Fear Street: 1978 (2021) Movie Script

Shadyside, small-town America.
But among locals, a history of horror
has earned it another nickname,
"Killer Capital USA."
And last night
tragedy struck again.
I'm here with Sheriff Nick Goode.
Sheriff, what can you tell us?
Um, there were seven victims.
None of this is random.
Oh my God!
These massacres
are connected to Sarah Fier.
Sarah Fier was hanged for witchcraft.
She's been possessing people,
turning them into killers,
to take revenge on the town.
Go! Go!
But in 1978,
there was one survivor, C. Berman.
She's the key.
It's over.
It's never over.
Get off!
I'm going to get you back.
Killer Capital, USA.
After a week of terror,
Shadyside continues to live up
to its twisted nickname.
Clad in a Halloween skull mask,
Shadyside High graduate Ryan Torres
kicked off the days of terror
with a massacre at the mall.
And now an already mourning community
is plunged into horror yet again
as the Sheriff's Department reports
more carnage at East Union Medical.
Police believe the murders
were fueled by amphetamines.
Local teenagers Kate Schmidt
and Simon Kalivoda
are the primary suspects.
The scene of the final carnage
was the local grocery store.
Sheriff Nick Goode found the Grab and Bag
soaked in blood and broken dreams.
We passed upon the stair
We spoke of was and when
Although I wasn't there
He said I was his friend
Major, Jesus!
God damn it!
You're an impatient bastard, aren't you?
Sunnyvale is a city of hope.
My family have lived here for generations,
cultivating the growth of our city.
And now, as I take the torch
carried by my forefathers
I'm ready to bring my experience
to City Hall for another two years.
I understand the challenges
I'm here to listen.
Let's work together
to keep Sunnyvale shining!
It's OK. You stay here.
I'm gonna keep us safe, OK?
-Don't fucking move!
-Wait, wait!
Stop, please! Please! We called you.
Hello, my name is Deena Johnson.
We need to know how you survived!
Hey! We're being attacked, alright?
There are killers here!
-Pick up! We need your help!
-You're still alive.
C. Berman
Why the hell would you come here?
No, no, no! You need to leave! Right now!
You have no idea what you are doing!
Wait! Yeah, exactly.
You are the only person
who knows what we're dealing with.
I don't want that thing near me.
Get that car and "it" off my property.
Her name is Sam.
You could have watched us dead
on the six o'clock news,
but you didn't.
You called us back.
I can't help you with this!
You are our last chance! The witch...
No, I'm sorry.
My girlfriend is possessed by her
and tied up in a trunk, but you
you saw her and you survived.
What was different? Please.
Maybe something happened to you,
something that can help us stop her.
There's not!
You can't stop her.
Run, far as you can, fast as you can!
That is your only chance.
Look, I can't just run!
Look, Sam
I can't let her die.
I won't!
I love her.
Just keep her away from Major Tom.
It's completely fine.
She's tied up in the bathroom,
so she, like,
totally can't leave now, we're cool.
Yep, cool.
Cool, cool.
Take a seat.
In Shadyside,
the past is never really past.
This was July 12th.
The summer of 1978.
The first day of camp.
A week later, my sister was dead.
Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!
You're gonna hang, witch.
Before the witch's final breath,
she found a way to cheat her death.
Oh God!
By cutting off her wicked hand,
she kept her grip upon our land!
She reaches from beyond the grave,
to make good men her evil slaves.
She'll take your blood, take your head,
she'll follow you until you're dead.
String her up.
No, stop it! Stop it! Stop.
Let me down, you shits! Let me down!
-Well, well. What do we have here?
-Goddamn thief!
No. No, she's no thief.
She's possessed by the witch.
The only way to explain
her psycho behavior.
Fuck you!
Guess we're even now.
You do know what they did
to Sarah Fier, right?
They hanged her,
from this very tree.
But she'd have died forever if you did
what you always do to witches
You burn them.
-Give me your lighter!
Give it to me!
Now, hold her legs.
Seriously, Sheila?
Do it!
No, no, no! Stop it!
Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!
-Shut up, you witch.
-Sheila! You made your point.
-Don't! Don't!
-Sheila, it was only ten bucks.
Are we really gonna do this?
-No, no, no!
-Shit! Will, your brother.
-The hell is this? Let her down!
Nick, I can explain.
Let her down, Will!
I swear to God I'll tell Mom!
I went back to my cabin,
the door was open.
All my money was gone
and Ziggy was just sprinting away.
-Because you were chasing me.
-Ziggy! You talk when I tell you to talk.
-Did you see her take it?
-Everyone did.
Well, that's it, Berman.
Five strikes. You're out.
-I'm out? They just tried to murder me!
-Yeah. And I'll deal with them.
But first, get back to camp, call Mommy
because you're done at Nightwing.
-I didn't do it.
-Oh, yeah?
Like you didn't set the camp flag on fire?
Or let out the camp rabbits?
Or graffiti the outhouse stalls?
-I warned you...
It's not her fault, really.
-She's possessed by Sarah Fier.
-Oh, you
-Hey, hey, hey!
-Hey, hey.
We kick her out, somebody's gonna ask
about the burn on her arm.
Then who's in trouble? Huh?
Why don't we just let this one slide?
Alright. One more strike and you're out
for real. You hear me, Berman?
One more.
Being bossed around by a Goode.
Wow, some things never change.
God, I hate that little bitch.
-Have Nurse Lane check that burn out.
-I'm gonna let it get infected and die.
I don't get a thank you?
I'm sorry, I forgot!
