Festival of the Living Dead (2024) Movie Script

I mean, I still can't
believe it, you know.
It's Harvard.
I mean, just promise me
you won't turn into some privileged snob.
Oh, well, if I do,
I give you full permission to
kidnap and rehabilitate me.
Well, rehab is a long, torturous process.
I mean, you'll be exposed to music, like...
You did not say they were coming.
They're my friends and it's my birthday.
They're Kevin's friends.
Kevin's my boyfriend.
Iris, please!
Come on. Not today.
I just thought we have
a tradition, you know,
milkshakes, our birthday
hike, the blackthorn.
Dude, we're not 14 anymore.
Things, they have to evolve
and I swear they're really not that bad.
Just give 'em a chance.
Maybe we're early.
Oh my God, this is so awkward.
What the fuck? Hello?
Oh my gosh.
What the fuck!
Hi, Destiny. Hi Lindsay.
Where's your fucking sister?
You're the bitch!
Urgh! Ashley, your
brother needs to chill.
Ugh! I swear.
He just has to be the center
of attention all the time.
Hey, I thought you said this was a party.
Like, no one is here.
Oh, well, I'm on babysitting duty
until my folks get back from
their second honeymoon.
It's kind of crazy, but, I don't know,
I just figured we'd do
something more low key.
Well, Kevin just
showed up with his brother.
He brought a keg.
I told him a cake.
- Okay.
- Great.
- Over here. Hello.
- Hello.
Happy birthday, babe. Hi.
- Fucking knackers.
- You look pretty pretty.
Thank you.
- I try.
- Oh, I got you something.
Ooh, gimme.
- Ah.
- Hmm. What's this?
Living Death.
New on the market?
Yeah. So we're hoping you'll share.
Guys, come on. We talked about this.
Not in my house.
My little brother is here.
And if my parents found
out, they'd literally kill me.
Okay. Okay.
All good points, but hear me out.
How are you gonna
enjoy tonight's festivities
without a little buzz?
Mm hmm.
Guys spill, what?
The Festival of the Living Dead
is back for it's 55th year.
Join us this weekend to celebrate life
and commemorate those
who died in the tragedy of '68.
We've got a killer lineup of over 50 acts,
including headliner Shaftbuster,
Pinky Swear, and Godesszilla.
And don't forget the burn.
Live it up at the Festival
of the Living Dead 2023.
Festival of the Living Dead!
Oh my gosh.
Are you serious?
Guys, No. Aren't these like a grand apiece?
Your boy over here
paid big bucks for these?
Wait, oh my God, isn't
Goddesszilla playing this year?
- Who?
- Goddesszilla?
That's like Iris and I's
favorite band of all time.
They're post-punk.
I mean, I never thought I
would see them live, ever,
but, oh my gosh!
Mmm. Thank you.
Seriously, this is the
coolest gift ever, but...
I can't go.
I promised my dad I'd watch Luke.
Wait, seriously?
Can we at least do a keg
chug before the rest of us do?
Yeah. Just, just take it downstairs.
- Huh?
- Sick.
Oh my God.
You know your girlfriend is a downer.
She doesn't even party.
Bro. Shut up, all right?
She's chill.
Oh damn!
Alright, we're here at
Festival of the Livings Dead.
55 years.
Start our challenge. You know you want it.
Snorting meteors for the win.
This is lame.
You should go to the
Festival of the Living Dead.
I can't. I have to... I'll watch Luke.
Your dad will never know.
Yeah, but I can't just
What kind of friend would I be
if I let you reject free tickets
to see Goddesszilla alive?
Oh my God. Are you sure?
I know you'd do the same for me. So.
Yeah, I would do anything for you.
Oh my gosh.
Don't worry, folks.
I'll protect you from any
of the wandering demons
- in this house.
- Oh my God.
I won't let 'em get you.
Kevin, what the hell? Put that down.
Can't even figure out his
own locker combination,
let alone how to shoot a gun.
Oh, yeah?
Thank you.
Once I save your lives from the Succubus,
then you'll be thanking me.
Kevin, no!
Damn! Cool moves, babe.
This isn't funny.
Kevin, this shit is real.
