Faux fuyants (2016) Movie Script

I think he knows, Fred.
I think he knows it all.
He knows, I can tell.
What happened?
- What does this mean?
- I dunno! He's not...
I know him.
He's thinking.
Turning it over in his mind.
I'm being followed, Fred.
It's true, Fred, I swear!
I've seen them!
He'll take us.
He won't let us leave like that.
I'm afraid, Fred.
Listen. He knows nothing, okay!
- You're panicking.
- Don't leave me, Fred.
No, I won't leave you.
And you won't leave me! Alright?
No point being scared, darling.
Anyone would be.
But you mustn't panic.
...go on, take the passports.
Go home and have a drink.
Try to relax, okay?
It's all going to go fine, alright?
Shall I tell you something?
Li, what's going on?
The passports aren't there.
- What?
- They aren't in the drawer!
- What?
- The passports have gone.
No, no, they aren't there.
- What do I do?
- Calm down. Think!
- You didn't put them somewhere else?
- No.
Try to remember.
If you'd left them
in the fucking drawer,
they should still be there, no?
- Li?
- Someone's taken them.
Was it locked when you arrived?
- And the key?
- What?
Yes, where you told me.
- No one saw you put it there?
- I don't think so, no.
What'll we do?
Fred, what do we do?
Leave the house and go home.
And the passports?
I'll think of something.
I know we have to go... Jesus Christ!
- I'll call you in the morning, okay?
- What time?
Off you go now. Make it quick.
- Fred?
- Yes?
- He'll get us.
- No he won't.
I promise he won't get us.
Go home, we'll talk tomorrow.
- I love you, Fred.
- Me too.
- Hello?
- He's there!
- Who?
- The guy who follows me!
He waited outside your place!
- What shall I do?
- Get out of there.
- I'm not going back home?
- No. Leave.
- Where shall I go?
- I don't know, go hide!
- Fred!
- Hurry! Alice, go!