Feng yue (Temptress Moon) (1996) Movie Script

What is opium...
Ruyi, my daughter?
Opium is the source
of all inspiration.
- Produced by:
Tong Cunlin, Hsu Feng
Leslie Cheung, Gong Li
Kevin Lin, He Saifei
Original Story:
Chen Kaige, Wang Anyi
Screenplay: Shu Kei
Director of Photography:
Christopher Doyle
- Art Director: Huang Qiagui
Sound Recording: Lai Qizhen
Music by: Zhao Jiping
Production Supervisor:
Jade Hsu
Assistant Director:
Zhang Jinzhan
Editor: Pei Ziaonan
- Directed by: Chen Kaige
Zhongliang, I live here
with my husband Zhengda.
Brought your school books?
- Yes, sister.
- Zhengda says...
you can prepare his opium
when you're not busy studying.
- My luck is terrible today!
- Nothing but bad hands!
- You're doing quite well,
if you ask me!
- Sixty thousand.
- That does it!
Ruyi! Stop it!
Your father's going
to spank you!
Ruyi! Ruyi!
Ruyi, do as I say!
Do as I say!
Look at her!
Ruyi! Ruyi!
You're not allowed in there!
Elder Qi, it's true,
the Emperor has abdicated.
Duanwu, catch her!
Pang An!
This is an outrage!
A girl in the ancestral hall!
Even if the Emperor has
abdicated! It's unthinkable!
- A girl in the ancestral hall!
Uncle An!
Can Miss Ruyi come out
and play later?
Master doesn't want her
coming out at all.
The Jing family
are all bastards!
How dare they break off
the engagement with Ruyi!
Just because the Emperor
abdicated doesn't mean they can
insult us like this!
They say our young miss
has smoked opium
since she was a baby.
They say she is poison.
We study day and night...
to learn what's wrong and right.
Brother, I'm too heavy for you.
Put me down.
Opium is a wonderful thing.
How can I put it?
How can anyone describe it?
Yes, it is poison.
Just like this arsenic.
But me...
it's made me strong.
No poison could kill me.
Kiss your sister.
Why don't you kiss her?
Come here.
Come on. Kiss sister!
Never mind.
Run along to bed.
Go now.
Give your sister a kiss.
Kiss her!
Go on.
I'll teach you to be a man.
Zhengda wants his opium pipe!
Zhengda's waiting.
Is this the train to Peking?
Is this the train to Peking?
- SHANGHAI, 1920s
- Hmm!
- I've won.
Let me kiss you.
Ladies and gentlemen,
please enjoy your evening.
So, you'd like a kiss?
Would you?
Don't make a sound.
Not one sound.
Now, Mrs. Liu, who's going
to phone your husband?
You or us?
I don't understand!
So, you want me to call?
- Zhongliang!
- Zhongliang is dead!
How much money do you want?
Hey, Mister!
Spare some change?
You called for me?
Do you want me?
You sure there's nothing
I can do for you ladies?
Ancestral Hall
I've gathered you here...
because old master Pang
has passed away.
His eldest son Zhengda should
become the new family head.
But ten years ago, he was
stricken with a sudden illness.
And he has seen no one since.
- Few people knew
of his condition.
But now,
with the old master gone...
it's time to face facts.
Quiet in the hall!
Ask Master Zhengda to enter.
l, Pang An,
kowtow to our ancestors
on Zhengda's behalf.
Zhengda's mind
has been destroyed.
He cannot speak.
He cannot do anything, in fact.
But as long as he's alive,
he is Master...
of the Pang family.
Zhengda is too ill...
to manage family affairs.
Old master also had
a daughter, Ruyi.
Please, Elder Qi,
speak for us.
Very well.
Zhengda, shall we ask Miss Ruyi
to look after family affairs?
Master Zhengda
heartily approves.
Call her in then.
Because Ruyi is a girl...
she'll be a bit weak.
- I've conferred
with the other elders...
and we've decided to ask
a male cousin to help her out.
Pang Duanwu!
Pang Duanwu!
We've chosen Duanwu.
He is a Pang.
But he's not a direct heir.
