Fear X (2003) Movie Script

The wind stopped blowing.
The sun will heat a bit
and you should thaw the blood
if you stay outside long.
The sun will burn the cloud ceiling
and the thermometer will climb.
Not to 0 C
but it will still hotter.
Winter wheat will be higher than last year
and the course of pig
is on the rise.
The sun dispelling the clouds,
we can be optimistic.
According CaseTT,
man killed in the shooting at Witherspoon
was an agent of the DDA.
But be cautious:
Wildest rumors spoke
alien or Cuban spy!
Murders in the mall
Here 14
A white man 50 years
slipped a vest in his bag.
Zone A 91 Done.
I suspect the screen.
Stay tuned, I'll go.
I can tell you,
There is a problem?
Your name, please.
Craven. Bill Craven.
M. Craven, you put an item in your bag
without paying.
I beg your pardon?
Mr. Craven, I saw you.
I have to search your bag.
You accuse me?
What is going on?
I can look in your bag?
Mr. Craven, I arrest you
What will happen to us?
I do not know.
It's not my responsibility.
Let's go.
- You'll break his heart.
- You bet...
How are you, Harry?
One less.
So you go to Tim?
I do not know.
I have things to do at home.
See you later.
If you are not going,
I will drink a glass to your health.
For your cassette collection.
Thank you, Phil.
You hope to find something?
There is always when you open the eye.
It is on these K7.
- Like all those who come here.
- I know.
But imagine a face back
constantly in the background.
It could be a track.
Will you return to live another day.
I do not wanna talk about it.
Okay, honey. Kisses.
Hi, Harry, are you?
You do not look well.
I'm fine.
There have been a few incidents
Yes, I know. Sorry.
a little discussion could solve the problem.
A customer should not be
uncomfortable coming here.
- You understand that.
- It will not happen again.
We cross all the bad times
and then it gets better.
What happened to you is terrible
but you know, you've got...
That you...
I'm tired, that's all.
A message .
Message number one:
Hello Harry.
Here Brigadier Frank.
There are new,
thank you for reminding me. Bye.
Mr. Caine, agent Lawrence.
Thank you for coming.
Do not worry, we're here.
My teammate, the Wolfson agent.
Delighted, Mr. Caine.
I freed you.
Make yourself comfortable.
Were some questions to ask you.
Sit down.
You're welcome.
Sorry to what happened to your wife
Please note that we do our best to stop this criminal
Brigadier Frank warned you
that we have new information.
Were you involved politically
Ecology Buddha
Save the Whales
or sect, for example?
There ajamais
participated in this stuff.
You do drugs?
And your wife, she took drugs?
I do not understand.
We just want to ask you some questions
- Your wife...
- Yes?
- It was from here?
- No.
Where does it come from?
San Francisco.
- Really? San Francisco...
- She was there.
And she came so far?
She wanted a more peaceful life.
I see.
From San Francisco to Wisconsin...
You knew when?
Seven years.
It is possible it was involved
in something unusual
without you knowing.
I do not know.
It is possible, yes.
Take a look at this photo.
Do you recognize?
It tells you something?
Your wife
the perhaps knew.
Not that I know.
You can not know everything about someone
is not it?
He's the killer.
How do you know?
It was filmed.
Why he killed her?
You hear well with your wife?
Her name was Claire.
We got along well.
While she was so late
in a parking lot?
She came to join me.
Are you sure?
You were not gone on a trip with Claire
She may have been there.
She was pregnant,
we would celebrate.
Okay, Woody?
I not call Woody,
I am a husky.
It's been a while since I have not seen you.
Two weeks.
This is long.
- Where is Phil?
- Inside.
Woody, wait! I'll help you!
- Harry, you stay for dinner?
- Yes, thank you!
Hi, man.
Cops reconvened me.
- No shit?
- It was...
What for?
They have a photo...
who killed her.
- They arrested?
- No.
They do not know who it is.
They think she knew.
It goes something?
Something I do not?
Come on, Phil.
- Excuse.
- It's nothing, just...
This is crazy.
The guy who was killed was
cop, right?
Yes, apparently.
We'll see if they want to talk to me.
This is crazy.
My wife...
I've finally recovered.
Do not worry, I will not.
Thank you.
This is where those she killed.
Spencer lmmobilier.
