Feds (1998) Movie Script

Make your part of a band, boys?
We looked at the results of your test
, DeWitt.
Are good, but not exceptional.
Service in the Marines help you, but you have to understand something
Want to do some of the most important institution
defense law in the country.
We here graduates of faculties of Law, members of Phi Beta Kappa.
Guys who speak Russian,
German, Japanese.
And I will refuse some, because
are not good enough for the FBI.
According to current regulations,
Need to get a number of women
in our academy.
And I'll will give a honest chance.
But honestly,
n you how to succeed you are.
- Sorry.
- Nothing.
- Sorry.
- It's my fault.
- Sorry.
- You'll excuse me.
No, not bent.
I bend over.
- Thanks.
- For less.
- Sorry.
- Thanks, I needed that.
- Hi! What are you doing?
- Wait a minute.
I am Janis Zuckerman. What are you doing?
Ellie DeWitt.
Nice to meet you.
's Dog or pig?
It's beautiful.
Want to help you get the rest to get your luggage?
That's my bag.
Want to go for a beer,
that we know each other better?
Not. Over the course of two hours we
Constitutional Law.
- You've heard of Dr. Hupperman?
- No.
Special Prosecutor for abscissae.
He wrote two books about the Constitution.
I have two chapters and finish second.
's Only the first day.
I'll ask us too much.
- Sorry.
- Nothing.
You won! We like you.
Ask me three questions.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
- Where are you?
- New York. Unmarried. 29.
Princes alone.
Licensed in Economics from Amherst in '81.
In anthropology at Columbia in '83.
PhD in Public Affairs at Smith.
- You and me?
- Thanks.
- Where did you school?
- I've heard of it.
- Try me.
- College in Tullahoma, the evening.
You were right.
Next question.
- Do you like movies?
- Yes.
"Grapes of Wrath" by John Ford.
Favorite Author: V.S. Naipaul.
Picture prefer:
"Conversation sf. Paul" by Caravaggio.
Music: Rolling Stones.
Last question.
- You like the Rolling Stones?
- Last question.
're Always so by Thep?
- What?
- We'll be together 16 weeks.
I wanted to know if I will stay with
obnoxious or a normal person.
I am a normal person,
except for periods when the stress of school.
I understand. Thank you.
It was nice to meet you.
Thank you.
If the subject is armed, it can put
using only appropriate attitude.
We learn this attitude.
I need a volunteer. You!
- I!
- If you do not have anything against.
- No, no problem.
- Good.
A So, using the usual socket
FBI! You're under arrest.
Spread your legs!
Hold up your left hand.
"Ouch!" fine.
Make sure the suspect to feel pain.
Do it to give their account
he's arrested.
Observe that all the time my gun remained holstered.
Body was positioned so as to be away from the suspect weapon.
He will not agree. Would gladly kill
using your weapon.
Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Sure...
Attitude is the key.
Need to dominance situation.
Try. Those who do not look
arrest to appear.
And the suspect oppose little resistance.
Make your it all seem real.
Be careful, my friend.
I heard these girls are tough.
Especially your partner.
FBI ! You're under arrest.
Hands and face the wall.
- What did you say?
- FBI!
Can I help you with something?
I done?
Excuse me, I think you're my suspect
If your are suspect,
why have not you arrested yet?
You're under arrest.
Now are you happy?
DeWitt, you forgot to prezini.
You're an FBI agent. Next time
to do it right.
Yes, sir!
Practice more.
There's only one way to conduct an investigation in the U.S.
We have a document that sets this way.
Can you tell me how is called
this document, Mr. Graham?
Constitution, sir.
Suppose you mean
to the U.S. Constitution.
- Yes, sir.
- Thank you, Graham.
FBI is the agency
strong to defend the law of the nation.
We do not violate the Constitution ever.
The Constitution there any amendment which protects Americans
against search and apprehension for no reason? Mr. Butz!
Yes, sir. The Fourth Amendment
require a warrant.
Right. Why
needs a federal officer to issue a warrant?
Ms. DeWitt.
- Suspicious?
- What?
It's surmising that there is incriminating evidence?
- Have you read my books?
- Not yet, sir.
Sit DeWitt.
Ms. Zuckerman,
you can answer me?
Yes, sir.
Federal agencies do not issue warrants.
The Constitution requires that the warrant be obtained from
federal judge
after giving reasons.
Thank you.
