Female Fight Squad (2016) Movie Script

[male announcer] Welcome, ladies
and gentlemen, to the final round
of the biannual
Free Fighting Championship.
[crowd cheering]
[cheering stops]
Tonight, we have
a very special event.
On one side we have
Claire "The Bull" Stronsom.
[cheering and boos]
On the other, you've heard her
name echo through these halls.
A myth, an urban legend,
right here before
your very own eyes:
Bex "The Beast" Holt.
No weapons.
No dying.
[horn sounds]
[indistinct chatter]
Come on, knock her out!
[men laughing]
[dog barking]
[siren wailing]
[officer] Hands!
Show me your hands! Now!
- Hands up!
- [officer 2] Hands!
[officer 1] Now, up!
Hands up!
[dogs barking]
Hey, Buster. Behave.
Hey, Quincy!
Aw, this could be your lucky
day today, buddy.
What do you say, huh?
I know, I know.
Hey, do you wanna know
a little secret?
You're my favorite dog of all.
This is one of our favorites.
Nice lady...
- [woman] Three legs.
- [man] Yeah.
How did that happen?
He was in an accident
with his owner.
- Aww...
- [man continues indistinct]
[woman] What?
Are you a hero, or what?
Who's this little guy over here?
Oh, this guy is actually...
[continues indistinct]
Becca, could you
lock up for today?
Um, there's one more client
with Randy
and that should be
it for the day.
Yeah. Sure thing.
Still daydreaming
about that place?
- Sorry, I was just...
- Don't be.
It's good to dream big.
Do good work around here and we'll
help you in any way we can.
Sorry, guys,
we're closed for the day.
No worries, please,
we lost our dog...
...and we just came by
to see if it turned up.
Please, I beg you.
It'll take you two seconds.
Two seconds, two seconds.
Well, let me
check in the system.
What breed is it?
It's a brown and white pit bull.
Nope. We don't have
anything in the system, guys.
Look again.
I already looked.
We don't have it.
We don't have the dog.
Take your little fingers
and look again.
I'm going to have to ask
you to leave.
I'm gonna tell you one more
fucking time.
Look for my fucking dog.
- I need you to leave right now.
- Get me my dog!
Get me my dog. Or I'll kill
every fucking dog in there.
- Bring it.
- I got it.
- Excuse me.
- [woman] If you go past that door,
I'm gonna call the cops!
Wait. You're not
even going the right way.
Just wait.
Get the fuck off.
What's wrong with you?
You a fucking stupid ass?
Hey, asshole.
[knocking at door]
[hip hop music plays]
[knocking continues]
Damn... you look good.
How'd you find me?
Five million hits
in less than a week?
That's pretty good.
What? Do you not
want to be found?
Are you okay?
[scoffs] No...
That is the last thing
I am right now.
What happened?
I owe money
to some very bad people.
Of course you do. And?
I'm not lying,
they'll fucking kill..
They'll fucking kill me
if I don't give them the money.
- I'm serious, Becca.
- Really?
How much?
- Even if I had that kind of cash I wouldn't...
- But you could have it.
- I'm not gonna fight.
- I'm not asking you to.
Just help me win.
- I've got a group of girls and...
- No.
The pot's 150k,
the girls and I agreed:
A 100 for the debt, 25 for you
and we'll just split the rest.
Well, I don't
want your money, Kate.
What do you want then?
[helicopter whirring]
Get the fuck out.
I knew this was a waste of time.
[man] Yeah, she called in
a couple of days ago.
She got me worried.
Yeah, big surprise there.
Make your own decision just don't
forget about the consequences.
I don't want to do it.
I didn't wanna do it then.
I don't wanna do it now.
I don't want to do it.
Yeah, and I didn't want
to do it either.
But, look, here we are.
Do you expect us to be the fucking
Brady Bunch when you get out?
Hold hands by the campfire.
Sing kumbaya.
No. I expect to see
my daughters still alive.
But if you don't help
your sister, I might not get to.
