Fatum (2023) Movie Script

It's not as hard as I think
or as easy as you say
and I grind myself in the dark
to find my light.
I turn my body
in every coffin.
I recognize that you know
that you're really the problem.
I woke up with gaps,
yesterday I saw the dawn.
I'm not sure if when I win
I lose again.
I enter a vicious circle...
Don't make it harder on me, OK?
Laurita, wait there, at the stop!
How long will we be
at your aunt's place?
I don't know, honey. A few days.
Isn't Daddy coming at all?
You just don't get it.
Dad's not coming, or your teddy bear.
Give him to me!
Mom, tell him to stop!
-Enough, Daniel, stop.
-I am relaxed.
On the bus. On the bus.
-Guys, on the bus.
-Weren't you going to answer my calls?
-Why aren't you coming?
-Now, now.
-On the bus.
Listen to me, Lidia.
Sergio, we're leaving.
Listen, please.
It won't happen again.
-Listen to me.
-Are you getting on?
-No, no.
You're going to your aunt's place?
Three of you, on the sofa?
We have a home, honey.
We can't do this to the kids.
They don't deserve this.
-That's why we're going.
-Is everything alright?
-Yes. Relax.
-Listen to me, please.
-Sergio, let go of me.
One last chance,
I'm begging you, please.
-Giddy up!
-Let's go!
-How are you, babe?
Is he awake?
He's waiting for you.
He said he wanted you
to give him your "Pegasus power".
What are you teaching the boy?
Pablo, what time
are you going tomorrow?
I've got an online meeting, but...
I've asked for the weekend off,
so make it whenever you want.
Pegasus power!
A pity he's asleep.
Well, tomorrow's another day.
How are you?
Mom told me you needed
Pegasus power.
-You know who's free this weekend?
And what does that mean?
Triple dagger.
Parasitic tentacles.
Cosmic ray.
Jurassic blow...
Octopus that pees on your face.
You lost, eh?
-C'mon, superheroes sleep too.
-Justice never sleeps.
Justice no, but you do.
Go on, try.
-Aren't you having dinner?
-I'm not hungry
First in the shower!
Dani, what are you doing?
I'm my turn.
No, you take ages.
Dani, open the door!
Open the door, jeez!
-Answer it.
-No, no.
-I'm going to bed. I'm tired.
Roi, what happened?
Did you fall? What happened?
Lift your head.
Pablo! Pablo!
We have to put you this on.
-What happened?
-I don't know. He was on the floor.
-Roi, relax.
-Can you breathe?
Stretch out. Breathe.
-Can you breathe?
-Careful, careful.
There. Does it hurt?
-Does it hurt?
-Tell me where it hurts.
-Does your chest hurt?
Call an ambulance, now!
Come on, Roi, honey.
I'm with you, OK?
You have to breathe slowly, OK?
Like Alejandra said.
-Here. We're going.
-Come on.
-We're going?
I'll take him. An ambulance
is tough at this hour.
-Are you sure?
-Yes. Put this on him.
Relax, Roi, we're going
to see Alejandra.
Take this. Relax.
Breathe, breathe.
I'll put on your trainers.
Stretch out. Marta, trainers.
-I'll put them on in the car.
-No, hold it.
Fuck, I'll put them on in the car!
OK, let's go.
One, two, three.
-Yes, I'll give it to you.
-Relax, eh.
Hello, this is Alejandra.
I can't attend to you now.
Leave a message and...
A Corua Hospital, Chus here.
Hello, listen closely.
Tell Dr. Alejandra Tejada
that her patient Roi Neira
can't breathe.
We'll be at the hospital
in 10 minutes. Do you hear me?
Dr. Tejada is in the hospital.
Stay on the phone, I'll locate her.
The alarm didn't go off.
I turned it off
so you could sleep longer.
I've got loads to do
before going to work.
No, have breakfast and get ready.
I'll do the rest, honey.
Lidia, really, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Never again... I swear.
"I'm sorry", "I swear"...
Now what? "I love you"?
Tell that to the bank
when the eviction notice comes.
Maybe it'll work on them.
No one's taking
the house from us, honey.
It's ours. You hear? Ours.
This isn't a house anymore.
It's a prison.