My grandfather shot
actual living corpses with it,
so you can't just point it at people.
You know you're really
sexy when you're all serious.
Stop. You're ignorant.
Look, I wasn't gonna shoot your brother.
Luke what are you even doing down here?
You promised to stay in your freaking room.
I ran out of chips.
You ran out of chips, huh?
Gee. Don't have to
be such a bitch about it.
Don't be mad, okay? Come on.
I'm not mad. It's fine.
And I did look pretty hot.
Like if there was undead
assholes running around,
I'd smoke those motherfuckers.
Hey, speaking of the undead.
I'm going to the festival.
Let's go! Let's go!
What are you doing?
What? I don't want you
playing with it while I'm not here.
Okay. Not everyone's as
dumb as your idiot boyfriend.
And I don't need a babysitter.
Iris isn't babysitting.
She's just watching the
house and er, chilling.
So why can't I come with you?
You'll have fun.
Just be good and watch
your blood sugar. Okay?
So glad you're coming.
Okay it has no carbs, no sugar, no fat
and then you just add a
tablespoon of cinnamon.
And it gives you all
the nutrients you need.
You don't even need to eat
anymore. You just drink that.
We're going to the Festival
of the Living Dead fuckers!
- Go on baby!
- Come on!
Oh shit.
Okay. Well, there
goes the rest of our day.
Where are you going?
I know a back entrance. All right.
Don't worry about it.
My boy, Tommy, he's gonna
let us in the staff entrance.
No lines, no hassle.
We do it every year.
- Cool.
- Hmm.
That's the shit.
Stop. Please.
You want me to drive?
Nah. No, no.
Nah, I'm all right. Don't worry.
Hey, do you actually,
do you have any more
of those Living Deaths?
They're practically just caffeine.
Yeah, sure.
Thanks baby.
Come here.
- No.
- Baby.
Come on. Come here.
Watch out!
It's fucking broken!
- Kevin?
- Shit.
Kevin, Kevin!
No fucking way.
My fucking leg.
What the fuck!
I don't have any fucking service.
How the hell did this even happen?
There, there, there was a guy
literally right in the middle of the road.
I mean, I swerved to try and avoid him.
You sure you were not just tripping?
No, no, no. I saw him.
I think I saw him. I just, I don't know.
My mind right now. I don't fucking know.
Okay. Well, look, we,
we can't just stay here.
We need to get help.
Festival's only a few miles away.
Okay, well, Lindsay can't fucking walk.
Okay. Destiny will stay with her, okay?
Either somebody drives by and helps us,
which I do not see happening.
Or we go out and we get help. Okay?
There's gotta be medical staff
at the festival or something.
You got a better idea?
Because I'm listening.
Wait, wait, wait. Guys,
guys, listen, all right.
We have to treat this so seriously.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- I mean, I was drinking.
- I could lose my license.
Are you serious right now?
That's what you fucking care about?
No, no. Listen, listen!
He's right.
If Harvard finds out about this,
then he could lose his scholarship, okay?
So we're gonna have
to say you were driving.
Are you fucking kidding me right now.
Baby? Please.
Okay, listen, okay. You're sober.
Alright? It's a totally
different thing for you.
I'm not fucking sober.
You just fed me a fucking pill.
No, no. I told you.
Those are basically just caffeine. Alright?
It'll be out of your system
before they test you.
Why don't we talk about this later?
Because you know what?
We almost died and our friends are hurt.
I know.
I was the one driving, remember?
Look, I'm sorry. Alright.
I, I'm just trying to plan for the future.
You do whatever the
fuck you want. I don't care.
We need to fucking
help our friends right now.
Hey, look, look at me.
We're gonna go to the festival.
We're gonna find help. Okay?
So I need you to stay
here with your sister.
You're fucking leaving.
I can't leave your
sister here by herself.
You have to stay and
you're concussed, okay?
Just, just let us do this.
Be right back, I promise.
Where the fuck are you going?
We're gonna come back.
- We're gonna come back.
- Fuck! You guys!
Let's go. Let's go!
Here, take these.
No! Fucking no.
Pass me my phone.
When CJ So Cool poses
pictures of his gunshot wounds,
he went viral.
He went fucking viral.
So just...
