Fatherland (1994) Movie Script

It has been 20 years since the
second World War ended ...
with the failure of the
Allied invasion of Normandy.
A triumphant Hitler declared victory
over Europe and the British Empire.
the United States withdrew from the conflict ...
listening to words
the like Charles Lindberg ...
who opposed a war
against Germany.
In the east, only Russians alone
remained in a guerrilla war.
U.S. efforts were directed
to revenge episode Pearl Harbor
That summer of 1945 led
to victory over Japan.
Then, General
Einsenhower disappeared
from Europe and the
United States ...
in a humiliating withdrawal.
In 1947, King Edward and Queen Wallis
came to the British throne.
Winston Churchill, barely
survived the Normandy ...
died in exile in Canada
in May 1953.
years after the war.
country after country ancient Europe
became part of the vast
Nazi German Empire ...
Fhrer architect, Albert Speer ...
He built a Monument
millenary Reich.
German capital, Berlin.
It became the headquarters of the Nazis.
SS troops turned
into a police force for times of peace.
patrolling for
keeping peace and order on the streets.
In the late 50s ...
Hitler was able to put
a girl civilized, great Reich
But there were still news
strictly controlled.
the 60's started the war with the USSR
and tensions have accumulated.
Hitler desperately need
to resolve the situation with the United States ...
to forge an alliance against Russia ...
... led by Joseph Stalin
aged 85 years.
Hitler hoped that this will cause
the final of the 1960 election ...
by choosing new
President of the United States.
I think a veteran like Fhrer
Joseph Kennedy presidential candidate ...
... will be hard to beat.
Now, in 1964
for the first time after 20 years.
Germany's borders close
to the United States.
The press was invited to the world ...
... to attend celebrations of 20
April when the Fhrer reaches 75.
There are rumors that President Kennedy
will participate to a meeting of the US-German.
an alliance with America to guarantee
Germany invulnerability.
But other rumors circulating
could jeopardize plans Hitler.
It tells of horrible things
events in Germany during the war.
Nazi official version that Jews
and other minorities have been relocated to the east ...
.. would not be true.
are also rumors that the Great Reich
terrible things happening yet.
TV, radio and press are controlled
the powerful ministry of information.
No one can afford the new Berlin
embarrassing to ask questions.
Let's get out of here.
Hello, this is March.
-Good morning March.
to find a body in park
500 meters from the main avenue.
there meet with Dr. Eisler.
-E Sunday, hanging out with my son.
I know it's Sunday, but you're allowed.
... we can say
that victory is secure.
Our morale is high.
Eastern Army Leadership
anticipates a total breakdown ...
... of debris forces
Russian military ...
... in less than a month.
But news day today
are preparing ...
for 75th anniversary
the Fhrer, over four days.
Dad, we visit the U.S.?
Well ... I would like
to spend more time with you.
And I'd like that.
Maybe you should talk to Mom
when you return home.
We talked and he agrees.
No, but it should be.
Come help me.
Thank you.
Fhrer, my Fhrer sent
God ...
... to protect me and
to take care of me all my life.
-Pili ...
Remember how asking the blessing ...
when your mother and I were together?
For all that we receive.
For all that we receive.
Let us thank God.
Let us thank God.
- Amen.
- Amen.
Thank you.
Heil Hitler.
-Heil Hitler.
When the body was discovered?
Mr. hour ago
The Hermann Jost.
A cadet at the academy SS Joseph Dietrich,
during training
That's his statement.
-Thank you.
Good morning Dr. Eisler.
Good morning, Major.
Where's Jger?
-I wish I knew.
You two are
a great team.
-Ice cool about that?
-Stalingrad was colder.
I want to see from up close.
Obviously, not in the running.
An amputation old
very well made.
-Very well done.
I'm happy for him.
he drowned?
-Well, it's on the lake, but ...
Ask me after autopsy.
When he died?
It has signs of rigor mortis,
but the water is very cold.