Living with you is too.
I'm asking you for a chance.
Is that too much to ask?
Do you know what I'd do
to go back?
Maybe you should look ahead.
-How are you?
Come on, breakfast!
Daddy's made a super
delicious breakfast.
I'm having a shower.
Can I have butter and sugar?
Yes, but butter and sugar.
Not mostly sugar, I know you.
I should've brought him sooner, Pablo.
Marta, they explained it to us.
It's my fault.
No, we can't do any more.
They explained it to us well.
Breathe, breathe.
How is he?
-We've stabilized him.
-Is he alright?
If any other complications arise
with other organs...
We'll be monitoring him.
"We'll be monitoring him",
don't shit me.
My son needs a transplant,
Alejandra, and you know it.
I know. But it's different now.
He's first on the list.
His heart is very weak,
he's not leaving the hospital
without a transplant now.
But no other kids are in his situation,
and that increases the chances.
A lot, Pablo.
Can we see him?
They're taking him up to ICU,
for circulatory assistance.
They'll tell us soon.
Come on.
Chin up.
That's it.
That's it, honey. That's it.
Why can't I stay at home?
Because. Don't be a pain.
We can play on the stands
when Dani's not on court.
OK, he's awful, so he'll be
on the bench all the time.
I'm awful?
3 points!
-C'mon, man. That'll do.
She shouldn't bug me!
this won't come out.
Here, it'll come out.
Get your bag ready.
You're an idiot.
-No, watch it, no insults.
-He is.
-What's up with you, man?
I called loads of times.
You coming?
-I won't be able to.
-What? Are you chickening out?
Sergio, it's sure thing.
I got a tip!
Sorry, you'll have to find
someone else.
Who the hell do I get now?
The game's about to start.
Listen to me.
In the first 15 minutes
Ricki will get sent off
and Fuentes will score an own goal.
I'll tell you the rest
when you get here.
But hurry, or we'll lose
and the payoff is 80% at least.
So it's up to you.
A decisive day for your team,
but specially for Miguel Vilario.
Hold on!
Goal of Vicente Cordal.
Goal by Racing de Lareo!
A pass back by Paco Fuentes!
A slip by the goalie and the ball
end up in the home net...
In the Women's League
these are today's results so far:
Ovideo 1, Deportivo 2...
Where are we going?
We're making a quick stop,
but you stay in the car, OK?
Fuck, Dad. If I'm late,
the coach won't put me on
You have lots of time. Relax.
And don't talk to me like that,
I'm not your mother.
Good morning.
It can always get better...
Juanjo, get me a coffee?
I want 40.
Bullshit. We said 30.
We also said you'd be here
before the game started.
We missed the quadruple
because of you.
Juanjo, it's all I have left.
Listen to me. The 40...
Where are you going, kids?
-Is my father here?
-Your father?
What the hell are you doing here?
Seriously, Dad?
What the hell did I tell you?
-Sergio, they can't be here.
I'll be done in a sec.
Let's go, down at the end.
Next to the roulette.
Come on, come on.
Let's go.
Juanjo, get them a drink.
-Can I have juice?
-Yes, go on.
-Want anything?
A little orange juice...
What is it?
Maybe it'd be nice if
you got the bag from the car.
What a look.
Get you something?
-The bag.
God... I'll be right back.
Didn't I tell you to wait...?
Lidia. Lidia, wait.
Daniel, wait at the door, okay?
Go to the door. Go, go there.
Lidia. It's not what you think.
No, it's not what I think.
Will you explain it to me?
I can't explain now,
but I want to recover the money.
This time I won't lose.
You don't get it.
Listen to me, Lidia.
I can't explain now,
but they're going to score.
They're going to score. Look.
We've won!
We can pay off all the arrears.
-It's yours.
It's over.
Lidia, it's yours, here.
Against the wall!
-Against the wall!
-Down the end!
Against the wall, I said!
Let's go!
Go, fuck, everyone in back!
Go, in back!
-Can't you fucking hear me?
-Sure, sure.
Can't you hear me? Let's go!
Let's go!
Go, against the wall!
Listen, if you behave
nothing's gonna happen.
Wallets here!
Wallets, let's go, move it!
Come on.
