Fidaa (2017) Movie Script

What's happening?
Trying with book
Do yourself
You wake up Buzi
How many times? Who is going to school?
The last time am saying Buzi
You should marry
I need a friend
You want a wife
We want a family
Hey bro
Two daughters. Father is a farmer
There is no mom
Girl is MS psychology
Nani Baanwathi BSC last year in Agriculture
What is interesting?
They did not see the caste
Date of birth 15th September
That's September 15th
Mother's birthday
You should go and see her right now
My dear
Let's finish the exam
You do not need anything
You're leaving
I'll come back later
Do not look down on the ground
It does not look like self-esteem
Look at the girl's eyes
Be confident
Do not drink cigarettes
The girls do not like
Do not make serious face
Make some laugh
These are Buzi's drugs
Keep it safe
Can't you see
I will break your teeth
Because the sorceress was big wheat
It's come again
A bridegroom is coming to see my sister
A father
American connection
There's my friend in America
Go. Everyone go
How cool are the guys?
I do not like it
Does an American need?
We're getting married to a married man
There should be. There should be money
That's why
Vanu's mother was lost before 10 years
elder sister
come here
My sister, my son
It has made children
We're a two-grade marriage
That's why every homework is at home
Son, I'm against the dowry
I do not even like dowry
You do not need to say anything
First of all, everyone should say
That's my daughter
Our Renuka
MA psychologically, son
Gold medalist
Do you want to talk?
Go inside and talk
I want to see
Do you know Telugu?
Yes.a little bit
Give me here
It's not good to put down the ground
Not in home
I'll through outside
I'll put it
I'll give it up
It's okay
What's your name?
It says shit from our language
Means ,in your profile
That's what You said
Not here
This is bad to take cigarette while drinking
It's good to take while talking
That's right
What are they doing?
Will they do anything?
What did you say?
Are they kissing?
Go silly
I'm a little stunned with the girls
Do you mind?
This is Arrange Marriage. I said
You said you wanted to marry for your dad
I'll talk to your dad
I want to understand this
Nothing like that. And if I like it
I will tell my dad
Are you MA?
Your hobbies
Sleep well
I said. Alkaline immeasurable
Pooja, cooking
It's gonna be like this
Said earlier
I'm not
A good hobby
What is this?
Help me
That's a cow
Who is feeding you?
From the supermarket
My brother will be willing to come
Means if he sees her
Second opinion
Second opinion?
What do you really think?
Let's not like it
We do not need
Tell him about it
This arrange marriage is a big worry
Still ther conditions
Tell me you won't
Eat eats
He does not have anyone. That's why you said that
And before the wedding
Think about it
We don;t have to think
They should
Dad, you tell me.
Is there a shortage of our girl?
We have not even said yes
Let him come
What do you think?
During the life , sister
He will die in three ways
And the other is America
What to eat?
Where to stay?
Saw movies?
You can not even think
Think about it
I'll tell dad. Just wait
Dad said to let him in
will do
Farmers say a farm
Are you so hungry?
Are you so beautiful?
But she said she would come
Who is this guy?
Let's try once
Bridegroom's brother
I did not get it
Actually I dont know that much Telugu
N you hold the hording upside down. It's crazy
My name is Arun
We do not have cars here
America's cars are strong
This is India, sir
May I drive?
I am
Do you?
Feminist sister
Why are you trying to kill yourself?
Do you have anger with me?
Is there any problem?
These are our roads.
We're going to the way we want
Do you have any connection?
Do not
Stay here
Are you the only one?
Is this your sister too?
Do not say anything about this sister
He is golden
What are you laughing at?
Is it a joke to visit the Females?
Do you know how horrible it is to be?
Who will be?
What are you doing?
Flowers, new cats,
No sleep for the rest
When I go, I do not have a nap
Have you come to look like this?
You're so good to say
We have to go and look at each other
I want to see my brother
And then sir
No brain for you?
Tell me anything
Do not tell my brother
He is golden
And second thought was the second idea
I really want to kill you
Such a second kind of thing is my car
It's going to be taken over by it
It's not easy for me to go with you
I'm leaving
Stop the car
And why are we at your house for what?
There was a hotel better
If there's something wrong, go
We have not got it. I'm leaving
Stop the car
My dad will kill
That the bridegroom was dishonored
I'll follow you by a aan auto to your car
You do not say anything to your dad
Actually it's stopping the car
Is this a cause to say no?
Bribery is not a joke for us
Calling me rowdy
How beautiful your elder sister got caught?