- I'll sleep on it.
- All right sleep on it.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
[line clicks]
[man on phone] That... it's going
to be $3,200 for the flight.
- That's one way?
- Yes, that's one way.
Uh, would you like a quote
for the return trip?
[Becca] No, no return.
Uh, you know what, uh,
I'm gonna have to call back.
- Thank you though.
- Okay. Anything else I can help you with?
- That's all.
- No problem. Have a good day.
You too.
[sighs deeply]
[car engine stops]
[man] Jib jab. Right hand.
Jib jab. Right hand.
No slouching.
Don't slouch.
Right hand. That's it.
Jib jab. Right hand.
Good. Again.
Jib jab. Right hand.
Okay, okay, okay...
- Take five.
- I gotcha.
Yeah. Whatever.
Don't tell me...
It's that feeling you get
when you're in here.
There's nothing
quite like it, right?
Yeah, yeah...
How you doin'?
I've seen better days,
but as long as the engine
keeps running...
Where have you been all
these years?
- L.A.
- [chuckles] Chasing the dreams.
Just trying to wash away
all the filth.
Then why come back to the mud?
I'm gonna train Kate.
They're gonna drag you
back to that snake pit.
You girls go there, sooner
or later, you're gonna get bit.
Does your father
know about this?
Kate didn't leave us
much of a choice.
Hey, don't..
You know what. Don't say that.
There's always a choice.
Where is she?
You really wanna know?
[phone ringing]
[Kate sighs]
Better the devil you know,
I guess.
You're still doing it wrong,
you know?
I'm not gonna ask you
why you're here.
And you're not
going to ask me to fight.
I'm going to have to undo
all your bad habits
and build you
from the ground up.
Guess we'll give it
a whirl then, huh?
- [man] Yes, sir, can I help you?
- I've got other girls, too.
That's fine.
You're not
fucking with me are you?
There's still payment involved?
Then, no,
I'm not fucking with you.
You get out tomorrow, right?
Wait, you're not gonna
bail me out of here?
- See you at three.
- Are you serious?
Oh, come on.
You're a cop?
What the fuck?
Where have you've been
all this time?
I can take you
for a coffee and explain?
I already had
a cup of coffee today.
Okay... um...
A beer?
Look, you can tell me whatever
you gotta say to me right here.
Right now.
You know, that's fine,
I don't really care.
Just, wait, I can explain.
It's been five years, Becca!
Five years.
[chuckles] I've stopped
waiting for you a long time ago.
Look, I'm sorry.
You have no idea
what I went through.
Don't you think it's
a little bit late for that?
Excuse me, I've got work to do.
You ready?
You're late.
Yeah, well,
I had an emergency at home.
Yeah, yeah,
dog ate your homework.
[Kate] So it's changed a bit.
This place runs as an import/export
company for the most part.
But the real money
is in the fights.
What is this?
Just bringing by
some new customers.
Back off.
Does Landon know about it?
She's got money.
Isn't that what matters?
- Girlfriend of yours?
- She's just a guard dog.
All bark and no bite.
Seems like a lot of trouble to be betting on
illegal fights with Sin City at your door.
Well, we get a lot of low level junkies
that can't fight on the big shows.
Sounds like
a shitty profit margin.
Anything higher stakes?
Well, we get a couple of
high rollers that come in here.
- Why would they come here?
- They burned too many bridges.
This place is a mess for all
kinds of illegal activity.
Dog fights.
Cock fights.
But most people come here to watch two
women beat the shit out of each other.
Hey, Sal, get the door?
Bull wins again, ladies and
gentlemen, thank you for your bets.
Collect your winnings at the
register on your way out
and may we see you
and your green paper again soon.
Hey, you don't
fight today, do you?
I didn't see you in the entries.
No. Just being a tour guide.
Welcome then.
- How may I be of service?
- Slow down, governor.
- She's off limits.
- Yeah, I've heard that before.
My name's Micah.
- Becca.