Fuck, they set off the alarm.
We gotta split.
-No, hold it!
Open the fucking machines.
You, open the safe. Go!
-Take it easy.
-What are you doing?
Giving you the money.
Let's go. We gotta go, fuck.
Take this and go.
I don't want any trouble.
Then open the fucking machines,
you've got more in there.
They have a code,
only the boss knows it.
You're not the boss, right?
The cops are coming.
Let's fucking go.
-Give him what he wants.
-Open the fucking machines now!
What the fuck...
You're Jos Ramn's son.
Fuck this fucking brat.
A retard like your dad!
Get outta here now
before I fuck you up.
-Get the fuck out of here!
-Don't move!
-Are you fucking deaf or what?
-Don't move!
The fucking door!
Get out of there!
Don't touch me!
What the fuck have you done, man?
Are you fucking nuts?
Let's go! Let's go now!
Let's go!
Happy, you son of a bitch?
Are you happy now?
Fuck you!
Answer me, answer me!
Now what?
Put the gun down!
Put the gun down!
What are you doing?
Put it down, now!
Come out!
Everyone away!
Away from the door!
I need backup now on Teresa Herrera.
Robber at the betting shop.
You, shut the fucking door.
-Come out now.
-Come on!
Toss the gun and come out
with your hands up.
What are you doing?
-What are you doing?
I'm doing it.
Come on!
What the fuck...
Have they said anything?
-Honey, get changed.
Pablo, you weren't answering.
A robbery with hostages
and an officer down
that we have to get out
as soon as possible.
-What's wrong?
-Novoa's coming to you now.
I need you.
Great timing, really.
Hello, Costa, Neira here.
Sorry, I didn't hear the call.
Is it important?
Costa, Neira here.
Sorry, I didn't hear the call.
Eh, Pablo. Pablo.
If something bad happens,
you'll never forgive yourself.
-We can't do anything here.
I promise, we won't go anywhere.
Go on, go.
Julio, Neira here. I'm leaving
the hospital. I'll be 10 minutes.
Tell Costa, please.
Meanwhile, you're in command.
We just have to keep calm and wait.
There are lots of cops outside.
It'll be fine, I promise.
Will you shut up?
We're here because of you.
-Open the machines!
-Hold it, hold it.
-No, please.
-Open the machines!
-Open the fucking machines!
-I don't know the code.
Look at him!
-You wanna end up like him?
-Only he knew the codes.
You wanna end up like him?
Then open the fucking machines.
-Only he knew the codes.
-Open the fucking machines!
I'll show you how they open.
See how easy it was?
Now you know.
All of you, do the same. OK?
-OK, OK.
-Open the machines. Now!
Calm down, calm down.
You there. Go on!
Put your back into it, fuck.
Relax, fuck.
Fucking hell.
Fellow officer.
What's the score?
How's the boy?
We'll talk later.
Backup support, please.
-Pablo, everything alright?
Julio said you asked for time off.
Is Roi alright?
In the hospital, but he's fine.
It's all under control.
Why didn't you tell me?
I'm here, OK?
No, go back to your son.
Nuria, I'm not doing anything
in the hospital, I am here.
Is the officer still alive?
We don't know.
We're clearing the buildings in front
so you can move about freely.
I need to know the score
before the negotiator goes in.
Fine. Give me 3 minutes.
My guys are watching
the door from both sides.
Antitheft glass, dual chamber,
but it won't be a problem.
We're ready to go in at the order.
Good. Stand by.
Torres is going in soon.
Maintain positions.
Honey, everything alright?
Is it urgent?
I'll call you later. Ciao.
What's up with the security cameras?
We're waiting for the company
to give us online access.
Good. Make it fast.
I need to see inside.
Julio, you're up with me,
cover the negotiator's entry.
I'll look for a gap in the window.
Rober, Jota, take a corner each.
The street's yours, okay? Go!
Eagles, report. We have to go in.
-Eagle 2, in position.
-Eagle 3, in position.
Eagle 4, in position.
Eagle 1?
Eagle 1 here, give me 2 minutes.
There are a lot of lives at stake.
We only fire on a sure target
or if she gives the signal?
Got it?
-Eagle 1, copy.
