Faults (2014) Movie Script

Can I get you anything else?
Well, in that case.
Whenever you're ready.
I have a voucher.
I'll be right back.
That's a voucher from the hotel.
Y-Yes it is, but uh, this
voucher's been used already.
No it hasn't.
See here?
These are my initials.
I'm the manager.
When the voucher's been used,
I mark it with my initials and
Then it's processed.
I was given that by the hotel.
I understand.
What I'm saying is that
you used it last night, okay?
I remember you.
And it looks like you, or
someone, you know, tried to
Erase the writing.
But it's pen ink.
I mean, it's faded,
but it's still there.
I am a guest of the hotel.
I was promised one
complimentary meal a day while
I'm staying here.
That's fine, but I don't
know anything about that.
You're going to have to take it
up with hotel management, okay?
But this is no good, and I
need you to pay for your food.
How much is it?
I don't have that.
How much do you have?
I don't have anything.
Okay, I'm going to have
to ask you to leave.
I'd like to finish my meal.
And I'd like for you to leave.
Plus, you've already
eaten your food.
No, stop that.
Come on.
We're not gonna do that.
No, w-We're not
going to do that.
No, no, no, n...
no, come on.
Come on.
Don't make this hard. Come on.
I want you to know I saw you
take that voucher
Out of the trash.
I wasn't going to say
anything because I didn't want
To embarrass you.
And then this happened.
So I'm saying it.
You look familiar.
I don't know you, so I don't
know how you would know me.
Mr. Roth!
Only a few more hours
until your presentation.
Do you have everything you need?
My sign was on the ground.
I-I'm sorry to hear that.
Housekeeping was wondering
at what point they may expect
Also, why was my dinner only comped
last night? Your things to be...
I was under the impression I
would get one free meal
Per day.
What time is checkout
tomorrow morning?
I can be out by then.
I think there's been some
sort of misunderstanding.
Well, according to the
agreed-Upon terms of the
Speaking arrangement.
You are entitled to a night's
stay and one free meal at
Our restaurant.
You used both last night.
Terry is aware of this?
I don't know who terry is.
My manager.
The man who made the deal.
Terry agreed to the terms, yes.
Checkout was supposed
to be at noon.
Can you be out of the
room in the next hour?
One second please.
This is the most basic freedom.
I'm talking about free will.
Making a choice for yourself
based on what life gives you.
That is free will.
But what if someone
else is in control?
What if they control
your physical body?
Your mind's every thought?
Your emotional well-Being?
Well ladies and
gentlemen, cults do this.
They exploit the fact that
inside every single one of us
Is the capacity
to be captivated.
To be manipulated.
They exploit your weaknesses
and remove you from those who
Care about you.
They create emotional and
physical barriers, distancing
You from everyone and
everything you once knew,
Including yourself.
They mold you.
They conform you.
Even with that voice in the
back of your head screaming
"Get out!"
Most give in.
When another human being makes
decisions for you,
Your free will ceases to be.
You're a follower.
At that point you have
become a follower.
But, you don't have to be.
You may ask "how do I
escape this imprisonment?"
Well, I'm...
well I'm going to talk
with you about that now.
And I encourage you to follow
along at this point in
My book.
For those who do not have a
copy, they can be purchased
From me at this time for $15.
I'm sorry, do you
have a question?
No, I do not.
Okay, good.
No one needs a book?
I-I see a lot of you
do not have a book.
Fuck you.
I'm talking to you.
Okay, I, I don't understand
what you're trying to say.
Who are you?
Who are you?
Who are you?
I am Ansel Roth, one of the
world's foremost authorities
On mind control and
cult organizations.
You're a murderer.
Who are you?
You brainwashed my family into
thinking what they were doing
Was right.
Oh god.
It was.
You and people who claimed to
care about her
Gang-Raped her mind.
She would be dead.
I know she's not alive now,
but she would be dead if she
Stayed with the group.
She wouldn't have died alone.
We tried to help her.
You have to see that.
Please, understand.
It's good to see that you've
ruined your own life just as
Much as you've ruined
the lives of others.
Okay, you are right.
Your sister was broken, but
I had nothing to do with it.
She had the choice of living
with people who ignored her,
Controlled her, abused her, or
dying alone in solidarity with
A suicide cult.
She made her choice, huh?
Oh.. Ow!
Piece of shit.
I hope you die!
And I hope I broke
one of your ribs.
do you need a hand with that?
just stack it on
the dolly, please.
This is my wife Evelyn.