Thank you, King of Sunnyvale,
future Police Chief Nick Goode,
for rescuing poor, helpless Shadysider me!
How could I ever repay you?
Oh, I know. I'll bat my eyes at you,
like all the other dumbass girls.
Hot August night
And the leaves hanging down
The grass on the ground smelling sweet
Move up the road
And the sound of that good gospel beat
Sits a ragged tent
Where there ain't no trees
Color War begins tonight, guys! Line up
and grab a shirt! Do you have a shirt?
Blue is for beautiful,
if you live in Shadyside.
Red is for radiance,
if you live in Sunnyvale.
Despite our differences,
we're all perfect!
Even you, Ziggy Berman!
And grab the old ladies
And everyone goes
'Cause everyone knows
Stop, I'll be thinking of you
What is this gunk?
It just It won't come off!
That's been there forever, babe.
Just give that up.
-I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
You're right.
It's just, you know, Color War is tonight.
I'm well aware!
We also have to get the Mess Hall ready.
Oh my gosh.
Oh my gosh. This gosh darn moss!
It's it's all over me!
Oh, hey! It's OK! This isn't a big deal.
What? No, it's not OK!
It it it's stained!
Only Cindy Berman would expect
to clean the outhouse and not get dirty.
It's not funny!
It's kinda funny.
While others pretend
I need you now and I need you then
Just stop
-What did we talk about?
-I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
You better be.
Keep us together
What is it?
Where are they?
Oh my God!
Oh my Oh my God!
-Um what are you doing?
-Three guesses.
Hey, careful.
You don't wanna corrupt her virgin ears.
We have to get everything together
for Color War. And you guys
uh, uh have to finish cleaning
the outhouse.
We're doing the shit jobs all summer,
now we have to clean up actual shit? No.
-I'm sorry, but we don't have a choice.
This is our last one, babe.
What are you doing?
Three guesses.
This isn't funny. We have a job to do.
-Alice, put that down.
-Or what?
What, are you gonna snitch on me again?
OK. What if you go talk
to your little friend Nurse Lane.
-About getting us some yellow jackets.
-Or some red birds.
And then we'll scrub
all the shit you want.
-Yellow jackets, red What?
-Drugs, baby. Drugs.
-Just hook us up.
No, I won't do that!
Some people want to do things
with their lives.
So stop screwing with mine
and just do your jobs, please!
Maybe you should have thought about that
before blasting Captain and Tennille
for two hours straight.
Where have you been?
I've been looking all over.
Your sister
Cindy Berman, that smell better be skunk.
What about my sister?
Nurse Lane! Hello!
I'm in trouble again. Help.
Nurse Lane, come on!
I could die any minute now.
Nurse Lane?
Nurse Lane?
-What are you doing?
-Oh my God!
Nurse Lane, you scared the shit out of me.
Are you OK?
I am. Oh my goodness.
Ziggy, Ziggy, Ziggy.
What did we do now?
OK, so you are gonna apply this
once a day for three days. OK?
It's gonna protect against infection.
It's gross.
You'll survive.
So, um what's the Witch's Mark?
You know about my daughter, right?
Ruby Lane?
-I don't...
-Of course you do.
Everybody talks, I know.
Tell me, what do they say?
Uh, um They say she, uh
she killed people
at a party.
-Seven, seven friends.
She killed herself that night too.
So eight.
Ruby was such a sweet girl.
Oh, and she had a sweet voice.
She was in choir.
She wanted to be a singer.
You always hurt the one you love
I was so proud of her.
So proud.
The doctors say
it was a psychotic episode,
that she just snapped.
But the kids
the kids say Sarah Fier made her do it.
That's a little tight.
-What do you think?
-I don't...
'Cause I think you don't go
from being a sweet girl with dreams
to ripping someone's insides out
with a switchblade.
-Nurse Lane!
-People usually kill for a reason,
and sometimes that reason is justified.
Sometimes killing isn't murder.
-Sometimes it's necessary.
-That's hurting me.
-Sometimes it is good.
-Nurse Lane!
Once a day for three days, OK?
Hi, Nurse Lane.
Hi, Cindy.
You realize what happens
if you get kicked out, right?
-How awful that would be for me?
-Did someone do something to Nurse Lane?
Like make fun of her daughter?
-Ziggy, are you listening to me?
-She was upset.
I don't care! I
-Do you hear what I'm saying to you?
-Loud and clear, ma'am.
You don't, we had this conversation
last week and the week before that.
-I'm not gonna get kicked out.
-That's not what Kurt thinks.
-Yeah, well, Kurt can suck it.
-No! Ziggy, no!
If you get kicked out, I do too.
Mom can't work and take care of you.
Then how will I pay for college, huh?
Oh, that's funny to you?
Yeah, kinda.
Explain to me what's so funny.
How dumb you are?
No one gets out of this town,
not even Miss Perfect.
Bet on your way out
you get run over by a bus.
Once in your life,
could you just not be so so mean?
Could once in your life
you just stop pretending?
You're Shadyside, in case you forgot.
I swear to God
everyone just wants to ruin my life.
Alice just, like
She just won't let it go.
It's like we're still 12 years old
and her whole goal in life is to
to punish me for something
that wasn't even my fault.
I can't believe
you guys used to be friends.
And Ziggy
It's only a matter of time
before she ends up in jail or worse.
I'm trying to be a good role model
and make something of myself.
But no, no,
I'm the stuck-up priss who hates fun,
which isn't even true at all.
I like fun. I like fun!
I just I just want
to get out of Shadyside. Is that so crazy?