-Delta 1, copy.
Bill. Bills only.
-Can I ask you a favor?
-Hold it!
-Please, let them go.
-Shut up!
Sergio. Cut it out.
Let them go.
I'll help you with anything,
but let them go.
They're my children.
-I beg you, they're my children.
-Shut up!
No. No. No, no, please.
Leave them alone.
Leave them alone.
I'm Eva Torres,
Police negotiator. I'm outside.
I'd like us to talk
so that this ends well.
Will you tell me your name?
Go fuck yourself.
Listen, we have time for this
to end the best for everyone.
Tell me what you need
and I'll see what I can do.
I'm here to help you.
But I need to enter and check
the state of the hostages.
You have to let me come in.
One more step
and I'll blow your brains out.
If anything happens to them,
I'm in deep shit.
So I need to come in and check
that they're all okay.
Tell me what you need
and I'll try to get it.
Hold on.
-You. Come here.
No. Listen to me.
Listen, if you take a child
they'll go straight for you.
And he's no good as a shield.
Take me, I'm bigger.
-Take me.
-Shut up!
Then you. Get up.
Okay, everyone in the middle!
In the middle, now!
You too, come on.
Let's go, let's go.
On the floor. On the floor!
I've got a woman.
Any funny stuff,
I'll shoot her first, then you!
I'm coming in
with my hands up,
so you see that there's
nothing to fear. Yes?
Open the door!
Torres, we have to leave the door
as open as we can.
Eagles, stand by.
Tell me everything you see.
Our officer is alive.
He has a neck wound.
Ready for evacuation.
Shut the door.
Torres, hold on as best you can.
Eagles, do we have anything?
-Eagle 1, negative.
-Eagle 4, negative.
Eagle 3, negative.
Eagle 2 here. I see a child.
-How can there be children inside?
Novoa, I want those cameras. Now!
Shut the door!
Shut the door!
Hold it!
You have nothing to fear.
I'll do what you ask,
but you have to be calm.
We all have to be.
Cut the shit and listen to me.
Any bullshit and I kill her.
-I want this to go right.
And I want a car outside
and all of you gone!
Nobody on the street!
OK. You'll get it. But you have to
give me a sign of good faith.
I want the fucking car.
Let me take the officer.
He's badly wounded.
And the children.
If I come out with them,
they'll relax outside.
Fucking hell!
I want the fucking car!
Let me take him.
he'll die unless...
I want the fucking car!
OK, you're the boss.
Torres, get out of there.
I'm going for your car.
Attention, everyone,
the negotiator's coming out,
but the target has a hostage.
Air 1 here, possible line of fire.
Changing position.
-You're in control.
-You have 10 minutes.
Or I gun everyone down.
-You, shut the door!
I won't be long, I'll get you the car,
but don't do anything stupid.
I'll be right back.
The target's hiding behind a column.
Don't shoot. Maintain positions.
Get a good image of this dickhead
and send it to Central,
we have to ID him fast.
Eva, are you alright?
Our officer won't hold on
much longer, Nuria.
And this guy's out of control.
-Yes, we have to get him out fast.
-It won't be easy.
-We have to go in.
We've got them!
Fucking prick!
The codes.
Okay, all the fucking bills
in the bag, now!
-Tell the fucking girl to shut up.
-No, relax.
-Shut up, for Christ's sake!
There they are.
Eagle 1 here.
I have reduced visibility
of the middle of the room.
If he moves there, he's mine.
We have inside visual,
so we'll get this fucker to come out.
If it's safe, we shoot the target.
I want this bastard down.
We're setting explosives.
We go in in 10 minutes.
Honey, I should be there with you.
-I'm popping into the bathroom, OK?
Relax, sweetie. Relax.
-Mom! Where's Mom?
-Shut your eyes.
-Shut your eyes, OK?
Shut her up or I will.
-It's alright.
-Mom, come here!
-What are you doing?
Relax, he'll calm her down.
Look at Teddy.
Teddy's very nervous, OK?
Will you come to me
to calm him down?
Come, come to me.
Hurry, come.
Come with me.
Hug Teddy. Hug him tight.
That's it. Relax.
Don't look, hug Teddy.
Teddy's very nervous.