I'm Paul.
We attended your seminar.
Did you buy a book?
Oh, we already have one.
Big fans.
I can sign it if you
like for five dollars.
I don't think
that'll be necessary.
Uh, oh, uh, can you
make it out to Claire?
No, I don't sign that book.
I only sign this one.
Put that away please.
Okay, we'll take one. How much?
And you'll want that signed?
Um, yes, right.
I'm sorry about your show.
What, this one just now?
Oh, no, your television show.
It was really something.
I don't, yeah, I don't talk it's a shame...
about that.
Claire, you said?
She's our daughter.
She's, um...
why we're here.
That's why we came tonight.
We were wondering if we might
be able to talk with you
About Claire.
It has been...
a very long day.
I just...
I need to sleep in my...
hotel room.
At this hotel.
We believe she's in a
very dangerous situation.
Nothing has been able to get
through to her.
Dr. Roth, people like you
don't have ads in the
Yellow pages.
We do not know
where else to turn.
To be perfectly honest,
anything I would say
Would be a half-assed version
of something on a page in that
Book in your hand, because
I just do not give a shit
Good luck with everything.
We just want our daughter back.
God damn it...
that's a notice.
Excuse me?
What are you talking about?
Is this a court document?
Am I being served?
This is a matter between two
my employer and
Putting it in writing simply
ensures that there's no
What do you mean
your "employer?"
Who's your employer?
A Mr. Terry.
Terry has been my
manager for ten years.
Have we met?
W-Why have I never
met you before?
I like to think that I handle
matters that require a special
Sort of attention.
Now, I don't carry a gun.
Do you want to know why?
Because I don't need one.
I've also been asked to tell
you that terry's dropped you
As a client.
That's also in the document.
Is this about the book?
Everything is explained
clearly and concisely on the
Page in your hands, but
yes this is about the book.
Now you're to be back
in the city in a week.
Because of your relationship,
well, terry would like for you
Have that week to come
up with the money.
Now this is very, very
considerate of him, so it is
Strongly advised that you
be able to pay what you owe.
Can I just give
him the books back?
One week.
Good morning, Mr. Roth.
Oh, I was just leaving.
Uh, thanks for the book again.
Okay, that's fine.
Can we buy you breakfast?
Our daughter is not well.
She's someone else.
Certainly doesn't listen to us.
She's not around
to listen to us.
We haven't seen her for
months, and we're not talking
About her not obeying.
She's an adult, but...
it's like she's cut
off from the world.
What is the name of the group?
They call themselves "faults."
Oh, I haven't heard of that one.
Who's the founder?
We don't know.
Uh, no one knows
anything about them.
We don't know how Claire
came to find them.
Well, when's the last
time you spoke with her?
Oh, about a week
ago on the phone.
And what did she say?
I told her that we were
worried about her,
We missed her...
how'd she react to that?
She told me that
she had found god.
That she had made love to it
the night before
While others watched.
Yeah, that does sound troubling.
We have tried everything.
Are you still
supporting her financially?
No, we cut her off last year.
Does she have a car?
Well, they tried to sell
it, but it's in my name.
You're lucky. They usually sell
off items of value
To fund the group.
Uh, Claire reported it stolen.
The next day it showed
up in our driveway.
That's good.
It was on fire.
Have you tried a family
Or exit counseling?
We did.
The group discourages
interactions with
Family and friends.
Especially on what they
call "days of fault-sities."
We convinced her to come.
That it would be okay.
As soon as she saw what it
was, she immediately
Turned violent.
There was an anger in her
eyes, I-I don't know if this'll
Make any sense but...
as weak as she was
physically, emotionally...
I saw a strength in
her I had never seen.
I don't want to lose
my daughter, Mr. Roth.
There is...
One other option you, you...
you have here.
Are you familiar
with deprogramming?
I-Is that what you
did with that man?
That man from last night?
His sister, yes.
We would forcibly take your
daughter away from the group.
You're talking about
kidnapping my Claire?
Under the legal definition, yes,
But it's for her own good.
We would take her far away.
Someplace where she would not
know where she was, but more
Importantly, where no one else
would be able to find her.
I would begin the process
of breaking her down.
Making her question the
group's beliefs and their
Innate contradictions.
W-What are the chances of
something like this working?
Well, in the end, there is a
50% chance you will have your
Daughter back.
And a 50% chance that
we'll lose her forever.
no, yes, no.
She's absolutely right.
I need to be honest with you.
The chances of this working
are even less than that.