You're hitting first
But think it
No money
There's the brain
In Pockets I do not take anything
I really like Renuka
I think I really likes her
Go and tell
That's all I need to look at
What made you sin?
We're so close
They want to know
You're very good. She's right
Her sister is
I think she's crazy
I was left on the road
And why are we here?
Would be good at a hotel
They're very good
I'm not leaving
Go and tell
Do not worry
Okay Chief
I'm saying this. Telling you myself
It's all nonsense
Actually, you and he should talk
He's always running after work
He is not a human being
You look after him well. That's it
We'll take care of you
Let's do both our jobs
You can do a job
Can learn
He likes you very much
Much of what you said about yourself
You do not need to be both alright
Tell me about your opinion?
I did not know anything about you
There's nothing special about me
I'm an ordinary person
That's special
That's my hero
Good one, ma'am
There's a mess
Can this be so good?
You can not believe it
Check in
HEY bro meet my sister Ranu
Sister, meet my brother Raju
Hey Vanu. What's Aunty?
GO and get the quick one and half a kilo of rice
Quickly go
Do not you hear?
Quickly go
And - and
Going to the store
Come to the shop?
Are you asking me to come?
Sir, not much
I'm going for your job
That's what I said
Big brother. Sober? I do not know
At the same time everything will be over
That's why the aunt told me to get out
What's my problem?
We can find our village
Is this going?
Men are going by chaddi like this everyday
Not Chaddi. Shorts
And is that a problem for you?
I do not care
The village girls can not cope
You saw your foot
what are you doing?
Doing this medicine
I'm going to be a Doctor
But is that?
Everybody in here is doctor
Engineer? that is all
Everyone's in the same way
Learn here
Jumps to America
Money, money
Do you like money?
You give me the stuff here?
Do you have enough money?
He hit the road
Watching movies?
Much less
Power star
Gabbar Singh
The first one
Is that one?
Whenever it is, son
Get upgrade. Do not you just watch?
They will not look
What's the hell?
Do not you look humpy?
There's crazy crazy about that
What's wrong? Do not be happy
What are you saying about?
All right
Mahesh Babu, how are you?
When are you having those fortunes?
Love with a romantic movie
One by one
It's fancying
What to do?
So you hae girlfriends ...?
sister is going to bark her
Ask her
Not from me
And they get a bad guy
Stay with the girlfriends
It's wrong to think that way
Do you have those girlfriends?
Not at all
Do not you quit?
Tell me about yourself.
what are doing? Agriculture BSC
Give the farmers food
Cricket....Hold it
I'll play
Leaving the road? I'm time
Was it supposed to pay?
Bring them to you
I'll play
May I play?
I will not give
I have to bat
I'll give you some chocolate
Take this
Who is it?
Bridegroom's brother
Like electricity
We do not work
What's wrong with that?
Our uncles are in Vigaz
They'll talk to you all along
It's not like that
I like Renua a lot
In one week, America must go
I'm getting married this time ...?
So fast?
Do we not want to be like that?
She liked it
I can not do it in a week
I have exams
Satiyakinda? So fast?
I'll take her out of Visa
Will not you ever be able to wait again?
I have one request
Is There a Lantern? (Dish)
he does not understand the timing
Look at you
Vanu. Aunty
Take a look at Lakshwila and get Uhashika
Bring it quick
Go quickly
Are you mad?
Be careful
Where are they from?
I was exhausted
Soaked and gone?
You To
He did not know the family
Do you support me now?
There must be a brain
Now ask
Wait. My dad's talking
Family stories. I am afraid
That one
About the boy
What do you say?
Dad would like
Before I could
Do not read such absurdities
Say exactly what you like
Re-father every day
You need medicine
I'll tell the dad
Stay here
sister likes him
What's this?
There is a little
Sister's marriage. How not?
Come here
Dad would like. I would have had time to do it before.
Do not be like that
Think well
Are you ok
I asked now
You and I are the same one
You asked?
What did you say then?
And said
Now there is
My sweetheart
It's your luck
Very happy
The boy is fine
That's not it. When you left
Who gives me medicine?
I'm there
Or not?
Now go
Now I am
It's only my father
You are also
You are
Something like that
Get out of the week?
What are your dad doing for dad?
All right
What is this law?
It's very bad
Big mistake
You should go all the same
I'm not going
Marriage is anything
I'm not going
Actually, I'm not doing it
Now say it
I'm your son
that is all
The show was given
ccarada? Is nothing else?
