Ferocious (2013) Movie Script

(Man sighs.)
- (man): So, xvhafs the deal'?
How many people here'? Seriously.
- (woman): Uh...
Mke 200,000 maybe.
- (man): Wow.
Welcome to Tmytown.
You could fit this whole place,
this x-vhole town,
just right in your pocket,
couldn't you?
- So, I'm thinking about making
a demo reel
avith me talking to celebrities.
You know, shop it around
and, uh: transition
to a bigger market. Is she here?
- Not yet.
- OK
And, uh. be sure
to teH me when--
- The minute she pulls up. Yes.
- (man): I Knox-v. I'm assuming
they're gonna be throx-ving you
a parade or something, right?
Something like that?
Wait are they'?
- (woman): No. - (man) Oh
Do you want them to?
'Cause I can make that happen.
I xvill make that phone call,
I will get the parade,
Mam Street happenmg.
-(woman) That's--
that's what scares me.
(Man mughs.)
- Excuse me, darling,
what's your boss's name'?
- Steve Sherwood.
- Sherwood'?
- Shem-mod.
- All right.
Where can I find Steve Sherwood?
- Oh, I'm here. Whcfs calling?
- Callum. Leigh's manager.
- Callum. Hi.
- Tell me, Steve, what kind of
numbers you guys get'?
- Um, 16, 16,000.
- What if I told you
I can more than quadruple that
for today's shoxv?
Mort Heimer, hes a friend of mine. I could
get him to spin this across the Midwest.
- Wow.
- But if I'm gonna do that
I need you to push
the local angle hard, OK'?
How-q Leigh's from a small town,
she's still one of you,
yadda yadda. Can you do that')
- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm
- Great, great. Also,
Leigh's mom is going to call
while you're on the air, five minutes into
the interview or something. it's a surprise.
- SuraAll right.
- Thanks. Yeah, yeah, this is Clallum.
The air is nice, though. It's fresh and clean.
- Everyone please 'welcome
Leigh Parrish.
: What's this? What's
that building right there'?
- (woman): A .. slaughterhouse
I think.
: Lovely.
- OK, OK!
: Any mountains
or anything?
- (woman): No.
- (CaHum): None')
- (woman): No.
- (CaHum): None anywhere?
- (uvornan): No mountains,
just prairies.
: Prairies. All right.
- (xvoman): I never said you had to come.
- (Callum): No, no:
I'm just yanking your chain.
- Got you up there and...
- Look at me and my curly fro.
(peome laughing)
I loved it here.
: I Knox-v you did.
And, believe me, this is gonna
look really good.
Leigh Parish returning
to her roots.
The obscurity
she was plucked from.
- Steve?
Hi! I'm Leigh.
Thank you so much
for inviting me.
- You know, I've been c--
- Oh
(scribbling uvith pen)
- Yeah, no, very excited,
she's very excited.
- Here you go. Sorry. excuse me
just one second. sorry.
- Sure, yeah,
I'll be right here.
: OK, great,
thank you.
- Was that--
- No, he said today or tomorrow.
Just try to relax. Trust me.
If this xvorks out,
MM buy you a yacht.
or a cottage. maybe.
Or you can buy me
a cottage perhaps.
Yeah, this is Callum.
Oh. OK.
Uh-huh. Yeah
- Five minutes, everybody.
Five minutes.
- OK. See you in a few minutes.
- Yeah. OK.
'Cause I grew up on a farm,
so we'd have like chickens--
- Did you chop the head off?
- No, my dad would butcher them;
I xvoulch-but I did not 'want
to be present during that.
- (Steve): No.
- (man): Stand by...
On five four, three. two. .
- So, you've made your career
by playing the--
for lack of a better description--
squeaky-clean heroin Chants-lie.
Now, ChanteHe xs great--
don't get me wrong--
but I guess
that I want to know. .
Ever want to play the bad girl
for a change'?
- Um, you Knox-v,
if I was offered the right part,
I'd probably consider it,
but, you know,
I don't naturally gravitate toxvards
like the darker characters.
- Hmm. You knotv. there was
a news story the other day
about a guy that lives
out in Deep River.
- Mm-hmm.
- Lives in a trailer park.
Wins a million dollars.
Doesn't knoxv xvhat hit him.
Years later, he's a mess.
Now, how about you?
Has n changed you?
- Woxv, Steve Shem-mode hard-hitting
journalist edge comes out.
No, it's a fair question.
But I-you Knox-v,
I'm the same girl--
simple, doxvn to earth.
You know, living in LA hasn't
really changed that for me.
- Really?
- Really trwy, I swear
(She laughs.)
Same person.
- Oh, and you're from here, of
course, born and raised, right'?
- Proud to say yes yeah.
I uh, I actuaHy grew up
on a farm about a half hour
away from here
- What was that like'?
- Itwas amazing.
- You know, I get it noxv,
though, I get how to spin this.
I mean, I had no idea.
I KNEE-V that x-yheh they saw you,
you Knox-v, they sax-y a star, OK,
but they also see themselves.
It's... ah,
brand identity, man.
Best possible scenario.
- Any regrets?
- Do you mean m show business?
- Yeah, show business, life.
- Well, I mean, of course...
Oh, oh, you xvant examples.
OK, well, let's see.
Uh... well, there was the 1O years I did
at the Maricopa Correctional Facility.
And then a tattoo on my face
that I had to get removed
Oh, and in the '80s,
I took part in some
voluntary genetic experiment.
But other than that.
Hhmk I got it down, yeah
- This is gonna be good, this is
gonna be really, really good.
It's OK if you want to fall
asleep while I'm talking to you.
- Sorry. I'm tired.
- All right, well, what other big projects
are coming down the turnpike for you?
- All right, well, what other big projects
are coming down the turnpike for you?
- Possibly something.
I... can't say just yet.
- That sounds exciting.
- Yeah.
- Well, that sounds...