- You have beautiful eyes.
Have you seen them lately?
They're great.
Anyway, I should
get back to work.
Before I'm redundant.
Yeah. He's a good guy.
He makes sure
we don't break any rules.
Which are?
No weapons, no dying.
You mean killing.
No, Jones makes it clear
from the get go,
that if you die, it's on
- Jones?
- Yeah. It's his joint.
He used to be a fight promoter
until he got banned by the
Commission for illegal betting.
He runs a lot
of stuff out of here,
but he started Pit Nights
to give fighters a home,
a chance to earn some
extra cash.
Yeah, I'm sure he's quite
the philanthropist.
He's the guy you owe money to?
What about the cops?
That's the chief of police
right there.
- It's paid for. Everything.
- [women laughing]
Welcome home, Becca.
Katy, babe! You're out!
And you brought mama a fresh
piece of meat from the slammer.
Becca meet Winter.
- Why Winter?
- Don't...
Because I knock bitches
out cold!
This is Lisa Nguyen. She's our
sexy Vietnamese spring roll.
She's got a mean ass kick, too.
And this over here
is little Gaby.
Little feisty Gaby.
What do you think?
Can they fight?
[Gaby] Let's go, Barbie.
She's so pretty, right?
You ready?
[gloves smack]
Let's go.
Let's do this.
[guitar strumming]
You suck.
Too many quesadillas, puta!
Why don't you come in here
and see what you can do?
Shit, I thought you'd never ask.
Fuck you.
All right, Lisa, you got this.
- Come on, you got this.
- Let's go.
- Shake it off.
- Come on, come on.
Get out of there.
You're flat-footed.
You'll never generate enough
power like that.
Your technique is sloppy.
And she sacrifices
power for speed.
Kate, put a muzzle on this
bitch before I break her face.
You are aware you have to make
contact to do that right?
Are you gonna tell us
who your mystery girl is? Huh?
She's your new trainer.
She's Bex Holt.
- You're Bex.
- Who the fuck is "Bex"?
You use to fight in the brewery
back in the day.
- You're Bex the Beast.
- But she isn't...
She's the
dog whisperer now, huh?
See you guys tomorrow.
So you wanna come
over for dinner tonight?
[girls laughing]
Nah, I got other plans.
[footsteps approaching]
What the hell are you doing?
That's real smart
in an open car like this.
Grab your bag I'm gonna
drive you to the gym.
Okay, just stop pointing
that flashlight in my face.
- Let me get that for ya.
- Thanks.
How long you been doing
the security gig for?
Since your dad went to prison.
You know this place
is a money pit.
I gotta do the tax thing
just to keep it going.
You know, Sam better
make good on getting out,
because I can't swing
this racket much longer.
the room's a little small.
I use it sometimes when I'm
too beat up to go home but...
I'm sure it'll be fine.
It's great.
- What happened there?
- Oh, that.
I used to have
a fighter fish in there
until my ex-wife
took one of my trophies
and threw it at it.
Well, she actually threw at me
but I ducked
and that's what happened.
- She sounds lovely.
- Yeah, she was lovely.
In fact, I didn't realize what
a good housekeeper she was.
We got divorced.
She kept the house.
Look, I gotta
tell you something...
...and get it off my chest.
I still can't believe
your dad killed those kids,
even after what
they did to Kate.
- Why not?
- Your dad and I have known each other
since we were seven years old.
We used to chase girls together,
we drank our first
beer together,
we even built
this place together.
And I've seen him go through
some tough shit in his life.
But he was always a kind person.
I just never thought...
it was in his nature.
All right, all right,
all right, come on.
Circle up.
Fighting, in its purest form,
is about subduing your opponent
without actually fighting.
First class and you hand us
a shitty paradox.
What are we supposed to
do with that?
It's an impossibility
in most cases,
but the closer you are
to that form,
the easier it is
to defeat your opponent.
What's the most important
quality a fighter should have?
- Strength.
- Speed.
- Come on.
- No.