It's hard to say.
"Ask me after the autopsy."
-Where was it found?.
-In water ...
Just behind the rock.
It's a good start Sunday ...
Heil Hitler.
Heil Hitler.
-Dear tourists.
Well you arrived at
Tempelhof International Airport.
My name is Helga Schrter,
and I am your guide.
On behalf of the Ministry
on Culture and Education ...
I would like to welcome
American journalists come to Berlin
Great German Reich capital.
I hope you like it
wish you a pleasant stay.
I was CBS correspondent in Berlin,
before the war.
I thought I would go back.
I do.
... tourist office will handle
to whatever you need.
Have you been here?.
-I was born here.
I left when I was a kid.
My mother was German woman,
Dad met before the war.
... Maguire
I know Paul McGuire diplomat.
-He was my father.
I'm Walter Elliot, from CBS.
-I know who you are.
Germany welcomes U.S..
for peace and friendship,
is the desire Fuhrer ...
... we have nothing to hide ...
we have many achievements that
we want to share with you
Do not miss a press
without them you will not be admitted to events ...
... the pressure we ready
for you.
If you need something,
you do not remember to ask.
stages by our cities
are guests.
We recommend that
during your stay here ...
to visit the Arch of Triumph
Alber Speer and exhibition.
The war ended
long time ago
give chance ...
to show that we are sincere
and we want to finish ...
the Cold War.
That's not what
what everyone wants?
Heil Hitler.
Heil Hitler.
Heil Hitler.
I'm sorry for the morning.
Thank you for being in my place
Do not worry
-Hanz is sick again?
-He was on duty last night.
-Thank you
It's nothing serious.
Nothing serious ...
It's nothing serious.
Expresso or two please.
When you want to get your revenge,
count on me.
Another busy day for
sexual crimes squad?.
Who are they?
A woman Arian ...
... and a Pole caught in the act.
Coffee please.
Deportation for her
10 years of hard labor for him.
I do not understand these people.
For whoever does love
's another who is complain.
-'ll See.
Xavier, where
s something for everyone.
When you want something
uncommon, tell me.
I'm sorry.
Fhrer promises
peace and prosperity
Let me, let me photograph you.
Are you ready?
Need a Permit
photo Mr. Elliot.
Can you get it
by Reichturism.
-shooting is free.
Well thank you.
In an hour we got here
for the press conference ...
... Reich Minister, Goebels.
Sure will be interesting.
-Please be punctual ...
Do not forget press kit
Miss McGuire, forget the key,
you feel good in Berlin.
Thank you.
Mr. Elliot, please.
... Hopefully to help
to face the future ...
Miss McGuire
You lost it.
No, you're wrong.
-I'm not mistaken.
... to understand that you should
that everyone follow the rules ...
There was plenty of water in the lungs,
if it were unflati as ... a balloon
to form a liquid aqueous foam
that could have him drowning.
however, suffered
and a massive heart attack.
I do not know which would be the first question
the cardinal chest
presents numerous ...
I had to struggle
to remove water from there.
... probably remained under water
under two hours.
Thank you.
Josef Bhler.
Architect program
relocation of the Jews.
admitted abuses in
camps during the war.
in 50 ...
... introduced
Reforms bearing systems ...
and was a personal friend
Hitler in 1920.
has links to all
services Reich.
He was forced
to retire in 1961 ...
Accused of Use
abuse of state property.
Remember that Hitler intervened
personal favor.
Well ... it's great, right?
A Big Boss of the party died.
Imagine how many papers.
Thank you.
Stuckhart Walther, 45, Joset Strasse.
Go to this address and ask
Mr. Stuckhart, where it all began.
Franz Luther.
Xavier March,
you inspect Bhler residence.
... Fhrer invited
to U.S. President ...
... to visit Reich
and have personal discussions ...
Thank you
... to allow cooperation
for stability in both ...
For a true comrade, Adolf Hitler.
April 17, 1949.
