Fear Street: 1666 (2021) Movie Script

- [Sam grunts]
- You saw the witch and you survived.
Maybe that can help us.
This was July 12th, 1978.
The first day of camp.
[chanting] Shadyside!
[Christine] A week later...
- my sister was dead.
- [thunder]
Only Cindy Berman would expect
to clean the outhouse and not get dirty.
- Who are you?
- Nick Goode. Nice to meet you.
Deep down, you feel it, don't you?
[Tommy grunting]
Shadyside, there's something cursing us.
[Ziggy] Bad things always happen
to Shadysiders.
The witch is real.
And she's possessing people!
- Tommy Slater!
- [boy screams]
[Alice] Every name on that rock!
Mary... she tried to kill him.
[Cindy] We have to find a way out.
[Alice] Sarah Fier's lost hand.
"The curse will last
until body and hand unite."
We can save Shadyside.
We have to bury this thing...
right fucking now.
[body thuds]
[Cindy] Dig!
- Where is she? The body?
- I don't know.
[menacing music playing]
[Christine] I told everyone the story.
[gasping] The curse, it's... it's real.
[Christine] No one believed me.
We know where the body is,
so all we need is the hand.
Is it still buried under the Hanging Tree?
[boy shouting] Sarah!
Sarah Fier!
[indistinct whispering voice]
[boy] Sarah!
[animals bleating]
There's one more. It's breeched.
[pig grunting]
Hold her still.
I feel it. It's fighting to get out.
Tough little bastard.
I said hold her!
[Sarah] Quiet, you beast.
We're going to lose her.
We're going to lose both.
No, we aren't.
Don't go wobbly on me now, Henry.
- On three, all right?
- All right.
- [knife plunges]
- [pig screams]
[piglets squealing]
[man] Seven piglets.
And not a stillborn among them.
You have a gift, Sarah.
It's luck is all.
Luck and a very sharp knife.
This wicked one is going to Solomon.
- He's lucky to have a friend like you.
- Father...
What? He's struggled so.
First his child, then his wife.
He needs someone to take care of him.
Someone strong and capable.
I'm not marrying Solomon bloody Goode,
if that's what you're driving at.
I worry about you. Is it so wrong
for a father to wish his daughter to wed?
And leave you alone
to eat up all the bacon?
Not likely.
- [bucolic folk music playing]
- [chickens clucking]
[cow mooing]
[indistinct chattering]
A full moon rises before nightfall.
Good night to enjoy
the fruits of the land.
- [Sarah] Alderman Goode.
- Sarah.
A full moon rises before nightfall.
A good night to enjoy
the fruits of the land.
Try to clean yourself up before then.
[children singing]
Pastor Miller, blind as a bat
Pastor Miller, blind as a bat!
Tried to read the Bible
And his eyes went splat!
Oh, but I see you.
I've got eyes in the back of my head!
- [screaming]
- [Pastor Miller laughs]
- Don't be a brat, Constance!
- Don't be a shrew, Abigail!
A full moon rises before nightfall.
Good night to enjoy fruits of the land.
I'm coming too!
No, you're not.
Then I'm telling Mother.
You tell Mother and I'll cut
your braids off your head.
Don't be getting us into trouble.
You know what Mother will do.
A full moon rises before nightfall.
Holy Hannah Miller?
Don't tell me you're going.
Oh, I'm going.
In fact, I'm going with Lizzie before
to get berries from the widow.
Hannah, it's one thing for Lizzie
to trade with that hag.
It's another for the pastor's daughter.
Aren't you even a little curious?
I'll only go if you go.
Girl, what's taking so long?
I need help with...
Get inside.
- [door bangs]
- [man grunts]
I can see a secret about you, girl.
And a good day to you, Thomas.
Don't you want to hear it,
pretty girl?
Good girl.
I can see everything.
I see all the dark secrets in Union.
[Sarah scoffs]
You must be busy.
I see the darkness in you, girl!
Be still, Thomas!
Beware, Sarah Fier.
[up-tempo folk music playing]
[Sarah] Solomon!
[crow caws]
[Solomon] This is madness, Sarah.
[piglet squealing]
It's too much. I can't accept it.
[Sarah] Just think of it as my dowry.
We're practically married.
Haven't you heard?
Well, in that case, tell your father
this isn't nearly worth it.
- But thank you, truly.
- [Sarah] Of course.
Shadows fall on us all now and then.
My, uh...
My brother wants me to give up.
Move back to the settlement.
He says the Goode family are not farmers.
But these lands, they are fertile.
I know it.
We'll have a healthy crop yet.
The sun will shine on us.
[Sarah] You ought to rest some.
You look like death.
Sarah Fier, flattering as ever.
Well, I'm going to lose light.
I should go.
Full moon rises before nightfall.
Nothing good comes
from those woods after sundown.
You sound like my father.
So you're going?
Going where?
[suspenseful music playing]
[whispers] Henry!
Shouldn't you be sleeping?
Shouldn't you be sleeping?
Father wouldn't approve.
Then don't tell him.
[Lizzie] The berries make you see
the world beyond our own. Just one bite.
[Sarah] What does an old lady need
with that?
[Lizzie] She's not just an old lady.
The widow's 1,000 years old.
She drinks the blood of virgins
to keep her youth.
[Sarah] You're safe then.
She sacrificed her husband
to become the Devil's bride.
That's how she gained eternal life.
Well, I heard she kept the company
of the natives,
and that she even fell in love with one.
That's why she was exiled.
She learned their medicine too.
Solomon told me.
He took his wife to her
after they lost their child,
but it was too late.