It's your responsibility
The time is not clear
Our village is awesome
Right, temple
But go out early
3.00 am
It's a habit
Not in America?
Have shower. Going to the shower
You need to wear a gadget
Like our Tirupati
gadget ....?
I'll give it
Now rest
It's 3:00 am to go
Sleep well
Bloody Lizard
There is no such thing
No, I'm not used. That's why I'm asleep
Where are you going?
Are you ready?
This one is the groom
The delay is delayed
Hurry Up. do not be late
Not me
With what?
3.00 should say ... get up
I wanted to take a bath
I did not get up
Let's see another day
Why should they go there?
It's not like this
It's not the point
Are you so hungry?
Not only that, but also to sleep
I asked to bring food
Is that there?
Tell him?
- Do not you tell me?
Get up early in the morning and take pictures?
There is a deadweight
There's more. A certificate
Are the girls in India kidding?
Not girls
It's one
Two ways
A hybrid girl
You and your agriculture language
Is your brother good?
Our selves are a very good person
Not like me
No anger
Do not talk
Very good
About your brother
Your sister-in-law says gold
I'll know what's right
Is not it still familiar to our brother?
Got it
But it's scary
Everyone is with you
There is nothing to be afraid of
Whenever you go to the Temple
3:00 am
Our brother in lay's young brother
Our village
I need toilet paper
How? Well
They're ours
All this is 10 acres
This is below. There's one too
Arakada? Yes, everything
This is sir
Who are you?
The owners? No, sir
Take it, sir
The best ones, sir
If you're building something
There's something to worry about
Do you work for rent?
There's nothing else, sir
what is doing?
Very beautiful
What are you looking for?
AC / head headphone
Cell phone
Quite right now
Hey, are you crazy?
Look, I thought
That's why
When did I watch you?
Is not I good to see?
Why so good for that?
Should have heard
See if you want
He came ... the girl is looking for you ...
Let's rally it to you
She can not stay in one place
And there is no wait
And you'll leave sleep in his smile ...
Thinking About It Will Disturb Your Own Heart ...
He came ... the girl is looking for you ...
Let's rally it to you
He'll ask you to take you walk ...
Grab your hands and grab
It will bite you.
He came ... the girl is looking for you ...
Let's rally it to you
She can not stay in one place
And there is no wait
And you'll leave sleep in his smile ...
Thinking About It Will Disturb Your Own Heart ...
Your girlfriend has come ...
He arrived ...
Boys are so crazy ...
Men will be very fooled to watch you cheat on you.
If your soul gets hot, that shit ... you're wrong ...
You're right for everything, just like everyone else
Feel free to apologize
She will build your life
He came ... the girl is looking for you ...
Let's rally it to you
She can not stay in one place
And there is no wait
And you'll leave sleep in his smile ...
Thinking About It Will Disturb Your Own Heart ...
This guy is very tall
How To Knock Her ... Kid Kissing?
How To Knock Her ... Kid Kissing?
You will need a ladder for his height ...
That's not a problem, do not worry
I can play and kiss you
He came ... the girl is looking for you ...
Let's rally it to you
She can not stay in one place
And there is no wait
And you'll leave sleep in his smile ...
Thinking About It Will Disturb Your Own Heart ...
Is not it embarrassing? So many lessons
It was taken. I figured
Did you change that?
Do not study unless done
Beautiful dancing
What happened to the land? I'll give it to the grandpa
Good luck
We are happy too
The landlords will not come to your place
It did a good job
I did not expect it
Do I need to help something?
Read the exam tomorrow.
Come on. Tell me again
Come on
The picture taken from here?
Draw these graph
You could
Shuffled up these lessons
What do you mean by then?
Do the job
Do I not know?
Rub the rubber
What are you giving?
In American condom is called rubber
Oh, shame
We often say in our country
To use condoms
Or AIDS will rise
Billions are spent on ad
What about better knowledge about this?
What do you say?
Everything is checking for me
There is no such thing
But if I think so,
What do you think?
Whatever the sphere
It's not good either, Vanu
Known previously? Everything is for Bujji
I do what I do
Bathing, feeding,diper changing
All things
There are no problems with this connection
It was late and Bujji was born
Actually, my brother adopted him
I thought it was the first days
he was only two-and-a-half years old
He loves him
Bujji knows it?
Actually, he's proud
We were just born
He thinks that he has approached her mom
I had a lot of doubts about you
But it's clear
She'll be happy
I got it well
Whatever I said
You do not take Akiva's side
is it?
