Fattenin' Frogs For Snakes (2023) Movie Script

(jungle sounds play)
(cinematic music plays)
Good morning,
Did you have a dream?
(dramatic music plays)
(furniture moving)
(birds chirping)
(men sing in the distance)
(digging sounds)
(men singing continues)
(ground impact)
What the fuck y'all lookin' at?
You ain't never seen a dead man before?
Get your ass back to work!
(men start back singing)
(snoring continues)
(snoring continues)
Hey, Lenny.
What the fuck?
What the fuck, white boy?
What I tell you about waking me up?
I can't sleep.
Oh, you motherfucker.
Go to sleep, Jake.
I keep thinking about Thomas.
He was only 23 years old.
He died from his exhaustion.
He only had two years left.
I can't die in here, Lenny.
Shh, I can't, I'm innocent. I won't.
Was a fucking drug addict
and a no good pedophile.
Worst of all, he ain't
never drink no water neither.
You ain't gonna die in here, white boy.
You gonna get out here,
Make it back to that there woman of yours.
And that's that.
You understand?
Go to sleep, Jake.
Oh, you motherfucker.
Just hear me out, okay?
I know you got loose from here a
couple years back and the way I see it...
(Laughs) Yeah.
Yeah, I got out.
It wasn't easy.
They found me.
They put a whooping on me so
bad, worse than my own mama.
I spent two months in the hole.
Help you.
I tell you though.
That was the best 126 hours I
ever spent my goddamn life, man.
I would gladly sell my soul.
And the souls of my own
children to feel like that again.
Forget about it, Jake.
It's too hard. It ain't
worth getting caught.
Having all your dreams
shattered all over again.
How do you know what I was fixing to say?
I know you, Jacob.
I know what you thinking.
What if I don't get caught?
I mean, they never
caught Billy Earl back in 29.
Billy Earl!
But last I heard,
they found his body floating up the Coosa.
Said he tried to swim across.
Dumb son of a bitch.
Oh, well, he forgot
he couldn't swim a lick.
Let that be a lesson to you, Jake.
You do dumb shit...
Then you get dumb shit happen to you.
(laughing) Oh, my goodness.
He forgot he couldn't swim.
Thats some...
Hey, Lenny.
Can I have some of this?
You don't want none of that.
Oh, I think I do.
You know what that there is?
That's toilet molasses, boy.
You sip on it.
It's gonna put your dumb ass back to sleep.
When you wake up...
You be done forget all about
trying to leave this place.
Gone. Sip on it.
Go head.
Be a man.
That'll do it for you.
Go to sleep, Jake.
I'm begging you, Lenny.
Please give me the map.
The map, please, give me the map.
What map?
The what?
Ain't no map.
Sure there is.
It's in your head.
We just...
We just gotta get it out.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Go to sleep, Jake.
(Bass drops)
I was thinking about
what you said last night.
What I said last night.
What did I say last night?
You was talking about
busting out this place.
I was just talking.
Ha, No. You wasn't just talking.
You're right.
There's a way out.
Unless you're gonna change
your mind and get scared.
I mean, shit I'd go with you.
Them crackers hadn't
fucked my leg so bad...
Last time I busted out.
I can't run from here...
Far as that side walk over there.
So, yeah.
I got the map in my head.
I'd be happy to help you...
Go through them doors...
And through the...
Pearly gates of white pussy heaven.
Cause you know I been there.
But uh..I'm gonna need something from you.
Well, Lenny, I'm gonna tell you like I told
that big colored fellow in the shower...
the first week I got here.
My hind parts is off limits.
I'm talking about, I can
help you get out of here.
Cause I need you to do
something for me on the outside.
That's gonna help me get out here myself.
Oh, okay.
I ain't studying your
fucking hind parts, boy.
All right.
Well, in that case, I'm listening.
So, there's this family.
(Melodic music continues)
(Dog barking in the distance)
(Dog continues to bark)
Can I help you?
Oh, hey sir. My name's Jacob. Jacob Banks.
I'm just looking for-
-We done told you a hundred times,
and I'll tell you a hundred times more...
We ain't for sale. Now get off my property.
(Door slams)
(Banging on door)
You've got three seconds to get off my
property before I load this here rifle up.
Sir, I think there's been some kind
of mix up. So, I don't want your land.
I'm just looking for
work and a friend of mine
told me that you might be hiring a helper.
We ain't hiring no white folks.
Sir, look, judging by
your perennials, you're
in need of a good
landscaper and your gutters
they haven't been cleaned out in ages.
Did you know that clogged gutters can cause
water damage on the inside of your home?
No kidding.
Trapped water can ruin
the wooden fascia boards
that your gutters are mounted to,
causing moisture to leak inside your home.
One minute, you're sitting down next to
a nice piece of fried chicken, and the next
minute you're up to your
ass and elbows in flood water.
What you say your name was?
Quimby Banks.
Landscaper, huh?
Yes, sir.
Well the property's been around a
long time, since the early 1700s, they say.
Around mid-1800s, Andrew Jackson,
old sharp knife, as the people called him
said he was tired of looking
at the Injuns round here.