We have to calm him down.
The explosives guys are done.
All set to hit the device.
We're ready.
Listen, everyone.
He'll use the woman as a shield.
The other civilians are sitting
in the middle,
except the children,
they're behind the bar.
If we have a clean shot,
hit the target.
We're going to make
this bastard come out,
and if he doesn't, we go in
with everything. Understood?
I've got your car.
Open the door
so we can talk, OK?
Open the door.
Hold it!
Target heading for the door.
Eagle 1, got anything?
Eagle 1 here, I have the hostage.
I'm coming out with the woman.
I don't want you following me, OK?
If you follow me, I'll kill her.
Anything stupid and I'll kill her.
That's not going to happen.
We want you to go
and to end this fast.
What the fuck is this guy doing?
Pablo, have you got him?
One more step and he's mine.
You're not alone.
You want to fuck with me.
No. I'm not tricking you.
I'm not tricking you, listen.
I don't want anything
to happen to you.
Do you hear me?
And you don't want anyone else
to die, right?
Torres, we have to make him
move forward.
I'll open the door slowly
so you see there's no one else.
Hold it! Don't move.
I'll go to the door.
OK, you have nothing to fear.
I've come to help you.
Eagle 1, he moved. What happened?
Get away from the door.
Remember, you're in control.
Relax, OK?
You have to be...
We go in!
On the floor!
Don't move!
Hands up!
-Hold still!
-Hold it!
Target neutralized.
He's still breathing.
Send in the medics!
-Hold still! On the floor!
-On the floor!
-Hold it, hold it!
-I said on the floor!
-On the floor!
-On the fucking floor!
On the floor!
My son needs help!
-Delta 1 here. Civilian hit.
There's a boy hit.
Medics, now!
Listen, don't worry,
everything's fine, OK?
If anything happens, I'll tell you.
Big kiss, honey.
Please, careful.
Careful, please.
Lower gurney on two. One...
Please, make way.
Keep moving, please.
Keep moving.
Hi, sweetie.
Male, 13, bullet wound
in the back of the head.
Pressure and pulse stable.
He's one of those they shot.
He applied pressure himself.
Tachycardia and hypotension.
His jaw's a mess.
I've given them fluids.
We've applied direct pressure
and fluids.
Go, go, please.
Please, clear the rea.
Go, hurry, hurry.
Careful, careful, please.
Have you confirmed that
it was the robber's bullet?
Yes, boss.
He shot twice at the father,
but a bullet went through
the bar and hit the boy.
-Is the officer alright?
-Yes, he'll make it.
They've stabilized him.
The officer's alright.
-Keep me informed.
-Yes, I'll call you when I can.
-How is he?
-Pablo please,
-You can't be here.
-How is the boy?
Seriously, get out of here.
Costa, he has to make it.
That doesn't depend on you.
We'll talk. Please, get out of here.
How is Roi?
Still in the ICU, right?
Go back to him, please.
Let's go.
-Hey, the warrior's woken up.
How are you?
-Why isn't he speaking?
-He's sedated.
How are you?
Pablo, how are you?
Fine. Fine. Relax, Roi.
I'm here. Dad's here.
Shall we go outside a moment?
-Yes, yes.
-Pablo, come on.
Mom and I are going outside to talk.
We're going outside.
Come on, Pablo.
What did they tell you?
He's shattered, but that's normal.
-But is he alright?
-How are you?
-Is he alright?
-Yes, he is. How are you?
I don't know, Marta.
I don't know what happened.
Pablo. Pablo. Hey, hey...
Talk to me.
I... should've stayed, Marta.
There was a boy.
I don't know if he's going to die.
He can't die...
He can't die.
I had the shot, I did.
It was all set...
-I couldn't fire.
He can't die, Marta.
Relax, okay?
I don't get it,
in the betting shop
they said he was alive.
-He was dead on arrival.
We couldn't do anything.
But he was breathing,
his heart was beating...
He still has vital signs because
we have him hooked up.
-I'm truly sorry.
Do you want some juice?
Some cookies?
Are you sure? No?
I'll leave it here, okay?
It's so pretty.
I know it's no consolation right now.
But in the long run
donating can help you.