No! Not this way!
That way!
A closer relative
might have personal ambitions...
but not a distant cousin.
He has nothing to gain
and everything to lose.
Hurry. Hurry and kowtow
to your cousin.
Duanwu is Ruyi's cousin, but
he may call her elder sister.
Elder sister.
- Boss.
- Sorry you had to wait.
- Had a bath?
- Yes, I like to have a good
soak whenever I can.
You haven't come by in a while.
Ready to leave the nest?
Your sister's father-in-law,
old master Pang, is dead.
I want you to go
visit your sister.
And then you can bring Pang's
daughter, Ruyi, to Shanghai...
for a nice little vacation.
Leave the rest to us.
Boss, please...
don't send me there.
- It's only me.
Hold me.
I need to go home early...
to make dinner
for my husband.
Do you love me?
I shouldn't have asked.
Take some cash.
Put it on our tab at the club.
Thanks, Boss.
No need to see me out.
Don't worry, Boss.
You've been working on
that woman a long time, no?
- Which one?
- The one in Heavenly Lane.
Her husband's out of town.
We can't move on her.
Maybe you're
getting too involved.
From this moment,
young miss...
you are the head
of the Pang family.
l, Pang An,
formally pay my respects.
your father's and brother's
concubines are...
Sit down, Duanwu.
Miss, the concubines
are all clamoring...
for their monthly stipends.
Our accounts are behind...
because of
your father's funeral.
Give them their money
and ask them to leave.
- Pardon?
- They're not needed.
So, the family hasn't chosen
a wife for you yet?
When my father was alive...
they arranged a marriage for me.
But the other family
broke it off...
because I smoke opium.
Ruyi listens to reason, yes?
Yes, I do.
Will Ruyi listen to Elder Qi?
Please sit down, Elder Qi.
Ruyi. This matter deserves
careful consideration.
These women served
old and young master.
If we throw them out on the
street, people will laugh at us.
Elder Qi...
we're not
leaving them destitute.
This house is no place
for women.
There's nothing for them here.
Better to let them go
for their own good.
All right then!
Did you hear that?
How can you speak
that way to an elder?
Old master's only
been gone a few days!
What do you say, Duanwu?
I stand by elder sister.
Did everyone hear that?
There are no more real men
in this family!
Was I wrong
to send the women away?
Those concubines lived here
for many years.
They had a good life
with father and brother.
Now it's over...
and they're gone.
As for me...
I have to stay here.
I was born here.
I grew up here.
I'll die here.
What are you doing here?
Get out of here!
After what you did!
You shouldn't be here!
Go away!
Stop it!
See that Zhongliang
gets settled...
in rooms near mine.
Studying in Peking has made you
quite a gentleman.
Last time I saw you,
you were only this high!
- Sir, your room is ready.
- Thanks.
I'll take it myself.
- Who's that?
- Duanwu, Ruyi's cousin.
In name he's a master.
In fact he's a servant.
He prepares
Ruyi's opium pipe.
I know that role well.
I'll go wash up.
Miss, where is
the family library?
Over there.
Thank you.
Miss, why are you
following me?
I forgot to tell you.
There are no books
in the library anymore.
Be careful.
Miss, your sister-in-law says
her brother's on his way
to see you.
Her brother?
Very well.
If I have any visitors,
tell them I'm not feeling well.
Sister-in-law, Ruyi is not here.
Please come in.
This is my brother Zhongliang.
He just finished school
in Peking.
He's come to say hello to Ruyi.
I am Zhongliang.
Help yourself to whatever books
you wish to read.
Have you two met?
Is this what you wear?
Is this what you read?
Is this the life you lead?
These silks and satins
are hideous.
Do you know how much the world
has changed in ten years?
Do you?
Russian Revolution,
Great War...
Lenin, Communism,
Sun Yat-sen...
freedom from
arranged marriages...
equal rights for women...
youths dying for a cause.
Have you heard?
Girl students in Peking
wear skirts...
and short tops
with tight waists.
They stroll by
the Forbidden City...
with little red flags
in their hands.
Walls tall and red...
bordered by weeping willows
swaying in the breeze.