Heil Hitler.
It's about Adolf Hitler
Fuhrer and Chancellor of the German Reich.
loyalty and bravery.
I undertake that I will obey superiors ...
without hesitation ... to death
so help me God.
Jost ... stay here.
The other ...! Dismissed!
I remember your mother
we went to school together.
You like gym?
It's part of my education.
How long have you cadet?
Three months Major.
Your father is proud of you?
Is a founding member of the SS
All follow our parents.
tried to do
all our best.
I read your statement about the incident.
You've been very helpful.
One thing you could not see trupull
tell where you were.
I checked.
So I wonder ...
What you see ...
Why did you stop?
A car ...
and three men.
Then why are you afraid?
Do you recognize anyone?
Tell me.
You'll feel better.
At the beginning of the course,
there came a special guest.
We spoke to the organization
police forces in the Reich.
I was in the guard of honor.
I was close to him.
It was the lake. Sure.
Tell me ... who was it?
It was a general commander of the Gestapo.
Can you keep a secret?
Joset Strasse 45.
Holidays in Greater Germany
Madrid, Vienna
Heil Hitler.
I want to see him Herr Stuckhart.
Are you American?
Are you here on business?
Herr Stuckhart?
It's on the second floor.
apartment 7.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Herr Stuckhart?
Hello, I'm late.
Well, do not worry.
-Thank you.
Good news.
The meeting between Kennedy and Hitler.
General Nebe,
he wants to see me?.
Major March,
General Nebe waiting.
-Come in please.
Xavier ... come.
Next year this time
you could be on vacation in Miami Beach ...
Or in California
-With my salary I doubt.
We need Americans.
Without their cooperation, war
Russia could continue for years.
I thought we progress
Like last year, or the previous one?
Close it.
This is my oldest grandson.
... a very nice boy.
How is your son?
It's okay.
I wish I had more with me.
-Are you involved in the case Bhler
-Yes, sir.
You're not, the case was reviewed
as a matter of state security.
Gestapo handle the investigation.
police file should be closed immediately.
We have a witness who saw the General Globus
the place where it was found ...
... body of Bhler, sir.
-Yes, sir.
-Chief of the Gestapo.
Stuckhart Walther was found this morning
shot near a prostitute.
-Member of the party since its foundation.
definitive textbook author
about the racial issue.
He retired 3 years ago
Interior Ministry.
I think we should be ...
something good about the Gestapo.
Not if Stuckhart, not yet.
Why do not you dig a little more?
We got about
in case Stuckhart?
We have an American,
who discovered the body.
One of the journalists who visit us.
He had a meeting with him.
was arrested for talking to her.
Find out who intend
to do Globus.
Just writing
inform me directly.
Yes, sir.
I'm sorry I kept you waiting.
Xavier March, will not last long.
You said the statement from
to take an interview of Mr. Stuckhart.
Yeah, he was a founding member
the party and ...
... my editor wanted his reaction
about Kennedy-Hitler meeting.
The Cold War is over.
Is not it wonderful?
Of course.
And that was at 10:45?
All right.
Can I go now, sir?
-No, not yet.
Follow me please.
Can anyone tell me when
I regain my passport?
But we need him.
Have you ever been to Germany?
-Not since I was a girl.
A carefully rebuilt building.
Are you from New York?
Xavier was often in New York
during the war, rightly Xavier?
The periscope, hunting convoys of ships.
Yeah, well, the war ended.
Now we are allies.
Sure, but we know how they died so?
-Raid vosru killed 100,000 in Dresden.
You were ready to throw
atomic bomb over England.
-You threw it in Japan twice.
-But I struggled to survive.
So are we.
Oh ... Beautiful.
It's for my son.
We go on a cruise together.
On Lake Entiegarden.
Young cadet, Jost.
You give the cusotodie for protection.
Discreet. Understood.
If you decide to stay there
Xavier, I will cover.
Heil Hitler.
We must see
Mr. Stuckhart apartment.