This is extremely dangerous
for everyone involved,
Especially Claire.
But, if you believe in the
deepest part of yourselves
That you have done everything
you can to save her, and yet
She continues to fall away
from you,
You have to ask yourselves
"How far am I willing to go?"
Y'all save room for dessert?
No thank you.
No thank you.
Well it was a pleasure
serving y'all today.
Come back and see
us again real soon.
Oh, thank you, for the
breakfast Paul and Evelyn.
That does bring me to one last
point if you do decide to go
Ahead with what we just
talked about doing.
I don't know how to say this
without sounding insensitive,
well, it will not be cheap.
Jefferson and high street!
I don't know what
you're trying to say!
I can't hear shit through this.
We're a block away!
In and out!
And remember, no names!
Shut the fuck up!
I want to get as close as
possible so I can back in.
What number are we again?
That's the second floor.
They didn't have any
non-Smoking rooms left on the
First floor.
Why does that matter?
None of us smoke.
Go to the office, tell them
you made a mistake and you
Want something on
the first floor.
But this is adjoining
with the other one.
They're already here.
Wait wait, sign says
"don't back in."
Alright, we have to
be natural about this.
We don't want to draw any
attention to ourselves, okay?
I need one of you to go to the
room with my things and the
Other with her and me.
Okay, I know you're probably a
little confused about what is
Happening right now.
All you need to know is
that I am your friend.
These two men who are with me
are not your friends, okay?
In a few moments, we're going
to step out of this van, we're
Going to walk across
this parking lot...
we're going to go up a flight
of stairs, down a walkway, and
Into a room.
If you do anything stupid,
I will still be your friend.
These two men who are not
your friends will hurt you.
Do not do anything stupid.
I cannot stress this enough.
And I promise you, everything
will be alright, okay?
Nod if you believe me.
Open the door.
Hey, john, can you tell us a
Little bit about some of the
prizes tonight?
Why is there just the one bed?
Never mind.
Where are my things?
You, come here.
You have my car here?
In the back row
near the lamp post.
Where's my money?
Take the van straight
back to the lot.
No stopping except for gas.
Is there a per diem for that?
There's an extra $30 in there
to go along with your share.
That should take care of it.
You are not to contact us.
Do not speak of this to anyone.
You understand? No one.
One last thing.
He vouched for you and
I appreciate your help.
I said no one lays
a hand on her.
You should not have done that.
And what the fuck you
gonna do about it?
That was not a smart thing you
did back there with the car.
I hope something like that
does not happen again.
Remember, I am here to help.
I know right now that
makes little sense.
What do you want with me?
I'll explain things
to you in the morning.
I just want to go home.
And you will.
I promise.
Make sure she doesn't sleep.
How did she do?
Well, she didn't move a muscle.
Well that's good.
This is going to sound bad and
I probably shouldn't tell you
This, but I know I fell asleep
a couple of times last night.
Cat naps or whatever.
Mhm, you're right.
That does sound bad.
Reason I'm telling you this
is because, well she, she
Could've done something,
but she didn't.
I have to get ready.
Hey, how much
longer you gonna be?
I need to take off.
Are you okay?
Fine. Everything's fine.
I need you to knock on the
door and check in with...
just say you're with me.
Will do.
You're on your own now.
How are you?
They're going to find me.
You realize there's
no hiding from them.
He said you didn't try to sleep.
Why not?
I couldn't.
Aren't you tired?
Do you know why you're here?
You have a family.
A mother and a father, and
they love you like crazy, but
They feel like
they have lost you.
They did this?
They're worried
about you Claire.
Don't call me that.
She was weak and stupid.
What would you like
me to call you?
Just don't call me that.
We won't say that name.
Why are you doing this?
My name is Ansel Roth.
I specialize in helping people
who are lost and who might be
Under the control of others.
I'm not lost.
I found myself and I choose
to live my life the way I live
Because god wills it.
I am here because
I want to learn.
I want you to tell
me about yourself...
where are my parents?
That is not important.
This is just you and me.
What's going on inside
your head right now?
I'm thinking about how I want
to rip your tongue out of your
Throat so you'll shut up.
That you're close enough that
I could reach out and strangle
You with my bare hands
and that I'd like to.
I'm just waiting
for a sign from god.
That is understandable.
Just so you know, I am
probably going to move back a
Little right now.
I was not being facetious when
I said I was here to learn.
I know, it does not seem like
it now, but this will be a
Positive experience.
At least, try not to kill me
until you have a chance to
Hear me out.
