Feedback (2019) Movie Script

You know me, mate.
A crowd, give me a crowd.
Give me a stage and I'll fucking sing.
Know what I mean?
I don't remember asking you.
Andrew, did I ask him?
I don't care.
The decision is final.
You'll make an announcement tonight
that the two of you are going to work
again as a team for me
at my fucking station.
Don't even try.
You smoke in here all the time.
What's this really about, Norman?
My ratings are the best in years,
better than when he was with me.
The world has changed,
we have to change with it.
They kidnapped you, they beat you up,
they burnt your car...
My old one.
They burnt your car to ashes.
What more do you fucking want?
I want a bit of support.
Listen, your talk show,
"the grim reality", is finished.
The people are frightened, the...
Technicians, producers,
journalists, panelists.
I have a pile of resignations on my desk.
They're all shit-scared.
Anthony is about the only one...
Anthony understands our work,
don't bring him into this.
We were great, mate. He knows that
we were very, very good together.
Yeah? And then you fucked it up.
Don't pick on him. He's about the
only friend you've got left.
I would rather pull out all my teeth
than interview any more
- of your celebrities.
- Alright, alright!
Don't do it. But don't broadcast
the interview tonight.
You can't, mate.
People are sick of it. Brexit.
Brexit this, brexit that.
Staying, leaving, out...
It's bullshit.
They need some joy,
that's what they need, lad.
They need some fun back in their lives,
they need the g.R. Right?
Me and you.
Besides, you're putting
an end to your career.
No. I'm just putting
an end to lies.
Do you understand
what's at stake here?
What, for you?
Let's all just calm down.
Let me help you. Eh?
Do me a fucking favor.
Okay, Jarvis, okay. Jarvis!
As per your contract with dbo,
you have freedom of speech.
But you do not have my support.
Whatever happens, this is on you.
Think about it.
You should've come to me first.
Is that a yes?
It's a maybe.
Good enough for me, mate.
Let's have one now, a quick one
before the show?
- Get ready, you're on at 10 o'clock.
- No. He's on at 11.
You're on at 11. Don't be late.
Knock yourselves out.
J walked in the club
got so excited &
j I'm so perverted
I'm so delighted &
j to see your face
come over to my place j
j go and grab a beer,
ain't no time to waste j
j gotchu over to my house
look it here I turn it out &
j tell you what I'm talkin' 'bout
digital style &
j regressing all up in your spleen
ain't got time for in between j
j you know just off
with your face j
j off with your face j
j off with your face j
j off with your face j
j got no time for your philosophies j
j got no time for your theories j
j all I know
I wanna hear you from the back j&
j grab some champagne, girl
I like it like &
j off with your face j
j off with your face j
j off with your face j
j off with your face j
j off with your face j
- Where were you?
- Upstairs.
Is Andrew joining us?
For fuck's sake.
I'm telling you, every time Andrew wilde
steps foot in this building
it's impossible not to notice.
Yeah, tell me about it.
But he's part of your story,
so what are you gonna do, eh?
That's the great Samuel s.,
coming this evening at midnight.
And of course, not to be missed,
the borderline furry animal costume party.
And if you have any other plans,
I think you should cancel them.
And we are out.
This is dbo radio 99.9 fm...
Smashed it, mate.
The sharpest insights...
Oh, I nearly forgot...
This is for you, Julia brought it over.
Just in time...
What, she's still here?
She headed to your office
about five minutes ago.
It's 10 minutes to 10 and we're
listening to today's headlines...
What's he doing in my studio?
If you hadn't noticed, we're like fucking
lepers at the minute, mate.
This fucking door!
I had to book him
for the 9 o'clock as well.
U.S. security officials
have accused the u.K...
This guy, this guy is good.
Careful, or you'll find yourself
without a program.
Well done, mate,
see you at the party.
Oxfam, who was on
a 99,000-pound salary...
Has resigned today, saying she takes
full responsibility for a scandal...
Jesus Christ!
Where did you find her?
She's fucking useless.
Doesn't have a Scooby,
but she's desperate
to work with you, so...
- What's her name again?
- Claire.
Welcome to the grim reality.
Oh, I've been here
for two months, Mr. Dolan.
I know.
Just call me Jarvis, please.
Here's the last one.
Oh, yeah, webcams
are out today, jarv.
- What, again?
- I know, I know.
Engineering are coming.
Claire's just called someone.
- Have you got the interview ready?
- Phil Collins has it.
Norman hates Phil Collins,
he's never gonna look there.
- Nice.
- The sound is shite, though, mate.
I was wearing a wire,
what do you expect?
I don't know whether
you're brave or stupid,
but this is going to be nuclear,
my friend. But what do I know?
Can you set up
the intro for Andrew?
Where are you off to now?
Just give me two minutes.
It's always two minutes with you.
Two minutes, my arse.
Oh, come on, Samuel, man!
For fuck's sake,
he's always doing this,
every single week.
Lazy bastardo.
Dbo star Jarvis Dolan abducted
Dead room
Your dad's there.
This place is awesome! How come
you haven't shown it to me before?
Is there a problem?
Oh, no, no...
I'll leave you up to it.
Did you see the state
you left my office in?
Yes... I'll go and tidy that now.
Do you think this
is a good idea,
after what happened last weekend?
Julia, this guy is an arsehole.
I think it's up to me to decide
whether or not Sam's an arsehole.