Said it was too many of us, and
not enough of them in the south.
So they ran us out.
Well, most of us.
Some stayed behind.
Got sold into slavery.
And some got reclassified.
But the Lakely family has
managed to retain their heritage.
Ma Mary, she's an Arawak elder
an a direct
descendant of the chief Holata Outina.
And her husband, Mr. James
Lakely, we call him Pa,
He's also of native blood
He just shy of 100 years old.
And Ma, she's rumored to be
But nobody really knows.
A lady never tells her age.
Pa James ain't spoke not one word
Since 1902.
That's when they killed
his oldest boy, Samuel.
Since then, we've been distributing cotton.
A heap of vegetables,
and even gasoline, believe it or not.
(Frogs chirp)
Everybody been trying to figure out
the family secret for many, many years.
It took me some time
to figure it out myself.
This old place has seen a
lot of souls come and go.
The house was partially
burned down once before.
And was rebuilt in the nineties.
Since then, we've made
a few new renovations,
including the basement.
Well, this is it.
Bathroom's just right
down the hall to your left
and we'll be serving
breakfast at 5:30 each morning.
So don't hesitate to hollar
if you need something.
Well, I'ma leave you to it.
I almost forgot,
They call me Sissy.
Oh, I'm-
I overheard you and
Mr. Solomon talking earlier.
Well, have a great night, Mr. Jacob.
All right.
Well, goodnight.
(Door closes)
(banging sound)
(banging sound)
(banging sound)
(bird hitting window)
(bird hitting window)
(bird hits window)
(bird hitting window)
(bird hits window)
(bird hitting window)
(bird hits window)
(bird hits window)
(rooster crowing)
(melodic music plays)
Ah, Jacob.
How'd you sleep?
Not too good.
Dang birds kept flying at
my window all night long.
It's the strangest thing.
This is John Otis.
My brother-in-law.
John Otis.
This is Jacob Banks.
It's nice to meet you, Jacob.
I'm the overseer on this here, plantation.
You understand?
The H-N-I-C.
Head nigga in charge.
Basically, I own your ass.
While you on this here farm.
All right, all right.
Ain't nobody owning nobody here.
Now, Jacob, as long as you work
hard, do a good job, you can stay.
But you start falling behind and
getting lazy, your ass is out of here.
Now, you say you know your
way around this landscape.
You familiar with digging ditches?
(shoveling sound)
What the hell is this, Lenny?
I mean, I could just stay on the
goddamn chain gang for this shit.
Uh, what's wrong?
They got me busted down ditches
from the sun up to the sun down.
That's what's wrong.
I didn't sign up to be
nobody's goddamn slave.
You signed up for whatever take.
Look, what you just gonna give up now?
You want to be rich or what?
Because you can bust your ass back
in here just as easily as you busted out.
No, I ain't giving up.
And I sure as hell ain't
coming back to that place.
I'm thinking maybe I should have
thought this thing out better first.
Yeah Jacob, you're gonna be all right.
I don't know about John Otis.
He can't stand your ass.
Yeah, well he don't trust me, I get it.
I wouldn't neither.
All the things that my
people did to your people.
Jacob, stop.
No, Solomon. I mean it.
No, stop, look.
(Dark music plays)
Ah, the cow done gone and got her rag!
Yeah, I ain't never seen no
milk cow bleed like that before.
You ain't fucking my cow
is you white man?
(Laughing hysterically)
I mean, what is this?
Who are these people?
Where'd they get all this
goddamn money from?
I mean, you ain't got me in
nothing I'm gone regret is you?
Just relax.
You just got the jitters, that's all.
Look, this is me talking to you.
You think I would put you in harm's way?
Just get in there, get what
you came for, and get out.
We don't want nobody getting
wise to who you really is.
Start asking questions.
Hey, look buddy, I agreed to do
this with the utmost confidence in you.
I just want to know more
about what it is I'm getting into.
That's all.
Like I said, you in
For the jackpot of your life.
The jackpot of your
motherfucking life, man.
(phone hangs up)
Lazing motherfucker.
No, you did good today
Don't stay out here too long.
Might miss supper. Food so
good you ain't gone wanna leave.
Hey, Solomon.
Wait a second.
Before you go inside, there's
just something I want to tell you.
I probably should have
said something before, but...
Go head now.
Spit it out.
Well, I should have mentioned
this before, like I said.
But the truth of it is that uh...
Well, I just got released from
Folsom state prison a few days ago.
For a crime, I didn't commit.
Why you didn't say that last night?
Well, because I didn't do nothing.
I was wrongfully accused.
And when my lawyer, man by the name of John
Henry Adams, when he
found out, he come down there.
I was out in 45 minutes.
I'm watching you.
You in for the jackpot of your life. The
jackpot of your motherfucking life man.
Hey, Jacob.
I'm sorry we didn't get the
chance of properly meet earlier.
I'm Lindy Lakely, but
everybody call me Peaniney.
Solomon my husband.
Oh, well, nice to meet you.
I'm Jacob.
