Fear PHarm 2 (2021) Movie Script

Jesus Christ.
What is this?
It's the skin. Oh!
- What?
- Shh!
Oh! It's the missing piece!
All these years,
I was trying to synthesize it,
but it was never gonna work.
Mother nature had it
all figured out.
Figured what out?
He's not a viable subject.
I mean, the genes are there.
Oh sweetie, but there's
not enough of them.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa!
What are you doing?
Everything I need to finish
my work is in the skin.
Do you love me?
What? Yes, of co... course I do.
This is the only way.
It's what needs to happen.
This is my legacy.
I need your support in this.
Are you with me?
Where did he come from?
The most amazing maze!
He lost his friends.
And I said I could
help him find the exit.
It was so easy!
It was so easy.
We should be able to do
this all the time.
You... you want to take
customers from the maze?
Honey, just one or two.
Herschel, it's in the skin!
It's like red hair.
- Red hair?
- Yes!
Two percent of the population
have the mc1r gene.
That's the gene that
causes them to have red hair.
This must work the same way.
Some humans have more of
this gene, and some do not.
If I can find the ones that have
more, my formula will work.
We need to find them, herschel.
This is a gift from god.
It's all here.
The maze, solving the puzzle.
He wants us to do this.
God is behind us.
- No.
- Do this with me.
We are in this life together.
Do this with me.
Do this with me.
Oh, honey.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's... it's just like
hunting, huh?
It's our summer sales event.
Free in-home trial.
Free delivery.
- You got this, Mr. Herschel?
- Uh-huh.
All right, back in 10.
15 years ago, my lovely wife,
Florence, may she rest in peace,
stumbled upon a breakthrough
in the human aging process,
and after an incredible
discovery by my lovely daughter
Gemma here,
Florence's miracle face cream
doesn't just stop
the aging process.
Oh no, no, no. It reverses it.
Now, I know what you're
You're thinking this is
some sort of malarkey, hogwash,
that I'll promise you the moon
and never deliver.
I'll let you see for yourself.
Star wipe!
Florence's miracle face cream
uses medical discoveries
from nine different patents.
And we guarantee that
if you don't see results
in the first two weeks,
you can send it back
and receive a full refund.
And now, you can order
Florence's miracle face cream
for the low, low
introductory price of $29.99.
Now, if you order
in the next 60 minutes,
I won't send you one jar of
Florence's miracle face cream.
No way! I'll send you two jars.
That's two jars of
Florence's miracle face cream!
Let's look at some more
satisfied customers, shall we?
Mind your breath.
Release when ready.
Steady your breathing.
That'll keep your arm
from shaking.
If you pull your shot an inch
and release,
you'll be off target
10 feet as it travels.
Pick your target.
Release when ready.
Is that it?
You tell me.
Quiet the forest and listen.
All right. Enough of that noise.
Let's talk inventory.
Well, doing pretty good.
We have enough subjects
to get us over the hump.
It'd be easier with more.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
We are going to lower
the risk factor.
I mean, how many people can
we grab from this maze
without someone
coming and looking?
I know, I know, but we're really
riding a thin line here.
Yes, and there are other risks
involved, as well.
Henry's dead.
I lost your mother.
I lost a son.
I'm not gonna risk
losing anyone else.
So we're gonna lower
the risk factor, okay?
Can you just do that
for me, please?
I can do that.
Good. Thank you.
You are a stubborn
son of a bitch like your mother.
Aah! What the hell?!
I-It's okay, everyone!
That's the bear alarm.
Now, sometimes,
albeit very rarely,
those darn bears make it
into the dumpsters.
Nothing to worry about.
Well-oiled machine?
Get in the maze
and find out what's going on.
You think they got out
of the compound?
I doubt it, but I need you
to find out what's going on.
The farthest any runner's
gotten is quadrant 9.
We're not supposed to have
runners to begin with.
Finding competent employees
isn't exactly easy.
The traps aren't active
during business hours.
Then I guess
it's the old-fashioned way.