Look, I don't want to have
this conversation right now.
Alright, well, you go and tidy my office
and I'll speak to him.
No fucking way.
I can see you coming.
Look, I am going to the borderline party,
even if it's...
Even when I was five years old I couldn't
stand it whenever you did that to me.
Okay. Let's get a
picture then, eh?
Thank you.
I'm going to go and tidy the office.
But I'll see you later?
I'll see you later.
What the hell is eating you, Jarvis?
Listen, I know that Norman thinks
the sun shines out of your arse,
but I'm going to do my best
to get you thrown out of here.
I mean, for fuck's sake,
what am I supposed to have done?
Because I've got you sussed out
for the coked-up little gigolo you are.
What are you on, man?
I know that Julia's nihilistic,
I've-been-round-the-block pose
is attractive, but she's full of joy
and she lives life to the fullest,
and I don't want to see a trace
of bitterness and disappointment
because of you. Now you are going
to go to your party,
you are going to play
the fucking rock star,
and then you are going to bring her back
here before the end of my show, got that?
Now you say "yes",
like a good boy.
Neat, now go and enjoy yourself.
Unstoppable, idealistic and totally
Change that bloody intro.
In five, four, three, two...
The concept "post-truth is
so popular at the moment
that it's totally acceptable
to disregard and ridicule facts.
Especially if those facts don't
chime with how you feel.
And as individuals we are
incapable of evaluating consequences.
If it feels right, you just do it.
Who cares about the facts?
Well I do, and here are the facts.
This is the truth.
Three days ago, fascist thugs,
so-called patriots, kidnapped me,
burnt my car and threatened my family
because I wouldn't respect
"the will of the people.
And I understand it.
Over the last year I've gone on and
on about Russian interference
in the brexit process, about
the secret motives of billionaires
who want to turn the u.K.
Into an off-shore tax haven.
But Russian interference, Russian money,
wasn't just in the boardrooms
and the gentleman's clubs
and the think tanks.
It was on the streets, it was in the pubs,
it was on the terraces,
and it was organized
by social media.
It was the Facebook post of
the young woman in the headscarf,
just after the London bridge attack,
and it was telling you
that she was planning the next atrocity,
when in reality she was just phoning
her mum and telling her
that she was okay.
It's the voice in your head telling you
that there are too many brown faces
in the doctor's waiting room,
when in reality
it is the immigrant doctors and
nurses who are propping up the nhs.
The so-called 'organic
and spontaneous demonstrations'
so lauded by the right-wing press
as examples of the indigenous
population of the u.K. Taking
back control were in fact
classic Russian election interference.
They not only sowed discourse
and division, they funneled money
to thugs and murderers.
And those same thugs and murderers
who threatened me and my family...
Now, I apologize in advance for the
quality of the sound of this recording.
Well, you just have
to stick with it. Hate me.
We seem to be having some
trouble with the audio file,
so while we're getting
that fixed let's have a look
at some of the hate mails,
the emails, to prove my theory
that you guys just listen to this show
to get pissed off and to hate me.
The first one here is
yes, 'suckmydick'.
Well, 'suckmydick' says:
"The good people of england
have the right to defend themselves,
defend our borders, our children.
England first, you stupid,
wealthy, liberal..." Well, even I
can't say that word on air...
If you hate this country,
go and live in another one.
Are you aware of what they
want to take away from us?
This isn't going to end
up well for anybody,
so stop playing the fucking fool
and devote yourselves
to screwing up the lives of celebrities,
like you've always..."
Shit! Shit! Well, that's shit
because celebrities screw up
their lives all by themselves.
And that's the last of the emails, so if
that's all the hate you've got for me,
then god help us.
And now, "gimme shelter",
because I've earned it.
Look, I've been patient, alright?
But if this is a joke, then it's time...
Follow the expert into
the secret nightlife of London.
Anthony, what's going on?
It's like a sauna in here.
Anthony. Fuck you! Fuck you!
Ahd tones and tones of...
Anthony! Open the door!
This is dbo radio 99.9 fm...
The sharpest insights
from London to the world...
Just in time...
On dbo radio.
Are we safe? Could we commit
a crime and get away with it?
Ron hogg talks with deputy mayor
or policing and crime, Sophie lippmann.
Yeah, alright!
It's down! It's down!
Anthony, what's going on?
First of all, you are to carry
on with the show... just like normal.
Secondly, you're going to follow
our instructions without any questions.
I'l do no such thing. You turn on those
lights and you open that fucking door!
Thirdly, if for whatever reason
the broadcast is cut,
you're gonna pay for it dearly.
You and these two in here.
You open that fucking door!
Sit down, we're going on air.
I can't, I can't hear ya! Fuck...
Sit down, Dolan,
we're going on air.
Are we? Fuck!
No, no, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no, no!
Don't touch him,
don't touch him!
Don't, don't...
Leave him alone,
don't touch him!
I did what you said!
Alright, listen,
listen, alright!
We're coming to an understanding, okay?
I'm sitting at my seat, okay?
Anthony, Anthony, calm down,
just calm down.
Okay? Anthony, calm down.
We're going live on air,
Dolan. Get ready.
What have you done to the girl?
I want to see the girl.
You start by...
I want to see the girl!
You start by apologizing
for the technical problems
and you say "we got everything sorted.
after that...
- Is this about the tape?
- Fuck the tape!
We got something more important
in mind. Fuck the tape!