Yeah, no she's going crazy
wamng for an answer.
We both are. so. .
Great, yeah. you let me know
the second that you find out.
All right, all right.
Thank you.
Garrett thank you.
OK. AH right.
- WeH, that's great
because our next guest is
exceedingly special.
Hello, Line 4!
- [Hello? Leigh, sweetie,
it's Mom.]
- Pvoml.
- [Mama Parrish, ladies and gents.
- Mom! What are you doing?
- [Your father and I are just
[Even jUST for a few days]
[Your room is set up, so come on
out x-vhen you're ready]
- Aw'. I'll see you tonight, Mom.
Love to you, Dad, and Stella-Bella.
- [We miss you, and uveTe all
proud of you]
- Stella-Bella?
- That's my dog.
- (man): Fxve four.
three, two.
- Thank you so much.
Mwas great OK Bye.
- Garret from the network says
rt looks promisrng.
- Promising?
- That's all I got. I'm sorry.
- That was fantastxcl
- Yeah, wasn't n'?
Thank you so much.
I had such a good time.
- It xvas great. Hey, listen, there's a
do over at Pint Meisters after 11 tonight
for the film festival.
- Oh!
- I thought you and I could
maybe, um--
- Yo, actually, Steve, uh, I think Leigh's a
little drained from the flight and everything.
You know how it xs
- OK, sure. But hey, wan.
If you're going to make any
appearances tonight, call me, OK'?
- OK. Great.
- It'll do us both good to be seen together.
- Yeah, absolutely.
- Thanks again, Steve.
- Thank you so much: guys.
- Call me. Call me.
- (Leigh quietly): Don't even
go there.
- Why don't you, uh,
just close your eyes'? I'll drive
you to your parents' house.
- No, no. It's OK. Fwy, uh:
my dad's picking me up
at the hotel.
He likes to drive.
- You were great today.
by the way
- Thanks.
- Seriously.
- The forecast, cloudy skies
uvith flurries today.
We can expect up to an inch
of snow and a high of only 30.
Overnight, flurries x-vill increase,
xvith a total accumulation...
- Hx, Mom!
Yeah, I Knox-v, you too.
Yeah. Hey, thanks for
calling in. That xvas so nice.
Yeah, so, um...
I'm-I'm not gonna be able
to make it until tomorrow.
Yeah, something came up.
I-I'm so busy,
you wouldn't believe it.
Yeah, I know'.
I'm-I'm so sorry, Mom. I--
But I'm still going to see you
in the morning, OK?
OK, yeah, should I bring
Yeah, that-that sounds great.
All right, I-I love you too.
Give Dad a hug for me.
- Tx-velve pages'? Yeah, ho problem.
That should be no problem, yeah.
Oh. so you guys- Yeah.
(rock music playing)
- OK, uh we had a girl who worked here last
summer who averaged 250 a night in Ups.
If that's something that appeals to you,
then, uh: fill out the application.
W n doeswt, then, uh.
fHl it out anyway.
But no bullshit references,
all right?
I'll be checking them all.
Yeah, [Maurice too.
Like I say, ladies, we're
reopening on the 15th, all right?
It xvas supposed to be the eighth, but it
got pushed because of a plumbing misfire.
Water all other the place, toilets,
ugly, don't ask. {door closing)
Yeah, come on in.
I was just explaining
there's gonna be lunch shifts
every day: most likely,
and then
and then evenings. Yeah,
it starts off on the weekends.
Night shifts are the best
tip nights. Thank you very much.
- You bring a resume'?
- Um "no.
- Me neither.
So stupid.
(She sighs.)
I guess Vm just
gonna have to wmg n.
Whew. OK.
I'm going in. You?
- No, no, go ahead.
- On.
H says here you worked
at Barney's.
- Yeah, three summers.
- Really'?
- Yeah.
- Woxv. Well, that'll help.
- Really'?
- Yeah.
- That'd be great.
Hey do you know
when \.'ve'\I find out')
- Oh, what can I say? I can tell you right
now-v that-- (Girl clears her throat.)
Oh, I didn't see you there.
Thank you.
Thank you
- So. .
- Oh, um.
The jobs taken.
- What') How can n be taken
- Oh, weH. uh, we found everyone we need.
- Ah. So my tits aren't
big enough?
- What can I say'?
The job's taken.
- You're a fuckm' Mar.
- You know, uh--one second--
you know, nouv that I think
of it, there's this old guy
who x-vorks outside and he sells
hotdogs at night sometimes.
You could see if he's hiring.
- You Knox-v x-vhat, I know where the door is, so thanks a lot.
- Hey remember. we open up on the 15th
- Fuck you.
(door closing)
- OK.
- Hey.
- So, so, it says here you're hardworking.
- Yeah.
- So, so, it says here you're hardworking.
- Yeah.
- I saw you a couple months ago on a cover
of a magazine. You were fuckin' hot.
Smokm' hot.
That guy, the kid
avith the really short hair,
xs he gay? Is he gay?
- How much have I given you'?
- L-lmm, xvell... I haven't really
been keeping a tab.
But why sell something once when
you can sell it a dozeh times?
- H stops now.
It has to stop.
- Does n'?
- Twenty five thousand dollars.
- What aren't you teHmg me')
- Do you want the money or not?
- Well...
Yeah, I mean,
I xvant the money, but--
- No.
No buts.
All right, you take it
and we're done.
You take n and we never see each other agaxh.
- Whoa. whoa whoa slow down.
I can't believe I'm going to say this--
- Tnen don't say anything.
Except, "Thank you, Leigh,
and good knoxving you".
- Can I finish
what I 'was gonna say'?
I mean, I can't believe
I'm going to say this...
...but I reject your offer.
- Don't
- (laughing): I know you.
So well. I do.
You're predictable
and you're a filthy liar.
- Take n.
- No. No. thanks.
- Take n.
Or else I'll have
some people do things.
Bad things.