Besides, how am I supposed
to keep up my a-game
without the occasional runner?
Be careful!
Hey, Chris!
It's coley.
Hey idiots, kill the alarm.
What do we know?
Someone got out.
Yes, I know that, Andy!
Where are they?
In the maze.
Get out of my way!
It looks so real!
It's okay, everyone!
Just... just the actors
in the maze!
It's all it is.
Stay here.
Keep the crowd calm.
- Jesus!
- I'm Gavin. I'm from Ohio.
Gavin, I know that!
Keep up the good work.
- Yah!
- Oh!
Can't believe it.
It's fantast...
Oh, what is that one?
Let's check it out.
We get 'em?
Was there any doubt we wouldn't?
And the patrons?
Like it never happened.
- Family meeting.
- But I...
What the fuck?
What the fuck?!
What the fuck?! What the...
What the fuck?!
Shh! It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
It's gonna be okay. Okay?
We're gonna get out of here.
We're gonna get out of here.
Holy shit!
All right, everyone.
Gather around.
Gather around.
I think we should start this
meeting off with some good news.
We had over 100,000
orders today.
And I want to thank
all of you so very much
for making
Florence's miracle face cream
the success that, uh...
That my girl always
knew it would be.
Now, we got enough subjects
to fulfill that order,
but it's gonna be tight.
All right?
We got to start harvesting
the minute them subjects arrive.
So you both got taken together?
Yeah, some dickhead in a mask
with a chainsaw
cut my boyfriend in half,
and, uh, then he hit me.
Next thing I know,
I woke up here.
Some guy dressed as a clown
choked me out with a dogcatcher.
Yeah, that pussy-ass bitch
dead-ass got me, too.
There's not a single
cell phone anywhere.
We just have to check
another room.
- No, we got to get out of here.
- Oh, yeah, tough guy?
And what are you gonna do when
one of those psychos finds us?
Yeah, well, it beats staying
here waiting, now, doesn't it?
Hey, the deaf girl's trying
to say something.
She isn't deaf, idiot.
She can't speak.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
slow down.
I suck at charades.
I think she's saying
something about time.
- We're running out of time?
- We don't have time for this!
Hey, it's okay.
We can figure this out.
- Sipping tea?
- Fuckin' what?
Um, smoking. Smoking?
You want to get high right now?
Come on, we gotta go!
Dude, what are you
talking about?
A vagina looks like this.
- Gross!
- I'm just saying.
Blazing? Uh...
Okay, Blaze. Um, fire.
Uh, wave? Mountain?
"M," Blaze.
Blaze, "m."
- Blazem.
- Blazem.
- Blazem.
- Maze.
Oh, my god, I got it!
Fuck me.
Wait, what? Why is that
such a big deal?
We're still inside the maze.
Now, I think y'all know me
well enough to know
that I don't like to
bring up issues,
point fingers, and place blame
at certain individuals.
However, we had ourselves
a runner today.
And I think we should talk
about best practices.
Now, the traps are active now.
However, they are not active
during regular hours
of operation.
People, we cannot afford to have
a runner during farm hours.
We are this close to finalizing
a deal with the Japanese,
so we need to stay accountable.
I asked you to gather around
all the essential employees.
I-I did.
Well, I can see that.
I can see that, Andy.
But it looks
like everybody's here.
Yeah, yeah.
Let me ask you a question.
Do you feel that everyone
is an essential employee?
And that's why we're having
this conversation.
So let me ask you this.
If everyone is here...
Who, pray-tell,
is watching the subjects
so we don't have a repeat
of what happened this afternoon?
Come on, light bulb.
Come on.
Just give me one little flicker.
One little flicker.
There you go!
- What?
- Go!
No, no, no, no!
Now, I look around this room
and I see a bunch
of hardworking dreamers.
Dreamers that have
helped me achieve-
I have to go to the bathroom.
Come back here, boy.
Kevin runs in here in a panic,
and all of a sudden,
you stand up.
You know what I want
for Christmas?