You better start talking, Dolan,
or I swear I will fucking kill them both.
You understand me?
Mic live
two armed men have stormed the radio
station, are holding us against our will!
We're at studio 1 at the...
It's ten minutes to ten and
we are listening to today's headlines
at dbo radio news service.
Just in time, on dbo radio.
President Trump's team blasts
england's fixation with brexit,
after us sanctioned Russian bankers
linked to London... us officials...
Aah, fuck! Fuck!
No! Nol!
Get the fuck off!
He's got the fucking message!
We need him.
That's the last of the emails,
so if that's all the hate
you've got for me,
then god help us.
And now, "gimme shelter,
because I've earned it.
We're broadcasting with a delay.
We're prepared for any of your shit.
Who do you fucking take us for?
Put your headphones on,
we're starting again.
To eat or not to eat?
Every Saturday at 2 P.M. just in time...
What is it? What do you want?
What's this about?
We're on.
Discover the grim reality,
with Jarvis Dolan.
We'd like to apologize
for any technical...
Control yourself,
you're fucking up.
Any failings at the start
of tonight's show, but it's...
That's no good, Dolan,
pull yourself together
and at least pretend like
you're Jarvis fucking Dolan!
Do it again!
Unstoppable, idealistic
and totally independent-minded.
Dolan, do it fucking again.
With Jarvis Dolan.
Well, it seems that from the Twitter feed
that our listeners are anything
but indifferent to tonight's chaos,
but that's what happens when you do live,
that's what a live show is all about
and if anybody can question
how that is possible then I advise you
to watch the 2017 Oscar ceremony
on YouTube again.
So the idea that anyone
can be completely in control
of their image is a utopia...
Introduce Andrew now.
Now it's almost...
It's almost 11 o'clock
and it's time to introduce
Andrew wilde with, in his own words,
"one of my favorite tracks of all time".
J time takes a cigarette,
puts it in your mouth... &
this doesn't make any sense.
Andrew's got nothing to do with this.
If you guys won't tell me what's going
on then I'm not...
Just stick to the script.
I want to speak to Anthony.
You're not in charge anymore, Dolan.
Look, whatever it is that you guys
have got planned, then...
Then it's going to be quicker
and easier for all of us
if we just talk about it, so...
I just want to know he's okay.
Look, I'm sure we want this to be
over as soon as possible.
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
J don't let the sun blast your shadow
don't let the milk float ride your mind &
you're so natural,
religiously unkind...
Oh no love! You're not alone,
you're watching yourself
but you're too unfair.
You got your head all tangled up,
but if I could only make you care...
Oh, no, love, you're not alone...
What the fuck
happened here, jarv?
The fuck! Oh, I get it.
Did they do anything to you?
Are you okay?
Throw a party, while mummy bear
and daddy bear were away? Is that it?
Hey you, blondie!
Two things I want from you.
Turn the fucking heating down
and bring me a glass of cold water
with two slices of lime.
Not lemon, lime!
Jarv! Alright!
What's going on, lad? Eh?
What's happened here?
Fuckin' hell!
Where's the young'n,
let me speak to him.
No, no, no, no...
Andrew, Andrew, Andrew...
Listen to me, listen to me.
Listen, just sit down.
Anthony's getting the show ready.
It's just going to take a minute, okay?
We're on. Come on.
What's going on, jarv?
What's going on, man, eh?
Something's up, 'cause blue eyes looks
like she's just seen a fucking ghost!
And you, mate, you don't look good.
The studio's a mess.
What's going on, man?
Talk to me.
Well, Samuel brought die antwoord up
last week and made a fucking mess. And...
The ninja.
I done me knee, I done me...
It doesn't matter, does it, eh?
The show must go on, eh?
- Did you learn nothing from me?
- You're right, you're right.
Why didn't you say, man? The ninja.
It's all you had to say.
This is gonna be even cooler
than iggy pop
crowd surfing at Cincinnati.
I'm glad you threw that tape
in the bin, mate, it's where it belongs.
Bloody brexit and all that, but,
when you know... and I apologize.
Norman, he's a shit-stirrer,
we both know it.
He got me in that lift, 15 minutes
later he's knifing you in the back, mate.
What? What's up with your hand?
Bloody hell!
Sorry, I'll clean it up
in the commercial break.
Are you alright, mate, eh? I mean...
Everything about... are you okay?
Yeah, I first met Andrew
about 15 years ago.
It was at an anti-abortion rally.
This guy turned up covered in blood
with a sign that said:
"You should've killed me
when you had a chance".
And I still don't think I made
my position clear on this subject.
Well, I think you made a
very subtle point, Andrew.
I also realized that he was a rival
journalist who was covering the story.
And that, folks, is how
true love blossomed.
And it was then that I realized that we
were destined to do things together.
If you could only manage...
If I could only manage to
instill a little common sense.
There you go. You know what?
I think that photograph of me, Jarvis,
is still out there somewhere
floating in the ether.
It may even be a
meme by now, people.
Why don't we Google it live,
here in the studio?
Check it out for yourselves.
All our listeners out there
under 100 years old know exactly
what it is we're talking about.
We seem to be having a few technical
difficulties here in the studio, people.
You touch that phone,
I'll cut off your hand.
Carry on like this,
we'll be finished in an hour.
You're going to carry on with
the interview, just like normal.
If that bastard tries to leave,
you're both dead men.
