Faubourg 36 (2008) Movie Script

Is that him?
Doesn't look like a killer.
Your timing's bad, pal.
I'm off on holiday later.
With this weather...
I need a bit of sunshine.
First name?
They call me Pigoil.
Place of birth?
The Faubourg.
Which one?
The Faubourg. There's only one.
A unique show in Paris. Unique!
On the Faubourg
and at the Chansonia tonight.
An unforgettable
New Year's Eve spectacular!
Songs, magic,
laughter, pretty women!
Starring Line Andrieux,
Rjax and that lady- killer...
...Tony Nightingale!
All for 4 francs in the stalls...
...and 3 in the circle.
Hurry, it's starting!
You're not interested?
Are you sure?
Roll up, it's a wonderful show!
Pigoil, you're late!
I know.
You're never late.
Seen Jojo?
Not yet. How's my new jacket?
I wanted to wear it for my debut.
Yeah, do that.
It won't be long now!
I'll be the prince of imitators!
Why not the king?
Evening, Pigoil.
They're looking for you.
Milou's caused a rumpus again.
Get the program!
Not much of a crowd.
It's not bad.
All right?
Hey, Blaise, tonight.
Don't you"Milou" me.
We're sick of it!
Let me speak.
Is Dorfeuil dreaming?
I'll talk to him.
He thinks we're rolling in it?
We get paid tomorrow and no later!
Or we'll go on strike. We all agree!
No, we don't all agree
and you know it.
People, we're running late.
Think of the audience.
Tomorrow and no later!
Here we go.
Honey, seen Jojo?
No. Why?
Mind my makeup.
I have a surprise for you both.
Am I beautiful?
You bet.
Welcome to the Chansonia.
This evening, a dazzling show...
...designed to enchant.
New Year's Eve...
...a program by Louis Dorfeuil...
It looks bad
when you contradict me like that.
Your politics wear us out.
My politics?
It's about workers' rights.
I've been here 35 years,
six days a week, 60 hours a week.
I never complain.
You're proud of that?
Milou, get into place.
All right.
Us others love this dump too.
His name?
You'll guess when I say...
...he sings like an angel.
All men envy him...
...and all women are mad about him.
Yes, it's him...
...Tony Nightingale!
I wait till her street is in shadow
And every door has been closed
Until all the stars have faded
Into the collusive sky
Beneath Maria's balcony
I wait for Maria to see me
If she sees me
Evening, Dorfeuil.
This isn't nice!
I hate hurting others.
I can't, Galapiat.
Not right away. Give me more time.
Take your time if you want.
But not mine.
Pay me back by midnight
and I'll tear this up.
If not, the Chansonia is mine.
Curtains. Everyone on the dole.
Demolition, reconstruction.
Prime real estate.
This theater is my life.
I won't wish you a happy New Year.
It's bad luck before midnight.
Seen Viviane?
I wait for Maria to see me
Come in, silly.
If she sees me
You knew it was me?
Why are you here?
And you?
Tony is letting me change in here.
You're modest now?
I have a surprise.
I went to the travel agency.
Look, the sea.
We'll go for a week with Jojo.
Let's talk later.
It's me, my love!
...we need to talk.
With Nightingale?
The slut.
I don't believe it. What a slut!
What's wrong?
You almost seem jealous.
I am.
I mean...
...jealous for your sake.
Excuse me, l- -
Viviane and Nightingale?
Any connection?
They've been connecting, all right.
What about Milou?
Are they at it too?
See, it looks better here.
It's more an indoor jacket.
My wife sleeps around
and only your jacket matters?
Where's Pigoil?
No idea.
He has to do the curtain.
What's up?
You go fast, Jojo. Very fast.
Much too fast. Start again.
Three times slower.
Is that you, son?
Where were you?
At Radio Man's.
Again? Stop going there.
You know he's...
He helps with my homework.
No reason.
Why are you out here?
I needed some air.
Can I go and see Mom?
No. Wait.
Goodbye, 1935.
Nineteen thirty- six!
Happy New Year!
PARlS 36
The results of the election
of May 3, 1936...
...are a resounding victory
for the Popular Front!
. Lon Blum
is forming a government...
...to carry out
unprecedented social reforms...
...bound to create further tension.
More than a turning point...
...it's a revolution for workers.
These are times of hope.
What is it?
Your breakfast.
What time is it?
Eight o'clock.
You're not at school?
I'm going.
Off you go.
Long live the Popular Front!
Come and see. It's heating up.
All comrades must stand united
for a common cause, the strike!
An immediate strike!
Here and now!
Easy to call for a strike
when you don't work here.
But I'll be here.
Every day...
...with the union to back you.
Who's for?
Who's for?
Come on, vote.
Yes, comrades!
A unanimous vote.
I need your help, Mr. Galapiat.
The union has sent Emile Leibovich.
I'm seeing red, literally.
What will you do?
Come on, let's go.
With two bottles of red...
...that makes
22 francs and 52 centimes.
Tell me, Crouzet.
I've known you a while now.
Why give only me credit?
I trust you, Pigoil.
Jojo doesn't suspect anything?
We've never had debts before.
Like I told you,
it's between you and me.
Have a good day, Crouzet.
Here we go.
Not too fast!
Let's get rich!
This kid Jojo is gonna go far
His fingers as swift as a shooting
With a memory that nothing can mar
This kid Jojo is gonna go far
One day when he's a true champion
A leading brand of accordion
On its goods will carve his name
To ensure his everlasting fame
Thank you!
Jojo and Clment will be back...
...same time tomorrow.
You're a lousy singer.
Who cares? It makes them laugh.
Next spot.
We did well today.