The Peking sky
is blue and clear.
The palace towers
are decorated with gold...
and white kites sail in the air.
Higher and higher...
further and further...
till they're gone.
Do you want to spend
the rest of your life here?
- You stayed in Peking
for so long.
- How could you be so cruel
and not write even once?
You know.
Sister, that's enough.
Duanwu, come here.
Why did we let a distant
relation, like yourself...
into the family's
inner sanctum?
Because you seemed
loyal and honest.
We were quite surprised
when Ruyi sent the women away.
And you not only
failed to dissuade her,
but even aided her!
You traitor!
You've sent away
all the women...
of old master and his son.
It's no small matter, you know.
A grown man like you
trailing after that girl.
It's all backwards.
Are you after
the family fortune?
Pang An,
I don't want one penny.
All I want is to look
after my sister.
Your "sister indeed!
And if she marries?
I'll go with her.
We're finished!
Are there no real men
left in this family?
My poor ancestors!
The Pangs haven't a man left!
I weep before
young master Zhengda!
Old master's dead!
Old master!
We've no men left. Old master!
It's not every day one sees
loyalty like yours to Ruyi.
You haven't seen him yet.
Look who's come back.
- Sir.
Miss Ruyi sent me to ask you...
to teach her how
to ride a bicycle.
Your young miss thinks
everyone's her servant,
does she?
If you're too busy...
Look straight ahead!
Look ahead!
I want to kiss you.
Near Pang Estate
It's been two days!
Why no word from you?
What's with you?
How's it going?
- That was quick.
- I'm just getting started.
How come there's two?
These are the goods
Miss Pang ordered.
What's this?
How foolish of me.
I forgot you Pangs
would need to search me.
Maybe Miss Ruyi
has forgotten...
when I was a boy,
I was her brother's servant.
So go ahead.
Keep looking!
Do it!
Search my things!
Hurry up!
Sir, you mustn't treat
elder sister like this!
She's curious
because she likes you!
- That's the way she is.
- She likes me?
Whether I like her
is more the point.
Why are you here?
What do you think?
Just a sisterly visit
to my little brother.
They have things
like these in Shanghai.
That Jing boy who was engaged
to Ruyi works in Shanghai.
He studied in Japan.
Do you know why
they broke the engagement?
What's it to me?
Zhongliang, you couldn't get
close to her. She's poison.
What a joke!
The idea of me with her.
I've seen you.
I've seen you kiss her.
You can't lie to me!
Me, lie to you?
How shall I put this, sister?
I served her brother.
How could I dare court
the mistress of the house?
How could I?
I was nothing but a slave
to you and Zhengda...
a worthless, poor relation.
I hate this place
and everyone in it!
I see.
- You hate even me.
- Yes!
Yes, I do!
I was 13 when
you brought me here...
You had no one else!
to live with you
and "study."
You made everyone call me "Sir,"
but I was just your servant!
"brought your school books?
"Prepare Zhengda's opium pipe
when you're not studying.
"Come here.
Give sister a kiss.
Come on!"
I'll never love again.
I'll never love again...
because of you.
I see.
Then why are you here?
Why don't you leave then?
I'm not as pretty as she is.
She's not as pretty as you.
You're a young girl.
But Father always said
that a woman is more
beautiful than a girl.
That's just men's talk.
Aren't you a man?
I'd rather not be.
You're wrong, you know.
A woman is more beautiful
than a girl.
I'm sure...
Zhongliang does like you.
Do you think so?
I don't want to be
a girl anymore.
I've come to tuck you in.
What is it?
I'm heavy.
You get on top.
Hold me here.
Like this.
You're pressing me.
Let me come up a bit more.
Put your hand here.
I'll hold you here.
Is that right?
I'll move my leg a little.
Yesterday was all my fault.
Please don't be mad at me.
Even if you are mad at me,
I still like you.
You may go.
Sir, this is a note
for you from Ruyi.
How is Master doing today?
He's doing well.
Did he eat all his food?
Will he sleep here tonight?
So here's where the Pang men
had their fun, eh?
- Not like that.
Hold me here.