A horse?
I want you to own your fuck-up.
I want you to put him in a box,
wrap him up,
and put it under the tree.
Now, what did he whisper to you?
What'd that little man
whisper to you?
They all escaped.
- How could this happen?
- Yeah, it can't.
They were in
medically induced comas.
- Well, how far do you think they got?
- Hard to say.
We don't know how long
they've been awake.
Well, did they get out
of the maze?
I doubt it,
especially with the traps.
Ah, shit. The traps.
How about our inventory?
We can deliver almost all the
orders, but it'll clear us out.
All right, so we'll just put
all new orders on back-order
and we'll count our losses.
Wait, what?
I'm thinking about exposure now.
What about preservation?
I am thinking about
preservation... ours.
Now, we got the traps so we
wouldn't have to wrangle 'em up.
Yeah, we could lose everything!
The traps will kill them!
You don't think
I don't know that?
We found them before.
We'll find them again.
But none of that matters
if we're in jail or worse.
So just wrangle 'em up,
or let the traps get 'em.
I don't care.
But whatever you do,
do not engage
unless absolutely necessary.
She's with them.
Yeah, even more reason we need
to make sure that we...
Why are we having this argument?
You know my wishes.
Now go.
We are not fucking
standing down, are we?
What do you think?
Hey, hey, buddy.
I'm gonna need you to stay here
and watch the compound, okay?
But I want to play
"'chase the kids"!
I know you do.
But your training
isn't complete, young jedi.
Besides, someone's got to
guard the base, right?
We'll be back soon. Machete up!
Okay, now guard this place.
It's a very important job.
You can count on me.
I know.
What are you doing? We gotta go!
We don't even know if we're
heading in or further out.
No, no, no. No, no.
None of that matters.
- If we stay here, we die.
- Well, she's right.
How do we know we're not
heading right for one of them?
Oh, so your genius idea
is to what? Stand here?
And your genius idea is to yell?
Look, we need to pick
a direction and stick to it.
Okay, look, right there.
We can follow that sign.
She's trying
to tell us something.
You want us to cut through
the corn stalk?
How is that gonna help?
Because the paths...
They twist and turn.
If we run down the stalk,
it's a straight line.
It's a good enough reason
for me.
All right. Fuck it. Let's go.
Hey! Check it out!
I found a pipe!
That's rebar.
We have to do something!
- It's not gonna open!
- Stop!
Um, I'm gonna head back. Okay?
I'm sorry.
I just can't wait here to die.
What? Morgan!
- I'm sorry!
- Let's go!
I'm sorry.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
I'm sorry.
No, no.
No. Fuck that!
All right? You don't
have to do this.
I'm so sorry. Sorry.
No, wait. Fuck, please!
Aah! Fuck!
Fucking black guy, huh?
Ain't that some shit!
Come on, we gotta get as far
away from him as possible.
We left him.
Shut up! We have to go.
Look, if we get out,
we can send help.
"If we get out"?
I hear that.
Can you guys hear that?
What is that?
That's new.
Oh, shit, the others are
gonna know where we are!
We have to go back
through the corn!
Are you crazy?
What about the bear traps?
Yeah, well, we can't stay here.
- I don't think he's trying to hurt us.
- What?
I think he's just
trying to corral us
until the others get here.
How is that gonna help us?
I don't know,
but if he were trying to...
Looks like that was wrong!
Oh, shit!
Is he dead?
Oh, shit!
He is now.
What is that?
What does the red mean?
Okay, so we can use
this map to get out,
but just try to stay
on the path.
- That could work.
- What about the psychos?
What about them?
We just took one out.
- So you want to fight them?
- You got a better plan?
We still don't know
what the red means.
Does it matter? It's a map!
Okay, so we have a bat,
and rebar...
- Aha!
- And a scalpel.
Wait. Listen to yourselves!
- You wanna fight them?
- Guys?
- Oh, fuck!
- You gotta be kidding me!
I think we lost him.
Okay, what do we do now?