Truly, all these years,
I've never known anyone who,
after donating the organs
of a loved one, has regretted it.
There's something comforting
about giving life.
It's important that you agree.
The last thing we want
is for this decision
to cause a family problem.
I can leave you to talk for
a few minutes...
There's no need.
We'll speed up the process
all we can
so you can go
as soon as possible.
I'll be back in a few minutes
with the papers.
The surgeon will come by shortly.
-Thank you.
-Have you checked his vital signs?
A bit late, eh?
It's not the first time
he's been in trouble:
drugs, fights...
But nothing like this.
Give the parents the good news.
He only had his father
and he died a couple of years ago.
He was a gambling addict
and a customer of the place.
-We still feel bad about it, eh?
Look out.
Good afternoon.
Excuse me, you can't be here.
-I'll just be there a moment.
-Excuse me.
You can't. I'm very sorry.
I just want to tell him one thing.
Hold it!
-Let me go in!
-Hold it!
Let me go in!
I'm going to kill that fucker!
-Calm down.
-I'm going to kill you!
-Calm down.
-I'm going to kill you!
-Shut the door.
-I'm going to kill you!
-Son of a bitch!
-Calm down, please.
Go inside. Keep it locked
until I tell you.
Calm down.
Don't hurt him.
Calm down, please.
Why are you protecting him?
He'll pay for what he did.
He killed... He killed my son.
Let go of him.
I'm so sorry.
We're all very sorry.
But you can't be here.
Please, get up. Let's go.
Please. Let's go.
Please, you can't be here.
I'll go with you.
He killed my son.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
My son...
We may have a donor for Roi.
There's the paperwork to do,
but the family has given consent.
He's here, in the hospital.
If all goes well,
we can operate this afternoon.
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.
You know I shouldn't tell you this,
but I couldn't keep it to myself.
-So, absolute silence.
-Don't worry.
Marta, what's wrong?
It can't be...
Hey, where are you going?
You! Hey!
Please, check that
all the details are correct.
When will we be able to take him?
As soon as we finish
all the paperwork.
We'll streamline it all we can.
-You can't be here.
-Pablo, come out.
-I'll take care of it.
-What's he doing here?
I'll take him.
Pablo, let's go.
-Alejandra, who's he?
-Let's go, please!
-Let's go, Pablo.
-Tell me it's not him!
-Anton, I'll take him.
-Tell me he's not the donor!
-Be quiet, Pablo!
-Alejandra, get out of here.
-Tell me it's not him, please.
-Let's go, Pablo!
Pablo, please.
Please, Pablo.
-Who the fuck is this guy?
-Let's calm down.
No, fuck calm down!
Why was he asking
if he was the donor?
-Let's talk in my office.
-Fuck that!
No one's touching my son
until I find out who
the fuck that guy is!
I know, Antn... Sure I know.
Fuck, I fucked up!
That's why I want your help.
I'm not lifting a finger
if the father refuses.
Try, please.
I don't even know
where this man is.
I'll talk to them,
but it won't be easy.
Thank you.
-Thanks, keep in touch.
And I'm sorry.
They haven't disconnected him yet,
so let's not throw in the towel, OK?
Fuck, we had it.
-We had it, fuck...
-It was my fault, Marta.
The protocols exist for a reason
and I skipped them.
-I can talk to the parents.
-Pablo, please, stop. OK?
Haven't you fucked it up enough?
Can you tell me what the fuck
is going on up there?
-I'm so sorry.
I'd give anything to go back to
this morning and...
stop what happened.
What? You were there?
I had the robber in my sights.
But I didn't...
Fucking hell.
And what do you want?
Do you want me
to fucking forgive you now?
You think you've got
the right to come here
and cause a fucking scene
in front of my son?
Roi... Roi is my son.
He's here, really sick, he's dying.
And he needs an urgent transplant,
a heart.
And Dani's already dead.
Dani's already dead.
You don't save my son and now
you want his heart to save yours?
I'm sorry.
Listen, I don't want...
Dani's death to be in vain.
So I'll sign the consent.
But I don't want that killer
to get away with it.
I assure you,
he'll go to prison.
No... You don't get it.
I'm telling you that
I'll sign the consent
and your son will have his heart.
But only if that son of a bitch dies.