Jacob Banks at your service, man.
I am at your service.
Anything you need to make
your stay more pleasant.
Don't be afraid to give me a holla.
Oh, I appreciate that.
What's wrong?
You got a little sunburn rash on your neck.
Hold on.
Here, put that on there.
It helped ease the pain a bit.
Oh God.
That's hot.
It's a spurge leaf.
It's good for rashes and
burns and things like that.
It'll sting a little bit at first, but
then it'll feel a whole lot better.
Actually, now that you mention
it, it does feel a lot better.
Gee, thanks.
Don't mention it.
Y'all just letting him be up in here?
Mm hmm.
Just letting him be free.
Where this white boy come from?
You got to answer that question for Janey.
Cause, just, well yeah.
(Clears throat)
Hey, Jacob.
So, Jacob, tell us.
How you end up down here in Boley?
Well, that's an interin' question.
That's an interesting question.
Kind of funny and a little embarrassing.
It's probably not too polite to
talk about at the dinner table.
We all family around here.
Hey, Ma.
Janey, take your pocketbook
off the table, darling.
Hey, Ma.
Hey Papa.
Hey, Ma.
Our new helper Jacob here
was just telling us a funny
story about how he end up here.
Go on.
Finish your story, Jacob.
Mm hmm.
Well, here it is, huh.
The truth is, I was just
released from Folsom-
(clears throat)
- Farm. Up in Chattanooga.
Ain't that right, Jacob?
Yeah, that's what I was fixing to say.
Folsom farm.
Up in Chattanooga.
He lost his job.
Due to the depression
that the country's seeing.
Old Franklin
He's going to run this
country right into a hell hole.
I tell ya.
What's so funny about that?
Solomon, no politics at the table.
You're going to go ahead
and get Mama started.
Get me started?
Nah, you about to get me started.
Y'all don't know the first
thing about no dog on politics.
I know politics.
Politics is what them white devils did when
they burned down Tulsa
out there in Oklahoma.
Politics is what killed Mama and Daddy.
Before them White folks here
we had no need for money.
We had politics and laws and then we
grew and only killed what we needed.
Sho did.
My big mama used to make her own quilts,
and mustard.
We know Mama.
And she used to drag all 12 of
her children to work every day.
Girl I should have swallowed you.
(Throats clear)
I told y'all don't get Mama started up.
Emma Jean.
Settle down. Settle down, now.
When I told you to find me some help
I thought I said the colored man.
This boy right here?
He's pale as a dog on whale.
Jacob's a good worker, Ma.
Should've seen him out there.
Ain't that right, John Otis?
We need a good, hard
working white man round here.
Help turn this place right around.
I think we can do better.
No offense, Jacob.
None taken.
As truth is, I don't
get into politics much.
Or religion for that matter.
I'm just a simple man
who lives a simple life.
I'm grateful to be here.
I'm curious, though.
How happens you own this house?
I mean, no offense, but
this is the heart of Dixie.
I mean, y'all being colored and all.
They used to hang folks
in them trees, out yonder.
They would run into their house at night.
Drag them out of bed and string em' up
Round their neck.
You walk under them
trees on the right night.
And you can hear the
spirits talking to you.
First you hear the cool breeze.
The hair stands up on
the back of your neck.
Then you feel the warm, hot breath
in your ear, speaking in tongues.
If your heart is pure,
they leave you alone.
But if you're wicked, they'll
tell you to kill yourself.
I don't mind them too much.
That's one of the reasons
we bought this place.
Ain't that right, James.
The vibrations here are unbelievable.
Can you feel them?
Places like this means good
fortune for folks like me.
But not so much for you.
My parents acquired this
land shortly after the Civil War.
You gone have to excuse my mother.
She has a vivid imagination.
Mama, did you take your medicine today?
Girl, shut your doggone mouth!
You hear?
Janey, leave your mama alone.
You leave me alone.
Emma Jean.
Calm down, calm down.
Let's just enjoy this beautiful feast
that my wife and sisters
have prepared here.
Jacob, I want to be the first to thank you
for what you're doing round here.
We sure appreciate what
you're doing round here.
Hear, hear.
(Glasses clank)
Speak for yourself.
So, Ma, Sissy tells me that
you're over 100 years old.
Say what?
I'm sorry.
I didn't.
I didn't mean to.
You ever had your fortune told?
You mean like someone looking
in my future or something like that?
I don't really get anything
that kind of mumbo jumbo but
Once I didn't have a lady at the carnival,
tell me I was gonna be rich and famous.
And I'm still waiting for that to happen.
But uh
Shoot, I'll play along.
Sissy, would you get me an egg ou the-
Sissy, can you get me an egg, please?
Yes Ma.
(Omnious music plays)
What am I supposed to drink this?
What kind of? What?
What did you just...?
What did you see?
I don't see nothing.
I see an egg yoke.
Look, I told you, I don't
really get into all this stuff.
It's silly.
Peanine, will you pass
the potatoes, please?
(blues music plays)
Hey, boy.
Run down there to the basement.
And fetch us a jar of that hooch.