(glasses dropping on desk)
Not a good feeling, is it?
Being threatened.
Lylaybe if you try, you can imagine
hoyv I've felt for almost four years.
- "You get knocked down. .
"I get knocked down.
The difference between
you and me is that
"you always get back up.
That's why I love you, Bradley.
You're Leigh Parrish.
Who was that guy?
- Can you help me?
' Yes!
(rock music playing)
- What is all this stuff?
- Oh, uh: bubble machine,
fog machine.
Boss makes me store
all this stuff in here.
- Can we turn it on?
- (gm) Please open up'
(knocking on door)
I forgot my purse!
- Ah.
(knocking on door)
- I forgot my purse! Please open up!
- You know xvhat, uh,
stay right here, all right?
- O..K
- Open upl Hang'?
(knocking on door)
- What'?
- I forgot my purse.
Your fly is undone.
- I didn't see you
carrying a purse.
- Yes, because you were
on tit patrol!
- I'll call you if, you know,
if I find it.
- WeH. I need
to check the washroom.
- Come again? Come again'?
Come-- Shut up.
Put a mufn m your mouth.
Yes, it can happen,
but not before Friday.
I'll call you back.
- Hey, come on already!
It's not in here, all right'?
(siren in the distance)
- Ooh!
- No fighting now-v!
Hey. hey. No fighting.
Stop fighting! Agh! Ah!
Oh! Oh, shit!
All right, that's it.
Come here!
You want to pull hair'? Huh'?
- Ah!
(Man grunts in pain.)
- What the hell is going on?
- Shhhh. Be quiet.
- Ah...
- Watch out--!
- Wait: don't!
(Man yells in pain.)
-All right.
- What are you doing'?
- Ah!
- What is this?
Ah! Wait, my coat!
Wait: did I get the job?
- Why did he have to get up'?
Oh. my god
- (man): Maurice'?
- Damn it. Oh, shit.
- (man): Maurice!
Heh. Fuck you, Maunce
(thump nearby)
- (girl): Please, let me go!
- (man): Come here!
- (gm) No, no no.
no. no, no'
(man yelling in anger)
(girl yelling in fear)
(Girl screams.)
- (man): You'
You did this, didn't you'?! Huh'?!
What are you doing here?
- (girl): Nothing! Nothing!
Let me go! Let me go!
Please let me go!
- Come here!
- No! Fuck' Let me go'
- You did this! Huh'?!
- He wvas trying to hurt her!
- Get m!
- Let go!
No! No! Ox-v! Ox-v! - What did you do'?!
- Nothing! Nothing! Let me go!
Let me go! Let me go!
- Eric.
- NO! Ah!
- I owed him money, OK,
from years ago.
I came to pay him back.
That's all.
- Fm dead You know that?
You are too. Her as well,
'whoever you are.
- Tm Tess. Tess.
- You're dead too. Tess.
- Sal doesn't need to know.
- He's gonna find out. - Who's Sal?
- Not if you don't tell him.
- He's gonna know!
He's gonna find out, and he's gonna kill
me in the most inhumane way possible,
only no one's ever gonna find me because
I'm just gonna fuckin' disappear.
- Who's Sal'?
- Eric, listen to me--
- You Knox-v, 'when someone's late
for work... I get in shit!
If someone doesn't clean
the deep fryer...
I get in shit.
His brother dies--
- But that's not your fault.
Who is Sal?
- You think he's going to buy
that I was trying to get down
some g\rl's shxrt whHe you
were killing my boss,
his brother?
- Then why don't you jUST teH mm that
n was self-defence? (He scoffs.)
- Really?
Where'd you find her, huh?
We're all...
- Look, so this is what I need you to do
You're going to wait a day:
you're gonna call up Sal,
pretending to wonder
where the heH Maunce xs
AH fight?
- Does she know about you
and this place?
- Do I Knox-v x-vhat'?
- Oh. Well, you see,
Leigh used to work here.
- AH fight, you know what
Tess had nothing
to do with this.
You should probably--
- No, no, no, no.
I'm not gonna leave now.
- OK. Tess and I are
gonna clean up in here, OK'?
We're going to get rid of any
trace of anything happening. OK'?
- No! Ah'
- What, you 'want me to trust you
again, huh?
\s that what you want?
Yeah, I already did that.
- Leave her alone.
- I already tried that,
didn't I'?
Do you remember that?
I did everything for you.
I did everything you asked.
You wanted space;
I gave you space.
\ supported you
the best way I could.
I paid your bills,
I paid your rent,
I even bought you the car
that you drove away in.
What did you do for me,
Leigh, huh?
What did you do'? Hmm?
- Look, ave can talk about this
all night.
But I think that we really need to
focus on the trouble that we're in.
Clan you get rid of Maurice'?
- Can you tell me
x-vhy you left'?
- Yes, hello. Hope I'm not
interrupting dinner.
- Yes, hello. Hope I'm not
interrupting dinner.
No? Good, good.
No, uh, I'm Callum Beck.
We've never met, but I'm
your daughter's manager.
Yeah, yeah.
good to meet you too.
So, anyxyay. I was jUST gomg
through some of the photos today
and it just went so well,
I can't even, uh...
But I was wondering about a few
more of Lexgh at the farm.
Perhaps? Wlaybe some of her
alongside Stella-Bella'?
Oh. She's not
avith you tonight?
Oh. OK. Um, no
that's fine.
I'll just, uh: pass along
the message myself.
OK. Thank you.
Have a good evening.
(cell phone ringtone:
"Deck the Halls")
Leigh, it's me. Uh...
you're not at your parents'
house. I just called your mom.
Something about a...
important meeting'?
I'm confused.
Uh, give me a call back.
All right. Bye.
- .1141 If I could offer this
as evidence .11
J1 If I could offer this
as evidence J1
I- Daydxeam of you hem'? I-
J1 If I could offer this
as evidence J1
I- Daydxeam of you hem I-
J1 Daydream of you here... DD
- So. who's ms bad-ass brother?