Do what you should've done
this morning.
What are you saying?
What are you asking of me?
To kill him?
I'm asking you to do
your fucking job.
I can't get near him, I tried,
but you can, you're a cop.
Are you asking me to kill him?
I'm asking you to do what
you should've done this morning.
You know I can report you for this?
Report me. Report me.
-You're crazy.
-I have nothing more to lose.
That son of a bitch deserves
anything that happens to him now.
But my son...
is a child.
He doesn't deserve to die.
I'll wait for you here.
In one hour.
He's out of danger,
but we'll have to operate again
to reconstruct his jaw.
-Boss, Pablo Neira's here.
-Get him to wait.
-How are you doing?
-Babysitting this bastard.
-Here we are.
-How is he?
A lot calmer.
Don't worry, we'll talk later.
Excuse me a second.
Costa, listen...
Pablo, I told you to stay
with your wife and son! Fuck!
What were you after there?
Their forgiveness?
This isn't about you!
It's about two civilians
who lost their son.
Can you imagine the pain
that family's going through?
Nuria, it's...
It's Roi...
What's Roi got to do with this?
-He needs an urgent transplant.
-I know.
The boy from this morning...
...is the possible donor.
Nuria, if...
if I'd shot this morning,
this wouldn't be happening.
Yes, I know. If you'd shot,
that boy wouldn't be dead.
And if I hadn't let you
on that operation
he wouldn't be dead.
No, Nuria...
Yes, I'm as responsible as you are.
I didn't want anyone
to die this morning,
neither did you.
Nor do I think that creep
had the slightest intention
of killing anyone this morning.
But look...
Just a second.
Go ahead, Novoa.
I'll call you back.
I know you just argued
with the father.
I imagine it was about the donation.
But Pablo, I want you
far away from that man.
I know you're anxious about your son,
but precisely because of him
you have to understand
that right now your place
is by their side.
By his side and that of your wife.
I'll come see you later.
I'm sorry.
So am I.
stay with the father and tell me
if Pablo Neira is with him again.
Don't worry.
He's here with his wife
and daughter.
...and to go home, right?
I know.
Daddy and I have to wait
for some papers
and we'll go, OK?
And Dani?
Did you tell her?
I want to tell her at home.
I want to get out of here.
You haven't signed?
I would've,
but he's your son too.
Sergio, please.
Please, sign the papers.
And let us go.
But Lidia, that cop
could've saved Dani,
he could've and he didn't.
He didn't, do you understand?
Don't you get it?
Get what?
What are you telling me?
Whatever it is,
tell me to my face.
You blame me for Dani's death.
Is that it?
If only I'd gotten on that bus.
It's best if he rests
and we operate again here...
Doctor, I only need to know
if he'll survive a transfer.
I guess we can ask Santiago's team...
Good, I'd be grateful
if you'd begin the protocol.
The sooner, the better.
Get in here, quickly.
Don't look back. Get in.
Quickly, and shut the door.
You're being followed.
Quickly. Fuck. Go, go.
There, sit down to pray.
There you go.
Listen closely.
I'll do what you asked.
But if you don't sign the papers,
before you go to jail,
I'll send you straight to hell.
I promise you,
your son will be saved.
And his father will be a murderer.
How will we do it?
I was in room 507,
it's guarded by two police.
You're not going to do anything.
I want to be there,
to see that bastard die.
You've had a guy
on your ass all day
and you didn't realize.
They've probably located your phone,
so, if you want to help,
go to your family and stay calm.
How do I know
you're not tricking me?
I'll do it from the building in front,
from the geriatric wing,
I'll have visibility there.
Now get up and go,
you've prayed enough.
Try to distract the guy
in the brown jacket.
The boy's father just got a taxi.
Novoa, stay on his ass
means stay on his ass.
At least he's not in the hospital.
That almost worries me more.
I'll call you back.
Damn it, Pablo...
Look for Pablo Neira in the hospital.
Get the patients
out of their beds if necessary.
We'll prepare for the transfer.
I want the robber
out of the hospital now!
Hello. Hello. Please...
Someone help me! I don't know
what's wrong with him.
Take a right here, please.
Weren't we going downtown?
No, I have to get something first.