DeWitt, the FBI receives
40 trainees each training program.
Last time, having completed nine of them.
31 have not failed.
For each student who becomes agent
three are sellers of encyclopedias
or working the phones,
or beauticians.
- I make myself clear?
- Yes, sir.
At my signal, you turn the
do a step,
Grasp bar and move the sit motionless.
This is useful.
At my signal,
lift chin above the bar.
- Yeah, it...
- Start!
If you can not continue your
place the mattress.
Three more.
Two more, please.
And two more.
I said "enough"!
Special Agent Bill Bilecki,
manager training program.
You have been subjected to various exercises,
to determine your level of training from day one.
Expect improve your training.
If you had a poor outcome,
we expect it to improve your lot.
If you had a good result,
Expect an even greater improvement.
Everyone who fail a significant improvement
will be remove.
Next assessment is in three days.
Ladies and gentlemen, the FBI
When a person,
a reason illegal commits a crime
which it is known that can cause injury or death
not matter if the person wishes to challenge
necessarily subject
= = death or injury.
- What does that mean?
- Need to understand the language.
You're Zuckerman? We formed a group modeled on MIT study
There are six persons,
each dealing with different subject.
Evening, we exchange information.
Once a week, each keeping a seminar
- Are you interested?
- Who are you?
Howard Butz graduated M.I.T.
Are you interested?
Can. Who are the others?
Bickerstaff and Parker...
Bickerstaff's forensic licensed in Maryland.
Parker worked as a lawyer at Merrill Lynch.
And Brent Sheppard.
He graduated from Duke University.
's Father is an FBI agent.
His grandfather was an FBI agent.
's Nice.
I do not think it's nice?
- No. Okay, go into your group.
- Great!
The first meeting is tomorrow, after dinner.
See you there.
I want to go and I
in the study group.
Will be for geeks.
And others might just...
- You said you have six people.
- OK. See you!
I ask once. We know that your son was in St
. Louis and that he robbed the bank.
We want to know where he is now. He called
? You visited?
- We ask something too much?
- I do not know... When was the robbery?
On May 21, between 2:24...
Are death both.
Zuckerman, the second agent
ensure safety zone.
If you suspect you kidding so,
'll Be killed.
DeWitt, do not ever let the subject
to see that you're flustered.
You must have an attitude of dominance.
Are you fed.
You know the things that he did not know.
If you see that you're flustered,
over. He is in control.
Others to come.
Parker and Butz.
FBI! Do not move.
Do not move, turd!
FBI! Do not move, turd!
If you try, I'll blow your brains out.
80% of the work of an FBI agent
is to talk to people.
Some lie.
Others say the truth.
How do we know when someone is lying?
Avoids looking you?
Do not concerns you in the face?
Keep your hands in your pocket
as if hiding something?
I gotta look at it in the eye.
Show you.
I will lead the questioning.
You can be my subject,
Mr. Graham.
Yes, sir.
- Sit down here, Mr. Graham.
- Thank you, sir.
You ever taken drugs you do for fun?
Eyes stood up.
It's thinking.
But if the answer is "no",
too late to be credible.
Thank you.
Can you come back again.
Plus five.
- And I go.
- And I.
Look and cry.
- Are you hungry?
- Yes.
- You can order some pizza.
- Yes. Two large.
- I arrive. So eat only two.
- I'll eat two pizzas?
In high school champion
I ate pizza.
- As you can eat.
- Come on.
My stomach elastic.
A and eat three pizzas.
- Three?
- Yes.
Put your money on the line?
Seals mentioned will be put on pizza and eaten.
Pieces must be eaten until there is no trace of cheese.
Are you ready?
Come... smells good.
Come on, Parker!
A and a Bottoms up!
Come on, Parker! Can they do it!
- I hope it's ripe right.
- What do you mean?
If chili is not ripe enough, you
has some microscopic insects.
I read that some times you worms and infested
vessels that bring food in Europe.
- I heard it too.
- Eat on!
What is this? Look...
You know what's worse?
Q and lay eggs in the intestine and is multiplied by the thousands.
- Janis eat!
- I wonder how you feel.
All riddled stomach worms and thousands of times.
- Disqualified.
- I won! You're great!
- I do not shake, Janis.
- Sorry.
- Who is it?
- I think O'Sullivan.
- No. E Flagler.
- I thought Flagler doing well.