- Brains.
- Yes.
Teacher's pet.
[all laughing]
You can be strong,
you can be fast,
but if you're not smart
about how you fight...
...none of it matters.
- Excuse me.
- Teacher. Question.
Are we gonna get going
or is this a theory class?
Okay, spring roll.
[Winter] All right.
Think about it. I already
know you're coming fast.
You already know
I'm faster than you,
so what do you do?
Plant your feet.
Speed is not your friend here.
You gotta stop eating
that orange chicken.
You went for the face
and sacrificed your footing.
All right, Morpheus.
Last try.
[all exclaiming]
In yo face.
[man] I was a bit harsh
the other night.
I was a bit harsh
the other night.
- An apology?
- No.
I think I'm entitled
to my reaction.
I'm just reconsidering
your request.
I'm sorry for everything.
I'm sorry for not calling,
I'm sorry for not coming back.
What do you want me to say?
I'm sorry.
After what happened
to Kate and Dad I...
I didn't know up from down.
Why did you come back?
I'm helping Kate with some...
personal issues.
Where's your uniform?
Mm... I'm off duty.
- When did that happen?
- About two hours ago.
No, your badge.
Three years ago.
I got fired from the track.
Decided to join the force.
Decent pay, benefits...
a future.
Where are you staying?
At the gym,
just up the street.
I know where it is.
You know, I actually...
I should really get going.
Try not to go
Houdini on me again.
You've got to be
smart about how you fight,
and how you fight
depends on who you fight.
What do you see here?
Existential torment.
Why don't you come
and give it a spin, Socrates.
It's Nietzsche to be precise, but
you wouldn't know that, right?
Why don't you try hitting me,
you little shit.
- Don't mind if I do.
- See if I can even feel it.
Off Zeke's point, just like him,
the Bull's thick.
- But it's all muscle.
- She's a big bitch, for sure.
You're a big bitch, for sure.
Yeah, but I float
like a butterfly.
[mumbles] ...now you see me,
now you don't.
Muscle acts like armor.
The more you have,
the more protected you are.
So there's no point
attacking here... here...
...or there.
- Can I hit back?
- Would love it if you did.
So we're gonna learn
how to manipulate
the joints through technique.
An attack where
there's no muscle.
Come on.
Elbows, wrists, knees.
It's not about
size and strength.
It's about technique.
I think we all get the point,
Becca. We get the point.
What about the throat?
That's a dangerous spot, Kate.
Yeah, but it
will lay anyone out.
- Or kill them.
- Okay.
Just break in case
of emergency, that okay?
So, who's up first?
Hey, hey... one at a time.
One at a time.
[Kate] Got any dinner plans?
I was thinking you could
maybe come by.
See my place.
I'm exhausted, Kate,
maybe another time.
Come on, man, I'm trying.
You're never going
to stop asking, are you?
Is that a yes?
You own this place?
I rent.
- [girl] Mommy!
- Hey!
Hi Kate. Sorry the place
is kind of a mess.
We were playing indoor tag and that
got like completely out of control.
Thank you
so much for getting her.
This is, uh, my sister, Becca.
Oh. Hi, I heard
so much about you.
All good things, of course.
You've... a beautiful family.
Okay, well, I will let you...
Oh, yeah, yeah, sorry.
I've got, um...
There we go.
You wanna give it to her?
Thank you.
Bye. Um...
it was nice to meet you.
Lily, I want you
to meet someone.
This is your Aunt Becca.
Don't hide. Hey.
What do we say
when we meet someone?
- Nice to meet you.
- Right.
Can you say it to her, please?
Nice to meet you.
Hi, Lily.
How old are you?
Hey, why don't you go clean
your room for Aunt Becca, okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
[clears throat]
It's, um,
a little messy in here.
[water running]
So this guy
you owe money to, Jones.
[Kate] What about him?
How well do you know him?
Well enough.
He's a business man. Ruthless.
One of those "not to be
fucked with" kinda guys.