But Gestapo
in sealed, Major.
I know, but you should see it.
left precise instructions
that nobody should see it.
key, please.
Excuse me.
Herr Stuckart live alone?
Herr Stuckart was very discreet,
but he was never alone.
Right this way.
-workers more here?
-I'm night porter.
For 9 years.
Who is the day?
Heil Hitler.
He was a morning in the lobby.
-You did not say anything about it in the declaration.
I gave important.
I thought was goalkeeper.
Why did you bring me here?
-I wanted to talk to you.
You brought me here just to talk?
-In particular.
You lied to the police station
I did not lie to the police.
Why should you see this man?
I told you.
I wanted to talk about
Kennedy meeting Hitler.
Everything is my statement.
You came at 10:45.
The meeting was announced at
11:30, in a press conference.
You could not know about it.
I gotta go.
the stairs quickly.
Right this way.
Take the second elevator.
Please to behave naturally.
What are you doing here?
I sealed apartment.
SS officer and I do my duty.
Where is American and what is he doing here?
It was a long day, I'm sorry.
By the way, double parked,
you could be fined.
May swim in deep water.
Heil Hitler.
Thank you.
-You can see almost everything here?
What do you want, Globus
I want to expand your horizons.
We need to talk.
Heil Hitler.
Good morning, sir.
-Good morning, Xavier.
Gestapo win.
I'll show you what I missed.
That explains everything
Shut the door.
That's Kaiser Ferdinand III,
Devois. Ian Christian
Hagenberg, Heydrich ...
Schwarzenberg Otto Hans Felange.
And about 35 known paintings.
I imagine the Bhler
sitting here with the door closed
Like a dirty old man in a brothel.
They're all wonderful paintings, sir
-Ca Secretary of State in Poland ...
Bhler had access to everything sent
Stuckart Ministry of Interior.
His humanity now looking Globus
Franz Luther from the Foreign Office.
His position gave him the opportunity
to travel abroad
once or twice a year
until last week.
smuggle artwork in Switzerland ...
except small collection of Bhler.
Last week at a time,
the three and realized that the Gestapo ...
and circled the result,
two suicides, Bhler and Stuckart.
No doubt the third, when Luther
realizes that there is no escape.
I understand.
The problem is
in the hands of the Gestapo.
In accordance with their own order
data Reich Minister, Heydrich.
Well, there is more to say.
-Yes, indeed.
I found prosthetic leg
Bhler's in his closet.
And so I do not understand why it would be hopping
one foot to the lake ...
... like suicide.
This is an issue
state security
You have good prospects of promotion Xavier
If you forget this. You can go far.
You can not afford to have it
the enemy on Globus ...
... or me.
Yes, sir.
to eat something.
I think it's time to go home.
Heil Hitler.
-Heinz Max.
Let's drink warm.
I want a big cake.
What do you think? "
I want a big cake.
A big cake and a hot chocolate ...
You're under arrest.
You like?
Who is JC?.
I do not know.
How did you get it?
-I was given ...
... for loyal service
the homeland after the war.
Who by?
The commander chief.
The Navy, Doenitz...
You think it could be?
-For a while.
Could it be forever?
-Sure can.
It's a cruelty to grow it, huh.
This is an incorrect position
and never recover.
What would you do?
-Well, I think you should kill him.
Who taught you this nonsense?
-Well, my teachers, my friends ...
Even mother.
Let me tell you a story
of a watchmaker.
He was over a hundred years
wrinkles on the face, and snow-white hair.
He spent his life
watch hunched over just like that.
And, therefore, was a hunchback.
People think it's ugly
And they said in different ways, so that it
he retired to his mountain among his watches.
where he worked day and night,
and never stopped working ...
not seen as humpback
grows more and more and more.
One day, a walk was to fall
hump nose due.
That same night,
while working in hours ...
in the mirror he saw two birds
coming out her clothes.
were white and grew,
and when he looked again ...