Now sit tight, wait for my instructions.
Raise your hand if you understand me.
And taste good, more importantly.
I'm not going to pretend or deny it.
Well, I'd like to talk about
something we've never
actually spoken about before, and
that was the first year of grim reality.
- The show Rose to prominence very quickly.
- Yeah.
- You could say that it was a...
- Meteoric.
It was a meteoric rise.
And what was that like for you?
Well, for me, jarv, I don't really think
about it much, mate.
You know what I'm like,
a down-to-earth lad,
but like you, right, the both of us,
we became celebrities overnight, mate.
Out of nowhere, bang,
wake up, we're famous.
But what are you going to do? And you know
that fame is a big, fat, hungry monster.
We're cooking in the studio
tonight, folks, and I mean that literally.
The grim reality has seen...
Before the commercial break I want you
to talk about belfast, November 2011.
Do what I say or I'll cut up
the girl piece by piece.
- I said, surprisel...
- And now I'd like to turn to something
that's really close to my heart.
And it's close to my heart because it's
the last night that we had together,
and it was our last gig,
it was the 2011 European music awards.
The emas, jarv, that's what
they call it, mate, the emas.
The night of lady gaga and...
What happened at the party
afterwards in the hotel europa?
Running across the stage.
I remember that, do you? Hello!
What are you looking at, man?
What are you doing?
You're looking at there,
we're trying to do a show.
Come on, Jarvis. Ask him what happened
at the party in the hotel europa.
Do you remember there was a party,
afterwards? Do you remember the party?
Do I remember the...?
The whole of belfast was a party...
The party at the hotel europa.
Club, restaurant, open
till the early hours...
No, the party at the hotel europa,
do you remember that party?
Just another party.
He took two girls to his room.
What happened there? Ask him.
The two girls who disappeared
with you who were at the party.
I'm sorry, jary,
I don't think I, er...
I don't think...
What are you doing to me?
Ask the fucking question!
What did he do with them?
Jarvis, they've got a shotgun
against my head.
What the fuck happened in room 2217
he's going to kill me. Please...
Ask the fucking question!
What did he do to them?!
Ask him what happened in room 221!
Andrew, what did you do
to the girls in room 221?
Stay with us for the next four hours and
enter Jarvis Dolan's the grim reality...
You're... you are unbelievable.
You are.
You do that, to me?
Live on fucking air?
You talk about that night...
Oh, well, I don't get it, man.
What are you talking about?
What the fuck's going on?
What is going on?! Something's up!
Why would you do that?! Bastard!
Don't make us go in there, Dolan.
Get him to calm down
and back in his chair now.
- You are unbelievable!
- Sit down, it's alright. Just sit down.
- Live on air, jarv?
- No, sit down, mate.
- I'm your mate.
- I know, but sit down.
- We're supposed to be fucking mates.
- Please, sit down.
Why would you talk about that night?
Why would you do that?
Why would you bring that up? Why?
Sit down, sit.
We buried that shit,
we forgot about it.
Shut up! Sit down!
Fuck off!
Andrew, you know what it's like...
Get him to calm down, Dolan.
You're just going to
be tried and sentenced.
Get him to calm down
ahd back in his chair how!
You've said it live...
Get him back in that
fucking chair now!
Just sit down,
we'll talk about it.
Sit down... fuck you, sit down.
Sit down. Calm down.
I'm going to go for a smoke...
You know what? I'm going, man.
Stay. Andrew, stay
in the room and sit down.
Andrew, stay in the room
and... don't open the door!
Stick this fucking show
up your arse.
Andrew, stay...
What now, jarv, eh?
What's this, a convention
for the lord of the fucking rings?
It's all a big fucking joke, is it?
Fucking Halloween?
Hello, mate, how are ya?
Get out of my way, you fucking clown.
No, no, no, no!
Please don't, please!
I'm gonna get him to sit down.
- What the fuck...?
- Just get up. Get up.
You leave me, Jarvis.
No more. Don't hit him, please!
My fucking hand!
Fuck, jarv! Jarvis!
Alright, alright! Please, I swear to god
I'm going to get him to sit down.
- He's going to sit down.
- Fuck off!
Alright! He's going to sit down.
Fuck... alright, alright,
alright, alright, okay.
Alright? Okay.
You got to get me out, jarv.
We need to get him to a hospital.
We need that seen to now.
Shut up! This is all your fault, I told
you to get him to relax and sit back down.
That fucker raped those girls.
Get him to tell us what happened,
get him to say it live on air
and I will call you a fucking ambulance!
Alright, you tell your nutter to
keep away, because if he goes into shock,
hen you can forget about it, alright?
Tell him that.
Who the fuck are they?!
Listen to me. Andrew, listen to me.
Listen to me, listen very carefully.
Now listen, mate, look at me,
just look at me. There's two men.
Two men have stormed the studio and they
are holding Claire and Anthony hostage.
And they need you to tell us
what happened in room 221.
- Live on air.
- Why?
I don't know why. We're trapped
in here with them.
Now listen. Everything that they've
told me they're going to do,
they've done, alright?
And they've promised me
that they'll get you an ambulance
if you confess live on air.
- Okay.
- Alright? Okay?
- Yeah.
- Good. Now...
What have I got to confess to, jarv?
What happened in the room.
You know what happened.
I can't do that, jarv.
I can't talk about that... jarv.