Hello, Steve, this is Harry Caine.
Harry, how are you?
Not bad.
Can I help you?
I plan to move.
I understand.
The house across the street is smaller
and there are fewer memories.
You have the number?
Wait, I look.
Sorry, it is occupied.
Yes, the lease lasts another 2 years.
Who rents?
Actually, I do not know.
I do not mind
corporate accounts.
But I have other places
to show you.
You know from which bank it went
It's confidential, Harry.
I understand.
Thank you, Steve.
I think I'll call you.
- Heard.
- Goodbye.
Hi, Roger.
Harry, are you?
You can get developed?
- When?
- At the earliest.
Unidentified man
Hello. You could give me
number of tourist
One moment, please.
This is the 7606. 555
Hello, I need the number of the restaurant
'' Steve and Nickie, '' National
200, Montana.
A moment.
Steve and Nickie.
Hello, I might have
your address?
Of course, it is the National
200 1510
The nearest town?
- Pardon?
- Morriston.
Okay. Thank you very much.
Maybe I'll go in Montana.
The State?
You had been there with Claire.
Type it, you think?
You should talk to the cops.
How you gonna find it?
I'll get there.
Even so,
he will not listen without moving
until you feel better.
We'll see when the time comes.
I can see the mobile
without knowing the killer.
It's not very likely.
He would let you near you so close?
Should be that you're ready to kill him.
I am not a murderer.
Want ?
A room, please.
Fill this.
An ID?
How long will you stay?
Few days, a week.
- It's $ 50 a night.
- I know.
If you stay a week, it will be 350
You can also pay
I can have room 305?
I'll see.
You've been of us,
Mr. Caine.
Good Journey.
We offer any type of service.
Yes, please.
Sugar is there.
You have made your choice?
What's he good?
The apple pie is delicious.
Good idea.
You know...
this woman?
I do not know,
I just started here.
How is painful?
This, sir.
No 'sir' me.
That is from where?
This gentleman asked me if I knew
I can help you?
It is
I would like to talk to him.
Why, exactly?
It is personal, actually.
A friend of yours?
To be frank, it's a surprise.
I am an old friend.
It's great.
Girlfriend friend, instead.
This is a legal process?
A judicial procedure? No.
Absolutely not.
Girlfriend friend, say.
Tell me everything,
I will pass him.
No, let...
Frankly, it makes me happy.
You live where?
At McLaren.
Beautiful place.
You are?
- Last name?
- Caine.
It is written how?
I got this.
- All is well?
- Yes, very much.
- Keep the change.
- Thank you.
Good day!
It is really friendly.
He said what?
Harry Caine?
He said something else?
What looks like the photo?
You room number?
Thank you, Tim.
If you learn anything, call me pronto.
- Are you there?
- I wanted to surprise you.
Where is Quinn?
At home. I felt better,
Amy will keep.
You are beautiful.
Peter, they wait!
I'm proud of you.
I'll meet you there.
This award is of great importance
in these stirring times, disorders
and mistrust.
At policeman Peter Northrop
always encourages friendship and communication
between locals
and its authorities.
Bravo, Peter.
You have our gratitude.
My Friends...
I am deeply honored and overwhelmed.
But you know, this
reward up to us all.
For each of you worked to earn it.
I can not accept that your name
Thank you.
- Let's go.
- Pardon?
I want to go.
Sorry. Excuse me.
You explain me?
I'll wait outside.
Quinn goes well and we can count on Amy.
She's a teenager.
Peter, she is 22 years old.
Honey, I booked a table for dinner
Tomorrow, maybe.
- Amy, where are you?
- We're up there!
Hello, Mr. Northrop.
- How is he?
- Okay.
Thank you, Amy. Messages?
Someone happened?
Say, where is his head?
Hi, man.
Come here.
- You come home early.
- Yes.
Good evening.
The number of McLaren, please.
McLaren, good evening.
Good evening.
Tell me, you have a customer
Named Harry Caine?
I check.
- Yes.
- It took 503?
Sorry, I can not tell you
but I can pass it.
Hi Jenny, Lieutenant Northrop
You can do a search on
'' Harry Caine '?
C like Charlie,
A, I, N as Nancy E.
Make me an RPF
Yes, and it's urgent.
Call me on my cell.
Well, it's hot.
A what?
Do you want some tea?