How ruthless?
Can you be a bit more specific?
A couple of months ago these
two guys showed up at The Pit.
Coming fresh off a hot streak.
Fifty grand buy in.
And they bet it
all on this first timer.
She didn't stand a chance.
She was up against
one of the toughest chicks in that
entire circle, and yet, she won.
Four-hundred grand pay out.
- Jesus.
- Yep.
The problem came when Jones found
out the whole thing was staged.
Both fighters were in on it.
And a hundred grand each.
Because I needed
the money for medical bills.
What's wrong with you? Hmm?
What's so wrong with you?
[door opens]
I'm all done, Mom.
Lily-bug, you ready?
Can Aunt Becca do it?
Of course, sweetie,
you can show her how.
Open it.
[whispers] Okay.
So, you put that in there,
and then push that
and put it to three
and then I'll get all better.
Push that thing,
now put that right there.
- Then turn it to three.
- Ready?
Push that thing.
Now put it there.
[compression sound]
- All better?
- Uh-huh.
Oh, honey, let's stay here.
Um, why don't you go
show me your room, huh?
Come on then.
Excuse me.
Are you planning
on building something?
Uh, I'm thinking about it.
A house, maybe.
In France?
Oh, no.
I want to go to Africa, the
part where they speak French.
[speaking French]
[speaking French]
I guess a little adventure
is good when you're young.
How about you?
Um... it's a little
hobby of mine.
I, uh, I build birdhouses
on my spare time.
How many have you built?
- Whoa.
- Mm.
Do you sell them?
No. No.
It's more of a therapeutic
type thing that I do.
It helps me relax.
Have you tried a stress ball?
No. Stress ball, Zen garden,
I've tried it all.
But there's nothing
like building a house
where animals can come
take shelter, eat, procreate...
You know, it just makes things
right in my world.
- Must be a hell of a world.
- Hell's got nothing on this, mademoiselle.
Well, uh, good luck
with everything, Mr...?
[speaking French]
[speaking French]
[speaking French]
Hm. You got strong hands.
Builders hands.
Au revoir.
[speaking French]
Yo, Becca.
So, I've been doing
some digging,
and a friend of mine
told me about her
first time at a midnight fight,
she said she bet on
this huge Goliath looking girl
who was fighting
a scrawny newbie.
So check this, not only does this
tiny ass bunny beat the Goliath,
but when the house wouldn't pay her, she
took out the two bouncers at the joint.
Said as she was walking out of the brewery,
all she could hear was the crowd chanting:
"Bex. Bex. Bex."
[pounding mat]
- Sound familiar?
- That's a nice story.
Why don't you go rest up.
Maybe someone will be
chanting your name tonight, huh?
All right.
I see how it is.
But this conversation
is not over.
- Bexy. Bex.
- Okay.
[Zeke grunts]
Did she say two bouncers?
I remember three.
You're going to the pit right?
What would you have me do?
The both of you should just go.
Take Lily and leave.
It's just a fight.
What's the worst
that could happen?
She loses she's dead anyways.
[Zeke] You're wrong.
Far worse things can happen.
I expect to see
my daughters still alive.
But if you don't help
your sister,
I might not get to.
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the qualifying round
of the
Free Fighting Championship.
That's right, bitches, come on.
You know the game,
you know the rules.
The challenger that wins
advances to the next round.
No weapons, no dying.
Gaby, remember what I told you
and you'll be just fine.
One punch to the throat.
Mademoiselle, Rebecca.
Fancy seeing you here.
How's the French
coming along?
How are the bird houses?
Would you like to take a look?
Fights are gonna start.
No, they won't start without me,
I own the place.
Shall we?
It's right this way.
Claire, sunshine,
would you be so kind
and give us the room, please?
Everything all right?
I'm just showing our new friend
here what I've built.
I'll be right outside.
She likes to mark her territory.
She's very loyal, that one.
She's a part of my family now.
Family means so much to me.
Oh, yeah.
Speaking of family.