Come and see.
When I was in the Red Army...
...I lost a lot of comrades in battle.
The strike suits you.
I'm Emile.
Milou to the ladies.
Are you Leibovich?
In person.
To join up, fill out a form at the
A comedian.
You commies have five minutes
to get out.
I smell Yid.
Come on, kids!
What's going on?
Don't just stand there! Run!
Fascist bastards!
Keep away from the laundry.
Strikes aren't for kids.
They're for idlers.
Milou's no idler.
Milou? He's the king of idle slobs.
The Chansonia closed four months
ago. Seen him work since?
I haven't.
He's always chasing skirt...
...stirring up trouble in factories...
...yelling about strikes
and occupations.
I can do that too.
You don't work either.
I wanted to ask you.
Why don't you and Milou
speak anymore?
Is it because of Mom?
Sort of.
Do you miss Mom?
Do you miss her?
No. Do you?
Me neither.
Liar yourself.
Eat while it's hot.
Is it good?
You impressed us at the laundry.
You didn't waste time, old chap.
The one with the ball is pretty.
Too bad.
You certainly deserve
a role worthy of you.
Once we take power.
Blum is already up the creek.
He'll fall like rotten fruit.
And we'll be waiting.
Heading the militia contingent
is a good start...
...but with the support I give you- -
150,000 francs since January.
- I hope for other responsibilities
in your party, my dear Grevoul.
You'll have them.
But you must calm down.
"Soft pedal," as you people say.
Explain, Tortil.
Your boys overdid it at the laundry.
One worker, a father of four,
is in a coma.
I may not be able
to cover you next time.
Enough idle chat.
I hear you have
some new goods in stock.
Top- quality.
I'll vouch for that.
If the inspector vouches for it...
You spoil us, Galapiat.
Let's see.
Always ready to serve France.
Blimey, true as
my name's Fernandel...
...I remember
the conscription officer told me:.
"You're short of breath,
you need a bigger chest."
I told him,
"My sister got all the chest."
I've got him down pat, right?
I'll fit it into my act.
My one- man show,
as they say on Broadway.
They'll go wild.
How many auditions
these last four months?
Around 10.
Maybe a few more.
And always turned down?
You're so naive. Can't you see...
...established stars block the way?
A guy like me puts them
in a blue funk.
Give it a rest.
You're wearing us out, Jacky.
Just find a job. A real one.
With real pay!
Thanks for helping Jojo.
Only natural.
It changes nothing.
I haven't forgotten about Viviane.
Have a drink and make up.
I don't drink with traitors.
I don't drink at all anymore.
Lovely! Good payers
are hard to come by these days.
Just carry on like this.
Give him all he wants,
but he mustn't know.
You're a complicated lot.
Don't worry, it's between us. Here.
You're two francs over.
Where's this from?
It's a gift from Crouzet.
A gift? From Crouzet?
I swear.
Lying to me now.
We Pigoils never steal!
I didn't steal it.
Consider this a gift too!
Jojo, come back!
Here they come!
This kid Jojo is gonna go far
His fingers as swift as a shooting
With a memory that nothing can mar
What are you up to?
How old are you?
He can't even play the accordion, sir.
I'd like to help, but...
All right.
Sit down, Mr. Pigoil.
Your son is engaged in begging.
You're no longer capable
of raising the boy.
He'd be better off in care?
Who mentioned care?
He has a mother.
His mother's gone on tour
with her lover boy.
She's back.
She admits she was wrong...
...and has been here
to tell us she wants her son back.
I have agreed to that,
for a trial period.
Until you've found
regular employment...
...you won't be able to have him back,
or even see him.
But she walked out on us!
Months without a word!
Your ex- wife is now involved in...
...a model relationship with a
A retailer?
A spirits merchant.
Calm and honest.
In a small country town.
Ideal for your son.
We forgot to give him this.
Chin up.
The Great MAX
Open up.
Recognize this?
Come here, bastard!
Stop! I don't want to go out!
You taught him to beg!
That was his homework. Why?
Down, Aristide!
"The sea, the sea."
It's all you talk about.
Talked about.
He wanted to make enough
to take you.
Why didn't you tell me?
It was a surprise.
And I never see you anyway.
Of course, you haven't been out
for 20 years now.
Thanks to my radio...
...I know the world as if I did go
You're not missing much.
Look what the world's made of me.
What's going on?
Who opened the place up?
Jacky. He's lost his mind. Look.
He's told everyone to come.
Galapiat will be hopping mad.
It looks good.
Well? Can't you guess?
Make an effort.
I'm sure you know this voice.
What on earth is this masquerade?
Order, gentlemen! I want order!
So? Who is it?
Inspector Tortil!
Get out of here!
Who goes there?
This looks bad.
Get down, idiot.
Get out! It's private property!
Out with you.
Don't you speak French, you clown?
Ever heard of manners?
You say hello when you turn up.
You shouldn't be here.
Wait till Mr. Galapiat finds out.
I'm scared.
We can still have a laugh here.
Your Chansonia's dead, moron!
Not yet!
This is our place.
We've given it our lives.
We'll take something back now.
We're occupying it.
We're occupying it!
Yeah, we're occupying.
What's up, guys?
You can't improvise a revolution.
I don't care about your revolution.
I just want a steady job.
Chansonia occupied.
You said it.
Just a second.
You think you can restore
...set up a new show,
run a business.
All that...
...in my place?
Well, yes.
We're professionals.
I admire your passion for work...
...but private property
is a sacred right in France.
We'll pay rent. With luck,
we'll buy the place one day.
How? By singing for your supper?
In any case...
...you have no choice.
