Fawns (2014) Movie Script

What are you thinking about?
I'm looking at this picture.
Would you like to hear as story
about deer?
Tell me.
Female deer leave their young alone
for many hours.
Quite often passers-by find the
fawns abandoned...
...and believe they're
in need of help.
If they approach them
the fawns do not react.
Even if they touch them?
This is why many assume
that the fawns are hurt.
But actually, they remain still
on the ground...
...by instinct...
...until their mother returns
to take care of them.
While they're young, they do not
have their own scent.
They're odorless.
Their mother, however, is not.
That's why she stays away from them.
Because she doesn't want
to attract wild animals.
Female deer are very good mothers.
They're always watching
their young from a distance.
They know that
if you love something...
...sometimes you have to let it go.