The Jones family crest.
Celtic in origin.
- Impressive.
- Merci.
I come from a long line of
degenerate drinkers and gamblers.
But that's my family.
You can't choose your family.
You take the good with the bad.
Do you gamble much?
From time to time.
I don't. I lean more
towards a secure investment.
[keys play]
Guaranteed payouts.
- Is there such a thing?
- Oui! Yes! Of course!
One just has to look for
the right opportunity,
the right amount of risk versus
the right amount of incentive,
can equal a guaranteed
return on an investment.
All though there are times
where the variables
don't add up,
and usually,
someone has tampered
with an otherwise good formula.
I wanna show you something.
By the way who are you
betting on tonight?
Wait. Don't tell me.
Don't tell me.
'Cause... [snickers]
I already know.
Would you like an ice-cream?
No, thanks.
I've got lots of flavors.
I put Kate's old friends
in time out.
Excuse me.
They took my ice cream
without my permission.
So I had to set them free.
Do you think Kate or any
of her new friends...
...have a chance at winning?
'Cause if none of them win...
where's the guarantee?
Who's gonna pay me back?
Are you going to pay me back?
We inherit the problems.
These are our issues now.
I like Kate...
...but she's not very...
How do you say... smart?
What I do like... your father.
Ah, there's a man.
Who's willing to sacrifice
himself to protect the flock.
Little Kate, uh,
she's not a part of my family.
When it's done.
The debt is paid.
Don't come near her
or our family again.
Got it?
Mm... Yes, I got it.
Welcome back...
Baby face.
Rip her up! Rip her up.
Fuck her up!
Take your time.
Get out of there.
Get out of there.
- Break it!
- Tap, Winter, tap!
Break it!
She's gonna break your arm.
Tap out!
- Break it...!
- Winter, tap!
[straining in pain]
Piece of shit.
I swear, I'ma get up,
and I'm gonna fuck you up.
That's it, baby.
You did it for papa, baby.
Oh, no, honey, you're good.
You're good. You're good.
But if you're gonna do it
you might as well do it right.
Go ahead. One more. One more.
That was nice.
[man] I got a lot
of money riding on this.
[indistinct yelling]
[crowd cheers loudly]
Mm, two more chances.
[crowd yelling indistinct]
- Yes!
- That's what I'm talkin' about.
[whispering indistinct]
You got it, Gaby, come on.
Here, let me help you.
And now we're down to one.
[Lisa] Wakey, wakey.
Come on, Gaby, baby, breathe.
What are you doing?
You smell lovely.
[Gaby groans]
I won, right?
Of course you did.
Bitches are lined up outside
so you can sign their titties.
Yo, come on. Let's go.
I need a drink. For real.
Come on.
Come with us.
I'm not going,
and neither should you.
Becca, the fight is in two days.
I think I can handle one drink.
Are you
listening to yourself?
You're the last one.
You're it!
If you lose, how are you
going to pay this guy back?
I can't do this.
I have a bad feeling about this.
It's gonna be fine.
Look, I know
I've been a fuck up.
But that's not
who I am anymore.
Kiss and make up already.
Come with us.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Come on, Kate, let's go get
some poison tonight!
- Get up.
- [man] I'll give you some poison.
You want a piece of this,
fuck face?
Yes, please.
- Whoa!
- Ooh!
Calm down.
Get some tequila...
All right,
I'm cool, I'm cool. I'm cool.
[gloves hitting]
[knocking continues]
Who is it?
[man] Hey, it's Potter.
Hold on.
It's stuck.
Come down here.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm not interrupting
anything in here am I?
No, I was hitting the bags.
I see.
Did you work up an appetite?
I was gonna order from Joey's.
- Okay.
- All right.
I needed this.
Me too.
Well done, officer.
You're mocking me.
What are you gonna do about it?
Don't make me
get the handcuffs.
Promises, promises.
[cell phone ringing]
[man] Hello, this is Dr. Badell
from Valley Medical Center.