It's in the pantry.
As soon as you look to your right,
it's in a crate on the bottom shelf.
Got it?
Yes, sir.
In the basement to the right top shelf.
I said bottom shelf.
You ain't too bright, is you, boy.
Look, don't lose my keys.
Now, go on, hurry up.
I'm thirsty.
(blues music continues)
Well, looks like you ain't
too smart neither, is you, boy.
(Glass breaks)
(stomping on floor)
Sorry! Everything's okay.
It's the gold.
(picking lock)
(stomping on floor)
Alright, I'm coming back!
Now, all you gotta
do is let the sink fill up
Then we're gonna get to cleaning them.
Mrs. Emma don't play about her vegetables.
How are you liking it here so far?
It's taking me a little getting
use too, but I like it so far.
So, are you the head house...
Runner, excuse me.
Yeah, something like that.
Janey and Solomon, they both moved away.
I stayed back tending to Mama and Papa
Raising a family, living the dream.
You know, we're not so
different, you and me.
I too, long to live the American dream.
That's all some of us ever had, was dreams.
Not everybody can run
off and live, they life
Like Janey and Solomon.
Some folks got to live in reality.
You know what I mean?
Mrs. Emma Jean,
What's in the basement?
How's that?
Well, I saw his door down there
when I went to get the booze.
Some kind of light on in there, or
something but I couldn't tell what it was
cause the door was locked.
Now don't you go
meddlin' around in things,
you ain't got no business
meddlin' around in,
You hear?
Yes ma'am, of course. I
was just curious, that's all.
You know they say curiosity
killed the cat, don't you?
Yes ma'am.
Mama and Papa worked hard all
they lives to afford a place like this.
When people look like us work that
hard, they ain't so quick to part with it.
These old southern woods hold
thousands of years of secrets.
And the one thing they never do, is
tell what they saw, but they see it all.
Ooh! Run chills up my spine.
Just pay no never mind to what
you saw down there in their basement.
Some things is better
locked up for a reason.
Yes ma'am.
No, that's not how you do it.
Like this.
See, there's a rhythm to it.
Ah yeah, I see, I see.
Jacob. Jacob wake up...
Okay, when you get to here.
You gone run into a railroad track,
Then a creek,
You gone run up it.
Okay. Old railroad, run up it.
The creek dummy, run up the creek.
Don't call me dumb, I got held back.
Okay, well listen with your goddamn ears
and not your fucking asshole!
(whispers continue)
(camera flash)
(Jacob screaming)
(Jacob screaming)
Hello Jacob.
You need a hand?
No, I don't.
I can do it myself, I don't
need some big strong white
man like yourself to
come help me, I got it.
Ohh, I got ya.
Unhand me!
Look what you made me do to my pears.
I was just trying to help.
I didn't need your help.
I was tilting my chair, so I could reach.
A pear that was higher up.
But you were fallen.
Well, gee, man, I didn't mean no harm.
I was just trying to make
sure you didn't hurt yourself.
Hurt myself?
Chile, find somebody else to play with.
I have a degree in physical education.
And I've run
five miles a day.
Don't you ever do that again!
Okay, well, I'm sorry.
I accept your apology.
Well go!
Alright, well, I was just trying to help.
Hey Judge. How are you?
Oh, mighty fine. Mighty
fine. Hot. But fine.
So what do we owe the
pleasure of your presence, Judge?
Well, just to shoot straight with you.
Well, honey it ain't the best of business.
Do you, you mind if I come in to talk?
Sure thing. Come on in.
John Otis. Uh, Judge Moore
is here. He want to talk to you.
Well, as I was saying before, I
got some just really awful news.
And I know that's not what folks in this
county want to hear
right now, but here it is.
We gonna need y'all to sell some
of this beautiful land you got here.
Say what?
I'm sorry, Judge. This
land is not for sale.
Well, that I do understand, but if you
would just give me a chance to continue.
Go ahead.
As y'all are aware, this county has
been in real bad shape since the war.
(sips tea)
I mean, the majority of families, they're
dealing with horrible living conditions.
You, I mean, you and your
family have found a way
to remain prosperous
through these times, somehow.
And not only just to
survival but to thrive.
Well, we here in Coosa County, we like
to think of ourselves as one big family.
And we're all in this together,
you know, depression and all.
So what we want to do is
we want to make you an offer.
How you say it, a uh..
A per diem.
What is it?
It's a check for $500.
And there's plenty more
where that came from.
Like I said, we want you to
think of it as a, a per diem.
Per what?
It's a per diem.
Why y'all want our land?
Ain't y'all got enough land?
We heard you just bought the Bailey place.
Finally made it round to us, huh?
I'll be damned.
turns out your land sits right in
the geographical center of this town.
I mean dead center.
So we feel it's vital
for the, the growth and
development of this town that we call...
You see?
Land's not for sale.
Calm down, baby.
Well, I mean how come?
Why y'all so attached to it?
You can take that money I gave you
and buy a piece of property twice as big.
This land has been in
our family for generations.
We couldn't sell it even if we wanted to.