I'll hold you there.
- You're heavy. I'll get on top.
- Be quiet!
I know what to do.
I've practiced
with Duanwu for you.
Don't you want me?
I have to leave here.
I don't want to stay either.
Take me with you.
If I can't take you to Peking...
I won't take you anywhere.
Let me look at you.
I want to look at you.
Boss misses you.
He keeps asking after you.
He wants a report.
Tell Boss...
I'll be back in Shanghai
in 3 days.
Tomorrow morning
we leave for Peking.
So, you're off?
Early tomorrow.
I know you don't
want me along.
But you owe it to me!
I can't go on like this.
I've been so lonely here...
these ten years...
Looking into that face
every day.
I know.
But I have to leave you.
I can't bear
to watch you suffer!
So take me!
Take me so I won't suffer!
I can't take you.
You'll always remind me
of this place.
And I'll never forget...
- What happened.
- And me?
After it happened...
I smuggled you out of here...
but I stayed behind,
with no thought for myself.
Ten years
and you never once wrote.
I nearly went mad!
Who could I turn to?
Now you're back
and in love with that witch.
You won't even let me...
cy on your shoulder.
What you did ruined my life.
Me, the one person in the world
who really loves you.
You've destroyed me!
Come with me! Take a look!
This is my life!
One male fish. One female.
Ten years with two fish!
Come give sister a kiss.
Take care, sister.
Pang An.
Pang An?
Pang An!
Ruyi's run off with my brother!
Pang An!
Pang An!
Pang An.
Pang An!
I've lost Zhongliang!
He told me to wait,
then he disappeared!
I can't find him anywhere!
You traitor!
Did you think you'd
be Master if Ruyi left?
What will you try next?
Beat the traitor!
Beat this bastard!
We'll make a man of you yet!
This will teach you!
Wonder if Zhongliang's
in Peking yet.
- Zhongliang's here.
- What's he doing?
- He's in the dance hall. Okay.
- Watch him.
Boss wants to see you.
You're back.
Come here.
Have a drink.
I've done you wrong.
Welcome back to Shanghai.
You belong here.
It's not the same without you.
I lied to you.
The woman on Heavenly Lane...
her husband's been back
a long time.
I'll do the job!
I'll do it tomorrow!
I lied to you! I lied!
- It's all right.
- I lied to you!
I should never have sent
Zhongliang to the Pangs.
It was my mistake.
There's plenty of money
in the world...
but only one Zhongliang.
I need him.
Zhongliang's a son to you.
When he cried that night...
and promised to do
the Heavenly Lane job...
I knew he'd
finally come around.
No, he cried because
his heart was divided.
This worries me.
How shall I put it?
When an immortal
descends to Earth...
how can he return to the sky?
We have to get...
this Heavenly Lane
business right.
Let's let the Pang girl...
see for herself what
Zhongliang's really like.
She'll fall right out of love.
Then he'll be able
to move on.
- Boss.
- Know what to do?
Go to Ruyi,
say Zhongliang sent me
to take her to Peking.
bring her to Shanghai...
and take her home
when it's over.
Boss doesn't want
the Pangs' fortune.
Boss only wants Zhongliang.
- Miss Pang.
I'm going to make
a phone call. Wait here.
This is Shanghai!
Good. Settle them in first.
We'll finish
the Heavenly Lane job tomorrow.
County boy!
Come have fun!
- Fuck off.
- Mind your own business.
Come on, Miss Pang.
Come in.
You're right.
You're in Shanghai,
not Peking.
Zhongliang's here
in Shanghai too.
Tomorrow morning at 6:00...
I'll take you to see him.
I'm going to see him tomorrow.
These are Zhongliang's...
Isn't he here?
I've missed you so much.
I want to look at you.
Go ahead.
I've wronged you.
I'm so sorry!
Don't make a sound.
- Zhongliang!
- He's dead.
Mrs. Shen, will you call
your husband or shall I?
Phone him? Why?
Why? To ask him over.
We'll all have
a friendly chat.
But maybe you,
me and Zhongliang
can manage on our own?
That's right.
He's one of us.
Well, Mrs. Shen?