Hi everyone. Hi.
Oh my God. Oh my God.
I know. I look like fucking shit.
I look like fucking shit
right now, but just, um,
story time.
I almost died.
I almost just died.
And if any you saw me last night,
you know, your girl was
attending Festival of Living dead.
And I got fucking hurt!
It fucking hurts! It fucking hurts!
I am fucking dying over here.
Fucking, oh shit.
Where the fuck am I?
I need you guys to fucking find me.
Fucking stalk me you fucking stalkers.
Oh shit! Thank god!
Hi. Hi.
Fuck. We need help.
The car's fucked. My sister's fucked.
Can you help us?
Yeah, okay. He's coming.
Are you fucking serious?
What the fuck are you doing?
No, no, no!
- Where'd he go?
- Where's he? Where's he?
What's up, Blaise?
Yo. Where's the party at?
You just missed them by like a few hours.
Oh, perfect.
Cool. That's great.
Even better this way.
Iris of my eye.
Before you know it, we're
gonna be living different lives.
You know, you're gonna be a famous
but starving writer in New York.
I'm gonna be kicking ass,
doing gigs around the world.
And Ash will get her Harvard degree.
Marry Kevin.
And the point is,
how do you go from being
so close to someone for years
to then just strangers?
Well, it's not gonna happen.
It's already happening.
Not with us.
I, I um...
I don't know if this is the
best time to talk about this
with college and everything,
and or if there even is a
good time to talk about this.
I was thinking maybe if you...
Look at this.
I'm recording.
Why are you all standing around?
Get some help.
Help! Help!
Where the fuck have you guys been.
I don't, I don't know if he took something.
He's been bleeding. He's been throwing up.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay. Help is here.
I mean, you gotta hand it them.
Marketing's on like a whole other level.
You don't see other
events doing stuff like that.
It's kind of a low blow though, right?
I mean, it was an event
meant to commemorate
the survival of the living dead plague.
And they're just making zombie porn.
I mean, people died.
I mean, yeah, I guess,
but I'd still literally light
myself on fire just to go.
That's nothing compared to what Ash did.
Lost her virginity.
Well, her dignity.
But, that too.
Find help here.
I think my nose is broken.
Walk it off big guy.
Hey, I'm Ty.
Ty, Let's head to the medical station.
They'll know what to do.
Ow. Fuck!
What is with everyone?
Looks like we missed one hell of a party.
Oh my gosh. She's huge.
Why do they even burn her?
Well, it's getting rid of
the status quo or some shit.
I don't know. It looks
sick when it burns though.
Guys, I still can't
get through to anyone.
Yeah. I've got no service either.
Yo, Ty. You got any?
Wait, what were you going to say?
I er...
- Oh!
- Shit.
That was a good catch.
- Thank you.
- Oh my God.
Luke, come here.
Yo, that was dope.
How'd you aim it like that?
It's easy. Wanna try?
Hell yeah, man.
Okay. Gimme that.
Hand it to me.
Or what?
I will tell Ash on both of you.
Whatever. She doesn't like me anyways.
Well, that's not true, dude.
Of course she does.
If you guys really wanted to go
to this zombie thing, you could.
Oh, yeah, with my
grocery delivery paycheck,
it would only take me five
more years, give or take.
If only there were food
trucks and taco stalls.
Stalls that might have wanted
an extra delivery of lettuce.
If only there was someone
who could deliver it.
Oh, wait?
Just lettuce and good vibes.
Straight from get it to go
in the middle of the forest.
They're not gonna fall for that, dude.
Why not? Who's going to know?
It's one more delivery person.
Luke, in the adult world,
people ask for IDs and stuff.
We can't just do what we want.
Yeah. It's stupid. Who
wants to see Godzilla anyways.
Oh, my bad.
And even if it were
possible, I'm watching you, so.
Please! Just take me with you.
You're a responsible adult.
You could probably babysit me anywhere.
Can you tell him?
I mean, kid has a point.
He's pretty small and portable.
Are you really being manipulated
by a 10 year old right now?
No. It's, it's irresponsible.
It's immature.
And I told your sister no.
I said, no. Forget it.
You're so extra.
It's my song, baby.
