Felony (2013) Movie Script

Triple 0.
What service do you require?
Ambulance. Emergency.
Ambulance emergency.
What suburb?
Kings park.
Okay. And what's the
exact address in kings park?
I'm on epson road
and the nearest
cross street is...
Uh, um, uh...
we can come back to that.
Quarry... quarry road.
Okay, so it's epson road
with a cross of quarry road.
Is it in kings park?
Is that in Sydney?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Exactly what's happened there.
There's a boy
and he's on the road
and he's had a...
he's fallen off his bike.
Copy that.
- Alright, we're in. We're in.
Come on. Go! Go!
Get down! Get down!
Over there!
Go, go, go, go!
Get down!
Get him on the floor!
- Oh!
- Get down!
Hey, hello! Got a picture
of you on my wall.
How are we doing out back?
We've got a runner!
We've got a runner!
Copy that.
Do you have a description
of the suspect, delta 1?
Repeat, do you have
a description
of the runner, delta 1?
- Hey!
Delta 2-3 is approaching
on the eastern side
of the complex.
Come on!
- Oi! Stop it, mate!
I'm on you!
Oi, who's out the back exit?
Back and the side exit.
We've got a lone runner.
Go, go, go, go. Go.
Down on the ground! Down!
Stay down!
- Put your hands
behind your back! Got him?
Mal! You okay?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
On the vest.
Please confirm status
of officer.
- Central, he's okay.
- He took one in the vest.
Requesting an ambulance
and backup.
Copy that. Proceed.
You speak English, mate?
Hey? Speak English?
You just shot a police officer,
you clown.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Piece of shit.
Emergency vehicles dispatched.
Well, boys, we got 'em.
Fair and square.
Special mention
for mad mal here.
Mal, uh... mal took a shot
for his troubles.
- Come on, give us a...
- Look! Look! Look!
- Mal, I know what that's like,
I know what that's like,
but my beautiful wife
has promised
never to use my gun on me again.
- I promise not to
give it to her again.
Mal, seriously, well done
for putting it all together.
Honor to have you.
- To mal.
- To mal!
- Task force Shepherd!
- Yes!
- Well done!
- Hello?
Yeah, if you honk
the horn again,
my wife's gonna
come out there and kill ya.
It's not even 5:00,
for Christ's sake.
- S-sorry. I, uh...
I didn't wa... yeah.
- Yeah, so the horn...
- Sorry, sir.
- Woke the dog,
the dog woke the grand kid,
the grand kid woke the wife.
- Sorry, mate.
- It's a bloody chain reaction.
- Sorry about that.
- Oh, Christ.
Hi. Still going to your mum's?
- Oh, yeah, yeah. By lunch.
- Yeah?
Yeah, I told you earlier.
I've got to take her to bingo.
Don't swear in front of...
- Yeah.
Yeah, okay.
...He's not getting it from me.
- Yeah, um...
Yeah, well, you know, if "fuck"
becomes part of his vocabulary,
I'll buy you a Porsche.
That'll be the day.
- Yeah. Goodbye, sweetheart.
- See ya.
- I said "fuck"
in front of the kid.
You know, if no one reacted,
the kid wouldn't pick up on it.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck, granddad."
You got kids?
Oh, no, I asked you that
before, didn't I?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, you said you've got to
get a girlfriend first.
Trust me plenty of time.
So, no horn. Text me.
I'm not that old.
- Oh, uh, that's for you,
by the way.
Black, no sugar, right?
- Yeah.
# we've got to hold on #
# to what we've got #
# it doesn't make a difference
if we make it or not #
# we've got each other
and that's a lot for love #
# we'll give it a shot... #
- Come on, sarge,
get in this.
Come on! One more time,
we'll have one more.
- Alright.
- Yeah!
- Skull it, sarge, come on!
- We've got that party tomorrow,
don't we?
- Yeah, we do.
There he is.
- On tomorrow?
- No, no. I've got my kid's
birthday thing on, though.
Yeah. See ya.
- See you tomorrow.
- See you, mate.
- Bye, mal.
- Oh, password's 'pirate'.
The rbt boys are out in force.
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
- Arrr!
Get it? You get it?
Half blind.
What? What?
That's funny.
- You're not funny.
- No, you're not.
# Avalon #
# when the samba takes you
out of nowhere #
# and the background's fading
out of focus #
# yes the picture's changing
every moment #
# and your destination #
# avalon #
- shit.
# Dancing dancing #
- Hey.
- Morning, sir. This is a
random breath test.
You had anything
to drink tonight?
- I had a couple.
- Can I see your
driver's license, please?
- Um...
- Huh? What was that?
- Pirate.
- Just hold on a sec.
# Avalon #
uh, sorry about that, detective.
Drive safe, mate.
- That's alright.
Have a good one.
- Yep, you too.
He says,
"what, so they held up
"a whole bus load of Japanese
tourists and got away?"
And this young copper says,
"yes, sir."
He says, "well, you didn't
get a single description?"
And the kid says, "no, sir,
they didn't speak English,
"but the driver said
they got 5,000 photos."
Right. We're up.
Why ham and not bacon?
Is that a health thing
or a taste thing?
A bit of both.
- Jesus, it's five o'clock.
We wanted to catch you
before work,
save you the embarrassment
- Thought we were done
with all that.