Did Cindy Berman just swear?
Not now, Tommy! Not in the mood!
It's OK.
You're OK. You're OK.
Tommy, is that you?
Tommy, what are you doing? You're really
all of my heart
freaking me out.
What is it, babe?
-Nurse Lane?
-I'm sorry.
But I can't save you.
I saw your name.
I saw it on the wall.
One way or another,
you're gonna die tonight.
What are you talking about?
to being lucky, she's cursed
That's how I know
The first cut is the deepest
Baby, I know
The first cut is the deepest
You got history with her?
She had a grudge against you?
No grudge. No, we barely ever talked.
I I go to get bug spray from her.
That's it.
It just doesn't
it doesn't make any sense.
Why why would she do something like this?
-She was nuts, just like her kid.
-Nurse Lane, she never seemed crazy.
That's what she said about her kid, but
sane people don't chop up their friends.
Now, tell me again what happened.
Um uh
she she came into the kitchen
Hey, witch. So sorry.
I know you and Nurse Psycho were close.
-You can visit her in jail now.
-Fuck off, Sheila.
By the way,
you might want to check your stuff.
I think there was an accident
in cabin five.
-Look at her!
-Hurry, witch! Run!
Hey, Nicky.
Officer Kapinski.
Been meaning to say I'm sorry
about your Pops. He was a good man.
He was a great man. Taken too soon.
Thank you. Yeah. We all miss him.
Big boots to fill.
Well, he was at peace, knowing one day
you'd be following in his footsteps.
Sheriff Nick Goode's got
a good ring to it.
You just go easy on me
when you're my boss, huh?
I'm sorry.
But I can't save you.
One way or another,
you're gonna die tonight.
Hey, guys! Dinner time!
Hey! Hey, come on!
-Nurse Lane's daughter killed 7 people.
-Her daughter was Ruby Lane.
She was clearly possessed
just like her crazy daughter.
Sarah Fier strikes again.
-How does the witch choose them?
-It's crazy.
-Is Color War gonna be canceled?
-It starts tonight.
Psycho Shadysiders
always fucking ruin everything!
She said one way or another,
I was gonna die tonight.
The kiddos are right.
That's, like, totally witchy behavior.
It's just, there must be some explanation.
The witch isn't real.
-Like what?
-Well, maybe
Maybe she was on something.
Drugs are peaceful, not violent.
I'm not talking about marijuana.
Just admit you're jealous that the witch
wanted your hubby all to herself!
Be serious, man. Why would Nurse Mary
wanna do something like that?
-Why would she want me dead?
-Oh, no. She wouldn't.
But the witch might!
Hey, they're just playing around.
This was nothing, I promise.
Did you see her eyes?
There was something in there,
something wrong.
Chicks, dicks, listen up!
We had a scary situation earlier,
but we cannot let that mess
with the most important night
of our summer.
Tonight is Sunnyvale versus Shadyside.
It is red versus blue.
It is good versus evil.
Tonight, we commencicate Color War!
It's "commence." My god.
He might be dumb,
but he's kind of shagadelic.
-Oh yeah!
-He's disgusting. You're disgusting.
Tonight's first event
is Capture the Flag, baby.
Yeah, yeah, yeah! Now, Sunnyvalers
We have never, ever
lost a Color War!
So let's not let tonight
be a stain on our legacy.
And let's go out there
like our ancestors before us
and murder those Shadyside witches!
Uh, hi!
Thank you, Kurt, for that neat-o speech.
Now, Shadysiders,
let's go out there and do our best,
because even if we lose,
we're still winners in our hearts.
Sunnyvale! Sunnyvale!
I'm an alligator
I'm a mama-papa comin' for you
I'm the space invader
What are you doing?
Art project.
-I need to talk to you.
-I'm not in the mood.
Earlier, you said Mary was upset.
-Oh, so now you care!
-Ziggy, this is serious.
It was serious earlier,
and you didn't give a shit.
Come on, you were the last person
to see her before she snapped.
What about drugs? Did you see any around?
She's a nurse, so yup.
-Well, did she mention anything or...
Ziggy, I'm just I'm trying to understand
what happened today.
Who cares? It's over.
Not for Tommy. He's still
freaked out and acting weird and
It's just a big joke to everyone.
"Mary was possessed by the witch."
-Maybe it was the witch.
What? That doesn't fit your carefully
constructed bullshit view of the world?
-Why are you being like this?
-I dunno.
Maybe because Nurse Lane was
the only person who was nice to me,
and now her life is over because
bad things always happen to Shadysiders.
Nothing just happens.
There's always a reason.
Not always a rational one.
Deep down, you feel it, don't you?
Shadyside, there's something here.
It's just holding us down, cursing us.
-Ziggy, that's enough.
-You're too scared to admit it.
When things go bad,
you wanna explain it away.
I'm sorry. I'm not going to blame
everything on some fairy tale.
Life sucks sometimes. I get that.
I mean, God knows it's been hard since
Since what?
See, you can't even say it!
Since Dad left.
Since Mom started drinking.
Since we're going to lose the house.
And it's not gonna magically get better.
And saving up all summer to buy
a super cute polo shirt can't hide that.
Trying to explain why nice old Nurse Lane
almost lost it today can't either.
We're all cursed.
For Mary, it was today.
But someday, it'll be you.
And this whole fake
bullshit life of yours,
it's gonna come crashing down.
That's a horrible thing to say.
It's not horrible if it's true.
I don't know who you are anymore, but
But you're not my sister.
Then who am I?
A monster.
That's what they say.