What? Are you crazy?
I'll make the call!
I don't care about
what's happened today.
I just want to know...
did you ever love me?
Talk to me!
Tell her. Speak.
Come on!
Say something!
Did you ever love me?
I see.
Ah San!
Let's get out of here!
Police taken care of?
All done.
My poor Zhongliang.
He's ruined.
Go away!
Give me back my Zhongliang.
I want the old Zhongliang back!
Little sister,
can I find you a customer?
You could start tonight.
Try it!
- Get your kicks,
make some money.
Stop acting like a saint. You're
no better than the rest of us.
I got lost.
Those women chased me.
In Shanghai...
men and women are at war.
One side will win,
the other will lose.
Some women would die
for their man.
Like the one who jumped.
She lost the war.
She lost.
I don't want to lose.
Are you listening?
Tomorrow I'm going
to see Zhongliang.
Did you love her?
What's it to you?
You came to Shanghai
to ask that?
You put on Western clothes
and you act up!
Know what I am?
Or how many women I've had?
I use and betray them!
I grind them into the dirt!
But still...
they want me.
They kneel before me.
They cy for me,
smile for me!
Did you love her?
I'm not a servant anymore.
We men rule in Shanghai!
Well put.
Miss Pang...
are you still
in love with him now?
If you'd like
a few more days in Shanghai...
I'm at your service.
Tell me when you want to go.
whoever you are...
I don't mind.
Do you love me?
Tell me. Tell me.
- Duanwu.
- Sister-in-law.
You're back.
Did you see my brother?
I shouldn't tell you
how he makes his living.
young master Jing is here.
Master Jing?
The one whose family broke
the engagement with you.
Why's he here?
He didn't say.
He's been waiting for days.
Here he is.
Come, young master Jing. Please.
Young miss is back.
This is young master Jing.
Your father broke
our engagement.
Yes, but he never consulted me.
Not about the betrothal,
nor its cancellation.
When I was in Japan I decided...
I would meet you myself.
How else would I know
what you were like?
I smoke opium.
I'm poison.
Doesn't that bother you?
I work for myself
in Shanghai.
And I can choose
the kind of wife I want.
Zhongliang is ruined.
Little brother.
I know about Shanghai.
It's all my fault! It is!
But Ruyi can't save you!
Don't go after her!
Who sacrificed everything
to save you?
Me! Remember? Your sister!
No, this can't be true.
I know you're angry with me.
You're not marrying for love...
but out of spite.
In your heart...
it's me you really want.
Let's go to Peking.
This time I mean it.
I don't love you.
Come with me to Peking!
I don't love you anymore.
Why did you come to the club?
If you hadn't...
I wouldn't be here now.
I went to ask you something.
You refused to answer me...
same as that other woman.
You wouldn't answer me...
but now I understand.
You can't answer.
You're afraid.
Your heart is dead.
You cannot love.
I love you!
It's too late.
I love you.
It's too late now.
In a few days...
I'll be a bride.
I've always wanted
to get married.
I've been waiting...
My bridal costume's
nearly finished.
And I've chosen my husband.
I can do whatever I want...
and this is what I want.
I'm going to Shanghai.
I'll be back in three days.
I've prepared
your bags, sir.
But I have something
to tell you.
The young miss
has slept with...
both me and Zhongliang.
What he says is true.
I just poisoned your husband.
I put arsenic in his opium.
I'll say good-bye now.
I'm really going
to Peking this time.
I don't know why...
but I often think of that
evening I first came here...
and how the moon
was so bright.
We were all so young then.
You ran barefoot...
in the Ancestral Hall
and I saw you outside...
with Duanwu.
If only we didn't
have to grow up...
it would be perfect.
I always prepared
Zhengda's opium.
I've prepared
this opium for you.
Good-bye, Zhongliang.
Elder sister...
shall I help you?
Zhongliang prepared it.
I'll do it myself.
This will be the last time.
I'm giving it up
after the wedding.
- Zhongliang!
From now on,
Duanwu is the official head
of the household.
- The young master Zhengda
He is too ill to be here.
But Miss Ruyi
ought to be present.