Mama and Papa wouldn't have it.
Look, I'm prepared to offer y'all
up to $10,000 for this property.
You can get that by check or cash.
However you like by Friday.
This Friday.
Janey, Mm mm. Don't even think about it.
You can't tell me how to think.
Yeah we know. Little Miss Janey
going to do whatever she want to do.
Yeah, you got dern right.
It ain't easy waking up
every day looking this good.
Or worked out.
Now, you know where you can go.
I done had way more than
enough of you for the day.
This land ain't for sale.
I've been fighting you
white folks all my life.
Even watched my oldest
son die because of it.
And that's the only way you're gonna get it
over my dead body.
Mrs. Lakely,
I think I would love to
ask you to reconsider.
I mean, without this deal going through
this town, we don't know
whether it's going to sink or sail.
Let it sink.
I think it's time you be going.
Now your answer is no.
Not maybe.
Not we going to think about it.
Just no.
You understand?
I understand.
You know what?
My daddy was right about you people.
Y'all are selfish.
Now we could live in harmony in this town,
but y'all decided to play it the hard way.
Well, so be it.
I just want you to know that
you're making a grave mistake.
Not everybody is afraid of you around here.
You better be afraid.
We don't take too kindly to threats.
John Otis.
Judge, he's just
passionate about this land,
That's all.
Baby, that's Judge Moore.
He's our friend.
He wouldn't do anything to
hurt us, would you, Judge?
Best of luck to you folks.
(axe chopping)
Hey, boy.
Why that axe ain't swinging?
I said, why that axe sitting on that
ground, and not on your shoulder?
Well, I was just taking a break.
Never mind.
Step aside.
Always got to show y'all
ass how to do something.
(Axe chopping)
I think I got the hang of it now.
Boy, you think you something.
You ain't nothing.
You hear me?
Just a nothing-ass po-ass cracker.
That so?
Mm hm.
Tell me something, Jake.
How do it feel...
To work..
For some rich...
Okay, all right, that's enough.
John Otis.
Why don't you follow me into the house?
I got some better for you
to release that aggression on.
(Axe chopping)
What's all that about?
Beats me.
You can't win em' all.
Can't win em' all.
You really letting that wood have it.
You alright, Jacob?
I'll be alright.
Guess we'll leave you to it.
What's the matter with you?
You all right?
So did you find anything new?
It's in the basement.
Just like you said.
Now, I just gotta figure a way in.
You sure?
Yeah, of course I'm sure.
I've done this enough time to
know where X marks the spot is.
Okay, so what's the holdup?
The sooner you get in, the
sooner I can work on getting out.
You ain't changing up on me, is you?
No, I ain't changing up.
It's just, you know, they practically
rolled out the red carpet for me.
And how come they... So friendly strangers.
I mean, they ain't no kind of psychopaths.
Is they?
Lenny, you there?
Yeah, yeah.
I'm here Jacob.
Look, Jake.
There's something I forgot to
tell you about the Lakelys, man.
Well what's that?
They witches, man.
They witches.
Ain't no such thing as witches, man.
You just be careful up there.
A whole lot of folks that go messing
around the Lakelys don't prosper well.
Well, it's a fine fucking time to
tell me that now, ain't it, Lenny?
I'm knee deep in the shit now.
You know what, I'm sorry forgive me, Jake.
I'm sorry, man.
Well, that's it.
I gotta get the fuck out of here, then.
No, no, no.
No, Jacob.
I need you to complete the task at hand.
Because I really need this.
Are you fucking serious?
After I tell you, I got a bad
feeling and you want me to stay?
Even after you tell me
that the people I'm robbing
are a bunch of devil
worshipping sons of bitches?
That's exactly right.
I'm letting you in on a
real big score here, man.
The least you could do
is come through for me.
You are already there, man.
Seventy percent.
Excuse me.
You said seventy percent?
You kidding, right?
Seventy percent.
Or I walk out that fucking door right now.
I can't believe you're
doing this to me, Jake.
Well, I guess I'll see you in
twenty years to life then pal.
Alright, alright.
Seventy percent.
You son of a bitch.
Ha ha. Deal.
Son of a bitch.
Just make sure you get it done
before the next full moon, ya hear.
Why is that?
It's a southern thing.
It's good luck.
I'll tell you what, you
colored folks are real
silly with your superstitions, but
you got yourself a goddamn deal.
(Phone hangs up)
Jacob. Jacob!
(Breathing heavy)
Well, is ya coming?
(door slams)
Come on in and have a seat.
While I get my things together,
you can have a seat right here.
Go on.
Have a seat.
Is that alright?
That's right.
Don't be nervous.
Come on.
I want you to lay down.
Why don't you tell me a
little bit about yourself?
Ain't nothing really to tell.
I was born down Mississippi Way.
Family was sharecroppers.
Been poor.
All my life.
Ain't we all now.
Ain't we all.
I don't know.
Y'all seem to be fairing pretty well here.
So they say?
That's what they say.
You like to sing, don't you?
Yeah, I like to sing, yeah.
I started singing in the church.