There'll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don't you cry no more
Do do not let them anywhere near this.
Do you hear me?
I said, do you hear me?
Shadyside! Shadyside!
Alright, alright, alright!
Now remember, keep at least
three defenders by this all the time.
Alright? And who's the jailer?
OK, Jeremy, you may be
the most important player in the, uh
in the
-Are you OK?
Yeah, are you OK, Mr. Slater?
Yeah, I'm I'm good. Um
Why don't you guys get started?
Plant the flag.
And I'll be right behind you. OK?
Let's go, Shadyside! Come on!
Shadyside! Shadyside!
Move, move, move!
Oh, man.
My head is throbbing.
She must have got me pretty good.
-Mary's stronger than she looks.
-You need to lie down?
No. No, I'm alright. I'm alright.
Good. I need your help,
and the key to the infirmary.
So, what exactly are we looking for?
Come on, Cindy.
It doesn't matter, alright?
It matters.
There's a reason Mary did what she did
and said what she said.
-We're going to figure it out now.
-Come on, Cindy. Please, I
No label, half-empty.
Like I said, she was on drugs.
Get these to the cops,
then they'll tell us what they
What is that?
"A deal was made with the Devil."
"Sarah Fier cut off her wicked hand
on Satan's stone
in exchange for eternal life,
scarring the soil beneath
with the witch's mark,
"bringing Darkness upon the land."
Did you hear that?
Hello, is somebody in there?
Come on. That's not funny.
Alice? What are you doing here?
Looks like we're both here
for the same thing.
Must really want me
to scrub those toilets.
This isn't for you.
Whoa, Berman. I didn't know
you were into that kind of thing.
They're not for me.
I'm giving them to the cops.
Oh yeah, the cops.
Yeah, right, of course.
No, what are you talking about?
What, now you're gonna snitch on Mary too?
No. That's I'm trying to...
-This for the cops too?
-Give that back!
"She emerged by the Meeting House,
one hand severed, lost forever."
"We hanged the witch,
body chained and buried
but without her hand,
"her grip on the land holds firm."
This is Sarah Fier shit!
Alice, come on.
"When she is near, blood will fall
and the curse will last
until body and hand unite."
Alice, it's Mary's diary.
Let's put it back.
It's not just a diary.
It's a map.
Crazy Nurse Lane made a crazy map.
It's camp,
but looks like she drew all over it.
1666 Union.
-Union, that's Shadyside.
The settlement before it was divided
into Shadyside and Sunnyvale.
-If you went to class
So, the camp is built in the same place
as the settlement?
Whoa, look, look, look! Sarah Fier!
-Do you think that's her house?
-What are all the X's?
There's only one way to find out.
Hey! That's my bag!
Arnie, flashlight.
-What is this shit?
-Let me see.
-Sounds familiar. Ooh, Dex, maybe.
-Know what sounds fun?
-Seeing a witch's house high on Dex.
-Oh yes, it does.
Alice! Bring that back!
What are you doing?
It's called fun, Cindy Berman.
You used to have it, remember?
-We're gonna find you, Sarah Fier!
Come on, they took everything!
Go away, Cindy!
It's me. It's Nick.
Go away, Nick!
-I like what you've done with the place.
-This wasn't me.
I'm shocked.
"Ziggy is a witch bitch."
"Ziggy sucks cocks in Hell." Jeez.
Colonel Mustard.
-Oh, looks like blood.
-Yeah. I didn't have a pig, so
Carrie. Cool.
You've read Carrie?
Yeah. Second favorite after Salem's Lot.
Still, I dunno,
paint seems a little pedestrian.
Oh, I'm sorry. Do you have a better idea?
Shouldn't you be, like,
turning me in or something?
Well, I should be supervising
Color War, uh
-But noticed you were MIA and...
-So you decided to stalk me.
Check in on you.
Clearly you don't need my assistance.
All good. Go ahead.
"Carrie" on.
What's your idea?
Science & Nature.
Come on, it's disgusting in here!
We're close, Berman, hang in there!
This was the best idea.
Yeah, but I still don't feel shit.
OK, so, take more.
Thank you.
-Wait up!
I swear to God
-Oh, it's ruined now!
-You cursed again.
You want me to murder you?
-Babe, you OK?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Watch your step.
Is someone digging a grave?
Hey, where's the, uh
The X's, look. Look.
Look, here. Here.
She was marking where she dug.
"But without her hand,
her grip on the land holds firm
"and the curse will last
until body and hand unite."
Maybe Mary was looking for the hand.
-To end the curse?
-That made her daughter lose her mind.
Guys, come on.
-This is silly.
I gotta piss.
Hey, let me see that.
You can have it,
but first give me the drugs.
If Nurse Mary took them and went crazy,
those drugs are very dangerous.
Oh my God!
What happened to you?
You remember when we used to have fun?
-Before you became a snitch?
-Just let it go already.
That's easy for you to say.
-You lying fucking Brutus.
-I found it!
I found the witch's house.
Was I the only one expecting, like,
I dunno, a house made out of candy?
Maybe there's candy down here.
Hey, Sarah, you got any candy down there?
We're high and hungry.
-Sarah Fier!
-OK, we've seen enough.
Alright then, go home, Berman.
I didn't march all the way out here
for nothing, OK?
Are you crazy? Alice!
Hey, someone's been down here.
Like, recently.
Look at all this witchy shit.
It's Sarah Fier!
Sarah Fier isn't real.
Well, someone lit that candle.
Hey, Sarah Fier, if you're in here,
say something!
Maybe she's shy.