- All what, Sarah?
The abduction and rape
of a little girl?
Is that the "all that"
you're talking about?
This is detective melic,
new bloke.
So, Victor been round?
- No. I'm over with him.
- Well, we know he comes around.
- He doesn't.
Bullshit, he does.
- Oh, look at you,
protecting him!
- Is that all?
- Well, no. This is kind of a
courtesy call, actually.
Uh, we just...
Hold that...
No, no. It's alright.
Hold that, will you?
Thank you.
Just so you know, we found
your pedophile boyfriend.
He's in newcastle.
Thank you.
Now, we've got enough
to charge...
To charge Victor,
so you'll be
next in line, Sarah,
so you might want a couple of
days to consider your options.
- Fuck off.
- Well, don't say
we didn't warn you.
We'll see you again
in a few days.
Oh, and, Sarah,
I nearly forgot.
We found the kid's
toy pram yesterday.
It was covered in prints.
Adult female.
# When the dog bites
when the bee stings #
# when I'm... #
oh, they'll be talking
to each other now.
- Hey.
Hey, kid. Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
Triple 0.
What service do you require?
- Ambulance.
emergency. What suburb?
- Kings park.
Okay, kings park. And what's
the exact address there?
- I'm on epson road,
and the nearest cross street is,
Fuck. Um...
That's okay.
That's okay. We can...
- Oh, it's quarry...
Quarry road.
Okay, so it's epson road
with a cross of quarry road.
Is it in kings park?
Is that in Sydney?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Alright, and what's
your telephone number there?
- Uh.
Your telephone number.
- Oh, 0525-633-332.
Exactly what's happened.
- There's a boy
and he's on the road
and he's had a...
He's fallen off his bike.
Okay, so...
- And he's hit his head
and he's not moving.
Okay, alright.
Do you think that maybe
he could have been hit by a car?
- Uh... no. I don't know.
Okay. Alright.
- I mean... there's
a possibility,
but he may have just
fallen off his bike.
I don't know.
Okay, but he's lying
on the road with the bike,
and you can't see
anything else around?
- Um, hold on a sec.
Hold on.
- Okay.
- Yep.
Someone's just arrived.
Someone's just arrived?
Like a vehicle?
- Yeah, like a truck.
Hold on.
Hey, mate, can you...
Can you make sure
that no-one drives past here
or make sure
they're in that Lane.
- Hurry up! I'm a cop, alright.
- Keep the lights flashing.
- Is he alright?
- Yeah, yeah.
Um, hold... what? Yeah.
Sorry, I'm trying to do
two things at once. What?
That's okay.
How about you put the phone
on speakerphone?
- Yeah. Can you hear me?
Yeah, I can hear you.
Now, is there anything around
that you can keep him warm with?
Like, a jacket, a blanket?
- Oh, yeah, well, I can get
something from my car.
Okay, that'd be great.
Is there someone
- yeah, there's a guy here.
Hold on. I'll go now.
Mate, could you sit with him
for a minute?
- I don't know anything
about first aid.
- Just make sure
he doesn't move.
Like, maybe cradle his head.
I'm just getting something
from my car.
Yell out if anything happens.
Here it is.
Just here.
He still hasn't moved,
but he's still breathing.
I'll just move you
out of the way for a sec.
- Sorry.
- Ya.
What's happened to him?
I think he's just had
a head injury, I... I guess.
Were you actually
involved in the incident?
- Alright, just ask them why
a model citizen on the dole
would want to buy
three mobile phones.
Just ask them that, alright?
It's a good question.
- Yeah, well, there is method
in all this.
Yeah, but just... just tell me
that the intercepts hold.
That's all I want to know.
- City west 102, we're
a detective unit in the area...
- Hold on. What are you doing?
What is this?
Copy that,
102. Your eta in progress?
- Yeah, city west 102.
Eta, three to five minutes.
- That's not us.
Carl, I'm gonna go now.
- That's traffic.
Woman on radio:
Gentleman in the white shirt
found him.
Thanks, ultimo 1.
If you could attend outside
the east ocean restaurant.
Sussex street at haymarket...
Detective constable Jim melic.
This is detective sergeant
Carl summer.
- Sir.
- What's going on?
- We've got a kid
in critical condition,
no perpetrator,
one possible witness.
We've got a bystander
who's ID'd the kid.
He lives about five blocks away.
We're trying to get in touch
with the family.
- Who's the witness?
There's no witness.
The guy found the kid.
He's a detective?
That's the guy, yeah.
- Yeah, well, wait on a minute.
I don't understand.
Is this his scene or what?
Um... look, I was told
that he's the witness,
he's the one that found the kid.
- Just get your guy back here.
- Constable?
- Sir, I just, um...
I just wanted to say I, um...
I trained with Liam.
He was a great, great guy.
I'm really sorry
about what happened.
- He's...
He's a detective.
Off duty.
He was just driving.
- So, what, he's a witness?
A suspect?
What, first on the scene?
- I've literally just barely
started speaking to him.
Hey, Carl.
- Hi, mal.
This is Jim.
Jim melic.
How are you?
- Yeah, yeah.
We were introduced.
- That's right.
- Yeah, he's over from mosman.
- That's right.
- Yeah.
- So, what, what is it?
Fallen, you think?
Or maybe a fail
to stop, you reckon?
Uh, well...