Are you sure this is the right way?
How do you know where we're going?
I've been there before. Remember
when Abigail had her ring of fire?
She was scratching like a dog
during Father's sermon.
Mother told me she'd lain with a demon.
The Devil's gift.
More like Mad Thomas's gift.
Well, whoever she lay with,
Abbi made me go to the widow with her.
- And the widow fixed her with witchcraft?
- Yes, witchcraft.
And some foul-smelling paste
made for whores like Abbi Berman.
[dramatic music playing]
Are we sure about this?
[eerie music playing]
Widow Mary?
Widow Mary?
- [fire crackling]
- [crow cawing]
She's not here.
Find the berries.
[ominous music playing]
[woman] Don't.
[Sarah] Widow...
The veil has grown thin
with the turn of the moon.
And with it,
the Morning Star rises.
Beware the Devil. He lives in that book.
He calls to you from it.
He senses you now.
And if you're not careful,
he'll bore himself beneath your skin
and he'll consume you from the inside out.
Get out.
Get out.
Get out!
- [widow shouting] Get out! You get out!
- [crow squawking]
[Lizzie] Go! Go!
- [folk music playing]
- [laughter]
[girls yelling]
Full moon rises.
To the fruits of the land.
- [up-tempo folk music playing]
- [laughter]
- [screams]
- Come to the woods with me.
Entertain yourself with someone else.
- [man grunts]
- Get off of me! Stop!
[grunts] Caleb, stop!
Don't tease me, girl.
[Sarah] She's not teasing!
[Caleb] What, are you jealous?
Sarah Fier, you want a kiss too?
You know, maybe if you weren't
such a frigid bitch...
- [people gasping]
- [Sarah] There's your kiss.
And if you're still so eager,
I'm sure there's a mule tied up
who will overlook your flaws in the dark.
[crowd laughing]
[girls giggling]
[Hannah] You're completely mad.
[Sarah] No...
I'm just not afraid with you.
[both giggling]
We should go back.
Should we?
[Sarah] We can't.
This is wrong.
Doesn't feel wrong.
[Sarah breathing heavily]
Tell me to stop and I shall.
[heavy breathing]
[breathing heavily]
[twig snaps]
[gasping] What was that?
[twig snaps]
[ominous music playing]
[Hannah] Someone was there.
Someone saw us.
They couldn't.
What if it was the widow or Caleb?
Caleb can barely find his own member.
But if he saw us, if he tells...
That spoiled piglet doesn't scare me.
They'll hang us, Sarah.
Well, let them hang us then.
I was not alive before now anyway.
[Mad Thomas laughing]
Sinners, sinners.
[inhales deeply]
[exhales slowly]
[soft banging]
- [dog barks]
- [Sarah gasps]
[laughing] Oh, damn you, Merryboy!
Get in, you brute.
[eerie music playing]
- [Henry] Sarah! It's half six.
- [gasps]
You've overslept.
I've done most of the morning work.
All right. [sighs]
I'm coming.
[Sarah sighs]
[chuckles quietly]
[Sarah] Merryboy!
Merryboy, time to eat!
Oh, where are you, dog?
[suspenseful music playing]
- Merryboy?
- [Hannah] Sarah?
[gasping] Oh, heavens.
You scared me.
There's something wrong with my father.
[whispering] The voice shall sing.
Order's furnace beckons now.
To be freed, to be released.
What is he saying?
[indistinct whispering]
I don't know.
[whispering] The voice shall soon become.
[whispering voice] Cyrus...
[fly buzzing]
[Sarah] When did this start?
[Hannah] Just this morning.
He's distracted,
listening to things only he can hear.
Perhaps it is prayer?
[sighs] No.
No, something is...
I look in his eyes and it's as if...
As if something crawled in from the night
and put on Father's skin.
It looks like him, but...
- [whispering]
- [Hannah] He's not himself, Sarah.
Mother's gone to the meeting house.
She says we must ask God,
but I don't know which Psalm,
what passage...
He needs proper medicine, Hannah.
- I will talk to your mother.
- No!
She can't know you were here.
I'm not to see you anymore.
[melancholic music playing]
Not to see me?
She suspects us, Sarah.
She suspects our...
And now Father is sick.
Do you think...
Did we cause it?
[Sarah] Hannah...
Everything will be all right.
[door bangs]
You! You!
You won't stop until you've
completely ruined her life, will you?
- Mother!
- You shut your mouth!
Thomas saw you last night in town!
He's telling everyone! How dare you
bring this filth into our home!
I see what you really are, girl.
An abomination corrupting my daughter.
Born of perversion!
Goody Miller, please!
[Sarah squeals]
God knows what you are, girl!
You'd better pray for mercy
on your damned soul!
[breathing heavily]
[father] Sarah, Thomas has been talking.
There something you want to tell me?
I heard you come home late last night.
You were out
with the pastor's daughter, weren't you?
And Abbi.
And Lizzie and...
the others.
[father] If your mother was still alive...
You know, it was your mother
who convinced us to settle this land.
She was wise enough to understand
this land was special.
She said she could feel it in the air.
The lake.
The woods.
So we put down roots...
and made up our own Eden here.
She was a good woman.
And I fear in her absence...
I have failed her.
I have failed you both.
There has always been
a strangeness in you, Sarah.
A streak...
Something perhaps
a mother could have rooted out,
but you were raised like a boy.
I gave you too much freedom,
and now it is too late.
It's my fault.
[Sarah] Father...
[flies buzzing]
[ominous music playing]
[flies buzzing]
[Henry shouts] Sarah!