There were two large wings,
and all clocks began to sing.
opened the window,
he looked at the stars, and flew into the sky.
And what happened?
It became angel.
What happened?.
-Well ...
We can not kill angels, right?
It's time to go home.
cadet issue, the case is closed.
It does not matter, because he's dead
-Last night
-Do workout at the gym.
He fell and broke his neck
I'm witnesses?
-No witnesses.
instructor said
that he loved gymnastics.
I want an autopsy.
On the left temporal lobe
I found a small sign or bruises.
On the right side of the chest,
in the arm are two broken ribs.
There was a hemorrhage
the bottom of the column.
spine fracture and contusions
all consistent with a fall.
In my opinion, the cause of death
was inhalation of blood to the lungs.
If you could have intervened in time, who knows,
it was possible to save him.
Before the war, Joe Kennedy
supported peace with Germany.
This initiative is an extension of
the old beliefs?
Joe Kennedy, as private citizen
did not hesitate to express doubts about ...
U.S. involvement
in a European conflict.
Of course, when we were attacked we answer
and opinions of Kennedy and lost power.
-This initiative is an effort
to stabilize relations ...
Miss McGuire?
From the Reich tourist office.
Good morning.
-Excuse me?
Reichturism. Preparations ready
for your visit to the city.
No, you must be a mistake.
-Yesterday I talked about the cruise.
And what makes you think
I'm still interested?
I think you are.
U.S. can not live in isolation ...
Let's forget the past and build a future
peaceful world for all peoples.
-You want that?
I hope you enjoyed.
-You're late.
I know.
-Expectancy more ...
I'm sorry, go ahead.
I could do anything, I had
more work. Thanks
Oh, here.
What is this?
I want to propose something,
I give you your passport back ...
If you tell me your little secret.
Why would I do that?
-You entered a delicate situation.
You do not know this country.
-No, but I'm here.
I know that there is material for an article.
-It is a matter
state security.
and Kennedy will meet Hitler,
I'll tell it.
No, I have a proposal
very simple for you.
I'll show you where we started
and we will go together on the line.
Come on, you should not be here.
The last night of the Gestapo were not you?
I could go to the Gestapo,
I could tell them our meetings
I'm sure you will be interested.
You have no idea what
you might happen, right?
Okay. Behold.
I gave it to a man at the hotel.
There had never seen him before.
These figures do not say anything.
I thought you were a cop.
The building tells me.
The photo was more derelict.
Hello, welcome to Wannsee.
Visit someone?
Yes, I'm here to ask some questions.
You're a cop.
What is this place?
Blind House.
Hundreds of thousands died on the Russian front.
The people here are twenty years
their number is at least double.
A hundred thousand, are you sure?
If you can not see, you must
be more blind than me.
What unit are you?
Good morning,
Major, miss.
Franz Kruegger are administrator.
We can go to my office?
-Follow me.
This building beautiful
house has always been blind?
By the end of the war.
-During the war?
During the war? You know who resort
this chair during the war?
-Reichmaresalul Heydrich himself.
And you do here?
I do not know, was absolutely secret.
Now where are we going?
-Archive Fund Reich ...
50 million files on
party all aspects of history.
Do you have a moment?
Hey Anna, you have not changed at all.
Do not say that if you do not.
I'm serious.
What do Pili?
Ever will meet only on Sundays?
-Copies in six copies. Thank you.
It's a great kid.
-Yes, it is.
When you think it was made?
At the beginning of the war.
End of '41, beginning of '42.
Before the big raids.
Windows not yet protective strips.
It was a meeting or something like that?
Xavier, how many meetings you think
they were during the war?
end of '41, beginning of '42 ...
the Wannsee?
It's a letter, dated January 6, from Heydrich ...
confirming that discussions
between agentiil, the Wannsee ...
followed by a lunch in principle,
was scheduled for December 9, 1941 ...
And had been postponed until January 20, 1942.
-Who was sent this letter?