Ali Alice! God!
It's some kind of, like, occult thing
Like Devil worship.
-It's kinky.
-Oh, yeah.
It's the witch's mark.
The what?
"A deal was made with the Devil."
"Sarah Fier cut off her wicked hand
on Satan's stone
in exchange for eternal life,
scarring the soil beneath
with the witch's mark,
"bringing Darkness upon the land."
That's it.
It's acetaminophen.
-Arnie, what are you talking about?
It just hit me. It's fucking Tylenol.
It's nothing.
Are you sure?
Come on, Alice.
Let's get out of here.
Pretty sure Joan might still have
some weed if we pay her.
We are out of here.
Let's go, man.
Hey, you alright, man?
-I need to show you something.
-This place
-It keeps on going.
Cyrus Miller.
Billy Barker. Ruby Lane.
-Mary's daughter.
Isaac Milton, Harry Rooker.
You don't have to go to fucking class
to know those names.
-The Shadyside Killers.
Except one.
Tommy? Alice, this isn't funny.
What, you think I carved your boyfriend's
name into solid stone with my fingernails?
Someone else did this.
Whatever you're on, man,
thanks for sharing.
What the hell are you doing, man? Tommy
Oh my God! No, no, Tommy! Stop!
Tommy, stop!
-Come on! Come on!
Help me.
Go, go, go!
No! No!
Do you hear that?
He's still alive?
He can't He can't get us.
He can't get us.
Get in jail, Shadyside trash!
You're property of Sunnyvale now!
You move, you speak, you fucking die!
From Will.
Don't leave me this way
I can't survive
I can't stay alive
Without your love
Will! This is too cute.
Could have done it in your bunk,
but I guess this is kind of hot.
I'll surely miss your tender kiss
Don't leave me this way
Ah, baby
My heart is full of love
And desire for you
Now come on down
And do what you gotta do
Please somebody help me!
Help me! Somebody help me! Please!
-Did you hear her?
-She sounded like a frog.
-What'd I tell ya?
-Fuck paint.
Fuck paint.
Who are you?
Nick Goode.
Nice to meet you.
It's some kind of cavern.
I don't know. It seems to just
go on forever.
I don't care.
Alice, can you please just
help me?
What, you're just gonna pretend
that everything's OK?
Alice, I just
Tommy split Arnie's head in half.
Do you realize that?
-Please, can you just help me?
-With what?
This shit weighs, like, a million pounds.
I thought you got an A in physics.
We have to get out!
Well, tough shit.
Because we can't.
We're gonna die down here.
Just like Arnie.
No, no. We have to get out!
We have to!
Those names on the wall,
they didn't stop with one murder.
Seven, nine, ten, fifteen people.
Those were serial killers.
The campers
My my sister, they're up there.
And now, so is he.
I thought you didn't believe in the witch.
Yeah, I don't! I
The There must be some some explanation.
Oh my God,
you are fucking unbelievable, Cindy. OK?
He was possessed!
-Maybe Maybe he took a pill or...
No! Cindy, no!
It wasn't the fucking Tylenol, alright?
It was the witch.
Alright, you saw those names.
And that that ritual,
the witch is real.
And she's doing some
some fucking spell shit
and possessing people.
OK? Every name on that rock.
And Mary knew it, alright?
She knew it. And it's all right here.
This isn't real!
You want an explanation?
Well, here it is. OK?
She looked for the hand bone
to fucking stop the curse,
to save Shadyside,
but she couldn't find it.
Wanna know what she did find?
Your boyfriend's name
in that fucking wall.
-So she tried to kill him.
Which I also would've done,
if I knew there was a chance
that Tommy fucking Slater
would ax my boyfriend in the fucking head!
Listen! Shut up!
There we go.
That's the Cindy Berman I knew.
Hey, where are you going?
To find another way out.
Don't follow me.
Don't come back here, alright?
Alright, do you hear me?
Don't come back!
You're fine, you're fine.
Jesus, what the hell?
I told you not to follow me.
Yeah, I didn't.
You went in a circle.
Fucking circle.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
-What are you doing?
This symbol, it branches off here.
Four times.
Three there, one there.
Just like this cave.
It's the same.
"Sarah Fier cut off her wicked hand
on Satan's stone,
scarring the soil beneath
with the witch's mark."
"Scarring the soil."
So, what, like, the witch
made this fucking place?
Or the settlers claimed she did.
It doesn't matter.
-All that matters is this symbol. It's a...
-It's a map.
Can I, uh get you a water
or a juice box maybe?
We're fine.
Cool. Yeah, I just thought, you know,
since we're all in here and in jail
that you might want
some refreshments, but, uh
Or we can, uh We can We can
Well, we can play a game.
Do you guys like, uh, Charades...
Shut the fuck up, nerd.
Yeah, OK. Sure. Um
these inmates are property of Shadyside.
If you If you don't leave,
I I'll be forced to get you.
Hey, nerd!
No. Hey, hey, hey!
That's not fair!
Come on! Go, go!
-Run, run!
-No, no, no, no.
Go, go, go!
Alright, next question.
What about you and your sister?
You guys ever get along?
Thought these were supposed to be
easy questions.
Says who?
There are no rules to this game.
God, I hate snakes.
Why are you dodging my question?
Why do you care?
I'm curious.
-I've hated her since I was a baby. Next.
-Come on.
Why are you so full of shit?
Nick Goode,
heir apparent,
Daddy was the police chief,
the King of Sunnyvale,
you're gonna be the same.
Except it's all make-believe.