[Sarah] What is it? What's wrong?
[pig grunting]
[Henry] The babes are gone.
She ate them.
She ate them all.
[pig grunting]
Bring me the ax, Henry.
The ax!
[dramatic music playing]
[pig grunting]
[pig squeals]
[sighs deeply]
[Mad Thomas] The dark one has come
to harvest the bitter fruit
of the evil we have sown.
To feast on our misdeeds.
[Mad Thomas] And yet you all smile,
blind to the horrors around us.
But you see it now, don't you?
He blocks our well,
clogs it with our sin.
[man 1] It's stuck!
He takes our water.
He takes our life blood!
[Sarah] What's happened?
- What's going on here?
- The bucket's caught on something.
[men grunting]
- [man 2] It rises!
- [man 1] Yeah. Let go.
It's coming!
It rises!
A dead dog in the well!
- [man 1] Get it out!
- Our water! It's poisoned!
[Thomas] See? You have already drunk
from the cup of darkness.
[Sarah] Merryboy...
This is the work of the Devil.
He has come to stake our land.
Who among you has welcomed
the Devil to Union?
Whose lust?
Whose sin?
Oh, foolish Union.
The Devil has come
and cast his darkness over us.
And his darkness grows
within each of us
like a rot.
[knocking on door]
[relieved sigh]
I didn't mean to stop by unexpected.
I have just a, uh...
a small thank you.
It's for Sarah.
What is it?
Can you keep a secret?
And that's when I saw
something in the trees.
A figure.
Who was it?
I don't know. It was so dark.
I thought it was Caleb or...
or the widow.
But now...
Now we are tormented
and the pastor is sick and...
and I feel half mad, and now I wonder
if perhaps something is wrong with me.
- Sarah...
- And always has been, Solomon.
I was never normal. My own father said so.
Maybe I was born wicked
and strange.
Maybe it was the Devil in the woods.
Maybe the Devil is in me.
Stop! You sound like Mad Thomas.
Perhaps Thomas is right.
Thomas is a mindless drunk, nothing more.
Look around, Solomon.
There is blight everywhere.
I... I... I grant you that, but you...
Hannah was just a dalliance, Sarah.
And if it wasn't?
What do you mean?
That's why I'm so afraid.
Do you understand?
[Sarah gasps]
[crying] Because it was not
just a dalliance.
[melancholic music playing]
I see.
I can't breathe. [gasps]
Listen to me...
[Sarah breathes heavily]
Dalliance or not...
one does not summon the Devil by chance.
Even the weakest heart,
the most corruptible soul,
they must make the choice.
They must extend their hand,
which you did not do.
- No.
- No.
You can always come to me, Sarah.
My door is always open to you.
[girl screaming]
- Cyrus! Come out!
- [crowd shouting]
Constance! Where is Constance?
- The Devil has locked himself in there!
- [man 1] Pastor! Pastor!
- Brother! What's happening?
- The pastor.
He's locked the children
in the Meeting House. A dozen at least.
Henry! Where is Henry?
[indistinct yelling]
- [grunting]
- [banging]
Keep everyone back.
Solomon, wait!
Let me in! No!
[man 2] Stay back.
[Sarah] Henry! Henry!
[Pastor Miller mumbling] Because they are.
We call upon which they call within.
Resigned to deficit.
- Where's my husband?
- [man 3] Hold them back!
What's happening in there?
- Let me go! Let me go! Cyrus!
- Constance!
[Pastor Miller mumbling indistinctly]
[metal bang]
[metal bang]
- [pastor mumbling]
- [fly buzzing]
[Solomon] Cyrus?
[metal banging]
[fly buzzing]
[banging faster]
[Pastor Miller] I can see now.
I can see everything.
[door crashes open]
[crowd] Our children!
Our children!
[crowd shouting]
[screaming] No!
[Sarah screams]
[Sarah gasping]
[Solomon] Sarah!
Cyrus, no!
Witchcraft! Witchcraft!
Evil! Show yourself!
- Witchcraft!
- [Thomas] Show yourself!
[Thomas] Show yourself!
[ominous music playing]
[man 1] Hear ye! Hear ye!
Good people of Union, listen!
- [banging pulpit]
- There is a dark
and evil force at work here.
If we are ever to end this misery...
...then we must root out the guilty.
- We must...
- [Solomon] Jakob! Please, Goodman Berman!
The man responsible is dead.
- Pastor Miller...
- [Jakob] The pastor...
Our pastor was a man of God.
- [crowd] Right.
- [Jakob] And this was not him!
- He was possessed by a darkness.
- [crowd] Yes!
My child, my dear Constance,
and many others...
are dead.
- Our futures...
- [crows cawing]
...many of our entire bloodlines
have been stolen from us.
Someone must pay!
I saw some little lambs of our town...
laughing, dallying on the full moon last!
[crowd shouting]
There were some of us in the woods,
but there was no...
We drank Apple Jack. We danced.
We are young. That is not a crime!
You have sinned! You have sinned!
Look upon your children!
For they will bear the Devil's mark!
[crowd shouting]
[Elijah] Witchcraft!
- Witchcraft!
- [crowd shouting]
[Elijah] Yes, witchcraft.
But just as my brother Solomon
heroically expelled the darkness among us
by killing our afflicted pastor,
we too will punish and surmount this evil!
Yes, we will!
As survivors, our faces always will remain
toward the sun.
[shouting] Hear, hear!
[watchman] I traced it on my patrol!
This scourge centers on Union proper.
[woman] He's right!
I've searched the woods.
