Fida (2004) Movie Script

'Welcome to Zee News.
I'm Heena Kumawat!'
'A look at the top story of the day.'
'The Mumbai police are on
the horns of a dilemma...
...because of an unusual bank robbery.'
'An internet hacker has succeeded... siphoning off 5.5 billion
rupees from two bank accounts.'
According to our sources,
both companies belong... the underworld don of Mumbai,
Babu Anna...
...who uses the companies as a front
for his illegal activities.
What remains to be seen
is, whether the police...
...get the internet mastermind first...
...or the don, who finds himself
swindled out of his savings.
Oh no!
Damn it!
-Damn it!
-What happened to Anna?
A match... a match!
Light it up! Set me on fire! Light it up!
-No, Anna.
-Finish me!
I'm a dog! A mad dog! A cur!
Babu Anna's money gets robbed!
Babu Anna's!
All right, if he's robbed it.
But where's he going to spend it?
-On his family, Anna.
No way!
Who could he have in his family?
-His father, his mother.
-Carve his father out.
Burn his mother alive! And hack
his brother to tiny pieces!
As for his sister...
...set Yeda Yadav after her!
Look at how I hit out at him!
When I hit him,
forget touching my money...
...that swine won't even
be able to sniff at it!
I want that dog here!
Girish! Your responsibility.
I want that dog here!
-You get that?
-Right on, Anna.
Yes sir. Six computer experts have
been busy tracing him all night, sir.
Can't say for sure... yes, I'll
report first to you, sir.
-Sir! -Chavan, what's happening on
the internet robbery case?
-It's taking a bit of time, sir.
The systems--
Don't give me excuses.
The pressure's mounting every minute.
Find out who he is and
where he is holed up!
"My eyes..."
" her"
"...everywhere I look"
"One day, she will come right up to me"
"Her charms have made
a romantic out of me"
"She's the one who appears in my
dreams and makes them rosier"
"She hasn't a clue, she's ignorant"
" bowled over l am by her charms"
"My eyes..."
" her"
"...everywhere I look"
"One day, she will come right up to me"
"Never before have I experienced this"
"I have no idea how it all happened"
"My obsession is nothing but the
effect of your love, sweetheart"
"My eyes..."
" her"
"...everywhere I look"
"One day, she will come right up to me"
"She must never have
seen someone as crazy"
"It's this fancy-free nature of mine
that shall win her over someday"
"I've never seen such a romance, nor
have I seen someone as crazy"
"In your heart, is now my dwelling"
"Somewhere, someday..."
"...l will find my heart-throb"
"My eyes..."
"His eyes..."
" her"
" me"
"...everywhere I look"
"...everywhere he look"
"One day, she will come right up to me"
Mid-Day. Mid-Day, madam!
-How much?
-3 rupees.
I don't have the change.
Why don't you have change?
-Are you blind?
-Let me go.
-Let you go?
After you give me your license.
-That girl ahead will go away.
Had heard about the
wife and the other one.
But first time I am hearing about
the one in front and the back.
You have a bike. So why do
you need a third person?
You youngsters are real flirts.
She is the one. I am telling you,
it is absolutely amazing.
And that cop sprang there!
The girl I could only dream
of, was actually there!
Right there in front
of me! I mean...
-Sorry. I mean--
-What the heck.
You know Sonia I'm sure...
-...she'd have recognised me too, if she
had seen me. -Oh my god! Excuse me!
-She'd have felt just as I felt!
-Excuse me!
-I'm telling you, I can't believe it!
-Are you deaf? Excuse me!
That I have found her.
She is the one!
-I want to meet her, talk to her--
-You haven't told me about the car deal.
-Which one?
What happened about the BMW and Mercedes?
Oh yes, that was finalised
last night.
That too in 2.5 million... cash!
Forget all that!
You're not listening, Sonia!
-I mean... I have actually found her.
She's in this very city!
I saw her in flesh and blood!
I want to meet her. Talk to her.
But these cops are really too much.
-Hey, just listen to me.
My wait has actually come to an end.
How I wish I could meet her once.
Guess what, Jai?
Dad asked me to marry that guy.
Again and I turned him down.
Only because I happen to be waiting...
...for this stupid boy to propose to me!
You did right. Excellent!
-You dog!
-Hey... okay, relax.
Shut up and listen carefully, you stupid!
There's no one else in your life.
There's only me.
Sonia, you're my best friend.