Yeah, we just need to stay
as quiet as possible
and slowly get out of here.
Slowly get out of here?
How long until you think
one of them finds us?
No, she's right.
We don't know where they are,
but they don't know
where we are.
We need to make sure we're not
giving our position away.
I don't know where we are.
Okay, it says that we're
somewhere around...
Okay, so we stay alert
and just stay quiet.
Shit, shit, shit!
We have to get her out!
Look at that light.
Okay, that's gotta be an alarm.
We have to go!
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
I don't want to die!
We're not leaving
anyone else, okay?
Speak for yourself!
I'm not gonna die here.
Okay, I'm gonna get out
and... and send help,
I promise!
Stop! Wait!
Come on, we're almost there!
We're almost there!
We're almost there!
We're almost there!
We got it!
Oh, shit. It's her!
What are you guys,
Charlie's angels or something?
What are you doing?!
Let's play.
We gotta go!
No, we should help her!
Help her? Look at them!
- Come on.
- Good point.
How's it going out there?
Got one down over here.
Yeah, we, uh...
We got, uh,
bear trap baird back.
They got Seth.
Where are you?
Quadrant 10.
They made it to quadrant 10?
It's 10 acres per quadrant.
They still have 90 acres to go.
Well, I-I just see...
Four different motions
in four different quadrants.
And I don't know which is which!
You know what, I thought
I told you not to engage!
Deakin and Seth were in 12.
Bernard's in 8, Andy's in 9.
Oh, okay!
So all my children
have disobeyed me.
Hey, we've been doing this
our entire lives.
We can handle it.
Oh, god!
Jackie boy.
Do me a favor.
Keep that quiet while
I'm talking to your sister.
I'm counting on you.
Those are expensive!
We dead-ass made it!
Okay, we just need
to get over that fence
without them hearing us.
You go first.
Are you sure?
I got this.
I'll distract them
and circle back.
Are you serious?
I think I can outrun a fat guy.
I don't think you can say
"fat" anymore.
Are you kidding me right now?
I'm sorry.
It's just insensitive.
Do you want to distract him?
That's what I thought.
So how about you let me
outrun the fat guy
and you get your ass
over that fence.
It's just my uncle has
a thyroid condition...
Bitch, you serious?!
Hey! Yo, what's up, fat boy?!
She called you fat!
Clean-up in quadrant 9.
You don't say.
We shouldn't have left her.
We didn't have a choice.
You always have a choice.
Yeah, stay and die or run.
You're just having
survivor's guilt or whatever.
Survivor's guilt?
We're still inside the maze!
Yeah, but we have the map.
And last time I checked...
Yep, still alive.
Oh, do you know how to read it?
Because it doesn't have a
"you are here" symbol on it.
For all we know, we're going
further into the maze.
Well, we know for sure
we're running further
from those psychos,
because last time I checked,
they were back that way.
It's okay. We're gonna
get out of this maze.
And we're gonna get help.
So I'm thinking that we should
just continue straight
and make a right up ahead,
and that will leave us here.
Yeah, okay. I'm good with that.
We have to keep our pace up.
Let's see.
There's 208 feet in an acre,
and this is a 100-acre maze,
which means that would be
25 acres if this was a square,
but it's more rectangular,
which means that...
- What the hell are you talking about?
- Let me think.
So it's about 5,200 feet,
which is almost a mile.
A mile?
Yeah, but that's walking
in a straight line.
Which we can't do!
Look, with all the turns
involved, I think it's about
3 to 5 miles to get out of here.
How long will that take?
If we walk, like an hour or two?
Well, what if we run?
With all the traps
this maze has,
I would caution us
against running.
So two hours?
We have to stay alive
in this maze for two hours?
- We've made it this far.
- This far?
We've been in this
fucking maze for 20 minutes,
and two of us
have already been killed.
Do you really think...
Shit! Shit! Shit!
Quick, in the corn!
No, no, no, no!
We have to run to the turn.
- We'll never make it!
- Come on!