The truth is you like Stephen King
and spiders and
the weird girl from Shadyside.
Alright, first of all,
Stephen King is, like, super popular.
And, second,
I can't like the weird girl.
Why not?
Because I'm a counselor.
She's a camper.
Last year for me. First year for you.
Plus, how will I ever get to know her
when she keeps dodging my questions?
There was a time
when things were good between us.
When my dad was around
and my mom was happy,
and my sister and me, we would, um
we'd throw toilet paper
on Mr. Corkle's tree,
and then go jump in the lake
in all our clothes and
And now
Now it's just gone and everything's shit.
That's what happens
when you live in Shadyside.
Everything turns to shit eventually.
But I wouldn't expect
a Sunnyvaler to understand.
No, maybe you're right.
But, uh being the heir apparent
isn't always easy either.
Before he died,
my dad loaded me up with all this,
you know, "You're my legacy",
"the future of the family
depends on you" shit.
You know, he just dropped
this huge burden in my lap and
I dunno, what if I don't want that?
What if that's not who I want to be?
What if I want to be the kid
who likes spiders and Stephen King and...
And the weird girl from Shadyside?
The weird girl from Shadyside.
But, uh
I guess there's nothing I can do about it.
Why not?
Some people
They like to go out dancing
Yeah, you were right. Can we, uh
Can we go back to the easy questions?
How about
Everything is just dirt
-Would you ever kiss the weird girl?
- But anyone who ever had a heart
Oh, they wouldn't turn around
And break it
Sweet Jane
Sweet Jane
Sweet Jane
Sweet Jane
He's dead!
-Jeremy's dead!
-No, you guys! OK? Hey!
We're done. Everyone get back.
Hey, no! Color War's done! Alright?
Get out of here! Get out!
Let's go! Get out! Let's go!
Alright, it branches off again here.
Just stay left.
I cannot believe this is working.
It's taking too long.
He could be back at camp already.
If you have to kill him
could you?
Earlier, when Mary attacked, I just
I froze. I couldn't do anything.
So, no, I I couldn't kill anyone,
much less Tommy.
Well, good news. I would happily kill him.
God, even now, after everything,
you're you're still a jerk.
OK, I'm sorry. I just
I never got what you saw in him.
And that was before
the witch possessed him.
Tommy was sweet.
He made me feel like
everything was going to be OK.
I loved him.
I really did.
I loved Arnie too.
I loved that gross, high little shit.
Do you hear that?
There's this space here up ahead.
All roads lead here.
Is there any other way around?
What the hell?
Flies? What is this stuff?
It's everywhere.
What is that?
Let's get out of here.
Let's go! This is not part of the game!
Go, guys! Go, go!
Five, seven, eight, ten,
fifteen, eighteen
-Stay calm! Everything's alright!
-How many?
-That's 30 missing at least.
-Where's Cindy, Kurt, Joan?
-I don't know. I haven't seen them.
Or Tommy or anyone.
-The lights are coming on!
-Maybe they're looking for us.
-It's dead.
-We have to go. We have to warn people.
-I'm sure they heard the bell. Hey!
-My sister, she's still out there!
The same sister you've hated
since you were a baby?
Look, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it. Me and Gary will go.
-Just please stay here.
-I can't sit here!
-I'm not letting you get hurt!
-What the hell?
Please, let me do my job.
I'm gonna find your sister.
Just stay here. OK?
-Hey, you realize that's a camper, right?
Look, you make for cabin one.
I'll head to nine.
-What if the killer's still out there?
-That's the whole point, Gary.
Hey, everybody! Stay here! OK? OK.
-Where is she, witch?
-You kill her like you killed Jeremy?
-What are you talking about?
Where the fuck is Sheila?
Nick! Nick, we forgot Sheila!
Where the fuck is everyone?
Stay put, big boy.
Oh, yeah. Oh!
Take it easy
You tell anyone about this,
and you're dead.
-You hear me?
Take it easy
Just admit that Shadysiders do it better.
I ain't admitting shit.
He knows.
Move to the music
Joan, I can smell that shit
from here! Put it out!
You know, you Sunnyvalers
are really missing out.
This shit, like, really
opens up your mind.
Put it out!
Okie dokie!
I was there, in the past.
-You're OK.
-I saw the the killers.
They killed so many and you're next.
You're fucking next!
No, no, no, no.
That's not true. I'm right here.
The witch did this.
She did all of this. She put a curse
on Shadyside. Mary was right.
I know.
The cave was alive, Alice.
Tylenol can't do that.
You were right.
I am a snitch.
The day after we stole
Mr. Evans's JVC player,
Harold Hines saw me with it.
Fucking Harold Hines.
Next thing I know,
I'm in the Principal's office,
and my dad can't come in
because he just ran off with some girl
not much older than I am now.
And my mom, well, she was having
a few drinks at O'Connell's.
And I knew then
I wasn't different
from the other Shadysiders.
I was cursed.
I told myself if I was perfect,
if I did everything right,
I could beat it.
I snitched on you,
I got new friends, I
started dressing like this.
I dated sweet Tommy.
I avoided you,
but I couldn't avoid Ziggy.
Because she was always there,
reminding me of the truth.
That this town, this place
was cursed.
And so were we.
Now I know.
She was right
all this time.
I've been a bad sister.
I've been a bad friend.
I should've just
skipped class, partied, had sex, had fun.
I hate to break it to you,
but the fun
it's not any more real
than your polo shirt.
There's a reason I wear these.
And it's not just because they're awesome.
We all have our ways
to deal with Shadyside.
What? What is it?