Bhler, Eichmann, Freisler, Hoffman, Klopfer, Kritzinger,
Lange, Leibrandt, Luther, Meyer, Mller, Neumann, Schngarth, Stuckart
That's it?
Yeah, that's all.
-Anna, I'm sorry.
Who are these people?,
I know this is Stuckart.
This is Bhler?
-Yeah, Bhler.
That's Hoffman, from transport.
What do you think?
-Lynn, from ammunition
A tough encounter.
What the ...?
They're all dead.
I do not want to have anything to do with it.
Please leave.
Stay in Berlin tonight.
-It's too dangerous, I do.
and our understanding?
-A failed.
leads to the top leadership of the Reich
in Heydrich himself.
What do you think, what you said there?
-All those in the photo were killed.
Except for one, Franz Luther, all
were important members of the party.
leaving Germany
before it is too late.
And do not try to be too clever,
will be pursued.
Travel Agency
report directly to the Gestapo.
Please, go home.
You were sent ma'am.
-Thank you.
you order a taxi to the airport?
Wait Humboldthain platform 9.
Take any local train, Luther.
Yes, thank you.
Districts D, K and Z, all units on alert
Humboldthain station ...
All units are looking for a smuggler art
65 years, Franz Luther?
What do you want from me?
I want to ...
I want to escape, you arrange that
the American embassy.
Why would I do that?
-I have a story that will make you famous.
The biggest secret of the war.
Thousands of people were killed to protect it.
-He committed a horrible crime ...
then, everyone knew it
was killed by the Gestapo discreet.
But I stayed, I have proof of what
happened, I document ...
documents, photos, orders signed.
Price and my ambition for the United States.
They must ensure that embassy
Remove two people in the country.
You'll need to prepare this document.
Nothing will ever be the same.
Not for you, or anyone else.
Come Jger.
You solved today.
?? How we meet?
I notice you.
Hey, hey you!
-Franz Luther, Male, 1.75 m
Stop it!
-Stop it! 85 kg, age 65 years.
-five thousand marks for any information.
Do not shoot.
What are you doing here? Come with me.
Why are not you on the plane?
-Called Luther, what do you do?
I'll take you to the airport where
would have to be early morning.
Why was he killed?
Why everyone is killed?
-Shut up once?
Of course.
See you later, bye.
-I wanted alive.
Luther, you would have to do
my people? To photograph ...
.. killing innocent people.
-I need him for questioning.
Why? Was just a common criminal.
Do not you?
A woman sitting next to him on the train.
It was seen as he gave ... envelope
He was the one who was with March
Stuckhart's apartment.
I really do not know.
Why issued a March?
-Because there were no evidence against them.
times change, Globus.
It's time for relaxation.
If something
that can help Gestapo ...
Of course, we will announce.
Oh, yeah, I'll let you know.
What do we do?
I will inform the embassy where you are.
I put under arrest.
When you question
answer short and to the point.
Which object?
-In truth, trying once.
You'll be safe-guarded by the SS.
You're scared and if I teach you die.
'll Die anyway.
Luther killed thousands of people
to protect the biggest secret war.
Look, give me that.
He wanted to go to the U.S. embassy, ??
to issue documents for travel.
Who is this woman?
Maybe it's his wife.
Well, that's it .. wife.
Then who is it?
I do not know.
Sit down.
Thank you for coming.
What did exactly
Major March to find out?
You have to understand, he's a cop,
I tried to help him in the investigation ...
Of course, you tried to help him.
So, when he came to my office ...
-Did you know that before you come?
I knew something, not exactly.
-Not exactly.
But that wont sleep
with unknown man, you know?
Go with mother.
Max Jger?
Yeah, what do you want?
-'re Looking at Xavier March.
I do not know where it is.
Do you mind if we continue elsewhere?
-Of course not.
Good evening, Gunther.
-Good evening, Xavier.
I want to remove a file for me.
Now I agree to treat you
as a friend out of the car.