Tomorrow, the whole country
will be on strike.
The times are changing.
Stop it, please.
Enough, Pigoil.
I'm sick of their smooth talk.
The workers are taking back
their work tool.
Bravo, Comrade Leibovich.
A true democrat. With men like you,
France is in good hands.
You leave France be.
She doesn't need schemers like you.
What are you implying?
Can I have a word with you? Alone.
What is it?
You remember Charles Vl?
Charles Vl, son of Charles V...
...whom he succeeded in 1380.
Enough, Triquet.
Watch your tone with me.
His peaceful nature
endeared him to the French.
They called him
"Charles the Beloved."
What the hell do I care?
You heard Tortil.
If you're harsh,
you may lose everything.
Stay discreet, show trust.
You already rule the Faubourg.
Become its Beloved.
Galapiat the Beloved.
Hi, Pigoil.
Veal stew"Chansonia"
So you're with us, are you?
Isn't it obvious? You fatheads.
Galapiat gave us a month.
A month to succeed, Jojo.
The Chansonia is in a bad way.
We'd never have managed it all
on our own.
Nearly there.
Time to eat!
They're all back, happy to work,
even for nothing...
... until the first receipts.
Even your pal Clment came.
I think he misses you.
Careful, lads. I get vertigo.
So don't look at us.
You play the accordion.
I hope you'll play me
a tune or two soon.
I miss you so much.
Lots of love. Dad.
I'm not accusing anyone.
I'm just saying this mill worked well.
So buy a new one.
It's only 15 years old.
Mom, can you post this for me?
We have to go every day.
They have to see it's my place.
They mustn't forget that.
That's why monarchs
put their heads on coins.
Philippe le- -
Philippe le Bel.
Excuse me.
I'd like to see Mr. Dorfeuil.
That's terrible.
He was desperate.
He begged me to buy his theater.
I didn't quibble.
Friendship is priceless.
But fine gestures
aren't always enough.
Why did you want to see
dear old Dorfeuil?
He was the last person
Mother knew in Paris.
Knew? Why? Is she..?
She's dead. Two months ago.
You poor dear.
I'm not your poor dear.
Just a way of speaking.
I see you with your little suitcase...
...your little dress,
your little tears.
You're very sentimental.
Not always.
There's your pretty smile.
I have to go.
What? So soon?
I'll make the rounds...
...and do auditions.
I want to make my debut.
Debut in what?
The music hall, of course.
Well, I never... It's not easy.
You need contacts.
I'm not scared.
Thank you for your welcome.
Mr. Galapiat told me to help you.
I'm all right.
My chauffeur.
He'll take you where you like.
Mr. Triquet, my accountant.
That's sweet,"Douce."
Do you have family here?
Where will you sleep?
I'll manage.
I've got my wits about me.
Do we have a room left?
I'll check.
I'm all right, really.
Allow me to insist.
In memory of Dorfeuil.
You'll be safe with me.
I'm Flix Galapiat, real- estate
I do business too.
Do you know what they call me?
The Beloved. Galapiat the Beloved.
Allow me to show you why.
Pigoil, we're sick of it.
You say we're all in this together...
...then you hire sluts
once our backs are turned.
You see evil everywhere.
What else are Galapiat's floozies?
What choice do we have?
Let's start.
What are those for?
To look cold.
You don't show what you think.
You look like a fly.
I can't see either.
You're hired.
You'll be paid from the takings.
It said so in the ad.
You'll only be paid if it's a hit.
...I'm leaving.
Goodbye. Next!
Blaise? Why are you here?
I'm out of work too.
We can't pay you at first.
Do I get meals?
Beverages too?
Count me in.
Love me
It's what you do best
Don't you have another pianist?
Cut it out.
He's good.
Be careful what you eat
Not too salty nor too sweet
You only have one stomach
Be careful what you drink
Not too fizzy
Nor too still
Or you'll need to pee
My belly aches
Too late, it's time to go
He's hired.
Yes, he's good.
It's the girl Mr. Galapiat sent.
Here we go.
What can this tart do?
Who knows?
Back to the knocking shop with her.
Hello, young lady.
What's your name?
I'm sorry?
What can you show us?
Her tits.
Whatever you like.
I can sing a song.
No, thank you.
We have singers for that.
Stick to what you do best.
I can recite a commercial, then.
A radio commercial.
Keep on wasting your time.
Recite your commercial.
Be it by the fire at home...
...or for a night on the town...
...for my sweet lover alone...
...or for a crowd in my gown...
...I use Simon cream
to make me attractive and pretty.
Like every girl in the city.
I thank Simon cream
Simon cream
We'll have to see her pins.
May we see your legs?
Not bad.
You're hired.
The Chansonia is looking so fine
Because Faubourg Paints
Has colors divine
Good. The second one.
Jeanne and her hair styles
Are the best anywhere for miles
It's good thanking our partners.
It's true.
He's in his Sunday best!
How's the ventriloquist doing?
Ace, like your suit.
Pigoil, isn't it time to eat?
That's all you think of.
Your musicians?
They're free.
Are they good?
They're free.
My costumes?
See Milou about that. Milou!
Very funny.
Take her to Paris- Costumes.
Send the artistic director.
I have to rehearse.
Ask about my new jacket.
You handle the money, so see to it.
I have a reputation here.
You go.
I can't.
Got a cocktail party?
An appointment.
A romantic one.
You understand what I'm after?
Songs about walks in the park.
Merry and joyful ones.
Manager of what, exactly?
The Chansonia. I've taken it over,
with my partners.
Allow me to offer you
two free invitations.
Come anytime with your wife.
Are you getting paid?
Well, no. But I soon will be.