- Oh, my god, Jesus Christ.
- Oh, my god.
We thought we lost you.
Lost her? We ran away from her.
- Sorry.
- Did you kill her?
Okay, well, you made it out.
That's all that matters.
How will that help me? Us?
Ever heard the saying
"there's strength in numbers"?
Like "why is six
afraid of seven"?
- What?
- What?
- You guys haven't...
- Okay, look.
I think we're right here,
and I'm thinking
we should take this path
around the maze.
What? That's like...
That's, like, super long.
Why don't we just go this way?
Because that's exactly what
they would expect us to do.
I'm not following.
Look, if you were trying
to catch us...
But I'm not trying to catch us.
Pretend you're one of
the psychos chasing us.
You would assume
that we're gonna make
the quickest break out of here,
so you would be waiting
for us on those paths.
If we take the long way around,
we're sure to avoid them.
But what if they know
that we know
that they'd be waiting for us
on the shortest path,
so they're actually waiting
for us on the longest path?
Hey, hey, hey.
You okay?
I got blood in my eyes.
Oh, my god, is that it?
It fucking hurts!
Here, here, here, here, here.
Let me take a look.
Look up for me.
Now to the side.
Ooh, yeah. You got a little
blood in there.
- Get it out!
- With what?
- You have to rinse it out.
- I don't know.
It fucking hurts!
Oh, my god, stop being
such a baby!
You're a fucking baby!
Look, just go back
and rinse it out.
- Okay?
- That's what I'm doing.
Wait. Which way did they go?
That way!
Thank you.
- What?
- Chainsaw.
Get your fucking own chainsaw!
Fucking baby.
Leave her alone!
Come get us!
I'm good!
Oh! Aah!
No! Help!
Help! Help!
Dad, we got a problem.
Yeah, well we've had
a problem all night.
They got Seth's map.
Yeah, I just checked his body.
Map's gone.
Bernard's dead.
They killed my boy.
Yeah, she drove his own
machete into his head.
Shut up, Andy!
What the hell
is going on out there?
How come you haven't caught
or killed them all yet?
Hey. These aren't our
usual subjects.
They know who we are
and what we're capable of.
And now with the map...
No, no, no, no, Jackie boy.
No, no. I need you to stay put.
Now is not the time for crying.
Now is the time to go hunting.
I screwed up!
Yeah, Andy.
You always screw up.
It's kinda what you do.
But right now, I need you
to pull it together
and get revenge.
I can do that.
I know you can.
Okay, we need to grab
Bernard's body.
I have an idea.
What the hell's
the matter with you?
Oh, somebody actually cares.
I got blood in my eyes.
Things are going tits up
out there.
Can you still fight?
Yeah, I can fight.
You wanna help out your old man?
More than ever.
Come with me.
Hey, old friend.
You wanna go for a ride?
So, the entire maze
is surrounded by
an electrified fence?
So the entrance and the exit
are the only ways out of here.
And everybody else is dead.
Yeah, no thanks to you.
Excuse you?
Having you and
lesbian commando over here
hanging around
didn't help save them.
What do you think
I could have done?
Look, it doesn't matter, okay?
We just need to get out of here.
- I'll be okay.
- Yah!
Yah! Yah!
That was close.
What do we do?
They had to have come
from the compound?
- How does she know that?
- No, she's right.
If they think we're headed
for the exit,
then that's exactly
where they're headed.
So if we look at the map,
we should be...
Somewhere right here?
Or somewhere around here.
Which means they're heading
in the same direction
that we need to go.
So you want to follow them?
Not following the psychos
trying to kill us.
Well, look, if they think
we're in front of them,
then maybe that helps us out.
They're on fucking horses!
If they figure out we're
behind them,
they'll just turn around
and chase us down.
Well, what would you prefer?
- Is there another way out?
- I don't know!
I think we're somewhere
over here,
but I'm not 100% sure.
What about the fruit stand?
What about it? I can't see
anything over the corn.
It's like 9 feet tall.