I was thinking the sky
Internal Affairs ...
to examine the records of crimes
from sexual crimes unit.
I think you will find that many are missing
photos, magazines, movies ...
... a very interesting material,
including child pornography.
What file do?
-Franz Luther.
Luther? For God Xavier.
-Get him!
I have tomorrow.
happily married for 40 years ...
... a romantic relationship
between '48 and '50.
... that relationship is over
the pressure of von Ribbentrop.
See? Same woman.
-E Anna von Hagen, an actress.
She waits for an American.
-Anna von Hagen?
Who is
-I sent Herr Luther.
You're from the American Embassy
So gone are all right?
-Yes, they are all fine.
Where is Franz,
why not here?
He's still at the embassy, ??
for final details.
They sent me to take hrtiile.
I said that if
someone asks them, to destroy them.
Yes, I know, but embassy wants before
the issuance of travel documents.
Franz said he wanted to send
von Ribbentrop, a postcard from New York ...
One rude.
I love myself just as I have loved
I decided that for the good of the party
and Fhrer ...
it will continue to remain married
and we will meet in secret.
It was a sacrifice, but he would not make such sacrifices ...
We'll send a car
for you in two hours.
Franz says he still has Hebrew in America.
Did nothing with them?
All may change now ...
... if you have a president
who thinks Fhrer, huh.
It was a real problem for me
to make a career in Hollywood.
They controlled all studies,
you keep away from Broadway.
But audiences loved me,
then the war started.
Berlin was beautiful before the war,
the only thing that I wished were Jews.
I'm career in front, but I want
to America, to the Hebrew mind.
What do not you do something
with the Jews, as we did?
What did you do?
I put in cattle cars
and I sent in the East ... always in the east.
You mean in Ukraine
in relocation camps?
Yeah, but relocated ... air.
-Excuse me?
-Smoke were made.
They burned bodies after they gassed,
had ... but nobody has to know.
In the beginning was spent,
one bullet each.
The children needed a bullet,
as men and women.
But I needed to bring war
of these 6 million bullets.
So ...
Yes, 6-7 million Hebrew ...
... and no bullets ...
... for Gypsies
fools and cripples.
So all Evri were killed?
There was no leakage?
Honey, I doubt that after the war have
stayed enough to live on an acre.
Heydrick was a brilliant man.
A genuine genius
after Fuhrer himself.
Oh no, Stuckart was a genius in his own way.
He had a ministry to preserve
correspondence with American Jews ...
... demanding to know
what happened to their relatives.
a postcard every year, saying:
"We take good care of us"
??The war in Russia
could not control, is not it?
People bother asking questions
you do not get answers.
Children will Saxons live life ...
The war is over
Jews no longer ...
passed ...
... in smoke.
And after two generations ...
and will remember who to ask?
Well, now I have to go.
You said that the car will come in two hours?
I'll be ready, I'll wait.
I'll see.
Charlie, waiting.
What happened?
What did he say?
Killed all the Jews.
That was the secret of Luther.
-I relocated.
I've given each
each a piece of land.
Look at these pictures, Xavier.
They're fakes.
-That must be.
So Luther, Stuckart and Bhler
forgery were killed?
You want this to be true?
Thought it was a good story?
But it's true.
Look at them!
You agree to go
before on my way?
I got here
We can not go back.
You know.
-I raised during the war.
What does "need to remove bases
Judaism biological forever"?
What does "final solution"?
I do not know
This is the train.
"A train one day, 60 people
in wagons, 60 wagons per train"
... are 25,000 people a week.
What happened at Auschwitz and Belzen?
-I can not believe it.
What is Zyklon-B
I do not know Charlie.
It was a gas, a lethal gas.
A gas?
They took belonged to them
and gave them his troops gift.
jewelry, pens, watches.
After the war, I thought
what everybody believes.
I had no reason to doubt.
I'm a loyal son of my country.
I served killers life.
How can I say this to my son?