This moss, it stained my shirt.
The outhouse!
This stuff is all over the outhouse.
It means we're close.
Everyone, listen up! The game is over!
Get back to the Mess Hall
or I'll dock you a victory point!
Claire! Freddy! Jesus!
Get to the Mess Hall! Come on! Go!
Everyone, the game is over!
Get back to the Mess Hall!
Was that Counselor Goode?
Hey! I said no talking!
-He said the game was over!
-No talking, dweeb!
Just stay put.
I'll check with Counselor Goode.
Hey, we need that.
Hold on.
Maybe we should just leave.
Counselor Tommy?
Oh shit!
Sheila, are you still in here?
You bitch!
Sheila! Listen to me!
Do you smell that?
It smells like shit.
-Is that toilet paper?
-It's the outhouse. It's gotta be.
-Holy shit.
-There it is. Look.
I'm trying to help you! There's a killer...
Oh shit!
I heard shouting. What's going...?
-What's going on in here?
-Is everyone OK?
No! Everyone's headed back
to the Mess Hall.
Where's Nick?
Help! Help! We're down here! Help!
Do you hear that?
-Down here!
-Please help us!
-Please, help us!
-Get us out of here!
-Hey! Hello!
-Help us!
Will you please help us?
Ziggy? Oh my God!
-What are you doing down there?
It's kind of a long story.
Are you OK?
Yeah, hold on a second.
Ziggy, are you OK?
Are you OK?
What is going on?
-My sister's in the toilet.
Gary! Just help me!
Come on! Go! Back to the Mess Hall,
you hear me? Let's go!
If anyone's in there, the game's over!
Oh God.
Oh shit!
Nick! I came out of the bathroom,
she was just dead, man! I swear to God!
Jesus, man.
Did you do this?
-Listen, there's a fucking killer.
We have to get the others out of here.
Get back to the Mess Hall.
In 15 minutes, ring the bell.
Ring the bell, that's the signal.
Get them on the bus,
get them out of here. Alright?
You hear me?
Just go! Go, Kurt!
-Get on! We're pulling you up!
-Dude, oh my God.
-Pull it. You first.
Keep pulling!
Tommy! Tommy, what are you doi
-Get him off!
-Ziggy! Ziggy!
-Get him off me!
-Get him off! Get him off!
What are you doing?
-He's here!
-Come on!
-Did we lose him?
-Yeah, I think so. Are you OK? You hurt?
It's not my blood. It's Gary's.
-And yours?
-Um Sean, Jesse, Rod, Stacey.
Shadysiders. It's the curse.
No, it's, uh, it's just some psycho.
No, no, it's not some psycho. It's Tommy.
My sister's perfect, virgin,
boring boyfriend Tommy.
She did this.
-The witch!
That's not real, Ziggy.
Exactly whatSunnyvaler would say.
I thought you were different.
They're getting on the bus. We have to go!
-I can't! My sister is still out there!
-Ziggy, I've let a lot of people die.
-Nick, this isn't your fault.
-Not you! I'm not letting you die.
Because, uh yeah!
I do like the weirdo from Shadyside.
Maybe once we get out of this,
we could, uh
we could start a book club or something.
Maybe I dunno, Stephen King's new one
is supposed to be good, I hear.
I'm done with King.
Judy Blume for me from now on.
Yeah, Judy Blume sounds, uh
sounds perfect.
You believe me, right? About the curse?
Yeah, of course. I am different.
Now, come on. We gotta get out of here.
We'll call the cops.
Your sister's gonna be alright.
First, we gotta get on that bus.
Aaah! Run!
We have to find another way out.
What if there's not?
No, no, there's gotta be.
We're at the outhouse. We're at camp.
Come on, get the diary. We're too close.
OK, these these tunnels.
The witch, she made them, right?
And, "She emerged by the Meeting House,
one hand severed lost forever."
The Meeting House, which is now
The Mess Hall.
There's gotta be another way out.
Oh God!
Come on!
-I'm just gonna slow you down.
No, it's fine. I'll catch up.
You gotta save your sister.
Kurt! Will! Anybody!
"Blood will fall."
"When she is near, blood will fall."
"Her hand laid to rest
atop Satan's stone."
Satan's stone
Can anyone hear me? Hello?
Can anyone hear me? Hello!
There'll be peace when you are done
Hey! Hey, I'm over here! Help!
Don't you cry no more
Lay your weary head to rest
Don't you cry no more
Masquerading as a man with a reason
My charade...
Fuck you!
You swore!
It's becoming a habit.
You smell like shit.
-Yeah, that's because I'm covered in it.
-Oh God.
-Do you think it'll wash out?
-You might need to buy a new polo.
I'm so sorry, Ziggy.
I'm I'm sorry I wasn't here,
not just tonight, but every day.
No, you were. You just...
No, no. I haven't been here.
I know that now.
I know that you just needed me
to listen, to hear you.
I thought if I just put my head down
and followed the rules,
everything would be fine,
that I'd get out of Shadyside, but
but now I know you were right.
Everything is cursed.
I could have been nicer.
I could have been less of a of a monster.
Yeah. Well
You were my monster.
And at the end of the day, Mom, Dad
Shadyside, Sunnyvale, I
I won't let anything pull us apart again.
You hear me?
Loud and clear, ma'am.
Hey, snitch!
What took you so long?
Come on!
You did it.
We did it.
OK, careful, OK?
This thing's like a million years old.
I bought that a month ago.
No, I'm not talking
about your stupid bag, genius.
"Blood will fall."
Satan's stone, OK? It was right there.