So come back and see me soon.
I've stopped drinking.
Sorry, I have a lot of work.
I know Mr. Galapiat very well too.
Is that a threat?
You're barking up the wrong tree.
No, I didn't mean anything by that.
This is for my son.
Since I can't have his address,
can you forward it to him?
I'll see what I can do.
Thank you.
Look at this one.
All silk with sequins.
Look at the finish.
How much?
Two thousand a week.
You think we're suckers?
Don't move, I'll be right back.
Shopping with you is a joy.
We're not the Folies Bergre.
It's the union's money.
Nouveau riche. No good.
I know why you're so mean to me.
You're attracted to me.
I'm attracted?
And you can't bear the idea of it.
Here we are.
Twelve hundred. Will that do?
It's the cheapest I have.
Why don't you ask your protector...
...to dress you at Lanvin?
He's not my protector.
All right. I can be more vulgar.
...this show has to be worth seeing.
What's your problem?
Beware of reds.
You're heading for a fall.
Yes, reds.
For instance...
...the one you were with today...
...is a real red.
An agitator ready to sell France
to Moscow.
And to abuse young orphan girls.
Are you jealous?
I have a right to be.
I watch over you. I worry.
That's very kind. Thank you.
But I never asked you to.
You make me suffer, Douce.
You're so distant. It hurts.
Let me help you reach the very top
as you deserve.
Good night.
Take me home.
I'm in bed!
It's Emile.
Good evening.
I could have been with a client.
Sorry about earlier.
It's not like me to...
I know you're not a...
I apologize, okay.
Come on in.
No, I don't want...
Don't be afraid.
I'm not afraid.
I didn't pick the decor.
Glad to hear it.
Where did he take you?
To his cabaret, the Arabian Nights.
You know it?
I don't go to rich folks' clubs.
So where do you go?
Shindigs, dance halls,
places where workers go.
That's where I come from.
I'm from Lille. Well, near there.
I didn't know.
What do you know about me?
That you're pretty.
And Galapiat's friend.
Not again.
I know how to flush out the enemy.
I was in the Red Army elite corps.
Real tough guys,
nothing like Galapiat.
Watch your step with him.
He's scum.
Funny, he said the same about you.
He did?
Who'll you believe?
I don't know.
I'll think about it.
And now, Monsieur Fernandel.
I don't know, I don't know
I don't know if Raymonde is blonde
Under her arms, left and right
The hair is black as night
On the day we finally wed
After the party, we were in bed
I had a revelation
She wasn't blonde
What deception
Bravo! Excellent, Jacky!
Thank you. Come back anytime!
Thank you.
It's not quite ready.
Have you seen
my young protge anywhere?
She's gone. To try on costumes.
Something sexy.
You see what I mean?
Not alone?
No, with Milou. Emile.
He knows all about skimpy dresses.
Can I buy you a drink?
Frankly, I'm worried
about the Chansonia.
Apart from you and Douce,
the others...
You've noticed then?
No, no.
Thank you.
I'll tell you something.
I'm what they call a star turn.
I'll offer you a deal.
Fill me in on everything...
...the problems, who's doing what.
Be my right- hand man, in short.
And I'll help you with your career.
A big stage.
Just for you.
Can I really say stuff like this?
It's humor, Jacky, a caricature.
Your talent will make it work,
believe me.
Our old Gallo- Roman homeland...
...now governed
by a naturalized Jew.
Since all of us here in SOC...
...Iove our dear France...
...it is our duty to raise a wall...
...a patriotic rampart
to keep out all the rats...
...who come to eat
our fine French cheeses!
Long live France!
Long live SOC!
Do you recognize me?
Try hard.
They call me the Yid.
"Kike" to my friends.
Fear not, I don't mean you any harm.
I love France!
As long as she fills my pockets.
Seen my carpet, my friend?
Nice and cheap.
Cheaper than Lon Blum!
What do you think of it?
I wrote it.
Yeah, boss!
No problem, boss!
We go out picking that cotton!
Charge, sergeant!
I hear it's an excellent film.
Paris. In these troubled times
of strikes and factory occupations...
...the unemployed
of a neighborhood have united...
... to revive a music hall...
... with imagination
and staunch determination.
Stagehands, cashiers, usherettes
and even sandwich men...
...all jobs that need filling.
All the local businesses
support them...
...from the caf owner to the grocer
while waiting for the artists.
It's good to see
the French stand united.
An example to follow!
A fine example.
Where are you going?
Jojo, come back!
Hold my bag.
Where are you going?
I'll be right back.
You think I feel nothing?
I've made blunders.
But I came back for you.
I'm doing all this for you.
You've made a lot of progress here.
Don't worry about your dad.
He has all he needs.
Come back in now.
I got us the best seats.
All right, we're coming.
You're my sweetheart.
The Chansonia reopens tonight!
Free admission for all!
See the Five- Man Quartet!
Romance with Roger Nizza!
The escape artist, Fred Kraft!
And only at the Chansonia,
the Prince of Imitators, Jacky
Where were you?
I forgot the time.
Are you kidding? He forgot the time.
Everyone's here.
Not only. Look at the third row.
The cream of the press is here.
Even the radio has come.
Here we go. Mazel tov!
Don't screw up.
Good evening.
Welcome to the Chansonia.
It's an important evening
for our music hall...
Break a leg!
...run by Mr. Pigoil.
Over to you.
Show them what we're made of.
Remember what I said, keep smiling.
Your paper!
Here we go.
Go on.
Good evening
and welcome to the Chansonia...
...for its gala reopening.
This is a big night for our music
...now run by Mr. Pigoil...
...and his friends.
Only after you do.