They met at Wannsee
to plan the final solution.
Do not kill an entire nation.
Luther and others were killed
because they were the last link in Wannsee.
It was the last obstacle to oblivion.
Hitler wanted dead for
Kennedy meeting.
If the government knew it would be yours,
reuniuneaa Kennedy was held Hitler?
I do not know.
I have to give these documents
your ambassador immediately.
How Kennedy is here, we will do nothing.
Do it quickly, and then leave.
How do I tell my son
killers that I served for life?
How do you explain that a nation
glorious way to survive ...
Is Germany?
You must come with me Xavier.
I can not, it is my country.
-No, not anymore.
I can not leave her son.
-Take it and he
I'm not leaving without you.
Seriously, come to the park tonight.
I'll find a way to transmit
Kennedy this promise.
Sons of the country ...
It's time to renew your commitment
The Fuhrer and Reich girl ...
With teva moments before Air Force One
having him on board Kennedy
landed at the airport
international Tempelhof.
... the relaxed and distinction
President Kennedy was greeted by ...
-Clara, I'm Xavier.
Can we talk alone?
In my apartment.
Why not live here?
I'd rather not talk
the girl with Pili is urgent.
Well, come.
-Thank you.
-Good son.
Shut the door.
What are you doing here?
Mom just left.
I wanted to talk to you alone, without a mother.
Come here son, are you okay?
I'm fine.
Open your mouth.
Show me your tongue, it's good.
You remember we talked about America?
Want to join me there?
-Now, right now.
And what about mom?
-Just me and you Pili.
I'll explain later.
We stay long?
-Yeah, pretty much.
Okay Dad.
I'm sorry, you have credentials.
I'm from the press.
-You can not enter.
But why?
-Because I do not have accreditation.
Maybe I fell.
-I'm sorry.
I was accredited, you must
be on the list, Charlie McGuire.
Charlie McGuire, the name does not appear on the list.
-Yes, but you know who I am.
Well, belongs to the group.
Okay? Thank you.
... in an hour or so
we expect the Fhrer ...
Elliot need to talk.
-Hi Charlie, sit down. How are you?
Listen no time.
Look at this.
Help me, you're the only one who can
to convey this president.
Let go.
You changed your mind?
We fly to New York,
we'll find a place to live.
You can even live
in a boat when, will you?
Okay, now
tell me that worry you.
You know
You're sick.
I'll, why talk?
Gestapo said.
What do you mean?
-They will help you.
Who told you?
-I called.
They lied.
I lied.
Listen son, you're a man.
Now, you must learn
to think for yourself.
Stay here, do not move.
Come on Charlie, you must go.
Forgive us.
Charlie, come too.
-Please leave us.
Mr. President ... Mr. Ambassador,
Mr. Ambassador, what should I do ...
Mr. Ambassador, why must you do this.
Mr. Ambassador, stop the machine.
You have to see these pictures.
You know the president.
Mr. Ambassador, look at these pictures.
Mr. Ambassador.
To tell the president.
Attention, attention.
Because of the Bolshevik threats
bomb festivities were canceled.
President Kennedy returns
right in America ...
And send the best
thoughts German people.
Come on, hurry up, please.
My son, listen.
It was not your fault.
Do not believe.
sure you will grow wings ...
-Where are you?
-Grow ...
Your-own wings ...
Dad ...
I wondered why she did not leave
you have the opportunity.
But she and my father were the first
where did these terrible images.
the first to know ...
and in this way the bound
between them and the victims.
So it remains to
the Gestapo came to pick it up.
Everything has changed.
Without the American alliance
Hitler's Reich collapsed.
Of course, some say
that this did not happen.
They are seeking ...
I can not see.
hard years have passed since then.
But my father would be
proud to know ...
that not all live in the house blind.
You think I can keep?
For a while.
Could it be forever?
Yes, you can.
Maybe all I want
to follow the path of our fathers.
I would be proud to follow in my father's ...