Flagler and Lewandowsky was remove.
Ax fell.
We need coffee, soap, and erveele,
sheets of paper, grain,
syrup popcorn.
Write and paperclips.
Of those colors.
I want to take my stapler.
And one of those accordion shaped
like you have.
- A binder.
- Yes. I need one.
E 9:30. Let's go.
- I know what you'll buy.
- What?
- Your own gun.
- My Gun?
It's as if you have your tennis racket.
You gotta create a relationship with him.
A relationship with my gun?
Who knows when we shall be able
to go shopping.
- Do we need a permit?
- We'll get one.
You're from the FBI?
De Marzio says there will be something for
"firing exercises".
For my partner.
We 9mm pistol,
Can a Sig Sauer or Beretta 226
- With single or double action?
- Double or single?
- Any... You know my tastes.
- Dual action.
OK, "Miss FBI".
How about a TZ-75?
I pulled grouped with him. 's New shiny.
Not be set mule.
Willy's for my partner.
Now you will use for training.
But later
will use in her work.
charger 15 cartridges and adjustable mules.
Must use ammunition of any kind.
You know those steel bullets,
black tip?
Maybe you have to shoot through a steel door
that to save my life,
so I'd like to have a charger
of it in my purse. Do you understand?
- Want a Sig Sauer.
- Yes.
I have two, but keep the
boys special forces.
What are we? Parishioners is?
Well... God!
It has a six inch Pipe Steel
and a recoil compensator.
Want and a mule for
night for another $ 400?
How much all that's in the box?
I could do a discount... the FBI.
's Right. This gun
'll improve my accuracy.
I told you. It's as if you start a relationship with a guy
Soon you'll stay in bed dreaming
the firing exercises.
Have you noticed a car parked across the street?
The machine bread? No.
We should go. Five
I meet Butz, to study.
- Been there?
- The car of bread?
Try to guess.
Delivering bread?
- I get you anything?
- The bill, please.
Stand 20 minutes with the engine running and there's no
bread store in the area.
I'm just a real estate office,
an empty building and a bank.
the driver stopped to cash a check.
Excuse me.
How late is the bank open?
Closes at three.
Give me the gun.
Can overreacted. Perhaps
donuts that brought his friend
working at the bank.
We're just checking.
No big deal.
Damn! It's a robbery!
- What do we do?
- I do not know. What do you think?
- Jurisdiction can be problems.
- Banks are under federal jurisdiction.
Have to "inflated".
Stay down and pretend you have a gun.
FBI! Do not move!
Put the guns down.
- It's great.
- Yes... Well, bastards outdoors!
Are FBI agents arrested by DeWitt and Zuckerman.
Do not hold your and mecherii, that your flight with Sig Sauer
my head.
- Have you got it?
- Yes.
See? When you have a gun like this,
're respected.
These guys are finish.
- Get out of the car. FBI!
- FBI?
I just pulled it repaired.
No problem.
- Hold the wheel.
- What?
Hold the steering wheel and pressed the accelerator.
You're surrounded !
Exit out with your hands up.
Face down!
That's Janis! Everything went crazy,
but we do face.
Read the their rights.
I'll handle the cops.
FBI. DeWitt agencies and Zuckerman.
You have the right to not tell anything.
If you cancel this right,
anything... everything... nothing...
's okay.
We have everything under control.
You have the right to not tell anything!
If you cancel this right,
all tell
can be used against you.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you can not afford an attorney, you will be assigned one
. Do you understand?
We humans government.
We are the new Untouchables.
- One day, our picture will be here.
- I do not know what to say, Ellie.
Want to see us, sir?
I and others have analyzed
agents your actions today.
I will explain a few things.
Sit down.
FBI's counterterrorism band.
How to treat a robbery in progress
is shown on page 124 of the Manual of Procedure of the FBI.
Is obvious that none of you read.
Number 1: make sure the safety
innocent persons present.
Number 2: notify local authorities,
demanding support.
Number 3:
thieves watch without having to put in danger.
Number 4: Try
to him isolated on thieves
innocent people are being.
Number 5:
being fulfilled these conditions, make the arrest.
FBI agents approved as its
to give birth in the street shootouts.
The problem is even more serious when
get some learners are involved.
It happened quickly.
- Have you told anyone about the incident?
- We just returned, sir.
Not to allow such a tournament
take place in the training program.
I have seen it and nobody won.
