Fentasy (2024) Movie Script

I'm sure they told you in school
that drugs kill, right?
They were exaggerating a little,
they wanted to scare you.
But they were also right.
Drug overdose is the most common
cause of death among young people.
A lot of them die from drugs, yeah,
but most of them don't.
If you've ever done drugs,
you may have been convinced
that heroin is the final boss,
that there's nothing worse.
But fentanyl?
It's 50 times more potent than heroin.
You die easily.
In an instant.
Often before you become addicted to it.
And in this case,
you're hooked after the first hit.
And when this synthetic opioid painkiller
is diluted and colored brown,
it looks like perfect heroin.
But it's like nothing
you've ever had before.
But why would you do that?
Because when there's a lot
of dead bodies on the streets
and the meat falls off the bodies
ofthe luckier ones,
you take all the money
and you're done.
Everyone's looking
for their luck somewhere else.
I found mine here.
in a very diluted form.
I'm glad to finally meet you.
But I won't lie to you.
You know your situation
and how many years you're facing.
Whatever you decide to say
in regards to the evidence
we have against your group,
can be considered mitigating
circumstances at most.
You are now 25,
you are young,
you have your whole life ahead of you,
but when you get out of prison at forty,
what do you think
you're going to see there?
It is very difficult in prison
for women who look like you.
I'll tell you everything I know,
but you're going to let me go.
It doesn't work like that.
I don't know what you have in the file,
but I certainly know
what you don't have in there.
In a few weeks,
it will flood all of Central Europe.
And dead bodies will be everywhere.
So, if I go to jail,
you'll be responsible
for all those people,
because you could have prevented it.
You have twenty minutes to convince me
you're useful.
I want names.
Who started it?
William Peller.
We met at a club.
Be more specific.
If I say I've been looking for something,
will it get worse for me?
That's the least.
He looked like a man who
could have something on him.
I have my contacts, but I was looking
for something else that night.
We're going to take two,
last time, all right?
Yo wassup, bro.
timid boys attract me.
Dude, that's where I'd go right away.
Let's get some kebabs on the way.
You have anything left?
I don't know what you mean.
Something strong?
Don't you have anything to do?
Get lost!
Kiss my ass.
Maybe I can figure something out.
Then do it.
What followed
was the best time of my life.
I suddenly saw the world
in different colors.
He was different from any other guy
I'd ever been with.
Old familiar places looked as
if I was living somewhere else.
He didn't fit into our environment at all.
He was really different.
Imagine that one day we get out
of that nasty city and we'll live here.
This is something I've dreamt of.
Well, we're going to buy that house.
And isn't it too small?
So the one next door.
But it won't be cheap.
We can make money, right?
Sounds like you have a plan.
You're going to wipe old people's asses
and I can
cut their nails, for example.
What is it?
I think I have a better plan.
I moved in with him.
We found a quiet apartment
where we were out of everyone's sight.
You're my everything.
And we enjoyed each other.
Peller eventually stopped dealing weed.
Instead, he started cooking at home.
Most of all, it looked like heroin.
He even made it brown
to make it look like that.
But the effects were
up to a hundred times stronger.
He said he could make kilos of it.
He ordered the ingredients
straight from the Internet.
It had potential to make a lot of money.
He called it Fetty.
Little devil.
He convinced me that we would
only make the necessary amount,
we'd make the money and disappear
somewhere no one would find us.
He treated me like no one ever did before.
He did everything to the fullest.
He was great.
Great guy
making synthetic heroin.
I didn't see that.
I needed a change.
I wanted to get out of here.
Hela Bobkov.
We'd been best friends since high school.
Look what I've got.
Not today.
At least half.
I don't want any.
Did she help you with distribution?
You asshole!
We'd been selling it around the clubs.
We knew the bartenders.
And we knew where to go.
People from the outside
probably wouldn't even know.
But only two groups of people
went to certain clubs.
Those who buy
and those who sell.
Peller was right,
absolutely everyone wanted Fetty.
But the problem is that
you have to get clients.
You have to
build their trust.
We sold it in small batches.
Some sprinkled it into their cigarette,
some shot it right into their veins.
Everyone in their own way.