Now, the reason this show is so well known
is because of the unexpected twists
and turns that happen every moment
and you, the grim crowd,
have so much to contribute
and your feedback is so important.
Now, a reliable source has made
a very serious accusation
against Andrew wilde tonight.
Well, let's have a look in the Twitter
feed. We've got Johnny from kennington
who says: "Fame hunters and booze,
that's a deadly combination".
Yes, I think you're right, Johnny, I think
Andrew was just fooling
around with groupies.
Yeah. A party.
Yeah. You see, Andrew,
the truth in essence is not objective
because every event has
as many versions as it does actors,
and you need to just tell us
your side of the story.
Andrew, just say something.
It doesn't matter what you say
because it's not going
to stand up in court.
Why do they want me to speak?
I'm just as shit-scare as
you are, but they've fucked up your hand,
they did my knee, they've tortured us,
they've blown it,
they've fucking blown it.
Well, I made a mistake.
Truth is...
I... I fucked up.
That's very brave of you,
Andrew, that's very brave.
I did a bad thing. Yeah.
And it's a measure
of a man to say that.
We've all done it, but
not everyone admits to it.
Thank you, Jarvis.
That's no use to us, Dolan.
Either he tells us what happened
or I swear I'm going to fuck him
and fuck this girl in here.
It was a wrong and terrible...
Andrew, Andrew, our sources
made very precise accusations
about that evening and about...
About the europa hotel.
Do you remember the party
at the europa hotel?
Remember? We walked in,
everybody was looking at us,
everybody wanted to talk to us, everybody
wanted to shake our hands.
Do you remember the...
The intoxicating feeling
of being the centre of attention?
We need to talk about the girls.
The two girls...
That you, um...
Did you have a drink with them?
Did you have a dance with them?
Did they just want an autograph.
Did they...? Do you remember?
It was a long time ago,
but you do remember.
I remember.
I remember um...
One girl walked up to me,
out of the crowd,
wanted a photograph.
Drunk, messing around,
with my hair and stuff,
wanted to try on my leather jacket.
I get that all the time.
She was... very sweet.
She invited her friends over, a couple.
Young, 17.
18, maybe.
I em...
I invited them,
stupidly, I guess...
Up to my room.
And em...
The boyfriend...
Of the couple... he did...
He did... he insisted.
It was the girl that
didn't want to go.
We did some drugs.
Some mollies and stuff.
I looked over at the young couple...
Who were making out.
You know, fucking.
So I goes over...
Got on the bed...
While they were...
And put me hand...
And she... she...
Goes mad.
Stops me.
I was like:
I thought this was
why we came back.
You know, to the room and that.
For a laugh.
The boyfriend goes mad,
shouting at me.
Fucking kicks me out of the bed.
So I punched him in his face.
I punched him hard.
And then...
The girl's shouting...
Looking at me, just...
Hating me.
So I grabbed her by her throat...
I raped her.
I couldn't stop. I tried.
She kept saying:
Begging me to stop.
But... I couldn't.
I wouldn't.
That was very...
That was very...
Can I go now, please?
Fuck that, he can't fucking go.
You're gonna tell us
what he did to the boy
and the other girl.
We need to turn our attention
to what happened to the boy.
I punched him in the face.
Right, and what happened?
Four or five times.
He got back up.
We got back up to the fight.
And then what happened?
So I hit him again.
And again and again.
Then I...
Tied him to the radiator.
I put a sock in his mouth.
You put a sock in his mouth?
Gagged him.
He nearly suffocated.
I thought I'd killed him.
I can't...
Stop thinking about it.
Get it out of me head.
Fuck you!
What the fuck!
Stop, for fuck sake!
I said fucking stop.
Jesus Christ.
Jarv, lad!
What are you doing down there, lad?
Come on, get up.
We've got a show to do.
You and me.
The countdown.
Come on, lad!
I'm just gonna lie down for a bit, mate,
because I'll be honest with you,
I just need to shut me eyes
for a minute, man.
That's better, mate.
I'll be with you in two minutes.
- Andrew, stay with me.
- I'm here, right with you.
Oh, come on, mate,
we've got a show to do.
Get up, Dolan, we're not finished yet.
Get your shit together,
we're going back on air.
Get the fuck outta here.
Get off.
Back off!
Back off!
- Back off now!
- Calm down, just calm down.
I'll fucking kill you.
Drop the gun!
Drop the fucking gun! Drop it!
Fuck you, Jarvis!
Fuck you!
You fucking piece of shit!
Drop the mask.
Can you hear me, Claire?!
Scene takes place in the film.
Britain braced for
a Valentine's day washout,
with torrential downpours and gales,
as a blast of freezing air from the arctic
will push temperatures down
to minus 6 centigrade,
with 6 inches of show forecast.
You're a greater jerk
than I imagined.
Get him up.
Ah, ah, ah, ah... fuck!
Shh, shh... shh...
I want you to meet the guy
who's to blame for all of this.
Anthony, Jarvis...
Jarvis, Anthony.
This was meant to be easy, really easy.
You just won't let anyone
tell you what to do, will you?
Well, like it or not,
we're going back in there.
If you try to play the hero again
we'll smash his head in.
Is that clear?
Yeah, it's clear.
I'm not going to say it twice.
It's clear.
It's very... it's clear.
Get him out.
Just in time, on dbo radio.
Please, I ain't done nothin'.
Please. No!