- Is this Becca Holt?
- What?
Is this Becca Holt? We have your
sister here, Kate Holt, in ICU.
We need you to come
in immediately, please.
[machine beeping]
You look like shit!
[soft chuckle]
Hey, champ.
She's fine.
She's with Zeke.
Take care of her, okay?
No. No.
You'll be just fine. You can
take care of her yourself.
If I make it out of this...
I won't make it out there.
I love you.
I got about
25 grand stashed away...
That's not enough.
What about you?
- I can handle one fight.
- Yeah.
Or maybe I should just follow you
and call your ex and the cavalry,
and put an end to this bullshit
you're getting yourself into.
It's not gonna do any good
and you know that.
I just need to know you have Lily
and Dad if I can't pull this off.
You know I will.
You know that.
But what about you?
How long has it been
since you've fought? Huh?
You think you're just gonna step
in there and beat that monster?
Shit, Becca. Come on.
Guaranteed payouts.
How much money
you said you have?
[rock music playing]
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen,
to the final round
of the biannual
Free Fighting Championship.
[cheering stops]
Tonight we have a very
special event.
On one side we have
Claire "The Bull" Stronsom.
[cheering and booing]
On the other, you've heard her
name echo through these halls...
A myth, an urban legend,
right here before
your very own eyes:
Bex "The Beast" Holt!
[mouthing words]
[Micah] Ladies. Ready?
No weapons.
No dying.
[horn sounds]
[piano notes playing]
Come on, knock her out.
Girl, you got this, Becca!
Your still undefeated,
FFC champion...
Claire "The Bull" Stronsom!
[crowd cheering]
[whispers] Okay...
Give it up for Bull, yeah?
[scattered applause]
[door opens]
Your winnings.
- Thanks.
- Yeah...
You shoulda won.
Excuse me.
Miss, I really
don't think she should...
That's fine she can
sit right here.
Okay, Lily.
Okay, honey, I'm going to see
how Mommy's doing, okay?
And you just sit right here
until I get back.
When she gets better,
will you stay with us?
You be a good girl
and we'll see, okay?
[steady tone from monitor]
Breathe, Kate.
Breathe, baby.
- Help!
- What happened?
She pulled her tube out.
But that's impossible
she can't move.
Oh, God...
Code blue 316.
Code blue 316.
Who unplugged her E.K.G.?
I'm gonna have to ask you to wait
outside, please, and wait for me there.
- Flatline time?
- [nurse] Two and a half minutes.
- [woman] Cardiac arrest?
- [nurse] No, respiratory.
- [man] Get the crash cart.
- It's already on its way.
...starting at 100.
[woman] Where's that cart?
Wait, wait. Hey. Miss!
Wait. Hey.
Excuse me.
Miss, hey!
Lily. stay right there, okay?
Take care of her.
Bex the Beast.
What are you gonna do?
You gonna kill me? Kill me.
It was him wasn't it?
It was him.
We lost everything tonight
betting on Bex the Beast.
You shouldn't have done that.
You're gonna have to hurry
if you wanna
save the rest of the family.
Oh... shit!
Everything all
right in there, Holt?
No, but it will be.
Well, don't hurt yourself now.
Big day for you tomorrow.
Yeah, and it will be for you if
I don't get this system working.
Yeah, well, D Block can go a
couple of days without hot water.
Oh, yeah?
Ever met the guys in D block?
[officer] Nope.
Never had the pleasure.
Well, pleasure is the last thing
you get from those guys.
Yeah, well, if you fix this we ain't
gonna have no problems, are we?
Well, you know your water PH level
is way off the charts, right?
You should have that
checked out soon.
What are you fucking
scientist now, old man?
Um, well I got a master's degree
in chemical engineering, so....
You know, a high PH level
can cause corrosive damage
on steel piping...
Like this one.
Not bad for an old man.
- I don't know what got into these guys.
- Holt!
They beat each
other up pretty bad.
I tried to stop them,
they just wouldn't listen.