It could be a fail to stop.
What, you didn't see
anything, or...?
- Jim, go and help those boys
out with the perimeter,
will you?
Make it your scene.
- Uh...
- I'll handle stuff here.
Just open a wider perimeter.
Bloody rubberneckers.
Righto. Copy that.
- Come on, folks.
You know the drill.
Don't set up there.
This is a stupid spot to park.
- So, I, uh... heard
you took a shot yesterday.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah, a very lucky one.
- Up too bloody early anyway,
aren't you?
- Don't worry, we'll have you
out of here in a minute,
so just, uh...
You know what?
- Actually, you guys
can piss off.
Get down there
beyond the truck, alright?
Take a hike.
Let's go. Come on.
Hey, I want tape up here,
across the road
in front of the van.
No-one gets through, alright.
Who's on traffic?
Fucking hell.
- Constable, come here.
- Yes, sir.
So, constable,
detective toohey's obviously
a colleague of mine,
and with all due respect,
detective, I believe you.
I know you to be
an upright citizen,
for the most part, anyway.
So I'd like you to be present
for the witness statement
if you would, for posterity,
whatever that means.
Yes, sir.
- It's your call, constable.
You stay and do this.
I'll oversee the forensics,
- Yes, sir.
Quite a character.
- Yeah, yeah.
- So run me through
what you saw.
- Uh, so I was driving up
around the bend,
I was traveling north
on my way home,
and... oh, well I saw the...
I saw the kid,
but I thought he was a shape
or I don't know what
on the road.
And I was just sort of stopped
here, and then there's,
in the middle Lane,
a car stopped,
just sort of idling with,
like, brake lights on.
But when I stopped,
he... he just took off.
That's when I came back
and then I made the call
to emergency.
That was about 15 minutes ago.
Ready in one, two, three.
- Has there been any word
on the kid?
- Well, they won't know until
they get him to the hospital.
Excuse me, officer?
What is going on?
- There's been an accident
just across the road.
Do you know his name?
He's in the ambulance?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Can you get one of these guys
to take me to a hospital?
- Please wait.
No, I need to go
to the hospital.
I need... no, I need to go now.
I need to go now.
No. Please,
take me to the hospital.
No, I need to go now.
I need to go now.
- I think we're just about
done here, mate.
- Uh-huh.
Yeah, look, I just can't
actually hear.
I've got the bloody
vacuum cleaner behind me.
What was that?
Oh, okay.
Yep, no worries.
Cheers, mate.
Thank you.
- You want to sign this?
It's the statement
for the possible fail to stop.
Yeah, it's right down there
at the bottom.
- Mm-hm.
Hey, I'm looking at this file
and I'm just curious what got
you so into this Victor bloke.
I mean, you've got virtually
nothing on him, aside from...
Well, he's on
the offenders register...
- He did it.
Well, yeah, but...
- Well, watch the tape.
- That's a disc.
- The disc.
Watch it.
I've watched the disc.
- Watch it again.
- Got it.
- I've got a date
with my mother.
Now, the file for the telephone
intercept should be up.
Listen to every word.
If the footnote says,
'nothing of interest, '
take it with a large pinch
of sodium chloride.
Find something.
If you look hard enough,
you always will.
That's the way
you're gonna impress me,
not by bringing me
cups of coffee.
- The intercepts hold.
- Right. We're stirring
the pot good now.
- Yeah.
Uh, yeah. Cheers.
Bitch again,
- Sorry.
- Hey, nice of you to join us!
- Sorry I'm late.
- Hi!
- That was awesome, mum.
- Thank you, darling.
- Honestly, I'm stuffed.
Young William
is in a critical condition,
and it may never be known
what caused his injuries.
Police are appealing
to anyone...
- Babe?
We're cutting the cake soon.
You know, if you're not
gonna tell me things,
then can you tell your friends
not to either?
You were shot at.
Red cordial is like crack.
- Dad.
- Hey, mal.
How are you?
- How are you going, Brendan?
- Good, mate.
- Sleepy.
- Jemma, how are you?
- I'm good. How are you doing?
- Yeah, good.
Real good.
Need a beer?
- Oh, God.
How'd you pull up?
- How do I look
like I pulled up?
- Hideous.
- Yeah, thanks.
It's how I feel.
- So, mal,
are they sidelining you?
- Uh, I don't know.
- Does your wife
actually know you're a cop?
- I'm sorry.
- It's fine.
- Hi, um...
- What is...?
- I'm a detective.
I was called to the accident
this morning.
I just dropped by
to see how you're doing,
but I should probably take off.
- Come in.
- Please.
- Okay.
- This is my boy, William.
My cheeky boy.
If you could see him,
he's so cheeky.
I almost expect him
to jump off the bed
and say he's been
playing a trick on me.
- I'm Jim, by the way.
- My name's ankhila.
- Yeah.
Well, I just...
I just dropped by
to see if there's
anything we can do,
I can do,
anything you need.
- Thank you.
Very kind.
There's only one thing
that I need.
Would you get that, Carl?
- Jim.
G'day, sir.
Could I have a word?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Come in.
Did you get anywhere?
- Uh, no. Not yet, no.
Still got a little more
to get through, though, so...
- Oh, right.
Come into the den.
Want to take a pew?
- No, that's alright, mate.
I won't hang around.