It does not extend beyond the settlement.
[woman whispers] He's right.
[watchman] It's here! It's in Union!
We are being punished,
and I have a list of names!
Oh, then show it to us! Show it to us!
Enough! Enough!
Listen to yourselves!
Chasing shadows!
Imagined curses!
I ask...
do you have proof?
No. Or you?
Or any of you?
I have proof!
It was some nights back when the full moon
had risen just beside the sun.
As I lay sleeping,
she came to me.
She witched me and led me to the woods.
She was naked...
...and riding a red mule.
[Hannah grunts]
- [Caleb] The red mule became a horned man.
- [laughter]
And she made me watch
as she lay with the Devil.
- Who?
- [man] Who was it?
As both of them lay with the Devil.
Both of them?
[Caleb] Hannah Miller and Sarah Fier!
- No!
- No!
Witches! Witches!
- Witches!
- Witches!
[all shouting] Witches!
Witches! Witches!
I saw Hannah Miller and Sarah Fier.
I saw Hannah Miller.
I saw Hannah Miller.
I saw Hannah Miller.
I saw Sarah Fier.
- I saw Sarah Fier.
- I saw Sarah Fier.
[crowd] Witches!
Witches! The witches!
The witches!
[indistinct shouting]
- We need to get away from here!
- And go where?
[Elijah] Here! They're here!
Witches over here!
Go! Go!
[Caleb] The Devil is in this
disgusting whore!
[Hannah] No!
Silence! Check her for marks!
No! No!
[Hannah grunts]
[Hannah] No!
No! No!
Be still, witch!
[both grunting]
[man 1] Got one!
[Mad Thomas cackles]
[Elijah] As sure as the sun rises,
we will purge Union
of this...
[man 2] Witch!
...wretched pollution!
[shouting, cheering]
[Elijah] We will search every house,
every inch of wood!
We will not rest
and we will not have mercy!
[all shouting] No mercy!
[Elijah] So help me, God,
we will be cleansed of these anathemas!
- [all shouting] Yeah!
- We will have our justice!
We will find Sarah Fier!
[all] Find her!
[man 3] Get up!
[man 4] Find her!
[man 5] Until we find Sarah Fier!
[man 5] Where are you, Sarah Fier?
[crowd shouting] Find the witch!
[dogs barking in distance]
- [man 6 in distance] Find her!
- [Sarah gasping]
- Father!
- My fault...
- [George groans]
- Father!
[door opens]
[breathing heavily]
[Elijah] Did you look upstairs?
[Caleb] I did, there's no one there.
[breathing heavily]
[twig snaps]
Did you hear that?
The other side of the house.
[Caleb] We'll find her elsewhere.
[man 7] Open up!
[loud knocking]
[loud knocking]
[door crashes open]
[indistinct shouting]
[Caleb] David!
Take your musket round back
to the Fier house.
Keep an eye on George Fier.
Keep an eye out for that witch.
[indistinct shouting]
[stick rattles]
[door closes]
[chains clanging]
[breathing heavily]
What have they done to you?
I am to hang on the morrow.
And if you don't flee, you will too.
[Sarah] No!
[Hannah] Listen to me.
You need to run.
- No, I won't leave you.
- You must!
[Sarah sighs]
[chains clang]
This is my fault anyway.
- No.
- I led the Devil here.
That is not how it works.
You do not summon the Devil by chance.
You have to make a choice.
Don't you see?
It doesn't matter if we did it or not.
They think we're guilty, so we are.
[dramatic music playing]
You're right.
Everyone believes we've done it.
So what difference does it make
if we do now?
- What are you saying?
- I will go back to the widow.
I will make a deal with the Devil.
Perhaps that can save us.
But the Devil...
Are you mad?
I don't fear the Devil.
I fear the neighbor who would accuse me.
I fear the mother
that would let her daughter hang.
I fear Union.
They lead us like lambs to the slaughter
and expect us to just follow.
Well, they will see...
I am no lamb.
[man 8 shouting] Sarah Fier! Come out!
When this is over,
we will leave this place.
We will go far away
and we'll dance every night,
then kiss in the broad daylight.
I can't lose you.
[Sarah] You won't. [sniffs]
If they want a witch...
I will give them a witch.
- [bird cawing]
- [insects buzzing]
[ominous music playing]
[whispering] Widow!
[breathing heavily]
- [crow squawks]
- [Sarah gasps]
[breathing heavily]
[crow cawing]
[dramatic music playing]
[rapid knocking]
Away, Elijah.
[rapid knocking continues]
- Elijah, I said enough!
- Please, you have to help me!
[Solomon] Sarah?
- We're innocent, Solomon.
- I know...
Hannah and I, we didn't do this!
- You're bleeding.
- It doesn't matter. Listen to me.
I went back to the woods, to the widow.
- Sarah!
- She's dead, Solomon! Someone killed her!
And there was this...
this book...
with a... a kind of instruction,
an incantation.
- An incantation? For what?
- Yeah.
[Sarah] I think...
I think someone struck a deal
with the Devil.
Offering our town.
- Our town?
- [Sarah] Yes.
In exchange, perhaps, for power?
Solomon, I swear it...
it wasn't me!
I believe you.
Who else knows about this?
No one.
[Caleb] Solomon!
[Sarah gasps]
- [Caleb] Solomon!
- Go! Go quickly! Hide!
[Caleb] Solomon!
[Caleb] Solomon!
[loud knocking]
Open up, Solomon!
We're looking for Sarah Fier.
There's no one here but me.
Then we're free to search.
[Solomon] Of course you are not.