Signs from god be damned.
You're on fire.
I need to go to the bathroom.
So you don't lock yourself in.
Might as well take the
door off the hinges.
You could just watch me then.
You'd like that wouldn't you?
You can have a
pop if you'd like.
Also the chocolate
isn't too expensive.
You need to come out.
What are you doing?
Come on.
Let's sit back down and talk.
You need to stop.
Stop, stop, stop.
Calm down.
Calm down.
Now listen to me, just listen.
Five days, that's all this is.
Five days.
After those five days, you can
do whatever it is
You're going to do.
You can go wherever
you want to go.
All you need to
do is talk to me.
Do you want me to take
my hand off your mouth?
Five days?
That's it. I promise.
And then I can go home?
After that, wherever you
consider home to be, you can
Go there, yes.
promise me you will
listen, and not just to me.
To yourself.
Your nose is bleeding again.
Did I hit you?
Oh, I don't think so, no.
I don't know why
this keeps happening.
Here, let me.
Tilt your head back.
Do you mind me asking
how old you are?
Age doesn't mean anything.
You mean in the group?
The time it takes for our
earth to circle the sun?
Why does that matter? It's an
Why is earth so special?
Time means nothing in eternity.
Your parents told
me you were 28.
You shouldn't ask questions
you know the answers to.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
Can you tell me
about the faults?
No "the," just faults.
From a fault comes a change.
Do you believe a
change is on the way?
I don't want to talk about that.
Do you have any pets back home?
A dog.
What was its name?
I know what you're trying to do.
How did they find you?
I found them.
But did somebody hand you a
pamphlet, or did you have a
Friend who was
inside the group...
no, no you don't understand.
I was meant to find them.
I had to.
One day I stepped
outside and I walked.
I walked until I
reached a house.
I had never been to this
place before, but I knew it.
I had seen it.
Something told me to
walk in, and I did.
And they took you in?
I had been with them my whole
life, but at that moment, my
Physical self was home.
Can you describe the group?
In what context?
Gender, race, age.
I know, these things don't
mean anything to you, but it
Helps me to understand.
Men and women. Mostly men.
So no children.
We don't have time to wait
for them to grow autonomous.
What, something is
going to happen soon?
I told you, I don't
want to talk about that.
Can you tell me what
role you play, Claire?
I'm sorry.
That was an accident.
Who are you in faults?
We are all students,
every one of us.
So there's a teacher.
We teach each other.
But there must be
someone in charge.
The person who came first.
And who is god?
You have to find
that for yourself.
You're probably
very tired, right?
When we're tired, we think
less and we feel more.
Today, I wanted you to feel.
You understand?
We should stop there.
You did very well.
I wasn't planning on doing
this so soon, but I want to
Show you something.
I know this will be hard for
you, but
I feel like you're ready.
I just wanted you to see them.
Know they were here.
I don't want to keep
any secrets from you.
Paul, Evelyn, I think
that's enough for tonight.
Let's, let's give her a
chance to process everything.
our baby.
Our Claire...
No, it's alright. It's alright.
She's not really associating
with that identity right now,
But that's alright.
Well what is that
supposed to mean?
There are two identities
in a case such as hers.
The before identity, before
the cult,
And the cult identity.
What do we call her then?
Terms of affection are fine.
Baby, sweetie, honey, whatever
you called her back when
Things were normal.
We never called her honey.
Don't call her that, then.
She needs to sleep.
Today was good.
Tonight I think we need
to keep the doors closed.
We, can we just talk
to her a little more?
In the morning.
I want to do a session
with her in the morning.
After that, I'll
bring you both in.
Thank you.
I'm not asleep.
Sorry, I was just...
I left space for you.
I'm sleeping on the floor.
I'm not going to leave.
Oh, I know.
I trust you, but...
I understand.
You want to know why I'm not
going to leave?
I feel like this is an
God is giving me a
chance to save them.
Your parents?
I can teach them.
Can you turn off the light?
Good morning.
What time is it?
It's light out.
Can you hand me my pants...
to me?
Is that my shirt?
I needed a change of clothes.
Well, your parents
brought some from home.
We'll be seeing them later.
Can you put your dress back on?
You don't have to do that.
There won't be any
housekeeping today.
Did you spray this
with something?
No, with what?
It smells floral.
So faint, it...
I don't have anything.
Sorry, yeah...
I know.
Would you be okay talking
with me this morning?
I've learned a lot about
myself since I found them.
A-Are you familiar
with meditation?