Get ready, Dolan,
we're going back on air.
With Jarvis Dolan.
Tonight has been a crazy night,
so let's open our lines
to the lunatics on
the other side of the phone.
Please, don't be shy.
We're opening
the telephone lines.
Be brave. Come on, come
with me to the grim reality.
hi. I'm Alex.
I've been listening to the show.
Hi, Alex.
There's a lot of people
saying this and that...
But they're dragging the names of those
girls through the mud, don't you think?
They don't really know
what they're talking about.
And... you do know what
you're talking about, Alex.
Yeah. I was there, wasn't I?
You were there.
Yeah. Just like you, Jarvis,
'cause you were there too.
- I was there, was I?
- Yeah.
Well, I was at the hotel europa,
we already established that.
Alex, are you somehow insinuating
that I covered up the rape?
I'm not insinuating anything.
I'm giving you the facts.
The facts.
After raping my girlfriend, that fucking
mate of yours called you,
crying and sniveling like a baby. Lucy...
Lucy was in a right fucking state,
she couldn't even move.
How do we know you even
set foot in belfast?
He called you and asked you to come up
to the room, which you fucking did!
I thought it was all over,
but it wasn't, was it?
So this is it, is it?
Is this the modus operandi?
We just believe the first nobody who calls
and tells us whatever crosses his mind?
It ain't the first thing
that crosses my mind.
And I ain't fucking nobody either.
You know perfectly well who I am,
because you were fucking there!
You bastards did this to me.
Smashed a bottle in my face
and fucked my teeth up.
And that fucker, that fucking
cunt on the floor right there,
I did that, that's what I did.
Nothing to say for yourself, shitface?
What is it, you fucking mug,
you got the balls to deny it?
- You fucking mug! Fuck you!
- Stop! Stop!
We're not getting anything
out of him this way!
He won't talk.
He knows that whatever he says
he's going to look bad.
You, make sure he doesn't move.
And you, come back here.
Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't be
better to get all the feedback from you.
You know what I mean?
No more social media tyranny,
no more open lines bullshit,
no more hate by email...
What do you think, Anthony?
What do I think? I think you should pay
the consequences, Mr. Dolan.
What are you doing with these two nutters?
Shut the fuck up.
You seem like a man
in his right frame of mind.
Surely you can see that
this doesn't make any sense.
I deal with people like this
all the time.
They're fantasists.
Claire went to the police after you
two raped her, did you know that?
Did she?
Well, they didn't give any credence
to her story because...
They never contacted me.
She's used to being ignored
by people like you.
- By people like me.
- Yeah.
People that call the shots.
Well, there's only one person
calling the shots here, and it's not me.
It's definitely not you.
So why are you here?
Why are you...
Ruining your life?
Lucy, the girl you two bastards raped.
I've never raped
anybody in my life.
And if your mad sidekick
is anything to go by,
any woman that would
go out with him...
It's my daughter.
I don't know what to say.
You know, I have a daughter too.
I can't... I can't win, can 1?
I mean, you're just going to kill me
over some drunken stories of a night
that just went wrong.
It's just... a load of kids.
What can I possibly do?
You can start by telling me the truth.
What did you do to my daughter?
Where's my daughter, you fucker?
I want to talk to him.
I want to talk to him.
Put your headphones on.
Get him up.
Jarvis, how many more deaths
are you capable of having
on your rotten conscience before you start
being a little more cooperative?
Claire, tell me what you want.
Just tell me what you want
and let's get this over with.
Oh, what's the big rush?
It's only now that we're really
getting to know each other.
You tell me what you want.
We're going back on air.
I want you to tell everybody
what you did to me...
And what you did to Lucy.
You're going to show yourself up and
you're going to tell the whole world
what kind of cowardly son
of a bitch you've always been.
Do it. She's serious. Do it.
What was that?
I said... no.
No, no, no...
Whatever happens, they're not going
to let me out of here alive.
And you're gonna go to prison
for the death of two people.
And you will never know
what happened to your daughter.
He's going to fucking...
Jarvis! This is serious!
How do I talk...? Claire. Claire!
What the hell are you doing?
This isn't what we talked about.
Claire, you said that we're not gonna...
Anthony's got nothing to do with this.
- No, no, please!
- Wrong place, wrong time.
- Not much I can do about that.
- Please!
- Get back to your place, Jarvis!
- Claire, what the fuck are you doing?
Jarvis, do you think this
is some sort of joke?
- It's going to be fine.
- Take a good look at Andrew!
- She's not gonna let them kill you.
- Take a good look!
Claire, this is fucking nuts.
We're gonna fuck ourselves!
Nothing's going to happen.
Anthony, nothing's going to happen.
Anthony, nothing's going to happen.
- Fuck it! Stop that!
- This is on you.
Nothing's going to happen,
he's not going to kill you.
Look at me, Anthony,
nothing's going to happen.
Please... no, they're going
to fucking kill me.
Anthony, nothing's going to happen.
Look at me.
You're not going to die.
Anthony, he's not going to let them...
- Claire... no, no!
- Do it!
- Anthony!
- No, no, no. No!
Calm down, we have to
come up with a plan.
Hey, hey! What's he doing?! Go!
Agh, fuck!
Hey! Hey!
Listen to me!
Hey, listen!
The hatch, behind you!
Don't you let him go! Shoot!
You fucking idiot!
You fucker... fuck you!