- So what's up?
- Um, well, something's kind of
been playing on my mind
and I just wondered
if I could run it past you.
- Yeah, well, you won't
grow hair on your palms,
no matter
what anybody tells you.
- Um, this morning,
the hit-and-run,
one of our detectives
was at the scene.
Detective toohey, was it?
- Mal.
- Mal. Yeah.
Well... I...
It's usually
in a case like that,
normally, wouldn't we run
a full forensic on the vehicle?
Take the vehicle in...
Well, yeah, yeah.
Well, that's exactly
what we did.
Well, yeah,
but a thorough forensic.
- Forensics had a good look
at the commodore.
I made sure of it.
- They had a quick look at it.
- Jim, has this
just occurred to you
or was this
on your mind earlier?
- Yeah, it was kind of
on my mind earlier, yeah.
- Well, why didn't you
bring it up?
- You're my superior.
I didn't want to...
- You thought we skipped a beat?
No, not at all. No.
I just...
I don't know, you know.
I just wasn't sure,
that's the thing,
why the full forensic
wasn't done on his car.
- He's one of us,
and he's made a statement.
- Yeah. Yeah, sure. Yeah.
When I sent you
away at the scene,
I did it for a reason.
I did it so, you know,
I could ask mal if he had,
you know, anything to say.
You know,
to give him the respect
of not being treated like
a criminal in public
if he had anything to hide.
- So you just asked him?
Too right.
And there is no doubt that he
was clear and direct with me.
- Of course, yeah.
- No, no, sorry, Carl.
I didn't mean to come in here
and be a pest.
I'll... I'll get out
of your hair, mate. Sorry.
- No, no, no. Come this way.
It's a shortcut.
No, you didn't do anything
wrong, Jim.
I had the same feeling myself
at the scene.
No, the only thing you did wrong
was taking such a long time
before bringing it to me.
But, you know, it takes a while
working with new people
to start seeing
with the same eyes.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes. Alright.
See you later.
- Okay.
- A spotty dog, is it?
- "They came to a yard
full of dinghies and yachts,
"and round they went."
- Oh, why did you do that?
- "Except bottomley potts..."
- Didn't you know, the last one,
I saw hairy...
- He stuck? He stuck?
- Yeah, he's stuck.
- He can't move.
They asleep?
- Yeah, finally.
- You fancy a quickie?
- Hmm?
- Hmm?
We only have, you know,
today and tomorrow
and then we miss the boat
for another month.
Let's go.
- Okay.
...It's one, two, goal!
What a wonderful strike by...
- Hey.
- Hey.
- I just spoke to jemma.
Little boy's in a coma.
I'd say it's induced
because of the head injuries,
which is not as bad
as it sounds.
His name's William sarduka.
The details are all there.
The mother's there
most of the time, so...
Come on, guys.
Let's go. Ready?
- Bye, daddy.
- Yeah, say bye.
Say bye, babe.
"Love you, daddy."
- Bye, dad.
- Bye. See you.
I can open it.
- Detective toohey,
Nick jemanus, the day report.
We're doing a story on
the recent spate of hit-and-runs
in the area
where Asian and African...
I'm not authorized to talk.
Could we have a word with you?
- You have media liaison, mate.
You know the story.
- What's it feel like
to be a hero?
You were
in pursuit of a suspect.
Shots fired?
- Two shots.
Am I gonna have to take time out
over all this stuff?
- Not necessarily.
I mean, you didn't
discharge your weapon.
- Mmm.
- But in 2006...
- Mmm.
- ...discharged your weapon.
- By accident.
- By accident.
- Where?
- In the elevator.
I was dicking around and...
It was dumb.
It was 2006.
- You look tired.
- I'm tired.
- You sleeping?
- Yeah. It's just been
a big couple of days.
I took a sleeping pill,
so I'm a little bit foggy today.
Um, it was a 'razepam.
- Do you normally take
such strong medication?
- No.
My wife is a nurse,
so it's just...
you know, it's around the house,
so I took one.
- Okay.
That's fine.
- There you are.
You about done?
He all better now?
Brain fixed? Tick?
- We were just getting started.
- Well, I'm sorry,
but I need to borrow him.
- Mm-hm. Sorry.
- Okay.
I'll catch you later.
One of your round-ups
from the weekend
is keen for a plea deal.
Which one?
Turns out he's an ex-cop.
Brisbane. Uniform.
- Really?
- Yep.
I heard about this business
with this Indian kid.
Oh, yeah.
- So it's, uh, all good?
- Uh, yeah, yeah.
I mean, it was definitely odd,
but it's fine.
- Good.
- Come.
Ah, there he is.
- What does he want?
- He's gonna give us
three names.
- Three names for what?
- Possession.
- Possession?
- Possession
with intent to sell,
and my client's
agreed to cooperate.
He was manufacturing.
He was cooking up,
so, you know...
We want the communications.
- Three names.
Final offer.
- Mmm. Mm-mm-mm.
I imagine this whole business
is a bit embarrassing, isn't it?
For a decorated officer.
It says you were injured
in 2002, discharged,
and I bet they gave you
a pretty crap payout too, hm?
So, you know,
I get it, man.
Look, let's forget it.
I get it. I totally get it.
You got two kids,
and you don't want this getting
out in the press, do you?
But it... it could.