We're running out of juice.
We're almost there.
There's probably a gas station
between here and the festival.
Just gas up then.
Hey, that's weird.
Probably just an accident or something.
There was a back road back there though.
We could probably bypass all this.
Yeah. Here we go.
Oh, staff entrance. That's fitting.
There should be a
first aid inside, right?
Probably. Yeah.
Hello? Is anyone there?
Maybe through there, behind the glass.
Hey, watch out.
Shit is that blood?
Do you guys hear that?
What the hell happened here?
I don't know,
it looks like someone
had a psychotic episode.
Happens to the best of us.
Oh my gosh. Hey, hey.
Are you okay?
They're everywhere.
I don't know where they came from.
They're in me.
I can feel it.
People who, who?
Hey. Hey. Who?
Shrooms. She'll be fine.
Okay. It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
What is that?
Yeah. What is that noise?
This place is creeping me out.
I'm gonna go outside,
try to catch a signal.
Hey, we're wasting time here.
Nothing they had could have
helped her anyway, right?
We have to go find somebody.
We can't just leave
her here. Look at her.
She's just having a bad trip, right?
This is as good a place
to wait it out as any.
Let's go.
All right. Good news.
I got a a hold of 911.
- For real?
- Yes.
And the operator said an ambulance will be
with Destiny and Lindsay in 15 minutes.
It's sooner than we can get there.
So why don't we just
chill out for a little bit.
Guys, I don't know.
I mean, our friends are hurt.
And there's nothing we can
do about it from here, Cupcake.
Okay? Like, I don't
think a few songs will hurt.
Oh my God.
That's more like it.
Maybe it's a good thing
there's not a lot of people.
Oh we're in for a special treat.
Say, thank you, daddy.
Where'd you get it?
From our friend.
They clearly weren't doing her any good.
Now, say aah!
- Hey.
- I dunno.
Come on, you just almost died.
Just a little?
See? Not such a downer after all.
Let's get close to the stage, come on.
- Oh fuck!
- Shit.
Oh no!
They're not in there.
If they were dead, they'd be there, right?
Oh yeah. I think so.
There's no service though.
So if they could walk,
then they would've gone
to the festival by foot.
Yeah, this road leads
right there, so probably.
Okay, so.
We can catch up to them.
Iris. Iris it's gonna be okay.
We're gonna find them.
We're gonna find them.
I promise.
Be strong.
I think I'm having a bad, a bad trip.
No, no, you're okay. You're okay.
I'm just gonna go get some fresh air.
Are you okay?
- I'll be back. I promise.
- Okay.
Whoa do you see that?
Is that Destiny?
Slow down.
Oh shit, that is Destiny.
Destiny! What happened?
Hey fucker.
What the fuck?
What happened?
Where are the others?
Hey, where is everybody?
She couldn't walk. I
had to leave her, she...
Who? Who?
She was screaming and
screaming and I just, I ran.
He tried to kill me.
Okay. Okay.
Okay. You're safe now, all right?
I got you.
We're all gonna die here.
You're okay, dude.
Just gonna be okay. Okay?
Okay. Okay.
Let's, let's get you, let's
get you into the truck.
Come on. Come on.
Are you? Are you okay?
You okay?
Can we go, please?
We're out of gas.
So we're walking?
- Kevin.
- Ash!
- Ash?
- Kevin!
- Ash.
- Kevin.
Let's get the fuck outta
here. We gotta get out.
- Kevin.
- Ash!
Iris! Iris!
Let's go. Let's go, let's go.
Talk about going viral!
1002. Report to command immediately.
Yo, he's got a gun.
Yeah, didn't do him a lot of good did it?
Officer. Do you copy?
You want me to grab it?
No shit.
She's gonna kill me.
Are you scared?
Come on, bro. Go like that bitch up.
- 10-02.
- I can't.
Okay, I just can't, I'm sorry.
Fucking coward.
To the festival of the Living Dead.
Put up a barricade. No one in or out.
Not so hard is it, Buttercup?
Oh shit.
Ash! Get down.
Get him!
- You left us.
- Fuck!
No, Ty said he...
What is he doing here? You
said you were gonna watch him.
I know. I fucked up.
It's not her fault.