Do not try to intimidate me, Caleb.
I am not some child!
[man 1] Come out! Sarah!
[Caleb] If only your word was enough,
What's in the back room, Solomon?
[Caleb grunts]
[breathing heavily]
[man 2] Sarah Fier!
[distant shouting] Sarah Fier!
Come out, Sarah Fier!
[Caleb] If there's nothing there,
let me check.
What do you have to hide?
I'll tell you once more.
There's no one here, but me.
[man 3] Sarah Fier! Go around the back!
She's gotta be here somewhere!
[Solomon] Leave immediately,
or I'll make you leave.
Come on!
[Caleb grunts]
[Solomon] Go on...
All of you, go on!
[Caleb shouts]
[ominous music playing]
[ominous music intensifies]
[Solomon] Abbadon...
It's you!
[Solomon] Rimmon...
[demonic chanting]
[Solomon] Beelzebub...
Morning Star...
[ominous music intensifies]
[Solomon] Satan.
It's you.
I'm still me.
I've always been me.
Only I've grown tired of watching fortune
turn a blind eye to me.
How could you?
How could I what? Take what we all want?
What we all came here for?
Power, prosperity, legacy.
Consider, Sarah...
a single soul...
Cyrus Miller.
Just one.
Pastor Miller.
[Solomon] And in return...
what no amount of praying
could ever bring.
One person every few years
seems a small price to pay.
One person?
The pastor slew 12 children!
- My brother! Innocents!
- [Solomon] Innocents.
Who's innocent?
Your neighbors hunt you,
forsake you, curse your name!
Everywhere is ignorance!
Yet you resign yourself to it!
They're afraid
because they know you're different.
And you are.
Someone who refuses to settle
for the rules of these dogmatists,
who seeks more from the world.
You're like me.
I am nothing like you!
[Solomon grunts]
[Sarah] No!
- [Sarah whimpers]
- Argh!
[screams in pain]
Sarah, come back to me!
[flies buzzing]
[whispering voice] Sarah...
[flies buzzing]
[Solomon] Sarah!
[grunts in pain]
[Sarah panting]
[Solomon] Sarah!
No! No, no, no, no!
- [Solomon] Stop, stop, stop!
- No!
- [Solomon] Stop it!
- No!
- [Solomon] Stop it! Stop, stop, stop!
- No, no!
Please, do not make me hurt you!
I love you, Sarah! I love you!
Stop fighting! I don't want to hurt...
[Solomon screams]
[screaming] No!
[screaming in pain]
No! No!
- [Solomon grunts]
- [Sarah screams in pain]
[Sarah crying]
[breathing heavily]
[optimistic music playing]
- [Sarah screams]
- [bang]
- [Sarah screams]
- [bang]
- [Sarah screams]
- [bang]
- [Sarah screams]
- [bang]
[dramatic music intensifies]
I found the witch!
[Sarah sobbing]
[man 1] Told you she was a witch!
No, no!
- [Sarah sobbing]
- [crowd commotion]
[dramatic drumming]
[dramatic music playing]
[chains clanking]
[Elijah] The penalty
for practicing witchcraft
is death by hanging!
[crowd shouting] Hang them!
Hang them!
Confess your sins or burn in eternal hell.
- [woman 1] Hang her!
- [Elijah] Confess!
[man 2] Hang them!
[melancholic music playing]
[whispers] I confess. [gasps]
No! No!
I confess!
- No! She's lying!
- I walked with the Devil!
I lay with him!
I bewitched the good pastor.
And I bewitched...
Hannah Miller.
[muffled screaming]
I clouded her mind.
[quietly] I clouded her mind.
It was me.
[muffled screaming]
[Sarah] It was me!
It was only me.
[tragic music playing]
It was always me.
- Hannah's innocent.
- [Solomon] Let her go.
[crowd shouting]
[Hannah] No! [screams]
[screaming] No! No! No!
The truth will come out.
Maybe not today...
and maybe not tomorrow,
but it will.
The truth shall be your curse.
It will follow you for eternity.
I will shadow you forever.
I will show them what you've done.
I will never...
let you go.
- Hang her!
- Hang her!
Hang the witch!
[tragic music playing]
[tragic music intensifies]
[gasps, choking]
The truth will come out.
Maybe not today.
Maybe not tomorrow,
but it will.
[Lizzie] We can't just leave her here,
alone underneath this tree.
[Abigail] She deserves a proper burial.
[Isaac] Let's move her,
bury her somewhere else.
So no one else knows where she is.
[all] Except us.
The truth shall be your curse.
[dramatic music playing]
[Sarah] I will shadow you for eternity.
[dramatic music intensifies]
[Sarah] I will follow you forever.
And everything you take
and everyone you harm,
you will feel the grip
of my hand.
I will show them what you've done.
[dramatic music crescendos]
I will never let you go.
[tragic music playing]
[Hannah sobbing]
[tragic music continues]
[rope creaking]
[police siren approaching]
[quietly] Sheriff Goode!
[girl screams]
[open door beeping]
You OK?
Need help?
Uh... Uh, no, sir. I'm good over here.
[Nick] Middle of the night.
What brings you back here?
Where's your sister?
[Deena] Josh!
[Deena grunting]
[both grunting]
- What the hell?
- [shushing]
It's him!
[Nick] Josh!
Your sister is very confused.
[whispering] His dad and his grandpa
and his great grandpa!
[Nick] She's clearly suffering
from some kind of a...
a breakdown.
She needs help.
Goode is evil!