Is that so?
Put it right away
What about me? Why?
There's a test
Let's study?
Give Father's medication
I'm leaving
Tomorrow, college is at 9.00
get up
My mistake
Because you are a kid
In the morning, the exam
Go and sleep
Sorry, Dad
Dad, I'm your gold, right?
My daughter. You're not just gold
My soul
I'll stay with you forever
I'm not going anywhere
I will not go anywhere
came to the room? To your room
You Do not let anyone to come
That means
interested in?
Poor situation
He's very anxious
It was right if I had one
We do not have any sets
Will you all leave?
Do not leave me
I'll go to the two exams
That means. I'm calling on my own
To the college
He came for you
Not good. see
Let's go
It's getting let for exam
Change clothes
How's this?
See your mole
If you go to college
And that's what Narresh has heard about you
Not this time
He's coming
Have you seen Banu's birth?
I did not see it
What are you doing here?
Just to talk after your exam
Just kidding.
The only thing you said came
How about the exam?
Written well
What is this?
Are we here?
Those who hit them
Come and see our college
The cantine is fine
How are you doing exams?
Let's go to the cantine. That's the crowdy place
Howz your exam?
Written well. Written better?
You eat
Where is the rest of the room? It's gone straight away
Turn. I will be back
Your guy is right
Everyone thinks
Just wait
He's a coward
He has no guts
When Naresh was commenting,
He only says Let's go, let's go
He wanted to make this clear
So, what's up, or is it?
It's the reason for me
Shift + Delete. The game's over
Shop closed
Is that so?
Just ask for the exam
Should I Touch It?
Should I interrupt?
What for?
First, take the numbers
Telling you
And build. It hurts, sir
Leave Sir
Hand sir
Answer this
He said well
That means they're wasting you too?
What's so hilarious?
Is that so much?
He beat them all
Are you hurt?
not. It's okay
What are you eating?
What is it? Hot meals in the morning
After that, vegetables
One reason, God
One reason
Do not leave me
We're both good people
Let's go
Do not think so much
Let's go to train tomorrow
These are times like this
Never come back
Be happy right now
How do you know your face
Hey boy ... What's the matter?
You're my sweetheart.
Hey guys ... do not be so evil to me ...
You'll make my heart ticker.
Happiness is turning into you
Whatever you do does not exist in one place
Hey boy ... What's the matter?
You're my sweetheart.
Hey guys ... do not be so evil to me ...
You'll make my heart ticker.
Slight rains fall to ground floor
I will be with you in my heart
At this glitzy, ... a hurricane is on
I do not know what is going on with me
Heavy rains in my rain
Hey boy ... What's the matter?
You're my sweetheart.
Hey guys ... do not be so evil to me ...
You'll make my heart ticker.
Happiness is turning into you
Whatever you do does not exist in one place
This is for you
There is no mum's ornaments
I've been waiting for the day
It's all funny
Are you holding up your marriage?
Eat dear
No fat. Nothing
Eat dear
I am telling you
Eat - Because it puts blue
Can't you eat for me?
You want this too, Sister?
The first time we sleep in other beds
You can not even think
I really can not think
What are you doing, Sister?
All right
Why are we going?
Just do not ask a cow once
Good one
Just once
To stay here
Such things are in dreams
Actually, it does not. You ask me
No matter where the royalist is, go outside
He came and took the prince away
There is not that palace
Tell me talking
Are not you nuts?
Is not it sad?
How do you take it?
Belief in him
That's the reason
Everything is taken
You can ask that trust
To stay here
You have to ask when the time comes
Love you
Let's wait here. That's all
Terms set?
He's a Dock in America
Think about it
That's not it
If not,
Not even supposedly
Do not say
Where is my coffee?
Station Master called
Just told me a little bit
Let's go to the train. Do not go anywhere
I'm going to the second class. There is something to ask
It's very important
Hey, bunny. come here
What happened?
Do not forget
Shame on you?
I did not help those guards
Look at Eve
Do not do that
Tell the boy
come here
Not you
I'll tell him
You go in the car with the sycamore
They're going to train
You are
Got it?
I'll be on the train
You two are right
I'll say it
What are you doing here?
The brother-in-law has to stay with her sister
I was going to call the train
That's not the boy
They're fine, give it a try
Because what happened?
Wait a bit late
There's room for that
I will come
Where are you?