So, look, this is what
I think you should do.
What you should do is you tell
us how they're communicating,
give us your names, yeah,
but how they're communicating.
We'll give you a letter of
assistance for the magistrate,
which is great, and we'll
keep you out of the press,
get you immunity.
Or you don't cooperate with us
and you end up in the daily
telegraph tomorrow morning,
which is not good.
You know, we'll leak that stuff,
we'll give 'em a photo
'cause, you know, we need
a bit of good press around here.
So we have three new players
and we know how
they're communicating, finally.
We have an email address
they all have access to
through a shared password.
- You'll love 'em.
There's new ones
from last night.
Our lovely friend alcohol.
Sarah to Tina.
"Stupid bitch."
"Grow the fuck up."
"Stupid slut."
Now, she doesn't give
anything specific away here,
but here...
Oh, yeah.
This is Tina to Victor,
and I quote,
"why am I fucking, you know,
protecting you two anyway?"
Are on the right, second floor.
- Thanks.
- Thank you.
- Jemma.
- Hey.
- What room is he in?
Is it 43?
- 43.
- I'll catch up with you.
And Jake made William
a card. Didn't you, Jake?
This is William's mum.
Thank you.
And this is Malcolm.
- Hi. Hi.
These are for you.
- Thank you.
- We wanted to wait a day
or two.
We didn't want to intrude.
- You were with him?
You helped him?
- Uh... uh, yeah.
- They said without you,
he wouldn't...
Thank you.
I don't know how to
thank you properly.
- That's...
- No, there is no words
to thank you.
- I really,
I didn't...
Look, it's... it's
Thank you. Thank you.
Hey, we should probably...
We should let you
get back to it.
And we've got to
feed these little...
- We just wanted to make sure
you're okay.
- ...these rascals.
- Thank you.
- So, yeah, we didn't want to
intrude for very long.
We just wanted to...
- You have our number.
If you need anything,
please call us.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
- Thank you.
Race you there.
Whoever presses the button wins.
- Let me press the button!
- Don't run, guys.
Triple 0.
What service do you require?
Ambulance. Emergency.
emergency. What suburb?
Kings park.
Okay. Kings park. And
what's the exact address there?
I'm on epson road
and the nearest
cross street is, uh...
We can...
Ah, it's quarry... quarry road.
Okay. Alright.
So tell me exactly
what's happened.
There's a boy
and he's on the road
and he's had a...
He's fallen off his bike.
And he's hit his head
and he's not moving.
- What am I supposed to...
- hang on, wait.
Just listen.
He's unconscious and breathing,
but he's not moving.
Do you think that maybe he
could have been hit by a car?
No. I don't know.
I mean...
There's a possibility...
- There's a possibility.
- Yeah.
- Listen.
...He's not moving.
Okay, alright.
Do you think that maybe he
could have been hit by a car?
No. I don't know.
I mean...
There's a possibility,
but he may have just
fallen off his bike.
I don't know.
Okay, but he's
lying on the road...
- I think we need to investigate
detective toohey further.
- Oh, Jim, this is the stupid...
- I wanted to defer to you,
but, you know,
I think if it's not too late,
we should run a full forensic
on his car,
you know, a structural check,
you know.
Detective toohey
should be questioned,
perhaps even given a chance
to change his statement.
Or... rather,
to make a formal statement.
- Look, I just don't know
what you're hearing.
- The pause,
the time it takes him.
I mean, he's lying.
The hesitation in his voice...
- Okay, okay, just hold up,
just relax, alright.
He's a cop.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, so he shouldn't be
panicked and hesitating.
He's used to these situations.
- He's got a little kid there
in serious need.
- But you don't think
it takes him
too long to give a clear answer?
Oh, no. I just think
you're reading stuff
into what seems to me
a pretty normal situation.
Alarm bells
aren't ringing for me.
- He's lying.
- I think you want him
to be lying.
- Okay. Then explain
this next thing.
- So the operator
keeps him on the line,
yeah, and he doesn't mention
anyone else,
anything suspicious,
no other cars, yeah?
So why in his statement
15 minutes later
does he detail seeing another
car when he came across the kid?
Tail-lights taking off
around the corner.
I mean, you can say
he's under stress, but...
- Okay, mate, you relax.
This isn't proof
of anything, alright?
I'll talk to him, okay?
And then I'll decide what's
the best course of action.
- Yeah.
- For the record,
I think you're drawing
a seriously long bow.
- With all due respect, I...
I really feel strongly
about this, Carl.
You know, and...
I think it's possible
that, you know,
your personal relationship
with detective toohey
could be clouding
the issue a little.
- You really just said that?
Hey, no offence intended.
- I'll decide whether
there's any offence taken.
Uh, Carl?
Uh, yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, I've got a minute.
What's going on?
Where are you right now?
- Go and help those boys out
with the perimeter, will you?
Make it your scene.
I'll handle things here.
- Yeah?
- Yeah, yeah.
I want a wider perimeter.
Bloody rubberneckers.
- Yeah, copy that.
Folks, show some respect.
- So, I, uh... heard you
took a shot yesterday.
- Oh, yeah.
- A very lucky one.
Yeah, I was gonna try
and make the party,
but Manny keeps me
tied to the house.
That's why it's not the best
environment in the world
to be the only one
on soda water.
So, you're feeling a bit
under the weather, I bet.