You shut up.
Okay. Our parents are
gonna fucking kill us.
I asked one thing of you.
He just wanted to be with
you on your birthday, all right.
Cut him some slack.
Iris, you promised me?
Hey guys, is that, Goddesszilla.
Oh shit.
They're running.
Why are they running?
Fuck, I can't load fast enough.
- Where the fuck is the truck?
- It's out of gas.
- Out of gas!
- Yeah.
Run, run, run!
I mean, but like, if
you're into ironic deaths,
this is almost like Shakespearean.
Getting killed by your
favorite band, you know?
Okay. Look.
Oh my God, open the goddamn door.
Oh fuck!
For fuck's sakes.
Get inside!
- Get in.
- Come on.
Get inside. Come on!
- Get in. Get in. Get in.
- Blaise take Luke.
Yeah. I got him. I got him.
- Oh my God. You're alive.
- Where the hell were you?
One minute you were there
and the next, you were fucking gone.
I looked for you. I
tried to find you, okay?
You tried to fucking find me?
I tried. Okay.
Thanks for opening the door.
Really fucking appreciate it.
Yeah. You're welcome.
We didn't even know
it was you, all right?
Great. You brought company.
Any of you bitten?
Don't touch me.
Get off her.
Hey, hey, hey. What is
wrong with Destiny? All right.
Is she okay?
Her sister's dead.
Remember Lindsay?
The one you abandoned
with a broken fucking leg.
No. No.
Ty, called them an ambulance.
Forget about Lindsay. Okay?
In case you haven't noticed,
a couple thousand people are dead,
and at least three of them are at our door.
We need to get our shit together.
It's 1968 all over again.
Yeah. No shit.
You guys better get comfortable
because no one is going
in or out until morning.
Oh yeah. And then?
We will be rescued.
By who?
This whole place is quarantined.
There's a barricade on the highway.
Ty, Ty, she's right. I mean,
we heard the police radio.
They're not sending anyone.
It's because they don't
know that we're here yet. Okay?
Our dad can pull some strings.
Oh your daddy's gonna
come save you. That's cute.
Look, just 'cause no
one gives a shit about you.
Ty, The longer we're here,
the more infected there is.
All right? By morning,
we'll be surrounded.
Look Ty's right, all right.
If we go out there, that's suicide.
Okay. Just fucking let me think.
Okay, why don't we just wait it out a bit?
Think about this first.
Wait it out?
Can you not think for yourself anymore?
Hey she is thinking
for herself. All right?
Just because she's not agreeing with you.
Just shut the fuck up, Kevin.
You shut the fuck up, little rock star.
Guys, please!
- Just shut the fuck up.
- Guys!
- Daddy's boy.
- What the fuck is that noise.
Holy shit!
Two of you have a gun. Someone shoot him.
Ash, shoot!
I can't fucking see.
I can't. I don't wanna shoot Kevin.
Fucking die!
Guys! Guys!
To the other room, now. Run.
Now, come on!
Tempered glass won't last forever
with all those fucking zombies.
Let's go. We need to barricade the window.
- You okay?
- Yeah, I think so.
You should see the other guy.
Luke. Hey, hey, hey!
When was your last shot?
It's okay. Breathe.
What is with him?
What is wrong with him?
Ty, chill out!
Last chance, bitch.
What the fuck is wrong with your brother?
Put the gun down.
I'm not playing games.
Neither am I. Put the fucking gun down.
He's not bitten. He's a fucking diabetic.
Okay. Can everybody
just calm the fuck down?
Babe, please.
Last shot was in the morning.
Why didn't you fucking tell
me anything? You could die.
I know. I'm sorry.
I thought I had it with me.
It must have fallen out
somewhere. I'm really sorry.
Come here.
Destiny. What's up, Destiny?
Drink this. It'll help.
There was, there was a,
there was an ambulance, right?
There's an ambulance that we saw.
We saw an ambulance on the way here.
It was on the other side of the festival.
There should be insulin, right.
What? No, you can't go out there.
You can't go.
He's right. I said no one goes in or out.
Well, listen.
My brother could die.
Better him than all of us.
Look. How would you even get out?
All right. We're kind of trapped here.