Folks used to tell me
I had the voice of an angel.
Sadly, I got injured in the war.
Severed my vocal chords.
But uh..
I know if I could just get my voice back.
I could really be somebody.
Make my family proud.
They say you the lady that
could do that for me.
That what they say?
That's what they say.
Did they tell you how it works?
Yes, ma'am.
They said,
you do a favor for me.
For me.
I do one for you in return.
So what you got for me?
This here.
This is my granddaddy's.
He was a slave.
He a..
He died in the Civil War.
Fighting for the Confederates.
This all we got left of him though.
I don't even know what he looked like.
But my mama always say,
if you know what time it is,
God's still got some use for you.
This is beautiful.
You sure you wanna part with it?
If, if it'll get my voice back.
They say, when a person dies,
a little bit of their soul remains here,
attached to their things.
Yes ma'am.
I tell you what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna let you hold on
to your granddaddy's watch.
As long..
As you can promise me something.
If it'll get me my voice back,
whatever you say.
(blues music plays)
Hey Jacob.
How'd you sleep?
I didn't get much sleep last night.
What's wrong? You sick?
You been having bad dreams?
Yeah, how'd you guess?
People been known to have
bad dreams round this place.
Get in.
Oh, man, wow, I ain't never
seen a car this nice before.
You wanna know what the
town folks say about this place.
They say this place built
on top a Indian burial ground.
Say this place haunted.
You ain't know that?
I, I heard those horror
stories about this place.
I want you to know something.
Don't scare me none.
Shouldn't scare you none neither.
That's just a bunch of silly people
making up scary stories about this place.
You think so?
I know so.
So, what did you see?
The other night at dinner
When Ma showed you your fortune.
What did you see?
You know, Ma once showed
me my fortune, one time.
And, I was
sitting in a field of dandelions,
Old and grey,
drifting away.
Now go on.
Tell me what you saw.
You know, when I first come here,
Only thing I knew to read was the bible..
Only book I ever needed
my mama used to say it.
I was 14 when I met my husband.
He learned me everything I know now.
Never knew not much but him,
and this family.
A lot of unbelievable
things happen here, Jacob.
Things you couldn't even imagine.
Things that would give anybody nightmares.
You get you some rest now, Jacob, you hear.
Just what in the hell you
think you're doing here, boy?
Don't you know those
is niggers in that house?
You some kind of fucking
nigger lover, is that what it is?
Answer me, dammit!
I just got out of Folsom
County Prison a few days ago.
I come here for work,
and they hired me as the help.
I'm gonna cut you in
on a little secret, though.
Them coons in that house is loaded.
They got a ton of gold,
and God knows what else
in that basement down there.
Now, I intend to work
for them just long as I can,
but I'll get my hands
on it, then I'm gonna go
down to Florida, and I'm
gonna start me a new life.
Me and you supposed to be on the same team.
Why don't you put that gun down?
I'm thinking maybe I can cut you in.
My name's Jacob.
Jacob Banks.
Who might you be?
Well, Jacob.
Name's Billy Gunn.
It's nice to have one
of our own on the inside
The Lord is gonna truly
bless you for your service.
Now, how much gold are we talking?
I'm not really sure, but it's a heap of it.
Enough to go around and
come back again, that's for sure.
Now, let's say I cut you in for 20%.
How does that sound?
Does that sound good?
I'm thinking more like 50%.
50%? Now, that's...
50% sounds good.
All right.
I want you to do me a favor, Jacob.
I want you to give those fucking nigger
coons in that fucking house a message.
All right.
I want you to tell them.
They're gonna settle this fucking land.
And get their black...
(Gun shots rings)
That's you?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't shoot me.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Gotcha,
didn't I son of a bitch.
Who sent you?
Hmm, you wanna give the silent treatment?
Who sent you?
(Blunt force)
Who sent you?
Ha ha ha. You kill him.
You take him for every goddamn...
(Gun fire)
I wasn't through questioning him goddamnit.
I'm sorry.
He a...
Well, he moved.
(car motor in distance)
Good evening, ma'am.
It's the home owner about?
Just a minute.
Wait, right here.
Would you like to sit in the living room?
(Piano plays)
Yeah, we just gonna
stand if that's all right.
Wait here.
I'll be damned.
Can you believe this shit?
These niggers up here living like this,
When we on the other side of
town sleeping in filth and poverty.
I'm Janey Lakely. This is
my brother Solomon Lakely.
How can we help you?
Is, uh...
All of this yours?
It sure is.
Not bad for some niggas.
What is that?
Is that a picture camera?
You filming this?
Yes well, Solomon's a filmmaker.
I hope you don't mind.
Amatuer filmmaker.
A white man escaped from
Folsom Prison a few weeks ago.
We have reason to
believe that he's in the area.
Name's Bennett.
He may or may not have another alias.
Why heavens no.
We ain't got no white
prisoners running around here.
Do you have a picture?
What does he look like?
Y'all seen him?
Have you?
No, we ain't seen no white men except
the two standing right here in front of us.
Are you sure about that boy?