We wouldn't be here
without everyone who believed in us.
For fresh produce every day
One address, chez Crouzet
For his cooking and fine wine
Take a table at Clestin's
And thank you to Mr. Galapiat
who made this possible.
No need to overdo it.
And now...
...the man known
as"The Prince of Imitators."
Yes, the one and only...
...Jacky Jacquet!
If the manager says so...
Get the next announcement ready.
Jacky, we're right behind you.
Bravo, Jacky!
Thank you.
Thanks to Jacky,
the Prince of Imitators...
...we're taking flight.
Here come the planes.
You can picture the plane.
He's priceless.
Thank you.
Now let's go fishing.
It's a sunny day.
Look up. What do I see there?
Ducks, ladies and gentlemen.
Do you see them?
The daddy duck.
The mommy duck.
The ducklings.
Ducks, ladies and gentlemen.
We can't leave this fabulous place...
...without hearing the frogs wake.
Here come the frogs.
It takes some doing.
He's alone up there.
It's not easy.
He's not funny.
Try doing the frog for this crowd.
Thank you.
They're a bit cold tonight.
I'll warm them up.
You've been waiting for him.
With special permission
from his sergeant- -
A song!
Yeah, a song!
- our greatest comic troupers.
You know who I mean, Poupart!
A song!
What's wrong?
She has to sing.
You have to sing.
They want a song.
You must know one.
Not very well.
It'll do.
What about me?
Go on.
It won't work.
Whenever I'm far from Paris
My lungs can't catch a breath
My heart is filled with tears
And my body feels exiled
The furthest
I ever went was along the Mrne
To follow a little crush I had
But as soon as all the din fades
I'm bored for silence doesn't suit me
Paris, Paris
You're my only family
Paris, Paris
Only with you is my heart free
If I don't see you again tomorrow
Paris, I'll die
Eaten up by sorrow
You bewitch me with your charms
I'll lie naked in your arms
If I don't see you again tomorrow
Paris, I'll die
Eaten up by sorrow
You realize?
You knocked them out.
I bombed.
I bombed.
No, but maybe the ducks
were a bit long.
I'll open with the frogs.
It's more logical.
People liked it though.
Today was free.
We'll know more tomorrow.
Maybe you need artists a bit more:.
How do I pay artists a bit more:.
Landlord. No music?
There's never an accordion
In an army marching band
He's given you the night off?
He has his cabaret.
With fancy people.
Fancy people.
The whole of Paris, like.
Come on, I'll show you something.
Right now?
Yeah. Come on.
Mind your head.
It's so high up.
I like the whole of Paris from here.
From our Faubourg.
It's beautiful.
It's worth seeing.
You said it.
I have to tell you something.
I wasn't in the Red Army.
In fact...
...I got there too late
to sign up as a volunteer.
I tried all the same.
There you go.
I have something else to say.
Something personal.
I'd like to dance.
I'll catch up.
Hello, dear listeners.
Raymond Albenc, you attended
the reopening of the Chansonia.
Was it a good show?
I'll be blunt. It's a total disaster.
It's a laudable undertaking...
...but it flirts
with the limits of amateurism.
No good points?
One perhaps.
An intruder within this mess.
Douce, I believe.
A lovely young announcer
who'll soon find a better showcase.
Everything's going well. Very well.
The audience is back
and the show's better and better.
Not everything is perfect.
Some acts still need
a little fine- tuning...
...but we're on the right track.
We're off to a good start.
Without a few harsh reviews,
we'd be turning people away.
We're in good spirits anyhow.
The young wonder I hired
is better by the day.
Thanks to her, Borchard,
the top producer, came to see us.
You have my card and my number.
Call me.
I'm counting on you.
That proves
we're heading for success.
What did he want?
I'll be able to fetch you soon.
And we'll take that train to the sea.
I haven't heard from you at all.
Drop me a line.
Even with spelling mistakes...
...I won't mind.
Love, Dad.
Come in.
It's you?
Come on in.
What's wrong?
You want to leave too?
Dubrulle and the others are.
I understand.
What's to keep you here?
The Red Army captain?
I'm no expert but I sense things.
Mother said that love
only occurs once in life.
In some lives, it never does.
It's the wrong time.
Where would it lead us?
What would make you happy?
Then go for it!
Forget us.
Say you won't hold it against me.
The Gare du Nord, please.
And right then he said,
"Try using suspenders."
I haven't finished.
Don't go, wait.
Come up here and say that.
Get off!
Get lost, you moron!
Thank you, Jacky Jacquet.
We hope you have spent
a pleasant evening...
...and also hope...
...to see you soon...
...dear audience,
for another evening...
...of laughter...
...and good humor.
It's over, you old fart.
Go to bed.
Replacing strikers makes you scabs.
We just want to feed our families.
I know the comrades there.
They're men of honor.
They'll stone you!
You rats. Buy yourself some balls!
Are you nuts?
Hands off, you damn Jew!
Pigoil's drunk! He's up on the roof!
Pigoil! Get down from there!
Yes, it's me! Pigoil!
The failure who's failed again!
He drank on an empty stomach.
Ever seen a loser before?
Meet one. Me!
Germain Pigoil!
What are you doing?
The king of losers!
Come down!
The king of failures!
Germain, stop it. You're drunk!
Leave me be!
Leave me be!
Stop playing the fool!
Come down now!
Come down!
We occupy!
All right. Calm down.
We occupy!
Please, Germain. Come down now.
We occupy!
Come down!
We occupy! We occupy!
Careful, Germain!
He's breathing. Call an ambulance!
Call an ambulance!
Pigoil. Stay awake.
Don't close your eyes.