But my heart's bowled over by her.
I love you, Jai!
I love you!
"You're merciful, answer my prayers!"
"You're merciful, answer my prayers!"
"You're merciful, answer my prayers!"
"You're merciful, answer my prayers!"
Hang on!
-Jai, what happened?
-Don't worry!
"The days are passing by"
"Come and help us"
"You're merciful, answer my prayers!"
"You're merciful, answer my prayers!"
-Hello, brother.
-Hello, son. How're you doing?
-Very well. Tell me, sir...
Which Gurudwara is this
procession coming from?
-The Singh Sabha Gurudwara.
-Sat Sri Akal!
Lord, my pledge of 40 days
fast comes to an end today.
Heed my prayer, Lord.
Please, grant me my wish.
-Please wear them.
-Go on. I'm doing service.
Yes. I'm doing service with a wish...
...that I find the one I love.
How sweet!
You will surely find her.
Because the wish you seek with
a true heart, is always granted.
Wear your footwear.
-Are you Neha?
Neha madam?
-Who's been sending this?
-I don't know.
Oh God!
Now look--
You? Is it from the Gurudwara?
-Oh no! Not from the Gurudwara!
-So, then?
Believe me, I've never done
a thing like this ever before.
But I'm not afraid to do it.
They fear, who have malicious intentions.
I love you, Neha.
That's exactly how I reacted, when
I saw you in person 3 days ago.
And I fell in love with you.
And then I saw you in a
salwar-kameez for the first time--
See? I still can't control myself.
-Look, you aren't--
-I know, I know.
It isn't easy for a girl, to
make a decision so quickly.
You need time, isn't it?
No problem, I'll wait.
But just two hours, okay?
Because I can't wait any longer.
See you two hours later, then.
China Lounge!
You will come and put
your arms around me...
...and say that you love me.
Ok, bye! You are so beautiful! Bye.
Have a really good time tonight.
Keep this party going at China Lounge.
-She is coming.
Neha... Sonia.
-Today, I professed my love to her.
I gave her time to think.
All of two hours.
-Two hours! Wow!-Hi, Soniya. What's up!
I know it's too short a notice,
but I can't help it.
I can't live more than two
hours without her.
Sonia, I'm sure she'll come.
She will give me a hug and
say that she loves me.
"...and the rising desires"
"And love starts now!"
"Come to me, my love"
"That's right"
"I, you, romance, love"
"...and the rising desires!
Come to me, my love"
"...what have you done?"
"I've given my heart to you"
"...what have you done?"
"I've given my heart to you"
"With those gazes and sweet words
you've stolen my heart away"
"Come my love, let's shake a leg"
"Come my love, let's shake a leg"
"...and the rising desires"
"And love starts now!"
-"Come to me, my love''
-''Oh yeah!"
"You and me will get it all right"
"Just you and me gettin on tonight"
"Only me, only you"
"Yo girl, you know why
I am in love with you"
"When I see you pass and I see you there"
"You know I gotta gotta
gotta stop and stare"
"You know I gotta gotta be everywhere"
"You know I gotta gotta
lotta love to share"
"You and me yo baby girl it's true"
"Yeah, I'm in love with you"
"Come my love, let's shake a leg"
"Come my love, let's shake a leg"
"l am..."
" your love"
"So lost"
"...that I care for none else"
"When my anklets chime,
he pines... it's inebriating"
"Come my love, let's shake a leg"
"Come my love, let's shake a leg"
"Come my love, let's shake a leg"
"Come my love, let's shake a leg"
"My heart..."
" desires well up"
"I'd die for you my love"
"You are the girl of my
dreams, you invade"
" heart... love is a delight"
"Come my love, let's shake a leg"
"Come my love, let's shake a leg"
"...and the rising desires"
"...starts now"
"Come to me, my love"
"...what have you done?"
"I've given my heart to you"
"With those gazes and sweet words
you've stolen my heart away"
"Come my love, let's shake a leg"
"Come my love, let's shake a leg"
"Come my love, let's shake a leg"
-"Come my love, let's shake a leg"
-"That's right"
-Get up!
You thought she'd come,
give you a hug...
...and tell you that she loves you.
Stupid! Only a stupid girl would
do that with you.
That's me.
Now, come on. Let's go.
Come on, Jai.
-You didn't come?
I kept waiting for you since nine,
but you didn't turn up.
Are you insane?
I've been insane ever since
I saw you, never before.