Yeah well, we'll have you out of
here in a few minutes,
so just run me through
what happened.
You found the kid?
- Mmm.
Yeah, I don't know exactly
what happened, 'cause...
Look, I think that, um...
You think what?
Don't fucking bullshit me.
Have you made a statement?
Did, uh...
Did anyone see you?
How much have you had to drink?
- I had a bit,
I had a bit.
- Oh, fuck.
Uh, are there any marks
on the car?
- I didn't hear any noise,
so I think I hit his body.
I hit him with the side mirror.
Here's what happened.
Here's what happened.
You rounded the corner,
you saw what you saw,
a shape at the side of the road.
A kid, but you didn't
know that then.
At the t intersection,
you saw a vehicle,
the engine idling, brake lights.
You don't know
what kind of vehicle.
Then it took off really quickly,
then you pulled over
to help the kid.
Constable, the breathalyzer?
Thank you.
One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Right. Now your turn.
Count to ten.
- One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
- Okay. I'm gonna take care of
the forensics, alright.
You play your part.
If the wheels fall off,
you're on your own.
You hear me?
Now, you didn't
mean to do anything bad.
Just fucking relax.
I'll get you through this.
can you come here?
- Yes, sir.
- So, no point no no,
not that good of a party.
- Ready. One, two, three.
Bars up?
- Good to go.
- Yep.
- That's it.
- Take it easy, mal.
It's gonna be fine.
You've got to calm down,
You're being paranoid.
What business you had
going around there in
the first place is the question.
- What's he going
around there for?
He's going around there.
- He's a crusader.
Jesus, the pair of you!
What were you thinking?
"If I don't run down there soon
with a box of chocolates,
"she's gonna be offended?"
- I've gotta tell the truth.
I've got to come clean.
- Why?
Because you felt a little
rabbit in the headlights?
Because you think
the woman suspects something
and suddenly you feel worse?
Because Jim...
- no. Before all that.
Because it is
the right thing to do.
- Oh, really?
It's not because all of a sudden
you think the whole thing's
gonna come apart?
- No, ever since this shit just
jumped out of my fucking mouth.
- Don't distance yourself.
You did that.
You did that yourself.
- I don't know why I did it.
- Survival's why you did it.
And now you've got to own it.
Now, stop with this bullshit.
- Bullshit.
It's bullshit.
Now, listen to me for a second.
We've got to keep this tight,
mal, and be smart,
and make sure whatever happens,
nothing comes out,
'cause if it does,
it's gonna be worse
'cause we're all in it,
the whole force, mate.
I stuck my neck out
from the get-go.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
You know,
you told the first lie.
I picked up on it.
So, limited forensic,
no in-depth,
the breath test.
You add it up.
- Carl, I didn't ask
for any of that.
- Of course you did,
with your "help me" face.
Your "I've pissed my pants,
help me" face.
'Course you fucking did.
- I changed my mind.
- Oh, bullshit, you have.
Fuck off! No way!
Oh, what?
You bring me in and then 180?
Bullshit, you will.
The bigger picture, mal.
The bigger picture.
Think of your family,
the investigation.
Your reputation.
Six months' hard work.
12, 13 arrests.
You want to discredit all of us
and unpick that too?
Well, I'm not gonna let you.
Grow a fucking brain.
I don't know why we're getting
all worked up about this.
I really don't.
You know, so...
Don't wave yourself
off the pitch for a mistake
because suddenly
it's eating away at you.
Well, of course it is.
You did some damage.
You remember that woman
that ploughed into Liam?
You know, 50s, three kids.
Absolutely distraught
at what... what she'd done.
Well, I saw her sat in court.
You know, a million
terrible things going on,
you know, worse than yours,
and it was killing me, but,
you know,
what can you do?
Time and the world
swallows events.
And it's sad,
but that's how it is.
And you and me, you know,
the world is gonna
swallow us up,
and who knows in the end
if we leave a mark?
But we're doing something.
And I like to think
we're doing something good
with what we're given.
Don't wave yourself off
over this.
What do you want?
Five years in the Nick for...
For nothing?
That's stupid.
Prison is for pricks
that don't have
their punishment here.
Not you.
Not me.
It doesn't make sense.
- Ah, slim, caught with
your hand in the cookie jar.
We're on.
Newcastle's nabbing Victor
and Sarah's being brought in.
Let's go.
Got him leaving baggage now.
He's one fuckin' fat
17 year-old, man.
Anyone order a serving
of won-ton kid?
"One fat fuck to go, pwease."
- Wanna shut up unless you've
got something worth saying?
Uh, yeah,
copy that. Sorry, slim.
Yeah, you should have him now.
- Is that him?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Shall we go?
- Excuse me, buddy.
- Hey, nguyen?
- Phuk nguyen, yeah?
- Yeah.
What is this about?
- Oh, I just want to have
a little word with you.
Hey, fellas.
It's alright. Hang back.
- Yeah, mate,
I'll look after that.
- Oh, is that the, uh...
Is that the new one?
- Uh, yeah.
- Let's have a seat.
Let's have a chat.
- Alright, mate.
- Just relax. It's okay.
Maybe that's
a bit uncomfortable.
- Yeah, take that off, mate.
- Yeah, take it off.
You're fucked, both of you.
You hear me, pig fuck?
Fuck you both!