Who is he?
Because, you know: earlier--
- We only heard about mm.
- And?
Oh, my god. Leigh!
- He was up on a manslaughter
charge once
- Wow
What happened?
- What's wrong')
- It's done.
\ did what you asked
and, uh, I think I did good.
- OK.
- You left. And obviously
you had a good reason,
but you never told me,
so I xvouldn: know.
I never understood. but L
you know I would have left too
I mean, I... I would still leave
if you, um...
Scared, you know. I gotta call Sal--
- Eric, no, he won't find out.
- Fm afraid of what he's gonna
do W don't, so-
- Enc no, no, no.
Enc. Enc, Enc. wait
OK, let's... Iefsjust talk
about this, OK'?
I promise you
no one Wm find out.
No one.
- Go ahead, asshole, shut the fucking door.
That's the last mistake
you're ever gonna make. Do it.
- Eric.
- Fm sorry.
- No, no, Eric!
Enc! Enc, come on, no'
(keypad beeping)
Enc! Encl
Please, please, don't do this,
please! Eric! Eric!
Enc. come on'
" What':
" What':
"And I'm beginning to think that this
isn't an abandoned bomb shelter at all.
I think ifs a meth lab!"
- Tess, please.
- It's from your show
- Yeah, I figured.
- "So, youWe taking to me
about change')
"You're talking to me
about change: Bradley?
You're talking to me out of all the
people that I've ever had- - Tess.
- Sorry. Just, I've... memorized
everything you've ever said.
Season One anyway.
- Tess, \ need you to focus, OK?
Help me figure cutaway
out of this room.
- News no away
There's one door.
and M's baked.
(chair sq uea king)
- Sal.
Hey, Sal. It's Eric. Uh...
you got a second?
I need to talk to you.
(chair sq uea king)
It's important.
It's, uh... Hey, Sal.
Your brothes dead
Vm sorry. I know But. uh. .
...you two hated each other,
anyway dxdnlyou?
(Leigh breathing quickly)
- You brought a knife?
Why can't ave call the cops?
- 'Cause ave can't.
- This is exciting. I mean, Leigh Parrish
held against her will in a nightclub?
It's gonna be, like,
on the news
and on the internet, and
everybody will hear about it,
and that is exciting, you know.
That's really--
- Tess! Tess!
- Yeah. Sorry. Yeah'?
- None of this gets heard
by anyone.
- Seems Mke a waste.
I mean, x-vhafs the point
if nobody gets to hear about it'?
Oh. my god
(cell phone ringtone:
"Deck the Halls")
- Hi, you've reached
Leigh's phone. Leave a message.
Or don't.
- Uh, hey. it's me. Again.
Haven't heard back
from you yet so. .
Just want to make sure
everything's OK. Um...
you would tell me
if something x-vas wrong, right?
Anya-way, give me a shout back.
I'm just currently cruising
through Tinytoxvn here,
ax-vatting your call.
(He sxghi)
- Ow
Oh. .
(She gaspi)
- Got down about 15 feet.
So I'm gonna go back in further
and see where it takes me.
Take this.
If you don't hear from me in five
minutes, I want you to call the police.
- Why wouldn't I hear from you'?
- Vmjust saying, if...
if anything avers to go wrong, then
you should call the... police.
- O-OK. Good luck.
(sighing in pain)
(ringtone: Deck the Halls)
This is Tess.
- Callum: [This is who?]
- Leigh's assistant.
- [Fine. I don't know]
Who you are, Tess, but put
Leigh on, please, pronto.
- [Um... she's unavail-- she's
unavailable at the moment]
- Look, this is Leigh's manager,
[and I need--
it's very important-q
Bust... just put Leigh on now
Please. Tess]
- OK, she's um.
We're at Shakefis, and she's
going to find a way out,
but she's not going to call the police.
So I will get her to-- Um...
MM get her to caH you back
when she can OK?
- What'? Hello? Hello?
- Ah!
(door opening)
(door closing)
" Wham
- Sal.
It's Eric.
- [Enc?]
- Yeah.
I think you had...
I think you should
probably come down
to the dub.
Right now-v. I mean, you Knox-v...
Do you x-vant to'?
I mean, do you have time'?
- [You Knox-v how-v fuckin' late
it is right now'? What for'?]
- Oh...
I, uh... I think it's, uh:
it's probably best if I, uh...
...told you in person.
- Ah!
- Are you still there'?
- [Oh, yeah, I'm still here]
[Turn around]
" What':
- [Hi.]
- Hey
- I think that you knocked
yourself out.
Are you OK?
- What, uh... what are you doing
here so late'?
Gotta be doing something.
- Been cleaning?
- The gloves are none
of your business,
but I do love to clean
late at night. Helps me nod off.
Ah. Come on.
- Who called
when you answered the phone?
- Some guy. He said he was
your manager.
- What did you tell him'?
- Nothing, nothing.
I didn't tell him anything.
I didn't-- OK, that's not true.
I told him... uh, I said
that we were in trouble,
and then I said that you were
going to take care of it,
though. And then... Oh, shit:
shit I don't know.
won't remember what I saxd.
I'm sorry.
- AH fight. Come on.
You're next.
- Uh..
- Come on
Come on m
Sit down.
Come on.
You know, before the reno.
I would sometimes come
to the club
and I xvoulci throx-v a piece
of garbage on the floor...
...just to see hox-v many
of my staff would x-valk by
avithout picking it up.
You know?
- Yeah')
- You wanna see
somethmg Wm'?
- Yeah, hi. Uh, I'm looking
for a place.
It's a nightclub, I think.
Someone xvas giving me the address
and the call got dropped.
- [Sin do you have
a business name'?]
- No, I'm-I'm calling you
for the fucking business name!
- [I'm sorry, sir,
I have to end the call--]
- What? No. no, come on!