[branch snaps]
[tense music playing]
[rapid footsteps]
[dramatic music plays]
[tires screeching]
I was back in time. I was Sarah Fier,
and Sarah Fier was innocent.
She isn't turning people in Shadyside
into killers. She wasn't a witch!
[woman over radio]
We have a 5150 in possession of car 961.
- Suspects on their way.
- Josh! Listen! Solomon Goode...
Nick Goode's Pilgrim ancestor
made a deal with the Devil, then framed
Sarah to cover his own Puritan ass.
The Goodes, they're trading us.
People from Shadyside.
[Solomon] Lucifer... Samael... Satan...
- [Deena] Goode gives a name to the Devil.
- Ryan Torres.
- [Deena] The Devil takes over that person.
- [whispering voice] Ryan!
Then that person kills and murders.
[Deena] And the Devil feeds on this blood
of dead Shadysiders.
And Goode gets whatever he wants.
He becomes Sheriff.
His brother becomes mayor.
All of Sunnyvale gets better and better.
And Shadyside doesn't.
And the Goodes do it over and over,
again and again.
One Goode from every generation
passing down the evil.
- [Deena] Solomon...
- Cyrus Miller.
- [Deena] Solomon's son.
- Isaac Milton.
William Barker.
- [Deena] Firstborn to firstborn.
- Harry Rooker.
Ruby Lane.
- [screaming]
- Thomas Slater.
[Deena] Right to today.
- Abbadon, Ahriman...
- [Deena] Right to Sheriff Nick Goode.
- So, Sarah Fier...
- He framed her!
She's the only one
who's ever figured out the truth...
until us.
And the killers came after us
to keep us from uncovering it.
Yes, to protect Goode's deal
with the Devil.
But... but, Deena?
Yeah, Josh?
[Josh] If the killers
were after us before...
now that we know the truth,
now we know about Goode's deal...
- [flies buzzing]
- [beating]
...what happens now?
[flies buzzing]
[grunting wildly]
[Sam grunting]
[Christine gasps]
Oh, Jesus Christ!
Look at her! I told you it wouldn't work!
There's no ending it.
[Deena breathes heavily]
What is it?
We need to talk.
[Ziggy] Thank you, King of Sunnyvale,
for rescuing poor helpless Shadysider me!
- Now.
- Now.
[Sheila screams]
[Deena] This is how we save Sam.
[Nick] Nick Goode. Nice to meet you.
[Deena] How we save Shadyside.
[Nick] Being the heir apparent
isn't always easy either.
What if that's not who I want to be?
You believe me, right? About the curse?
Yeah, of course.
I've let a lot of people die...
- Nick, this isn't your fault.
- But not you. I'm not letting you die.
[Deena] We can't kill the Devil.
[Ziggy] The curse, it's...
it's real.
[Deena] So...
we have to kill him.
We need to kill Nick Goode.
But I called him... I thought...
I thought he could help.
We need to go. Now!
[Deena grunts]
[Deena panting]
I wanted to do that all day.
- Should be up here on the right.
- Are we sure about this?
["Mo'murda" playing]
Mo murda, mo murda, come again...
[tires screeching]
Mo murda, mo murda, come again...
[police siren]
You gotta be kidding me.
Yo, man, I wasn't doing nothing.
Minding my business.
[Josh] Hey!
- Urkel?
- [Josh] Yeah!
Wanna help us kill Sheriff Goode?
Let me get my coat.
[Martin] As the mall's
lead custodial engineer,
I ensure that all retail establishments
come equipped with the StoreSafe 250.
This is the Cadillac of store gates.
Now, the 250 prevents
your standard smash-and-grab, graffiti,
all while complying with the 70%
visibility ordinance. Best part...
Easy to operate.
And we can rig them for quick release?
Little grease, these things go down faster
than a Sunnyvale cheerleader.
[Josh] So, Deena is the target now,
so the killers will go after Deena's blood
just like they did with Sam.
And then we use that to lure them
into the stores, and then...
Welcome to the clink, motherfucker.
The killers will be locked up,
then it's us versus Goode.
OK, sure, awesome, but then what?
Like how do we take out Goode?
Are y'all serious about this?
Once they're down, how quickly
can we get the gates back open?
- [Martin] Depends, but...
- Why would we want to do that?
[Nick] Looks like blood.
Carrie, cool.
We'll Carrie him.
[dramatic music playing]
[imitating machine gun]
[Martin blows raspberry]
Look at this dumbass thing.
It's bigger than a tape deck.
If you want to hear more than one album,
you got to carry all that too.
It skips if you breathe on it.
Then listen to the radio, dude.
We have a situation here.
Yeah, about that, Urkel.
Um... what's really going on here?
Cool. There's a half-possessed
tied-up white girl.
I need you to stay calm, alright?
I promise we got this all under control.
- OK.
- [Josh] She's one of them, we'll save her.
We're gonna kill Sheriff Goode
and save Shadyside.
[inhales deeply]
Any tips for fighting these things?
[Josh] Yeah.
Try not to die.
[melancholic music playing]
- [Ziggy] Here?
- [Cindy] Yes!
[Cindy] Dig, dig!
- [digging]
- [Cindy and Ziggy gasping]
Get ready to run.
- [Ziggy] No, Cindy, no! No, no!
- [Cindy] Let's go!
[Christine gasps]
This is it.
[tragic music playing]
[crowd shouting]
Hang her! Hang her! Hang her!
[crowd shouting]
[whistling jovially]
- [sighs]
- What's that?
Never seen a goody bag?
All cops got 'em, for emergencies.
This one's Sheriff Goode's.
Full of useful stuff.