Cause you know,
harboring a fugitive is a federal offense.
Punishable by hanging.
Now, uh...
You wouldn't want to do anything
to get yourself hang now, would you boy?
No, sir.
Especially not for housing
no running away cra-
You got something on your mind, boy?
I think we have answered
all of your questions.
So we would like it if y'all
two would just be on your way.
Well, yes, ma'am, we're
gonna be on our way.
But during the meantime,
I want you to keep
them eyes real wide open.
And if you see anything at all,
I want you to make sure
you call me right away.
Cause I sure would hate to have to come
back out here with any ropes and chains,
for any...
uppity nigger types.
Sure officer.
The door's down there.
(deep breathing)
Hey, Solomon.
How you doing?
What was that all about?
Oh, nothing.
Just the local, low-down law enforcement,
harassing us colored folks.
The usual.
All right, well, I guess I
better be getting back to work.
Oh, oh, Jacob.
There was one thing.
It's magnificent, ain't it?
To live in this great country of ours.
On top of that, to be born white in it.
I guess so.
Better than being colored, I guess.
Exactly my point.
Much better than being colored.
They seem tothink we might
know the whereabouts of
Some escaped prisoner.
We live in the dominant society.
Cream of the crop.
Top of the heap.
Ain't democracy grand.
Democra what?
Democracy, my dear boy.
That's what allows us to live
on top with so many beneath us.
We live in a world full
of endless possibilities.
Funny thing.
Y'all even got the same name.
Name's, Jacob.
His last name's Bennett or some nother.
No, no thanks.
I got my own.
To being a white man.
Being a white man.
So you're telling me there's an
escaped prisoner with my name?
Ha Well, I'll make sure
to keep my eyes peeled
just in case I see something strange.
Speaking of being a white
man with endless possibilities.
See this house right here?
Which one?
What's going here?
Yeah, so?
Would you like to rob it?
You know, I used to go down to-
You ain't in no kind
of trouble, are you...?
Funny thing.
Him escaping.
You showing up here
out the clear blue skies.
If you murdered a couple.
Which is two.
How come they say they found three bodies?
(Gun shot)
(Gun shot)
I guess they got lucky.
You shot me.
I told you to be quiet.
Funny thing.
Funny thing.
Don't work too hard, Jacob.
Nice knowing you, Edwin.
(Gun shot)
(Gun shot)
Who's there?
No, no.
(More gun shots)
(body drops)
(Glass breaks)
(dark melody plays)
(Wind blowing heavy)
Lets go.
One more time.
Jacob, honey.
You all right?
You ain't looking too well.
Oh, Emma Jean, you really
outdid yourself this time.
Having said that.
I'm going to have to go, family.
I got another obligation
that calls me and uh..
I must make haste.
(Hard impact on table)
Where did you get that?
Oh, Janey.
Will you quit with the ignorant act?
All right.
Well, who wants to die first?
(Emma Jean screams)
It going to be you?
Or is it going to be you?
You know, I never really
did like your black ass.
No, I don't really want to kill nobody.
Shit, give me that pistol then.
I said I don't want to kill
nobody, but goddamn it, I will.
I'll kill every single one
of you black bastards.
Except for you.
You know, I'ma impregnate you.
(Peanine screams)
Just calm down.
Shut the fuck up.
Now, which one of you..
Wants to get up and help me get that
thousand pounds of gold out the
basement and put it in the truck outside?
John Otis...
you don't mind if I borrow
your truck now, do you?
No, I guess you don't now.
Let's take a little walk.
How about that?
Big man.
All right, Solomon.
You make sure you pack the last of
that gold real tight in the back there.
I don't want it falling around
when I hurry the fuck up out of here.
Don't drop it now, put it back in there.
I know you think I betrayed you.
Well, I did, but here's the thing...
I'm a poor, poor white man.
And up there gold right there, that's
going to help me start a new life.
When I broke out of prison,
I only had two things on my mind.
One, I had to come find
you and get that gold.
Number two, I ain't
never going back to prison.
No hard feelings, okay?
You ain't shit white boy.
Big, bad John Otis.
You look like you want
to do something to me.
Why don't you try it, boy?
(Gun shot)
(Gun shot)
(creepy music plays)
You come out!
I'll take it easy on you, I swear.
But you make me look for you.
Oh I'm going to make you
suffer, I promise you that.
Hey, Solomon?
You know that old couple
they said I killed up in Nashville?
Well, I lied.
I cut that bitch up in little pieces and I
shot that old man in the goddamn face.
Where are you?
(multiple gun shots)
Where are you?
(flies buzzing)
(dark ambience)
(gun shot)
(gun clicking)
Uh oh, you out of rounds
ain't you, Mr. Jacob?
(Blunt force)
Now, you just hold still.
(creepy music plays)
Wakey, wakey, jakey, jakey.
What the hell?
Sorry Ma.
How's that head, Jacob?
It should be pounding right about now.
You untie me right fucking now!
You let me loose, or I swear
to God, I'll kill all of you!
Ain't nobody gonna
hear you out here, Jacob.