All that mattered was-
their courage.
You were selling brown poison.
How should I know, I'm not a chemist!
None of those people knew
they were buying fentanyl.
No one complained.
When did he get involved?
- Dusty?
- Yo!
- He was dating Hela.
- Come on, come on! Pass it on!
And not only that...
He was selling meth and coke.
Ho hoo!
He knew everyone on the block.
And everyone knew him.
We spent most of our time with him.
All the good parties ended up there.
Where is Dusty?
Mmm... Tequila!
Have one!
Fuck it.
You have to, bad breath.
I'm in a hurry to work.
- Hmm.
- Just leave me alone, Sofia.
Don't be like that!
Working for nothing.
You should ditch that.
Why do you still go there?
We've got so much
that we can't even sell it
and you're fucked up there in that
stupid booth.
What about Dusty?
He'd do it with us?
Ain't it bullshit?
We'll see.
Hela came up with the idea of Dusty
selling a lot more than we did.
He had a large network
of contacts and acquaintances.
How much are you able to sell?
How much are you able to make?
To us!
Peller agreed to that?
At first, he was against it,
but he was convinced
by our first earnings.
Dusty showed us the full
commercial potential of Peller's product.
Each batch that went into distribution
was immediately used.
Peller was making more and more,
and Dusty was moving it
to his drug dealers on the street.
He didn't have many of them,
but it went pretty well.
Even though some cash went missing
here and there, none of us really cared.
Peller was motivated by the money
so much that
he kept increasing production.
The wheel started spinning
and quickly gained momentum.
It got bigger than we ever imagined.
And our dream was suddenly within reach.
We didn't have time to sell it
because everyone wanted it.
Did Peller sell, too?
Not really.
He didn't like selling.
But he had some people come to our house
and that's where
they shot it up sometimes.
Woof, woof... woof, woof!
Hey. So, where can we hit it?
In the bathroom.
No, no, no, no.
We certainly don't deserve that.
- So, it's not gonna happen.
- But wait, Vilo, let us in.
I'll pay you extra.
You don't understand, do you?
Come, come, come, come on!
But it didn't always go well.
- What?
- He's dead! He's fucking dead!
- Fuck!
- Vilo!
Help me with him!
Vilo! What the hell?
Do something!
Help him!
Hold him. Hold him!
What was that?
Take him and get out.
But he can't walk.
Get the fuck out of here anyway!
Come on, Patrik, we gotta go.
- Go!
- Come on.
Bye, Vilo.
Who was that guy?
The one who overdosed.
I don't know, some dude.
In fact, we only needed one more month
to call it quits.
Okay, maybe two.
Carry on.
Word got out.
All the junkies were talking
about our product.
Well, the ones capable
of such activity afterwards.
Fetty became famous.
That's the new shit, all right?
It's a hit.
Thanks, Dusty.
Save this for Hela.
Don't be jealous.
You got something?
You think that's what I want to know?
Well, I don't know what
exactly you want to know.
God, such a handsome guy is a cop.
Carry on.
Demand was so great that
a certain group
started to consider us competition.
Do you know who I am?
Get up, you prick!
You're not even gonna ask
what we're doing here?
Come on, boys!
That's her!
Help me connect the dots a little.
Why should
a bum like you,
is fucking with our business?
Do you want to die or something?
You want to fuck with us?
Lift him up!
Who are you taking this from?
Answer me, asshole,
where do you get your heroin?
I don't buy from anyone.
Fuck him up a bit.
Way to go, good.
But you're not a dummy, are you?
That's good, 'cause neither am I.
So, let's just say now,
like two not-dumb boys,
what the fuck
are you doing here?
Sweep the area, guys.
That's not heroin, is it?
Come on, baby, I'm listening.
I make fentanyl.
I don't understand.
I make fentanyl!
How do you make it?
Okay, then.
I'll come back with the boss
and we'll see how you make it.
That fentanyl of yours.
In the meantime,
think about what you're gonna show me.
Boss, look what's here!
All right, boys, take it all.
Are you okay?
What happened?
It's all gone.
You didn't expect that, did you?
Selling drugs in that amount
and thinking no one would notice you.