Press agreed not to mention that they are involved trainees
no foremen.
But if anyone finds out, you will need
to expel, for example.
From now on,
're on probation.
Only weapon
's intelligence agency has its agents.
Try to use it.
That is all.
Thank you, sir.
Wright 8. Striker 8.
Debiacci 7. You failed.
Peterson, 7. You failed. Guana
7. You failed.
Parker 8. Zuckerman, 10. Bravo!
Sheppard, 10. Bravo!
Bickerstaff 8. DeWitt 4.
One more and you're eliminated.
Butz 8. King, 8...
was good.
FBI! You're under arrest!
Facing a wall!
I know I...
is something that I'm not right.
Come back! Spread your legs!
And keep your hands up!
- Are you sure you want to be an FBI agent?
- Do not move and Keep your mouth!
You're dead.
- What is it?
- I do not need this shit!
I could to win $ 60,000
a year working at a lobbying firm.
My family was right.
I was stupid because I came here.
- What are you talking about?
- Imagine you.
You can not quit.
We are partners.
We are partner
're roommates.
Janis, have been chosen
of 6,000 people.
You know Nixon wanted to be an FBI agent,
but rejected it?
Good for them!
You got further than
Nixon and want to quit? I can not believe!
We have taken only because they needed a number of women
Who cares? We're here.
-We almost got the house.
That's the house?
You're not of the house.
You got bad grades.
You're about to be eliminated.
Only geeks like Brent will succeed.
Sure. He was trained for this since he was a sperm
We are looking for weakness. Then he forces the
to see if we can deal with.
- So proceed FBI.
- Yes? So proceed Zuckerman.
I know you.
I have given wrong never, right?
You guessed it.
So far, I've done than things
Whom you knew in advance that you will deal with.
- I gave wrong many times.
- Really!
Not a big deal.
If you fail, your work and more.
If you wrong again and you
work and more.
You should write a book.
"Joy to fail". Would be successful.
Let me tell you something.
In the first month the Navy,
kept screaming at me that I am not good enough.
Then I realized that they're right.
I was not good enough.
Can I help physical training.
I can show you things that are not books
- Yes? What you win from this?
- I want to take my exams.
FBI agent I want to get.
And now... I have a few problems.
I hope you'll help me.
So might we both
Keep opportunities.
- Dream.
- What do you care? Wanted to leave.
Pulled the trigger, do not hit him.
And be relaxed. Have fun.
You're Clint Eastwood .
Do a better America and kill the bastard.
Finds keywords and highlights
Catch colored paperclips beside them.
If you want to become an FBI agent,
need to talk to an agent.
Leave sweeping, no time.
The best motion
a blow between the legs.
- Between?
- Yes?
The problem is, I expect that.
Have to take him by surprise.
Trod on his foot!
Take a step back and fish love it.
- Amendment 14.
- Equal Rights.
Amendment 8.
Protections against cruel.
I Define the following terms:
maens bad, mea culpa, actus reus...
Now right hand.
Garner principles established by the case against Memphis.
- Rule offender fled.
- Conditions for reinerea a vehicle.
Carroll Doctrine.
Knew gonna eat potatoes?
Talk to me?
I do not think...
an amendment in the Constitution there...
Parker 9. Lake, 7. Canada 7.
Butz 8. DeWitt, 10. Bravo!
Pretty soon I'm asking you to help me.
- Zuckerman 9. Give back.
- 9?
- It's good and September.
- It's great.
But bribery case in New Hampshire?
- It was a race.
- Stroke?
- It's unclear circumstances...
- Sorry.
I was wondering... if you want to have dinner together tomorrow night
- To get out together?
- Yes.
I could go to Washington to give a
Would be great.
Okay. Am car.
I'm going to pick you up at seven?
- Okay.
- See you then.
What do you think?
You and Brent,
raiding the U.S. capital?
Looks like paradise.
'll Probably take me a local
- Probably.
- What to wear?
- I'm all right.
- Cancels meeting.
Be serious! You know your clothes,
have to help me.
Give a round by Washington.
- Can I help you?
- Yes.
My friend has a meeting with a senator and wants something sexy.
I see.
I have exactly what you need.
No senator. He's an FBI agent.
Is a dinner at the embassy,
social event or something like that?
Not just a dinner.
's Got nice legs, so I
should they bring out.
Maybe something split up to the waist.