Where's the girl?
She's gone.
Gone where?
She didn't say.
See you soon. At the usual place.
In a decent jacket.
I can explain.
Get lost.
Get out of here.
They're coming.
They'll be here soon.
Keep your eyes open.
Stay with us.
They're coming.
Tonight, June 8th...
...Lon Blum has signed
a historic agreement...
...with the unions
and employers' organizations.
Pressured by a general strike...
...the agreements provide for
a 40- hour week, all Saturdays off...
...and the right for employees...
... to two weeks' paid leave.
This is an event of major importance.
I'm off to that gala.
How much do I owe you?
Forget it.
I don't need your cash.
Come on, you acrobat,
don't be a wimp.
Gently. I'd like to see you try it.
It's all I have left, comrade.
Do you realize how lucky you were?
You call it luck?
You move! You're alive!
To do what?
Well, to- -
What's up with
the Prince of Imitators?
You really want to know?
Between apritifs and opium,
they strike!
The comrades need a holiday,
all right.
Let's send them to Moscow
with a one- way ticket!
That way, we'll lead
the one true revolution...
...the national revolution!
Long live the fatherland!
Long live SOC!
Now, time for some humor,
some good French humor.
Heard about the glazier?
The cuckolded glazier?
He walks along the street shouting:
But he's a cuckold.
He's been deceived.
Like me.
I've been deceived.
By poor, sick men.
Do you know how to recognize
these poor, sick men?
They raise their arms like this,
like idiots.
It's a twitch.
And the incurable cases...
...shout as they march,"SOC!"
S for scum, O for oaf...
...C for cretin!
As was to be expected...
...young Douce has left the Chansonia
for the producer Borchard.
Here she is, performing an old hit
from 1916.
At least we're all together again.
Good to see you.
It's me. It really is me.
I'm dead, is that it?
It's Judgment Day.
Radio! Radio Man!
Where's little Douce?
Your first time out in 20 years
and you ask about her?
Why do you want Douce?
To talk to her.
No idea where she is.
She's taken off.
Like her mother.
But I'll find her.
The Great Max still has contacts.
Douce is Rose's daughter.
Who's Rose?
Max! Wait!
What are you doing?
That's my furniture!
They're seizing your belongings.
It's the landlord.
The landlord? I'll set him straight.
He was in hospital.
Makes you proud to be French!
Forget it.
No, not that!
Not the accordion!
It's all right.
It's Jojo's accordion.
Tell me where I can take it to him.
You know I can't tell you that.
Rose Dalbray
made the Chansonia rich once.
All of Paris came to hear her.
And the Great Max
conducted the orchestra.
Radio Man, you mean?
He was mad about Rose.
He wrote all her songs.
Then out of the blue,
she got pregnant.
The Radio Man is Douce's dad?
No, that's the problem. To get work,
Rose had to slip between the sheets.
Rose was a decent girl.
She told Max everything.
He went crazy.
She was gone the next day.
He looked all over for her
but never found her.
So he went home.
And little by little...
...the Great Max
became the Radio Mn.
Can I help you?
I'm Jojo's father.
Sorry to bother you.
I've brought his accordion.
They're away at my parents'.
How about you?
Have you found work?
I have leads.
At first, we're all without luggage
Lighter than the broadest sky
Where are you from?
I can't recall
The memory
Doesn't retain handkerchiefs
On station platforms
It's a sudden, ardent thing
It's a new beginning
You no longer see the clock's hands
But you can tell
When an encounter strikes you
If you have to fall again
Who are you?
Long live love with its chains
And its irons
It's a sudden, ardent thing
It's a new beginning
Who are you?
The writer of the song.
Very good, my dear. Very good.
I have songs for you.
Do me a favor and leave us.
Take a bow!
Douce! I want to talk about Rose.
Rose Dalbray.
I never saw her this happy.
She never told me anything.
Or so little.
How did she die?
I'd need to tell you
how we lived first.
She taught you my songs though.
Are you here
just to show me this photo?
My head is full of songs.
The sky is full of stars
The garden full of flowers
And on Rue Francoeur
Roger the greengrocer
This one's a sure- fire hit!
We're off
We're off for the sea we can't see
For the fine air you breathe
What on earth are you doing?
You schmaltz peddler!
Schmaltz peddler?
Douce, we'll miss the train.
We must save the Chansonia.
We can't just let it die.
Neither the theater...
...nor the love stories it's seen.
You're a barrel of laughs lately.
The king of vaudeville.
Good evening, Flix.
I was waiting for you.
You look like you're in great shape.
Still mad at me?
During the tour...
...I thought about the Chansonia
and my career.
That's all fine and dandy...
...but why would I give those losers
a second chance?
For my sake.
For your sake?
And where's the benefit for me?
No, not like that.
It has to come from you.
I have faith.
I have faith in us.
We'll wait the time it takes.
I have a little left.
It goes without saying...
...that I expect total fidelity from
You're not easy to follow.
What does Galapiat get
in return for his theater?
As long as we pay the rent...
I told you before, I'm no sucker.
What's he getting in return?
If you really think that of me...
...maybe we should just...
Let's say I believe you.
What happens next?
We save the Chansonia and buy it.
Save it and buy it. Like that.
Even Jacky is with us.
No kidding. Talk about a reference.
We need you.
When I needed you...
...I got the"Dear John" treatment.
The sky is full of birds
The gardens full of flowers
And on Rue Francoeur
Roger the greengrocer toils
In every season
He has crates of mushrooms
Some with crowns
Like queens so proud
There are postmen
Who pedal slowly by
Bearing the heavy burden
Of letters of love
There are generals
With wooden legs and one arm
It's rare to see one
But they happen along
There are
There are all those things
And in the middle of them all
There's me
One friend was a fascist,
now another's a scab.