I can go through the fucking window.
The window that I'm
barricading to keep everyone safe.
That window?
Look if you go, the infected
are gonna see you come out.
All right?
I mean, we're already dealing with enough
of these fuckers banging on our door. Okay?
We don't need more.
Okay. We can't rationalize
letting my fucking brother die.
Okay, but we're not
sure he's gonna die, right?
He's just a kid. Okay?
We can't just sit here and do nothing
because we're fucking scared.
Survival of the fittest, baby girl.
You're a fucking idiot.
Ty, fucking come on.
Just telling it like it is.
Look, I'm handling this.
You aren't handling shit.
Baby, baby, listen, okay. Please.
Ty and I are just trying
to keep you safe, all right?
You and everyone else here, okay?
We can't risk everybody's life for one kid.
So the moment something goes wrong.
The rules of society go
out the fucking window.
And what? Is it every
man for his fucking self?
Ash? This is not something.
You're not scared of the infected.
You're fucking scared of him.
Shut up.
Why are you so
desperate for his approval?
What are you even talking about?
Don't go putting this on me,
just because you're not getting your way.
I'm stopping a fucking coward.
We've been dating for
what? Like three months.
You barely fucking know me.
Yeah, I know enough.
Yeah. Like what?
- We're done.
- Okay.
I don't give a shit what
you and your brother say.
I'm getting that fucking insulin.
Anyone wanna fucking stop me?
You wanna fucking stop me?
No. Go ahead.
That's what I fucking thought.
Ash, don't go. I'm scared.
Look at me.
You remember what grandma used to tell us?
How grandpa used to
say, it's okay to be scared.
As long as you're doing the right thing.
You're gonna be okay.
You watch over him, okay?
Yeah. Yeah.
Of course.
Guess we're not seeing her again.
I mean, I never even
really liked her anyway.
- Hey!
- Shit!
You scared me.
What are you doing here?
It's my fault Luke is in this mess.
No, it's my fault. He's just a kid.
I swear I'm the worst fucking sibling.
Not worse than Ty.
You did the right thing.
Breaking up with Kevin.
Of course you'd say that.
Now we can be outcast together.
What's that supposed to mean?
No. Let's talk about it.
So we're outcasts suddenly?
Not you, you're chosen.
But Blaise and I, it's what?
Just can't sit with us type shit?
That's not what I said.
Fuck you didn't.
Okay. Iris can you please just drop it?
Just like you dropped
everything you actually stood for
the moment a football player
gave you the time of day.
I didn't drop shit.
And I could sit here and
talk about it all day long.
But like I said, you wouldn't understand.
Hmm. Why? 'Cause I'm not going to Harvard
or because I'm not on acid right now.
Seriously, of all things
to be judgmental about.
What happened to drugs,
sex and rock and roll, buddy?
You know that that's not what it's about.
It's about breaking the rules, having fun,
doing whatever the fuck you want.
When was the last time that applied to you?
You wouldn't understand?
No, seriously.
Think if this were actually you.
If you weren't just doing
some imitation of people
who don't give a shit about
you for cheap validation,
I would support you.
But look at you, you're
wearing their clothes,
popping their pills,
abandoning your fucking brother.
I, I don't understand.
Because you don't care
what other people fucking think, Iris.
Okay? You never have and you never will.
And it must be great.
But you know what? I do.
Do you realize how easy
your senior year became
the moment I started dating Kevin.
I was finally doing high
school the right way,
the way it's supposed to be done.
People saw me.
People wanted to be around me.
Do you know what that is like?
I didn't have to worry about how many likes
I was getting on a post,
or pretending to not like Valentine's Day
because I was one of
the girls getting new grams
and asked to prom and getting balloons
on my fucking birthday because
people fucking remembered.
So sure, fuck me for wanting to be liked
and occasionally stepping
outside of my comfort zone,
which you should fucking try.
And last time I checked,
it wasn't a crime to want to fit in either.
'Cause it's really working for you, huh?
I mean, I treated her
better than any other chick.
I told you, man, she is a fucking drag.
I mean, did I ghost her? No.
Did I cheat on her? No.
She makes a scene in front of everybody
and somehow I'm the bad guy.
