk her down that aisle...
then I want it to be
the both of us.
Shall we?
Damn you, Billy.
Bienvenidos a this wedding.
I would like you all
to use your mind's eye
and visualize what this wedding
could have been.
Custom crystal chandeliers,
synchronized flamingos
dancing in a fountain
and a build-your-own
blini-blintz bar that was
truly so beautiful.
But things don't always go
as planned...
in life, or in love.
And sometimes, when your plans
crumble and crash...
life surprises you...
and gives you a moment
more perfect...
than one that
you could ever imagine.
So, trust, surrender...
and a little love from your fam
is truly all that you need.
And now...
do you, Sofi Herrera Castillo,
take this man to be your wedded husband?
I do.
And do you,
Adn Castillo Herrera...
take this woman
to be your wedded wife?
I do.
He took your last name?
And now, under the eye of God,
and surrounded
by your loving family...
I now pronounce you
husband and wife.
You may now kiss the bride.
It's good.
You know, Billy...
every summer my buddies and I
take a big fishing trip
in the Sea of Cortez.
You know, cigars,
tequila, mezcal.
I think you'd enjoy it.
Plus, Adn doesn't like fishing.
Or boxing.
Or baseball.
Or strippers.
Where did I go wrong
with that kid?
To be perfectly honest...
I can't think of a place.
I'd like to propose a toast.
Not yet, I have a lot of things
to say.
I came to this country
with nothing.
On a raft...
in the middle of a hurricane,
surrounded by sharks.
All kidding aside,
to my beautiful Sofi.
When you told me
that you were moving to Mexico,
I feared that all our efforts
coming into this country
to wanting to strive
and to do better were gonna disappear.
That our family traditions
were gonna disappear.
Things have been coming at me...
very fast...
and it's been a struggle
for me to keep up.
But when I realized
the kind of life that you wanted to build...
I started to learn that
it's time for me to let go of my past
and embrace the future.
And that fills me
with so much excitement and joy and pride...
for the kind of person
you wanna be.
To Adn.
You came to my house
and you said, "I wanna be like Sofi."
And now,
I just wanna be like you.
I'm blessed to have you
in my life.
And to my dear Ingrid.
I shouldn't have taken
this long to say this...
but you know how proud I am
of all the houses that I've built...
but the only one
that truly matters...
is the home that you have built.
And I thank you for that.
And I love you madly.
So, I humbly ask for all of you
to forgive...
this stubborn, old...
proud Cuban man...
for taking so long
to realize these simple things.
Let's raise a glass
to Adn and Sofi...
wish 'em the best of luck
and much love.
To the bride and groom.
To the bride and groom.
- Having eyes.
- To having eyes.
- Oh, my gosh, here he is.
- How you doing, girls?
- Good. How are you?
- I'm good.
- Nice speech.
- You liked it?
I thought the speech
was a little corny. Get over yourself, dude.
- Okay.
- Hold on.
I like her.
You've always had your way
of doing things...
and I've always had mine.
But after seeing
how you designed
these dresses for this wedding,
if you wanna
start your own business...
I got your back.
Thank you, papi.
And I'm very proud of you.
Proud of you too.
You got your unique wedding.
I'm gonna miss you, Dad.
I see you chose our song
for your dance.
Except, I didn't choose it
for us.
Where are we, Billy?
What are we doing?
Let's go to Greece.
Well, if you're gonna dump me,
why not go out with a bang?
So, what are the ground rules?
Can we hold hands?
Can we dance?
I think we're doing that.
Can we kiss?