Neha, I've decided... know. I really love you, Neha.
-Oh God! Please.
Oh my God! Then?
What else? He kept on raving, and
I slammed the door in his face.
What a crazy guy!
Whatever you say,
he seems to be very interesting.
Do such lovers exist in real life?
I've never--
Is it him? He is so cute!
You may think I'm crazy,
and I really am.
I know, I've been quite a pest.
And, last night I even
came to your house.
I shouldn't have done that.
I am sorry for that.
But I can't help it. When it comes
to you, I've no control over myself.
Excuse me, bill please.
-Look probably--
-Thank you.
...I'm bad at displaying it,
but my love for you is true.
And I can do anything to prove it.
Now you will say that you can
down the moon and the stars for me.
Will jump off the highest cliff.
Will even give up your life for me.
If that would convince you, I'll do it.
Very good.
What are you waiting for?
All right!
I was madly in love with you... I'm going to die for you.
Ok, best of luck.
I love you, Neha.
-Greetings! Welcome to our viewers,
especially from the U.K.
Here are the headlines.
In the meeting between all parties,
corrupt ministers...
-Neha Mehra?
-Who do you think you are?
-Excuse me!
Your good looks...
...don't give you the right to
play with someone's life.
I've never seen Jai like this.
His parents passed away when
he was nine. Do you know?
Yet, he worked his way up on his
own, from the age of nine years.
And now...
...he's paying a heavy price
for not understanding you.
-Jai took an overdose of sedatives...
-...and tried to kill himself.
If something happens to
him... It's your fault.
Govind uncle, did you get the medicines?
Excuse me, you can relax now.
We've removed even the last
traces of the pills.
He is out of danger.
-Thank God. Can I see him?
-Not now!
I don't think he'll regain
conciousness before morning.
Okay, thank you so much, doctor.
You are really crazy.
I don't believe, for my sake,
someone would...
I feel as if, I've
got a new identity.
Someone loves me so much.
If I turn him down, no one will be
more insane than me in this world.
I love you, Jai.
I have never said that before.
But I felt no fear in saying
it, for the first time today.
They fear, who have malicious intentions.
Such decisions aren't
taken in haste, I know.
I'm not in a hurry.
I will wait.
I'll give you...
...two seconds.
I love you, Jai!
I love you.
"O heart of mine..."
"...wait no more"
"O heart of mine..."
"...wait no more"
"O heart of mine..."
"O heart of mine..."
"...wait no more"
"If you are in love..."
" it"
"If you are in love..."
" it"
"O heart of mine..."
"...wait no more"
"O heart of mine..."
"...wait no more"
"If you are in love..."
" it"
"If you are in love..."
" it"
"l love you... love you, like crazy"
"l want you... want you, like crazy"
"l won't let you..."
"...belong to another"
"You mean the very life to me"
"You are the story..."
"...l read all night, all day"
"l believe you"
"Let me give you the
comfort of my arms..."
"...come to me"
"Dear Life wants me..."
"Dear Life wants me to give
up my life for Her"
"If you are in love..."
" it"
"If you are in love..."
" it"
"l love you... love you, like crazy"
"l want you... want you, like crazy"
"There's none crazier than you"
"I've given in to your obstinacy"
"My love..."
"...l know"
"...l make you restless"
"In my thoughts, in my dreams,
you shall dwell"
"l shall hold you in my eyes"
"Come to me"
"My love..."
" me"
"If you are in love..."
" it"
"If you are in love..."
" it"
"l love you... love you, like crazy"
"l want you... want you, like crazy"
"l love you... love you, like crazy"
"l want you... want you, like crazy"
Now that's all for the Business Update.
I'm Sapna from
'Hello Mumbai' on 'Radio Mirchi'.
Jai, I need to tell you something.
Go on.
You know Sonia, it's amazing.
Ever since I met Neha,
I've cared least for time.
At times I feel it flies,
at times I feel it stops.
See, I have to meet her in an hour,
but the clock just won't tick away.
-What's going to happen of you?
I'll work hard for a few
years, earn enough...
...and then I'll marry her and
have seven or eight kids.
-Seven or eight? Is that all?
-Yes, don't I need to work?
But I'll send them over
to you for stories.
-Okay, so I'll be their nanny?
Forget it, Jai.
-It's going to prove you costly.
Because I'm going to London, Jai.
I've decided to marry.
Why London?
You could get suitors here too.