I am, yes.
I do not, myself, but I am
familiar with the process.
I had never meditated before.
I can't picture my
current life without it.
I have goals.
What kind of goals?
There are levels.
The levels are goals one can
achieve if they put their mind
To it.
Anyone can do this, they
just haven't been taught.
What level are you at?
Moving from level
to level takes will.
I've grown so much, but I
don't know if
I'm strong enough.
At least not in time.
In time?
For what?
Is something going to happen?
I cannot say.
Why not?
Because I don't know.
Ira tells...
what's wrong?
Who's Ira?
I shouldn't have said that.
A leader?
Ira is the connection between
us and what happens next.
Is he the one who
brought you all together?
Ira is not a man.
So Ira is a woman?
No, Ira has moved
past the human form.
You have to forgive me, but
I'm not sure what you're
Trying to say.
We are all weighed down
by our physical form.
What does that mean?
Each level means a
piece of control.
But that doesn't really
mean anything, does it?
You have to see they're
teaching you in these vague
Terms and unprovable ideas.
No, no.
Control means all
matter loses meaning.
Control of one's self
means control of others.
It even changes the way others
perceive our image, our light.
Our light?
Or do you not see it?
Are you talking
about invisibility?
Have you witnessed this?
I have.
Can you tell me what happens
when you reach the final
When you become free?
One moves on.
And where do the
people who move on go?
I see they put you in
a room with two beds.
Perhaps you and Evelyn would
be more comfortable with the
We're comfortable.
It's just i...
I gave her the bed.
It's one bed, so
I'm on the floor.
We're not moving.
What is that smell on you?
I'm not wearing these.
But sweetie, these
are your clothes.
Mom, I don't wear stuff
like this anymore.
I like this one.
I'm not wearing that.
And these.
Go put these on.
Yes, daddy.
Wait, your mother
should go with you.
I'm fine.
Well, she'd have taken
all day if I'd let her.
Um, when was the last
time she wore these?
Teenager, I guess?
16 maybe?
Yeah but, don't you think
they might be a bit young?
What are you trying to say?
My daughter looks
beautiful in these.
When she comes back in you're
going to tell her she looks
I am not going to say that.
Remember who's paying you.
You look... beautiful.
Let's begin.
I still don't understand
what it is we did.
You didn't do anything,
that's the point.
We fed you, we put a
roof over your head.
You make it sound
like an obligation.
Maybe that's because it was.
We're not here to pass blame.
But we all are here
because of her.
We are here for her.
Oh, I can't wait for
this to be over with.
Just give me back my baby!
I'm not going home with you.
Yes you are!
I'm not!
Well slit your wrists right
now then, because that's where
You're going to end up
if all this doesn't stop.
And you'll have
yourselves to blame.
Okay, everybody just
take a deep breath, yes?
I thought you'd
see that I'm happy.
I've never been this
happy in all my life.
We need you home with us.
But I'm afraid of you.
I-I don't think
that's a good idea.
Oh, um...
hi, sorry, we'll keep it down.
I'd hate to have to
come up there, Ansel.
Do you know who this is?
Uh, yes.
I remember you. The...
dark gentleman from
the parking lot.
I mean...
in a mysterious sort
of way, I meant.
How are you Ansel?
How did you know where I was?
You're not trying to
disappear on us, are you?
No, no, of course not.
It's just...
I'm working.
It's a job, and I'm going to
pay terry back,
So that's good news.
So I'm glad you called so
I could tell that to you.
Word is you have
the money, Ansel.
Word is you're shitting
envelopes of cash.
No, no, no.
The envelopes?
That, that, that was per diem.
That was separate.
I don't get paid in full
until the job is completed.
Oh, I believe you Ansel.
Thing is, terry doesn't
believe you,
And he signs my checks.
No, I swear.
I'm coming up there.
What if I could
get you half now?
Would that work?
I could, I could get half the
money for you now, and the
Other half when this job
finishes up in three days.
Would that work?
Terry's office.
Be here by nine.
Come alone.
I'm working!
Paul, could I have
a word with you?
I'm right here.
Oh, um, I'd really prefer it
if we could speak privately.
Okay, uh, this is
going to sound...
um, I promise you nothing
funny is going on.
Nothing better be going on.
Well, there isn't.
I need half of the
remainder of the money now.
But we're not halfway through
the process.
I would not be asking if it
were not an extraordinary
So something is going on.
I mean, no.
N-Not here, no.
What do you want the money for?
Who was on the phone?