She's with shilu ,sister
Let's think
Do not worry
I'll tell you
We are in the first grade
Give them to them
Vere I will come
Food, sir. I'm not hungry
Now what to eat
We do not want
Let's go
Eat banana
Bujjie did not eat anything
Give it to him
What has happened is Shiloh
Doctors in India
I'll get you visa, campus for me
What's on here
Honey, this is not except me
One of the vacanssion is good
But the future is over
I'll take care of those in my house
Come on
Let's get married later
All right
Before I was born, I died
Now the reasons are not necessary
What happened, daughter?
What's here?
Remembering your sister?
It's not like that
You are there
That's it
I'll hang out with you
sister he is calling you
Is everything okay? You are our guest now
you want some coffee tea anything
I'll be right back
Where are you going? Just a minute
All the suitcases were upstairs
Take it
No. fat
You will like it
What happened?
Give me some bhajji
There are buns
Why is this now?
Be carefully
I'll come soon
Take the bag
Where is Vanu?
Call her
Her memories are her feelings
I will not be locked out
Why my wonder happens to my heart
Her memories will be kept spiritually
She does not leave me
I will not come closer to me too.
This Hangout is Unfriendly Why is it to me?
Her memories are her feelings
I will not be locked out
Why my wonder happens to my heart
Her memories will be kept spiritually
She does not leave me
I will not come closer to me too.
Why my wonder happens to my heart
That pains my soul will put me in
How can I be saved?
I just want to stay with you
Why is this change of hearts always different?
Your memories will consistently beat me
I will forget about myself and will find you
Narash is here
I show him your picture
He liked you and you will also like him
They were asked to ask their mother
I have not sent her sister for 2 days
Did you grab me right away?
Throw me
Get me out
She does not leave me
I will not come closer to me too.
Why my wonder happens to my heart
It was not possible to trust this as an illusion
That pains my soul will put me in
How can I be saved?
I just want to be with you
Why is this change of hearts always different?
Your memories will consistently beat me
I will forget about myself and will find you
My heart burns and it will hurt me too
I'll tell you this one day
In my dreams she will show up in my dreams.
When I'm awake, her memories will torture me
My heart burns and it will hurt me too
I'll tell you this one day
Your memories will consistently beat me
Your memories will consistently beat me
Let me take it
What are you doing?
Bujji asked
You want coffee?
I'll make it
I'll make it. for you?
Do you still remember the village?
And Vanu?
so many
Whatever you say
It's also possible
But you can not come
Actually i was supposed to propose Vanu
To Vanu...?
Want to propose?
Means you want to say I loves you?
What good did you say?
If you get married, she'll come here
Previously why didn't you say
I doubted you both
But I did not think so seriously
Actually, your couple are really great
I'll call her
No No
Can't wait for her reply
What happened?
What happened?
What happened?
What happened Varun?
First love
Do not
The first massage
I have not touched anyone yet
No, no, no, no, no
You stay
I will see
I'll talk to her
What is this?
Is there a brain for you?
What do you think? He's sad
Think about it
Good people
Reply did
What's on it
I do not like it
What's been sent with a photo
I do not like being said
How clear are others?
Because he does not like others
Girls are coming after him. I say mum
The escort. You will say. I do not want to
I'm not paying the price but talking
What's strange talking
Think once
Boy is very upset
Lucky for you
I'm not so fortunate
I do not like it
What happened?
She's crazy
Do not worry
Good luck to your first love
Greetings ...
The proposal was rejected. understood?
Said no to you, tell me?
How many girls are coming after you?
Okay. Leave
Do not tell this to brother
He will sad if He knows
Let's go
What is it?
Biryani parcel
What happened? First of all, Dinner
Cake afterwards
What happened to him?
Nothing. Do you have cake?
Or food?
Sure? Nothing
Do not take my phone
At least should talk once
At least what happened?
I'll talk her
Why are you behaving like this?
Talk once
Talk for me
Your brother in law's brother
Is that good at all?
Okay, okay, stop it
I'll talk
Talk right now
Vanu, are you crazy?
What annoying
at least a call
Do not shout
Am I shouting?
What are you doing?
Because I do not like you
How much time did you talk about
I don't like you
that is all
I do not believe this
You like me
I can feel it
That room in the room ...
What happened right now?
There are classes
My life is here
What do you think of me?
America's best doctor
Million of making profits
you in a small village?
A tractor driver
Do you know what you're doing?
A picture of a snivel
What do you think I am?
Will you have someone like me?
Will you have 1% like me?
Are you there?