That's some narcissistic shit.
Wait, hold on, hold on, hold on.
What if she lied?
Left him here to kill us all?
Nah, nah, nah. You're tripping.
No, 'cause even if he is diabetic,
who's to say he's not infected too?
Hey man. No, this is, this is too much.
He's not infected. Look at yourselves.
Look at him. Look at him!
Would you guys fucking
calm down. He's got diabetes.
He doesn't have any insulin. Relax.
Ah! All right, listen up.
- Don't you touch him!
- Shut up.
I'm saving our lives.
Like hell you are!
Ty. What the hell?
Ty! Shoot her!
It's just that I just don't, I
don't understand how this
What happened?
Okay, how do we, how do we get in?
I have a plan.
But you're gonna have to sneak around.
- What? Iris no!
- Trust me.
I'm not gonna let Luke down again.
Hey, fuck faces!
Follow me!
We couldn't help the bitten.
Oh my God.
I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.
Couldn't just leave unless
we helped, but we couldn't.
How can we help them?
How do I stop the bleeding?
Listen, take what you need and leave.
Well, I can't just leave you here.
Hey! Hey! Follow me!
Oh fuck!
Well fucking Jiminy!
You want to get outta here, buddy?
Let's go. Come on.
Oh fuck.
Don't shoot.
Blaise! What the fuck!
Ash. Oh, thank God.
Dude. You scared the
fucking shit out of me.
I scared you?
I'm not the one fucking
creeping up on people.
What happened?
Okay. It's infected blood.
Destiny and Kevin.
I'm sorry.
None of this is ours.
- I'm glad you guys are okay.
- Ash! Ash!
- What?
- Look, look.
No fucking way.
Tell me you've never
played a single video game
without telling me you've never
played a single video game.
Okay, well let's go.
Okay. Okay.
Come on.
Ash you did it.
Blaise, what if it's too late?
I can't lose him.
Not while he thinks I fucking hate him.
He doesn't think that. Okay?
I promise.
Where's Iris?
Where's Iris?
What? No.
That's er...
That is.
Come on.
Should we, should we say something?
I haven't really been
saying the right things lately.
Well, I'll start.
When I first met Iris, I
thought she was a bitch.
She turned and she smiled at me.
That fucking smile.
I've never met someone so badass.
And still so fucking chill about it too.
I always thought the two of
you would eventually end up
together, you know, like Ross and Rachel.
To risk a friendship like that,
you gotta really think about it.
You know?
Now it's too late.
Your turn.
When Iris and I were in middle school,
we accidentally stumbled
into a bush of blackthorn,
pricked the shit out of us.
And I remember I was so mad,
and Iris thought that there was something
beautiful about it.
She, she said that it was punk.
So that birthday, I, um...
I dressed it up and I
pricked all my fingers and
she loved it.
She fucking loved it.
For her birthday every year we would,
we would celebrate and we'd
go there to that bush and
this was the first year that I didn't go.
And I swear, Blaise, if I
make it out of here alive,
I'm gonna go to that fucking bush.
Come here.
It's okay, Ash. Come here.
Come here.
It's okay.
Oh my God, Luke, thank God.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
Are we gonna die?
Of course not.
See, Blaise and I, we,
we have a plan, okay?
Yeah. We got a plan, dude.
You wanna see something?
All right, we're gonna sleep here tonight.
In the morning, we're gonna get up.
We're gonna go to that parking lot.
We're gonna find the car and
get the fuck out of here. Okay?
No. Get off of me.
Let me go.
Get off!
You really want to do this?
My finger, might just slip.
Oh fuck.
How'd you find us?
Followed the gunfire, genius.
What do you fucking want?
That little plan of yours.
We're not waiting till morning.
We're gonna find that vehicle
and get outta here right now.
Ty, you're infected.
No shit.
But I'm not about to die
here like some nobody.
If we make it outta here they'll help me.
There's no fucking cure.
They will find one!
Now you just worry about
getting in that damn car. Okay?
Fuck! Fuck, we're surrounded.
Now what?
Someone's gotta distract them.
- I'm the slowest.
- I'm the slowest, I'll go.
No. I'll go.
Ash, no!