No one.
My manager.
I have an investment with
him that needs my attention.
The money is for that.
I could get a wire transfer.
I need cash.
Ten thousand dollars cash?
And I have to go
back to the city.
Oh, you want me to give you
ten grand and let you
Drive off.
Do you think I'm stupid?
I am asking you this favor.
I will help your daughter...
but I have to take
care of this first.
When will you be back?
By sunrise.
You have my word.
This from the man who told
me he no longer gives a shit.
Uh, Evelyn, come here.
Go to the office.
In the safe, there
are two bundles.
Take one of them and
bring it back here.
Yes dear.
I think it would be good if
maybe she slept in here with
Claire tonight.
We're comfortable.
No, I was thinking just Evelyn.
I don't...
trust where we're at yet.
But I don't trust her
alone with my wife.
I'll stay with her.
Would it make you feel
better if she slept in there?
You want to lock my
daughter in the bathroom?
It would just be for the night.
I'll stay with her.
She just...
I want to avoid confrontation
of any sort while I'm away.
And the two of you have
already butted heads, so...
both of you should
stay with her.
You and Evelyn.
Just keep her in there, please.
That way, nothing will happen.
It's the safest place for her.
I promise.
We cannot let her leave.
Where are you going?
Oh, uh...
nowhere, it's just...
it's, it's for tonight.
I'll see you in the morning.
And remember...
perfect, that was just so nice.
You're early.
Okay, one,
- Have a seat.
- Two, and...
oh, that's so beautiful.
One, two, and...
that was so nice.
Let's do one with him kissing
his darling right on the
There you go.
Aw, that's lovely.
One, two, and...
I think that's it.
I think we got it.
Just go right on in there.
No, uh, listen, I-I'm going
to take care of this Michael.
You just stay right here.
Just stay right,
I'll just do it.
He hates when I
call him Michael.
He goes by Mick, I'm just not
okay with that whole
Nickname deal.
You know, shorten this way
or that way, it just,
I don't know.
So darned informal.
Look how handsome you were.
I still can't believe
we only did 20 tapings.
Here, have a seat.
What happened to you Ansel?
You let life walk all over you.
How's Karen?
I don't know. I haven't
Spoken to her in months.
Did the papers go through?
Over a year ago.
I am so sorry to hear that.
Really, I am.
I just, I'm...
I just don't understand how
you gave her the rights
To the book.
That was the arrangement.
I kept the house,
she got the book.
That book was your
only source of income.
No book, no house.
I was writing the
new book, terry.
This piece of crap?
Everything people needed
was in the first book.
There was nothing left to say.
This is nothing.
Something no one wants or needs.
You asked me a favor.
You asked a favor of me.
Self-Publishing was your
idea, and you failed.
Now I have given you
more than enough time.
So give me my darn money,
Ansel, 'cause I'm sick to
Death of asking.
You got two days to
give me the rest.
I need more time.
Two days.
Now get the heck
out of my office.
What did you do?
Get her feet, pick her up.
Claire, Claire sweetie, wake up.
You gotta wake up Claire.
What happened, is she alive?
She's breathing. Get me some
water, cold water.
Come on Claire.
Come on honey.
Come on sweetie.
Come on Claire.
The, the door's locked!
It locks from the outside,
just turn the knob.
Wait, why is it locked?
You told us to lock
her in the bathroom.
Why isn't she in there then?
I don't know.
Then how did she end up outside?
I don't know?
What did you do?
We were asleep!
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
There you go, hey, it's okay.
You're okay. You're okay.
There you go.
Just breathe.
What happened?
I want to talk to you about
what happened last night.
I don't remember anything.
Why did you have
them lock me up?
It was in everyone's
best interest.
Not mine.
Especially yours.
How did you get out
of the bathroom?
How did you get out
of the bathroom?
Come sit next to me.
I can't.
I was scared.
The second you left he...
When it got dark out, they
put me in there and
Locked the door.
I felt like you
had abandoned me.
I've been good.
I've been seeing things from a
set of eyes other than my own.
I haven't thought
much about the group.
That's good to hear.
But when you left I
didn't know what to do.
And I started praying in there.
I started to pray, and then...
prayer turned to
meditation and...
I don't know.
You can tell me.
I imagined myself...
I imagined myself stepping
outside of Claire's body
And being able to see in a way
I've never seen before.
Something told me to walk
through the bathroom door,
So I did.
It opened?
I walked through the door.
And I was in the room.