Yes, by helicopter.
Why else do we have them?
No, it's an emergency.
I'm telling you.
Fine, great, ask whoever,
but if something happens,
it's your responsibility.
Guys, eyes peeled.
Apart from the med staff for
prisoner transfer, no one goes in.
No one.
Not Pablo Neira either.
Only Novoa and me. Got it?
Stop here.
Here, please.
Listen, I know what you'll think,
but I'm not conning you.
It's a lot of money.
You fucking bastard!
Fucking thief!
PJ2 here:
Bird arriving in 3 minutes.
PJ7 to PJ1:
We found a cellphone
in the chapel.
It's Pablo Neira's.
Bring it to me
and keep looking for Pablo.
-What the fuck did I tell you?
Relax, no one followed me.
I took care of the phone too.
He killed Dani
and I want to see it.
-I need to see it.
-Stay there.
get ready to shift the package.
They're taking him away?
PJ6 here.
They're finishing preparations.
Tell us when you're out.
Have you got him?
Do you want to fuck it up?
Shut up. Fuck.
Have you got him?
Relax, relax, relax.
We're not going to hurt you.
Okay? Relax.
That's it, that's it.
Kill the son of a bitch.
PJ2 here, bird sighted.
Repeat, bird sighted.
You've got him,
kill the son of a bitch.
I can't.
Shoot. Shoot.
You've got the shot.
You've got the shot. Shoot.
I'm not a fucking murderer.
-What are you doing?
-I can't, I can't.
What's wrong? Fuck!
What the fuck are you doing?
Fuck! Shoot.
Shoot. Fuck! Shoot.
Do your fucking job.
Son of a bitch.
You want your son to die?
Is that what you want?
You want your son to die?
Your son's going to die.
Son of a bitch.
Mr. Nogueira.
Mr. Nogueira, who's there?
Open the door, please.
Whoever's there, open the door.
Take off your clothes.
PJ2 here, bring the package.
-The helicopter's ready, boss.
-Good, let's go.
Stay in front, please.
You come with me.
PJ6 here. We're coming up.
Shut this door, please.
Novoa, what do we know
of the boy's father?
He left the taxi and hid
the phone under the seat.
-And Pablo?
-No idea.
I don't get what's going on here.
Hey, stop!
Stop! Police!
-Stop! Police!
-Don't shoot him.
-Toss the gun!
-Don't shoot.
-Put the gun down!
Put the gun down!
-Look at me.
-Put the gun down!
Mrame, por favor.
Please, listen to me.
You'll only make things worse.
He killed my son.
He'll pay for what he did.
But if you kill him,
you'll lose a lot more.
You'll lose everything.
He killed Dani.
The son of a bitch killed...
I know. And I'm sorry.
Think of your wife and daughter.
They've already lost enough.
They can't lose you too.
Don't do it, please.
Put the gun down.
Sergio, give me the gun.
I'm sorry.
Yes, copy, they're taking him.
What's happening with Pablo?
They're bringing him down.
Look, his phone.
It has 15 calls.
My God.
You have a lot of explaining to do,
you know that.
-But look,
you have to call.
-We'll talk about this.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
They're operating on Roi.
He'd signed.
That's it.
That's it.
Now, listen to me for once
and go see your wife and son.
Honey. Sorry, this morning
you got me...
Yes, I found out.
It's everywhere.
-It was serious, huh?
-You'll tell me later.
-I will. Of course.
-Do you need anything?
-No, I wanted...
to hear you, but I imagine
chubby cheeks is asleep.
Asleep, she says!
She's full of beans...
Say something to your mother!
Say what you said before,
when you didn't want a change.
Say it loud so she can hear you.
All clear. Let's go to implant.
They said it'll be about four hours.
Chocolate, vanilla and cream.
But that's three flavors.
We said two. Right?
-It doesn't add up.
-Two for me.
And the other for who, Teddy?
You know how hot
he must be with all this hair?
You've got a cheek!
Alright, choose.
This, this, this and this.
What kind of math
do they teach you in school?
-Better this one.
Get what you like.
Look, Dad!
Is that it?
Come on, Roi, smile.
Come on, it's starting!
-Come on, let's go.
-Let's go.