Look, I don't want any trouble.
Stop right there, Holt.
If you're gonna shoot me
with that Taser,
there's no guarantee
it's gonna paralyze me.
If it doesn't, well...
[clears throat]
...I don't know
if I can keep my cool,
if you know what I mean.
Well, I did my job.
I fixed that pipe,
and in return
what I would really love...
...is to make a phone call.
Good choice.
She's asleep.
What do you want to do now?
I can help you.
Paul Tardielo.
Remember him?
They found his blood
smeared on my dad's shirt.
Along with two others'.
He always had a sick
obsession with her.
And now he's dead.
Your dad made sure of that
when he bashed in his skull.
But he didn't.
He didn't find
Kate crying that night.
[Becca] I did.
I wanted to call the cops,
I wanted to tell dad, but...
...more than that...
...I just wanted them to die.
They were laughing
when I got there.
[Becca chuckles softly]
I killed them.
And I killed them some more.
And I liked it.
[Becca sighs]
By the time Kate told Dad
and he got there,
it was too late for them.
He gave me his hoodie.
Covered my face and told me
to walk straight home.
I let my dad take a fall for
a crime he didn't even commit.
I thought it'd be fine
if I left, you know?
If I could just leave it behind.
Every move has led me
to this right now.
Led you to what?
[cell phone ringing]
[Holt] Are you okay?
[Becca] I'm fine, Dad.
But, Kate...
She's gone.
[Holt] Listen...
Take Lily, go to Bakersfield,
I'll be there...
Listen to me. Try to understand
what I'm trying to tell you.
I know what you're thinking.
If you do this
and it doesn't work out well,
everything we've done,
these five years,
everything will be for nothing.
We'll be back where we started,
do you understand?
I can help you.
We can fix this.
I don't want to fix it.
I want to end it.
[phone hangs up]
Rick, front door camera is out.
Give it a look, yeah?
Rick, you there, brov?
- Claire?
- [Landon] I understand.
Mm-hmm. I get it.
I'll make it up to you.
I'll double the next fight.
She's here.
Goddammit, Micah, find her.
What happened?
Landon. We need to leave.
And if this is gonna end.
We need to leave now.
Mm-mm. No.
Are you mental, brov? She just
bashed a man's skull in.
It's a fucking
devil woman, brov!
- I don't want none of it.
- Not going anywhere.
I built this place!
I made you!
I am not letting no mangy crow
take down this nest!
You hear that?!
I want you to set her free.
[bone cracks]
She's still breathing.
And what are
you gonna do about it, huh?
Get her a band-aid?
Leave her
and kill that little bitch.
Did I stutter?!
...fuck out of my face.
May God hold you
in the palm of his hand.
I don't care
what you do here...
I'm not with this.
Never have been.
Don't underestimate him...
...and do it for Kate.
All you had to do,
was do what you do best.
But, no...
...you had to fuck me!
Yeah, well, good for you.
Well, I'll tell you
what's going to happen now.
I'm gonna play a little game.
I'm gonna find
your little fucking niece.
I'm gonna choke her
until she can't breathe anymore.
And then I'm gonna find your father
and I'm gonna fucking kill him.
This is the best deal
you're gonna get!
Do you think you're the only
monster here?
Hmm? Huh?!
Need some air?
How sweet revenge is.
This is not revenge.
This is justice.
[door closes]
I won't be able
to make this go away.
You won't need to.
You know they're all going to
come after you for this?
I know...
Why, Becca?
Because sometimes our
true nature isn't good enough.
Sometimes, people deserve more than
what the world has allowed them to be.
Sometimes sacrifice
needs to be rewarded.
[no audible dialogue]
I might be able to buy you...
...a couple days.
That's it.
That's enough.
Where will you go?
[birds chirping]
[Becca] Hi.
[Holt] Hey.
Out of all the places...
- I missed you.
- I missed you, too.
So what do you think, Lily?
- I like it!
- Yeah.
Of course you do.