-I'll talk to your parents.--
-No, Jai.
I relate every place, every
thing in this city with you.
I may stay away from you, but I
can't tear myself apart from you.
I must go now...
else I'll miss my flight, too.
You are...
...leaving right now?
-And you tell me now?
-Had I told you earlier...
...I might've given in
to your reasoning.
I know, you think I'm selfish.
But today... please let me be selfish.
-Let me escort you to the airport.
I'll go alone.
-You are not going alone that far.
-No, Jai.
Please don't make it
more difficult for me.
I will miss you.
I love you.
Let's go, hurry up.
Neha! What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Neha, what are you...
Have you gone mad, Neha?
What's happening here?
-What's the matter?
What is it?
How would you know that you're in
love with a criminal's daughter?
-A criminal?
Daddy's no more.
But he left making life difficult for me.
What does that mean?
Daddy had borrowed money
from the underworld...
...and now, they're following me.
Till now, they only kept
threatening me.
But now, they say that if I don't return
their money within 3 days, they will--
-They will kidnap me.
-Who do they think they are?
They're like the wolves, Jai.
I don't want to fall in their hands.
So I...
Didn't you consider for
a moment what would...
...happen of me, if you were harmed?
Don't worry. Just tell me
where I will find them.
They're very dangerous, Jai.
I did all I could to repay them, but--
Don't worry, I can really help.
I have the money. 2.5 million in cash.
It isn't so little.
I owe them 60 million.
Neha, listen to me.
Neha, everything is going to be fine.
I'll deal with everything.
You don't worry.
It's five years old,
but thank God...'ve maintained it rather well.
You also have a 24-hour water supply.
Got to sell immediately, right?
So, thank God...'ll fetch at least 8 million.
Is that okay?
Don't worry.
Nice, nice... looks solid.
Facing the West.
Also has a nice sea-view?
-Can we get a glimpse of
the sea from here? -No!
-No? From the terrace?
No harm in saying, you can.
Since it's the ground floor,
security is good enough.
This is a weak lock, I say.
But that's okay. I'll handle it.
Actually, I have a buyer.
And cash won't be a problem.
I'm sure it'll get sold in 5 million.
You want me to negotiate?
60 million? You can't be serious!
You say 60 millions, as if you
were borrowing my car for 6 days.
60 million. Only
one way of raising that...
...type of money in such a short time.
Go and rob a bank!
-Stop joking.
-Sorry, sorry... but 60 million?!
Are you mad? You will rob a bank...?
What else can we do?
We have no other choice.
Your house and mine
and our belongings...
...won't fetch more than 20 million.
I know what I'll do. I'll go to
the bank tomorrow morning and--
Really? By the way, which
bank do you propose to rob?
Standard Chartered Bank, Bandra.
Now listen to me, Neha.
I know what I'm doing is wrong.
But we have no other choice.
To raise 60 million in just
two days... think about it.
-We've tried everything, we--
-Rather I die than do this, Jai.
Listen to me, Neha.
Neha, just stop.
Promise me, you won't even joke
about such a thing again.
-If something happens to you--
-Okay. The bank robbery's off. Okay?
Five guards during the day.
Must at least be 3 during the night.
Looks pretty difficult.
Mr. Vikram, it's great pleasure
to be of service to you.
What urgency makes you withdraw
70 million in one go?
But no problem.
The bank is yours. So are we...
-...and most important, the
money's yours too!
Thank you for using our
services for the first time.
This is the first time we're handling
such a big wire-transfer for you.
I hope you will give us
the opportunity to... many more wire-transfers for you.
Thank you very much.
Seems I won't be required to
break the promise made to Neha.
Now not the bank, but
he is going to get robbed.
You look well-bred.
Why did you come here?
To steal.
I see.
I went to rob the bank and saw
you withdrawing the money.
Thought I'd rob it from you.
Robbing the bank was much
easier, wasn't it?
Please, come in.
What if you had got killed?
That's okay.
I don't care for my life.
I'd at least have got 60 million.
Why do you need the money?
I don't consider it
necessary to tell you.
That's my problem.
All right, you can tell
the cops when they arrive.
-Have some juice.
-No, thanks.
Have it.
It's said to be good for health.
Sit down.
It was six months ago that I
saw Neha for the first time.
Interesting... very very interesting.
Let's say, I give it to you.
I give you 60 million.
But what can I give you in return?
Your life.
Something you don't care for, right?