Get on my shoulders.
Get on my shoulders
and tell me what you see.
I'm not getting
on your shoulders!
What if you drop me?
Oh, my god!
I'm not gonna drop you.
What is she saying?
I think she wants us to do
a cheerleader lift.
- What is that?
- Oh! Never a cheerleader?
Oh! Ever been punched
in your dumb-ass face?
- What is that?
- So, you just...
Each one of you grabs a foot
and you lift,
and you hoist me up.
Okay, I can do that.
So just lift me up, and then
if I can see the fruit stand,
I should be able to Gauge
whether or not
there's another way out of here.
Let's do it.
Oh, hey there!
Oh, no, don't go.
We'll be right over.
What? What? Wha... what is it?
Yah! Yah!
- We gotta split up!
- What?!
Yah! Yah!
I see it!
Whoa, calm down!
Back off!
Jackie boy. Look at me.
It's gonna be okay.
- Papa!
- Let him go, please.
He's not built for this.
He doesn't understand
what's going on here.
No, Jackie boy,
you just stay St... Stop!
You stay still like
a little mouse, Jack, okay?
Put the gun down!
Just stay calm.
Everybody stay calm!
How do we get out of here?
I-I'll tell you
if... if you let him go.
Just tell us where to go.
Don't hurt him.
Please don't hurt him.
It doesn't matter much, anyway.
Go. Call the cops.
How can we trust you?
'Cause I'd rather spend the rest
of my life in a cage
than Bury another son.
It's down that path.
Stay to the right.
What did you do?!
Oh, Jack.
I'm so sorry, Jack.
I'm so sorry.
Who... who's that
trip-trapping over my bridge?
You're the luckiest boy
in the world.
You know that?
You get to see your mama.
You get to see your brother.
You make sure you give your mom
a kiss for me, okay?
No, no.
My boy.
No, Jack.
Dad, what happened?
It's okay, son.
They won't go far.
Holy shit.
Did we just go in a circle?
Well, what should we do?
Are you serious?
It's a good plan,
and it's one less psycho
to worry about.
You're the badass, right?
Hey, girl!
Yeah, I don't think
you're walking that off.
It's okay.
Just let it happen.
That's right, just let go.
Nighty night.
We did it!
Yeah, we did. Pound it!
Okay, take her back
to the compound.
She still has one
good harvest left.
I'll go after the other one.
Oh, my god, dad. We did it!
We got one down! It was amazing.
You'd be so proud.
Jack's dead.
She killed my boy.
What do I do?
I need you...
To get her for me.
I will.
Help me!
Please! Call the police!
- Help me! Help me!
- Who the hell?
Call the fucking police,
old man!
What the hell?
I designed this place!
You really think you gonna
make it to the exit before me?
That's a lot of misses.
I didn't miss.
You know, I've wanted to gut you
since the day I met ya.
And after everything
you've done to me,
I should've.
You want this one?
Then fucking finish it.
Now go finish the job.
Damn, girl, they skin you?
For face cream?
Where are they?
The nearest station
is 20 miles away,
and we got one officer
that's on duty for the night.
But it's okay.
It's gonna be all right.
I got the door locked,
and if anything goes wrong,
I got a shotgun in the back.
It's gonna be all right.
That's probably them.
Thought you said
there was just one.
Come on in.
This one's waking up.
You know, I gotta tell ya.
I almost had myself
a heart attack.
I saw our whole empire
going up in smoke.
Oh, psh, I wasn't worried.
No, I was so nervous,
I peed my pants a little bit.
Ew! Gross, dad!
What? It was just a little bit.
You know, at my age,
things don't seem to hold.
Oh, my god, can we not?
- What?
- Please?
You don't want to talk
about your father's health?
- Aw, maybe I'll get Andy to...
- You know that's not it.
Oh, good, they're waking up.
Well, howdy-do!
Morning, everyone!
You know, a lot's changed
since the... the last time
you were conscious.
You wanna tell them, or shall I?
Well, I don't think
we really need...