I'll make sure
you're fucking dead
by the end of fucking tonight.
How about that?
Fucking faggots!
Keep the threats coming, pal.
Yeah? How about this
for a fucking threat, huh?
- How about that
for a fucking threat, huh?
- Damaging police property.
- Stop it, slim.
I'm fucking 17.
What the fuck are you guys gonna
fucking do to me?
Huh? Huh? How about that, huh?
Hey, settle down.
- Fuck you!
- Settle down!
What are you gonna do to me?
Come on, pig!
Come on!
What do you want?
Fucking faggot pig!
Come get me, fucking pig!
Shut up!
- Come get me, pig!
- Come on, pig!
Yeah! You're fucked, pig!
Come get me, pig!
- Shut up!
- Pig! Fuck you!
- Shut up!
Say something!
Say something!
I put a copy of
that report on your desk.
Don't worry.
It's all good.
- I'm, um...
..In trouble, love.
I didn't find that kid
on the road.
I hit him...
..With my car.
I didn't mean to lie about it.
I just did.
I just said it.
It just came out of my mouth.
First to emergency
and then to ambos.
I meant to take it back,
but I didn't.
'Cause I was scared.
I'm gonna have to say something.
I've got to tell the truth.
- He has brain damage.
There's every chance
that he'll die.
Jemma told me at the hospital.
I didn't think
to say anything because...
Jesus Christ.
- Um, Carl... knows.
And he wants me
to keep my mouth shut.
- I want you to listen to him.
To Carl.
To not say anything.
Don't say anything.
We can live with this.
However, at this stage,
that either the prints
or the dog
in fact belong to you.
In the circumstances,
I'm left with no choice
but to grant bail.
The bail will be granted on
the following conditions.
You will reside at
65-117 crayview Crescent,
rossdale park.
You will report to the officer
in charge...
..Between the hours
of 8am and 7pm.
You will surrender your passport
and you are not to approach
any children
or be in the vicinity of
playgrounds or schools.
Carl, will you settle down?
- It's lazy.
- Carl...
- It's bullshit and it's lazy.
Listen, Carl,
you don't pull your head in...
- Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.
He reoffends,
I shall hold this fucking court
personally responsible.
How's that for contempt?
Get a couple of glasses.
Sometimes I fucking wonder
why I'm here.
Ah. Well, we should get
a good lift off this.
What'll I find?
Overdue library book?
- Um...
Aren't you sort of...
Not supposed to...
- You've got to learn to finish
your sentences, mate.
Not supposed to what?
- Nothing.
- Yeah, well, the courts
go back on shit.
Why shouldn't I?
Bail. For a guy
with the history that he has.
Then he walks out,
just like that.
To the biggest criminal of all,
the court system.
- Shit.
Sorry, I've got to...
Ankhila? Hi.
Is everything alright?
Yeah, no worries.
Yeah, no worries.
Take care. Yep. Bye.
Um, I've got to take off.
Anything you need me
to wrap up around here or...?
- Yeah, yeah, go. Go.
- Hello.
- Hey.
- Uh... I'm sorry.
I just wanted to thank you,
and, um, here you are.
- That's alright.
I was just in the area, so...
- So... yes?
- Listen, I, um...
I just wanted to tell you
that we're doing everything
we can on our end
to find out who did this,
and, uh, we have
some really strong leads.
Wouldn't you want to know?
- Mmm... I, um... yes.
Look, I think I should be
getting back, okay?
Thank you again for the flowers.
Ankhila, um...
Tomorrow, I'd really love to
help you out, if I can.
You know, save time on the bus.
Faster and cheaper than a taxi.
- Can I think about it?
- Yeah. Yeah, of course
you can think about it.
Yeah, mate,
I'm just about to walk into
my sister's place for dinner.
What is it?
Are you following me?
- Alright, let's be adults
about this.
You want to get in the car?
Come on, let's get in the car
and let's talk.
- Let's talk here.
- I, uh...
I checked out your theory.
Ran it by the boss
and then we had a conference
with two senior-ranked officers.
- And you need to know
what was passed on to me.
- It stops here.
No more.
- Who were these other
senior-ranked officers, Carl?
- Never you mind.
- "Never you mind"?
- No, no. It doesn't matter.
It's a sensitive issue.
They would prefer
not to be named.
- When exactly
did this take place?
There was a meeting,
was there?
Yeah, a conference?
Yeah, you just
gave yourself away, mate.
- You're making a habit
of going solo,
having your own opinions.
- I don't like being threatened.
- Who's threatening who?
- Making shit up
to influence me. That's a...
And you drove here.
I mean, you're smashed, mate.
- You're a fucking prick.
- Alright.
Take it easy.
- Yeah, that's right.
That's what you are.
You're the guy nobody likes.
You're the guy in the band
that's always complaining.
See, we're in a band, right?
Like a musical band.
Can you imagine that?
And when somebody in the band
writes a song,
like it or hate it,
we fucking sing it.
And if someone in the band
happens to write a fucking
shitty song that nobody likes,
we keep our opinions
to ourselves and sing it anyway.
We don't stand to one side
and laugh and point and say,
"oh! Oh, that's shit.
I'm not doing that."
'Cause that doesn't look good
for the band, does it?
And one day you're gonna go bad.
You're gonna write
a fucking shitty song.