Something to say "jump on me."
Is a creative Benvenuti.
I believe a great getting.
Cute, right? What do you think?
- Do you really want to know?
- Yes.
- Mind?
- At all.
Talia is too low.
A wad be done.
Should more closely.
And the back looks short.
- Short?
- Yes.
Wedges are crooked.
And the hem is sewn to the car.
At this money, can be sewn by hand
. And I'll hide legs.
This dress will not only bring your
a visit from the "fashion police".
- Anything else?
- Color does not favor you.
Do you have a dress made
Japanese creators?
- Sure.
- Thanks.
Do not worry, we'll find something.
I like socks.
I have never spent $ 400 on a dress
I have not even spent $ 100.
Too bad they're wasted
for an arrogant bastard.
Yeah, it's pretty arrogant. I'll pass.
Tell your mother that died
and get ready for the funeral.
'll Understand you.
Open it. Still not ready.
- You look lovely tonight!
- And you.
'm Ready.
- You look amazing.
- Yes?
- Yes. Here you go.
- Thanks.
- I'm hungry. Do you want some popcorn?
- No, thanks.
- Shall we?
- Goodbye, Janis!
In my family, the FBI is like a religion.
A family FBI's different from a normal family.
Are you learned to your life concerns
as a tactical exercise.
Small are brought up in a state of alert,
aware of the situation and ready to react.
I think my family was more joyful.
The tradition begins with Grandpa.
Was in seminary, he wanted to become a priest,
but felt I could do more for America
Hoover Americans look with a high sense of duty.
He and my grandfather were well understood
and I became a family FBI.
I know this sounds American propaganda,
but that's me.
I tried to revolt.
I played football.
I left my hair,
I went to rock concerts,
but I love what I do.
Now I love it.
- They changed the lights.
- Thanks.
's Open.
- Hi!
- Hi!
Librarian told me that you got
"Psychology deviaioni and fish."
- I was wondering if you finished it.
- May.
I said you got "
aberrant behavior" and "Violence of mind".
I need. If you do not use your right now...
not. I'm there.
's Great. This is not the office's grocery store.
Sesame biscuits Have you ever tried?
Are fantastic. And I. ..
What is this?
I found.
I bring over two to three hours.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
'll Spend your whole Saturday night
So make a living.
PBS transmits a special
about Nobel Prize winners.
Want to go see him?
- How long?
- An hour.
's Too much. Maybe if it was a half hour...
I have a lot to learn.
You can watch the first part.
Da. Can I watch a half hour.
Then go back to study.
- Howard, do you worry so much.
- I know. It's awful.
- You are right. I have to get dressed.
- Wait outside.
Thank you... It's wonderful.
I have never seen a place like this
only when I look at "Dallas".
More wine?
Say it
get a glass of wine and a margarita?
As my father said, a Washington
nation itself.
You, your father and your grandfather hanging without ever
you think the FBI?
Sure, we look to match
and a few beers together.
My dad and grandfather are worried
what happens at the FBI.
What is happening?
I'd like to consider it an insult, but this story equality
decreases the quality of new agents.
Kidding me?
It's not about you, you were in the Marines
. It's you would like.
But there are others.
Zuckerman, for example. Please!
- What about it?
- I see working as an agent?
It's like those people who suddenly brakes' cause a cat crossing the street
and causes an accident chain.
You can not stop doing that 'cause a cat
FBI gets in the way.
You have an asphalt crushes you.
Do you understand? He has guts.
Anyway, you probably will be deleted.
've Heard of O'Sullivan?
Was removed. Today they said.
I saw
Zuckerman showing courage.
Da. What to do?
Was stuck in line at the ice cream face?
-'s My friend.
- I know what to do!
A midi skirts worn when still wear maxi.
- I have fun?
- Not really.
FBI! You're under arrest.
FBI! You're under arrest.
- Are you still here?
- Hands on your head!
Forget it.
You're not made for that.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can be used against you.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you do not you can afford,
I'll be assigned a public defender.
Do you understand your rights we explain? All right.
See you in class, buddy.
Analyzing these instances
memorize that are real crimes,
investigated by agents adevrai.
I have to write a study of each case
assessing methods used by agencies involved.
Handle topic carefully.
Is a very important period.
Case number seven. Theft of government property
. It's obvious.
Case number eight...
Wait a minute. Can we get back
the number seven?
E at 9. We
11 cases till tomorrow.