Don't, dude- Fuckmg Tinytownl
(cell phone ringtone)
Leigh? Leigh, is that you'?
- [M r. Beck?]
- Uh, yeah, this is he.
- [Please hold
for Randall Mossbergj
- Oh, yeah, yes, absolutely,
absolutely, yeah.
(sighing and bed squeaking
in video)
- Always been my favourite,
no matter how many times
\ watch n. Eric.
You knew this girl, right'?
She used to work here,
d\dn't she')
- No, I...
- Oh. So. you've never seen her
before, tms one?
- No.
- I used to...
'watch this girl.
Her name was Adelle.
I would see her in this park
every day,
and during the course
of the summer,
I xvatched her turn
into an addict.
She just got skinnier
and skinnier,
more and more desperate
all the time.
Really sad
I gave her money
all the time,
and I would say,
Go buy some food.
Go buy some food".
You know?
But she didn't.
And then one day
she was lust gone.
But this one here.
This one here...
I mean... she's a completely different
specimen, wouldwt you say'?
She's-just so...
so full of life.
My, uh. my brother,
he wvas supposed
to call me tonight.
Have you seen mm?
- No, not tonight.
- OK, come on.
Slide your hands
along the top and move
to the first ring.
You can do n, you can do n.
Come on
You just fall straight down.
- Straight down.
- Straight doxvn, OK'?
- OK.
($16 yells.)
- Pretty good
for a first Mme, hey?
You must have done that
a thousand times--
stunts like that'?
Oh. God.
Are you OK?
- Hey! Randall!
How you doing, sir'?
Glad to hear your voice!
Yes! OW
Yes, thank you, sir!
Thank you, sir!
Uh, no. she is gonna be
ecstatic. She is gonna be...
No. ve've. we've, uh
we were uh. we were
antrcipatrng this eagerly.
Yes. yes, we WHI be there.
We x-vill be there. Absolutely.
You will not regret this, sir. I promise you.
I promise you. You will not regret this.
She is so focused
and so excited about this.
She is. .
No. thank you very much
All right. All right: bye.
(laughing loudly)
(sighing in video)
- I love this part.
I mean... it's dirty.
It's so real.
I'm really enjoying this.
Enc. what's the problem')
- Uh, no problem.
No, nothing.
OK. l-lypothetically, 'what I told you something
that I knex-v you xveren't gonna like.
Hox-v x-vould you react'?
- Well, how do you know
how Fm gonna react
when you haven't told me yet?
- A hunch
That girL-that woman
on the TV that you showed me--
uh . what if I told you
that, uh...
I sax-v her here recently'?
- You saw her?
- Yeah.
- But you just told me
on the couch--
- I-l made a mistake. Sorry.
Also, your brother.
- My brother?
My brother's an asshme.
He's a pig, he's a sycophant.
Tell me something I don't Knox-v.
- Well, he's, I'm pretty sure,
I think...
...he's dead.
" What':
- OK, you see you. um...
earlier, when I finished
the interviex-vs,
I heard this noise upstairs,
so I came running upstairs,
and I saw him .. dead.
He was, uh... he was
already dead.
- He was dead?
- But I saw tuvo girls,
and I locked them up,
and, uh: yeah, they're right outside,
and, uh, that's xvhen I called you.
- Yeah.
- It xvas the right thing to do.
- (Leigh in video): Come on.
Come on. Wake up, OK?
Come on, don't leave me. Come on, come on.
Oh, you like that'?
- Easy, easy, easy,
slowv, slow.
And nox-v I'm supposed to position
any dislodged organ,
and-- No, no, no, it's OK,
it's OK, because I took
the first aid course to get my babysitting certificate.
- Help me up.
- No! '(owe not supposed to move.
We're supposed to wan for help.
- Just help me up.
(sighing in pain)
- You're sure they're
in there, Eric'?
- Oh, yeah
(keypad beeping)
(metallic thump)
Sal, you gotta believe me.
There we re two.
- But my brother's still dead'?
You're sticking to that story, right?
- Sal, I'm not lying to you.
You gotta believe me-
- Hey. I saw her too.
(tires screeching)
- Excuse me!
Hi. Hi.
I'm lost. Can you help me out?
- Well, Buddhism x-vorked
for a friend of mine.
- Yeah, no:
actually lost.
I'm, uh: looking for a nightclub.
- Which one'?
- That's just n.
I don't know.
- Nexvtows. Around the corner.
- The Cellar is still open, isn't it'?
- Oh! Shakers?
- What was that one'?
- Shakers
You go down thxs street,
Mung way. UH you get
to a T-mtersectxon.
And then, uh. you turn left.
- Great Shakers.
Thank you Um...
- You can come back. sweetheart.
- I'm...
We'll talk about it.
- Nice ride.
- That's strange.
The blood that comes...
You know, I read once
where certain bodies can move on
their ouvn once they've expired.
And I thought that
that was bullshit.
Right. But my friend,
Ronnie Trip, and I,
we went to a funeral home and asked the
guy who was working there about it
Guy thought ave avers-
pulling a prank on him.
But when he figured out
we were serious,
he invited us back
to the back office.
We sat down.
he offered us coffee--
that coffee was horrible: but it
was the gesture that I admired.
And it turns out--
- I-l...
H. . \ moved mm.
- You what?
- I moved him.
- You moved him?
- Yeah, after I found him,
I, uh... I moved him.
- Close the door
- OK, Sal, listen to me.
The only reason
avhy I moved his body is because I didn't
want him in the same room x-vith those girls.
- Right. That's it?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's x-yhat happened, you Knox-y?
Like I told you, I... I...
- Eric. .
I-I x-vant you to do something
for me.
- Yeah, anything.
- I x-yant you to raise your hands
above your head
and widen your stance.
" What':
Uh. why exactly?
- Because I'm gonna
kick you in the balls.
- Come on, Sal.
- OK'?
Gotta let me do this or I'll do
something much worse, believe me. OK'?