I know it.
And then where will you be?
On your own,
'cause you're the guy
that wants to go solo.
You're the guy
with the best judgment.
Look, he didn't set out
to do a bad thing
and don't make it out
like he did.
Victor, he set out
to do a bad thing
to that little girl.
That's who.
Not someone who made
a fucking genuine mistake.
So use your fucking head.
Stop being a prick.
- Finished?
- Hold that.
Ankhila, wait.
Level four.
Ankhila no.
- Mal, mal.
Listen, I thought
you should know.
I just found out...
That young boy you saved,
yeah, he... he passed
about an hour ago, mate.
Young Indian boy
William sarduka.
Tragically, today, William
passed away in hospital
after spending three days
in a coma
as a result of his injuries.
He now becomes the fifth
fatality in similar accidents
in less than four months.
Coming up next on sky news,
the latest finance figures
and all the sport.
Some of us
are so focused on our hair
that we're blinded
to the fact...
- I...
I, um...
I might not seem like
a good person,
but I have to be a good mother.
I think what I said
last night...
Is right.
And I hate myself for saying it.
It's horrible,
but you've done this to me.
You've made me this.
- Yeah, I'm just
leaving the house.
Nah, I got held up.
I'll be there in a minute.
Is the kid coming?
Have you got the plastic top
and the shovel?
What's this all a fucking 'bout?
Team talk?
- Did you threaten her?
- Who?
- Did you go and see her?
- Be man enough to admit it.
Did you?
- Well, as far as I know,
that's your bag.
Yeah. I put on the siren.
I was here in no time.
So, let's get to it.
No more small talk.
Brass tacks.
Bare bones.
To the punch.
- Sounds good to me.
Yeah, well,
sounds good to the kid?
Gotta run everything by the kid.
No, I'm serious.
We're all here.
- Okay.
I'm gonna come clean.
But I'm gonna do it in a way
so that no one else gets
involved or implicated.
So I've made up my mind.
So that's what's gonna happen.
Yeah, well, you sound like
you're trying to
convince yourself.
I just wanted you both to know.
- Yeah, well, now we know.
Is that it?
'Cause that was worth the trip.
You're a fucking scared
little prick.
You're piss-weak.
- I'm not gonna bring you
into it.
- Oh, sure, like I'm not
gonna get Turkey slapped
when you drag your
little cock to confession.
Oh, yeah, Jim, before you
get on your white horse
and ride off into the sunset,
tell me, because
I really want to know...
did you fuck her?
'Cause I hope you did.
Did you do the funky zebra?
Did you make it top deck?
Because, you know,
if you didn't already,
this'll definitely get you
into the...
Watch out for aids.
- Jim! Jim!
- Carl, Carl, Carl!
Jim, let him fucking go.
- Ah...
- Let go!
Hey! Oi! Oi, relax!
Just fucking leave me alone,
for fuck sake.
- I wasn't choking him.
- Carl. Carl.
- Is he alright?
- Oh, fuck, Jim.
Get an ambulance.
- What?
- Call an ambulance.
Call a fucking ambulance.
- Alright!
- Jesus! Carl?
Hey, hey, can you hear me?
- Ambulance, please.
- Carl! Carl!
- Yeah. I...
- Yeah.
- I'm gonna have to go
pretty soon,
but I'll come back again
and I'll see you tomorrow.
- I'm gonna wrap up the whole...
- Nguyen thing.
Then it'll be over and...
Yeah. Good.
- Hopefully no more gun fights.
Yeah. Good.
So I'll see you soon, okay?
You should go home.
Listen, I spoke to the doctor.
This thing was gonna happen
regardless, they reckon.
He wasn't much into health.
You know
there's no cameras there
in the back of tamberine's.
I don't want him indicted...
Or brought into this in any way.
Okay? Just give me
a couple of days.
That's all I ask.
Just once tomorrow's done, yeah?
- Hi, mal.
- Hey, Manny. You okay?
- Good to see your face.
- Hey, buddy.
How are you?
Julie and Mel aren't here
right now, please leave
a message after the beep.
Hey, William!
Hey, William!
- Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey!
Sir, can you hear me?
Sir? Can you hear me?
Sir, can you hear me?
Did someone hurt you, sir?
Did someone here hurt you?
- Police.
Open up. Police.
I called you.
I telephoned.
- Okay, can you let us in,
please, ma'am?
- No, no.
I- I know him.
- Just relax, sir.
- I called you.
Who else is here?
Anyone else here?
- Just relax here.
It's okay.
My niece, nisha.
- She didn't do anything to me.
- It's okay, sir.
- He just came to my door
and I called you.
- Okay. I understand.
So do you know this man?
- She didn't do anything to me.
- Yes, you know him?
- Yes, I know him.
- Do you know
what's happened to him?
- She didn't do anything to me.
I just came here.
It was me.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
She didn't do anything to me.
She didn't do anything to me.
I just... it was me.
Please just leave me.
Just leave me, please.
- So you're not feeling
dizzy or anything?
Can you hold that for me?
You don't have
any blurred vision?
- I'm sorry about this,
She said that you had
helped her son.
Just give me a sec.
- You okay?
- Come on, sweetie.
Got it?
A kiss. Mwah.
- Have a great day, buddy.
- Yeah, okay.
- Okay?
Bye, Jake!
See you later!