We must stop looking at the notes the agent.
Interrogation Duane Berbick,
who work the night shift.
I think the agent did not work and
so right.
- What did seem wrong?
- I asked him nothing personal.
Asked him what she knows.
Not knew nothing, saw nothing.
I think we're missing something.
How do you know he was sincere?
I have no personal
informed that it verified.
- Forget it!
- What's the problem?
Let us forget
minutes per report.
Nobody cares that disappeared a few blankets
- I care.
- OK.
If extinct Navy blankets
a laundry nine months ago,
Ms. Zuckerman and Ms. DeWitt had the impression that agencies
not put personal questions
It's an insignificant event
me and I'm bored.
Would be better to move on.
- Do you agree?
- I am.
- You're in the minority.
- Case eight kidnappings in Long Island.
Agencies would have to investigate it carefully on May
the night shift.
- What do you do?
- I do not know.
Only complain.
Do not give me peace.
- Check it out on this guy.
- We allowed?
Sure. Our duty is to review it
every detail.
Was a sophomore at Bolton.
Now perhaps it's third year.
- Duane Berbrick, room 103.
- Ellie, I'll do the crazy people.
I'll get the guns. We tell them we're journalism students
A few questions and go.
I think you should be a cop
"good" and I cop "bad".
- I'd like to be a cop "bad".
- No, you look like a "good".
- So I take you by surprise.
- A spot to orient ourselves.
Guy is a slob.
- What do you think is Duane?
- How you's, Duane?
I almost was going to his head.
- What, chicks?
- Nothing, buddy.
're Not Duane Berbick?
- Journalism student.
- Do not say!
And we have a theme about unsolved crimes
What kind of crimes?
Christmas last year?
Were working the night shift at Phil cleaners.
- Beds stolen?
- I do not remember any of today morning.
- Was anyone else there?
- Was anyone?
This stuff put me to the ground,
If you do not feel like fun,
you'd propose to do steps,
'cause I want to watch the match.
- What are you doing?
- FBI! Ve're bad, Duane.
Arresting you for obstructed justice in a federal case.
Good... I remember Duane
Because we hid some information.
The others will be arrested for drug owned.
All arrest?
Do you know how many hroage imply that?
Not matter. Have marijuana,
get between three to five years.
At least.
Wait! If you say
Duane all know, we bust?
- Duane If you pour it?
- Too late. I started to write.
- Come on!
- Too late! He started to write.
You some nice guys... you assess
'll already be in Leavenworth.
Come on, Duane, tell them what they want.
Arrest us!
Are students.
And we were students, remember?
- Law is the law.
- I could go around the law?
- Sometimes around the law.
- Yes, sometimes May 1 bypass.
- Depends on Duane.
- Come, Duane. You know what will.
Bring your remember and tell them.
I have not stolen it. But it was a guy,
Louie delivery guy.
Worked at the pizzeria next door.
I bet he was.
- See? He told us what he knew.
- To break the law for so long?
- Yes!
- Come, Duane. Tell more.
- Well...
- Activate your brain cells.
Have Kinky hair, big ears, crooked teeth and eyes
- I'm sure he's guilty.
- Tell where spends his time.
Nile Club, Street M.
No Street L. ..
- Come on, man!
- L Street in Baltimore.
- Louie did it!
- Enough? He told us what he knows.
- I think cooperate.
- Yes!
- You've gone with it?
- No way.
- I'm too tired for this.
- That goes for everyone.
Anunai If someone
're accomplices.
Between one and four years in prison.
If we took with it,
back and everybody will swell.
Between three and five years for obstructed justice
and seven years for drug use.
Do you understand?
Thanks, buddy.
- Good questioning.
- I think I forced a little note.
- I was perfect.
- Go to Baltimore?
Once in,
let me do the talking.
- I do not know how to ask questions?
- This place seems bastards outdoors paradise.
Do not worry.
Can I wear and take care of herself.
Take a tour here.
Hi! What are you doing?
I'm looking for a guy named Louie.
Kinky Hair, crooked teeth, eyes
bulbucai. She was here?
Eat shit.
Eat shit, huh...
Fine frills.
These people are hostile.
How do we understand them?
Music is too loud.
Why do not you go to a stop you?
I'll shake a little.
Listen to me. You know what that means?
FBI! Survey O. ..
You seem like a smart.
Let me know if your not being clear.