Hands up, like a POW.
Yeah, P.O.W Widen.
- All right, Iefs just
talk about this, all right?
- Widen the stance.
- Listen to me, man L .
I'm sorry about your brother.
- I Knox-v you are.
Hands up.
- Come on, Sal.
- Comfortable? Ready'?
- Sat.
- Ready?
- Sal, don't do this.
Don't do this.
Don't do this, Sal.
Don't do this. Don't do this--
- You're not coming'?
Why not? Why') Why? Because I know
that R's not about the money,
or whatever the fuck
you toXd Enc
- Must...
I need to stay here, OK'?
- Why?
Does he have naked pictures of you? Like...
did he used to be your dealer?
Do you guys-did you--
do you have a sex tape'?
Oh, shit. Shit.
No! Seriously?
Oh, my god!
Leigh! Do you have any idea
how-q cool that is?
If I looked like you, I x-vould make
a sex tape every single day! No, no,
no,no:no! If you lock this door,
I xvill fucking pound on it!
I Knox-v you, Leigh. I know you,
and you wouldn't be here--
Ow, ow. ow' Ow'
- You know me? You know me')
' Yes!
" Why?
Because you've watched
some character \ play on TV')
You don't know me.
I'm a mirage.
- No no. that's not true
A HoHywvood casting dxrector
discovered you when you were
volunteering at a soup kitchen,
and then you were cast
m an off-Broadway may
and you bhewv everybody away--
- No No.
There's a pretty picture,
but it isn't true.
All right'?
They put this stuff on me-
me being a small-towvn girl
who defied the odds--
because n works.
H gets me jobs.
I'm a brand.
The Cinderella thing
gets me publicity,
and soon as it stops working,
I'll stop x-vorking.
- How do you know
what brand you are?
I'm serious, Leigh.
I'm serious. Please. Please.
Help me understand.
- My mom can't know.
- Know what?
- That I'm disgusting.
- You are beautiful.
OK'? You are so, so beautiful.
(grunting and sighing in video)
- (Eric): I didn't do it!
I didn't do it x-vith those girls!
- (Sal): You sure
you don't xvant one'?
- So. what do we do now?
Just wan
for that guy to heave'?
What wound ChanteHe do?
Leigh, I'm serious.
- I got into some trouble
a fex-v years ago, Eric.
Some serious, serious,
dark trouble.
I didn't deserve it, either.
So now.
Trouble seems to follow.' me
vmerever I go.
Sort of like a diseased puppy.
I guess xvhat I'm trying
to say is...
I don't need the attention
right now.
The attention means
that people are going to be
looking at me first.
And I don't want that.
(Ends mufed screams)
(Eric yelling in pain)
- What are you doing'?
Enc made ms bed
You need to protect yourself
- You'd be great
in the entertainment industry.
- Seriously'?
Are we gonna...
(Tess x-vhispering): Leigh!
(toilet flushing)
Oh. Whew Whew. OK.
Come on! Little... fucker!
- Come on, come on.
I got it. Come.
Come on. No, no!
Shit, shit.
- Are these the tx-vo ladies that you
were talking about a minute ago?
- We don't know anything.
- (Sal): I'm sorry'?
- We don't... know anything.
- (Sal): On.
Lxttle Bo Peep here says
she doesrt know anything.
Peep, would you squat down
for a mmute?
Do I know you'?
Do I-- Have ave met?
You and me? I mean. .
Where xvould I Knox-v you from?
- TV.
" What':
- I Believe in Angels
It's a TV show-v.
- No, no. Um but.
Eric. and I did see you
on a television
just a little x-vhile ago.
Having a little square dance--
two guys, two girls.
(grunting with effort)
- OK.
(grunting with effort)
. Hey Hey.
Come on. Come on come on
I've dreamt
about meeting you.
But I gotta be honest.
I half hoped I x-vouldwt.
Scared you'd disappoint.
You sit there.
You're filthy.
Just one minute.
- Should we run?
(tap running)
Leigh. Should ave run'?
- No. We don't move
We don't run.
- Why?
(video playing faintly)
- I play it all the time.
It's, uh... background sounds
for angels.
believe that it is playing
with you in this room.
Would you sit on my leg?
I'd like you to sit on my leg.
Just a few questions.
Hear n, Peep')
Must have been .
Six, seven years ago
I first laid eyes
on this apparition.
It was a video--
the tape: I call it.
An art installation,
you might say.
Um. she...
...this lovely creature is
on the tape
for 21 riveting minutes.
I loved how you got
inside my brother's head.
Watching you do that to him.
I found my brother tonight.
I'd love to know
how it happened.
I'm curious.
Would you tell me, please?
(sighing and moaning on video)
(whispenng): Please
You can get
off my leg now.
Your turn
(Maurice laughing in video)
- (Leigh in video): What'?
(Maurice laughing in video)
- Fuck!
- You know, I get
the distinct impression
that you had nothing to do
wnh what went down here
Like, like, you xvere pulled
into it, or you walked into it
like dog shit. Poor thing.
Am I right?
I'm right, aren't I? Yeah?
All right: so:
you're gonna tell me
what you're doing here,
or Lady Godiva over there will
watch me do some thmgs
with you
- Sh-sh-she. .
- Come on come on
(moaning in video)
It's gonna restart itself.
Just await.
Here n comes
All right, let's do this.
Come here. It's all right.
- (sobbing): No, no, no, no!
- Sal, stop!
- No, Leigh, no!
- She's here because of me.
Come here.
Your brother has been
extorting me for three years.
And I decided
to take a stand.
- Good for you!
- Yeah
Well, he didn't like that,
and he tried to kill me.
- Ah!
- OK, OK, you came
to get the tape. I get it.
But why on Gods green earth do
you want to cover up your gifts?
You are a goddess.
Celebrate the tape. right?
Celebrate it'
Get in front of it!
Be proud!