We are low people
Low level tractor
I'm average
Sorry, it's lower than normal
That's all
Is that it?
Is it like 1% like you?
Makes a better person than you
Easier to find
Hey call Mama
No no I came for you
Sit. I'm Vanu
By the side. I know
Can I take selfie with you
You've studied well
It was like that and got stuck in our village. Yes, a farma
You're very good
That's why, one selfie
Vunu, what about here?
What about you?
Says. Who is that girl?
I'm great.that's why selfie ...
Oh Selfie?
Really, Vanu is your sister?
What happened?
How terrible?
He scared me
do not be sad
That's all you know
She is not good in this
She's a bit too crazy
She will not understands you
I said
I have no trouble
Curry leaves
Tomorrow, the driving class will start
Get ready
Do you eat?
did he eat?
Go for it
What else is your rampart?
Who is this?
Curry leaves
Brought for your house
A village girl
When this was done, a picture was sent with a boy
You're in America
What did you do?
A warning to Americans
If he gets to know Tram, he will be sorry
The girl does not understand
Call Susi
See how much more you get the picture
Not to love
Send at least a picture
Two lovers
Favorite movie
Did not you give a kiss?
That's to Susie
Your love is real
It does not understand that
Not going to your head
I feel like living with him for a lifetime
I always remembered
You do not know what to do when
Thriller cinema
Not Thriller
Horror cinema
Wherever else
I do not understand
Ali from America
Are you talking?
Your sister is with me
Did you ever meet someone like that?
What a great surprise?
Did not you think he's anybody?
The girls are kisses if they come to the city
Do you know what's going on in the queue?
is it?
Then put it in the Guinness Book
Why are you calling me?
What kind of Guinness book?
Actually, it's a horror cinema
Take a selfie
Let's update it
Close your eyes. For eyes
Do what I say
Mom ,came
Hey, Vanu
Our Vanu
Our Nassingge's maid
They came for you
Captured selie with that son
For a single selfie they came directly for marriage
What is this?
Kill me
Whatever your father is supposed to be with
Good relation
What else do you want?
Boy is good
I do not like it
that is all
This is not who
In the middle of whoever
Aunty talked about a relationship
This must be
They're searching
Is it ready?
Are you ready?
No such thing
He wants to be first
You know about her
Her madness
Do not worry
Varun, are you okay?
You go and sleep
Why are you not going to sleep well?
I can not sleep
You go to sleep
Vanu's marriage was decided
is it?
Vanu's marriage has been decided
Very happy uncle
What is he doing, boy?
son studied in London
This is a very good connection, son
Dad. Daughter's marriage was decided
Give her phone, Dad
Are you crazy?
What do you understand?
What's your emergency?
Do you really like it?
Do not be so stubborn
Listen to me once
Succeed, your brother in law
What did you see?
Why should they?
I'll tell you
I do not have anything for your brother in law
I'll get the car
Come on
What happened?
Are you on?
You forget Vanu
She's not special
You are
You gonna be okay in a few days
But her
You know
And she's not very beautiful
And she was in college
she have been in touch with so many people
You're lying, right?
What are you saying?
I can't see you like this
Tell me what to do
she did not say much to me
she tells herself what she thinks
You're here.
Now they are happy to get married
Dad said
Do not mess this up
No sleep
Tell me what to do
Leaving her right now
From my head. My heart
Why You're sorry for me
I told you wrong about my sister
You will not forget
I'll easily forget
I'm here
A child will come
That's it
Do not worry
You take rest
Do not think of this
We can not come. Very happy
All good luck
she has a baby
you a marriage
let's take a selfie?
What happened?
Where are you going?
came here
There is no chemistry
chemistry. Means
I do not like it
I need to feel a little bit
Feeling good
Marriage will be felt
It feels good
Songs, dancing
Just wait
Do not talk
They do not speak the truth
Everyone has it
I'll tell you
It's ok then
He is having fun in America
Just like this
I'm crying here
What, dad?
Your sister needs complete bed rest
She cant work a bit
Raju is upset
Raju is tensed
I think you're right
It wont work for me in America
Send other
What's to be with her?
The flight ranges
Stay where you are
You should go well, daughter
You do not understand, dad
I'm not going
I have everything
She does not have a mother
Mother's gone
Do not worry. What's wrong with the girl?
I am here
What are you like?
Get a little gypsy
Susie, your sweetheart
That's what I want to see
Got it?