We're FBI.
We definitely serve you.
Our success depends on your cooperation.
Do you have questions?
- No.
- Have you seen a guy named Louie?
Kinky Hair, crooked teeth, eyes
Have you seen?
He came half an hour.
I think it's the toilet.
Thank you for your cooperation.
What is going on here?
When Duane was busy, you took the blankets.
You knew you are
government property.
- So you sought to get rid of them.
- Remember, no?
- What did you do with the blankets?
- I've got them.
- But did not know that they are the Navy. I swear!
- Thanks. So I wanted to know.
- I arrested?
- No. We're just some students.
- Student?
- Thanks. You've been helpful.
Yeah, thanks a lot, Louie.
A brief conversation with Mr. Berbick confirmed our suspicion
that at least one other person was in the cleaners tonight
If you decide to continue the investigation and,
suggest that Mr. Berbick be questioned again.
The others have overlooked that
that first interview was superficial.
DeWitt, Zuckerman, 10 plus.
Have you examined every possibility.
This is what we like to see here.
Thank you, sir.
Observe that there are few empty seats.
Today, at noon, still eight colleagues have vo
foremen have been remove.
Those who have remained deserve congratulations.
May have just an obstacle to overcome it.
But remember that crime is not simulated
Instructors have made it look like
a real crime situation.
And I can assure you that your instructors are
just as devious as real criminals.
So be careful.
Until then, tonight
can you hand over to have fun.
Have you deserve. Out with you!
- I have to say a toast.
- Defense law.
- For... defending the law.
- I've already had that.
- Yes. For...
- Hawaii 5-0!
Da. He's good.
- You were saying?
- What? Yes...
One day, the other waitress
went to the dentist and boss at the bank.
Remained just me and him.
He says: "Why do not you go
the fridge, so we cool?"
I had a huge fridge.
There were no customers, so we put the poster
"Closed" and we went.
- In the fridge?
- Was incredible.
The fridge? Besides meat?
There were only hamburgers, like that...
no legs hanging beef.
- You pretzels?
- Yes.
Last guys we were exited
manager actions and a dentist.
- No dead would enter into a refrigerator.
- What they liked?
Manager actions would have liked to change their
Audi on a BMW site.
Dentist would have liked to change his BMW
a Mercedes.
Not seem some guys get too great.
That's the problem.
I'm going to a party,
I start talking about the economy and politics
and I wake up surrounded by the same kind of men.
I want a man to wear
jeans have a tattoo and be silent.
Like this guy right here.
Would be great.
- Do you have a tattoo?
- Janis!
- You are drunk.
- Quiet and you're. You're too rigid.
- I want to talk to you.
- Do you realize what you're doing.
- Do you have a tattoo?
- Yes.
Show me.
A fish! I am Janis.
To dance!
Do you have a chest incredible.
But you should have your hair you look.
So better.
- Tell me you graduated college?
- No.
Have you ever made love to a woman up and lost knowledge?
No, four times.
Pretty good.
Do not think you're overreacting a bit?
I'll look for a cheap hotel along with Captain Ahab
and I'll see if he can put me in a coma.
We walk Popeye?
Just me and Moby Dick.
- I find it interesting.
- Janis?
- Come on, you're drunk.
- No.
- Go home. Come!
- Not drunk. Do not worry.
Come on, Gilligan!
Let me measured harpoon!
- Maybe a little drunk.
- Both of you are right.
Go! You go home.
It's not your fault.
You were great.
Thank you.
Other time.
I want a guy to make love
with me while looking at the box.
Give us the money and jewels.
Another new experience.
There are only three. You take the right
I on the left.
- Shut up!
- Ellie, are drunk!
We trained for this.
Can we face.
I think you did not understand!
Was nice... for a sociopath.
Ellie... I had a great time tonight.
We got drunk.
Was to be robbed.
I met a sailor with a big fish.
Do you think we'll get FBI agents?
And I still think so a
I Here Bilecki. Five minutes later,
already be in the briefing room.
Do not worry, Janis.
They just let us try.
Midnight school I like to confuse you.
And so did the Marines.
Is called "state of stress",
shaken bucket and "cream" comes to the surface.
This guy gets on my nerves.
Come in here. Not move up!
I and others are
terrorists from Liberation Front.
I kidnapped this man.
Hupperman'm George, president of easier
banking institutions.
Want money otherwise they will kill me.