Fuck you!
Emergencies, what service?
Some people are trying to kill me.
They've just killed two others...
Sir, calm down, sir.
Is the aggressor still with you?
Do you know where you are?
Sir, we can't help you
if you don't tell where you are.
Sir, we're tracking the call,
sir, don't hang up...
Let me help you.
Close the door.
What happened to you?
I'm fine. I'm fine.
No. I am fine.
Samuel dropped me outside.
I don't know what's going on.
I just want to go home.
He dropped me outside,
I just want to go home.
I just want to go.
I know. I'll get you home.
You're going to go home. Alright?
You're going to go home.
I'm so scared!
Take her.
No! Nol!
Stop it! Have you not learned
your lesson yet?
- No!
- Shut up!
No! Nol!
At me! Just look at me.
Look at me.
Get your fucking hands off
my daughter, you lowlife!
This is dbo radio 99.9 fm.
The sharpest insights from London to...
Just in time, on dbo radio.
- Let her go.
- No chance.
Unstoppable, idealistic.
Are you happy with this, are you?
Your daughter goes missing,
so my daughter's got to pay for it?
With Jarvis Dolan.
As one father to another,
I beg you, please, let Julia go.
Let her go.
We could say that this is
also justice, but it's hate.
I feel comfortable
with the responsibility...
Tell him to get his
fucking hands off of her!
I don't want regulations, and I don't
want the government patronizing me...
Promise me, promise me
nothing's going to happen to her.
I don't have to promise you anything.
Yeah? Well, if you want this to go ahead,
you guarantee that
nothing's going to happen to her.
Let's get started.
We never talked about
taking a girl hostage...
Bad timing and I don't
like repeating myself.
Well, there's not going to be any more
fucking deaths here, is that clear?
Don't you know what happened to Lucy?
Well that clown over there
is the only one who can tell you.
Most of the time these simple ideas
are wrong and most of them are lies.
They don't reflect reality,
the grim reality.
Poor redhead girl
is this for real?
What a fake
I've got nothing to do with this.
No, the truth is painful, it's ugly...
Disappeared! Missing person -
Lucille Brennan
so let's see what the next caller
has to say about tonight's topic.
Don't be shy.
You're on the grim reality.
my name is Claire Spencer.
I wasn't sure whether to call or not.
It's painful to think back on that night.
Really painful.
The guy who just called before
is a friend of mine.
An old friend.
We knew our parents were never going
to let us go to belfast on our own, so...
We came up with the story
of a school trip.
We didn't have a penny or
anywhere to stay, but...
But the plan was to party all night long,
then go straight back to London.
It sounded like a fun thing
to do when you're 16.
What Andrew said is true.
I flirted with Andrew.
So what?
And then...
Then we went up to Andrew's room.
And when I woke up it was
like being in a nightmare.
I was face down...
With Andrew on top of me,
stinking of vomit, really hurting me.
And Jarvis was there,
Jarvis Dolan was holding Lucy by the neck.
Lucy was in such a bad state
she could hardly breathe.
I blamed myself so many times.
I felt... disgusted.
And ashamed.
I literally lost my head.
I understand that it must've been,
it must've been really traumatic,
but what has it got to do with me?
You were there.
No, I wasn't.
No, I wasn't, Andrew has already
admitted what he did.
You got what you wanted.
Why have you got to drag me into this?
He called you after raping Lucy!
Yes. Yes, he called me,
but he never mentioned anything
about you and Lucy.
I went up there and I got him out
and I took him to our hotel, the merchant.
In fact, why don't you call
the europa hotel and they will tell you
that we never even had a room there.
That's a lie!
I woke up in that hotel room!
I was devastated. I had to help Alex,
but Lucy had disappeared!
What room?
We never had a room there.
The only...
The only what?
The only people who had
a room there were the technicians.
You must've stayed at Anthony's...
You're so fucking miserable.
What you did to us is unbelievable!
If you were so traumatized
that you went to the police,
then why didn't they come to me?
Where's the report?
I did! Do you want to see
the forensic report?
I'd love to, because what you're
saying doesn't make any sense.
The word of a drunk girl
against you guys.
The police were looking
at me like I deserved it.
You just don't get it, do you?
Maybe I'm a little fucked up,
but at least I'm here to tell the story.
What did you do to Lucy?
- I didn't do anything!
- What did you do to her?!
What did you do to my little girl,
you little fucker?
What did you do to her? Please,
just tell me the fucking truth.
- I swear!
- Tell me the fucking truth!
Please, please, please,
just tell me the truth.
Tell me the fucking truth, please.
So let's see what the next caller
has to say about tonight's topic.
That's what is being broadcast live.
Okay? We have to make sure.
My name is Claire Spencer.
- You okay?
- I just need to think.
You're okay, it's alright.
Okay... we're causing a bit of a scene.
If they cut off the broadcast,
none of this will have been worth it.
Make sure she doesn't take
those headphones off.
We knew our parents were never going
to let us go to belfast on our own, so...
We came up with the story...
See for yourself.
So what more do you need?
She made this all up.
She's crazy.
You've never been 177
I know guys like you.
You just want girls to be at your service.
To fear you, to keep their mouths shut.
That night you two really fucked me over.
But the worst was yet to come.
Do you have any idea what it's like
to live scared to death?
Let me show you.
Fuck! No, no, no, no, no!
- What?
- Don't touch her! No, no!