Girlfriend sent a photo via a photo
Keep it down
Get your name in your pocket
Keep in mind what I said
Be strong
Only piece
How are you girls in the AC / head office headphones?
cellphone in hand
How are you?
Feeling good
Feeling good
Actually happy
What happened to you?
Jeans short tops
It doesn't suits you.
She is Susie
My girlfriend
My girlfriend
Like, you said, aunty?
That's why
What's wrong with your country?
No, no
I like your star in your clothes
How are you? I am fine
How are you? Feeling good
elder sister
There, there
What are you?
Raju Biryani asked
And a little fun to watch this girl
Did you see Susie?
The village girl is also good
I am here
Ok let's go
Feeling good
Bought the bag on top room
Just bring something for you.
first have a bath and eat something
Sis for you
What's this?
for you
It's okay
I don't want
I do not
You have a restaurant,right?
Keep it in counter
when you are in Stress
The mind will calm down
My stress
You are the first one in this world to think about my stress
In America I am here for you
For life long friendship
I'm here
you are right
You do not like. That's what it was
You're going to hang around with Suzie
that is all
But there is something
If only I got flat in two minutes
You love her
It's so difficult to forget
What do you mean about me?
The dark monarch
You are my friend
You gotta be on my side
I'm suffering, do you not understand?
Look at this
This medicine before breakfast
After lunch
This is after dinner
The food is ready
Do not you eat?
I'm not hungry
I'll eat it later
I need to study
You eat
What time is there
It's over
have you take medicine
I won't die without taking
Dad .....
had it daughter
Dude, boy. You do not both
You said go
Me too
Now it's time to sleep
let's show you the kitchen
This is juice,vegetebles
Coffee cups
There's drugs in this
This is the grinder
This coffee machine
This is Dishwasher
That toaster
My gift
What you brought for me
No, no
It's not ashamed
Do you?
No problem
I will clean my room
This is not the village
If you say, I'll do more
You were good at that time
It's bad now
What's up?
Big Boiler is a chicken
Is a boiler chicken?
Because this is all this
Absolutely wonderful?
All right, right?
There's nothing bunn. Everything's right
What happened? Why did she come with you?
Both kill them
Something happened to me if I were in jail
Come with the party. What's wrong?
And who did you get this dress with you?
When we go to the mill ... it's good
Just do it
And what about your ideas?
If you have anger
Blame me
I'm with you in anger
What did he do? What are you saying?
He's the first friend of mine
My will
You shut up
Why should I shut up?
I'm talking about your anger
From the day it comes out
You do not like me staying here. Yes, I do not
You do not like America. I would not like to come to my house
You do not like coming here
You saw Susie and saw you
What did I do?
You get me flattering
It's all about you
And what's this dress?
Have you ever been tried?
Know how
pull. Throwing well
Draw anything
Close your eyes if you have a chance
Are not we going to talk a little?
Whatever it is, go straight
I must have the strength to a man
I have the strength
That's why my feelings are directly said
That's my character
There are no 10 things like you
I saw a lot of your character
In pictures
What. Room. I saw great
Shailu and I are
If you have a girl with a girl?
Because of this, golden idioms just lost
Talk to Shiloh
I do not care
You got a mess
That's why it came
I came harshly
I came to my sister hood
Not for you
So why did you wear this dress?
Whom did you wear for?
Why did you come to my house?
for you
You keep everything in check
Let me go now
You'll have to go
Go to your village
I will go
To my dad
I am afraid
Good for you
Where to go?
Are you mad?
Do not you have until delivery?
Do not you see the child?
I'll leave
I will go
What happened? Why are you crying?
Book ticket please
I am afraid
Do not cry, Vanu
Vanu. You sit
Let's book
scared for dad
What happened, daughter?
Nothing. How are you?
Sis is fine
There is no problem
Doctor said
I'm coming, Dad
I'll talk with your sis
Do not worry
Hold it, daughter
What are you doing?
Yare in America
but you are not coming to my home
Say good
This is asking
If you do not come home, I will
not talk to you
call your brother-in-law
The cursor summoned Sumati
Can we go for a week?
We should meet before going to India
Or she will kill me
She is in the phone
I will come
Varun, she wants to go Sumathi's house
Drop her
I have work today
Tomorrow morning is ok?
Just drop her
Get this ticket and get on the bus
Sumathi's house can go
Let's go
No need
I'll go on the bus
I won't come
It's the last bus
Vanu,get on the car
I'm not coming
Not coming with you. Come on
Give up
Vanu they will put me in jail for harashment case
please don't make big scene
What happened, Vanu?