There was this one ti...
[Martin] I'll tell you again.
Somebody planted that.
Those ain't my cans.
You're right, Martin.
These are actually my cans.
Son of a bitch.
[Josh] Deena?
I wanted to see if you wanted
one of these, uh... headlamps.
I know it looks pretty dumb, but...
It's perfect.
Up, up... down, down.
Left, right, left, right, B, A, start.
It's the Konami Code.
It's what you need.
It's what we all need.
I have no idea what...
It's the ultimate secret code.
Super Contra, Castlevania, Teenage Mutant...
It's a code for extra lives.
When things get bad
at school or whatever, it's...
it's what I think about,
and it helps me...
I don't know, to survive.
You are the biggest nerd.
You smell like an androgynous baby.
Everyone says Shadyside sucks
because it's full of shitty people,
that bad things happen here
because we're bad,
that we deserve what we have coming.
That's how it was for Sarah,
and that's how it's been for us.
But it's all bullshit.
OK, just because we're weird
and smart and different
doesn't mean they can feed us
through their meat grinder.
Not anymore.
It's been three centuries.
No one else has gotten this far.
It stops here... tonight.
It stops with us.
We're gonna kill this motherfucker.
For Sarah,
for Kate and Simon.
For Cindy.
For all of us.
For Shadyside.
[dramatic music intensifies]
Now let's do this.
[dramatic music crescendos]
["Come Out And Play" playing]
You gotta keep 'em separated
Like the latest fashion
Like a spreading disease
The kids are strappin'
On their way to the classroom
Getting weapons
With the greatest of ease
The gangs stake
Their own campus locale
And if they catch you slippin'
Then it's all over pal
If one guys colors
And the others don't mix
They're gonna bash it up
Bash it up, bash it up
Bash it up
Hey they don't pay no mind
If you're under 18
You won't be doing any time...
- OK, cut it!
- Cut it!
Come out and play
[electricity whirs down]
[emergency lighting clicks on]
[bells ringing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[both panting]
[whispering] I don't see anyone.
[Deena gasps]
I see Martin and Ziggy!
[Martin] Jesus, careful!
- Be quiet!
- [Martin] Why?
There's someone here!
[suspenseful music playing]
Police! Hands up! Hands up!
Listen! You don't have any idea
what's going on!
You're gonna die
if you don't listen to me!
[squealing] We cool.
Yeah, yeah!
Are you kidding me?
[police radio] Stolen vehicle located at
Shadyside Mall. Officers scan Shadyside...
[male cop 2] Hey, freeze! Freeze!
I got two more over here!
Drop your weapon!
Sir, sir, just please let us explain!
[male cop 2] Drop your weapon!
Slide it to me.
We got the 5150...
[knife whooshes]
[Martin screams] Oh!
- [Martin] Oh my! Holy...
- [Christine] We gotta go!
- [Martin] What is that?
- [male cop 2] Kapinski!
- Bastard!
- [gun clicks empty]
[male cop 2] No!
[Martin yells]
OK. I need you to focus
because the plan is still on, OK?
- Wait, wait, wait. You're leaving?
- Hold fast.
Stay out of their way.
They'll walk right by you.
[knife whooshes]
Oh! Goodness gracious!
[panting] Please be careful! OK?
[Ruby Lane singing in distance]
[Ruby Lane singing in distance]
[Martin] Oh good, you're clean.
Oh my God. He's gonna go right by,
he's gonna go right by.
OK, don't breathe.
[breathing shakily]
[killer breathes loudly]
[killer breathes loudly]
[Deena panting]
[Sam grunting]
[suspenseful music playing]
[killer breathes loudly]
Come on, come on.
[panting heavily]
[Sam grunting]
[dramatic music playing]
[killer grunts]
- How many is that?
- I got one, Martin got the Milkman.
Four. We have four.
Skull Mask, Nightwing.
No Ruby?
- I don't know. We need to keep an eye on...
- Y-Y-Yo!
Why'd it get so quiet?
[breathing heavily]
[breathing heavily]
It's him.
You don't have to do this.
Yes, I do.
Mount up.
- [door opens]
- [bells ringing]
[door closes]
[menacing music playing]
[soft music playing]
What are you doing here?
Tag. You're it.
[Nick] Deena! Get them away from me!
- [Christine screams]
- If I die, she dies!
[Christine screaming]
[Nick] Get away!
- [screaming]
- [Nick] Get back!
- [knife whooshes]
- [Nick screams]
[Christine screams]
[Nick] Your blood is on her!
Oh my...
[Nick] It's on Ziggy!
[Christine screams]
[screaming continues]
[Christine] No!
Go! Go! We got him!
[Martin yells]
[Martin screams]
Oh God, oh God, oh God! No, no, no!
It's my shirt, it's covered in her blood!
[Josh] Go! We'll handle them!
- [panting]
- [emergency lighting buzzes]
[breathing heavily]
[menacing music playing]
[menacing music intensifies]
OK, we need a plan B,
like now.
[killers breathing heavily]
[Josh] No...
We just need more Plan A.
[Nick panting]
[Deena] Goode!
[Nick gasps]
- [Sarah Fier screaming]
- [gasps]
I got that creepy perv motherfucker
in the bullseye.
This is gonna work, right?
[killers grunting]
[killer shrieks]
[killers grunting]
We lost Sam.
[Sam grunting]
[Sam grunting]
[Sarah Fier screams]
[breathing heavily]
[Deena] Nick!
[Josh] Now they're dead,
but that's not gonna last.
We don't have a lot of time.