- That's not me anymore.
- Fuck!
(w-vooci breaking)
(He groans.)
- Who's this now-v?
(Enc grunts)
- Hey, Leigh..-
Who is-wvho is this guy'?
- Oh. Well, I'm obviously
just a nobody.
Ain't that right, Leigh'?
Afuckm' nobody'
- Hey no. no, no no.
You- I would prefer if you did
not talk to Leigh like that, OK'?
- Why don't you teH your
fuckxn' shoe whore to back off
or I'm gonna put my fist
through his fuckin' skull.
- Hey. Call me shoe xvhore again.
- Shoe m
- om
I am her manager!
You. Out. Now.
What'? No, no what--
what are you domg?
What is she doing?
- Leigh, forget about the tape!
- What') What tape')
(sighing and bed squeaking
in video)
- I really like that.
- Yeah'? You like that?
- Really like that.
- Yeah.
- So fucking...
- Oh. Yeah, you like that.
You OK?
- Stop stop
- What'?
- Just for. .
Somethings xvrong with me.
Oh. Oh. fuck'
Holy... You almost broke me-
- (Leigh in video): Just take it.
Just take it! Take it! Take it!
- Why didn't you tell me
about this?
- (Leigh): Come on, come on.
Take it!
Take n! Fuckerl
You want that'?
- It's my job to deal uvith th--
- It happened before ave met!
- I understand that, but--
- There's nothing
you could have done, OK'?!
(shouting in anger)
- Stop. Look, we can cover this up!
- I don't want to cover it up!
I want it gone!
- Leigh! Leigh! Leigh: stop!
- (Leigh in video): Come on.
Come on. Wake up, OK?
Come on, don't leave me.
Come on. Come on, big boy.
You like that? Come on,
take that. You 'want that?
Yeah, you like that.
You like that'?
- OK. Look. whatever happened
Whatever he dxd to you
it doesn't mean that your career
has to come to a dead stop, OK?
We can have mm charged.
- It's not what he did to me.
Come on, big boy.
It's what I did to him.
(Leigh sighing in video)
(Maurice yelling in pain)
- (Pvaurice): Fuck!
- (Leigh): Fuck. Oh, shit.
(Leigh sobbing): You fucking--
You're a fucking--
Oh, shit! NO!
(Leigh sobbing and yelling
in a panic)
Oh, shit!
- Stand back Stand back.
Fuck Fuck.
They said yes, OK?
The fucking network said yes.
- (Leigh xvhispering in video):
You're never gonna see me again.
When I come back...
(Maurice groaning in video)
(Leigh yelling in anger)
- Stay down. Stay down!
Don't move
- Hey. Where are
our lady friends?
- Don't care.
'cause you know what?
This is between you and me.
- Oh, no: it's not.
No, it's not.
Enc. M's not.
This is us
against them.
- On. How-v convenient
for you.
Clan I sit on your lap'?
- Here. buddy.
I didn't Knox-v x-vhere
to point that trigger.
'Cause all three of you xyere
looking really, really guilty.
But nouv I Knox-v
you had nothing to do with this.
- That's right.
- Nothing.
Those girls broke m here
to steal something
that wasn't theirs.
And when the cops get xvind of this,
you are gonna take the blame.
- What'? Blame me'?
Why would they do that'?
I didn't do nothing.
- Doesn't matter. Your girlfriend
upstairs, she's gonna pin this on you.
I Knox-v all about her.
Nlaurice told me.
She left you before.
She's gonna leave you again.
She WM. Don't trust her.
And you will be alone
like you alx-vays are.
- No.
- Now you listen to me.
I have a lot of cleaning up
to do.
This is a big-time mess.
Just go handle stuff,
and I'll make some calls. Right'?
- You're gonna help me?
- I'm gonna help you.
Absolutely. Here's a drink.
It's for you.
That's it. That's it.
- Don't move.
- I'm not gonna move. Stop pointing that at me.
Just do what you have to do.
Come on.
- I can't, man.
I can't do this, man. I can't go
up there and kill them, you know'.
I mean, your brother, maybe
it was an accident, you know?
Think about it. She's a TV star, man.
You knoxv, we kill her,
people are gonna come around, people
are gonna start asking questions.
Cops, man!
There's gotta be another way.
- SM.
Whew. Now I gotta...
All right.
Yeah, there's another x-vay.
I'll-- Listen, I'll do it.
I'll do it, OK'?
- You sure'? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Hey, Sal.
Take this thing, you know'?
That ain't me.
- All right.
Hey, listen, listen.
You remind me x-vnen this is allover, I'm
gonna give you my dental surgeon's card.
He's a fuckin' artist.
I'll give you his card.
- Yeah. Thanks, Sal.
(two gunshots)
- (Sal): Hello!
Who's coming douvn?
Come on, prairie blossom.
I'm waiting for you.
All right. I'm coming up.
- Sal, wan! I'm coming down
- AH fight.
: Leigh.
- Head hurts.
Let's go, people!
What's this new'?
What is this now?
What is this now?
What is this now?
(music switched off)
The disco floor is now closed.
Got n?
" Leighq
- Son of a bitch!
(Leigh sighing in pain)
(sighing in pain)
- Owv!
- What, um...
what's your actual name?
- It's Leigh.
- Thought ifd be something
more exotic, you know?
Like, like.
Laetma. Lecme...
You have the tape?
- I did.
- What's the matter?
- I x-vant to live.
Is there--is there any away...
(Leigh sobbing)
- That would be tricky.
I mean... I mean,
it's not just you.
I mean, x-ve have this cute little
couple up there somewhere,
and everyone who lives
past the night...
is just a bigger migraine
for me don-m the road, right?
- What if they...
What if they couldn't'?
- Aren't they your friends?
- Can a bottom feeder be
a friend?
- (Leigh repeating Tess): Sx-vimming beneath
you, eating the food you've discarded
that floats dowvn to you? The
fair-uveather friend, the sponge:
the leech who profits
off the success of others?