Which means?
Now look, Jai.
There's no going back after...
...I tell you what
I am about to tell you.
-So think it over and--
-I'm prepared to do anything.
But I need the money in 24 hours.
-Are you sure?
So listen. Maybe you've heard
of the internet robbery case?
Yes, in which someone
stole 5.5 billion...
...from Babu Anna's account, right?
For 60 million, you must claim
to be the computer hacker...
...and turn yourself over to the police.
But what will you gain out of it?
I'll be rid of the fear of getting
caught or dying at Babu Anna's hands.
Because I am the computer hacker, Jai.
I've committed a crime in
my lust for wealth...
...but I've lost my sleep
and peace of mind.
You were willing to lose your
life for 60 million, Jai.
Now you've only got to serve a sentence.
What are you thinking about, Jai?
Okay, not 60 million.
I'll give you 70 million.
To spend the rest of your life,
after your imprisonment.
I agree.
Good boy.
But I need just 60
million and not 70.
All right, suit yourself.
-When are you going to surrender?
-When are you going to pay me?
Surrender. And you will have the money.
Give me the money.
And I'll surrender.
Okay, fair enough.
I think I can trust you.
Where will you go anyway?
Let's go inside. It takes a hell of
a lot of time to count 60 million.
Throw this money in their face.
So much of money? How?
I've mortgaged my life to someone.
You think your boyfriend
is worth nothing!
Been dealing in imported
cars for 3 years now...
...I command respect too, no?
All in one night?
One moment.
You haven't really robbed the bank?
Swear it on you!
I didn't rob the bank.
You've sworn on me.
Sworn on you.
I didn't rob the bank. Okay?
How we will we repay
such a huge debt?
This is nothing. I'd give my
life for you, if I had to.
For as long as I live,
it's my duty to look after you.
Why must you talk about dying?
Our lives have only just begun.
What's that?
Keep it with you forever.
And whatever happens...
...remember, I'm always with you.
I love you, Jai.
I'm very scared, Jai.
I feel as if, you're hiding
something from me.
Silly girl!
Have l ever lied to you?
At exactly 5:30, you will enter
the Net World cybercafe.
As usual, most computers will
be occupied at that hour...
...and the seat at the entrance
will be vacant.
That's the seat you must take.
You will at once go to the
website of Universal Bank.
Without losing time,
you will get to work.
By that time, you will be in
the eyes of a few special people.
From my computer, I will keep
track as to where you're going.
To go to the Current Account page
from the bank's home-page...'ll have to type in the password.
The password is magic:3259
That's it. What happens next,
you very well know, Jai.
Right? All the best.
I love you, Neha.
Jai Malhotra.
ACP Suresh Chauhan. Let's go!
-Yes, Jayant?
Switch on the news, Anna.
The internet guy's been caught.
The godamn...
The cops caught him only this evening.
No one would imagine he's a crook.
Such a young pisser.
-Switch it on.
-I am, I am.
-Is it on?
'This arrest proves that it's no
difficult task for the Mumbai police...'
' track down a hi-tech criminal.'
This youth who staked a claim to
a huge booty of 5.5 billion...
...will be presented
in court tomorrow...
Surprisingly such crimes
are on the rise...
Get lost!
-Get out of my way!
Cricket! They've made a stadium
out of my compound!
Give that to me. I'll play cricket now.
These guys will now give up our
profession and turn cricketers!
Whom did I ask to handle the case
of the computer hacking thief?
-Me, Anna.
You, you!
All play, no work!
Cricket he plays!
The cops found him before you.
And you've been playing cricket!
Now listen! That cur won't be
presented in court tomorrow.
He's coming here! You get that?
Yes, Anna. I do.
Go ahead and bowl. Go on.
Toss it up again.
Come on!
Move it!
Move aside!
-Come on! Move it!
Move it!
Excuse me, sir. One photograph please.
He has arrived.
Step back.
Move it!
Move aside.
Come on, come with me.
Come, fool.
Come... drag him along.
Push this wretch inside.
Leave me.
Come on!
Let me go!
Jai, Run!
-Where do you think you're
going? Come on! -Let go of me.
Don't shoot! Don't!
Hey... my bike!
Yes, madam what will you have?
C'mon, everyone get in. We
need to go back to the station. Let's go.
Oh, no!
Neha... Neha... I ... that...!
-What are you doing here, Jai?
-Neha, the cops.
The cops. They're after me!