All this time, buried under the moss,
and I found it.
I fucking found it.
Found what?
Three guesses.
What? What is it?
It's Sarah Fier's lost hand.
Nurse Lane
she spent her entire life
looking for this.
A way to stop the curse
that took her daughter.
"Without her hand,
her grip on the land holds firm."
"The curse will last
until body and hand unite."
This led us to the hand bone.
And if the legend is true,
that means her body's still buried...
By the Hanging Tree.
We can end this.
No more murders, no more curse,
no more
We can save Shadyside
My nose
I bled on the hand and
I think I just saw her.
Sarah Fier.
She was
She was angry.
We have to bury this thing
right fucking now.
OK, let's go.
What, I have to use my hands?
No, you're staying here.
Come on, I can hop just fine.
I watched my dad go to jail
when I was six.
I watched my mom steal
so I could eat.
First time I cut myself I was 12.
It was after
Well, you know when.
And now tonight
I watched your perfect boyfriend
turn into a monster
and kill the only person I've ever loved.
I've waited
my whole fucking life for this.
And now I've found it.
Let me see this through.
For Arnie
for Tommy
for Shadyside.
For Shadyside.
For Shadyside.
Fucking die!
Why won't you fucking die!
No! Alice?
Alice, just
Just stay with me. Alice.
You always hurt the one you love
The one
What is that?
you shouldn't hurt at all
You always hurt
- The one you love
-Run, run!
Help me!
You always hurt
There it is! Go, go!
Dig! Dig!
Just keep digging!
- You always hurt
The one you love
I hit something.
The witch forever lives.
The witch forever lives.
-Cindy, what does it mean? Cindy?
-I don't know.
-Where is she? Where's the body?
-I don't know.
This way. Come on!
You always hurt
What do you want, Sarah Fier?
You want this? You can have it!
Just let my sister live!
Just let my sister live!
You bled on the bone.
They're after you.
Get ready to run.
-No, Cindy, no! No, Cindy!
-Let's go!
Nothing will pull us apart.
Never again.
That was July 19th, 1978.
Five thousand, nine hundred
and thirty-seven days ago.
My sister was dead
and so was I.
No! Hey, hey!
Don't die on me, OK?
Come on, come on, come on!
Which came as some surprise
Come on. Come on!
I spoke into his eyes
I thought you died alone
A long, long time ago
And most days
Oh no
I wish I'd stayed dead.
I never lost control
Come on!
With the man who sold the world
Wait, you're Ziggy?
Hey, what's your name?
Look at me. What's your name?
It's Christine.
Her real name, it's Christine Berman.
I searched for form and land
Where's my Where's my sister?
years I roamed
I gazed a gazeless stare
my sister
She sacrificed herself for nothing.
I told everyone the story of how she died.
The story I just told you.
And no one believed me.
We never lost control
And Nick?
It was her.
Sarah Fier, the witch.
The curse, it's
it's real.
I thought he was different.
I thought he would believe me.
But Nick had a destiny in this town.
And you don't become sheriff
talking about ghost stories.
We never lost control
What the hell happened here?
-Tommy Slater.
- With the man who sold the world
He just went crazy.
Fucking Shadysiders.
I couldn't see him again.
Not after that.
The witch
The town curse
For one night, Cindy believed
that there was a way to end it.
So I thought there was too.
But now I know
there is no end.
Like I said, your best chance
is to run from this place.
Go as far as you can, hope a bus
doesn't hit you on the way out.
We found the body
off Highway 5 in the woods
between Shadyside and Sunnyvale.
It's not possible.
Oh, it's there. Trust us.
The chains, the bones, the whole thing.
That could be anyone.
Why do you think our friends died?
For the same reason they killed Alice,
your sister.
The killers came after us because we found
something they didn't want us to find.
And I wish to God that it never happened,
but we found it.
We found what you were looking for in '78.
We found Sarah Fier.
Look, please, we Nurse Lane was right.
We can end the curse
by reuniting the hand with the body.
And we know where the body is,
so all we need is the hand.
What happened to Camp Nightwing?
Is the hand bone still there?
Is it still buried
underneath the Hanging Tree?
Union County Sheriff's Department.
I need to talk to Nick
Sheriff Goode.
Sheriff, do you copy?
Copy, what you got?
Someone called for you.
Says it's an emergency.
Says that you two used to be
in a Judy Blume book club together?
Is that a real thing, boss?
Hey, uh Nicky, you there?
Yeah, I'll take care of it.
-Lock the doors.
-No, I'm coming with you!
-No! You're not.
Your nose is bleeding.
I'll be right back.
Wait. Deena! Deena!
I got you
you witch.
It's over.
It's over.
Sarah Fier!
Hello Daddy, hello Mom
I'm your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb
The Devil has come.
And cast his Darkness over us.
This Darkness grows within each of us.
The Devil has come.
You see it now don't you?
Can't stay at home
Can't stay at school
Old folks say, "You poor little fool"
Down the streets
I'm the girl next door
I'm the fox you've been waiting for
Hello Daddy, hello Mom
I'm your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb
Hello world, I'm your wild girl
I'm your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb
Stone age love and strange sounds too
Come on, baby, let me get to you
Bad nights causing teenage blues
Get down ladies
You've got nothin' to lose
Hello Daddy, hello Mom
I'm your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb
Hello world, I'm your wild girl
I'm your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb
Hello Daddy, hello Mom
I'm your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb
Hello world, I'm your wild girl
I'm your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb
Cherry bomb
Cherry bomb
Cherry bomb