I could see my parents
sleeping, but I knew that even
If they woke up they
wouldn't see me.
I knew I was beyond being seen.
I stayed there for a moment
watching them, but something
Didn't feel right.
I felt like I was being
pulled back towards Claire.
I reached the front door and
stepped through it as well,
But it didn't feel the same.
It hurt.
I fell to the ground
on the other side.
I've moved up a level, Ansel.
Claire is a part of me.
I accept that, but I am not her.
I'm changing.
She can't be alone.
Did you hear me?
From now on, she's
not to be left alone.
Someone always has
to be with her.
Is something wrong?
I'm not sure, I just...
I feel the best thing
to do right now is...
we need to make sure
we don't lose her.
We're so close.
And I need the rest
of the payment.
What did you just ask me?
I need the money, Paul.
Not until she's Claire again.
I hired you to fix her!
I can't guarantee anything Paul.
Isn't all up to me in this.
There are other factors at
play I want the money now.
I don't trust you.
I don't trust any of this.
Everything is fucked and I
have to look out for myself.
Fuck yourself!
This is about my daughter.
Get her back to me.
She needs to be home!
Daddy, stop.
You think I don't know what
goes on behind that door?
Do you think I'm stupid?
No, he hasn't done
anything daddy.
He does that kind of
thing because he loves me.
He could've killed me.
If he wanted to, he would have.
What is...
this is...
I uh...
I don't, I don't need this.
I'm tired, are you tired?
We should sleep.
I'm done.
This is...
I'm leaving.
But you can't.
I have free will.
What about the money?
That's what this is
for you, isn't it?
No, no, that's,
it's what this was.
I have no idea what
any of this is anymore.
You have free will, you have
free will, you have free will,
You have free will...
but you need the money.
And I need you here.
No, no...
you can't leave me.
I know...
I know.
I know.
I feel like I'm close
to something, but i...
I think faults knows
what's happening.
What do you mean?
It's like Ira's calling me home.
Do you think it's
going to happen?
Are you going to step
outside of yourself again?
You believe, don't you?
You should sleep.
What about you?
I don't think I can.
Why not?
I'm not sure you'll be
here when I wake up.
Lick my face.
Lick me.
your nose...
shut up.
I'm going to need you
to sleep now, Ansel.
What are you doing to me?
I'm in control.
And we're back.
If you're just joining us,
we're talking with the sole
Surviving member of the
universal concurrence, after
Sunday's terrible tragedy
in which 36 people
Ritualistically killed
themselves under the command
Of their leader.
Jennifer, we were talking
about the concurrence.
Or your family, as, as
you like to call them.
- I guess my question is
- How could anyone allow
Something like this to
happen to their family?
Do you feel any sense
of responsibility?
I didn't think this
was going to happen.
Not like this.
But you could see something
like this happening.
I was afraid that something
like this could happen, yes.
But I don't think I ever
thought it really would.
When I helped you leave the
group, you told me, and I
Quote, "he's planning something.
I can feel it.
People are going to die."
I thought you left me...
what happened last night?
I woke up and you weren't there.
I was in my car.
Why was I in my car?
My parents are gone.
What do you mean your
parents are gone?
They left me a note, they said
I'd given up
So they gave up on me.
I saw them.
Where were they going?
Last night.
In here, in the room with us.
with you.
No, that's, w...
I saw them.
Where did you get that tape?
The show.
My show.
Your show?
You're lying to me.
Why are you lying to me?
I'm not...
what the fuck is going on?
You made me lick you?
Ansel, you're scaring me.
How could you...
open it.
It's locked.
Why is it locked?
I didn't lock it.
Why is it locked?
Why would I lock it?
This doesn't make any sense.
Why are you doing this?
That's terry.
Terry's calling, I
have to answer that.
Let me out. Let me out,
I want to get out of here!
You okay?
No I'm not fucking okay, okay?
What is happening to me?
You left your money.
Is that who terry
is in all this?
Is he why you need the money?
Why do you let him control you?
I owe him.
Is he your god?
Then how could you
possibly owe him?
He helped me when I needed help.
He took advantage of you.
Nothing ever happens the
way it should with me.
Everything always fails.
What are your failures?
My marriage failed.
Because of money.
That's an excuse.
Why did your marriage fail?
Don't know.
Why did your marriage fail?
Because I'm a failure.
She saw that?
She already knew, she
just acknowledged it.
Why are you a failure?
Because I've only ever
been good at one thing.
All of this is her fault.
Your wife?
No, a girl.
What was her name?
What was her name?