Check out the bike, constable.
Calling air-control.
Well? Why are you surprised?
Didn't you take me by surprise too?
By forcing yourself on me?
Believe me, Neha.
I've never done such a thing,
Neha. I can even die for you!
I love you, Neha. I really love you.
I was so surprised when
I got to know...
...that you had swallowed
sleeping pills for Neha!
You weren't put to sleep...
...but our luck surely woke up.
Here you are. It'll open up
your brains and your heart.
We were hopelessly trapped.
And suddenly, I met you outside the
Gurudwara after my fast was complete.
You wanted to die for Neha anyway.
So we thought we'd turn
your death into... opportunity of life for ourselves.
Don't take it badly, okay?
I hope you'll understand
that I've done...
...all this only for
the sake of my love.
After all, you're a lover too.
And God always helps lovers.
So He saved you for our sake.
You have no idea what you have
done for a couple in love, Jai.
Open the door!
Would I put to you trouble, if it was
so easy to escape from the police?
No. To be honest, you haven't been
wise in running away from the police.
-Jai I am sorry.
You've done so much for us.
So that door remains shut, as
long as we finish our drinks.
So go on. Save your life.
Open the door! Open it!
Yes, officer?
We're looking for a man called Jai.
Has someone come here?
I haven't seen anyone, no.
Sorry to disturb you.
Let's go.
Poor boy.
-Gone blind?
-Stop there.
-What's going on?
-I haven't done anything. Listen to me--
-Why are you pulling out the gun? I
haven't done anything. -Leave the gun.
Let go of the gun! Let go, I say!
Leave it.
I am sorry.
I didn't do anything!
Get him! He shot me
and is trying to escape.
Catch hold of him.
Amritsar to Howrah, Punjab Mail... arriving at platform number five.
I love you, Jai.
I can't believe someone
can love me so much.
I owe them 60 million.
Promise me, that you
will not rob the bank.
-Why talk about dying?
Our lives have just begun.
Sorry, Jai.
"The one I loved, I have found"
"I've found peace, but
I've lost my heart"
"Your charms..."
"...have bowled me over, my love"
"l have found the one I loved"
"l have found my peace,
but I've lost my heart"
"Your charms..."
"...have bowled me over, my love"
"The kohl in your eyes drives me crazy,
your beauty drives me mad"
"It's your gaze that guides
me through the ways of love"
"Let me sway, let me kiss
you, here's our chance"
"I'm sure you don't know"
"...this is the kick you
get out of my love"
"The one I loved, I have found"
"Hold me to your lips, my love!
Quench the thirst of your heart"
"In roses, we live,
there's not a thorn in sight"
"My desire for you awakens an ache"
"'re the one who
lights up my breath"
"The hues of love..."
"...shake up the world"
"The one I loved, I have found"
You got the 60 million?
-Hello!-Congratulations on a new life, Neha.
-Vikram... It's Jai!-What happened?
It's Jai!
There's no one, Neha.
Believe me Vikram,
it was a call from Jai!
Jai's dead. Dead.
It's two months since he died.
Hey... relax, honey. Go to sleep.
Vikram, could you give
me the towel please?
Keep it with you forever.
Remember, I'm always with you.
Vikram, open the door.
Happy anniversary, my love.
-You almost killed me!
C'mon, let's go, celebrate!
It's exactly four
years since we met.
I didn't even realise how time flew
by, while I've been in love with you.
The dress I kept upstairs,
did you change it?
Me...? No, I didn't.
-The ring? The towel? Did you?
-What are you talking about, Neha?
-I was out.
-He's gotten into the house!
Sweetheart, not a soul knows we're here.
It was his call last night.
And the ring and the dress was
given to me by Jai!
I am telling you, Jai is still alive.
He's not dead. He's not dead!
Relax! Relax!
Nothing can happen to you,
as long as I'm alive.
Seven! Seven!
Number 20.
Please, place your bets again.
Love you!
-I've lost again.
So you want more money?
-How much?
-So much!
-Good luck!
-Thank you.
-Hello!-I need 60 million rupees.
I desperately need 60 million.
Neha's in deep trouble, sir!
The underworld will kidnap her if
she doesn't have 60 million, sir.
-You're a large-hearted man, sir.
-Now listen to me, you son of a...
No, I don't want to listen to anything.
Just save my Neha, sir.
I need 60 million, sir.
When shall I come to collect the money?
That's the problem.