- Come on, tell them.
- Ugh, fine.
- Tell them!
- Since you guys...
We sewed your eyes
and mouths shut!
Shut up, Andy.
Except for you.
Oh, no, no, no.
We couldn't... we couldn't
sew your mouth shut
because, you know, the whole...
Your skin has more of this gene
than we have ever
encountered before.
That's why we need
to keep you alive.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no.
Let's talk about this.
- Fuck you!
- No!
But I did... I did want you
to see all the pain you caused
from your little jailbreak.
You know, people, this is...
This is good work.
This is scary.
This is really scary.
This'd give anybody nightmares.
Well done!
Oh, damn.
They can cry?
Yeah, it's not an airtight seal.
I didn't know that,
okay, brainiac?
I told you to sew their eyes
and mouths shut,
I didn't know what exactly
what that'd entail.
Do you really wanna
leave them here awake?
Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah.
I want her to see all the...
I want her to see everything.
Did you think all
the things you did today
were gonna go unpunished?
Everything you did today.
All my boys are gone
because of you.
You think that was gonna
go unpunished?
Your turn.
Okay, so...
We sewed your eyes
and mouths shut,
just in case you ever tried
to run again.
It's pretty hard to, you know,
see where you're going or yell
for help if you...
Well, you get the idea.
But then I thought
about it more,
and I realized you don't
actually need to be able
to walk in order
to be harvested.
Oh, I don't wanna spoil it.
Oh, let me think.
Oh, I got it.
Eeny, meeny...
miny, mun.
Catch a subject
who tries to run.
Bring them back,
and when you're done,
break their ankles just for fun!
That one!
Okay, okay, okay, okay!
Let's just, um... yeah.
Let's just put that on...
On hold for a while.
- You good?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
Did you see that?
Do you see the pain
that you've caused?
Huh? Let me ask you something.
Was it worth it?
Was it worth three of my boys?
You see that pretty girl
right there?
That's my daughter.
She saved your life twice.
Once, when I wanted to gut you.
The second time, when you
slit your own damn throat.
And this is how you repay us?
Huh. Wow.
Oh, I have been wanting
to do this
for a real, real long time.
Hey, wait! What are you doing?
Oh, the only thing
you can do with a wolf.
She's patient zero.
She's the only one
we ever found.
All my boys are dead
because of her.
It took me 15 years
to find someone like her.
I'm still trying to figure out
if I can synthesize her genes.
And I told you to stay
out of the maze.
Henry, Bernard...
All dead because of her.
You know, I never
listen to myself.
You know, people that have
gut instincts,
they listen to their guts...
I never do that!
No, I listened to your mother,
and I listened to you.
I did it!
At what cost?
Three of my boys?
My wife?
You think Jack cares
that you did it?
Huh? Three sons, a wife... lost.
No, Jack.
I'd give it all back
just to get it back.
I'd give it all back
just to kiss your mama
one more time, but I can't.
I made sacrifices, too.
You call your mother
a sacrifice?!
Jack, a sacrifice!?
I know where the bodies
are buried.
Do you?
I go to bed every night
I'm gonna hear that,
and that's the sheriff
with all the right questions.
You go to bed that way?
And I will be damned
if I'm gonna walk my hallway
knowing she's still alive!
Heavy is the head
that wears the crown.
If you wear a crown,
it's because I put it there!
Now clean it up.
Don't ever disobey me again.
Okay, here.
Let me give you a sample.
Well, as you can see,
we are a well-oiled machine.
Thousands of people
visit the maze weekly.
And that all help...
That all helps streamline
But our main goal is expansion.
Now, we have a small
year-to-year growth rate,
but in order to grow
we're gonna have to
increase volume tenfold.
Now, now, as much as I would
love to do that domestically,
that kind of increased volume
would bring a lot of, uh...
unneeded attention.
So all the numbers
I e-mailed you,
and as you can see,
business is booming!
So, what do you say?
You wanna be part of the family?
That's what
the love of money does.