We have to get ready to fight.
- Wait!
- What the hell is that?
[Ruby Lane singing]
You always hurt the one you love
The one you shouldn't hurt at all
OK. OK, you know what?
[banging continues]
At least we still have magic blood.
[squirting stops]
I'm tapped.
[Ruby singing]
Me too.
No, no, no! We can find other weapons!
We can use the delivery hallway,
outflank them.
- We...
- Or... we can wait it out.
[Josh] What?
No, no! No, we're too close!
Too many people have died,
I'm not letting them take my sister too!
We have to protect her!
[melancholic music playing]
- [flies buzzing]
- [Nick panting]
[Deena] Nick!
[Nick] Solomon forged this place
with nothing but words and stone!
Awakening this power
from the depths of the Earth.
He extended his hand to the darkness
for my family,
for me!
300 years it's lived, grown.
- We've cultivated it.
- [beating]
We've sacrificed for it!
And you think
you can stop it?
You always hurt
Up, up, down, down...
Up, up, down, down...
- Left, right...
- [Deena] Left, right...
B, A, start!
[Josh roars]
- [Sam growls]
- [Deena grunts]
[Josh roars]
[Sam and Deena grunting]
Stop! Stop!
[Sam grunting wildly]
Stop! No!
[Josh screams]
Ah! Oh, my arm!
[Deena] Sam!
- [Sam grunting]
- Please!
Sam, stop!
It's me! Please, please!
[soft music playing]
[flies buzzing]
[Deena roars]
Get off of me!
Get off of me! Get off of me!
- [gunshot]
- [Josh screams]
- That's one.
- [Josh grunts]
[Deena gasps]
[Deena gasping]
[menacing music playing]
Looking for this?
[all groaning]
Fu... [screams]
- [gun clicks empty]
- I'm... That's it!
No! No! No!
You're gonna be famous!
- [grunting, groaning]
- [Christine] Oh God!
Shadyside's newest piece of shit
makes the front page!
Local dyke slays girlfriend,
friends, brother.
And they're giving me a fucking medal.
[whispering voice] Deena...
[Sarah Fier]
The truth shall be your curse.
I will shadow you for eternity.
Come on!
[Sarah Fier] And everything you take...
[Sarah Fier] And everyone you harm...
You will feel the grip of my hand.
I will follow you forever.
I will never let you go.
[Christine gasps]
[flies buzzing]
She did it.
Oh! Oh!
[Martin gasping]
She fucking did it.
[Martin sighs]
Sam, can you hear me?
[Deena] Are you OK?
Are you?
Let's get outta here.
[soft music playing]
[rock creaking]
What in the fuck?
[uplifting music playing]
[engine starts]
[horn blaring]
["Live Forever" playing] Maybe...
[female reporter]
All is no longer good in Sunnyvale.
New evidence continues to surface
implicating Union County
Sheriff Nicholas Goode
the Sunnyvale serial killer.
The family maintains they had no knowledge
of Sheriff Goode's horrifying secret.
No knowledge? What a bunch of dickheads.
As it soaks you to the bone...
Wow, um... Thank you?
But you know the doctor said
I can't have any of... whatever that is.
Are you serious? I made those
with ingredients and shit.
You and I are gonna live forever...
OK, whatever. Get in the car.
I said maybe
I don't really wanna know
How your garden grows
'Cause I just wanna fly
Lately, did you ever feel the pain
In the morning rain
As it soaks you to the bone?
Maybe I will never be
All the things that I wanna be
Now is not the time to cry...
Oh, Nurse Lane!
Now's the time to find out why
I think you're the same as me
We see things they'll never see
You and I are gonna live forever
Gonna live forever...
- Pick you up later.
- You not coming in?
Nah, I got something to do.
[Josh] Alright.
We're gonna live forever...
No CDs, no tapes, no skipping.
Look, check that out.
- It's perfect.
- It's bigger than my Discman.
Yeah, you know, but look,
it fits all your jams and it's portable.
So, it's a radio?
No. No, it's not. You know what?
Fuck it! Y'all have no fucking vision.
I'm telling you, man. It's still too big.
[girl 2] You need an SSD.
Solid state drive.
[school bell rings]
Flash compression?
It'll help with your, uh, size problems.
Find me online if you want to chat.
[rap music playing over stereo]
[Sam] Oh my God.
You actually brought cheeseburgers.
["Gigantic" playing]
And this I know
His teeth as white as snow...
And we're still here because of her.
What a gas it was to see him
Walk her everyday...
- I'm still here because of you.
- ...into a shady place
With her lips she said...
Yeah, you're right.
I saved your ass.
What? It's true, you were dead without me.
Let's have a ball
Hey Paul, hey Paul, hey Paul
Let's have a ball
Gigantic, gigantic, gigantic
A big, big love
Gigantic, gigantic, gigantic
A big, big love
["Mr. Grieves" playing]
[birds chirping]
Hope everything is alright
Hope everything is alright
What's that floatin' in the water?
Oh, Neptune's only daughter
I believe
In Mr. Grieves
Pray for a man in the middle
One that talks like Doolittle
I believe
In Mr. Grieves
Do you have another opinion? Yup
Do you have another opinion?
La la la la
La la la la
La la la la
La la la la
Got bombed, got frozen
Got finally off to finally dozin'
I believe
In Mr.Grieves
Do you have another opinion?
Yup! Opinion
Do you have another opinion?
Do you have another opinion?
You can cry, you can mope
But can you swing from a good rope?
Oh, I believe
In Mr. Grieves
Hope everything is alright
[suspenseful music playing]