I know you won't show up.
Once! Just once, show yourself to me...
...and I'll solve all your problems.
...we've reached home.
I lost a big amount.
You aren't angry, no?
No, it's all right.
-I love you, Vikram.
-I love you, too.
Where are you going?
I'll just switch on the light.
Well? Scared, are you?
They fear, who have malicious intent.
You forgot so soon?
I have loved you like crazy.
Now, I am going to hate you like crazy.
-You take so long to open the door?
-Hey, dude.
Clothes, and the works!
There's nothing more to shop for.
-Thanks, Soniya.
-I tell you something.
If you stay here any longer,
I'm gonna die of jealousy.
Shut up, Krish.
Have you eaten?
Yeah, thanks.
Get ready soon, we're going
to the Rain Forest Cafe.
-Count me out.
Your friend is strange.
He's always refusing.
No wonder he turned down
a lovely lady like you.
What lovely? I'm plain stupid.
Had I not seen Vikram
and Neha at the mall...
...I wouldn't have informed
Govind uncle.
And you wouldn't have taken the
trouble and come here all the way.
At least you'd have forgotten
that fraud of a girl.
It is unbelievable.
You escaped the Indian police,
wasted your lifetime's savings... seriously injured, hid inside
the cargo space of a ship...
...and journeyed for two whole months.
You even defeated death
to fight with life, buddy.
-Man, this is a true love story.
-Love story?
Every love story has two names.
But mine has only one.
And I have pledged that name
to ruin and destroy her.
This is no love story.
This is a hate story.
From the imagination of a rector...
Thank God that you are enjoying.
Do you ever think that maybe you're
not too big.
Maybe this town is just too small.
They say when you meet the
love of your life, time stops.
May I come with you?
...less towards the bundle of joy.
You sound wicked boring.
-I got him. I...
-Sorry charlie...
-It's mark.
I knew that.
What do you want to say
in the reports... are spreading yourself
two thing coach.
Get my kids or...
And biggie one is growing.
-So, freak?
Well? Does it hurt?
Had I wished, you'd have
found Neha's corpse.
What do you want?
Come to the bloody point.
-My life.
-What if I refuse?
What if Neha dies?
Do as I tell you. It's in your interest.
All right, Jai.
Finally you've defeated me.
-What am I to do?
-That what you did to me before.
Confess to your crime
at the police station.
Tell them that you are the hacker, not I.
How long can you use me as a shield
to save yourself from the cops?
The longer you talk, the sooner
I can trace you, swine.
Go on.
You started the game, I'll finish it.
And yes... I'm not paying
you for this. Get it?
Yes, I get it.
-I got you.
GOT you!
We've made a terrible mistake, Vikram.
We chose the wrong guy for this job.
He won't spare us. He's going to
chase us till we breathe our last.
He won't let us live, Vikram.
He won't.
He won't let us live, only if he lives.
Jai, this time I get you... you're dead.
Phoning me, eh?
You will whistle, eh?
You'll enter our house, huh?
Last time, you landed in a hospital.
Tonight, you are going
to the crematorium.
Found Jai?
-Where's he?
-In the car.
Babu Anna, 'your' computer hacker
is in Cape Town, alive.
-Is it?-I have sent him to Elizabeth Hospital.
He's all yours now.
Congratulations on
starting afresh, Neha.
It's my duty to take care of
you as long as I breathe.
I was madly in love with you.
Now I'm going to die for you.
Have you found the 60 million?
...have soup.
Are you ok?
I'll get a sweater.
No! No!
Somebody help me!
Jai, you are making a grave mistake.
-Have you gone mad?
-Yes, I have.
I went mad the moment you
stepped into my life.
You looked at me, I went wild.
You spurned me,
I went mad with disappointment.
You accepted me,
I went mad with joy.
And now I'm completely deranged.
I can do anything with you right now.
But I won't do that,
because I'm not like you.
You wanted my life, didn't you?
You should've asked me just once.
I'd have given it up with a smile.
-Help! Help!
-Shut up!
Look at me!
You've ruined my life!
No! I'm not going to cry for you!
Treacherous woman! Forget love.
I will not even cuss you.
No expletive can ever define you.
Come on... come.
-Let me go, Jai!
-Come on.
Open the door, please.
You have a table for Jai Malhotra?
Yeah, over there.
No fuming, please.
Anger is bad for health.
Especially for Neha's health.
-Did I ask your name?