You can pick it up if you want.
Can I have a smoke?
That's none of your business.
Are you really enjoying this?
Investigating junkies
who died after a stupid overdose?
I think you'll be very disappointed.
And I'm really enjoying it.
I wanted to end it,
but instead they showed up again.
So it looks like he's home.
You keep me waiting one more time,
I'm yanking your balls.
And put on a normal shirt.
Babushka, to the kitchen!
The Russians don't understand the word no.
Our entire survival depended on
how much we could impress them.
It's very simple.
We'll let you keep working.
You will cook like you did before.
You can also keep
your distribution network.
We like your commitment to work.
You have your recipe
and we have the means.
We will take over the management,
and after deducting the costs
from the net profits,
we will pay you your cut.
What cut?
But if you have a better idea,
keep it to yourself.
Or what?
You got a problem?
I'm okay with that proposal.
Are you speaking for yourself?
For both of us.
Okay, great.
The Russians
wouldn't just let us go anyway.
Will! Come on
So, I played the good girl.
And did it work?
It was nice to meet you.
We made a deal.
Who are these Russians, anyway?
Do you know their names?
I have photos of them, too.
But you'll get them
only if I know I'm out of it.
You've said very little so far.
They took over.
We continued to take care of
production and distribution.
We had no choice.
Move it!
I'm coming!
Oh, man.
Will cooked every night.
The Russians were pushing him,
and he was pushing us.
But we couldn't just back away anymore.
We became
their slaves.
And I don't even have to say
what danger we faced
if we didn't make time to sell.
Peller knew that very well.
You can't go like this.
With make-up?
Do we really have to sell every day?
You want money, too.
I feel sick.
Well, I'll buy you vodka.
Soon we'll be done.
I need peace right now.
But you have to earn it first, sweetheart.
Rome wasn't built in a day.
It'll be over soon, trust me.
You get the money,
and you and Dusty head for the seaside.
Bon voyage!
I'll meet you in the car.
Hurry up!
Things really changed with the Russians.
Private parties,
the elite,
rich kids.
We went to less
and less crowded shitty clubs.
The price per gram was also up.
Doubled, in fact.
May I?
I think I'm gonna throw up.
I'm gonna go up to the VIP area,
you wait here at the bar
and order something!
The business is good, Will.
We're getting along.
But that means we need more.
Much more.
We want you to increase production.
Remember, friend,
no one is irreplaceable.
Not even you and your kinder-mafia.
If I were you,
I wouldn't trust them.
She's a cop.
- Hel...
- I'm fuckin' leaving.
What's wrong with you?
Let's cut the crap.
Who is that?
New acquaintance for you,
old acquaintance for us.
Tonight's party is for everyone.
All you do is lie to me.
You're dragging me with you
like I'm your dog!
I just wanted us to make money.
You fucking crazy?
Dusty and I are having a baby.
Get the fuck out of here!
Let's take it easy.
The production.
And sales.
We're pushing too hard.
Are you serious?
Without me,
you'd only be selling to losers.
Oh, come on.
Sofia, come on.
We're gonna make amazing money.
And we'll fuck off to Austria
like you wanted.
I was really scared.
I wanted to stop, but Peller
wouldn't hear of it.
Then he started to act different.
- Hello.
- Hello.
thank you.
But the quantities that started
coming to us,
that was too much.
And when did you start following us?
Major, what's going on here?
- Pick up your phone!
- I couldn't do it.
- What's going on?
- OPS report came in. Young kid, 19.
They found fentanyl in his blood.
- Survived?
- Mm.
Do you remember the kid
who overdosed at your place?
I need you to help me.
Peller saved his life.
By selling him poison?
Where are you going?
At least take out the trash.
Take a picture!
Looks like she is coming
out of that apartment.
You see that bag?
We'll send someone to check it out.
Okay, let's go, we're leaving.
I couldn't stand Peller anymore.
We didn't realize
what we were rushing into.
But at that moment,
there was no stopping it.
I assume Hela didn't know
you were sleeping
with the father of her child.
She'd hang herself.
Good morning!
What are you doing here?
Sit down!
I'd rather stand.
How many other people
know the recipe?
What difference does it make?