Listen, it's not a death
sentence if I go, okay.
Look I'll hold them off of my
gun, buy you guys more time.
I'll meet you back at
the parking lot. Okay?
I got him.
Keys! Keys!
What if you turn before I'm back,
you're just gonna fucking kill him?
You better make it fast then.
Fucking son of a bitch!
Oh shit.
It's me Kevin.
Kevin, it's me.
Kevin, it's me.
It's me. It's Ash.
Will you stop.
Please don't make me do this. Stop it.
Please, please don't make me do this.
Kevin, please. I don't wanna do this.
Please stop.
Stop, fucking stop.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Please, get away.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Ash, look out.
Ash! Ash!
- You're okay.
- Let's go.
You came.
Of course I did.
I get it now.
What do you mean? You get what?
Why, why you chose them.
I tried making it back to the building,
but I didn't make it far.
Had to climb the stupid zombie
just to get away from them.
Just looking down at the hoard beneath me
and I...
I thought...
This would all be easier
if I just joined them.
You know?
Maybe I should just jump down.
Let them take me.
Be part of the inevitable.
What stopped you?
I heard the gunshots.
Knew you were still alive.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for everything
that I said to you.
Everything that I've done.
But hey...
We're not outcasts if
we're together. Right?
I love you, Iris.
I love you too.
Where's Luke?
He's with Blaise and Ty.
I told him that we'd meet
him back at the parking lot.
Ty's infected.
How many bullets do you have?
Not one bullet.
Okay, we're gonna need some weapons.
Look there it is. There it is.
Oh fuck!
Luke. Be careful.
Get her, Ty.
No! Ty!
Ty, get her!
Ty! Ty! Ty!
You fucking coward.
Ty! Fuck you!
Listen to me. It's better him than us.
If we wasted any more time,
I would've turned and we'd both be dead.
You don't know that!
Trying to teach you a lesson here kid.
You understand? Do not try to be a hero.
Okay? It's every man for himself out here.
Not every man, just you.
Did you see anybody
coming to save us? Huh?
Look outside. There's no police.
There's no SWAT. There's no national guard.
Look, you can say what
you want about me, kid,
but I'm just trying to
survive like everyone else.
And I don't see you jumping
out to save your friend either.
So maybe we're a lot
more alike than you think.
Don't worry. I'm not gonna use it on you.
Unless you give me a reason to.
Take your fucking paw off me.
I'm sorry.
Fuck! Oh!
Blaise. Oh my God.
Hold me.
Hey, what happened?
Where's Luke.
- Ty fucking ditched us!
- What!
He has Luke.
He's got the car.
I don't know where the fuck he went?
Guys, they're closer than we thought.
These ones are slower,
but there's so fucking many of them.
To stop the spread of the infection,
the government has dispatched drones
to bomb the affected area.
We gotta go back for Ash.
You can't seriously be this dumb.
Didn't you hear? They're
bombing the festival.
It won't matter for your
sister. She's already dead.
But if you wanna go back
for her, then be my guest.
Spread of the infection.
The government has dispatched drones
to bomb the affected area.
What? You scared?
It's okay to be scared
as long as you're doing the right thing.
Yeah. Is that what your sister told you?
My grandpa used to say it.
Doubt he would last long in this.
You'd be surprised.
Hey look at me
Oh my god, we need to run.
Where, Ash?
This is it.
I hate to ruin this fucking excellent mood.
Lindsay bit me.
- Where?
- Show me.
What I'm thinking is... Show me.
No, stop. I can feel it
coming already. Okay?
This is happening.
Whether we like it or not.
- Blaise, he's lying.
- You guys can go.
Listen, if I can hold them up.
No Blaise, you cannot do this.
It will give you a chance
to go kill that fuck, Ty.
No, stop! No, stop!
You can't do this.
No, no, no, no, no.
- Iris, you have to go.
- No, no, no, no.
No! No!
- Iris we have to go.
- You have to go, Iris.
Iris you have to go.
- Iris, come on.
- No!
We have to go.
Iris we have to fucking go.
All right, you fucking assholes.
All right you pieces of
shit. Afraid of a little fire.
I win motherfuckers.
Iris come on.
Get in.
It's Blaise's song.