You in the middle of nowhere.
I'm sure right now you've been
wondering what this all about.
They ain't tell you nothing about us?
They've been talking about
us for years around town,
saying that we was voodooers and witches.
They even tried to cleanse
us of the devil, they say.
They sent missionaries
from time to time to talk to us,
but they stopped short.
And once they realized,
everybody came back
with visions, bad dreams,
and all kinds of ailments.
They just didn't know how spiritual we was.
That's all.
Everything was fine at first.
We stayed on our side, they stayed on us.
Till one day,
my older brother got
caught stealing a peppermint.
Out the local store in town.
Said Sammy was going
to answer for stealing.
So they come up here.
White sheets and
pillowcases, armed to the teeth.
It just so happened,
my brother was down at the end of the road,
picking muscadines when they seen him.
They chased him all through the yard.
Caught up with him over yonder by the well.
He was 11 years old.
When they tossed him down that well.
Life was hard when Mama
and Papa first got here.
Crops was slow to grow,
livestock died of disease.
They thought this land to be cursed.
Who'd have knew though?
Slaughtering all
them white folks,
was just a thing,
this little old piece of land needed.
(cameras flash)
That first year,
Crops was bountiful.
Made so much money didn't
know what to do with it all.
as it goes,
every year or so,
we find a low life loser like yourself.
And well...
Good thing,
You murdered them all folks, right Jacob?
Or else we might feel bad...
What's about to happen to you.
Alright, alright.
I'll give you the gold back. Just,
Let me go!
I'd rather die with my
boots on then rot in a jail cell.
Oh Jacob.
You're not gonna rot in a jail cell.
What you gonna do with me?
Didn't I tell you when you came here,
you ain't gonna wanna leave.
I meant you can't leave.
Emma Jean, is this?
It's gold!
Well, I'll be its...
See it's what you've been hunting.
It's what this land is built on.
It keeps churning up year after year.
As long as we provide it
with the minerals it needs.
A pale horse.
And it's rider was,
May your soul burn in the fire, Jacob.
Will you stop all that and be calm Jacob!
Being burned alive ain't the worst thing.
It ain't that bad.
I mean yes.
First the fire makes
the soft tissues contract.
And then the skin tears away from
your muscles and your internal organs
and your soft tissue and starts to shrink.
And that's when the heat turns to cold.
Then, your muscles start to contract.
In a sort of dance like.
But after that, it's all over.
And then your soul is cleansed.
I mean hallelujah!
(car door slams)
Alright you bunch of sick bastards.
Put your hands up.
Now mean it damn it.
Put your hands up.
First one of your moves
gets a bullet right in his eyes.
I knew there was something
strange about you people.
What in the hell have
you got going on here?
You want to put that poor bastard out?
Hey boy.
This might be a good time to start talking.
They're trying to burn me alive.
I can see that.
You Jacob Bennett?
You were arrested for the murder
of Elsa Pittman. Did you do it?
What does it matter?
Just get me out of here!
Did you do it?
I did it alright!
Just take me to jail!
Take me to jail!
No I don't think I will.
Come on Bates.
Let's get out of here.
Well now,
You all be careful with that fire.
I sure would hate to see anybody get...
burned alive.
(Jacob screams)
(jacob screaming)
Did I do good, mama?
Yes, baby.
Move out the way a little.
I wanna see his soul
Burn out of his body.
(Jacob screaming) (People laughing)
Praise him!
Praise him!
(Fire blazing) (Jacob
screams) (Family laughing)
Uh huh.
Uh huh.
Yeah, I'm a miss, old Jacob.
But you know, life goes on.
It sure does, don't it?
Now that crazy fuck you sent us
caused quiet a scare amongst the family,
Really caused us some problems,
So your pay might be a little light now.
I trust you got it though, right?
Sure did.
It's a pleasure doing business with you.
No hard feelings though, right?
Oh, of course not.
Nothing we can't get past anyway.
The crops are growing
twice as big as before.
You enjoy those cigarettes now.
I will.
Thank you.
When I'm calling you.
Well, you answer too.
That means I offer my love to you.
To be your own.
If you refuse me, I will be blue.
And waiting all along.
But if when you hear my love call,
ring and play.
And I hear your answering echo so dear.
Then I will know.
I will come true.
You'll belong to me.
I'll belong to you.
It's a pleasure.
To me, I'll belong to you.
Hey, Lenny.
I was thinking, it ain't
so bad here after all.
Two square meals a day.
I'm a bed to sleep on.
I'm actually excited for
ditch digging tomorrow.
Now you can't read out your hymnbook.
Reach out, you pout.
you'll fall down on your knees and pray if
that Lord will help you cause you gon' do.
You gon' do.
My help someday.
Mom, if you can't quit your sin
please quit your Lord our way.
Here's our walk-up this morning
and I looked out and drove.
There's a note my mamless milk car
put in mama Lord, but I wish you love.
Lord, if you see my milk car put in.
I said, please drive a home.
Since I had no milk in but a mama.
Lord, since my car's been gone.
Good morning.
Could you have a dream?