Thank you.
Can I get you anything? Coffee, tea?
Another cup of tea, please.
Answer me!
Or tell me this,
does Sofia know the formula for fentanyl?
I'm listening.
She doesn't,
she's never cooked with me.
Thank you.
And this, mate?
What's this?
Is that your chick with your dealer?
You know, 'cause if she knew,
then I'm sorry.
You handle it.
Or we'll handle this for you.
Why are you wasting
your potential on such losers?
You're better than that.
Let's go!
I'll come to your place tonight.
Potock to everyone.
Suspect is heading east to chemical plant.
Three understands,
we take it over the bypass.
This is One, copy. We're moving in.
Potock to everyone.
I'm giving you the green light.
We're taking him.
Repeat, we're taking him.
Pull over to the side of the road!
Screw it.
Potock to everyone.
Suspect making evasive maneuvers.
He broke through the gate
and entered the site
of the chemical plant.
Suspect is escaping!
I repeat, suspect is escaping!
We need to close the west exit.
Three, secure the surrounding patrols.
I'll try to stop him.
Come on!
Stop the vehicle!
For the last time, stop the vehicle!
Potock to everyone, suspect is stopping.
Repeat, suspect is stopping.
He could be armed.
Police, put your hands behind your back!
Get him out!
Come on! Police!
Hands behind your head!
- Hand!
- You got a gun on you?
I don't.
I can't hear you!
I don't!
Get on your knees!
You okay?
Yeah, sure.
How did you even find him?
We received an anonymous tip.
You said yourself Peller was unstable.
Do you realize how many years
you're facing?
But I'm not going to tell you anything.
Who was it for?
You want me to rat on people?
But you should save your ass.
You know I'm not your man.
I'm just the courier.
You had nearly five kilos of fentanyl
in your car.
Enough to pin the entire business on you.
I'm not testifying.
Fuck you.
Did he talk?
Even what he didn't know.
Right in the center of town,
we saw a car chase like in the movies.
The police chased the driver, who,
according to information
from the spokesman for the police force,
was transporting a large amount of
an unknown chemical substance in his car.
The police managed to catch him
in the area of...
Where have you been?
Let go of me!
You know what you did!
You're a whore.
Just a regular whore!
I took everything I could.
I wanted to kill myself so
I didn't have to think about it.
Sofia, get up!
Do you hear me? Get up!
Those trips were bad.
The aftermath was brutal.
If Hela hadn't found me, I'd be dead.
Getting out of it was the worst
thing I've ever been through.
Don't worry.
I'm sure you'll be fine.
She saved my life.
Now that I think of it,
I guess I really wanted to kill myself.
It's methadone,
it should help you.
But your results are very bad.
We're gonna have to keep
you here for a few days.
You got lucky.
What about Peller?
Were you in touch?
I didn't hear from him once.
When do you finish?
After five.
He didn't give a shit.
I ceased to exist for him.
That's how Peller set me on fire.
Wait outside, okay?
I thought they'd never let me out
of there again.
And what about Hela?
I don't know.
I couldn't reach her.
She was all alone.
Dusty was in jail,
but she certainly didn't want to admit
that it would be for long.
Would you like some for yourself?
You should call her.
Tell that to your boyfriend.
They were screwing us both.
Take it and go.
Take it, I said!
Didn't you hear me?
Get the fuck out of here!
I still hadn't heard from Hela.
I was starting to worry she'd put two
and two together about me and Dusty.
I was hoping that
when she found out the truth,
I'd be long gone by then.
Screw it.
Stay calm and don't do anything stupid.
Are you all right?
Get him!
Come here!
Put it under her head.
- Hela, can you hear me?
- Stop!
Can you hear me?
Wake up!
Take him.
She was pregnant.
And I ignored her.
And she'd been trying to get me out of it.
It was all bullshit.
Sofia? Do you have a moment, please?
This is Teresa Potock
from the National Crime Agency.
I'm sorry if I'm calling at a bad time.
I need to see you and ask a few questions.
Hello, Sofia, are you there?
Hello, are you there?
Please let me know when you get a chance.
I was just thinking about Peller,
and I showed him
that despite what he did to me,
I could forgive him.