- Is that from a book
or something?
- Yeah.
- Beautiful.
- H they weren't awe
to contradict whatever story
that we come up wxth. .
- I fucking love you.
"We." Yeah. Right'?
Right'? You and me?
- Yeah.
We could help each other.
- \ want to negotiate.
(Leigh laughing)
(Sal laughing)
- That's what this producer said
to me
when I first arrived
in LA.
- What'd you do'?
- Kneed him in the balls.
(Sal laughing)
- You were such a p\sto\
- SUN am.
(Sal shouts in pain.)
- Hey. Oh...
(Sal grunting)
- No, Sal, stop!
8T0 p!
- Well... want me to stand here
and bleed out'?
Is that xvhat you want'?
All right, there you go.
Nly pain, it's temporary.
Clan you say the same
about yours'? Don't think so.
Let me just feel the pain for you,
let me uvear it for you, all right?
Come on.
Don't be scared. We're the same
person You just don't know n yet.
Come on. hvant to some home
with you every night.
And I'm gonna-l 'want
to taste your breath: right?
When I'd watch you sleep
(uvhispering): I love you.
Hove you. Why f?
I'm never gonna let you go.
No one's gonna come
between us ever.
Or I'll burn them
at the stake.
And I'll burn them
and burn them,
bum them, bum them
I'm never gonna let you go.
: You did xvhat you had
to do. You just, uh:
you did what you had to do.
It's gonna be OK.
It's gonna be OK. OK, urn,
uh: I can see this,
I can see this. Uh, how,
how do they know Leigh'?
What are they doing here'?
- I don't Knox-v! What do ave do? Do I call someone'?
Do ave call the police'? Can you calm dox-vn?!
- OK, so: so this guy,
Sal, he: um...
he was blackmailing Leigh,
Something about a tape, right'? And then, and
he was extorting her, so, so Leigh shoa-vs up.
Sal gets rough, and...
the gun comes out, and then,
then... this guy. Eric,
he defends Leigh,
he tries to help her, but then,
pop pop, pop he's down.
Sal, he's ready: he's ready to kill
Leigh, he's ready to snuff the life
out of her but she..
she stabs him
But he still comes for her.
And that's when our brave dead sotdter here
he musters up just enough energy to. .
To grab a gun. .
And shoot him. Right,
jUSI enough energy~
(two gunshots)
- Ah! Oh' Jesus!
- He just missed
a couple of times first.
What'? What?
- Ws not gonna work.
- What? It uvorksr-
- Ballistics, bullet trajectory.
Clallum, I watch a lot of TV.
That doesn't make sense.
Plus there's still
the brother.
(Tess sighs.)
- OK, so what happened?
- He attacked her and then I--
- You stopped him'?
You defended Leigh?
- Yes.
- Say it then.
- I x-vas protecting myself
and Leigh.
- And it was the only way.
- Yes.
OK, but still
that doesn't explain Sal.
- OK. Then-then we pat burn the place
down We torch n and we cut our losses--
- I'm gonna tell them
what happened.
" What':
- I'm gonna tell them
what happened.
- Leigh, if... if you do that,
I need you to understand that--
- I understand.
- Wan, wan. wait
What if n was my sex tape?
Leigh can't have one anyway. It's not her brand.
OK'? So, so, listen.
OK. Leigh has been my friend
for a long time,
and I called her and I asked her to
come here and help me get it back.
And that is hox-v this whole
horrible night started.
OK') Yes.
It's the only away.
- Hey, Steve. It's Clallum.
We met earlier this morning.
I need your help with something.
{siren in the distance)
(siren in the distance)
I'm Callum Beck.
I placed the call.
Uh, WeW/e got
the two mjureds there
and two bodies over there.
- Where does n hurt. mdam?
- Right here.
(sighing in pain)
(siren outside)
Thank you
- No problem.
- As you can see, things got a
little out of hand here last night.
From x-vhat I Kno\.-v--um, I sort of
gave them my ear-- but, uh, Leigh
came here to help her friend,
Tess, who I guess was involved
wnh these guys somehow-- very bad mew-and.
uh, things got rough,
got out of control.
But they're OK, and that's
what I need you to be able
to get across here.
- Yeah.
- AH set?
- Yeah, definitely
Except um.
I'm going to need a manager.
You start today.
Othenvise, I don't go along
uvith the story.
OK') I expose everything.
I talk about Leigh's tape,
Sal, P~Aaurice--
(uvhispering): The uvhole
fucking thing.
- OK. uh, Tess.
nobody/s gonna behave--
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, no, no:
I agree. But...
but they will
when I show it to them.
This is a video of Leigh
shooting Sal in the face
after he'd already
given up.
Want auditions
and I xvant to meet
the right people.
- Leigh.
What's going on here?
- Steve, just... please.
- Sure.
- Give me that.
- OK. Take n.
But the file's already
been sent.
- Leigh,
can you tell us
what happened here?
(camera dick)
Good'? All right. Ready? OK.
So, can you tell us
what happened tonight?
- Uh. . was, I was here
to save my fnend. Tess
- Is this true'?
How long have you known
Miss Parnsh for'?
- Leigh Farris and I have been
friends for, 0h...
a long time.
- Years
- .1141 O little toavn
of Bethlehem .11
J1 How still ave see thee lie J1
.11 Above thy deep
and dreamless sleep J1
J1 The silent stars go by .1
J1 Yet m the dark streets
smneth J1
J1 The everlasting light .1
J1 The hopes and fears
of all the years J1
J1 Are met in thee tonight .11
Closed Captioning by SETTE inc.
- .11 Above thy deep .11
J1 Dreamless .1
- .11 Yet in the dark streets
shineth J1
J1 The everlasting light .1
J1 The hopes and fears
of all the years J1
J1 Are met in thee tonight .11
- .11 Are met in thee tonight DJ?