I'm too tired for a lecture.
And for a music lesson?
And in the middle of them all
There's me
There's the opera
And singers with good voices
Whose highest notes
Shatter glass
From my balcony
I sing for the pigeons
That fly off
As soon as I start
But rich or poor
Can see the fireworks
And feel like a guardian
Of law and order
Up in the attic
I have two tiny rooms
If you come up
We'll love each other there
There are
There are all those things
But above them all
There's me for you
There are
There are all those things
But above them all
There's me for you
Come on.
We wanted to surprise you.
Who are you imitating?
No one.
But that voice...
It's mine.
Not bad, huh?
It's good.
Good luck.
I'm sorry.
I know you're doing it for your kid.
You don't know anything.
You're not bothered
about your fascist landlord?
What happened to your principles?
Don't you realize
we're making your dream come true?
Your ideal!
Keep the ideal.
I'll keep the steady job.
Give us a week.
Just one week.
A week isn't long.
Why didn't he come here himself?
He doesn't know about this.
Pigoil's reached his limit.
He's written countless letters
without a reply.
And the accordion...
He doesn't know if Jojo was pleased.
Actually, the accordion...
We didn't... Well.
What? You didn't give it to him?
We didn't tell him
his father was here.
For his own sake.
Of course.
A chromatic one's too heavy for him
And it costs a fortune too
His folks will go out on a limb
But if he earns what can they do?
Farewell to days at school
He plays in yards and laundries now
Notes are no mystery at all
Shut up, you drunks.
You'll wake the whole neighborhood!
I'm not coming back.
This kid Jojo is gonna go far
His fingers as swift as a shooting
With a memory that nothing can mar
This kid Jojo is gonna go far
One day when he's a true champion
A leading brand of accordion
On its goods
Will carve his name
To ensure his everlasting fame
What the hell's going on?
This kid Jojo is gonna go far
His fingers as swift as a shooting
Give it a rest!
With a memory that nothing can mar
This kid Jojo is gonna go far
One day when he's a true champion
A leading brand of accordion
On its goods will carve his name
To ensure his everlasting fame
Long live anarchy!
PARlS 36
After years with his radio...
...Max captured the spirit of the
His songs told of the Faubourg...
...with all its hopes and minor woes.
This kid Jojo is gonna go far
His fingers as swift as a shooting
With a memory that nothing can mar
This kid Jojo is gonna go far
One day when he's a true champion
A leading brand of accordion
On its goods will carve his name
To ensure his everlasting fame
They're not men, they're mad
They need to be locked away
Safe under lock and key
Sedated, far from you and me
Sedated, far from you and me
All those guys who pack
A pistol like the English do
Are nothing but killers
We fight but only with our hands
We fight but only with our hands
With a razor
Or a flick knife
With fists
Or butting heads
With boots
The nasty way
And even with dice
But never
Oh, no, never
Oh, no, never
Never, oh, no, never
Never, oh, no, never
With a six- shooter
With a six- shooter
Excellent, boys.
It's working, guys!
I'm not made for this.
Get used to it.
Careful with the costumes.
They don't know I borrowed them.
Isn't this jacket too drab?
Not now! I'm busy with the girl.
It's important for me!
You're beautiful. I'm charmed.
Douce, you're on!
Let me finish.
She's here, okay.
Break a leg!
Off you go, sweetheart.
Blue eyes, dark eyes
Your heart's ready to fall
But beware, who knows
Love is like a wet string
Of course
You're carried off
On the big wheel of love
But men can be cruel
Can you cry for help from up there?
Tie me tight
To the carousel horses
Tie me tight
To the cotton- candy stand
And if I'm tied
By my lips in a kiss
To a handsome young man
Don't untie me at all
Tie me tight
To sailors and soldiers
Tie me tight
To the smell of toffee
And if I'm in a clinch
With an elegant man
Waltzing in a fast spin
Don't release me at all
Tie me tight
To the carousel horses
Tie me tight
To the cotton- candy stand
People came. And came in droves.
They rushed to cheer these
unemployed workers and their show.
We were making money at last,
a lot of money.
Paris 36
was a genuine phenomenon!
And for the first time,
I knew we were off to the sea.
We're off
We're off to the sea we can't see
For the fine air you breathe
Eight more hours to go
Move along
Everybody squeeze up
We're off
We're off to see the breakers crash
You believe anything you're told
I imagine the sea like my eyes
So blue
Like the Blue Train
We're off
We'll stroll along the boardwalk
Before coming back to clock on
The boss will run the workshop
The cloakroom too
We don't care
The sea
The sea, the first one to see it
Has to point it out to us
Six hours to go with the engine
Coughing away
Everybody squeeze up now
Here we go
Here we go, along the highway
Windows wound
All the way down
With the wind blowing everywhere
Doing 30 miles an hour
That's the speed of true bliss
The sea
The sea, we know it's over there
The milestones say straight ahead
Four more hours, you're sure?
I'm sure
Those who sleep miss the view
The sea
The sea where we'll dip our toes
Without socks, without shoes
Then we'll get nearly naked
To get wet all over
The sea
The sea, we're seeing it at last
It's so beautiful
I can't believe it, pinch me
Huge even though I take it
In my arms
We were so right to come here
Are even better than you think
We're off
We're off to the sea
We're off to the sea
Even Lon Blum came to see us.
I'd never been happier.
Your wife's on the phone.
No, later.
I'm off. Have a good holiday.
So it was all going well?
This way, please.
...armchairs, coffee table,
the latest models.