But I knew I didn't have much time.
That they'd be after him soon.
And after me.
So I wanted to make the most of it
without Peller noticing.
Put enough money and product aside
as quickly as possible.
I had no other plan,
just get the money and disappear.
Damn it!
What do you want?
Your girlfriend's friend died.
At the arrest.
There was also the crime unit.
She had it from you?
Did she have your stuff on her?
If I find out she had your shit on her,
I'll have you fucked up right now.
We work together.
Listen to me.
You work for us.
And if that's not your problem,
then you are the problem.
It's all Peller's fault.
He ruined all our lives.
I hope karma catches up with him someday.
There is one thing I don't understand.
What did the Russians need Peller for?
They could have gotten rid of him
and started making it themselves.
They didn't know the production process.
Peller wouldn't tell them.
What about you?
What about me?
You know it?
You're with the drug unit
and you're this naive?
It's not like baking cupcakes.
Were you there when Peller made fentanyl?
In the apartment, yes.
But not right next to him.
He would never let me watch.
I don't believe it.
I'm not as heartless as you think.
Hela died because of me.
Everything else has lost its purpose.
Your friend died three days ago.
You contacted me yesterday.
What happened in the meantime?
I knew Peller would put it together.
That he'd find out
I was stealing from him.
I was afraid he was gonna kill me.
You asked me for information.
I have something for you.
Have you decided to testify?
are you there?
Can I trust you?
And me?
Talk to me.
I'm listening.
I'll tell you everything I know.
But promise me you'll help me
if everything goes to shit.
I can't promise you much,
but I'll do my best.
The man you're looking
for makes synthetic heroin.
They call it fentanyl.
He works for the Russians.
They are going to increase production
and are also planning on exporting.
I'll help you catch him during
the transport.
You're not the most reliable source.
I'm doing the right thing.
I don't deserve to die on the street.
Take me to your boss.
More on Peller and the Russians.
How can I...
get them?
He's about to make a big shipment.
It'll go past the border.
When? And where?
How soon?
I want to make sure I get out of this
without any punishment or record.
Are you blackmailing me?
I'm not blackmailing you.
I told you, that's not how it works.
You can stop this whole thing.
Well, maybe
I'm blackmailing you a little bit.
If you're telling the truth
and you testify against them,
I'll do my best to get
the prosecutor to propose a deal.
But I need information.
So I'm gonna ask you one last time.
What time and where?
At the docks.
But I don't know the exact location.
Why didn't you tell me at the beginning?
We're wasting our time here!
What happens to me now?
I mean right now.
You're gonna act normal.
Go back home,
spend the night there
and in the morning, when it's over,
we'll come for you.
I'm going to take care of it.
I'll tell you everything I know,
but you're going to let me go.
I think you underestimate yourself.
Selling weed won't get you anywhere, Vilo.
I have something that everyone will want.
When did he get involved?
Hela came up with the idea that
Dusty could sell a lot more than we could.
Leave Dusty out of this.
Bring him to me!
Leave Dusty alone!
Chop-chop, you go to him and you're done,
all right?
Well, I'm going!
Get out of here!
Hela insisted that we meet.
Hello, my love.
What's up?
Sofia wants to talk to you
about something.
What did the Russians need Peller for?
They didn't know the production process.
It was nice to meet you.
Peller wouldn't tell them.
What about you?
You know it?
You're with the drug unit
and you're this naive?
Take me to your boss.
Peller convinced me we'd only make
as little of it as possible,
make some money and disappear.
You were selling brown poison!
How was I supposed to know?
I'm not a chemist!
Were you there when Peller made fentanyl?
Not right next to him,
he would never let me watch.
I'll tell you
the whole production process.
How much money do you want for this?
Five hundred thousand.
What about Peller?
Get rid of him.
Potock to everyone,
the suspect is on the move.
Roger, Alpha One. We're in position. Over.
We're holding our positions.
We're too close, he'll notice us.
Slow down!
Where is he going?
Shit, Daniel, we fucked up.
Quick, turn around!
Change of plan. Suspect is headed
for the north side of the harbor,
I repeat, he's heading
for the north side of the harbor!