Are you going to tell her that
everything's going to be okay too?
You're on air.
I eh...
I have no choice but...
To give Claire Spencer the answer that...
That she deserves.
To give her the facts.
You see, Andrew called me because he'd
realized that he had fucked up and...
And he was scared and when
I got there he told me that
you had all been fooling around,
that you had all...
Taken numerous substances,
and that the girl
that he had sex with,
the girl that you took up to that room,
had overdosed.
You're such a liar, Jarvis.
You were there.
Why don't you just admit it?
Andrew was the...
Was the walking cliche, he was
the celebrity who thought he was bigger
than everybody else, and with all...
With all due respect that
was a clich that you fell for.
Claire, you fell for it hook,
line and sinker.
And as is the way with
those kinds of nights, with...
Groupies, celebrities...
It gets out of hand.
And Andrew panicked.
He fucked up...
And then he called me.
What did you do to her?
I didn't do anything.
I never laid a hand on them, I...
I tried to help.
You know, I took Lucy...
I took her to the hospital,
and I left her by the doors of the a&e
and when I left her there she was fine.
Fine? You fucking son of a bitch.
Kill him.
Kill him, he just admitted
that he was there.
I left her where she could be found,
where she could ask for help.
No. She'd have come back
to her mother and me.
Please. Tell him to let go.
Please tell him to let go of Julia.
Please, she's just a girl, please.
Just a girl? Like us, you bastard?
Kill him or I will!
You don't know what it's like not
to know what the fuck happened.
The shit that runs through your mind,
you don't know what it's like.
What did you do to her?
I'm telling you the truth.
Kill her!
- No!
- Do it!
Put the fucking gun down!
- Tell him to stop.
- Go on, kill her!
We're not going to kill a girl
here because of this fucking bastard.
Tell him to stop.
Fuck... fuck...
- Kill her!
- No!
- Do it!
- No, please, you stop it now, please!
Claire, tell him to fucking stop!
- Kill her!
- No, stop!
- Kill her now!
- No!
Make that bastard of
a father of hers suffer!
Claire, fucking stop him now!
I killed her! I killed her!
Fucking see!
I tried to help...
What did you say?
I killed her with my own hands.
You're such a son of a bitch.
You see, when I went in there...
What did he just fucking say?!
And left her by the doors of the a&e
and when I left her there she was fine.
Everybody was unconscious.
I'd got Andrew out and I went back
in there to clean up and...
Oh, god!
I thought that she was dead.
Then suddenly she woke up
and then she saw me.
I knew then that everything was over.
I knew she could destroy everything.
What kind of a fucking monster are you?
My little girl...
You see, when we've got
nothing left to lose...
We become monsters.
Kill him.
He just admitted that he killed her.
He's going to get away with it,
just like he always does.
Just kill him! What do you think
is going to happen to us?
No one else is gonna die.
Especially that child.
He's confessed.
We'll be on the air in like...
What, three minutes?
I'm calling the police.
- Let her go!
- No!
- Let her go!
- No!
Let her fucking go!
She'd have come back
to her mother and me.
No! Nol!
Let her fucking go!
Kill him! Do it! Kill him!
- Kill him!
- Put the gun down. Put the gun down.
Put the gun down. Put the fucking gun...
Claire, shut the fuck up!
I just want to know where she is.
Just tell me where she is.
Put the gun down!
Put the fucking gun down now!
I just... look, look, please,
tell me where the fuck she is.
You drop the gun and I'll tell you.
I promise you, I'll tell you
if you drop the gun.
Drop the fucking gun and I will tell you!
Put it down.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
She's in the fucking river!
I will fucking kill you.
Kill her! Kill her!
- Fuck you!
- Do it!
Fuck you! Dump her in the river
like a piece of trash.
I'll fucking kill you.
What are you gonna do, Dolan?
Huh? What are you gonna do?
You got one shot.
What the fuck are you gonna do?
Julia, look at daddy!
Fuck you.
Fuck, fuck!
Stop him now, please!
You've got to stop him now!
Stop him, he's going to get out!
Stop him, he's gonna...
Shhh... shhh...
Oh, my...! No!
No, no, it's okay, it's alright.
Don't look. Just close your eyes, okay?
Just close your eyes.
Alright. Don't look.
- I can't see...
- I know, just close your eyes.
Come on. We've got to get home, alright?
Got to get...
It's over. It's over.
It's over.
Oh, my god...
I'm sorry, I can't...
Oh, my...
Shit... I don't know, Jarvis.
Christ, how the fuck could everything
have got so out of hand?
What do you want me to say, Norman?
Yeah, yeah, I know.
I mean, Anthony...
It's a real tragedy.
Oh, how's...
How's Julia?
She's not good.
Not so good.
Can you cut to the chase?
The grim reality,
they want it to come back.
But not just the radio,
the TV as well, syndication, everything.
The sky's the limit as far
as the money's concerned
and they've accepted
all your proposals.
The slots, the crew, the interviews.
You may even get trump.
The other thing...
It was all over the tabloids,
all these girls saying,
y'know, that Andrew was always
up to no good. I mean who...
Who would've thought that?
Is there anything else I should know?
Should I be worried?
Oh, you've got nothing to worry about.
I guarantee it.
Now then, you must...
You must be keen to get back to work.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Alright, okay, okay...
Alright, alright, alright!
Now fucking get back to work.
what a nice surprise.