And here...
...the piano.
The best.
You'll be able to rehearse
more easily.
I have big ideas for you.
Well, for us.
You seem a little odd recently.
You have someone else?
I hope it's not who I think.
I hope so for his sake.
I love you.
Thirty towns, guaranteed.
Nothing but the best.
A two- month tour, minimum.
You're a pretty smooth mover.
I'll even raise the pay.
We'll talk to Pigoil and think it
My mind's made up.
Mybe we let success
go to our heads.
Even Milou,
who never trusted anyone.
He guarded the takings every night
at the Chansonia...
... where he slept alone.
Well, more or less alone.
Milou always said
people in love look silly.
Those two looked pretty silly.
Stupid even.
Some folks dream of a cemetery plot
With marble and letters of gold
And to cap it all
Two angels whispering
Sweet nothings
If I kick the bucket
Before my man
Swept away by some bug
Or run down by a truck
I don't want heaven as my realm
I don't want heaven as my realm
I want the pallbearer boys
To slip my pine overcoat
Beneath the still vibrating floor
Of a host of magnificent tangos
I want to hear above my head
A thousand heels, a thousand boots
Spinning away, night and day
Spinning away, night and day
If I kick the bucket
Before my man
Swept away by some bug
Or run down by a truck
I don't want heaven as my realm
I don't want heaven as my realm
The Beloved's days are over.
The king is dead.
Long live the king.
I want to be laid gently down
Beneath the dance floor of my youth
And a few handfuls of sawdust
Will mark out the Great Bear
Above my head, the band
Will play to inspire romance
So that love will triumph
And make death seem trivial
If I kick the bucket
Before my man
Swept away by some bug
Or run down by a truck
I don't want heaven as my realm
I don't want heaven as my realm
And so I told him...
Jojo! Where were you?
I looked him in the eye...
...and know what I told him?
"Borchard, stick your tour
where the sun don't shine."
You told us three times already.
For Bastille Day,
we'll have one hell of a party!
Milou, I'll ask Clestin
to bring you a bottle.
All right, have fun.
Don't go too wild.
Give me the keys.
No way.
Jacky Jacquet
is minding the store tonight.
Thank you.
Thanks a lot, pal.
And dance well!
You're beautiful!
You'll play like that.
I hope so.
Thank you for accepting our demands.
Not all of them.
Well, then, raise your glass.
How did it go?
The bank said yes.
We can buy the Chansonia.
You should've kept your hands
off the girl!
I hate hurting others!
Makes you want to try.
Shall we dance, Max?
Shit, it's not him.
He's seen us. Finish him off.
Merry nightingales
And the mocking blackbirds
Enough, Milou. Get to your basket.
Everyone's asleep.
Even your girl's had enough.
Oh, Pigoil.
Carry on, you.
Girls will have crazy ideas in mind
And lovers
Sunshine in their hearts
When we sing about the salad days
I hate hurting others.
I hate hurting others.
I know, pal, you hate hurting others.
Hurry! What are you waiting for?
Hang on, pal, hang on.
He's dead.
What's it to do with me?
I'm not stupid, Galapiat.
He had time to talk.
You can make a dying man
say anything.
I want you gone within an hour.
Want me to set the dogs loose?
One hour.
What are you doing?
You have no proof!
Milou! Let the police handle it!
They want to dump me.
I'll remind them all...
...just who they're dealing with.
I keep everything, see.
I'll soon refresh Grevoul's memory.
Then we'll see who disappears.
Right, I'll be going.
What are you doing?
I'm fleeing. Fleeing from the terror.
Just like Louis XVl!
Why do they treat you like this?
They don't know you.
Not the real you.
How handsome and kind you are- -
Stop it, you crazy fool.
Really, it has nothing to do with me,
I swear.
Even Galapiat has his limits.
As for the Chansonia...
...you can have it for free.
I see. I know what's bothering you.
The girl.
Shut your mouth.
Shooting an unarmed man
will get you 20 years, minimum.
Think she'll wait for you?
Come on, play fair. Man to man.
True comrades.
You know...
...she was so sweet with me...
...I thought she loved me.
I'm just a man after all.
A poor man, easy to fool.
Like you.
That's sweet, Douce.
I should have been more wary.
There you go.
Your friend, Milou...
...he's a true pal.
He tried to take the rap.
Trouble is, we have a witness.
I'm sorry.
Come on.
Your last gala, Jacky.
You'd have liked
a fine funeral oration...
...but I'm not up to it.
Thank you all for the fine tribute
you're paying him.
I'm sure he's pleased.
Even though I never really shared
your taste in clothes...
...I've kept the best one for myself.
It's time to say goodbye, old pal.
Only one thing can comfort us.
Knowing your imitations...
...die with you.
Farewell, comrade.
We ended up
accepting Borchard's tour.
As in Paris, the show was a huge hit.
We saw beautiful towns where,
for the first time...
...new holidaymakers
were discovering the sea.
In that summer of '36,
I remember that we all saw the sea.
All of us, except one.
All of us, except one.
I thought you had a month to go.
They need room for the collaborators.
They practically kicked me out.
Well, old pal...
Want to eat something?
I don't know.
The food can't have been good.
But now you're back, you're back!
I'll take a look first.
They're packing them in.
He'll keep you in seaside holidays
for a while.
Please, just two seats.
I'm sorry, don't insist. We're full.
Like every evening.
Are you deaf? We're full.
I'm not going in like this.
Just tell Jo Pigoil that...
No, nothing.
Just let him play.
My father
never left the Faubourg again.
He'd say,
"You can find the sea everywhere.
But there's only one Faubourg."
resynch by Cuvio