Who was Jennifer?
Do you know, y-You know
the universal concurrence?
We did one of these
exactly like this with her.
Nothing, it doesn't matter.
What happened?
I did everything I
was supposed to do.
She questioned her choices,
went home with her family...
but her family didn't
put in the work.
She was the one on your show.
She was, i...
you had her on two days
after the group suicide.
No one had access
to her like you did.
We flew her out, and it
was all-Expenses paid.
It was supposed to be a
nice vacation for her.
You exploited your
relationship with her.
You did it for ratings.
You knew she was fragile and
yet you put her out there for
The world to judge.
She agreed to it all.
How could I have known she
still felt a connection to the
How could you not have known?
You pressed her.
You opened the wound.
You gave her the knife and
she slit her wrists with it.
She wanted to be with them.
She made that choice.
She had free will.
Did she really?
Look me in my eyes and tell me
you don't blame yourself for
Jennifer's death.
Everyone dies.
Look at me.
Listen to my words.
Feel them.
Are you to blame for
Jennifer's death?
I was in control.
I used her.
I could've helped her,
but I chose not to.
I made that choice.
And that choice
cost you everything.
Everything, yes.
Tell me what you lost. I want
to hear it.
My show, money, my
house, my wife...
Those are things.
What did you lose?
Every kind of respect.
Are you happy with who you are?
Do you owe terry your happiness?
What do you owe him?
Do you owe him your money?
The only person you
owe is yourself.
Do you see that?
I see it.
Does what I say
make sense to you?
It makes more sense than
anything I've ever heard.
How do you feel?
Close your eyes.
Push everything
out of your mind.
Picture yourself where you
are at this very moment.
Imagine you are
composed of two parts.
Two yous.
One lives inside the other.
This you has lived inside the
other its entire existence
Because it did not
know any other way.
Do you see the other you?
I see him.
I want you to pull
him out of you.
Rip him from inside you.
And look at yourself
from outside yourself.
Do you see?
I see.
You're seeing yourself from a
vantage point you have never
Seen before.
This is how others see you.
What do you see?
I want you to walk
through the door, Ansel.
I want you to picture yourself
walking through the door as if
It isn't even there.
Are you through?
I'm on the other side.
I want you to unlock the door.
Pull the other you back, Ansel.
Let your two selves
become one again.
Open your eyes.
Open the door.
Do you trust me?
Roth, open up.
I know you're in there.
Front desk said you
haven't checked out yet.
Come on, Michael.
Jeez Louise, what's
taking so long?
Michael, what are
you doing in here?
Good lord!
Oh, you sure startled me.
I think I'm in the wrong room.
Hi terry.
Oh, Ansel.
You didn't answer
our call earlier.
It old you to have the
money for me today.
And yet here you are
screening my phone calls.
I'm sorry, but that
is just plain rude.
I'm getting sick and tired of
playing these games with you,
Making me drive all
this way out here.
Now where's my money, Ansel?
And where is Michael?
He's moved on.
What's that supposed to mean?
I'm not sure.
Oh god, Michael!
What have you done?
I was only trying
to scare you is all!
Why'd you have to go
and take it this far!
He's just an actor!
Do you know what
a fault is, terry?
This is your fault!
Not "fault." A fault.
What in the heck are
you talking about?
A fault is a fracture.
It's a place where pressure
builds and builds until it
Just listen amigo, I promise...
I-I won't tell anyone.
One day I will be a mountain
terry, but for now I am a
Ugh, oh, no!
Oh, you did so good.
You did so good.
Doesn't it feel
right just to listen?
Isn't it easier than thinking?
I've forgotten
something in the room.
I don't know how long I'll be,
but I want you to wait for me.
Are you going to wait for me?
Where else am I going to go?
How were we?
You were both amazing.
Did you take care of him?
Oh, just making sure, this was
the white one, not the
Colored fella?
The man who struck me, yes.
He is no longer.
God willed it.
You understand how special
you are, don't you?
Both of you.
I couldn't have done
this without you.
You have both reached
the final level.
How does it feel knowing
you're about to move on?
I feel...
Yes, this is very special.
I never felt this way before.
You have always been...
and always will be with us.
We will see you
on the other side.
With his knowledge, your
teachings will expand beyond
Anything we could've imagined.
Ira, we love you.
Sorry, it's broken.
No more apologies.
We don't dwell on
what's happened.
Only what's happening now.
We don't feel sorry
for ourselves.
We have each other,
and we are strong.
Where am I going?