Drink it up.
It'll cool down your heart and mind.
Shut up!
Where is she?
Still alive.
But after two hours... can't say.
Should something happen to her...
-What do you want?
-Your arrest.
Confess to your crime.
I agree.
Good boy.
-When will you surrender?
-When will you release Neha?
Surrender, and I'll let Neha go.
Let Neha go, and I'll surrender.
I want to meet her one last time,
before I surrender.
She's inside.
Vikram. Help me!
My mind is ruined waiting
in these ruins.
I'll settle this for good.
The final time.
-Babu Anna? Here?!
-Come on.
Hey, wait.
Hot stuff! Really.
You make me feel like
I'm watching a movie.
Let alone steal,
one would even kill for her.
What kind of a man do you need?
Tell me. What do you see in a man?
I'd tell you only if you were a man.
What daring! What guts!
Just like these guys? Right?
If she falls she'll go wasted, no?
As soon as I traced the hospital,
I put my men on guard.
But he vanished.
I came here all the way from India,
still no trace of him.
But somehow my white dogs here...
...sniffed this slink out.
You look different on Television.
Fiddling with the computer,
you tried to fiddle with me.
Tell me, how will you return my money?
On-line transfer? Or cash?
-I don't have the money.
-He has the money. He's the hacker.
-He's raving.
No, it's the truth. He stole
the money and set me up.
-He is lying. -I am not lying,
I am telling the truth.
-Stop raving.
-I'm not raving.
Mustn't fight in a foreign country.
Brings our country to disrepute.
-You didn't steal the money?
Then you are of no use to me.
Listen to me... if you kill me, you
will never get your money back.
-Because he'll thrust the blame on me.
So I'll blow him up.
No, not him.
With him goes your money too.
Then there's only one way out.
The fish!
No, wait.
If you kill her,
he'll seal his lips forever.
Then am I to blow myself up?
To hell with the money!
-Babu Anna! He's right.
I'm the hacker.
You are on track now.
Come with me.
See... everything is set. Get cracking.
Goodness! It goes over my head.
During my time, it was simple.
Loot at gunpoint.
Very easy!
Processing will take around 5-7 minutes.
In the meantime...
...I'd like to fix him.
Scoundrels! You conned me.
You swallowed my money!
I'll make you puke it all now.
Bloody dogs!
I'm not sparing you!
I'll carve you! I'll finish you off.
-What thanks? I saved you only...
...because your life means
freedom to me. Come now.
You'll die.
Let's see.
Stay down there, you will live.
Stay right there!
If you get up this time...
...I'll dispatch you.
I want my life back!
Give me my life back.
Neha and you ruined my life.
I will kill you.
You will send me to jail, eh?
The two of you made a mockery of my love.
Kill him, Vikram. Finish him off!
You are finished.
You have two or at the
most five minutes on you.
Don't be mean, Vikram. Poor thing.
You forgot?
Last time too we thought the same.
Why did you return? Who needs you?
True. How long will this go on?
I keep the strike,
while you keep losing.
You are such a loser, Jai.
Actually, he's not at fault, Vikram.
He loves me so dearly that
it's hard to just quit.
Besides, he did all this for my sake.
So sweet of him, no?
But you know what?
I feel nothing for you.
No love...
...neither empathy...
...not mew!
l am sorry, Jai.
Feel nothing?
Do you even have a heart?
You keep the strike,
while I keep losing.
Let's try that one last time.
Let's see who strikes and who dies.
Neha! No!
No! Neha!
No! Neha! No!
No! Neha!
My love.
Neha! No!
The slut deserved it.
Yesterday she left me,
today she deserted you.
But I must say...
...she left after settling our scores.
Yesterday, I had love. No money.
Today, you have money. No love.
5.5 billion is your stake...
...but everyday you will remember me.
At a time when the world buckles
under treachery, corruption...
...communal disharmony and greed...
...philanthropy and humanity
still survives somewhere.
Which has been proved
by a mysterious angel.
This mysterious person has
donated nearly 5 billion... the Missionaries
of Charity in Mumbai.
In an exclusive interview, the
Chief Minister told Zee News that...
...the country needs...
...such compassionate
and benevolent citizens...
...who, unhesitatingly perform their
duties towards the society... staying low profile and
have no political motives.
Though nobody knows who the
magnanimous person is... thing is certain. He will
receive the blessings of millions.
Archana Pandey Zee News, Mumbai.