Please, Help me!
That's ransom.
Indications will be given in various
seats in the next 18 hours.
Five minutes after you leave,
application you can open and surrender to start looking.
Sir! Is there a hierarchy
he should respect?
Do not ask me.
I am a terrorist.
First, we must establish a chain of command
Propose me to be a responsible agent,
and Bickerstaff, Parker and
Striker heads be my team.
Do you agree?
Was approved. Show me the ticket.
I lost? You left
Where in the ticket redemption?
Affirmative. I saw them taking the money,
then I lost.
Go onto them and hold me posted. Over.
The other inquired area
may find clues.
Terrorists came here
as to raise money.
- It's fun.
- Are you all right?
- No.
- E slippery. Be careful.
Did dropped something.
- Not mine.
- Was down when...
I found something. Brent!
- Seems to be a map.
- Give me to see.
a path that goes toward the southern edge of the swamp Christians.
They went there.
Let's go!
Really think they left us a map,
- I said let's go.
- I'm sorry, Brent.
I agree with Janis.
They just run all night through the forest.
We have established a hierarchy.
If you can not comply,
why do not you hand over your operations to organize your
We others, we work.
Let's go!
Now what?
- Their new show!
- Good plan.
Ammunition, smoke, air guns
A demonstration exercise.
Will attend and press.
- Who signed the consent?
- D Bilecki it. You.
Signature's unclear
because he sneezed when he signed.
See? It's still wet.
Do not...
Stop it you.
- They are?
- No.
Wait. I want to hear and the rest
Okay, continue.
Do not...
Wait. Seems to be Bilecki.
Order breakfast.
The building administration, the west wing,
third floor. In the council chamber.
Howard, you are a genius!
I've found.
We have the equipment.
How's it going?
Hupperman and Bilecki are...
'm On the third floor of the administration building.
Good job. But Brent?
And I followed him.
It's still in the woods, but coming here.
- What about him?
- Try a disinformation?
- Trust him, he's a genius.
- You map?
Da. What are you going?
Warning, captain
Red Dog! Here's headquarters.
Hear me? Over.
Captain, can you hear me?
Headquarters? Over.
I FBI command center.
We have information on your mission. I hear
- I hope they know more than us.
- Yes. Content. Over.
Suspects were visually ID'd in zone C 03.
You received?
C 03.
's Swamp among Christians.
Confirmed, Red Dog.
I suggest to you approach carefully.
I Have received
- Affirmative. Over.
- Amid swamp Christians?
We get them.
Let's go!
- You have everything you need?
- Yes.
- Okay. See you!
- Wait a minute.
- Howard?
- Yes?
- Watch.
- OK. Thank you.
- Well...
- OK.
Do not think you're overreacting?
They're like pieces of cloth attached here.
Someone was here.
Let's go!
Wait a minute. It's the forbidden zone.
We must mandate.
Matches against terrorists.
Let's go!
Here . I'm sure.
- What was it safe?
- I'm sure.
FBI! Do not move!
The front wall!
Spread your feet!
Don't dick with us or we'll blow your heads off.
We're FBI.
Stay quiet, Mr. Hupperman.
Are you free.
Good job, Howard.
Spread them!
How do we do, sir Bilecki?
I passed and that?
You have my vote.
Put them in handcuffs, Janis.
Take cover!
Hi! The exercise was completed.
I thought that interest you.
Your idea to split up into two groups
was excellent.
We take with us, but there are no seats.
Special Agent Brent Sheppard.
Special Agent Howard Butz.
Special Agent Janis Zuckerman.
've Been practicing a lot. Bravo!
Special Agent Elizabeth DeWitt.
Merit award winners are
Elizabeth DeWitt and Janis Zuckerman.
In my name and Janis's,
I want to thank the instructors who voted for us.
I hope Americans
sleep better knowing that we women carry weapons.
Thank you.
END AND I I've been assigned in Duluth, Minnesota.
I - That's great, Howard!
- Yes... DeWitt and Zuckerman, please.
I have a winter carnival, racing
dogs, ice fishing. Merge.
I - I bet you'll have fun.
- Sure.
I Come to open envelopes!
Let's see what you got.
# You first.
I - Los Angeles.
- You received Los Angeles
Good assignment, Janis!
- Open your envelope.
I And I got Los Angeles.
I'm so happy
I And you You were sent to Duluth. Great