How do you feel?
I've told you, it will go.
It must be a headache.
Yes or no?
What is going on?
I was worried about Quinn.
Quinn stops
with your kicks!
What happened during your trip?
Who is Harry Caine?
My sister just called.
A Harry Caine is looking for me.
He has a photo of Quinn and me.
You know him?
- How I would know?
- His wife, perhaps.
My God...
How can you say that?
Even think?
I'm supposed to think what
when a stranger wanders
with a family picture?
Since you came back...
something is wrong.
I promise you, Kate.
There is nothing at all.
I love you.
The truth does not scare me.
Excuse me.
Who is this?
Who was it?
I have to make a jump to the position.
You should stay here tonight.
Hey, man, you want to go
Aunt Gail?
- It is Tuesday.
- It must be fall.
And dinner?
I have for a few hours.
Quinn darling, if you're done, go wash your
- Has it What?
- I can not help it, it's...
What is it?
- Why do you want to go?
- I have something to settle.
You did something?
There stuff work
I can not talk.
I have heard
Harry Caine.
Why do not you say so?
I should worry?
Who is it?
Is ml to a pending case.
Why he's looking for me?
I do not know if he's looking for you.
We are in danger?
Shall come upon you nothing
my lifetime.
Are you alone?
Some company?
I'm married.
Your wife is there?
I use your phone?
This is me.
You are sure to be alone?
I'm sorry.
Good evening, Peter.
There is a problem?
- It's dangerous to meet.
- I know.
This is important.
A Harry Caine
arrived here.
So what?
It seeks Kate.
Your wife ?
- She knows?
- No.
But Wisconsin.
You have been in contact with him?
I wanted to tell you about it first.
It's you he's looking for?
Or we?
Not. It's not logical!
If we knew,
why would it be short?
There was a woman.
Her name was Caine.
Why did it take
it is there?
It was a shadow, I did not.
You have nothing to reproach yourself.
It was a threat to your life.
You knew, we all knew
and we agreed that it could happen,
and this from the beginning.
Innocent people are injured and killed every day
So goes the world.
Yes, we talked about it,
ajamais but it prepared me
to reality.
I killed an innocent.
Do not lose sight of our goals
and our ideals.
The corrupt police is a cancer
that devours the heart and
the moral fabric of society.
Without law and order does not exist!
You did your duty.
It was a corrupt cop
and died.
But there are others.
Do not lose sight of that.
So what do we do?
There is perhaps only one.
Or together.
Let him speak.
I know this is hard for you.
But we have no choice.
I know.
I will do whatever is necessary.
Do you prefer one of us
caring for him?
Thank you.
It is I who am responsible.
A moment.
You are Mr. Caine?
My name is Peter.
- I know you?
- We never met.
I am a friend of the woman you are looking for
She asked me to come see you.
You do not have to meet me
but if you want to see...
- I want to see tonight.
- Good.
I occupy the room 503
can navigate.
A stranger comes to town, looking for my friend
and nobody knows.
You can understand his concern.
I do not want to hurt anyone.
- I just want to talk to him.
- Good.
I'm in the 503
Nice to meet you, Mr. Caine.
Come inside.
Sit down.
Put yourself at ease.
I can see the photo?
You had to introduce me to your friend.
She awaits us...
but Let's get some details first.
Who gave you this photo?
I found.
A Canwood Plains?
How do you know?
Who else saw it?
Where is your friend?
You are in a hurry.
- I need to talk to him.
- Why?
I think she can help me find
the person I want.
Who is this?
Someone explain to me why they killed my wife.
Why do you believe that?
I was so informed.
Someone helps you, then?
Not really.
I need to know why
killed my wife.
It stops there?
You do not want to kill the assassin?
I'm not a murderer.
How do you know?
You would put your life at risk?
I do not live, anyway.
Come see my friend.
We'll take my car.
You know my wife?
For the love of God...
I'm sorry!
Why did they attack?
He murdered my wife.
I see.
He murdered your wife
then you killed him.
I did not mean to hurt him.
He who Mr. Caine?
The man you killed.
His name ?
I do not know.
I talk to you, Ed?
We had the hotel scrutinized.
There is no trace of crime.
No crime.
No corpse, Mr. Caine.
Nothing on either cameras.
We know what happened to you.
You can not rewrite...
the past.