Vanu, Why are you crying?
you should go to jail for harashment case
Whenever this country gets to this country
I did not even look at it as a human being
What I was doing
Why are you so angry?
you are taking revenge?
Not revenge
It's your right
I have a problem
That's trying to get away from you?
Do not do anything with any work
No one with whom I am dating. Not even working
not Physically also
When I was trying, you came back
Think about my situation
I look at your eyelids talking
Do you know why?
Willing about you
That's the village
That's the village
That tractor
I'm still bouncing in front of my eyes
I like you very much
so many
And we can be friends
Can not?
You are happy
I will bear my grief
let's be friend
Are you seeing my country?
I mean, you showed me the village
Like that
show me your would be's photo
I'll go with you
What are you especially asking?
You like it?
What are you doing right now?
You see. Morning
Joke. Where is Vamsi?
Come on, come on. Hey guys
How are you?
Your sisters are married
Our two got married?
Akka's marriage is
Because of the room
We spoke in the room that day
I sent a visa .....
It was planned
That's right in the left
Now what's up with a sari?
Get outta here. It's just the rest
All together
You sleep upstairs
I'm going to sleep here
Not going to sleep
Say something
I'll ask you something
Do not mind
sorry, thank you, love you
Are you not saying these things?
According to the person
are you a big doctor?
The doctor is not big or small
Only the doctor
Mom's dream
That's why that was done
do you make hospital in India?
I have applied in largest university in America
Waiting for the seat
It's my dream to become a nuro sargon
Is this a doctor?
wake up
Vanu, where are you going?
One thing is gone ... It's you
Even if there is no distance between us ...
I'm wondering.
That's what's going to be from here
Not lovers
give it a try
I want to be with me
To my world
From my side
That's all I ask for
If she's my big one
Just one more minute
It's like this
Quickly send me to the village
What did you think?
Do you?
Do you still want to go?
Three more months
Family stories
I do not go now
Do not you like it, varun?
Can not you wait?
I'm calling because I like it
I can not stay with him
I do not know. from me
Did not he ask how he was?
May I ask?
It's going to be half-empty
It will not be complete
She's supposed to be a big doctor
In there conditions in love, Sister?
I'm sad. Why?
What happened?
I do not like sis is going
You can make her stay
you could. no
Yes, you could
If I go
she will stay. ok?
be carefully
Go ahead
Be careful
It's very sad
It's like wasting my life
You are a good person
A special one
I'm not looking
Take it easy
Stay here
That's what I thought
Your Passport
Boarding pass
What's happening, son? Suddenly?
Is everything okay?
Give the bag
No thanks, uncle
I need to talk to Vanu
With Vanu?
Go on, boy
Why did you came?
Why did you hug me in the airport?
Go back and see what?
What is this?
You do not like him
you like me
why are you trying to get married
Ohh correct. You're Vanumati
one piece
You told me about 100 times
You like it. To make love
How long for you
That you are waiting
But the bride is not waiting
Get married
After that, even after that
You and I can do nothing
Think about it
I will hold it if I do not like it
I'll bear someone else
Because that's your choice
Belief that you are happy
You're not happy
You can not bear it
I do not admit it
I do not mind lying to me
Do not fool yourself
Is not she going to sleep?
Hear something?
What happened, Dad?
Dad would like.
Anyone could bargain
I'm at home
This guys is thinking of getting married
you liked him, daughter?
Having another person in your heart
I'm calling for a marriage not for me
I can not bear it
I'm not the only one
No daddy can not bear it
Even so far
If you do not marry
I'm gnawing, daughter
My baby
Listen to me
Get married to Varun
I'll take care of the rest
Will you?
My darling daughter
Listen to your dad
What's wrong?
Whatever I thought
But she's different
Our Great Things Become Numerous
You're right
In one place. grow up
Get married. Somewhere else will go
That's what
You are. I was
What is this?
No need
You do not need anything
Your royal girlfriend came out of here
But I'm not going with you
With you for yourself
You're right
Sister, I'm not going to America
What happened Vanu?
Why are you crying?
Pick up
What is this?
Did you come for me?
Is this how?
did not understand
It's grieving
Do you think so?
Just say it once
The world said. If you're okay
That's my world
You're my only one
What am I the only one?
You're my only one
My husband
Can you see that sling?
It's our hospital behind
No matter what
No Kiss
This is the same personality
Alli did this
I do not believe
Tell him to come
Is not your head good?
Vanumati. is it?
Let me tell you